Jewish Academic won’t help Israeli girl, 13, with school project ‘until there’s justice for Palestine’

By Eleanor Harding
Education Correspondent of the Daily Mail



Marsha, who is a world expert on the early history of horses, is a sincere supporter of the Palestinian cause and backs the boycotting of all Israeli products. She recently caused outrage in Israel by refusing to correspond with a 13-year-old Israeli schoolgirl who wrote to her asking for details about ‘ancient horses’.  (LD)

2 December. A former Cam­bridge aca­demic re­fused to help a 13-year-old Israeli girl with a school project ‘un­til there is peace in Pales­tine’.

Dr Mar­sha Levine, 66, al­legedly told the young­ster she would not an­swer any ques­tions be­cause she boy­cotts Is­rael.

The girl, Shachar ra­bi­novitch, emailed her ask­ing ques­tions about ‘an­cient horses’.

Dr Levine, who is Jewish, spent a decade at the Univer­sity of Cam­bridge’s McDon­ald In­sti­tute for Ar­chae­o­log­i­cal re­search as a fel­low then as a se­nior re­search as­so­ciate.

But ac­cord­ing to an on­line post by the girl’s par­ents, she was dev­as­tated to be re­buffed be­cause Dr Levine re­fuses to en­gage with Is­raelis.

Dr Levine’s re­ply read: ‘You might be a child, but if you are old enough to write to me, you are old enough to learn about Is­raeli his­tory and how it has impacted on the lives of the Palestinian people.’

Shachar’s email to Dr Levine, who is an ex­pert in the ori­gins of horse hus­bandry, said: ‘I know you are a very im­por­tant per­son and I’ve read your ar­ti­cle about horses.’ (Do­mes­ti­ca­tion, Breed Diver­si­fi­ca­tion and early His­tory of the Horse).

‘I love horses,’ she wrote, ‘and it will be an hon­our if you will an­swer my ques­tions.’

She asked how an­cient horses lived and how much mod­ern horses have in com­mon with their an­ces­tors.

Dr Levine, who did her PhD at Cam­bridge and was a re­searcher at Columbia Univer­sity and Syra­cuse Univer­sity in New York, de­fended her re­sponse yes­ter­day.

The re­tired aca­demic told the Jewish Chron­i­cle:

‘I have the choice not to waste my time on peo­ple who tread on the rights of other peo­ple.

‘I said that when there is jus­tice for Pales­tine I will an­swer her – that’s a fair an­swer. I’m a sig­na­tory to Jews for Jus­tice for Pales­tini­ans. I did it as a mat­ter of con­science. The way Is­rael treats Pales­tini­ans is to­tally dis­gust­ing. I have to stand up for what I be­lieve in.’

Shachar’s fa­ther, Shamir Ra­bi­novitch, said chil­dren should be ‘out of the equa­tion’ when dis­cussing the Is­raeli-Pales­tinian con­flict. The fam­ily live in a mixed Jewish and Arab area north of Tel Aviv, near a school for Jews and Arabs.

Mr Ra­bi­novitch said:

‘I was so an­gry. We live in an area which is very mixed — the claim of racism doesn’t fit us at all. Po­lit­i­cal arguments should be con­ducted by adults. It was an apo­lit­i­cal and in­no­cent ques­tion from a girl. She’s not respon­si­ble for bad things that hap­pen around her.’

Dr Levine told the Mail she had been tar­geted be­cause of her re­sponse to Shachar, adding: ‘I have been get­ting hate mail.’

Asked if she thought it un­fair to bring a child into a po­lit­i­cal de­bate she said: ‘Chil­dren are the fu­ture, chil­dren should understand.’

‘I think her par­ents set her up. They would have checked on Face­book and they would have known my position on ­Is­rael.

‘It is in­sane. The real is­sue isn’t the hor­ri­ble­ness of a woman who re­fuses to talk about horses. The is­sue is why is Is­rael, on a daily ba­sis, is try­ing to de­stroy Pales­tinian so­ci­ety.’

A Cam­bridge spokesman said of Dr Levine: ‘She is no longer part of the McDon­ald In­sti­tute and is not em­ployed by the uni­ver­sity. The views ex­pressed are her own.’

Daily Mail, 2 Dec 2015 Page 31


‘outraged’ mother of the Israeli schoolgirl,
says the rude response to her horsey daughter’s letter
from Cambridge academic Dr Levine is “unbelievable”.
Her 13-year-old daughter, she claims, a “has not yet managed to kill anyone
and, on the contrary, is quite supportive of world peace and brotherhood.”

33 thoughts to “Jewish Academic won’t help Israeli girl, 13, with school project ‘until there’s justice for Palestine’”

  1. “Shachar’s fa­ther, Shamir Ra­bi­novitch, said chil­dren should be ‘out of the equa­tion’ when dis­cussing the Is­raeli-Pales­tinian con­flict.”

    On the contrary, quite the opposite in fact. Children should be shown pictures of Palestinian children with half their heads blown off, burned stumps where arms and legs used to be courtesy of white phosphorous bombing and destroyed homes where they once lived, now rubble after Israeli bulldozers flattened them to make way for Jewish settlements.
    The children of Israel are the future of Israel and the sooner they realise just what the situation is all about the sooner they can start packing their bags and getting out of Palestine. Israel is a curse on this world. It is the war maker, not just against Palestinians but all over the world.

    1. Lobro,

      It’s stuff like this I was pointing at when it comes to my dilemma with Jews. This woman is clearly an anti Zionist Jew and therefore has empathy for the Palestinian people. It therefore answers my question in that not all Jews are Jewish World Order promoters. After all, look at the likes of Gilad Atzmon, who recently defended Arthur Topham, he ‘was’ a Jew was he not? Then of course there are those Jews who fought for Hitler and the Fatherland did they not?
      Your reply certainly epitomized the vile Israeli Jew and all their villainy, but I just can’t accept that all Jews are the same and there are those who don’t ride on the same wagon as God’s chosen. How many, I don’t know, but I think this is the problem when it comes to the bigger picture. We can’t simply lambaste all Jews and tar them with the same brush as the globalist bankers and Israeli Jews.

      1. Well said, Harbinger. You at least bring some sanity and balance to this website. Some of the antisemitic critters infesting this website are so blinded with visceral hatred for the works of Jewry that they simply cannot admit that not all Jews are evil.

        Their hatred is so all-consuming that they would have no hestitation shooting Gilad Atzmon dead as he walked out of that Canadian court just after defending Arthur Topham!

        I am glad Lasha posted this article. There is absolutely no way you can find fault with that Jewish academic, Dr Marsha Levine, who supports the Palestinian cause and wants to boycott all Israeli goods.

        Unless you think she is conning and is part of the “controlled opposition”. 🙂

      2. is the Neturei Karta site. Check it out. Real Jews hip to the Synagogue of Satan.

        “I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan”.

        The scripture above does not say “All Jews are a synagogue of Satan” does it? There would be no need to use the term ‘blasphemy’ if that was the intent.

      3. @ Harbinger

        You are absolutely correct about not hiding the evil deeds of elders from children assuming that those deeds are revealed as evil to the children. Unless evil is exposed for what it is, children can be taught to embrace evil as good which can be seen in abundance in jewish society and jewish dominated western societies today.

        @ Harbinger
        @ Sardonicus

        Of course, not all jews are evil, but then not all jews are jews except under the lie of genetic commonality. Likewise, all goy are not good, but then not all goy are goy except under the lie of genetic commonality. The genetic lie is the most effective tool of evil. The “chosen” lie depends on it. Without those two basic lies, the jewish cult of evil would evaporate.

        The real issue of being jewish or not hinges on the Second Commandment according to Jesus of love thy neighbor as thy self with neighbor being your fellowman. Those people who embrace the Second Commandment are not jewish regardless of genetics. Those who do not embrace the Second Commandment are jewish regardless of genetics. The truth is just that simple because there is no way to show love for the Creator except by showing love for your fellowman as illustrated and taught by Jesus.

        Dr. Marsha Levine is apparently not jewish even though she does not realize it. She should be enjoying ham sandwiches without guilt.

      4. Ungenius,

        The thing is that there IS NOT, nor has there ever been, a Jewish race. You cannot have a race defined by worship of a book which created a religion. There is no Buddhist, Zoroastrian, Christian, Islamic, Shinto etc race in this world. There are peoples who follow these religions from all races. Therefore being a Jew by genetics is BS. You become a Jew not because your parents lop off your foreskin, in the case of a boy, but because you choose to subscribe yourself to the Jewish religion. Just because you came out of your mum, who was a Jew, does not make you a Jew. Some form of ritual is performed in order for one to normally become part of a religion, as one does to become part of a secret organisation.

      5. Except, Harbinger, Judaism isn’t like Christianity, Buddhism, Islam or Hinduism. Surely you well know it’s a racist-supremacist ideology using touchy-feely religious sentiments as a protective front. Listen to this, about the Jewish race from someone who has devoted his life to these issues–

        Dr. David Duke has scientific and historical discussion of the “Jews are Khazars” theory, asking the listeners to weigh the evidence and rethink the “Khazar Theory.” He shows how it is ironic that the main supporters of this theory are actually communist Jews who promote the idea that Jews are not a race, but that problems such as Zionism are simply the result of some sort of political differences of opinion. By saying that the Jews are not a people with a long common historical, genetic and cultural heritage they are attempting to dismiss the fact that Jewish tribalism is actually the driving force behind Zionism and their takeover of Western institutions such as media, banking and politics. A very important, thought-provoking program. Be sure to read the original article on and share the show with your friends.

      6. Jpower,

        However you may want to look at it, Judaism IS a religion, regardless whether it’s an ethnocentric supremacist, belief system with aims of globalist supremacy and completely different to other religious beliefs. A religion is not deemed so because it has universal beliefs.

        My reply to Ungenius is that there is not such a thing as a biological Jew, just as there are no biological Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Zoroastrians etc etc. Therefore Jews are not, never have, nor ever will be a race. This is my main point. The Zionist belief of a child being a Jew through birth, is nothing but more indoctrination of the public into believing that Jews are a race. They are not. A religion is simply a belief having faith and worship within it. You can either have a diety/superhuman to worship or not within it.

        Scientology is a religion. Jediism is a religion. Anyone can create a religion. It starts off as a cult and then as the numbers grow it takes religious status. The holocaust is now a religion – holocaustianity for the amount of people who believe in it.

      7. Harb –

        I totally agree.

        Even Trump’s daughter is now considered a jew. Trump calls her a jew. Her children will be jews.

        “I want to thank my Jewish daughter. I have a Jewish daughter,” he said at the event, which drew a star-studded crowd of 500 to the Capitale on Bowery. “This wasn’t in the plan but I’m very glad it happened.”

      8. Found on YouTube as an example of JIDF misinformation and propaganda—-

        jewagainstzionism 2 years ago in reply to Solarcloud
        Judaism rejects Zionism..Only 1% of Jewry is Zionist and these criminals are G-dless collaborators who conspired with the Nazis to murder 6 Million Jews in the Holocaust..They are not true Torah Jews like the 99% of world Jewry..

  2. Marsha youre beautiful, i am Khaled and i am from Ramallah; My mother was from Der Yassin; i cant enter palestine where i was “deported” from about ten years ago because i was born in Colombia; you remind me of Orna a lady coronel at the Lod detention center who was very nice to me specially because she was morrocan, spoke arabic and laughed every time i said “i am a native i have orchards and olive trees and land and cousins twenty minutes away from here but this guy _i pointed at a prison guard guy from india_ who claims to be from a “lost tribe” and come from another continent, keeps me in jail?” she was very supportive during the hunger strike.
    i hope one day we can live together in peace -whether in one state or two- and just dont make the daily news except for tourism advertising…
    lol that would be something else

    1. we will talk later; i have to go to the previous article where i have a few “adjustments” to make. Shalom

  3. I would say you got a lot of “adjustments” to make, “avatar”. Your panties are entirely bunched-up in knots, it’s obvious you’re in pain from it. The sooner you make the necessary “adjustments” , they better off we’ll all be. Thank you, TROJ.


    We need more Judaists who can stand up against the criminal cult of Judaism and the criminal state of Israel.

    Yes, they may not be perfect or agree with the patriots on all issues, but as long as they agree on some, that may be good enough for some of us.

  5. “One good jew or even one thousand good jews does not a nation make, let alone a viable tribe of people or race. Why don’t they simply renounce Judaism and join the human race? For every ‘good jew’ who will do the right thing, there are a million evil jews who will not, and who will continue to lie and cheat and steal, and kill and murder us non-jews without so much as batting an eye. Never forget this.” — Fuk Yu Ju

    1. Ja, makes you wonder.
      In this case both, Shachar and Marsha are playing the victim. What is wrong with doing your own research and not relying on a tribe member to do it for you. Well, intellectual laziness was met by some sort of opposition which resulted in an incident blown out of proportion. Typical. Cause a ruckus and feel sorry for yourself.

      The girls you’re mentioning, HP, need some close scrutiny too. Haven’t yet figured out if Mathis is for real though.

  6. I never associated jews with horses, perhaps because I am ignorant. I suppose jews must have kept horses to help in their military campaigns to sustain their not yet proven (archaeologically) kingdoms. However , how could jews have kept non-kosher animals (Horses are non-kosher – they do not chew the cud neither do they have cloven hooves)

    check this

    “I’m sure this is a no brainer for some of our readers, but for others, it may not be. Chabad happens to explain this issue really clearly, not only in saying why horses aren’t kosher, but noting why, psychologically, we tend to flip out about pork more than other trayf.

    There are two signs that identify a kosher species of animal. 1) It has split hooves, and 2) it chews its cud (i.e. it regurgitates its food and chews it over a second time.) The first sign is easy to spot – just look at the hooves. But the second is not so apparent. You have to study the animal’s digestive system to know if it chews its cud. A cow is an example of an animal that fulfils both requirements, and is thus kosher. A horse is not kosher because it fulfils neither. There is only one animal in existence that seems kosher because it has split hooves, but is really not kosher because it doesn’t chew its cud — the pig.

    And that’s why we denigrate the pig. Every other non-kosher animal is up front about it. The horse says “I don’t have split hooves, so I’m just not kosher.” But the pig presents a kosher facade. “Look, I have split hooves, just like a kosher animal should!” But what lies hidden behind that kosher veneer is a non-kosher inside: it doesn’t chew its cud. For Judaism, nothing could be worse than making a holy facade when your inside is rotten.”

    I think perhaps jews can see the beauty of the equine and have decided to give the horse a pass.

    1. Jews and Muslims don’t eat pigs for all the wrong reasons.
      It’s obviously the pig’s fault, but which pig?

  7. “Her 13-year-old daughter, she claims, “has not yet managed to kill anyone” : the emphasis being on the word “yet”. Then there is “not yet MANAGED”, is this an indication that she has tried? Won`t be long before this kid will be part of the occupying forces, killing Palestinians at will..

  8. I’m gonna use that line the next time a panhandler approaches, “I won’t give you anything until there is justice in Palestine”.

    It’s a double-lock mechanism, there is no Palestine and wherever there are Jews, there can’t be any justice.

    If pigs could fly and chew cud, they’d fly to the never-never land of Palestine to establish justice and peace with Jews, all worship Kumbayahweh!

  9. Googled ‘Dr Mar­sha Levine’ a bit for further info on her views because she compares Israelis with ‘nazi’s’ which is quite inappropriate because obviously the national socialists were morally on the opposite side of Israeli politics and methods. Anyway, stumbled on this; which quickly reminded me of why I think of Jews the way I do. If you read the disgusting replies of most Jews you’ll agree.

  10. Personally, I think it’s a bit much that this Dr. Marsha Levine is directing her ire at a 13 year old girl. Dr. Marsha Levine, if she feels so strongly about the Palestinian issue should be going around to synagogues and other Jewish venues and speaking to her fellow Jews there, maybe start a website geared to Jews and present her viewpoints about the Palestinian issue. To dump this problem on a 13 year girl who simply asked her for some info about ancient horses is a bit much. It’s unfair to the girl, I think, to throw the Palestinian issue on her 13 year old shoulders. It also brings into the discussion of the Palestinian issue another dynamic — instead of discussing the Palestinian issue fully and deeply and giving the matter the attention it really deserves — everyone starts debating if Jewish children should be involved in the Palestinian issue debate, and next thing you know everyone gets distracted from the feelings of the Palestinians and starts talking about the feelings of young Jewish girls, instead of discussing the Palestinian issue and instead of discussing the feelings of the Palestinians, maybe discuss the feelings of young Palestinian girls, we’re all now talking about the feelings of a young Jewish girl. More bullshit from the Jews, and this Dr. Marsha Levine really knows how to pretend to be “concerned” about Palestinians while really she’s directing the Palestinian issue into a discussion about how young Jewish girls feel. So the Jews now will be concentrating on how their Jewish children feel instead of concentrating on the Palestinian issue, as the Jews pretend to be discussing the Palestinian issue, as the Jews pretend to be “concerned” about the Palestinians. More jew bullshit : This time, “thx” to “Dr” Marsha Levine.

    Why did she wait for a 13 year old Israeli girl to write her asking about ancient horses to speak up about the Palestinian issue? What else has Dr. Marsha Levine done for the Palestinian cause besides dumping the issue on the shoulders of a 13 year old Jewish girl [ and directing the Palestinian issue/debate into a discussion about the feelings of young Jewish girls? ] The Jews are ALL about wasting everyone’s psychic energy as much as they possibly can and directing that psychic energy back to the jews so we all concentrate on the feelings of Jews all the time. More jew bullshit.

  11. Why is this jew “Dr” Levine hassling a sweet young joo girl about the Palestinians when we all know Palestinians don’t even exist. LOL. This is child abuse against sweet young innocent jew gurlzzz!!!! Maybe “Dr” Levine is not really a joo, maybe she’s a NON joo Nazi pretending to be a joo so she can commit horrific child abuse on sweet young innocent jew girls under the cunning guise of being a joo!!! It’s Another Holocaust!!

  12. The 13 year old Israeli girl who asked Levine about ancient horses has ALOT of say in Israel’s Halls of Power, yes sirree. Better to direct one’s ire concerning the Palestinian issue on a 13 year old girl instead of on the leaders of Israel. The 13 year old Israeli girl makes the rules in Israel. Anyone who doesn’t think so is real naïve or an insidious troll, 😉 .

  13. 13 Year Old Girl From Israel — @ Dr. Marsha Levine : Hello. I’m a 13 year old Israeli Jewish girl and I really appreciate your work about ancient horses. Toda Raba. I LERV horses. I would like to learn more about horses, both ancient and present-day horses, and I was wondering, if possible, if we could correspond and perhaps you could serve as a mentor to me in my horse studies. I really do admire you and I can’t think of a better mentor to have in my horse studies. I want to be just like you when I grow up.

    Dr. Marsha Levine : Look. I ain’t giving you any info about horses and I ain’t going to be your mentor and you ain’t going to pick my brain for free, bitch. Get out there and go solve the Palestinian issue and make sure you solve the Palestinian issue with perfect justice for the Palestinians, you hear me!!!???

    13 Year Old Israeli Girl : Well, I don’t see how I can go up against the whole entrenched powers-that-be here in Israel, in London, in Washington, in Europe, in Saudi Arabia, in Turkey. I don’t think I’d be able to achieve what you want for the Palestinian people. I’m curious what you yourself have done to achieve perfect justice for the Palestinian people, considering you’re so passionate for justice and you’re a lot older than I me and have had many more years, a lot of time all these years, to do something about achieving perfect justice for the Palestinians. So what exactly have you done, and what exactly are U doing about the Palestinian issue besides dumping the issue on my 13 year old shoulders?

    Levine : Look U little bitch. U better listen to me or I’ll make sure you never get anywhere in the world of horses!

    Mrs. Rabinovitch : You live in England, c*nt, go to London and tell the entrenched jew powers-that-be in London, like the Rothschilds for example, to do something about the Palestinian issue and leave us alone, leave my daughter alone. lech hapes et haverim shelcha basivuv, dafuk barosh you. My 13 year old daughter is supposed to go up against the entrenched jew powers to-be while you go horse back riding and act as if you sacrificed a lot to help the Palestinians? Go lekh’i tiz’da’yni, kalba.

  14. I hate to agree with the Organized Jewish Mafia – but Levine’s response is a clear example of hatred against the ‘Chosen People’. I think British Home Secretary Theresa May needs to swing her Zionist stick to shut-up this anti-Semite as she did to Matthew Heimbach, leader of White Student Group at US campuses.

    Dr. Levine speaks the truth, but I’m not sure if she agree with Jewish Voice for Peace campaign against pro-Palestine American author, activist, and founder of news website, If American Knew, Alison weir. Alison Weir was accused by JVP of association with people who question the very existence of the Zionist entity.

  15. How utterly fabulous! Marsha Levine is a true heroine! She proves that not all jews are bad and her fabulousness has been pointed out and witten about in…
    Times of Israel, Jewish Telegraphic Journal, Jewish Chronicle, Israel Today, Tablet Magazine, Legal Insurrection, BizPac Review, JNS,E Commerce Journal, The Preface, Examiner, New York Magazine…and now Lasha Darkmoon.
    But this abundance of publicity is WELL -DESERVED, she proves the innate goodness in jewish hearts.

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