Jews get angry at sprinklers — remind them of showers built at Auschwitz

Jewish visitors to the Auschwitz concentration camp have spoken of their shock after sprinklers were put up at the entrance to help them cope with the hot weather.

New Auschwitz Showers Offend Jewish Visitors

Turn off these evil sprinklers! They remind us of
“the showers used in gas chambers by the Nazis to kill millions of Jews!”

With temperatures in Poland soaring up to 37 degrees, the showers which spray a fine mist of water, greeted visitors at the former death camp.

However, the move has resulted in angry complaints led by a group of Israeli visitors, after comparisons were drawn to the showers used in gas chambers by the Nazis to kill millions of Jews.

Meyer Bolka, who was visiting the museum told local media that seeing the showers was like a “punch in the gut”.

He explained: “As soon as I got off the bus, I walked into the shower contraption. I was in shock. I walked up to the reception and asked the worker there about the showers, she said it was a hot day.”

He added that as a Jewish person, the showers were a clear reminder of the horrors of the gas chambers, especially for older visitors, with many being very angry.

Mr Bolka said: “I think that in a place like this they should have thought about the type of connotation this would raise. If you want to cool the people down, you need to find another solution. It was not a pleasant sight to see those sprinklers.”

The museum management have since issued a statement saying they did not mean to cause offence, and that the showers had been introduced for the comfort of visitors.

Sourced from the Daily Mail

30 thoughts to “Jews get angry at sprinklers — remind them of showers built at Auschwitz”

  1. Shame they weren’t hosed down with the effluent these creatures use in Palestinian homes….Scum!

    1. Wiggins, you have no compassion. These guys have been traumatized for ever and will still be demanding compensation from Germany when the Messiah comes at the End of Time. Give ’em a break. Sprinklers like that can easily generate post-traumatic stress disorder.

      1. “Sprinklers like that can easily generate post-traumatic stress disorder.”

        You mean post-hoaxatic stress disorder.

      2. Darlington seems to send mixed messages..

        Seems the jews don`t mind a Sprinkle, but fear sprinklers. Makes me wonder about the state of minds, and bodies..

      3. “Sprinklers like that can easily generate post-traumatic stress disorder.”

        And treatment not available… They don’t trust Pharisee doctors.

  2. “However, the move has resulted in angry complaints led by a group of Israeli visitors, after comparisons were drawn to the showers used in gas chambers by the Nazis to kill millions of Jews.”

    Note that BARE-FACED LIE in the Daily Mail!

    “Millions of Jews” did not die in the gas chambers at Auschwitz even if you accept the OFFICIAL figures. The figure used to be 4.5 million. Or is it 4 million? Can’t remember. Losing track. The Russians and Poles then released new figures for Auschwitz: 1.5 million, which was later reduced to 1 million.

    1. The holocaust count has been over-exagerrated by a factor of 300 to 1 by the Jews in order to extract as much money as they can from German Government.

  3. So can we assume these people never shower in their lives? I believe Patton thought so, on visiting a Shul with Ike he had to keep his lunch down after the stink in the place.

  4. The jew is not exactly known for its stoicism in the face of suffering or even the mildest of insults. Instead we get the wailing, the calls for the destruction of the shkotzim, the demands for more geld to ease the terrible pain of having to do manual labor once, long ago. It’s not surprising this criminal tribe was instrumental in teaching the “minority” how to play the “just give them what they want so they shut up” con game.

    >”Zyklon B [poison gas] was dropped inside the gas chambers in a completely different way — through holes in the ceiling or airtight drops in walls.”

    Come on, use your imagination! Airtight drops in walls! Glass windows and wooden doors! You have to believe this so you’re filled with guilt and want to die as a people.

    1. These people live in a fantasy world what with being chosen by God and all. Its about time they faced the truth it can’t be healthy persisting in such blatant lies.

  5. Well, at least the jew Lasha wouldn’t get angry at the showers at Auschwitz. Jew Lasha is always prepared to take a shower wherever she goes with those blue plastic shower curtains on her head. Though I wouldn’t recommend wearing shower curtains on your head while riding a horse. It’s not the smartest thing to do. The ones who are the most intellectual are many times the ones who have severe issues with basic common sense. I trust Lasha will recover fine from her riding accident. I hope the horse is okay.

  6. These fuckers are just products of misinformation – like most of us before we were enlightened. That is why I, myself, am easier on Jews than most of you… I know they have been just as mislead as American ME! 🙂

  7. Hopefully the Poles will keep the sprinklers and add on a nice food court, inflatables for the kids who get bored to bounce around in, and a spectacular ferris wheel to see the entire park.

  8. It is part of explanation of the peculiar Jew smell.

    They don’t shower, the mere thought of it makes them go spastic.

    So the smell of eggs, chicken grease, cottage cheese and pickled carp lingers long after the tattoos dissolved in streams of rancid sweat.

    But other than that and a few other things like treachery, deceit, perversion, sadism, hypocrisy, blood lust, venality, cheating, paranoia, mendacity and absence of decency or empathy, they are okay, great in fact, just great.

    1. He (Patton) described in his diary one DP (displaced person) camp,
      “where, although room existed, the Jews were crowded together to an appalling extent, and in practically every room there was a pile of garbage in one corner which was also used as a latrine. The Jews were only forced to desist from their nastiness and clean up the mess by the butt ends of rifles. Of course, I know the expression ‘lost tribes of Israel’ applied to the tribes which disappeared — not to the tribe of Judah from which the current sons of bitches are descended. However, it is my personal opinion that this too is a lost tribe — lost to all decency.”

      Patton talking about the Jews from Poland and Russia who swarmed over Germany immediately after WWII.
      “They used the toilets as garbage cans and preferred to poop on the floor.”

      Remember the ‘Art’ of Natali Cohen Vaxberg?

      So, trying to avoid a shower – and whatever connotation they can come up with – doesn’t seem to be a novelty.

    2. It figures that soap would be just as threatening to them as a reminder of the next stage of evolution.

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    1. Thanks for the warning Arch, I think I`ll give it a miss.. Note the use of names such as Trayvon, and Tyrone, sounds to me as though it is anti-black..

      1. @ Ingrid

        You might want to check your gullible meter to see if it is working. 🙂

        @ Arch

        Quite creative and well written. You must of had razor blades for breakfast today. If you were jewish and you had not posted this to Darkmoon, you’d probably be getting offers from Hollywood. Never mind. They would just steal your fine work.

  10. D’oh! Trayvon is the name of a school, while Tyrone is addressed with the trendy name “Tony.” How, pray tell, can this be viewed as anti-black? Considering the description of the black characters, I cannot possibly see why anyone might consider this movie as being any more “anti-black” than other Hollywood burnt offerings. Come to think of it, Jews do typically hold “shvartzers” in contempt, they just don’t say so in public. Surely you didn’t miss the standard anti-white message apparent in so many other Jewish productions, e.g. Archie Bunker, Family Guy, Married with Family, Meet the Fockers, et. al. ad nauseam.

    1. Treyvon was the name of a black kid murdered by a jew… I think there might have been a victim of jew trained cops named Tyrone..

      PS. I don`t watch movies anymore, waste of time..

  11. Wait a moment, I just realized something really, really big and obvious. The alleged gas SHOWERS were ONLY at Dachau and were never put into operation, at least that’s what Jews claim. There were never any gas showers (or shower rangers) at Auschwitz! In fact the only gas at Auschwitz was Jewish flatulence. So what we have here Luke, is the amal-ga-may-shun of Jewish historical myths, combined to invoke the hypersensitivity of Jewish sensibilities.

    One can submerge Jesus into a jar of piss, desecrate the confederate flag, defecate on dead Muslims, defame the dead, white-bread founding fathers, but oh my, for YHVH’s sake don’t ever put a shower head anywhere close to a Jew! Oh no, never, ever remind a Jew of how he ginned up the immensely profitable Shoa business or he will cry out in pain as he breaks your knees with a baseball bat, destroys your livelihood and leaves dead Syrian children on your beaches.

  12. My heart pumps gallons and gallons of piss for the poor creatures. If Hitler had really wanted to gas the Jews, why use something as inefficient as Zyklon-B? The Germans had thousands of tons of Sarin and Tabun. A far more efficient means of gassing people. The Germans are a very organised and efficient people. If they had really intended to gas the Jews, they would have succeeded. Apparently the denizens of the Jewish Baboon colonies of North America and Europe fail to grasp this salient fact, and are in full retreat from scientific and proper historical enquiry. Obviously they are in a pell-mell race back to the trees, where all their thinking, discourse and logic is controlled by the Jews, with the able assistance of the clowns setting the curricula in academia.

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