Jews and goyim share the same Hell

Letter To An Anti-Semitic Correspondent

This email was sent earlier this morning to one of my correspondents, a good friend from the past who happens to be a regular commenter on the Darkmoon site. For better or worse, I have decided to publish this letter here as a short article. Sincere apologies if it gives offense. (LD)

17398127568294122785 (1)JEWS AND GOYIM: INHABITANTS OF HELL

Yes, what you say makes a lot of sense and you make so many interesting points on so many different topics that I think you must have spent a lot of time writing that email.

I won’t address each point except to say I do find it a bit uncanny, as you must do, that 0.2% of the world’s population have managed to get into such a powerful position and do so much irreparable damage over the centuries. And it sickens me to think, as it must sicken you to think, that the rest of the world’s population (99.8%) should be totally unaware of the malignancy of their true masters and of their own slave status.

Look at the poor Germans today: licking the feet of their conquerors and paying out endless blackmail reparations to the “survivors” of the six million Jews they allegedly killed in non-existent gas chambers.

So this is a necessary inference: compared to the Jews, we goyim have to be fools. Sheeple. Wretched human trash. And so the Talmudic Jews are right to regard us as little better than cattle put on earth for their exploitation.

As to the Khazars, I think it can safely be said that these imposter Jews have nothing to do with the Semitic Jews. They are much worse. Long before the Khazars arrived on the scene, however, the Semitic Jews were widely hated in the ancient world. The early Church Fathers were unanimous in their belief that the Jews were an utter abomination. Their anti-Semitism is plainly apparent for anyone to see. The Catholic Church was the only true bastion against Jewry for centuries. This is why, right up to this day, the Catholic Church is utterly hated by the Jews. Even though it ignominiously capitulated to Jewry with Vatican II and has now become little better than a branch of the synagogue.

I have reached the stage where I tend to condemn the Jews less because I see the goyim as equally vile. Equally fit to burn in hell, if hell exists. The corrupted have becomes every bit as bad as their corruptors. Why hate the black widow spider (Jew) who has just stung you on the face when the praying mantis and the scorpion (non-Jews) are equally busy dispensing their poisons in other places?

If the Jews ever get me and throw me in prison for anti-Semitism, I will be able to say to them with absolute truth: “I despise the goyim as much as you do.”

Anyone who wishes to acquire a healthy contempt for the goyim need only start reading the Comment section of the Darkmoon site. The people we have had to ban, and whose mindlessly sick comments we have had to read over the last few years, many of them in our spam folder, are enough to convert the average person to philosemitism. 🙂

Sorry for not addressing your questions, but the things I have written to you above are the things that happen to be uppermost in my mind right now.

Lasha Darkmoon

Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website,, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

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    1. I regret Lasha posted this without getting my permission first. I would have advised against publication. In regard to the comments on this site, which Lasha alludes to in her email article, please read this in my “General Disclaimer”:

      3. Finally, we have no time to read and monitor every comment published on this website, some of which are extremely long. We admit that a substantial number of comments published here are pretty nasty and show evidence of mental derangement. Fortunately, we have a small core of highly intelligent commenters whose sincerity and dedication to the truth is beyond question. We rely on these to counteract the influence of the trolls and timewasters.

      — JSM, Editor

    2. You’ve got to concentrate on winning, not all the obstacles and reasons why you are bound to lose. An effective leader gets everyone united while showing them how they can and will win. The Pharisee wants the goyim to feel powerless and to think positive change is an idealistic dream impossible to know. The Pharisee wants the average goy to consider politics a theoretical diversion while his active life consists solely of obeying his Jewtrix slavery along with its many petty amusements and diversions. The Pharisee now more than ever fears the goyim, so why at this critical transformative turning point are some of the best goys throwing up their arms in despair? Simply for lack of a political Fuhrer.

      Isn’t it time to get practical and unite the best of the goyim in one fully nationalized state under one Fuhrer?

    3. … Darlington. Sadly this one won’t cheer anyone up, except the jews in the Corporation of the City of London, the military industrial complex, Israel, Cameron , Gideon Osborne etc. Talking of Osborne he sits with prostitutes and snorts cocaine.

      Sunday Telegraph today “Britain prepares for war”. (The Telegraph may have changed the front page, since it first appeared).

      1. Just in case non-British Darkmooners don’t know about Gideon (real name) Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer and friend of Nathaniel Rothschild, they even look alike, here are some photos of the man in charge of the DOSH. Poor Brits … trusting this Shabbos Goy with your tax. He may even be jewish. Loads of cryptos hiding in the Palace of Westminster.

        Gideon Osborne stoned or drunk in Parliament:

        Gideon Osborne with cocaine on table:

  1. A good post and one I concur with completely. The Scots of my past would never have capitulated to these evil entities as they have today. It does completely amaze me how this tiny minority has taken over from royalty but moreso how the majority have allowed it so, attacking anyone who warns them. Throughout my time here in Lasha’s site, regulars will know of my contempt for the gentiles, simply for being the shabbos goy and utter ignoramuses that they are.

      1. I have no contempt for myself whatsoever, but my contempt for my fellow gentiles is very much warranted. I could easily list many goys who have brought this world into complete disrepute and in doing so easily illustrate why I believe as I do. The Jew would not have its dominance over mankind were it not for those who sold out their peoples for fame and/or fortune. Were the non Jews as united as the Jews are, the west would be free from Judaism. We would have our honourable justice system. We would not be drowning in debt. We would not be waging war on Islam. We would not be helping our own destruction.

        How can one seriously not have contempt, not only for our traitors but the sheep who do nothing while the Jews build their world prison for them?

      2. Harb –

        Contempt for ALL of the ‘enablers’ of the Pharisee bankers is well deserved and is necessary. It may even include the face in the mirror, sometimes…. assuming debt not needed.
        There needs to be more of it.

      3. @ Harbinger

        How can one seriously not have contempt, not only for our traitors but the sheep who do nothing while the Jews build their world prison for them?

        Well said, Harbinger! We goyim deserve our fate. Collectively, we’re a lot of lemmings. At least 99% of us are. A great pity that the 1% of the goyim who know the score are destined to go over the cliff like the yammering masses.

        Solidarity. That’s what we lack. And it’s what the Jews have in spades.

      4. Darlington
        November 21, 2015 at 2:30 pm
        “Solidarity. That’s what we lack. And it’s what the Jews have in spades.”

        That brings to mind “racially aware goyim” who are cursing the world-wide-web with their presence.

        “I am White. F**k the shitskins and the Moslems and the sandniggers.”

        To hell with other goyim, in other words.

        It almost makes me feel like puking whenever I contemplate the poisonous messages that are being penned by “racially aware goyim,” and the thing that’s truly disturbing about these message posters is how they’re constantly making a pretense of fighting their jewish masters, when in fact they’re driving a knife of division along racial lines, so that goyim continue to remain divided and thus rendering them as easy prey to the machinations of international jewry.

        “Racially aware goyim” deserve to have a special place in Hell, since they’re helping to ensure the final victory of jewish supremacism.

      5. SOG,

        ““Racially aware goyim” deserve to have a special place in Hell, since they’re helping to ensure the final victory of jewish supremacism.”

        So I, along with all others, who oppose the homogenization of the world peoples, allowing Jews to maintain their racially pure society, ruling in the future Greater Israel, deserve a special place in hell then?

        Hitler, was slammed as a racist, white supremacist, when he was nothing of the sort, he merely did not wish to see Germany and the rest of Europe become what it has today – a melting pot for the world’s peoples, their cultures and their intolerance. Ironically, the same thing happened to the incredibly intelligence Enoch Powell, who warned the British against what has happened to it today, even moreso with the influx of asylum seekers, who are nothing more than economic migrants.

        And it is not racially, aware goys who are helping ensure victory for Jewish supremacism, on the contrary, racial awareness is the antithesis to Jewish supremacism.
        Don’t get me wrong, there are racially aware goyim who hate others for whatever reasons and quite frankly that’s their choice to be. Maybe their hatred has come about for a plethora of reasons, that you know nothing of, but I always tend to take everyone as they come and not generalise, putting all in the same basket.

        SOG, I really hate to say it but those peoples in this world who promote multiracial and multicultural societies not only bring about the destruction of indigenous peoples and their culture but promote the very thing you’ve stated about racially aware goyim. If people choose to partner outside their race as well as wish to live in another culture then that’s entirely their choice to do so and one I fully respect, but I also very much believe the choices and wishes of those who choose opposite be equally respected. If you want to marry an African and live within an African culture then do so, but don’t bring that culture to the west, go and live in Africa.

        Courtesy of the bombing in Paris and the continuing drive against Islam and demonizing of Muslims, we are told that they now wish to close the borders. It’s too late. The damage has already been done. 60 years of migration into the west after WW2, has brought with it alien peoples with a much higher birth rate, who have no only changed the very fabric of western society but will, by the turn of the century, be a majority making the indigenous a minority. And when that happens the Jewish goal will be complete.

      6. Sorry Save The Goyim, I addressed you as SOG for which I apologize. I of course meant to use the acronym STG.

      7. …. Harb. I don’t share your admiration for Enoch Powell. He admired jews and Israel. Didn’t he learn Hebrew?

        Enoch Powell and the making of Postcolonial Britain

        “On Remembrance Day 1959 Enoch Powell sat as a guest of honour at the Wolverhampton Branch of the Association of Jewish Ex-servicemen at their 10th annual reunion. For years he had served as a regular guest and speaker at these annual dinners. That night he surprised the audience by telling them that he was broadcasting a description of the proceedings to ISRAEL that very evening. He was in two places at once as he stood praising the “double loyalty” of Jews in Britain so too his regular radio broadcast to Israel translated into Hebrew described the ceremony and praised the men and women before him that night.”

        There’s more:

      8. I can’t get this link about Enoch Powell, by the Occidental Observer. Can anyone access the content?

        The Failures of Enoch Powell | The Occidental Observer …
        “Mar 7, 2011 – The BBC documentary on Enoch Powell’s 1968 “rivers of blood” …. It would have been a patriotic service to have exposed the Jewish … White activists should learn from Enoch Powell’s errors as well as his achievements.”

      9. @ Save the Goyim

        Brilliant. You’ve hit the nail on the head. There’s no hope for the White Nationalist movement as long as it has so many extremist dead-weights dragging it down and fighting like mad dogs among themselves . All Lasha has to do is publish two articles on this site about the Paris attacks by REHMAT and SYED ZAIDI, both highly intelligent anti-Zionist Muslims with a love of Palestine, and she gets attacked by an idiot here who thinks she has “let the White race down” by publishing articles by Muslims.

        According to this racist imbecile, Islamophobia is compulsory and anyone who doesn’t spit at Muslims night and day — egged on in their hatred by the wily Jew in the background — is a “race traitor” who has sold the White race down the river!

        This moronic racist, known as “Dr Parker”, then goes on to denounce this website as a Jew-controlled website like Alex Jones’s Infowars — its only crime being that it refuses to jump on the Islamophobic bandwagon.

        His words:

        “You think you’d get real answers from the morons that run this site? With their great woman leader with her Illuminati eye image? This site is basically another version of Infowars as all of the writers hate God and Jesus Christ and are chasing their own versions of the Talmud or ‘atheism’ to replace the real God of this world.”

        It’s White Nationalist cretins like this I regard as a severe embarrassment to the White Nationalist movement.

        He is unaware that Lasha, whom he denounces as a Christ hater, is a devout Christian.

        Elsewhere, he compares the Koran to the Talmud without having read either, for there is absolutely nothing in the Koran that bears any resemblance to what is found in the Talmud.

        And then he blathers on about Lasha’s “Illuminati eye image” avatar without realizing that this is simply a picture of a Turkish gypsy girl that happens to bear a striking resemblance to a photo of Lasha in fancy dress during her student days.

        If he had posted that hostile comment on Infowars, it would have been deleted at once and he would have been blocked from making any further silly posts. His comment has not been deleted here. As far as I know, he is free to go on abusing this site and casting his vitriol over Lasha.

        This guys needs more than banning; he needs sterilization.

      10. RO,

        Thank you for the links and I shall read them.
        My respect for Powell were for his views about immigration and multiculturalism. He was completely correct in what he stated in his ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech. He would have been a far better Prime Minister than Edward Heath and was purposefully removed because of his anti-European stance. Heath’s job was of course to take Britain into the EU which brought about its industry collapse and moving of British establishments into Europe for cheaper labour, as well as bringing in cheap 3rd world labour into Britain.
        His love for Jews and Israel isn’t really at question here, in relation to my reply to STG.

      11. …. Toby, many thanks. I’ve had to disable the Avast shield control again, but I’ve got the link now.

      12. @ Harbinger

        “His [Enoch Powell’s] love for Jews and Israel isn’t really at question here, in relation to my reply to STG.”

        This may be so, Harbinger. But I think the point Red Onions is trying to make is that Enoch Powell would hardly have made a good British Prime Minister, as you said he would, in view of “his love for the Jews and Israel” — to quote your own words. 🙂

        How could Enoch Powell have made a good Prime Minister if he was in bed with the Jews?

      13. re. “the destruction of indigenous peoples and their culture ” , do you, by any chance, mean the PNACI, Aboriginees, Mauris, and Sami`s, to name a few “indigenous people`s” who`se culture was ruined by colonial settlers. Right now, the buffalo, the pride, and mainstay of the PNACI people, are being “culled” and are in danger of extinction..

      14. re. the “migration into the west ” by “muslims”, yes, as I`ve said before, it`s much, much better to be governed, and ruled, by jews, and zionists, right Harb..

      15. Darlington,

        As you know I am an anarchist, so I don’t vote nor do I see the need for politicians, government and any state. That said however, on the point in question, notably Enoch Powell making a better PM than Heath, I still stand by that, regardless that he was in bed with the Jews.
        You have to ask yourself a question why a much loved politician, who spoke for the indigenous and united both left and right in his campaign against immigration and multiculturalism, lost to Edward Heath? If, as we know they very much controlled politics, why did they put in Heath and not Powell?

        Powell would NOT have taken the UK into Europe. It would have meant that Britain would not have lost her fishing rights and a large part of her fleet costing lots of jobs. It would have meant also that British companies would not have been allowed to relocate abroad to exploit cheap labour. It would have meant many of the rights of Britain would have remained. It would have resulted in far less migration. There would be no EU very possibly.

        Heath was brought in, by the Jews, to start about the creation of the EU and the European state, the first in what would be a series of geographical states that would all merge into one.

        I suggest you have a read of the excellent book by Christoper Booker and Richard North The Great Deception: Can the European Union survive?
        He may have loved Jews and Israel but the Jews and Israel didn’t love him. Powell was a nationalist, unlike the globalist Heath.

      16. Thanks for your response, Harbinger. It is exceptionally well argued and I don’t know how to refute it. Maybe Red Onions has an answer for you. Or Ingrid.

        My own reservations are that I have difficulty in believing that Enoch Powell, despite all the good things you say about him, would have been as good a Prime Minister as you state, given his close links and allegiance to the Jews.

        Surely once he had got into Downing Street, a couple of nice hook-nosed gents in bowler hats would have come knocking at his door ? 🙂

        And the rest you can imagine . . .

      17. …. Harb

        Perhaps Edward Heath was “chosen” by the jews to take the United Kingdom into the EU, because Heath was a disgusting pederast. They could and would blackmail him like so many others.

        Enoch Powell it is alleged was also a homosexual, but not a filthy child molester. No politician “in bed with the jews” is good for anyone, except the banking fraternity, Israel and jews themselves.

      18. Your welcome Darlington.

        All organisations are eventually infiltrated. It’s the way of life and why I am an anarchist. We can only speculate on history as to why Powell would have been a better PM to Heath. One can almost look at Nigel Farage as the modern day Enoch Powell. He is most certainly a Zionist, for that there is no doubt. There is of course a Friends of Israel group within his party as there is in all of the others. Nigel wants to take Britain away from the EU and close the borders. He is Britain’s new hate figure, Nick Griffin replacement and little Hitler.
        Would Farage make a good PM? He, like Powell is a friend of Israel, but he is against the EU. He is against a multicultural and multiracial Britain. He opposes mass immigration and would repatriate many immigrants who should not be here. He talks a good talk and regularly destroys EU leaders in Brussels. The question is, about Farage and Powell; although we know that they are Friends of Israel, was Powell and is Farage their own men, or controlled by Zion? Was Jewry pulling their strings or did they know that they couldn’t control Powell and can’t Farage?

        Anyone who opposes immigration, multiracial societies and multiculturalism is opposing the plan of the Jewish world order. This is why the Powell situation was and the current Farage situation very interesting. Powell certainly loved his people before he did Jews and I feel it’s the same for Farage hence why the Jewish media destroyed Powell and is demonizing Farage.

      19. RO,

        Powell would not have taken the UK into the EEC. Before Heath did so, an NGO drafted a document (FCO 30/1048) which illustrated presciently, what would happen to the UK were it to go into the EEC. This document was hidden under the 30 year rule. Heath’s press events on Europe were filled with Europhile journalists to sell it to the public as a good thing. By the time the document was made available to the public, the damage had already been done and those responsible were dead.

        What Heath did, Powell would not. Therefore, for the sake of the indigenous people of the United Kingdom, the fact that Powell, were he PM, would most certainly not have taken the UK into the EEC. He would have heeded the words of the FCO 30/1048 document.

        One of the great betrayers of Britain (amongst many) was Edward Heath. He was rewarded with a cheque for some £10million, which enabled him to buy his mansion, Arundells in Salisbury and employ its staff.

        Now when comparing Powell to Heath, it is clear that for the sake of the British people’s well being, he would most certainly have been far better a choice. Jews do not like nationalists.

  2. @ Pat

    TOBY: I have deleted your comment because the article you post here in its entirety is scheduled to be published on this site later on today. It requires a separate thread for discussion. Not this thread.

    1. Maybe someday Uncle will have the brains to delete Pat’s* LERV poems to jew owned ISIS that litter Darkmoon.

      * LERV poems to ISIS composed by Pat using his handle/persona Gilbert “Ashley Wilkes” Huntly. No wonder Pat has no use for Putin . Putin doesn’t care for LERV poems to ISIS, 🙁 . LMFAO!!!! Putin doesn’t thrill Ron Paul’s pussy either. If only Putin had the kind of brains to figure out how to get rid of “our” ISIS in Syria in a polite, gentle, genteel, Southern gentlemanly manner, then perhaps “We” would support him, only those who treat “our” precious beloved “sacred” ISIS in a polite, gentle, genteel, Southern gentlemanly manner thrills “our” pussies, 🙂 , after all, a real man is gentlemanly and gallant to a “goddess”, right “Pat-Gilby-AshleyWilkes-Huntly”? Putin is not Southern gentleman debonair/savior faire with “our” girl ISIS, oh boo hoo hoo hoo hoo…..

    2. @Toby

      Are you relaxing your policy in regards to turning comments into articles? Maybe mindful of the great potential for websites like this to not last much longer?

      If so, I’ve got one that has its own importance as referenced by Pat. (the one I alluded to in my other comment on this thread)

      1. B-Hawk –

        Just so you know… I put up some new excerpts I received from Topham’s site.
        The comment I put up was just info I copied and pasted, not my own.
        Toby deleted it because he was putting it up as a complete article.
        I waited until it is up now to mention it.
        So, there you have it. It was not an original from me.
        I don’t write that well.

  3. A very entertaining Saturday skit by Lasha. Even more entertaining than Noor’s Saturday cartoons, 🙂 . Thanks to Lasha, I feel inspired to go to YouTube now and watch old George Burns and Gracie Allen sitcom episodes.

  4. Uhhh, I was thrown into Spam for pointing out that ISIS is owned by jews*. What would Lasha have me do? Turn philo-jew because the jews own ISIS and Lasha who named her website after the jew’s qabalah thinks pointing out THE FACT the jews own ISIS is “mindless” and “sick”? wtf?

    * I also pointed out THE FACT her Darkmoon is littered with LERV poems to ISIS : It’s not my fault I picked up on that clue, and what a clue it is! And NO, I don’t care for moozlums either, real or takfiri or any other kind of moozlum. And I also don’t care for anyone who walks around in a Mohammedan burqa while claiming to be a “Catholic”. So sue me.

    By the way, if the Darkmoon administration doesn’t like NON-jews who advance the jew agenda, then why isn’t “avatar” in Spam? If anyone should be in Spam, it’s “avatar”, NOT me.

    1. If you can pull down to this world the language thought forms of the ancient Keltic Tuatha De Danu , They will respond .

      Islamic State I . L . , is not the whole body of Islam , those people are Wahabi , humans who have appointed them self the determiners as to what is best way to be Muslim for everybody else. The British put them in control of Saudi Arabia some back. Maybe I .S . should now be called W . S . ?

  5. “So this is a necessary inference: compared to the Jews, we goyim have to be fools. Sheeple. Wretched human trash. And so the Talmudic Jews are right to regard us as little better than cattle put on earth for their exploitation.”

    Talmudic Jews, especially since the invention of Hollywood and television have made the Goyim fools. It’s like a gigantic MK Ultra project on populations. I am certain if the Goyim controlled news and entertainment, there would be more truth, justice and peace. There would be less depraved films, “light entertainment” and pornography.

    People used to speak out. In 1940 Archibald Ramsay British MP … “on 9 May he asked for an assurance from the Home Secretary “that he refuses to be stampeded … by a ramp in our Jew-ridden press?”

    The infected press and media in 2008 didn’t blame the jew financial institutions sufficiently for the crisis. Many jew commentators blamed Governments for “over-spending”.

    It’s rare that the previous jew Governor of the Bank of England, Mervyn King said this and it was actually printed by the Telegraph. In my opinion, the vast majority of Goyim are Valium stupefied, brainwashed cretins. And that’s how the jews like it.

    “The Governor of the Bank of England, Mervyn King, has expressed “surprise” that the public is not more angry with the bankers who caused the recession. In some of his strongest language yet, Mervyn King today claimed the fall in households’ living standards was the fault of the financial services sector and he expressed sympathy that innocent families paying the price.

    “The people whose jobs were destroyed were in no way responsible for the excesses of the financial sector and the crisis that followed,” he told MPs on the Treasury Select Committee.

    In most aspects, he said, the economy had been on a sound footing before the crisis. Previous downturns were often caused by inefficiencies or weak management and were useful opportunities to improve systems. “None of that applied in this crisis,” he said. “We had quite a successfully operating economy.”

    1. @ Red Onions

      Everything you have sad in this post is brilliantly apposite. As you say, things would be totally different if the media were taken out of the hands of the Jews. The goyim need re-indoctrination!

    2. RO: I thank you for bringing to our attention once again the work of Archibald Ramsay. I forwarded to Lasha your previous link to Ramsay’s work. She was deeply impressed. Especially the bits on the hidden hand of the Jew behind the various revolutions that have convulsed Europe: the English Revolution, the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, and the Spanish civil war. Yes, the Jews were all there . . . directing the whole show.

  6. It’s good vs evil it doesn’t matter what skin you walk in. Choose aside and make sure you choose it wisely. Jim Morrison said those who control the media control the mind. Everyone is being pitted against one another and hate is festering like an open wound. We are all symbiont life forms that need to nurture each other. The ruling class needs to get rid of the God complex they have. If they are the chosen then they should be leading us to the path of enlightenment not the path of self destruction.

  7. Has Lasha finally decided if she’s a “Catholic”, or a Mohammedan, or a Hindu, an ancient Egyptian “goddess”, or what? Has she finally decided if she’s a “liberated” “Anglo American” female with a “doctorate” or a low-IQ belly dancing Turkish gypsy harem slave girl for the Sultan of Turkey? Has Lasha finally decided if she’s a female, or a male, or just simply a hermaphrodite? Has Lasha finally decided she’s a jew qabalah girl?

    And is that why, today, she’s calling her readers to “philo-semitism”?

    jews are very prone to Schizophrenia, so we all have to be patient with Lasha, I guess.

  8. Talk about yer timely synchronicities. And speaking of which, I don’t have time right now to post something I’ve been working on that speaks directly to the content of this article. Goin outta town to mighty powow. Probably in a few days for anyone interested.

    Stay tuned… the meantime, here’s a little ditty:

    Humans have lost their way
    there’s gonna be hell to pay
    give devil his due
    no trouble to brew
    with payment deferred
    no debt is incurred


  9. “The people we have had to ban, and whose mindlessly sick comments we have had to read over the last few years, many of them in our spam folder, are enough to convert the average person to philosemitism. :)”

    So those who run this site have finally applied some common sense and banned some of the outrageous trolls who used to post here ALL the time? I am truly amazed! I note that I have not seen “Seymour Zak” in a while and what a blessing. I used to post here a few years ago but got truly sick of seeing the drivel that he and others of his ilk spouted here. I said so in plain terms and was told that Lasha and Montecristo felt that “free speech” was just so very important that these vile trolls were tolerated. I noted that they (the Zionist trolls) have the entire MSM on which to spout their vitriol while we have only a few websites sponsored by a very few courageous individuals dedicated to truth, as opposed to the Empire of Chaos’ doublethink (and many other posters said much the same thing) but at that time our pleas fell on deaf ears. I am very glad to see that this has changed.
    As to the content of the email that Lasha has posted here; I can easily see why some of our own people can become so disheartened by our historic tendency to make the same mistakes over and over again. As to that point- no offense taken here- I understand completely.

  10. “The corrupted have become every bit as bad as their corruptors.”

    So true. Marx put it that way in the Jewish Question.

    “In the final analysis, the emancipation of the Jews is the emancipation of mankind from Judaism.
    The Jew has already emancipated himself in a Jewish way.
    “The Jew, who in Vienna, for example, is only tolerated, determines the fate of the whole Empire by his financial power. The Jew, who may have no rights in the smallest German state, decides the fate of Europe. While corporations and guilds refuse to admit Jews, or have not yet adopted a favorable attitude towards them, the audacity of industry mocks at the obstinacy of the material institutions.”

    This is no isolated fact. The Jew has emancipated himself in a Jewish manner, not only because he has acquired financial power, but also because, through him and also apart from him, money has become a world power and the practical Jewish spirit has become the practical spirit of the Christian nations. The Jews have emancipated themselves insofar as the Christians have become Jews.”

    As for the Catholic Church and it’s “antisemitism” I would have put it this way.

    The early church fathers were unanimous in their belief that the TALMUD was an abomination. The jews were only consider to be “perfidious”.
    And their theological anti-judaism is plainly apparent for anyone to see.

    It used to matter. Now it’s shoananas and race, smart move.

  11. Many goyim, especially the Jew’s “useful idiots”, are much like domesticated dogs turned lose in the wilds that quickly return to their feral state. Like the Greek muse Circe, Jews return men to their basest, most animalistic, state; a bestial state which most humanity has been trying to overcome since the beginning of time. This effort separates man from animal; the lack of this effort is what separates the psychopathic, self centered, Jewish race from other races.

    In short, this effort is the foundation of civilization; it is what makes humans human. Remove this effort and what remains is a feral animal. All the morals, social and religious restraints imposed on civilizations have been in pursuit of creating a higher man that moves beyond his base, animal desires.

    Sans emotions, Jew psychopaths terminally dwell in the animalistic state of a lesser parasitical, insect organism like a termite, or in the mammalian form, a reptile or rat. Jews respond only to what serves their immediate or ongoing fears, needs and desires.

    Understanding the mechanics of man’s weakness, these psychopaths use man’s emotional state to pervert, twist and deform man’s natural inclination towards achieving a higher state of being that serves others instead of themselves. To serve creation, especially in the form of other humans, instead of oneself has always been the message of the enlightened mystic. Ironically, this was the underlying message of Jesus, who recognized the immense shortfall of his own religion, Judaism.

    Under the profound influence of Jews, with all his natural and social inhibitions removed, man becomes the same sort of self-serving parasite as Jews themselves. Thus, while man strives mightily to elevate and advance his spiritual state of being, Jews burrow deep into the psyche to keep man in his basest, most animalistic state to serve their own selfish needs.

    Man now slavishly follows the Jew’s bacchanalian, hedonistic programming, despite the fact that doing so will lead to his own demise. This same basic drive leads man in pursuit of sex. In that case, it can be readily observed that man will often pursue sex despite the fact that in certain cases, it will be inimical to his continued existence. Therefore, like Circe’s turning of men into pigs, the Jew’s perverse representation of sex pulls man back to the spiritual level of a rutting animal with only one focused goal in mind – satiating his own sexual cravings.

    On an equal emotional level, the man of a base nature responds to fear in a predictable fashion, so once again fear is one of the foremost tools used by the Jew to keep man in the animal state. As Buddha said, suffering comes from ignorant desires. Thus if one wants to surmount the Jew’s programming, one must first overcome their own emotional and bodily cravings as outlined by Maslow’s “hierarchy of needs.” Maslow, a Jew, created his pyramid of needs in recognition of the Jew’s own need to control their host. Thus, these needs are structured in the order of usefulness to Jewish programmers.

    Ultimately the question is, are we intelligent, compassionate men who will help others along the way to a higher, more civilized, state of being or mindless rutting beasts whose only focus is satiating their own greedy, animalistic desires? Is one a human or spiritual kin to the murderously psychopathic Jew? This is your choice alone to make and time is fast running out to make such decisions.

    1. Thanks Arch. Here are a couple of quotes from Satan’s Chosen themselves, backing up what you have expressed. Israeli Deputy Minister of Religious Zionism Eli Ben Dahan clearly reveals what is taught in secret to all Jews worldwide regarding all mankind other than Jew declaring, “Palestinians are not human beings. They don’t deserve to live. They are nothing but animals.” From the Jewish authored Communist handbook Psychopolitics, pg. 30, “Obedience is the result of force… concurrent with force is brutality… The most barbaric, unrestrained, brutal use of force, if carried far enough, invokes obedience. Savage force, sufficiently long displayed, will bring about concurrence with any principle or order… Any organisation which has the spirit and courage to display inhumanity, savageness, brutality, and an uncompromising lack of humanity, will be obeyed… If you would have obedience, you must make it clearly understood that you will have no mercy. Man is an animal. He understands in the final analysis, only those things that a brute understands.” Israeli General Moshe Dayan adds, “Israel must be like a mad dog, too dangerous to bother.”

      1. A documentary on Press TV, is, this week, highlighting the tortures inflicted on Lebanese prisoners, by the israelis, during the occupation of Lebanon..

    2. Good one, Arch.
      Jew is evolution in accelerated reverse and may act as an agent of psychic electrolysis, separating those racing for the bottom from the ones who see Jew for what he represents as their consciousness evolves toward a clearer, broader perspective.
      In which case the Jew’s filth and ugliness serve a higher purpose against all his striving towards the opposite goal.

  12. “0.02% of the world’s population”

    I’m no math whiz, (haha), quite the contrary, but I do know that even one minuscule errant byte of input data spoils the entire calculation.

    1. Homer, sorry about that! This was a simple error on my part. I meant to say 0.2%. 🙂
      (I’ve just revised the figure).

        1. @ hp

          I’m only going on official figures, Homer. This is what Wikipedia says:

          The world’s core Jewish population in early 2014 was estimated at 14.2 million people (around 0.2% of the world population). While dozens of countries host at least a small Jewish population, the community is concentrated in a handful: Israel and the United States account for 83% of the Jewish population, while a total of 18 countries host 98%.

          Given that there are so many half-Jews, quarter-Jews, and others with smaller amounts of Jewish DNA, I personally believe that there a lot more Jews around than the official figures admit. No point guessing how many. For all practical purposes, however, there are so many “Jewified” non-Jews around who are indistinguishable from Jews in the way they think and behave that one might as well lump them all together and call them “Jews”.

          My personal name for these thoroughly Jewified non-Jews is “Jewlings”.

      1. 0.02 = 2/100 = 2% 0.2 = 2/10 = 20%

        If you wanna do calculus I will have go get my kid.

      2. @ SAN DEL CARLO, D.C

        0.02 = 2/100 = 2% 0.2 = 2/10 = 20%.
        If you wanna do calculus I will have go get my kid.

        Stan, Lasha is right and you are wrong! You show the most appalling mathematical ignorance! You should go back to school and learn to count properly! . . . Or stick to poetry! 🙂

        You say: 0.02 = 2/100. WRONG! 0.02% is NOT 2 out of 100, it is 2 out of 1000! There are roughly two Jews out of every one thousand people on earth. Or one Jew in every 500.

        To be precise, there is ONE JEW OUT OF EVERY 514 PEOPLE.

        “According to a study by Hebrew University’s Professor Sergio DellaPergola, the global Jewish population reached 13.75 million in the past year, with an increase of 88,000 people. Israel’s Maariv newspaper published excerpts of the study last week, reporting that one out of every 514 people in the world is Jewish, less than 0.2 percent of mankind.”

      3. You get your figures from lying Jewish sources? Really? Given all you know you still don’t know any better than to believe what they tell you?

      4. @ Arch Stanton

        With all due respect to you, dear sir, and in response to your snooty comment, statistics are important and it is better to get them right rather than wrong. I was merely correcting Stan del Carlo’s egregious mistake in thinking that 0.02 % meant 2 in every 100 when it means 2 in every 1000.

        Sneering does not become you, nor will it win you friends.

      5. @ JPower

        If my figures for Jewish world population are wrong, what sources do you use? Let’s have them!

      6. @ JPower

        If Wikipedia, being a Jewish source, is to be mistrusted about every statement it makes, can you answer me one question.

        Wikipedia asserts that the world is NOT flat. Is this a lie because Wikipedia asserts it? Do you believe that the world IS flat because Wikipedia says it isn’t?

        Go on, Mr Wiseass, I challenge you to answer that question! 🙂

      7. The conspiracy has been so effective partly because Jewish numbers have been enormously understated and partly because, disguised as WASPs, they have so effectively and covertly infiltrated all areas of Western civilization. Saying this, I resent your fixation on details amounting to nothing.

      8. @ JPower

        I resent your fixation on details amounting to nothing.

        Resent as much as you want. I knew you would evade my question. I challenged you to answer my question. You failed to do so. Instead, you throw a little hissy fit. “I resent your fixation on details amounting to nothing. 🙂

        Here is my question again, and I challenge you for the second time to answer it WITHOUT EVASION!!!

        Question: Wikipedia asserts that the world is NOT flat. Is this a lie because Wikipedia asserts it? Do you believe that the world IS flat because Wikipedia says it isn’t?

        Another weakness with your argument is that all NON-JEWISH sources about Jewish world population tally exactly with the Jewish Wikipedia figures. The Jews are not the ONLY ones who do statistics! 🙂

      9. (Former US Marine Ken O’Keefe has become the Zionists worst media nightmare; educated, informed, articulate, and a determined defender of Palestian Human Rights, whilst holding nothing back in his exposure of the Israeli Government’s genocidal agenda. Ken addresses current events in Palestine, Syria, and explains how the unfolading Middle Eastern tragedy ties into the Central Banking cartel’s quest for Global Dominian. Filmed at the On The Cusp Of The Apocalypse Event in London – December 2012)

        “This is this matrix of control. You have to give these bastards credit. Even if you think you’re going in the right direction, they swerve you off course.”

      10. My last comment about this diversion. The factual reality is that many Jews publicly identify as Whites of one persuasion or another, whether Christians or otherwise. I’ve observed this firsthand where people in no way identifying as Jewish come out of the woodwork as soon as they see someone locating their kind as the root of one problem or another. Even then they don’t claim to be Jewish, but they react with the kind of vested interest that makes it clear to keen eyes that they consider it their duty to contribute to the Jewish conspiracy.

      11. @ JPower

        TO DARLINGTON: “I resent your fixation on details amounting to nothing.”

        As a relatively new poster, you are advised not to pick quarrels with established and well-respected commenters on this site like Darlington whose meaning you have misunderstood.

        As I understand it, Darlington takes exactly the same line as Lasha Darkmoon does on this question of Jewish world population. That is, both Darlington and Ms Darkmoon quote the officially recognized figures of Jewish world population, which includes Wikipedia AND other non-Jewish sources, for the simple reason that no one in their right might would quote UNOFFICIAL AND UNVERIFIED sources.

        But then, Mr Darkmoon adds very clearly that she does not think these figures could be accurate and are probably a huge underestimate. Darlington, you will find, takes the same reasonable view. Here is Ms Darkmoon:

        I’m only going on official figures, Homer. This is what Wikipedia says:

        “The world’s core Jewish population in early 2014 was estimated at 14.2 million people (around 0.2% of the world population). While dozens of countries host at least a small Jewish population, the community is concentrated in a handful: Israel and the United States account for 83% of the Jewish population, while a total of 18 countries host 98%.”

        (2015/11/21 at 9:43 pm | In reply to hp)

        I go on to state my own view that the world’s Jewish population is probably much greater than the officially admitted figure.

        So you see, Mr Power, there is no need to pick a quarrel with Darlington or Ms Darkmoon. Both quote the official figures, because official figures are all we have, and then both caution that the figures are probably too small — a huge under-estimate.

        I hope this explanation is helpful.

      12. @ JPower

        The factual reality is that many Jews publicly identify as Whites of one persuasion or another, whether Christians or otherwise.

        No one is denying the correctness of what you say above, least of Ms Darkmoon or Darlington. Both of them quote the official figures but then add that these figures are not to be trusted. That they are an under-estimate.

        Ms Darkmoon goes on to say that there are many Jews who escape inclusion in the Jewish world population figures: such as half-Jews, quarter-Jews, and Jews with small amounts of Jewish DNA. Naturally, as you point out above, there are also vast numbers of crypto-Jews who pretend to be White and don’t mention their Jewish origin.

        All this, you will find, is readily accepted by both Ms Darkmoon and Darlington. So no need to argue with them. They are not really disagreeing with you!

  13. How come so many online who cry and complain the most about the Jesuits and the NWO are the very ones who promote the Jesuit Teilhard de Chardin’s NWO “religion” of Transhumanism the most and the most ardently the most ? Any guesses, Pat?

    1. JPower —

      Your knee-jerk reaction that Wikipedia is never to be trusted, simply because it is Jewish, demonstrates your narrow thinking. If Wikipedia lied every time it made a statement, it would have no credibility whatever as the major online encyclopaedia. It is clearly in Wikipedia’s own interest to tell the truth most of the time and to lie only when necessary, i.e., only when vitally important Jewish interests are concerned.

      1. This is a knee-jerk projection on your part. I never said that. I know the figures are enormously understated. I have no idea why someone on this site would trust Jewish sources on this matter. The Jewish myth is that the Jewish nation is a tiny, harmless, wimpy, persecuted minority. Surely those on this site know the extent of these lies and know how this hostile alien element wears masks to infiltrate the host. What kind of fool takes as given the figures they publish about their numbers? How many of them pretend to be anything but Jewish? Apparently greatly many more than you can imagine.

      2. In support of JPOWER. My sister recently, after a reunion, sprung it on me that her husband of thirty years was jewish.. Why? Why not tell me at once? Makes one wonder if there is a reason why many jews prefer to keep their identity under wraps..

    2. Teilhard de Chardin was not promoting Transhumanism, merely pointing it out. Arthur C Clark did the same in his novel Childhoods End.

  14. I question the merit of commenting here…but isolated silence is tiring and boring. Isolated silence however is what I find my vision and presence here on this planet at this time is reduced to. Not complaining expressing this…merely acknowledging fact. The human animal needs to be nurtured, educated, directed. At birth the human animal, at the physical level is a table rasa. And each human animal is given its very life by the grace of an eternal spiritual being, present for the dominant purpose of nurturing, educating, directing the human animal so that it may waken to, as one of the many who have come to reveal this fact long ago expressed, “do the works of my Father.” I have come to understand, as I have proceeded to the best of my ability in this wakening process, that there indeed was a “Fall” here on this sacred planet, That the Original Sin seminal to the ongoing Hell we experience as “Satan’s Chosen and the Goyim”, was and remains the worship of the human mind, separate from and in denial of our deep and overarching Spiritual Source. Leading to this Fall Lucifer and his band of angels (the record of this comes to us in this time via the thoroughly bastardized mythology known as Christianity, …in part devolved from the teachings of Jesus, made a ridiculous fairy tale centrally by the Mosaist Saul/Paul…I digress) rebelled against Spiritual Source, choosing then, as now, to worship the human mind, the very mind intended to function in concert with its source, Spirit. Sorry if this appears a ramble…this is a lot to express succinctly. Most, both in Spirit and in form here on earth, are followers. As in the pyramidal structure Satan’s Chosen use so well. Only a limited number of us have the responsibility to be in the wheelhouse on what has become this unfortunate ship of fools. Lucifer it is reported was the brightest Angel. His responsibility with those closely associated, was to pay impeccable attention to the unfolding rhythms and cycles of Creation, and assist them to manifest here on earth. Instead he/they chose, and continue to choose to deny and block Spiritual flow, worshipping their minds, setting themselves up as Satanic intercessors, attempting to be as God. Yes…the vast majority of Goy are gullible followers, and are clearly incapable of understanding the plot, and are yet less able to do anything about it. The more tragic element as I see it is that those of us more essentially charged with internal alignment…wakening to our Father, to Spirit, have not been able to fulfill this fundamental purpose and unite adequately to regain control of the wheelhouse from Satan’s Chosen.

    1. No Lasha isn’t saying that, Montecristo is and I fully agree with what he has stated. The goyim have allowed themselves to be controlled by a tiny minority, who are leading them and their civilization over a cliff. They are far more concerned with film, music and sport’s celebrities and putting corrupt, lying, traitorous politicians into government instead of being concerned with those, pulling the strings, whom their ancestors have continually warned them about. Their liberty loving societies are disappearing faster than a snowflake in hell and no one bats an eyelid. Who’s winning in the Manchester United vs Real Madrid match or who’s split up with whom in some deadhead TV soap is far more important in the minds of the goy. In fact, what’s ironic is that I’m no longer going to call them goy/goyim but instead golems for they are, with no shadow of a doubt, controlled automatons of the Jews, who have 100% control and authority over their very lives.

      1. Harb (the Android auto-completer corrected it to “Barb” but this time I caught it before it caused me further embarrassment), a little disclosure is in order: Lasha’s correspondence was with me but because I went AWOL without a trace for a week, ignoring her mails, she published part of it.
        I also dealt with this issue of the goyim being “as bad as Jews” and equally culpable and LD should publish at least the relevant excerpt or two, to save me indignity of repeating myself.
        Basically, it boils down to, No way, goyums have no chance catching up in terms of talent, determination and skill in the art of evil anymore than an Olympic level swimmer can keep up with dolphins.
        With us, evil, like swimming is an acquired skill and it took centuries of careful nurturing of an atrophied brain, heart and honor to get us to the present state of yellow bellied cowardice.
        The history proves it.

  15. Lasha though, from what I can perceive by her writings means well and is attempting to open our often narrow vision. I don’t usually read modern lit, but picked up a used book , The Secret History by Donna Tart, and one of the characters reminded me of Ms. Darkmoon, they were Classics majors.

  16. Dear Ms Darkmoon – A few correction to the article.

    The world Jewish population is less than 13 million or 0.02%.

    The SIX MILLION is the new ‘Jewish Religion’. The Auschwitz Holocaust Museum’s latest figure of Jews killed by Nazis, is 4 million.

    US Rabbi Weiss admitted at the 2006 Tehran Holocaust conference that “Nazis couldn’t have killed more than one million Jews.”

    My Toronto Chief Rabbi Wolf Gunther Plaut, claimed in a 1990 book that Nazi leaders were Frankist Jews.

    1. @ Rehmat

      Thanks for your input, but see my comment to hp above:

      I’m only going on official figures, Homer. This is what Wikipedia says:

      “The world’s core Jewish population in early 2014 was estimated at 14.2 million people (around 0.2% of the world population). While dozens of countries host at least a small Jewish population, the community is concentrated in a handful: Israel and the United States account for 83% of the Jewish population, while a total of 18 countries host 98%.”

      (2015/11/21 at 9:43 pm | In reply to hp)

      I go on to state my own view that the world’s Jewish population is probably much greater than the officially admitted figure.

  17. my apology. The 1 in 514 ratio of Jew to non Jew with current global population extrapolates to around 14 million…not the 146 million I wrote earlier in this string. I consulted with Stan’s kid and he set me straight.

  18. Contempt for your fellowman for their ignorance is not a solution, but aids the divide and conquer strategy of the jews. It is best not to help the agents of evil.

    I have yet to meet anyone that is awake or partially wake to the jewish control schemes that was not ignorant at some point. An awakening is not possible except from a position of ignorance.

    To have contempt for your fellowman because of his ignorance is the same as having the jewish cult disease of superiority over your fellowman. Whoever wrote the posted article should stop lying to themselves and properly get a beanie for synagogue services on the sabbath.

    As for the issue of race, it is only an issue because the jews have made it an issue as part of their divide and conquer for control strategy. For the most part, races have a natural tendency to breed with their own race. There are always a few exceptions which is why there are light blacks and dark whites, etc. War rapes though out the ages contributes to the exceptions as well.

    Anyone that believes that their paint job makes them superior to others with different paint jobs has fallen for the jewish control bait. Likewise, beanie and synagogue is appropriate.

    There is one thing that Jesus never mentioned in his teachings, the paint job. I have grown quite weary of all the gyrations by beanie deserving gentiles enabling them to claim to be God’s Israel, his real chosen. In their quest to justify why they and their associates or race are special, they fail to recognize that God does not have to make a choice, each individual person has the responsibility of making a choice concerning the Heavenly Father which is what Jesus taught. The paint job is not a real issue.

    In the article posted after this one from Arthur Topham, Mr. Topham explains his primary duty under the heading of God as God = Love = Truth. Mr. Topham has a good grasp of the solution which is why he is being singled out by the agents of evil. We should all pay attention to his simplicity which matches what Jesus taught.

    1. Ungenius, I agree, no-one has the right to feel superiority over another, no-one. In the words of the Scottish bard, “we are all Jock Tamson`s bairns”. I`m quite certain that many so-called “whities” would be in shock, if their dna were tested..

    2. “Contempt for your fellowman for their ignorance is not a solution, but aids the divide and conquer strategy of the jews.”

      No it doesn’t. Forgiveness for your fellow ignoramuses continues to add fuel to the Jewish world order’s creation of world government. I know you may feel good knowing that you’re loving everyone, forgiving them all of their trespasses against you etc etc, but I don’t really ride on that bus Ungenius.

      Are you forgiving the Jews who are trespassing against you? Are you showing them the love of Christ too?

      So let me see…..
      You’re in a car with some friends. You’re driving really fast and you see that the speed your friend is driving at is far too fast for that bend coming up ahead. You tell the driver to slow down. He says everything is under control. It isn’t. You warn him that he’s too fast for the corner and if he doesn’t drastically slow down you’ll crash. He continues on disregarding your warning. You hit the bend, the car spins, you traverse down the hill and land in a wreck at the bottom with multiple injuries. How do you feel Ungenius? You warned the driver that he was going to fast but he disagreed. You knew the outcome and it wasn’t good, but the driver knew best didn’t he? Do you forgive him for smashing your body up THROUGH HIS IGNORANCE OF SPEED AND CORNERS?

      You see Ungenius, the above is really an analogy. The driver is the ignorant majority within society. The bend is the New World Order. The crash was the detrimental effect to humanity through willful ignorance.

      So, you have no contempt for your fellow gentile? None for Blair, Bush, Clinton, Brown, Cheney, Obama etc etc, who are responsible for the deaths of millions, many more refugees and of course demolition of nations? One could argue, that they were doing good for their fellow man couldn’t they? Blair wanted to help the Iraqi people from the tyrant Hussein. The same for the Afghan people with their Taliban. And we can also talk of that brutal dictator Quadaffi.
      We can also look at the Jew as well can’t we? Are they not just doing what Jews do? Would you shoot a bear because it shit in the woods? And on a par, Jews have always been agent provocateurs, wishing dominance over all others, why criticize them for doing that which is 100% natural to them? We could easily argue that the destruction of all world cultures and races, amalgamating into one, destroying identity is a good thing because it will rid the world of difference and with it argument and criticism?

      The problem is Ungenius, your “Let’s all sit around the fire and sing Kumbaya” is idealism. The msm is NOT showing the reality of the mass migration of late. In order for reality to work we need benchmarks. Do we congratulate those who do wrong, or do we reprimand them? Do we alternatively punish those who do good? Do we show what’s really going on with the migrants, or continue promoting them as vulnerable individuals?

      Why is it in life that there are some who see things so clearly and yet others fail to see the wood for the trees Ungenius?

      I have total contempt for those who are told and choose not to listen. I have the utmost contempt for those who are given fact after fact to prove what is and still discard all evidence stating you’re just some wacko, tinfoil hat wearing, conspiracy loon. And to top it all off, you are telling people, who have never bothered to research anything you’ve spoken of, other than the msm brainwashing from Sky, BBC, or CNN and yet they believe that they know more than you.

      You talk of Jews using divide and conquer strategy. Really? Well, I don’t really see very many Jews in government in the UK, who opened the doors on mass immigration do you? You will say it is those behind the scenes who are controlling the politicians and I will agree, but again, it’s the shabbas goy who are implementing the racial divide through their legislation is it not?

      We only have two cheeks in life Ungenius. My reality is you can either get with the program of stopping the Jewish world order, or you don’t. One will involve contempt for Jewry, your fellow Shabbas goy and those automatons junkies, getting high on Caitlyn Jenner, the Kardishans, Miley Cyrus and the LGBT brigade, along with all other dead head, puppets within the entertainment industries.

      My sister thought she could raise her children by cutting out all negative words such as don’t, can’t, naughty, bad etc etc. She’s a silly liberal feminist fool, who found out the hard way, realising her choosing to ignore benchmarks resulted in bringing up a very unruly son.

      And I suppose I have contempt for people like you who attack people like me for seeing the wood for the trees as well as warn drivers that they’re going far too fast for the corner up ahead.

      1. Harb –

        I have no ‘contempt’ for your reasoning….. since MY definition of ‘contempt’ is…
        … ‘extreme disapproval.’

        I ‘extremely disapprove’ of Pharisees and their enablers.

        There is no need to compromise…. That is dangerous. A train wreck.

      2. Pat,

        Yes and thank you. I have no time for people who will not attempt to protect themselves and I see their ignorance of reality a submission to slavery.

      3. You write some of the best posts. To what you’ve written I only want to add that the desperation of the hate-crazed Pharisee is clearly evidenced in Syria and the invasion of Europe at breakneck speed. To the best of their ability this is his end game for the goyim before what he hopes is the unveiling of the JWO. Saying this and agreeing with you, the kind of leader the goyim need is a human rights activist like O’Keefe, a warrior for peace whose agenda is love and not hatred of the enemy, and yet whose words and actions show a powerful refusal to compromise about what is true and right. Christianity is something different to everyone it seems. The interpretation that has value to me is the notion that it is about pursing Truth and Justice with the most fearless and inspired sense of Mission possible, that each follower shows his gratitude to the Creator by being the best he can be regardless of what the current worldly trends or fads rewards or punishes. The Christian is concerned with God, not the status quo. The Truth as such when most courageously pursued must ultimately prevail. The Christian faith says this much.

      4. Thank you Jpower.

        I really don’t think Ken O’Keefe has much love for the Jews, especially those in Israel. However, O’Keefe does tell it like it is and I respect that. He severs the nerve.
        I suppose you’re right about Christianity. There are those who see it as a religion, there to control and oppress. There are those who see it as a way of peace, love and harmony with all. And there are those who see Christ as the rebel, the man who turned over the table of the money lenders and attacked the priesthood for not allowing all into the temple to pray. Above all, I think Christ portrayed the freewill granted to humanity and his pursuit of liberty, above all.

      5. @ Harbinger

        I never mentioned forgiveness, you did. By doing so, you have injected many things totally irrelevant to what I said and inferred that I am some sort of unthinking “Kumbaya” idiot. I personally could care less of what you think of me, but what you have done is misleading to those seeking the truth that stop by Darkmoon looking for it.

        Since you brought up forgiveness, I must expound a little for the record. Forgiveness requires repentance for that being forgiven, in this case ignorance. If a person comes to the understanding of who is doing the nasty, are they not qualified to be forgiven for past ignorance? If a person is ignorant and decides to remain ignorant when exposed to the truth, no forgiveness is justified since they have not repented from their ignorance.

        I do forgive jews that repent such as Brother Nathanael. Other jews who have not repented by giving up their support of evil or their evil ways require no forgiveness just like the other a-holes you mentioned.

        Apparently your understanding of love is lacking for you to state what you did. Love of your fellowman does not mean that you approve of what they do. Nor does it mean that you should hang around them. As an example of loving your fellowman, if your fellowman is legitimately hungry, you would give them something to eat. There are lots of other illustrations by Jesus of how to exercise this love for your fellowman in the Gospels. No need for me to rewrite them here.

        As stewards of the truth, we must have understanding for those who do not know the truth since everyone that is awake was ignorant in the past. We can only spread the seeds of truth. Each individual must decide for themselves if the seed takes roots. The spreaders of truth must continue to spread the seeds of truth and not get caught up in the engineered “give up” position that the author of the article seems to convey.

        We are programed by the jews to believe that it takes a majority to accomplish anything which is blatantly false, but destines many to consider doing the right thing like spreading the truth to be a fruitless effort. The jews win by projecting right side up as up side down. If it took a majority to accomplish something, the jews would not have the influence that they have had or currently have.

        I stick with my opening statement in my previous post, “Contempt for your fellowman for their ignorance is not a solution, but aids the divide and conquer strategy of the jews” because it is the truth. If you do not recognize it as so, that is your deal. Your contempt for me has not created any solution.

    3. “To have contempt for your fellowman because of his ignorance is the same as having the jewish cult disease of superiority over your fellowman.”

      While this is quite true, I am constantly appalled at the number of people who insist on maintaining their ignorance. When one attempts to show such a person facts that run against their programmed ideas, they turn away in disgust, labeling the messenger an “anti-semite” or “Jew hater” as if an absurd term utterly dismisses all other evidence. At that point self-imposed ignorance becomes stupidity. That, I suspect, is what people truly loath, people reinforcing not only their own ignorance, but the ignorance of others, creating an entire race of stupid goyim whose world view is based on a self-imposed, self maintained, ignorance of facts.

  19. Darkmoon……………………………..I guess That there is no such Person by that name, it’s a persona, a fiction created by some mysterious party to create a fog of illusions in cyberspace

  20. Isn’t the Iraqi misery enough for you Arab traitors?
    you want to deliver Syria to the demons?
    Whoever Sold Iraq to the devil
    Wants to sell Syria to the Rats
    without Arab Tribes Treachery
    the devil couldn’t have made his bed in Baghdad

  21. For a thousand years the same story
    Oppression of the Arab Masses and The Tyranny of their Kings
    For a thousand years the Arabs are like a lost sea waves looking for a peaceful home

  22. The ones you call goyim have been conditioned to be followers and therefore are only as capable and effective as the ones leading them. They simply need a courageous, charismatic leader — like Kenneth O’Keefe — to arise from the people in a nation by and for the people, free of a central bank and functioning as an independent state. Otherwise stated, a mirror of 1933 Germany. With the Internet today it will be impossible for the ZOGs to launch an attack on such a nation-state without the people of the world connecting the dots to understand what is really going on. ONE nation-state of this sort is all it will take, merely one fully independent nationalized state interested solely in its own well-being, without any interest whatsoever in expansion or war.

    The ZOGs will go berserk.

    1. The ones coming to mind with the soil necessary for total nationalism are Hungary, Poland and Greece. Poland looks especially promising these days.

      1. Iceland and Italy too. The best in states like the North America and Western Europe ought to unite together on more prospective soil. You’re not doing anything remaining in America or Britain except wasting your potential contributions or further contributing to the Jewtrix that despises you.

  23. Those being called ‘Jews’ for the most part on this Darkmoon site are the goyim. They are counterfeits.

    Counterfeit-jews are goyim, which when understood would have many here realize that racially you are Israelites chosen by God to enforce The Torah and sing the ‘New Song’. Christ Jesus added a Spiritual dimension to being an Israelite with the same ‘New Song’. The Spiritual is just that; Spiritual. Regardless of race, one can be spiritually grafted-in.

    1. What difference do labels make? You want the goyim to feel that they are the real Chosen ones? Fine. Then what?

    2. Of Mites and Men

      Once upon a time there was a cheese.

      A number of cheese-mites took up residence in it. As time passed they bored more and more holes in the cheese, and, of course, they multiplied.

      Then one day, there were so many holes in the cheese that it collapsed into a powder, leaving the mites scrambling in the ruins of their home.

      ‘What traitor is responsible for this?’ screamed the mites.

      They soon formed parties each opposed to the other whose objective was to restore the former ideal situation.

      Some mites it is true, found another cheese. But as for the majority, they are fairly rapidly consuming the remaining cheese-powder.

      ~ Reflections – by Idries Shah ~

    3. “Those being called ‘Jews’ for the most part on this Darkmoon site are the goyim. They are counterfeits.”

      I really disagree.
      What is a Jew? Is the Jew a separate race of people or is he one who follows the teachings in the Torah and Talmud?

      Judaism is a religion. If we attribute Judaism to race there are more Jewish Muslims than Jewish Jews when one attributes the semitic label that is. The Zionist idea of the child being a Jew if the mother is, is stupidity. One chooses religion, religion doesn’t choose them, but sadly we see it forced upon people without choice.
      Those Jews who you call goyim are Jews. How can a Jew be a goyim, when a goyim is a non Jew? They [Ashkenazim] have the same killer instinct, the same ethnocentrism, the same agent provoking and the chosen one belief that curses every child whom adopts the teaching of this death cult. They’re all part of the big club, regardless of race and geographical location.

      1. Pharisees and enablers of many colors seen here from Russia… deserve contempt.

        In the pic is Simom Wiesenthal Centre Director, Dr. Shimon Samuels, from last year.

        “Holocaust is not just the past. For us it is a way also to look at the present, look in the global context in terms of human rights, civil rights, human dignity and to counter some contemporary forms of anti-Semitism,” said the Director-General of UNESCO Irina Bokova, marking the Tenth Edition of the Russian Holocaust Essay Contest, organized by the Simon Wiesenthal Centre and the Association “Verbe et Lumiere” at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris.

        The Director-General of UNESCO Irina Bokova congratulated the five laureates of the Tenth Edition of the Russian Holocaust Essay Contest, organised by the Simon Wiesenthal Centre and the Association “Verbe et Lumiere,” in presence of Shimon Samuels, Director for International Relations of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre, Ilya Altman, Director of the Russian Research and Educational Holocaust Centre (RHC), Richard Odier, President of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre – Europe, Alla Gerber, Member of Special Chamber and co-Chairman of the Russian Holocaust Centre (RHC); Israeli Ambassador to UNESCO Nimrod Barkan; Rabbi P. Bebe, CRIF President Roger Cukierman; Verbe et Lumiere Alexandre Kaplan, and Researcher from the Russian Government Archive of Economic History Maria Altman.

        Representantives of the Permanent delegations of Germany, Russia, Belarus and Canada were also in attendance.

      2. 2015 – Russian Holocaust Centre(RHC) Essay awards for Pharisees….
        … “new generation”…

        UNESCO Receives 11th Annual Wiesenthal Centre/Verbe et Lumiere-Vigilance/Russian Holocaust Centre Essay Laureates

        Centre Simon Wiesenthal – Verbe et Lumiere-Vigilance

        “This programme has educated a whole new generation of some 12,000 messengers and militants for tolerance and multipliers against extremism”

        Paris, 6 July 2015

        This unique Holocaust essay competition programme, co-organized by the Simon Wiesenthal Centre-Europe, (CSW), the Association Verbe et Lumiere-Vigilance (VL-V) and the Russian Holocaust Centre (RHC), now in its eleventh year, annually invites to Paris the five student winners from across the former Soviet Union, to present their research findings at UNESCO.

      3. Thank you for that Pat, much appreciated. That’s proof if was ever need to connect the holohoax to bringing in the end of liberty by our Jewish associates.

  24. Here’s a perspective worth considerable consideration.
    Unfettered philosophy of realism as per the horrifically immense problems for societies East and West, and everywhere in between.

    “The entire American nation has tried to advance in material opulence without striving to produce ideal human beings. The result is that Americans are now regretting the wholesale criminality of American society and are wondering how America has become so lawless and unmanageable,” says Srila Prabhupada.[1] “The men produced in such a society are less than fourth class. They are the unwanted population known as varna-sankara. As stated in Bhagavad-gita, an increase of varna-sankara population creates a hellish society. This is the society in which Americans now find themselves.”

    1. Excellent comment HP. You obviously see the situation from a Godly perspective. As you are aware from the Bhagavad Gita in times of irreligion and evil Krishna’s (God’s) spirit arises to return people to religion and to punish the miscreants.Let’s take Jesus Christ, he was murdered. The greatest crime in history and according to the Buddhist Dhammapada the perpetrators of such an act will reap woe! The Jews even acknowledged this when they said, “His blood be upon us and upon our children.” So the so-called Christian world, Protestant in particular are going to reap terrible karma because they are accessories after the fact to the crime of Deicide, killing God. Why? They pander to the Jews and persecute real Christians in the Middle East in particular. The US and UK being the most egregious offenders for adopting and developing the Jewish system of usury and the abomination of corporations being juristic persons with more rights than real people. “Woe unto the rich.”

  25. Hmmm… Am I part of the guilty commenters? I often feel guilty because I am a two faced person. On one hand I am married to a Jewish man (one of the Ashkenazi) and in fact one generation out of the ghetto as he was born in Hungary. On the other hand over the years I have become allergic to Jewish culture. So I am constantly thinking this through and trying to figure out what it is all about–I mean the shadow, money elite part of the Ashkenazi. I know I am probably closer than six degrees of separation to these people although I don’t know any super rich and powerful people Jews.

    Why I always wonder do the average Jews not rebel from these elitist. I think part of it is that Jews still feel safer with Jewish rule than with non-Jewish rule so it’s like ‘he is our bad guy’ And then there is the Bernie Madoff syndrome, a fellow Jew wouldn’t totally screw another Jew, now would they– I trust in Uncle Bernie because he is such a good Jew…naught. I know for a fact that non-money Jews are just as much victims of the ruling elite, only they get their religion uplifted while we Christians have become accustomed to getting ours denigrated on a daily basis. It’s sadly true that most Jews would like all Christians to hate their religion as much as the Jews do… so every TV show, every newspaper, everything that is jewish owned (including our Congress) is anti-Christian in the extreme. This is where my reactivity comes in.

    Finally, there is nothing anyone can really do about this mess short of not supporting it. I don’t read the newspapers, watch the networks, buy into the propaganda, and even on Facebook skip quickly through annoying rants. I confess I use Darkmoon’s website to vent. Do I belong in Hell with the Ashkenazi… I hope not. I still have dreams of an escape at some point back to a world where I am not a shiksa, and I can’t think of anything worse than being a shiksa for all eternity.

    1. @ kapoore

      “Hmmm… Am I part of the guilty commenters? I often feel guilty because I am a two faced person…?

      Not to me you aren’t. I think you are one of the sincerest commenters on this site. Feel free to make your views known here as long as you want. In any case, we could be shut down any day now. As they say: here today, gone tomorrow.

      1. Thank you, Darkmoon. I hope you aren’t shut down… you write elegant prose and you pick interesting topics for discussion. When the money/power predators are on the loose destroying lives with zero consequences it’s very hard to not be reactive, to cast the cold eye, to let it pass. Of course, the majority of sheeple are unaware that they are being used as commodities, but those of us who do need to vent, explode, go a little nuts now and then. Thank you for that space…

    2. @ Kapoore

      You said, “I often feel guilty because I am a two faced person.” You are only two faced if you express one position with your hubby which is the opposite of what you believe. You are the only one that knows the answer and it should stay that way. I do not recall you being two faced on Darkmoon. So, you may only be half two faced which is better than being whole two faced. 🙂

      You said, “Why I always wonder do the average Jews not rebel from these elitist.” All organized religions participate in brainwashing from an early age to keep everyone from wandering off of their control plantation. Childhood brainwashing is hard to over come. The jewish cult is particularly hard to over come because of its fake “chosen” feature combined with the lie that the cult religion is genetic. Those two lies create an effective prison for their brainwashed cult members. If you think you are”chosen,” you can’t rebel or you’re not “chosen” anymore. If you think that your religion is genetic, you can’t rebel since you can’t change your genes. It’s a cover trap that works almost all the time. It works so well that tons of non-jews believe it too.

      You said, “Finally, there is nothing anyone can really do about this mess short of not supporting it.” There is one other thing. Tell the truth to anybody willing to listen. If you can’t find anyone willing to listen, keep looking. If looking takes you outside your circle of friends, that’s where you need to be.

      You said, “Do I belong in Hell with the Ashkenazi… I hope not.” Nobody on this planet gets to make that call, just the Heavenly Father. Do what Jesus said to do in the Gospels as best you can and do not let that fear rule you.

      You said, “…I can’t think of anything worse than being a shiksa for all eternity.” You have no problem with this because there is no marriage in heaven according to Jesus. I doubt that there is in hell either, but Jesus did not address it.

      Hopefully, some of my comments to yours are helpful.

      I agree with Lasha about your posts.

      @ LD

      You said, “In any case, we could be shut down any day now.”

      Is there anything in particular that we should know?

      If Darkmoon gets shut down, at least you will have the gratification of knowing that the truth was present at Darkmoon and feared enough for the jewish liars to take action. Another plus, TROJ and a few others would have no place to say that Darkmoon is on the same side as those that shut it down.

      1. @ Ungenius

        Is there anything in particular that we should know?

        Not really. I just feel a bit sad at all the personal hatred I seem to attract. Moreover, the European country I live in has recently become far more repressive.The government is doing its best to criminalize Holocaust revisionism and all negative criticism of Israel. They have already thrown several political dissidents into prison here. This makes me nervous…

      2. LD –

        “I just feel a bit sad at all the personal hatred I seem to attract.”

        I suggest you should not feel sad to be a strong leader who uses facts.
        Replace your sadness with a badge of honor and courage. That way you have fewer friends, rather than many fools around you.

        It takes decades to learn this… If you are pleasing everyone… you are lying to most of them.

        Honest people gather small groups.

        Thanks for allowing us here.

  26. Dearest Lasha ~ Take heart and be of good cheer.

    I have the same problem as you, maybe even more so, as you so lamented:

    ///I just feel a bit sad at all the personal hatred I seem to attract.///

    Because we are unafraid (FEARLESS) to speak the truth, to defend the defenseless, to stand up to bullies, and to do the principal things in life that we tried to do when we were growing up as school children, the price now is not easy for us now that we are adults living inside the Jewish Matrix.

    Here is something truly amazing to cheer you up, if you need any cheering up, an Indomitable woman named Nien Cheng:

  27. To those who sincerely believe they have a point in running down Christ and his subscribers,

    Look at it from a purely practical, results oriented perspective.
    The sea change in global morality has taken place at an ever accelerating rate over the past 2-3 centuries, the spirituality coupled with growing fright, anxiety, materialism, servility, debasement of Christian belief, especially Catholic thought, accompanied by massive worship of Jew so overwhelmingly evident today.

    Who kept the Jew more or less in his place, if not the Catholic church?
    Which countries exiled him if not the exclusively Catholic ones, including the Catholic England?

    Who accepted the Jew with open arms and bought enthusiastically into his theory and practice of unfettered rape and pillage of formerly self-sufficient societies that posed no harm to outsiders, if not the Zio-Xians (including the Protestant England) who wouldn’t recognize Christ if he preached from a soapbox in the city square?

    Is the present anti-Christian order such an improvement that it forms a definite proof that Christ sucks, as one famous Jew pornographer famously said?

    Somebody explain, I get confused easily.

    1. lobro,

      I’ve never run down Christ, but I suppose I’ve always been a deist. I respect Christ and what he did to being about fair play for all, as well as rebelling against the corruption within the priest class, however, what I don’t agree with is ‘turning the other cheek’.

      I truly doubt that were Christ around, Jews wouldn’t be doing what they’re doing. I don’t think he’d be keeping them in check like the Catholic church did. Unlike now, the Catholic church actually had balls 3 centuries+ ago.

    2. I never had you in mind when I wrote the above, Harb.
      As for the words of Christ, as with anyone else, I reserve the right of ultimate choice.
      Whether or not he said to turn the other cheek or if he did, what exactly may have been lost in translation, I don’t know.

      But I do know that the present day interpretation rubs me the wrong way too.

      After all, why not allow him an occasional youthful stumble? 🙂
      He was still pretty uncommonly bright for his age.

      Suffice it to say that I am totally opposed to turning the other cheek, in fact, I wouldn’t allow even the first one to be contaminated by Jew hand.

      I don’t play by 3 cheeks and you are out rules.

      1. I`m not a practicing christian by any means, but am open minded with regard to others beliefs. One thing I will say about Jesus, whatever the truth about him, he has, to this day, a wide following, of various faiths, and may, in the end, be the catalyst which unites the majority of the planets citizens under one banner, opposing evil influences, also, as I`ve said before, those who care about honesty, and decency, must teach their children well, and they their children, so that one day, the planet will, once more, be wholesome..

    3. Nothing in the word of Christ calls for posing as the willing victim or standing idly when ours are threatened. Contrariwise, “turning the other cheek” is a call to hold position solidly and to oppose evil unto self-sacrifice. It calls for combat, not with the intention of harming the enemy in a revengeful way, but to defend ourselves against him and right the wrongs afterwards, as the finality and the biggest victory consist in making your enemy open its eyes upon the evil he was doing. The leftist fake and omnipresent humanism is a rogue and denatured Christianism but it’s not Christianism. As Chesterton said “The modern world is full of the old Christian virtues gone mad.”
      As for the American nationalists who abhor Christianism, throwing out the baby with the bathwater with the black rabbi Jesus that never existed tale, it’s not surprising when you consider US history and how the Bible, but the book of Deuteronomy really, was and is still used as a moral caution for the colonization and for the enrichment of the masonic judeo-protestant elite.


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