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  2. Ken was born in Napa, California in 1969.
    He claimed he is ISIS… “We are ISIS…”
    Californians are like that…. I guess.

    1. RO –

      I agree. Sarcasm is tough for me. So many claim Americans don’t get it.

      Here is another Californian who deserves some credit…. 30 years older than Ken:

      Author and researcher Jim Fetzer just announced that Amazon.com has suppressed the sale of his new book, “Nobody Died At Sandy Hook..It Wasn’t a Massacre, it was a FEMA Drill”

      It is now free in pdf:



      Fetzer discussed the action by Amazon on his blog today:

      In the book Fetzer charges that President Obama and former Attorney General Eric Holder were directly responsible for the hoax at Sandy Hook.  On his blog on November 8, 2015  Fetzer says:

      “This elaborate hoax appears to have been planned long in advance, where Attorney General Eric Holder met with Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy on 27 November 2012 to discuss the administration’s programs for gun control. And, on 16 January 2013, Barack Obama signed 23 Executive Orders to restrict the right to bear arms.”

    2. Ken O’Keefe is a person of integrity, and he presents himself with his full name, Pat. Ken O’Keefe in my eyes (and I too stay anonymous for a reason) is a hero who broke the occupation of Gaza to bring aid in by ship. You should really read up everything available on Ken O’Keefe, listen to his lectures and the information before rushing into sarcastic comments. Ken is a great leader; kudos to him for doing what he does.

      As for his statement “we are ISIS”, it most certainly is a response to the controlled media propaganda abut the group which is no more than mercenaries funded among others by US, funded by taxpayers (“us”). And if this wasn’t clarifying enough, instead of saying “we the taxpayers of the Western countries also fund ISIS”, he used the metaphor “ISIS is us”. Anyone who has not been duped into believing the ISIS deception would understand immediately what he was referring to – but how many of us are willing to protest publicly the way Ken O’Keefe does? How many of us would risk being imprisoned for dismantling the propaganda?

  3. Also by Ken. https://youtu.be/F0k920v4PvM?t=40m20s
    He says the same usual suspects behind 911 are behind 1113. I liked it at the point where he discusses the incredible move by a some of the chosen to make what seemed like a horrible investment decision, which turned out in fact to generate billions in profits in very short order, based undoubtedly on insider knowledge about what was to happen to the towers.
    The whole thing is worth listening to. He calls for taking back the control of the issuance of money.
    It’s amazing more of these folks don’t end up in woodcutters but maybe shows the peacefulness of those victimized who are victimized because of their peacefulness.

  4. I started watching more Ken videos. The guy is good. In the latest the montage shows the Washington Monument, a gigantic obelisk. What are these obelisks really for? I see them everywhere and they sure are ugly. I’ve heard the Khazars were phallus worshipers. Are these obelisks their doing?

    1. To the most ‘adept’ illuminists….
      The obelisk represents the very presence of the sun god.

      There is one at Dealey Plaza. JFK was sacrificed when sun was at zenith.



      Here are some of fame, including NY Central Park, Rome and Vatican:

      1. Well on the one in St. Peter’s Square you will notice that there is a Cross affixed on top of it. Meaning Christ and Christianity conquered the polytheists of Egypt and Rome. The conversion of the Pantheon with the bringing in of relics from the catacombs is celebrated on All Saints’ Day. The building was long ago consecrated but it too is a testament to a prior age. The Church has always used these edifices as a practical matter and to make a point.

        In other news, I find it interesting that Jonathon Pollard was released today or yesterday wearing a blue Yamaha. I believe Nutty Yahoo is very pleased that this fine Dual Citizen is now free.

      1. There’s a very interesting obelisk in the garden of the Israeli Supreme Court in jerusalem.

    2. A bit more…

      The obelisk is critically important to the occultist because they believe that the spirit of the ancient Egyptian sun god, Ra, resided in the obelisk.

      Thus, the obelisk represents the very presence of the sun god, whom the Bible calls Satan!!

      There are only three major obelisks in the world today, and two of them are in the United States. According to Epperson in his book, “The New World Order”, the first major obelisk was constructed in St. Peter’s square in Rome, and is so placed that every Pope who addresses any crowd in the square, must face the obelisk. A New Age author, Peter Tomkins, reports the same facts in his book, “The Magic Of Obelisks”, Harper and Row, New York, 1982, ISBN 0-06-014899-3.

      There is an obelisk in St. Peter’s Bascilica as well. You’ll be shocked to know that the Church of God promotes Celibacy while displaying a sex act right outside of St Peter’s Bascilica.

      The second obelisk was brought to America in 1881 from Alexandria, Egypt, and was placed in Central Park in New York City.

      The third obelisk is the Washington Monument, built to commemorate our First President, George Washington (who was a Freemason).


      1. The obelisk doesn’t symbolize the sex act and to equate the sun god with “Satan” is absurd.

      2. “The obelisk doesn’t symbolize the sex act and to equate the sun god with “Satan” is absurd.”

        To you… and to me. Not to the cultists… occultists.

        Biting off foreskins is absurd to me.

        But, rabbis do it…. anyway.

  5. The obelisk doesn’t
    symbolize the sex act and
    to equate the sun god with
    “Satan” is absurd. oh come on now franklin, in pats mind its true . and if pat says its in the Bible then its in the bible, in his mind

  6. Bad news Ken, many web navigators and truth seekers, myself included are now aware that every one that is interviewed by Press TV gets payed in the form of what they call “political analyst” fees etc Mark Glenn has been to Iran (and please dont tell me he payed for the trip) and Gordon Duff and Jim W Dean have been to Syria a few times (these are the funniest because they are “war veterans” who are supposed to hate Iran just like the rest of 99 percent of americans) they too get interviewed by Press TV and get payed directly by them; they made very good money out of this situation – the war by shia Iran on sunni syrians who make up 90 percent of the population- (some have put the number at 25 million a year) and on the other situation, now “solved” were Iran was about to get bombed by the u.s. And or Israel; the Iranians spent a lot of money in order to what they called “soften the opinions” so they figured that spending a few bucks on writers from the alternative media by “intervewing them” would help. And they got away with their nuclear project (by postponing it) and lifting the sanctions but their sha crescent project got stalled by the growth of isis who is, unlike what you say, the sole representatives of the tribes of al ramadi, salahudeen, al fallujah and al anbar in Iraq and who for obvious ethnic, religious and geographical reasons united with their relatives in Syria in their seeking to out- throw shit- head Bashar Assad whom iran considers very important for its insane imperialist projects. Sunnis are now sandwiched in between the insane “Greater Israel Dream” and The genocidal ” Shia Crescent Project”; but we own the night.

    1. And yes it gives me great sattisfaction to see Jhonatan Pollard walk by getting a lifeboat not by Obama but Bibi who will get the credit (probably one of many promises by the u.s. in exchange for Israel not bombing Iran momentarily). He didnt even kill his number because he did a double hamburger with fries which is thirty but life, so he got a lifeboat to walk pardoned; and he did 30 mostly on dissociation, which is worse probably because he didnt wanna risk catching a cold by other inmates; i am sure he thought of doing the bungee jumping many times and that bugs probably offered him bug juice more than a few times but the boy resisted, and i say resisted because it wasnt the bucket he was at but the fed; i am sure he had a few
      Bird-Killers, hobbies and a lot of writting. I am sure he will write a book where he will tell us how he avoided bacons, and snitches and what have you.
      A brave guy whose only fear was the back door parole, ie kicking the bucket inside but he stood tall, raised his head and did it for what jews call “the cause”, the jewish, Zionist cause, because they have something called “LOYALTY erased from the Aryan dictionary…
      This men should a have statue erected in front of the Knesset and another one in Washington D.C holding his pisser pointing at the White House and Congress and thats why it gives me sattisfaction, the Jews shit on you time and again and you-posters here included- take it out on us, brown people by attacking refugees who were turned into that by bombers you also support ; Jhonatan is as great as Ellie Cohen who bribed the corrupt syrians and cost them the war.. They got their heroes but its a good thing we muslims got ours too, and plenty

      1. Gosh Avi Tar, with your admiration for Pollard and even Eli Cohen, you now talk for 100% like the Israeli you really are. How’s the weather in Tel Aviv?

    2. @ Avatar

      There is no evidence that everyone associated with PressTV gets paid by them. Some may get paid, but I know for a fact that many others don’t get paid but are prepared to contribute material to PressTV for nothing. I am one such person. PressTV published two contributions of mine over a year ago — one on Iran, another on Syria — and I received no payment. Nor did I expect payment.

  7. Kuddos to the editor here for posting this. Kenneth O’Keefe is the greatest treasure I’ve found all year. He’s without a doubt one of the most valuable men to have graced this earth. If you want to understand Christianity, Ken must be very near to one of its intended manifestations, a life grounded in Truth and Mission above all else, even if it means crucifixion— no matter what it means! I just want to encourage the other readers to make the findings I have. THE FUTURE OF THE PLANET DEPENDS ON US TAKING AFTER KEN’s SHINING EXAMPLE. If a man like Ken is taken seriously and understood substantively then we can turn this around. It is not too late.

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