Kuwait Airways vs. Jewish Bullies

By Mahmoud El-Yousseph

unnamed (1)The Jewish main stream media have had a heyday with the Kuwaiti Airways and when you find out why, you will be amazed. 

The Kuwaiti airways refusal to fly an Israeli citizen has caused outrage among New York city Jewish community who accused the airlines of discrimination, anti-Semitism, Jew hater, ungrateful nation and have since demanded of New York and New Jersey Governors to cancel the Kuwaiti airways lease at JFK airport.

The story began when a couple of Queens, New York tried to catch a Kuwaiti Airways flight from  JKF airport to London. The husband who holds a US passport was allowed to board the flight but not his 26-years old wife who has an Israeli passport. The airlines told her that flying Israeli passport holders would violate the Kuwaiti laws of boycotting Israel. The airways booked her flight to London with another carrier. That was not good enough!

Shortly after, Iris Eliazarov hired a Jewish attorney and filed a discrimination complaint with the Department of Transportation. At first the DOT did not find sufficient evidence of discrimination by the Kuwaiti Airways. After that, the woman and her Jewish attorney enlisted the support of Israeli firster, City Councilman Roy Lancman (D-Queens) who is also Jewish. The Councilman demanded the airlines recognize the right of the Israeli passport holder or he would have the KA out of JFK. Never mind Mrs. Eliazarov was a foreign national and not a U.S. citizen and or one of the Councilman’s constituents.

When the K A refused to budge, Zionist troll Roy Lancman rallied his troops at New York House of Representatives and drafted a letter to JKF port authority  asking for the agreement with KA be cancelled. They then flexed some political muscles on the Governors of New York and New Jersey, so did Jewish U.S. Senator Max Bluemanthal (D-CT) to punish the KA. On September 30, 2015 the DOT reversed its decision, and ruled that KA was in defiance of anti BDS law. On December 15th, Kuwait Airways informed the United States Department of Transportation that it has eliminated its service between JFK and London Heathrow.

Why was this fuss all of a sudden about the Kuwaiti Airways? Kuwait Airways has been flying into the U.S. since 1979 and the US government have known about it all along that the carrier does not do business with Israeli citizens. This policy is mandated by the Kuwaiti government and is not dependent on the airline’s choosing.

PIA Pakistan also has had a similar policy on its flights between New York and various European airport before the carrier start using nonstop flights began between Pakistan and the USA. There is no record that shows any US officials, Jewish media outlets have complained or expressed interest about this policy. Would it be possibly fair to say that this complaint now submitted is only about trying to get K A to maybe pay them off in the manner of making some money through restitution, otherwise for a policy that’s long been in effect, knowingly so, and where nothing was said or done before. [1]

After invoking the holocaust, New York Jewish news media compared Mrs. Eliazarov to Rosa Park. Why cheapen the memories of American heroine Rosa Park? Miss Park stood up against systemic racism where as this Jewess was hunting for cheap airfare or to get rich quickly.  By suddenly ganging against KA, Jewish Americans  remind me of the movie, “The Lion King” when a pack of hungry hyenas encircled cub Simba and wanted to make a cub sandwich out of him.

You will be accurate to refer to this as  the case of Kuwaiti Airways vs. Jewish bullies. This is not about bias and civil rights violation, it is about seeking headlines. This is not discrimination against Jews, since Jews with European and American passport holders are allowed to fly Kuwait Airways. Even Muslims with Israeli passports are not allowed to fly. This is clearly a sob story created to induce tears in order to combat the boycott, divestments and sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel; which calls for an end to the occupation, the “right of return” for Palestinian refugees and to lift the illegal and inhumane siege imposed on Gaza.

Councilman Lancman confounded me even more when he denounced Kuwait for not responding in kind to the sacrifices made by Jewish American who served in US military during the Liberation of Kuwait in 1990. This is absolutely poppycock for this Israeli lover to even make such claim!  The only Jewish American sacrifices I am aware of  is of a 22 year-old Micheal Levin of Philadelphia who was killed in Lebanon during 2006 Israeli war with Hezbollah. Instead of joining the U.S. armed forces, he joined the (Israeli Occupation Forces), referred to by Israelis as IDF. There are at least 50,000 Jewish Americans like Micheal Levin in the IOF. The exact number is highly guarded. Many joined after 9/11 terrorist attacks, even though under US laws, serving in the armed forces of a foreign country is grounds to revoke your citizenship. For some odd reason, this US law does not apply to Jewish Americans! [2]

Where was the Jewish Americans outrage when two Jewish American intellectuals,  Dr Norman Finkelstein and Professor Noam Chomsky who both were detained at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv and were denied entry permit to the Palestinian territories. In 2008 and 2010, both Finkelstein and Chomsky respectively received  a ten year ban from entering the Israeli occupied West Bank and Israel, which was in clear violation of 1951  Friendship, Commerce and Navigation Treaty. Both are fierce critics of Israeli policies toward the Palestinians, Finkelstein and Chomsly have been vilified as “self-hating Jews.” By contrast, Mrs. Eliazarov received preferential treatment by KA.

Last July, leading American writer, Susan Abulhawa was denied entry to her native homeland in Palestine by Israel.  Miss Abulhawa was forced to wait over seven hours and have endured six different interrogations before she was told she was “uncooperative” and was put on the next flight leaving to the US.  There was no peep from our Jewish cousins in the US or our US State Department. Following similar entry denial in the past, to US citizens by Israel, the State Department immediate response was: ” we do not interfere in the internal affairs of foreign government.” [3]

On September, 2013, Yara Karmalawy, a Palestinian-American citizen was denied entry to Israel after she was told” there is no such thing as Palestine“.  Miss Karmalawy holds a B.A. in Political Science and Legal Studies with a focus on the Middle East from UC Santa Cruz and is currently pursuing an international law degree. [4]

Few days ago, a 35-year old German journalis Martin Lejeune was deported by Israel and was told by Israel he is banned for 10 years. Mr. Lejeune was a free lance writer who lived and  reported from Gaza during the Israeli 2014 war on Gaza.

In 2014 Israel banned Norwegian Doctor and human rights activist, Dr. Mads Gilbert from entering Gaza for life. Dr. Gilbert has worked in Gaza Al-Shafa hospitals during every Israeli military assault on Gaza since 2008. Israel considers him a “security risk”. He said, “I document what I see and that makes me trouble for Israel.”  His other famous quote, ” no siege no tunnels, no occupation no rocks.”

Looks like Israel starts to feel the heat created by the BDS ( Boycott, Divestment and Sanction) which Israel considers anti-Semitic. Last month the European Union has labeled products made in the Israeli settlement on land it captured in the 1967 war to be subject for BDS. The US opposes the BDS movement and hands Israel $3.5 million dollars annually in military and economic aid.

On April, 2012, nearly 1,500 activists from Europe and North America (including US citizens) who had been planning to travel to Israel have been prevented from doing so, They had planned to go straight from Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv, and then on to Bethlehem in Palestine, for a week-long program of educational and cultural activities under the banner of ” Welcome to Palestine”. But no, Israel regarded this as a “threat to peace” and stopped them showing their sympathy for the Palestinians.


At that time, the Israeli military has deployed 600 soldiers at the airport near Tel Aviv and turned it into a military compound, with one section of the airport set up as a prison camp. Israel has also submitted a “black list” to various airlines of 342 participants from the ages of 9 to 83 to prevent them from boarding planes, thus sparking huge protests in several international airports. During that time, I do recall 50 French peace activists and 9 Israeli citizens were put behind bars. Sadly there was no protest by The Anti Defamation League ( ADL) or any other major Jewish American organizations about Israel’s hysterical behavior of denying people entry and detaining some other people who have committed no crime. [5]

If Jewish Americans feel the Arab boycott imposed against Israel is unfair, then why have they said nothing about past and current US embargos, sanctions and or travel bans against Cuba, North Korea, Iran, Iraq Libya and Lebanon as inhumane act?

Before Jewish Americans demand of KA to comply with US anti BDS law, they should first call upon Israel to respect and comply with United Nations Resolutions 164 and 242 which order Israel to withdraw from occupied Arab land, allow the Palestinian refugees to return to their homes and pay compensation for those who do not wish to return.

Following all this bullying and blackmail against KA by Jewish Americans, don’t expect the KA to start carrying Israeli citizens anytime soon.

Mahmoud El-Yousseph
Retired USAF Veteran
Feedback: [email protected]


1-   http://www.thejewishweek.com/news/new-york/ground-kuwait-airways-israel-bias-councilmembers#1JpvLKG3OjpJIyqZ.99

2- http://www.uruknet.info/?p=26143

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5- http://www.deliberation.info/free-speech-vs-israel/

35 thoughts to “Kuwait Airways vs. Jewish Bullies”

  1. Well, what do you expect? The United States of America is a de facto Israeli colony. Why would you expect American politicians or bureaucrats to behave in any other way? Why would you expect to receive justice from one of ‘God’s little darlings’ or those representing the little darlings? Have you learnt nothing from the last 116 years of western history? Do you not know that democracy is a Jewish scam? Do you not know that the financial system is a Jewish scam? Do you not know that the judicial system is a Jewish scam? Everything you have been told by the media, by your teachers and professors, by your parents is a lie based on an even bigger lie! Scam me once – shame on you, scam me twice shame on me! How many times must you be scammed before you come to realise that the only solution is revolution? The system cannot be changed, repaired, restored or reformed – it must be totally destroyed and those who survive the destruction will need to build a new and better system – a non-Jewish system. There will be no place in a future society for the Jew – any Jew, and I will leave to your imagination what is meant by that!!

    1. Well said, White Warrior!

      So how you gonna cleanse America? Line ’em all up and shoot ’em?

      You’ll need a lot of ammo! 🙂

      1. Actually there is much to be said about the efficiency of the blast furnace. We would need to make a few minor design changes to the furnace – very minor in fact – the furnace would then be capable of producing iron with any carbonaceous material as feed-stock. Just a thought!!


    The Judaists control all 3 branches of our govt. and the media. They took over our govt. for that one main purpose—to control USA to exploit it in the service of Israel and the Jewish people.

    50% of the campaign contributions to the Democratic party comes from the Jewish lobby (40% for Republicans). 10 times as much money flows under the table in secret bribes and secret deals.

    The Democratic party receives 60% (and maybe 80%) of its campaign contributions from the Judaists. There is an interesting article on Monoweiss dot net about it.


    Most of these elected politicians owe their political career to the Jewish lobby. If they go against the Lobby, they are finished. See Paul Findley’s book, They Dared To Speak Out.

    For example, Haim Saban is openly bribing HIllary Clinton, by calling the bribes “donations” to her non-profit, when, in fact, it is just a bribe to her, as she can take that money and pay it to herself and call it “salary” for no work or “consultancy fees” anytime she wants.

    That is why these politicians support Israel blindly and even openly flood their own nations with 3rd world aliens—or they are finished. Those who do not take the bribes can be framed by the Jewish lobby and put in prison on bogus charges. Eg. Gov. Meacham was framed for refusing to give MLK holiday.

    So where do the Judaists get all this money? How do they manage to be 40% of the world’s billionaires?

    Well, they make money the old fashioned way–they steal it—by using the same politicians and govt. thugs (in all 3 branches of govt.) as their protectorate. The govt. thugs pay back billions and even trillions to their Jewish masters in preferred or bogus govt. grants and contracts, foreign aid to Israel, etc.

    This the biggest #1 scam in the world today.

    1. Arnold,

      Excellent comment. I have two questions for you. Do you happen to know the answers? I’ve been looking for precise statistics for a long time, to no avail. Perhaps Pat or Lobro can help.

      1. What percentage of America’s wealth is within Jewish hands?

      2. What percentage of the world’s wealth is within Jewish hands?

      1. Sard –

        “1. What percentage of America’s wealth is within Jewish hands?”
        All of it…. Central Bank and well-oiled Stock Market make it so.

        “2. What percentage of the world’s wealth is within Jewish hands?”
        All of it EXCEPT… those countries with no Central Bank and NO well-oiled Stock Market.

        Stock Market – and other DEBT trading mechanisms, like FX – just as important as Central Bank…. for Pharisee-Jew control with DEBT.

        BOMBS to get control. DEBT to keep control. 🙁

      2. @ Pat

        Thanks, Pat. I know you mean well and that what you are saying may have some kind of “symbolic” value, but it’s not very helpful to claim that ALL America’s wealth lies within Jewish hands, or that ALL the world’s wealth WOULD lie within Jewish hands if the Jews had their Central banks in every country. I was hoping for a more specific percentage than “all”! 🙂

        I mean, how can ALL of America’s wealth be in Jewish hands if you, Pat, own a house and a gun and a wallet with a few banknotes in it? Don’t you buy groceries and pay bills? So how can the Jews own YOUR wealth?

        And then there’s Gilbert of course. He has just confessed to being quite wealthy. He owns a farm, a tractor, a car, a gun, books, and a lot of booze stashed away. Presumably the JEWS don’t own “all” that Gilbert has at his disposal!

        Yeah, and I’m sure your wife doesn’t like the idea that some Jew owns the purdy little dress she is wearing! 🙂

      3. “I mean, how can ALL of America’s wealth be in Jewish hands if you, Pat, own a house and a gun and a wallet with a few banknotes in it?”

        You got it right…”banknotes.” Notes are DEBT instruments. You swerved into the answer, all by yourself. 🙂

        All has been purchased using THEIR debt instruments… NOT money. That means ALL I bought with them is not mine. I did not ‘pay’ for the items. One DEBT was swapped for another. All items STILL contain DEBT. The ones in the wallet do not state “payable to bearer on demand” anymore, as with gold certificates and silver certificates (the original CDs)…. just “legal tender for all debts public and private.” It is NOT ‘lawful money.’ It is ‘legal’ DEBT.

        No DEBT is ‘discharged.’

        I own nothing when I use THEIR DEBT instruments. I just ‘manage’ the DEBT encumbered items.

        I understand the confusion… It is such an easy concept it is too difficult to see. 🙂

        For more info… search these two:
        ‘holder in due course’
        ‘discharge of debt’

    2. For those who are still wondering about Trump, check out “Donald Drumpf- Illuminati jew” and his close ties to the Clintons, on the truthseeker..

      Thanks for this eye opening article Mahmoud..

      btw, I`d say that “realistic” qualifies for a troll/hasbara alert..

      1. Trump has always been a Democrat…. now running to help Hillary, by acting as a buffoon…… the excuse needed to rationalize – justify – the faked outcome.

        He is 21st century Ross Perot… who guaranteed Clinton into White House in 1992.

        Trump might be shooting for his own Free Trade Zone ‘reward’ also.

        Perot’s reward was his own personal Free Trade Zone at HIS airport just outside Dallas. He pays no duties in his businesses.


        Free Trade Zone Is Perot’s Own Nafta
        September 18, 1993|By Dan McGraw, Special to the Tribune.


        FT. WORTH — When Texas billionaire Ross Perot makes his stump speech about the evils of the North American Free Trade Agreement, he’s sure to mention the infamous “sucking sound” that he predicts will be heard when American companies rush to take advantage of the cheap labor in Mexico and other foreign markets.

        Perot has stepped up his anti-NAFTA rhetoric in recent weeks, telling a broadcasters convention last Friday the trade pact “is driven by the desire of investors to make money and put at risk the lives of millions of decent, hard-working Americans.”

        Yet while Perot was attacking the proposed trade agreement, an industrial park he owns with his son, Ross Jr., was granted federal trade exemptions, allowing foreign and domestic companies located at the Perot development to pay sharply reduced tariffs on imported goods.

        The Commerce Department last week granted “foreign trade zone” status to 2,000 acres in the Perots’ Alliance Airport project in Ft. Worth, a 20,000-acre mixed-use development that is trying to lure global manufacturing and trading companies to Texas. In their application for the trade zone, the Perots acknowledged their trade zone would appeal to “many companies that take advantage of Mexico’s inexpensive labor for manufacturing.”


        Fort Worth Alliance Airport (IATA: AFW, ICAO: KAFW, FAA LID: AFW) is a city-owned public-use airport located 14 miles (23 km) north of the central business district of Fort Worth, city in Tarrant County, Texas, United States.

        Billed as the world’s first purely industrial airport, it was developed in a joint venture between the City of Fort Worth, the Federal Aviation Administration, and the Hillwood Development Company, a real estate development company owned by Ross Perot, Jr.

        The official groundbreaking ceremonies were held in July 1988, and the airport officially opened on December 14, 1989. The airport is owned by the City of Fort Worth and managed by Alliance Air Services, a subsidiary of Hillwood Development, and is the second largest airport facility in North Texas, behind only Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW).[2]


      2. Ingrid B
        why ?
        you Ingrid of all people here accuse me of being hasbara
        it seems that you either choose to ignore the facts or deploying selective amnesia
        you sound like a nice lady you and Red Onions yet still both of you were viciously and maliciously verbally attacked on this site by psychopaths then they come around the next day and say oh we’re sorry we didn’t mean it please stay so they can snap again at you.
        that is the behavior of bullies and psychopaths
        Dear Ingrid ; I am a trained psychiatrist and have few years of experience under my belt
        don’t be surprised when I call you and RO sweet and caring ladies
        just reading your comments,replies ,interactions and reactions in this site gave me a window to your mind and psych .and that done in just 3 weeks time since I first found this site

        1. @ realistic

          1. You are not a “trained psychiatrist.” You are lying. You don’t have the style and professionalism of a qualified doctor. You sound like an idiot. You don’t even punctuate your sentences properly.

          2. You are just trying to win Ingrid’s sympathy by the use of the grossest flattery. You are a complete stranger to this site, having just stumbled on it, and yet you claim to know that RO and Ingrid are “sweet and caring ladies.” They may well be sweet and caring ladies, but how can YOU possibly know that, a total stranger to the people posting here?

          3. You say that the “people” who attacked RO and Ingrid (to a far lesser extent) are vicious “psychopaths and bullies.” OK, let’s grant you that. But first, you lie when you say that. Because there is only ONE attacker: Dr Parker. No one else has attacked RO and Ingrid “viciously”. So you are caught out in a lie already. Darlington and one or two others have made critical comments about RO’s tendency to cheek the Administrators of this website (as she has repeatedly done) but this does not make them “vicious psychopaths.”

          4. Let’s assume you are right about Dr Parker and that Dr Parker is a “vicious psychopath”. Can you tell me why you attack the Administrators of this website and say this is a hasbara website because we have published Dr Parker’s comments? Are we to be held responsible for every Zionist troll and psychopath who posts comments on our website? You expect us to censor every comment? To strangle free speech to suit you?

          5. Finally, all your negative comments are worthless for two damn good reasons: the new Moderator has not only PRAISED Red Onions for the high quality of her comments and asked her to REMAIN here, he has also offered to DELETE any comments RO doesn’t like!

      3. Toby –

        “5. …… the new Moderator has not only PRAISED Red Onions for the high quality of her comments and asked her to REMAIN here, he has also offered to DELETE any comments RO doesn’t like!”

        This is something we can all take as an explicit FACT and KNOW it…!!
        It was the most admirable thing a monitor can do. I liked it(fwiw).

        You did it on occasion as well. I liked it also….
        …..except when mine were cast into cyber-hell 🙂

        1. @ Pat

          You did it on occasion as well. I liked it also….
          …..except when mine were cast into cyber-hell.

          I would certainly have deleted any unfair comment addressed to you if you’d asked. But you never asked. And it’s too late now! 🙂

          Not to worry. You’ve survived! And you’ve passed every test as far as I’m concerned…

      4. Toby, thanks for seeing through this attempt, to use myself, and red onions, in this despicable manner..

        I hope red onions is “out there” and that she will return..

        All the best for 2016 Tobias..

  3. Mahmoud El-Yousseph
    Good article wrong website
    a brotherly advice quit posting at this site simply because it didn’t pass my smelling test
    it’s yahudi ben zonah site
    believe me bro

    1. @ – REALISTIC, good but no cigar! Thanks for your unsolicited advice. Before you expect others to take you seriously, you owe to post under real and not fake name. I know the editors and some of the commenters here since 2008 and I do trust them with my life. I don’t judge people based on their smell, because I am a good judge of character. I am cautious where I post my articles, but I also curious about how you stumble on this website. Thanks for validating my article.

  4. How do they manage to be 40% of the world’s billionaires?

    Even that is Jew deception, this pointless Forbes list, I can no longer spare 2 minutes to glance at it.

    Do you ever see Rothschilds, Montefiores, Schiffs, Sassoons, Oppenheimers and other superyids (Kuhn, Loeb, Rockefeller, Lehman …)?
    I would guess that just among themselves, those 5 families easily control at least 80 percent of the world’s wealth and are aiming to grab the rest in our lifetimes.

    I think that the combined wealth of the Forbes list is under $2 trillion.
    Who owns the rest, given that us 99 percenters account for less than 20%?

    Lehman Bros collapse (better term is controlled demolition, just like WTC) precipitated a banking crisis that resulted in what, $2 trillion bailout?
    Where did those trillions go, now that the same banks are again teetering on the edge of collapse?
    Where did the “lost_to_speculation” trillions go?
    Where did the $2.3 trillion “disappeared” Pentagon funds, announced by Rumsfeld on 9/10 and “investigated” by rabbi Zakheim before his Pentagon office was conveniently destroyed the next day, go?
    Lehmans are still Fed shareholders, why couldn’t they have helped themselves to some cash from their own printing press?
    Where exactly did the money ripped off by Madoff end up?
    Why didn’t any Israel banks ever suffer meltdown (and never will), never a failure, recession, everything golden all the time?

    These are the questions that Ezra Pound would be asking from his St Elizabeth nuthouse for Eustace Mullins to investigate today, were they both alive.

    Too tricky, let’s just go back to discussing Jesuits and Hitler’s secret Antarctic submarine bases.

      EMAIL ADDRESS: [email protected]
      IP NUMBER:

      Hey, monkey man, would you allow a few questions? Where did you get your degree, monkey man? How does a monkey man judge a monkey man? How did you get so high above monkey men?


      White warrior is a shitty leader already because he can’t get my dopamine glands going to get me in the mood. What if I don’t wannu? WHITE WARRIOR flunks the audition for savior of the white race.

      PS to admin: Since it’s YOU, can you make the screen name “””WHITE WARRIOR””” blink and flash?


      It fits, that such a Christian site would employ the services of an evolutionary psychologist. Goes right along with the bulk of everything else at this “””””Christian website”””””.

      The word editor capitalizes ‘christian’ all it’s (sic) own. If that’s not proof, what is?

      UM, Can we wank now?

      “Evolutionary psychologist” is a reference to me. The user names ‘LORBO’ and ‘ORBOL’ are obviously anagrams for ‘LOBRO’.The hostility of this person to our website perplexes me. Could this be TROJ under a new guise?

      1. The IP address points to Wichita, Kansas, USA.

        The email address is a ‘stinky’ one.. lepieup = pepe lepieu

      2. LORBO SAYS:

        Looks like I really got your goat. I didn’t think an exalted baal priest would get so angry. Are you about an inch from the nuthouse yourself? I never met a psychbabbler who wasn’t.

        Since you’re here, could you psychobabble up a profile of a blogger? Is it vanity? Is it narcissism? Is it foolishness? Does it give them solace? Is it a liar’s Disneyland. A ‘go on the internet and be SUMBAHDEE’ kinda thing? I dare predict your psychobabble profile of a bloor champion would too closely match your psychobabbled profile of a jew.

        What’s bloor, you ask? I saved the best anagram for last. It rhymes with spoor and it’s very much like spoor. It’s the field of blogger’s comments. You can tell what animal it is and what it’s been eating by it’s bloor. One notable difference is that an animal leaves it’s spoor and forgets it, but a blogger fiercely defends his, or her bloor. A dyslexic misspelling of lobro, (or maybe lobro is a dyslexic misspelling of bloor) the most prolific producer of bloor since Appolonian. So, that works.

        Bloor (rhymes with spoor). Soon to be between blooper and blossom in the dictionary, so that works too.

        So, how does the bloor at every WN dissident blog always have that same vapid texture? Are the producers so predictable as to be managed? Is this where the services of an evolutionary pschobabbler come in? Is it a zoo or a livestock corral or serendipitously occurring?

        Doesn’t matter anyway. One thing is for sure; it’s the silliness and fruitlessness. My days of sniffing WN bloor are over.

        1. @ Lorbo

          You’re a smart guy, Lorbo or Orbol or Brool or whatever you like to call yourself, but you really should learn the difference between “ITS” and “IT’S” if you are to carry some credibility. Bad grammar can only mean one thing: an inferior education. So buck up your ideas and learn to use these two small words, “ITS” and “IT’S”, correctly.

    2. The Forbes List and the people allowed to be displayed on it, is just carrot-on-a-stick ‘American Dream’ propaganda for the sheeple and hamster-wheelers.

      You will notice that those mentioned have something ‘concrete’ to explain their fortune. Computers, mobile phones, Walmarts, ALDIs etc.

      If they were so way inclined, let alone permitted, the staff at Forbes would not have the wherewithal to unravel and explain the wealth, and CONTROL of that wealth that these creatures have. There might not be a Gentile who could. It’s a kind of magic. They are ‘Gods’ chosen. For a time.

    3. Hey Doc. maybe Itz or shitz would be acceptable…let me know for future reference, one doesn’t want to be left out in the cold….Blessings.

  5. Thanks, Dr Z.
    Looks like an early graduate from Bar Ilan Faculty of Hasbara, summa cum laude troll, a trolledictorian came to pay us respects.
    I see they are also trying to steer Mahmoud away, as if he would ever fall for that.
    Not sure that it is TROJ, doesn’t quite have his diction.

    Speaking of lobroid anagrams, somebody posted as BROOL today.

    Like a number of posters, including Red Onions, pointed out, trolls are here to stay, acknowledging the success of the site, I wouldn’t worry too much about them, if they get to obnoxious, easy to junk them.
    I mentioned a tactic of whitelisting regulars, e.g., let them choose a password and proceed to post, sort of like Global Entry/Nexus airport privilege.
    All others into the monitor bin where you select the worthy ones.

    Actually, I retract the idea that this is a quality troll.
    A good one flies under the radar, at least for a while.
    Starts online fights.
    Exploits inconsequential issues ad nauseam, even after they’ve been discussed to exhaustion.
    Accuses others of being Jews, smears proven Jew opponents with Judaism, provokes endless discussions while the real criminals get a break, links to mindless sob stories, and – important, watch out – invents tales that put Jew in exaggeratedly negative light, so that upon debunking, the site appears like a bunch of cretins (classical judoka move).
    The worst is that the site loses pace, balance and time, readers leave in frustration – Jew wins.
    So, while they learn the art of hasbara (the idea so weird and outlandish, no equivalent in human language, no proper term for it, “bullshit” too mild and inaccurate), why don’t we develop the skills to spot it and ignore it?

    1. @ Lobro

      I am amazed by your erudition and perspicacity, especially by your insight into the use of over-the-top antisemitism and invented stories putting Jews in an extremely bad light.

      I know you are a great admirer of Ellie K, but it was precisely this quality of over-the-top antisemitism in her work that made Montecristo suspicious of her. This is not to be found so much in her published essays on this site as in her unpublished ones in which the antisemitism was taken to a fever pitch and in which vivid descriptions were given of tortures done by the Jews in Bolshevik times.

      When Lasha asked for proof that such grisly tortures had actually taken place, for documentation of some kind, the name of a book, a few page numbers, Ellie was unable to provide the slightest documentation. This was the only reason we were unable to publish Ellie’s splendid torture descriptions: the fact that they appeared to the be the product of the Jewish imagination!

      So this is something that needs remembering: the more extreme the antisemitism on display, the more need for caution. As Lasha once said, “No one does antisemitism better than Jews.”

      1. I guess the heels of this online Achilles are soaked in feminine pheromones 🙂
        I am defenceless to their fatal charm.
        What can I honestly say but that unless I saw her in person and determined that indeed, she is a highly trained IDF operative, I continue to like her, and not necessarily in a carnal way.
        And apart from her most interesting writing style, she did provide some insight into the Jewish mentality whilst describing her growing up in the R household, also the conversation of two early Bolsheviks regarding the Amalek-like destruction of the Russia’s kulak and intelligentsia class.

        Bottom line, not in any way linking to her, but even the worst of the trolls can provide valuable information if you keep your guard up.
        Would you and/or Monty and/or Toby meet with Ellie if she was so inclined, on neutral ground or for that matter, she claims to have given Lasha her home address in France; would you meet her there?
        Maybe in 2016 we get to solve the mystery of Ellie.

        If I had to lay a bet on the roulette wheel of her identity, I would say that by and large her story holds up but that she is as deranged as she is brilliant (and never boring, the one cardinal sin that missed the short list).
        Of course, the roulette wheel has a lot of numbers …
        What’s wrong with that, not like she is the sole denizen of that category, quite a few of us qualify.
        My advice: treat her with kindness and caution, certainly don’t publish any unsupported claims that could jeopardize the site, ie, the same rules apply to her as to me and the rest.
        It won’t be a boring job, doctor, that’s all I can promise.

        1. @ Lobro

          “Would you and/or Monty and/or Toby meet with Ellie if she was so inclined, on neutral ground or for that matter, she claims to have given Lasha her home address in France; would you meet her there?”

          Personally, I don’t know the ins-and-outs of the complex relationship between EK and LD. All I know is that they corresponded for some time and that EK poured her heart out to LD but that LD was pretty cagey and aloof and didn’t respond with sufficient warmth. EK’s emails were apparently incredibly long, whereas LD’s emails were short and to the point, leading to the accusation that LD was a coldhearted iceberg of a woman who was barely human.

          LD offered to meet EK at Claridges Hotel in London for dinner and drinks in October 2014, giving a detailed description of herself so that EK would recognize her in the crowded bar as soon as she made her entry. EK declined the invitation. Instead, she invited LD to visit her in her Paris apartment, providing LD with her exact address. However, LD has lost the address and never believed it was an authentic address anyway.

          She thought that if she went to the designated address, it would be on a wild-goose chase and that she would end up in some seedy back street looking at an abandoned warehouse … or maybe a raucous bistro or lesbian bar. LD has an active imagination and inhabits a charming fantasy world resembling that of a Victorian novel. I hope I can say this without hurting LD’s feelings.

  6. Meanwhile, let’s take a look at the anagramist, me no psychologist or psychobabbler but this one merits a closer look.
    Who would say stuff like

    go on the internet and be SUMBAHDEE’ kinda thing


    how does the bloor at every WN dissident blog always have that same vapid texture?

    Note that the first one was immediately followed by

    I dare predict your psychobabble profile of a bloor champion would too closely match your psychobabbled profile of a jew.

    Do we have the first giveaway?

    a) in this totally Jew dominated world, why would a Jew, even of the most mediocre ability (not that the best of them rose more than couple of platform shoe inches higher if historical record is any indication) bother competing in a purely democratic arena like internet that gives him no chosen advantage of rules skewed his way, when he could lurch with his palsied gait into one of any one of the world’s “talent” shows stone drunk and clean up the straight “10”s, knowing that the circus whipmaster is Jew and all the performing beasts are mortally scared of him.
    Oh hello, Adam Sandler, the world’s greatest, funniest, profoundest, highest, broadest, most this, that and in-between and ahem … grandchild of Holocaust survivors.

    So, no, Anagrammatician, you quite missed the mark here.
    Because yes, Anagrammatician, you are quite right that the last place left where a non-jew can hope to be judged on own merit is internet.
    People read, people criticize, skip, ignore without fear of offending a grandchild of Holocaust survivors.
    Hm, Jews don’t like internet, messes up their carefully laid Proto-co … I mean, forgery, such an antisemitic invention even tho Jew reaped the greatest windfall by theft, quelle surprise!

    And the fact that you speak so dismissively of W/N, just what does it mean?
    Not even bothering to describe the spoor of Jew blogs, let someone say that they exude odor of freshness and originality, hah!

    But no, the subtext is, JEW IS NOT WHITE.
    What is he then, a schwatzer?
    No, then what?
    Oh, a worshipper of Judaic “religion”, you know, the one that doesn’t believe in spiritual continuity, divine justice, karma, none of that stuff that you cannot buy, which is why secular Jews are perfectly welcome in the synagogue.
    So, as a confessor of a non-religion (or is it non-confessor of religion), he is qualified as non-white. Okay, that makes sense at least.

    Maybe the best description is of something that appears human, white but is neither.
    A shapeshifter, afraid of sunlight, it dries off the protective slime.
    Infinitely hateful and fearful of that which he impersonates.

    Something entirely outside the scope of evolutionary psychology.
    If Dante Aleghieri was around, he might have a better description.

  7. Can’t wait to see joos get what they so richly deserve.
    Check out the legendary fable of the Ducks and the Hens if you want to know what happened to our country and our people. I just wish muslims would see the big picture and form movements in Europe W white nationalists instead of attacking. They both could have hunted the joo. Instead, many whites will die before finally unleashing hell on the wrong target.

  8. The airlines told her that flying Israeli passport holders would violate the Kuwaiti laws of boycotting Israel. The airways booked her flight to London with another carrier. That was not good enough! Where such information?

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