Long Ago Love [*Poem*]

. . . by Gilbert Huntly

Clovis Trouille, The Kiss of the Confessor

Long Ago Love

Long ago Love,
Darling of centuries past,
This body of a soul of olden time
Reborn into the present, modern age,
My longing for you remains.
Still you I love.

Has not diminished longing
For blissful night times spent in your embrace;
For days we rode together through fair fields
Leaving Sun to fade away
And hide his face.

Now sensing you
Half around the world away
Summons forth the thirsting to encounter
Once again our ecstasy of loving;
So steadfast here I remain
Until you come.

Long ago Love
When will I see you again?Β 
In what new life, many ages from now?
Once again we will live, once again love,
Once again find the lost kiss
Of long ago.


32 thoughts to “Long Ago Love [*Poem*]”

  1. Gilbert,

    How do you do it? Wow! This is a tremendous advance on your previous poems in rhyme! I note you are using a sophisticated genre of unrhymed verse called “syllabics”, a form of verse also sometimes used by Darkmoon on this site.

    The verses move in stately procession, reaching a suitable climax in the final verse, poignant in its crystalline clarity and noble simplicity. Well done! Let’s have more of this!

    Osaka, Japan

  2. Beautiful poem. I like the fact that this site gives us an occasional breathing space from politics and world affairs. It’s so refreshing to find that the word “Jew” is not mentioned once in this poem! πŸ™‚

  3. Gilbert! Excellent! Like myself you obvously believe in rebirth, a teaching which the Christian Church proscribed in about 500 A.D. Many of the early church fathers, such as Origen, believed in it! You are most definitely a cultured, Southern Gentleman. One of the Americans I admire most is Patton, who was also a poet of accomplishment!
    He believed he had been a warrior many times in the past. He was also a man of wit! Now I actually like Italians so please people don’t take this the wrong way! Patton is reported to have said, “When I was in North Africa I could never understand how the Arabs could live with their animals! When I got to Sicily, I could never understand how the animals could live with the Sicilians!”

  4. In Gilbert’s masterpiece of Love and antiquity and longing and separation and loss and pining and yearning for days of old, longing for Eternal Love, I’m reminded of Caesar Apuleius Glorioso and his beloved Egyptian sweetheart Isis. Isis : Both a mother to Ishmael the elder and Isaac the younger and also the daughter of Ishmael’s Moon Bull and Isaac’s Red cow-jew heifer “messiah”. How alluring! How discouraging to say the least was that day when news of Stonelifter’s demise reached us here in the Occident. Oh, how we cried. Poor Caesares Apuleius Glorioso fell into a deep mourning for his boon companion who went out in Glory, down in a ball of flame and turned into Ashes on that fateful day, as boon companion’s ZOG helicopter was shot down by Taliban ragheads as boon companion bravely protected the mishpucka’s heroin poppy fields. Oh, how we cried when we heard the news on that saddest of all days when our Warrior Hero was turned into Ashes. Our Caesar Glorioso never recovered from losing his Spartan-like boon companion Warrior Man and no one ever heard of Apuleius ever again, so deep was his sorrow and mourning. Isis is the only one who can save Caesar now from his morass. From ancient dust she art, and from the dust of antiquity shall Isis reemerge unto Apuleius once again.

    Gilbert’s masterpiece raises tremendously profound questions concerning the nature of death, the nature of resurrection, the nature of The Life beyond this fallen world, this vale of tears. The power of Love, the power of Eternal Love Unto The Resurrection of Eternal Life. A poem of The Ages for The Ages. Amen.

  5. How does Gilbert do it you’re inclined to inquire? Gilbert goes from Hallmark card store to Hallmark card store and reads all the greeting cards to get ideas for his poetical composition “masterpieces”, is how Gilbert does it — that is, when he’s not herding cattle around the Western territories of the Wild Wild West.

    ” Oh, give me the gale of the Solomon vale,
    where life streams with buoyancy flow,
    On the banks of the Beaver,
    where seldom if ever,
    any poisonous herbage doth glow…

    … how often at night,
    when the Heavens are bright,
    with the light of the glittering stars,
    have I stood here amazed,
    and asked as I gazed,
    if their glory exceeds that,
    of Gilbert the poem-composer extraordinaire”

  6. Gilbert, plagiarizing is forbidden here at Darkmoon,
    if it really is your poem
    then i salute you.
    and who is the girl in the drawing up there?
    i hope it isnt

  7. Sardonicus –
    Felix –

    Thank you so very much for the kind words. It is my first “syllabic” – encouraged (and coached!) by the oh-so-well-versed Lasha Darkmoon, herself. πŸ™‚ (I cannot take full credit, but may try another, sometime.)

    Felix, it may interest you to know that General Patton and I share some of the same ancestors. Col James Patton, who was killed at Ft. Chiswell, Virginia, was my 5X great grandfather, and George Patton’s 3x great grandfather. All of us, it seems, were born to old parents. My own father’s homeplace (which we still own) is in the old “Pattonsburg”, Virginia. (I am there, just now.)

    My late fiancΓ©e’s own grandfather led the first armored assault of WWI with Patton, when they led 23 Renault tanks into the Argonne. (They finished with only 2, and woke up next to each other in a hospital tent – Patton shot in the ass, and Brigadier Semmes shot in the neck.)(Semmes won his first of FOUR Distinguished Service Crosses, there, and later led the amphibious assault into North Africa under Patton in WW2.)
    Both of them were warriors, who became best friends while they chased Poncho Villa around Mexico in 1916. He wrote a biography of Patton, and I have seen very fine letters Patton wrote to his wife, from the field (which she had supplied to Gen. Semmes after Patton’s death, for writing his REAL biography.)

    Anyhow, I have written a lot of martial poetry (Lasha don’t like it), but poetry is not something I have offered under my own name, because I was raised to pursue other endeavors. I like it, though, and very much appreciate Ms. Darkmoon’s encouragement and consideration. πŸ™‚

  8. GH,
    Well done! Romantic poems are difficult to write as they are so personal. If you can write such a poem that draws others in that is quite an accomplishment. You succeeded!

  9. Gilby quite a good poem, that “Long, long ago”!
    Simple musings, but true of man’s eternal longings and dissatisfaction with the here and now!
    You have proved to be a very simple, somewhat unrefined man.
    The yearning for past glories and conquests! Thoughts of a Jew-free time!~
    Reminds me of elements of Keats’ Ode to a Grecian Urn.
    I went out and bought 3 very expensive Greek vases, but have cracked two of them in my amorous shufflings.
    And who is this sheila you are so smitten with? Is it Cleopatra or Titian’s visions of Venus? Is it a vase?
    And what were you long, long ago? What do you envisage?
    You hint at some sort of miliaristic/fighting- man presence.
    Did you kill many in your past life? Did you break God’s Commandment?
    I, as I keep telling you of the ignorant, great unwashed, have charted and recorded all my ancestors’ traits that have appeared in me: I pick up a flute and within a few weeks I am at viruoso level (ditto guitar, violin, keyboard); I win art exhibitions because I am naturally brilliant at drawing and mixing colours; I was an Australian champion athlete and less than 1 sec of the world 800m record; I can read and fully comprehend the whole Bible in less than an hour, etc, etc.
    All my ancestors were highly skilled in all these areas. War wise, my uncle Richard Minifie was one of WWI’s great flying Aces. Thomas Bilney gifted you the English Reformation and freedom from the Roman curse!
    I sit in the dark and call on them. The MATRIX POWERS call me “truly gifted.” I know where my gifts come from!
    I keep loving lots of women trying to find the lost ONE; but she has, I have lately discovered, been sitting in front of me all along. We are now back together again.
    I have travelled the planet seeking out my family tree; and If you have any memory retention at all, I have told you some of my great/famous connections,
    I am not conceited or full of myself; I just know I am vastly and measurably superior to 99.9% of you plebeians.
    The war against the Jewish monsters is really my type versus them. IN the long run, the .09 percenters will win, because we know the key to defeat their imprisoning MATRIX that bedevils us.

    1. hi max,
      2 questions
      how many kangaroos do you own in your sidney palace?
      is it true that kiwis and kangaroos mate since they are both owned by the descendants of ex convicts from england who killed all the aboriginal people like your meth smoking granpa?.
      the avatar

  10. Yes, Bilney. I am a ‘simple’ man. So simple, in fact, that I believe the English Reformation, of which you boast your ancestor’s participation, was not much more than a LOOTING opportunity for the otherwise white trash-cum-nobility (some of whom are called ‘Menefees’, here, in this, my Land of The Great Unwashed). (Don’t fret yourself about it, though – as I, too, no doubt, have flaws in my OWN pedigree. πŸ™‚ )

    Avatar’s complaints I understand – and, even though I am American – largely agree with. YOUR complaints, however – though entertaining, very intelligent, and informative – are somewhat nonsensical. Please, without fanfare of Tom Jones emulation, tell us what ales you most! πŸ™‚ πŸ™

    1. In prompting ‘what ales you most’ – I mean what ales you most APART from Jews?? Is there anything ELSE aling you? (You should be ECSTATIC with your romantic successes and financial riches!) (If I had opportunity to indulge so many females, I doubt I’d have time to do much else!!) πŸ™‚

      1. Gilbert, he is Australian! They have ale on the brain! They also have a unique language e.g. you would be called a seppo, from septic tank meaning a yank! They have some very colourful expressions! Point percy at porcelain! Technicolor yawn! Whistling on the blue veined flute! Chunder from watch under throwing up on a ship! So Max have a tube mate!

    2. Gilby my village idiot! …… What “ales” me most, you ask? …. You should know!
      ANSWER = JEWS man; Jewish control of the MATRIX in which you are all trapped; particularly you dumbed-down, Jewified, Yankee trash! … The mass murderers of humanity! (Read John Kaminski’s next! Brilliant as always!)
      Go and watch Ellen Degeneres my dear! Dance your decrepit feet with her audience of twat-lickers!
      And my ancestor’s principal role in the English Protestant movement, gave you most of the best laws which you Jewified, scumbag Yankees are too dumb to uphold. Washington predicted this!
      The Protestants offered the world hope; whereas the scumbag Roman Catholics offered only more inquisitions, witch burnings and Dark Ages’ enslavement; providing the perfect environment for the incubation of the diabolical JEWS! Hence, as Lasha declares: “JEWS RULE!”
      Your country has been trashed and you are trash! Just read Kaminski’s latest great TRUTHS.
      You Yankees don’t like being told you are the planet’s complete ass-holes! But the rest of the world knows who you Jew-contolled scum really are! … Fat bubbas,softies and mothers’ boys!~
      Stick an 8-stack burger, dripping in cheese, into your facial orifice, you fool!

  11. Max –

    Truly, you FASCINATE me, and capture my imagination. I’d welcome the opportunity to meet you, someday, on more amicable terms. Now that I’m on here, I will tell you quite candidly that I AM somewhat ‘rustic’ (roll my own cigarettes, when I smoke, and often have to scrape cowshit off my boots when I get into my pickup truck, etc.), and that my cold heart WARMS to the vision that there exists such women of obvious aristocracy and fine pedigree and schooling as our hostess, Dr. Darkmoon. (I think she warms YOUR heart, too. Am I right?)

    Your tales are a lot of fun – and, yes, I have broken most of God’s commandments (as you, too, seem to have done) – but I think you might, though reluctantly, agree that His Son offers us hope. What say you??

    1. Yes, As I’ve said Gilbert, Jesus’ “New Testament to Mankind” obliterates all the previous, shit-house scrolls with “the chosen” and such, and sets the SIMPLE RULES for human love and integrity.
      Islam teaches its followers to HATE Infidels and wars amongst itself.
      Anyway, as I keep on saying, at the end of the OT/ Torah, God has truly given up on the Iaoudea of the Second Temple, just as Jesus had given up on the complete ass-holes! “Ye abominations from hell!”
      The fact that they control the MATRIX today, says it all re Christianity’s combined failures to follow Jesus’ SIMPLE teachings! Dr Martin Luther said get rid of the Jews; and was the father of the PROTESTANT movement, which my ancestor propagated in England.
      I was sitting in his church in East Bilney, Norwich, last year; and in his church at Cambridge Uni. I was taken as an honoured guet to the Parker Library (Corpus Christie) and allowed to look at his famous annotated Bible.
      The MATRIX is all about the JEWS’ total control of the American Federal Reserve and the planet’s reserve currency. MONEY $$$$$$$ is POWER to them! …. Jesus warned us!

  12. Thank you Mr Gilbert Huntley and Lasha Darkmoon for posting this nice poetic piece. It certainly is a nice and welcome change! Mr Huntley says he has to scrape cow shit and all the rest of it. I take it that he is a farmer. People connected to the land have always been more feeling than those of us who dwell in concrete jungles. Wordsworth is but one example of many. I am not so sure about his false hope that some son or another will ever deliver us of anything though, but I won’t get into it lest he hates me. Question is: is it true as the poster Toby says that your poem is a veiled dedication to Ellie? If so, how come? And why is there no more reference to her? I think this is your dedication to Darkmoon and not Ellie, as I remember you saying that you are in love with Lasha and not Ellie. Time to reveal some truths Mr Huntley! Awaiting your answer.

  13. Mr M. Bilney,
    You write with the boastings of man who has a small “man root” ( and from your supposed exploits… a very tired one at that). But you are interesting to say the least.

    1. Maxey is a Jew…he said…. He can’t help his nature… scorpion to frog… ya know.

      Max Bilney says:
      July 18, 2014 at 10:06 am
      Jewish by birthright, Ed Sallis, but I am NOT a Jew!

      MY mother was Jewish! My rels are Jewish!

      I hate em. But you Goyim are DUMB!
      If you read my contributions I give you an insight into the Jewish mindset, just as Makow does!
      It takes a Jew to know a Jew!
      I hope I tell you what the TRUTH is!
      Yes my sisterhood DO run the Superpower!
      And yes, we do have you stupid Goyim in awe of our POWERS!

      1. Ha, ha ha! … Fooled you Patsy!
        Please concoct more of your crap!
        I never read your long offerings! I delight in your short insults!
        How about some more of your long plagiarisms?
        I know where you are copying them from!
        You have the mind of a debilitated dwarf!

      2. Maximum Bil-o-ney…10 pounds of baloney in a 5 pound bag….’Maxed out!’

        It take a ‘real’ genius to figure out where I copy my writings….SINCE – I usually post the LINK!!!

        You..’Flannel-mouth’ joker!

    2. Leo, under which rock did you slide from?
      So, I am a “man who has a small man root”!
      I am 76 inches tall and weigh a trim and muscular 235 pounds.
      I freely admit my human weakness: I am a mass womaniser and dilettante.
      But I engage in big-man rootin’ as sheilas all around the planet know!
      I am NOT “tired” as you claim, as I sell, manufacture and eat “Hornty Goats’ Weed” in my factory in Bangladesh.
      Buy it at your pharmacy or local supermarket!

      1. Mad Max,

        I stated you ” write with the boastings of….” a mere suggestion. Usually those of our sex who make such grandiose boasts are covering up for some apparent lack… I took an educated guess to what your issue might be.

        As for your comment about my place of origin, not quite from under a rock, but close.

        An erudite gentleman such as yourself should have read my entry more carefully.

        As per the “Horney Goat Weed” supplement, Mad Max all you really need is a good diet, proper/regular exercise, regular sleep patterns, a healthy mental state, and the love of ONE good woman. And that should take care of any “short comings” that you might be experiencing.

        G’d Day Mate!

  14. Gilbert.
    I think that is a very sad poem. But I like the way that you seem to be able to make the past and the present occupy the same time. There is a sort of separation, yet the promise, or at least hope, of togetherness, tempers the sadness.

    1. Space Lizard, try mating with a Frilly-necked Australin lizard! … It will bite ya b***##* off!
      It IS “sad”, as you say, because Gilby is a sad, Yankee case, like all of you!
      Go and watch Ellen Degeneres you idiot!
      Learn to dance like a promiscuous lesbian in drag!
      Or eat a superdog!
      But don’t grow a brain!

      1. Max.
        I have not watched television for quite a while, since I am unwilling to pay to watch ‘free-view’. I do enjoy some movies on dvd now and then though. Any recommendations? Speaking of jews, I watched a Brad Pitt war movie the other day and I didn’t notice any reference to jews or the holocaust. It did glorify and attempt to excuse allied war crimes though, including rape of civilians and execution of prisoners as a right of passage. And why does that guy only ever play himself in movies? Is that what ‘type-casting’ is? Maybe he is a bad lier! Also, I am unable to take up your suggestion to attempt to root an Australian lizard, as that would require the purchase of a passport, which would require me to supply the criminal American terrorist regime with biometric information, which I am unwilling to do. I have no idea how a promiscuous lesbian in drag dances, and I don’t think I want to!

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