Mein Kampf Should Be Required Reading For Students

A Comment . . . by ‘Peter’

worthington_meinkampfJew liars like Seymour Zak should be shot for provoking WW II with their intense hatred of anyone who is not a Jew—with their incessant and unrelenting lies and propaganda in every nation where they have a foothold (which is most), with their endless call for extreme violence threaded through with the most obscene thoughts—they are the only people to call for gang raping the enemies’ women—and with their continuing to do all these things when they’ve already been caught red handed lying about them.

The Holocaust has already been exposed as a huge lie, the biggest and most evil lie ever told.

The only “gas chamber” shown at Auschwitz (called by Jews the most evil place in history) was finally exposed as being built “after the war was over” by Poles (probably Jews) in an interview with Auschwitz head Franciszek Piper in 1991 after it had been presented to the world as the real thing, operational and used, for over 40 years. There is another phony “gas chamber” that you can still see at Dachau, now recognized by the “experts” from the US Holocaust Memorial at Washington D.C. as a place where no one was ever gassed. This “gas chamber” was also placed there after the war ended.

In the 1980’s the Jews admitted that they brutally tortured the former head of Auschwitz Rudolf Hoess (and threatened his wife and children) to obtain his signed confession that he oversaw the extermination of 3 million people. He signed the confession that they wrote up (written in English, a foreign language to him) to stop the torture. This confession was exposed as worthless when they tore down the sign that had stood at Auschwitz for forty years that said 4 million people were killed there and replaced it with a sign claiming 1.5 million people had been killed there and later lowering that figure to 1 million. And many historians think that figure is still about 900,000 too high. Jew math: 6 million – 3 million = 6 million. Give Einstein another Nobel Prize.

The Jews’ role in provoking WW II:

While they were paying Churchill huge sums of money beginning in the mid 1930’s to advocate a war against Germany and then start it once in power (unbeknownst to the outside world) Polish ambassador Potocki wrote back to Warsaw on what they were up to in the USA.

In early 1938 the Polish ambassador to the US, Jerzy Potocki reported back to Warsaw on his observations of the American political scene:

“The pressure of the Jews on President Roosevelt and on the State Department is becoming ever more powerful… The Jews are right now the leaders in creating a war psychosis which would plunge the entire world into war and bring about general catastrophe. This mood is becoming more and more apparent. In their definition of democratic states, the Jews have also created real chaos; they have mixed together the idea of democracy and communism, and have above all raised the banner of burning hatred against Nazism.

This hatred has become a frenzy. It is propagated everywhere and by every means: in theaters, in the cinema, and in the press. The Germans are portrayed as a nation living under the arrogance of Hitler which wants to conquer the whole world and drown all of humanity in an ocean of blood. In conversations with Jewish press representatives, I have repeatedly come up against the inexorable and convinced view that war is inevitable. This international Jewry exploits every means of propaganda to oppose any tendency towards any kind of consolidation and understanding between nations. In this way, the conviction is growing steadily but surely in public opinion here that the Germans and their satellites, in the form of fascism, are enemies who must be subdued by the ‘democratic world.’” (February 9) 32

On January 12, 1939 Ambassador Potocki reported back to Warsaw:

“The feeling now prevailing in the United States is marked by a growing hatred of Fascism and, above all, of Chancellor Hitler and everything connected with Nazism. Propaganda is mostly in the hands of the Jews, who control almost 100 percent radio, film, daily and periodical press. Although this propaganda is extremely coarse and presents Germany as black as possible—above all religious persecution and concentration camps are exploited—this propaganda is nevertheless extremely effective, since the public here is completely ignorant and knows nothing of the situation in Europe.”

if you go onto youtube you can see a speech (or a portion of the speech) in which Russia’s President Putin said 80 to 85 percent of the first Soviet Government was Jewish. During the 1930s, when this same government was murdering millions of Ukrainians (after already murdering millions of Russians), murdering priests, raping nuns and burning down churches the Jewish owned New York Times first hid the genocide going on in the USSR and then later denied it was happening. But the German government exposed to the world what the Jews were doing.

In 2009 the Ukrainian government charged Jews with genocide and the murder of millions of Ukrainians:

Mein Kampf should be required reading for students worldwide—without the added anti-German annotations!

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    1. I’m curious as to why the devoted and devout Hindu Savitri Devi supported Hitler so much. Consider :

      A : The Mohammedans have waged Islamic Jihad against the Hindus in India since Mohammedanism started. The Islamic Jihad against Hindus/Hinduism in India continues to this day.

      B : Hitler was allied with Sunni Islamic Jihadists. Hitler started the Islamic Jihadist Muslim Brotherhood.

      C : Considering Islamic Jihadists have always waged Islamic Jihad against her Sacred Hindu faith and against her beloved Hindu people : Then why would the Hindu Savitri Devi support Hitler who was Allied with Islamic Jihadists?

      D : We know what Savitri Devi thought about Hitler. Does anyone know what Hitler thought of Savitri Devi?

      E : Why did Savitri Devi hate Catholicism so much? As the Catholics never waged Catholic Crusade against her Sacred Hinduism/beloved fellow Hindus. Why did she ally herself with Islamic Jihadists [ via Hitler] ? Considering it was always Islamic Jihadists who waged war against the Hindus in India, NOT Catholics. Wouldn’t it have made more sense for the Hindu Savitri Devi to like Catholics and NOT like Mohammedans?

      I ask the above because I know Savitri Devi was very intelligent, so maybe I’m missing something here. Maybe there’s something I don’t understand. I’m not a mega intellectual like Savitri Devi. Thank you, TROJ.

  1. “…Russia’s President Putin said 80 to 85 percent of the first Soviet Government was Jewish.”

    Yep… Putin said that just 2 years ago:

    Russian President Vladimir Putin said that at least 80 percent of the members of the first Soviet government were Jewish.

    “I thought about something just now: The decision to nationalize this library was made by the first Soviet government, whose composition was 80-85 percent Jewish,” Putin said June 13(2013) during a visit to Moscow’s Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center.

    Putin was referencing the library of Rabbi Joseph I. Schneerson, the late leader of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement. The books, which are claimed by Chabad representatives in the United States, began being moved to the museum in Moscow this month.

  2. On June 15, 2010, British BBC reported that Mein Kampf is among the most popular books in India. “The youth look for a hero, a patriot, and Hitler was a committed patriot. He is seen as someone who can solve problems. The young people here are faced with a lot of problems,” said Govind Kulkarni, an Indian academic.

    Canadian Jewish academic, Henry Makow PhD claimed in 2007 that Hitler used Jewish Rothschild banker’s typewriter for his autobiography. Makow claims that the bankers created Nazism, Communism, Zionism and the so-called ‘War on terror’ to create a world police state to protect central banker monopoly on power and wealth.

    Hitler’s biography has become one of organized Jewry’s tools to silence Israel’s critics. For example, in February 2012, Abraham Foxman, the head of Jewish lobby group ADL, accused Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam, of “quoting” Mein Kampf when he told his audience not to fall into anti-Iran propaganda run by the Jewish lobby media outlets. Farrakhan also claimed that American government and country’s banking institutions are controlled by Jewish elites.

    1. @ Rehmat

      In one of Eustace Mullins’ works, I forget which one, Mullins said that the term Nazi really stood for NA (National Socialists) and ZI (Zionists). According to Mullins, the National Socialists were not getting the traction needed to become significant so the Zionist came in with the financing to get it going. Mullins was a thorough researcher so I suspect he was correct since WWII was about relocating jews to Palestine and the establishment of the State of Israel per the Albert Pike plan. The Holohoax was part of the same relocation operation with the added bonus of continuous victim status.

      1. You don’t have to cotrive incredible conspiracy theories. Always use the Ockham’s razor: „Entities must not be multiplied beyond necessity”. In other words: the simplest explanation is usually the most probable.

        NAZI is derived from the Hitler’s political party, NSDAP: NAtionalsoZIalistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei.

      2. I agree with Magnus on that.

        While Mullin’s reputation as a researcher is well-regarded for good reason, it’s a stretch to come up with this explanation for “NAZI”. Although you could SEE it as being an apt coincidence because of his premise of the necessity for Zionist money to get the NS movement jump started.

        As I’ve alluded to before, Hitler’s ‘pact’ with the devil was out of practical necessity, and not intended as being in cahoots with the long-range Zionist plans.

        He had his own plans and gave it a hell of a run before it all came apart.

      3. @ Magnus Dux Polonorum

        Re: “NAZI is derived from the Hitler’s political party, NSDAP: NAtionalsoZIalistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei.”

        I disagree with you.

        “The National Socialist German Workers Party (German: Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei) commonly referred to as the NSDAP, was a political party in Germany that existed between 1919 and 1945. Outside of Germany in the 1920s it was informally referred to as the National Socialist Labor Party.[1] The hostile Jewish press called and calls it “Nazi Party”. (Metapedia)

        “About five months ago I posted a blog piece entitled ‘Exposing the “Nazi” Epithet – Who started it, why, how, and who benefits‘ and I made the point that the National Socialists never called themselves “Nazis”, and that it was created by the enemies of the NSDAP. Who were those enemies? It should come as no surprise when I say that it was primarily self-described “International Jewry”.

        “One of the many self-described “Jews” who fled was the famous musician and self-described “satirist” Friedrich Hollaender. I took the following video clip from the alleged “docu-drama” film “Hitler – the Rise of Evil” (2003) which you can find on YouTube. But what I have highlighted here is probably the most historically accurate portion in the entire 4 hour film, which originated as a mini-series that aired in Canada on CBC, and it is a clear example of “hate speech”, which according to Canadian law is a criminal offence.

        “Dialog from the film:
        Friedrich Hollaender: “Everyone’s depressed – bad for the economy but excellent for cabaret. German people don’t need democracy, for God’s sake, they need music, laughter, someone to tell them what to do so they can get in line and follow.”
        Ernst Hanfstaengl: “Don’t tell me you’ve become a nationalist?”
        Friedrich Hollaender: “I’m a satirist, Ernst. The most dangerous politician of them all. Speaking of humor, I’m going to hear Hitler tomorrow – would you like to come?”
        Ernst Hanfstaengl: “The anti-Semite?”
        Friedrich Hollaender: ” The National Socialist anti-Semite. We call them “Nazis” just to piss them off. I hear he’s fascinating.”
        Ernst Hanfstaengl: “Well, that’s very open-minded of you.”
        Friedrich Hollaender: “You mean for a Jew, yes? I’m not supporting him, for God’s sake. I need new material!”

        “So, according to Hollaender, the word “Nazi” was a “hateful” term created by the self-described “Jews” that was intended to demean and to aggravate patriotic Germans back in the 1920s. And it is still used today in common everyday speech in Canada and around the world, to demean and disparage the Germans (including in the FRG) and to incite hatred against them, as well as, self-hatred, based upon a pack of lies. Moreover, it serves to stifle debate and to cover up the most heinous “war crimes”, mass atrocities and oppression ever committed against a single identifiable ethnic group: the Germans. And did not end with a supposed “liberation” in 1945 either, as I have also previously clearly demonstrated. For those just cluing in, Hitler and the Germans also did NOT want war, had no aggressive plans against her neighbours, nor did Germany start WWII. The rest of the world wanted war, or at least, were convinced over many years of lies and omissions that they must fight and destroy Germany at all cost.”— Wayne Pronte of justice4germans

        Where are the NAZIs? Show me the “NAZI”!

        There are no banners or paraphernalia from that era with the “NAZI” acronym … only “NSDAP”! I just re-watched Leni Riefenstahl’s classic 1935 “Triumph of the Will” and saw no “NAZIs”. Here’s a still photo from Hitler’s Nuremberg Mass Rally in 1934 and you will see nothing but “NSDAP” banners:

  3. The author wrote: „During the 1930s, when this same government was murdering millions of Ukrainians (…)”.

    Highly debatable. I’m putting forth a link to the famous article by Mario Sousa, debunking – inter alia – in a purely academic fashion the myth of the so called Holodomor. As confirmed by various sources, the horrendous over-exaggeration / miscalculation stems from the fact that most of the alleged ‘victims’ included in the 7 million (or alike) figure simply migrated to the Russian SSR. This whole myth is probably an attempt to vilify and demonize Joseph Stalin, who fought Jews as much vehemently as Hitler (e.g. the Great Purge, where he had all Jews responsible for Red Terror executed).

    1. @ Magnus Dux Polonorum

      At least 7 million Ukrainians died in the Holodomor famine. This is no “myth”, as you state without presenting any reliable evidence. The subject has been meticulously researched. Even Jew Wikipedia admits it:

      So do other multiple sources:

      1. Hahahaha, how can you link to a Jewpedia article and actualy expect to be taken seriously? 😀 You’re a joke mate.

        „ (…) as you state without presenting any reliable evidence”.

        Are you blind? In case you are, here is the link, AGAIN:

        The google search bullshit is as credible as the holohoax story. Go read the masterpiece by Mario Sousa so you don’t make fool of yourself in the future.

    2. this is an interesting point, no idea how true but i have over the past year-and-half started to waver in my heretofore unmitigated contempt for stalin, namely, there is a possibility that his memory and the rest of us are victimized by the usual jew squid ink that hides the real crime and the real perpetrator.

      stalin slandered, goyums misled, jew escapes scot-free and sniggering, does that ring a bell?

      not saying it has to be true but my mind is opened a crack more and i will look into this more carefully because a number of things laid at stalin’s door don’t add up, which means the truth is elsewhere.

      the same-sounding smear machine that splattered all over hitler (including grossly perverting his kampf), ie, jewish roots, tavistock institute training, bastard offspring of the rothschild concubines, masonic instructions, et cetera ad nauseam, ad noseyim.

      i smell pickled carp innards, stale matzos, day old congealed chicken grease.
      let those whose taste runs that way inhale the aroma, not me.

      1. another reason why i am leery of these unverifiable illuminati ooga-booga tales from the crypt is that once established in common psyche for a dead figure like hitler or stalin, it is easy to forward the contagion vector to living leaders like ahmedinejad, putin, assad or recently living ones like gaddafi and saddam, both of whom received their share of shitboarding in the kabbalah underworld vat of steaming rabbinical turd.

        once they were murdered by jews in full view of the world, the stories dissipated like morning mist, no one asked further questions about where the method came from and to what purpose.

        but to those who keep their eye on the ball, both the source and the purpose are clear and the same analysis should be cast retroactively, just in case.

      2. “once they were murdered by jews in full view of the world..”
        There it is, then and now. Didn’t take long either.
        Exactly what Jesus said before being cursed by, yeah, the demons.

        New Song, whenever you read jews just read demons instead.
        Not too painful, pretty accurate, and a damn good guess.

  4. Not to mention the fate of Leon Trotsky a.k.a. Laybuh Davidovich Bronstein. BTW, the neo-cons running US are officialy (ex) trotskyites.

  5. „The pressure of the Jews on President Roosevelt and on the State Department is becoming ever more powerful”.

    There was no need to pressure Roosevelt—or Rosenfeld—because that’s how his predecessors’ name was spelled back in the times when NY was still New Amsterdam. He was as kosher as gefilte fish. Think e.g. (a flat out robbery of the american public).

    Third from the bottom:*9osc9pHfFrDUzzUURCb*1xReCyoLrs07I373RU25zIImEjmVy9dJDt-ExFZvuG3y*VjS6xU-zhiKGtwdruwoTzJR/Jewishslaveshipowners.jpg

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  7. There’re many in the alternative media who rightfully point out to us how totalitarian and oppressive Jew ZOG Washington is. Such ones are correct, they are not wrong. For ZOG is hard-core totalitarian. ZOG is doing everything it can to flush the whole Bill of Rights down the toilet and gone forever. ZOG’s dream, total control, total totalitarianism , unto Jew Soviet Union type Communism. None of this is incorrect. It is correct. The people pointing out to us how totalitarian and how Jew Communist ZOG truly is are correct. They are not wrong. They are not lying. Then it goes awry. Why? Many, actually overwhelming most, the great majority of the same people who rightfully point out to us how Jew Communist and how totalitarian ZOG is then encourage us to support massive Muslim immigration into the USA. We’re told Muslim immigration into the USA will strengthen the USA, somehow more Muslims in the USA will lead to less oppression and less totalitarianism for the USA, more Muslims in America, the more freedom all of us White Americans will have.

    The Thing Is : Considering how hard-core Jew Communist ZOG Washington is — totalitarian hard-core Jew Communist regimes, as for example we now have in Washington, DO NOT want massive immigration of liberty-loving peoples in their totalitarian state. It’s the last thing ZOG Washington would want, massive immigration of Liberty-Loving immigrants pouring into the USA. That would undermine ZOG Washington. Everything ZOG does is with the goal of making ZOG stronger, not weaker, to make ZOG less vulnerable, not more vulnerable. An influx of Liberty-Loving immigrants into the USA would make ZOG more vulnerable. ZOG is hardly going to anything to make ZOG weaker and make ZOG vulnerable to Liberty Loving peoples. As ZOG is actively with intense enthusiasm encouraging massive Muslim immigration into the USA and ZOG is very actively recruiting large numbers of Muslims to immigrate to the USA and make their homes here permanently, that means the Muslims are NO threat to ZOG. That means ZOG is not afraid of the Muslims, ZOG is NOT vulnerable to the Muslims, ZOG is NOT worried the Muslims are going to undermine ZOG, weaken ZOG, force ZOG somehow to be less totalitarian less Jew Communist. Considering very Jew Communist totalitarian ZOG Washington WANTS AND ACTIVELY PROMOTES AND ACTIVELY ENCOURAGES massive Muslim immigration into the USA means that the Muslim immigration into the USA enhances and strengthens Jew Communist totalitarianism, it means ZOG’s Jew totalitarianism Communism is NOT at all threatened by Muslim immigration into the USA, but the opposite, it means ZOG’s totalitarian Jew Communist grip is strengthened and made stronger with the influx of Muslim immigration into the USA. ZOG is hardly going to actively recruit with great enthusiasm massive Muslim immigration into the USA if the Muslims posed any kind of threat to ZOG or in any way undermined, weakened, ZOG, or ZOG felt it was vulnerable to Muslims. Totalitarian governments do NOT allow large numbers of Liberty Loving peoples into the country totalitarians rule over. That would undermine and weaken the totalitarians. Totalitarian governments like we have in ZOG do not want even one Liberty Loving immigrant coming to the USA, let alone massive numbers of Liberty Loving immigrants. Right off the bat, is the perfect reason to oppose Muslim immigration into the USA. Totalitarian Jew Communist ZOG finds safety and comfort with massive Muslim immigration into the USA, that says a lot. It says everything. And it’s the major reason I oppose Muslim immigration into the USA. ZOG likes ZOG’s Muslim immigrants way too much. That means ZOG’s Jew Communist totalitarianism is only strengthened and made stronger, tighter, with massive Muslim immigration into the USA. Otherwise, ZOG would not allow Muslims into Jew Commie totalitarian USA. Those who support Muslim immigration of Muslims into the USA are making ZOG stronger, not weaker. Some fully well know that. Some may not be aware of who exactly benefits from Muslim immigration into the USA the most — and that’s Jew Commie totalitarian ZOG. Again, otherwise ZOG would not actively promote Muslim immigration with such fervor as ZOG does if there was a chance Muslim immigration would weaken ZOG’s totalitarian grip.

  8. @ Uncle

    I want my post about “ZOG and Muslim Immigration ” up on the commentary board, Uncle. No bullshit this time. Just do it, just hit the goddamned icon you gotta hit and put my post on the commentary board. You know my post is an intelligent and a truthful analysis of “ZOG and Muslim Immigration “. It would be nice if you would also put up my other post I sent you today, ” The Aryan Muslim Brotherhood With No Whites In It”, but I know you’re not that truthful in your heart to put that one on your precious “truth loving/truth seeking/truth telling” Darkmoon commentary board. Do I trust in vain you’re at least truthful enough in your Darkmoon heart to put-up my “ZOG and Muslim Immigration” post I was considerate enough to send in to your Darkmoon on your precious “truth loving” commentary board?

    1. Joe,

      Apart from the fact that your post “ZOG and Muslim immigration” has NOTHING to do with the subject we are discussing on this thread — which happens to be Hitler’s Mein Kampf — your post is TOO DAMN LONG!

      If you insist on writing OFF-TOPIC comments to every article we post here, at least make the comments SHORT AND SWEET!!!

      I will approve your silly “ZOG and Muslim immigration comment” this time. Because I feel sorry for you. But I’m not going to keep on doing this.

      1. You may not want to “keep on dong this”, Uncle, but if you make assertions about me and/or my posts, and your assertions happen to be wrong or maybe your assertions need to be qualified a bit, then the honorable thing to do is put my reply(ies) to your either sometimes totally wrong assertions about me and/or my posts, and sometimes somewhat skewered assertions about me and/or my posts, then the honorable thing to do is feature my reply(ies) to your various assertions up on the commentary board. Are you studying to be a pilpul Talmudic jew rabbi, a ditzy head-up-your-ass jew qabalah guru, or a Imam Caliph In-Dim-Dhimmitude in Djibouti? I have news for you, Uncle, I also do not want “to keep on doing this”. You give me no choice, however, as you make false assertions about me, so naturally, I respond and reply to your false assertions about me and/or my posts. Stop making false assertions about me and/or my posts, if you truly don’t want “to keep on doing this”. For someone who doesn’t want to keep on doing “this”, Uncle, you sure do LERV keep on keeping on with your false assertions about me and my posts. Put up my first reply to your “I’m not going to keep on doing this” comment, so dishonorable and so unfair to me. Me, who contributes so much objectively true information to your truth-loving Darkmoon.

  9. I doubt Hitler wrote the book, considering what a lying, devil of a man he really was. No-one should be advised to read anything authored by Hitler/man of lies and deceit (as if it were the truth).

    The book is an extension of The Protocols where expendable “lesser brethren” refers to jews which makes Hitler more than likely another counterfeit-jew; like Rothschild; maintain a false-Semite identity behind jews that no longer exist to kill everyone else. The book is an extension of their planning to create the counterfeit-Jew State of Israel.

    THEY lied by saying “lesser brethren”. The key word is “lesser”. The lie is “brethren”. Both words are a lie, because racial jews (Judahites) were from the true racial Israelites. The arrogance to call racial jews “lesser” is of Satanic origin and is an evil Conspiracy.

    Historical Background – The Satanic Conspiracy, being executed by the Synagogue of Satan as Christ calls them (Rev. 2:9), against YHWH (“I AM” – God); the true Israelites and The Torah, to replace them, and it, with themselves and The Talmud has been in existence for at least 2,600 years as is confirmed by YHWH (“I AM”) Himself in the Books of His Prophets Jeremiah and Ezekiel. Rev. 2:9 “I (Christ) know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and [I know] the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are NOT , but [are] (Idumeans) the Synagogue of Satan .”

    Presently, most nowadays calling themselves Jews are Ashkenazi with some Idumeans.

    It is a fact and not a theory, that there has been an on-going CONSPIRACY for at least 2,600 years; according to YHWH’s Own personal Testimony in The Bible; as a result of which Jerusalem and Solomon’s Temple were both destroyed and The “Lost” Ark of The Covenant was removed from Judah, by Jeremiah and taken to a safe place and hidden. YHWH did this to allow the CONSPIRACY to run its course, so that ALL those who took part in the CONSPIRACY, either actively or passively by not keeping The Covenant and The Torah and thereby using The Torah to fight against the Conspiracy and thus ALLOWING it to happen, would demonstrate their continued treason against Him and The Ark would be kept safe until it was needed again, at the right time, to destroy the Conspiracy.

    1. @ Uncle :

      (1)You (2)Will (3)RUE (4)The (5)Day (6)You (7)CENSORED (8)My (9)First (10)Reply!

    2. “Most calling themselves jews are Ashkenazi with some Idumeans…”

      By saying this, New Song, I’ll give you kudos for indicating necessary distinctions to be made between Satanic synagogue “jews” and true Torah “jews”. But you’re wrong about Hitler. He probably knew of these distinctions, and on which side of the ledger the ‘Ashkenazionists’ fell. To him though, saving “true torah jews” took a way-back seat to saving Western civilization from these “psuedo jews”. He had to know they intended to play him and Germany for all they were worth in orchestrating Gotterdammerung. His own intention was to turn the tables on them, and that didn’t turn out so good.

      People really need to make better use of their imaginations in moving away from this tired old canard saying Hitler was merely dancin’ to their tune.

      It’s getting very old and very stale.

      1. I still think — and I will always think it because it’s objectively true — I still think General Francisco Franco was smarter than Hitler and Mussolini put together. Though at least Mussolini had the brains and the presence of mind to kick Aleister Crowley out of Italy on his thelema butt. Hitler was buddy-buddies with Crowley. Big red flag right there as Hitler’s real character and real motivating influence. Funny that the so-called traditional and conservative Hitler was friends with one of the founding fathers of the radically ANTI White Western Civilization New Age NWO, Aleister Crowley. The gay liberation movement, by the way, has it’s foundation and roots in Nietzsche-era Germany. There’s TOO much about Hitler and Nazism in general which is TOO murky and TOO afraid to come out into the light.

        Crowley said of Hitler, “He’s one of the most evil men I know”. Which is saying a lot, for Crowley traveled in very evil circles. Crowley meant what he said about Hitler as a compliment. Crowley and Hitler were friends and were on good terms. In this sense, even the clown Mussolini had more brains than Hitler, and that redounds to Hitler being pathetic, 🙁 , if even Mussolini knew better not to be friends with Crowley. Even Mussolini was smarter than Hitler, 🙂 . But still, General Franco was smarter than both Mussolini and Hitler put together. And that’s a fact.

      2. @ Big Brown Chief Quiver Full With Brownish Squaws And Mucho Brown Papooses :

        I ask you Big Brown Chief because, Well, because you are THE Big Brown Chief around here, who else can I turn to ?

        The joos have 72 names of “god” in their Qabalah and ali baba has 72 brown virgin brides in his rather garish tent in the sabian desert. Heck, what’s the connection there?

    3. The book was not written by Hitler, it was penned by a Jesuit,, I forget his name at the moment,, 😉
      PS Hitler, not so great at writing.. he had his talents in the speaking arena. Very artistic person… not a writer though.

      1. @ Marycarmel and Lasha Darkmoon

        Interesting remark about Hitler. Have you studied art?

        I am thinking about writing an article about Hitler’s art (paintings and sketches)…would you like to share your thoughts and comments on Hitler’s art?

        This invitation is open to all Darkmooners, especially Lasha who has formally studied art and previously written on the subject.

        Joe Canuck

        Are there any articles about Hitler’s art that isn’t Jewish hate propaganda that you know of that I should read first as reference? Cheers. The article will be posted on my JFC site and translated in Chinese as there is a growing admiration for Hitler in China.

  10. While Mein Kampf should be mandatory reading in schools, another book which shows the human, personal side of Hitler is “Hitler’s Table Talk, 1941 to 1944”, published by George Weidenfield after the war. Of course one must ignore the anti-Hitler forward by Hugh Trevor Roper. In fact the British historian David Irving read it as youth and states he found much with which he agreed. One can download it from the book downloading sites, I have often posted on this website. An excellent read!

      1. Which stands to reason in its own way because it was befitting for those in the business of purging.

        They felt an affinity

      2. Not to be too much of a pain-in-the-ass, but for the longest time in the jew-wise/anti-jew alternative media we we’re told Hitler was a Catholic, a Roman Catholic. Now we find out Hitler was really some sort of alchemical fusion of Islamic Allah worshipper Big Honcho Caliph & hindoo guru. wtf? Why this alternative media paradigm shift from “Hitler was a Catholic” to “Hitler was an Islamic hindoo”? And why is Dubby behind the times ? [ Dubs still pushes the “Hitler was a Catholic” meme ] I thought the hindoo guru Dubs was real up-to-date savvy with his knowledge of Hitler.

      3. Felix, yes, you’re welcome.
        Here is a 1974 conversation with of one of those highlighted Germans. (Karlfried Dürckheim) and Srila Prabhupada.
        Enter professors from the Theological University of Koenigstein, among them the spiritualist Professor Pater Felix Porsch, and Dr. P.J. Saher, author of Eastern Wisdom and Western Thought and Zen Yoga]

        German devotee: Srila Prabhupada, these gentlemen are professors from the Theological Philosophical University at Koenigstein. And this is Doctor Saher. He is the leader for the Society of Yoga and Integral Philosophical Studies in Germany.

        Prabhupada: Yes. It is very fortunate to see so many big men at a time.

        Zen, Christian Teachings and Krishna Consciousness Conversation with Professor Dürckheim, German Spiritual Writer, June 19, 1974, Schloss Rettershof, Germany

    1. @ Big Brown Chief

      What happened to Max Bilney? He’s been away ever since he stole my name and wrote a lot of Australian aborigine bonobo IQ-of-12 long-winded wind-bag gibberish under my name. [ With Uncle’s imprimatur no less, lol ]. Was that Maxie’s last scene in the stage production we call Darkmoon? His Grand Finale before walking off the stage for good? Did they write Max out of the script? Retire his character in other words? And what a Grand Finale it was! Stealing my name and jumping up-and-down like a baboon spewing out unintelligible inarticulate gorilla grunts , a happy bonobo who just found a banana in the jungle, Max walks off the stage for good with his banana. They didn’t throw roses at Max after his Grand Finale, they threw bananas at Max, the last encore! 🙂

      Darkmoon is a hoot. I always thought so. I always said that.

  11. Evidence Mounting That Hitler Was A Muslim and Practiced Islam

    “..the only religion I respect is Islam, the only prophet I admire is the prophet Muhammad..”

    “..Hence today, I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator, by defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of ALLAH.”
    -Adolf Hitler | Mein Kampf

    Again… Everyone has their own truths.

      1. No, Ingrid, it makes you a totalitarian Commie jew b*tch who wants the Western countries to be flooded with Muslims/Mohammedans for the benefit of and the fruition of your jew tribe’s jew RED COMMUNIST jew-islamo NWO, that’s what it makes you, “Norwegian” “Ingrid” — but you already know that, you already who you are, what you are. You’re Shelley Rubin /MadJewess die-hard intense jew supremacist who reverently and eagerly eager beaver you are you lick, kiss and slop all over your RED jew’s hymie hymen cow “messiah” “g-d” pussy in ecstactic “spiritual” adoration to joo cow pussy juice. And the jews who call us NON jews “goy” which means “cow” simultaneously worship a cow, the jews worship a “goy” in other words, LOL LOL LOL. The jews look down their hooked jew noses at “goy” while the jews worship a goy as “g-d”. LOL LOL LOL….

        The original meaning of the English word “Mad” is not “angry”, is not “righteously appalled”, nothing like that. The original meaning of the English word “Mad” is “CRAZY”.

      2. Ingrid –

        If you answer ‘yes’ to 5 of these, you qualify:
        1.     If you refine heroin for a living, but you have a moral objection to liquor, You may be a Muslim.
        2.     If you own a $3,000 machine gun and a $5,000 rocket launcher, but you can’t afford shoes, You may be a Muslim.
        3.     If you have more wives than teeth, You may be a Muslim.
        4.     If you wipe your butt with your bare hand but consider bacon to be unclean, You may be a Muslim.
        5.     If you think vests come in two styles:  Bullet-proof and suicide. You may be a Muslim
        6.     If you can’t think of anyone you haven’t declared jihad against, You may be a Muslim.
        7.     If you consider television dangerous but routinely carry explosives in your clothing, You may be a Muslim.
        8.     If you were amazed to discover that cell phones have uses other than setting off roadside bombs, You may be a Muslim.
        9.     If you have nothing against women and think every man should own at least four, You may be a Muslim.

  12. “Our” sister Lucy was gone for a long time. But with the recent news that the RED joo Mamme cow “messiah” just brought forth in birth a pickaninny gurl nigger-joo bubala cow gurl baby, “Our” sister Lucy hopped the first flight of moonbeams from the dark side of the Moon to new joisey to get a taste of that Ummmm, yummy yummy, sweet brown sugar dark black Moon goddess joo-nigger sista g-dly spiritually transcendent JAHway cow “messiah” sista pussy juice and sheeeiit…Just a few more licks on that sweet joo nigga cow clit and The Temple Will Be Rebuilt!!!

    1. Pat constantly promotes the “Atomic Weapons/Nukes don’t exist” meme, yet Hitler’s High Priestess, Savitri Devi , certainly believed Atomic Weapons/Nukes existed, and Savitri Devi had every word of her Aryan Avatar’s “Mein Kampf” memorized. So I would say Hitler’s High Priestess has authority over Pat’s mere guesses and mere opinions.

      ” Savitri Devi + Hitler’s High Priestess PDF”

      “Savitri Devi + The Lightning and the Sun PDF”

      Do you think you know more about Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” than Hitler’s High Priestess, Pat? If so, please explain how it is you know more about Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” than Hitler’s High Priestess, Pat. Thank you, TROJ.

  13. Hitler’s Mein Kampf is very popular in China among Chinese intellectuals. The Chinese are becoming aware of the Jews. I have heard through the grapevine that there is an underground and growing “NAZI” movement there. Jews are not special in China like they are in the Jewnited Snakes; they do not have “Chosen people” status in China and will be slaughtered like pigs once their crimes against the Chinese people are made public and widely known. As soon as the Chinese people realize that their national debt is a debt to the kikes, it will be game over. The Chinese Communist leaders’ only chance is to out jew the Jews, otherwise I predict the streets of Beijing will flow red with much blood. China may be the only country to put up a real resistance to the Jews since Hitler’s Germany. Sieg Heil!

    1. Thank you JFC for that great encouraging uplifting good news out of China. To celebrate this incredible great news out of China you are considerate enough to share with us, I’m now in the process of re-arranging all the furniture in my home the Feng Shui way! Feng Shui All The Way !!! All The Way With Feng Shui !!! Defeat The Joos With Feng Shui !!! Works Every Time !!!

  14. Namaste again, HP. Thanks ! A very interesting and insightful conversation by the Master, himself!
    Om Shanti!

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