Michael Rivero Exclusive: U.S. Leaders Humiliated by Russia, Recklessness Backfiring

LD: This fascinating analysis of the current situation in Syria by political analyst Michael Rivero is well worth considering. If you would prefer to listen to Michael being interviewed by Mike Gleeson, click HERE. Otherwise you can read the transcript of the full interview below. 


Mike Gleason: It is my privilege now to welcome in Michael Rivero, founder and editor of WhatReallyHappened.com. Michael is a talk radio host and a prolific commentator on geopolitics, financial markets and many other topics. And it’s great to have him back with us today.

Michael thanks for joining us again.

Michael Rivero: Thank you for having me again.

Mike Gleason: Well, Michael we had you on back in the summer and you were so pithy and informative that we just have to have you back on again. We really appreciate you carving out some time for us. Now to start out I wanted to get your comments on some of the geopolitical fireworks grabbing headlines right now. First off, what did you make of Russia and Vladimir Putin having kind of embarrassed Obama and the U.S. by deploying some significant military power in Syria?

Michael Rivero: Vladimir Putin is a chess player and he basically turned the U.S. propaganda back on itself. The U.S. has been trying to get the American public to go along with invading Syria on the claim that the U.S. was going after ISIS and Al-Qaeda and this really wasn’t another U.S. forced intervention to overthrow a government. And Putin basically called them on it and said “Oh well if you’re after ISIS and Al-Qaeda we’re going to do that too.”, and then goes in, in the space of a week accomplishes ten times that the U.S. did over the last entire year. Now the U.S. is thrashing around, they’re trying to figure out some way that they can sort of do a George Orwell and say “Our former enemy is now our friend and our former friend is now our enemy. We’ve always been at war with East Asia.”

We have, Ashton Carter out there today saying that the U.S. will not cooperate with Russia as long as Russia targets Al-Qaeda. Now I seem to recall not too long ago when we were all being told Al-Qaeda were the enemy, Al-Qaeda were the bad guys along with ISIS. Of course now it’s been confirmed in the foreign press that the U.S. has been sending weapons to ISIS and Al-Qaeda at the same time Barack Obama is talking about more gun control here at home. So the U.S. got caught red handed, they were doing another covert overthrow against Bashar al-Assad under the guise of fighting terror, Russia called them on it and everybody saw it. The U.S. is furious because they don’t know how to get out of this corner they painted themselves into except talk about Russia’s aggression, Russia is bad, Russia is doing this.

Now of course NATO is up at the border rattling their sabers, threatening to just do an all-out invasion and not even worry about whether there’s a just cause or a rationale behind it. They’ll start a war and then say “Well yeah the war may be wrong but we’re in it now and we’ve got to fight it out.” I don’t think they’re really going to get the traction on that one that they think they’re doing. In fact overall, going back over the last 12 years of all these U.S. interventions into other countries, the quality of thinking coming out of the White House, Congress, Foggy Bottom, it really isn’t very good.

I don’t know if it’s because they’re all in prescription antidepressants or they’re all surrounded by these parasitic sycophants who are so worried about losing their high paying government jobs that they’re feeding these top leaders what they think the leaders want to hear rather that the reality of what they need to know. If you’ll remember the history of World War II, toward the end there the German high command was doing exactly the same thing. They’d be getting the reports on what was really going on from people in the field and they were endless and they’d rewrite them so that they could look good to the Führer. Of course that accelerated the final collapse of Nazi Germany.

Mike Gleason: And Syria actually called in Russia here, didn’t they?

Michael Rivero: That’s an important point that needs to be made over and over again. The government of Syria asked Russia to come on in and help them against this terrorist threat. The government of Syria of course has not asked the U.S. to come in and bomb the place to rubble. Absent a resolution from the United Nation Security Council, the U.S. does not have a legal basis for being in Syria at all, or for that matter any of these other countries. It is the United States that is in violation of international law and the UN charter. They’re basically saying “Well because of American exceptionalism, we’re above the law. We have to be above the law. We serve a higher purpose.”

It’s called the true believer mentality and unfortunately that true believer mindset has gotten this country into so many messes in the past and here we are once again back where we started. They’re into Syria, they have to go into Iraq for the third time, Yemen for the second time, Libya for the second time. According to the master plan for conquering and shackling to the dollar all the resource rich areas in the Middle East that was leaked by General Wesley Clark. This was all supposed to be done in 2008 with the conquest of Iran. Here we are in 2015, Iran has yet to be attacked, they’re stuck in Syria, they’re stuck in Ukraine, they’re stuck in Iraq.

Right now at this point the United States, to be very honest, is both militarily and economically exhausted. We are not a manufacturing powerhouse which is what allowed us to have the advantage in World War I and World War II. The American people do not support the government in any more war. Our current stockpiles are drawing down, our current weapons are worn out, the new weapons they’re bringing online are these very expensive boondoggles that don’t work like the F-35. They just figured that the ejection seat is going to break the neck of the pilots when they try and punch out. And in contrast you’ve got Russia which has not been invading countries for 12 years so their stockpiles and their existing weapons are in good shape. Their new weapons are less expensive than American weapons but they’re performing much better. Russia’s manufacturing has been stimulated by the U.S. sanctions and the Russian people understand what the U.S. government is up to.

Going into this world war, I’m afraid it’s the United States and its allies who are the bad guys, who are the aggressor and everybody knows it. Syria has become a huge embarrassment and the U.S. can’t figure out how to regain the propaganda initiative other than to go back and shout “Russia’s bad, Russia’s bad, we’re good, we’re good. If you’re loyal Americans you will kill Russians and not ask why.”

Mike Gleason: Russia is certainly starting to demonstrate some decisive leadership on a global scale as you just mentioned there. I have to think that the rest of the world is taking notice. So let’s say we continue to see growing and strengthening relationships between Russia, China, Iran and Syria and other nations as well, that has many implications. But I would like your take on what this could all mean for the US dollar, the petrodollar. We’ve seen the U.S. bullying Iran by trying to cut the country off from the US dollar-based SWIFT payment systems and I’ve heard you talk about some of the other moves the U.S. has made to punish countries that try to reduce their use of the dollar. Could we actually be heading toward the end of the dollar at the center of the global banking system, and if so how do you think this will play out?

Michael Rivero: We’re already seeing the process start. Now at the end of World War II because of the Bretton Wood Agreement everybody agreed the dollar was the global trade and banking currency. Back then when most accounts were still being settled with boxes of paper notes, if not bullion, having a single go to currency for the entire planet actually made some sense. Now in this day of instantaneous global financial transactions over computer networks, a single global currency is an obsolete idea. It’s not really needed, but the U.S. government, the U.S. financial system has become very dependent on everybody using the dollar off of which the U.S. financial system makes money, either through interest charged on dollars loaned to the rest of the world to conduct business with or favorable arrangements in trade where countries will have to bring manufactured goods or agricultural produce to the United States to get those dollars with which to conduct international business.

We have seen the rise of the renminbi and the yuan and the ruble. These are currencies backed by nations with strong manufacturing and good agriculture. Here in the United States of America because of all the Quantitative Easing and other inflation processes coupled with the decline in manufacturing because our country got lazy, we had the go to currency we don’t need to actually make anything. On top of that we’ve destroyed our agricultural exports with this horrible experiment into GMO. So right now the entire U.S. financial system is being propped up by those nations that are still doing international through the U.S. dollar. But they’re starting to dwindle.

The U.S. process of attacking any countries that don’t want to use the dollar anymore is becoming very, very obvious. Now in 2002 Saddam Hussein got permission from the United Nations to sell Iraq’s oil for the euro. One year later the U.S. is screaming “Nuclear weapons!”, attacks Iraq, kills Saddam Hussein, puts Iraq’s oil back on the world market only for the U.S. dollar. Then you have Libya where Gaddafi kicked out their private central bank, instituted a state bank with a new value based currency, the gold dinar, and then told the rest of the world Libya’s oil was for sale but only for the gold dinar. Go into Libya, kill Gaddafi, shut down the state bank, impose a new private central bank. The gold for the gold dinar, nobody knows where that went. And Libya’s oil is on the world market but again only for the U.S. dollar.

All of these wars and interventions by the United States are all a desperate attempt to keep the world in the Bretton Woods era, off of which the U.S. financial system makes a huge fortune and the rest of the world doesn’t want to do that anymore. The U.S. did use the world’s dependency on the SWIFT system as a tool for foreign policy, but as of today China’s parallel system went into effect. People don’t need to use the U.S. centric SWIFT system anymore, they can go through China’s, that’s basically center on the BRICs nations. It’s really kind of startling to realize that all of this war and bloodshed and death is really all about an argument over whose particular brand of ink and paper the world is going to use for the next hundred years. I think for most American families, most European families that is a really poor excuse to send off their children to be killed and crippled in these battles.

Mike Gleason: Yeah, all very interesting and potentially troubling stuff coming down the pike on that. It will be very interesting to watch that unfold. Now switching gears here a bit, the recent Volkswagen scandal involving manipulation of emissions readings coming from their diesel vehicles has had a real effect on the Platinum Group Metals, both platinum and palladium. Platinum is the metal used in catalytic converters and diesel engines, and platinum prices have taken a big hit since the scandal. On the other hand palladium which is primarily used in gasoline has benefited greatly. Is there more to the Volkswagen story than the establishment media has been letting on?

Michael Rivero: There’s a lot more. A lot of financial institutions that were heavily invested in Volkswagen have taken a hit. Bank of America, Deutsche Bank took a major hit on that. What’s really interesting is the US actually knew Volkswagen was doing this a year ago but didn’t do anything. Partly because American auto makers have been doing exactly the same thing but what happened is, following Russia’s entry into Syria and Russia’s announcement of a coalition targeting only the terrorist groups, a lot of nations started pulling away from the U.S. anti-Russia agenda and going over and saying “We’re going to work with Putin to shut down the terror threat.” Because while NATO high command the European Union leadership are all hot and bothered for a new war to redraw the map, the people of Europe don’t want to see that happen because the last two world wars were fought on their front yard. If you do any extensive traveling in Europe you can still see the scars, it’s a fresh memory for them and they’re pulling away from that.

What happened was both France and Germany signaled that they were going to move away from the U.S. policy of simply invading countries on the basis of the excuse of terrorism and side with Russia’s policy of attacking only the terrorists. And at that point we started seeing all kinds of punitive actions by the U.S. government. I think this huge fine against Volkswagen was the U.S. government throwing a tantrum that Germany was moving away from the anti-Putin agenda and looking for a more optimal solution out of this situation. Because of that France has reversed itself and they’re saying that while they agree with Russia’s policy of targeting only the terrorist threats, they’re insisting that Assad has to leave Syria now.

It’s a very complex tangled issue but when you realize that this diesel emissions rigging was something that a lot of car companies are doing, it’s been going on for a long time but it hasn’t killed anybody, then you look at the fine Volkswagen was hit (with) compared to the fine that General Motors had to pay over those defective ignition switches that did kill people and you begin to understand this is less about the environment and more about political payback for not toeing the U.S. government’s line.

Mike Gleason: Turning to economic policy here in the US, after all of the stimulus the fed has infused into the system over the last decade, especially since the ’08 financial collapse, we still have a record amount of Americans not working as evidenced by the generational lows in labor force participation rate. Now despite all the stimulus it looks like the economy may be rolling over again. Where does the Fed go from here, especially with interest rates?

Michael Rivero: The Federal Reserve and indeed Washington DC did absolutely the wrong thing following the crash of 2008. Instead of punishing the bankers that had committed fraud and taking the money from them to return back to the general economy, the U.S. government just started taking trillions of dollars from the American people and giving it to the banks so the banks could loan it back to the American people at interest. That’s really all these bailouts are at the heart of it, is recapitalizing the banks on the backs of the American taxpayer so the banks now have money to loan to those taxpayers at interest. Great deal for the banks, not so good for the American people.

All of these Quantitative Easing and bailouts is pouring money all over Wall Street and money junkies who are just basically keeping in their own little financial gains and putting in their own pockets rather than allow it back into general circulation where it could actually do some good. Now if the U.S. government had taken the reverse position and started taking trillions of dollars away from the crooked Wall Street firms that were behind the mortgage backed security fraud and given it back the American people nobody would have missed a house payment – there wouldn’t have been a foreclosure crisis. Everybody would have stayed current on their credit card payments, there wouldn’t have been a credit crisis. People would have gone out and bought brand new American made cars, we wouldn’t have had to bail out the automotive industry. People would have gone down to the shopping malls and bought hopefully American manufactured products, there wouldn’t be a retail crisis.

Everything the U.S. government did in terms of taking money away from the general population and using it to prop up Wall Street was exactly the wrong thing to do for everybody in this country except Wall Street. If they keep on pursuing that same agenda obviously at some point it has to crash, because you cannot have a functioning economy with all of the wealth concentrated in the top one tenth of one percent of the population. There simply aren’t enough of those people to wander through all the shopping malls buying up all the consumer goods on which a consumer based economy is based. They’ve got very luxurious lifestyles but luxurious lifestyles of the rich and famous do not make for a healthy economy.

We’re seeing so much fraud coming out of the government in reporting on what’s going on. They’re still insisting we have a 5% unemployment rate in country where 94 million Americans willing and able to work have not been able to find jobs. We know that the stock market is being interfered with so that the politicians can use it as a banner of how good things are. But most Americans now realize the stock market numbers are totally disconnected from the economic health of the nation. You can find that out just by walking down your street, looking at all the retail vacancies, the deteriorated condition of our streets and as the people in South Carolina just found out the storm drains system has been neglected, it’s all jammed up with debris, nobody is cleaning that stuff out.

So we’re really on a very bad path economically. At some point the paper dollar is going to yield to all the inflationary pressures. They’ve managed to prevent all the Quantitative Easing from significantly increasing the rate of inflation or at least as they report it but at some point it’s going to break loose and at that point anybody who has not invested in physical silver and physical gold or platinum or palladium… or canned foods and shotguns… is going to be really caught off guard.

Mike Gleason: How much longer do you think the fed is going to be able to keep the whole thing afloat, meaning the financial system as we know it?

Michael Rivero: Well the Federal Reserve can just go on typing new numbers into their computers or running those printing presses as long as they want. What will happen will be when a major block of the world all of a sudden says “We just don’t want to deal with the dollar any longer and we’re going to drop it.” And we’re seeing more and more countries start to dump their U.S. treasury debt. Now the Federal Reserve just creates new instant money to buy all those treasury bounds back, which puts the Federal Reserve heading toward a position of owning all the U.S. debt and with it the U.S. itself all for the cost of computer time and ink and paper. It’s a house of cards and the United States again, because we’ve distorted our agriculture with GMO, we’ve allowed our manufacturing to decline, if we cannot conduct commerce with the rest of the world we’re in serious, serious trouble.

Mike Gleason: As we begin to close here Michael how do you see these unfolding events impacting the gold and silver markets? It’s been a bit of a rough ride the last few years, largely because of the dollar’s strength versus the other unbacked currencies. What is your personal outlook on the monetary metals going forward?

Michael Rivero: On the monetary metals issue, it’s a bad idea to look at daily or even weekly changes in price, you’ve got to look at the long trend. If you look at the long trend metals have always been a very solid investment. Second, and we talked about this on a show we did on the History Channel, America’s Book of Secrets which they’re actually re-running right now, we did a show on the gold conspiracy, talking about how gold and silver prices are being artificially suppressed through the use of paper metals contracts that are leveraged something like over a hundred to one right now. They’re deliberately keeping the price of metals down to discourage people from emptying their savings accounts of liquidating their stock portfolios to invest in metal and also to make it easier for all these bullion depositories who played fast and lost with other people’s gold to try and reacquire enough gold to get out of the mess.

Bu they can’t keep that up forever, at some point it’s going to break loose and we’re already seeing that because we’re seeing gold and silver dealers, at least the consumer level, are selling the metals at the designated spot price but they’re charging and getting very high premiums, as much as 50% over the spot price because people really want the physical, they don’t want the paper contracts. When it does cut loose I think we’re looking at gold at $5,000 to $10,000 an ounce.

Mike Gleason: We can certainly vouch for the fact that premiums are rising and the physical market is still very hot and there is a definite disconnect between the paper price and the physical price.

Well Michael I really want to thank you again for your wonderful insight, it’s all very fascinating stuff and I look forward to catching up again with you real soon. As people have just heard you have an incredible amount to say on so many topics and we’ve only just scratched the surface here today, so for folks who want to follow your work and your fantastic commentary tell them how they can do that.

Michael Rivero: The website is called WhatReallyHappened.com and I host my own talk radio show on the Genesis Communication Network, Monday through Friday from 3:00pm to 6:00pm Central US time. You can listen online at gcnlive.com.

Mike Gleason: It’s truly great stuff and I want to thank you again Michael. I enjoyed it thoroughly and I hope you have a great weekend. Thanks for joining us.

Michael Rivero: Thank you very much, we’ll talk to you soon.

Mike Gleason: That will do it for this week, thanks again to Michael Rivero, founder and editor of WhatReallyHappened.com.


95 thoughts to “Michael Rivero Exclusive: U.S. Leaders Humiliated by Russia, Recklessness Backfiring”

    1. Felix –

      I have followed Rivero for many years. He has exposed many names of corporate and banking perpetrators of their wars of yesterday and today.

      Rivero openly admits that his paternal ancestors were Sephardic Jews but claims they converted to Christianity centuries ago. Today he lives in Hawaii with his wife.

      Rivero “..obviously…thought long and hard into the reasons for your(Rivero’s) nation’s descent into the abyss” when he claims “All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars.”


      1. Pat,
        Yes, I’m aware of Rivero’s antecedents and it doesn’t detract from the veracity or cogency of his arguments or analysis. I’ve also been a follower of his site for years. At the moment all wars have been mostly banker’s wars, but be aware some wars in the future will be over water e.g. Israel will never relinquish the Golan, which controls the headwaters of the Jordan. There are quite a few countries that may go to war over water in the future.

      2. @ Felix. “There are quite a few countries that may go to war over water in the future.” It is probably happening now Felix.

        “The Middle East is facing a water crisis. As the region experiences conflicts over water and faces the continuous risk of war breaking out, experts on water predict that the Islamic State (IS) aims to exacerbate this water crisis, as evidenced by its efforts to seize rivers and dams in Syria and Iraq, starting in 2013.”

        When I tried to access pages by “Middle East Monitor” site about Water Wars and Israel, the pages were blocked by Avast.

        Read more: http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2015/05/arab-world-water-conflict-isis-control-war.html#ixzz3oMmfzNK0

      3. “…it doesn’t detract from the veracity or cogency of his arguments or analysis.”

        Exactly my point…

        I put it there to ADD to the fact that he knows the score.

        Lobro says many times Jews know more about what Jews do. 😉

      4. Water wars. Yes… bankers own water and the land surrounding it.

        Water control around the globe has been concentrated into the hands of commercial BANKING interests. I reported on this in the 1990s.

        For instance, Atlanta’s water supply has been managed by a French company for decades. That same company has been managing water in many countries.

        Water corporations have identified United States public systems as potentially profitable. These are United Water, a subsidiary of the French company Suez Environment, American Water, and Siemens from Germany which acquired US Filter Corps from French Veolia Environment and runs it under the Siemens name.

        Veolia Water (formerly Vivendi Water, originally Générale des Eaux), is the water division of the French company Veolia Environnement and the world’s largest supplier of water services.

        Veolia has a capitalist water operations in 66 countries across the globe, employing 95,789 workers worldwide and serving completely or partly about 64 metropolitan areas with more than 139 million inhabitants. It is strongest in Europe, particularly in its native France and Germany.


        Veolia and Covanta team up to help consumers and businesses recycle universal waste

        New partnership and easy-to-use website enables Covanta customers to use Veolia’s award-winning RecyclePak® to recycle lamps, batteries and other products containing mercury.

      5. Wasn’t Ghadaffi building some kind of infrastructure and/or water harvesting operation? I believe he was digging deep for it. But the memory kind of fails with all this stuff to try to categorize and keep track of. Needless to say, I believe the Libya adventure was much about water and who controls it in the Mideast. Maybe our friends were afraid their water would be less valuable.

      6. @Red Onions
        Yes indeed! There are water problems all over the planet. Asia: the lower Mekong River countries are complaining about the lower levels of the river, due to dams being built upstream. Ditto, Bangladesh complaining about India. Africa: Namibia and Botswana complaining about Angola building dams on the Kavango River. Of course, Bechtel got shown the door by the Bolivians after Evo Morales and his “Cocaleros” protested. I have some friends in Colorado who tell me it’s actually illegal to collect rainwater! How [email protected]@@@d is that? And then the anti-fracking people are branded as terrorists because they don’t want the aquifers polluted. The human race has gone insane!

  1. Michael, you have filled in many blanks for me with this brilliant interview. Thank you for your perceptions on the Russian role in Syria.

    I can’t help agreeing with you that Russia has managed to upstage the US and made it look rather foolish and incompetent.

    Lasha, thanks for putting this article up. More interviews like this please!

    1. @ Darlington

      Agreed. This is an excellent article. And I am glad to see that Lasha posted it at this particular time. It’s good to know that many Americans like Michael Rivero have the courage and good sense to see through the shambles of American foreign policy — a policy set by neoconservatives who are predominantly Jewish.

      The sooner Americans can shake off the shackles of their Jewish masters, the better. We have the same masters in Europe and the havoc they are doing to our European countries through multiculturalism and mass immigration is unimaginable.

  2. Mike:
    So far we have Americans renewing the English language so we don’t use words like mom and pop, man and woman, etc.. Our culture here in America has been turned upside down, this last decade in particular. Europeans have opened their doors to millions of people full of religious hatred and wanting to kill off the native populations, for one thing. Americans, have opened their borders so the future of Americans is in doubt.
    Considering everything I can know I think the Russians should stay as far away as they can from anything having to do with America and Europe, because, we, Americans and Europeans are in the total control of men who want to destroy us, and, liking it. Such insanity as this is might just be contagious, best to keep a great distance between them (Russians) and us for their sake.
    Now we have some drool at the Pentagon saying Russia will be sorry? Russia, should just get the heck out of Dodge while it still can, because, the men really running things are diabolical and cunning beyond anything we can imagine. Never, count ‘them’ out or as coming up short, they are always way ahead of the game and nothing no matter how crazy or self defeating is beyond them.
    After all, if things get to bad they’ll just go underground and leave us to face the consequences of their decision.

  3. “If you’ll remember the history of World War II, toward the end there the German high command was doing exactly the same thing. They’d be getting the reports on what was really going on from people in the field and they were endless and they’d rewrite them so that they could look good to the Führer. Of course that accelerated the final collapse of Nazi Germany.”

    Oy Vey ! Again vith the Nadzees, give it a rest already! A small point overlooked here is that Germany was being “Holocausted” by the allies at the time. Germany’s situation in 44′-45′ is nothing like what is going on today, but ginning up ancient Nadzee bogymen never fails to push the gullible goyim’s mindless hot button.

    1. Exactly my sentiments. It’s possible he got the rest of the article correct, but this current situation isn’t that hard to analyse so that is nothing special. I never bothered to read it as this was an early ‘stop’ sign. I don’t consider anyone who holds that opinion well informed. Not that I’m so well informed but I just follow my instincts and a narrative that makes sense.

  4. When exactly is ZOG Washington going to release all those truck loads of photographic evidence ZOG Washington has proving an airplane* flew into the Pentagon? Totally undermining the 911 truth movement? I mean, really, it’s been 14 years since 911. One would think ZOG Washington would have released their truck loads of photographic evidence backing-up ZOG’s “narrative” concerning what happened at the Pentagon on 911 by now.

    * You know, US ZOG Washington has truck loads of photographic evidence that American Airlines Flight # 77, a Boeing 757-223, flew into the Pentagon on 911. So when is ZOG going to release ZOG’s solid-can’t-be-refuted evidence it has backing-up it’s ZOG “narrative” so as to discredit the 911 Truthers? Like on 9/11/3001? Maybe? Or, maybe not even then?

  5. This constant harping on about Michael Rivero being a Jew is beyond ridiculous, as if that somehow detracted from the value of his work. For all practical purposes, I would regard Rivero as a non-Jew. Pat points out correctly: “Rivero openly admits that his paternal ancestors were Sephardic Jews but claims they converted to Christianity centuries ago.”

    In other words, Rivero comes from a family that has been Christian for hundreds of years, but way back in history he had a Jewish ancestor. Does that make him a Jew? No, it does not.

    For all practical purposes, Michael Rivero is a white Christian. No way does he become a “Jew” just because he has a Jewish ancestor popping up in his family tree 300-400 years ago.

    My own family have been Christian since the Norman Conquest (1066). Before that we were probably Norse pagans. I learned from my mother recently that we may have had a German Jew marrying into the family in the 17th century. Does that make me a Jew? Of course not!

    Michael Rivero is no more a Jew than I am.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if many of us had a drop of Jewish blood in our veins without knowing it. Or some other blood. None of us is racially pure.

    1. @Admins

      Why do you block critical and sober analysis of the articles you publish at your site? Do you endorse all the pronouncements of the authors of those articles – no matter how preposterous, misguided, or even provably erroneous they might be?

      1. @ Circassian

        Your vile abuse of Canadian patriot Arthur Topham as a “homosexual” and a “pimp” is unacceptable. It can hardly be regarded as “critical and sober analysis.” It is a defamatory statement, pure and simple. Arthur Topham happens to be happily married, and if you think you can come on this site and call him a homosexual pimp, you are more stupid than I thought.

        Learn to distinguish between free speech and abuse of free speech.

      2. Dear Toby,

        May I call Canadian patriot Arthur Topham ignoramus for equating such diverse things as Zionism, Bolshevism, and Communism? Don’t you think it is appropriate to call readers attention to the fact that this Canadian patriot does not seem to have any idea what he is talking about?

        And why do you think you are entitled to abuse your reader while the reader is not entitled to express honestly the impression he gets from the Canadian patriot?

      3. @ Circassian

        May I call Canadian patriot Arthur Topham ignoramus for equating such diverse things as Zionism, Bolshevism, and Communism? Don’t you think it is appropriate to call readers attention to the fact that this Canadian patriot does not seem to have any idea what he is talking about?

        Yes, but you didn’t do that. Instead, you attacked Arthur Topham with cheap abuse, calling him a “homosexual” and a “pimp”. Like another poster who confuses free speech with defamation and insult, Shirely Yewsgeste, whom we have also had to ban, you are in breach of the basic rules we have set out in our Policy Statement. Since 99.9% of our commenters have no problem abiding by these simple rules, what makes you think you can break these rules and get away with it?

        6. Politeness to Admin and to other posters on this website, while desirable, is not essential. Defamatory statements and malicious lies about people in the public eye are not allowed for legal reasons. Needless disrespect and personal abuse for the writers we publish will not be tolerated.


      4. @ Circassian

        I suggest you take lessons in comment etiquette from Lobro or Pat. I could name several others here who know how to say exactly what they want in a mature and sensible way without giving almost non-stop offense!

        Unlike yourself, none of these intelligent posters have found it necessary to barge into our site like a wild boar having a temper tantrum and calling this site a “SHITHOUSE” and a “FOUL LATRINE.” Nor have they found it necessary to call my niece Lasha Darkmoon a “latrine attendant.”

        What gives you the right to behave like this?

      5. @Toby

        Nor have they found it necessary to call my niece Lasha Darkmoon a “latrine attendant.”

        Are you sure that I called your niece Lasha Darkmoon a “latrine attendant”? If memory serves me right, I called myself – not Lasha Darkmoon – “latrine attendant”. Please consult Sardonicus, he probably remembers this incident better than you do, for he responded to that comment where I called myself a “latrine attendant” making fun of this self-appointment.

      6. @ Circassian

        Are you sure that I called your niece Lasha Darkmoon a “latrine attendant”? If memory serves me right, I called myself – not Lasha Darkmoon – “latrine attendant”.

        Your memory fails you. In fact, you called Lasha far worse than a latrine attendant. You called her “Queen of the Shithouse.”

        Here is one of numerous abusive posts:

        _CIRCASSIAN, November 16, 2014 at 7.17 pm

        “I had very little doubt from the very start that Masha Sunshine was nothing but a Jewish project. All the signs are there screaming for every perceptive mind to see: the hypocrisy, logical acrobatics, sophistries, outright lies, lowbrow attempts at emotional manipulation….

        Masha Sunshine, you are really the Queen of the Shit House! Have I told you lately that you disgust me? More than Flyingsocks, Pat, SPQR, and Sardonicus combined? These poor souls are for the most part sapheads, but you know exactly what you are doing, don’t you.”

        You have forfeited the right to post on this website, Circassian. You don’t know the difference between free speech and spitting in people’s faces.

      7. Toby , Admin , whom ever the hell you are ! You block everyone who knows who and what you are ! Why , you allow that Joe dude to curse you out but block those who point out WHO and WHAT you are ! AND THEN YOU WANT TO TALK ABOUT ” FREE SPEECH ” ! What a joke you are ! Just as Jesus said you Jews and their sympathizers are HYPOCRITES to the MAX ! After I told you your site was controlled opposition and would not name names you post a list of those who head government departments – whoopdee do ! And after I point out to those claiming to know the Bible that they DO NOT KNOW THEIR ASS FROM A HOLE IN THE GROUND you cut me off ! The Bible and those of the book are the answer to ALL THESE ISSUES and without that this talk is psychological vomit and nothing but wasted words about NOTHING and NOTHING can change without this education of WHO IS WHO – NO MATTER WHO IT OFFENDS ! Grow up !

      8. @ Carl

        You are unfit to post on this website, as your comment itself makes clear. Come back when you have acquired some self-control and sanity and we will gladly post your comments. Until then, goodbye!

      9. Toby, I got the impression that you do not like me.

        Lasha was kind enough to invite be back no matter what I said about this site. Is that a fact or not? Does my memory serve me right, uncle?

        So why do you keep going back to what has been said one year ago? Have I lost temper with you even once notwithstanding you shit on me all the time? Why is it you – not Lasha – who is feeling offended all the time?

        Do I have to serve the sentence again after the person, whom I have offended, has magnanimously forgiven and invited me back? What is your problem, little man?

      10. @ Circassian: “What is your problem, little man?”

        You are the problem, Circassian. Your insolence is the problem, as that quote above indicates. Lasha was kind enough to forgive you for calling her “Queen of the Shithouse” and she graciously invited you to start posting again. You let her down, reverting to your old ways. The leopard doesn’t change its spots, and you, Circassian, seem to have insurmountable personality problems.

        You shouldn’t be posting on this website at all. Or indeed on any website. You should be under supervision in a secure psychiatric institution.

      11. @Carl,

        After I told you your site was controlled opposition

        Logic refresher course may be in order here.
        Your statement is either true or false.

        If it is true, then it is their job to ban you for trying to speak some inconvenient truth, why would you be surprised at that?
        And if so, why would you insist on posting at a controlled opposition site, providing your email address, IP and so forth, I sure wouldn’t bother with Prison Planet, Huffington Post or Alternet.

        If it is false, then you are making a wickedly offensive, untrue accusation, ie, it makes you, Carl the Liar.

        So, which is it, True or False?

      1. He’s young, lobro, and not as smart as he thinks he is, nor as mature.
        That spells trouble.

        If and when he reaches 50, he will very likely look back and realize what an arrogant little prick he was at this point in time.

        Lasha reveres intelligence and illumination.
        Hence she suffers much abuse..

      2. “Racial purity” is an oxymoron and presented by moronic oxen…..

        with all due respect to actual oxen…

        some of whom are my best friends

    2. Are you sure that Rivero’s background is that they have been Christians for centuries? For whatever reason I always assumed his parents were Jews. If what you say is true I have no idea why he would mention it. Maybe it is to give his opinions some street cred.

      Either way, I don’t have a problem with him. I agree with a lot of what he says and disagree with him at times as well. But even if his parents did still identify as Jews in anyway, now or at anytime in their lives, I would never hold that against him or them.

      I am disappointed that Rivero’s is so anti-Catholic.

  6. “We have seen the rise of the renminbi and the yuan and the ruble. These are currencies backed by nations with strong manufacturing and good agriculture. Here in the United States of America because of all the Quantitative Easing and other inflation processes coupled with the decline in manufacturing because our country got lazy, we had the go to currency we don’t need to actually make anything. On top of that we’ve destroyed our agricultural exports with this horrible experiment into GMO. So right now the entire U.S. financial system is being propped up by those nations that are still doing international through the U.S. dollar. But they’re starting to dwindle.”

    Gorsh Mickey, this sounds like a plan, I wonder who it could be? Who could systematically destroy America’s infrastructure and remain unnoticed by the media? I wonder, I wonder, who could it be? Can you give us a hint Mr. Rivero?

    “Is there more to the Volkswagen story than the establishment media has been letting on? [ . . . ] What’s really interesting is the US actually knew Volkswagen was doing this a year ago but didn’t do anything.”

    Nadzee car! Nadzee car! I knew it, I just new it, Alex Jones was right! The evil Nadzees have taken over and are secretly running the American government. Intelligent people know Germans really wanted to elect a Negro as Chancellor in 1933, but Hitler was all they had.

    “I think this huge fine against Volkswagen was the U.S. government throwing a tantrum that Germany was moving away from the anti-Putin agenda and looking for a more optimal solution out of this situation.”

    See? The Nadzee Americans are forcing their German comrades to support the secret Nadzee-American government.

    It all makes perfect sense when one realizes Jews aren’t behind any of this, they are simply hard working people who are smarter than everyone else. This is the only possible explanation as to why Jews are obscenely wealthy. They worked hard for what they have so, they deserve to be richer than everyone else.

    1. Gee, and all this time I thought it was Gilby who was Darkmoon’s latrine attendant, not Lasha, but now that I think about it, with all the time Lasha spends in the bathroom with a shower curtain on her head, I guess it’s true, Lasha is the latrine attendant at Darkmoon. Gilby is Lasha’s pet goldfish who swims around and around ‘n ’round n’ ’round in Lasha’s toilet bowl.

  7. @ Admin

    I hold you up as the classic example of the subtle fraud that is the internet. The value of you is in the study of jew tricks. You serve your purpose well. Don’t think I give a shit if you publish my posts or not. I know what you are . You prove it every day.

    1. @ Shirley Yewgeste

      Why post on our site in the first place if you have such a low opinion of it and actually think it is Jew controlled?

      We have no objections to publishing your posts provided you stick to the basic rules like 99% of our commenters. If you can’t abide by these simple rules, that’s too bad. You are in breach of the basic rules set out in our Comment Policy:

      6. Politeness to Admin and to other posters on this website, while desirable, is not essential. Defamatory statements and malicious lies about people in the public eye are not allowed for legal reasons. Needless disrespect and personal abuse for the writers we publish will not be tolerated.


  8. Unto The Papal Throne of The Mope Pope :

    Of course I know you always censored my posts, but still, you never censored my posts 100%. Pope Julian always censored my posts 100%. But lately, you have indeed been censoring my posts 100%, just like Pope Julian always censored my posts 100%.

    1. Joe, as much as I admire your dogged determination and tenacity, I think your loyalties might be a little misplaced. Was it the catholic church who told their congregation that it was vanity to wash their hands with water? Don’t be flippant now. Did the Britons desert London after the Romans left? What do we do with our dung, Joe? Do we bury that outside the camp? Did the catholic church bless such squalor for all of Europe? They’re too much like jews. All for coin. Let them empty their chamber pots into the streets of London. The catholics resurrected that pigsty that the Britons deserted, for good reason too. Picture your own beloved niece dying in bed because she wouldn’t wash her hands before she ate, per the lying priests orders. Because the ball priests said washing with water was vanity.

      You can’t be loyal to that. Get real, Joe

  9. From the Washington Times 2014

    “Who’s ‘godless’ now? Russia says it’s U.S.”

    “Many Euro-Atlantic countries have moved away from their roots, including Christian values,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said in a recent keynote speech. “Policies are being pursued that place on the same level a multi-child family and a same-sex partnership, a faith in God and a belief in SATAN. This is the path to degradation.”

    “In his state of the nation address, Mr. Putin also portrayed Russia as a staunch defender of ‘traditional values’ against what he depicted as the morally bankrupt West. Social and religious conservatism, the former KGB officer insisted, is the only way to prevent the world from slipping into ‘chaotic darkness.’


  10. @ Surely You Jest :

    Who the hell is “Shebna”, lol, and who the hell are the “Rechabites”? LMFAO! It’s a hoot! Not all of us are “Fr. Johns” you know ; And for the gurlzz, not all gurlzz are MadJewessessess. [ not sure if I spelled the plural ending right, lol ] .

  11. Excellent interview. As this colossal and now International mess created by corrupted persons in government, media, legal profession, medicine, education, agriculture, finance (including especially the privately owned ‘federal’ reserve) and others continues, supported by the ignorance of masses of people, efforts to expose it are critical, but more creative suggestions for the rest of us to combat the slide are very welcome (let’s face it, the aforementioned have no intention of changing anything in any remotely positive manner, and traditional avenues of approach are often pretty worthless lately). Mike Rivero frequently has some really splendid suggestions. Boycotting and divesting from Israel, Monsanto, and others are good starts to be sure and indeed are taking their toll along with continued exposure of what they’re trying to hide lately, and support for WRH and others is vital, but an artful stab (or two) in the back, so to speak, can do wonders… I’d like to hear from some of the most creative and colorful commentators on this site (and all others) some practical suggestions or any ideas they might offer (within the realm of legality, of course) towards the really massive action required to deal with corruption on the scale we see today; a how-to-wreck-the NWO primer, if you will… I do what I can but input is welcome. Judging from some of the comments we see on this sight, there may be a vast pool of untapped talent.

    1. Good start…. Boycott the Kosher Tax.

      Boycott ALL products which have the (U) the (K) and other similar markings. That includes brooms, detergents and foils… etc, and not just foods:


      Major food companies throughout America/UK actually pay a Jewish Tax amounting to hundreds of million of dollars per year in order to receive protection. This hidden tax gets passed, of course, to all non-Jewish consumers of the products. The scam is to coerce the companies to pay up or suffer the consequences of a Jewish boycott. Jewish consumers have learned not to buy any kitchen product that does not have the (U) the (K) and other similar markings.

      The perpetrators of these elaborate extortion schemes are actually Rabbinical Councils that are set up, not just in the U.S. but in other western countries as well. For example, the largest payola operation in the U.S. is run by those who license the (U) symbol. The (U) symbol provides protection for many products sold here in Aztlan and in the United States. This symbol is managed by the The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations with headquarters at 333 Seventh Avenue in New York City.

      1. Pat, it’s not a tax, it means the food has been subjected to superior inspections. See Scott Roberts. Whenever possible you want to buy kosher-certified food. So many Jew-wise people have this issue totally wrong. Scott says he wouldn’t eat non-kosher food if you put a gun to his head. Tell me, why wouldn’t you want to eat what the Jews are eating themselves? Do you trust food that isn’t certified for Jews?

      2. Crikey and blimey….it is win,win,win all the way to the bank for these parasites. Fancy getting the stupid Goyim to unknowingly pay their Kosher Tax and anyone complaining is labelled an ‘anti-semite’. Now that is what I call chutzpah!

      3. I see your point Baxter but I still recoil at the thought that some unspeakably vile rabbi slobbered over my food and poked his chubby, moist fingers, covered in pubic-like curlies into it.

        It reeks of chicken fat, sweat and sulphur -ever seen Der Ewige Jude and how they treat animals, eg, geese.
        Not to mention their dens.

        I don’t want any of my money in Jew’s pocket,
        and I can always buy stuff that is eg, USDA organically certified or similar agencies and boards,
        I refuse to bend knee to Jude’s protection racket, him saying pay me not to poison your food.

        Just picture a Judenfrei world, no Jew, no kosher tax.

      4. This is a timely article and important article. I appreciate the article. We all need to know what’s going on in Syria and the ramifications it has on us here in America, and the ramifications of what’s going on in Syria on the world as a whole.


        ADMIN: If you edit this post by deleting the second pararaph and only presenting the first three sentences of the first paragraph on the commentary board, I’ll be sorely disappointed.

      5. Baxter –

        You are the captain of your ship.

        Call it what you like….. Jew tax, Pharisee surcharge, Talmudic inspection fee, Jew-Fee….
        .. Goyim Hate Fee…. Rabbi Retirement Fund contribution… It is there..!!.

        I submit that you would get the same results from drinking bleach and drain cleaner without the Kosher U or K as with the ones with it.

        I would also guess that the mops, brooms, foils and cleaning utensils…. and aluminum foils and plastic wraps without the Kosher Tax….
        …… are just as tasty and healthy as the ones with the Kosher TAX labels… the U the K and hundreds of other markings.

        You have my permission to support the Jew-Pharisee-Talmudists with your donations to them.

        Chant kol-nidre if you wish. 😉

        ALL processed foods are unhealthy… even if the Rabbi put the ‘muscle’ on the producers…. to increase prices.

      6. I agree that it doesn’t make a ha’porth of difference to the Jews dietary arrangements – this is a goyim tax pure and simple. There is a kosher aisle in my local supermarket which stocks their requirements.

    2. I certainly do hope mope pope will feature the post I sent in to DM in reply to Winston, my input on how to wreck the NWO. Personally, I think it’s one of the best posts I’ve ever sent in to DM. And that’s saying a helluva lot.

      TOBY: Thanks Joe, but the geocentric theory of the universe is strictly off-topic. We all know that the earth is flat and that Galileo was wrong, but this is not the time or place to discuss such world-shattering ideas. 🙂

      1. Toby,
        interestingly enough, Joe may be onto something, whereby, implausible as it sounds if geocentricity were assumed, some very puzzling observations in astrophysics would be resolved.

        heard that couple of years ago.

        And it may in fact be topical because a film dealing with it has been viciously attacked in Jew media, including Facebook, calling its director, are you ready, A Holocaust Denier.

        So that alone makes me wonder, I’d like to see that film.

    3. Here’s one thought from my own experience toward that “Primer” I mentioned. While employed for over two years in a Thai-Chinese family firm in Bangkok, I was honored to be the guest (the only Caucasian for miles) at a private club for Chinese-Thai businessmen that used to meet monthly at the restaurant of one of it’s members. The subject was to discuss what they called shares, or what we would commonly refer to as a money pool. Each member would contribute a fixed amount to the club fund, and each member would get the opportunity to be the sole member for the space of one month to use the fund in it’s entirety for whatever purpose they pleased, an interest free loan, completely off the radar of prying government officials. Not illegal to my knowledge, however; at the end of the month time frame the person would return the funds to the pool and another member would get his turn. The Chinese have an old culture and have learned to find all kinds of creative ways to avoid various tyrannical governments in their history as a matter of survival. I quite agree with Mr. Rivero’s suggestion to avoid large deposits in banks these days, it’s like giving an incorrigible drunkard a case of whisky and expecting him not to drink it. The question then is in the 0% interest era ‘what to do with the money’ so it will work for you. Of course, in the aforementioned cultural context there is a relative safety as members are carefully vetted and the possibility of losing face by being unable to repay the loan is unthinkable, though the rougher reputations of one or two members probably helps as well. Americans and citizens of many countries might find themselves faced with increasing tyranny of government in the future, and could do well by studying the Chinese and older cultures experience in this context; it is very challenging, of course, they are by nature and instinct pretty secretive but some things are accessible to those who study and relentlessly probe.

  12. The Tragedy & The Turning, Part 1, has been given a special award along with two other documentaries. This film exposes what should be three, obvious truths: 1. The US has a war based economy that is dependent upon the support for its many wars by Christians under the influence of Christian Zionism. 2. Christian Zionism is a corruption of traditional Christianity that has been promoted for just over 100 years, through the Scofield Reference Bible. 3. The Palestinians have been under a brutal military occupation by Israel since 1967. An example of this brutality was an Israeli attack on Gaza that killed four and wounded 40 in 2002, that was witnessed, videoed and reported by Charles E. Carlson, the Writer/Director of this documentary. This attack was four years before Hamas came to power and 12 years before Israel’s current attack on Gaza, “Operation Protective Edge.” This planned operation has turned into a genocidal assault on Gaza with the Israelis bombing hospitals and schools, and civilian casualties hovering around 75%, while destroying the infrastructure of the world’s largest, open air prison (Bob Simon of CBS News described Gaza this way in 2009 in an interview with Charlie Rose)
    Christian Zionism: The Tragedy and The Turning, Part I (Full, 32 min. Documentary) SaveFrom.net from WHTT http://whtt.org on Vimeo, by Charles Carlson

  13. Two phrases were used in a recent article,
    one, “Those who support the carnage in syria by Russia also support the genocide in Gaza by the Jews,
    because its the same perpetrators ans the same victims…
    “Those who believe that the mujahedeen in Syria are paid mercenaries better believe that muslims are very aware of what white America did to blacks during the Vietnam war; hence the phrase …
    “Put the Nigger behind the trigger”..
    the mujahedeen are not gonna die for the WASP; they maybe mercenaries,
    but for the cause of Allah ..

    1. @AVI TAR

      There is no “carnage”perpetrated by Russia in Syria, but definitly by ISIS, al-Nusra and assorted criminals, all of course “for the sake of Allah” (=Mossad).

  14. Hello ESP,

    Good article and spirit of synthesis.

    Except for the Nazi propaganda part. A proper historic analogy would have been the hypocritical pre WWII propaganda in the occidental democracies against national socialist authoritarian Germany, manufactured in London, while those same pious democracies were plundering the rest of the world with a backdrop of racism. We have reached 6 million victims, or so i have read, during the post Rwanda genocide great lakes region conflicts, in the global indifference.

    That’s an honest analogy and the military rout should be the same, if it ever comes to that. However, if Germany and Japan weren’t big enough for the world, I don’t know about Russia and its increasing numbers of allies or potential ones.


    “The Front Populaire (the ancestor of the socialists) of the Parisian region, moved by the anti-Semite agitation that is manifesting itself in Alsace Lorraine and in the Paris area (for obvious reasons of physical presence) warms the population against Hitler’s agents…
    It declares that, in the dark hours we are going through, the union of Democratic strengths is necessary to stand in the way of warmongering international fascism, creator of misery.
    It reminds that since 1789, France makes no distinction between French and Jew, and practices that dishonour the so called “totalitarian” countries won’t be allowed in our country…
    If French people are not capable of competing with the Jews taking their places in every domain, from the factory, hum, to the government, it’s because the Jew is more gifted and, therefore, it is fair that he commands and administers French people inferiors to the task.”
    (Motion unanimously passed by the Front Populaire of the Parisian region on 23 September 1938.)

    A quand nos rouelles? »

    Céline, L’école des cadavres. 1938. Ending words of the book.
    You are right Arch. NADZEE car! ROFLMAO like Joe would say.

    Amazing how I start hearing the same democracy against dictorships bullshit in the Pravda, you know “the Putin regime”. And my prime minister declared that “the Jews are in the vanguard of the Republic”, amongst many others outrageous declarations. What about “laicité” you dumb fuck? Doesn’t work that way.
    The only difference is that, nowadays, due to the Nuremberg Council, you are not publicly allowed to call a cat a cat anymore, like this article of Mr Rivero who doesn’t see the messianic elephant in the middle of the living room.

    “Vladimir Putin is a chess player and he basically turned the U.S. propaganda back on itself.”

    That on the other hand is very true, despite the “all mighty control good bad cop theory”.
    It’s fascinating to see the confusion of the French government going off script in Syria, still talking about moderated rebels, those brave soldiers fighting Syrian army before lunch and ISIS in the afternoon, and how the Bachar regime still got to go. Too bad there is radio silence in the lying medias, covering the incoherences with intellectual pirouettes, too busy being outraged by the declaration of Morano who said “France is a country of white race”. Storm in a cup of tea! A black friend told me Senegal was a country of black race, I called him racist. It doesn’t work that way, either.
    When I see the gesticulation of my government due to the absence of a coherent message from Washington, I am guessing that USA is a drunken ship navigating visually. A good article in the same synthetic vein than this one.
    Like the title.

    Putin the good cop? Well he deserves an Oscar in the category but I see him more as a mine-clearer.

    I feel like a fatherless child when I look at this picture. That’s what we are in Occident, abandoned children playing with their excrements.

    PS: A 14 years old teenager geek from my family told me that there were actually no physical planes during 9/11. This little bugger was pretty convincing. Those techincalities are so confusing and time wasting. Pat may i have your guess in a short answer?


      1. Fake??? Yes…..

        I enjoy a good ‘science fiction’ story every now and then, and Ben always comes through with one. He is a useful lackey, because of his family.

        Ben is the same guy that said 10 years ago that there are thousands, even millions, of Japanese ninjas ready to attack the elite bankers world-wide…

        Benjamin Fulford, was a former writer with Forbes magazine. From Japan, he’s been reporting and writing about the Yakuza and the “White Dragon Society” and their supposed opposition to the western royal families and the Illuminati. Tied into this is also material about how the severity of the Fukushima nuclear disaster is being downplayed. Listen to this program to hear Clif High’s opinion on these things and much more.

        Clif High – The Mass Arrests Claim, Fulford & The White Dragon Society

        May 10, 2012
        Clif High, along with his associate George Ure, developed the Web Bot, or the Web Bot Project in the late 1990s. It’s an Internet bot software program or a web spider that originally was designed to predict stock market trends.

        SKIP to 7 min for the low-down on Fulford:



        Here is a little on Ben’s great-grand-father…..a competitor to Rockefeller’s patent medicines and other businesses. And his death is suspicious. He was going to fund Nikola Tesla’s research into Free Energy.

        At the time of his death he was the largest single shareholder in General Electric and was considering buying a company called General Motors. Some of his descendants believe he was actually murdered.

        George Taylor Fulford (August 8, 1852 – October 15, 1905) was a Canadian businessman and politician.

        Born in Brockville, Upper Canada (now Ontario), to a family of United Empire Loyalist stock, he was the youngest son of Hiram Fulford and Martha Harris.

        In 1880, Fulford married Mary Wilder White (1856–1946), a socialite from Wisconsin, and had three children. Dorothy (1881–1949), their eldest, married Arthur Charles Hardy, son of former Ontario Premier Arthur Sturgis Hardy, in 1901 in a ceremony at Fulford Place, the family estate. Martha (1883–1910) died young, while giving birth. The long-awaited male heir arrived much later and after one near-fatal miscarriage, when Mary Fulford was 46 years of age. George Taylor II (1902–1987) was a politician himself (Member of the Canadian House of Commons)[1] and owned Fulford Place until his death.

        Fulford went to business college in Belleville, Ontario, and apprenticed with his brother, William, who was a dispensing chemist in Brockville. He took over his brother’s modest apothecary in 1874 and eventually built on it to form a successful patent medicine company.[2]

        He was elected to the town council in 1879 and served as an alderman for 12 terms. He was involved with the Liberal Party of Canada and became a friend of Sir Wilfrid Laurier. He was appointed to the Canadian Senate in 1900 representing the senatorial division of Brockville, Ontario. He served until his death in 1905.

        George Taylor Fulford is reported to be the first Canadian fatal automobile accident victim on record.

        He was on a trip in Newton, Massachusetts with his business associate W. T. Hanson and their wives, when the chauffeur-driven car the men were riding in was sideswiped by a streetcar.

        Fulford died two days later, on October 15, 1905, at age fifty-three. His widow never remarried.

        Fulford was a philanthropist, giving considerable donations to institutions such as the Brockville Rowing Club, the Wall Street Methodist Church, the Brockville General Hospital, and the YMCA; in his will, he left a large sum of money to establish a home for indigent women.


        His great-grandson, Benjamin Fulford, former journalist for Forbes magazine in Japan, believes he was murdered in a conspiracy by the Rockefeller family (who made millions with Standard Oil) because he was going to fund Nikola Tesla’s research into Free Energy.

        The driver, it is alleged who caused the fatal collision (but himself survived) had been given one weeks notice at the time of the crash.

      2. Pat,

        Thanks! I suspected this story was too good to be true, but I couldn’t be sure.

        So it’s a kind of “satire”, is it?

      3. Darlington –

        It is NOT satire, from what I have read of him over the last decade or so.

        Fulford seems to be on a mission to share the stage with other outlandish BS artists on the web.

        Needs attention. Poor little rich kid, with nothing better to do than interview David Rockefeller in his hotel suite a few years back.


      4. @ Pat

        OK Pat, I’ll take your word for it. If it’s NOT “satire”, it has to be disinfo. But he must be an idiot to spread such crap around, knowing that no other site will confirm his story.

      5. A kid named Fulford shared some classes at my high school and he told me about a sleazebag journalist in his family but he may have been named Rob Fulford.
        I guess they proliferate back there … just looked it up, yes indeed they proliferate … National Post, as Talmudist a rag as ever saw the light of day.

      6. I knew Ben Fulford is a Cuck, but didn’t know he’s also a Canuck. Thanks Pat. Is there nothing you don’t know?

        What’s your take on the latest Canuck who’s gaining a large “truther” following and audience, namely Stefan Molynuex? Is he really a truther or even Canadian?

        I’ve been told that I speak like a “posh Canadian”, (with a sight British accent ’cause I’m highly educated, I suppose), but I can’t quite make out Molynuex’s accent: he’s also highly educated but his accent is neither Canadian nor posh.

      7. JFC –

        “What’s your take on the latest Canuck who’s gaining a large “truther” following and audience, namely Stefan Molynuex? Is he really a truther or even Canadian?”

        I never heard of him until you mentioned him.
        A quick search showed he was born in Ireland and moved to Canada at age 12.
        He was educated in Canada’s colleges. He has his own site, of course.
        That is all I can add. Not much. You knew more already.

        My guess is that if he were really telling the whole ‘truth’ he would lose his site…. or life…. or both. Like Edgar Steele.

  15. In other news…
    Dutch board says Russian-made missile downed MH17 …
    Russia was most definitely the side that launched the missile which brought down the passenger jet over eastern Ukraine in July 2014, experts said today.. hmm i wonder i wonder ..

    Also, while Civil defense forces search for survivors under the rubble of a site reportedly hit by cluster bombs dropped by Russian warplanes in Idlib,
    Syrian troops (allied to bashar assad) battle opposition for northern villages
    and deadly clashes continue between government forces and opposition fighters for villages in Hama province. Where are the russian soldiers? oh wait they dont climb down from their planes.. ok ..they only fire missiles that bring down passenger jets and throw cluster bombs on civilians in Idlib.. Russians are starting to look like the WASP …kill first ask questions later…
    and while, according to the cnn, Afghans fear the rising influence of Taliban i wonder …Where is the Russian legacy up there? they killed all those people in afghanistan and then left but now the taliban are back… is Russia going back there now? i doubt it. Not ground forces!
    The head of Syria’s Al-Qaeda affiliate has issued bounties worth millions of dollars for the killing of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the head of Shiite militant group Hezbollah. In a voice recording released late Monday, head of Al-Nusra Front Abu Mohamed al-Golani said he would pay “three million euros ($3.4 million) for anyone who can kill Bashar al-Assad and end his story”.
    “How long must Muslims delay their rights and shed their blood for a man who loves his power?” he asked.
    and last but not least…

    i´ll leave this one for later..its a surprise, but i will give you a hint .. it concerns the Iranians at Darkmoon and other places in the web who disguise as white people

    1. “Russia disputed the findings of the inquiry, with the Russian missile maker Almaz-Antey dismissing the results of the report.

      According to Yan Novikov, the director of Almaz-Antey, the company has conducted its own probe into the incident and the results of “the experiment completely dispute the conclusions of the Dutch commission about the type of the rocket and the launch site.”

      Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov has also denounced the Dutch report as biased.

      “It’s a source of regret that, despite all Russia’s repeated and lengthy attempts to organize the investigation in such a way that it is comprehensive and unbiased, and for it to consider all the information we have … there is an obvious attempt to draw a biased conclusion, and carry out political orders,” he was quoted as saying by Russian news agencies.

      Russia says Ukrainian forces had downed the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777.

  16. Here we go again. The false good east vs bad west, Jew narrative is being promoted and taking hold.

    For god’s sakes are you bored or simply in need of publishing crap to keep the idiots coming back?

    Since the “Jews” control not only western central banking systems but also eastern central banking systems, how on God’s green earth can DM continually promote this Jew dialectic which is indispensable toward engineering the world wide clash of tribes, races, nations and cultures?

    All one needs to do is understand that the “Jews” control the 3 City States and through them the nations of the planet and once this is understood (which is sooo simple) each news report whether it is in America or anywhere else can be seen for what it is; FALSE PROPAGANDA in service of the “Jews” Zionist bid to the rule planet, based on their race, out of “Israel”

    For f-cks sake people. Wake up and smell the burnt toast.

    1. @ Tyron. “For god’s sakes are you bored or simply in need of publishing crap to keep the idiots coming back?” Good question.

      “As described in Orwell’s Animal Farm, when it became almost impossible to tell the pigs from the men, it is now becoming increasingly difficult to detect any substantive differences between the ruling elites of Russia, China, the EU, and the United States. And, as the EU and the United States adopt more socialist policies and police-state measures, there is less and less distinction between our societies and the one ruled over by Putin and his Kremlin cronies.”

      “Putin now openly cooperates with the highest echelons of the globalist establishment in the West. Last year, for example, Bloomberg reported on some of the myriad links between Putin’s government and Goldman Sachs, one of the premier globalist banking institutions listed as a corporate “founder” of the CFR. Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein also served on Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev’s “advisory committee.”

      1. R,O.

        “And, as the EU and the United States adopt more socialist policies and police-state measures, there is less and less distinction between our societies and the one ruled over by Putin and his Kremlin cronies.”

        Exactly. The game at the top is ALL rigged for public consumption. There is little difference between the average white Russian, Eastern,Western European, those of the UK,Colonies and America and even less difference between all of the traitor leaders they find over them. What all of us have experienced is a break down in our basic Christian freedoms, social order, corporate and individual morality etc. The international politics scene is just that, poli-ticks (multiple blood sucking creatures) giving us their dog and pony show.

        Have people forgot that thoroughly Christian America was secretly ruled by the “Jews” as far back as 1913? Why is it so darn heard to realize that Russia is STILL controlled by the City of London Corp even though they have adopted Paleo American political norms/principals as they socially returned to Orthodox Christianity?

        Come on people! This isn’t brain surgery for crying out loud.

        There are so many excuses made for Putin as if he is some type of Jesus Christ incarnate. It’s seriously, quite sickening.

        I’m beginning to get a little frustrated with the white nationalists as well. Many on the “far” right idealize Hitler in the same fashion as they do now Putin. This is because so many of them refuse to acknowledge that Putin, like Hitler before him, was simply playing a role for the elite “Jews” of the “Crown”. The proof of this being the case with Hitler is overwhelming and look how many truths he spoke?

        Here is an article worth reading about Putin as I charge you to NEVER forget that Russia is a Corporation entity like US/DC and they have a central bank just like the “Federal Reserve” controlled by the same people as America’s is.



        “Rivero openly admits that his paternal ancestors were Sephardic Jews but claims they converted to Christianity centuries ago.”

        While I know that some people may have some “Jew” in them and are true believers, they ought to also realize that when the Sephardic (Esau “Jews”) “converted” they did so to infiltrate Christianity. This started in 1490-91, just a year before the Queen of Spain gave the “Jews” a choice; convert or be expelled. The first “converts” formed the Jesuits which is the English version of the word Yeshu-ites (Yeshu being a derogatory term for white Jesus meaning “may his name be blotted out forever”.) These “Jews” who “converted” were instructed to do so by their Chief Rabbis to bring white Christendom (Jacob/Israel) down from within. Those who didn’t “convert” left Spain, like those who set sail with Columbus after he secured a load of money from Isabella to find the “New World”. Why did the “Jews” go with him? These “Jews” were looking for a new place to set up their international slave trading empire. When they landed in the Caribbean, immediately they set about raping, murdering and enslaving the savage, cannibalistic Indians, eventually erecting massive slave plantations from the Caribbean to the tip of South America were they would eventually send 95% of the black slaves they bought off of black slave masters in Africa.

    2. @ Tyron. “While I know that some people may have some “Jew” in them and are true believers, they ought to also realize that when the Sephardic (Esau “Jews”) “converted” they did so to infiltrate Christianity. This started in 1490-91, just a year before the Queen of Spain gave the “Jews” a choice; convert or be expelled.”

      Well said. I put up this link a couple of days ago.

      Interesting part of a lecture by Dr. Robert Maryks on his “The Jesuit Order as a Synagogue of Jews: Jesuits of Jewish Ancestry and Purity-of-Blood Laws in the Early Society of Jesus”. February 24, 2010, at the Boston College.

      Robert Maryks is Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Jesuit Studies & Series of Jesuit Studies (Brill).


      And regarding Rivero. He denies geo-engineering and from what I can ascertain obfuscates about the Holohoax.

      1. RO –

        See him and hear his own words…. during his show on video.

        Rivero on Holohoax:

        Holocaust Denier & Genocide: “US is Anti-Semite!”
        Published on Mar 6, 2012

        “It is a misnomer to say “Holocaust Denier.” Nobody denies some horrible things happened during that time in history… what we would like is an accurate picture. We’re not necessarily revisionists, we want a more accurate picture of the history that actually did happen, not just the accumulation of 60 years of propaganda piled onto us by Hollywood and the corporate media, that’s what we want… we want the truth.” – Rivero


      2. Red Onions,
        I downloaded that book in pdf format, Jesuits of Jewish Ancestry and Purity-of-Blood Laws in the Early Society of Jesus
        It is interesting indeed.
        And guess what.
        It proves the exact opposite of what seems to be intimated here, namely, that Jesuits are some sort of crypto-Jew order.
        Let’s go thru it step by step, quite obvious within the first couple of pages.

        First, the author, Maryks is a Jew (quite obvious from the name)
        The publisher is Spertus Institute for Jewish Learning and Leadership.

        Secondly, and I quote

        Robert Maryks examines the evolution of discriminatory purity-of-blood laws within the Jesuit Order beginning at the end of the sixteenth century (legally by the Fifth General Congregation in 1593). In contextualizing this development, Maryks offers a useful background that examines the experience of conversos from the late fourteenth until the middle of the sixteenth century in Spain, with special attention to the purity-of-blood laws and the broader anti-converso politics of the period.

        So, once more we hear about poor, suffering Jew – what else would a Jew write about.

        attention to the purity-of-blood statutes of Archbishop Silíceo and the defense of those statutes by the judge, bishop, and inquisitor Diego de Simancas

        What I always contended, that the Inquisition’s main aim was neither prosecution of regular Jews out in the open or even less of Muslims but rooting out these marranos in the Christian midst.
        Please try to understand that, Isabella+Ferdinand were fully aware of the danger of these secret agents and infiltrators.

        The increasing concern with purity of blood and the growth of anti-converso sensibilities throw into sharp contrast the obser-vation that Christians of Jewish ancestry played prominent roles in the first generations of the Order and the initial anti-discriminatory approach of the Jesuits

        So yes, initially they played an important role but once the purge started, it was game over – after all, they were all celibate and produced no offspring.
        So that in fact, Jesuits are totally Judenfrei and thus greatly feared by the Protocol Elders.
        Because these early converso Jesuits taught the society a slew of Jew tricks – and were then booted out, leaving behind a Jew-free organization of intelectuals who had a good notion of what the Jew was on about and how to fight back.
        Think about that – after all, this was my suspicion all along and now I get an unintended confirmation from a Jew expert.

      3. @lobro

        What’s the old saying about Catholic Orders?

        Dominicans BELIEVE in God
        Jesuits THINK they’re God

        An exaggeration, and this isn’t to suggest Jesuits to be “crypto-jews”, per se. But doesn’t this cross over to asking, what makes a jew a jew in defining “crypto”? What are the practical realities involved? The ramifications for a general environment of misunderstanding?

        I’d say the Jesuit brand of Christianity has a touch of arrogance to it, as in being pushy in imposing their belief system. Although as with most Christian branches there ARE positive attributes to be found in the “Society of Jesus”.

        But as you well know, when it comes to you-know-who, it’s all about infiltration and opportunism – those who use this to their advantage, however they will with such things as blurring distinctions by assigning to Christ that which miscomprehends who and what He is.

        Thus breeds “Christianity”.

      4. R.O

        Go figure…. lol

        Thanks Wiggins. Very kind and gracious


        Instead of trying to obfustace the matter, try and deny that the Jesuits weren’t founded by “Jew” Sephardi and that they aren’t a military order dedicated to “blotting his name out forever” dickweed…..

      5. @ Pat. My reply and your response was deleted. For the record Pat posted a video about Rivero being a Holocaust denier/questioner. Rivero does not mention gas chambers. He does not talk about the 6 million lie and the reduction of number at Auschwitz.

      6. @ Red Onions

        The fact that Rivero doesn’t mention the gas chambers or the six million figure does not make him an enemy. Kevin MacDonald makes no reference to the gas chambers either, nor does he ever discuss the six million figure. Does that make Kevin MacDonald a secret agent of the Jews?

        Comments are sometimes deleted if they are thought to be unfair or if they launch needless attacks on the writers we publish in good faith.

        You are an excellent commenter and are doing pretty well if 99% of your comments are published.

      7. Tyron,
        I challenge you to prove your contention that
        Jesuits were founded by Jews, and
        they are dedicated to “blotting his name out forever”.
        I say that neither claim is true and in particular, the second statement is a product of your twisted, diseased mind.
        That your naturally constricted, hate packed brain is unable to follow rules of evidence is by no means surprising and I am uninterested in converting you to sanity, having witnessed enough of your deranged rants on previous occasions, my reply is for the benefit of others who may be playing with a full deck.
        For the purpose of short reply, all one needs is to actually READ the material that you use to “establish” your case, something you obviously never felt compelled to do.

        Moreover, your own link establishes in no uncertain terms that the Jesuit order has kept itself scrupulously free of Jews over the last 400 years.
        Over that period they maintained a high degree og education and intellectual excellence (I happen to know at least 4 Jesuits from Chicago area, either at Notre Dame, Loyola or University of Chicago and each has at least one doctorate, two have multiple degrees and every one is highly aware of Judaic threat to the world).
        Their schools produced some of the sharpest, most nationalistic thinkers among state leaders, who steered their nations away from Talmud control, sadly in short supply today – witness the downward spiral of France after Chirac.

        Finally, let’s go to the Protocols themselves, which state unequivocally that the last gentile institution with skill and wisdom to counteract the diabolical plan are precisely the Jesuit order.
        If you are too lazy or backward to read the Protocols and understand them, I can dig out that reference for everyone to see.
        However much you think yourself a Jew fighter, you are a joke, your mind warped beyond salvage, undoubtedly result of defenseless submission to Kabbalah witchcraft beamed at you and your brain damaged compatriots, honorable exceptions aside, the ones able to asses incontrovertible evidence in a direct, logical way.
        You are a Ziochristan and don’t even know it.

        Dickweed …

      8. Lobro

        I DENY you the right to determine the validity of the evidence presented before and now. You can make that judgment for yourself, but that act doesn’t automatically constitute the truth of the matter. One who basis the validity of their argument on another having to “prove it to them” is actively assuming the false position of infallibility. So sorry dickweed, it’s you who’s delusional, a product of your talmudically poisoned, twisted, diseased mind.

        “In the early 1530’s, the letter “J” developed, causing a tail on proper names beginning with the letter i and words used at the beginning of sentences. The J is really the letter IOTA. Many European languages pronounce J as the letter i or Y sound.”

        In the Talmud, Jesus/Yahushua is called Yeshu

        “YESHU is an rabbinical acronym meaning “may his name be blotted out,”


        List and Bios of Jewish Jesuits including Ignatola, the Jew founder of the first Jesuit (Yeshu-it) order in.Interesting that the letter J was now put in place of the letter Y only 4 years before the formation of one of the first Jesuit orders (1490-91/1534/1540).





        The current Pope is the FIRST Jesuit pope.


        The Popes Seal is 666


        He is a Marxist, Communist who bows to Jewesses, covering his cross not to offend Satan’s Chosen and I’d bet (although I don’t have proof yet) that he too is a crypto “Jew”.


        Jesuit oath


        “Adam Weishaupt was a (Jewish) Jesuit-trained professor of canon law…It was in 1770 that the professional money-lenders, the then recently organized House of Rothschild, retained him to revise and modernize the age-old protocols of Zionism, which from the outset, was designed to give the “Synagogue of Satan”, so named by Jesus Christ [and who are “them which say they are Jews and are not” – Revelation /Apocalypse 2:9], ultimate world-domination so they could impose the luciferian ideology upon what would remain of the human-race after the final social-cataclysm by use of satanic despotism.”


        Of course Lobro, a Jew Jesuit would never be part of the penning of the Protocols inserting a line that might throw off someone opposed to them who might read their plans, huh? I mean, it’s not like the Talmud or something does this is a matter of normalcy.

        What was I thinking? Oh yea, I never denied being a Zionist. A Zionist is name given to one in competition in the controversy of Zion. I am, admittedly, but I’m not a Esau /Ashkenaz fake “Jew-Israeite”” Zionist, but rather their worst nightmare; a white/European true ethnic Israelite/Judaite believer in Jesus Christ Zionist from Jacob’s loins.

      9. @ Lobro “So yes, initially they (jews) played an important role but once the purge started, it was game over – after all, they were all celibate and produced no offspring.”

        I disagree. Dutch and Spanish Jews financed the Jesuits in their early history, and although I cannot prove it, I would bet jews finance jesuits today. Look how many “Black Popes” have been Spanish and Dutch Nationals. How I would like the Ancestry sites to include the mother’s names of recent Black Popes. The following quote is from the jewish Tablet.

        “The New Christian “infiltration” of the Jesuits was sure to lead to a backlash, and in 1593 the society decreed that no one with any known Jewish ancestry was allowed to join, an adumbration of what in United States racial history would come to be known as the “One Drop Rule.” The 1593 decree was only slightly liberalized in 1608, with the new rule limiting the restriction on Jewish ancestry to the fifth generation. Incredible as it may seem, this racial restriction would BE ONLY REVOKED IN 1946 (ALTHOUGH THERE IS EVIDENCE IT HAD NOT BEEN ENFORCED FOR QUITE SOME TIME).” End quote

        The question is what is that evidence and if the jewish “racial” restriction was revoked in 1946, how many Talmudic Jews are currently serving in the Jesuit Order? And how many Jewish white and black Popes have been in power since then?

        Please no more moderation.

      10. Lobro and all others that want to understand the Jewish system over us.

        Before reading this I want you all to know I have debated “Judge Anna”, corresponding with her in over 100 emails. I take absolutely no issue with what she lays out as to the real victims nor the history of the “legal” criminality that is presently over us from the 3 City States, but having you understand that, one must also understand a couple other things in order to get a clear picture of the “Jewish” matrix.

        1. US/DC and all State,County, Municipal Corps are not our real/legit, lawful Government(s) and all Corporation Governments the world over and their central banks are owned directly or indirectly by the “Jews” of the City of London Corp.
        2..City of London Corp “Jews” own the IMF and the IMF is the present day US/DC Corp.
        3.Vatican City is a Corp also and was/is the trustee with the Common Law English Crown of our original and now present Corporation service Companies and our lawful form of Common/Natural/Christian law Government(s) that have been put to sleep.
        4.The Common Law English Crown (Modern Throne of David) has been usurped by the “Jews” through breeding as has the Vatican City Corp through “Jewish” infiltration into their ranks for centuries.

        Lastly, I do not trust “Judge Anna” or the Jesuit Pope. For while the former tells the truth about the history of the enslavement and rape of native white Americans, the later pretends to remedy the situation as Anna then gives the absolute WRONG solution to our mutual dilemma.

        This is the indelible mark of an opposition control agent

        Here “Judge” Anna Maria Wilhelmina Hanna Sophia: Riezinger-von Reitzenstein von Lettow, private attorney and council to the Pope, responding to the Archbishop of Chicago, Cardinal Francis Eugene George.

        You would be wise to learn the truth of our legal fiction enslavement for in understanding it, one also comes to know one of the major reasons why whites/Europeans-Christians are targeted for genocide by the “Jews”; no one owes a dead man/people.


  17. Lobro , your response is ridiculous to say the least ! Preaching to the choir accomplishes WHAT ? I am not the only one who can see through this ! My comments are for those who DO NOT KNOW ! This site speaks of FREE SPEECH and then censors ? I have posted 8 comments in the last week and the only 1 published is the 1 you just read and NONE were offensive in ANY way ! That is why they have published the comment above ! If I am a liar or lunatic then why not publish and allow me to make a fool of myself therefor proving their and your point ! Because I have struck at the ROOT of the weed and not the branch !

    1. @ Carl

      Can you explain why you are so keen to post comments here when you have already stated that this site is controlled by the Illuminati and aliens from Outer Space?

      If that’s what you really think, Carl, wouldn’t it be safer to stay away?

      1. Darlington , alien and illuminati ? Who said that ? Not me ! Do you ever watch tv ? I quit 12 years ago , but that is controlled opposition ! Are you writing to the tv stations to complain ? I doubt it ! Stick with ANYTHING I have EVER said on this site and I will give you a credible answer ! There are at times those on tv who tell the truth and KNOW the tv is controlled opposition – i.e. the fire fighters and police on 911 and Oklahoma City for instance ! What do you think now ? Putting me down causes me no harm and only shows me more and more that I am right or at least pretty damn close ! Well ?

    2. Carl, I hate having to go thru the same reasoning again and again, because it doesn’t change.

      If this is indeed a controlled opposition site as you assert, then it makes no sense for them to allow you to expose them.
      Because if they did, it would only prove the opposite of your contention – and in fact they allowed at least one of your comments denigrating them to be published.
      Why would they then go on and let you plug the board with 8 such comments?

      Is this deductive chain really that hard to comprehend?
      You painted yourself in a corner, simple as that.

      As for preaching to the choir, I hear these caveats every so often.
      Does a choir run around to perform for random passersby on the street, including the deaf?
      No, they stand in some corner and go about their business and if someone comes along, never having heard such music says, hey, I like this, cool stuff! then they’ve won over another listener.
      Again, simple.

      You are welcome to try posting at say, Pamela Geller’s Atlas Shrugs and see where it gets you – in fact, I invite everyone to take a look at it at least once.
      Tell her that Darkmoon is a lousy controlled opposition site and you may actually get some agreement.

      1. @ Lobro

        Lobro , this is WHY you do not understand ANYTHING ! Read it AGAIN I posted 8 comments in the last week and the ONLY 1 published is the one you refer to ! DUH ! As I said this site speaks of FREE SPEECH for Arthur in Canada and then does NOT publish my 8 comments which are NOT offensive in ANY way except if you are a NON Biblical believer ! Just read the HEADLINES of the articles posted and if you KNOW what is going on in this world you would agree with me ! If they are NOT controlled opposition then they know NOT what is happening in this world as I think YOU do NOT !

        Example – Russia is a SAVIOR of us ! Anyone who believes that BULLSHIT I will sell you ocean front PRIME property in Arizona for a dollar ! What is wrong with you people ?

        I am not too smart and I figured it out over 30 years ago !

        If a country has a central bank it is CONTROLLED by the SAME people as ALL who have a central bank ! No mater if democratic , communist , royal or what the hell ever ! Their are a million splinter groups committing evil but it ALL boils down to 2 entities – Jews and Jesuits ! AND THAT IS A FACT JACK ! As far as me commenting and putting out my e-mail and iIP address ! What do YOU believe in ? Let the powers of this world be DAMMED and let the chips fall where they may ! MY God the God of Abraham , Issac and Jacob will protect me UNTIL HE is finished with me and if HE is for me WHO can stand against me ?

        ALL will decide SOON who”s side they are on and it will NOT happen in a vacuum ! Stand up and be counted ! If you wish to save your life YOU will lose it ! If you are a coward or TRAITOR to hell with YOU ! Make up your mind !

        All sites on this web who stood for what is RIGHT have and are going down as we speak ! Many sites that have spoken as I have are shut down and the owners are in jail or DEAD , and NOT of natural causes ! So YOU make up your own mind and as I said if I struck NOT a nerve then why not publish ALL comments ! AS for ME there is NOTHING you can say to offend me as the truth will find its home !

        NO SCRIPTURE WILL COME BACK TO THE FATHER VOID AS IT WILL ACCOMPLISH WHAT HE SENT IT OUT FOR ! You can love or you can hate me, but what I am saying about scripture is what is going on in this world !

        If I am stating my opinion I will say so ! I do not KNOW EVERYTHING for sure but who is who in this world is easy ! Like Henry Ford said of the Protocols , they fit what has gone on and they fit NOW !

  18. I say thank God for Michael Rivero. I realize the irony of saying this because Michael has some deep ambivalence about religion if not downright hostility (at times); but he has a terrific web magazine with cutting edge material every single day!! We need exactly this kind of journalism to get us through the fog of foggy bottom, the anti-depressants these people are on…never occurred to me but it could be really weird up there at the top, the pure delusion of our leadership….and the pure ugliness of our current shadow elite. If ever the fog clears enough for us to see what is really going on without doubt I’m sure it will be the top story on Michael Rivero’s web page before it is anywhere else. Keep up the great work! You have integrity and I really respect you.

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