Nasrallah praises Iran, trashes Israel as ultimate terrorist state

Comparing Israel to a “cancerous tumour”, Hezbollah leader Nasrallah praises Iran for refusing to recognize Israel’s “right to exist”.

This transcript of a recent speech by Hassan Nasrallah comes from this source. The translation is so bad and repetitive, however, that I have felt the need to edit and abbreviate the text slightly in the interests of clarity. (Lasha Darkmoon) 


“Israel is terrorism in essence, the source of all terrorism in the Middle East!” — Hassan Nasrallah

During a recent conference of the Israeli High Command, the impudence of the Israelis went so far as to call for an Arab-Israeli alliance to confront terrorism. Imagine that! Israel calling for an Arab-Israeli alliance to confront Israeli terrorism!

What is terrorism for the Israelis? Terrorism for the Israelis is Iran and the Resistance movements to Israel.

Now, so that the imposture not be too blatant, they put Daech (the Islamic State) with us. But of course they did not include the Al-Nusra Front, or Al-Qaeda or other movements like Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis, or Boko Haram or… or… or…

So this hypocrite Israel claims it shows solidarity with Egypt in the Sinai, and it incites the conflict between Egypt and the Gaza Strip, especially with the Hamas movement.

In Syria, Israel presents itself as the protector of the Druze, while it fully supports the Al-Nusra Front and arms takfiri groups that threaten all Syrians, not just the Druze.

This is pure hypocrisy. It is blatant hypocrisy and deception!

But regardless of the details, Israel that is the mother of terrorism, the source of terrorism, the terrorist country, the entity that was founded by a terrorist organisation, and, to use philosophical concepts, the only state whose very essence is terrorism, whose nature is terrorism, this is the Israel that tries to present itself as fighting against terrorism!


Do you see what times we are in?

It was Israel that just a year ago waged the most merciless war and perpetrated the most heinous war crimes in Gaza . The reports of international institutions at all times exonerated Israel, but failed to conceal the truth: the number of women and children killed by Israel, the number of houses destroyed, all the blood of Gaza civilians that Israel spilt. Having done all that, Israel still dares to present itself as a civilized country. It claims to be part of a project or axis fighting against terrorism. Of course, this is the height of impudence.

We must be careful not to mislead ourselves, because unfortunately there are people who may sometimes, because of the impact of terrorism on them, say “What do I care about Israel? My priority is: is this terrorism attacking me personally!” The existing takfiri terrorism today is among the major adversities faced by our Muslim community. Because these terrorists do not fight on a political basis, or for a political project, but on the basis of religious or sectarian affiliations. All the killings currently taking place throughout the region are committed on this basis, and not on a political basis, or for a valid political struggle.

Well, the final point to prove that Israel is our enemy, who exactly does Israel consider to be a threat? Who according to Israel is a threat? There is only one country which represents a threat for Israel: after what happened in Syria, Syria was removed from the list of threats.

All that remains is — Iran! The Islamic Republic of Iran!

That is why we have seen, during the Israeli conference of Herzliya, before and after, that the spirit of Israel is completely obsessed and captured by Iran, by the Islamic Republic: by its nuclear program, the development of its ballistic capacity, its economy, its democracy, the support of its people for its leaders, the health of its leaders and the health of the country… For everything related to Iran, one can see Israel pay full attention to that, and to work on it incessantly, both inside and outside of Iran and at all international forums.

The only target for Israel is the Islamic Republic of Iran, and with it, the Resistance movements.  

As for Israel, despite all our consideration and our respect for the Resistance movements and for ourselves (there is no harm if we manifest our respect for ourselves!), the Resistance movements have not reached the stage where they are, from Israel’s point of view, an existential danger.

It is not shameful to speak the truth, and that is the truth.

Yes, the Resistance movements now represent a strategic danger, but they have not reached the point of representing an existential threat to Israel.

Today, on the whole of the face of the Earth, the only state, the only entity, the only thing that is considered by Israel as an existential danger to them is the Islamic Republic of Iran. These are obvious and undeniable truths. If someone claims things are different, let him come and explain his analysis to us.

And this is why Israel incites the entire world against Iran: the United States, Congress… Netanyahu is ready to ruin his relations with the White House by urging Congress against Iran… Israel incites the Arabs against Iran… And many of these Arab regimes already have acquired a natural tendency to hate Iran, to be utterly hostile to Iran.This is the reality.

Question: If we calm ourselves a little—as Arabs, as Muslims, as Palestinians, as peoples of the region—and  if we relax a bit and calmly reflect—away from the bullets, the suffering, the screaming, the problems and the Arab channels—and if we ask ourselves seriously: Why? Why Israel … in all the Arab and Islamic world, worldwide, with its billion and a half Muslims, its states, its armies, its peoples, why is it that Israel fears no one, cares about no one, does not pay attention to anyone— except Iran?

Why Iran?

Should we not pose this question on the occasion of the International Day of Al-Quds (Jerusalem)? Why this total hostility against Iran on the part of the Zionists? Why do we see nothing of this sensitivity, this preoccupation, this anxiety, this fear, this precaution on the part of Israel with regard to Saudi Arabia? Or in respect to any other Arab regime? So it is a logical and natural question: why do they hate and fear Iran so much?

Today, at this very moment, the Arab countries and the Arab armies buy billions of dollars of aircraft, missiles, artillery, anti-tank weapons, long-range missiles… Israel does not care in the least about this!  Because there is a certainty, a confidence, a guarantee, not just a written commitment: they have absolute confidence and certainty in this official Arab mentality, and these official Arab regimes, to the point of having no need for guarantees or written commitments.

And experience is the best proof: for 67 years, what have the Arabs done, most of them? In short, because Israel knows with certainty that the official Arab regimes have sold them Palestine, Al-Quds (Jerusalem) and the Palestinian people. And the proof is what happened 67 years years ago and is going on to this day.

Well, this year, they paid a visit to Gaza: have Gazan homes been rebuilt? What is the situation of the wounded of Gaza? Where is the blockade of Gaza? How are the people of Gaza?

If a small portion of the billions of dollars being spent on the war against Yemen, the war against Syria, the war against Iraq and the repression of these populations, was spent on Gaza, would we not today have Gaza in a more acceptable situation?

Are not the people of Gaza a part of Palestine? Are they not part of our Islamic community?

And forgive me for expressing myself again like this, but today we are forced to speak in these terms, are not the Palestinians a part of the Sunni community? Are they not Muslims who fast and pray? Why have they been abandoned? Because there is an official Arab decision to sell Palestine to Israel. Palestine has no existence for these Arabs. And the Palestinians are subjected to torture, and to live in ruins, because of these Arabs who care nothing for Palestine!

Who then still carries the flag of the Palestinian cause? Only Iran! I do not say this to praise Iran, but to come to a stance. I request that a stance is taken. Iran is the only country that continues to carry the flag, to face the enemy—Israel!—and refuses to recognise the official existence of this ‘entity’ Israel!

You will remember that Netanyahu insisted that the agreement should include the recognition of the existence of Israel by Iran. And I tell you this: if the entire nuclear dossier should be closed down, and Iran be given everything it wanted on the nuclear issue, including what she did not even dare to dream, Iran would never accept this clause—that Israel be officially recognized—because to do so would be for Iran to betray its own religion—to turn its back on Islam! The Iranians themselves know this!

Iran continues to face its enemy today. It is Iran that supports the Axis of Resistance: its states, its peoples, its countries. It does this politically, morally, materially, financially, in terms of arms. It does this openly. In broad daylight. And this is something that no other country in the region has the courage to do. Despite the severe sanctions Iran has had to suffer for over 30 years, despite the threat of permanent war and the bombing of its facilities, Iran has stood firm. And so Iran continues to remain the only serious threat to the continued existence of Israel.

On this International Day of Al-Quds (Jerusalem), allow me to speak frankly with all you Muslims, Christians, Arabs, Palestinians, and those in the Resistance movements who support the principle of Palestine: you cannot be with Palestine except by standing alongside the Islamic Republic of Iran! And if you are the enemies of the Islamic Republic of Iran, then you are the enemies of Palestine also! You are the enemies Al-Quds—the enemies of Jerusalem!

These are not empty slogans.

The only hope remaining after God, the Exalted and Most High, to get back Palestine and Jerusalem from the Israeli occupiers of their stolen land, is through this Islamic Republic of Iran—for it is Iran, and Iran alone of all the Muslim countries in the world, that has remained faithful to Palestine!—faithful in its unflinching support for Palestine and its cruelly oppressed people!

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  1. Excellent article. Not a single word is untrue. Note too, the reprehensible behaviour of Saudi Arabia and other States, all running dogs of the Jews and the Jew United States. However, one thing that history teaches us is that no occupation lasts forever. Remember a hundred years ago Britain’s empire spanned the globe. Where is it now?
    Almost gone, except for a few little isles, here and there. At the moment Israel and it’s colony the Jew United States appear omnipotent and supreme. I predict that within the next 10 to 20 years it will not be so.

    1. Hope you’re right. Kissinger gave Israel 10 years too. Realistically speaking, I can’t see it happening quite so soon. Not because of Israel but because of the entrenched power of the Jews within the US and, to a lesser extent, in Europe.

      The tide will have to turn first in the US. Jewish power needs to be smashed in the US before any dissolution of the state of Israel. AIPAC will have to have its wings clipped. Above all, the media and Hollywood will have to be taken out of the hands of the Jews and the American populace awakened from their long sleep and exposed to the shocking truths of the Holocaust and 9/11.

      Remember, too, the Rothschild banking system and the Federal Reserve and Jewish Wall Street. All these will have to receive their comeuppance before the state of Israel withers and dies.

      Unfortunately, I feel there’s a long road ahead … and many twists and turns on the way.


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        Feel free to give us your views on this subject.

        We are not against off-topic comments in moderation, especially by genuine posters who are serious and on-target most of the time. But ask yourself why you are here in the first place: is it to discuss the serious issues of the day or to tell us the length of your penis and what you had for breakfast?

      2. LD,
        I remember back in 1984 talking to a German diplomat about the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan and I remember him saying that where ever the Red Army sets foot it stays. Six years later the USSR was no more. Sometimes when a country, or empire looks omnipotent is actually when it’s at its weakest. The actions of the US in recent years are not those of a strong, confident country, but rather a weak, terrified entity. Remember the old adage:
        “Empty vessels make the most sound.” Back in the 50’s and 60’s when the States were a real, confident power they never indulged in the bluster and braggadocio we see today. Neither were they so arrogant as they are now.
        So, hopefully it will happen sooner than either of us think.

      3. I too hope for the Jews to be stripped of their power and the disappearance of Israel or its weakening and it forced to be a normal country, but I am also skeptical. On the one hand the USA does appear to be in decline, but it could take a long time before it can no longer threaten to destroy every other country in the world (often on Israel’s behalf) and although the decline of the USA would be a huge hit to Jewish power, I’m not sure that would be the end of it.

        I believe the British Empire was destroyed because it was dispensable to Jews and they had a more important priority, the destruction of Germany. Winston Churchill was being funded by Jews (see David Irving’s fascinating speech “Churchill’s War” on youtube) when he was having financial difficulties. He was never a friend of the Germans, but Hitler wanted peace with England, good terms with England and even an alliance with England and desired no war with the west whatsoever. Despite this, Churchill picked a fight with Germany, knowing full well it would destroy the British Empire. In May / June 1940 the British and French armies were routed by Germany and thrown into the English Channel after six weeks of fighting. The British were broke. They continued the fight alone while Churchill and International Jewry did their best to pull the USA into the war.

        In June 1941 the Soviet-German war broke out and shortly afterwards one of the most powerful men in Germany, who was very close to Hitler made a dangerous solo flight to Scotland in the middle of the war and parachuted out of the plane he was flying to meet royalty in England that also desired peace. Instead of being greeted as a friend, Churchill threw him in jail for the rest of his life until he died in 1987. Churchill had rejected a peace offer from the Germans again.

        The reason for this David Irving explains, was after taking Jewish money he had to make war on Germany. That was the deal. But when England was bankrupted and smashed, he was forced to consider Germany’s peace offer, but he rejected it because if he had taken it, he would be viewed again as an incompetent failure. Before WW II, Churchill did not have a good reputation. He was in charge of the Gallipoli campaign in WW I which was a major defeat for the British. Turkey routed them. That was what he was known for. If he made peace with Germany, he felt his reputation would be further damaged. So instead, he destroyed Germany, his own empire and Europe. But f not for the Jews, he and England would never have been put in this position.

        I don’t know where the Jews will move next, but they will try and gain a stranglehold in another powerful country if the US loses it’s power. Whether it’s Germany, Russia, Great Britain, France or wherever, they just move somewhere else, change their names and start again. But I don’t know whose graces they can ingratiate themselves into next. I suspect it will be China where they are already active fighting any negative publicity against them and working for only good media coverage regarding themselves.

    2. Felix –

      “Remember a hundred years ago Britain’s empire spanned the globe. Where is it now?”

      Answer: Spanning the globe financially and electroniclly through London based NM Rothschild’s minions like BOE, HSBC, RBS, UBS, ICICI, Morgan, Goldman, Templeton, GAZPROMBANK, Sberbank Russia…etc… on and on everywhere.

      Military mostly needed to establish and keep banks intact…. and rebuild and refit infrastructures for electronic control.

      London has expanded by leaps and bounds through the internet.

      1. Pat,
        Sorry, Pat but I am afraid I must disagree with you on that. A hundred years ago the centre of the International Jewish financial conspiracy was London. From all the available evidence it is now centred in the US. We can infer from the inordinate influence of the US Fed and other New York based banks and hedge funds that operate from America and the power of the US Treasury Department that this is so!
        Britain, under Churchill delivered that country, lock, stock and barrel into Roosevelt’s thrall. May I suggest you read David Irving’s “Churchill’s War Volumes 1 and 2. Also A. K. Chesterton’s book, “The New Unhappy Lords,” You can download David Irving from David Irving is an excellent author and most definitely not a disinformation agent of the Jews. The Jews have subjected him to the most vicious and vile calumnies!
        Remember, as Peter said in a previous post, the Jews are like vampires, once they have drained a victim, they move on to richer pickings. Ask yourself, why would they base themselves in a mediocre country like the UK?

      2. Absolutely. This shouldn’t even need an explanation, but it does because if on a rare occasion the mainstream media discusses the collapse of the British Empire, they repeat the lies that Britain was defending itself against an attack from Germany and won’t mention that Germany repeatedly attempted to make peace with Britain. They won’t say the truth. WW II was started by Great Britain and France.

        In 1939 Europe led the world in everything. Science, engineering and the British Empire was the biggest land mass in the world. In 1945 Britain was broke and it’s empire broke up a few years later, beginning with India in 1948. Britain is now an economic basket case. A small island, no natural resources and a declining standard of living.

        People need to know why this is, but it’s hidden for good reason. That is why all the lies are necessary, including the phony “holocaust” – to justify Britain’s WW II policies. They destroyed the greatest continent and the greatest countries in the world. Germany was far ahead of the USA in science and engineering and Britain destroyed Europe which, would have led the world for another thousand years and handed everything over to the USA and Soviet Union.

      3. I think England still has a huge financial industry in London and that is just about all they have. All their real industries are gone, some owned by former colonies like India.

      4. Felix –

        I am glad you express disagreement with my guesses.

        Thanks for asking this:
        “Ask yourself, why would they base themselves in a mediocre country like the UK?”

        Since they did not consult me.. I have to guess… still.

        One reason is it has been established for hundreds of years. They are on familiar turf.
        Another it is closer to BIS headquarters, Basel, Switzerland, which leads other banks into IMF.
        And another is the Crown is close by, to sign document for the London bankers as ordered by the Red-Heads of the CITY.

        However… I guess… the biggest reason is:

        The people in London are disarmed..!!

      5. Peter –

        “….that is just about all they have.”

        YEP… and that’s enough..!!

        “Give me power to control currencies…”

      6. Re: “The people in London are disarmed..!!”

        So are the people in Jew York Shitty. Bloomberg made sure of it. But you’re right Pat, the head of the snake is still in the City, the square mile of London…which, btw, did you know is also the same size as the Forbidden City in Beijing? The plot thickens.

        The jews took down China in the 18th century, which was way ahead of Europe then. China in the 18th century was what Germany was in the 20th century: an advanced and powerful nation that had to be sucked dry and destroyed. America is the Jew’s current proxy superpower. But for how long? All signs indicate it is on its last legs.

        God help Americans, God help us all.

      7. “YEP… and that’s enough..!!” I would have thought it was clear I’m talking about Great Britain and the British people and not the Jewish minority. It is not enough for Great Britain. They lost their empire, they lost most of their industry, they lost all their power and their standard of living has dived. It may be enough for the wealthy Jewish minority. It’s not enough for the British people. If not for WW II, the USA and the USSR would not have taken over control of the world. That power would still reside in Europe, including Great Britain and they would still be wealthy and great. They are far from being either as a result of attacking Germany twice. They really should be called idiots and if someday they realize how they were duped into attacking Germany they will call themselves idiots.

      8. Unfortunately, a combination of envy of German greatness and Jewish war mongering was enough to get them to self destruct and destroy everyone else around them.

        John F. Kennedy

        ‘The Germans really are too good – therefore people have ganged up on them to protect themselves.’

        I’ll add I find nothing embarrassing about what he wrote. But that is why all the lies were and are still necessary – so the French and British people don’t ask “why did we attack Germany?”

    3. Unfortunately, the jew is not anchored to any state. If Israel is allowed to falter, Jews will still rule America and most of the formerly White west, as well as too much of the rest of the world.

      Their ultimate goal had been attained, and then taken from them!

      Bolsheviks were successful until thwarted by a wily nationalist. Most Jews have been pro “capitalist” and “anti-communist” ever since. Rather, as neocons and other varieties of slime, they became anti-Stalinst.

      Now their efforts are directed toward eastern Europe, especially Ukraine – part of their former Khazarian haunt. However, because of the internet MSM bypass, this fact is becoming increasingly known.

      CHAOS is the JEW SEED ► WAR is the JEW HARVEST

    4. Does anyone happen to know what percentage of the Palestinians are Christians? No statistics from Wikipedia will be given consideration . If your stats are from wiki, don’t bother to reply. Thank you, TROJ.

  2. Until the famous ‘Shah of Iran’ was deposed in the eighties, the United States had a good relationship with Iran. Now, it is as this Nasrallah says – we have morphed out of sound ‘politics’ into religious contentions. As the Jew further and stealthily assumed power in America, he has misdirected the scrutiny of otherwise pragmatic legislators by appealing to emotions and inspiring unsound doctrine. Consider Congress, SCOTUS, and the ridiculous endorsements of activities opposed to traditional, moral, ‘Christian’ values. The values of Islam and of my own ‘Christianity’ are not much different – and BOTH are opposed to Talmudic Phariseeism.

    First, they intentionally corrupted sects of ‘Christianity’ by progressive deceit. Now, they have just about completely mastered the control of the most powerful military power by that same influence… Nasrallah is absolutely correct: There is NO SHAME in speaking the truth. (There IS shame in cowardice, though – and that shame just MIGHT inspire more real men to take notice – especially in America, the poster-child for ‘Shame’.)

    1. By virtue of the facts of perversion glorified within the covers of the Talmud, a reasonable person can come to the same conclusion as you.
      Christian Bible = The Christ is our savior and only begotten Son of our Creator.

      Qur’an = The Christ spoken of with deep reverence/respect as a honorable prophet.

      Talmud = Vilified cover to cover, the son of a whore being boiled alive for eternity in hot excrement.

      The international Jew already has control of the world’s wealth/resources thanks in large part to the Neo-Judas class in the “Christian” west but because of their seething hatred of all things UN-Jew they seek to annihilate Christians/Muslims globally with but a few left to “service” their Talmudic agenda. Don’t look to the west for any courage or lucid objectivity though, Where Russia/Germany et al chaffed under the putrid and immoral servitude to The Synagogue, the west bathes in it, all the while killing tens of millions for their Jew masters.

  3. I can agree with much what Nasrallah stands for, but not with everything.
    He is right that Israel (and not Iran) is the source of most terrorism in the Middle East, whether directly or by proxy.

    However it seems foolish in the extreme to me to still try to “liberate Palestine” (i.e. wipe Israel off the map). Israel is militarily simply too strong for that. Several Arab nations have tried that before and they failed miserably. They have learned their lesson and don’t want to try it anymore. You can call that “treason”, I call that “realism”.

    Egypt and Jordan have made peace with Israel, why can the other states in the Middle East (including Iran) not do the same? The unrealistic rhetoric of Hamas, Hizbollah and Iran (especially during “al-Quds Day” !) of “liberating Palestine” is not conductive to a solution. The Israelis are highly paranoid and they take aggressive rhetoric seriously. In the case of Iran, rhetoric + the possibility of nuclear arms sends them into a frenzy.

    Ideally (and realistically) following things should be done :

    1) Hamas, Hizbollah, all Arab states, Iran and by preference other Muslim states too should recognize Israel’s right to exist. Israel should be accepted as a member of the Arab League.

    2) Israel should officially recognize the injustice done to the Palestinian refugees and pay them compensation.

    3) A demilitarized Palestinian state should be formed on the West Bank and Gaza.
    Israel should withdraw from the Golan and make peace with Syria.

    4) Israel should declare its nuclear weapons, but may keep them untill it feels save enough to be without them.

    We can mourn with the Palestinians about the atrocities Israel has done in Gaza, but we must not forget that it is Hamas that has triggered Israel’s cruel overreaction by its foolish firing of rockets into Israel. Hamas with its pathetic rockets of course can never defeat Israel. Instead of rebuilding Gaza, Hamas is now again busily digging tunnels into Israel, still trying to “liberate Palestine”. You can solve conflicts only by realism and not by irrational fanaticism.

    The original suffering caused to the Palestinians by the creation of Israel is not greater than other refugee problems caused by wars. All other refugee problems in the world have been solved, the Palestinian refugee problem however is artificially kept alife in order to harm Israel. The Arab and Muslim nations do not really care about the Palestinians. They hate Israel because they consider the existence of a Jewish state in the heart of the Arab world as an insult to Muslim supremacism.
    If both sides were reasonable, the conflict could have been solved already long ago.

    1. Palestine is not the ONLY country the rogue state ‘Israel’ has harmed. By virtue of their having deceitfully assumed power over United States – even beginning in the beginning of the Republic – we patriotic Americans have a HUGE debt to collect. I think they know this, and are doing as much destruction to our country as they can, as fast as they can, before more and more people get wise to them. By using us as their strong arm over the course of the Twentieth Century, they have accumulated against us myriad enemies. We are getting weaker, and they are getting stronger. I, for one, very much appreciate Iran’s posture and presence in the Big Game. Anyone who is awake can understand their position. They are an ancient people, and very wise.

    2. @ Franklin Ryckaert

      This is easily one of the best comments so far on this topic. You sound like the voice of moderation in recommending pragmatism and a realistic approach. But your sentiments will not go down very well with many who are not prepared to accept the OUTRIGHT THEFT OF THEIR LAND.

      You are a White Nationalist, are you not, and you have seen how Western countries have become multicultural menageries. They are no longer white. The white race is dying out and becoming increasingly mongrelized. What would they think of you on the Occidental Observer if you suddenly started taking a similarly “realistic” line to the multicultural problem by saying, “Hey, this destruction of the White race is a fait accompli! We’ve got to get used to the idea! We’ve got to compromise!”

      You see the problem? Compromise with multiculturalism is mongrelization!

      To compromise with the Jew is impossible. How can I compromise with a Talmudic terrorist who wants to destroy my religion, Christianity, and who insists on ramming pornography down the throats of my children?

      You yourself have written an article staring that the Jews are a “demonic race”. You are contradicting yourself by suggesting that one needs to reach an accommodation with the demonic forces. You are saying; “Let’s be realistic. The demon is here to stay. Just as Egypt and Jordan made peace with Israel, we need to make peace with the Devil.”

      You are a clever man, Franklin, but see: I have reduced your arguments to a reductio ad absurdum.

      One needs to FIGHT evil, Franklin, not COMPROMISE with it. When your land has been stolen, you fight to get it back. You are telling the Palestinians: “Hey, be realistic! Be prepared to receive back one-tenth of what you had!”

      Not good enough! 🙂

      1. Not to pile on Franklin, but I thought the same thing at once.
        The old Malcolm X compromise, trick.

      2. Good, and how do you think the Palestinians can ever win the battle? Firing rockets from Gaza? Blowing up Israeli pizzerias with suicide bombers?

        About one million Palestinians were driven from their land by the Jews (750,000 in 1948 and about 200,000 from the West Bank in 1967). Compared with the 15,000,000 Germans driven from their homes in Eastern Europe at the end of WW II or the 14,5 million people who were displaced during the partition of India and Pakistan in 1947 this seems to be a “minor” problem. Keep in mind also that shortly after the establishment of Israel some 700,000 Oriental Jews were driven from their homes in Arab countries and fled to Israel, so that we almost could talk about a “peoples exchange”. The plight of the Palestinians is not unique and not the worst of its kind.

        As for accepting reality instead of being “principled”, if you can choose between bad or worse, why not choose bad? “Bad” for the Palestinians means giving up the dream of return for good and accepting a demilitarized state on the West Bank and Gaza. For the Arab world and the Muslim world at large it means recognizing Israel, like Egypt and Jordan did.

        Ideally the Jews should have no independent state at all. I had rather see them all locked up into an ethnic ghetto, isolated from the rest of the world, where they would be forced to be “re-educated”, if that is possible. But I’m afraid this will always remain a dream. In this world there are no “perfect” solutions to problems that arise from human imperfections.

        Finally, as a WN with regard to multiculturalism, I would ultimately accept a “bad” solution above a “worse” one, but – I must confess – with the same reluctance as a Palestinian.

      3. @ Sardonicus

        Well said.

        Expecting liars and murders, jewish Israel, to honor an agreement of any kind is just not smart. Israel was established to cause problems and to ferment WWIII as Pike planned and that is what they have done and will do. The only reason that Egypt and Jordan made peace with Israel is because the JewUS owns and controls their governments as proxies for the jewish banking cartel.

        Persistent resistance to evil is the only path to the success of what is right and just.

      1. It is “unrealistc” because both parties in this conflict are not realistic.

      2. @Franklin, the Palestinians have the right, under international law, to resist occupation, by any means. I agree that a few, more or less harmless rockets are probably futile, but it is all the Palestinians have, including stones, to resist with. When the Palestinians are on equal footing with their oppressors, either all are armed, or no-one is armed, maybe then outsiders, and bystanders, will have the right to lecture those who resist. israel is an abomination, which was planted in the heart of Palestine, and I`m 100% agreed with those who refuse to recognise it`s malignant presence..

    3. “…it is Hamas that has triggered Israel’s cruel overreaction by its foolish firing of rockets into Israel.”

      But who exactly are the “fools” doing the firing?

      Who’s foolin’ who?

      1. Franklin

        You can’t be serious. Which part of Nasrullah could you be in agreement with? Never mind, I’ll answer for you – in effect, NONE of it. Simply entertaining the notion of negotiating with a cancer virus for the purpose of reaching a mutually desired end is absurd. As if you can reason with that which only knows to destroy.

        Potentially making deals with Israel is to lend credibility to what is a fraudulent nation from the outset. Iran recognizes this reality with eyes wide open. They are virtually the last one left standing, and the one which has never wavered from the truth of the matter. To think there has ever been “failed” attempts to negotiate peace in the ME is laughable. Both sides know the score. They always have. The last 67 years have amounted to little more than a game of posturing to a final clash that gets nearer by the day.

        What was set in motion long ago must stay in motion until the “what” plays out, however it will. Until “Israel”, and all that it symbolizes is eradicated from the World there can be no peace. The only question remaining asks, whither the entire nature of “eradication”? What forms will it take including the effects of military confrontation and beyond in all considerations?

      2. @ Brownhawk (Chief of the Comanches?)

        Re: “Until “Israel”, and all that it symbolizes is eradicated from the World there can be no peace. The only question remaining asks, whither the entire nature of “eradication”?”

        How about a POW WOW?… ALL SNAKES POW WOW! Snake soup, snake fritters, snake kebabs, snake sashimi, snake wine, etc….

        Keep the ovens fired up…we’re going to have a gas of a time.

        Oh, how I love the sweet smell of snake meat burning… the sweet smell of winning. Hail Victory!

      3. Depends on the snake, Madame B

        There’s a family of hawks who live near me (surprise surprise) One day I watched one swoop down into a field where it grabbed a snake by the head with its talons, crushing its skull and killing it instantly. Off it flew with the body of the snake tailing behind to its nest high up on a cliff where its spouse and hungry hawklings awaited the serpentine feast!

        Moral to the story: kill the head of the snake and the body will die

        Hawk and Bear
        know the snare
        of cagey serpent
        to strike is hellbent
        in winded coil
        from sacred soil
        the furtive motion
        an evil notion
        need careful eye
        its moves to spy
        in steady vigilance
        of asp belligerence


      What nonsense from an obvious Israeli shill.

      Hamas, Hizbollah, all Arab states, Iran and by preference other Muslim states too should recognize Israel’s right to exist.

      No country has a right to exist, least of all Israel which was created by force and since continued to expand its territory illegally. If there is to be justice in the world, the UN needs to force Israel through sanctions and embargo to retreat beyond the green line.

      A demilitarized Palestinian state should be formed on the West Bank and Gaza.

      Rubbish – a demilitarized Palestine will have no sovereignty and Israel can charge in at will and kill innocent people as it has been doing for decades. For Palestine to be sovereign, it should be equally armed as Israel.

      Israel should declare its nuclear weapons, but may keep them until it feels save enough to be without them.

      And why, pray tell, should Israel be allowed to keep them (many stolen from the US) when no other country in the Middle East has them (Pakistan & India are not in the Middle East)? They haven’t even signed the NPT and keep threatening the Sampson option. I can’t think of any country that is less trustable with nukes.

      Epic Hasbara fail!

      1. I have myself written a post (above) attempting to refute Franklin’s surprising views. He has answered politely. Whatever his views on this point, Franklln is not an Israeli shill, I assure you. He is atempting to be realistic and offer a pragmatic solutiion. He is saying: better some state than no state at all. Beggars can’t be choosers.

        What Franklin fails to realize is that the solution to the Arab-Israeli problem he suggests — dividing up Israel/Palestine between the two warring parties — is UNACCEPTABLE to BOTH parties.

        For a start, Israel has no intention of giving up a single square inch of occupied territory. That would be regarded as a betrayal of Zionism’s first principles as set out by Ben Gurion. How can a people intent on getting a Greater Israel (Eretz Israel) from the Nile to the Euphrates give back any conquered land to the Palestinians? They aim to get BIGGER, not SMALLER!

        This the Palestinians already know. They know that a 2-state solution is a charade. Israel has no intention of yielding ANY land.

        The only “peaceful” solution would be obtained IF AMERICA WANTED IT and if it were IMPOSED on the Israelis: this would be a ONE-STATE solution in which Jews and Arabs were all equal citizens. No Israeli would want this. Demographically, the Jews would soon be overwhelmed with Arabs who hated them — and who hated them justifiably for their ill-treatment over the last 100 years, ever since the European Jews began pouring into Palestine.

        What is the solution to this problem? God only knows. And, of course,TheRealOriginalJoe! 🙂

      2. Nearly all countries of the world have been founded on conquered territory, if only you go back enough into history. For some relatively recent examples : the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, “stolen” by Europeans from Indians, Eskimos, Aborigines and Maoris respectively. Japan was conquered from the Ainus by the Japanese who came from the Asian mainland, less than 2000 year ago. The whole of sub-Sahara Africa was conquered from the Bushmen and the Pygmies by the Bantus, who came from Nigeria, in a long process called the “Bantu Trek” that started about 500 B.C. The socalled “Arab World” became Arab by conquest. Should I continue?

        I am glad you are “morally outraged” by the Jewish conquest of Palestine. But lest you may seem selectively outraged, you should be so outraged at least by 99% of human history. Conquest of territory and the concomitant murder, expulsion and/or subjugation of the native population is “normal” in human history. Do you have sleepless nights over normal human history?

        The total number of deaths in the Arab-Israeli conflict, from the first Arab riots in 1920 to Operation Protective Edge in 2014 is 91,105 on the Arab side and 24,969 on the Jewish side. Compared to the rest of the world this is a “mild” conflict.
        Source :

        Now about my proposals that excite you so much.

        They are “unrealistic” if both parties remain unreasonable, but they are the only solution if they are reasonable.

        The Palestinians, though officially “negotiating” about a solution, have never really given up hope to recapture the whole of Palestine. Thus they keep on educating their children about the “return” to their land, edit “maps of Palestine” without Israel on them, praise and worship their terrorists as “martyrs” and insist on the return of all refugees of 1948 and their descendants, by now grown from 750,000 to several millions, which would mean the end of Israel and thus can never be accepted by the Israelis.

        The Jews consider the West Bank (“Judea and Samaria”) as part of their ancestral homeland and are not really willing to give it up. Thus they keep the farce of “negotiations” going on, trying to buy time to steal more and more land and create “facts on the ground” by building more and more settlements. The Palestinians are driven into “Bantustans” and their lives are made so miserable that the Israelis hope they will eventually leave.

        But if both parties were reasonable then mutual recognition and a two-state solution would be the solution.

        A Palestinian state on the West Bank should be demilitarized in order to prevent it from becoming a launching pad for rockets on central Israel, just as Gaza has become for South Israel. Makes sense.

        Israel sees its nuclear arms as its ultimate life insurance. I know of no country, member of NPT or not, that is willing to give up its nuclear arms in an insecure situation. If Israel has made peace with the Arab world, they are no more a threat to anybody. When Israel is secure and the rest of the world also disarms nuclearly Israel should do that too. The Samson option applies only in the case of a threat of the total destruction of Israel. It is not even sure if that is a real official Israeli policy.

        Well, this is my “hasbara”. Try to digest it.

      3. A little Lebanese kid said it best in a video, when he was asked what he thought of israel, he waved his arm in dismissal and said, “there is no israel, it`s Palestine”.. He is right.. It is, and always will be, Palestine.. No-one had any right to give away any part of Palestine, no-one..

      4. No-one had any right to give away any part of Palestine, no-one.

        Well said, Ingrid. Kiss, kiss! U r my friend for life…

        However, Franklin R is being “pragmatic” and “realistic”. He is saying: “Israel is a fait accompli and it’s too late to consider the abolition of the whole country. We gotta learn to live with it.”

        In the same way, Ingrid, America cannot be handed back to the Red Injuns. Nor can the horrible white invaders from England (now known as “Americans”) be sent back to their rainy little island (now known as “Angleterre” in France and “perfidious Albion” in history books).

        Hmmm … not a good day for butterflies … too misty and overcast … guess I’ll have to stay in and work on my unpublishable novel.

      5. MB –

        I took that course. You can tell.

        Nothing is for certain… for sure… under a Dark Moon.

        Even pretty butterflies might seem to have blue plastic wings.

      6. @madam b, I disagree, if the Palestinian diaspora, which is, according to Franklin R, in their millions, decided to “return”, by fair means, or foul, what could the malignant parasites do? but, that said, they have powerfull backing, UNFORTUNATELY..

        PS, stop killing beautiful butterflies, they never did you any harm, besides, my little grandson loves them..

      7. @ Ingrid B

        I approve of your defense of the Palestinians and also of your refusal to condemn the Muslim immigrants in Europe for the crime of being refugees. This was an issue (if I remember correctly) which caused you to come to blows with Harbinger, resulting in his sudden angry departure from this website after Lasha took your part and explained that the Muslim immigrants to Europe were not to blame. America and its NATO puppets had bombed all their countries for years and were therefore entirely to blame for creating this never-ending stream of Muslim refugees.

        This is a sound view. I agree with it 100 percent. I learned it from Lasha.

        However, you must remember this: people like Harbinger have to live cheek by jowl with Muslims in Britain and America and do not like the way many Muslims in the Western countries behave. In Sweden and Norway (where you live) there is a lot of resentment against Muslims for raping the local women. You cannot deny this. In Britain, Pakistani immigrants have been involved in child grooming and pedophilia. OK, these Muslms may be a minority. Nevertheless, they are giving ALL Muslims a very bad name. The problem is compounded by racism, as in Harbinger’s case.

        Come, be reasonable. Holland was a white country once. Now every second person in the streets of Amsterdam is brown. Is it really “racism” to say, “I don’t like this! This is my country!”

        No, it isn’t! And you would be the first to protest loudly if your own home were invaded by strangers you could not get rid off, irrespective of their colors. So Harbinger has a point. He doesn’t want all these foreign faces swirling around him and he is pointing out the truth: that there are too many of these people milling around, TOO MANY, TOO MANY, TOO MANY!

        Surely you can understand that?

        And when these people are seen as RAPISTS and SEXUAL GROOMERS of children, the worm turns, Ingrid. THE WORM TURNS!!!


        This is not the main point I am making though. The point I am making is this, and it was made above by another poster called Dagmar. This is the point:

        Because of their resentment against the huge numbers of unwanted Muslims in their midst, because of their Islamophobia and whipped-up racism, many in the West who would normally be sympathetic to the Palestinians are no longer sympathetic — because the Palestinians are Muslims. People are saying things like, “Fuck the Palestinians! Well done, Israel! We back you for your genocide of these hateful Muslims who have invaded our white homelands!”

        Make the connections, Ingrid. The Jews planned all this. They created the anti-Islamic wars in the first place, knowing full well that this would create huge numbers of Muslim refugees to Western countries.

        They then whipped up Islamophobia in Western countries through their ownership of the media.

        And now they know they can bomb the hell out of Gaza and get away with it because no one gives a damn for the Palestinians! No one except a minority of good people like yourself and Lobro and Felix and Lasha Darkmoon and me. The majority don’t give a damn for the Palestinians BECAUSE THEY ARE MUSLIMS AND BELONG TO THE TRIBE THAT HAS INVADED EUROPE AND AMERICA IN THEIR MILLIONS!

        This is the tragedy: no one loves the Palestinians except a minority of highly principled people.

        The majority are indeed scumbags who don’t give a damn for the Palestinians and who are quite happy to see them genocided and ethnically cleansed.

      8. Yes, it`s a sad fact, that if a brown skinned person, rapes a white woman, everyone starts pointing, and screaming “Muslim”..

        It was proven, at least here in Norway, that the state owned tv network, lied with regard to rape statistics. The vast majority of rapes in Norway, are committed by “whites”..

    5. If the Jews were to relinquish all positions of power and influence in the West, especially media and education, and emigrate en masse to Israel, then yes, I support Israel…long live Israel, but that’s not going to happen.

      1. the reason all the subterranean caves are empty is that jews have emigrated and are now squatting on the earth’s surface as illegal aliens.

        i say deport them back to their true homeland and seal the exists.

  4. Hello ESP;

    Samâhata as-Sayid Nasrallah, always wise and measured. He is said to be from the genealogical descent of the Prophet, for the Shiites at least, but the Hezbollah is not sectarian, so they are ruining the old imperial plan for Middle East.

    “Remember a hundred years ago Britain’s empire spanned the globe. Where is it now?”

    It’s offshore, hors sol, from the City, Wall Street and the crooked islands, replacing the old maritime colonial empire, “The Anglo American Union” wished by Lord Milner in the NY times of June 1916, a union aiming to destroy the foundations of every nation-states, England and US included, in order to place them under the authority of financial globalism, WWI SDN, WWII UN… the plan is almost complete, just Pike WWIII is still missing but with the mess created, it could happen very soon.
    The British imperial matrix has taken many forms but the game plan is still the same, divide and rule, except now the military and financial parts are assumed by US/NATO. The global terrorism has British roots and was used to create a controlled environment and permanent instability in favour of its financial interest wherever it was needed, Quebec terrorism for example, in order to eliminate every reasonable nationalist regimes, take your pick in Middle East, like they call it in the Rhodes, Milner, Amery network, always the same “Men of London” since the French revolution. This network has funded both the Arabic nationalist networks, , especially Saudi Arabia Wahhabism, and Zionism with Jabotinsky, whose secretary was Netanyahu’s daddy, and Weizmann. The empire always recovered all the retardate religious fanaticisms and archaisms in order to use it. After the Nebi Musa riots in 1920, Jabotinsky and Al-Husseini would be celebrated as heroes of their respective communities and thrown against each other, creating a situation of permanent confrontation.
    Leo Amery would declare in his diary , 26th July 1928,: “Our goal is to make Palestine an Occidental center of influence by using the Jews as we used the Scotts, in order to promote the British ideal in all the Middle East.”
    Amery and Weizmann created the Jewish Legion, with Jabotinsky as the spokesman, while John Henry Paterson, a veteran of the infamous Boer war, organized the Betar training camps in Palestine and in the state of New York, which would generate the creation of Irgun.
    The situation may have degenerated, Frankeinstein Golem style.
    I don’t think Obama is smart enough for this game, and i am not implying black people are dumb, just US presidents and other occidental political leaders in general.

    All the funds “weapons against money” are transiting via Caimans/London, from Saudi Arabia, then to Turkey for example in the case of Syria, where the cash is used to pay the brainwashed tavistockian islamo zombies. The Prince Bandar ,see William Simpson, the manipulator of Islamic terrorism, was always warmly welcome at 10 Downing Street by Thatcher Major and Blair. The Londonistan is the platform and asyleum of Islamic terrorism with its mosques, charitable organizations, TV channels… It’s not only in the Middle East, you might remember the so called Chechenia terrorism, which was in reality Wahhabi imported.

    The colored revolutions get their inspiration from the 198 methods of Gene Sharp, from nonviolent action to fascism, see Ukraine for the last case study, in order to fabricate revolutions by giving them a symbolic colors. Sir Adam Roberts and Timothy Garton would upgrade the work of Sharp with Civil Resistance and Power Politics, all Oxford graduates of course. The NED and the USAID are applying those recipes, like the dumb Victoria Nuland Fuck EU, funding Maidan and Pravy Sector. McFaul the US former ambassador in Moscow declared: “Those who defend state’s sovereignty are first and foremost doing it to preserve autocracy while those who defend the people’s sovereignty are the new progressist.” Mcfaul is a Rhodes Scholar like Susan Wright from USAID.
    After that you have the Tavistock institute for Human relation with the rogue Freudism used by British and US agencies to form the useful idiot of terrorist operations.
    So yes there is USA, but never forget the imperial British matrix behind it, always the same since the French revolution, “The Men of London”. Like Keynes said after Bretton Woods “It’s true they have the money bags but we have all the brains”. There is no mechanic control but they clearly share the same conception and the same divide and rule masterplan, the global mission of “the great governing race” of Chamberlain. Look at young queen Elizabeth when she was 6.
    They are German after all, their royal heilnesses.

    Sorry for the antibrit post but with the Tour de France and the Murray’s Sassenach brothers playing for United Kingdom, I need to drop the pressure. I hope Mr Farage would deal with those problems if he ever gets elected.

    Sneaky Anglo American establishment, but “you cannot make omelettes without breaking eggs.”


    1. Phil –

      “So yes there is USA, but never forget the imperial British matrix behind it,”…..
      ……..and the rest of the world, as controlled from ‘the City of London.’
      There will be no false flags in the ‘City.’

      1. Pat – it’s sort of like some astute poster on here (maybe you??) said about Charleston, South Carolina, and the way that beautiful city was spared destruction during the internal conflict of 1861-65. It was/is occupied by TPTB in this country. I wouldn’t venture to say that ENGLAND will be spared (more false flags) – but I DO believe you’re spot-on about London (just as I discern you’re SPOT-ON about everything else you have ‘guesses’ about on here!).

      2. Gilbert –

        London has had false flags, but not the “CITY.”

        The City of London is widely referred to simply as the City (often written as just “City” and differentiated from the phrase “the city of London” by capitalizing “City”) and is also colloquially known as the “Square Mile,” as it is 1.12 sq mi in area.

      3. Actually, Pat, the “boyos” from the IRA did bomb the city in the late 80’s. Whether that had anything to do with the Conservative government holding secret talks with the IRA, we will never know!

      4. Correct Felix. The Baltic Exchange in Bishopsgate was bombed by the IRA using two fertiliser bombs(!) on 10th April 1992. The building debris was cleared to make way for what is now the Gherkin site.

      5. Felix –
        Wiggins –

        Thanks for the corrections. I placed it there just for getting the good help you gave.
        Now.. it goes into my cache.

        “The building debris was cleared to make way for what is now the Gherkin site.”

        Served dual purposes. Like WTC razing. Maybe asbestos hazard as well.. 🙂

  5. Zionism was never a movement. The Ashkenazim Knights Templar formed this parasite around 1274-78 of the common era. They took over what sociopath religious lunatic Godfrey de Boullion had set up there known as the Abbey of Our Lady of Mount Zion in 1099. Actually their were Atheists . No conviction of Yahweh and arrived in the place with hidden Talmuds under their armpits. As always reminding the impostors. Who lo and behold also know Yahweh is fiction. Honestly. This so called all powerful entity that can beat the crap of anybody. So why he didn’t show when Pompey invaded there in 63 BCE. No show also when Vespasian sent his son Titus Flavius to do the same killings the empire was known for. And last but not least pedophile Emperor Hadrian who sounded finally the death knell for the Judeans. Neither he did show for that one.I wonder what the Zionist Gringo Psychiatric Association are gonna say about that disease suffered by that emperor. Without a doubt just another alternative way of life.

  6. A very sad situation has arisen.

    We see the suffering of the Palestinian people, of the Syrians, the Lebanese, but unfortunately the Muslims in the Western nations are so badly behaved, they are rapists, murderers, demanding special treatment, eating up our welfare, they have totally forfeited any pity and compassion that we would other wise have had for them.

    Most of us think that Muslims deserve what they get. Israel gets away with much because of this.

    Many applaud the Jews in Israel for being tough to Muslims.


    1. Those you mention have assimilated and taken the ways of their adopted lands, as they are oft requested to do, because the crimes they commit of which you speak of are rare in their home countries. They have even learned how to become mercenaries and go to fight against the Middle Eastern countries but with the exception of fighting against the permanent oppressor Israel.

  7. G’day cobbers,

    The Three Cities and their Anglo-USraeli colonies are finished. It’s just a question of how quickly humanity gets the message. Anglo-Usraeli terrorism is on its last legs.

    Mehan Keshe explains why the US is making peace with Iran. See: 70th Knowledge Seekers Workshop July 16 2015 –
    For a listing of Keshe plasma technology related articles see:

    From here on in humanity needs to embrace a paradigm shift in which scarcity and want have no place. Keshe plasma technologies will create abundance and usher in a new global paradigm based on gifting and regifting. The money meme will quickly become redundant. Those who don’t want to let go of the money meme and the insecurity, fear and misery it generates will cease to have a place in our global community. The choice is there’s. So be it.

    Peace and Blessings

    1. Thanks, Ron –

      Keshe was schooled in London.

      I was doing pretty good on the VIDEO until, at 56:10, Keshe warned that a MAN “would have complications” if HE drank out of the cup of ‘youth juice’ if it was prepared by a WOMAN..!!

      Keshe was proud of Westinghouse reps being there. He emphasized BUSINESS… COMMERCE…

      The 70th Knowledge Seekers Workshop July 16 2015 video has only 717 views.
      With that few views, this IS a ‘ground-floor’ opportunity. Located in Bari, Italy.

      “Students and graduates will find job opportunities in support of KF SSI space technologies..”

      Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute

      Mehran Tavakoli KESHE: Born in Iran in 1958, son of an X-ray engineer, he was introduced to the world of radiation and nuclear science at a very young age.
      In 1981 he graduated from Queen Mary College, University of London, as a nuclear engineer specializing in reactor technology system control.
      Nuclear engineer Mehran Keshe has designed plasma reactors which by gravitational positioning are able to generate their own magnetic and gravitational fields around the reactor and the spacecraft to counter the forces of Earth’s magnetic and gravitational fields.

      The KF SSI is primarily a space-based organization, and learning all aspects of survival in space is a priority. Students and graduates will find job opportunities in support of KF SSI space technologies, and in spin-off companies of service to mankind on Earth. The unique combination of theoretical knowledge and practical training, will enable KF SSI students to develop an understanding of the Universe not available anywhere else.

      The Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute (KF SSI) is set up to teach to industry, organizations, and individuals, how to develop systems and technologies based on the Keshe Foundation knowledge. Nestled amidst the beautiful shores of Bari, Italy, the Institute is poised to become a central hub in the spreading of plasma technology and knowledge. With its state of the art, twenty-first century facilities, the Institute will be able to provide students and staff an immersive way to learn the plasma technology, to be the leaders of the new generation of scientists and plasma engineers.

      Stichting the Keshe Foundation
      Jubileumplein 3
      6161SR Geleen
      The Netherlands
      kvk 14089728

  8. World War I produced the Palestine Mandate; WW II/Holocaust Hoax) produced the Zionist State (named Israel) and WW III (n progress) is meant to produce the NWO. In 1976, Henry Wallace Rosenthal (aide to Sen. Jacob Javits) said, “Most Jews don’t like to admit it, but our God is Lucifer. Lucifer is alive and well”.
    The counter-force to the Primal Will to Good, is manifest in Talmudic Judaism, which is not a Religion, but a Legal System, meant to micromanage every aspect of human existence, with focus on depopulation of the goyim. The purpose of the 20th, 21st century wars was. is to kill goyim. Yet, without violent, implacable opposition to, and hatred of all Jewish persons, including those law-abiding ones of good will, the rabbinic work cannot advance. Go figure.

      1. “in all probability”

        Guessing is fun, though.. 😉

        Vegas could set odds, since not a ‘sure thing.’

  9. The saying ‘They would sell their mother..” aptly describes the Arab States. The more subservience to Israel is the more financial and material rewards. So this should put off any suggestion that the Arab states may be in any position to assist the Palestinian people, they openly side with the Zionists and adopt Zionist tactics to mete out injustice to their own.

    I am not suggesting that The Islamic Republic of Iran is a perfect state but at least it seems to be the only principled one which, come what may, it stands by its principles resolutelly. No other state in the world today, faced with a united global opposition, with sanctions and all, can match Iran’s steadfast stand against injustices heaped on the oppressed and the disposed of the sorry world we are in today.

    Of course this rings alarm bells in the corridors of Zionist powers because it seems to them no earthly gain is enough to satiate Iranian demands.
    Now Iran is an old and stable society, and with centuries long memories and ample experience in games of treachery and double-dealing in the region, and perhaps because of this it remain the only ancient society that has emerged intact and unscathed and with a proud culture and uprighteous historical heritage whereas the rest, including the oft slave-race of the Hebrewic people were torn asunder by historical forces. To Iran today Israel is just a manner-less upstart that has forgotten its history and its place as a servile race of controversial mongrel people constantly causing disharmony wherever they go throughout history. And no amount of treachery nor violence no wealth can ever buy it a place of honor in the annals of history.

    Were politcians and and those in power honest or had not been blackmailed they would testify that Israel is the only state that has adopted the Mafia tactics into political realm and then taken it to new heights.

    1. @ Kalif

      Thanks for the Joe Vialls link. I miss his input which always made sense. I always wondered if he died of natural causes.

  10. WHO tells the truth even in IRAN???

    Sheenies everywhere these days.

    Even Iran is infected with ‘crypto-Jews.’

    Former Prez Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s father changed his family name from “Saborjhian” or “Sabaghian” to Ahmadinejad in 1960 to avoid discrimination when the family moved to Tehran.
    Sabor is Persian for thread painter, a once common occupation within the Semnan carpet industry.

    Some historians have claimed that Sabourjian is a common – IRANIAN JEWISH – name, and that “Sabor” is the name for the Jewish Tallit shawl in Persia. This shows Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was revealed to have a Jewish past.

    Ahmadinejad was just a high-level ‘carpet-bagger.’ 🙂

    1. Iran is full of Pharisees… LIARS.

      Encyclopedia Britannica (15th edition): “Khazars, confederation of Turkic and Iranian tribes that established a major commercial empire in the second half of the 6th century, covering the southeastern section of modern European Russia…

      It only makes sense that there would be a lot of Talmudic influence in Iran, if some were converted with the Khazarians, as they had conquered Persia.

      Lotta myths and guesses.


      “A THOUSAND YEARS before the establishment of the Modern State of Israel, there existed a Jewish kingdom in the eastern fringes of Europe, astride the Don and Volga rivers…” So begins a thesis by Jewish author Kevin Alan Brook. The kingdom of which he speaks appears at first consideration to be comprised of nearly as much disinformation, misinformation, “myth”information, and, curiously, NO-information as there is actual provable historical fact. Yet upon closer scrutiny this kingdom, known as Khazaria, or the Kingdom of the Khazars, is clearly revealed in a vast body of historical evidence, much of which has come to light only in the last three to five decades.”

      1. Pat

        There’s nowhere in the World that Pharisees haven’t insinuated themselves. Lift up any rock and watch ’em scurry. They’re even under the ice of Antarctica!

        It’s always a matter of keepin’ friends close and enemies closer, ain’t it?

        Knowing the difference is ever the trick 🙂

      1. “Pat do you realize that you’re quoting a Jewish-own source – The Telegraph?”

        Yes. Sure.
        Now it is up to you to glean your facts to make your own guesses.

        Just like you quote an Israeli journalist on… who is a Mossad agent. Pharisees abound…

        Very little news is not filtered through Pharisee lenses.

        This WordPress site platform is Pharisee owned by Matt Mullenweg, founder of Automattic.

      2. @ Pat – so you confirm that it’s okay to believe as long as it support your ignorance or shall say – your bigotry!

      3. Rehmat –

        Yes… I am a bigot.

        Everyone should be willing to admit that they prefer their own clan, when it comes to life and death.

        I am not ignorant on the subject. I have made sure of that. I practice bigotry.

    2. @ Pat

      You go by rumors without checking them. Here is what an Israeli professor, expert on Iranian Jewish communities, says :

      “One recently published claim about his (i.e. Ahmadinejad’s) background comes from an article in the Daily Telegraph. Entitled “Mahmoud Ahmadinejad revealed to have Jewish past”, it claims that his family converted to Islam after his birth. The claim is based on a number of arguments, a key one being that his previous surname was Sabourjian which “derives from weaver of the sabour, the name for the Jewish tallit shawl in Persia”.

      “Professor David Yeroshalmi, author of The Jews of Iran in the 19th century and an expert on Iranian Jewish communities, disputes the validity of this argument. “There is no such meaning for the word ‘sabour’ in any of the Persian Jewish dialects, nor does it mean Jewish prayer shawl in Persian. Also, the name Sabourjian is not a well-known Jewish name,” he stated in a recent interview. In fact, Iranian Jews use the Hebrew word “tzitzit” to describe the Jewish prayer shawl. Yeroshalmi, a scholar at Tel Aviv University’s Center for Iranian Studies, also went on to dispute the article’s findings that the “-jian” ending to the name specifically showed the family had been practising Jews. “This ending is in no way sufficient to judge whether someone has a Jewish background. Many Muslim surnames have the same ending,” he stated.”

      Read also why Ahmadinejad’s family changed its name at :

      Sorry for the paranoid judeophobic crowd, but Ahmadinejad is not Jewish.

      1. Franklin –

        Rumor has it that NOW I don’t know which Jew paper to believe. Telegraph Jews or Guardian Jews.

        That is a valid rumor. A good guess.

        The questionable rumor… guess… is why the name was changed as per Guardian. Flimsy, at best. Ashamed of carpet dyeing.

      2. Let’s stay factual with Mahmoud.

        He declared at the UN in New York that 9/11 was an inside job backed by Israel!
        He organized an international conference on Holocaust.
        He refered to Israel as “the Zionist entity”.
        He made a 1 hour interview with French public TV that was hidden from us. The best political interview i have ever heard, just plain TRUTH.

        That being said , Iran is not a bed of roses with the mollah regime and maybe Mahmoud is a Jew, but he certainly didn’t act like one, since during his presidential mandate he gave the world a lesson of freedom of speech and destroyed all the Occidental myths one by one.
        For the total body of his work he joyfully received a golden quenelle from the hand of Dieudonné, his good friend since 2009 and his Mahmoud show.

      3. I still don’t see the strategy of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, a civil engineer, as a mossad agent. How exposing the cowardice of Occident to face the truth is good for the cause? And what about US representatives leaving the UN chamber because they can’t even face their own lies?

        Is there a political leader finding grace in your eyes, or confidence, in the 20 th century?

        Yes, he has a kind face and always chooses his words with care. We have the face of our soul as it is said.

      4. Phil –
        You asked:
        “Is there a political leader finding grace in your eyes, or confidence, in the 20 th century?”

        Yes. Several come to mind. (none at national level)
        They never made it to their natural expiration dates:

        Louis McFadden (murdered in NYC-Fed Res fighter)
        Joseph McCarthy (murdered in Bethesda-communist investigator)
        Hale Boggs (murdered in Alaska-JFK investigator)
        John Tower (murdered in Georgia, USA-JFK investigator)
        Sonny Bono (murdered in Nevada-Waco investigator)

        THE BEAT GOES ON..!!


        The Cover-up of Sonny Bono’s Murder

        It is now news in Australia that new evidence has turned up that suggests that California congressman Sonny Bono was murdered and did not die in a skiing accident as we have been told repeatedly. Although he was an American whose job was to represent Americans, as far as the mainstream United States press is concerned this news is unworthy of the attention of the people of the United States. This is the same American press, of course, that never breathed the slightest hint of suspicion that there might have been foul play involved when the experienced skier Bono was reported to have slammed into a tree at the Heavenly Ski resort in Nevada on January 5, 1998.

      5. Pat,

        Re: “Joseph McCarthy (murdered in Bethesda-communist investigator)”

        Yes, I believe Joe was murdered by the kikes. He was only 48 when he was ‘worn out’ according to Eustace Mullins, who like McCarthy was a really likeable guy…a pussycat…who gave people the benefit of the doubt even when they didn’t deserve any. Evil Jews! Joe discovered the kikes in the State Dept were secretly giving aid and arms to Mao. I’m surprised JFK did not make your list.

  11. NOPE. Iran never said; “Israel has no right to exist.”

    What Imam Khomeini, Ayatullah Ali Khamenei and Ahmadinejad, said in Persian: The Zionist regime has no right to exist.”

    But then, why the hell Israelis created MEMRI? Of course to translate all anti-Zionism leaders calling for the “destruction of the state of Israel and committing a new Jewish holocaust.

    Learn the truth from an American Jewish academic and author.

  12. Franklin Ryckaert
    July 18, 2015 at 3:47 pm

    “We can mourn with the Palestinians about the atrocities Israel has done in Gaza, but we must not forget that it is Hamas that has triggered Israel’s cruel overreaction by its foolish firing of rockets into Israel.”

    It was stated on the wasteland that is jewish-owned-and-controlled radio that Israel engaged in a campaign of ritualistic slaughter against the residents of Gaza for a grand total of 51 days around this time last year. Of course they’ll never define Israel’s military campaign as a “ritualistic slaughter,” even if that’s what it was, for to do so would constitute a gross violation of the cardinal rules of jewish-owned journalism. So it was reported euphemistically as a “war.” Kabbalistically, the number 51 has mystical value because 5 + 1 = 6, which equals the total number of points on the Star of David. You can believe that goyim brought all of this devastation on themselves by firing those glorified fireworks at the monster, or you can take the more realistic stance by accepting the whole charade as a religious-based ritual sacrifice to “adonoi elohaynu.” The jewish god requires a regular slaughter to satiate his insatiable appetite for blood. Americans (and that includes even jew-aware Americans) have internalized the methodology of the media-masters to such a degree that they tend not to question the false premise that when Israel slaughters goyim, that it’s engaging in a “war.”

    1. Then there is the sick/twisted term for the slaughter of people in Gaza used by netanyahoo as “mowing the lawn”..

      1. Re: “Then there is the sick/twisted term for the slaughter of people in Gaza used by netanyahoo as “mowing the lawn”..”

        Alas and alack, if Hitler had mowed more Jewish lawns back in his heyday, when we still had a fighting chance, what a wonderful world we would have had. Regrettably if not incredulously, 6 million was not enough. Please sir, I want some more.

  13. Israel is a creature of the Old Testament & the Jews see themselves as the Chosen People of the Old Testament. It makes no difference if they are “real jews” or “fake jews.” The only thing that matters in this regard is that THEY REGARD THEMSELVES AS THE “CHOSEN ONES” OF THE OLD TESTAMENT. If you have no objections to the basic story line as presented in the Old Testament, how can you expect that anyone is going to take you seriously when you make a disingenuous effort to pass yourself off as someone who objects to the mass extermination which is mandated by that book ?? It’s easy to rationalize mass murder. You can argue that goyim are “useless eaters” and that the jews are simply demonstrating how “superior” they are when they deploy high-tech munitions against unarmed or pooly-armed civilians. But the fact remains that the planet earth has the ability to support many times its present human population IF ONLY THINGS WERE BEING MANAGED DIFFERENTLY.

    1. You say the jews are your enemy and by your name you want to “save the goyim”. You do not even know, but you need to, that the ones ‘you say’ are jews are technically goyim. What is wrong when someone like you argues instead of seriously learning something? It does make a difference when counterfeit-jews say they are from a race that was chosen by God to be a demonstration. It is a racial (lie) and deception that needs clearing up.

      Christ Jesus teaches salvation beyond race, but the counterfeit-jews are a racial deception. So, is ignoring their deception acceptable or would it be better to show the historical facts which I have done. Does your salvation depend on it? That is between you and God, but stop teaching LIES.

      1. New Song,

        I wish you would stop making the same point endlessly about who is a “Jew” and who isn’t, and just accept the dictionary definition of the word “Jew”.

        You have a bee in your bonnet about this subject but so far you have been unable to convince a single person on this site to adopt your narrow definition of the word “Jew”.

        Most of us are quite happy with the dictionary definition.

    2. @ Save The Goyim

      Yes, you are correct about the “chosen” lie and it carries right on into the “jewish” holiest book, the Talmud.

      However, the real problem is not that the “jews” believe that they are God’s chosen. The real problem is that people other than “jews” believe that the “jews” are God’s chosen people and will go along with and support the evilness of the “jews” thinking that the “jewish” evilness is somehow holy when it obviously is not. The line from Forrest Gump that “stupid is as stupid does” applies.

      To make matter even more deceptive, the “race” tactic of divide and conquer is a favorite “jewish” tool. People that think that race has any significance to anything holy are playing into the hands of the “jewish” control maniacs whether they know it or not. Christians are some of the biggest hypocrites falling for the race importance trick because they totally ignore the teachings of their namesake, Jesus Christ.

      Children are the key to knowing that race is not relevant. Jesus was thankful to God that children could understand his message when the wise could not. Jesus said that the only way to make it to heaven was to come to God as a child. Before being brainwashed with “jewish” society mores, notice that children play together regardless of the skin color of their playmates. That is a big, obvious, in action clue that race is irrelevant to the teachings of Jesus.

      If children and what Jesus said about them are not enough evidence, check out what Jesus said in John 3:16 – “For God so loved the world that he sent his only begotten son …” Notice that Jesus did not specify any skin color.

      Once people get over the “jewish” chosen lie and “jewish” race manipulation for control via divide and conquer, simple truths become more evident and “jewish” control dwindles. When “jewish” control dwindles, so does evil dwindle.

      Everyone gets to decide if they are a “jewish” chosen or race pawn or not. Let the rants begin. 🙂

  14. Hello ESP,
    A little off topic about racism, the strategy to shut everybody ‘s mouth, since Ungenius made good points about the Jews, the chosen sons of pharisees.

    NY Times 1974, advertisement from the “National Committee for Furtherance of Jewish Education “.
    “Mixed marriages are a personal and national suicide. The one sure way for the destruction of a people’s identity is through marriage outside of faith…Men and women, then, have the certainty to lose their identity. The values and principles that have contributed to the culture and contemporary civilization (of Jewish people) will disappear from the Earth. The three thousand old cumulated experiences, the rich heritage of a people, all that is absolutely yours will be disgracefully wiped out. What a grief! What a disaster! What a shame!”
    How do you explain that Talmudic Judaism and its masonic offshoot are advocating a blending of “races” without discrimination, while Judaism has a categorical abhorrence of any kind of contamination from people of different race or culture?
    Racism is the strategy of the high sphere of power to bring world government using anti-racism as the new religion of the post WWII occidental world. The main obstacle to the global plan is made up by the diversity of religions and traditions. By mixing those religions and traditions with immigration on an unprecedented scale, they want to obtain “national suicide” and the destruction of people in a syncretic conglomerate, which must lead the New Human Race in the New Age or Aquarian Age.
    In this context, the objective of race fusion is only a crude bait. The goal is not the disappearance of separated races as such, but the disappearance of separated traditions and cultures, incompatible with the Gnostic doctrine and the program of the Higher Initiates. This titanic oversized work leads to unavoidable violent oppositions in view of the problems of co-existence it creates between people with different customs, lifestyles and cultures, especially in the current context of massive unemployment. Just like in Italy last week, near Treviso and Roma, where people rose against the mass arrival of new migrants. Those oppositions are always diabolized and grossly simplified by appealing to the magical word of “Racism”, and in occident racism=Nazism of course. This practical equation in the hand of Globalists is the perfect instrument to strike whoever is opposed to this huge alchemical transformation of mankind.
    When you look at the past, you realize that racism was completely unknown in the Occidental world. Christianity had no problem in acknowledging Saint Augustine as the great Doctor of the Church until Saint Thomas, although he was a black Numidian, or in funding the Church and the Occidental civilization under the teachings of Epiphanius and Irenaeus, a Jew and an Asiatic.
    Racism, in contrast, was introduced in the aftermath of the ideas and movements that stemmed from the French revolution, where the masonic and Talmudic project of secularization of Civitas Christiana was accomplished, and incidentally to justify slavery and colonization. Before that, the social cohesion/harmony was guaranteed by the religion as the spiritual factor, replaced by language and blood as new factors of aggregation, following the ideas spread by the “brothers” like Fitche, Mazzini, Pike, Berchet and Co. This gave birth to nationalism, qu’un sang impur abreuve nos sillons as we say in The Marseillaise, antechamber of racism, like in the paradigmatic case of German National Socialism. Henri Mayer Hyndman, a Jew from Cambridge for a change, Rose street club Golden dawned, was a direct collaborator of Mazzini and funder of “The National Socialist Party” association in 1916, hum.
    The funny thing is the tradition that has always preached the distinction and opposition of races is precisely Talmudic Judaism. It is this racism, incorporated in a religion, that explains the survival of the Jewish people throughout a two thousandth worldwide diaspora. That doesn’t mean they are a race, they just wish, compensating their lack of origins with tribalism, racism and blood’s fascination.
    This is well described in Bernard Lazare’s book “Anti-Semitism: Its History and Causes” replying to ”La France Juive” of Drumont.
    BTWatm, Mein Kampf is a Pan Germanic synthesis of those two books. Those have been recently forbidden from sale in France, while you can find Mein Kampf in every library.
    “Another fear, the stain/blemish, separated the Jews from the rest of the world and made their isolation even more rigorous. About stain, the Pharisees (In the original text Pat) had the most extreme ideas in term of strictness; the defenses and prescriptions of the Bible were not enough, according to them, to preserve man from trespass. As every touch was contaminating the sacrificial vases, they went to estimate themselves soiled from a foreign touch. From this fear emerged countless rules regarding daily life (…), easily observed in an independent State, but impossible to follow in foreign countries.”
    The other writer to support this thesis is Gershom Scholem, an authority in term of Kabbalah study in Jerusalem. The Kabbalah is the main inspiration of B’nai B’rith, the masonry reserved only to Jews, they just can’t help it, and of all the other form of masonry.
    In his book, professor Scholem explains that according to the Kabbalah doctrine there is a clear distinction between Gentile souls and Jewish souls.
    “The first ones have their origins in “the other part” or sitra ahra, while the second in the “holy part” or sitra kedusha”.
    Sita ahra, according to Scholem, is “the kingdom of evil forces” dominated by “Queen Lilith, wife of Samael (Satan), mother of the impious who constitute the mixed multitude ‘erev-rav’, who governs on all that is impure.”
    After the Hebron massacre by Baruch Goldstein, the Corriere della Sera reported that the funeral participants shouted “the finger of a Jew is worth a million of Arabic lives”. You need a very particular ideological context to say such things. But “the purpose of racism is in domination”, as Albert Memmi said.
    The argument between pharisaic racism and Christian anti-racism dated back to Jesus and Saint Paul, who claimed that every people on earth could enter in the house of Abraham, never mind the blood in their veins.
    “So in Christ Jesus you are all children of God through faith, for all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ. There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus. If you belong to Christ, then you are Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.”
    Now the magic racism word, and its Talmudic origins, is imputed to Catholicism through the other magical and confusing word of Antisemitism, which would only be a particular form of racism, while in reality it is more antiracism. This is the most rotten fruit of Adolf and Nazism.
    That’s why addressing the opposition between Christian world and Judaism in racial terms, like Hitler and other before him did, is a mystification and quite ridiculous. I know many see Hitler as a savior of Occident, but from my Latin point of view , is just another gothic destructor of Christian Europe. Germany, the elites hear me weel, is still playing this part as the financial Trojan horse in Europe to destroy state-nations, pushing the same “Project of Federal Europe” written ofr Hitler by Walter Hallstein to reorganize European nations ethnically around an Aryan Reich, the same Pan-European project of Coudenhove-Kalergi.
    Hallstein was the first president of the European Commission and ex Nazi jurist. Barroso, his late successor on the other hand was a Maoist, but the globalists don’t care about ideology, it’s just for Lippman’s bewildered cattle.
    “Words like capitalism, democracy, socialism and communism, and nationalism itself, are no longer meaningful: the global elite think in term of global problems.” “Communism, Fascism and Nazism, in fact, are to be considered as related in a general sense, united historically and politically very similar.” Brezinsky.

    A big off topic after all.

    1. @PHIL, I think the difference between Hitler`s Germany, and the Germany of today, is that Germany is now under the tight control of the very people Hitler ejected.. Just as Putin`s Russia is different from the USSR..

  15. Merkel and the Palestinian Refugee Girl: Why Everyone Missed the Point

    By wmw_admin on July 22, 2015
    Susan Abulhawa — CounterPunch July 20, 2015

    People, check this out, I have been saying the same as Susan for some time..

  16. I am reading (a little past halfway now), finally, it seems (‘everything in its time and place’), the 2006 ground-breaking and puzzle-solving book (at least for me), “Not in His Image,” by John Lamb Lash. It denounces the Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) as a wrong-turn in human history. This book is a revelation.
    Most excellent insight.

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