Nation of Liars : The Top 25 Lies of all Time

. . . by John Kaminski

Profitable bonanza for the few, terror nightmare for the many



  1. 9/11 done by Muslims.

   1a. Airplanes brought towers down.

   1b. Jews were not involved.

  1. Hitler was evil, started WW2.

       2a. 6 million Jews died in WW2.

  1. Lone assassins killed JFK, RFK, MLK.
  2. Iraq had WMDs, had to be invaded
  3. Vaccines are safe and effective.

       5a. GMOs make healthy food.

  1. Chemtrails don’t exist.

       6a. The weather is not controlled.

  1. Qaddafi was a bad man.
  2. Israel is America’s friend.

       8a. Palestinians are vicious terrorists.

  1. Astronauts went to the moon.
  2. Children were killed at Sandy Hook.
  1. AIDS came from monkeys.

       11a. Ebola a naturally occurring disease.

  1. Syria gassed children.
  2. Russia invaded Ukraine.
  3. Navy Seals killed Osama bin Laden.
  4. Blacks contribute much to society.
  5. White people are evil.
  6. There is strength in diversity.
  7. U.S. elections are not fixed.

       18a. U.S. Constitution still in force.

  1. America has a free press not controlled by Jews.
  2. Homosexuals don’t molest children.

       20a. Pedophilia is a lifestyle choice.

  1. Marijuana is harmful.
  2. Civil war was about slavery.
  3. Holistic doctors dying accidentally.
  4. Fluoride helps keep your teeth healthy.
  5. Jews are the chosen people.

826097b7d03e69359c760e8288059369What kind of mindset does it take to force someone to eat their own feces, or to attach wires to their genitals in order to inflict electric shocks, or to watch their own children be raped in order to force them to divulge information they couldn’t possibly possess?

What kind of person does it take to push a button in Tampa that kills a whole bunch of people in Afghanistan who had no idea why they were being killed or even that they could be killed in such a way, since they were attending a wedding party, which was supposed to be a joyous occasion?

What kind of effect does it have on your mind to murder large numbers of people and see some of your friends blown up or gunned down, all for reasons you never completely understood, but later learn that the whole operation was a scam built on a complex of lies so phony and so evil that when you realize what you’d done, what you had participated in, the only rational choice you had was to kill yourself out of shame for the actions you had been induced to commit?

The modern world rolls past like a Hollywood slasher movie and everyone must be forgiven for not keeping up with the list of scams or the collateral damage body count. We need to screen out many horrific things merely to maintain our own sanity. Foremost of these things we need to either forget or confront are the stories our government tells us that simply don’t make sense, blatant lies that diminish our freedom, our health, our wallets and our lives.

What they call consensual reality is really a macabre vaudeville act produced by a complex mass media apparatus designed to keep us regimented, obedient and oblivious to the actual nature of what’s going on. The ever present operation of the war machine — which is the principal engine of American prosperity and typically disguised as the protector of our well being — is the producer of all the lies that are told that make our reality fundamentally unsound and insane.

We are told that this perverse production is what makes the United States such a sound and viable entity, but this might be the greatest lie of all, because the American people don’t profit from these constant wars and endless encroachments into our lives; only a small circle of mostly Jewish men, the very people who invent these geostrategic capers that ruin so many people’s lives, are the actual beneficiaries, while the rest of us, forever ignorant of the sickening melodramas transpiring behind the scenes, have no control over our incidental roles as anonymous cannon fodder.

Worse yet, our inability to detect the grand scams of the rich and famous before they cost the lives of millions contributes largely to our impotence at controlling the content and direction of our lives. Once the mass media implement a big lie that gets our government rolling in a certain direction, it becomes nearly impossible to change course and stop the war or the swindle that the original lie aims to create.

For sure, the biggest swindle of our lifetime has been the 9/11 deception, which enabled the PNAC psychopaths to materialize a permanent state of perpetual war, which rolls from country to country, stealing everyone’s capital and forcing everyone to come on board or to be left penniless outside the financial system of the Jews that has ensnared everyone in its fractional reserve shell game.

When cash has been eliminated and all your money is electronic, there’ll be no keeping secrets from the great Google bloodsucking brain that runs the world.

The choice for everyone has become take the bribe and get rich, or blow the whistle and get rubbed out. As we huddle in the space between this diabolical dilemma, both the time and the space to avert this awful fate becomes shorter and shorter.

Holistic doctors are finding out the hard way that to furnish a clear cure for cancer in the form of a substance known as GcMAF, which rebuilds immune systems, has already gotten many of them killed because it poses a serious threat to the financially alluring allopathic medical paradigm the purpose of which is to treat diseases endlessly, not cure them ever. Curing diseases would put the medical profession out of business, whereas merely treating them is almost as profitable as the illegal drug trade that has triggered the endless wars since the British first forced opium into the lungs of the Chinese back in the 19th century.

mqdefaultSo too has the forced belief system of 9/11 changed the very nature of human history.

A horrid anti-terror apparatus known as the Department of Homeland Security has permanently altered the climate of the United States as federal agents constantly lure psychologically defective dupes into committing crimes against the state that will never work, then arrest them and claim their own vigilance has saved the nation from a devastating terror attack.

Worse, the government has conducted terror incidents that have shut down whole cities, followed by fake investigations and kangaroo court trials that allow for no defense at all before the convicted patsy is slammed incommunicado into a federal prison for life.

In the silence of the deception that shatters faith in a nation that once believed in itself dwell the unanswered questions of why Building 7 fell all by itself, why Israeli suspects were sent home unquestioned by Jewish officials in the Justice Department, and why every cop in America committed treason by not questioning why curdled steel of the obliterated Twin Towers was not meticulously examined by forensic investigators before being made to disappear in the Fresh Kills landfill and in the steel mills of China.

Cops suck. They are paid to protect the interests of the bankers at the expense of ordinary, law-abiding people. They maintain a fake sense of responsibility that has needlessly cost the lives of millions of people around and almost as many inside the United States, where they continue to shoot first and ask questions later, creating a new attitude among the public never to call the cops for any emergency unless you want to be “accidentally” murdered by trigger happy psychopaths with badges.

In the same self-absorbed vein, history that is written by the victors is almost never the truth, as the 12 million Germans murdered AFTER the close of World War II would readily attest to had they survived.

The lies that Jewish media perpetrated about why WW II happened, followed by the cynical creation of a Cold War that enabled two remaining superpower victors of WW II to arm themselves to the teeth, led to series of East West confrontations and a constant tension between two large, predominantly white nations that when Abraham Lincoln was president were the best of friends but once the Jews got their hands on the leadership of both countries, they were turned into mortal enemies.

The same is true of Germany. Germans were the dominant U.S. ethnicity prior to World War I, but it was the Jews who controlled England that turned America against them. The bad feelings persist to this day, as Jewish control of the media has reaped billions of dollars in reparations for a Holocaust that never really happened and jailed hundreds of truth tellers who have ever since refused to accept the Jewish fantasy creation of homosexual mixed race reality.

Several aspects to the tragedy of World War II are even worse than that. The great artistic and educational complex that had been the hallmark of German culture and the envy of the world, by their control of the media the Jews have replaced by art without meaning and education without honesty, everything now being oriented toward military applications in science and prurience in the arts and entertainment, a pathetic and perverted Jewish course for the world to have taken.

Since the days when ruthless white settlers exterminated virtually all of the natives of North America, the United States government has lied about everything it has ever done.

It lied about the need for the two world wars, for Vietnam, about who really staged the attacks on 9/11, and about the unending wars that have followed that colossal act of treason.

Today the whole world knows the U.S. created the terror group named ISIS (sometimes called ISIL or DAESH) as a devious method of trying to destroy the nation of Syria. The resulting chaos this ruse has engendered now threatens the stability of all the nations of Europe as a calculated tsunami of refugees invades all these nations sucking up to Israel who are insanely welcoming the destruction of their own countries.

This cynical maneuver follows the pattern of the concoction of the fictional group known as Al-Qaeda, which was the U.S. invention of Arab mercenaries it hired to run the Russians out of Afghanistan. Now these same mercenaries are skulking into Europe, awaiting access to their secret weapons caches, and unbelievably allying themselves with the Jews in their mutual desire to destroy the white structure of European countries that has been in place for the better part of a thousand years.

The lies that countries tell each other, and the false statements leaders of these countries tell their own patriotic citizens, show honest, God fearing citizens that they may not trust their own governments, or the leaders of other governments, making it impossible for nations of the world to maintain a peaceful world except through bribery, blackmail and murder, which are the hallmarks of Jewish behavior.

For Americans, worse than all that is contemplating pathetic presidential candidates braying at each other than they are the best person for this job as chief bottlewasher to the Jewish bankers who run the world, yet refusing to even mention in a whisper the most critical issues facing the human species today.

In order for them to get any sound bites on television or space in the influential mainstream media outlets (all owned by Jews), every single one of them must endorse all the required scam issues of the day: pay down the debt (which can’t be paid down); send billions to Israel so the homicidal Jews can continue to torture and exterminate their neighbors; invade the countries Israel orders them destroy; continue to print more meaningless money so people become incrementally poorer and poorer; endorse unlimited immigration so everyone will become more dependent on the federal government; and above all, urge the adoption of more laws against the population to catch the many terrorists who are hiding in your neighborhood (not counting the plants the feds hire to stage fake terror attacks aimed at getting people to surrender their guns).

We haven’t been able to really trust anything our last nine presidents have ever said, and we surely can’t trust anything that comes out of the mouths of this current pathetic group of would-be candidates for the position of chief enforcer for the soulless Jewish puppetmasters. They are all totally locked into this phony narrative that our deliberately deceptive media insist is reality.

We are a nation of liars, and if you try to tell the truth, your life is at risk.

But if you acquiesce to the lies these so-called candidates never stop talking about, the risk is much, much greater, because then, everyone’s life is at risk, and following their path assures we will never, never have the relative degree of freedom and liberty that we have had all our lives, but will never have again.

(see below)

John Kaminski

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Most of his articles are featured here. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA. _____________________________________________________________________________

108 thoughts to “Nation of Liars : The Top 25 Lies of all Time”

  1. The list is not complete at “25”. The list would be complete with “27”.

    26 : “Oil is from dinosaur bones”

    27 : “The ‘Heliocentric’ model of the Universe”.

    Kaminski forget the Two Real Biggies.

    Or, you can take “marijuana is harmful” off the list and then the list would be complete at “26”. There’re indications that pot is not a healthy and not as wonderful as the 420 preachers say. It hasn’t been proven beyond a doubt marijuana is not harmful. Perhaps in a controlled medical setting marijuana can be beneficial. But having a lot of people in a society smoking pot all the time, always stoned, is not healthy. It’s harmful. It’s harmful to society as a whole, as a collective. It makes people withdraw into themselves and be into-themselves and ignore the world around them. Exactly what the NWO ruling class want. A population of stoners who are oblivious to the world they live in and what’s going on outside of their narrow concerns : It’s human nature to be selfish and to be concerned only with yourself and your narrow world, 420 exacerbates this characteristic of human nature. While I don’t think pot should be illegal. The problem is the 420 preacher men are promoting 420 as a type of “religion”, a type “panacea” for everything that ails the human race. 420 now is a type of “religion”. This is not a good thing for our culture/society right now in history with a very intense NWO force bearing down on us. We need everyone to be alert, not stoned. 420 has become in our society/culture a form of Huxley’s NWO SOMA.

    Side Note about Huxley : Huxley warned us about the NWO and the NWO agenda of wanting as many people as possible to be stoned as much as possible. The thing about Huxley is : He was one of the very ones who was pushing drugs, including pot, on as many people he could back then in the late 50s/early 60s. Huxley — and Orwell — warned us about the NWO and how the NWO would want as many people as possible to be stoned as much as possible. The two knew that for sure because the two were part of promoting the NWO. Both were Fabian boys. So they both knew what they were talking about. They were warning us. It’s a Freemason thing to warn everyone of the their plans in advance. Pot is not as wonderful and not as healthy as the 420 preacher men would have us believe. It’s especially not healthy is pot is being used as a type of SOMA. SOMA being a type of “religion” unto itself. A “religion” which serves the NWO. In that sense, pot is harmful, as pot is now being promoted as a “religion” : This is exactly what Huxley — and Orwell — warned us about.

    If you don’t take pot off the list, okay, but at least add “oil comes from dinosaur bones” and “the heliocentric universe” to the list. Thank you, TROJ.

    [ Yes, the “Heliocentric” model of the Universe is a lie, and a GIANT LIE at that. In fact, it’s the very foundational lie all the other lies of the NWO are built upon, sayin’. ]

    1. Marihuana is the spanish word for hemp.
      It grows anywhere and can be used as the raw material for over 5000 Industrial products (from clothing to cars).
      So what did the U.S. government do in the ’30’s?

      The renamed hemp to marihuana and made it illegal 😉

    2. The Heliocentric lie is certainly the big whopper of all time. So are the lies told about the Galileo Affair. Let’s also not forget that Newton was the Harry Potter of his day playing with mercury and the philosopher’s stone trying to alchemically change lead into gold. As the Royal Exchequer, he did finally figure out how to turn lead into gold when he had the bright idea about debasing the currency. He wanted to take a certain percentage out of each coin and put in some filler. Alas, he did not get his way. But I am certain it was the model for the current form of alchemy which is fractional reserve banking and debt management.

      The second, also not on the list, is that we are the product of some kind of primordial soup. Also known as that crazy religion most simply known as Darwinism.

      1. Can you cite any sources for debunking the heliocentric model? Why would the heliocentric model be useful to the Jews?

    3. [*POEM*]

      “Miss Lasha Regrets…” :

      nukes don’t exist,
      there are those,
      who insist,
      as they persist,
      to spread,
      to inculcate,
      the mendacious meme,
      but the jews,
      would never use nukes,
      in any of their,
      false flag attacks,
      on us,
      in the U.S.A.,
      so that’s how we know,
      that nukes don’t exist,
      we were wrong ,
      to feature articles,
      in the past,
      about the jew involvement,
      in inventing nukes,
      the jew role at Trinity,
      or the jew role,
      about anything concerning,
      weapons that are Nukes,
      we didn’t realize then,
      anyone would learn,
      about the world’s leading,
      Russian nuclear physicist,
      and his fact-based information,
      That g-ddamned,
      Dimitri Khalezov,
      about the jews + Nukes,
      at GROUND ZERO, New York,
      on the day of their jew,
      false flag attack,
      on us in the U.S.A.,
      so just forget about ,
      all of our,
      past Darkmoon articles,
      about jews and their huge role,
      in inventing nukes,
      just like nukes don’t really exist,
      all the Darkmoon articles,
      about the huge role,
      jews had at Trinity,
      like really for real,
      don’t really exist,
      our DM articles about,
      jews inventing Nukes,
      don’t really exist,
      we don’t know what we were thinking,
      to say the jews had a huge role,
      in inventing nukes,
      which really don’t for real,
      don’t really exist,
      please remember,
      to consider,
      all of us here,
      at website Darkmoon,
      are hindoo,
      spiritual wanderers,
      searching for truth,
      our minds,
      immersed in ancient exotic truths,
      learning the language,
      of the sand shit sandy ass bastards,
      our precious and sacred sandhyabhasa,
      our brains and our minds full of chit.

  2. Each of these Lies is enshrined in law by the same legislators that proudly proclaimed the Noahide rule on all the nation’s government buildings (more or less).
    Once established, just like Holoexhaust, the deal with Devil is signed and there is no backing out, unless accompanied by full admishion of guilt, like Goethe’s Faust.

    Thus is Jew’s dominion built and fortified.
    The only one time when Jew speaks the truth and should be trusted without reservation is when he recites Kol Nidre.

  3. #22 should come off the list. While it’s true the War-Between-The-States wasn’t about slavery the way it’s taught in our history books, the slave issue loomed large before the Civil War, and the slave issue was certainly a giant dynamic of the War, a major reason for the war. It was definitely a major factor in the Civil War, except the subject matter is approached from a completely wrong way. It’s the approach the historians take when explaining the role of slavery in the Civil War that is a lie, but that slavery started the Civil War is not a lie. Not really.

    The Southern slave-owning oligarchy wanted to expand their “Golden Circle” slave economic system into the new Western states and the Western territories . The Christian pioneers out West wouldn’t allow it. The Southern oligarchy then decided to try to expand their “Golden Circle” slave empire to the south, into Mexico, Central America, the West Indies, Cuba. The Southern oligarchy did everything to foment the Civil War. The goal being to break off with the North and join IN-Union with Mexico, Central America, the West Indies, Cuba. The Southern oligarchy was even planning to move the capital of Dixie to Havana, Cuba — if they had the won the war, the capital of Dixie would have been moved to Havana. So yes, the Civil War was very much about the slavery issue, because the Southern oligarchy did much to foment the war so as to expand their slave economic empire they called the “Golden Circle” [ like darkmooners don’t know any of this already, lol ] Slavery played a huge role in starting the Civil War. The slavery issue in starting the Civil War is presented to us in a false light in the history books. The real reasons the slave issue started the Civil War, the jews and Freemasons as usual, want to keep that “abridged”. Lets just pass over that, “We” will pass over the aspects of the story “We” rather not have anyone know about. To “abridge” means to “pass over”.

    Take “slavery started the civil war” and “marijuana is harmful” off the list and replace with “oil comes from dinosaur bones” and the “the universe is heliocentric” and then we can still be at “25” without fiddling around with the numbers.

    1. The American civil war was over issuing of money and the interest of the created money (as debt) out of thin air,
      The “Jewish” Rothshilds were behind it. (Like they are behind every war in the last 250 years)

      Lincoln issued the greenback dollar – that’s why he was killed.
      He was backed by the Russian Tsar – Russia also issued their own money in those days. – The Rothschilds got them in 1905 with the Japanese – Russian war, and finally in 1918 when the whole Romanov family was killed and replaced by the Zionist Jew Lenin.

      This is what the Rothschilds have done over and over and over again
      JFK, Khadaffi, Hussein, Assad. etc. etc. etc.
      If you ain’t working WITH the money debt system you’ll be killed….

      1. Of course.And what about Jesus Christ.Why do you forget that he was probably the first in this line.Didn’t he land in trouble because he threw the money changers out of the temple?
        Is it because the Pope and his church now proclaim the Jews had no part in any foul play against Jesus ,the Noble and peaceful Messiah?(Allah’s peace and blessings on him and his mother)

  4. Poor “Fr. John”, the “devout” “Russian Orthodox Christian priest” who yearns for the South to Secede. What anguish he must got through to know the Russians saved the USA from being torn apart during The War Between The States and that the Russians and their help to The North went a long way in defeating “the Russian Orthodox Christian priest’s” precious and beloved Protestant Christian South Land. As far as I know, the Protestant “Filioque” is at odds with the Russian Orthodox “Filioque”. But that doesn’t matter when it comes to Southern Secession. Let’s just put that “Filioque” issue to side, it’s not that important. Heck, do the Protestants even have a “Filioque”?

    I remember from all the history textbooks in school, there was mention that ‘they” , the “they” was meant to refer to all Southerners, wanted to expand the slave system out West. The pioneers were opposed to that, there were some skirmishes here and there out West between pro and anti slavery groups. There was never any mention the Southern oligarchy wanted to expand their slave empire to Mexico, Central America, the West Indies, Cuba. No mention of the jews in Charleston. No mention of the jews down South paying Indians to arrack and massacre White Christians out West opposed to the expansion of the jew’s Golden Circle slave system out West. No mention the jews in Charleston continued to import blacks in chains from Africa after it was made illegal. No mention of Mazzini. I don’t remember if there was anything about Judah Benjamin. If there was mention of him, it must have been in very quick passing. Maybe a few sentences. If there was substantial mention of him, I would have remembered. No mention of August Belmont. No mention that Belmont and Benjamin were in-cahoots. No mention that after the war, the South was flooded by jews — many of them recent immigrants from Europe, the “carpet baggers”. The “carpet baggers” were presented in the history books as Yankee Anglo Founding Stock, a giant lie.

    Slavery played a huge role in starting the Civil War, it’s not presented to us truthfully. The history books say slavery played a big role in starting the Civil War, but the history books only concentrate on the Abolitionist movement, not the role of the jews Down South who did everything they could to foment the Civil War because they couldn’t expand their slave empire Out West. So they fomented a war to break off with the North and expand their slave empire to points South. The history books don’t mention Albert Pike’s cohort Mazzini, Mazzini played a big role in agitating the Abolitionists up North to war, while Pike Down South agitated the Southerners to go to war. No mention in the history books of the Freemason Southern Knights of the Golden Circle. No mention of the Southern Secret Service the jews in Charleston started in order to help foment the War.

    Whatever happened to Fr. John anyway? I hardly run into him anymore. Did he retire and move back to Putin’s Russian Orthodox Christian Russia? It’s too bad, isn’t it, the Russians siding with the North during The Wahr played a role in the South’s defeat.

    1. The Real Original Joe –

      As much as you piss me off, you so much speak TRUTH. You are a very intelligent insane man! Please keep commenting! 🙂 🙂

  5. Should be a lot more comments by now. I certainly know I sent in some posts for this commentary board. Mope pope is too busy worried about “Ellie’s” “lack” of English language skills then putting my fact-based posts on his “fact-based” commentary thread. I guess I have to wait for “Ellie” to become completely fluent in English before I see any of my fact-based posts show up here on mope pope’s “fact-based” commentary board.

  6. Quite a precise list of lies. One could add more such as ‘Israel mistook the USS Liberty for the enemy’ and ‘The suicide bombers, of 7/7 were terrorists that wished to do harm to Britain and her people’.

    The list goes on and on.

    What disgusts me are the journalists out there, sick at having to tell constant lies to keep the public dumbed down, who still tell them and haven’t thought of banding together, getting funding from some wealthy truthers and forming an ‘alternative media outlet’ to combat the msm in their own backyard. I’m not talking about RT or Press TV, but a broadsheet and a daily that would go head to head on the high street against the Sun, the Star, the Guardian, the Times, the Daily Mail, the Independent etc. This would not only happen in the UK but in the US and Europe.

    I have tried to break certain things into conversation but the overwhelming levels of cognitive dissonance within the majority means that the truth is heavily outweighed by the lies, which have been repeated over and over, like a mantra to sink in. Trying to discuss the holocaust for example always returns a very negative reaction and many times nearly a violent one. One friend whom I tried to speak of how long it would take to dispose of 1 million bodies alone in Auschwitz, simply replied “How long and how many kg of coal it would take to dispose of however many Jews is irrelevant. Hitler exterminated 6 million Jews. To think otherwise shows you’re mad…. In other words, he wasn’t interested in the fact that it would have taken some 20+ years, 24/7, to dispose of 1 million Jews in Auschwitz. He wasn’t interested in the facts, that it’s an impossibility to do so. He was offended because I was telling him contrary to the lies the msm and academia had been feeding him since he was old enough to remember. He, epitomises the majority and unless society exposes the lie that is the holocaust, it will become the bedrock of the hell that will soon be the world we live in.

    1. Yes, cognitive dissonance pertaining to any of the many topics pertaining to jews and their subversions, is quite difficult to overcome. Because the jews control not only the media, but practically all information we can access, they have been able to achieve an almost bulletproof barrier of cognitive dissonance — blank stares, a failure/refusal to respond, even hostility, or they gotta’ go. Cognitive dissonance is a program of psychological warfare — brainwashing, studied, researched, and perfected by jews to prevent those they have indoctrinated, from being able to consider an alternative views to anything jews have indoctrinated them with.

      1. Sorry, having to say it but if she is your friend, you are scraping the bottom of the barrel, RO.

        I guess I at one time also had some friends like that and we are friends no longer.
        Life is too short for that kind of socializing.

      2. @ lobro

        Say you had a friend and found out she had a guilty secret. You actually caught her reading the Old Testament one day. Would that be the end of your friendship? 🙂

      3. – Lobro. ” Sorry, having to say it but if she is your friend, you are scraping the bottom of the barrel, RO.”

        Lobro, you are of course correct. But saying that, I have a 30 year history plus with some people who are suffering acute cognitive dissonance. We know each other well – attending their weddings, seeing their babies grow into adults etc etc. They are on the whole “decent” human beings, but they have been brainwashed. I try to point out the “truth” … sometimes I think it does sink in. If I was give up on them, I would have almost zero social contact and I would not be helping to enlighten people about the Jew World Order controlled by banking and the media. Maybe, just maybe one day “they’ll get it.” It’s very frustrating and I do sometimes get angry, especially after a few Riojas!

      4. I think of you as the exception-X, Lasha 🙂
        Besides I recall having criticized you on a rare occasion, including for allegiance to Ye Olde Jewe Testament and you took it in stride.
        Being able to roll with a punch is important in life, love and friendship.

      5. Red Onions,
        I completely understand and know a number of such myself, in fact, all my American friends except one little half injun dude with a rebellious streak and disregard for law.

        If Rioja gets your RPM past the red line, maybe switch to Tempranillo.
        In any case, don’t throw the bottle at them unless empty.

      6. Amazing isn’t it RO?
        They put something there, make up an absurd story and the lemmings are transfixed with utter BS they take as truth. Emotive reasoning trumping logic, because of stupid automatons..

      7. A rebellious streak with a disregard for the law, eh?

        Sounds familiar, coming from a BIG half-injun dude 🙂

    2. My experience about raising obvious questions about the Holohoax and the private ownership of the central banks has been the same. A look of horror and hostility steals over the Sheeple’s face.

      I think, “Maybe these Sheeple deserve to be fleeced?” But…then I think again, “No, the truth must be served; it’s the basis of all virtue, and it’s the only way to build a decent world.”

      There is something seriously wrong with the Jews’ minds — that they revel in lies and deceit. They have inbred themselves over sixty generations into full blown insanity, having self-selected for criminal traits.

    3. TV journalism is a joke. Haven’t you noticed that TV journalists are mostly “blond bimbos plus black men”? That is always a sign that Jews-in-the-know have abandoned a “profession.”

      No more Mike Wallace’s, no more Edward R. Murrow’s, no more Walter Cronkites, no more Dan Rathers. No need for authoritative Jews. Larry King is the only Jew still practicing his trade — on Jew-controlled “Russia” tv.

      The Sheeple have been dumbed down sufficiently to swallow “news” from Megan Kelly.

  7. @Harbinger,
    “Trying to discuss the holocaust for example always returns a very negative reaction…” Very true in Western countries, my friend. However, talk to Asians in Asia and you will find they will listen to your arguments. Some, of course, usually muslims, express disappointment because they consider Hitler to have done an excellent thing and wish that he had got them all. Most have their own genuine holocausts and sick to death of the narcissism of the West in continually bringing up the “holocaust” while ignoring real genocides in the rest of the world. The same applies to Africans in Africa.

    1. Felix –

      Of course.

      Muslims are first and foremost… a POLITICAL movement…

      Though they differ in their methods of control, Italian Fascism, Japanese Imperialism, Stalinist/Maoist Communism, and now Islamic Fundamentalism are all cut from the same totalitarian cloth.

      The Columbia Encyclopedia, 2001 Sixth Edition defines totalitarianism as:

      “A modern autocratic government in which the state involves itself in all facets of society, including the daily life of its citizens. A totalitarian government seeks to control not only all economic/political matters, but also the attitudes, values, and beliefs of its population, erasing the distinction between state and society. The citizen’s duty to the state becomes the primary concern of the community, and the goal of the state is the replacement of existing society with a perfect society.”

      1. Pat,

        I think you forgot in your little list the Americanism, an ideological system based on a single truth, where the enemy must be associated to Evil, a system well described in the Old Testament. But USA is a Judeo-Protestant-Masonic theocracy, so this is not surprising.
        As such, USA is very much alike the radical Islamism it purports to fight, and that it has constantly promoted since the end of WWII by nipping in the bud all the secular Islamic states, following the step of its British big brother in association with the Saudi and their obscurantist version of Islam, but very well adapted to a ruling class of traders.
        One messianism is just hiding the other, as Americanism too stands as the permanent model which expansion intends to be a beacon for the world, which must be converted to its religion, to its economic, legal, agricultural, environmental standards, never mind the atrocities, and there have been quite a lot since the Filipino genocide.
        USA has already colonized occidental Europe and the president of each UE countries, on various degree of submission, is just the CEO of the European subsidiary. The funny thing is that the most reluctant states (opposition to TAFTA the last digestion, to immigration, to Putin bashing..) are the ex-“communist” eastern states, the ex-martyr of democracy, maybe they weren’t so bad behind the wall, a wall that the US elites tries to recreate since Russia is replacing the Islamic threat, which is clearly losing any credibility, in USA at least, soon in Europe on your TV screen, to hide the next financial manipulation.

        BTW, Putin is not communist, is the head of a hybrid liberal/planned capitalist state. USSR has never been communist but capitalist; the only difference is that the value added was captured by a bureaucracy instead of shareholders. It explains, and you are right, the archaism of the capitalism in Russia, which is no threat for US state sponsored corporations in term of innovations, except maybe in arms race. But it has never been about Russia or Germany, it’s about Europe as the whole, the good old British diplomacy since the creation of the BOE.
        It’s funny, in Czech republic, the communist party is leading the protest against immigration. They know that the migrants are used by the capitalist class to prevent any radical critics from the indigenous workers, but hey I am not going to Marx you, or explain the difference between Stalin and Trotsky, but I am guessing the international dream of Trotsky is still leaving in USA.
        The international of slaves in service of the international of bankers.
        I’d like to see an ethnic version of that but it wouldn’t be PC.

        Sorry for my primary anti-americanism, but it used to be a tradition before Sarkozy, but as your wife knows, it’s not personal. Or maybe i am just jealous because USA is twenty years ahead of us.
        And Francois Hollande speech about Syria. The voice of its master. Grotesque.

      2. Phil –

        I am on-board with most of your claims and your “guess” you made is ok by me.

        I don’t know what “Americanism” is… only governments know. It is all greed and fear driven actions… and appears to be mostly COMMERCIAL Pharasaism to me.

        “Sorry for my primary anti-americanism, but it used to be a tradition before Sarkozy, but as your wife knows, it’s not personal. Or maybe i am just jealous because USA is twenty years ahead of us.”

        No need to apologize. Nothing personally taken. And twenty years is a flash.

        Thanks for the reply… as usual.

    2. @Felix, exactly, I think most people on the planet are heartily sick of hearing constantly of jew suffering..

      1. You must move in more intelligent circles than I.
        In the US the Sheeple that I talk to are still wallowing in the victim-Jew mythology,
        The Sheeple’s children are still being taught about the Holohoax in public schools.
        The bus tours in Washington DC are still pointing out “with pride” the Holocaust Museum.
        We’re doomed.

  8. Yes Felix,

    It would very much appear that the rest of the world isn’t wallowing in cognitive dissonance and has the abilities, that the western majority has very much lost, that are skepticism and critical thinking capability. The Jew has stayed in the west because it’s prayed on the good will and general all around goodness of the European peoples. Even now, we’re welcoming in our very own future assassins without a care in the world (other than those who are actively protesting against it).
    They simply haven’t had the deceit that we’ve had to put up with for the last millennium.

      1. I’m glad Lobro. We should not refer to them with any form of respect whatsoever until they start showing back the same.

  9. #25 How low we can “dehumanize” GOD – the creator of the universe, the ruler of life and death, the mover of miracles in the micro and macro cosmos? Do we really want to believe that GOD, the almighty made some sort of a special deal with a group of moneychangers with chopped off foreskins, whose distant relatives are praying and banging their heads against a wailing wall, while still murdering everyone around them? What would have GOD achieve to chose some evil tribes, than send his only begotten SON down to earth just to be killed by the special ones? This mangled story of the moneychangers (with a little help from the catholic church), defies all logic…. And if one is an Atheist, or Buddhist, or existentialist, the chosen ones do not exist either.

    1. I too am feeling these sentiments. It seems to me that the Jesus story is the tenacious want of this group to degrade and dehumanize God, taking over the planet for themselves as gods of the earth. Any other comments? We can all agree that if not for the Christians in America who have been most easily hijacked the plan would never gone forth so smoothly and quickly.

  10. I am aware the The Occidental Observer website is controversial for its writings on race, but in my view it is still the most important source on understanding the Jews. You don’t have to agree with everything they write. I don’t agree or am skeptical of some things. But Professor MacDonald and others associated with TOO show how Jews work together to push their own forward into fame and fortune regardless of the fact that their candidate is often or usually the lesser talented. This is an article on the Berlin Philharmonic, which has always been considered by many the greatest orchestra in the world, certainly Germans have always felt that way.

    This is a fascinating article on how a Jewish nobody from Siberia was chosen to head one of Germany’s leading institutions over someone that might be the greatest conductor alive. Now this nobody is being built up in the media as one of the all time greats. The article reveals more information. Less talented Jews now dominate Berlin’s culture scene again and the article reveals how they did this. The same way they have always done it.

    1. – Peter. Your comment and link reminded me the story published in the London Times in November 2005 about Yehudi Menuhin’s son.

      Menuhin’s son forced to resign over ‘anti-Semitic’ interviews From Roger Boyes in Berlin

      “The son of the violinist and humanist Yehudi Menuhin has been ousted as head of the German branch of his father’s foundation because of his extreme right-wing views.

      Gerard Menuhin, 57, caused uproar by suggesting that Germany was being blackmailed by an international Jewish conspiracy preying on the country’s war guilt. He was forced to resign as chairman of the Yehudi Menuhin Foundation (YMF) in Germany, which was established to encourage the musical talent of young immigrants.

      “It was a logical and comprehensible decision in this re-educated land,” Mr Menuhin, an Old Etonion who lives in Switzerland and Britain, said. “But I’m not going to change my opinions because of it.”

      Until now his political views have barely registered with the outside world even though he has a regular column in the Munich-based ultra-nationalist National Zeitung. One of his more vitriolic columns condemned Jewish “souvenir hunters” who gather evidence in Germany to help them to lodge financial claims for wartime persecution.

      In an interview with the National Zeitung, organ of the German Peoples’ Union, Mr Menuhin called on Germans to stop paying taxes and thus protest at the outflow of German funds to the European Union.

      “People cannot be eternally exploited in this way,” he said, “as long as there is a budget deficit, no German public money should flow abroad.”

      1. That is itself evidence of a conspiracy, his being ousted for completely unrelated political thoughts. It just goes to show you how truly massive and systemic is the control.

      2. @Red Onions. That is very interesting. I would not have expected that from a Jew. There are some noble Jews and he is one of them.

        There is another article on TOO right now called “The Paranoid German Mind: Counting Down to the Next War” and it goes into how the Germans were brainwashed by the Americans (Jews) after the war. There is no other word for it. Their bowing down to every Jew wish and their policies to deliberately genocide their own people. I say this as a son of Germans. The Germans are mentally ill and unfortunately many other European peoples are too.

  11. Muslim or African countries are not White countries populated by Whites, so what does it matter to the jews? Civilized White societies and White culture is their target for destruction. Those peoples not being subjected to relentless jew indoctrination show no signs of cognitive dissonance.

  12. There are many more lies……

    26. Evolution. We all evolved from monkeys. All animals ‘evolved’ from primordial soup.
    27. The Big Bang…that all things spontaneously exploded from nothing.
    28. Earth is 4.5 BILLION years old.
    29. There is no God.
    30. There is no Devil.
    31. There are probes on Mars right now finding water.
    32. America must invade Vietnam to stop Communism.
    33. The Bible justifies slavery.
    34. Good people to go Heaven.
    35. The Rape of Nanking.
    36. Only 10,000 people died at the Bombing of Dresden.
    37. The Devil created Hell and rules in Hell.
    38. Wall Street is run by White WASPs.
    39. The Federal Reserve is ‘federal’.
    40. College is a good place to become educated.
    41. Abortion is a ‘reproductive’ right.
    42. Adolf Eichmann was the ‘architect’ of the Holocaust.
    43. Abortions are as safe as getting your teeth cleaned at the dentist’s.
    44. People are born homosexual. There is a homosexual gene.
    45. The American Founding Fathers were Christian.
    46. Nuclear Weapons are real and you should be very afraid.
    47. Mordechai Vanunu (Jew) tells the truth about Nuclear Weapons.
    48. Torture and Enhanced Interrogation works to get useful information.
    49. Less rights and more surveillance means more safety against terrorism.
    50. The Academy Awards are extremely important. Actors and Actresses are important people.
    51. Reality Television is all real.
    52. People make it in show business based purely on talent.
    53. “This film is based a TRUE STORY”.
    54. The King James Bible isn’t the LITERAL Word of God and needs more translating.
    55. Alcohol in moderation including Red Wine is perfectly healthy.
    56. “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”
    57. The Bible is not meant to be taken literally and is figurative.
    58. Professional athletes NEVER cheat and NEVER take steroids of drugs to get ahead.
    59. Athletes are good role models. Playing a team sport builds character.
    60. The rich and wealthy need to pay MORE in taxes. The government is short on cash.
    61. Photoshopped images of female models or male bodybuilders.
    62. Martin Luther King Jr. was a Christian.
    63. MLK Jr. was Pro Life, faithful to his wife, wasn’t homosexual, was a true ‘Civil Rights’ leader
    64. Martin Luther King Jr.’s name was Martin Luther King Jr.
    65. It’s a coincidence that Bush and Kerry were both in Skull and Bones
    66. John Kerry, Wesley Clark, Christopher Hitchens, and all other Jews have “NO IDEA” that they have Jewish ancestry.
    67. The Devil has been to Hell. Or is in Hell right now.
    68. Marriage is between any two people.
    69. The ‘Jewish’ God is the same as the Christian God.
    70. You can follow the Old Testament without believing in Jesus Christ.
    71. Jesus Christ doesn’t appear until the New Testament.
    72. Atheists do not believe in anything and have the world figured out completely.
    73. The planet is overpopulated. We need to curb the population.
    74. ADD is real. Medicate your children as much as possible.
    75. Carbon Dating.
    76. White Nationalism is the answer.
    77. Hitler was a White Nationalist or Aryan Supremacist.
    78. The ‘Nazis’ only had Whites fighting for them.
    79. The police are here to protect you.
    80. If you buy our ‘Product Brand X’ you can get laid easily.
    81. Eating Subway sandwiches will help you lose weight easily.
    82. Smoking is cool and really anti-establishment.
    83. Your house will be worth more in ten years than when you bought it.
    84. Condos are a great investment.
    85. You might as well rent an apartment because you’ll save money.
    86. This unpaid internship could turn into a high paying job.
    87. Disney is child friendly.
    88. Watching professional Sports makes you a ‘MAN’.
    89. Watching Super Bowl advertisements is important.
    90. Your vote counts. Your vote matters.
    91. Lose your virginity on prom night. Lose your virginity any way you can.
    92. Birth control is completely safe and effective. No long term complications whatsoever.
    93. Islam is the religion of Peace.
    94. Books like Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and A Song of Ice and Fire are not Satanic at all.
    95. The West Memphis Three are completely innocent and they were set up by corrupt police.
    96. The Branch Davidians decided to set themselves on fire at WACO.
    97. It is EXTREMELY important and Patriotic to root for your own country at the Olympics.
    98. Pornography is art. It’s beautiful. It’s not addicting. The women are treated well.
    99. Diet Soda is healthier than regular Soda. ‘Diet’ anything is healthy.
    100. Non-Christians are intelligent.

    Here’s a few big lies. Some people on this site will disagree with many. But once you see The Bible as literal you’ll start to laugh at ‘evolution’ and the ‘big bang’ and even see through the lies of the ‘moon landings’ and ‘nuclear weapons’. I feel like I have the ‘They Live’ glasses over my eyes sometimes.

    1. @ Dr Parker

      Brilliant . . . well said! Not everyone will agree with everything listed here, but this is a pretty comprehensive list of lies, half truths and misconceptions.

      1. @ Pat

        Yeah, sure! . . . but I was hoping you wouldn’t get as far as 46!

        And please note my get-out clause: “Not everyone will agree with everything listed here.” 🙂

      2. If nuclear weapons aren’t real that’s one of the most astonishing revelations with the greatest significance. What is the consensus on that among regulars here? If nuclear weapons aren’t real the Samson Option/Threat is a complete bluff?

    2. Doc –

      This pic validates Kaminski’s #9….. Moon landing pics faked.

      Lack of lighting from Sun sourced at 12 o’clock on a phony dull-gray Moon is a give-away.

      Earth is brighter than the white lunar surface….
      …. Looks CLOUDY overhead. 🙂

      Metal parts on Lander would be much shinier and even brilliant… and dazzling..!!

      The Earth should take most of backdrop, instead it is smaller than what the Moon appears in our sky here.

      With no atmosphere there should be many many stars visible.

      CIA’s NASA photographers and artists didn’t think of all of that at the time.

      Amazing that we fell for it in the 70s:
      “The lunar module of Apollo 11 seen in orbit above the Moon. Earth is visible in the far distance.”,_Moon_and_Lunar_Module,_AS11-44-6643.jpg

    3. The KJV is the literal word of God? How does anyone truly believe that? Obviously you’re not an ignoramus so any elucidation would be appreciated. By the way, the Catholic monk Thomas Berry thought Christianity contributed to the endemic autism to nature we see, which incidentally serves most well a world order maniacally set up to suck up as quickly as possible all the resources of the planet. Could the present reality have taken seat without Christianity?

    4. I’m devastated. I agree with most of your list. And then comes your “kicker” . . . You still believe that the Jewish Bible is NOT a Jewish fairytale.
      We’re doomed as a species…..just doomed.

  13. Regarding the lies of 9/11, I see the dreadful Daily Mail had the following story 4 days ago. The Jewish controlled press must be gauging public opinion. 3,359 replies. It’s encouraging to see the best rated comment which agreed with Corbyn’s statement 12 years ago had over 6,000 “likes”.

    ” Jeremy Corbyn claimed the 9/11 attacks were ‘manipulated’ by the West so it could go to war in Afghanistan in an article he wrote 12 years ago, it has emerged today.”

  14. #26 : “lasha staring out at us with one eye is a totally innocent thing. lasha really doesn’t know what the one eye of horus symbolizes, means, implies, pertains to. it’s a coincidence lasha just happens to stare out at us with the one eye of horus. she’s not trying to send any message with her one eye of horus staring out at everyone. she has no idea what the eye of horus is all about. it’s a coincidence she decided to stare out at us with one eye just like the one eye of horus LERVS to stare out at everyone with its one eye of horus. lasha is like totally innocent of knowing anything about what the one eye of horus means. lasha would never spy on any readers that comes to her darkmoon.”

  15. #28: “pat, gilbert, justice for chinese , some others I cant be bothered to mention right now, are really NOT one and the same jew.”

  16. “Islam is the religion of Peace.”

    Given that everything we THINK we know about that particular subject went through a jewish filter before it ever got to us, then for all we know the Islamic faith just might be a religion of peace after all. It just seems likely that the jews who own the “news” are spending a hefty part of their unlimited fortunes on a plan to brainwash us and to whip us into a pugilistic fighting mood whenever the Islamic Boogey Man is paraded before our deluded eyes, with the obvious intention of inducing an irrational hatred of Islam so that we can better wage war against it, and by waging war against it, so that we can more readily destroy both ourselves and the Moslems (who are the perceived enemies of the jews). Or maybe we’ve been brainwashed to such an extent that we simply cannot see that the jews want us to hate and kill the Mohammedans …. Or maybe we’re just so damned stupid that we’re simply unable to see what should be readily obvious. The statement “Germany is a nation of peace” would have been mocked by all patriotic Americans, had it been stated back in the 1930s and the 1940s. So lets keep on playing this game and let’s be proud of how utterly &%$##@ stupid we are.

    1. @Save The Goyim, I am so glad someone else was astute, and humane enough to question this statement..

    2. In fact, Christianity (even the true kind) could be just as easily and maliciously misconstrued because Christ said “I bring you the sword”.
      He did say this, didn’t he.

      In Bosnia, neither Muslims nor the Catholics hold a grudge against theTurks and I am quite sure that analogous holds in other places where for centuries the Christians were respected and protected by Muslim authorities and populace.
      Iran, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon …
      But people are often blind, stupid and malicious as well as mentally unbalanced … didn’t mean you Joe, oops, yes I did.

    3. There are histories/recordings of the Muslim conquerors written by their biographers and by their very own hands.
      Detailed histories, lists and all..
      Especially of their (failed) quest to possess India and slay or convert the uber-idolator Hindus/Sindhus. Allah’s will be done!

      How might the fanatics ‘get over it’ if this means (and it does) the defeat of Islam’s divine decree (Allah’s will), via India?

      Simply put .. for the fanatically faithful, this does not, can not, compute (AKA) they’ll never get over it.

    4. ALL religions are a form of mind-control. NOBODY knows what “God” is or wants.
      True religion is what is in “most” of our hearts:

      That we should treat others as we wish to be treated.
      That we want to build a world that protects our children’s happiness, creativity and safety.
      That we couldn’t have lived as newborns for one day without the common efforts of all of us.
      That we should be humble before the mysteries of our very brief lives.

  17. Mostly good, but astronauts did go to the moon ,only delusional cranks think otherwise. Chemtrails? Propagating dumb ideas like that ultimately end up protecting The Jew.

    1. – Pollyfrazer9. “Chemtrails? Propagating dumb ideas like that ultimately end up protecting The Jew.”

      How is that when Chemtrails are happening all over the world photographed and documented for years by intelligent researchers. Have a look at the research done by Max Bliss in France. Have a look at the work done by Chemtrails Project UK. Why does a Spanish commerical pilot say on camera “Chemtrails are a necessary EVIL”. But most importantly (depending on where you live) ………. LOOK UP.

    2. PF9 –

      Chemtrails may be a “dumb idea’…. but the Council on Foreign Relations(CFR) approves of them.
      They call it Geoengineering… and hold seminars on it.

      ‘Chemtrails’ with metal particles are part of GEOENGINEERING plans to increase albedo, the reflection of radiation fro the sun.

      CFR seminars and symposiums on GEOENGINEERING:

      Developing an International Framework for Geoengineering (Video)

      As the international community continues to work toward emissions reductions, some climate scientists are turning to the concept of geoengineering—the deliberate manipulation of the Earth’s climate—to offset the effects of climate change. The concept, however, raises scientific, political, and ethical questions. Join M. Granger Morgan and John D. Steinbruner to discuss the development of an international framework for geoengineering and the implications of these technologies for U.S. foreign policy.

      Speakers: M. Granger Morgan, Head, Department of Engineering and Public Policy, Carnegie Mellon University
      John D. Steinbruner, Director, Center for International and Security Studies, University of Maryland

      Presider: Ruth Greenspan Bell, Acting U.S. Climate Policy Director, World Resources Institute

      March 10, 2010


      The ‘chemrail’ systems are patented:
      Hughes Aircraft retained a patent in 1991 for aerial dispersal of metal in jet fuel. They have been spraying aluminum oxide since the early 1990s.

      “One proposed solution to the problem of global warming involves the seeding of the atmosphere with metallic particles. One technique proposed to seed the metallic particles was to add the tiny particles to the fuel of jet airliners, so that the particles would be emitted from the jet engine exhaust while the airliner was at its cruising altitude.”

      US Patent 5003186:

      Inventors: Chang; David B. (Tustin, CA), Shih; I-Fu (Los Alamitos, CA)
      Assignee: Hughes Aircraft Company (Los Angeles, CA)

      –Stratospheric Welsbach seeding for REDUCTION of global warming–

    3. I agree with Red, can’t vouch for chemtrails but there sure is room for reasonable doubt.
      In fact, many claims are far from certain and the important thing is the freedom of speech.

      Joe excepted 🙂 he should have whatever freedom he finds within the straitjacket and Hannibal Lecter muzzle.

      All the nuts should be equal.

  18. @Sardonicus

    Haha, Parkers list has the good, the bad and the very bad!

    So now, besides the nuclear weapons/Nagasaki/Hiroshima deniers, we also have the moon landing deniers. Cute.

    German Chemist Germar Rudolf, one of the most prominent holocaust revisionists and publishers( until he was put in prison in Germany for it ) wrote an interesting article on this issue:

    The Moon Landing: Fact or Fiction ?

    Analyzing mounting controversial arguments

    By Germar Rudolf

    3. Interesting Parallels

    One of the first scientists to engage himself with moon landing doubters was Michael Shermer in his book Why People Believe Weird Things.[4] The same book also takes on holocaust revisionists in three chapters. It can come as no surprise that Shermer, who is well known by readers of the VffG,[5] rebukes revisionism as well as forged moon landings as “lunatic” ideas. According to Shermer, the hidden cause for holocaust revisionism and for moon landing criticism lies in ideological fanaticism and ignorance of what he calls the “convergence of evidence.”

    As far as I’m concerned, the only thing holocaust revisionism and moon landing skepticism have in common is the fact that the majority (still) shake their heads in disbelief and regard them as crazy ideas. This is where all parallels end. Not one moon landing skeptic was ever socially isolated nor prosecuted, nor did one of the major television networks grant revisionism an hour-long debut of their arguments without contradiction.

    Whereas it is the established side in the moon landing controversy that insists on the superiority of technical arguments, this situation is turned around when it comes to revisionism: here, the official side either doesn’t take notice or refuses acknowledgement of technical evidence, using legal and even illegal means to thwart them. Furthermore, anybody wanting or offering evidence supporting revisionism is socially isolated and persecuted. That’s why a comparison between revisionism and lunar landing criticism is far fetched; it’s like comparing black and white.

    4. Theses and Antitheses

    Thesis: One of the most popular and easily refuted argument against moon landings is the correct observation that all photos taken by the Apollo astronauts miss out on stars, even though the universe is totally black due to lack of a lunar atmosphere. This would prove that the background is not the universe but a studio forgery.

    Antithesis: All pictures taken by the astronauts on the moon were shot during the daytime, in glaring sunlight. Because there is no atmosphere on the moon, sunlight is reflected here more intensely than on earth. Therefore, the astronaut’s cameras had to be adjusted so that the objects photographed would not be totally over-exposed. The aperture was at a minimum, the exposure time extremely short. There was not enough time for the dim light of the stars to leave a trace on the film. Should anybody take a photo on earth in the black of night using the same camera settings as the astronauts, the results would be equal: no stars.

    Thesis: The descent engine from the lunar module should have removed all dust and debris in and around the landing site, creating a crater. However all pictures show no such crater, indicating the module didn’t land on its own, but was put in place by a crane.

    Antithesis: At the very beginning of the planning phase, American scientists were indeed concerned that the propulsion from the lunar module might provoke a dust storm on the moon.[6] This concern, however, proved groundless. For the sake of clarity, a few calculations are necessary.

    The lunar module of the Apollo Missions had a mass of about 14.5 tons.[7] Because the moon’s gravitational pull equals one-sixth of the earth’s, a mass of 14.5 tons has a weight on the moon like 2.4 tons on the earth’s surface. Thus, to guarantee a soft landing on the moon’s surface, the module must develop a thrust corresponding to the weight of 2.4 tons on earth (2,400 kp = 23,500 N). The diameter of the lunar module’s nozzle was 137 cm,[8] corresponding to an area of 1.47 m². Thus, the pressure from the exhaust gases correlate to 160 g per cm² (circa 1.6 N/cm²), corresponding to roughly 16% of the atmospheric pressure on the earth’s surface (1 bar = 100,000 N/m² = 10 N/cm²). This pressure is at most very weak.

    Furthermore, one must consider that there is a vacuum on the moon’s surface; gases from the propulsion would expand very rapidly in all directions. Hence, when the exhaust gas contacted the lunar surface, its pressure was well under ten percent of the atmospheric pressure on earth. This would suffice to blow up dust, but not to create a large crater where all dust and debris would have been removed.

    Thesis: Right next to the lunar module, one can see the imprint of the astronaut’s boots in the dust, further evidence that dust was not removed from the descent engine, as one should expect from an actual lunar landing. The lunar module itself should have been covered with the dust it whirled up.

    Antithesis: Reference is made to the antithesis of the previous question, which proves that the thrust of the lunar nozzle is overestimated. One must note that whirling up dust on the moon has a completely different effect than on earth. While dust on earth would be carried through the atmosphere to settle in some remote area, dust on the moon strictly adheres to Newton’s law of gravity: it falls back to the surface in form of a parabolic curve. There is no whirling up of dust, as we know it on earth. Because of the relatively low exhaust gas pressure of the module’s nozzle, the disturbed dust would actually fall back to the surface in the immediate vicinity of the nozzle. It is indeed plausible that the layer of dust close to the nozzle was indeed thicker than before the landing. Thus, there can be little doubt that pictures of the module must portray imprints from the astronaut’s boots.

    Thesis: Another argument also refers to the pictures taken by the astronauts on the moon. If, as suggested, these photos originated from the moon with no atmosphere which would have dispersed the sunlight, why don’t all objects cast a completely black shadow? If the sun is the only source of light, all shadows ought to be black.

    Antithesis: Of course, the sun isn’t the only source of light on the moon! The lunar surface itself reflects an abundant amount of sunlight, as we can see on earth. As one notices on the photos taken by the astronauts on the moon, sunlight is reflected from the moon’s surface, being in itself an intensive source of light which illuminates all shadows of all objects on the moon. Ian Goddard has proven these effects on his website in a convincing demonstration, see Fig. 1 to 3.

    Thesis: Another argument also refers to the shadows of the Apollo pictures. Should the sun have been the only source, all shadows ought to be parallel to each other. However, one can clearly see that not all of them are, which indicates falsification.

    Antithesis: This argument is apparently void of all consequential thought. Had there been more than one source, then the objects must throw more than one shadow. This does not seem to be the case here. Another possibility would be that the source is relatively close to its object, so that shadows tend to disperse into the distance. This is not always the case. The problem lies in the lack of understanding about perspectives and projections of three-dimensional objects on two-dimensional plains. Aberrations are unavoidable. Shadows of objects will only appear parallel if the area upon which the shadows are thrown, are themselves even and if these shadows are regarded from a great distance, thereby minimizing perspective aberrations. See Figure 4 and 5.

    Thesis: A few Apollo moon shots depict different foregrounds with identical backgrounds. NASA explains that the photos were taken at different sites. Then the background should have a different perspective, which is not the case here. This shows that the spots were not taken in front of a natural background, but in front of a static studio background. (Compare Fig. 6 & 7).

    Antithesis: On earth, we’re used to seeing mountain ranges disappearing in the haze the farther away we get from them. A large part of human stereoscopic impression relies on this effect. That is why distant objects seem particularly close on a clear day, in contrast to a misty day. The moon has no atmosphere. To the human eye, a distant mountain range, actually being kilometers away, seems therefore quite close. Skeptics have all succumbed to this optical illusion, because the range in question is so distant that any perspective alterations are hard to recognize for the naked eye. Superimposing the two pictures would prove a slight deviation.[10] A film sequence of an Apollo moon landing illustrates the difficulties in judging distances and sizes of lunar objects. A piece of rock being a few meters large at a distance “grew” to a large bolder while closing in with the rover.[11]

    Thesis: An Apollo-16-film sequence shows one astronaut on a hill, and another one shows two astronauts on the same hill. When the film was published, NASA stated that the two hills were four kilometers apart. It’s obvious that the two hills are identical and that NASA was lying.

    Antithesis: The two sequences were actually taken three minutes apart at the same place. When the film was broadcast, NASA simply made a mistake, as affirmed by Eric Jones, publisher of NASA’s editorial: Apollo Lunar Surface Journal.[12]

    Thesis: Because the astronauts moved about in the lunar module, thus continuously altering its center of gravity, it was impossible to steer, let alone land the module on the moon.

    Antithesis: Steering an object propelled by thrust, whether ascending or descending, equals the balancing act of a rod with fingertips. (Helicopter pilots are very familiar with this phenomenon). The thrust must always be trimmed even if there is no alteration in the center of gravity. An unmanned missile also underlies continuous gravitational changes due to its continuous fuel consumption. The missiles’ success over the last decades contradicts this argument completely. Mobile astronauts (in a module) might aggravate the problem a bit, but balancing this is no problem and accomplished by a simple adjustment via the nozzles.

    Thesis: A camera piloted by remote control, left behind on the lunar surface, filmed the end of the lunar mission. This sequence does not show exhaust gases from the nozzle of the module, therefore the film must be a fake.

    Antithesis: It is important to note that the motor of the lunar Module was far smaller than those motors we’re used to seeing during the dramatic Apollo and Space Shuttle starts here on earth. In contrast to those rockets that start from earth, the kind of fuel employed on the lunar module produced no visible flame, smoke, or vapor.[14] Furthermore, the gases from the nozzle expanded so quickly that a flame in vacuum gets dispersed so quickly that it never achieves the brightness or density it has on earth.

    Thesis: Doubling the projection speed of a film showing astronauts driving their lunar rover gives the sequence an earth-bound character. Thus, these films must be fraudulent.

    Antithesis: The films of the driving lunar Rover indeed prove that the pictures were taken on the moon and no place else. One must only regard the characteristic way the dust behaves which was whirled up by the rover’s laminated tires. Should this have happened in an atmosphere, dust would have been whirled up, like every vehicle on earth, driving through dusty area, produces a huge dust cloud behind itself. Moon dust, however, returns to the ground in a perfect parabolic curve, as did the dust whirled up by the moon rover. In order to falsify these photos in an expansive area, NASA would have had to build huge vacuum compounds. Such compounds never existed, neither yesterday nor today. This does therefore not only refute that argument of the “moon landing deniers” (I couldn’t resist), but it actually positively proves that moon landings were factual.

    Thesis: When the astronauts set up the American flag, it waved. This is because the photos were taken on earth; the flag came in contact with an air stream. Flags don’t flutter in a vacuum. Further copies show a folding flag, evidence that there was wind in the studios.

    Antithesis: Flags do flutter in a vacuum, especially after the flagpole was positioned, which was the case here as the astronauts straightened it up. Since a vacuum has no friction, which would decelerate the swaying or waving of a flag, a thus upset banner would continue moving even longer than in a tranquil atmosphere. Just because a banner folds up does not prove that it’s moving; a folded, a hanging curtain doesn’t prove room draft either.

    It is customary in America to portray a banner fluttering in the wind. Therefore, the astronauts would set the flag so that it would produce folds, showing a picture dear to Americans. If claiming that the banner was moved by wind, then one must ask why the extremely light dust wasn’t moved just as well. Because the dust was not moved, this proves that the photographs were made in a tranquil area.[15]

    Thesis: The lenses of the astronauts’ cameras had optical cross wires. Some photos portray objects apparently in front of these wires, which is impossible if the wires were actually etched into the camera’s lens. These photos must be forgeries (see fig. 8 & 9).

    Antithesis: This argument implies that NASA added the cross wires onto the photos after their development in a more or less sloppy manner. Because cameras with cross wires existed for a long time, one would be inclined to question why NASA didn’t use such a camera in one of its alleged forgery studios instead of resorting to sloppy retouching. In actual fact, the areas where the cross wires seem to be missing are those where local overexposure had taken place, where glaring objects irradiated slight, dark objects in their immediate vicinity. This effect is fundamental knowledge in photography. See also Figure 10.

    Thesis: One of the most frequent arguments against moon landings is that radiation from the Van Allen Belt and beyond, in space would have killed the astronauts within a few minutes.

    Antithesis: The Van Allen Belt is a region surrounding earth whose magnetic field routes the electrically charged particles (electrons and protons) of the solar wind. A fraction of the solar wind can enter the earth only at the poles causing the so-called polar lights (aurora borealis). An unprotected human being would indeed be killed by radiation within the Van Allen Belt, should he be exposed for a given length of time. The Apollo rockets, however, passed the Van Allen Belt within one hour. Additionally, the overwhelming part of the solar wind cannot penetrate the rocket’s metal hull at all.[16] Had the particle radiation of the solar wind indeed such lethal effects, i.e. even after passing through steel of several millimeters, then one had to assume that any kind of sensitive electronic equipment on board of any rocket would also have been ruined by the Van Allen Belt. However, none of the many American, Russian, European, Japanese, or Chinese missions to the moon, to other planets, to comets or into deeper space ever failed because of damage to the highly sensitive electronic equipment on board caused by the Van Allen Belt.

    5. Conclusions

    Arguments brought forward by skeptics of the moon landings are altogether based particularly on ignorance of technical and scientific fact and can be refuted quite easily. It is a pleasure to note that experts and hobby astronomers do not refrain from addressing these arguments, but accept this challenge eagerly and discuss it publicly, and in most cases with the objectivity that this matter deserves.

    Although I myself had an intensive discussion with a leading German rocket engineer, Wernher von Braun’s right hand (see inset), I have refrained from using him as witness, because a scientist must not employ such weak proof at all. Should a few retired gentlemen reminiscing on their past be the only proof for the fact of the lunar landing missions, NASA’s case would be weak indeed.

    Research of scientific literature on astronomy will yield greater results. I did find, for example, a fairly recent article which demonstrates how an exact measurement of the distance between moon and earth can be made:[17] three of the six Apollo missions to the moon left a laser mirror there exactly
    for this purpose as well as for the measurement of moonquakes and other irregular movements of the moon’s surface.
    How can scientists today take such measurements with a strong laser beam, if Apollo missions did not land on the moon?

    1. Little Luca –

      You write of the laws of gravity, and speak in circles. Who is it you wish to impress??? (Most wouldn’t bother to read your bullshit.)

      1. Little Luca knows that if the public ever fully understands that the Apollo Moon landings were hoaxes that the public will lose all trust in Government (which the public “should” lose since our so-called Government is a Kosher Nostra Operation), and the Freemasons will be exposed as the Lickspittle Lackeys of the Jews . The “space” lie must be preserved to keep the money flowing into NASA and from NASA to weapons developed for Israel’s use.

    2. @LUCA K

      Those mirrors could have been placed on the moon by unmanned missions. Moonlanding sceptics don’t deny unmanned missions to the moon as they don’t deny same to Mars.

    3. To all such revisionist claims I assign a probability from near 100% to near zero, eg, “Holocaust is a lie” and “Christ landed in spaceship” respectively.

      Of capital importance is to recognize limits of own expertise, where the wide world of ignorance begins and the revisionism is an ongoing process.

      For example, I used to assign ~ 75% to “Moon landing was faked” but today only give it ~ 15% at most.
      Chemtrails remain at 75%.

      “Joe is crazy” stays at 90% plus (the beatings will stop when morale improves)

      1. To all such revisionist claims I assign a probability from near 100% to near zero, eg, “Holocaust is a lie” and “Christ landed in spaceship” respectively.
        Of capital importance is to recognize limits of own expertise, where the wide world of ignorance begins and the revisionism is an ongoing process.

        Lobro is making important points here: (a) our conclusions are necessarily functions of the information at our disposal, and (b) confidence in any conclusion can never attain certainty unless we have all the information that is relevant to the question at hand.

        These points have been understood and articulated clearly by the giant scientific minds like Pierre Laplace and James Maxwell long time ago:

        Probability theory is nothing but common sense reduced to calculation.
        – Laplace, 1819

        The actual science of logic is conversant at present only with things either certain, impossible, or entirely doubtful, none of which (fortunately) we have to reason on. Therefore the true logic for this world is the calculus of Probabilities, which takes account of the magnitude of the probability which is, or ought to be, in a reasonable man’s mind.
        – James Clerk Maxwell (1850)

        That’s why probability theory is the logic not only of science, as argued by Edwin Jaynes in his magnum opus , but in the larger context of life itself.

      2. Circ –

        “(a) our conclusions are necessarily functions of the information at our disposal, and (b) confidence in any conclusion can never attain certainty unless we have all the information that is relevant to the question at hand.”

        That’s another way of stating…. since everyone has different info at their disposals….

        “Everyone has their own truths.”

      3. @Pat

        That’s another way of stating…. since everyone has different info at their disposals….
        “Everyone has their own truths.”

        Not quite. The statement was: since everyone has different info at his disposal, everyone has his own conclusions. Only a fool can equate conclusion and truth, which reminds me of the following quote ( )

        ”Your act was unwise,” – I exclaimed – “as you see by the outcome.”
        He solemnly eyed me. “When choosing the course of my action,” – said he, – “I had not the outcome to guide me.”

        – Ambrose Bierce

    4. I agree. All the “moon landing is a hoax” arguments I’ve ever seen have been weak and easily explained.

  19. PETER wrote:
    “This is a fascinating article on how a Jewish nobody from Siberia was chosen to head one of Germany’s leading institutions over someone that might be the greatest conductor alive. Now this nobody is being built up in the media as one of the all time greats. The article reveals more information. Less talented Jews now dominate Berlin’s culture scene again and the article reveals how they did this. The same way they have always done it.”

    Shhhhh, Peter, don’t tell ‘white nationalist’ JOHN DERBYSHIRE that!!
    Here’s what he had to say re Jewish overepresentation at the highest levels of Western societies:

    “What’s the answer to Ann’s(Coulter) question? The answer is of course that Ashkenazi Jews punch way above their demographic weight in media and intellectual circles, and in big-money political donations, because their high average intelligence brings them success in the relevant fields.”

    See, Peter, the joos are just smarter than the rest of us, so tell us “white nationalist” JOHN DERBYSHIRE…

    1. John Derbyshire is no “white nationalist” at all. He is married to a Chinese woman and has sired two Eurasian children and is a fervent admirer of Chinese and Jews “because they are so intelligent”. He doesn’t care if the US would be entirely dominated by Jews and Chinese (and perhaps some intelligent Whites too) if only they are intelligent. That is called “cognitive elitism”.

    2. No,. High individual intelligence is NOT the critical determinant.
      Another factor prevails — acting in unison — like ants species do. Acting in unison overwhelms individual achievement and intelligence.
      A pack of hyenas brings down one massively creative Lion.
      When Lions congregate to act in unison, hyenas slink away.
      Some races have evolved as individuals.
      Other races have evolved as hives.

  20. Slavery was a dying institution in the South and the Southern slave holders knew it by the 1850s. Without the war of Northern aggression slavery would have been history by the 1880s or maybe before. The Southerners were in a catch 22. Freeing the Slavers by voluntary means would have cast millions of un-educated Blacks into culture of the South causing great harm to both Blacks and Whites. So it was easier to maintain the institution of Slavery so that the Slaves could little by little be freed in order to acclimate living by their own devices. The agricultural mechanisms coming on during the 2nd half of the 19th century was replacing Slavery as a more economical means of growing and harvesting.
    Just as the NE core wanted to nip the development of the West by having the Federal Government own and control vast areas West of the Mississippi, (forest service, BLM) the NE core of wealth wanted to nip the growing wealth of the Southern Plantation culture through tariffs of exported Southern agricultural products forcing the South to attempt separation in order to maintain their culture, the only true culture in the history of America, other then the exception of the New England transcendentalists.
    It was the writings and thoughts of Jefferson and Washington, true Southerners that help give rise to the gentile and gentle culture of the South.

  21. “The Sun New York June 6 1915 Six million Jews are being persecuted in Russia.
    New York Times Oct 8 1918 6,000,000 Jews need help , fund to rebuild Jewry.
    New York Times Sep 8 1919 Ukrainian Jews aim to stop pogroms , Six million in peril.
    New York Times Nov 12 1919 Jews worst victims of war sad plight of 6,000,000 Jews
    Atlanta Constitution Feb 23 1920 Fund needed for Six Million Jews in eastern Europe and Palestine.
    New York Times May 7 1920 Six Million Jews suffering starvation in East Europe.
    New York Times Jul 20 1921 Save Six Million in Russia , massacre threatens all Jews.
    Montreal Gazette Dec 29 1931 Six Million Jews face starvation in south eastern Europe.
    New York Times May 31 1936 Intolerable suffering of millions of Jews in the European holocaust (1936 before the war!?)
    New York Times Feb 23 1938 Six Million!!!! Jews deprived of protection in central Europe.
    You couldn’t fucking make it up.”

    Jaw-dropping isn’t it?

    From a comment to a video posted to YouTube entitled SIX MILLION J-WS 1915-1938 HD.

    “Well people it now seems that action has been taken against my video, my video is now banned in Martinique, Poland, Mayotte, Israel, Italy, Reunion, France, Switzerland, French Guiana, French Polynesia, French Southern Territories, Germany, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Austria, Netherlands, New Caledonia, Guadeloupe, Czech Republic, Wallis and Futuna.”

    I highly recommend Douglas Reed’s The Controversy of Zion as a richly detailed mainstay for improving your personal understanding of the world.

  22. Regarding the Astronauts went to the moon lie. It is no starter trying to debunk this lie by arguing from a technical ventage point – photographic discrepancies, starless dark sky and the like.

    Buzz Aldrin understands that and he advances the killer counterargument in his response to Brian Cox’s tweet.

    Famed (?! never heard of him) physicist’s brilliant (?! wtf) tweet goes like this:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – if you don’t think Apollo 11 landed on Moon you are a colossal nob end & should get a new brain

    Buzz Aldrin is buzzing in response:

    Brian Cox is a pretty smart guy. Also the Russians would have exposed by now if we didn’t land.

    Buzz is pushing elementary non sequitur here, nevertheless, it was really smart move for:

    (1) It is absolutely impossible that Russians would not know whether Americans landed on the Moon or not;
    (2) There is no way Americans could have fooled Russians into thinking that they have landed on the Moon while they did not.

    Now the really interesting question is: Why didn’t the Russians expose the hoax?

    Anyone willing to take a stab at it?

    1. “Why didn’t the Russians expose the hoax?”

      Russia is paid partner and player for fake competition…. on military and space programs.

    2. @ Circassian

      That one item about the USSR not blabbing on the fake moon landing kept me in denial of the truth for a long time.

      It wasn’t until I was working with professional photographers that I sincerely began to question the moon landing. Really good photographers have to be experts at lighting to acquire the perfect pictures that they strive for. Every really good photographer that I asked the question about the moon landing always instantly replied that it was a hoax because the lighting was wrong in all the pictures that they had seen. After this revelation, I started looking at it in depth and discovered enough holes in the tale to drive a fleet of tractor trailer trucks though.

      After I dedicated myself to finding out who was behind the mess that was going on in the word, it became evident that the USA and the USSR were on the same team just like all the other members of the UN Security Council. The team they were on was the jewish international banking cartel team which some refer to as the Rothschilds. All the tensions of the Cold War were just planned drama to distract from the other activities that were occurring to bring the entire world under absolute control of the jewish bankers, the Jew World Order. The jewish bankers of Wall Street funded the Communist Revolution in Russia. The first country to acknowledge the USSR as a nation was the USA. Lots of technology was shared from the USA to the USSR via Minot AFB, ND to keep the illusion of sparring between equals alive. Tons of other things could be mentioned, but I’m not going to write a book here. The UN Security Council jewish banker monopoly started changing in 1987 as the Chinese began leaving the banker plantation and again in 2000 when Russia began leaving the banker plantation under Putin. Those that think it has not changed ignore a very important truism, “The only thing constant is change.”

      Russia knows that the moon landing was a hoax, but they will not say anything until it must be said to totally discredit the USA/NATO. It is a blackmail tool along with lots of other things that Russia knows about used to help keep the bankers’ primary assault weapon, the US military, at bay while the bankers attempt to regain the control they once had.

      1. Ungenius –

        Correct. The Kodak film in cameras on chests would have been overexposed and even destroyed at the high temperatures in the direct sunlight on the 280 degree (F) moon surface. Well done is 150 degrees.

        In famous pics the camera angles showed tops of heads…. taken from chest mount(not).

        “Flying Bedframe” LM Never flew on earth – TBS ‘Moonshot’



        In 1997 Jim Collier drove 5 hours from Philly to DC to the Smithsonian in order to get measurements of the inside of the Lunar Landing Module(LM).

        You can see him use a motorized ‘cherry-picker’ to reach the openings and take measurements.

        11:30 – LM never flew on earth

        11:40 thru – Was not enough room in LM to wear suits and backpacks.

        19:00 – Showed 32” door to exit and re-enter LM. And only 24” space for 36” suit.

        43:15 – Shows how men enter LM from Orbiter. ONLY 24” diameter.

        Collier died of pancreatic cancer just before he was to take this info to Congress to open an investigation. I spoke with him just a couple of weeks before he died. He was excited for the investigation.
        He exposed other fraud as well.
        “Vote Fraud-Stealing of America.” Kenneth and James Collier.

      2. @ UNGENIUS

        Exposing the moonlanding hoax will at most make the US somewhat ridiculous in the eyes of the world, but it will not diminish its power a bit. A ridiculed man with a gun is still a man with a gun. Therefore it is not a weapon in the hands of the Russians at all.

      3. @ Ungenius

        The UN Security Council jewish banker monopoly started changing in 1987 as the Chinese began leaving the banker plantation and again in 2000 when Russia began leaving the banker plantation under Putin.

        A very good point! The only thing I would like to add to this is that Russia broke out of “the banker plantation” for a short period that effectively ended with the murder of Stalin in 1953.

        Russia knows that the moon landing was a hoax, but they will not say anything until it must be said to totally discredit the USA/NATO. It is a blackmail tool along with lots of other things that Russia knows about used to help keep the bankers’ primary assault weapon, the US military, at bay while the bankers attempt to regain the control they once had.

        Right on target again! Here is just one piece of evidence that the moon landing hoax “is a blackmail tool” in the hands of Putin’s Russia:

        While digesting this incredibly bold move, one has to appreciate the following:

        (1) Vladimir Markin is not some nut – he is a major-general and a high-ranking government official;

        (2) the announcement was made not on some social network, like Facebook, but in the influential Izvestia newspaper;

        (3) the announcement was made on Jun 16, 2015, i.e. after “U.S. prosecutors having declared themselves the supreme arbiters of international football affairs” attempted to take away the hosting rights for the 2018 FIFA World Cup from Russia. Markin’s message is quite clear here: don’t even think about it, mother f****rs.

    3. The Jewish Banksters who controlled the USSR and the USSA since 1913 were all “in” on the space travel scam.
      The Jewish Elite set up the Cold War to keep the US taxpayers afraid enough to make plausible a need for massive loans for defense purposes. The Federal Reserve Jews used the money to fund the basketcase economy of the USSR and Israel and to keep Congress dishing out huge loans to “defense” companies owned by . . . Jews and their Shabez Goyim.
      THAT is why the US is shown in 2010: A Space Odyssey as cooperating easily. THAT is why the “Apollo-Soyuz” partnership took place. The Cold War was a tool of control which was abandoned by the mid-1980s.
      The Jew Banksters make plans decades into the future. They tell their Jewlywood Branch what to implant in the minds of the Sheeple….in this case, Jewlywood has been pumping out movies that portray space travel by humans as a reality….Flash Gordon….The Day the Earth Stood Still….Star Trek….Independence Day….on and on.

      The money given to NASA has gone into the overt faked trips to the moon, and the covert money went into developing Tesla-based ufo’s and directed energy weapons to terrorize the Sheeple so that the Jewish Banksters and Israel can take over the Globe with the aid of their duped Goyim Military Freemasons and Politicians.

  23. The Blood Spluttered Banner

    Oh, say can you see, thru the minds pure insight,
    the neo-cons so callously for a NWO scheming,
    With a blood spangled banner unfurled for their fight
    And terror stricken refugees everywhere streaming?
    And the terrorists with TOWS and Stingers beware,
    Clear proof behind the Jihadist – the US is there,
    O say, does a blood spluttered banner now wave
    O’er the land of the Jew and the home of the slave?

    On the shore, dimly seen through the mist over the land,
    Where the terrorist host in dread silence reposes,
    What is that which the breeze, o’er the lifeless sand,
    As it fitfully blows, half conceals, half discloses?
    Is it Putin gallantly charging to shatter the dream,
    Of the neo-cons and Satanists –and pick off their cream?
    O the blood-spluttered banner! Must it continue to wave
    O’er the land of the Jew and the home of the slave?

    As for this band which in so many countries swore,
    That the havoc of war and the battle’s confusion
    A home and a country should leave us no more?
    Their blood will wipe out their foul footstep’s pollution.
    No refuge will now save the hireling and slave
    From the terror of flight, or the gloom of the grave:
    And the blood-spluttered banner which now in triumph flutters,
    Will be burnt in all streets –and drowned in the gutters.

    Thus it shall be, as freemen the world over stand
    Between their loved homes and liars desolations!
    Blest with peace, each people and every land
    Will praise the Power that preserves the nations.
    Prevail we will, for our cause it is just,
    And this be our motto: “In God we trust.”
    Oh ! Yes the Star – Spangled Banner once again will wave
    O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

    “You write of the laws of gravity, and speak in circles. Who is it you wish to impress??? (Most wouldn’t bother to read your bullshit.)”

    You obviously have read me before, asswipe. And continue to do so, haha. Idiot.
    But no, The text was written by Germar Rudolf, not by me.
    Learn how to read first, insect.

    1. Oh, I know you didn’t write it – you just copy and paste other’s thoughts which strike your unlearned and inexperienced fancy. You’re just a pudgy little fat boy with pudgy little fingers hacking away at your basement computer because you’ve never done anything else in your worthless life. Wipe the Twinkies cream off your fat face!


    @LUCA K
    “Those mirrors could have been placed on the moon by unmanned missions. Moonlanding sceptics don’t deny unmanned missions to the moon as they don’t deny same to Mars.”

    Ok, Franklin, whatever.

  26. Oh boy, I really rattled the cage of this indistinct little beast, one ‘gilbert huntly’.
    The poor devil, a frustrated marine ‘wanna be’ is obsessing with me.

    As a matter of fact, gilby, pasting texts from intelligent people is constructive, as it allows more people to be exposed to their ideas.
    Darkmoon website thought so, as it reproduced an article by Faurisson which I had “copied and pasted” in another thread.

    What is worthless are your insane and idiotic comments.

    I’ve no claims to fame and I’ll be glad if a couple of people get to know the excellent writings of a Dr.P.C.Roberts, for example.
    Mission accomplished!
    The problem in Zamerica, is that there r way too many dumb bags of rock, such as yourself, and too few honorable and intelligent – and truly patriotic – people, like Dr.Roberts.

    Your daft attacks on me are actually amusing.
    You say all I post is crap, but u keep reading it.
    A while back, you loved an article I wrote, and said I was a “great Historian”.
    You’ve called me scrawny and now you say I’m fat… in fact, I’m neither. Far from it.

    Anyway, I’m keeping you, Gil boy, as my pet, say, like an exotic animal.

    Although you are dumb and daft, I have to admit you are unintentionally funny.

  27. It seems strange that with all the advancements in technology since the 60’s there has been no manned return trips to the moon. But maybe there has been and we just don’t know about it. Wasn’t there something about Stanley Krubic filming a moon landing in a studio in England to his ever lasting shame? Have any Darkmoon bloggers seem the film where the studio lights crash onto the set while someone, who, what where, was filming someone, somewhere walking on the moon? The manned moon landings will forever remain in the realm of speculation until another trip is made sometime in the 21st century.
    It’s been said that NASA is money pit.

  28. I know there’s a lot of DM’ers who just LERV to hang out in Hunter Wallace’s/Jack Ryan’s Mayberry. The official minister/pastor/priest/whatever of Mayberry is the “Russian Orthodox” “priest” “Fr. John”. The website, of course, is about Southern Secession. How the citizens of Mayberry just LERV to reminisce about the good ole days when the Southerners were at war with the damn Yankee devils. The website is vehemently virulently ANTI CATHOLIC. The funny thing is, it was the Russian Orthodox who were on the side of the North and it was the Catholic Church that was on the side of the South. One would think the citizens of Mayberry would direct their “Southern” ire at the Russian Orthodox who helped the North defeat the South, and would at least show some appreciation for the Catholic Church which sided with the Confederacy, but NO, instead they direct their anger and ire and hatred and their malice and their scorn and disdain at the Catholic Church that was on the side of the Confederacy during The Wahr. Of course, while spewing out their “Southern” anger at the Catholic Church and at Catholics in general, neither the good citizens of Mayberry, nor Hunter Wallace, nor Jack Ryan, nor the official minister of Mayberry, the “Russian Orthodox” “priest” “Fr. John” , ever tell the readers the Russian Orthodox were on the side of the North and the Catholic Church was on the side of the Confederacy during THE WAHR. The Catholic Church was on the side of the South, nothing but hatred directed at the Catholic Church and at Catholicism in general. The Russian Orthodox were on the side of the damn Yankee devils and helped the North defeat the South, the citizens of Mayberry make a “Russian Orthodox priest” their official town “priest/pastor/minister” of their Southern Secessionist website, and NEVER, NOT ONCE, NO, NOT ONCE, ever had a word of complaint against the Russian Orthodox church which helped the North defeat the South : While they constantly spew out hatred and animosity for the Catholic Church which so happened to be on the side of the South. Would that be an example of cognitive dissonance, innocent people who just happen to be suffering from cognitive dissonance, perhaps they’re using toothpaste with TOO much fluoride, Or, is it an example of kikes speaking their sand shit sandy ass twilight language of two faced lying dirty jew cunts LERV to speak? I ask here because a lot of you DM’ers are “dual” citizens, so to speak. I know how much you DM’ers just LERV your Mayberry. Citizens of both Darkmoon & Mayberry. Mayberry under the black dark moon that emits no light, no light whatsoever. However do the Magnolia trees grow without any Sun light, without even any Moon light?

    The dual citizens of Mayberry, when constantly and incessantly complaining about the Catholic spics from Mexico and Central America, also conveniently “forget” to mention it was the goal of the Confederacy to join IN UNION with Mexico and with Central America, and always fail, of course, to mention the Southern William Walker and his exploits, sayin’.

    Personally, I think the Catholic Church was wrong to side with the Confederacy, but that’s for another post. Stay Tuned!

    1. Joe

      You said…

      “The funny thing is, it was the Russian Orthodox who were on the side of the North and it was the Catholic Church that was on the side of the South. One would think the citizens of Mayberry would direct their “Southern” ire at the Russian Orthodox who helped the North defeat the South, and would at least show some appreciation for the Catholic Church which sided with the Confederacy, but NO, instead they direct their anger and ire and hatred and their malice and their scorn and disdain at the Catholic Church that was on the side of the Confederacy during The Wahr. ”

      Actually, the RCC vowed to support the South if they declared war against the North but then only supported the north after the south shot back at Sumpter. If the Vatican wouldn’t have promised to side with them they in no way would have been so stupid to take on the north.

      The Christian Czar in Russia helped both the North and South by sending their fleet to NY and San Fran because the City of London “Jews” were executing an invasion plan of America now that she was at war with herself. They sent British and French troops to both Canada and Mexico but the Czar sent them a message saying to these “Jews” “Stay out of this internal conflict or you’ll be at war with Russia”.

      This is one of the major reasons why the “Jews” genocided the white Christians of Russia in revenge.

  29. Eye on the bouncing ball …

    As long as jew, the devil’s most insidious (only!?) creation defiles the face of the earth, the river of lies will never dry up.

    The latest is in response to Russia taking a direct shot at ISIS, something jewsa never expected and was backfooted on.
    The Anti-Russian Lying Machine in Action
    of course, Soros steps up to the plate, yells “The Russians Are Coming!”.
    Who can you trust if you can’t trust Soros? Who?

    His White Helmets group claims phony humanitarian credentials. It’s an instrument for imperial propaganda – its elements caught red-handed fabricating so-called evidence of Russia’s “disastrous” involvement in Syria.

    Its photo of a bleeding girl posted on Twitter was propaganda misinformation – along with saying “Russia strike in Homs today. 33 civilians killed including 3 children and 1 @SyriaCivilDef volunteer.”

    False!! It never happened. The girl shown was wounded on September 25 – five days before Russia’s air campaign began.

    (A false picture is worth a thousand lying words)

  30. Fake Moon trip… topped by fake Mars trip…. will be on Kaminski’s list in a few years.

    Alps must be red… “Resemble surface of Mars.” How do they know, anyway??

    Space explorers prepare for Mars by wandering the Austrian Alps
    05 August 2015

    By Matthias Roeder, dpa
    A glacier in Austria with striking similarities to the Red Planet offers just the right conditions for space explorers to train for a mission to Mars.

    Kaunertal, Austria (dpa) – Every journey has to begin somewhere, so why not begin the exploration of Mars on a European glacier?

    In Austria’s Kaunertal valley, donning shiny spacesuits weighing nearly 50 kilogrammes, Carmen Koehler and Inigo Munoz Elorza are doing just that.

    In their first “Mars walk” in the Austrian Alps this week, the German meteorologist and Spanish space technology expert simulated for the first time how astronauts would cope with the icy environment on the Red Planet.

    “Bending down and getting up again is difficult,” Koehler said.

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