Netanyahu’s Takeover Bid

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BENJAMIN  NETANYAHU: "America, you gotta bomb Iran for us!"
America, you must bomb Iran for us!

Addressing AIPAC today, and getting ready to make a speech to Congress Tuesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu insisted he meant “no disrespect” to President Obama in coming to the US to openly try to undermine his diplomatic efforts.

Tensions are clearly continuing to rise, as Netanyahu claims Iran’s “tentacles of terror” are enveloping the whole world while the US stands idle, and as Obama continues to support diplomacy.

Netanyahu’s AIPAC speech, like so many of his speeches in recent years, centered on trying to compare Iran to Nazi Germany, and claiming that not a day goes by he doesn’t worry about Israel being wiped off the map in some way or other.

Top Obama aide Susan Rice, who addressed AIPAC, defended the diplomtic process, saying Netanyahu’s position of opposition to any deal is “not a viable position” from which to hold talks.

The Israel Lobby has been attacking Rice vociferously, with Rabbi Shmuley Boteach running an ad over the weekend in the New York Times accusing her of supporting genocide for criticizing Netanyahu.

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With Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowing to do anything to prevent a US-Iran nuclear deal, State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf today warned him against leaking the details of any classified briefings.

“We’ve continuously provided detailed classified briefings to Israeli officials to keep them updated,” Harf said, adding that any release by Netanyahu “would, of course, betray that trust.”

Secretary of State John Kerry also chimed in, warning Israel against doing anything to undercut the Iran negotiations, which just resumed on Monday in Switzerland.

Netanyahu has insisted he has a “moral obligation” to warn Congress about the deal, saying it threatens Israel’s survival.

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Political expert David Bromwich writes in Netanyahu’s Takover Bid:

Netanyahu announced that Iran would attack Israel within months if the US did not bomb Iran first; more than once, he said that Israel would attack Iran unassisted if Americans were blind to the emergency. But the Iranian attack on Israel has never come. The Israeli solo attack on Iran has never been tried.

Meanwhile, it has become clear that no regimen of inspection, no matter how penetrating and rigorous, could satisfy Netanyahu of an adequate Iranian compliance. What he asks is really the surrender of Iran’s advanced technology: a surrender that would seal its consent to be a second-rate regional power,subordinate to the will of Israel.

Netanyahu’s speech is sure to contain the following elements: the fate of the United States as well as Israel hangs in the balance. The threat from Iran is the most dire that has faced the world since the rise of Hitler.

Netanyahu will remind us again of the events of September 11, 2001. He will say that Israelis are uniquely equipped to sympathize with what Americans suffered then. We are still fighting the battles that began on that day.

NETANYAHU (smirks):  "This is good for Israel.!
NETANYAHU (smirks): “This is good for Israel!”

Very possibly, since he has a low idea of the intelligence of Americans — he has already said that “America is a thing you can move very easily” — the Israeli prime minister will top off the history lesson by proposing certain resemblances between the year 2015 and 1938. For Netanyahu, the place is always Munich and the time is always 1938. It was 1938 and Saddam Hussein was Hitler when Netanyahu told the US to launch the war on Iraq. It was 1938 once more when he asked Congress, on his last visit, to admire his resistance to the president’s negotiation with Palestinians, because the Palestinians were an existential threat to Israel.

When Netanyahu addressed Congress on May 24, 2011, to embarrass President Obama and cut down American criticism of the most recent illegal Israeli settlements, Congress gave him 29 standing ovations. That was a gesture of thoughtless servility, and a mistake that should not be repeated.

Netanyahu and his backers in Congress are an existential threat to the independence of American foreign policy.

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  1. That Netanyahu is one yahoo that I could do extreme violence to! I wouldn’t kill him. Perhaps a good old African anal evisceration! He is one of the most thoroughly evil monsters on the planet. As far as I am concerned the wrong brother died at Entebbe!

    1. I’d kill him in a second with a newly sharpened tomahawk if I thought it would do any good. But in all liklihood a new head would grow out of the same monster so why bother?

      1. I think the members of congress that gave him the standing ovations should get one bullet each for each ovation, making sure they survive until the last bullet kills them.

        One eyed King rules there.

    2. Flex,

      I thought you wanted to punish him. The man is so twisted he’d probably enjoy the procedure.

      1. @Leo
        Anal evisceration consists of inserting a thin sharp stick into the posterior orifice, piercing the intestine and then slowly extracting the viscera through the anus. I once had clean up a fly blown corpse dealt with in such a manner. Luckily we had gas masks in our vehicle!

      2. @Flex

        I wish I never read your comment. Ignorance is sometimes bliss. How can humans do that stuff? Are they even human?

        The depravity of humanity seems to have no end.

  2. I notice,even on alternative media sites like this,few if any ask-WHO WERE THE ORIGINAL ISREALITES at the time of the Babylonian captivity? As near to historical fact they’re todays Ga tribe of Ghana. Look at their similar names:” Here are some Ga-Dangmes names and their Hebrew equivalents
    Ga-Dangmes Names Hebrew Names

    1. Aryeh Aryeh
    2 Afra Ofra
    3. Otto Yishai
    4. Aryelle Aryelle
    5. Ofei Ofer
    6 Ada Ada
    7 Tema Tema
    8 Nunu Nun
    9 Dodoo Dodo
    10 Ashi Ashi
    11 Dangme Dan
    12. Anan Anan
    13. Ga Gad
    14. Abe Avraham (Abraham)
    15 Sachar (Saka) Sachar
    16. Dode (Dodi) Dodi
    17. Kadi Kadi
    18. Nerle Nerli
    19 Ayah Ayah (female)
    20 Ayaa Aya (male)”
    No surprise since Africans were present in the ME since 15 kya as Israelis themselves admit. “These are actually the true original inhabitants of Palestine-the Natufians who migrated from Africa between 10 to 15 kya.. They have been variously called Kushite/Nubian/Nilotes but were unmistakably African as even Israeli experts admit. ”
    Much as I respect alternative commentators like you Lasha,IMO you’ve overlooked this single fact that overthrows decades of Khazar brainwashing and fake claims of ‘Chosen’ status.

    1. @Kay
      A very interesting website. I have an open mind on the subject, but according to all current data the first humans arose from Africa. I am no expert, but I think the earliest hominoid fossil was discovered in South Africa and dates back 5 million years. I believe a study of blood groups done about 25 years ago was able to ascertain that humanity arose in Africa then moved to Asia and Caucasoids are in fact an Afro-Asian hybrid. Regarding the Jews with multiple genetic defects, is it not possible that these arise as a result of inbreeding? Over the centuries as they removed themselves from the rest of humanity by refusing to assimilate; we have a situation where cousin marries cousin and any genetic defects are multiplied.

      1. Felix –

        Many do not know that….

        Darwin, himself, admitted there is NO PROOF of his theories of evolution of species. He further points to all the great scientists

        “Why then is not every geological formation and every stratum full of such intermediate links? Geology assuredly doesnot reveal any such finely graduated organic chain;and this, perhaps, is the most obvious and gravestobjection which can be urged against my theory.”

        “The several difficulties here discussed, namely our not finding in the successive formations infinitely numerous transitional links between the many species which now exist or have existed; the sudden manner in which whole groups of species appear in our European formations; the almost entire absence,
        as at present known, of fossiliferous formations beneath the Silurian strata, are all undoubtedly of the gravest nature.
        We see this in the plainest manner by the fact that all the most eminent palaeontologists, namely Cuvier, Owen, Agassiz, Barrande, Falconer, E. Forbes, &c., and all our greatest geologists, as Lyell, Murchison, Sedgwick, &c., have unanimously, often vehemently, maintained the immutability of species.”

      2. @Felix
        Actually Jews aren’t Homo sapiens sapiens;they’re a relict Caucasoid Neanderthal tribe. Their genetic defects are due to thousands of years of inbreeding which explains their paranoid schizophrenia. You need not be an expert to know this condition forces the sufferer to seek out enemies-if there are none,they WILL be invented. IMO,the real identity of the first Israelites should be crucial common knowledge. Alas! Even in places like this its still unknown info;hopefully that will change.

      3. @Kay
        Thanks for those insights. Definitely food for thought. I have never given much credence to evolution as propounded by Darwin. Human history on this planet is far more complex and diverse than the so-called modern orthodox teaching.

    2. yes kay, you have a valid point (valid, because i myself have been pursuing it 🙂 – oh yes, and harbinger, and many others besides).
      whence the root of all this evil, is the pit as bottomless as the old tales would have it?

      i think that to force the focus on babylonian talmud and khazars creates an artificial division of “before” and “after”, whereby the “before” jews, namely the semitic ones, are thrown a lifeline of being in the right, morally upright, brave, honorable, all concepts utterly unkown to jews, some kind of god’s own people of the heroic and phony myths without any connection to truth, reality and fact.

      for the time being, i choose to exclude jews from humanity, there are numerous indications that they are not human but no hard proof and i recognize this.
      if this were proved to be true, then all of our hesitation of dealing with this matter expediently would evaporate.
      after all, their own rabbis insist that they are formed of an entirely different substance, in flesh and spirit alike, so let’s humor them on that.

  3. Well Netanyahu SHOULD compare Iran to ISRAEL ………..
    These passages are the foundation of Israel’s self written “deed” to the land of Palestine.
    If they are not ALL true, then the entire “claim” to Palestine, in the book THEY WROTE, IS NOT TRUE.
    Deuteronomy 3:18 and I commanded you at that time, saying, The Lord your God hath given you this land to possess it: ye shall pass over armed before your brethren the children of Israel, all that are meet for the war.
    Deuteronomy 7:16, 20:16 “And thou shalt consume all the peoples which the Lord thy God shall deliver unto thee; thine eye shall not pity them…thou shalt save alive nothing that breatheth.”
    Deuteronomy 15:6 “For the LORD thy God blesseth thee, as he promised thee: and thou shalt lend unto many nations, but thou shalt not borrow; and thou shalt reign over many nations, but they shall not reign over thee.”
    Numbers c.5 v.2-4
    Leviticus c.20 v.13 well, really the whole chapter
    Exodus c.32 v.27
    Numbers c.11 v.1-2
    Numbers c.16 all
    Numbers c.21 v.5-6
    Numbers v.26 v.10
    KILL anyone who engages in “DIVERSITY” or “INTEGRATION”
    Numbers v25 v.4-8
    Deuteronomy c.14 v.2
    Numbers c.21 v.03 Canaanites
    Numbers c.21 v.24 Amorites
    Numbers c.21 v.33-35 Bashan
    Numbers c.31 all Midianites
    Numbers c.32 v. more Amorites
    Deuteronomy c.2 v.34 People of Heshbon
    Deuteronomy c.3 v.6 really the whole chapter. threescore cities
    Joshua c.12 A list of victims of Israeli GENOCIDE
    Where are THEIR “holocaust” Memorials!
    Numbers c.21 v.25
    Numbers c.32 v.39
    Numbers c.33 v.53
    (just to name a FEW)
    Numbers c.33 v.31-34
    Deuteronomy c.7 v.2
    Deuteronomy c.12 v.28-30
    Deuteronomy c.20 v.11-16
    Deuteronomy c.2 v.2
    Deuteronomy c.7 v.1
    Jews SELF-anointed “The CHOSEN People of GOD”
    Nazis SELF-anointed “The CHOSEN People of GENETICS”.
    TODAY Israel states that it is creating “A PURE Jewish State”
    YESTERDAY the Nazis were creating “A PURE German State”
    And they utterly destroyed all that was in the city, both man and woman, young and old, and ox, and sheep, and ass, with the edge of the sword . . . (Joshua 6:21)
    For modern day reinforcement of these “rules” research/google “the KINGS TORAH”

  4. — he has already said that “America is a thing you can move very easily” —

    He is correct. The Popes set it up that way with Discovery Doctrines….forcing the Catholic belief of ‘chosen people’ being Jews.

    The last time I was in a Catholic Church was 1989 in Long Island NY. I thumbed through the missal from the rack on the back of the pew in front of me.
    And….THERE IT WAS…. under ‘Prayers’…
    ……..”A Prayer for The Jews. God’s Chosen People.”

    1. The Catholic Church has been so indoctrinated with Jewish hogwash. To say it is disgusting & repulsive is putting it lightly. Well, no more. I’d rather sit with a bottle of Bushmills or cans of Stout if the former is not on my shelf and raise an inebriated in vino veritas toast that the best is yet to come.

      1. @Kyle Flanagan
        I used to prefer Jameson’s myself being from the Republic and all. But Bushmills is a good gargle. One of the selling points to the protestants in the North was that it was “untouched by Catholic hands”! BTW, I can sing both the Sash and also Off to Dublin in the Green.

    2. @Pat
      As I mentioned previously I have never been baptized. However, I was sent to a Catholic Boarding school for a couple of years in the early 60’s. So I had to go to mass every morning, which to be honest I didn’t like very much.
      Too much kneeling on hard wood for what seemed an age. Back then, the Jews were still guilty of deicide so the prayer was to pray for the perfidious Jews. Most of the ritual was still in Latin and Latin was not one of my favourite subjects. Fortunately we moved to Darwin in Northern Australia so I changed schools. The best is to live your religion and get away from the organization. Nowadays, there are so many corrupt, mendacious, perverted clergy in all religions you must be your own religion. It doesn’t mean disbelief, but trust only in yourself. Your Priest, or in my case a Buddhist monk won’t be there to hold hands when the time comes to catch the train to “Croaksville”.

    3. @Pat: That ‘God’s Chosen People’ does not belong to the authentic prayer for the Jews. That was more a prayer get the Light of Jesus Christ into the heart of the Jews, the fallen or mislead people – ‘Father, forgive them for they do not know’.

      Other than the Protestants, the Catholics saw the Jews as a people that needed some extra working on so they would follow Jesus. When I was a little girl I myself prayed ‘Lord Jesus Christ, please shine your Light into the heart of the Jews, so they come to you’.

      For the Protestants the Jews have always been God’s Chosen People. But hey!! It was the Jews who were behind the Reformation.

      I agree though that the Catholic Church nowadays is not the authentic CC. The Church has been hijacked by the synagogue of satan. The authentic one has been forced underground once more. But the Church will be victorious again as has been promised by Jesus himself.

      1. Netan-Yahoo would promote the Pope…. getting prayers changed for Jews.

        Catholic Family News noted Pope Benedict’s decisions in that matter. He made many angry saying:

        “I altered the text in such a way as to express our faith that Christ is the Savior for all, that there are not two channels of salvation, so that Christ is also the redeemer of the Jews, and not just of the Gentiles.”

        Whereas John Paul II visited one synagogue during 26 years as Pope, Benedict visited three synagogues in the space of 6 years. On his last visit to the Rome Synagogue in January 2010, Rabbi David Rosen exulted that “Pope Benedict has institutionalized revolution.”

      2. Correction: As an organized body, the catholic church was infiltrated from its very inception around 300 AD by charlatans and imposters. It never represented the true body of born-again believers. It was and is a religious institution, albeit the biggest of all the Christian denominations. It sets itself up as the sole representative of God on earth.
        True born-again believers are not in need of a self-chosen representative of God. As Jesus himself said, the church consists of prophets, wise man and teachers (Mat.23:34). All those the catholic church rejected, persecuted or killed. A true follower of Jesus the Christ is to have Him Alive in their heart until his return, and for that experience, one must be called of God and experienced the ‘new birth’ (Jhn.3:3).

    4. @ Pat

      The last time I was in a Catholic Church was 1989 in Long Island NY. I thumbed through the missal from the rack on the back of the pew in front of me. And….THERE IT WAS…. under ‘Prayers’………..”A Prayer for The Jews. God’s Chosen People.


      We all know you hate Christianity and the Catholic Church and that you are using this forum as a platform to attack the Christian religion remorselessly. That is fine. It is known as “free speech.” As you keep saying, “My opinion is as good as yours.”

      What you do not have a right to do, however, is to LIE and FABRICATE FACTS in support of your argument.

      I happen to have a collection of Roman Catholic missals at home. In NONE of these will you see the words “God’s Chosen People.” You have invented these words. You have cheated. You have lied.

      The Prayer for the Jews was for their conversion and was extremely anti-Semitic before the 1950s. It began with the words, “Let us pray for the FAITHLESS Jews.” It complained of their spiritual “BLINDNESS.” And it went on to ask that “they may be delivered from their darkness.”

      This was toned down later, but Jews still regarded the prayer as an insult. AT NO POINT, AS YOU LYINGLY CLAIM, WERE THE WORDS “FOR THE CHOSEN PEOPLE” INSERTED!!! If they had been used, the Jews would have been delighted.

      @ Monitor Toby

      I suggest you delete Pat’s mendacious post unless he apologizes for his lie.

      Where are these lying words — “FOR THE CHOSEN PEOPLE” — to be found?


      Where are these lying words — “FOR THE CHOSEN PEOPLE” — to be found?


      1. @ Dr David Green

        To Monitor Toby: “I suggest you delete Pat’s mendacious post unless he apologizes for his lie.”

        Go easy on Pat, Dr Dave. We all know he’s a liar . . . and now he’s been caught out in a barefaced lie! But I doubt if he will apologize and I seriously doubt if his lying post will be deleted. This is because this website secretly favors lies and Pat is a consummate lie. He has even managed to persuade various noodleheads here that his family had close connections with Elizabeth Dilling and Eustace Mullins!

        Once a liar, always a liar. And now he’s been caught out in a lie!

        But hey, so what? It’s only a TEENY-WEENY fib, isn’t it? 🙂

      2. Well, Madame, THIS ‘noodlehead’ is pretty convinced that Pat knew Eustace Mullins, because I knew Eustace, and Pat and me have had conversations which convince me of his familiarity. If he ‘lied’ about Catholic printings, it may have been something inserted by Jews into whatever, particular church building he attended. (Didn’t he say it was somewhere in Jew York???!!)

        I have never met Pat, and he pisses ME off, sometimes, too – but he is well-read, schooled, and CERTAINLY worthy of consideration. Moreover, he is an American patriot of the finest sort, and has devoted much of his life to trying to educate others (at great expense and sorrow for to himself).

        1. If he [Pat] ‘lied’ about Catholic printings, it may have been something inserted by Jews into whatever, particular church building he attended. (Didn’t he say it was somewhere in Jew York???!!)”

          @ Gilbert Huntly

          You are welcome to make excuses for your mendacious buddy, but it is an indisputable fact that Pat has been caught out in a lie. No Catholic Missal would contain those words, “A Prayer for The Jews. God’s Chosen People.” Pat has lied by saying this was the name of the prayer, adding in the phrase “GOD’S CHOSEN PEOPLE” just to make the Catholic Church look bad.

          As far as I am concerned, this barefaced lie in which Pat has been caught out makes him lose all credibility for anything else he says in future.

          1. @ Gilbert Huntly

            By the way, I got a great laugh out of your asinine comment putting in a good word for the “Cosmic Tyrant” Yahweh! You said he was the Big Boss in the sky whose rank as Honcho Number One had to be “respected”. So if he told Abraham to slit the throat of his son Isaac, that was just fine and dandy as far as you were concerned — because, after all, the Big Boss in the Sky had to be obeyed and grovelled to at all times! 🙂

            So tell me, Sir Poet, would you slit the throat of your beloved son or daughter if the same Cosmic Tyrant ordered you to do it?

      3. Dr Green –

        You should apologize for your saying that I hate Christianity. I have never stated that, because I do NOT ‘hate’ Christianity.
        So, you have become the liar in that instance.

        I doubt that you have a copy of every missal ever written. I did not take that copy with me. I quoted what I remembered.

        You should bring us some useful information, rather than picking fights with me and others here.
        No one is forcing you to read what I write.
        If you hate me so much…just skip my comments…. and have some green tea. 😉

        1. @ Pat . . . to Dr David Green:

          If you hate me so much…just skip my comments…. and have some green tea.

          Let’s face it, Pat, you lied. And you were caught out lying. If Dr Dave “hates” you, it’s because you are a liar and he doesn’t like liars.

          As for your lame comment that you don’t hate Christianity, how can you possibly claim to like Christianity or approve of it when you insult EVERY SINGLE CHRISTIAN IN THE WORLD (2.1 billion of them) by claiming that CHRIST IS A FICTIONAL CHARACTER?!?

          Your comment about Christ’s non-existence is an ATTACK on Christianity. It is attack on ME as a Christian. And it is an attack on Dr David Green who has every right to attack you for attacking his religion so gratuitously.

          That you should stoop so low as the fabricate the words “GOD’S CHOSEN PEOPLE” and sneakily insert them into a Catholic Missal with intent to deceive everyone . . . places you beneath contempt.

          Do I “hate” for being a Christ hater and a liar and a cheat? No, I don’t. I can honestly say I don’t. I hate no one. But I certainly have no respect for you any more because of your lies. You have lost all credibility as a serious poster. Everything you say, every fact you give, every statistic, every quotation, will from now on be suspect.

      4. Mad.-B-Fly –
        Comments have no credibility on any blog-site because the commenters are unknown.

        No one should believe anything I say. I do not believe what anyone writes here. I do consider them as food for thought. That’s what everyone should do here.

        THESE ARE ALL COMMENTS….quoting them will not accrue any credits towards any degree in any college or school.

        So…. just skip mine. You will find no foul language or mention of body parts in them anyway.

        BTW….Have some green tea. 😉

      5. Madam Butterfly –

        I have to hand it to you. You are amazing. A veritable magician.
        You have done something only admin can do.
        You inserted your comment out of the time-line order in a closed last thread. 😉

        But…I just love all the spoofs. The ‘entities’ are ever present. It makes it interesting…and no one remembers anyway, she said.

        No one can ever be accused of lying within so much ‘spoofing’ going on.

        Whole lotta spoofin’ all up in heah……it seems.

        1. @ Pat

          I have to hand it to you. You are amazing. A veritable magician. You have done something only admin can do. You inserted your comment out of the time-line order in a closed last thread.

          Let me get this clear, Pat. Are you accusing Admin of indulging in “spoofs” — i.e., outright dishonesty? Yes or No?

          I would have you know that several commenters have been having problems recently posting their comments directly onto the site. They have therefore sent us their comment by private email and have asked us to post it for them. We get such requests constantly. Only yesterday Harbinger asked Lasha to post a long comment for him which he had addressed to Franklin Ryckaert. He had tried repeatedly to post it but failed to get through. So we did it for him. Check with Harbinger if you want. He will tell you exactly what his problem was in technical language that I do not myself understand.

          If I remember correctly, we have done the same thing for Lobro a long time ago when his comments were all going into spam and we had to go through all the comments in the spam folder and locate his comments.

          Recently, in addition, we have been posting comments from Tyron Parsons and the RealOriginalJoe. The latter’s comments were all in the spam folder and we copied and pasted the best ones for him. As for Tyron, many of his comments were sent to us as private emails and not meant to be posted. We posted them for him anyway. Check with Tyron if you wish.

          Tell me: are you seriously suggesting that we are fabricating all the comments written by Lobro, Harbinger, Madame Butterfly, Tyron Parsons and the RealOriginalJoe?

      6. “Tell me: are you seriously suggesting that we are fabricating all the comments written by Lobro, Harbinger, Madame Butterfly, Tyron Parsons and the RealOriginalJoe?”

        In a word…NO!! I mentioned none of them at all anyway.

        I have seen many spoofs here, though. I might have to claim 28 wives too….

        Even Lasha is a moniker.

        Green tea all around. 😉

        1. OK Pat, continue as before and try not to wind so many people up! As far as I am concerned, you have as much credibility as anyone else on this darn website. We’re all like characters stepping out of the pages of “Alice in Wonderland”.

          As for me, I could do with a break from this job. I have handed in my resignation three times, and each time I’ve been blackmailed into “staying a bit longer.” Emotional blackmail, I may add, coming from my two nices — ooops, I meant nieces! 🙂

          1. @ Dr David Green
            @ Ruth Bernstein
            @ Madame Butterfly

            Give Pat a break, okay? He’s doing a fine job. Anyway, none of us are perfect. We all have lots of dark secrets. Oh yes, and I would seriously suggest you all try a cup of green tea the next time you get ants in your pants. It works wonders! 🙂

      7. Pat is, at least, interesting, not childish, or boring.. If anyone takes that as critisism, then I say, “If the shoe fits”.. I must say that I, and probably others, find this constant badgering of Pat to be in poor taste, and I agree with him when he says that admin has a hand in the anti Pat rhetoric..

        might as well get a couple of things “off my chest”: I noticed that the writer of the article picked up on the fact that Netanyahu`s “speech” was almost, word for word, the same as the “speech” he gave prior to the assault on Saddam, and Iraq, with all the performing seals applauding his every word..

        Also, people in NYC, jews, and others, were marching, and protesting, not that Netanyahu was a danger to US, or the world in general, but because he was “a danger to Israel”..

      8. @ Ingrid B

        “Pat is, at least, interesting, not childish, or boring.. If anyone takes that as critisism , then I say, “If the shoe fits”.. I must say that I, and probably others, find this constant badgering of Pat to be in poor taste, and I agree with him when he says that admin has a hand in the anti Pat rhetoric.”

        Pat may an interesting poster, Ingrid, He was not attacked on this site because he was “interesting”. He was attacked because, according to three pro-Christian posters here, he had told a “barefaced lie.” (I quote one of them).

        This lie involved an attempt to rubbish the Roman Catholic Church by fabricating a quote in the Roman missal. Nowhere in the Roman Missal do these words occur: “PRAYER FOR THE JEWS. GOD’S CHOSEN PEOPLE.”

        All three posters point out, CORRECTLY (!), that the words “God’s Chosen People” were inserted by Pat to score a cheap point. To cheat. This constitutes intellectual dishonesty, Ingrid. You may personally find such dishonesty “interesting”. I also find it interesting. VERY interesting! But I also find it a bit pathetic and unsavory.

        I have nothing against Pat personally, Ingrid, but I think it’s very important not to lie and fabricate quotes. don’t you?

        Osaka, Japan

      9. I wouldn’t be surprised if Pat’s response to this valid criticism of his intellectual dishonesty would be to advise me to take some “green tea”. It won’t work, Ingrid. Such a rude and childish response — the equivalent of giving the finger — only increases the general antagonism toward Pat. I for one can well understand why Pat is becoming so unpopular on this site.

      10. “Sard – ”




      11. Pat,

        I have always enjoyed reading your posts. They are extremely informative and interesting. But was it really necessary to resort to such a needless lie? Can’t you see that the criticism of you has been entirely justified?

      12. @ Admitted Liar Pat

        I have a few words I wish to say to you now…


      13. I don’t think Pat’s a liar.
        Maybe he fudged a bit to emphasise a point. Hardly a crime or an unendurable insult to man(and women) and God.
        Pat has no need to lie, not with the WWW, Google, experience, statistics and reasoning to bolster his positions.

        Sure he can be(is) aggravating at times, unrelenting in holding the fort and stubborn as a mule and perhaps even enjoys getting people’s goat, but a liar.. Naw, no way.

        Nor is he an atheist. He’s a ‘show me’ boy, who, if he doesn’t live in Missouri drove through there plenty!

        I already drink green tea, have for years.
        I rotate it with dandelion root tea.

      14. @ Pat

        Would you also like to put forward the theory, as a good deist, that Krishna never existed and that the stories about Gautama Buddha are apocryphal and worthless?


      15. Madame, easy on Gilby please.
        Yes, with that unfortunate remark about Big Boss entitled to pull rank and us sergeants and mere grunts standing to attention and saluting as befits true men of faith and honor, he made himself an easy target and took couple of well aimed kicks.

        But let’s give it rest because in my memory, Gilby is a good natured, respectful gent, a quick and appreciative study.
        Let’s see how he modified his view of the matter. If.

        Just as puzzling is his fixation with this mythical David who thinks nothing of murdering his best, most loyal friend in order to get into his wife’s pants.
        I may on occasion feel stirrings of lust at other men’s women but never without accompanying shame and contrition.

      16. I agree with HP, Pat is no liar, if he says he saw the passage in some bible, then he did, why would he lie, and no-one can disprove his claim.. If money can be printed ad nauseum, so can bibles..

    5. I suppose this is possible. I could imagine it being written as a blurb in one of those paper missalettes over the new Good Friday prayer for the perfidious ones. But, let us remember, at one time those Hebrews commonly known today as Jews were indeed God’s chosen people. Ever since the Cruxifixion, the Church has taken on that designation. At worse it sounds like the text was badly worded, or not thoroughly explained. The only purpose for these disposable paper missals is to help those lax Novus Ordo Catholics get some understanding of the purpose of the prayer within that day’s liturgy. I can guarantee it was not written in the Missal the priest was using on the Altar. And that’s the only one that matters.

      I believe that is what Pat saw or what he honestly remembers. But it hardly matters as his interpretation of its meaning is off target as I have hopefully adequately explained above. The text is only color commentary and has absolutely no bearing on actual Church Doctrine.

      No need for Green Tea for me. As I write this on my iPad, I am enjoying an exceptional recording by Dizzy Gillespie.

  5. When delusional and psychotic people get into government they become not only a danger, but also a threat to all humanity. History has proven that over and over again, people will never learn from it.

  6. In 1016 Slavs of present-day Ukraine destroyed the Khazar govt. taking large portions of Khazar territory. I love maps, and there are some interesting ones of that period (Historical Atlas by William R. Shepherd – Henry Holt and Co. NY, 1911) worth looking at.

    These Khazars have descendent memories like elephants. Combine that with the jewish esoteric obsession with numbers and dates and voila – next year, 2016 marks the millenium of that event. These Khazars historically thrive on war, and for them its nigh time to exact revenge on the ancient “Rus”.

    Everything geopolitical seems to pivot off this, and I suspect that Netanyahu is being a saber-rattling thorn in the side of the banker overlords calling the shots. And the thing to always remember is the pyramidal structure – the “need to know only” methodology and the anticipated polemics of players like Bibi acting somewhere below the pyramid’s apex. While he sees this “treaty” with Iran as being dangerous to Israel, the overlords instructing Washington see it as an important move for now and of course are always looking several moves in advance in aiming for Greater Israel’s checkmate on Russia.

    2016 looks to be a crucial year

  7. This kike always looks like he’s just gorged on fried onions and foreskins. Even former army jews like him still look perpetually flabby and out-of-breath, just like their Wall Street co-ethnics who sit on their asses all day and push pencils.

    1. we share the same visceral revulsion of the vermin.
      and i have no arachnophobia or any other creepycrawlyphobia.

      most jews look like they are in the last throes of terminal flatulence, this specimen being a prime example.

  8. I watched ‘Bibi’ on TV a little while ago, addressing Congress. Noticing qued applause, I ALSO noticed that the cameras did NOT show much of the many congressional representatives who did NOT stand, or applaud him.
    Take heart! 🙂 We Americans are not ALL stupid, and easily manipulated (although the forces now moving against us are powerful, dark, and deadly). (One thing I can say on behalf of Netanyahu is that he has PRESENCE of person, and is a powerful adversary)(undoubtedly supported by his unholy father)

    It is hard to forget the historic, downward trend suffered by America SINCE America showered blessings on “Israel”. In the Bible, it is related that God said He would “bless those who bless you (Israel), and curse those who curse you”. Apparently, He wasn’t talking about these MODERN imposters who call themselves “Israel”. SOMEBODY is lying. Wonder who?? 🙂

    1. @Gilbert
      That blessing you refer to is in the Old Testament! In any contradiction between Old and New the New supersedes the Old. Therefore “his blood be upon us, and upon our children” when the Jews brought the curse upon themselves is the one that should be heeded. Unfortunately those who aid, abet, counsel or procure the goals of that accursed people shall also be liable! I am sure you with your legal background will appreciate that argument.
      To cite St.Paul they “heaping the coals upon their heads”!

      1. Yes, thank you, Felix. Please forgive my seeming ignorance of religious particulars (I was raised strict Methodist, and did not have the benefit of Catholic or Jesuit schooling). (One of my great aunts had a Jesuit cousin who would come to visit us on holiday, riding his slick BMW motorcycle from University of Tulsa. He AMAZED me. When he was 65 years of age, he could out-smoke, out-drink, and out-charm the best of us – and he was a favorite with the ladies! Handsome and very fit, he ran three miles per day, had a J.D. from Yale, and an M.D. from Harvard; could fluently converse in German, Portugese, Spanish, Italian, or French; and was, of course, learned in Latin and Greek.)

        My Bible study began when my father tossed a new Bible on my belly (I was about nine years old) when I was watching cartoons one Saturday morning, and told me to read the Proverbs and ‘absorb some wisdom’. I have always tried, since. 🙂

      2. And yet, this OT verse will be used as a (false) prophecy to induce America into submitting to Israel. It’s already worked in the false christian church!! Don’t mean to plug my blog post, but in light of this post here, I do suggest that folks read it and familiarize themselves with some things that are going on. And you are welcome to bring ‘anything to the table’ if you have something to add.

        “”Netanyahu will remind us again of the events of September 11, 2001.”” And if that doesn’t remind the American people and things don’t go BIBI’s way, than what I purport in my post, might not be too far off!

  9. Netanyahu, as usual, blamed Iran and Hizbullah for all Israeli false flag operations – from 9/11 to AMIA (here and here). He called Iran the foremost state sponsor of terrorism and provided a map showing Iran’s tentacles of terror across five continents.

    This is what Iran is doing without nuclear weapons. Imagine what it would do with nuclear weapons. That threat is the reason why Israel must not let that happen, Netanyahu ranted.

    Anyone who has only learned ‘world history’ from CNN, Fox News, BBC, NYT, WSJ, WP, etc. might think Iranian Muslims are occupying a Jewish land rather than Jews occupying Muslim Palestine.

    Canadian Jewish professor Tony Burman (Ryerson University, Toronto), former head of Canada’s Crown media CBC News and Al-Jazeera English (AJE), posted an Op-Ed, at The Toronto Star (March 2, 2015) entitled, Netanyahu, his pants on fire, bring torch to Washington.

    “On Tuesday morning, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s alarmist-in-chief, will make a mockery of American democracy by going to Washington to speak to a formal session of the US Congress. Ostensibly, he has been invited by Congressional Republicans to repeat his government’s wild-eyed warnings about the “existential” threat of Iran,” Burman said.

    “But more to the point, this is about a spineless politician coming to the end of an Israeli election campaign, willing to do anything to wreck a potential deal with Iran and, in the process, eager to give the finger to his archenemy, President Barack Obama,” Burman added.

  10. Ben must have something on every politician around the world as he is so confident.
    It was absolutely hilarious to see how you’re politicians who weren’t cheering at his every sentence then he would glare at them and WOW!! they’d be clapping like good seals.

    America has got it’s own problems at home to worry about. You run a nasty house.

  11. I just saw on CNN Netanyahu’s speech to Congress. Because I came in the middle of it, I couldn’t count all the standing ovations, but judging from the part I saw, I think it must have been more than the 29 of last time. There were moments Netanyahu received a standing ovation after every sentence he spoke. I think however I saw an expression of dislike on nearly all faces in Congress. These poor slaves of the Jewish lobby have to applaud or they will lose their job or worse.

    Netanyahu based his fear mongering on three Big Lies, which are :

    1) “Iran is an aggressive nation.”

    In reality Iran has not attacked any of its neighbors for more than 200 years.
    Netanyahu went even so far as to accuse Iran of “having gobbled up four nations already.” This absurd assertion is based on absolutely nothing.

    2) “Iran is the sponsor of international terrorism.”

    Iran supports Hizbollah, but Hizbollah is not a terrorist organization, but a South Lebanese defensive organization with no interests outside Lebanon. All other acts of terrorism Iran is accused of were in reality false flag operations by the Mossad.

    3) “Iran wants to wipe Israel off the map.”

    This Old Big Lie, eagerly spread by the Jews media, is based on a willfully false translation of a pronouncement by Ahmedinejad, who really said :

    “The Imam said the regime occupying Jerusalem will disappear from the page of history”.

    This was an expression of hope of regime change and not the destruction of Israel.

    But of course Netanyahu received a standing ovation for every Big Lie he spoke. Netanyahu has Congress in his pocket but not the White House. Obama (and Kerry) wants an agreement with Iran and I think that’s going to happen, Jewish lobby or not.

  12. Things Nutty would mention : you forgot the Holohoax.
    Yep Survivor and “never Again”
    What was amazing is that none of the commentators, stated that Nutty made it quite clear, no nuclear deal will be enough, it has to be “regime change”.
    Why does America not want to jump in again?

  13. Madame Butterfly (whoever-the-hell you are) –

    To answer your question, ‘NO’ (I would not slit my child’s throat, no matter who ordered it). Whatever kind of devout, chaste princess you pretend to be, the question poses serious doubts about your sanity and motives.

    FYI, it is very difficult for me to remain ‘monkish’ for long (especially in that I do NOT have any ‘Catholic’ pretensions; and in that I actually make-no-bones about having some Jewish acquaintances who I like very much). Moreover, I like my women, be they Catholic, Protestant, Jewesses, or some other spiritual variety – as long as they do not have ugly, hammer-toed feet, are relatively young, pretty, and practice good hygiene. (I do not like tattooed flesh, bad teeth, or drunken, slutty behavior, either.). Most women in whom I have taken an interest usually disrobe for me sooner than later, and I leave them smiling and contented. Call it a ‘habit’ of sorts. (The actor, Paul Newman, could have almost passed for my father’s identical twin brother – but I am not quite so handsome as my father, nor are we Jewish.)

    Whatever your aim for this site, I suggest you practice the tolerance you preach. Whatever poetry I write for this site, I write for Lasha as I imagine her to be. Now, I have to get ready for an appointment I keep with a pretty masseuse across the mountain, which always has a ‘happy ending’. 🙂

    1. @ Gilby

      I have no axe to grind with you, Sir Poet. You are always a gentleman and I like it that you put on no fancy airs and graces. You speak like a man and you write like a warrior. Your last poem was a little gem — one of the best you’ve written.

      Good luck with your masseuse. 🙂

    2. Hey sounds great.
      Do these “women” charge by the hour or by results?
      Do you get a discount for being so pretty, or do they charge extra for having to spend time with such a conceited buffoon?

      1. I wouldn’t concern myself with it, PJ. It’s probably more than YOU can afford, anyway (not to mention that you’d likely overdose on Viagra, or some other stimulant, just to get half a hard-on).

  14. Hi ya all! …. Good to see Pat copping it for a change, instead of litt’l old me!
    With International Women’s Day’s 104th anniversary looming, I headed back to OUR commune deep in the Daintree Rainforest of Northern Queensland, Australia. …. Felt it was an opportune time to get back in touch with my 32 wives and 67 (2 more!) children.
    During our beautiful, sun-dappled evenings my brood like me to sit on the outer verandah and read them biblical stories. I like to embellish the stories, such as Paul’s letters, and add lots of titbits and conversation pieces. I pointed out, for instance, how the Taliban targets female teachers and murdered over 300 school-girls! I pointed out how the Vatican keeps the women in the kitchens and public areas. I pointed out how the pastor at our local church operates a wife-swapping routine. I pointed out how in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia, there is a tunnel (dug by gold miners in 1852) running under the dividing highway which links the nuns’ and the priests’ quarters.
    So this time I read and embellished Paul’s bit about “women shalt not teach” and the need for head scarves in prayer.
    I got the expected reaction, from the wives, many of whom are bi-sexual, if not fully-converted lesbians. They blame the latter on my long absences overseas. They do not know much about my “other” life; but do know that big money and womanizing is involved.
    One of my wives – a brilliant woman, with looks to match – asked me to include something from her in this posting: Hence Marie’s story:
    “Muslim women live in a MALE-DOMINATED fabric prison. Islamic scriptures state that most women are destined for hell. According to Buddhism, nothing in female form can realize enlightenment and enter NIrvana, which is an all-male affair. Jewish men praise God every morning for not making them a woman. The misogyny of the Christian Church is endemic, ranging from the ant-women edicts of the apostle Paul to the present day, Cardinal Burke and his anti-feminism. It is time for ALL women to free themselves.”
    As I’ve said repeatedly I LOVE MY WOMEN and they love me! I like them to be free to express their inner carnality; especially on me! I’m sure I impregnated a few on this very day, for such is life.
    Nice to see more females in our comments’ section!

    1. “Good to see Pat copping it for a change,”

      HA!!! How ’bout dem Cowboyzzz!!! Outback boyzz…dat izzz.

      MY tern in da barrull! 😉

    2. @Max Bilney
      Women can achieve enlightment in Buddhism and there are many instances of this happening. I agree that nowadays, like all religions, Buddhist teaching and institutions, have become corrupt. I will go so far as to say that today every organised religion is a corrupt, spiritually dead shell. The problem with many people is that they are lazy and emotionally unstable and think that an eastern religion is trendy or allows people to do their own thing! This is particularly true of those of the Hebraic persuasion!

      1. Felix, ” I will go so far as to say that today every organised religion is a corrupt, spiritually dead shell.”, … you are spot on, my friend.
        Most Christians, for instance, are more Jew than Christian in their religiosity. eg. The dialectically-charged Christian-Zionists of the USA!
        Danial Dennet wrote a great book about the TOXIC religions – made toxic by heretical fools – that run our planet. Forgotten its title.
        Despite all my ribaldry, and love for the fairer sex, I try to live a Christian life; and spend more on helping others than ingratiating myself with new cars and new women.
        At the Pearly Gates I might be put in the “too hard” basket; but believe I will eventually take my horn over to a nice, fluffy cloud and play nice music with a harp-bearing ex-nun.

  15. My good mate Gilby! … Again just love the new, steeled you!… Now yur talkin’!
    Gilby: “PJ It’s probably more than YOU can afford, anyway (not to mention that you’d likely overdose on Viagra, or some other stimulant, just to get half a hard-on).”
    I never use Viagra, as it is really bad for your heart. Rather, I work out daily and have an abnormally high testosterone count and a high bodily oxygen level. Plus much practice makes PERFECT.
    I hear, via my European circles, that Bibi Netanyahu is addicted to Viagra! He lervs putting it up the American people!
    And that opposition political leader who was shot dead in Russia, was a big Viagra user who paid most of his parliamentary and Russian Mafia salaries on young male and female escorts-cum-prostitutes. Check out the pics of the young slut he was with at the time of his death!

    1. Re Gilby’s “VIAGRA” theme!
      I mix, as I keep telling you, in widely diverse circles, planet-wide. I am an international jet setter and profligate!
      In Dubai recently, I got to talking to some Shi’ite Muslims across the “creek” in Old Dubai. (Where the best belly-dancers-come-sluts hang out) ….. Fifth street back, behind the fake gold shops/stalls; near the old water well and statue, to be exact. Check it out!
      They were a bit pissed (Yes, in the back streets they drink grog and dance with the belly-dancers, like men everywhere.) I obligingly join in!
      A man called Isla told me about the 1,001 “virgins” awaiting martyrs in Allah’s Heaven. Being a man with 32 wives in Oz, I asked him what he would do if presented 1,001 virgins. He was a crude man and he said he would f** (bed) them all. He said that that would be honoring Allah’s gift to him. I asked them how the virgins would be dressed on presentation. He said they would be veiled, with no under wear. I asked him what they would wear once they were his wives. He said burqas and head scarves. … Finally he said Allah would provide him with a viagra-like substance!
      Tis a MAN’s world, unless you are a harlot accepting POWER WITHOUT ANY RESPONSIBILITY! i.e. A stinking Jew like Bibi N. or a Senate whore like Dianne Feinstein!

    2. @ Max Bilney

      Why don’t you bugger off back to VT and see if they will post your sex-obsessed fantasies there? The fact that there are some clowns on this website who actually find your tasteless ribaldries amusing doesn’t say much for the general intelligence of most of the posters here. You have the words “ZIONIST TROLL” written all over you — because although you profess to hate the Jews, you come across yourself as an infinitely more degenerate specimen than the slimiest sewer rat of a Jew.

  16. There has been an explosion of great websites, great articles, films, documentaries and revealing information all from the internet that overturns much of what people have been taught about history and although I believe this has had an impact on how people think, the last 100 years of lies and propaganda has not been overturned in most peoples minds. George Orwell said “who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past” and I believe this control has been in the hands of the Jews at least since 1848.

    The power that has been displayed by the Jews in getting Israel’s leader to speak to congress and criticize the elected leader of the US and put forth his views on what American foreign policy should be must be a first in world history. Has another country ever done this? And he’s not trying to stop a war, he’s trying to start one.

    I wonder if the Jews have been able to develop their power in the US even more than other countries because the US has always been a multi-ethnic country, even when its population was primarily European (before the advent of mass immigration of non-Europeans beginning in the mid 1960’s). For all the Americans talk of patriotism, I have my doubts those feelings run as deep as in Europe where the blood that runs in the people of a country is shared by all.

    The power displayed by the Jews recently has been on display before. Prior to WW II, when most Americans were opposed to the US getting involved in another European war prominent Americans like Henry Ford, Charles Lindbergh and Father Coughlin criticized the Jews unrelenting propaganda drive to get the USA into WW II. They didn’t use those words though. They were careful in their criticism, not bigoted and stuck to the facts. But the Jews branded any critics “anti-semites” and with their power made the biggest names in America worth as much as dirt.

    As long as Jews control what people are taught and think, they will decide when a war will be fought and when it won’t. The great British historian David Irving revealed in his huge biography of Winston Churchill the power wealthy Jews displayed by giving him huge sums of money to attack Germany and start WW II. And in the USA they were working on FDR to get him to join Churchill. Below is a quote from an unlikely source. Although I’m sure there were some Poles that thought a war with a power with Germany would be suicidal and insane, you never hear the words of these Poles. Why? Because that would put a dent in the propaganda drive towards war and that shows you how much the US and Britain really cared about Polish lives. But below is a quote from a thoughtful Pole, the Polish ambassador to the US commenting on Jewish power in the US and their drive towards war.

    In early 1938 the Polish ambassador to the US, Jerzy Potocki reported back to Warsaw on his observations of the American political scene:

    The pressure of the Jews on President Roosevelt and on the State Department is becoming ever more powerful… The Jews are right now the leaders in creating a war psychosis which would plunge the entire world into war and bring about general catastrophe. This mood is becoming more and more apparent. In their definition of democratic states, the Jews have also created real chaos; they have mixed together the idea of democracy and communism, and have above all raised the banner of burning hatred against Nazism.

    This hatred has become a frenzy. It is propagated everywhere and by every means: in theaters, in the cinema, and in the press. The Germans are portrayed as a nation living under the arrogance of Hitler which wants to conquer the whole world and drown all of humanity in an ocean of blood. In conversations with Jewish press representatives, I have repeatedly come up against the inexorable and convinced view that war is inevitable. This international Jewry exploits every means of propaganda to oppose any tendency towards any kind of consolidation and understanding between nations. In this way, the conviction is growing steadily but surely in public opinion here that the Germans and their satellites, in the form of fascism, are enemies who must be subdued by the ‘democratic world.’ (February 9) 32

    On January 12, 1939 Ambassador Potocki reported back to Warsaw:

    The feeling now prevailing in the United States is marked by a growing hatred of Fascism and, above all, of Chancellor Hitler and everything connected with Nazism. Propaganda is mostly in the hands of the Jews, who control almost 100 percent radio, film, daily and periodical press. Although this propaganda is extremely coarse and presents Germany as black as possible—above all religious persecution and concentration camps are exploited—this propaganda is nevertheless extremely effective, since the public here is completely ignorant and knows nothing of the situation in Europe. …

    1. @Peter
      I am an avid reader of David Irving. He is one of the best!
      BTW, You might like to go to youtube and watch
      Hitler answers Roosevelt April 28, 1939
      It’s in 13 parts. Absolutely brilliant. One of Hitler’s best. Sorry I am writing on a tablet and cannot paste the link.
      If you cannot speak German they have English subtitles! As they do for a 3 part speech of Hitler declaring war on the zionist state, namely USA. Also for Hitler explains his reasons for attacking the Soviet Union!

      1. I’ve read or seen Hitler’s declaration of war on the USA and I’ve seen parts or all of the other one. Youtube speeches are one of the best ways to get a clear picture of what people thought. You don’t have someone else telling you what they said, leaving out what they want and taking selected quotes. I hope someday people will realize the truth in what people like David Irving have written.

        Unfortunately, Germany itself is an obstacle to the truth being told. Although the war ended seventy years ago, they still have laws enforcing the lies. They just imprisoned the lawyer Sylvia Stolz again about two weeks ago for this speech she gave a few years ago. It’s a great speech and she’s a great lady, and predictably they didn’t like it.

      2. @Peter
        I have been following the case of this brave woman for quite a some time. It disgusts how they have to “feed” some senile old man in his 90’s who was a cook or orderly into maw of the Shoah business machine. Jews who actually took part in massacres for the NKVD enjoyed honorable retirement!
        I have spoken to many Germans and they, like myself have severe cases of “holocaust fatigue”! I am sick to death of it! The Jews also claimed a 6 million figure of jews killed at the end of WW1!

      3. If there is one thing which I would think might offer a glimmer of hope, it is that some people might feel strongly about the right to free speech. But I’m not so sure. The Germans I talk to often disgust me and I have a feeling they’ll accept anything. But I would love to see a huge outburst of anger about this in a mass demonstration. It might go well at a commemoration of the mass murder at Dresden.

        Another thought I have is something Germar Rudolf once said. He commented in a speech that if the Germans did allow “holocaust denial”, imagine what the allies would do to Germany. He said, we know what they did to them in WW II. It might well be a thought that played a part in Germany’s passing the “holocaust denial laws” which were passed in the late 1980’s, at exactly the time when revisionist’s were exposing many of the lies the allies told.

  17. Max! 🙂

    I don’t use Viagra, either, though the choices among women, here in USA, are more limited (in sanity) than your own – so I HAVE to be more monkish in my appetites. 🙂 (Alas, I am somewhat a ‘romantic’, too – and linger long at kisses and cuddling.) (I don’t think that’s ‘sissy’, do you??) Although it’s not hard to find comely, younger women, here, it IS somewhat difficult to find SANE ones… Most of them are so mentally mangled and confused, they’re actually DANGEROUS ‘Jekylls and Hydes’! One has to be extremely careful. (I detect some of that malady, here, among the females posting on Darkmoon – and the panty-waste male counterparts who suck-up to their every whine… It’s SICKENING.)

    Thanks for being such a ‘sporting bloke’!! 🙂

    1. @ Gilbert Huntly

      You have been so easily corrupted. You bear all the hallmarks of a Jewified American degenerate. Bilney suits you as an ideological buddy. As they say, pervs of a feather flock together.

      Write us a beautiful “uplifting” poem about viagra.

      1. I reckon I could DO that, William. Thanks for the challenge…

        Anyhow, it bothers me to the extreme that Pat has been so shabbily treated, here (and ‘No’, Pat and I are not always in agreement). Pat has offered us MUCH food for diverse thought, even though he is sometimes less than genteel in his delivery. So….
        If the Catholics and others on here are so easily offended by directing some scrutiny on someone other than Jews, I thought it both entertaining and timely to give ’em something ELSE to talk about. 🙂

        Max does a great job of it. I, too, have been a libertine (though not as prolific as our Max promotes 🙁 ), and as I am getting older (in my mid-fifties), I am returning to the tendency, once again. I do it because I CAN – and there are so many fine females hidden around the countryside, resorting to lesbianism and witchery, they are in dire NEED of cavalier gentlemen to rescue their emotions. I am simply being altruistic. 🙂

      2. @ Gilbert Huntly

        WILLIAM HAGUE to Gilbert Huntly: “Write us a beautiful “uplifting” poem about viagra.”

        “Uplifting” is the right word! I’ve got just the title: “Ode to a Hard-on.” How romantic!

        I’m sure Lasha would just lerv editing it! 🙂

      3. Thank you, Madame Butterfly, for the encore prompting! As a gentleman – and as your obedient servant – I will oblige! 🙂

        Until later….

    2. Dear friend Gilby,
      Love your honesty in stating: “Alas, I am somewhat a ‘romantic’, too – and linger long at kisses and cuddling. I don’t think that’s ‘sissy’, do you??”
      No, I don’t think it is “sissy”; as as I’ve got older and wiser I have stopped the “wham-bam-thankyou-mam” approach and have become like a romantic Frenchman or, better still, a Belgianite*. Hence, I indulge in long acts of foreplay, including “lingering longer at kisses and cuddling.” (*In Bruege recently and was taught some new tricks by a couple who let me watch)
      I too hate the “the panty-waste male counterparts who suck-up to their every whine…” who appear often on this website. Like that Dr Green!
      And I agree, most Yankee and Oz women are caught in a sickening, Jewish-orchestrated fantasy zone, where they don’t know whether they are Ms Greer, Ms Cyrus or Ms Degeneres! Even the old-boilers are stuck in this matrix! My mate has gone to Thailand; and I court the Eastern European blondes and the fiery, Romanian gypsy types.

  18. it is said that if you put ten thousand spiders in a room, they will devour one another until there is just one fat spiderball left.

    lately, some of that has been in evidence here, posters that are quick to give and take offense and the threads degenerate into barroom brawls spilling onto other threads.

    since my interest lies elsewhere, i choose take a break.
    shooting the messenger because i hate the message but have no adequate response is not my style.

    by the way, will someone finally come forward and explain max’s obvious satire?
    i can’t be bothered to unravel punch lines in jokes for the benefit of the mooing bovines but someone should really put in some effort into the project so that we can move one without anguished shrieks choking the discussion, messages deleted, undeleted, redeleted.

    lastly, it is obvious that jews have found the way to exploit women’s tendency to take everything personally and insert a variety irritants designed to detonate at predetermined points to gum up the works.
    this is a general observation, not to be taken personally.
    i just wish women, especially the white ones would pay heed to this dynamics and refuse to serve jew’s interests.

    1. Well, well, when you’re right, you’re right. Emoting women, aka mooing bovines (good one), trying to steer men and their ribaldry into more palatable expressions or none at all, hasn’t worked in my life and hopefully it won’t. Speak your mind, no matter what words you’re using, people can use their discernment. If they don’t have any, tough luck.

      Since the jew has not quite succeeded in making men and women equal in every respect, despite his all out efforts to promote the homosexual agenda, hoot-toot-toot, maybe not all is lost. I know I’m on a precarious footing here. Gumming up the works, or providing a break from too much boring facts and statistics?

      And don’t forget the drama, Lobro, some people can’t live without it. I lerv when other people exhibit it!


      @ Lobro

      “Someone should really put in some effort into the project so that we can move one without anguished shrieks choking the discussion, messages deleted, undeleted, redeleted.”

      What are you complaining about? The deleted comments are precisely the ones that criticise the Pat Fan Club to which you belong.

      You, Pat, Max Bilney, Ingrid B, Hp, Gilbert Huntly . . . all belong to a clique of mutual back-slappers. It is not YOU or your incestuous clique who are having your comments deleted here, is it?

      It is the OPPOSITION who are being censored! By which I mean Ruth Bernstein, Dr David Green, Sardonicus, William Hague and myself. We are NOT all women, please note — so you can’t pretend we are all “brainless chicks” causing a fuss about nothing. If we are upset, we are upset for a reason.

      Why are WE having our comments deleted here and not YOU and your horrible clique of repressive chauvinists who seem determined to SHUT DOWN ALL DISSENT?

      1. Madame Butterfly has asked us by private email to post the above comment on her behalf. This is because she cannot get through to the site and has been having persistent computer problems. Let me know if you think her comment should be deleted. (Toby)

      2. @ Toby

        Let me know if you think her [Madame Butterfly’s] comment should be deleted.

        Yes, delete it! It criticizes the reigning clique and is therefore impermissible! If you don’t shut down all dissent, they will all take a sabbatical!

        And some will scuttle off in a huff, referring to women’s “holes” as they make their undignified exit. 🙂

      3. Toby –

        Since it is MY Fan Club(not) 🙂 …… Her comments are OK… I can handle them.

        But…Mad-B-Fly is wrong… as usual.

        Every one she mentioned have argued with me,,,sometimes heated. It’s OK…
        Arguments are teaching and learning mechanisms. Name-calling is NOT!

        My comments have been deleted recently. 🙂


        March 4, 2015 at 7:49 pm

        “Sard – ”




        1. @ Pat

          True. One of your comments was deleted. But you forget: for the ONE comment of yours which we deleted, we deleted THREE (I think) by your critics. So we are now being accused of favoring YOU and your “fan club”! 🙂

      4. Toby –
        They use more foul language than I did… LOL!!!
        Mine had no bad words at all… check it out.
        That is a good reason for the tilt. 🙂

      5. Ruth, I tussle with Pat regularly.
        At best and at the worst we coexist, spar a bit, swap short pertinent stories now and again. Friendly enough because there is no reason not to be. Pat has many senses of humor and insight which is accommodating and honest.
        I do not think he is a liar. That’s all.
        I do think he’s an adult.

        Yes I like lobro. I’ve liked lobro, for years now. Guilty there.
        lobro has added to my life from his incredible expressions of humor alone, along with his outstanding individuality.
        You have me there..

        Max pays me no mind at all, except one interaction a while back and that was an errant flub. Fine and dandy.

        Gilbert wants to tan my hide (in his dreams) due to my mistaking him for a confused teenage lovelorn girl, at heart. (haha)

        Ingrid – one or two at most, interactions. She avoids me due to my at times derisive comments about aspects of Islam/Muslims and also her own views about Hindus, of which I most definitely am not one.
        Today was the second time she has agreed with me. Hardly cliquish..

        I’ve had at least as much interaction with you Ruth, than I do with most here. And this completely one sided very nice short comments on your part.

        But I do believe I understand your sensibilities. You’re an intelligent proper woman who in my view extends herself just by visiting here and rubbing shoulders with the likes of me.

        All meant respectfully, you Krishna Lover you.. (;>)

      6. @ hp

        “Yes I like lobro. I’ve liked lobro for years now. Guilty there.”

        Well, I am guilty of that crime too. I have known Lobro and you for more years than you can imagine, having encountered both of you on the xymphora site in another incarnation. I share your enthusiasm for Vedanta and am second to none in my admiration for Lobro’s works of genius.

        However, I have noticed that Lobro can no longer put up with sharp criticism or any undue agitation, as in his younger days, and demands undiminished “respect” at all times. You can no longer give him a piece of your mind in plain language, since he has become so damn touchy. I have lost count of the number of times he has threatened to go on a “sabbatical” when the heat in the kitchen at darkmoon gets too hot! 🙂

        He shouldn’t do this. It is wrong. It is petulant as well as a form of moral blackmail. It reminds me of a small child stamping his foot and saying, “Be nice to me or I won’t talk to you any more!”

      7. Thank you Ruth.
        My comments were muddled and I appreciate your response.

        Perhaps lobro has been hanging around with that Berkeley character too much. (he’s a bad influence)


        (deletion whack-a-mole is such a fun game to play, i am starting to appreciate its nuances)

      9. @ hp

        Your Berkeley comment stirs dim memories of various events that took place on the xymphora site so many years ago. Was it you, or someone else, who offered to sell his rifle so as to raise some money to send to RB who was having financial difficulties at the time? If I remember correctly, Lobro and Lasha also made the same offer. But RB rejected it.

      10. Ruth, you’re memory is familiar! While I remember the thought of selling my sentimental target rifle and also remembered lobro’s (friendly gesture) to buy it, the reason is vague. Even after your mentioning this.

        A charitable gesture to Rowan in those salad days days I held high hopes for him seems appropriate enough, but enough to override the economics of the familiar poverty in which I live, then and now?
        I’m not quite sure I’m so big, either then or now..
        Besides, my growling stomach ever attempts to persuade me to vote economics, even as my conscience begs believe Ruth.. Duality, eh?

        Thank you for your thoughts.
        “A rifle toting mahatma” indeed!

  19. An insight into the human nature that may be of tactical use.

    Men like jokes, often the crudely ribald ones.
    Women like emoting and will go out of the way to fuel by inventing pretext for it, witness the buckets of useless tears irrigating soaps, reality shows and chick flicks.

    How does Jew exploit this, apart from easy money?
    Use this artificially created conflict of the sexes to neuter men (specifically white ones), make them cravenly introspective and impotent and thus easy to control and destroy.

    Don’t fall into this trap.

  20. more on the question of how this “king david” sets the example for us to follow.

    that he nursed an erection for his best friend’s wife is neither wrong nor immoral.
    what is though, is that he didn’t hesitate to act on it.

    moral code of man is not to eliminate base urges but to master them.
    jews don’t get the second part of the above sentence and certainly king david didn’t.
    in which case, what is the difference between your friend’s wife and the infamous “three years plus a day”?
    exactly the same thing, you cannot draw a line between the two types of perdition and the rabbis know it full well, both are of delicious and irresistible attraction to jew.

    because urges are not created of conscious choice and are therefore outside the scope of morality with its rewards and punishment.
    if some unfortunate man has unhealthy cravings for children, he cannot help it.
    what makes him a damnable pedophile is his acting on it, exactly as king david did.
    the same goes for sadistic imaginings and wet dreams.

    maybe this is why so many of the shabbos goy elite are captivated and through such diseases, ensuring everlasting service, filthy faust trussed, bound and delivered to his master for eternity.

    jesus spoke about this whereas old testament had no comment thereof, which is why i consider them poles apart.

    1. I like your comment, Lobro – but I think you’re very wrong about David (but, as you said, yourself, you haven’t read much of the OT, anyway)(which is why I get frustrated at taking issue with those who pretend to ‘know’ – but actually do NOT know). David grieved his weakness and sin. Haven’t we ALL done things for which we are sorrowful, and regret??

      btw, For the sake of the dignity and pursuit of this site, I will NOT convey a poem about a ‘hard-on’, unless Lasha asks me (she won’t) (although it might be fun 🙂 ).

      We are often confused about who’s who, here. I am wondering if Lasha isn’t sometimes Madame Butterfly, posting for fun and reaction. (It is a good strategy to further confuse it by the Toby insert of ‘DELETED COMMENT’, previous, if that be the case.) We don’t know – just like you admittedly DON’T KNOW enough about the Bible for your opinions of it to carry much weight. Pat, on the other hand, has offered us the observation of the possible Pliny involvement, which has credibility. Even THAT, though, DOES NOT NECESSARILY MEAN that Old and New Testaments are ‘poles apart’.

      1. @ Gilbert Huntly

        We are often confused about who’s who, here. I am wondering if Lasha isn’t sometimes Madame Butterfly, posting for fun and reaction.”

        Lasha will be amused by that comment, but I must tell you that Lasha hardly has any time to READ the comments on this site, let alone pretend to be various other posters in disguise! Some people here have even made the ridiculous claim that Lasha was actually moonlighting as Ellie Katsnelson — an absurd a claim as it gets, given Ellie K’s convoluted style of English, with sentences that sometimes go on for 30 lines and have as many commas in them.

        Lasha was once accused of being Israel Shamir on Mark Glenn’s Ugly Truth site.

        The best joke of all was when a commenter on the Occidental Observer said, half in jest I believe, that “Lasha Darkmoon is probably a creation of Kevin MacDonald’s.” Lasha was deeply flattered, but I don’t think Kevin MacDonald was! 🙂

  21. let me voice another suspicion, while on the subject of the testaments and their dichotomy.

    protestant movement originated in revulsion at excesses of venal, thoroughly materialistic and faithless clergy at the higher levels of roman church.
    the integral message was, go back to the original word of god, which is ye olde testament.
    the naked hatred of catholicism is easily evident in most protestants and i have no doubt that it is eagerly supported and stoked by “elder brothers”.
    protestants have no problem with notions considered heretical by rc’s, like joining secret societies of freemasonry and for this have been rewarded by masters with just about all the political appointments from presidency downwards, despite catholics forming the largest religious bloc in the usa.

    whether this was the original true intent of rebellion or there was another surreptitious one, using salvation of the christian faith as a stalking horse for talmudic advancement, this in fact was the start of ziochristianity and gradual alienation from the word of christ.

    protestants today occasionally give grudging recognition to new testament just like some catholics yield grudging recognition to the old testament but there in fact you have it – zionist program has not only got the foot in the door but owns most of protestantism and has also through corruption and intimidation of the popes and vatican curia made serious inroads into catholicism although some resistance persists at the grass roots and jesuit level.


    1. Lobro –

      Everything you stated is on point, if not totally accurate.

      Very few religions in the US do not give money to the Jew UN, even if it is just through UNESCO or promotions of activities like ‘trick or treating’ for UNICEF.
      United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture ( UNESCO) was founded on 16 November 1945.

    2. Except the nonsectarian road.
      The road Jesus most assuredly and gracefully, trod.

      The most obvious difference (night and day) between OT and NT.

  22. Germany continues to prove it has knuckled under from the pressure of Jews.

    German lawyer Sylvia Stolz condemned to prison for telling the truth.

    Sylvia Stolz is an outspoken, 51-year-old lawyer in Germany. At the end of February 2015, she was condemned by Judge Martin Rieder of the Munich State Court to 20 months in prison for alleged denial of the so-called Jewish holocaust during World War II, and for “inciting racial hatred.” But there is just one problem with Stolz’s “guilt”: she never denied anything.

    Because “holocaust denial” is a criminal offense in Germany, no evidence is admitted in favor of a defendant which flies in the face of the “obvious facts” of purported genocide—even when that evidence is the truth. Lawyers who dare inject the truth into the proceedings, as Stolz did for Zuendel, are punished swiftly and severely. That is how Stolz landed in prison the first time, for more than four years, and was disbarred for five years.

    1. change in tactics is called for.
      argue loudly that the jew holocaust is obscenely underreported and in fact amounts to at least 40 million, since now the claim is that there were at least 40 thousand mass killing camps and what kind of mass killing is it if it is less than a thousand.
      moreover, make similar claims for all the other european countries, eg, 30 million hungarians dead, 39 million romanians, at least 25 million homosexuals and an equal number of gypsies, etc, and if asked how is it possible, just say that you used the same rules of judicial evidence as the nuremberg tribunal – quote their article 21 (i think), which unbinds itself from the common rules of judicial evidence and chooses whatever it wishes for truth.

      basically swamp the current holo-claims by ever more ludicrous ones and if challenged on the grounds of logic, well, you got them cold, because how do they suddenly stop employing the same principles of inference at the classical “shoah”?
      and whenever challenged, scream loudly about antisemitism, the hatred and disrespect of the chosen ones who built every known ancient civilization from china to the inca highlands and a few others on mars.

      quote the “holy book” that goys are beasts of burden and have no right to judge you, demand a proper, hebrew speaking judge for your trial, ensure that he said kol nidre or reject him as antisemitically biased otherwise.

      1. lobro –


        And claim there are at least 30+ million with tats on arms to show it.

      2. @Pat
        Yes, I blame the whole thing on Adenauer. He was the first to agree to compensate the bastards. BTW, He also blocked German reunification in the mid 50’s. The Russians offered Germany the same deal they gave Austria. Russia would withdraw from their zone, if the British, US and French withdraw from theirs. Germany would be neutral like Austria. Adenauer the idiot turned it down.

      3. Actually (this is not a joke at all but it could be part of your strategy) America owes its very existence as a nation to a purely Zionist enterprise. The proportion of Jews among the Founding Fathers and their closest supporters was greater than even among the first Soviet government. Ben Franklin was one of the most rabid Jewish supremacists of his times : he disliked traditional Judaism in favour of Masonry which he thought closer to the original Jewish occult heritage explaining the supernatural powers of the race, but he was even more so a Jewish racist (though he also stated that the whiter you were the more Jewish blood you had actually). Jefferson was also a Jew, but a self-hating one, more like those who founded Soviet Union, and identifying with the movement of Enlightenment, but it must be noted that the human rights he vied for were for the 1% alone, property was his sole criterium for defining humanity, and money the only concrete manifestation of the deity he conceived. The whole America enterprise was financed by international Jews of the triangular commerce, mostly based in the South (most of them were reluctant to be direct slavers though : as with wars, their preferred by far to be the mere financial backers of the traffic and the sellers of equipment for the plantations). Hamilton was another Jew more directly linked to international finance.

        The Jewish power was then mostly Sephardic and Southern. They sided with the South during the Civil War and then had to work really hard to erase their former backing of the South. They had to downplay their role to the point very few people now realize that they have always been mere guest-workers of a Jewish State right from day one. Before the Civil War, they made no such efforts to hide their identity, quite the contrary : the only way you could then achieve social status as a WASP was enlisting in a Protestant Church or a Masonic Order claiming to be even more Jewish than the traditional Jews proper, and also claiming of the same values that included the cult of Money a God’s grace’s manifestation (parnassa). The arch-enemy to be combated, like today’s Muslims, were the Catholics (especially the Irish, thought to be lower than the Blacks), due to the fact they prohibited usury and enrichment beyond one’s station of birth. As is the case today right now, festivals such as Christmas were sometimes strictly prohibited and made into working days as pagan, antisemitic feasts to be avoided by religiously correct people. Jews were enjoying as a rule the same status as noblemen in pre-revolutionary France (they were thought to be a natural aristocracy of intelligence rather than an arbitrary one defined by past military victories as in Europe, though the Cincinnati society claimed that Upper French Nobility was noble thanks to Jewish blood and gave those noble men privileges even higher than in Europe), they were not citizens like others and were subject to no civil service obligations nor taxation nor census : the only authorities they were subject to were their own. Actually the real percentage of their numbers was higher than today. The official White racism of America was pro-Jewish and devised at the Jews’ behest (with rich Anglo-Saxons claiming of the Lost Tribes), the antisemitic White racism had not yet been invented. As is the case today, outright Satanism and sorcery performed in the Jewish way was fashionable, contrary to Catholicism and the religions of poor peoples in general which were subject to all-out persecution. Freedom of thought was not absolute at all, it was conditional to your being part of an approved religion or institution, foreigners who had been lured by the slogan quite often regretted their immigration and returned back into Europe when they realized that they were not in a land of intellectual freedom but of mental control except that the controlling institutions responsible for it were private. As per the Jewish ethics of that time, a job and especially an artistic or intellectual endeavour performed for a motive other than financial gain, was held as sinful. Either you wrote to please your sponsors or you shut up otherwise you were worse off than the poorest immigrants.

        Washington DC, as Lenfant had just planned it, was conceived as part of an Israeli enclave in the American continent, in replacement of the former British colonial capitals that were part of Britain legally rather than of the colony. Israel did not exist geographically but it did already exist religiously and politically, this as a (mainly Masonic-inspired) stance to oppose the Catholic World which insisted Israel was otherworldly only. This is the reason why an inhabitant of DC cannot vote in national elections, but can participate in the election of one symbolic representative in the Knesseth (in practice only Jews do so, Israeli or not, but you could also if you lived there though with mush reluctance).

        As the Civil War was won by the North, the Jews who had clearly sided with the Southern plantation system (where they alone enjoyed top-notch education and highly-qualified management jobs for the rather easy-going and decadent landowning gentry, with the Blacks as instruments and the poor Whites as foremen and as peasants on the bad lands), had lost much prestige and were subject to a quasi-antisemitic discrimination until the very end of the conflict when they opted for history rewriting and mass East European immigration to change the country’s nature. East European Jews were let in with a totally different identity, to be aligned this time to the liberal left or socialist extreme-left : America was given the mythology of having been a popular republic right from the start (this had not been the case at all), but the real intent for the Wall Street Jews was to reserve to themselves inside knowledge of the laws they could use for their commercial operations, with the result that this “left” turn resulted in the Gilded Age.

        America has not been taken over by the Zionist Jews : it has been a Zionist enterprise right from the start, and now it is just reaching a terminally decadent phase where the necessary investment to maintain the façade of hypocrisy are no longer made. The error not to commit is to have nostalgia of a bygone time where the White were in control : the original White racism of America was also a Jewish invention to have a caste society with the upper castes being made believe they enjoyed democracy. The Jews are as responsible for the invention of nationalism (at the time of Royal court Jews) to have the Whites fight each other, as they have been more recently of multicultural globalism to dissolve the no longer useful nations they had invented.

        What is awaiting America right now is not a totalitarian state (it has been a more successful one than USSR since WWII, as other countries will make you learn soon as America is to crumble) but a fracturing into one thousand warring feudal kingdoms (what the Israelis call Somalization, like Mexico is right now), starting with a Civil War II to be won this time by the pro-Zion South but to install deliberate chaos rather than order.

        Israel will likewise be abandoned by all the rich Jews too and become as poor as Yemen, especially if they build their infamous Third Temple as a last resort to explain away their roguery : the effect of such a temple would be the instant dissolution of all Jewish fortunes and more importantly of all good reputation of expertise in all fields : it will be discovered that this supposedly so intelligent people was nothing more than yet another Middle-Eastern Taliban-like sect excelling only in intellectual frauds. The new rich will no longer be Europeans of Christian culture having an equal contempt for both Jews and non Jewish Whites.

    2. Is there anything that one can do to shame or economically harm countries that ban freedom of speech, and honest inquiry?

      What can we do to support the political prisoners?

      1. force the issue out in the open.

        agitate to have truth outlawed as the case of hate speech – any truth written or spoken is prima facie evidence of terrorist activity (since the truth terrorizes those who matter).

        what could the lawmakers say in response?

      2. Good idea lobro.

        Putin did that last year. If anyone tells truth of holo-hoax….they get arrested:

        New Russian anti-extremist law comes into force
        President Putin has signed the bill introducing heavier fines and longer prison sentences for those convicted of extremism-related crimes.
        The law was published on the official government portal on Tuesday and comes into force on the same day.
        The maximum prison term for public calls for extremism is raised to four years. The minimum fine for the same crime is set at 100,000 roubles (about $2,850) while the maximum fine was left at 300,000 roubles (about $8,550).
        The maximum punishment for inciting ethnic, religious or other types of hatred changes from two to four years, and the minimum fine was tripled and is now 300,000 roubles (about $8,550). The maximum fine again remains the same at 500,000 roubles (about $14,280).
        The maximum penalty for the organizers of extremist groups is increased from the current four years to six years in prison. Anyone involved in such organisations would face up to four years instead of the current two.
        The bill introducing tougher punishment for extremism was drafted by the government in June 2013.
        The parliament is currently working on another bill that toughens the punishment for terrorists. Once passed into law it would increase the punishment for terrorist activities to life in prison.

  23. OK boys and girls, its time to play – NAME – THAT – MUSLIM! (applause) Hello again, my name is Sholomo Proboscistein and I’ll be your host today on NAME – THAT – MUSLIM! (applause)
    Its time for the last round of questions that will give the winner $64,000,000,000,000 in prizes! Are you ready contestants? Remember, please state your answer as a question.

    AND NOW FOR THE $64,000,000,000,000 dollar question:

    First Question: Name the Muslim leaders that have barged into America, openly snubbed its president, disrupted foreign policy, breached diplomatic protocol, and addressed an American based, illegal, unregistered foreign agency (like AIPAC) along with the American Congress to insist that America bomb Israel?

    Second question: Name a nuclear armed Muslim state with a single nuclear weapon that has insisted that Israel’s nuclear weapons program be closely scrutinized and dismantled? (contestants should keep in mind that Israel has between 400 and 800 nuclear weapons)

    Once again, those able to name the Muslims that have done this at any point in history are eligible for the $64,000,000,000,000 prize money!

    Additional prizes will be awarded to anyone who can name the Muslim monuments or museums erected in America dedicated to the attempted genocide of Muslims.

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