On Girly Boys, Transvestites, and Schopenhauer’s Misogyny

If you’re a hot-blooded heterosexual male, who would you prefer as a sexual partner: an ugly woman who looks just like a man or a beautiful boy who looks just like a woman?

by Arch Stanton

This article is based on a long Comment submitted to our website by ‘Arch Stanton’: with pictures, captions and substantial additions to the text by Lasha Darkmoon. 


Here’s one “girly boy” very few hot-blooded males I know are likely to fancy. He is the Austrian transvestite, Conchita Wurst, aka “the Bearded Lady”, who won the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest to international acclaim. (LD)

Schopenhauer had no time for women. In one of the most misogynistic statements ever made, the German philosopher dismisses the female sex as beneath contempt.

He writes:

Nature has provided Woman with superabundant beauty and charm for a few years at the expense of the whole remainder of her life, so that during these years she may so capture the imagination of a man that he is carried away into undertaking to support her honorably in some form or another for the rest of her life, a step he would seem hardly likely to take for purely rational considerations.

For just as the female ant loses its wings after mating, since they are then superfluous, indeed harmful to the business of raising the family, so the woman usually loses her beauty after one or two child-beds, and probably for the same reason.

The fundamental defect of the female character is a lack of a sense of justice.

This originates first and foremost in their want of rationality and capacity for reflection but it is strengthened by the fact that, as the weaker sex, they are driven to rely not on force but on cunning: hence their instinctive subtlety and their ineradicable tendency to tell lies: for, as nature has equipped the lion with claws and teeth, the elephant with tusks, the wild boar with fangs, the bull with horns and the cuttlefish with ink, so it has equipped woman with the power of dissimulation as her means of attack and defense, and has transformed into this gift all the strength it has bestowed on man in the form of physical strength and the power of reasoning.

Dissimulation is thus inborn in her and consequently to be found in the stupid woman almost as often as in the clever one.

Only a male intellect clouded by the sexual drive could call the stunted, narrow-shouldered, broad-hipped and short-legged sex the “fair sex”.

They are sexus sequior, the inferior second sex, in every respect.

One should be indulgent toward their weaknesses, but to pay them honor is ridiculous beyond measure and demeans us even in their eyes.

See here.

Strong words indeed! They have made me reassess my own attitude to women. Though some of the pronouncements of this most most pessimistic of German philosophers will strike a chord in many men of a misogynistic bent, I find myself in disagreement with many of Schopenhauer’s  basic assumptions.

It is interesting to note that the very worst female traits Schopenhauer assigns to women are the same traits Jews exhibit in their dealings with non-Jews, e.g. physical cowardice, which in the woman’s case, is derived from physical inferiority.

Since a woman is physically inferior to the males with whom she must coexist, she develops cunning, “dissimulated” methods to overcome her inability to physically dominate men. A man confronts, while a woman manipulates.

Jewish culture has in the strangest manner gone from being an intensely patriarchal society run by rabid misogynists, to a limp-wristed, highly feminized culture that uses woman as its basis for racial determination, a fact noted many times in the past by other authors like Alex Linder.

Jews are the fountainhead for all the twisted sexual inversions found in modern western culture, i.e. transgenderism, transvestism, homosexuality, pedophilia, S&M et al. Jews are masters at promoting these deviant practices because their interest goes beyond the basic agenda of cultural destruction. Like their penchant for torture based on sexual pleasure, Jews also derive sexual pleasure from these various perversions.

Those familiar with porn will see how certain perversions receive disproportionate coverage from these Jewish pornographers: most notably those perversions involving pain, torture or humiliation.

It’s all about having sexual fun at the expense of the gullible goyim.

What I have found most interesting is all this has alerted me to one of my own peculiar traits of physical attraction. While reviewing various websites involving transvestism, I discovered to my astonishment that men can be made to appear every bit as beautiful and sexually attractive to a man as any woman.

This points to the fact that males may not be as attracted to the opposite sex as much as they are to the mere appearance of the opposite sex. Thus a dichotomy will arise in the mind of the heterosexual male when encountering a male transvestite he finds physically appealing. The effect of this state of mental confusion has no doubt been foreseen by the alien shape-shifters running America.

I lived in Southern California for a number of years, so I am quite familiar with transvestism and homosexuality (or so I thought) as such people abound in the “land of fruits and nuts.” As one cannot help but interact with Jews if one lives in Manhattan, a Southern California resident cannot help but deal with the sexual perversions of Southern Californians. It’s one of the many bizarre things Californians have adjusted to in their attempt to deal with life in that faded state.

It doesn’t take long before one can spot such perversions from afar. Yet I have discovered that there are undoubtedly a certain percentage of males that pass undetected as women. During my enlistment in the Marines, there used to be quite a bit of barracks braggadocio about going out on the town to “roll some fags.” Later there would often be a recounting of these exploits, how so and so “beat the living shit out of some faggot.”

Yet there were a few encounters that may have been more then mere braggadocio. From time to time a Marine would return from town with a bewildered appearance. Among the confusion, one could see the need for the young man to relate his experience to someone and more than once I happened to be close by when they told their story. Typically the story would run like this:

“You know, I just went out on the town to have a few drinks, and while I was at the bar this gorgeous chick sits down beside me. And you know, like, we started to talk. Man, she was beautiful! I mean, a real looker. Well, after a few drinks she suggested that we might take a drive up to some lookout point. And I can tell you, I was ready!

So when we got up to the point we began making out, you know, and I just got hotter and hotter. Finally, I reached down into her panties and you won’t believe it but – uh – she wasn’t a girl, she had a dick!

I didn’t know what to do, so I told her to get out of the car and I drove back to base. Man, you wouldn’t believe how good looking this girl was!”


Little does he know that the attractive woman he is about to come on to is a man — this man!
(For more details, see here)


At the time I had chalked this up to a certain agrarian naïveté towards life in the big city. I figured that this, combined with the raging hormonal state of a young male now immersed in the Marine Corp’s Über-masculine culture, accounted for the young Marine’s inability to discriminate between males and females. It took many years and the internet to finally realize what had led to such confusion in these young men’s minds.

One thing noticeably absent form these accounts is the lack of physical violence for which Marines are noted. Not once did I hear of any “beating the shit” out of a transvestite. In fact a few times, the story was how they simply drove back to the bar where the transvestite was dropped off. Of course never did I hear any stories of striking up any further relationship with the imitation girl either.

What I find most interesting about the male transvestite/transgender movement is the antithetical direction away from modern feminism. These former males strive to achieve the very same lacy-pink, ultra-feminine, appearance eschewed by the modern woman. These “demales” are frequently a throwback to those vestiges of femininity last seen in the late fifties and early sixties. Such altered males invariably go to extremes to achieve the very femininity women hate. These men spend their time having their hair done to 1950’s or 60’s perfection while picking out the type of lacy pink lingerie few women today would ever think of purchasing, let alone wearing.

Today, women opt for trousers, torn Jeans, unkempt hair, and masculine tattoos. So the question is what will be the result of a society where these “demales”, or men who affect an exaggerated female appearance, are actually more attractive to men than their female counterparts?


A red-blooded, heterosexual  male can perhaps be excused if he finds himself sexually attracted to a pretty boy who looks just like a girl ought to look — supremely feminine — than to the somewhat dubious female specimen shown in the picture above.  

One can surmise that while further adding to the confused mental state of the young male, this will serve as an adjunct to the homosexual agenda.

Essentially, the boygirl phenomenon represents a far more attractive form of homosexuality for heterosexual males than straight, raw homosexuality as we know it.

It can be seen as a halfway house, so to speak, between straight sex and gay sex — with one foot in each camp.


If the Jews excel at one thing, if they demonstrate true genius, it is in their relentless pursuit towards the misery and destruction of the white male and the cultures he created. As for women. I truly love them for their essential nature. While many women might appear fluffy minded, distracted intellects, they are the true lovers.

Due to their child bearing capacities, women have an innate capacity for unconditional love. It is this love that binds us so tightly to our mothers. No one loves like a mother loves. Such love transcends the physical lust men so often mistake for love.

Lasha Darkmoon comments:

Recent research by Ruth Feldman, a psychologist at Bar-Ilan University in Israel, has shown that higher levels of oxytocin during pregnancy are associated with better bonding after a baby is born. “Fathers also get an oxytocin boost when playing with their babies, Feldman said. And pilot data on a large study of new lovers suggests that when people fall in love, oxytocin levels spike.” (See here)

Oxytocin is now known as the “love drug” or the “mom hormone”. High levels are associated with bonding and maternal protectiveness. Apparently, men with high oxytocin levels are likely to bond more closely with their children. “Studies on mice have found that oxytocin changes the behavior of virgin females so that they are able to respond to the distress calls of baby mice.” (Independent ‘I’ newspaper, UK, 16 April, 2015). 

A further report in the Independent states that the same “love hormone” — oxytocin —  that secures a bond between a woman and her new-born baby is also involved in bonding between dogs and their owners. Researchers in Japan have found that oxytocin, the hormone released into the bloodstream of women just after childbirth and during breast-feeding, also increases in dogs and their owners after they interact while playing together or during walks.

“The scientists, led by Takefumi Kikusui of Azabu University, showed it was possible to increase the number of times dogs gazed at their owners by spraying their noses with oxytocin.”  — Independent [‘I’], “Love hormone helps pet bonding”, April 17, 2015.

I find it ironic that at this late stage of life, a beautiful woman can still stop me in my tracks, her image remaining in my mind for some time after the sighting. Such is the power of attraction between the sexes – at least under the long established social conditions structured by the white male.

Lasha Darkmoon would like to add a little true story,
a cautionary tale, to round off this essay:


An amusing story is told about the great writer Norman Mailer, notorious for his womanising. One evening, finding himself at a fashionable party in Manhattan, the Jewish novelist let his lecherous eye fall on a young lady of surpassing beauty. She was sitting on a sofa, smoking a cigarette nonchalantly, her dark eyes veiled with long silken lashes. Smitten by her youth and beauty, Norman moved in at once and began chatting her up.

“Your place or mine . . . ?” Norman says, after two hours of verbal foreplay.

Yours!” the lady whispers, licking dry lips.

They are presently in a taxi cab, being whisked away to Norman’s palatial apartment. He can barely keep his hands off his delicious prize.  The cab driver is having a problem concentrating on the road ahead. Wow, this is gettin’ really hot!

Finally, the amorous couple make it. They stagger into the dimly lit hallway of the apartment, avid for copulation. Norman rips off his tie triumphantly. The lady kicks off her shoes with abandonment, fixing the Great Novelist with smoldering eyes, like a tigress on heat.

“Dahlin, I wanna eat you alive!” she husks.

They are now in the master bedroom. Fast forward ten minutes. Kiss follows burning kiss, caress follows caress. The bed sheets are almost on fire. Norman can wait no longer. His hand reaches under her panties. And encounters hard resistance. A rigid protuberance.

“Wow ma’am, you ain’t no lady!” Norman fumes, ready to explode.

“Nope, but does it matter?”

Apparently it didn’t. Because it was too late for Norman to stop. He decided to see it through to the end, obtaining the Ultimate Orgasm.

And get this — Norman was an incorrigible homophobe!

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    1. Might as well make all of Arch Stanton comments feature articles.

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      Uncle doesn’t give us much incentive to follow his rules, does he. Good for you Arch for blatantly, proudly, breaking DM’s word-limit rule!!!

    2. Arch Stanton Challenged

      . . . by Ellie Kleist

      There is something perceptibly humane about those young publishers like Mister John Scott Montecristo who, despite the imperfectness of the manuscripts which reach his elegant hands, none the less judges them sufficiently erudite to see the press, deeming them, as no doubt he has this time in his astonishingly learned mind, sufficiently excellent to engage everyone else’s eyes and mind, whereby impression after gorgeous impression, carefully crafted and meticulously joined, renders both the learned publisher, as well as the keen writer, confident of their respective successes, the former waxing healthily red in his unerring judgement, the latter certain of his superior intellect.

      Unfortunately for both of them, this time neither our august editor, nor our competent but almost tangibly young writer, Mister Arch Stanton, whose literary talent and vibrant personality cannot be denied nor disliked by anyone who has so much as come across him, have reckoned on a certain special someone, whose sole task in life is to sniff out evil Jews, detect falsity and deceit, and, sadly, as in this case, challenge certain strong opinions which Mister Arch Stanton has herein almost elegantly expressed. I say almost, as elegance and erudition are very clearly my monopolies here, and, as such, I am as willing to accord it to another as I am willing to love an evil Jew! Jamais!

      I said earlier that I think him competent, and I mean it, though one very much hopes that his competency does not grow into presumptuousness and cause him to pronounce himself a beautiful word-smith, since, again, this is a title which no one here save me can justifiably claim to have painfully earned and yet so very unfairly lost! What to do? Men are thankless, and Jews are evil! Let me begin.

      Unfortunately, just like the… lady (sic) who now ever-so-lovingly hosts him, that is, the black-hearted Madame Darkmoon, Mister Arch Stanton, too, has erred, particularly when he dismisses one of the greatest mind to have ever lived and my soul-friend Arthur Schopenhauer as pessimistic, who, if only studied diligently and not merely perused nonchalantly as our former legionnaire has evidently done, could have considerably assisted him in the improvement of his young American mind, as well as the refinement of his character, so that in the end not only would our young author be better pleased with himself and his literary production, but would, more than that, earn himself the right to discourse with the better part of humanity, and at least, by extension and through long distance, earn himself the intellectual approbation of her whom no one can better.

      ERROR NUMBER ONE. Mister Arch Stanton says, ”Though some of the pronouncements of this most most pessimistic of German philosophers will strike a chord in many men of a misogynistic bent….”

      (Actually, Ellie, I don’t think Arch Stanton said this. I believe this was one of Lasha’s editorial embellishments. So you must blame Lasha, not Arch, if you believe this is wrong. — Toby Monitor)

      First of all, pessimism is the tendency to expect the worst in everything, whereas misogyny is deep contempt for women, and so for you to have strung together two entirely different concepts as a single thought and tried to make as one point, is unacceptable. Moreover, Mister Arch Stanton, Arthur Schopenhauer was not a pessimist but a blinding realist, who wrote about life not as you have evidently and erroneously understood him, but as it really is. Thus, when he, in his Parerga and Paralipomena, says that, ”The world is Hell, and men are on the one hand the tormented souls and on the other the devils in it…,” is this pessimism or hardcore realism? Is not the world really Hell? and are not men both the tormentors and the tormented? Yes, it is and they are; and the quicker you learn to discern the stark difference between pessimism and realism, and pessimism and misogyny, the sooner will you cease to plunge yourself into those errors and mistakes which, had only you been as discerning in your judgement of life and Schopenhauer as I am, you could hourly witness it and convince your own self of his pure realism, and this without the need of my coming out of my leisurely retirement just so I can correct your view!

      Arthur Schopenhauer is unerringly real; and when he describes the hands of the evil Jews as clutches and not merely as hands, here, too, he means every single word of it, literally; for I have records at home by way of ancient etchings and paintings in which are depicted a horde of evil Jews diabolically castrating young, white, Christian boy-slaves all over Spain and Middle-East, and this WITH THEIR FINGERS AND NAILS and not with some melancholy knives or blades! So, when you call my friend, Schoppy, a pessimist, I shall not at all hesitate to call you a sympathetic greenhorn in the ways of the world, for the world really is Hell, the Jews really are evil, and both these facts are real. Remember this, Mister: pessimism is but a hue of thought, which makes it but an opinion, whereas realism is substance, that which is and exists! One day you will understand this. When the Jews seize you soon, you will not feel pessimistic about your sad state, but realistically and really doomed.

      ERROR NUMBER TWO: Women are not cowards, Mister Stanton, they are merely timid, an error which no leisure time of mine would suffice to sufficiently expound to you. Most men never find the occasion to know deeply a woman, as in most of their animal minds all that matters is to have conquered her corporeally, a rather cheap conquest, I should say, which they always contrive to extend to the rest of her. Women are brave, and they are courageous, and yes, just like me, they can bite, only their courage is of a different nature, and with some degree of improvement of your mind you may one day learn to see what long ago I have known. After all, it takes a great deal of courage to trust a brutish man as women do for the rest of their lives, does it not, Mister Arch Stanton?

      ERROR NUMBER THREE. ”Since a woman is physically inferior to man..!” This, Mister Stanton, what means it? Have you forgotten that this nebulous milieu is regularly visited by a female mind whose intellect is sharper than a razor? Are we to suppose that just because a male dog has more muscles and swifter legs than a female warbler, the ability to fly is to be considered an inferiority to running? And a dog may bark, but which of the two sings lovingly? A woman’s strength and a man’s strength are not something which one can compare and then make a judgement about them, my young sir, since Logic forbids the comparison of opposites by a universal standard, just as my elegant writing may easily surpass yours but cannot, for all its brilliance, be compared with the powers of your speech, provided you posses them, that is, since writing is writing, and speaking speaking, which means that the two are inherently different and thus incomparable! You are strong and superior in your manly way, I in womanly; and it is only when the strength of two individuals of the same sex are measured against each other that one may call one strong and the other weak, or the one courageous and the other a coward, and not that of a woman against a man, or that of a man against a woman. And besides, Leonidas and his men may have marched on Thermopylae, but do remind your readers what the womenfolk of Athens did upon hearing of the outcome of the battle? Was that less courageous? Hmmm?!

      ERROR NUMBER FOUR. Namely, that Schopenhauer was a misogynist. Correct, but only partly so, and, towards the end of his life, completely incorrect. First of all, Schoppy’s mother, Johanna Schopenhauer, never failed to furnish her son with a painful sense and even more painful examples of a woman’s pecuniary extravagance, money which she spent without a single thought for the future, neither for hers not for that of her son’s. Moreover, she had developed an uncouth and evil habit of perpetually reminding Arthur’s father, Heinrich Floris, how little she loved him, and never ceased to imagine, and not infrequently to even ejaculate to her friends, her wish that Fate impose upon her husband some bad luck or another, just so Madame Goethe/Schopenhauer could titillate her vapid senses in some salon or another with money unearned and leaving behind a son unloved! If a man hates his mother, it is impossible for him to love women! That’s just how it is, and there is no way around it; and Johanna Schopenhauer gave Arthur ample reasons to hate her, such as when she openly told him in Dresden, ”I wish your father would die!” Evil bitch! Dirty whore! Heartless wench! But in the end, when Elisabet Ney, the famous German woman sculptor who carved my friend’s image on stone near the end of his life, when she inquired with him as to the reason for the harshness with which he had treated women, do you know what Schopenhauer said to her? He said, ”Don’t worry, darling, I have not said the last thing about women…,” which means that had he lived longer, he would have most certainly corrected his view of them altogether. I know! Everything, absolutely everything, that has to do with Schopenhauer graces my shelves in Paris.

      Therefore, and in conclusion, Mister Stanton, whilst others here may take a favourable view of your latest impression, I myself remain unimpressed, though I shall not cease to view you favourably as a person, however limited your learning is, and however scant your knowledge of life, the world, the evil Jews, and Philosophy may be, something which in your case I do not think a crime but merely an imperfection, and imperfections of knowledge are not offensive in themselves, as it is only when they attempt to pass for knowledge that they cause offense to us, something which I am glad to observe is an error you have not committed, and as such have graciously saved yourself from my blasting larynx and avoided the hideous public charge of intellectual presumption.

      Here, Archie, me number one, you number two. One day, both you and I number one. Until then, me very jealous of Princes and young throne pretenders!


      Madame Triste

  2. “I find it ironic that at this late stage of life, a beautiful woman can still stop me in my tracks, her image remaining in my mind for some time after the sighting.” …. Yeah, here Arch S is admitting the big TRUTH I live my life by!
    The big difference between me and the average bloke is that I know “WHAT WOMEN WANT.” … In fact, regular readers would know that I am a dilettante womanizer, with the looks and wealth to make Arch’s rather sad comment (above) a living reality. You won’t find me looking whimsically and sexually frustrated at a beautiful, often sexy, woman; rather you are more likely to see me wining and dining the beauties I come across, and then inevitably bedding them in a crescendo of unabated carnal passion. Just spent a week in the Noosa sunshine with my latest bed/gymnastics bimbo!
    And you must know, I detest the out-of-Hollywood Ellen Degenerate Show; which is lerved by American and Aussie women, who all want to do the lesbian dance in the aisles with the pelvic thrusting Ellen D. Hence we have a spate of women trying it on with other women and many of ’em like it! They come to me to get weaned off their penchant for pussy.
    At our local pub disco we are getting more and more trannies and poofters, so much so, that at the recent New Years Eve bash my mate ended up dancing with a long blonde-haired, exquisitely beautiful trannie all night. He took her out to his car, played with her breasts and then collapsed in a state of shocked drunkenness. He has not been the same since and the boys at the pub have made him depressed. The queers all try to get onto my handsome, towering presence, but the sheilas save me for themselves every time. If not, I wait to the trannie/ boygirl goes to the dunnies and I hold their heads in a flushing bowl. Hence they are effectively water-boarded and they go home!
    Of course, as I’ve said, this is all the Jews’ dirty business, as is stinking, rotten, porno Hollywood. This is NOT a mans’ world! …. Real men and REAL women are being destroyed, esp if you are WHITE. As we know that is part of the JEWS’ plan for our elimination.

    1. QUIT trying to cover-up your true identity, Conchita Bilney! You’ve been BUSTED!! 🙂

      (We all know! No use in pretending, anymore. Doesn’t that feel LIBERATING???!)

    2. Mad Max,

      You have a way of killing the ideal of romance and all things heterosexually beautiful. Maybe they are fantasy in the West ( particularly in the US) as it collapses in on itself, but your actions degrade the heterosexual ideal of one woman and one man in love for one lifetime as much the mentally and emotionally damaged Bruce Jenner, Chastity Bono, Ellen D. and Rosy O’Donnell.

      You actually loathe women.

  3. Arch,

    Brilliant article! Loved it! Beautiful pics, too, and a splendid contribution from LD in the form of a fascinating story about Norma Mailer. Wow, just imagine being a homophobe and screwing a beautiful gal who turns out to be a guy! 🙂

  4. Does this also explain the amount of white men one sees with Asians that look like youngish Asian boys. There is something horribly pederastic – if not pedophilic – about these ‘relationships’ and I am at a loss to make sense of it.

  5. @Vicki
    “Does this explain the amount(sic) of white men one sees with Asians”. I gather you are referring to White men with Asian women and not boys! I have been married to a Thai woman for 22 years and generally most Western men who go out with Asian women do so because the women are more feminine than Western women. Asian women generally take pride in their appearance, are graceful, soignee, sylphlike and have a wonderful dress sense. Western women, nowadays, do not take pride in the appearance and are generally frumpish. Another factor is the obesity of so many Western women nowadays.

    1. Flex,

      I was about 10-15 yrs old and was head over heels for Nancy Kwan, and Frances Nguyen. Ah, those innocent years never to return. Asian women and their delicate femininity.

      1. Leo
        Leo, I once had the pleasure of meeting Nancy Kwan in Hong Kong, she had returned there to take care of sick father. A wonderful lady, she is actually half Scottish. Here is something from the Thailand that I am sure will make you eat your heart out with envy. In Thailand there are 1 million more women than men. And believe it or not many Thai women have fantasies of marrying Western men as they are perceived to be more sensitive and loving than Asian men.
        BTW, The same applies to Singaporean and Malaysian Chinese women.

    2. Dear Felix,

      I was not going to respond to your comments as it simply confirms what I have learnt about people in interracial unions – that they are mentally ill and will say anything to justify their perversions – but I will say a few things and in addition – your comments sound like something from a ‘let’s market self-hating oriental women to creepy white men and contribute even further to the genocide of the European people’ from some talmudic Jew.

      Firstly – and yes – I was referrring to white ‘men’ with oriental women who look like ten year old asian boys with wigs – such as yourself. How many times I see these ghastly couples and think ‘wow – legalised pedophilia/pederasty ((‘m not alone in those views, by the way) .And, as you chose to defame alll western women as monsters, fat slobs and ghastly barbarians – and compare them to the so called ‘femininity” and ‘grace’ of self hating oriental women who grovel at the feet of white men they see as superior (and by default – see themselves and their own men as inferior) I will make a few points:

      – I am hoping you live in the oriental toilet your ‘wife’ is from – those wonderful and ‘graceful’ oriental nations where millions of cats and dogs are boiled and skinned alive by highly graceful, feminine and sylphlike asian women. I am assuming you would – otherwise you would be a disgusting hypocrite. Oriental women are ‘superior’ then you would live in their nation – not a country built by European men because of European women;
      – I know many traditional, feminine (truly feminine) and graceful European women who are traditional in the true sense of the word: they love their heritage, they are loyal to their men, to their cultural and racial heritage passed on from generation to generation; These are the kind of women that attract real men – something you truly would not understand Felix.
      – Felix – why are you on this site? What is your agenda? I am really confused as to why white ‘men’ such as yourself, married to little orientals, are here justifying your perversions? Do you believe, deep down, that it is not natural and seek to justify your union?
      – It is sad that the poison of cultural marxism has led more and more men into the arms of these orientals – who are really just parasites desperate for eurasian babies and nothing more. It truly is a catastrophe – an abomination – but truly a sign of the times.
      – Are beautiful blonde hair blue eyed Nordic women right in being with black negro men becasue they are more ‘masculine’? I assume you approve of such unions.

      And before I am accused of being a ‘racist’ – I rejoice when I see oriental women (who are proud of their heritage) with an oriental man in a beautiful, healthy and normal relationship. They look so right together – so NORMAL. Although they seriously need to do something about the horrific animal abuse in their nations and stop swarming European nations by the millions.

      Felix, I’m curious to know, what really is your ethnic background?

      1. Dear Vicki
        “I’m curious to know, what really is your ethnic background? ” As I’ve said before on this site I am German Irish and grew up in Australia and South Africa. I’ve lived in Asia for 42 years. While I know there are many beautiful Western Ladies, nowadays they are as rare as hair on an egg. One only has to read the comments by Harbinger, TROJ et al to realise that because of feminism Western women are no longer “real” women. Of course the converse is also true. I see many young Western men who need toughening up. A spell under brutal military discipline would do the trick. Which, by the way, was something I underwent in South Africa, defending Western civilization, only to see it cruelly betrayed by the US and Europe.
        Also, whenever I have the misfortune to visit Europe I observe a cowardly, craven people lacking vitality.
        With the exception of Madrid, quite frankly, the women don’t look like women. All I see are waddling sacks of lard. So yes, I will die in Asia, where the living is easy and one can afford to dine out for every meal, unlike Europe where one is forced to pay obscene taxes to maintain hordes of bums and stiffs on benefits. Forget it, Vicki, Europe is a simian’s paradise populated with creatures scurrying, pell mell, back to the trees. It is already too far gone to be redeemed. Besides, as they used to say in South Africa in the good old days, “Europe is no place for a white man!” You know, no servants and that sort of thing.

      2. vicky,

        you know how when faced with a bowl of vermicelli or spaghetti, you dig your fork into it and give it a spin expecting to spool lengths of it in one shot without having to disgracefully hang your head below the fork, mouth extended sideways in order to bite the goddamn thing short because it is so interminable?

        ever occur to you that it may have started out as a single giant loop of vermicelli (if you prefer oriental) or spaghetti (if you are an upright aryan)?

        this is the image i get when seeing these attacks upon someone’s choice of mate.

        i don’t know what a race really means, only jews and non-jews.
        i suspect they invented it in order to dig themselves another bolt hole from which to launch nighttime attacks on our compounds, steal our best shiksas and heifers and escape while we blame each other.

        i once read about the attempt to define arianism and caucasoid traits in genetic terms (genetic anthropology i think it is called) and it seems that by measuring telomers or whatever t.f., the purest ones originate in rajasthan.
        the gypsy nomads originate there too, not sure if it is the same thing.
        nubian dynasties of the upper white nile were the founders of egyptian miracle until overthrown by northern savages not to mention hittites of the middle east.
        something like 60% of north americans have direct lineage to genghis khan who fathered thousands.
        i myself treasure a picture of noble g’domo, the alpha male ancestor who ruled the roost in the gabon treetops until interracially married to lucy in kenya.

        and so on.

        confusing, so i generally stay out these discussions while wondering whether having fluency of speaking guarantees fluency of thinking.

      3. a typical non-oriental woman, enough to shrivel up even maxy’s loincloth while pussies like me, felix and joe run whimpering into the nearest mahi-mahi bar.

        max, do that mouth survey routine of yours if your tape measure is big enough.

        yeah, she could do a a guest star turn at ellen de generes show to the wild acclaim of screeching shiksas in the audience.

      4. Not sure about women, but it`s getting hard to find fairly normal guys these days. About six years ago, I decided to try to find friends online, and wound up on a dating website. There were pretty normal guys, but there were a lot of weird characters, some of them young kids. I used to give them a telling off..

      5. @ Ingrid B

        I sympathize with your experiences on that dating site. Lots of dodgy men around, that’s true! But does it occur to you that the women on these dating sites are even worse?

        More than half of the women on the dating app [Tinder] are in a romantic relationship of some kind, and more than 40 per cent are married. That compares to a third of men who are in a relationship, and 23 per cent who have taken their vows.

        Think of that, Ingrid. 40% of the women on the dating site Tinder are ALREADY MARRIED AND CHEATING ON THEIR HUSBANDS! That’s almost TWICE the number of married men cheating on their wives by seeking extramarital relationships through dating sites.

        “Women on Tinder,” the article says, “are nearly twice as likely to be cheaters.”

        Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-3070746/A-people-hookup-app-Tinder-married-WOMEN-likely-cheat.html#ixzz3ZYOdUVo2
        Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

      6. I wouldn’t marry a non-White girl, but White men date Asian women because they tend to be thinner and more feminine. Furthermore, they come from families who would never allow them to date niggers or other subhumans. With White women today, you never know who they’ve fucked. There are so many niggers and towelheads in Western Europe, and race-mixing is so rampant there, that I don’t know if I’d ever go to bed with a European girl unless I was sure she had never spread her legs for a Somali or Paki shitskin. This isn’t to defend miscegenation, I’m just stating how things are in my age group (20s).

      7. while it is true that i normally like street mutts and other free ranging, feral beasts, this post by spqr is also sensible in its own way.

        if a guy is content to lick the plate after some mud has left his footprint in it, power to him, the breakfast of champions.
        my standards of hygiene prohibit it though, and if a sheeny has blazed the trail, i am definitely heading out.
        caveat fucktor.

        but let me depart from the arena of gynopolitics and into the geopolitics, less slippery.

        today’s item: israel’s mad dog, samson option, the stuff the biblical babble is made of.
        am i the only one to have laughed uncontrollably at israel’s reaction to putin’s announcement that the delivery of s-300’s to iran is underway?
        says the brave the once-and-future-king david to goliath:
        “money would have been better spent feeding the hungry peepul”

        when openly confronted, jew (so testosterone deficient that conchita wurst could stare him down) pulls out thick glasses, a walker, affects a limp while muttering about human rights.

      8. 2 and 1/2 laws my horny 8th grade sex-ed teacher, Mrs. Bushnell, taught me:

        1) All venereal diseases come from animals
        2) Venereal diseases run rampant in homosexual communities
        2+ 1/2) Venereal diseases cannot be eradicated

        From these laws, shining boy that I am, I was able to discern many more laws. Knowing from experience that coal burners are as crazy as bat shit, I have to wonder cause or effect. If blacks, like typhoid Marys, carried an std that infects a white woman’s brain, would they tell you that in this politically correct society? They do. You have to know how to listen.

      9. Might the Orkin man be lacing their penicillin shots with AIDS, for repeat customers at the free clinic?

      10. @Sardonicus, yes, I`ve often wondered why a lot of people bother to get married, but maybe they “have to”.. I once had a friend in England, who told me that married women in her neighbourhood often went to a coastal town, to “let their hair down”. She told of one woman who got drunk, and went under the pier with some man, and when she got home, she had to go to A&E to have a tampon removed..

  6. Anyone who doesn’t like what Schopenhauer said about women needs to go out into America and tell American women what Schopenhauer said about women so the women of America can prove Schopenhauer wrong : because as it is in America, the incredibly overwhelming majority of American women are proving Schopenhauer absolutely correct. “A great sense of entitlement without any manners or sense of responsibility” to paraphrase Nietzsche. [ though he wasn’t talking about women per se, the quote pertains to today’s American women, very much so ].

    1. @ lobro

      And on what side of the raging “atomic weapons don’t exist” false lying mendacious meme versus THE TRUTH of “9/11 NUCLEAR” controversy has your “fluency of thought” inspired you to support? Where do you stand on this controversy? I’m especially curious as to where you stand on this matter because you’re like the most jew wise one around here. I don’t bother asking Max ’cause he only has pussy on his mind and you’re like soooooooooooooo intellectual with a broad range of knowledge about everything worth knowing about.

      1. ~ I met it in a desert in the dark under a moon less dark dark eve,
        it said it was a non jew,
        but it disambuated and slithered around so much,
        it always sounded like a jew to me,
        lobro…. lo lo lo lobro…. lo lo lo lobro,

        Well I’m not the world’s most smartest guy,
        but when it says “ABC” ostensibly,
        then I realize it really means “XYZ”,
        that sounds real jew talmudic-kabballah to me,
        lobro…. lo lo lobro…. lo lo lo lobro ~

  7. I lived in Hawaii for a couple years in the 60s. Transvestites were required by law to wear a big 3″ diameter metal button stating, “I AM A BOY.” It was needed for most of them. I could not tell the difference just by looking back then. I watched them coming out of the Glades as I drove by. I believe it was on Hotel St. The ‘strip.’

    BUT…. I can now, and so can you. A man’s elbows do not reach to the hip bone. A woman’s elbows DO reach the hip bone. Men have relatively longer torsos and shorter humerus bones than women. No more need to feel under a skirt. Tell at a glance.

    I did a quick search and found the reason for the buttons… murders:

    Article excerpts:
    Tell us about the “I AM A BOY” buttons and the reason for the law.

    There was a tragic murder of a girl near River Street. She left with a military man. Apparently military men would be shocked, or act shocked, that they were with a man. Many mahus were seamless as women during the night scene.

    But that seamlessness could get them hurt, especially when they revealed themselves as mahu after giving a blowjob.

    Yes. This young girl was found dead near the end of River Street. The murderers cut her open and put rocks inside her body to weigh her down into the water. They also carved a message on her, saying, “I am a man.” The girl was a relative of a local state representative. He passed a bill to protect our mahus from this happening again.
    And this bill became the “button law.”

    It didn’t start out as a button. A judge stated that the girls identify themselves with a 3×5 card or placard that said, “I AM A BOY” or “I AM A MAN,” this would eliminate the error in judgment by military and tourists. Well, the Glade Show Lounge owners had an idea to make a button and even a theme out of it.

      1. Leo –

        I do not know. I am no expert just looking at pictures. And I have not been to the Washington Zoo since 1972.

        In case you haven’t noticed… I never mention any of the puppets occupying the WH.
        They are distractions, as they are paid to be.

    1. Pat
      Yes, I know Hotel Street very well. I spent a couple of weeks in Honolulu back in 77. I can’t remember very much as it was one long drunken party. I’d wake up every morning, have a bloody Mary hair of the dog and hey ho away I’d go with an Irish booze salesman and his English girlfriend and her sister who was visiting. The things I got up to in those days!

      1. Felix-

        Once was enough for me also. Too faggy in late 60s. I knew I was in the wrong place when I asked the bartender if he had any eggs or polish sausages for bar snacks, and he hollers out to the crowd… “Any Polacks in the house…!!” Me… gone.

        I had a penthouse on Piikoi street, 4 blocks from Kalakaua Ave… Waikiki.

        My favorite spot was on Waikiki. Hilton Garden Bar. Now Tropics Bar & Grill:
        Went at least three nights a week. I was still single and school teachers came in by the hundreds on holidays and summer. Hair down away from home ready to have fun. I found the California and Texas girls the prettiest. Happenings in Hawaii… stayed in Hawaii.
        The last shows, usually at 1 am, at all the big night clubs on Waikiki were free. Drinks were two-fer. All the big name entertainers came. Don Ho at Duke Kahanamoku’s included. “Tiny Bubbles in the wine….” The vacation girls just ate it up… big time.
        Pearl City Tavern was fun. Had live monkeys in glass cage behind the bar. They were almost a match for those on the bar stools slurping Mai-Tais, wearing ‘aloha shirts’ and flowered leis.

  8. One would think Max is at the most risk of inadvertently picking up a Lola ~ la la la la Lola ~ as Max picks up more chicks per day than everyone else at Darkmoon , and the whole alternative media put together, pick up chicks in a whole year.

  9. If its got an adam’s apple then its got a penis. It’s not rocket science dark mooners. It’s real easy to figure out.

  10. “The big difference between me and the average bloke is that I know “WHAT WOMEN WANT.” … In fact, regular readers would know that I am a dilettante womanizer, with the looks and wealth to make Arch’s rather sad comment (above) a living reality.”

    There is good reason why lust is one of the “seven deadly sins.” If one is consumed by their emotional states, then they will remain unenlightened, floundering around in the material world in search of an elusive happiness never to be found.

    As Buddha said, all life is suffering and all suffering comes from ignorant desire. I might add to that, all ignorant desire stems from the effort to fulfill one’s emotional “needs” or drives. Whether one is seeking to salve their lust, greed, hatred or anger, they are hopelessly striving to reach an impossible point of satisfaction. This is an impossible task because the moment such a point is thought to be reached, it is soon replaced by another equally demanding desire. Thus for some, no matter how much they eat, they never feel full and for others, no matter how many sexual conquests are made, their lust is never satiated. Such men remain forever haunted by their desires, searching endlessly for the one delightful savory dish or sexual conquest which will provide final fulfillment. This is the biological design of the animal driving its survival.

    This holds true for all desires, especially those embodied in the seven deadly sins; show me a rich man satisfied with his present wealth. What separates man from his animal brethren is his potential to move beyond the animal instinct and desires. The essential point of this life is to learn such lessons in the effort to supersede the fractured state of existence driven by these animal emotions. This is why we all make such bad decisions in our lives, we do not examine life objectively, instead we allow our emotions to color our decisions and this often leads to one’s disadvantage.

    This situation has been addressed across the millennia by those who have achieved the enlightened state, where one is no longer driven hither and yon in pursuit of fulfilling hopeless, fruitless emotional desires. It is said enlightenment is achieved by experiencing a centering of the self, where one’s fractured emotional states are coalesced into a “true self”, a oneness that bases decisions not on desires, but actual needs. In this state one finds their need for food sleep and other necessities is actually far less then their desires have previously indicated.

    The drive for La petite mort, (“the little death”), is then replaced by a different drive for a more lasting death, the death of what the Sufis call the “commanding self.” It is this death that leads to a rebirth into the enlightened state. Once this state is achieved, all manner of things are made possible, things often considered supernatural, things that remain impossible to the unenlightened man.

    While I may write a good line, I am far, far, from the enlightened state, however the very first step to enlightenment is a recognition of one’s unenlightened state of being, this is the beginning of one’s spiritual path. In earlier days, like all young people, I had to make choices that would later profoundly affect my life. One of these choices was the pursuit of a certain goal that I felt paramount to achieving my life’s fulfillment. However it was a very expensive pursuit and I had little money. It came down to the point where I could pursue my goal or I could chase skirts, but I could not afford both.

    I had a friend at the time, a very ugly Mexican friend who had a fair amount of indian in him, evident by his long, thick, straight, black mane running to the middle of his back. What added to a rather gruesome visage was a very nasty scar running diagonally across his face from the bottom of his chin to the top of his ear. What was unique about my very ugly friend was that he had some of the most beautiful girlfriends I have ever seen in the company of a man. Somehow, he knew what women want, but he never revealed exactly what it was. My friend always had a bevy of beauties, at least seven or eight women, chasing him around and on occasion, actually fighting over him. More than once I was present for the confrontation when two of these women accidentally met. Understandably, my friend was consumed by these women and spent most of his time juggling them around so they would not discover each others presence in his life.

    In time I moved on, spending all my time and money in pursuit of my goal. The effort took me far and wide and so my friend and I parted ways. Eventually I achieved my desire, filling my life with it until I had a bellyful. More than once other men related wistfully how they wish they had pursued my goal, but they got married and then the kids came and . . . I often wondered how they might have felt if they were in my position. Eventually there came a point of saturation, typically referred to as “burn out.” I quit the profession never looking back. After many years my desire had finally been satiated far beyond the point of the original happiness I felt in its initial achievement.

    As for my ugly friend, a few years ago a mutual friend of ours called and told me in passing that, now in his sixties, our friend was totally bald and living with a 26 year old girl friend, whom I am certain is gorgeous. As for me, all that remain are memories of a desire that once directed the course of my life. From time to time I revisit those memories in virtual reality. The experience leaves me wondering what I ever saw in my desire in the first place. Yet I can still feel the original pull faintly calling me back.

  11. Dear Arch Stanton/Lasha Darkmoon:
    This is all the jewish money power control has brought upon us. The first modern forms of perversion were seen in Weimar Republic Germany of the 1920’s, as exemplified by the movie “Cabaret” with androgenous Liza Minelli. 1920’s Germany had been infiltrated by jews in all areas of life, including art and culture. Modern forms of sexual perversion, porno, etc. were started in the Weimar Republic Germany which led to its destruction which Hitler tried to remove, then save Germany and bring back normalcy and national pride and honour to the German people. At that time jews really wanted to destroy Germany because Germany was a threat to jewish money power control and supremacy of their British Empire. Also this perversion is not new, it is probably as old as the oldest profession of sex slavery/prostitution. In America, it had its roots in jewish controlled Hollywood and the many pinup girl starlets. I recall a 1960’s episode of hit TV show “Bonanza” called “The Abduction”, where the daughter of a prominant society member goes missing in a circus. One of the performers in the circus is guess who, a woman dressed as a man (since only makeup effects then was modern Hollywood technology) but could also be a man dressed as a woman. Then later came the Hollywood era of the masculinized woman with the likes of Linda “Terminator” Hamilton and Sigourney “Alien ” Weaver. Now you have crap in movies and TV with the likes of Ellen Degeneres and movies like “50 shades of Gray”. Pornography progressed from nude women to nude children, nude men, trisomes, beastiality, and videos, etc. and is more profitable online than in print magazines. All these perversions increased in intensity, degradation, quality and quantity by INCREMENTALISM. Old things become normal and passe, and newer forms are desired because of desensitization. War and violence work the same way. These phenomena (incrementalism and desensitization) work in humans psychologically, hormonoly as well as societally. America has become the king of all this filth in more ways than one and now spreads it like wildfire throughout the world. And for right now, he who controls America controls the world. Int’l jewry owns America and thus the world. However, because the plans of int’l jewry is ruled by incrementalism and desensitization, their goal of world dominion takes time and is implemented over generations, centuries and millenia. The world must be fed bread and circuses to keep us busy while the evil works are unfolding. The plan would not work if it went from A to Z in one fell swoop. The plan must unfold slowly so people are not awakened or become suspicious. The people are giving in to their slavery by these methods because being forced to slavery causes too much resistance. The same strategies are used in every area of life, including religion, which is now bastardized and filled with so much false doctrine that only those that read the Bible, KJV preferably, know the truth. All these int’l jewry machinations are designed for one purpose that goes beyond world domination, and that is the removal of mankinds’ individual SOUL so Satan can rule this world as King. But God/Jesus will allow this only til God’s plan is complete and God takes back what was his in the first place and was destroyed by the devil deceiving man (Adam and Eve) even to this day. And that in reality and basically is what this article is all about. Thats your nuts and bolts of it. Thanks, Norbert.

    1. Norbert –
      I agree with this…
      “However, because the plans of int’l jewry is ruled by incrementalism and desensitization, their goal of world dominion takes time and is implemented over generations, centuries and millenia.”

      That’s why I claim it will be at least 100 years to achieve total world economic control.
      It will take generations worldwide to accept the ‘follow-me’ chips…etc.

      The powers have time. They will wait in luxury.

    2. Looks to me like the cooking lobsters are giving in at an exponential rate well in advance of Pat’s “at least 100 years”

      Are you sure you don’t wanna recalibrate that, brother? I’d hate to see you or anyone else whistlin’ past graveyards.

      And while I’m at it, why is no one following up on my “Matthew 24: 6-24” post? Instead, and with all due respect to Arch, we’re talking about girly boys, misogyny and lalalala-lolas?

      I think I’ll pass

    3. Norbert,

      Great comments. I believe LD covered this ‘Jewish Perversion” in several past articles. Worthy of a read.

      We (USA) are in the Weimar Republic on steroids with sexually perverse technology going virtual. Imagine a whole new porno industry that offers techno sex with a machine!!! ” The look…the feel…virtually real…”
      A hundred years of this… with techno perversion multiplying every 5 years… for the sake of the earth we will need another Great Deluge.

      Celibacy never looked so good. God… we need your Kingdom now!

  12. I worry a lot that I may be a mahu myself. That’s ’cause I’m not MAN ENOUGH TOUGH ENOUGH to turn my jew neighbor woman’s dog into foo foo poo poo chop suey. If only I were TOUGH ENOUGH MAN ENOUGH to turn the friendly harmless little mutt into foo foo poo poo chop suey, then :

    The Rothschilds would close down all their banks

    “pope” francis would stop being an ANTI-CHRIST type pope

    the freemasons of the world would renounce their freemasonry

    the shriners of the world would throw all their tarbooshes into their local dumpsters

    Obama would close the borders of the USA

    all the white namby pamby liberals/leftists in the world would renounce their leftism

    jerry brown would renounce die-hard leftism

    lindsay graham and john hagee and john mccain would renounce Zionism

    all the zionist christians in the USA would throw out their scofield bibles

    all the criminals in america would stop being criminals

    all the drug addicts and all the alcoholics would stop indulging in their drugs and alcohol

    all the banks in the USA — now Rothschild free — would start handing everyone a million dollars in debt free dollars and you don’t even have to pay back the principle

    the gays and lesbians would put an end to their gay/lesbian agenda

    the drag queens would stop putting on drag queen shows trying to pass themselves off as women and become salt-of-the-earth Christian farming brethren

    It’s all my fault, I’m not MAN ENOUGH. Did I miss anything good that would accrue if only I were TOUGH ENOUGH MAN ENOUGH to turn my neighbor’s friendly little mutt into joo foo foo poo poo chop suey? Cindy, can you think of anything else? lobro?

  13. “Since a woman is physically inferior to the males with whom she must coexist, she develops cunning, “dissimulated” methods to overcome her inability to physically dominate men. A man confronts, while a woman manipulates.”

    The case in modern society, that is the destruction of the European male’s habitat is the over empowerment of women within it, not one of co-existence but one of dominance by the ‘fairer sex’.
    The state epitomizes this.
    The women is the one who primarily votes for and supports it, simply because the man throughout history has been a ‘lone gun’ while the woman, because of her physical natural physical weakness to the male has found strength within the group. Look at every business today; they’re made up of constant meetings, the group mentality is constantly enforced over all. It doesn’t promote individualism, on the contrary quite the opposite.
    The man is the solitary lion while the woman is the pride.

    The state is the woman’s orgasm. It gives her power through the creation of police forces, who protect her when she’s unable to protect herself. I’ve always been one who’s 100% against the bullying and abuse of another, but I have to say that I’ve met many people whose actions have warranted their just consequences.
    The problem, as far as I’m concerned SHOULD always be between the individuals who have the problem – NOT the individuals who have the problem AND another (the state or to be more precise the police).

    The society that we now live within is down to the fact that the state has grown completely out of control as it was always destined to. As women get more powerful within society, so too does the state. How many divorces would result in the man giving up his income, home and children to his former wife, were there no state and police to enforce the female’s wishes? What therefore are the police in this matter if not state thugs and hired goons for the wife to enforce her theft of her husband? Statistics prove that 70%+ of women instigate divorce.

    I won’t deny that I am a misogynist. I am an honest individual and always have been, but sadly far too many wrongdoings by women upon me has led me not to trust them, hence why I’ve remained single for quite some time now, engaging in nothing more than platonic relationships with them. The term misogyny is an unfair description as it lumps distrust of women with hatred, an incredibly unfair word if ever there was. As I said in the Schopenhaeur article, if you don’t love and trust women, you’re a misogynist. I don’t hate anyone, but I’m cautious of many and keep most at arm’s length, men and women.

    In order for the Jewish takeover of society, the goy male had to be wrestled away from his domain. This was achieved through empowering the women. Any man who truly thinks that the west is a patriarchy, should crawl back into his cave he’s been sleeping in for the last 50+ years.
    The Jew because of his collective religious number cannot win through force of numbers, so instead uses guile and cunning, the exact same weapons that a woman uses to overcome the male.

    Can society change back to the way it was? No.
    As semitism gives rise to anti semitism, feminism gives rise to anti feminism and we see this through the Men Going Their Own Way movement, which chooses to no longer partner with women but remain single, using his resources to support him and not another woman/family.
    Yes, it is the break up of the basic unit of society – the family, but it was destined to happen through the empowerment of women in the workplace, with a totalitarian state to enforce this power and protect them from natural consequences, the anger of the male.

    Every young feminist I’ve met is 100% for it. Every old ex feminist I’ve met is crying inside, having chosen a career over family realising that she’ll have no children and grand children to look after her when she’s older.

    I just think that this current reality, the MGTOW movement is simply another example of the manipulation of society of the button pushers, in their continuing drive to bring down the world’s population; after all, no marriages and relationships between men and women means no offspring.

    1. “How many divorces would result in the man giving up his income, home and children to his former wife, were there no state and police to enforce the female’s wishes? ” :

      It`s been my experience that it is always the women, and kids, who have to leave home and live in shelters, whilst the guys sit there with everything..

  14. later came the Hollywood era of the masculinized woman with the likes of Linda “Terminator” Hamilton and Sigourney “Alien ” Weaver

    i too was appalled by the terminator broad and others like the ones in kill bill or angela jollie when they ice a dozen male ninjas between sips of cocktail.

    barracudas with tits.

    but the worst by far is julie roberts an insult to womanhood, worse even than an open dyke like degeneres with her feral eyes.
    sigourney weaver may be a lesbian but she at least retains some feminine traits (is she the daughter of dennis weaver who starred in the original holocaust tv series?)

    yeah, jews have waged a carefully preplanned scorched earth sociological war on us for generations.
    now the white men need massive supply of porn, perversions and drugs to get turned on while the sperm counts go down.
    many have given up altogether and now attend nfl games as if oakland raiders fan club is the badge of manhood.
    in the final tally, all the broken families and unborn children must be laid at the feet of the culprits.

    interestingly, here in the balkans and eastern europe, the he-guys abound, big brash dudes who regularly get into trouble, batter each other to death in taverns and are proudly unapologetic when arrested.
    one reportedly said to the judge the other day that he was born that way and will die a man no matter what the court decides (unless they pull a clockwork orange on him).

    i am starting to suspect that diet and even water have much to do with it, not only the cultural programming.
    male children are very sensitive to hormonal changes, much more so than girls and the jew’s leering mug (this one headed bbc’s childrens programming for a number of years) oversees them from day one.

    1. missed the html insert, despite the 5 min edit window
      yeah, leave your children with him

  15. “interestingly, here in the balkans and eastern europe, the he-guys abound, big brash dudes who regularly get into trouble, batter each other to death in taverns and are proudly unapologetic when arrested.”

    And like the middle east, they’re the places the west is currently waging war/trying to wage war upon in order to destroy any last vestige of patriarchy.

    Interesting here that in Scotland, when I was growing up, the men were men. They put up with no rubbish from anyone, regardless. Now, however, it’s a different story, wearing the latest fashion trends (jeans around their arse, stupid 80’s fashions, tattoos, piercings and the sculpted beard with short hair), they are all pretty much women with dicks. Those who aren’t like that are ironically the immigrant eastern Europeans.

  16. “Since a woman is physically inferior to the males with whom she must coexist, she develops cunning, “dissimulated” methods to overcome her inability to physically dominate men. A man confronts, while a woman manipulates.”

    this sounds true but only partially true.
    take huge animals like elephants for example.
    they are only surpassed by males in size and power, yet i remember seeing herds of them hanging out under acacia trees, surrounding the youngsters for protection while the males were invariably solitary, honking at jeeps and charging at them.
    same for the buffalos.

    so i conclude that it is also something embedded organically in the brain.

    in all fairness, if women weren’t like that, there would be no human society at all, just a bunch of destructive drunks lurching around.

    if men are dots in the picture, women are the lines that connect them.

    consider all the solitary explorers, adventurers, sailors, spelunkers, alpinists, all men without social purpose, who would be troublemakers back inside the fold.

    i think that it also applies to the so-called spirituality, women are both too practical and too cautious for the true voyage of the spirit, it is always men hermits squatting in deserts and caves and lonely pilgrims on the north indian roads.
    women prefer comfort zone of chanting b/s mantras in circles, holding hands, support groups, therapists, pudgy gurus and smarmy swamis.

    the networking, that’s women’s turf.
    women can always fit into a network while the extra men are expendable i guess, like in ant hives, dots too far removed to be connected into the picture.

  17. Yeah, some good comments in all the above, many summarizing the fact that women are from Venus and men from Mars. They can mix, but they will never match! Sheilas talk and bitch too much and can’t do half of what good men like me can do!
    Our burgeoning crops of shemen, girlboys, trannies, pofters, pedophiles, dykes, queers and all-out weirdos were the types of failed personalities that my aristocratic forebears always put in the front rows of the battles. They were the expendable pawns that no-one would really miss in the after-battle parties, mass-rapings and orgies. I have read the old transcripts and diaries and unless you were a MAN, you were doomed. And men such as I put women in their true place – under us, both in bed and in society.
    Why do you think time and tide told the Arabs to stick women in burqas; and rely upon a troupe of wanton belly-dancers for their sexual titillation? I imagine Lasha comin out from behind Joe’s shower curtain and giving me a personal belly-dance, stark naked.
    I have the wealth and personal liberty to engage in wholesale womanizing around the planet; and I can tell you that all women are truly like spoiled pussy-cats. They are extremely carnal in their desires with men and are literally nothing without them. 99.5% of them would not know what a phillips head screw-driver is, and I read the great man-hater Germaine Greer (an early sexual conquest of mine, before she became a dyke) is most lerving to the tradesMEN she regularly gets in to tighten her faucets and pipes, etc!
    I would make short thrift of this Jewess Ellie K and soon teach her that I am the boss! Then I would abandon her, as I always do!
    Approach a large city from a distance and recognize the TRUTH about creativity: All the nuts and bolts and girders and concrete you are seeing was done by men! Men are up on the icy cold scaffolding at 6 am whilst the whores that are taking their seed (Men’s relief) are cosily snuggled up in their beds awaiting their alarm to go off at 7 am, so they can shower, spend 30 minutes making themselves up and get ready for their cushy paper-passing office jobs – in buildings built and air-conditioned by men.
    Women love the current Jewish concentration on the revival of the Goddess Syndrome. Most of them are like that ugly bitch Julia Roberts (with her wrap-around, Jewish mouth) in The Woman in Red. In this fake scenario a common street whore, probably full of STD’s and other men’s cum, entrances a stupid Goyim (Mr Gere) into lervin’ her!
    So I make mockery of their fake sense of emancipation under the Jewish hegemony and use the Goddess Syndrome in reversal – always praising their vanities and stupidities, whilst all the time feeding them with appropriate leg-openers. For me, going out at night to bars and taverns is synonymous with the thrills of being a Great White Hunter: The game-playing females are my game and a perfumed, after-bed-all-awry is my trophy.
    I am nearly 60 yrs and have yet to slow down, being a very fit, strong, alpha male of very handsome appearance. I recommend horny goat weed on your breakfast cereal; as it keeps you young and vital.

  18. lobro, this, from you is full of your normal brilliance and essential TRUTH: “women prefer comfort zone of chanting b/s mantras in circles, holding hands, support groups, therapists, pudgy gurus and smarmy swamis.”
    Yeah, know this about women and you have the key to their leg-opening!
    They are like selfish pussy-cats – preferring a warm hearth in a house built by a man!
    Harbinger, we get the Balkans gents etc over here in the mines and opal-fields: “Here in the balkans and eastern europe, the he-guys abound, big brash dudes who regularly get into trouble, batter each other to death in taverns.” …. They are pussy-cats in our pubs and taverns when they encounter us bronzed Aussies. We are the toughest blokes on this planet and lerv fightin’ foreigners, esp piss-weak Yankees! No wonder we are world champs in any sport we take up, including womanizing! … Ya galfriends come over here in droves wantin’ to root an aussie. We oblige with gang-bangs!

    1. Max –
      EVERY competition..??
      The ‘real’ sport fights are in MMA….which you know.
      The proof is there.
      There has never been an Aussie world champ in Pride, UFC, WEC, Strikeforce or Valetudo.
      See the current lists of MMA Champs… American, Brazilian, Canadian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Polish, Russian, English, German. Anguelan, Croatian, Norwegian, French, Swedish, Tunisian, Moroccan, Costa Rican, Argentinian…….



      Aussies have never won in Olympic Judo, Wrestling or Boxing either.

      Sorry to have to inform you…. You are mistaken. Aussies lose in the toughest one-on-one competitions in the world.
      You were thinking of golf… Greg Norman… years go. He could really ‘whup up’ on that white ball.

    2. As me and my dog were peregrinating around the neighborhood for my dog’s morning constitution, I started wondering as my dog started meandering as me and my mutt were peregrinating around the block, the thought occurred to me, “Boy, I really do hope my dog takes a dump on my joo neighbor’s front lawn, then that will give me the opportunity to NOT pick it up with this here doogie bag I brought with me to pick up his poo poo, NO, I shall leave the poo poo right there on my joo neighbor’s front yard, then I will be contributing to defeating the jews and contributing to the advancement of the White Race just as much as Max”. Just in a different way.

  19. The Origjoe states: “One would think Max is at the most risk of inadvertently picking up a Lola ~ la la la la Lola ~ as Max picks up more chicks per day than everyone else at Darkmoon ,”
    I know some of you, like Gilby up in his lonely, self-enforced log cabin, don’t believe in my meteoric successes as a womanizer, but my mates reading Darkmoon know it is the truth. However, Gilby was visited recently by a women dressed in a terry-towelling bath robe.
    My great, great grandfather was a gold miner/manager on the rich Ballarat and Bendigo goldfields. He was also a British aristocrat, as is all my lineage. He was known as a great lover, being blonde haired/blue eyed and tall like me and most of his descendants. The great singer and renowned bar-room beauty, Lola Montez, came from the Californian fields (in fact I lived in “Californian Gully” Ballarat for a while) and sang at the Central Grand Theatre in Ballarat, where she was successfully wooed by my GGGF Percival. He was so taken by her, and she in him, that he journeyed with her to Sydney than to New York. So Lola, Lo,Lo, Lola is important to me and I have a much pored over black and white photo of a very buxom, dark haired Lola! She would turn any MAN on! I lerv playin’ with hour-glasses!
    I am unashamedly like my gggf and love all that goes with continually new romances; esp the catching and mandatory first-bedding bit. After that I quickly go into a state of “the little death”, lose interest quickly and look for a new fish to fry. … I look out at a sea of carnally turned on women, all of whom want to unbuckle my belt. And then this Jewish world is filling it up with trannies and queers; your Brucie Jenner being one of them. Pat, I had 14 cage bouts and won all of them in less than 5 minutes. Australian blokes laugh at pussy sports like judo, karate, tai kawando, etc, as these type of fighters are useless in the trenches or in a typical Aussie bar-room brawl. “Go on mate try to do your crane stance in front of me!” Boxing is also not our cup of tea, as it has too many rules and is too structured. I find trained boxers can be easily moved out of their comfort zones, esp when I kick ’em in the balls or give them a kangaroo chop across the nose. I have seen Aussie sheilas belt the livin’ daylights out of bubba, loud-mouthed Yankees! …. A sheila poster above makes fun of white men with diminutive Asian chicks. Most of my 55yr old mates are dipping into the huge pool of readily available Asian sheilas. I am yet to so engage as I like tall, white brunettes with endless legs, but they tell me they are nothing like Ellen Degeneres and her pussy-licking multitudes and the nasty self-entitled bitches who parade around in our bars and many brothels. The bimbo I just holidayed with did not even know how to dip a tea-bag in a cup!

    1. Hey, Max. 🙂
      I LIKE to see the girls get out of the hot tub, softened and glistening, and wrap themselves in a long, soft, white robe (makes their skin delightfully tanned, by contrast!), then go about performing sweet, household domesticities for me. First nice thing is to bring me another glass of wine – or a mid-morning mimosa, of course. A man NEEDS to take time to let them be SWEET – because even the MEANEST and orneriest of bitches CAN BE TAMED. 🙂
      We should not always be brutal. Where would we be WITHOUT them??? Where would YOU be? (You might find yourself dancing with Conchita! Control yourself, matey!!!)

  20. I’ll give ya an example: Today I went to a singles’ bar on the Gold Coast. I was approached by 3 “women” with large Adam’s Apples and 4 others whose ring fingers were shorter than their pointer fingers! The latter is the first determinant of true gender. Long ring finger = much of that male stuff (sorry at the pub with 7th beer in hand, typing at the bar with darts and sexy women whizzing around me) ; short ring finger/long pointer = lots of estrogen! You blokes should be like me and have a much longer ring finger! I tell ’em to f***k off, if they haven’t! …. Then the 2nd wave hit me, with the tarted up, heavily rouged and perfumed working girls. I told them to f***k off! …. Then a few bored housewives exhibited their carnal desperation by putting their needs straight on the line; but I have had enough of their breed! … Then, as usual, I looked to see what was left and as usual the REAL goer females were in the bleaches, half-pissed but readily available. … I swept my eyes around the perimeters and got 3 open-mouthed smiles. … For a change I went red-head. 2 hours later I am stuffed and the redhead has walked away with a fake diamond bracelet and a few hundred dollars (my gift as she wanted nuthin!) . … Such is the world of real men and real women! …. I tried monogamy with my first marriage. Lasted 3 weeks and i disappeared with my aunt’s au paire girl. … I’ve read Schopenhauer in detail and his writing tells many truths about our current crop of JEW-created, feminist fan-lickers obsessed with a secondary POWER penchant. The JEWS keep the primary POWER! … But his act in hiding when he saw a beautiful woman places him in the same category as all the queers out there! … As I have said, really beautiful women are like a priceless Grecian urn – handle with respect, but handle ’em firmly and lerv the nickers off ’em!

  21. Pat, I’ve said too much today, sittin’ here at the bar in Brisbane. PISSED MATE! … Journeying out tomorrow to Kuala Lumpur…. Mate, we’ve had fun so let us keep it straight, and i lerv your initiative: Pat is Pat and Max is Max. We may disagree in style but we are together! Keep the good work up mate! And Gilby, lerv ya! My kind of MAN! Get away from the city whores and go cuntry! … Works all the time!

    1. Max –

      Yep, Pat is Pat and Max is Max… but we are together against Pharisees.

      Pharisees do not do this:

      Here is a jiujitsu and judo fighter, Rickson Gracie, who never lost a street fight in Rio De Janero, and retired from the ring undefeated with over 400 wins. I trained with him several times in Tampa and Miami. He initiated the Valetudo ‘anything goes’ fighting in Japan.
      His gym is in Torrence, Calif.

      Valetudo in Japan:

      Street fight in Rio:

  22. @ Max

    It’s very nice you’re having a lot of sex and enjoying yourself, Max. Glad to hear you’re having fun. In terms of advancing the interests of the White Race into the future, for all the sex you have had and continue to have, have you ever sired any White children, or even one White child?

    If not, your heterosexual sex is not much different than homosexual sex. It results in the same thing : NO children, In that sense especially, your heterosexual sex, Max, is not any better than homosexual sex.

    It’s not that heterosexual sex has to result in children every time heterosexual sex takes place, but still, one would think that with the amount of sex you have, Max, one would think you would have sired by now at least one White child for the White Race you supposedly LERV so much, so very much. [ Max : How old are you? ]

    Your sexploits don’t mean much of anything if your sexploits don’t even result in the birth of one White child into this world.

    Scenario : A White man only has sex once in his life. It’s with a White woman. The one time he had sex resulted in the White woman getting pregnant and having a White baby 9 months later.

    I have news for you, Oh mighty Max, the man in the scenario has done more for the White Race in the one and only night he ever had sex than you have ever done for the White Race with all your sheilas and all your sexcapades in your whole life of sex sex sex sex sex sex……

    Your sexcapades + your sexploits = diddly squat shit.

    1. You are correct, Joe. Although I will go a step further and make mention that contraceptive sex is homo sex. There is no difference. The childless couples I know might as well be a couple of gays. In fact, to be completely honest, I would rather hang out with a couple of gays than a straight couple who contra-cepts and produce no fruit.

      And people worry about GMOs and the genetic hybrids brought to you by Monsanto?

      Hardee har-har!

      Before Monsanto there was Lambeth.

      Genetic engineering sometimes does result in the stopping of fecundity. Because it is the stopping of genetic material from ever coming into existence. What’s the difference between that and manipulating humans to have four eyes or eight arms?

      Just because you don’t see children that do not exist does not mean that genetic engineering is not taking place.

  23. @ Max

    I’m afraid you’re not as appreciated here at DM as you really deserve to be appreciated to the utmost fullest. A much better website for you to spend your time at, they will appreciate you there to the maximus max, I just know it,


    Say hello to sog for me. He’s the one wearing the gorilla mask. lobro is good friends with sog. How lobro LERVS the african tree-inhabiting bonobos happy as larks swinging from banana tree to banana tree in the jungles of deep dark africa. The bonobos fully well know the joos invented the different races of the world, just as lobro knows same. lobro knows he and the bonobos are of the same species. That’s cause lobro is soooooooooooooooooo jew wise.

    1. The bonobos sound like the baboons, who know how to speak human language but refrain from doing so because they know that if they did the jews would put ’em to work

      bonobo…baboon…same difference

      1. The 95% bonobos/baboons/missing links. (eat, sleep, mate, defend)

        The aggravated difference between the first two and the last being the first two are not guilty..

      2. It’s that whole babbling of tongues thing

        Kind of what we do here at Darkmoon 🙂

    2. Sog is the only one over there with the artistic talent to make his steaming load actually look like a steaming load, before you read a word of it, and the ellipses … are the steam.

      Gossiping potty mouthed sog got his start there by hawking gossiping potty mouthed Pasture Linstedt’s radio show, which I once suffered listening to for about 15 minutes. Gee, I wonder if they could be the same person.

  24. Hello ESP,

    Arthur relating the fact about the death of his father: “When my father disabled and miserable found himself to be confined in his sick chair, he would have been abandoned to his fate if an old servant had not fulfilled its role of charity that Madame my mother had refused to complete. Madame my mother held soirées whereas he was dying out in solitude; she amused her whereas he was struggling with intolerable pain.”

    + In 1838, His mother Johanna took good care of disinheriting Arthur after many

    +Nietzsche” Everyone carries with him an image of woman that he gets from his mother; that determines whether he will honor women in general, or despise them, or be generally indifferent to them.”

    = Schopenhauer mysogine.
    His vision of woman is biased and I like Weininger better on the subject, but he is still a giant.

    About sexual orientation, i leave it to Lady Gaga, a prophet of tolerance, for the Pub’s audience.

    Born this way.

  25. Like it or not, once again here is the impersonalist Arthur Schopenhauer.
    His philosophy/knowledge relative to the Vedas is limited/incomplete.
    “In their confrontation with the Vedic version, some of the philosophers
    scored high, some low, some in between. Ranking high as first-class
    philosophers were Socrates, Plato, Plotinus, Origen, Scotus, Descartes,
    Pascal, and Bergson. Srila Prabhupada also liked the psychologist Carl
    Jung (“He seems the most sensible. “). After these, ranked Aquinas,
    Locke, Berkeley, Spinoza, Leibnitz, Kant, Schopenhauer, Alexander,
    Nietzsche, James, and Kierkegaard. In low regard, for various reasons,
    were Aristotle, Augustine, Fichte, Bacon, and Huxley. Conflicting most
    with Vedic thought were Machiavelli, Hume, Hegel, Hobbes, Darwin, Mill, Comte, Marx, Dewey, Sartre, and Freud.

    Arthur Schopenhauer

  26. Jews lack sexual dimorphism; their men look feminine and their women look masculine compared to Whites, hence the high levels of faggotry and pedophilia in Judaism.

  27. Dear Admin,

    Sorry this is off topic, but I was wondering if it’s possible that in your ‘poster notification’ on the right in the ‘Recent Comments’ section, would it be possible to actually tell us whom they’re replying to? That way we can keep debates going on older posts. Just a thought.

    1. @ Harbinger

      It is up to each poster to make clear what poster and particular comment he is replying to. If you are replying to a recent comment of Max Bilney, for example, begin your comment with the phrase

      @ Max Bilney

      Then copy and paste a quote from Max Bilney in blockquotes or italics, e.g.,

      “Although I own half of Tasmania and can have as many sheilas as I want, this is something I prefer not to mention too often because of natural modesty.”

      You then write in your comment under this, addressing Max Bilney’s point. What could be simpler? This makes it crystal clear to everyone that you are replying to a particular comment of Max Bileny which you have identified by the quote.

      I hope this answers your question.

      1. Thank you Toby but I don’t think you followed my initial question. If you look on the right in ‘Recent Comments’ it states, for example: Admin Toby on On Girly Boys, Transvestites, and Schopenhauer’s Misogyny. You are at the top of the list as you are the last one to comment on the site. What I was meaning was, is there anyway you could write a code into your site that would state:

        Admin Toby HAS REPLIED TO HARBINGER’S COMMENT on On Girly Boys, Transvestites, and Schopenhauer’s Misogyny

        The emboldened text above would be what the code would write to automatically notify people viewing the recent comments on the right that someone has replied to a comment of theirs.

        1. @ Harbinger

          Good question, Harbinger. But I can’t answer it as I just don’t have the technical knowledge. Technical Support would probably know the answer to your question, but he’s not around right now. We are trying to tweak the site to make small improvements all the time. For example, you can now edit your comment before posting it. I’d describe that as a very important improvement.

      2. pat might be able to answer that, he knows wordpress.
        there might be an option for the poster to be notified by email when someone responds to his comment.

        i am pretty sure xymphora has this and he also runs on wordpress.

      3. lobro –

        I am not that much help there, since my sites have just the basic free version of WordPress. No expertise beyond that level.
        DM has more options because they upgraded. Paid.
        The more ya pays the more ya gets.
        I suggest using the ‘help desk’ at WordPress. I’m sure DM Admin knows that.

  28. Hello ESP,

    I will try to reply to all of you with one comment, since this is a very inspiring commenting section, a sort of virtual version of Plato’s Symposium for the 21th century but with women, sports, pissing contest and subcultures included. Is Symposium a misogynist book? I am a little tipsy; I have to admit, on this 8th May, where we celebrate the 70th anniversary of the victory against fascism, racism and anti-Semitism, according to François “the flaccid jellyfish” Hollande, thanks to Delano, Winston and Joseph. And Charles of course, who wasn’t on the Yalta’s picture though.
    First, “the September Equinoxe”, which is a compendium of texts written by Henry de Montherlant between 1936 and 1938, a very interesting period since Hitler is the alpha and omega of every discussions, the shadow that reminds us “the darkest hours of our history” and “the unsavory beast that sleeps lightly in any of us”. It is a lucid chronicle about the fall of the third republic and the reaction to the rise of Hitler’s Germany after the reoccupation of the Left bank of the Rhine, in France, extenuated by the 14-18 bloodbath and ready to yield. He paints a country where fathers teach their sons the interest for material things, thus the refusal of unselfishness. A country where being noble is a mark of foolishness, a country of incurable petty bourgeois intimidated by Germany with their small hatred and their pacifist morality. The author doesn’t like that his country is indulging itself in judging Hitler’s Germany. He doesn’t like Hitler, quite the opposite, but “to stare a barbarian in the face, one must at least feels superior to him”. Don’t misinterpret the word barbarian, actually my grandparents, especially my grandmother, have nothing bad to say about those German officers/soldiers who were just waiting to return home after having performed their duties. The GI’s ,on the other hand, have been told that France was a “gigantic brothel” with loose women by the propaganda so they had to hang a few men, mostly blacks, after several incidents, so much for the fight against racism. I feel bad for the German youth as they are led to believe that their GG/Grandfathers were all evil men but back to the subject.
    This France’s sense of inferiority, which choses defeat after securing the England’s troop coward retreat in Dunkirk, is due, according to the author, to the creeping feminization of society, not to be confused with feminity. The French, at the end of the thirties, is a human being who only asks from life the same thing that would ask a young lady/maiden: being fulfilled, not having courage but receiving pleasure. He has this idea that bravery and pleasure are two sides of the same coin bravery/pleasure, that the man part, bravery, is the secret substance of the woman part, pleasure. What remains? Only a nation of hysterical starry-eye girls/midinettes. In this condition, when the Munich Agreement happened he is not surprised by the shameful discharge of Tchecoslovakia and its precious war factories by both France and England. Two months later, he displays a conference:” France and the midinette’s morality.” This moral, explains Montherlant, confuses the Right for the Good. The Beauty doesn’t exist anymore. The True is ignored if False happens to be more comfortable. The Strong is held in suspicion as he might not be Good. Christianity is dead and from his body has emerged filthy perversions like humanism, pacifism, emotionalism, unrealism disguised in kindly morals. The scale of values has been inverted. At the end we have created a human universal type where men and women confuse themselves: la midinette/the starry-eye girl. This is the dynamic of preoedipal regression.
    Now, to all the men, consider it was written in 1938. I recognize myself and the occidental man in this description and auto criticism never hurts. I see this preoedipal “midinette” regression everywhere especially in the “intellectual” third sector class. The tendency to replace every male journalist on TV by good-looking female is the perfect illustration of this. Women don’t want to kill the father but to seduce him instead by affirming her womanhood and receiving rewards. They won’t contest by gladly embracing the superior authority of the editorial line, which is in this particular case the precious media of Montefiore the Victorian’s baronet, who said “As long as all the newspapers on earth are not between our hands, all things are worthless.” All those attractive press-secretaries are the capitalist fabian cold version of the soviet radio hostesses, except maybe for Abby Martin on Russia Today. Weininger said it all. Women have no collective vision of the future and are in need of an intermediary to make up their mind. This is very logical that the system encourages the feminization of society in every domain, even in police, military and fire squad units where it leads to tragic anecdotes. This is why we have this gender theory and Lady Gaga. By the way Ingrid, I have seen some pretty logical and natural evolution in Norway where all the grants regarding study of gender have been suppressed.
    My point is that men and women used to have a natural positive influence on each other but they have forgotten their gender natural differences instead of embracing them. Pat said that “Pat is Pat and Max is Max”, it is the same for men and women. Sometimes, I feel on his forum that the men are blaming women to have forgotten themselves but the same could be said in the opposite way. To sum it up, men have lost their balls since women have stopped being a source of inspiration for them, the men not the balls, or maybe both, but since women have balls, who cares. But In a society with no transcendence, where extracting money and acquiring material comfort are the main objectives, this is not surprising. Maybe this little pious peasant woman will inspired some bravery and some transcendence to French people on Sunday.
    This leads me to sport, the last domain where men are able to display a little bravery and physical skills under the look of cheering ladies to give them strength. Australia excels in collective sport, like Drew Mitchell who should be called for RWC, since they are Celtic-minded non-aristocratic folks who love to celebrate as a team in the Pub, which is why they don’t perform in individual categories except swimming. That might change with this Canberra institute of sport which was created after the embarrassing Montreal Olympics where they could not get a single gold medal! Pat, Greg Norman is a bad example since he might be the biggest looser of golf history with no title in majors, like Lee Westwood, but maybe you did it purposely. About judo, I would just say that Teddy Riner has killed any suspense.
    I have been hard on you my English cousins, but it is Joan of Arc’s week in France and the animosity towards England has a tendency to rise during this period. But like Joan, I have no hate for the common English folks and I remember the part played by the corrupted Bishop Cauchon and his famous words during the trial
    “ Silence, in the name of the devil”. Let me remind you the words of the most brilliant King of England. “When the seagulls follow the trawler, it’s because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea » It makes perfect sense for me. Why don’t you look for Eric like Ken Loach? A couple of years back, he said that we should all withdraw our money from the banks. Let’s call it “Operation Cantona”.
    For the Germans, this quote from Simone Weil on this day of national guilt, i sympathize with you.
    “If Germany, thanks to Hitler and his successors, were to enslave the European nations and destroy most of the treasures of their past, future historians would certainly pronounce that she had civilized Europe.”
    Just like Alexander, the Roman Empire, Charlemagne, Napoléon and the Yalta’s inglorious bastard with their cold war ONU.
    Sorry for the disjointed long comment.

    1. reading your comments is like learning a new language but just as rewarding.
      and a great fun.
      coming from someone who places reading on level comparable to chemotherapy (occasionally necessary, never pleasurable), take it as a big compliment.

      ok, now back to your post, it will take some time and my diminished output for the rest of the day.

    2. Phil, I can`t claim to be an expert on gender here in Norway, but from personal experience, many Norwegian women are macho, not in looks, but in their actions, and words, usually in the workplace. A Norwegian guy once told me that many Norwegian men prefer foreign women..

      1. Ingrid,
        Much could be said about this documentary and the role played by the various protagonists especially the attractive Martine Aurdal at 9:43.

        Do you speak Norwegian, Ingrid? I don’t understand a single word! It must be hard for immigrants, wherever they are from Europe or other places.
        Was Bergen, in September 1992, a nice place?

        Have a nice day.

      2. @Phil, yes, I speak Norwegian, not perfectly, since I was more, or less, self taught. Immigrants are required to attend classes, to learn the language, if they wish to be employed..
        Is it so long since that incident in Bergen, seems like yesterday. We used to travel by ship from Bergen to Newcastle, but these days it is cheaper to fly, Gardermoen to Edinburgh with Norwegian..
        I`m sure Bergen is just as beautiful as it always has been, surrounded by mountains. The hostel where we stayed used to be a hotel, and is situated on a mountainside, overlooking the city..
        I lived in Norway as a child, but moved to Scotland at age almost five. Many years later, I asked my mother if it was a dream, or was there a little red train which went through tunnels on a mountainside. She said it was the fløybahn, a little cable car which transports people to a mountaintop, on the opposite side of the city from the hostel. Many years later, my daughter and I took the fløybahn to the top of the mountain, overlooking the city, there are shops, and walks by a lake. One of the first people we met was a Scotsman in a kilt..
        Thanks for the link, the video was interesting..

  29. The old jewish tactic of divide and conquer, in this case man versus woman and the queer agenda, only works because people spend no time observing the obvious and no time thinking with anything but their crotch without regard for their heart. Jewish evil programing apparently works. The family unit is the target and great progress in its destruction has been made in jewish controlled societies. The jews are equal opportunity destroyers and are not just out to destroy white families. All families are a threat to the jewish agenda regardless of race as proven by what they did to the blacks in the USA starting in the 1960’s.

    The jewish plot to completely destroy morality with internet porn has a plus side. If it had not been for the money dumped into internet porn, there would have been no world wide web available for the truth. Lemonade was made from the porn lemons and the truth about the jews leaked out to those that want to know the truth. Darkmoon is lemonade.

    Why does a fellow, Schopenhauer, a maladjusted human with no concept of love keep getting Darkmoon exposure? He is a perfect example of the jews giving someone credibility and making them famous that promotes their destructive agenda.

    Time to move on to a more worthy topic.

  30. Mad Max never left Hollywood and behaves like the “jews” he claims to despise. You are a hypocrite, Max. Joe has a point. He is limited (understood), but quite frankly you are more of an arse than any other person I’ve ever come across; and that includes Joe.


    You may be good at fooling a lot of people, but you don’t fool me (and there are others).

    The only reason I can fathom why you are allowed here without limit is because Admin. Monty and moderator Toby get a kick out of having a high-spirited arse like you around.

    But, I do not and you are disrupting our train of thought, and an otherwise intelligent site.

    To others here (men and women), I ask you to please stop coddling Mad Max any further.

    He is a class clown (actually worse). He is in need of help, repeatedly refusing it. He is a danger to others. He has a wife / the mother to his children, all of whom have had to put up with his nonsense. Then he comes here and expects us to put up with it too. Go away and stay away, Maxie! You are a train wreck. Your outer car may still shine a bit because you are a Dorian Gray.

    1. NS –

      It is just ‘locker-room’ talk and ‘troop’ bravado…. from a fake ‘entity.’

      The guys here either ignore the ‘entity’ or punch back if it gets to be too much.
      For those who have played team sports or been in the military…. we take it in stride… and give as good as we get. Or get ahead.
      Some just ignore the ‘entity’ totally.
      The ‘entity’ makes a good punching bag. … and a good launching pad for getting out more info.

      Counter it with facts. Or skip its comments.

      Actually…It is harmless.

      1. He/It IS harmful; however, the strategy to demand a back-up to statements is a good idea. Let’s see where it goes.

  31. The joo city tates of Tel Aviv invited Kaitlyn Jenner to Tel Aviv for an official visit. Ticket tape parade and everything.

    “tates” means daddies — Tel Aviv City Fathers , in other words, if I may use English here at DK — “tates’ means Fathers in jew yiddish speak. I learned that thanks to Pat.

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