Organized Jewry Tries to Silence Old Hippy

Freedom is now on trial in British Columbia.
Let’s rally behind Arthur Topham. 

Arthur_Topham_in_chair.500x375HENRY MAKOW WRITES: “Disclaimer: I have not studied Arthur’s every word. I’m sure we don’t agree on some things. But freedom is meaningless if you cannot, in Spinoza’s words, think what you wish, and say what you think.

In Arthur’s defence, where is the “hate against Jews” he is accused of promoting? People do not hate Jews. They hate the satanic agenda promoted by the Masonic Jewish Central Bankers and their lackeys which includes the elite, most of which is not Jewish.

The charge of anti Semitism is a ruse to suppress free speech and opposition to the satanist agenda. [New Canadian prime minister] Justin Trudeau could prove he does represent positive “change” by amending 319-2 section of the criminal code under which Arthur is falsely charged.”

To continue to read this abridgement by Henry Makow of Arthur’s most recent article:

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48 thoughts to “Organized Jewry Tries to Silence Old Hippy”

  1. First to post! On topic the article says … “People do not hate Jews. They hate the satanic agenda promoted by the Masonic Jewish Central Bankers and their lackeys which includes the elite, most of which is not Jewish. ” Well sir i disagree because people dont know“ who the “ Masonic Jewish Central Bankers and their lackeys” are. Ask any 6 years old palestinian kid or a 90 years old chechnian man; the kid will tell you “i hate the Jews, carrots and that monster Assad” and the chechnian man will tell ya “i hate the jews, my toothache and that sonofabitch Putin” nobody knows who the … What was it the writer called it? “the satanic agenda promoted by the Masonic Jewish Central Bankers and their lackeys” so please next time you wanna type something silly do it at the end of the article because most people seldom get there (i will now check for typos let me see .. Nanana … nanana … nanana … perfekt!- POST COMMENT-

    1. Let us pray today lobro will find his meds he lost. They got to be around somewhere lobro. I shall pray you find your meds that control your schizophrenia and help stabilize you at least somewhat. lobro always hallucinates he’s a Palestinian when he’s off his meds. If you can’t find ’em, call your doctor and get a refill, Quick!

    2. How stupid does the Jew Makow think we are?
      Are the following Rabbis Masonic bankers?…..Ovadio Yosef, Manis Friedman, Yitzhak Ginsburgh, Yitzhak Shapiro, Schneur Zalman, Gil Steinlauf, Baruch Efrati …a few of the many “Jewish Holy Men” who made hateful remarks against Gentiles.
      These Jewish pundits, guilty of treason and/or planned genocide, they too are incognito Masonic bankers?
      Barbara Spectre, Noel Ignatiev, Arthur Sulzberger Jr., Susan Sontag, Mona Sahlin, Larry Silverstein, Lewis Eisenberg, Frank Lowy, Max Horkheimer, Leo Strauss, Paul Wolfowitz, Elliot Abrams, Douglas Feith, Richard Perle,
      Oh yeah, lackeys, sure.

  2. From that hippie era – The ballad of Shed Silverstein

    Come and listen to my story about a man named Shed,
    Poor fucking Jew from Manhattan it is said.
    And then one day as he scammed another mark,
    up from the depths a thought came bubbling from the dark.

    Gold that is, pure Jewish extortion

    Well the first thing you know ‘ol Shed’s a trillionaire.
    Kin folk said “Shed move away from there.”
    Said “Nazi land is the place you ought to be”
    So they loaded up the limo and they moved to Ger-man-y, Auschwitz that is, Swimming pools, Movie Theaters and Bars; Brothels, Libraries, Symphonies, Soccer Teams and more.

    Well now its time to say good by to Shed and all his tribe.
    And they would like to thank you folks fer kindly beliven’ lies.
    You’re all invited back agin’ to this locality
    To have a heapin’ helpin’ of their Chutzpatality.

    1. hahaha

      Good one Arch,

      Shed moved west and here is the theme song of the Beverly Shillbillies

  3. Avatar again shows his real allegiance. As far as WHITE PEOPLE GO (which the article is clearly addressing primarily) we don’t hate people based on their race/genetics. A few, a minority in a minority might ,but by far those who oppose the “Jews”, they do so because of their agenda, their actions, their deeds. Do they hate those things? Yes. Do they hate the “Jews” as a corporate entity for doing those things? Yes and no, depending on who you talk to. Are the “Jews” actions rooted in their race/genetics? Yes, at least mostly/partly depending on who you talk to on the right.
    Now, when I say the “Jews” do I mean all of the “Jews” that have ever walked the earth? No, of course not. If I said the French ruled America, who in their right mind would think I mean all French the planet over?

    So, do people hate the “Jews” if they oppose their evil agenda? Yes and no because the “Jews” have a responsibility, like everyone else, to oppose evil within their racial collective, but most in the western world, especially in America do not hate the “Jews” and that is only because they have been fooled into thinking that the “Jews” are a innocent persecuted minority, forever persecuted by “white racists” and they have absolutely no link to all the crappy stuff happening the world over. This must change but the only way that can change is if we expose the “Jews” deeds, their plans, which will inevitably produce hate for the “Jews” and rightly so.

    If I see a “Jew”, just like if I see a black person, I am not mean to them. I always try to be polite in face to face encounters. However, like black people. my trust only goes so far with these “Jews” and this is directly due to a life time of experience with both of them. In regard to the “Jew” my trust must be earned, if that is even possible. Life has taught me to NEVER trust a Jew at the outset and if I am forced to deal with them in any way, always expect them to try and screw you over. Let me put it this way. The “Jews” are batting 1000 in over 40 years of dealing with them. With blacks, it’s pretty much the same but in a different form. With blacks I’m always concerned about their violent, often stupid, criminality that can threaten my life or those around me. With “Jews” I’m always concerned with their backstabbing, insolent and lofty false pride; their lying, cheating and even murderous ways that is often or always expressed in them getting some minority, some lackey or the cops/Government to do their selfish, tribal bidding for them. In short, while the “Jew” is batting 1000 in evil deeds, blacks are batting about 500.

    See, this is the thing about the “Jews”. Even if you confront them with the authoritative Jewish admissions of their not being Semites, Judaites, Isrelites or Hebrews, they will still identify as a “Jew”, meaning, they still identify with their selfish, criminally pathological group think that goes hand and hand with being a “Jew”! And this even thou they know they are engaged in identity fraud. Some “Jews”, like Makow will expose the “Jews” but he always couches his criticism in other labels, identities or groups as a way to defend those he believes are innocent in his racial/tribal collective. You did hear Henry say that “Jews” were a minority among the elite, right? Yes, true, just like they are a minority in America but they that hasn’t stopped them from running the entire show, now has it? It’s the same with the international elite. The “Jews” run the show and everyone else with them is UNDER them. Those in league with them are accessories to their crimes, not the prime criminals.

    I am only aware of ONE person who was a “Jew” and denounced their identity fraud, rejected his association with them, stopped being an anti Christ by definition, accepting the authentic Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. That person was Benjamin Freedman (formerly Friedmen). As far as I am concerned, if one keeps their “Jewish” identity today, that person has decided to continue with the “Jews” mass identity fraud and keep their affiliation to the biggest corporate evil the earth has ever known. And as such, they are still guilty and under a curse associated with their race’s patriarchs calling upon their genetic posterity the curse of all curses due to their responsibility for the greatest crime of all time, DEICIDE.

  4. Henry Makow PhD is an apologist Zionist Jew, who as a youth, lived in an Israeli kibbutz for several years before returning to country of his birth, Canada. He believes that the great majority of Jews are innocent people who, like the rest of Gentiles, are victims of Illuminati Jews and their Goyim sheep.

    Keeping the above in mind I do like some of his writings. He has re-blogged some of my articles too. I liked two of his article the most – Irshad Manji, the lesbian Muslim reformer – and Bikini vs Burqa. The second one, partly, brought down the nine-year Zionist regime of prime minister Stephen Harper.

  5. I agree with Rehmat that Makow is a subtle disinfo agent.
    He actually uses Arthur’s plight and the travesty of justice to deflect blame from Jews, by going on about these shadows in uncharted caves of minds so paranoid that he inverts that paranoia against a weapon against goyim – dark whispers of third eyed goyim druids atop pyramids, beaming their malevolence against sheeple that suddenly include 99% of jews, like I said, resurrected Hitler and Jesuits planning yet another giant pogrom while poor dumb jews scrabble for pennies in dust, unwitting victims of a few of their own leaders that sold out to the evil goyum Illuminati, among whom he counts the Rothschilds – yes, all of a sudden, they are jews no longer but aryan black nobility, the secret popes – which they actually may be but all it says is that RC got crushed by Juden witchcraft, not the other way around.

    Et cetera, et cetera.

    I seriously distrust this guy.
    he may caterwaul against “Zionists” but as long as Holomeme is firmly in place, they and their diabolic creations are untouchable and he knows it, pitching snowballs against Fort Zion.

    1. @ Lobro

      Re Henry Makow: “I seriously distrust this guy…”

      You would, being the most virulent antisemite on this site! Any Jew, no matter how well-intentioned, would invite your censure. No Jew would ever pass muster in your eyes or be credited with the possibility of even a single good deed.

      I believe it is essential, in order for you to carry some credibility, to adopt a more moderate stance toward Henry Makow and cut him some slack. He has a wide following among non-Jews who make up the bulk of his readers. Moreover, many of Henry’s articles on sex and pornography do in fact identify Jews as being behind most of the sexual sleaze that has overwhelmed society in recent years.

      The central point in Henry Makow’s influential writings remains indisputable: that the Jews alone could do nothing to damage society without heavy input from non-Jews such as yourself — from shabbos goyim like Biden, Bush and Blair. Aren’t the Rockefellers non-Jews and don’t they work in lockstep with the Rothschilds? Are you not aware that Adam Weishaupt (1748-1830), the founder of the Illuminati, was NOT a Jew but a full ethnic German?

      Don’t you trust Lasha Darkmoon and Rehmat? Do you accuse them of being hidden agents for Jewry? No, you do not, as far as I know! Well then, can you explain to me how Henry Makow has published articles on his site by both Lasha Darkmoon and Rehmat if he is such a bad guy? No, you cannot! And that shows the inconsistency of your position.

      Your sweeping condemnation of Makow lacks nuance. Try to be more moderate and reasonable in your pronouncements. You are letting your virulent antisemitism get the better of you and befog your brain.

      1. Administration Big Shots :

        I sent in a post about “Putin + Mercy Unto Muslims”. Where is it? Why are you censoring it? It was fact based and truthful, what the fuck else do you want besides fact and truth? And I also sent in a lot of other fact-based truthful posts today and yesterday that you all censored here at Darkmoon. And ALL the posts you censored are fact based and truthful. I just sent in a post with a lot of search terms and a link to a source reference to back up my assertions. As you cry about jew censorship you yourselves in DM office censor an awful fuck of a lot. Why exactly do you all in the DM office censor fact-based truthful posts? Where’s my post about “Jesus as NOT a Jew” ? and my post with all the search terms about “Jews Did 911”, and what jews are doing to the Palestinians and ISIS being jew to-the-core, etc., etc.? What the fuck dudes? What the fuck is your problem DM administration dudes?

        1. @ TROJ

          I am unable to find time to read all the posts in our spam folder. There are far too many…hundreds every day! You are submitting TOO MANY POSTS and they are FAR TOO LONG!

          Moreover, I am unable to identify your “important” posts (which you think are essential reading for the rest of us) because I never know which posts you are referring to. “You must publish my Putin post!” you scream!” Yeah, which Putin post exactly? How can I tell which Putin post you are referring to when you have submitted about 20 Putin posts? Either quote the first sentence or give each post of yours a bold-print title.

          Finally, accept that roughly 95% of your posts are unpublishable and I don’t have all day to trawl through the spam to pick out your gems of wisdom. I could publish, at the very most, 3-4 SHORT posts of yours every day — provided they were reasonably polite and on-topic.

          As it is, 99% of your posts are EXTREMELY LONG, EXTREMELY IMPOLITE, AND TOTALLY OFF-TOPIC!!! 🙂

      2. John,

        I’m 100% with Lobro on Makow.
        Don’t get me wrong, Makow has written some sterling articles on Feminism, breakup of families, corrupt state and officials, the LGBT agenda and Jewish control, but his inability to see through the BS of the holocaust and the mythical ‘6million’ makes me wonder about him and his agenda.
        Why is it he has such a grasp on all of the above bar the latter? He’s a man that’s clearly done a hell of a lot of research, so why does he still remain a believer of the holocaust? I really don’t think that it’s emotive, as he states he lost his family there, but with all the evidence piling up, such as International Red Cross statistics, no mention in the memoirs of Roosevelt, Churchill & de Gaulle about Jewish extermination, basic maths on the death toll etc etc, the only reason he takes it is because he’s pushing an agenda, which leaves me with the conclusion that he’s very much a gatekeeper and a very good one at that.

        Lobro sees through the BS as do a lot of people here. Jewry’s inaction to question Jewish authority and control instantly promotes their complicity. Jewish voices remaining silent when people are being locked up for freedom of speech also shows complicity. Then there’s the Kol Nidre and God’s chosen which also is thrown into the mix, to show that Jewry is simply bad news for non Jews.

        The reality is John, as much as there are Jews who question reality such as the very brave David Cole who smashed the gassings in the work camps apart with factual evidence, even though ridiculed on the Donahue show for it as well as death threats against him, the majority remain silent. Non Jews would have a far better life without any Jew around them, yet Jews would die if left to live alone amongst one another. Parasites die out when there’s no host to feed on.

        Makow also continuously promotes the Hitler being the bastard son of a Rothschild, faked his death and fled to Argentina, is working for MI5 who brought Germany into a war to kill millions on purpose. Yet people who have done the research know this to be complete rubbish. Were Hitler a Rothschild and working for them, why did he boot them out of every nation they took over? More so, why did he try eight times, no less, to make peace with Britain? If a man clearly wanted war, why attempt even one peace treaty?

        Were Makow to embrace the revisionist’s take on the holocaust, his large following would advance the truth leaps and bounds. So why doesn’t he? He’s clearly not stupid is he? He’s promoting an agenda and is a very clever gatekeeper, possibly one of the best out there.

      3. TROJ,

        “Finally, accept that roughly 95% of your posts are unpublishable”

        Why do you waste your time writing comments that are never going to be published Joe? I’ve never had any of mine deleted. Joe why do you create such antagonism towards yourself?

      4. Excellent take on Makow, Harbinger

        I wonder if he’s an ‘accidental’ gatekeeper, so to speak. What I mean by that is he seems to be in deep denial, as if to face what he fears may be the truth would upset all his preconceived ideas about things.

        His narrative is just too neat and cozy

      5. Brownhawk,

        “What I mean by that is he seems to be in deep denial, as if to face what he fears may be the truth would upset all his preconceived ideas about things.”

        And therein is your classic definition of cognitive dissonance. On that do I think that he suffers from it? The answer is a resounding no, simply because of what I’ve already stated about Makow and his ability to sieve through all the BS and be able to write what he does about feminism, breakup of the family, the LGBT agenda, secret societies etc etc. I do not think that the death of his family in Auschwitz would deter him from seeking the truth about history.

      6. I do not think that the death of his family in Auschwitz would deter him from seeking the truth about history.

        Umm, tread carefully there, Harb.
        Unless their names are listed on the ICRC manifest given to them by German medical personnel, the same one that Gorbachev released after subpoena by the Canadian court at Zundel trial, either he is lying or willfully ignorant, because one doesn’t make these kinds of statements without just cause.
        And you say he does his research meticulously … Hmm again.

        And that list also reported on the cause of death, so if it was typhus or some other disease, he has no right to talk about any Holocaust.

        Lots of people died during WWII but not a single one due to Holocaust – Holocaust was the safest place in the entire war.

      7. “Umm, tread carefully there, Harb……..”

        I have not done any research into Makow’s family. I am merely reporting what he has stated in order to give my reasoning into him being a gatekeeper, stating that I do not believe the [supposed] death of his family in a German concentration camp would sway him from uncovering the truth about WW2.

        And on his articles outwith Germany, WW2 and the holocaust, most notably on the topics mentioned previously, I can’t really fault any of them.

      8. John Wheatcroft

        See, right there…”You would, being the most virulent antisemite on this site! ”

        You are facilitating their mass ethnic and spiritual identity fraud (Anti Semite) which is the basis for their claim to their end goal; a world government out of “Israel” with their main anti Christ as their “messiah”.

        This is why I won’t give some “Jews” a pass even tho some do good works in other areas. They are engaged in a fraud so HUMUNGOUS it boggles the mind. If people like Makow would at least drop the identity fraud and continue with his good works in exposing his ethnic impostors, I could cut him some slack, but the fact remains, in all truth, that as long as the “Jews” continue with their identity fraud (which is one of the reasons the Rus Israelites and the white left overs from Israel in Northern Persia-Iran destroyed Khazaria) they cannot be considered to be on our side. Even if they drop the identity theft and yet still refuse to accept white Jesus as I AM (Messiah), they still remain anti Christs playing like Gilad Atzmon admitted, “a false opposition role” in service of their collective international tribal ambitions. Which by the way is to rule the planet, out of “Israel” based on their race.

        “Gilad Atzmon speaks about Zionism, Jewish Identity, and Political Jewry. He explains Jewish satellite opposition as a refined form of controlled opposition. Atzmon explains that this form of proxy opposition is spontaneous in its nature – not conspiratory, but is exploited nonetheless to avoid criticism of international Jewish political affairs.”

  6. @John Wheatcroft,

    Jews alone could do nothing to damage society without heavy input from non-Jews

    This is a non-argument dressed up as argument, like saying that the butcher could not kill without sheep being present.

    Next, Makow is not such a bad guy, just useless to me and likely to others who don’t need these convoluted trips down the Illuminati rabbit hole and could therefore act as a steam release valve on the pressure cooker, lots of whistling noise, no mileage.

    Next, if I am such an antisemite, why is it that I respect and even admire Jews like Benjamin Friedman (who first twigged me to the kol nidrei), Yossi Gurvitz (do yourself a favor and look up his Darkei Shalom video, When Israel is Mighty), Ariel Toaff (Blood Passover), Theobald of Cambridge (who explained the sinister background to the Purim “Festival of Lots”) and undoubtedly a slew of others.
    Do you know the difference between them and Makow?
    They hit Judaism between the eyes and caused real damage by revealing facts which we, the goyums would likely never have caught onto.
    Has Makow done any of that?

    I also like Brother Nathaniel. Why?
    Because he minces no words about either Holocrap nor 9-11.
    What does Makow have to say on these subjects, can you enlighten me?

    No, all I hear Makow going on about is “don’t blame the regular, little Jews, all wealthy elites are the same shade of sinister”.
    Not so.
    I would recommend that you read or reread Ron Chapman’s excellent post that became an article of it own, no point me rehashing it.

    I will continue to be antisemite, inasmuch as the term is staggeringly misleading but this is just another feat of deception pulled on the world by the master conjurers and swindlers, until Judaism becomes as criminalized and hunted as pedophilia and cannibalism that are essential, yet unknown and unacknowledged ingredients of it.

    When you catch me in a lie or error, I will tip my hat to your criticism, but just being an unyielding antisemite don’t cut no ice with me.

    All this said, I am not anti-Muslim, I am not anti-black, not homophobic, not anti-anything but ANTI-JUDAS.
    Call me focused.

    And Lasha and the team can pretty much publish what they want, I’ve known them long enough to know their hearts are in the right place and they don’t necessarily require that every article toes their strict dogmatic line.

    1. Lobro

      I have to admit that what you have said makes sense and is very well argued. I am also relieved to hear that there are a number of Jews you respect and who you believe have done their best to enlighten the goyim. I therefore apologize for calling you a “virulent antisemite” who is lacking in nuance. You have obviously thought about these matters long and hard.

      1. John, admission of error is about as non-Jewish act as it gets, it marks you as gentile more than any genealogy.

        Therefore, the first step a Jew must make in de-judaization is to admit personal and collective error of their ways, wholly and without reservation.
        All the ex-Jews I mentioned did precisely that.

        I remember corresponding with an ex-IDF trooper at the now defunct Yellow Times, who called out Mossad the day after 9-11 and who also asserted that it was done in order to provide pretext for destruction of the Ummah crescent starting with Saddam’s Iraq.
        He also told me about Sharon’s bragging in Knesset that America is Israel’s colony and not to be concerned with them, that it was published in Hebrew versions of their newspapers but not English and how the filthiest, blackest Talmudism is conveyed exclusively orally, guaranteeing instant deniability under counter-charge of antisemitism.
        Some of that is circulated in special, Hebrew and Yiddish newsletters distributed in synagogues for the eyes of the congregation.
        We can only guess at what abomination they contain.

        This guy was born in Palestine and thoroughly sick of Judaism.

        I had no problem with him, on the contrary, an ex-Jew who grew a solid dose of honor.

      2. Stick around, JW. Thinking long and hard is what alot of us do around here. So much so that I’m about due for one of my darkmoon sabbaticals…..

        Either that, or maybe I’ll just take a nap 😉

    2. Lobro –

      You and I have differences on many subject, but never about the deplorable actions and practices of Pharisee Parasites.

      I have studied many exposers of THE Pharisee criminals since 1953. I started with Dilling, Winrod, Emry, Comparet and Swift….. I added dozens along the way, including Peters and Potito and Mullins.

      I have never trusted converted Pharisees….. Their training from birth is to deceive. I believe they are a trained cult and not a tribe.

      I believe that you have been correctly on point all along. Keep it up, please.

      I am glad to see that JW apologized.

      Here is a bragging Pharisee Parasite:

      “Pharisaism became Talmudism, Talmudism became Medieval Rabbinism, and Medieval Rabbinism became Modern Rabbinism. But, throughout these changes of name, inevitable adaption of custom, and adjustment of Law, the spirit of the ancient Pharisee survives unaltered. When the Jew reads his prayer, he is reciting formulae prepared by pre-Maccabean scholars; when he dons the cloak prescribed for the Day of Atonement and Passover Eve, he is wearing the festival garment of ancient Jerusalem; when he studies the Talmud he is actually repeating the arguments used in the Palestinian academies.”

      Rabbi Louis Finklestein, President and Professor of Theology, Jewish Theological Seminary of America, The Pharisees, Vol. I, page xxi.

      1. “Pharisaism became Talmudism…..”

        Neither of the above are tribes.
        Both are well trained cults…..

        And continuing today: “…wearing the festival garment of ancient Jerusalem;….. repeating the arguments used in the Palestinian academies.”

      2. Never fear, Pat, it is not an act of will that I keep it up, only truth.
        It makes it as easy as it is inevitable.

    3. Lobro, it’s about as simple as simple can be.
      ALWAYS start any Jew discussion with one subject. This saves years of time spent wasting time. The phony hollowco$t is the Keystone. If a person believes this nonsense it’s absolutely useless to continue. Period.

      I’ve lost track of how many times these last 40+ years I’ve heard …
      “I’ve never met a hollowcost denier before!”
      To the 98%, it’s sacrosanct.

      The mind is a terrible thing and the subconscious is even worse..

      1. Actually HP,

        Having had a late night discussion with a friend about history, Jewry and the shoah business and having completely overloaded him with detail, he went to bed saying he had a great deal of thinking and researching to do on what I’d said. I think I may have enlightened another to the BS that passes as history.

      2. Harbinger, I’m a believer in ‘the exception to the rule,’ as long as one realizes that’s exactly what it is.

    4. Not for nothing, Harbinger, but one learned more about the true nature of the jew from reading one of Melvin Polatnick’s comments, usually one or two sentences, then reading Darkmoon for 2 or 3 years every article every reader comment in every thread of commentary thread under every article — Me and Melvin are/were, whatever tense it may be, the most keen observers of the jew and the true nature of the jew. I notice us two are censored the most. The rest of you being rather double-minded and dissimulating , two-faced and hydra-headed in your observations about the jews, to say the least. That’s why, Harbinger, I “create antagonism against myself” : Personally, I’m okay with that, so don’t let it bother you, LOL. “I’m Okay, You’re Okay”, 😉 .

    1. Dress up as a Hezbollah soldier and watch the Israeli pee his pants and run away crying. He’ll likely drop his candy too!

  7. Putin’s Mighty WHITE Russian Air Force bombed what, about 164 jew-owned-and-controlled-and-full-of-jews-top-to-bottom ISIS-Israeli Secret Intelligence Service compounds/targets in Syria over the last 2 or 3 days, the Americans, Zero. Of course the lantern-square-jawed U.S. Air Force men won’t bomb ISIS as ISIS = Israeli Secret Intelligence Service and 90% of the “Islamic” Jihadists in ISIS are really jews [ jews pretending to be “Muslims”]. So the U.S. Air Force won’t bomb any jew ISIS positions of course, LOL. The lantern-square-jawed Zionist Air Force pilots of the USA would just LERV to destroy Putin’s Mighty WHITE Russian Bear Air Force. But alas, the lantern-square-jawed USA Zionist warriors that always fought wars for the benefit of izzysmell are now rendered useless to the jews as WHITE Russian Bear has electronic jamming technology the jews and the Americans didn’t even know Putin had, ROFLMFAO!!!! The jews in Washington and Jerusalem are squirming something awful these days now that their US lantern-square-jawed Zionist Military is rather useless in the face of The Mighty WHITE Christian Russian Bear! “The Truthseeker” website has a video about how jew ISIS truly is. I will be sending links today about this subject : How jew ISIS truly is.

    At least Alex Jones, his Wizard of Liber OZ jew Freemason, at least your lucky leprechaun emerick gets the opportunity to suck even more bagels out of jew assholes with Putin around, the jews greatly distraught now, gives emerick the opportunity to assuage the jews pain and discomfort, he gets to suck even more of his favorite “haute cuisine” bagel delights outta jew asshole, trying desperately to ease the jew’s pain of it all, The Pain of Putin and all that, LMFAO at your “alternative” media. I guess Putin doesn’t read your “alternative” media, ROFLMFAO!!!! If he did, he would know better, 😉 .

    1. I like joe . I love this guy – So, who is Yevgeny Fyodorov;
      this “senior Russian lawmaker”
      who has declared open warfare
      on Russia’s version of the
      Federal Reserve? Thanks to the
      modern miracle of the Internet,
      it didn’t take long get to know to
      Mr. Fyodorov. Suffice it say, if
      you like Putin, you will love

    2. Joe,

      You, sir, are to be commended… You managed to coax from me the first smile (and a hearty laugh, to boot) on this dark and dreary day in Northern Handwringerstan.

      Today’s been a rough one. Thank you.

  8. And to mr wheatcroft you said “ Don’t you trust Lasha Darkmoon and Rehmat? Do you accuse them of being hidden agents for Jewry? No, you do not, as far as I know! Well then, can you explain to me how Henry Makow has published articles on his site by both Lasha Darkmoon and Rehmat if he is such a bad guy?”
    Ahh but you forget the craftiness of the jew; Read this phrase by the engineer of zionism, may he rot in hell
    ‘When we sink, we become a revolutionary proletariat, the subordinate officers of all revolutionary parties; at the same time, when we rise, there rises also our terrible power of the purse.’
    Theodor Herzl, The Jewish State
    Do you understand? They have to show “democracy and freedom of speech” because it was these traits that got them where they at in the first place! You knew this, didnt ya!

  9. Partial coverage of the day contained in an article that Henry Makow has posted on his site.
    Talmud Cited By Defence at Topham Hate Crime Trial

    “All the while [my lawyer] was reading [excerpts from Talmud], the Crown Counsel sat there squirming and playing with her pen and the Justice and the witness were daunted by the whole episode. Earlier on, [hate crime cop] Wilson had been lauding the Talmud as one of the Jews “Holy” books and attempting to convince the jury that any negative criticism of it was just pure anti-semitism and hatred.”

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