Paris Attacks — First Reaction

Paris attacks

We wake up this morning and are shocked to the core when we turn on the television news. These explosive events will dominate the news channels for a long time to come. There is no doubt at all that Muslims as a whole will be blamed for this carnage on the streets of Paris. Islamophobia will now be churned up to fever pitch. Any man with a dusky complexion and a turban will be regarded as a potential suicide bomber.

It is too early to formulate a sober assessment of these events. However, we will try and get out an article later on today presenting the main facts as refracted through the world’s media. Meanwhile, while the dust is still swirling in the air around us, let’s consider who was behind these events and what their motive might have been.

According to our correspondent Dick Eastman, a seasoned observer of the political scene, this entire series of events could only have been orchestrated by ISIS. Only extreme fanatics, impelled by an unquenchable rage and quite ready to sacrifice their lives in meticulously coordinated terrorist attacks on a major European city, could have been responsible for these events.

Whether the secret sponsors of ISIS—the US, Israel, and America’s European vassal countries in Nato—are delighted at this unexpected turn of events and actually set them in motion, is an entirely different question. To make any such allegation would be regarded as bordering on treason and amounting to hate speech on an unparalleled scale: as pure, unadulterated, toxic anti-Semitism and anti-Americanism.

Dick Eastman makes no such allegation.

According to Eastman, the traumatic evens in Paris are ISIS’s revenge against its sponsors, the US/Israel/Nato axis, for setting them up, financing them, arming them, encouraging them with hopes of an Islamic caliphate—and then, after Putin’s intervention in Syria, suddenly doing a U-turn and double-crossing them. ISIS, according to this hypothesis, is mad angry with its traitorous sponsors and has lashed out in retaliation at being betrayed. Other European cities now face the same menace of imminent Islamic terrorism.

One thing is certain. All this will give the authorities a perfect pretext for draconian new legislation: for the suppression of free speech, the criminalization of Holocaust denial and any criticism of Israel, and intrusive, non-stop surveillance of every citizen. Anyone who harbors a single hostile thought toward the government will henceforth be regarded as a potential terrorist.

This is the new commandment: LOVE BIG BROTHER  — OR ELSE!

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ADDED LATER : 23-minute video

Lasha Darkmoon

Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website,, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

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  1. Thank you Lasha for being on top of this news event. It would’t be intended to distract the public away from my trial here in Canada would it? 🙂

    Blessings & Peace,


    1. Correct, Arthur –

      Info on your case just got tossed onto the media junk heaps everywhere….. sadly buried with the trash.

      Any glimmer of what happened to you and others recently….. making it common household conversation is surely gone.

      Shame on the Pharisees… especially the Chabad Lubavitchers, the proponents of Noachide Laws…. their version of a ‘caliphate’ which snared you along the way.

      I admire your efforts.

      1. Agreed Pat! Arthor Topham’s Case can be searched and viewed on internet. But it is still virtually unknown by the vast majority of common laypeople due to these False Flag Events being wheeled out almost weekly! I wish out mutual friend & ally the very best in his case. Just read an updated posted at on it. “Guilty & Not Guilty”. Looks like it’s far from fini just yet….

    2. Arthur,

      I offer my warm felt sympathies to you over recent events, for being prosecuted for speaking the truth. I, like Pat, admire your efforts.

    3. Sorry Arthur, there can be no peace when those twin Semitic hoaxes known as Judaism and Islam are allowed to infest any country. Modern archaeology proves that these medieval religious frauds are nothing but lies. It is not a matter of “belief”; it is an actual fact. Both Jews and Muslims are liars and fakes. The Semites are liars by cultural endeavor.

      Your trial is an example of what happens when the lying Jews are allowed to be lawyers. There can be no justice when Jews are lawyers or judges. I prove this in my books, “How the Jews Betrayed Mankind”:

      and in “Muslim Werewolves Howling at the Moon God”

      Read these books, Arthur, and you will have the facts you need to defend yourself from the lies of the Jews and the hoaxes of the Muslim Werewolves.

      Best of Wishes to you, BB

    1. Fully agree. One thing we all must at least consider is this;
      “The Synagogue…” makes up a tiny, tiny fraction of the world’s denizens. Because of trash such as the McCains, Bidens, Liebermans et al, a very powerful minutia. Still, if not for “leaders” of the lowest caliber, the “invented” land of the free and the dead-from-the-neck-up citizens could never have spread their evil across the globe by force-feeding the Central Banks to them. This sewer, along with it’s satellites maintains hundreds of combat ready bases with “our boys” ready and willing to do their will should a people try to throw off same. I think this and this alone give the tribe all the money and power they need to buy/kill anyone who opposes them. One can only dream of completing the “Madagascar Option” which would have allowed us to cut the parasite out in a humane way and allowed them to harmlessly, (for the “Goim” at least), feed off of each other right into extinction. Think of a world w/o war, evil, perversion rapacious greed. Could that one event have ended it all? Hardly, but it would have been a very large step in the right direction.

      1. Madagascar is home to the world’s lemurs, a 60,000,000 year old species of primates that live nowhere else. Why would you wish this fate upon the poor, innocent lemurs?

    2. @ Michael. “The jews, Israel, and Mossad are behind every major terrorist event.”

      Directly or indirectly they are. I haven’t read any article about this terrible loss of life, but instinct tells me jews were behind this tragedy. Even if they weren’t directly involved, it has been their policy to divide and conquer nations with an influx of Muslims into Europe aka Barbara Lerner Spectre who is financed by powerful and rich jews, one being Viatcheslav Moshe Kantor who both Hollande and Putin (sorry Lobro) support and admire.

      It really is problem, reaction, solution. The jews cause the problem, the jewish media get the reaction from the populations and the Government then goes into a State of Emergency, lockdown and war with a perceived threat.

      Just like in 1984, the wars were designed to divert the resources of Nations into something that would be of absolutely no benefit to it’s citizens, keeping us in a complete state of jewish slavery.

  2. A neat summation. Lasha is quick on the draw! Before the dust has even settled, she’s figured it all out! This is ISIS’s doing. 🙂

    I’m not sure if she is advocating this theory herself or if she is simply presenting and interpreting Dick Eastman’s original hypothesis. In any case, this is an interesting theory. And certainly plausible.

    I can’t see Mossad agents as suicide bombers. Jews are not known for strapping explosives round their waists and blowing themselves up. Self-sacrifice of that order requires a modicum of courage. So it’s more or less certain that ISIS fanatics are the culprits here, men to whom death in a “noble cause” is not a problem.

    The big question, which LD does not tackle head-on but only hints at darkly, is whether ISIS’s American-Israeli “sponsors” engineered this spectacular series of events from behind the scenes. That question remains unanswered. You are welcome to suspect it, but prove it you cannot.

  3. The inside word is that this terror attack in France is revenge by Israel for France’s recognition of Palestine.

    1. @Ann P. “The inside word is that this terror attack in France is revenge by Israel for France’s recognition of Palestine. ” No way. It’s much deeper than that. The French Government is another ZOG Government.

      If Jews are involved it’s because the French population (not the Government) are becoming “jew-wise”. Many French jews have left France for israel. Hollande like Sarkozy are working with the jewish financial terrorists, not against them

  4. The confirmation that Jew is behind will come when Avatar gloats:
    Bwahahaha goy crackers, look at what my brave ISIS brothers did, I doff my turban to them … woops, what’s that yarmulke doing underneath, shom mishtake der.

  5. “According to our correspondent Dick Eastman, a seasoned observer of the political scene, this entire series of events could only have been orchestrated by ISIS.”

    “ONLY” ISIS…. the ‘come lately thugs..??

    I say… No matter the ‘acronym du jour’….. it could ONLY have been orchestrated by those with enough money to pay the mercenaries. Putin stated that much. He knows they take money from the highest bidder. This has been going on for centuries.

  6. Is this the beginning of the Jewish lockdown? Hey Goy do something.

    We don’t need no Hol’hoax education.
    We don’t need no thought control.
    No dark Zionism in the classroom.
    Hey, Leechers, leave them Goy alone.
    All in all you’re just another yid at the Wall.
    All in all you’re just another yid at the Wall

  7. Does Lasha not consider the possibility that this was a false flag attack, just like the Charlie Hebdo attack was one? (with complicity of the French government).

    If ISIS would want to take revenge for being “double crossed” an American target would be more probable.

    It is not even sure if real people died, both from the public and from the “terrorists”. It could very well be a hoax with no real victims like the Boston bombing and Sandy Hook. If no real dead bodies are shown we should become suspicious.

    Suppose this was indeed a false flag by the usual suspects, we’ll have to ask the question : cui bono? Well, the US role in “fighting ISIS” in Syria, but in reality arming it and bombing Syrian infrastructure, is practically over due to Russia’s intervention. If the US wants its policy in Syria to be continued it needs to find a “proxy” and that would be France. But France, at least its public, first needs to be “motivated” to accept a full scale military intervention in Syria, hence this timely “terrorist attack”.

    The real culprits behind this all are of course the “Chosen Ones” who want Syria to be destroyed according to the Oded Yinon Plan. As always it is : cherchez le Juif.

    1. @ Franklin Ryckaert

      “Does Lasha not consider the possibility that this was a false flag attack, just like the Charlie Hebdo attack was one? (with complicity of the French government).”

      Of course I don’t rule out this possibility. As they say in high circles, “All options are on the table.” Remember that the hastily put together article above is subtitled “First reaction.” It is simply my attempt to present Dick Eastman’s theory that these events can be seen as an act of revenge by ISIS against its double-crossing sponsors. I am certainly not advocating this theory myself or trying to thrust it upon other people as the only explanation. By all means feel free to entertain other possibilities! 🙂

      When I went to bed last night, I did so in complete ignorance that these events had taken place. When I woke up this morning, the news hit me like a thunderclap. I have still not had time to read a single article on the subject, so I have no theories of my own.

      I thinks we can take it for granted that what the media tells us within the next few days about these sensational events is likely to be as divorced from reality as their accounts of 9/11 in its immediate aftermath: all sensational froth and propaganda in which the only beneficiaries will be the Architects of Evil — the people who lie to us on principle.

      The really interesting question is: what happens next?

      1. @ LD
        @ Franklin Ryckaert

        I’ve just seen the 23-minute PressTV video included in the article above. In this video, Pepe Escobar confirms both possibilities suggested by Lasha and Ryckaert in their comments. Pepe says of the Paris attacks: “It’s either BLOWBACK or FALSE FLAG.”

        These are the two main alternatives:

        BLOWBACK ( = Isis’s revenge for being double-crossed by its Western sponsors) or FALSE FLAG ( = planned and engineered by the US, Israel and Usreal Zog’s Nato puppets).

      2. @DARLINGTON

        I have seen that Press TV video too. It was said that a terrorist attack on such a big scale is only possible with cooperation of the French security services, which leaves only one possibility open : false flag .

      3. @ Franklin Ryckaert

        It certainly looks like a false flag. At no time did I, or for that matter Lasha, argue that it was anything else. We merely stated what Pepe Escobar said in his interview with PressTV: “It is either blowback or false flag.”

        Meaning that most people will see it as blowback (as is indeed the case in the unenlightened msm) but that a small minority will see it as false flag (which is the case on dissident internet sites like this).

        Take comfort from the fact that what most people believe is invariably wrong. Which is why we have democracy. 🙂

        1. Personally, I go along with “Saker’s” evaluation of this event;

          According to his short article, someone had shouted “for Syria!” prior to opening fire and of course, a Syrian passport was found conveniently nearby (kind of reminds one of the Charlie Hebdo event). France has declared this to be an act of war and this allows NATO to enter into the picture. France has sent its only carrier to the Middle East- most likely to Syria.Putin’s intervention into the Syrian situation obviously angered the NeoCons greatly. A false-flag seems more likely than the idea that the CIA lost control of its ISIS mercenaries.

      4. @ LD

        The Tomato Bubble (an excellent anti-NWO website) has the following pictures of the cover of the (Rothschild owned) magazine The Economist of January 2015 :

        and a detail :

        with the following comment :

        “The two numbered arrows from the controversial ‘The World in 2015’ Economist Magazine cover (January 2015) unscramble into 11.13.15. The portrait-painting near the arrows is DaVinci’s ‘La Belle Ferronnière’ — housed in the Louve in Paris. Behind little Alice in Wonderland is what could be an abandoned soccer ball (football) — which may symbolize the internationally televised France-Germany soccer match that was interrupted by the attacks.”

        We are no more so naive as to believe in “coincidence”. This is a symbolic hint that Big Jewry is behind this attack and that it was planned at least 11 months ago. The Jews did the same with symbolic hints at the 9/11 attacks. It is their modus operandi.

        1. @ Franklin Ryckaert

          If you are suggesting that I am contradicting you in any way, I would suggest that you reread my initial response to you.

          You write: “Does Lasha not consider the possibility that this was a false flag attack, just like the Charlie Hebdo attack was one? (with complicity of the French government).”

          To this I responded:

          Of course I don’t rule out this possibility. As they say in high circles, “All options are on the table.” Remember that the hastily put together article above is subtitled “First reaction.” It is simply my attempt to present Dick Eastman’s theory that these events can be seen as an act of revenge by ISIS against its double-crossing sponsors. I am certainly not advocating this theory myself or trying to thrust it upon other people as the only explanation. By all means feel free to entertain other possibilities! 🙂

          In what way can this possibly be construed as disagreement with you on this issue?

          1. I am not saying you are wrong. You are probably right. At no point have I stated any contrary viewpoint or put forward any theory of my own.

      5. Further comment on the pictures of the cover of The Economist of January 2015 at Tomato Bubble is :

        Little Alice in Wonderland (the masses) turns her attention away from the ball to the ongoing geo-political freak-show.

        You will also notice Angela Merkel making the Illuminati triangle over a button on her jacket (the Illuminati eye), the Globe divided against itself (East vs West), a game called ‘Panic’ with “Federal Reserve’ written on it (in tiny letters), the turtle that symbolizes the Fabian Socialist Society, Alice in Wonderland symbolizing the fake world of ‘the rabbit hole’, and a nuclear device detonating.

      6. @ Franklin. You’re correct. The 2015 front cover of the Economist cannot be a co-incidence.

        “The two numbered arrows from the controversial ‘The World in 2015’ Economist Magazine cover (January 2015) unscramble into 11.13.15. The portrait-painting near the arrows is DaVinci’s ‘La Belle Ferronnière’ — housed in the Louve in Paris. Behind little Alice in Wonderland is what could be an abandoned soccer ball (football) — which may symbolize the internationally televised France-Germany soccer match that was interrupted by the attacks.”

      7. @LD

        I understand your point and I don’t construe it as a disagreement in any way.

        This latest information from the Tomato Bubble only serves as extra support for the false flag idea.

        Kind regards.

      8. Yep.. Franklin…. Economist started in 1843.

        Sir Evelyn and Lynn de Rothschild own the “Economist” through E.L. Rothschild LLC since 2003.

        In 1972 Sir Evelyn de Rothschild was appointed chairman.

        In 1992 The Economist Shop opens in Regent Street, London.

        The Group acquires an interest in Roll Call, the leading publication in Congressional news and analysis that was founded in Washington, DC in 1955.The remaining equity was acquired in 1993.

        In 1994 The Group sets up a printing company, Redhouse Press.

        The Economist Group
        Location: London, United Kingdom

        Overview: The Economist Group is the leading source of analysis on international business and world affairs. Brands within the Economist Group include the Economist, CQ Roll Call, European Voice, EuroFinance and the Ideas People Channel.

      9. An explanation of the symbolism on the cover of The Economist, January 2015 can be found at : The Vigilant Citizen, January 8, 2015 : The Economist 2015 Cover is Filled With Cryptic Symbols and Dire Predictions :,d.d2s

        I think the tortoise in the foreground, by Vigilant Citizen rightly identified as a symbol of Fabianism which wants to introduce “socialism” slowely in the world, together with the picture of a super modern race car means : “what was planned by the Fabians in the past to be introduced slowely, now will be introduced quickly” i. e. the totalitarian NWO.

      10. Franklin, thanks for that vigilant citizen link.
        I was immediately struck by the overall timbre of that sinister cover and its resemblance in tone to the now famous 1972 rothschild illuminati ball, also discussed by the vigilant citizen.
        More pictures of that disturbing event can be found on internet.

        I believe in symbolism, if for no reason other than the fact the satanic elites believe in it, observe it zealously and are bound by its occult rules.
        it is as close as they get to the real religious spirit – the black magic.

        Consider that in all the old tales of occult, Christopher Marlowe’s and Goethe’s Faust, Tchaikovsky’s Queen of Spades opera, demonology of vampirism to name a few, all require that the demon be invited by the curious and clueless host in order to enter and through its dark charms strike the Devil’s deal with the victim – promise of the temporal, earthly power and prosperity, though it be the near immortality of the undead in exchange for the eternal, ethereal soul.

        But the essence is that this is one time when the devil is bound by rules of honor and honesty, so that the hapless yet deserving victim is bound by the same principles and cannot cheat his way out of the final settlement.

        Note: in its commentary to the Illuminati dance, the Vigilant says it has no clue what the turtles represent.
        Well, it answered its own question in the analysis of the Economist cover.

      11. Moreover, continuing on this theme – have I ever been known to apply brakes when barreling along a tangent? – I want to include Kol Nidre into this category of Devil’s special deals, “available today at a low, low price of only $1.99!”.

        Kol NIdre is the one, single time in a calendar year when Jew is bound by truthfulness, because he is renewing a contract with Devil, the Lord of Lies.
        And on this day of atonement, he solemnly and truthfully pledges that he will never, ever, so help him his demonic deity, honor a pledge, oath or promise to anyone else, because his G-d is a jealous G-d, isn’t he?
        So even at the time of annual lease renewal, he apologizes for having to speak this one time truth.
        Or should he by error, omission or by force of an existential threat, utter a single truth in the remaining part of the year, he begs Devil’s indulgence in advance, thus the atonement part.

        G-d, the unGod, the divine core gutted out, left to rot and fermented, turn black and be consumed at the Rothschild’s Illuminati Ball dinner table in revolting mockery of the Consecration of the Holy Eucharist.

        Just as the truth shall make you free, the lie binds you to the master forever.

      12. Symbolism is the secret language of the Satanists (tho not exclusively theirs, it is a valuable form for all spiritual pursuits because it allows the saying of the unsayable), since it allows them to speak the loathed yet requisite truth and moreover, it let’s them exult in their ability to concoct and join secret dots in plain view of the blind and deluded.

        After all, the true power of these witchdoctors is in the esoteric knowledge and ability to communicate directly with ever deepening levels of our unconscious, thereby deceiving and avoiding the conscious safeguards – not that many of those are left in our degraded society, which performs as if in trance by Dr Mesmer, the illusionist of old with his swooning society ladies.

      13. All these acts of terror by the wannabe masters of life upon the haplessly unsuspecting public are a form of hypnotic communication.

        They are spinning a matrix of enslavement surrounding us like a venomous spider (well, they all are, aren’t they) spins a cocoon that traps and immobilizes the victim for the slow degustation of a formerly human biomass.

      14. @ LD

        Mike King is a genius!

        Regarding Tomato Bubble’s: “The two numbered arrows from the controversial ‘The World in 2015’ Economist Magazine cover (January 2015) unscramble into 11.13.15. The portrait-painting near the arrows is DaVinci’s ‘La Belle Ferronnière’ — housed in the Louve in Paris. Behind little Alice in Wonderland is what could be an abandoned soccer ball (football) — which may symbolize the internationally televised France-Germany soccer match that was interrupted by the attacks.”

        Someone (perhaps the Darkmoon site/entity) MUST make a report to the Metropolitan Police about this fore-knowledge on the part of Rothschild’s “Economist.” All complaints as a policy must be investigated and given a file number. The complainant can be anonymous; just make sure you record the time and date of your complaint in order to follow-up the complaint and get a file/case number later, if you can’t get a file/case number immediately. The response or rather the lack of response from the police will be highly damning and dynamite for a featured article here. Such an article would put this site on the map, as they say, if it isn’t already.

  8. Surely the time is fast approaching when the citizens of the world coordinate to overthrow their ZOGs. Better sooner than later I reckon. If the rage has too much time to foment the perpetrators may literally be ripped to shreds.

    1. Been half listening to Aperture on Press TV, whilst doing other things, and am amazed. It is about Spain`s Podemos, which started small, with only thirteen members, and has grown to become Spain`s third party, with no funds, other than donations from followers. The only pause I had, was when it was said that the leader is tight with Greece`s Tsipras, I`m still uncertain about his policies, but he may be playing for time..

  9. Its really frustrating that after all these mini september elevens, sinai, Jordan and Paris when the leaders of countries such as England, France and the U.S. go up to the microphones they never say something like “we must solve the puzzle, we must find out the reasons behind these senseless attacks, like the Palestinian Problem like the unjust regimes some of us, for special interests, maintain in those countries, regimes like Assad in Syria, al sisi in Egypt and abdullah in both Jordan and KSA that drive their citizens to insanity etc” they dont! I am sure if netanyahoo was to go to Paris right now they would roll the red carpet for that sonofabitch; and if one of their “analysts” would even dare start saying the word “palest…” He would get a “you are fired!” In return right there.. The Politicians in charge in france are covering their asses right now singing la marselleisa etc waiting for time to go by so they can go home drink some cognac and people will lay flowers at the place where all those kids died etc many not even knowing it was their goverment’s attack of two days ago on an isis oil site in syria that prompted this retaliation. Besides, Whats a hundred and fifty dead people after all? They want to reduce the world’s population to about half, remember? Daesh is not just a group of five crazy towel heads; it represents the frustrations of the youth in more than 1.5 billion people. A people who when treated unjustly resort to jihad. The only thing that has prevented the situation from getting really serious is that ISIS has not gotten access to nukes technology; when or if they do is when the fireworks will really start if the situation in Syria and Palestine continue the way it has…
    Paris today, Sinai yesterday; @ Palestine and Syria Everyday

  10. First the shooting down of the Russian airliner now this. Nato resents Russia cleaning out Isis (Israeli Secret Intelligence Service) and now with the sheep bleating for revenge they have a valid excuse to put boots on the ground in Syria. They want Russia out, they’re standing in the way of expansion for Greater Israel, and as an added bonus the displaced muslims will immigrate to European countries.

    1. Well said, Karen. You express in a few choice words the essence of the situation. The overall plan is to swamp Europe with Muslim migrants so that Europe will soon have to adopt a new name: Eurostan.

      America, watch out!

      It’s your turn next.

    2. Your simple and concise analysis of the situation is good! It certainly makes all the sense in the world, when we consider the facts as they stand. ‘ISIS’/Daesh is merely a Zonist jewish CONstruct. Sent in to initiate ‘Regime Change’ and destabilazation in Nations that do not kowtow to the interests of Organized jewry, i.e. The IMF, NATO, Rothschild ‘Central Bank$’ and their minions.

  11. ADMIN TOBY: Maybe I ought to delete this idiotic comment which I’ve just seen in our spam folder. But here it is. Please don’t take it seriously. The guy who writes this has to be a certified lunatic. He has sent in about TEN long comments today, each of which is crazier than the last. 🙂

    In the meantime, the “jew-wise” “wise to the ways of the lying jews” Incogman is blaming the Muslims for the Paris attacks, as if “jew-wise” Incogman never heard of jew false flag attacks, and likewise the arab jew “Andrew Anglin” is also blaming the Muslims for the Paris attacks, yet another “jew wise” one. Of course, Emerick is blaming the Muslims, I’m quite sure, the jews are totally innocent to emerick who is “opposed” to the NWO.

    The jews have nothing to do with manifesting the NWO, as per emerick. NOOR is lauding jews who “revert” to their cousin’s tent, the sagiz arabs ; jew Lasha dons a takfiri Muslim Mohammedan burqa on her jew head as she looks out at her readers with the NWO One Eye of Horus, and her boyfriend the arab jew Mega-Habiru “Mark Glenn” who is supposedly some sort of “White” “American” “Amish-type Christian” is pissed-off Putin showed up in Syria and pissed-off so many Syrians left Europe to go back to Syria [ though he can’t come out and say that publicly].

    How the Mega-Habiru [ and his beloved bore NOOR ] LOVE IT that Europe is being overrun with Muslims/ Mohammedans. I’m sure the TWO bitches [ Noor and Lasha ] are very upset some Muslims went back to Syria. As flooding Europe with Muslims/Mohammedans is one THE MAIN PILLARS of the jew NWO the TWO bitches feign to be opposed to, as they celebrate Europe being over run with Muslims/Mohammedans [for the benefit of the jew NWO, but that goes unsaid of course] . Of course, the TWO bitches pretend to like Putin, but they really hate his guts for he interfered with another one of THE MAIN PILLARS of the jew NWO, taking over Syria for the benefit of the jew NWO. How the TWO must hate it some Muslims are leaving Europe and going back to Syria.

    That Mark Glenn and NOOR and Lasha LOVE IT that Europe is being over run with Muslims/Mohammedans, a MAIN PILLAR OF THE JEW NWO,that means ipso facto, the three LOVE everything about the jew now, and ispo facto means the three hate PUTIN for interfering and upsetting one of the main pillars of the NWO. Eat Putin’s Russian Bear shit, you three cunts.

    Oh wait. Make it 4 cunts. Your dubby dick never had one word to say about Islam or Muslims, that is, until Putin showed up on the scene in Syria. If one only had dubby as a source of information and knowledge, one would never know there was any such thing as Islam or Muslims, until Putin showed up in Syria that is. All-of-sudden, dubby dick mentioned Muslims and mentioned Islam, but only to blame Islam and blame Muslims for the problems of the world. The very second Putin showed up in Syria, dubby decides he needs to mention the world of Islam and needs to denigrate the world of Islam, though he never mentioned anything about Islam before Putin showed up on the scene in Syria. Before Putin, the world of Islam didn’t even exist for dubious “ascended master”. “master” of diddly squat shit is dubby dick a “master” of.

    Another cunt, so make that 4 cunts. No wait, make it 5 cunts, for your “MadJewess-Shelly Rubin-‘Karen’-‘Ingrid'” is a fuckin’ jew bovine cow cunt also, that’s for sure. All you cunts got Putin’s shit all over your jew faces, and I couldn’t be happier.

    Thank God for Putin, I’m sure you’ll all agree, LMFAO!!!!

  12. Roberts weighs in with his expertise on the 1113 Paris massacre.

    One comment I find interesting reads—

    “I shall also add here the Bible brainwashing again – everything you say that the Jew has done to steal from us has been done through the Bible – give to the poor – share with your neighbor – love your neighbor – love your enemy – give to charity (while they control it) – and so on – EVERYTHING the JEW has done was against us – EVERYTHING in the Bible has been done to destroy us. Everything… and it is so obvious, it makes me mad.”

    What do you think? Is the Christian religion a psychological plot against the superior, viciously hated blond bloodline?

    1. “they can kill christ, they invented him, so says their Talmud”

      Anyone have a reference for this–where in the Talmud it says they invented Christ?

  13. Firstly these attacks were controlled, perhaps by Nato-Gladio.
    If it was just ISIS nutters the body count would have been higher, plus they would not have announced a
    threat the day before.
    As usual Lasha and the comment folk have it correct.

  14. All the alternate, free media that I have seen posit this event as a false flag. WRH, Paul Craig Roberts and so on! It’s given the Hollande (who is Jewish) regime a perfect excuse to impose martial law in Paris and declare a state of emergency. Even De Gaulle, back in 1962, countering the OAS, didn’t take such a step. Although the Intelligence Services have plausible deniability in this drama, any reasonable person with a knowledge of previous false flags, such as the Lavon Affair, the USS Liberty, Operation Gladio, 9/11, Charlie Hebdo etcetera, can only infer that this is indeed a false flag. The modus operandi of governments under Jewish hegemony should be patently obvious by now, even to the most purblind fool.

    1. @Felix, that`s the way I heard it too, and that the areas under lock down, are populated mainly with Muslims..

    2. I tend toward false flag, and that people were shot, the one thing I am having trouble believing is that the perps blew themselves up..

  15. Is this more of the chosen and their hangers-on thinking they have to go faster and faster because more and more people are waking up. I do not know.

    The folowing points are in my mind and I cannot compute their meaning.

    1) Refugee flood to Europe – (i believe this is an engineered event to destroy Europe and its gene pool)
    2) Citizens of Europe react to this. Many European governments build physical barriers to keep people out. One side efeect is that mutterings that the EUSSR will be destroyed (If only).
    3) The ultra PC Sweden and occupied Reich introduce border controls
    4) In the wake of the attack in Paris, France also institutes Border controls
    5) 3 and 4 work against the purpose of 1 (although who knows whether Border controls are really in place and that their announcement by traitor governments was merely a psyop to calm people down.
    6) Regarding paris – is there yet a coherent narrative. Why was the death toll so high? Pepe Escobar told of a figure in black picking one person off after another. Did the blood turn brown or remain bright red as in the Boston bombing.

    I hope many of these points (and I bet you all also have valid questions) will be addressed over the coming days.

    What I hope is that researchers do just that (ie do the research) before jumping to conclusions.

    1. You make some good points – a concise and not impossible-to-believe analysis. I’m not sure #1 is an engineered event, though – rather just an after-all-the-wars “benefit”.

      Me, I think that all parties involved are out of control, that they themselves don’t know what is coming around the corner and what they will do next. They may be making it up as they go along. The spiral of act and react is moving inwards and faster.

  16. Did we all forget that Syria was once a French colony?, Also this is another big excuse to go boots on the ground
    in Iraq an Syria. They want to go total George W Bush on this Hebdo
    repeat(I did not like the first movie).
    Mr Putin will clip their IS wings real soon.

  17. I bet when Monday rolls around, everyone in Washington will shouting “We must have boots in Syria!!”. Today and tomorrow will be reserved so Washington can pretend Washington is in mourning for what happened in Paris. I bet AIPAC, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and so many others, are a lot happier about what happened in Paris then they’ll ever let on. The kicker will be when Hillary starts crying and complaining about Muslim terrorism, even though she did so much to help destroy Libya, the wall that stood between Europe and the hordes of North Africa and Sub Sahara Africa : The very same ZOG-mites in Washington crying the most about Muslim terrorism are the very ones who did everything they could to flood Europe with Muslims via creating war refugees in countries ZOG waged war against [ all based on LIES and NOTHING but LIES ], and they don’t seem to be too opposed to Muslim immigration into the USA either. We’re being encouraged to simultaneously distrust and hate Muslims as we’re encouraged to accept them into our White lands and treat them as respected equals. [ Or, really, formerly White lands is more correct ]. Washington, supposedly so concerned about terrorism, still hasn’t closed the borders to the USA, 14 years after 911. But NO, Muslims didn’t do 911 and they didn’t do yesterday’s terrorist mayhem in Paris. Jews did both, that’s for sure. If it turns out a jew died in yesterday’s Paris shootings, we’ll never hear the end of it, *yawn*.

  18. Hilary Clinton’s big time supporter (oops forgot name but a pretty blonde woman) said that it was a mistake to fund “those moderate Islamic groups” in Syria that turned out to be “not so moderate” There does seem to be a growing awareness (agh a bid too late) of the U.S. funding the “wrong” group of radicals. Now someone is going to have to tell Trump (if he should beat Hilary) which of the radical groups to bomb into smithereens. But as you correctly point out it probably was an orchestrated event anyway. These orchestrated events are becoming so common they sadden but have lost their shock power. And it seems that any event can be traced to some perceived injury to a certain group of elite money people. Maybe the invasion of Europe in general could be punishment for not sufficiently loving Israel–I haven’t read that but it has occurred to me. Even in my most intimate relationship I have to watch my mouth when it comes to “the global victims”–can’t say that word because it is such a bad thing. Sometimes I have to ask anyway why in this secular age the ordinary non-money Jews protect their brutal elite. Of course, what nonsense am I talking about???

    Recently I had a strange encounter. I was in Atlanta for an event, and staying in the Super 8 motel. I ended up riding down an elevator with this woman who asked me what I was doing and I told her. She said to me that I was being political… too political… because I had named Blacks as the victims of the CDC vaccination program. Why not whites? Then she gave me a big lecture on the whites being victims of the Jews. You are a coward she told me because you are a white woman and you are not standing up for whites. I knew in my heart she was right. It is easier to stand up for Blacks than for Whites. I am a coward. But then how do you fight these nebulous power forces that pull strings behind the scenes. At least Islamic people should wake up and not fall for any radical group funded by U.S. and Israeli power. They should instead reach out to the native French people in solidarity and friendship, just as Blacks and Whites have to wake up to the reality that they have a common enemy. Wake up to divide and conquer…as long as we stay divided they win.

  19. I’ve just seen this now Lasha, as I do not view the msm in any of its many forms. Now Friday 13th has been hijacked by the Jews, a day that will now forever be remembered with Islamic terror. People didn’t initially know the reason behind why Friday the 13th was an unlucky day (execution of Knights Templar under the rule of King Phillipe in France for herecy as well as to stop their growth in power and wealth) and now even more so.

    While Paris counts the dead, the west continues to allow the flood of immigrants in from everywhere EXCEPT Syria, who as predicted cause chaos through theft, intimidation and rape. At least the Polish are seeing sense, along with other former Soviet lands. Sadly though, most of Europe is now filled with western created, Islamic terrorists, just waiting to mow down the local population. And of course, as they do, the people will foment more and more hatred for Islam as they are driven to support Israel and its continuing slaughter of Palestinians in its drive for Greater Israel.

    And so it begins……
    I imagine that this will be the start in a long line of similar attacks throughout the west, in all major cities throughout Europe and America. If you let the ‘fox in the hen house’ albeit a Mossad created one, then you’re going to have to expect slaughter. And regardless the people will continue supporting the left-right political paradigm, ignoring nationalist organisations. This event should see masses of support for Marie Le Pen’s national front, but it won’t. The msm will continue its brainwashing of the public into supporting whom it deems.

    1. These four interesting comments about the Paris killings were sent to me by my Indian correspondent Syed. They come from


      At this time I’m very much inclined to believe it did not happen,
      so I guess it’s a different kind of false flag, perhaps a fake flag.
      But yeah, on the grounds that it’s a hoax, the term false flag will do for now, and I’ll vote according.

      michael mazur

      11/14/2015 – 01:44


      What’s not there that should be there?!


      I still haven’t seen one cell phone video of anything during the concert, either before or during the attack. I find it difficult to believe that not one video has made it onto the internet.

      I’ve been to a few concerts myself, and instead of a sea of lighters — like in the past – it’s a sea of smartphone screens. What is missing here??

      I know damn well that I would record and upload it — or at least air it live on Periscope.

      11/13/2015 – 19:29


      It’s Early Yet for Tape


      Tomorrow and it will be raining video.

      11/13/2015 – 20:51


      I don’t believe that.


      The internet publishes itself. Anything that we have to wait for until tomorrow is network programming. Did we have to wait for Ferguson?

      11/13/2015 – 21:30

      1. Lasha,

        Regardless whether it did happen or it was a false flag, the msm will promote Islamic terror now having reached mainland Europe and that the terror is here. There’s no doubt in my mind that this was orchestrated by western security services, along with Mossad/ISIS as it steps up its war on terror. They have to institute terror amongst the civilians in order to be further able to pursue their plans of war on Islam and creating a one world government and state.

      2. …. LD

        I don’t always agree with Jim Stone, but he quite rightly says

        “WHERE ARE THE CELL PHONE VIDEOS? Ok, I did not look for photos, but the description was that it was all “apocalyptic,” so we ought to be able to see an apocalypse. From people’s cell phones. Come on now, we can’t trust the media after all those fake ISIS beheadings, I want to see cell phone video from a $29 verykool cell phone, or some other sub $50 piece of pre paid crap. Thousands of people saw this, and I know not everyone has an Iphone. Let’s see it if this was real. Let’s see the blurry shaky cell phone video .There were over 1000 people at that concert, all of them with cell phones. At least 50 would have been shooting video when the attacks happened.”

      3. A few years ago, I was at an Elkie Brooks concert on the Scottish border, and no-one was allowed to film the event..

  20. Oh Vey ! The next chapter of WW3 is about to be written !
    A Battle With No Front
    “.. Welcome to World War III – a global conflict with unlimited battlefronts. We, as people of the world, are all caught in the middle in this disaster. We see that our universe is crumbling, we want peace, yet we don’t even know who the enemy is.
    For some of us, this recent escalation is not a surprising development. We have been writing about it for years. We have been scrutinising the disastrous impact of the matrix of Ziocon immoral interventionist lobbies that have been relentlessly advocating more and more conflicts. The CRIF in Paris, CFI in London and AIPAC in Washington all push for escalation of the battle against Arabs and Muslims in accordance with the Israeli plan for a new Middle East.”

  21. @Shadowcaster, are you suggesting people resort to vigilante justice, taking out ZOG thugs like they took out Kennedy? What are you suggesting? What in your mind is the solution? People keep waiting. Waiting buys the powers that be more time to execute their tyranny.

    1. JPOWER,

      I fail to see where there was any suggestion made in my statement as to taking ANY actions, such as “vigilante justice”, as you stated. You seem to be reading something else into it. Perhaps you should read it again.

      I will certainly agree with you, however, that waiting is solving nothing. If you’re looking for long-term solutions to the World’s number one problem, then that would be to abolish their criminal central banking system — worldwide. As to short-term solutions to the problems the World is facing (such as yesterday’s events), I don’t know that any even exist. These are problems that should should never have been allowed to progress to the point they have.

    1. The Times of Israel reports the Bataclan Theatre’s previous Jewish owner who sold the venue on Sept 11 2015! and emigrated to Israel, took a call (In Israel) from someone in the club whilst the massacre was taking place!

      Pascal Laloux, one of the theater’s former owners, said Saturday that the theater was “sold in September after 40 years.”

      “We’re devastated because we knew everyone who worked there,” he told Israel’s Channel 2 news.

      His brother Joel, the co-owner, told Channel 2 that they sold the theater on September 11, and he recently immigrated to Israel. He said he took a call from the theater at the time of the attack “and I could hear the gunfire.”

      1. Kind of a “Larry Silverstein” connection !
        Gosh, this is becoming more and more obvious !

  22. It isn`t only Arthur`s case which is taking a back seat, as someone pointed out on Press TV earlier, there was a horrific bombing in Lebanon a couple of days ago, but, the victims of that were Muslim, not “white”..

  23. With all due respect to Arthur, the Jews wouldn’t want to distract from publicizing his trial, they would want to magnify the result and shout to the world about the court proving he was a big bad anti-Semite. So the events in Paris wouldn’t have been devised to knock Arthur out of the spotlight. What these events WOULD be trying to obscure would be the Israeli missile shoot down of the Russian airliner over the Sinai, a dastardly act that potentially could ignite World War 3. Except for me and Gordon Duff (I never thought I’d say that), this bit of news has practically disappeared from the world’s new package. There was no trace of it on Google last time I looked.

    Second point: If ISIS (ISIL, DAESH etc.) is responsible for this bloody circus in Paris, the actuality of this situation must be interpreted in the following manner. Since it is more than well known that the U.S. and Israel have been covertly supporting ISIS (actually they created it from its beginning), the situation in Paris — if it is not a complete false flag as the Charlie Hebdo “attack” was — is actually an attack on France and its citizens by the United States and Israel, with the complicity of French intelligence. In other words, a false flag attack whether any people are dead or not.

    Third point: ever since I sent out my most recent story (“Slaughter is a Jewish sport”, which is posted elsewhere on this site) I have been victimized by a spam attack which has left me unable to send any emails, which is why I haven’t commented on this matter earlier.

  24. gladio a mossad dance and arts project.
    Netanyahu to French, European Jews after Paris attacks: Israel is your home
    If we ignore terror, Paris attack will just be the beginning.
    “During his trial, Vincenzo Vinciguerra revealed … a darker aim behind the bombings, namely to inculcate a climate of fear among the general populace. This was known as the ‘strategy of tension’ which was intended to generate a pervasive sense of fear which would encourage the population to appeal to the state for protection.”

    A high-ranking judicial police chief in Limoges committed suicide last Wednesday hours after being asked to file a report on the Charlie Hebdo killings, it has emerged.

    Helric Fredou, 45, the deputy director of the regional judicial police in Limoges turned his gun on himself last Wednesday night,

    U.S. ‘reasonably certain’ drone strike killed ISIS mouthpiece ‘Jihadi John’

    Hollande calls Paris attacks an ‘act of war’ by ISIL syria

    The authenticity of the video has yet to be verified

    Netanyahu Orders Israeli Security, Intel Agencies to Assist France in Wake of Paris Attacks
    By way of deception we do what we wilt

    Israel stands ‘shoulder to shoulder’ with France in battle against terrorism, PM says; Israel asks French authorities to beef up security around Israeli and Jewish centers in France, will beef up security at its embassy.

    MOSSAD will head the “investigation” instead the Paris Gendarmerie. Je suis charle

    1. Interesting what they’re doing. This is being used to allow even greater Zionist entrenchment in European affairs, giving the brainwashed world the impression that Zionism and Europe and the West are one and the same in the fight against Islam.

    1. As I said a few days ago, some of these single males are esconsed in a small town not too far from here. We are to receive two Syrian families, but, naturally, elderly people are worried..

  25. wow I see things clearer after reading your comments you guys; you really are geniouses. This is how it happened : A friend of mine gave me a couple of pills by the name of Diazepam earlier then a young guy – about seventeen- came by while i sat by the house porche, hand me a strange looking cigarette and said “here bro, hit this” then another guy came by and gave me two more pills but these were blue and green; inmediately after that my neighbour called and asked to come by for a couple of beers and i said yes, hey i am a muslim but some beer wont hurt; i went over and one thing led to another and we drank about 24 (each) then i came back to the house and turned on my comnputer and logged in to darkmoon and read all your comments lol it all makes sense now… Lets see: we got the Blow Back theory followed by the classic False flag theory, then there is the Fake flag hipothesis then there is the Smoke and mirrors one which is the one just above that says that NOTHING REALLY HAPPENED even if the msm says it did and even if there are sirens and presidents and popes calling up and offering help ! IT DID NOT HAPPEN! wow this last one is really really closer to the truth than the one that says that “Israel is pissed at Russia because they are in the way of it getting its Greater Israel dream come true so it went and Bombed Paris instead .. This one is… *yawn* *yawnn* burp* zzzzz zzzz

  26. French Jewry is the largest new immigrant wave to Israel; figures more than doubled in 2014 and 10,000 new immigrants are expected in 2015.

    Netanyahu Says Israel Passed Intel to France About Paris Attacks

    At a situation assessment at the Foreign Ministry, the PM reveals that Israel had information relating to those involved in Friday’s attacks on the French capital.

    workers received text messages warning them of the impending 9/11 attack hours ahead of time. The message was specific and precise: Alex Diamandis, vice president of Odigo said, “The messages said something big was going to happen in a certain amount of time, and it did – almost to the minute.” 4000 Israelis were expected at the World Trade Center on 9/11, according to the Israeli foreign ministry and the Jerusalem Post. None of them showed up to work.
    Odigo: Forewarned Israelis to stay away hours before the attack.

    9 and 11
    7 and 7
    talmud events all with built in kosher foreknowledge


  27. The comments about no videos is a giant clue to a false flag. Ingrid, just because videoing an event is forbidden does not mean that everyone threw their phones away. Their phones were in their pockets and still on. All they had to do was take them out of their pocket to video or make a call and a video, a natural reaction today.

    Another clue is the “terrorists” hollering Syria.

    Another clue is in the USA media. They all reported that the guns used were Kalashnikov weapons, obviously a Russian reference. No common person/witness would refer to an AK as an Kalashnikov and, if the weapons were other than AK’s, no one would likely know the brand name of the weapons used. The “intelligence” services were feeding the media.

    The USA media also keeps referring to Syrian immigrants caused by Russia bombing Syria which most thinking people know was/is not the cause.

    One thing is for sure. It is not what the mainstream media is telling everyone. Thinking just the opposite will be much closer to the truth.

    False flag for sure, not blowback. Indirectly blaming the Russians has been built in to the narrative along with the desired fear of Muslims. It’s a two-fer for the CIA, Mossad, and NATO “intelligence.”

    As for what is next, more attacks (false flags) in gun free Europe and maybe the gun free portions of the USA like NYC, CT, MA, NJ, Chicago, or CA. The last thing the false flaggers want is for some armed American(s) blowing away their agent(s) before the mission gets done.

    1. of course they would’v all had android smart ‘phones……so where’s all the fckn mobile ‘phone footage, eh?

      there ain’t any……because it never fucking happened!

      just another BS hoax by TPTB……

      i really hope the i/net “conspiracy theorists” RIP the FUCKING guts outta this 1 ! ☠ ☠ ☠ ☠

    2. The jew controlled msm were also pinning the blame on “islamists” or “jihadis”, sort of verbal finger pointing..

  28. “It is a capital mistake to draw conclusions without closely examining the data”, so to speak. Mr. Eastman is more creditable than mainstream news, and after the Hebdo blatant false flag failure it would be easy to jump to conclusions. It would be most interesting to know how many, if any, jews died in the latest mass murder. It would also be useful to know more about exactly who got killed; killing many to hide the primary intention of the murder of one (or a few) is a possibility. Where the firearms and the perpetrators came from according to the official narrative must always be suspect after the proven treason of Hollande’s government (Murdering an honest policeman to hide the Hebdo crime, the tape in the street because “they’re going to film a movie tomorrow” , the point blank assault rifle filmed phony execution, etc.). The best suggestion is to see Mr. Hollande awaiting trial for his crimes of high treason and murder, along with others, though what ‘they’ intend to replace him with after this latest failure may be quite worse.

  29. {More and more Canadians are checking up on the trial, don’t you worry} Looks like the U.S. Special Operations in Syria forced the trainee’s to retreat and spread-out. Georgian President, Saakashvili publicly warned about sleeping with a “war whore”. “Who invited these innocent deaths…” She’ll scare you by her insane desire for sacrificial slaughter which is why former “virtual Presidents” warn the public to question syndicated tv media’s propaganda prostitutes. “Not only those people who perpetuate them are responsible, but also those people who failed to stop it.”

    1. I’d like to add, if this was blowback, if a few of those French citizens had “Carry permits” this would not have been nearly this bad. Yet again, this is what you get when you surrender the individual’s sovereignty to big brother.

  30. Mourning the dead, we have to ask what’ll be next. This tragedy may mean the end
    of free speech.
    We’ll all be totally obedient now, not dare to speak our minds. So these massacres
    will serve to strengthen government executives with their monopoly on violence (police,
    military) along with big cooperations which are being beefed up under TTIP.
    Soon we won’t even know what’s going on, smartphones being confiscated and so on.
    You notice, the terrorists already obediently leave their seemingly undestructible
    passports at the sites. They won’t burn, but sturdy flight recorders as in Ukraine or
    Egypt always seem to be unusable or at least impaired.
    Mind you, as the Western chiefs deliberate on their next moves, boots on the ground in
    Syria.,,,, more refugees, there might be some voices of caution as well, such as from
    Henry Kissinger croaking from his deathbed with his Bavarian accent: Didn’t I already
    tell you in the 70s in The White House Years, those Syrians are a tough mountain people,
    we better leave them be. Obama and the French have but themselves to blame…
    Pas en mon nom…Je ne suis pas Charlie

  31. Rowan Berkeley at Niqnaq has this revealing eyewitness account by a journalist who was feet away from the shooters (most of it quoted though not all):

    People like you and me. Without masks, with open faces Rather white. The one I saw was very young. He was 20 years old, at most. He had a beard and a small cap on his head. But in the crowd we could not see the terrorist in the man that guided us on the Kalashnikov and ravaged the shops one after the other unhappy people who were in front of him.

    He describes the attackers as people who behaved quite coolly, completely self-possessed. They did not communicate. Each clearly had his specific role in the attack. They methodically shot people in a circular queue, trying to kill as much as possible, and when finished a clip of ammo, changed it with another one. The audience fell to the floor and clung to each other. An eyewitness said:

    It happened the first 3-4 minutes. I was, like hundreds of other people, pressed to the floor. I was lying on the other person or two, that may have saved my life. Some people took advantage of the short moments when the bandits were simultaneously changing their magazine clips to run far away and find some shelter.

    The journalist did not observe any external signs or slogans designed to express what forces belong to the terrorists. The witness believes that their purpose was not to capture hostages. They came to kill as many people as possible. From the first moments of the attack there were many wounded or moribund who begged for their lives, but the bandits coolly finished people with headshots. It was all done methodically, calmly, steadily.

    Clearly the same Israeli jews trained in murdering defenseless innocents in Palestine, children, women and hospital patients.

    I am sure that not a single Jew was killed, that they were all Odigoed away in the days prior.

    Aside from the symbolism of Friday 13th, the fact that the soccer game involved two major central European powers, the backbone of Europe, really, Germany and France was also significant.

    1. @ lobro


      I note that the Niqnaq site has a Greek motto. This reads:

      οἱ θεοὶ πολλοί, οἱ ἄνδρες ὀλίγοι

      My Greek is not very good, but I translate this to mean: “The many gods, the few (or little?) men.” This doesn’t make any sense to me. Am I mistranslating? Can you ask your friend Rowan Berkeley what the Greek means and why he has chosen it as his site motto?

      1. Darlington,

        I do consider Rowan a friend and I think that to an extent he reciprocates.
        But both being pretty headstrong in our convictions, we parted ways as far as online contact goes.
        He runs his blog despotically and the slightest disagreement results in immediate banishment – ask Homer (HP) 🙂
        His views are highly, and I mean highly idiosyncratic so i can only guess at what he means.
        He is not religious in regular sense but believes in mindless, mischievous spirits, that can be harnessed for own purposes, given that they are handled with care and skill.
        He moreover thinks that to some extent he has been able to contact them and make deals with them, though they can be expected to cheat for sake of malicious entertainment.
        Also, he believes that the rabbis have mastered the technique to a high degree of (black) proficiency and it explains their success in the world.
        He equally despises Jews and has grudging respect for them and in fact likes a number of Jewesses, considers them sexy and what not, also likes the Israeli punk rock.
        Has no time for Hitler, Putin and Christ and though he thoroughly scoffs at Holofable, doesn’t like Germans all that much.
        The last I recall, thought that Baruch Spinosa’s views most closely resembled his, likes Marx as an economist but trashes him as a philosopher, is highly interested and for a goy, very knowledgeable of Kabbalah and its various streams, the Lurians, Frankists, etc, thinks Chabad are filthy swine (which they sure are) … etc.

        But that’s Rowan for you, one thing you can never accuse him of is being boring, unimaginative or dense – that he most assuredly ain’t.

        So, in summation, the Greek line would probably mean that there is too much blind faith and not enough brains – for the most part, hard to argue with.

      2. @ lobro

        re your friend Rowan Berkeley

        He is not religious in regular sense but believes in mindless, mischievous spirits, that can be harnessed for own purposes, given that they are handled with care and skill. He moreover thinks that to some extent he has been able to contact them and make deals with them, though they can be expected to cheat for sake of malicious entertainment.

        Thanks for this insight into the mind of your fascinating friend Rowan Berkeley. He seems to be one of those eccentric geniuses who does not suffer fools gladly. I hear through the grapevine (and my own online researches) that he once had a run-in or feud with our equally eccentric hostess LD whom he once mistook for one of these mischievous sprites. He apparently invited LD to meet him at his apartment and when she politely declined or accepted his invitation— I’m not quite sure which — turned against her and tore her to pieces verbally, accusing her of being “a demonically possessed evil spirit” (?) or something similar.

        As a result, LD was subsequently forced to leave the website both were posting on, because she found it impossible to continue posting comments on a website where she was widely regarded as “Satan’s Bride”.

        (So I am told by my online informant).

        I don’t know under what name she was writing under at that time … but here she is now, running her own political blog under the name of “Lasha Darkmoon”. How very strange! 🙂

        Is there any truth in these rumors or have I been misinformed?

        (Toby, please allow this comment and its reply to be published without censorship).

        1. DARLINGTON —

          I don’t feel the need to “censor” your comment because it’s too ridiculous for words. This is the first I’ve heard this nonsense. However, Lobro may know more than I do about this subject and he is perfectly free to respond to your queries in any way he chooses. I am sure he can be trusted to tell the truth, and I know Lasha has nothing to lose. As far as I know, Lasha was just an ordinary commenter in those days on some website or other, posting under the name “Xanadu”. This was her former user name.

        2. Darkmoon, named after the black, dark night hates the “dark ages” of Catholic Europe when Whites had the brains to see clearly that BOTH jews and mohammedans are enemies to the White Race. “Catholic” Lasha’s jew qabalah black darkness is something “spiritually ascendant” but the Catholic “dark ages” were horribly dark, even though there was enough Light during the Catholic “dark ages” for Whites to see a lot more clearer than Whites see nowadays. But “Catholic” Lasha prefers jew qabalah black darkness over true Catholic Light.

          What a jew Lasha is, truly. Her website “Darkmoon” is code word for the jew’s qabalah, but no one who opines here, like lobro, Pat, so many others, “Ingrid”, none of youse Darkmooners knows Darkmoon means “jew qabalah”, lol. And I’m expected to take you all seriously? Really?

          If Lasha and Noor are “Catholics”, I’m “The Emperor of Japan”. Go fuck yourselves.

      3. In fairness to Rowan, I certainly earned my last banning.
        Bannings one-two-three were thrust upon me for reasons of Rowan. The ultimate ban, admittedly, was earned..

        I suggest anyone who revels in (real or imagined) highfalutin discourse, who fancy their intellect as even somewhat developed and who might actually dare believe they entertain thoughts of profound original realization(s) .. please go visit Niqnaq for a casually brutal summation of your (haha) talents. Believe me, this won’t take long..

      4. @ Darlington

        It means : “gods are many, men are few”, or : “there are many gods, (but) few men”.

  32. Are Palestinians ‘Judeophobic’ because they prefer to live around their own people? Why then peddle the self hating liberal ‘Islamaphobia’ when that is precisely the terminology the liberal western establishments use to stigmitize those who oppose their domestic and by extension foreign agendas.

    By nature the majority of people prefer to live with those who are of the same ‘tribal’ affiliation as themselves, whether this be racial or religous.

    I would prefer two Bosnian Muslim over a ‘Christain’ African anyday. Liberal anti-zionists peddle that zionists encourage ‘racism’ when they completely ignore that the whole stigmitization of ‘racists’ (only Whites of course) has a disproportional amount of it’s origins in jewish liberal political radicallism who at the same time support their own quasi-ethno state of Khazarians and Ashkenazi.

  33. One side benefit of flooding Europe with all these young guys is, besides, turning them all into potential rapists of white women, (not easy being a single young male, ostracized stranger in a permissive, despised land) is ethnically purging the spaces claimed under Eretz Yisroel, ie, everything between Nile and Euphrates.

    With just women, old people and children left, it will be like shooting fish in a barrel, something Jews enjoy and are good at.

  34. Quoting from the article:
    EXACTLY. It was obvious that the US was not targeting ISIS until Russia finally intervened and started taking them out. Then the US and NATO, after demonizing the Russians and not wanting to be seen as ISIS sponsor, turned around and joined the hunt.
    ISIS barbarians are now taking brutal revenge for what they view as treason.

  35. hey, on the upside, at least we can now confirm superwoman is real. spotted hanging on to a 2nd storey windowlege while all the shooting and murders were going on in that alley video .wrists of steel that woman

  36. Quite a coincidence that we are seeing a new film adaptation of Percy’s wife famous novel been advertise. No question the Zionist parasite just like Viktor FrankenSTEIN decide to form a creature. Remember what his creation on the book ended up doing to the creator. This is not the first time the impostors come up with such creations inventions. Now the manufactured same mercenaries under the new name of DAESH are sticking it into the rectums orifices of the creators. Does the name of John McCaine rings a bell. Check this one: Check the first photo you will see there. The one with a red circle, Just guess to what tribe he belongs. Abu Bakr what. How about Simon Elliot.

  37. *Breaking news* about ten thousand people who where doing the vigil thing, you know the, by now, routine stuff of going where the people that got killed GOT KILLED, place flowers, drink coffe, smoke cigarettes for free, cry a little, show utter shock and get nice hugs (i used to go and just give the good looking ones mouth to mouth assistance, you will be surprised, only got slapped once by a girl that had bad breath anyways) i was saying that about ten thousand people started a stampede at the vigil after someone ( a french jew probably) called saying something about a bomb that LATER turned out to be a false alarm, but that almost cost a few more lives specially since there are now theories that the train that got derailed in northern france that cost the lives of yet another 10 more people was also a suicide attack! And guess what … The security company that “secured” the Discotheque where the american band “Death something”, (or death whatever) was playing and where a 100 people got bullet sprayed yesterday is the same Israeli company that was in charge of security at the twin towers in New York and also at the mexican burrito restaurant where my body and good friend “El Chapo” Guzman (now america’s most wanted) was last seen! Holy cow! This is just getting more and more weirder! I wish to ask Dick Eastman (Dick are you there?) Is Hollande a marrano jew? Please just dont say “yes”, because if he is then all you guys have figured it all out. Almost, actually. Ok I am just gonna go sit at the porche now 🙂

  38. Islam is a hoax. Mohammad (mhrh) was a false prophet who has led a billion people into hell. Ask yourself, “What kind of a God would say, ‘Murder people, steal their stuff, rape their wives, enslave and terrorize women, sodomize their children, sodomize all of the barnyard animals, and then you will go to Paradise after you die.'”?

    What kind of a God says this? Not a God, but only a Devil says this. The Muslims pray to the ancient Moon God of Arabia known as Al-Lah. This religious hoax must not be treated as a religion anymore than that other Semitic religious fraud of Judaism, is a religion. These are both criminal cults centered on theft, banditry, murder, rape and grand larceny (known as “banking” in modern times). And all of these were “business as usual” to the skinny camel-eaters of ancient Arabia.

    If you don’t believe me, then let “Moderate Muslim Imam Sheiki al-Freaky” explain Islam to you infidels:

    1. @ Banjo Billy

      Islam is a hoax. Mohammad (mhrh) was a false prophet who has led a billion people into hell. Ask yourself, “What kind of a God would say, ‘Murder people, steal their stuff, rape their wives, enslave and terrorize women, sodomize their children, sodomize all of the barnyard animals, and then you will go to Paradise after you die.’”?

      Why should anyone take you seriously, you degenerate racist scum?

      Before you can convince anyone here that Islam is a “hoax”, you would need to make use of an authentic quote from the Quran or some other Islamic source in which Islam’s God actually says: “Murder people, steal their stuff, rape their wives, enslave and terrorize women, sodomize their children, sodomize all of the barnyard animals, and then you will go to Paradise after you die.’”?

      You’re not going to convince anyone here that Islam is a “hoax”, you ranting cretin, by making up hoax quotations.

  39. shut up irate female u make me sick. long live the noble skinhead white race! we will rape all the blacks and kill all the jews and make banjo billy the king of our skinhead racist tribe! we are ugly psychopaths and we love banjo billy for preaching the gospel of hate and murder and genocide! long live our psycho king banjo billy, lord of ancient degeneracy and race hatred!

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