Paris attacks through the eyes of a Muslim — Rehmat speaks


Pictures and captions by Lasha Darkmoon
(includes a must-watch video)

On Saturday, French Jewish president Francois Hollande in a nationwide address blamed ISIS for carrying out the terrorist attack in Paris that claimed the lives of 127 people with 300 others hospitalized. He declared 3-day period of national mourning, saying that Paris had been put under military control.

“It was an act of war that was committed by a terrorist army, a jihadist army (ISIS) against France,” Hollande claimed.

Roger Cukierman, the president of France’s powerful Jewish Lobby CRIF confirmed on Friday after the attack that no Jewish institutions was attacked by the terrorists and no Jew was among the victims (reported by JTA, November 13). However, he said that the private Jewish protection militia (JDL) has been put on alert.

FRIDAY 13, 2015




Cukierman forgot to tell JTA that the Bataclan theatre which was attacked on Friday was owned by two Jews, Pascal and Joel Laloux, for nearly 40 years. They sold it in September 2015 — just a few weeks ago.

“It’s so silent . . . fear is in the air . . . horror stalks the streets of Paris.”

People warm up under protective thermal blankets as they gather on a street near the Bataclan concert hall following fatal attacks in Paris, France



The Jewish controlled media has claimed that the attack was in response to French airstrikes against ISIS targets in Syria since September 2015. The airstrikes were never meant to destroy ISIS but to counter anti-ISIS military campaign by the Syrian forces and Hezbollah fighters. The French operation was cancelled the day Russians started bombing ISIS military targets in Syria.

Blaming ISIS for the recent attack is nothing but a cunning attempt to divert public attention from Israeli terrorism in France. ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was born into a French Jewish family. His real name is Simon Elliot and he received terrorist training from Israeli Mossad.


In June 2014, Benjamin Netanyahu declared ISIS was kosher.


French Jewish historian, Emmanuel Todd, in his recent book, Who is Charlie? has claimed that the January 2015 terrorist attacks at the Charlie Hebdo office and Jewish grocery market in Paris were an inside job intended to demonize Muslims and Islam.

Former White House official, Dr. Paul Craig Robert, has called the Friday Paris attack another false flag operation like the Boston Marathon Bombing, again an attempt to demonize Muslims and Islam.

On November 13, Jim Stone, American investigative journalist wrote:

“Try to follow my logic, please. OK, so Russia kick ISIS butt in Syria, and ISIS in response attacks France. Now, even if one makes the point that Muslims are not very bright, trust me: they’re not that stupid. Why would ISIS attack France, when their worry is Russia? URF! That was a half burp, half vomit, contained. I just do not see the logic here. And lots of other people do not see the logic here either.

SITE intelligence group (run by Rita Katz) is Mossad. Anyone with a lick of sense knows all of ISIS is CIA/Mossad. So if ISIS really did do this terror attack in France, what is stopping the Jewish community, which has absolutely nothing against killing non Jews, from doing a real event in France?

Why scream “Allahu Akbar”? Muslims certainly would not do that during an attack, but GOSH does it work for the idiot feed! Just fill that trough up with rotten droppings and watch the idiots suck it down! Anyway, whatever this was, I am sure it was fun for someone and seriously doubt that “someone” has any sort of dent or mark on the forehead.”

MUST WATCH VIDEO : 11-minutes

“Not hating Muslims is a hate crime.”
— Lobro

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35 thoughts on “Paris attacks through the eyes of a Muslim — Rehmat speaks

  1. I dont believe a single word that is written on this article; you and I as political analysts, because thats what we really are, have the right to believe otherwise and even rearrange the article adding and or making adjustments to these theories but when it comes to me i humbly decline to accept these outrageous allegations. My heart and soul is as every muslim in the world with the mujahedeen all over the planet to whom i wish with all my heart and soul victory after victory; the “oh God but these are civilians” whinny phrase you go and tell shit like that to your zionist goverments who have killed millions of us; three strikes in gaza and you are out, its ww3 baby! Call me what you want, go ahead make my day … Long live the Islamic State!

    1. Daesh didn’t do this u fucking idiot. I know it feels good but its not Daesh. If u are so brave why don’t u go and kill civilians u dumb raghead?

      1. @Salman Hossain, he`s too busy doing drugs, drinking, and being a total A-hole, much like his takfiri “heroes”..

  2. Glad to hear the Muslim side of the story. It’s patently obvious that International Jewry are the driving force behind this demonisation of Muslims. Where I live there are 1 million Muslims in a city of 10 million and unless a woman is wearing a headscarf one wouldn’t know the difference. This vilification of Muslims only began after the fall of the USSR. I have worked alongside many Muslims from Thailand, Pakistan, India, Malaysia, Jordan and Indonesia and I am proud to call them friends. Let’s not forget who gave the Jews sanctuary after they were kicked out of Spain in 1492, the Muslim Arabs. Look how the Jews have repaid them! Ungrateful wretches! Americans have a love affair with Israel at the moment. Well that will be the death and destruction of that country. Netanyahu is reported to have said words to that effect when he visited Pollard, the traitor in prison.

  3. Where’s the post I sent in under this piece by Rehmat? My post wasn’t long, was truthful and honest, had Mercy Unto Muslims, Mercy Unto Palestinians. I didn’t call any Darkmooners any lousy names. The post is very human and very humane. The post is very ANTI-ZOG [ Darkmoon claims to be ANTI ZOG]. The post is chock full of ALL the perfect reasons to feature my comment, NOT censor it. If one of Lasha’s pets had written my comment, it would be up on the commentary board and everyone would be like. “Oh, that comment is so true, the commentator who wrote that is one of our best DM commentators!”. phony faced fucktards.

    1. @ TROJ

      Your post was deleted because it was, as usual, too long and totally off-topic. Here is your first paragraph, one of many:

      “I still don’t know why the leaders of the Middle East and the West won’t carve-out a small country for the Palestinians on the Sinai peninsula. Yes, it would cost a lot of money, but all the wars in the Middle East cost a lot of money also. There’s always money for war, never any money for peaceful solutions. There’s no money for America’s infrastructure or to create new industries to provide more jobs and careers, but there’s plenty of money to wage war against countries that never harmed the USA [ or Israel ] . With water-desalination technology [ already being utilized throughout the whole Middle East ] there’s no good reason why a small country for the Palestinians can’t be created on the Sinai for them. Put a demilitarized type zone between Israel and the new country for the Palestinians.”

      I would like to remind you that Rehmat’s article is about the Paris attacks and not about water desalinization in the Sinai peninsula. Your other posts were deleted because they were equally long-winded and irrelevant. Also, we are not interested right now in hearing about the Heliocentric theory of the universe, to which you keep referring. Keep that for another thread, OK? Or preferably for another website. 🙂

    2. @ TROJ “I still don’t know why the leaders of the Middle East and the West won’t carve-out a small country for the Palestinians on the Sinai peninsula. Yes, it would cost a lot of money, but all the wars in the Middle East cost a lot of money also. There’s always money for war, never any money for peaceful solutions.”

      Well said. I don’t think your comment is off-topic. Palestine is still the issue and always will be for jews and zionists.

      1. Yes, Joe`s heart is in the right place with his concern for Palestine, but, Palestine will always be Palestine, let the occupiers go elsewhere..

      2. RO,

        As much as TROJ is correct about Palestine, it’s hardly on topic is it? Rehmat’s article is from a Muslim perspective and the subsequent denigration of Muslims by the French authorities. Palestine is a major issue, yes, along with Judaism also, but were it the case that people just posted what they felt, off topic, then there’d be no need for, not just, moderators but also articles on a wide range of topics.
        And anyway, regarding what we did read about what TROJ had to write, I don’t agree in creating a new Palestine. There already is one. It’s been invaded, so remove it of invaders and there your problem is solved.

      3. @TROJ – Here is something from United Nations’ records on Zionist entity’s proposed membership of the world forum.

        India’s then foreign minister Krishna Menon in his address to the UNGA said that since Germans committed Holocaust of Jews – why not give the Jews the most fertile part of Germany (Bavaria) to establish a ‘Jewish State’.

        68 years later, then Iranian president Ahmadinejad made a similar statement. He argued that since the Holocaust happened in Europe, why Palestinians are forced to pay for the crimes of Europeans?

      4. The whole plan for to give the Jews their own ‘homeland’ in Palestine, was so as a gangster state could be set up in the Middle East and,eventually, the Oded yin on Plan could be implemented…everything seems to be going to plan in that respect.

  4. The Government terrorists do terror because they can .
    If it looks like Gladio Nato and kills like Gladio then it is Gladio again.
    Hollande even said terrorist army. He would know.

    Just let Russia do the job of killing CIA -ISIS.

      1. Rehnat –

        I am familiar with Breitbart, and his ‘groupies.’ Have been for many years.

        I use many sources.
        I am not going to stop breathing air just because Pharisees breathe air.

        I regularly use your site…. even though it is pro Palestinian …..
        …. written by a Muslim. 😉

  5. I’m going into conspiracy mode, but does anyone have any ideas about a picture featured by the Daily Telegraph (photo number 33 – a bit ominous!) of a vehicle which I think was taken outside the Bataclan Theatre. The registration number is only partially on view DL-133 … the rest is hidden by a cop with gun in hand. Don’t the media usually blur registration numbers?

    I’m thinking DL 133 … Delta Airlines flight number from Amsterdam to Detroit.

  6. And now, a word from a kindred soul or two.

    I trust this post is not “off topic”, so I shall proceed to let you all know this. I assume that most of you know of, and have read one or more of Mr. Hoffmann’s books and essays. I would hope you might consider, if you have not already done so, subscribing to his newsletter. FULL DISCLOSURE: I have done so.

    Michael Hoffman, revisionist historian extraordinaire, has put out a call for support.
    Mr. Hoffmann’s last post reads as follows.
    Sunday, November 15, 2015
    The Secret of Islamic Terror in Paris

    Please consider supporting Mr. Hoffmann, as I and many others did Mr. Topham.

    Then, we can continue analysis, debate, and other forms of our inaction RE Paris and the world.

    1. @ Alan Donelson. Michael Hoffman (one “n”) is one of the leading authors exposing the Talmud and yet the Alternative (truth?) Media rarely quote him. One has to wonder who some of the AM sites are really working for.


      The rabbinic racism which the establishment media and university professors consistently suppress and ignore.

      “The Complete Guide to Killing Non-Jews”

      Reported by Roi Sharon
      Maariv (Israeli newspaper) November 9, 2009 [page 2]

      “When is it permissible to kill non-Jews? The book Torat ha-Melekh [“The King’s Teaching”], which was just published, was written by Rabbi Yitzhak Shapira, the dean of the Od Yosef Hai yeshiva in the community of Yitzhar near Nablus, together with another rabbi from the yeshiva, Yossi Elitzur. The book contains no fewer than 230 pages on the laws concerning the killing of non-Jews, a kind of guide for anyone who ponders the question of if and when it is permissible to take the life of a non-Jew.”

      1. @ RED ONIONS Thank you! Dyslexic, seeing double, I have little wonder why — besides reading his works almost non-stop for a couple months along with eye-strain from staring at computer monitors for my day job — my most recent e-mails did not get to Mr. Hoffman! I gave up, sent him a letter USPS. I’ll get the e-mails to him quicker! SUPPORT MR. MICHAEL HOFFMAN [one “n”]!!!

  7. @ Pat:

    “The Anti-Migrant Video Going Viral Across Europe”

    -That video keeps getting taken down from Youtube, and it keeps getting reposted (a good thing).

  8. I got something to tell ya troj: let me write it really good so you feel what i feel in regards to Palestine. @Palestine, the stolen bride of Islam of Islam and the reason of all this mayhem you see. Give me an hour

    1. Yes, by all means let me know what you feel in regards to Palestine, avatar, but please do try to be brief and to-the-point, Uncle doesn’t like long posts.

  9. When the Jews got tired of getting kicked out of every country in Europe, two and three times from the same place sometimes and from places, kingdoms etc that have already dissapeared, they decided to have a place of their own; but they had been so disconnnected to Palestine that they had lost something we all feel when away from “home” for too long; some call it being home sick. They figured out three places and these three places had nothing in common; it was either convenience, (Uganda) demographics (Argentina) or history (Palestine) because of circunstances regarding power shifts and money controls they decided to make home (“Israel)” in Palestine which at that time included transjordan which was later given to the Hashemites ( a saudi royal family) who had lost saudi Arabia, in exchange for betraying Turkey in favor of England. Recently there have been suggestions to have palestinians have their country in jordan instead; so your idea is not crazy or new only a little off the map; your proposal is to have it built westwards, in Sinai but both ideas lack the heart of the matter -and here comes the heart of the matter- we, the ones living in the Diaspora in refugee camps or elsewhere are homesick to Palestine. The place we know for its ancient olive, almonds and fig trees; its orange and grapeyards and the narrow allies that the Prince of Peace himself touched with his own hands; we are homesick to the smell of the 2000 or more years old roman and persian bricks that make the walls of cold water wells and ancient homes in Jerusalem, Nazareth, Jericho, Bethlehem, Acca, Hiafa and Haifa. Nothing can replace the river and the bridge or the meals your mom prepared when you were younger so how can we accept to replace the irreplaceable? Just go in the web and look up palestinian village and then go back and look up Israeli settlement and you will see how the scenary of our villages fit perfectly together with the red land that surrounds it; you will inmediately notice that these are ancient places when compared to their red brick, water heating roofs apartments; you will think you are looking at a century 21 add. To finish this long comment i want to tell you a small anecdote where the word ” homesick” -which the jews lack- fits in. Every time i went to Palestine i looked out the window of the taxi that drove me to dad’s hometown and there was never a connection to the picturw outside, but one winter i went over from jordan and i decided to go olive picking at the land that belongs to my father. My family (my dad and mom emigrated to Colombia then went back to jordan with us, six children. Jordan because the jews wouldnt allow my father back in Palestine, he can only visit my uncles who never left) It was hard work climbing up the olive trees, feeling all that cold in your bones then going back to the town on horse or donkey back with six or seven loads of olives to be taken to the mill etc but after i was done the next few times i went to Palestine i could now feel through the car window that the trees, at a distance smiled at me specially after the first rain in november when the leaves get washed and get clean looking all good as if inviting you to go climb and do it again …an Irreplaceable feeling

  10. Hello ESP,

    I need to unload my self hating French bag, and its the perfect place under Todd, after this dreadful day where I inflicted myself the pain to listen one hour of new chief war hollande and his ragged republican complete BS speech about the fight between good and evil, while being stuck in my car because of him.

    C’était comme se faire enculer par sa propre bite, pardon my french. The hard truth is that we deserve this dick, we are weak and don’t know who we are. That’s why we have attacks, not because of some historical symbolism. We are the perfect tampon to be bled on, an orangina bottle, secouez secouez moi. And the pub night terrible terrible.

    Top 3 from the educated crowd.
    “bachar is The terrorist in chief”,
    “the complotists are already accusing Israel because a jew sold the theater…”
    ”only two towers have fallen”

    On topic Just watched the walking dead and Pat’s antipc migrants video in the wake. Once again all the answers were provided to me via US tv shows. Don’t worry it’s on topic, since it’s about Todd, ahah, who is Charlie?, zombies and how French people are being triangulated by semites, leftist jew, rightist jew and muslims. I am sick of this game.

    Rehmat wrote.

    “French Jewish historian, Emmanuel Todd, in his recent book, Who is Charlie? has claimed that the January 2015 terrorist attacks at the Charlie Hebdo office and Jewish grocery market in Paris were an inside job intended to demonize Muslims and Islam.”

    That’s not really serious, it sounds a lot like what those oumma type websites would say about this book, taking what’s good to snivel and leaving the embarrassing part. Self criticism is not muslim strength, especially when it comes to the uncreated word of god and its capacity to create islamozombies à la pelle.
    And he never claimed that it was an inside job.

    Todd is Charlie or not totally, he just rejects the anti islam instrumentalization, playing the part of the leftist jewish intellectual, maybe agaisnt his own will.
    In his book, Todd proves, or tries to prove, that the post Charlie manifestation was mostly composed by a group he called the MAZ, namely, middle class, senior citizens and catholic zombies. This group has an hegemony over French politics via the socialist party. Those people are for Europe, islamophobic and germanophile. For them, Euro is the single currency that has replaced the single God and Islam is the new scapegoat that has replaced the jew in the european countries with a tradition of antisemtism.
    For example he recently declared, sorry for the translation.

    “The French muslims must be left alone. Let’s not do them what we did to the Jews in the thirties by putting them all in the same bag….blabla “ jewish terrorism in the thirties? interesting.

    He has some good points though, about the catholic zombies, the seniors with their life insurance in euros and he is partly right about the demonization of Islam.

    But he forgets the israelites zombies in his little demonstration that automatically falls by the wayside and he is too soft on Islamic jihadist zombies, the bastard sons of anglosaxon neoliberalism with islam.

    He is also scared by the rise of antisemitism exported from Palestine to the French suburbs and has clearly a grudge against Germany which seems to be the epicenter of every problem in Europe according to him, probably some kind of weird genetic atavism.

    He is the nice tolerant leftist jewish intellectual, the most interesant and the less pervert of the lot i have to say. I kind of like Todd despite that, he is very interesting to read and hear when he stays in his domain, demography and familial structures. He made a fool of himself supporting “le hollandisme revolutionaire” before the presidential election

    On the other side of the specter, you have the rightist hardcore zionist jewish intellectual, the voice of bibi, à la baguette all day long on every media drumming.
    His highness considers that there is a huge problem with Islam since it’s a political doctrine completely incompatible with the Republic, creating a deadly combination with the criminal environment young muslims are evolving in. He considers that islamogangsters and islamofascists (never forget the fundamentals) must be dealt with repressive violence and laws, why not internment. That we should reinstate frontiers, that we looked weak after Charlie, that leftist antiracists associations have changed us in marshallow, that we should consider an Israeli approach … Diasporas zionist jew calling for frontiers and criticizing antiracism is a bad omen.

    This one also has good points, except the Israelite zombies part. He has also a lot of success in debate since he is often a lawyer and since he offers safety and security, exactly what people are asking on this day of commemoration, plus revenge.

    Well we are cluster fucked. that’s my 5.30 am guessing. Sorry about for the form.


    1. Phil –

      “I am sick of this game.”

      That’s the plan….. to wear our asses out to the point of futility…..
      …. in all major countries.

      Then, when Syria gets its stock exchange up to date and Putin brings in Pharisee banking… it will be welcomed.

      Very Hegelian plans… “Cookie-cutter’ and ‘boiler-plate’ precision. Experts at it.

      1. I have always pretty much agreed with you on Putin. And we can see now that it is coming out in the open for all to see. Witness Hollande calling for US and Russia to unite to defeat ISIS. And in other places a certain sucking up by the US to plead with Russia to do this job.

        Translation the covert war caused enough blowback that the US doesn’t think they can do it in an official way. In other words with uniforms and marked planes and such. So now it is time for Russia to mop up in an official capacity.

        Welcome to the G-8 as a full fledged member, Mr. Putin! You now have a place at the table and you are a made man. You can now eat out of the same bowl.

    2. @ Phil & all. RT allowed this interview with political author Gearoid O Colmain. He falls short from naming the “elite” as disproportionately a jewish elite, but I’m sure the interview would not have been broadcast if he had mentioned the J word. It’s well worth watching, and encouragingly has over half a million views in 3 days.

      “Media in Paris now propaganda campaign to make people fear going out on the streets.

      The attacks in Syria are being orchestrated from abroad – Nato. They are attacking Syrian civilians.

      There is a global war on civilian populations It is a form of neocolonialism – it aims to divide and conquer world populations and make them submit to a global order against their interests.

      “This new world order being pushed on the world population only serves the interests of a tyrannical ruling elite.

      There is no war on terror. There is a war using terrorist proxy groups being used against nation states who are resisting US and Israeli hegemony.”

      They are using financial capitalism as a break-down of society.”

      1. RO –

        “They are using financial capitalism as a break-down of society.”

        YES…!! They did, they do… and will continue. DEBT-CONTROLS..!!

        Nowhere is that any more evident than in Russia since 1991. Russia is taking it to Syria. And the world will like it… Allow it.

    3. Reply to my drunk and desesperate self.
      In this very poorly written commentary i wrote:
      “Self criticism is not muslim strength”

      I have just been masterfully proven wrong by one of my muslim compatriot who just destroyed 20 years of anti-racism. Whining is a good business.
      Very moving reaction to the attacks. Exactly what we need, sincerity and self-criticism, not this fear porn on israeli canaux, waiting the next bloodbath.

      I know, it’s in French. Rehmat, i am sure you already know about this story. Big buzz in France. threats from the community. Hope there will be a translation soon. the anti-avatar video.
      Chapeau bas.

  11. TROJ i had to get help on explaining my feelings on Palestine; This song is off of Fairuz’s (christian maroni lebanese lady) album entitled “Al Quds fi al Bal (القدس في البال)” or “Jerusalem in My Heart,” which was released in 1971 a few years after the Arab armies had suffered a crushing defeat to Israel in 1967 and Israel occupied Jerusalem and the West Bank. Fairuz is describing a scene of seeing Old Jerusalem, then envisioning what it must have been like before the Israelis came and took over many of the neighborhoods and uprooted many of the families. –
    Fayruz is christian lebanese, i mention this so you know that for arabs religion does not matter when it comes to Jerusalem…

    Fairuz – Old Jerusalem

    I passed through the streets
    The streets of Old Jerusalem
    In front of the shops
    That remained of Palestine
    We talked about what had happened together
    And they gave me a vase
    They said to me this is a gift
    From the “waiting people”

    And I walked the streets
    The streets of Old Jerusalem
    I stood at the doorways
    We become companions
    And their sad eyes of the city’s energy
    Take me and move me with the torment of feeling estranged

    There was a land and there were hands building beneath the sun and the wind
    And there were houses and windows
    Blossoming, and there were children with books in their hands
    And in one night rage flowed into the houses
    And the black hands unhinged the doors
    And the houses became ownerless
    Between them and their houses barbed-wire fence
    And fire and the black hands

    I’m screaming in the streets
    The streets of Old Jerusalem
    Let the songs storm and rumble
    O my voice continue to stir up a hurricane with these consciences
    Now I know what happened to them
    Perhaps my conscience will awaken…

    1. Last year, composer Ziad Rahbani announced that his mother, the legendary singer Fairuz, supports Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah. The news rocked the anti-Hizbullah Jewish, Christian and Wahhabi/Salafi groups in the Middle East and far beyond.

      Fairuz, a Syriac Orthodox Christian born in Beirut, is among the best known and most beloved singers in the Arab world. Listen some of her best songs below.

      In November 2007, over 3,200 Israeli Arab citizens (Muslim, Christian and Druz) traveled to Amman (Jordan) to hear the “Arab world’s ambassadress to the stars,” Fairuz. Her songs were banned in Israel, Lebanon and several Arab states ruled by Western-puppets. Fairuz, who dedicated songs and entire performances to the Palestinians and the Resistance, felt no need to add to the message of her musical: Let the leaders, the people, the artists, all wake up!

  12. “I HAVE A SOLID DIRE WARNING: The FBI has proven there is no ISIS in America, other than what the Jews have perpetrated, so all terror threats from “ISIS” are in reality direct terror threats from the Jewish community. They have a reason for doing these attacks – to gain final power and control over all of us. IF WE SCREW THIS UP BY LETTING THEM SLIDE LIKE FILTHY SNAKES UNDER THE DOOR, WE WILL BE DOOMED, the only thing that will stop them is fear of retribution, this is no sort of joke, GET BUSY AND LET THEM KNOW THEY WILL NOT GET AWAY WITH THIS.” — Jim Stone

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