Pathological altruism on steroids in Sweden

. . . by Kevin MacDonald

Pictures added by Lasha Darkmoon

We have been discussing pathological altruism among Whites quite a bit lately on The Occidental Observer. So I thought we had pretty much covered that insanity. But this film (see below) by Red Ice Radio shows we have barely scratched the surface.

In my previous article I noted that there was already a huge housing crisis that severely impacted ordinary Swedes. Now we learn that no sacrifice by the Swedes is too much. A  new Stockholm will have to be built within 11 years. Everything that can be turned into housing for immigrants should be, including churches (while mosques are being built). The government buys virtually any standing structure to be turned into immigrant housing, and there are proposals to confiscate vacation homes “for the greater good.”

Meanwhile, Swedes have a lower priority for housing than immigrants, and thousands can’t find an apartment. Leading politicians say Sweden is not for the Swedes, that Sweden should be a “humanitarian superpower.” Swedes are to be sacrificed on the altar of moral idealism (although their elites studiously avoid actually living among the immigrants), and at the same time Swedes are terrified to violate the moral consensus for fear of ostracism and loss of job.


This has nothing to do with Christianity.

Sweden is the most secular country in the world, and its elites are hostile to Christianity. Rather, it is a new secular religion of moral consensus. They are behaving like the Puritans and Quakers, as discussed in my talk, but without the religious veneer.


Of course, while the costs to taxpayers are enormous, the “immigrant industry” is massively incentivized for entrepreneurs who are able to rent housing to the government.



And there is much else. Please watch this video:

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  1. The sad reality is that it won’t change but get progressively worse. Ingrid’s beliefs for a multicutural and multiracial Europe are well on their way and current demographic statistics pretty much are looking at the Europeans being minorities within their own lands by the turn of the 22nd century. In fact, we’re looking at around 2075 or so for the indigenous in the UK to be the minority.

    There won’t be a massive awakening, well, there will, I tell a fib. There will be an awakening but when that comes it will be like trying to divert an approaching tsunami. Then again, I actually do believe that the brainwashing of people will be so thick that whites will actually look to procreate with other races as to be white will by that time be an act of racism. And if you think our politically correct sad excuses for humans today are bad, wait for those by the turn of the century.

    The seed was sewn when the immigrants started arriving, courtesy of WWII, where many of Europe’s finest were lying in bits an pieces all over Europe. “We need an immigrant workforce to sort out our country” was the mantra and regardless whether peoples believed it or not, they had no say in whether they came or didn’t.

    What’s sad about all of this is that people actually think this was all just by happen chance. If only they knew the truth…then again, when you try and tell them it, they don’t believe you and throw out the many liberal, debate closing, slur words at you as they’ve been programmed too.

    Sweden is one of many countries that have third world migration into it. The laughable thing is, when say for instance, Pakis want to get away from Pakistan and move to the UK, large collections of Pakistanis in a city, effectively turn that city into the very place they left to get away from. In other words, Pakistan is Pakistan because it’s full of Pakis.

    1. And was Enoch Powell’s “Rivers of Blood speech” sincere, or was he controlled opposition. From the Occidental Observer (the failures of Enoch Powell)
      “He did not talk about the treachery of Britain’s elite or its causes. The fact that Labour were importing a new electorate beholden to them, just as America’s Democratic Party has imported a new constituency, was not part of his message. At no time did he a mention Jewish interests or influence. It would have been a patriotic service to have exposed the Jewish factor in Britain’s immigration disaster. Why did Thatcher, of all people, not cut immigration after the 1981 riots? She was no fool. She was probably patriotic in her own way. But she was first and foremost a political survivor. Like Winston Churchill, there is strong evidence she saw her political fortunes as best assured in cooperation with the Jewish community. This was a dimension of politics Enoch Powell never broached. As reported in the European Jewish Press (30 Dec. 2005) it was known in government circles that Thatcher had a long-running close relationship with the Jewish community and that there was a large and supportive Jewish constituency in her electorate. Her Jewish ties were so pronounced that the Foreign Office believed they would harm Britain’s relations with the Arab world. She belonged to the Conservative Friends of Israel. Foreign Office official advised her to sever her official ties to the Jewish community, even before she became prime minister. They were right. While she was still leader of the opposition Arabs had “fears and suspicions” that Margaret Thatcher was already “a prisoner of the Zionists”.

      And of course more recently in the UK, Lord Mandelson a Jew and a friend of the Rothschild family famously said “Immigrants? We sent out search parties to get them to come… and made it hard for Britons to get work, says Mandelson.” Former minister admits Labour deliberately engineered mass immigration. Between 1997 and 2010 net migration to Britain totalled 2.2million.


      you guys know what poor and pathetic conspiracy theorist nazi scum you are? yes? good.

      disgusting to read all that bullshit.

  2. At least …..Sweden angers the Pharisees in Israel:

    The plan to recognize Palestine was criticized by Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, who said that Prime Minister Lofven “must understand that neither declaration nor move by an external player will replace direct talks between the sides that will be part of a comprehensive accord between Israel and the entire Arab world.”

    Following the move, relations between Sweden and Israel soured, and deteriorated even further early this year, when Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom called off a visit to Israel in January.

    At the time, Israeli media cited Lieberman as saying that he did not want to meet Wallstrom, and that she wasn’t welcome on an official visit to Tel Aviv.

    Late last year, the European Parliament also voted to recognize a Palestinian state in principle, with a total of 498 MEPs voting in favor.

    On December 30, an official bid for Palestinian statehood was submitted to the UN Security Council. However, the UNSC failed to adopt the Arab coalition’s bid for the creation of a Palestinian state.

  3. Why does this article not discuss about the Mass Immigrating Romanians and Bulgarians squatting Britain. Mind you the Brits dont like dem either. But its always….Multiculture, Third World, Blacks, Hispanics, Moooozlims and lest we forget Jews who are to blame.

    but never the uneducated whites who spend their youth boozing around instead of studying.

    Lol typical kvetching. Soon white supremacists are gonna overtake Jewish supermacists in terms of crying ‘victim’.

      1. @Wiggins- who’d you think you’re talking to?

        and ‘Schmuk’ sounds like a jewish word. Sorry unlike the “superior” white people, im not used to calling people names.

  4. Dear Admin/Kevin MacDonald:
    Here comes the old what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, except if it applies to Israel. Barbara Lerner Spectre (jewish) is an evil person that is disguied as your friendly neighbourhood grandma. The wolf in sheep’s clothing trick. This multi-kulti stuff is everywhere in western industrialized countries. Israel on the other hand is doing the exact opposite. Israel asks for the worlds jews to come home to Israel. Then when they do, you get black Ethiopean jews, their women vaccinated with sterlization drugs. If you are single, and are Ashkenazim, but marry a Sephardic jew in Israel, you go from the front of the line to being a third rate citizen and the back of the line. Israel since its founding in 1948 has been an Apartheid state run by Nazis. This brings us to the point and purpose of multi-kulti in the western industrialized world. Like the Agenda 21 goals and the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, multi-kulti’s purpose is to degrade and destroy stable homogenous society through division and plurality, so they can be conquered. In Europe the goal is to do the same plus reduce white caucasianness and bring back right-wing fascism, ie. Naziism via race wars. Isn’t that what Ferguson and now Baltimore is really all about. Race wars, rioting, leading to Jade Helm 15, then martial law. In Europe though because of its history of WW1, WW2, the real result, besides those already mentioned, is to bring about the same conditions that lead to Mussolini and supposedly Hitler. Although Hitler’s rise was more about national pride and honour to remove jewish influence. But today, the same goal is desired by the global elite (jewish power), to make whites behave and desire fascist beliefs to bring about such a leader in Europe. This leader will come in an olive branch dove-like fashion and when he has Europe and the world where he wants us, he will become so evil (AntiChrist) that Stalin will look like a choirboy. Unfortunately, for those of you non-believers, this is all biblical, especially the books of Daniel and Revelation. God’s will will be done, even using Satan to do it. Lastly, if this world were a godly world like the garden of Eden was, multi-kulti would be great because humanity would not notice or care about it. However, since this world is ruled by the devil at this time, multi-kulti, is a tool of hate and division to destroy humanity. That is what is article is really all about. Of course the jewish money power bunch will be at the center of it, but it will not apply to them. Thanks, Norbert.

    1. Norbert,

      Sorry if this sounds nitpicky, but to say “God’s Will be done, even using Satan to do it” misapprehends God’s Will. The way this is worded is too reflective of a bogus OT “god” (lower case “g”)

      Better to say something like “Satan (i.e.; an OT god) is gonna do whatever he wants to do INDEPENDENT of the True God’s Will”

      That which was set in motion (the “Heavenly Rebellion”) will stay in motion until it has run it’s course. Only THEN will the True God’s Will be done.

  5. Good. Sweden deserves it. Let Sweden be the guinea pig displayed for valuable lessons.
    (hey – when it becomes LOADED UP, the gas can be turned off during winter. Problems halted/frozen/solved.)

  6. “More than three million Bulgarians and
    Romanians have already left their
    homelands for parts of Europe where
    there are better job prospects – but they
    have not come to the UK.”

    as i said, only non-whites are targeted by whute supermacists but never the Romanian and Bulgarians. Its easy to pile blame on the weaklings.

    1. Regarding the book of Daniel there are very strong grounds to believe it is forged. Douglas Reed in his book “The Controversy of Zion”, states there is no historical record of King Belshazzar’s existence and in fact the book in question is a fabrication of the talmudic cult leaders. While there are many fine spiritual tracts in the old testament it’s the New Testament that must be regarded as “Gospel”! John of Patmos in Revelations refers to the destruction of the whore of Babylon in Chapter 18. Many devout christians believe that this refers to the USA and certainly from their worship of Mammon and the government campaign to promote sodomy and other perversions worldwide it is certainly a plausible supposition. IMHO, I don’t believe the Divine works that way. The Divine power works through people to effect changes and it’s more like “The mills of God grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly small”. So don’t expect any trumpets resounding from Heaven or chariots descending from the skies. To do so is a “cop out” as the Americans say and an abandonment of human responsibility to follow the Divine precepts. Remember at the time of Jesus, the Jews were expecting a Messiah to free them from the rule of Rome. It didn’t happen that way.
      With regard to the article I am a believer in the old saw, that Charity begins at home. Sooner or later there will be a massive backlash throughout Europe as Enoch Powell warned in his Rivers of Blood speech back in 1968. There is only one creature to blame for all of this, no names, no peck drill.

      1. @Felix

        You are correct on the “Gospel”, but it is only the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

        Many years ago after doing the research necessary to determine that the jews were the primary agents of the devil causing most of the world’s problems, I was looking for solutions and was pondering whether Jesus was the answer to the jewish problem in the world when an incident occurred that had a most significant impact on me.

        I get my haircut at a salon by a Christian female stylist that I have known for a long time. She occupies the first station in the salon closest to the door so she see everyone that comes and goes, and knows most of them. The salon is not in an exclusive area, but it is in a well off commercial area. After she finishes cutting my hair, we usually stand in the parking area, have a cigarette, and continue talking about whatever we started during my haircut.

        On this particular day, we were discussing Christianity when a rather beat-up pickup truck came into the parking area and parked. The fellow that got out of the truck appeared to be in his 50’s, wore clean well worn jeans, shirt, and ballcap, and had a few days stumble. He passed close to the stylist and myself and entered the salon. He was only in the salon about a minute and passed close to us again going back to his truck when he stopped close to us and pardoned himself for interrupting our conversations. He looked at us and said that he could not help but overhear what we were talking about then spoke these words, “The answer to all questions are in the Gospels.” He excused himself and got into his pickup truck and left. I asked the stylist who he was and she said that she had never seen him before.

        What the man said would not leave me alone. I am sure that the look on the man’s face had a lot to do with the reason that I kept thinking about what he said for weeks. The look on his face was one of non-giddy joy and conviction which is about as close as I can come to describing it. After weeks of considering his words, I concluded with simple logic that he was correct because the Gospels are where Jesus’ teachings are recorded. My later research into the Gospels and my experience since has proven my conclusion to be true. Simple truths about what I thought were complex matters became understandable.

        The fellow in the parking lot was a messenger, no visible wings, but life changing for me. I pass this on for your use.

        Your doubt about the Book of Daniel may have merit. I have not completed my detailed research on the Sibylline Prophecy, but it appears that the Book of Revelations was based on it and that portions of Daniel and Moses writings were altered to accommodate the Sibylline Prophecy since it was exceptionally popular for centuries prior to Jesus. Personally, I do not really care because I look at Revelations rather simply. If a person is doing what they are suppose to do, it does not matter. If a person is not doing what they are supposed to do, it is too late. According to what Jesus taught, it is what a person is doing now that is the most important thing. Unfortunately, too many “Christians” spend too much time studying Revelations thinking that Jesus is going to save them, trying to figure out when the end will occur, and neglect doing what Jesus taught about doing it now.

      2. @Ungenius
        My humble apologies for my tardy reply. I’ve busy helping my wife collect clothes and blankets for earthquake relief in Nepal. It probably isn’t big news in the West, but where I live it’s been widely reported with donation centres being set up etc.
        Yes, I agree with you regarding the Gospels. In fact one need only practice, not study, the Sermon on the Mount. Blessed are the Pure in heart, for they shall know God! The Hesychasts of the of the Eastern Orthodox have a prayer for this purpose, known as “The Jesus Prayer”! It’s actually very simple and works like a mantra. One controls one’s breathing at the same time. The prayer is, “Oh Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, Have mercy on me, a sinner.” The prayer is repeated incessantly while keeping one’s mind on Jesus.
        The aim is to purify the heart thus knowing God. The Sermon on the Mount has been staring Christians in the face for 2,000 years, yet very few have dared to act on it. The beauty of this prayer is that one can practise it in secret, anywhere, a waiting room, on a bus etc. The idea is you think what you want to think, not what the mind wants. The mind is like a monkey tied to a stick, always dancing, never still.

  7. There is a political party in Sweden called Sverigedemokraterna (The Swedish Democrats) with a main platform of cutting back on immigration. In the last election, Sept, 2014, this party more than doubled it’s votes to almost 13%. It is now the third biggest party;

    The only problem is that this party too, is infiltrated by the ‘chosen’. Here is one of their members of Parliament getting her marching orders from one of her handlers before the election;

    and here they celebrate on election night;

    A lot of experts in Sweden believe that just until recently SD would get close to 20% of the votes. This was of course very alarming for the people in power, so the party is now undergoing a lot of infighting and purging to weaken its appeal. In the MSM in Sweden the supporters of SD are for the most part referred to as nazis and racists.

  8. It’s interesting but I saw the Barbara Specter video a while back and was dumbstruck. I remember telling people about her, a Jewess moving to Sweden, screwing it up etc etc and instead of shock and concern, all I got back was I was being an anti semite. I’ve said it so many times that the only race on this planet that doesn’t care about whether it survives or not is the white one.

  9. As I watched the video, it seemed that Sweden is actively seeking to build ‘FEMA-type’ camps there right now. Right now, Sweden cannot afford their homes anymore. Like in China… high-rise buildings are replacing homes. Population cannot fit in its useable warmer areas.

    We can do some economic comparing. Home prices and salaries are used as gauges worldwide.

    Sweden has an average home price of $157,000 and average salary of $25,000/year. Home prices are 6 times annual salaries.

    Home affordability in Sweden will get worse, as prices of houses and taxes BOTH rise due to population increases.

    Sweden’s home affordability is NOT as good as America’s… But, it is way better than UK’s ‘Isle of Pharisees’ … loaded with Jew Bankers.

    Britain’s home price average $430,000 and salaries average $30,000/year. Home prices are 14 times the annual salaries.

    America’s home prices average $180,000 and salaries average $45,000/year. Home prices are only 4 times the annual salaries.

    Brits and others in Europe should stop the economic raping by Pharisee bankers there in London. Then, they can tell the world how to stop it.

    1. The average salary in the US $45,000/year?!! I find that incredible. That will give you an idea how much the 1% elite in America make. I read somewhere that more than half of US wage earners are 4-6 weeks away from bankruptcy in the event they would get laid off or get sick. I would guess there are millions of people in the US who don’t make even $20.000/year.

      Here is one brave member of the 1% who has the guts to speak the truth;

      1. Yep –

        Dock workers and forklift drivers can make $100,000 a year. The supers and officers make 3 to 5 times that. America is just awful.

        Houston Chronicle:
        The hourly wage of an experienced longshoreman under the most recent union contract, affecting U.S. East Coast ports, is $35 per hour; with wages for newcomers starting at $20. A longshoreman’s total compensation, though, includes benefits that amount to 24 percent of the hourly wage and a bonus for each container of cargo they work with. The bonuses and benefits drive the potential hourly compensation up to $44.20 per hour, or $91,998 per year for a longshoreman who works 40 hours each week.

  10. by the only a very small minority of refugees in Sweden are muslim.

    The great majority of refugees are Syrian Christians.

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    1. Thanks. Good info –

      Spectre is married to rabbi Philip Spectre, who was the official rabbi at the Great Synagogue in Stockholm and the Chief Rabbi in Sweden during the early 2000s.

      Paideia – a learning method – itself has religious aspects and promotes Holocaustianity (literally “Holocaust theology”) into heresies targeted at…
      …. INFILTRATING institutional Christianity.

  12. Pat,

    I wasn’t really referring to the few workers who have union wages, a dying breed in the US, but the great majority of workers in America. For the first time that I know, someone from the plush gated communities, one from the 1% club, speaks the truth. It’s because of members of this ‘club’ that the average wage is $45,000 / year. They own over 80% of the pie.

    He said a greater concern of his was “the past four-decade period during which an American political elite have shipped middle class and working class jobs away from Baltimore and cities and towns around the US to 3rd-world dictatorships like China” which he said has sent “tens of millions of good hard working Americans into economic devastation” and “an ever-declining standard of living and suffering.”

    Angelos, who has been on Twitter for roughly a year and sent just 171 tweets before Saturday, then tweeted that the game going on inside Camden Yards paled in comparison to the struggles faced by poor Americans in Baltimore and throughout the country.

    “The innocent working families of all backgrounds whose lives and dreams have been cut short by excessive violence, surveillance and other abuses of the bill of rights by government pay the true price, and ultimate price, and one that far exceeds the importance of any kid’s game played tonight, or ever, at Camden Yards,” Angelos tweeted. “We need to keep in mind people are suffering and dying around the US and while we are thankful no one was injured at Camden Yards, there is a far bigger picture for poor Americans in Baltimore and everywhere who don’t have jobs and are losing economic, civil and legal rights and this … makes inconvenience at a ball game irrelevant in light of the needless suffering government is inflicting upon ordinary Americans.”

    Unlike in the US, unless you have insurance that more and more people can’t afford, nobody in Sweden or any other European Country, would lose their home or face bankruptcy if they needed cancer surgery or extended hospital care.

    1. SILJAN is very correct on his statement’ Indeed US is completely owned by Babylonians; that is Satanists, monarchies, lodges, plutocrats, oligarchs, jewsuits, and Vaticans, ALL WORSHIPPERS OF THE OCCULT’ THESE GARBAGES HAVE COMPLETELY TRASHED, RUINED THE WEST! These loses are traitors to humanity!

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      1. China’s prison population is so low because SO MANY get the death penalty. They are executed, not housed and fed.

        According to Amnesty International, China executed more people than the rest of the world put together- but as data on the use of the death penalty is considered a state secret, no exact numbers are recorded in the report. They state that the 778 figure does not include the THOUSANDS of executions carried out in China.

        US executed 39:

      2. China can get almost $1 million per executed prisoner from organs.

        Multiple independent investigations estimate that 40,000-65,000 Falun Gong practitioners have been killed to fuel China’s lucrative organ transplant industry.

  13. Hello ESP, it is time for your Ordo ab Chaos disjointed froggy comment. Ordo is for the island and chaos for the rest of us, of course, ambitious plan i have to admit, but you have so much time to ruminate during those grey afternoons. We do not sow, we do not sow. I see clear through your little risk game you know but remember you don’t own the rigged monopoly bank, or maybe you do. Who knows? Max seems to think you don’t. But let’s get serious.

    The immigration and the identity conflict that results from it must be addressed wisely in order to prevent its disastrous effects. Nobody benefits from a civil war except a minority, see the French revolution for case study.
    I don’t think it should be addressed on a racial perspective. To me, immigration is a method, as old as the hills, to keep the control of a group by increasing the visibility of its internal differences, underlining its contradictions in order to amplify one’s latent cleavages and to paralyze his organization. But now it happens on a global scale so it has become way more complex. Jules Cesar used to do that in Gaul with the tribes and the Assyrians if I recall. And the globalists did that when they traced the African borders in Berlin accordingly to their oiling/mining/thieving interests and imposed democracy in an ethnic and tribal context destroying authentic referential Check out the Hutus and Tutsis, Kagamé, the plane crash, the Genocide denial laws. I hope you get the irony. Just old updated social engineering by the active minority that doesn’t exist and their special services/various organizations playing the racial/religious/cultural identity card to dissolve and rule, as the plan is to uproot us all, a more subtle version of the old divide and rule of the British selfish wealth empire. Look at the “Kitson doctrine” for the updated version. Since we have let those neoliberal free circulations of goods/capitals/people Schengen type law getting implemented in Euro/Us without any protestation, we have to suffer the consequences. In France there has been massive protest against gay union from both Catholics and Muslims or for trivial non-existing issue like Burqa but nobody protested when Sarkozy passed the Lisboa Treaty although we have voted no to the referendum. Too complex, you know. I won’t quote Bossuet again.
    In self-centered occident we think this is just happening to us and to our precious white race. In the Kingdom of Morocco they are flooded with sub-Saharan people. The Black Peril they call it in the Casablanca’s newspaper.
    Me, I try to distinguish my allies from my enemies and the good/bad reasons to fight for using a “scientific” approach of the conflict in a pacifist perspective but not utopist leaving passion and emotion out of the equation. The good reasons to fight are naturals and have not been orchestrated in a triangular manner. The only problem I have is I have no grip individually with my true enemy! Last week end, I had a smoke with a Bulgarian tramp/wanderer outside the Pub and we talked about the Franco-Serbian-Bulgarian alliance in WWI and how EU was a fraud while he was scamming my Camel. His country is disappearing from very logical economic and industrial reasons. It is sad to say but he is more my ally than my own white relatives who vote and don’t realize the future consequences of their blind materialism short vision of future. I can also mention this African cab driver who knows about US Africom.
    Sweden is an interesting case. The vast majority of migrants are from Europe, Finland mostly and ex-Yugoslavians. Then you have Africans from Somalia and Ethiopia, Arabs from Iraq, Iran, Libya, and Syria. You notice that they are mostly refugees from NATO bombings or triangulated war. Also the Muslims are Indo-European mostly from Bosnia and Iran, the Arabs being mostly Christians with Iraqis. After that there are cultural backgrounds to consider. I can imagine an Algerian/Moroccan/Vietnamese in France but a traumatized Iraqi/Somalian/Syrian in Sweden that is tough assimilation. Do you think Karl Johnson would easily integrate in Mogadisci? Watch out for the sun.
    I won’t enlarge on the NAZI spirit that still float in Sweden police and through the Democratic Swedish party, offspring of Bevara Sverige Svenskt. They were claiming “Låt inte din dotter bli en negerleksak” in the eighties and this spirit must have evolved with a new flood of traumatized war refugees and with the aftermath of the economic crisis. Google that if you don’t speak Swedish, but who does? Not the Somalian I reckon. You are right Norbert about the resurgence of very Right wing movement in Europe. They have a confusing immigrant policy but they seem to be confused people, don’t be fooled by Ikea. By the way, the author of the concept of “Genocide by substitution” is Aimé Césaire, a black man. The Swedish should meditate on that.
    You might remember the Husby riot in 2010, a socially deprived multicultural neighborhood near Stockholm. The events were triggered when a Finn married to a Portuguese was shot in the head by the police as he was threatening them in error with his knife thinking they were a gang of burglars. In the media, it was presented as urban jihad since the triangulated conflict here is between Arabs/Muslims and “French of stock”, whatever that means, but again in a post 9/11 world where everybody has seen thousands pictures of Saudi brainwashed Muslims doing evil things on Israeli productions.
    I try to reason with the Muslims/Arabs and it is easier when I keep that in mind. They are pretty receptive on many topics like Dieudonné or Hezbollah or Palestine and they are tough on the soccer field not like those white third sector pussies. To the racial militant, if I may, I would advise you to find yourself a white partner and try to make a lot of white babies. That is the smartest thing you can do, in my opinion.
    Who benefits from all this? The weak rooster of Rav Ron Chaya and all their buddies who worship the Golden Calf, the head of the triangle on the dollar bill “In god we trust”. But maybe the coward rooster is Great Britain who pays others to fight their commercial wars like a pope used to say. Do you remember the Bagdad Bahn railway project? That is WWI in a nutshell, forget the rosicrucians sexual esoterism.
    The Jews in all that? They play the game knowing “what is good for them” collectively, on a global scale, like the natural born internationalists with no roots that they are, exposing their double speeches and countless Israeli contradictions on every owned medias/academics/movies like Sir Montefiore, this good friend of Queen Victoria, told them to do. The other Jews, raised in tribal fear like the Poland school trip in Shamir’s movie perfectly shown, are just brainwashed sacrificial lambs who should read the Pike prediction or Norbert. By the way there is an interesting connection with the KKK and the Bnai Brith. So much for white supremacy and multiculturalism Miss Spectre! What a goolish name! I wonder if she has a nasty white cat like in the good James Bond movies. Those people are fuelling anti-Semitism big time. I hate this word; it is a lie that has been repeated 66666666 million times and has become a truth. What about the Syrian Semite in Sweden, mr Spectre? But since we have to use it, anti-Semitism represents the people that Big jews don’t like and by tribal solidarity/mass sect brainwashing little Jews. An anti-Semite is a person the Jews don’t like. What is wrong with that, Miss Spectre? Feel free to propose a better definition. Sometimes, I wonder if Anti-semitism is not a humanism since it had a tendency to rise before wars. I also wonder what Sartre would think about that.
    I have to say this article makes me unconfortable, with this old lady picture it looks like a soft version of Tavistock propaganda calling for the clash of civilizations in a very subtle English way playing on emotions, more subtle than their bastard son School of Frankfurt who took care of USA mass brainwashing. Tavistock institute/ WellingtonHouse/RIIA is the mother of all think tanks which is at war with civilization since 1900 and since it manipulated public opinion both in US and Britain agaisnt Germany with Lippman plagiat of Gustave Le Bon. I heard that on a french radio show broadcast on Radio BandieraNera/ Kebeka Liberata. I am surprised I can’t find a piece on the subject. There is this book by Byron T Weeks Tavistock: The best Kept Secret in America if you need inspiration. I am sure Pat knows about this book on how to take control of America with TV, rock, LSD, sexual revolution, mass manipulation, polling institute and many more good things. We are computers who need to be reprogramed according ,to these fine gentlemen, in order to create a new man.
    The 2 minutes of hate in 1984 is aimed against Emmanuel Goldstein to channel the anger of the English population. Is there a message from Orwell? Judaism is a shield, red maybe like the name of their king, to protect the Golden Claw of usury, the jealous god of the Jew. Israel is a chimeric nationality.Hitler is their god when they are drunk and the spectre that haunts occident. I just solved the Sudoku. I dedicate this great accomplishment to the French unknown multicultural people that have inspired me this international comment, Karl Marx, Gottfried Feder, Felix, Freddy Heineken, Mrs Spectre and LD even if she is playing a cognitive game with us. Try to call me racist now.
    I still think unnecessary violence could be avoided but there is this human tendency through history to create sacred with violence and this mimetic desire to consider. René Girard is a depressing read when you consider the complexity of the global mess and the unchivalrous way we have invented to kill each other for a Golden Claw. I heard amerindians actors refused to play in an Adam Sandler movie because the script was striking a blow at their human dignity and the one of their ancestors. That is the spirit, to hell the claw. What the average white actor does in this situation? They warned us about that, you know, that money is uneatable. Who is the smarter now?

    This is my opinion from where i stand and remember a little self-flogging never hurts. We sure know that in France.
    Sorry admin for the longer of this post and the typos.
    Did i beat Dublinmick’s outrageous off topic long post about Asia?

    1. ” “Låt inte din dotter bli en negerleksak” ” : “Do not allow your daughter to be a plaything for niggers”.. This was said in the 80`s I believe you said Phil, so this racist hate has been brewing for some time..
      I don`t know about Sweden, I don`t even know the statistics for Norway, I can only comment on my local area. We have a population of roughly 500 persons, and the authority agreed, last year, to integrate 10 persons from the Congo, comprising two families, mother, father, and children. There are people from other countries, two from the Phillipines, who are together with Norwegian men, and one from Poland, who had a child with a Norwegian, split with him, and imported a Polish guy for herself, and now they have a child. So we are not exactly overwhelmed..
      Spicen broached the subject of immigrants from europe. I asked Harbinger some time ago, his opinion of the many, many, “white” immigrants to the UK, he didn`t reply..
      Regarding rape, and immigration, the “jewish” entity occupying Palestine, has a problem with both, but it is the “most moral army” which is raping, and manhandling black jewish immigrants..
      btw, I found Dublinmicks comment interesting..

      1. @ Ingrid B.

        You yourself typify the problem prof. Kevin MacDonald’s article is all about : pathological altruism. That appears clearly enough from your comments here and on The Ugly Truth.

        Nations don’t have to destroy their ethnic identity and their civilization by accepting hordes of poor, primitive, violent, raping and robbing Third Worlders into their midst. All peoples are responsible for their own fate. If a people is stupid and violent and their country therefore a mess, then that is their own problem. It is not our obligation to let them escape their self-created hellholes to recreate them anew among us, which will invariably happen if they come in great numbers.

        Norway has an immigrant population of about 660,000 people, half of them from Europe, half of them from outside Europe. It takes only 6 jumbojets to repatriate these foreigners within one year. Entirely doable, if only the political will is present. But that requires the absence of the Ingrid B’s from the decision process!

      2. Franklin,

        “You yourself typify the problem prof. Kevin MacDonald’s article…..”

        This is why I stopped debating with Ingrid and now completely ignore her. She, ironically, epitomises the views of Barbara Specter in that she advocates multicultural and multiracial societies. She hypocritically attacks the Jews for destruction of western society yet fully supports third world migration into it.
        She also called me a white supremacist because I told her that her Cameroonian neighbours could have gone to thirty + countries, for safe haven, before coming to the west, but chose the west because we’d built a prospering civilization. Our ancestors had sacrificed to give us a good life, while their lazy ancestors did what all Africans do – nothing and complain why their society is so bad. They are happy to come into our societies and take but their ancestors contributed nothing to it. To describe the immigrant coming to the west: he’ll/she’ll come and eat your cake that you’ve made but contribute nothing to its creation.

      3. Ingrid,

        I was just showing the complexity and variety of the situation that is happening on a global scale and how we are globally played with Medias manipulating the reality according to the agenda of Globalism like the Husby fake little Jihad on my TV. The Sweden case is very interesting in his perversity with the total absence of cultural, economic coherence. Funny, I wasn’t sure about perversity so I check the dictionary and the sentence used as an example is “the perversity of Nazis is not usurped”. What about Spectre ? Perverse is the best word to describe the global setting up of local conflicts that have absolutely no reason to occur. But Swedish are maybe a little perverse with their twisted gender laws “you must seat to urinate” and their millennium books. I don’t know about Norway.
        I don’t like the racial aspect of the question but I must admit that white Europeans form Italia, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Greece have assimilated perfectly while Muslims/Arabs from Maghreb and African met a lot of difficulties due to cultural differences and with the perverse role of anti-racist organization lead by socialist jews and their house N which have managed to prevent any assimilation stirring colonial resentment. The hip hop subculture didn’t help either. De Gaulle used to say this about Muslim immigration:
        “It is very good that there is Yellow/Black/Brown frenchs. They show that France is opened to all the races and that she has a universal vocation. But provided that they remain a small minority. We are first and foremost a European people of white race, of Greek and Latin culture and Christian religion. Don’t fool yourself.”
        That is a measured approach that I share. But since his successors have willfully flooded us with people society can’t absorb, for very various perverse reasons especially in this post 9/11 world, we have to deal with it and try to keep a cool head when the manipulations will occured. French Muslims are realizing that they have been manipulated now that they are stigmatized like white French evil racist used to be although you must try very hard to find a racist here. We have several cases of illegal Romanians/Bulgarians camps who settled in multicultural areas. I let you guess what happened in this physical triangulated conflict between White French, Muslim/Arab/Black French and the jobless white illegals from Eastern Europe.
        This is a complex mess. Who profits from it? The top of the triangle. How do they prevent us from addressing this issue? The racism card. The reduction ad hitlerum.
        We were warned. The fascists of the future will be called anti-fascists. I think this work also for the racists. Multiculturalism in this global party with no borders will only lead to the end of it, to a fragmented hybrid Culture. Everyone who is promoting multiculturalism is a racist. So I think you are wrong about Harbinger. But I agree with you on Mick.
        To my British cousins, it seems that you are being invaded from the town of Calais you used to like so much by various people. You should see this mess, I am not sure they speak about that on the BBC. But those migrants sure do speak good English. What French authority are doing about that? Let them through like the X other Schengen borders they have crossed since Turkey let them through. You are not even safe from chaos on your island.

      4. @Harbinger and Ryckært, I`m not advocating anything, I merely stated my view regarding my area. I prefer not to climb on anyone`s bandwagon, especially yours, and Ryckært has already made his opinion clear as to letting them drown..

        @PHIL, picked up on this: “Europeans form Italia, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Greece have assimilated perfectly while Muslims/Arabs from Maghreb and African met a lot of difficulties due to cultural differences ” : This is precisely my point, that some immigrants are acceptable, whilst others are not.. I expect you heard of the 15 year old muslim girl who was expelled from school in France because her skirt was too long, it`s ridiculous..

      5. Phil,

        Ingrid thinks like your average (notice I never said ALL) woman, who’s natural instinct is to protect, seeing as they are the child bearers of this world. Therefore, she sees an immigrant who has left a war torn land as someone who needs help, but in her blindness, forgets that these people are economic migrants who seek safety but more importantly a free meal ticket, coming to the west, benefiting from our education, housing and health benefits at the expense of the indigenous. Women’s way of thinking in disastrous situations are not like most men’s. They won’t sacrifice one for the needs of the many. They would allow a diseased refugee into a land to save, showing their compassion, putting the whole population at risk because of it. They think emotionally. It’s the way they are. The average male on the other hand, looks to the needs of the many first, hence why they’re natural born leaders.
        The society we live in today is a matriarchal society hence why immigration is at an all time high. Along with that we have high unemployment of the indigenous; positive discrimination of the indigenous in favour of the immigrant, far more unskilled than they. It’s a classic case of the woman looking after the minority that screws over the majority.
        Ingrid calls me a racist because she doesn’t see culture and race. She sees people as a whole and believes that race definition is in itself racist. She sees indigenous cultures as racist. This is why I have no time for her. She comes onto this website, preaching her absolute BS about “how she blames the Jews” when she behaves no differently to them, agreeing with the ethnic cleansing of europe of its people and cultures. She will deny this, but she agrees in immigration, multiculturalism and multiracial societies which answers what I claim. She has no dog in this fight whatsoever.

      6. “an immigrant who has left a war torn land ”
        Whose fault is it Harbinger, that “they” have to leave their lands, and who is it Harbinger, who is warring, and tearing their lands apart? I am quite certain Harbinger, that “they” would stay in their own lands, if they were left in peace..

        “diseased refugee”? You, Harbinger, are one sick dude..

  14. I am a believer in Mark Twain’s saying, “There are lies, goddamn lies and statistics. However sometimes official statistics can be an indicator of how well an economy is really doing.
    Another factor is the number of “children” in their 30s still living with their parents. This is not only a factor in the US but in Europe as well. This is due to the decline in wages. I give US figures but in many respects Europe mirrors the US.

    1. Felix –
      The first link did not work for me.
      It ‘peers’… Both sides of the pond have problems….. especially Pharisee controlled Britain.
      The link below is a year old….. Probably way worse now.
      Welfare spending in Britain has increased faster than almost any other country in Europe since 2000.

      The cost of unemployment benefits, housing support and pensions as share of the economy has increased by more than a quarter over the past thirteen years – growing at a faster rate – than in most of the developed world.

      Spending has gone up from 18.6 per cent of GDP to 23.7 per cent of GDP – an increase of 27 per cent, according to figures from the OECD, the club of most developed nations.
      By contrast, the average increase in welfare spending in the OECD was 16 per cent.
      In the developed world, only the United States and the stricken eurozone states of Ireland, Portugal and Spain – which are blighted by high unemployment – have increased spending quicker than Britain.

      It means Britain has risen in the developed world rankings for welfare spending from 20th in 2000 – to 13th in 2013 – leapfrogging Norway, Luxembourg, Hungary, Poland, Greece and New Zealand.
      Living at home? Where else would one rather be?

      A 30 year old man lost his big job and moved back in with his parents. They were glad to have him and excitedly said that they would do anything for him he wished.
      He replied, “Great. I want you to move out immediately.”
      In shock, they asked, “WHY??”
      The son replied in disgust, “Just look at you. Both of you are in your 60s and STILL living at HOME..!!”

      1. PS……

        Instilling the need for children to move away from home is a Pharisee gimmick.
        It causes more debt though home purchases or rental and autos, food and clothes… and ‘day-care’…etc. It dilutes family strengths and values.
        Granny used to watch the kids….so… NO ‘day-care’ needed. No ‘adult-care’ or nursing home needed for Granny, either.
        It, at least, doubles personal spending over a lifetime.

        Pharisee-jew tricks are promoted everywhere…. Unknowingly, even here.

      2. Pat, you are so right. Seems like this should be obvious. There is not much finer in life than a proper supportive family.

      3. @Pat
        You would be correct about children leaving home being a Pharisee gimmick if it pertained to Africa or Asia where people live, on the main, in extended families. However this is not the case in Europe or the US where the Children returning home are single and are unable to afford their own homes due to declining living standards. Pat you must be objective and realise that this is a factor contributing to the declining birth rate. Remember women are at the peak of their fecundity in their 20’s and very few women are having children at this age anymore. Feminism is partly responsible but the decline in living standards plays a major role. So the destruction of family began in the west with the advent of extreme, Jewish inspired capitalism.

      4. Felix –

        Thanks for the comment.

        Felix, you must be objective and know that ‘capitalism’ is a Pharisee promoted buzz word to establish systems for opposing sides for conflict.

        ALL economic and political system are ‘capitalistic’ in nature. They ALL have ‘capital.’ Even monks have their temples and gold figures.

        The differences in political systems are in – WHO – controls the ‘capital.’

        All leaders of the numerous ‘republics’ have limousines and palaces/mansions. Even the Republic of Cuba…. while the people have old cars and small houses. ‘Capitalism’ is doing well for Castro brothers.

      5. Pat,
        I did use the word extreme to describe the capitalism promoted by Jews. This is how they steal from you by continually debasing the coinage. However, they have now beaten the horse to near death, witness the closing down of stores, homes being repossessed, the decline in living standards, the dumbing down of the population etc. For example, my wife has a friend working in Thai Immigration who told her that about 10% of Americans she has encountered arriving in Thailand are too illiterate to complete the arrival card. And it’s not only Blacks but white Americans as well. I myself witnessed such an incident about 20 years at Dover in the UK. How much longer can you have a functioning country when so many people are illiterate?

      6. Felix –
        “How much longer can you have a functioning country when so many people are illiterate?”

        That depends on how you define three items in your question. Functioning, country and illiterate. Those are all terms which require more precise explanations of their meanings.

        I say as long as Muslims. Mohammed was illiterate.

        Most could not even write their names in past centuries. Aboriginals never needed it. Pharisee bankers took control by exploiting that.

        They already WON here. The Pharisees have control of ALL of America. Literacy even helps with the control. Control through books and false info….etc.

        People living in America are actually living in Disneyland in comparison to many places. Not the best, but better than most. It is NOT the top. It is not the bottom.

    1. One more thing I like and need to add; the white West of course cannot whitewash their actions by pointing to
      the men behind the curtain. Imo that’s why these undesirable multicultisoups are happening in these au fond unfree – still under the jew yoke western societies. The West is in need of an Intifada.


    OK, jews played a role in this as well, butidem dito see above

    1. Zen –
      Where Redskins??
      Redskins tried Intifada and failed. They are in concentration camps called ‘reservations’ with walking privileges and casinos for pay-off to chiefs to say, “Keep it down over there. Have another bottle of tax-free hooch.”

      1. Yeah. I forgot about those. I used to get cheap tax-free cartons on the Seminole Reservation ‘drive-through’ in Tampa on East Hillsboro Av at Hwy 301. Big casino there now too.

  16. Jews are white, so, if you are pro-white then you would technically be a pro-Jew person. There are Jews that are not white, but primarily their racial color is white. Isn’t that true?

    Those who are anti-jew (jew this and jew that) and who promote an all-white community, would it be all-white, with the exception of jews you do not like, or no jews whatsoever?

    And if the nation is primarily white, is it only moral white people or really evil ones also?

    I COULD CARE LESS ABOUT THE RACE OF A PERSON’S BODY / SKIN COLOR. It is the person that matters as far as their actions, character, virtue and things of that sort.

    When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

    How about a nation of MORAL people regardless of the color of their skin. Sound good?

    1. @ NEW SONG

      “…How about a nation of MORAL people regardless of the color of their skin. Sound good?…”

      Sounds bad. Societies that are multi-cultural or multi-racial can never develop into “nations” because of the lack of a common identity. The greater the differences, the greater the conflicts. All multi-ethnic empires eventually disintegrated into their natural ethnic parts. That happened with the Macedonian Empire, the Roman Empire, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Ottoman Empire and the Soviet Union, to name just a few.

      To think only in “moral” terms, while ignoring ethnic and racial differences will not make those differences go away. Illusions will never become a reality, no matter how “moral” they are presented to be. There is such a thing as human nature, whether pious Christians or dogmatic Marxists like that or not.

    2. “How about a nation of MORAL people regardless of the color of their skin. Sound good? “

      How about everyone looks the same, speaks the same, does the same? In effect that’s what you’re advocating.

      It’s our culture, our group, our nationality, that is WHOM we are of and belong to.

      The only people I hear who preach your nonsense New Song, are either new age hippies and immigrants/descendents of immigrants. “Why can’t we all just get along?” is the mantra continually promoted by the ‘button pushers’.

      Difference makes us unique New Song. It’s difference that creates the individual. The individual is the enemy of the group. The group is the state, the all seeing big brother that decides how people should live their lives. It hates liberty. It hates freedom and uniquity. And above all it utterly despises the individual, because the individual is the only one who can see through their control mechanism and therefore a threat to their longevity and very survival.

      Classic example is how black women in the west are now no longer wanting to be of their race. They use skin lighteners to make them look more like white women. They have nose surgery to look more like white women. They wear weaves (real hair wigs) that damage their skin, causing forehead cancers, All this because, as the minority in the west, they see themselves as different in a society that says you can’t be. It is also sadly black women who deliberately partner, outside of their race, in order to have mixed race children, because they hate their race. This I find truly disturbing.

      If I said to you; “let’s amalgamate all the cat species into one. Once we’re done with that we can do it with all the dogs and horses and cows and sheep and pigs and lizards and spiders an… on and so on.” Would you agree with me? Imagine going into a restaurant and on the menu is simply three choices – meat, fish, vegetable where there is only one species of fish, one animal and one vegetable as they’ve all been mixed into one?

      The new world order’s main drive is the amalgamation of ALL the world’s lands into one, along with all culture, religion and people. Like the sheep that all go baaa and run into their pen when the shepherd decides using his sheep dog, this is what they want with you and me – good, obedient workers, who don’t think or complain but do. This is why all the industry has gone to China – no strikes about pay or shitty working conditions.

      It is those people who advocate multiculturalism who are the haters of culture. It is those who advocate one race who are the real racists in this world.

      I’m frankly tired of this hippy sit around the campfire singing koombaya BS. I don’t want to be like you or anyone else. I want to be me, to be unique, to be different, to think differently, to be able to criticise and NOT fit in to mundane, grey, automaton unreality. What gets on my tits the most is people like you who fail to see that your view is the button pusher’s wet dream because when you’re all happy and all the same, not complaining about life, is when they see that they’ve won in creating the perfect slave – one who wallows in slavery without even realising they’re a slave, living in a two class society – Gods and their servants.

      1. To Harbinger

        I’m neither a new age hippie or a promoter of let’s all be happy, but out of necessity it is important that we ALL get along. The color of my skin is white. I’m reminded of it daily by non-whites who hate me it seems JUST BECAUSE I’M WHITE. Our differences are what makes us unique and, so, promoting that we all be the same is not what I said to do.

        Harbinger, you are a poor listener, but an avid talker debating only snippets of comments.

      2. New Age,

        Your skin colour is not white neither are ‘black’ people’s black. It’s why there’s this big problem in the first place – categorization.

        On the contrary your post reeked of ‘new age hippy’ BS I’m sorry to say. And I don’t think it’s important we don’t get along. Disagreement is again another uniqueness amongst us. What do you think would happen if we put the lions, tigers, pumas, panthers and leopards in a big cage together, would they all get along?

        Like I said; New Age Hippy.

  17. Sweden has a terminal case of the

    Stockholm syndrome, or capture-bonding, is a psychological phenomenon in which hostages express empathy and have positive feelings towards their captors, sometimes to the point of defending them. These feelings are generally considered irrational in light of the danger or risk endured by the victims, who essentially mistake a lack of abuse from their captors for an act of kindness.

    Stockholm syndrome can be seen as a form of traumatic bonding, which does not necessarily require a hostage scenario, but which describes “strong emotional ties that develop between two persons where one person intermittently harasses, beats, threatens, abuses, or intimidates the other.”

    basically, sweden is a shiksa repository/suppository and perversely proud of it.
    not that the white race as a whole is much better off, they got no bragging nor denigrating rights.

    but as i’ve been reading this thread and the ideological ping pong game in progress, i see couple of missing points, so let’s cross them off.
    first of all: who is the Enemy.
    the Enemy is one and only and it is the jew. always was, always will be until the final result (in hockey, called sudden death overtime)

    secondly: diverting attention from the Enemy by various means, chiefly by blaming clueless morons parachuted into a foreign culture serves the purposes of the Enemy admirably, which is precisely why he is promoting this giant smokescreen, whoever refuses to see and accept it is as bad as these cattle-like immigrants and becomes a shabbat goy through criminal negligence.
    so, all these bourkah clad critters waddling down the streets of cologne and milan should not be seen as enemies any more than feral dogs roaming the same streets, turned loose by mindless and uncaring owners.

    let’s get rid of the cancer before worrying about nausea side effects.

    culture, the next point and of secondary interest.
    if it doesn’t evolve, it becomes a dead object, like the polish and bulgarian folkdances perforemed by 5th generation children at religious festivals and object of wide and deserved ridicule and derision.
    i truly don’t mind a decent nig neighbor, provided he doesn’t hatefully infect the vicinity with the mores that he was too glad to escape.
    i am perfectly happy to try his ethnic food and incorporate it into my intake if approved.
    and i equally or more insist that he appreciate and respect his new surroundings.
    i would insist on nothing less if settling down to live in his country for any length of time.
    if i lived in a masai boma, i would wear a wraparound kilt and stand on one leg, other tucked into crotch, leaning on asegai, the short spear while guarding herd from marauding carnivores.
    that’s the invisible but no less valid employment contract when seeking and accepting a new life.

    i am back in my beloved sarajevo, breathing the special air of that bosnian softness that everyone remarks on, 1st of may tourists from old enemies, serbia and croatia arriving for no reason but to escape the sense of enforced political correctness and terror back home, regardless of relative economic prosperity, hearing the enchanting arabic calls of muezzin marking the daily prayer routine.
    nobody harassing anyone, smoke wherever you want, drive the wrong way, chase pedestrians, everything taken in stride, muslims eating pork rind chips bought from neighboring serb entity but also observing ramadan when the time comes.
    it is a true spiritual asylum, pope arriving in a month’s time is subject of open jokes but also respect.
    i always say, sarajevo can’t be beat.
    because there are almost no jews, too poor to be worth ripping off, better hunting elsewhere.
    it is the shining monument to multicultural diversity done right, by ottomans and austrians, two of the finest empires ever.

    so, to reiterate the bottom-bottom line: jew is the Enemy, no-jew is the Solution.
    everything else is talmud on the cheap.

    1. jew is enemy is right, lobro –

      I think that whenever I eat ‘cracklins’ (fried pork rind chips) just for spite. Mom ate ’em almost everyday til she was 92. I told her it might take a few years off her life…and she said.. “That’s ok…It is the last few.”

      1. I find – much as I like them -they play hell with my dentures and I usually end up with an expensive repair bill……….sigh!

      2. pat,

        i have lived thru and laughed at so many of the so-called nutrition experts go on record pro-this, anti-that only in order to reverse themselves a few years later that i have lost count of their egregious and even pernicious mistakes.
        and i never did pay attention to them and never will.

        i suspect that your mom’s longevity is because of steady diet of the cracklins not despite them.

        i lived in mexico for 6-7 years and they used to swear by pork fat or lard, all their cooking was based on it, including excellent pastries.
        it is called manteca and the fried rinds are chicharones.
        now, the word manteca sounds like it shares the etymology with mantequilla, ie, the dairy butter, so to them, it is practically the same thing.
        since uncle jew’s monsanto destroyed their agriculture and traditional ways, they started cooking on canola and gmo corn oil and the results is national ballooning, obesity, diabetes and heart disease, all brought to them by harvard medical experts.
        go figure.

        i mostly agree with what you are saying and certainly the victim must share the blame for getting sucked into the wicked sacrifice, just like teen girls are sucked into prostitution by pimps always on lookout for the next one as the 19-yr olds are deemed washed out.

        but if you ask me, i’d rather take the gun to the pimps.
        other than that, everyone gets a share of the blame, the parents, the teachers, peers, tv, chemtrails, fluoride … but pimps are the apex predators and need to be taught an unforgettable lesson.

      3. ;obro –

        I really like Mexico, and I am very familiar with Mexican cuisine. I have driven all through Mexico. Never to DF, though. Favorites are Saltillo, San Luis Potosi and Puerto Vallarta. Yucatan little too muggy…..but Campeche is nice…. great seafood.

        Lard was our family staple for cooking and baking. Amish in Blue Ball and Intercourse, PA did the same. Much healthier than today’s crap.

        Most people in West just ‘plain old’ eat too much. The uppers in Mexico have 4 meals a day. Last one around 9pm is biggest.

        MSG is biggest fat culprit today. It was almost non-existent in foods before 60s. Used then in Chinese restaurant foods and gave people headaches. Not even noticed toady. Used to it.

      4. Your mom Pat reminds me of something my doctor told me recently. A lady had said to him that if she`d known what a pleasure it was to have grandchildren, she`d have had them first..

    2. Lobro,

      Sweden is also the capital of Europe when it comes to feminism. They have allowed political correctness to completely dominate their way of life and this is the direct result because of it. Swedish men are literally women with penises. One could say they’re wannabee eunuchs. They have no balls. when one thinks of what they were and now what they are, one would never believe they were the most feared warriors of history.

      Sweden has embraced Marxism as it’s religion, no better shown in its growing feminist movement as they drive for equality with their hordes of misandrists. I have no sympathy for a society that commits suicide through its decisions. This is not the fault of Jewry, but the weakness of Swedish men. Europe is now pretty much a Sodom and Gomorrah. When one talks of the threat of Muslim immigration, on one side I think of the threat to the race, but on the other think, well at least it would bring back morals, smash feminism to pieces, eradicate homosexuality and paedophilia, no more men being shafted in family courts and divorces and there’d be no gangs roaming about beating the bejesus out of people. So ironically, Europe has more to benefit from Islamic migration into it. Sure the ‘sisterhood’ and homosexuals would be pissed off, but then I really don’t care about that.

  18. Darkmooners:
    I found this great summary of what will unfold, from Summer 2015 and why? The jewish money power aspect is not discussed, but the West vs. East dichotomy is shown for what it is, a staged play for the takedown of the planet for the Global elites’ takeover. Check it out:

    This is from John Little and his It is a great summary and a very realistic viewpoint on the future! Remember, the multi-kulti tool is involved in this summary as well (ISIS/Muslim vs. everyone else). Thanks, Norbert.

    1. I`m pretty sure I replied to this comment, but my reply seems to have disappeared. Is there an explanation?

      1. “Is there an explanation? “, there is. Norbert posted the same link on another thread, it was there that I replied..

  19. Here in the UK they introduced the Race Acts in 1965 which effectively destroyed the indigenous’ fightback to stop the future colonisation of their land. This before they were about to take the UK into the disastrous EEC in 71, under the Prime Minister, homosexual (and most certainly paedophile) Edward Heath.

    What they effectively did in that instance (as they knew) was to tell the indigenous – “we’re breeding you out and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

    If one looks at the anti racist film American History X with Edward Norton, the pivotal part in the film is a classic piece of indoctrination that only the astute will notice. Towards the end, Edward Norton’s character is out of jail having changed from being a white supremacist into a believer in multiracial societies. He speaks with his old school teacher and tells him when the racism began. The scene changes to when he was younger at the breakfast table and his dad is livid that two of his friends lost their jobs to blacks who scored much lower on the tests, but got the jobs through obvious positive discrimination. To quote from the scene:

    “DENNIS (father)
    (taking a bite)
    Firefighters getting’ 99’s on their
    tests while rappers who score a
    goddamn 62 walk away with the job.

    DANNY (Edward Furlong, Derek’s brother)
    Don’t we have to have “affirmative

    Not when a job requires ability.

    DORIS (mother)
    A lot of people would say otherwise.

    DEREK (Edward Norton)
    Oh yeah? If Dad’s fightin’ a brush
    fire… surrounded by thousand degree
    flames… who would you want watchin’
    his back? A guy who scores a 99 or
    a guy who scores a sixty?
    (after a beat)
    You’d want the best man for the job.”

    What was stated by Derek, was of course 100% correct, but we are told here in classic, double speak, that this is wrong. We should give someone a job from the minority because they should have it, being the minority, even though they are not qualified for the job. Put this doublethink into a Hollywood movie and have everyone thinking up is down and left is right and believing in positive discrimination (against white people) at the end of the viewing and of course, hating people who love their culture and nation and don’t want to be invaded by immigrants.

    Another classic example was in London, back in the 90’s (I think), when the then Lord Mayor of London, ‘Red’ Ken Livingstone (communist Ken) wanted to divide all public sector jobs evenly between men, women and the minority non indigenous. That’s right, even though the minority made up a small portion of society, he wanted to tally all the public jobs evenly between them, which would have resulted in GROSS OVER REPRESENTATION within the minority. It would mean that those in the majority, far more skilled than those in the minority wouldn’t be employed while those far less skilled would. Thankfully the moron never got re-elected.

    The reality is that the government and local councils are working in tandem with academia, the arts and the msm to promote a minority superiority society. They are trying to brainwash the indigenous that they are 2nd class citizens compared to migrants and must give them jobs before themselves and to oppose this means that you are a racist.

    This is society today. It’s completely screwed up.

  20. pat made an interesting comment, retro-original, followed up by recognition by hp and it made me think.

    Instilling the need for children to move away from home is a Pharisee gimmick.
    It causes more debt though home purchases or rental and autos, food and clothes… and ‘day-care’…etc. It dilutes family strengths and values.
    Granny used to watch the kids….so… NO ‘day-care’ needed. No ‘adult-care’ or nursing home needed for Granny, either.
    It, at least, doubles personal spending over a lifetime.

    aside from logic as overlooked as it is obvious (isn’t that so often the case, of truth hiding in plain sight), there is this principle:
    children raised by elders in a close knit environment are less likely to fall into the clutches of jew and frankfurt school programming.
    everyone has heard of jews important stated goal of fragmenting the family, enunciated clearly as early as bolshevik rule.

    so consider this when complaining about those conspicuously extended immigrant families from the third world.
    this is one obstacle jew faces in taking over these foreign cultures, especially asian and middle eastern.
    why not try at least partially turning sow’s ear into a silk purse and learn about other modes of resistance?

    1. Yes, lobro, you are correct. And you hit on a point I have stressed for decades. thus the joke of man moving back in and telling parents to get out “In their 60s and STILL living at home.” I started telling that at ‘patriot’ meetings in the 80s.
      I also used “The Waltons” as an example of what was used to make the nation strong…. strong families…. with 15 children per family.

      You know I am not a lengthy writer, so I did not elaborate. It needs elaboration. As you stated, it is a VERY GOOD method of resistance against Pharisee bankers.

      This also helps get rid of Pharisee abortion plans for white babies.

      It cuts out most counseling and psychiatric care. Most just need support and guidance….. not drugs.

      1. And for ‘Greenies’ it promotes less energy use and….
        ……it allows for a built-in car pool.

    2. JFC –

      Glad you are here. Maybe you could help add to what we can expect from China in cases like this with AIIB horse to ride for MORE debt to Pharisees:

      BRICS – the ‘I’ in BR’I’CS may represent ‘Israel’ as much as India… or more…. as Israel is a welfare state of US.

      Pharisee-jews playing a trick. Israel is following the script so that the world will believe US being shunned. Putting on a good show, NM Rothschild in London still controls all of it.

      TEL AVIV (Reuters) – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has signed a letter of application for Israel to join the China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), the Israeli Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday.

      U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew said on Tuesday that Washington would welcome the AIIB as long as it complements existing institutions and adopts high governance standards.

      Jerusalem pivots east as American officials urge allies to spurn newly formed Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank:

    3. That is where I consider myself lucky, I have my family right next door, and we look out for one another..

      One thing I`ve been wondering about, there is a lot of talk about the jews wanting to flood europe with immigrants, why, then, are they not doing more to ensure that the immigrants make it to europe? just asking..

      1. Most immigrants into Europe come here legally, thanks to Jewish activism. The Jews of course also promote the acceptance of “refugees”. Accidents such as the drowning of boatpeople are thankfully used as an argument for facilitating the coming of even more “refugees”. Besides the Jews we also have our dear Pope who calls for “opening our hearts and our borders”.

  21. I can’t believe I just spent 3 hours reading the comments on this site. Great articles and even greater comments…probably one of the most erudite and entertaining group of commentators on the web. Even the joo trolls are of a higher caliber here.

    1. JFC –

      Glad you are here. Maybe you could help add to what we can expect from China in cases like this with AIIB horse to ride for MORE debt to Pharisees:

      BRICS – the ‘I’ in BR’I’CS may represent ‘Israel’ as much as India… or more…. as Israel is a welfare state of US.

      Pharisee-jews playing a trick. Israel is following the script so that the world will believe US being shunned. Putting on a good show, NM Rothschild in London still controls all of it.

      TEL AVIV (Reuters) – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has signed a letter of application for Israel to join the China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), the Israeli Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday.

      U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew said on Tuesday that Washington would welcome the AIIB as long as it complements existing institutions and adopts high governance standards.

      Jerusalem pivots east as American officials urge allies to spurn newly formed Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank:

    2. i looked at your homepage, JFC and you are clearly focused on the problem.

      my question(s x2) that i am ill equipped to pursue on my own is, how well are the rank and file chinese aware of the sinister history and what the jew would gladly repeat on an even bigger scale if allowed?

      ditto for the leadership, i mean are they leadership or leadersheep?

      they seem aligned with putin as well as iran for the most part, so the question #2 is most pertinent since we are having these endless debates on whether putin is their stooge or nemesis and the true orientation of the chinese may cast additional light, if only circumstantially.

  22. i find the arguments about protecting racial or ethnic identity versus “everybody getting along” quite incomprehensible, to be frank.
    something about the benefits of heterogeneity as opposed to evils of homogeneity and so forth.
    not sure that either side has thought them through.

    if someone argues that the strict preservation of his group’s identifiers is the way to go, has he thought about such issues as inbreeding or for that matter, where is his fierce individualism if everyone within 200 miles radius is big boned and red haired and drinks guinness stout?
    look at the appalachian hillbillies for exemplars, is that the way to go about developing a healthy, vibrant culture?

    moreover, the fact is that in all the well run empires with properly defined and enforced legal and administrative systems, many disparate groups got along quite nicely for centuries, provided no one got into anyone else’s way and was left to pursue their own lifestyle.
    christians lived in all the regions of the middle east and beyond, perfectly safe and respected by overwhelming muslim majority.

    when shit happens, open nostrils wide to catch the stink of the jew.

    like today, with all these terror entities created by social scientists in mossad labs.
    their first order of business, regardless of the equally artificial credo (they all like these upraised clenched fists as part of their logo, copyright granted by soros open society) is to pick on these smaller, weaker clans and ethnically cleanse them while simultaneously publicly wringing hands in the west, look at these savages, no place in the west for islamofascists and jew haters! while at the same time importing the worst of them under the guise of humanitarian concern.

    i keep saying, get rid of the jew and then we can employ reason – until then, not a chance.
    jew has no time for a reasonable goy, it is his greatest threat.

    JUDEA DECLARES WAR ON NON-JUDEA! (just keep that in mind, the war is on and if we don’t defend, we have no right to survive)

    1. @Lobro

      “Inbreeding” is a matter of the degree of consanguinity not of racial homogeneity. Marriages between cousins or closely related people in isolated communities (such as “Hillbillies”) will indeed have the bad effects of inbreeding, but if such is not the case, racially homogeneous societies don’t show the effects of “inbreeding” at all and therefore don’t need racemixing as a “cure” for such an imaginary problem.

      Multi-ethnic or multi-racial empires were always artificial creations that only could be kept together by a strong arm. Where that was absent, such empires quickly disintegrated into their natural ethnic or racial parts.

      Sorry, but the idea that “diversity is strength” is an illusion.

    2. franklin, inbreeding apart (what about inbred jews, 15 million of them) i stand by my contention that in a well run, civil arrangement, ethnic and religious heterogeneity works just fine.

      all you have to do is remove the jews, clean up corruption and weed out paid shills and professional agent provocateurs.

      like i said, take a look at the legacy of turkish and austrian empires, the cities in middle east, romania, bosnia, maxedonia and such, where many such groups rubbed shoulders in a neighborly fashion for centuries, without major conflict.

      nowadays, with world in the grip of judaic sleaze, it no longer works because they don’t want it to work.
      inter-ethnic hate and intolerance serves to deflect from and diminish hate of jewry and increased tolerance of the jew as he slips deeper behind the curtain.

      do you not see clearly how this mechanism works?

      for example, tanzania is one of the less troubled states in africa.
      in the neighborhood of arusha, the biggest town near kilimanjaro massif, i was told there were around 120-140 tribes speaking 120-140 different languages! ie, they could barely communicate with each other, yet life proceeded in relative calm, they would mix at weekend bazaars, trade their crops and wares routinely.
      but what is true is that such situations can become powder kegs for malefactors, especially when such malefactors are given official sanctioning, support and protection, when they can set off bombs, roaming gangs can run to army barracks to hide.

      passions become inflamed, religious nuts go nuts and before you know it blood is running in the streets while the local chabad chapter tallies up the best real estate and business addresses for fire sale.

      now, if goys refuse to see this math, it is good for the disease agents, the centuries old and trusted judas train rolls along to the next target.

      1. let me supply a few counterexamples that demonstrate the oversimplification of that concept.

        in brazil and cuba, the society runs just fine despite the thorough racial layering, we are not talking about small societies either, brazil is what, 200 million?

        meanwhile, look at scotland and norther ireland, ever seen a bar or tavern that caters to both protestants and catholics?
        what about annual orangemen parades?
        what about when glasgow celtic (catholic) play glasgow rangers (protestant)?
        ever see how in milan, when either inter or milan ac play for the game’s greatest trophy, the champions cup final, the rival fans are ecstatic when the hometown team loses?
        ditto for real and atletico madrid.
        how about other such ethnically uniform but ideologically opposed situations, like former yugoslavia, where even today, the hatred between catholic croats and orthodox serbs could very easily erupt at any time into a new orgy of bloodshed?

        it is a nuanced world, franklin, the devil is in the detail.
        to approach it crudely from outside is to invite failure, like some mountain hick who has seen and coveted some nice car, so he takes a chainsaw to a big log and tries to fashion himself a maserati to impress his hick girlfriend.

        all these years jerusalem functioned without a hitch, dozens of nationalities in amicable contact.
        and then the jew moved in.
        look at it now.
        this is the whole of this particular brand of wisdom i preach.
        remove the jew and then go about fixing the rest, not the other way around.

      2. forgot to add the glaring and the most current example of ukraine, which hardly existed until machiavelian prussians invented it in order to foment trouble and weakness of russian empire.

        i believe that the very term “ukraine” means nothing but “frontier”.

        what kind of nation calls itself “frontier”.

        but it doesn’t stop them from going wild at those genetically identical who refuse to call themselves “frontier” – what a joke.
        and consider once again who engineered and enthusiastically supports the bloodshed, who is counting the profit in the harvest of death and misery.
        but just to stay safe, they call the brain dead perpetrators, “nazis”.

      3. A number of years ago Lobro, I was working in Glasgow, and had to take two busses home. I was waiting for the second bus one Saturday afternoon, just as the Celtic v Rangers match had finished. I saw hordes of supporters approaching, and got a bit nervous. They streamed past me on both sides, no-one bothered me. I imagine their team won..

  23. Pat and Lobro,

    Salutations to you both. I am honored to be invited into this illustrious group of commentators and truth-seekers and hope to earn the respect of all Darkmooners or should it be Darkmoonies?

    My take on Putin…is he or is he not a Rothschild stooge or agent? Mark Dankoff (is he respected here?) believes that Putin is the real McCoy…the Rosetta Stone, was how he put it, about a year ago. Yes, me thinks Mark is on to something…though he did not take into consideration President Xi and China… a big oversight, or blind spot, if you ask me.

    Pat: “BRICS – the ‘I’ in BR’I’CS may represent ‘Israel’ as much as India… or more…. as Israel is a welfare state of US.”

    Correct; with regards to Israel being a welfare state of US because the joos have done a masterful job of brainwashing the Americans with the concept of the joos’ choseness which is why whatever Israel wants Israel gets from America.

    BTW, the idea of “American exceptionalism” is the transmutation of jooish choseness (i.e. America is exceptional only because joos run it!) PCR (Politically-Correct Roberts) failed to make this simple but profound observation in his latest article, of course. However, there are no Christian Zionists in China. The idea that joos are God’s chosen would be intuitively wrong if not patently absurd to the Chinese…hence the idea being put forth by some notable commentators in the alternative Media that China is the next Jewish superpower and or Israel’s next sugar daddy seems far-fetched to me. If the Chinese public ever got wind that China was subsidizing Israel to the tune of 3 billion dollars per year, there would be bloody riots in the streets to overthrow the Communist regime pronto.

    Moreover, if Putin is demonized in the MSM, and now more and more so in the alternative Media, where is the dialectic? Were the reports of the numerous assassinations attempts on Putin in the alternative Media all BS? If Putin is a puppet under joo control why would there be a need to kill him? If the assassination attempts on Putin are true, then obviously Putin the joo puppet is no more. Have you never changed your mind or reneged on a contract, especially a bad contract you knew would screw you and your family? People do it all the time. Self-preservation is a basic instinct. FREE WILL is not to be underestimated nor is the WILL to be FREE any less potent in the human spirit and Putin may just have too much of it for the liking of his puppet masters. In short, Putin must have gone off reservation.

    Lobro: “ my question(s x2) that i am ill equipped to pursue on my own is, how well are the rank and file Chinese aware of the sinister history and what the jew would gladly repeat on an even bigger scale if allowed? ditto for the leadership, i mean are they leadership or leadersheep?”

    The Chinese public is totally clueless of the wicked joos. They are a deracinated people thanks to jooish Communism. Even many of the high-ranking officials don’t know that Marx was a joo and that Communism is jooish!…but I’m beginning to make some waves and this is why the joos took down my old JFC site at WIX. That was about a month ago…on the day that my site was shut down, there were over 7 million hits for “Joe Canuck Justice For Chinese” at google (happy face here).

    FYI, I am petitioning the Chinese Government to sue the Rothschilds over the Opium Wars and the subsequent Chinese Holocaust of 600 million opium addicts…this will be the real litmus test to see how joo-controlled or not is the Chinese leadership. Stay tuned! We live in interesting times.

    Lastly, before I overstay my welcome here, I would just add that if Putin (Russia) is the Rosetta Stone as Mark Dankoff believes, then I believe Xi (China) is the wild card in stopping the Jew World Order. While there is China, there is hope for Russia. While there is Russia and China, there is hope for the world.

    To all Darkmooners and admin, enjoy the rest of the weekend; it’s beautiful and sunny here in Vancouver.


    1. @ Justice for Chinese

      Good comment, JFC, but do you need to post it THREE times in quick succession?

    2. JFC –
      Thanks for the good and interesting reply.

      “FYI, I am petitioning the Chinese Government to sue the Rothschilds over the Opium Wars and the subsequent Chinese Holocaust of 600 million opium addicts…this will be the real litmus test to see how joo-controlled or not is the Chinese leadership.”

      Good for you. That will surely let them know that YOU are in tune with part of the story.
      One of the big problems in China is that much of the internet is censored there. Many sites, like Darkmoon, are NOT available to the ‘people’…. even though it is the, so called, ‘Peoples’ Republic of China. That doesn’t say much for a “republic’ being a good municipal corporation…. government entity.

      Care is needed. The PRC goons might decide they need to make another million dollars from YOUR organs.

      Chinese Yuan is in really bad shape. No investors want it. That may take many decades to change.
      US Dollar is number one, Euro is second and Japanese Yen is third by a large margin.
      Any shift in that to a great degree will require a huge and lengthy metamorphosis. Many decades….. just as Euro was not up and running immediately.

      I contemplate these three… Amero, Euro and a unit from BRICS… not yet named.

    3. @JFC

      Per me reges regnant – “It is through me that kings reign”

      “me”= the false Annunaki god

      I don’t see Xi (China), or any other present national leader acting as a “wild-card” in stopping what I’ll rephrase to say, not a JWO, but rather, a SWO (Satanic World Order). Some would ask, “what’s the difference?” In effect, perhaps none. But for what it’s worth, based on what I’m seeing, the difference indicates the non-human overlords controlling all these Earthly ‘proceedings’.

      To say “While there is Russia and China there is hope for the World” needs elaboration. Perhaps what will emerge as ‘elements’ of them, but probably not before a temporary implementation of a SWO, as gloomful and doomful as this is.

      The writing and publication of the protocols have put certain things into action, but things do not HAVE to go the way the document is written.

      Observation and prediction:

      The forces of evil will self-destruct when their own evilness is returned to them by their own actions.

    4. @JFC
      “They are a deracinated people thanks to Jooish Communism.” On the contrary, the Chinese are more nationalistic than ever. Go to China and witness the pride they have in their country and their desire to be once again the most powerful and richest country in the world. BTW, they were the most powerful country at the beginning of the 15th century, when they were building 500 foot, 9 masted, ocean going vessels of teak. Read up on Admiral Zheng He and his voyages. A history of China shows they have absorbed and acculturated every invader from the Mongols, Manchus and even Communism has been transformed. Realise too, that the Chinese name for their country is the Middle Kingdom and anyone outside is a barbarian. The idea that the Jews control China is absurd and smacks of “Misery Loves Company” ignorance. Just because the West has become Jewish controlled does not mean that China has. To do so, is a sign of Western solipsism, i.e. only the west exists. Elsewhere exists only as the west envisages it or is informed through the Jewish controlled media.


    “…I am petitioning the Chinese Government to sue the Rothschilds over the Opium Wars and the subsequent Chinese Holocaust of 600 million opium addicts…”

    The Rothschild family was not responsible for the Opium Wars on China. For the opium trade and its wars in China David Sassoon (1792-1864) and his family were responsible. The Jewish Sassoon family came originally from Baghdad in Iraq but settled in Bombay in British India from where they began to trade in cotton and opium to China. The Opium Wars were fought by Britain on their instigation, not by the Rothschilds. David Sassoon’s son Abdullah later on settled in Britain and married into the Rothschild family, but that was long after the Opium Wars of 1839-1842 and 1856-1860. Descendants of the Sassoon family still live in Britain, but it seems unlikely to be able to sue them for a crime they themselves never committed.

    And how did you arrive at the absurd high number of 600 million opium addicts in China? Around 1850 China had only 435 million inhabitants!

    1. … how did you arrive at the absurd high number of 600 million opium addicts in China? Around 1850 China had only 435 million inhabitants!

      the magic number “6”, franklin.

      what’s sauce for the joos is sauce for the gander 😉 (let them complain about methodology if they dare)

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