Patriots or traitors?

Which is which, and who is who?

obama-isis-flag-800x445Now here’s a quandary that could land us all in jail — or worse!

How do you defend your country when you know your country is in the wrong? Worse, when you know your country is a psychopathic, froth-mouthed killer, pushing buttons from far away and killing babies in Third World countries, not to mention poisoning its own citizens with toxic food and medicines that are enthusiastically approved by its own doctors and judges!

Just who the hell are they working for? We know it’s not the American people.

How do you defend the behavior of a government when you know beyond doubt that the behavior of that government is outrageously criminal and morally indefensible?

When we pledge allegiance to the flag are we pledging allegiance to false flag terror, the rape of other countries and killing innocent collateral damage citizens all around the world? Are we promising to assist in the enslavement, impoverishment and ruination of our own countrymen, our own brothers and sisters and sons and daughters? Actually, we are.

Is this the side we will choose to support when World War III comes calling, which, after an Israeli jet likely shot down that Russian airliner the other day, could start any day now.

What is treason? What is patriotism? And what, pray tell, is common sense?

If we continue to support this homicidal madness, do you think we’ll come out OK?

Let’s put it another way. In a fair fight — or a nuclear war! — which leader would you support: the effeminate game show host Barack Obama or the respectable statesman Vladimir Putin?

Would you side with someone who was trying to defend the territorial integrity and independence of individual sovereign nations, or would you support someone who was trying to end independence in all countries by installing puppet leaders who enforce obedience to soulless Jewish bankers, to whom concepts such as honor and honesty have no meaning.

Now let’s consider this carefully. Let’s consider the recent records of both world leaders.

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John Kaminski

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Most of his articles are featured here. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA. _____________________________________________________________________________

74 thoughts to “Patriots or traitors?”

  1. Just as I expected, the usual WN’s coming out of commentariat woodwork, an example;

    He is playing the role of liberator today. He is still do the bidding of the zionists. I think we should side with our people. When it is over and we are trying to come back from the shitstorm that they are going to give us, we should work towards a just country (wherever that may be) that is free of the zionists in every way

    followed by a chorus of dittos.

    I think we should side with our people … sorry, which people are those, just to make sure I understood? the ones who started the war are the ones to trust rather than a guy who MAY BE playing a role but by all appearances, according to Kaminski as well, seems to have done the right stuff.

    And then comes the beauty of clear vision:
    “we should work towards a just country (wherever that may be) that is free of the zionists in every way” … wow! here be a Revelation for y’all, let’s go for it, yee-haw!

    As good as done, follow the man with a plan.

    White on the outside but with a decidedly negroid quality brain inside.

    Just one question, why wait for the fratricidal war with Putin (whose fault is to fight back when cornered, so he must be a jew), when “we should work towards a just country (wherever that may be) that is free of the zionists in every way”, like RIGHT NOW.

    What’s gonna change after the Armageddon, knowing full well that every Jew will survive, cat-o-nine-tails ready to herd us into the slave plantations?

    Weeell, it leaves the deep thinkers with time to work out a more detailed plan, i guess, I am sure that Scott Roberts has it all worked out, just as soon as we get rid of Putin.

    “wherever that may be” … try Birobidjan, lots of nice, empty, Jew-free space.

    1. As I stated before, some people desperately need rabbit holes to explore. They’re not capable of seeing the simple truth right in front of them, nor do they want to, even when it is spelled out for them as clear as daylight. No matter what one says to these morons, there’s always some deep secret twist behind it. They have no desire for knowing but for not knowing. I think it is the result of cointel websites which leave susceptible fools going round and round and round and round.

    2. lobro

      The FACT is that the “Jews” control both sides, left and right, and that’s why WN’s/Alt right exists because we can see it and they FEAR US; they fear us THE MOST because they know, like we do, who they are and who we are. We know their game better than they do. Dupes like you always fall for the Obamas of the world. You actually thought he opposed the “Jews” and “Israel” when we could see right through his BS!

      You said:

      “Sorry, which people are those, just to make sure I understood?”

      I can’t speak for Kaminski but I can speak for me and my people. Who are we? We are Whites/Europeans- many of us true believers in WHITE JESUS. The original, the lawful, the real Israelites of biblical fame. Yes, we, MY PEOPLE, are those who blessed this entire planet for almost 2000 straight years. We are the one’s who destroyed the “Jews” slave trade in the wet. We freed the Negro. We established justice, mercy, law in the lands we possessed. We practically established all of the sciences, discovering and inventing almost every single thing on the planet. We, my people, are the “Jews” WORST NIGHTMARE because they know, like we do, that we are DESTINED to be the hand of I AM that utterly DESTROYS THEM, blessing this planet and all other races one last time by way of freeing them of the tyranny of Satan’s Chosen, and it’s for this reason dear “Lobro” that people like you ought to simply shut your mouth because if you are against us, you’re for the “Jew” and it’s as simple at that!

      1. @ Tyron Parsons

        We, my people, are the “Jews” WORST NIGHTMARE because they know, like we do, that we are DESTINED to be the hand of I AM that utterly DESTROYS THEM, blessing this planet and all other races one last time by way of freeing them of the tyranny of Satan’s Chosen, and it’s for this reason dear “Lobro” that people like you ought to simply shut your mouth because if you are against us, you’re for the “Jew” and it’s as simple at that!

        You know what, Mr Parsons, you make me sick with your sanctimonious religious talk. So you have a hot line to “I AM”, do you? And who exactly is “I AM”, pray tell? Any relation to the “White Christ?” . . .

        If you’re a Christian, God help Christianity!!!

        And if you’re a White Nationalist, I don’t recognize you as such! I DISOWN YOU! You would almost certainly be BANNED from any respectable WN site I know! I am a WN supporter see, and I wouldn’t let you post on MY site if I had a WN site, which I’m thinking of opening some day when I get round to it.

        Mr Parsons, I am a very angry woman, hence my name, and I ask you to please post less often on this site because you are bringing discredit on it by your comments and you are making me grind my teeth with rage and wish to strangle you to death slowly.

      2. Just who do you count among “we”?
        Because there are different types of “we’s”.
        One type is

        the one’s who destroyed the “Jews” slave trade in the wet. We freed the Negro.

        while another

        practically established all of the sciences, discovering and inventing almost every single thing on the planet.

        No, you don’t see the difference, of course.
        The first type is your type, a seagoing marauders of Tyron Parsons living off plunder and enslavement of innocents, natural subordinates and riding beasts for Jew, a mastermind to guide your muscle.
        If you “freed the Negro” and “destroyed Jew’s slave trade in the west”, you also established it, the Portuguese, Spanish, French, English, Dutch – the nations of rapacious second rate slavers, with Jews calling the shots.
        And I don’t even see that it was you who “freed the negro”.
        No, it was the Jew himself, who did it on paper only, with the true aim to instead of freeing Negro, enslave the rest, ie, make you into a Negro, a brainless, mindless, sightless babbler who decries the Jew even as he carries out his commands, just like Torah that you endlessly quote promised, all the while thinking that “I, Tyron Parson AM the Chosen One”.

        Now, the other type represents me, Lobro, the Central European, the Germans, Czech, Russian, Italian, Swiss, Hungarian, who practically established all of the sciences, discovering and inventing almost every single thing on the planet.

        And there is a reason for it and it has nothing to do with whose skin is whiter but who is stealing and robbing and who is working for his own betterment and advancement, scientifically, culturally and spiritually, without resorting to some Judas-derived Chosenness.
        WE never enslaved anyone nor feel the need to liberate any slaves, WE don’t see why we should be lumped under Your definition of WE, the maritime second rate parasites, it was YOU who put Jew on his almighty pedestal where he squats and shits on the planet today.

        Just read your history with open eyes and take in the big picture, see where the infestation of Juda took place, always among the one-eyed Conquerors, never among the honest, hard working people who justly deserved whatever they produced.

        Never mix the two WE’s because they are diametrically opposite to one another, which is why Jew loves the maritime thieves and hates Germans,
        Dress British, Think Yiddish, while

        I always said, if your brain hurts too much to work things out on your own, look at what the Jew does and then head the opposite way.

        I AM … LOL, LOL, LOL (Joe said it best, because he sees way further than you)

        But did you understand a word of what I just said?
        Not a word, margaritas ante porcas as you jump up and down, bugeyed, Hebrew Holy Book in hand, I AM, he shouts to the world.

      3. “Irate female”

        How f’n obvious……..

        “Mr Parsons, I am a very angry woman, hence my name, and I ask you to please post less often on this site because you are bringing discredit on it by your comments and you are making me grind my teeth with rage and wish to strangle you to death slowly.”

        You’re an irrational feminist twat who could”t beat her way out of a bag of coco puffs. Furthermore, any site you opened would be a Jew haven as illustrated conclusively by your hypocritical;y sanctimonious, sophist approach to my words as one who doesn’t understand the FIRST RULE of authentic Christianity. What might that be? It’s the age old, timeless rule followed by ALL paleo Christendom that can be summed up by you keeping your upper slit shut, Eve!! We already experienced enough of your ding bat lunatic ravings in service of the “Jew” that has turned a right-side world on it’s head, We sure as hell don’t need you cuckolding f-ckwads commenting , without actually commenting, on simple issues you obviously have no clue about. But hey, what else is new?

        Go eat a taco somewhere else. Today’s menu features BEEF BURRITO stuffed in a crab shell….if only to shut the boiling the b-tch up.


      4. moreover, I am struck by the following dividing line.

        It is the seagoing robbers, who themselves are chained to the oars of the Judaic galley who hew by Torah-lite, known as OT and hardly know a direct word of Jesus while quoting lengthy psychotic paragraphs of that militaristic, demon infested rule book, the ever-raging, wrathful, blood-thirsty Heavenly Rabbi: “Thou shalt obey my command instantly and unquestioningly, for I AM LAW!!!” thunders the Omnipotent Shlomo while the tattooed greaseballs apply themselves to oars with religious zeal, slavering at how they shall kill and kill and kill, in service of YHWH, while calling themselves Christian.

        Warriors? Nah.
        More like ISIS prototypes before they got fat and grew beer-tits and now sit around airbrushing Viking skulls on the gas tanks of their Harleys.

        The men of decency, freedom and civility stuck with Jesus and discarded “Judeo” prefix to their Christianity.
        Ann got it, you ain’t.

        (this is by no means aimed at you, Gilbert, you are a decent truthseeker, “seek and ye shall find” 😉 just like the rest some of us)

      5. Lobro

        Again, you speak Jewish historical narratives without regard to the ACTUAL evidence because hey, that’s what people like you do best!

        Who do I count among we? The white man; the white paleo Christian. WE have many divisions but we are ONE related majority racial group with a common past, present and if people like myself have anything to do with it, future.

        It was the WHITE MAN who both freed the Negro and destroyed the “Jews” slave trade in the West. It was the WHITE MAN who invented and discovered about everything on this planet. That’s who WE ARE Lobro and don’t you forget it.

        Slavery was the way of the entire world, including in some white lands but it is STILL the way of negro and many Asiatic and other mixed sects to this day. If whites were guilty of engaging in slavery long ago SO WAS EVERYONE ELSE. So to judge us as being the one’s who “established it” is pure fiction IN SERVICE OF THE “JEW” who’s been the master of that trade for literally thousands of years!

        The Jew owned all the slave ships. The Jews owned almost all of the slave plantations in central/south America were 95% of all slaves ended up. The Jew and the arab moslem were the premiere slave owners and traders; Jews in the west, Arab/Moselms in the east. The Negro enslaved his own and sold his own people to JEWS parking off of Africa like a fat man picking up a whopper at a drive through. It’s wasn’t whites you blabbering idiot.

        Living off the plunder and enslavement of innocents? Are you smoking crack or something? Who are you speaking of? The Aztecs who sacrificed their own to the tune of thousands a day so the sun might rise in the morning? The Aztec who then ate the remains of their victims? Are you speaking of the American Indians who admits to genociding whites off of north America so they could take the land for themselves? The American indian who then genocided their own as a way of life, mutilating and raping their way across the north American continent and the islands of the Caribbean where the term cannibal has it’s genesis? Are you speaking about the “innocent” Abos of Australia that burned to the ground an entire continent because they were too stupid to devise a better way of find food? Or are you speaking of the “innocents” of the Zulu and other cannibalistic black savages who did and still do everything in their power to genocide mostly Germanic whites who founded barren South Africa?… those “innocent” cow shit eating black savage retards that think that f-cking a 3 year old will cure them from cancer today.

        Exactly what “innocents” do you speak of Lobro? It surely isn’t you!

        You say the “Jew” called the shots inside the slave owning and trading realm. Thanks for the admission. And I suppose that ALL Negros are to blame as well since it was THEY who got the scriptural 7 year slave rule change in north America to perpetual slavery for their kind? No, we already know who you blame. The white man, in perfect harmony with the “Jew”.

        When you say the “Jew” freed the Negro you LIE. The Jew has never freed ANYONE. A Negro born of a free Negro was born free in America; a people who owned 20% of all enslaved blacks. The “Jew” turned our lawful system with both lawful slavery and true freedom into one huge slave plantation by way of his Corporation fiction “Government” he established in place of our common/natural/Christian lawful one. So before you go shooting off your mouth Lobro, get the historical facts straight you hypocrite; you white people hating Jew tool!

        I never ONCE claimed “I Tyron Parsons am the Chosen One”. You again lie, just like the “Jew”! All I have ever claimed is that the white man is the authentic Israelite/Judaite and that 144,000 from among us will be CHOSEN to take down the “Jew” in service and for the glory of the one and only true God! I never once claimed to be among that number. I can only hope.

        I never claimed that whiter skin is the reason behind the WHITE MAN (whether that be the German, the Italian, the Welsh, the Swede, the Irish or Spanish) greatness. The reason behind the white man’s inventiveness, the reason behind his indomitable spirit for discovery. The reason behind his superior culture, ways and norms has nothing to go his geographical location dimwit. It has to do EXCLUSIVELY with the blessings bestowed upon him by his patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, by way of his creator. It’s to the WHITE MAN’S CREATOR that goes the glory Lobro, not to you, because some of our kind are still live in Europe (Germans for example having more people in America than in Germany proper).

        You sit there in a smug tone as always making fantastical claims that the “Jew” only presided among those of our people who were part of the expansion of our domain and this when such a claim is so deaf to history, it’s almost as if you don’t have a freaking clue that the “Jew” first established himself among the Russian, the eastern European, the German, the Italian; only making headway into the lands where the protector, expanders of our peoples western borders reside, later.

        It’s YOU Lobro who needs to get off his high horse. It’s YOU Lobro who is constantly shilling for the “Jew” while pretending to oppose him. It’s YOU Lobro!!! YOU!

        And lastly you divider of the white race(s)……. when you can explain how the old Saxon language is 50% derived from Paleo Hebrew and how his R1b genetic maker is a 50% match with ancient white Shemite Egyptians during Moses’ time, I might give my ear to listen to you. But since you can’t as you persist in being a “Jew” sock puppet, I’ll continue to do my duty exposing your silly drivel for all to see.

      6. Tyron,

        “It’s YOU Lobro who needs to get off his high horse. It’s YOU Lobro who is constantly shilling for the “Jew” while pretending to oppose him. It’s YOU Lobro!!! YOU!”

        Lobro is not one who needs any defence, as he’s perfectly capable of debating himself out of a horde of wailing banshees, but for goodness sake, after all that Lobro has written on this site the last thing anyone could ever compare him to is a Jewish shill. This is just stupid, unintelligent name calling and baiting Tyron.

        Unlike Irate female (whom I will also add does not come across as a feminist and I know many of them) I would not like to see you stop posting and I do not believe your posts bring down Lasha’s site, as everyone has something to say that people can learn from. After all, R.O.J. is a hoot when he’s on the ball and not calling Lasha a rabbi.

        We have been under the control of the Jew, I imagine from whence they took control of Britain, circa 1649, with the funding of Cromwell and murder of Charles Stuart. We never freed any negro. We (the English navy) merely stopped the slave ships taking Africans into the west and their colonies. The British Empire controlled much of Africa from within already along with the Dutch and the French.

        As for ‘free’ remember Goethe? “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.

        There is much in European history to be proud of but much to not be so.
        There is also much in European history that certainly does promote a supremacy within the arts, music, science, exploration, rights of man and technology, but let us also not forget that the Industrial revolution was courtesy of the Rothschild bank, flooding England with cheap corn to force farmers off the land and into their factories in the cities.

        This ‘white Jesus crap is just so. He was a Galilean and not white (in the sense of European). More so, the more I understand about life the more I see that Christ is the very thing that broke apart Pagan Europe and started the liberalism that stopped people’s love of their land, people, culture and nation. Christ also promoted the ‘save the Jews’ bollox in which millions of Christian Zionists, remain blind to Jewish perfidy because of it. They say Christ was a Jew. They say the bible was written by a Jew. To me it all seems very much a control mechanism over the non Jew.

        I don’t know the answer and neither do you. There is no one with any direct link to God. I think he/she/they/it are far too busy to be bothered with the whinging of a group of atoms to be quite frank.

      7. Irate female

        You slander for lack of intelligent retort.


        With all due respect, I’ve been reading Lobro for a long time. I’ve been posting here on and off longer than you. With that said, Lobro is a shill for the “Jews” whether he knows it or not because he constantly attacks whites/Europeans who are the victims of the largest on going genocide in all of human history- the “Jews” number one enemy. Lobro also tries to equate the Greek Septuagint to the “Jews” Masoretic 800 AD forgery claiming that the white man’s historical narrative is proof of “Jewish” hate. Lobro has ignored repeated authoritative admissions of the “Jews” as to their true ethnic/spiritual heritage as he continually upholds their mass identity fraud and frankly, his promotion of leftism’s “Jew” agents like Obama makes me quite nauseous seeing that he knows perfectly well the “Jews” control both sides of the political isles.

        Lobro is slicker than other Jew shills here. He knows how to hide his motivations better than others. And just because one condemns Jewish crimes doesn’t make them an enemy of the “Jew”. The ONLY way to oppose the “Jew” is on both ethnic and spiritual grounds and that being protection and promotion of the white man, patriarchy, our common/natural/paleo Christian law while at the same time exposing the “Jew” in there endless criminality, identity fraud, their talmudic, babylonian legal fiction system that engulfs the planet and finally, all movements that do their bidding such as ANY of the leftist origin.

        Lobro divides the white race(s). Promotes Jewish fairy tales about the white man and then LIES about what his opponents stand for and said as exemplified by his latest attack against me. He defends egalitarianism, multiculturalism which is the “Jews” prime tool to destroy whites/Europeans-believers in Christ and this while he claims his particular white race that is still mostly in Europe is superior to the his racial kinfolk where ever they might be. Sickening!

        As for “supremacy”. That’s more nonsense. All races should reign supreme in their lands and the fact is the white races have many areas of superiority over other races just as other races are also superior to the white man depending on the category in discussion.

        Jesus was a white man as were ALL of the Apostles except for Judas who was an Esau “Jew”. Jesus was indeed a Galilean which was one of the only places left in Judea that the 125 BC impostor/usurper Esau “Jews” had not flooded into the remnant of white Judah by way of opening their national borders to all other races, religions and cultures; JUST AS THEY ARE DOING TO US AT THE FOUR CORNERS OF THE EARTH. TODAY!

        The 3 eye witnesses from the Roman records of Jesus all testify that he was a white, blue/grey eyed, blond/red haired male, the spitting image of his mother. The so called “Jews” are described as having black hair, black eyes and tawny skin (Orangish/Brown).

        Jesus visited England’s tin mines with his uncle (who owned many) when he was young and ALL of the Apostles were sent ONLY to the 12 tribes of Israel in dispersion which just happen to be EXCLUSIVELY WHITE/European peoples who entered Europe proper in mass mainly through the Caucasian mountains having broke free of the Assyrians between about 600 BC and 200 AD. At that time they were known by many names such as the pagan Goths, Lombardis, Franks, Vandals, Saxons, Celts, Visagoths, Angles and so on. This is all confirmed (the travels) by the Greek biblical narrative, the Assyrian, Babylonian, Greek, Roman and even the Scottish records to boot.

        Not only is our DNA an EXACT match to Egyptians in Moses time (Joseph’s two sons are half white Egyptian and half white Hebrew-Ephraim and Manassah) which NO ONE ELSE CAN CLAIM, but so is our root languages, customs, common law under ancient pagan control, battle armament, ancient pagan ships, not to mention the European pagan tribal deities are an EXACT MATCH to those the 12 tribes worshiped; an act that got them booted from the land in the first place.

        The scriptures is fulfilled in ONLY one people and those people are the white/European peoples who are descended from the 12 tribes of authentic Israel/Judah from Jacob’s loins.

        So please Harbinger, don’t presume to tell me what I know and don’t. Especially in light of the overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

        With kind regards, Ty

        1. @ Tyron Parsons
          @ Lobro

          TYRON PARSONS TO HARBINGER: “With all due respect, I’ve been reading Lobro for a long time. I’ve been posting here on and off longer than you. With that said, Lobro is a shill for the “Jews” whether he knows it or not because he constantly attacks whites/Europeans who are the victims of the largest on going genocide in all of human history- the “Jews” number one enemy.”

          With all due respect, Mr Parsons, it is YOU who is a shill for the Jews whether you know it or not. Your advocacy of “I AM” and the fact that you hope to be numbered among the 144,000 goyim survivors in the Last Days after Armageddon, marks you out as a pseudo-Christian fanatic.

          I wouldn’t be surprised to learn you are a Christian Zionist despite your purported hatred of the Jews, which could be a put-on act.

          Frankly, you are not only an embarrassment to true Christians like myself who would wish to have nothing to do with you, but you are also a severe embarrassment to the White Nationalist movement. I bet you have tried posting your comments on the Occidental Observer, for example, and been banned from posting there because you would only bring White Nationalism into disrepute by your fatuous ravings.

          As to your foolish attempt to ridicule Lobro, who is probably one of the best posters here or indeed one of the best posters on any other anti-Zionist website, I would like to remind you that Lobro has been posting here far longer than you and has known Lasha for over 10 years, so if Lobro is a “Zionist shill”, what does that make Lasha? Is she a Zionist shill too? If so, why are you posting on this site?

          I would also like to remind you that Lobro has never, unlike yourself, given this website any problems, never been put on permanent monitoring, never been restricted to two comments a day, never been told to write more briefly and stick to the point. YOU HAVE!!! Why? Ask yourself that question.

          Yes, you have an answer. It’s because this website is too stupid and backward to recognize your transcendent genius and the fact that you have a hotline to “I AM” — the God of the Universe! You have won no victories by attacking Lobro. You have simply shot yourself in the foot.

          If you are a Christian, how come you don’t behave like one? Didn’t you use the foulest, filthiest language in describing Madame Butterfly’s vagina? Didn’t you describe the alleged smell emanating from her pussy? So tell me, Mr Parsons, how can a lowlife sexual degenerate like you claim to have a hotline to God and be specially dear to Jesus Christ?

          You are a boastful charlatan and a fanatical freak and everyone knows it.

          1. Like so many Darkmooners, I, too, am disappointed with Putin. Albeit for much different reasons than Darkmoon is disappointed with Putin.

            Poor lobro, Putin just bombed lobro’s takfiri drinking buddies to oblivion.

            Poor Ingrid. Putin just bombed her fine takfiri dining companions to smithereens.

            Poor Ruth Bernstein is now in a position whereby she has to desperately try to convince us Darkmoon’s lobro is really against USrael ZOG, after lobro let it be known he thinks takfiris make the best pals. [ how jooish, but lobro ain’t no joo, lol ] . But Ruth is “not a jew”. She’s really a “NON jew”. She’s just a “non jew” who LERVS to pretend she’s a “jew”.

            Of course, the “Non jew” Ruth LERVS to pretend to be an “honest jew”. The only “honest jew” around is a “Non jew” who LERVS to pretend to be a “jew”, an “honest jew” of course, LOL. [ what a hoot! And we’re expected to take this charade seriously, lol, it’s a hoot ].

            The jew Ruth Bernstein lies when she’s tells us she’s a “non jew”, then she tells us she’s pretending to be an “honest jew” — after she lies about herself being a “non jew”. LMFAO!!! So yes, Ruth is pretending to be an “honest jew”. That’s all she can do is pretend to be an “honest jew” — as the jewess Ruth is a total liar when she tells us she’s a “Non jew”. So yes, it’s all pretend with Ruth.

            Back to Putin : Like Darkmooners, I, too, am disappointed with Putin, but for much different reasons than the Darkmooners are so disappointed, distraught, peeved, and irate, with Putin. I was hoping Putin would bring To Bear [ perfect expression to use when talking about the Russian Bear, lol ] I was hoping Putin was going to Bring To Bear in Syria, in Iraq, in Yemen, in Libya, the full force of the Russian military, troops and all. But I understand he needs to protect Mother Russia also.

            In the meantime, I think it’s “safe” to say [ or maybe it’s not safe to say ] as this is Lasha’s jew qabalah website Darkmoon. Darkmoon being a code-word for the jew’s qabalah as you all know by now, or you should know by now.

            Funny that lobro and Ingrid and Ruth Bernstein and Pat and Gilbert and all the rest of youse Darkmooners don’t know it yet, lol ] Putin’s Russian Bear Air Force is doing one fuck of a wonderful job eradicating the takfiris from Syria, wouldn’t you all agree? It’s TOO bad that neither the U.S. military nor the Israeli military, nor both combined, can stop The Russian Bear, I’m sure all youse Darkmooners would agree with that part at least, am I not right about that? ? .

      8. Lobro is not one who needs any defence

        Alas good Harb, but there is no defence against imbecility.
        Why I will never again debase myself by exchanging words with Tyro (can’t use full spelling for fear of incarceration).
        Like they say, who sleeps barks with dogs rises with fleas and I feel unclean after these exchanges.
        Tyro is a sick and bitter man who used quite a revealing phrase in smearing Irate Female, see here:

        ALL paleo Christendom that can be summed up by you keeping your upper slit shut, Eve!! … We sure as hell don’t need you CUCKOLDING f-ckwads commenting

        Does the secret of his misogyny lie in that one word, the reason for that 24/7 hatred worthy of the deepest yeshiva ritual bathhouse?

        And just to show you in very simple (simple for you but certainly above his muttonchops) idiocy of 144,000, consider this:
        if the number of the rapturo-saved, among he fervently hopes to find himself, cuckolding f*wad females excepted, is fixed and unyielding, as fossilized as his gravel-filled head, then what happens if the number of truly righteous souls exceeds this number?
        They are consigned to flames, sorry, THE BOOK SEZ 144,000, so, subtracting one Tyro leaves just 143,999 seats left.
        And what, if on the other hand, the number of the perfectly righteous bible thumpers without a stain of having violated any Commandments, for example (just like our perfectly righteous Tyro, who as we have all witnessed herein, could never have possibly violated an iota of Lard’s Law) falls short of 144,000?
        Well, by Law, this number is immutable, so some criminals must be invited in to fill up Rev Hagee’s jubilee train – which again opens the door for Tyro’s admission.

        But the world would be a dull place without the actors in the theater of absurd such as Tyro, as he takes his star turn in the limelight.

        Just put up with him, Irate and Ruth and if you follow my advice, give anything he writes a pass, he sure is not worth wasting precious ire on.

        As for yourselves, read what Nikola Tesla, a true, non-Jew genius had to say about women:

        “This struggle of the human female toward sex equality will end in a new sex order, with the female as superior. It is not in the shallow physical imitation of men that women will assert first their equality and later their superiority, but in the awakening of the intellect of women.”

      9. Hello Esp, nice debate.

        Always amazed to see american nationalists racialize every topic of debate, even slavery and Christianism, but when you consider the US history and the instrumentalisation of it , plus cultural Marxism, this is not surprising. Interesting though, since the European societies with mass immigration are slowly transformed into the multiethnic, multicultural, thus multiconflicting, don’t know about this one, US model of society.
        Remember those evil white Christians in Spielberg Amistad boats. What about Jewport steven?

        Take slavery. Every civilizations have waded into slavery at some point, as it is primarily a question of dominant/dominated relation in the organization of goods production, or various services for the caliphs harems, the level of exploitation and cruelty in the treatment varying. The private interest that organized slavery in America and the transatlantic trade initially used amerindians in the plantings, but those as hunter gatherer were ill-adapted to forced agricultural labour and many just lied down and died. After that, they used the whites, more robust, but ill-adapted to the warm wet climate and with this irritating tendency to revolt against authority, for rational cultural reasons. Then they realized that the black man was robust, more docile and adapted to the climate, so black people were sent in the conditions that we know after a collective racial joint venture from capture in Africa to management in America. But for the work the black man wasn’t allowed to do, they were still using white kidnapped wandering kids from the ghettos of England or Wales Ireland and Scotland.
        Was Robert Morgan, the pirate, kidnapped? Like this word, kidnapping, it’s in the French dictionary.

        Two hundred years later in USA , the banking industrial north won the war against the rooted agricultural dixie’s south under the bullshit pretext of slavery abolition while it was all about monopolizing the wealth of the south, workforce and raw materials.
        Slavery was abolished because of mechanization in the agricultural sector and because wage slaves, essential for the industrial development, were most cost-effective. And now we have this bullshit narrative about Lincoln and slavery as a racial phenomenon. The Union brought freedom to black people like the masonic agent of the crown Garibaldi brought freedom to the Italian southerners. Under the humanist poppycock you have freedom of trade, the multicolor US soldiers still fighting to develop free trade on a global scale, in the name this time of democracy.

        Harbinger, as usual you are spot on, especially the Rotschild part and the white jesus crap.
        Except you said that “Christ is the very thing that broke apart Pagan Europe and started the liberalism that stopped people’s love of their land, people, culture and nation.”
        I disagree. I would say that the pagan traditions after the fall of the roman empire were preserved through Christianism, even softened of their sacrificial traditions, as the catholic religion was perfectly adapted to populations of indigenous producers/growers with a strong relations to their ancestral lands. Don’t you have those Christian stone figures in the Scottish countryside, cross or virgin mary? We have a lot of those in the Normandy/Bretagne countryside.
        I would also say that Christianism was an obstacle to the development of liberalism and has to be destroyed like the European revolutions are proof of, from the French, to Garibaldi, to the Russian.
        Trotsky thought that the main threat to the revolution was Christianism since it existed before the structures of the state and was the best self-resistance against blind materialism. He knew about the French revolution, first and foremost a war of religion, or Garibaldi and the resistance of the catholic uprooted people in both cases, who would end up after all, in urban factories for the vast majority of those who have survived the Napoleonic wars, sharing the faith of their white English bubbas cousins, whose exploitation have been perfectly described and explained by Marx and Engels, who would be used against them with the Marxist religion after WW1.

        This is how the queen, the aunt of free trade really, made her money, with the blood of colonial bubbas, regardless of their colors or the way they were exploited, alienated, uprooted. Check this Engels text about the Irish immigration and the condition of the working class in England in this stupid 19 th century, poor white bubbas manipulated by other white with other white bubbas.
        The segregation was the perfect way to divide the industrial workforce in US, on a racial basis. I am a bubba, but a least I am English. I am a bubba but at least I am white. That’s really ingenuous. Worked twice with french and german soldiers.
        The party is almost over, Elizabeth. She should read Marx, i am sure she speaks german. Or maybe she is bluffing.


  2. How do you defend the behavior of a government when you know beyond doubt that the behavior of that government is outrageously criminal and morally indefensible?

    Seeing as I don’t vote and choose to ‘govern’ myself I don’t have this problem. When people sit in a bar discussing the problems with the world, this war and that war and then turn to me, I simply say “well, you lot all vote for government, therefore the bombings in said countries are down to your support of the government. On your heads be the wrongdoing, but most certainly never on mine.”

    I continue to find the whole thing incredibly insane but do have a snigger thinking about it. People complain about bad government. They complain about immigration and people taking their jobs. They complain about fat, cat politicians who have two homes and expenses all funded by the tax payer. They complain about the wars in other lands….All they do is complain yet they put them there and still haven’t cottoned onto this fact. The political game of ping pong where the left hits the ball (the populous) over the net to the right is madness to say the least, but regardless, people keep voting in these sycophants into positions of power that lead to the overall increased misery of the people.

    All organizations are eventually infiltrated and controlled. Government is a classic example. Therefore you can never defend the way they behave as they are all controlled puppets of the international bankers as well as being lobbyists for corporation. We live under fascism, the merging of corporation and the state.

    1. “We live under fascism, the merging of corporation and the state.”

      That’s a definition of fascism I suppose.

      However, my definition of fascism is more like a policor code word for a system of government where Jew is cut off.

      1. 1138,

        It may be ‘your’ definition of fascism, but it isn’t a definition of fascism. More so, with the fascist state and thus the merge between the state and corporation, you have fertile ground for Jewish takeover of society. This doesn’t happen if there is policy in place that stops Jews from having control of any organisation and influence within society via government, banking, the msm, academia etc etc. And this was the very society that Hitler created in Germany.

    2. Harb –

      You are correct that there has to be a ‘Pharisee-Stopper’ in place, no matter the system.

      I have always defined ‘fascism’ as ‘private ownership with government controls’…. and it is fertile ground for the Pharisees.

      Same with ‘socialism,’ which is ‘government ownership with government controls.’ Pharisees are hanging in there also.

      ‘Capitalism’ is defined by some as ‘private ownership with private control’ and is not Pharisee-free either.

      ‘Capitalism’ never enters my speech. ALL systems are ‘capitalistic’…. it is just a matter of who owns and controls the ‘capital.’

      I say that ALL systems are “Monopolistic Capitalistic Oligarchies.”

      Monopolistic – exclusive.
      Capitalistic – has capital.
      Oligarchies – ruled by a few. (even king has advisers, nobles, princes)

      The best ‘Pharisee-Stopper’ is to eliminate debt and usury as much as possible.

      1. Pat,

        I can’t fault a word and I completely agree.


        Within an anarchy, there is no need to implement any Pharisee stopper simply because once the shit hits the fan, there’s no government owned, security service there to protect them. Once chaos begins people will start asking questions as to why what has happened has happened and who was responsible. The trail will lead all the way back to the Jews, whom many will flee to Israel. However without the USA and Europe to fund Israel it will implode. It will be attacked from all Islamic lands, bar the Arab states.

        Look at it this way Pat, as I said in an earlier post, anarchy is like Fluoroantimonic acid to the Jew. it is why the Jewish controlled Hollywood, government, msm and academia continue to paint anarchy in a negative light. Remember Mad Max, The Road, I am Legend, Soylent Green and other post apocalyptic, nuclear weapon destroyed, barren wasteland anarhy, movies? They all depict a nightmare reality so everyone sticks to the real hell of democracy which is debt enforced slavery.

        I’m simply stating that wiping the slate clean of Jewish control, won’t happen with any current system in place. You cannot put a Pharisee stopper in anything that exists today for obvious reasons. That system has to ultimately be destroyed and a new one created, without Jewish manipulation and involvement ever. The Jewish dystopia works under constant enforcement of laws and regulations over the goyim. Anarchy is society with no laws and regulations.

      2. I understand, Harb. Thanks for the reply.

        ‘Anarchy’ to me is just a fleeting transitional spot in a group…. a society…. more than 1 person. Someone always leads, and others follow. It cannot exist on its own for any long period.

        Even a ‘neighborhood watch’ is a simple government’…. people grouped informally, or formally, for the ‘common purpose’ of safety. They might even form an Association… like the American colonists did.

        “Committee of Safety”:

        A Brief History of Committees of Safety in America

        Committees of Safety existed prior to 1692 and were called by various names. The Committee which was created, in that year, in New York is significant in that it was created by the militia. The colonists were dissatisfied with the government of the Crown. headed by Governor Sir Edmund Andros. Recognizing that the military (militia) authority must always be subordinate to the civil authority, and having serious concern over the abusive authority imposed by Andros, the militia of New York created their own civil authority in the form of the Committee of Safety.

      3. “The best ‘Pharisee-Stopper’ is to eliminate debt and usury as much as possible.”

        This is 100% true. No room for debate. It really doesn’t matter that much on what …ism government is based on. He who totally controls the moneysupply controls everything totally, period.

      4. Pat,

        I know you understand very well. My reply was geared towards those unsure of anarchy.

        I disagree that a neighbourhood is a simple government, simply because unlike the government, the watch wouldn’t have a state, bully brigade to enforce its wishes upon those who don’t agree with them. Sure, people in the neighbourhood watch would protect one another’s property from burglary, but this is a lot different to having an armed militia at your beck and call to enforce your desires on how people should live and behave in your land.

        There would certainly be codes of conduct within an anarchy. There would be people who would unite together and neighbourhood watches would be a reality, but there would be no ruling elite, as those who created the anarchy know that in doing so you start the walk down the road to totalitarianism and tyranny.

    3. If “irate female” isn’t the most boring commentator to show up here at Darkmoon, then I don’t know who the most boring commentator to ever show up here at Darkmoon could possibly be. Even “Madame Butterfly” in one of her valium-vodka induced stupors was never so dull ; Nor was “New [sic] Song” singing the tired old song “Jesus Was A Jew Plus not only Jesus was a Jew He was a Yahway/Jahway Jew” quite as tediously monotonous as “irate female” with her constant calls to censor and ban anyone who makes her “irate”. At least Ellie has a command of the English language and can be quite lyrical in her musings in her 19th century style she has, so at least Ellie has got that going for her, even if what she has to say is not at all interesting, at least she’s got a writing style that’s somewhat entertaining at least. Commentators who have nothing to say other than “ban this person” and “ban that person” , well it’s a bore. How unrelieved does it get? Is “irate female” going through a phase in her life that she’s so “irate” ? Or, is she, was she, is “irate female” always “irate” all the time with everyone over every little thing?

  3. O and BTW, I don’t see Obongo as a traitor. One has to part of something to be able to betray it. He’s just an alien enemy who has been placed there by another alien enemy. Merkel for example, or Rutte (as far as I know) in my country are traitors. Just as our monarchy is. By tradition I might add. O lord, will I ever see the day?

  4. . . . by ELLIE K
    (posting as “Madame Krupp-Holstein)


    “When a Christian loves you, look for a bigger danger.
    When a Jew loves you, the worst has arrived.”

    — Ellie K

    The deep and proverbial oracles of our wise ancestors, to which the modern circus mind has the greatest difficulty adjusting, let alone of fully comprehending, are never shallow; and, though the chroniclers of the past inform us that indeed, there was division even amongst them, they all spoke in unison when writing about the Jew. And if the profusion of thought, percolated as they have down to us with the equal regularity and unfailing exactness as that with which the Earth roundly chases the perpetually elusive Sun are taken together, we must perforce and but momentarily put aside the profound satisfaction which the bashing of Ellka naturally here produces, and give her sad voice but part of our ear, as we have it from her Muse that so learned is she, that no gorgeous particle of her speech ought to reach the ground unpicked.

    That the natural disposition of every Christian is to assign blame of the evil acts of the Jews which they hourly commit against man to but a small, though diseased, portion of their Hebrew brethren, is an error of judgement so stupendous in scale, and so grave in consequences, that no violent effort on the part of those like us ever could hope to succeed in regulating their minds; and, though the frequency of their perseverance, to which is clasped firmly their youthful Christian training, may be the main culprit of such erroneous conclusions, it is only very slightly necessary to appeal to Truth in order to remind them of their millennia-old error, even if, if truth be told, for every single, slow, and painful act of progression which our minds may hope to make, two backward ones will have to be exerted. What to do?! ‘’Seize their minds in youth,’’ instructs the proverb, ‘’and let Father Time do the rest.’’

    That there exists no mind in the Universe that has applied itself to the study of the Jews more laboriously and vehemently than mine, can as little be doubted as can the fact that I here am very thoroughly hated; and, that no man or woman has the longer detained himself in the melancholy departments of Sorrow and Imagination, is equally true. Always deceived and hated by some the Jews, I yet have remained unshaken in my constancy of belief that they are all the same, without exception, even if such a thought as mine, fortified by Experience, and nourished by the Imagination, is certain to be met with instantaneous Christian dismission.

    The natural disposition of every Jew, is very simple: bitter hate! Even at the commencement of their stained biography, we know him as brooding, heavy, dark, unloved. That a succession of Christian hagiographies speak of them sympathetically and cast him in colours sweeter and deeper than those of the bow after the rain, is actually something which ought to cause us to be more unhappy than happy, for it is these Christians, aided and abetted by a multitude of Jews, who chiefly have contributed to the notion that, far from being unholy, the Jew is actually holy, and that their unsettled state of habitation, which for centuries has forced them to wander from city to city, and from nation to nation, was actually nothing other than their way of seeking and finding God; for, as the Christian historians are quick to point, it was the Jews who have transmitted to man everything that is beautiful in life, and, since such beauties cannot possibly have been conceived by any other races of antiquity, who chose to comfortably remain in a tedious state of existence, and a settled state of affairs, it was heavenly decreed to the Jews that they alone wander the vast swathes of the unhappy desert, so that they may one day rank themselves as the first and only discoverers of divine truth. Happily, the English tongue is not slow in supplying us the retort required in order to demolish this absurd Christian claim, and it sounds like this: RUBBISH!

    An English Poet friend, long gone but never dead, has left my sweet and inoffensive but perennially Jew-hating mind with this quite impressive thought: ‘That nation,’ said he, ‘which is wanting in spiritual depth, cannot produce anything that is beautiful!’ So, then, where is the Jews’ depth of spirit and love? This is the question which we shall now ponder, and if the labour of our inquiry can hope to produce anything that is true, we must now apply ourselves seriously to it and right away.

    Canaan had not always been unhappy, and though its history, long before the wicked Jews entered it, had been interspersed with dolorous syllables, it was only after the Jews had entered it that veritably mournful verses began to fill its days. The Jewish thirst to kill their father, and their mother, and their child, and their cattle, and everything else that was so much as perceptibly alive and breathing, seems to have escaped the fair and judicious minds of the Christians historians, and their elders’ orders that they leave no Greek child alive in Alexandria, appears to be equally absent from the gold-stained Gothic pages of history, though the memories of how the Jews have always indulged their children with the unmatched parental affection, and which they say every Christian father and mother ought to emulate, never appear to be absent, but rather always present.

    And whether they intended it or not, is rather unimportant, but the fact remains that, having plundered Egypt, yet another plunderable nation which just so happened to be in their way to finding God, it was the Jews, and not the Irish, who dispatched forty-five thousand innocent and inoffensive Egyptian souls before stealing their gold, so much so in fact, that Diodorus tells us how within five miles around, piercing wailing could be heard by the grief stricken Egyptian mothers and fathers, just like it is today with the Palestinian mothers and fathers, who, having come from the working fields of the Nile, found their dearest ones cut to innumerable pieces.

    Completely unsettled by the hellish spectacle which they alone had caused in Egypt, the candid chroniclers of Crete record an equally unhappy impression, impressed since in the minds of every Cretan child, each and every syllable thoroughly suffused with more and heavier sadness than the ones which had preceded them, and tell us how the Jews, having tricked the inhabitants in coming out of their houses to the town square, suddenly sprang out from their hidden places, and extinguished no less than twenty-five thousand innocent lives in one single day, father, mother, daughter, son, after which, and as Casius Dio tells us the figure ultimately reached no less than two-hundred-and-fifty-thousand, the Jews engaged themselves in a strange and boisterous demonic orgy play, repeated, as it happened, to the last movement, two-thousand years later in Bolshevik Russia, in which they competed against each other which of them could pull his victims’ intestines out the faster, and whose guts would wrap the longer round the solitary, witnessing, melancholy pole. They say that they who write history have their own hands sullied in blood, but I don’t believe it, as the effusive histories that have come down to us about the Jews were composed by the loving hands of the Christians, and since the mission of this religion is none other than to perpetuate the felicity of all mankind, we must declare all such ejaculations as very nasty rumours, invented falsely to accuse, and intended unjustly to tarnish.

    Such, however, was the holy goodness of the Jews, that even the welcoming Iberia was not spared their nature; for the Jews, after living there for upwards of five-hundred years, and after rolling themselves in the most expensive fineries which they openly denied the Christians, opened the gates to the Moors, stealthily, unheard, callously, and at night, and, from a distance, the way a soul sadist always choses to witness the mournful expiration of his unoffending subject, watched as Toledo burned, as Christian churches were turned to cinders, whilst their splendid Jewish temples, whose black walls had always been the playhouse of gamblers and whoremongers, remained untouched, as a strange kind of architectural witness and material proof that proclaimed to all who could but see that, holy assemblies of the Jews are not called so without a reason, and that if the Jews really were as evil as man has always thought him to be, God would not have spared them, but would have destroyed them. And the strangely colourful and infinitely bizarre methods of propitiation to their Devil Father God which the Jews employed in Crete, were soon remembered by those of Spain, for Antonio Diaz tells us how very many Christian eyes were gouged out by Jewish hands, the moment the Jews thought it safe.

    And on, and on, and on it continues, their holy and divine history does, written by the Christians, believed by their followers, how the sufferings of the Jews, if only it were hourly brought before our minds, will fill our hearts with compassion, and bless our minds with purity, as it was our own ignorance and hatred of the Jews and not theirs of us that had been the cause of their unhappy fate, utterly forgetful of the fact that it was the Jews who had deprived upwards of two-billion Christians of their God, and seemingly without the least disturbance of the soul, or the perturbation of the mind, still continue to repeat the age-old divine pronouncement that, without the love of the Jews, only eternal perdition awaits man.

    Perhaps the darling Church is right! Perhaps man, unable and unwilling to face his own spiritual mortifications soon visits them terrestrially on another, and since the Jews are so very numerous, and since their holy presence is so very ubiquitous, it is not difficult for us to find them; all that we must do, as we appear always to have done, is deny that we are evil, and out we go to hunt ourselves some Jews.

    Sadly, much as I wish to write, really, I’m afraid I must unexpectedly terminate my thoughts, here, right at this very moment, and leave you visibly unsatisfied, and grossly unhappy, much as I would like to continue, as I am acutely aware that my words no longer possess that literary attraction and power of expression which the learned editorial English Gentlemen minds of today very vehemently insist that they must possess. Who knows?! It may well be that, as a cruel antidote to their indulgence which they formerly extended me, the former plush carpet of effusive and universal welcome must necessarily be pulled from under my feet, without feelings, without thoughts, without care, so I can the better witness my own decay, as to my spiritual and inextinguishable need to write is now cruelly added the temporal Catholic punishment of witnessing the gorgeous and unassailable star of Ryckaertsis Ivdeis rise, that great man, whose productions are never filled with contraries, and whose wisdom and knowledge cannot be bettered but only emulated, as is easily demonstrated by the fact that, whenever the learned Gentleman so much as issues an opinion, let alone a thought, from his wonderfully erudite lips, he does not, unlike me alone, suffer the pain of suppression, nor the shame of rejection, but is instantly rewarded with the joy of publication, and universal approbation, so that those like me, who wastefully plod through the vast libraries of thoughts, and unhappily recall the sad remembrance of times past, may have something to learn, much to appreciate, and everything to remember.

    If I may just and justly conclude, namely, that if Mme Darkmoon’s Christian convictions really did possess that strength and power of which she hourly reminds us, she should visit her Christian Conscience occasionally, and commence the gradual reformation of it, by reminding herself of the deep love which I to her once gave, and the one which the esteemed and much-loved Herr Ryckaertsis continues jealously to withhold.

    Evil Ellie! Evil, stupid, ugly Ellie!


    1. Well said, Ellie! Your comments are always a pleasure to read. English prose like this, exquisitely baroque and gem-studded, is seldom found today in this mechanized and grossly utilitarian world.

      As for the deep love you claim you once gave to the superficially unresponsive and apparently coldhearted Miss Darkmoon, I am sure you are wrong to think she dislikes you. If that were the case, your comments would be blocked. On the contrary, they are published, so they are always here for us to read and admire.

      Take note, too, that your best article to date — The Death Camps to Come” — has been specially selected by the administrators of this site, no doubt with a genial nod from Miss Darkmoon, as “Recommended Reading.”

    2. In her last post to Darkmoon, Ellie said she was definitely NOT a Christian. In this post today, she’s a Christian. In her last post to Darkmoon a couple of months ago, and in many posts she has sent to Darkmoon since she started opining here under the black dark moon-less night, John Dee’s and “‘Sir’ Francis Bacon’s” “School of Night” , Ellie most definitely and most clearly made it known she is NOT a Christian, she has always said so. Now she’s a Christian. It would be nice if we got some sort of segue between paradigm shifts, some sort of segue to explain The Change, don’t you think?

    3. Isis & Terpsichore

      O muse ! the causes and crimes
      relate ;
      What goddess was provok’d , whence
      her hate,
      For what offense the Queen of Heav’n
      To persecute so brave , so just a man. . . .

      Illuminati , Illuminati ; wherefore art Thou Illuminati ?

    4. Some of those Jew-on-Chritian atrocities I did hear of in passing, Crete or Mamilla for example but the bit about how Jews facilitated the Moors entry into Spain (Antonio Diaz, now here is someone to look up) is something new.
      Ellie knows Jew history, in fact,
      Ellie knows Jew.

      Keep up the good work, I don’t mind you taking potshots at Christian historians and church, got no investment there.

      And as for the phrase “bow after rain”, I bow to your inventiveness.

    5. Ellie

      You said

      “That the natural disposition of every Christian is to assign blame of the evil acts of the Jews which they hourly commit against man to but a small, though diseased, portion of their Hebrew brethren, is an error of judgement so stupendous in scale, and so grave in consequences, that no violent effort on the part of those like us ever could hope to succeed in regulating their minds; and, though the frequency of their perseverance, to which is clasped firmly their youthful Christian training, may be the main culprit of such erroneous conclusions, it is only very slightly necessary to appeal to Truth in order to remind them of their millennia-old error…”

      If you are speaking of contemporary Apostate “Jew” infiltrated “Christianity” then you are right. But this has not been the norm of what is authentic or Paleo Christianity if measured over the last 2000 years in the same way one cannot measure the life of a Saint summarized in a singular act of murder, his only sin, on his death bed at the age of 93.

      As for Canaan, it was filled with Alien/fallen angel hybrid “human” giants. This is why I AM directed us WHITES/Europeans (as we are known today) to lawfully kill, exterminate that abomination.

      As to Egypt. Joseph didn’t plunder it. He consolidated the power of Pharaoh by wisely advising him to store food so it might be sold during the upcoming famine. In fact, you being of part Germanic stock shows that you have R1b genetics that is the proof that you dear Ellie descend from the Son’s of Joseph-Saxons (Isaac’s Grandsons) produce between the union of the Shemite, white Egyptian Princess and her union with white, Shemite Joseph from Eber’s line. If it wasn’t for Joseph, Egypt would have disappeared and anyway, what is just compensation for organizing and enforcing the enslavement and genocide of your racial brethern when all his ancestors did was save you? I think it’s but a small compensation to take what one can after Pharaoh released the white Semites of Eber’s line along with mixed Egyptian/Hebrews of Joseph. I mean, wasn’t Pharoah’s sin on disply for all when upon release only to plot to exterminate her racial kinfolk once again; a criminal plot that utterly failed beginning the long decline of the once great and glorious Egypt?

      As to the undeniable crimes of the impostors of Judah/Israel we are not in dispute, but among those crimes are not some of those you detailed from scriptures. The “Jew” is a master of identity fraud and it’s through this fraud he has assigned guilt upon whites where their should be done while taking credit for historical deeds that he had nothing to do with. Ellie, it’s through the “Jews” identity theft that he makes a false claim to both rights of return to Palestine when in truth, being Esau’s descendent, he only has the right to the first law of return, not the second. The second is OURS and through this lawful claim the “Jew” will finally experience the sum of all his fears.

      Evil, evil “Jews” indeed, Ellie…..

  5. You don’t have to be a traitor or a patriot. There is always a third road you can travel. Be real sophisticated and ever so savvy and entirely in-the-know about Putin’s recent defeat of a main portion of the NWO, namely Putin putting an end to the jew’s dreams and schemes of taking over the whole Middle East. Do as Pat does concerning Putin handing USrael ZOG a major defeat and act as blasé as you can about it. After all, it’s always the height of sophistication to be blasé :

  6. I would imagine it’s very difficult to be seraglio harem girl to the Sultan of Turkey these days. The Turkish Sultan is one tough Master alright. He orders his seraglio girls [ like Lasha, Ingrid, “avatar”, Pat, Gilbert, for example ] to :

    A : Pretend they’re against USrael ZOG, even though the Sultan of Turkey is on the same side of USrael ZOG [ for whatever obscure habiru reasons the Sultan of Turkey has to side with USrael ZOG] while The Sultan sends his seraglio girls out into to the world and orders them to pretend to be opposed to USrael ZOG [ must be very stressful on the psyches of the harem girls to have pretend in public to be opposed to their Master The Sultan of Turkey. Especially when their beloved Master The Sultan of Turkey is getting so badly defeated by Putin, LOL.

    B : The Sultan of Turkey, I guess, expects his seraglio slave harem girls to be the best actors and actresses in the history of Show Business.

    And what, pray tell, I’m just dying of curiosity , what does Lasha’s hydra-head persona, Miss Ellie Rothschild, what does Lasha playing the role of “Miss Ellie Rothschild” think about, lol, her Rothschild family, lol, ordering Putin, lol, to eradicate her Rothschild owned-and-controlled ISIS [ Israeli Secret Intelligence Service ] in Syria? And maybe Lasha in her role as “Miss Ellie Rothschild” can explain why her Rothschild family ordered Putin to destroy their Rothschild owned-and-controlled Israeli Secret Intelligence Service in Syria. Maybe The Head Madam of ALL Seraglio girls everywhere, Lasha, qabalah seraglio belly dancing gypsy girl Lasha playing the role of her other hydra-head “Miss Ellie Rothschild” will explain it to us, as the seraglio girl Patsy is having a lot of difficulty figuring out how to answer such a basic common-sense question, 😉 . I guess, one can only imagine, I guess The Sultan of Turkey appointed Lasha to be the Head Madam, The Overseer, to all of the Sultan’s harem girls in his stable of loyal b*tches.

    Will Pat’s hydra-head persona,Gilbert , will poor broken-hearted Gilbert ever compose a pining, yearning, LERV poem to ISIS ever again? ROFLMFAO!!!!!

  7. Whatever happened to Fr. John and Max Bilney? The TWO disappeared on us just as we needed them most. I also miss Melvin Polatnick. He was a honest jew, honest as he was very up-front and forthcoming about jews and their jew agenda [ I don’t know why Melvin was banned, he was so honest about jews and the jew agenda ] . Even more honest, Nay, a fuck more honest, than the “honest” jew Ruthie “truthsie”. Speaking of “truthsie”, what ever happened to “Ruth Bernstein”? She’s another one who just got up and disappeared on us. Characters emerge from Lasha’s shower stall, hang around awhile, then disappear back into Lasha’s shower stall, slip behind Lasha’s Sacred Blue plastic shower stage curtains on her head, and get flushed down the drain, I guess. One can only imagine.

    One would imagine, also, Fr. John to be here defending Putin for certain charges being made against him, that he’s part of the NWO and all that. After all, for years and years Fr. John sang the praises of the Russians, Now that the Russians win a victory over USrael ZOG’s British Israel , Fr. John disappears. Funny that, very funny, ha ha ha ha ha ha, 😉 .

  8. While I understand Russia is not paradise, and I understand Putin is not an angel or saint or “avatar”, I do see that Putin just delivered USrael ZOG’s NWO a rather resounding defeat. One would think in an “alternative” media supposedly opposed to the jews and opposed to USrael ZOG and opposed to the NWO, one would think there would be a bit more happiness about Putin handing USrael ZOG’s NWO a defeat, but NO ; At so many alternative or so-called “alternative” media websites supposedly opposed to USrael ZOG and opposed to the NWO, Darkmoon is one such example, one finds a certain disappointment with Putin, one finds so many downplaying Putin’s victory over Usrael ZOG, one finds lots of negative criticism of Putin. One finds the reaction to Putin winning a victory of USrael ZOG’s NWO very subdued, unto being unhappy and sad and disappointed , dismayed — a deep disappointment that Putin won a victory over USrael ZOG. I’m not saying Putin should be immune from negative criticism, I’m just wondering why the reaction to Putin’s defeat of USrael ZOG in Syria is so muted, so subdued, so funeral-like. It’s as if many in the “alternative” media are mourning the loss Usrael ZOG just suffered at the hands of Putin, more than any sort of happiness Putin won a victory over Usrael. For years and years Darkmoon has been crying and complaining about USrael ZOG, “We must put an end to Usrael ZOG!!, Oh , will anyone ever stand up and fight back against USrael ZOG!!!???” Finally someone with some real power comes along, namely Putin, Putin hands USrael ZOG a defeat, and what do we hear from Darkmoon? We hear a lot of bitching and moaning and complaining about Putin who just handed USrael ZOG a defeat. Why are Darkmooners crying and complaining, bitching and moaning about Putin who just handed USrael ZOG a defeat? Because Putin is not perfect, because Russia is not perfect, because Putin doesn’t have the power to snap his fingers and turn the whole world into paradise. That he just handed USrael ZOG a rather resounding defeat is useless, it’s not even worth wasting any time talking about or thinking about, let alone being the least bit happy about it, if Putin can’t snap his fingers and make all the jews in the world disappear, then Putin is useless to us, he’s no good : As if that’s the real reason you Darkmooners don’t like Putin, lol. What a bunch of fuckin’ phonies so many of you Darkmooners are. Putin just defeated USrael ZOG : Lerne Leiden Ohne Zu Klagen b*tches!

  9. Harbinger,

    First of all, the term ‘fascism’ is very hard to put an exact definition on. The merger of corporations and state is ‘corporatism’.

    Whenever you hear some policor mouthpiece screaming ‘fascist!’ or ‘that’s fascism!’ it always means ‘something that stands for traditional values’, which in its turn is always against Jew’s interest. Thus, Russia’s laws against promoting homosexuals is deemed ‘facsist’. Hungary’s fence to keep invaders out is ‘facsism’. Wanting to keep one’s society racially and culturally homogeneous is ‘facsist’. Do I need to get on?

    “And this was the very society that Hitler created in Germany.”

    Thanks for confirming my point.

    Facsism, a political correct definition of a system of government where Jew is cut off.

    1. 1138,

      “Whenever you hear some policor mouthpiece screaming ‘fascist!’ or ‘that’s fascism!’ it always means ‘something that stands for traditional values’,”

      I would disagree. When someone uses the word fascist as a slur, it’s to attack one who wishes to impose control, whether it’s traditional or not. It was used by people predominantly who saw fascism as state authority of their lives, not allowing them individuality but instead being part of the hive mind. Today though, as you state with people who shout fascist at people who oppose gay marriage and the LGBT agenda, you are correct but it’s done a 180° turn. The younger generations, through indoctrination believe people are now fascists who oppose state authority.

      Hitler did NOT create a fascist society in Germany. Fascism opposes socialism. Hitler created a national socialist society, one that had love for the Germanic way of life before all others, its cultures and its traditions. Hitler’s falling out with Mussolini was in his acceptance of the Jews, seeing them as a problem within society. Mussolini did not see things the same way as Hitler. Mussolini’s lover, Margherita Sarfatti, was Jewish. Mussolini, although he sent some, did his best to hide many Jews from going to Hitler’s work camps.

      Today, people like to blend national socialism, international socialism and fascism into one big pot and say it’s all the same. This way it automatically makes people not question the subtle differences and opposing factors of each. But one thing I will say about all three is that their overall common denominator is the control of society via an all empowering state. I have always been opposed to the state control over any individual.

      1. @ 1138

        With all due respect to Harbinger, who I think has misinterpreted you, I believe you speak sense. Keep up the good work!

        Whenever the word “fascist” is invoked, it is invoked as a term of abuse — usually by liberal, leftwing types (i.e., degenerate Jews and their brainwashed followers) — for people with conservative values, i.e., for those who oppose the malign influence of Bolshevism, iconoclasm, Nietzscsean “revaluation of all values”, and social anarchy that is seen as preliminary to world revolution: which was the ultimate aim of Marx, Lenin, Trotsky and their merry band of gentile-hating Jews.

        The traditional values of our ancestors — not the trendy values of the degenerate Jews, such as same sex marriage and the homosexualization of our children in schools — these are the old values we need to cherish and hold dear.

        Orwellian maxim: Old is best, new is worst.

  10. Harbinger
    Fascisn is indeed a form of socialism, like nationalsocialism it puts at the center of its doctrine the well being of the people and the greatness of the nation. Of course the control of the state by the party is similar in all the totalitarian societies, but every serious historian recognize the difference between italian fascism and all the other regimes which were far more brutal and effective in their control of the society. Mussolini was born as a socialist and he gained his broad consensus with his determination in pursueing a socialist economy in the interest of the proletarian masses of Italy. L’Italia proletaria e fascista was his favourite definition of Italy of his time. He was critic of the internatinal jewry and he followed Hitler policy , implementing the discriminatory laws againsr jews in 1938.. There were differences of course, and Mussolini was overwhelmed by the much grater personality of the Fuhrer, but that was also due to the fact that Germany was really a superpower while Italy had been projected by the victory in ww1 , in a stage in which it did not have the capability of acting powerfully. When things became hard ,il Duce was embarassed in front of the world , he had been bluffing for too long and in the crucial point of the european history he decided to risk the nation. He lost but he is remembered in the hearts of the oldest italians as a man who loved his people, who built hospitals, schools , houses and factories for the poors and who gave Italians a sense of pride and belonging to a common glorious destiny that they will probably never experience again. This what FASCISM really is : the unity of the best forces of the nation to pursue a common goal of greatness. It is a socialist system on national bases which put first the well being of the nation , in which the private enterprise is welcome only when it does not go against the phisical and spiritual health of the nation.

  11. It’s very nice Ellie can write a comment about the same length as a 19th century novel by Charles Dickens [ and they say I write long posts, lol ] and she sounds like she’s a character in a 19th century novel, that’s very nice and everything, but what does Ellie ROTHSCHILD have to say about her jew family’s involvement in starting-up ISIS and other “Islamic” Jihadists groups whose goal is to destabilize Muslim countries in the Middle East so the jews can take the countries over? And if Pat is correct about his assertion the Rothschild’s ordered Putin to intervene in Syria, what does Ellie have to say about that? Can Ellie explain the logic of why her family started-up and fully supports Israel’s jew-owned-and-controlled ISIS while simultaneously, as per Pat, her Rothschild family also ordered Putin to destroy her jew Rothschild’s mishpocheh baby ISIS? [ I think I spelled “mishpocheh” wrong, but you all know what I mean. It means “family”. ]

    ~ we are family, I got my sistas Lucy and ISIS in me ~ LOL…

  12. I rememer this mentioned in a Woody Allen movie, and I’m paraphrasing…we rant on about ‘stuff’ because it distracts us from our imminent death….yeah, off topic

    1. Karen, I doubt that’s usually the case. Most aren’t thinking about death, they’re living moment to moment. They “rant” to be understood by others who know some of the same things they know and they rant because they’re powerless to effect change. If anyone seriously rants to distract themselves from their imminent death do chime in. That would be an interesting anomaly.

    1. Thanks Leo –

      The London Pharisee Bankers(LPB) get their way …. and are inching closer and closer to their goals which was stated on many occasions last century. That goal is the merging of Russia with the US… a lopsided partnership. Russia needs it badly. “Putin is so good” meme allows it now. Great success story…. All set up, as US keeps funding rebels.

      This article was written to make it appear that the US is resisting… when that is not the case. There are many hundreds of major US companies in full operation IN RUSSIA right NOW…!!

      AND “Secular Syrian State” means the big DEBT and USURY system of Russia is coming to Syria… BIG TIME..!!
      The air strikes are cleaning out the old infrastructure to build HSBC and Chase and Russian Post Banks in those prime locations. It even mentions the US will keep funding the rebels so more action will be needed by the ‘demolition crews’ from Russia.

      Halliburton and Fluor and Cisco and AT&T and GE…. etc…
      …….get more contracts if rebels keep fighting and get bombed. 🙂


      Conduct of military campaign shows that it is carefully weighed to achieve Russia’s political objective of a united and SECULAR Syrian state

      “The US for its part has been forced – very much against its will – into an accommodation with the Russians.

      “It has agreed to a technical agreement with the Russians to coordinate the flight of US and Russian aircraft in Syrian airspace. It has even been obliged to undertake joint exercises with the Russians to iron out problems.

      “The US is deploying F15C fighter aircraft to its base at Incirlik in Turkey and F22 fighter aircraft to its bases in Saudi Arabia, and has stepped up supplies of weapons – including TOW anti-tank missiles – to the rebels.”

      LPB win-win-win-win…. STILL..!!

      1. Maybe I read a different article but I clicked on the link you provided. And there is absolutely nothing being said in the entire article that even remotely confirms your view. Not one letter.

      2. This may help you…. 1138….

        I copied the sub-title and…
        my other excerpts are about 25 paragraphs into story… in bold.

        How Russia Is Saving Syria

        Conduct of military campaign shows that it is carefully weighed to achieve Russia’s political objective of a united and secular Syrian state
        Alexander Mercouris Sat, Nov 7, 2015 |

        The Russian military campaign in Syria has now been underway for several weeks. 
        This provides a good opportunity for an overview.
        There has been no increase in the forces Russia has deployed in Syria since the start of the campaign there.  
        There have been no further cruise missile strikes on jihadi positions in Syria from the Caspian Sea.
        The Russians have publicly ruled out enlarging their force. They have said they will not engage in ground operations. There are no plans to launch strikes with long range TU22 bomber aircraft flying from Russia.
        The Russians say the present force is adequate to achieve their objectives.
        That provides an important clue as to what those objectives are.
        The Russians have also said they have held no discussions with the Iraqis about deploying Russian aircraft in Iraq, or about bombing the Islamic State there.
        That shows the objectives the Russians have set themselves concern only Syria.
        The Russians have provided detailed reports of the targets they are striking. There is no reason to doubt the truth of these reports.  
        The reports show the Russians’ primary target is the infrastructure the jihadis have built up to support their war effort: command centres, weapons depots, training centres, and communications facilities as well as oil pipelines, workshops and factories. 
        The Russians have on occasion destroyed jihadi vehicle convoys (there are reliable reports that a 16 vehicle convoy belonging to the Islamic State was destroyed in this way) and they regularly report the destruction of major items of military hardware belonging to the jihadis such as tanks and artillery. However, these targets appear to be secondary.
        There are also a few reports of the Russian airforce providing direct air support to Syrian troops engaged in offensive operations, though the extent to which this is happening appears for the moment to be limited.
        What conclusions can we draw from all this?
        Firstly, it is clear that the purpose of the deployment is not to defeat the jihadi insurgency in Syria or to destroy the Islamic State through air power.  
        The strike force in Latakia – which the Russians insist they have no plan to increase – is obviously inadequate for such a task.  
        That the Russians have ruled out expanding their strike force suggests that they do not think that it is possible to defeat the jihadi rebellion in Syria by air power alone.
        This is consistent with Russian military philosophy. The Russians have never bought into the US idea of “victory through air power”. Russia’s operational military doctrine is based on the principle of “combined arms” in which every arm of the military service is used together in a complimentary way to achieve victory.
        The pattern of Russian activity in Syria in fact bears out what we said previously about the purpose of the deployment: it was done to prevent the US from declaring a “no-fly zone” over Syria.
        If the size of the strike force is obviously inadequate to win the Syrian civil war and destroy the Islamic State, it has proved fully adequate for the purpose of preventing the US from declaring a “no-fly zone”.
        We know the US planned to set up a “no-fly zone”. The US has admitted as much.
        We know the US was in active discussion with its allies to set up such a “no-fly zone” over the course of the summer.   
        Deployment of the Russian strike force to Syria has forced the US to abandon the idea.  
        There have been some worries – exacerbated by excited talk from perennial war hawks like Zbigniew Brzezinski – that the US might attack the Russian strike force in order to humiliate Russia and impose the “no-fly zone” despite Russian opposition.
        As we discussed previously, the launch of the Russian cruise missiles from the Caspian Sea – demonstrating that all US bases in the region are within striking range of a potentially devastating Russian counter-strike – has put paid to that idea.
        The reason there have been no further Russian cruise missile strikes is not because Russia’s Caspian Flotilla has run out of long range cruise missiles, as some have suggested.  
        It is because the cruise missile strike achieved its purpose, which was to demonstrate to the US Russia’s ability to launch a counter strike if its strike force in Syria is attacked.
        The Russians’ success in forcing the US to drop its plan for a “no-fly zone” has had a dramatic effect on the strategic calculus.
        In contemporary parlance “no-fly zone” – whatever its original meaning – is now simply shorthand for “US bombing campaign”.
        Had the US declared a “no fly zone” it would have rapidly evolved into an all-out bombing campaign against the Syrian government and military.
        That is what happened in Yugoslavia and Iraq in the 1990s and in Libya in 2011, and the same would have happened in Syria.
        The “no fly zone” would have been accompanied by the declaration of “safe havens” inside Syria. We know this was the plan, and incredibly there are some people who still demand it (see here and here). 
        These “safe havens” would have been presented as areas for civilians and refugees to flee to for safety from attack (“barrel-bombing”) by the Syrian army and airforce. Based on what happened in Yugoslavia and Iraq in the 1990s and in Libya in the 2011, they would quickly have become base areas under rebel control.
        Before long, to the accompaniment of a furious media campaign, the “safe havens” would have been extended to all and every part of Syria where refugees and civilians were supposedly “in danger” from the Syrian government. It would have been only a question of time before they included the whole of Damascus and Aleppo, and towns like Homs and Hama.
        The US airforce, supported by those of Britain, France, Turkey and probably Jordan, would then have gone into action “to protect” “the safe havens” by bombing the Syrian military and – as was the case in Yugoslavia, Iraq and Libya – the civilian infrastructure upon which the Syrian state and military depend.
        Many more civilians would of course have died but as was the case in Yugoslavia and Libya that would not have stopped the bombing.
        As the bombing campaign escalated, weapons and special forces to “advise” the rebels would have poured in, and it would only have been a matter of time before the Syrian government and military collapsed.
        It was to prevent this scenario that the Russians acted. By acting as they did, they stopped it in its tracks.
        That the Russian action was first and foremost intended to stop Western military action against Syria – and has been completely successful in that respect – is best illustrated by the effect it has had in Britain.
        To the dismay of Britain’s war hawks, the British government has been forced to abandon its plan to bomb Syria. A report by a House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee makes clear it was Russia’s intervention that was the decisive factor (see paragraph 28 of the report here).

        The US for its part has been forced – very much against its will – into an accommodation with the Russians.  
        It has agreed to a technical agreement with the Russians to coordinate the flight of US and Russian aircraft in Syrian airspace. It has even been obliged to undertake joint exercises with the Russians to iron out problems.
        The US is deploying F15C fighter aircraft to its base at Incirlik in Turkey and F22 fighter aircraft to its bases in Saudi Arabia, and has stepped up supplies of weapons – including TOW anti tank missiles – to the rebels.

        These are not steps preparatory to an attack on the Russian strike force. They are an attempt to redress the balance in the region, which is tilting heavily to the Russians.
        With Russia’s SU30 and SU34 aircraft technologically superior to all other aircraft deployed in the region, the US urgently needs to reassure its allies – especially Israel and Turkey – that it can match the very advanced aircraft Russia is deploying in the region.
        Similarly the supply of weapons to the rebels is intended to reassure the rebels – and their supporters in Washington – that the US is not abandoning them. The US knows the weapons are insufficient to change the situation on the ground, especially as the Russians are more than capable of matching them.
        Once it is clearly understood that the purpose for Russia’s deployment of the strike force was to prevent the US bombing Syria – not to defeat the jihadi insurgency single handedly by airpower alone – everything else about the Russian deployment falls into place.
        By preventing a US attack on Syria, the Russians have bought time for diplomacy to work and for the Syrian army to regain its strength.
        The diplomacy of recent weeks has been thoroughly discussed by the Saker and by Patrick Armstrong and I will say no more about it other than to repeat what I have said before – that the plan the Russians are pushing is in all essentials the same plan that was agreed in Geneva in 2012 but which was wrecked by the Syrian rebels and their Western backers when they made the resignation of President Assad a precondition for talks.
        There is no sign the Syrian rebels or their Western sponsors have backed off from this demand. On the contrary what looks like a deliberate Western misinformation campaign about Russia’s position on the question suggests they have made no shift at all (for a detailed discussion of Russia’s position and the reasons for it see my article from 2012 here).
        The inclusion of Iran in the talks is however a breakthrough. 
        It suggests that whilst the hardliners are still in the ascendant, the realists in Washington led by Secretary of State Kerry understand that US objectives in Syria are no longer achievable.  
        It seems that they are playing a waiting game – engaging Russia and Iran in talks and keeping negotiations going until the situation on the ground changes to the point where all but the most stubborn of the hardliners in Washington are forced to accept that a diplomatic settlement along the lines agreed in 2012 in Geneva is unavoidable.
        What are however the prospects for a change in the situation on the ground?
        If the Russian deployment has bought time for diplomacy to take place, it has also bought time for the Syrian army to recover.
        Three years of intense fighting has left the Syrian army an exhausted force. 
        Casualties in men and equipment have been very high. The Syrian army has been forced to withdraw from large areas of the country in order to concentrate on defending what it can.
        Though tempered by war, the Syrian army appears to suffer from many of the structural problems that afflict all Arab armies (see here).  
        The fact that it is said to find it difficult to maintain an advance in the face of small numbers of rebel anti tank missiles (according to some reports just 50 TOW anti tank missiles were sufficient to defeat an advance by the Syrian army in 2014 to relieve Aleppo) suggests its infantry lacks aggression and offensive spirit, and is poorly coordinated with its tank units.
        It may also mean that supplies of tanks – or of the technicians and spare parts necessary to keep them going – are running low, so that the few tanks still in running order have to be carefully husbanded. This may explain the reluctance to risk them when there are anti tank missiles present.
        It is the condition of the Syrian military that explains the character of the Russian air campaign.  
        By targeting the rebels’ infrastructure the Russians are disrupting the rebels’ logistics chain. By doing so they are preventing the rebels from sustaining an offensive. That gives the Syrian army the time it needs to recover and rebuild its strength.  
        Once the Syrian military has been rebuilt – with Russian supplies and technical help and with men, material and training provided by Iran – the damage to the rebels’ infrastructure will make it more difficult for them to withstand the Syrian army’s offensive when it comes.
        In the meantime limited operations – all the Syrian army seems presently capable of – are being conducted to relieve pressure points.  
        Syria’s northern city of Aleppo – once Syria’s largest city and its economic capital – has been under continuous siege since 2012. A few weeks ago it was practically cut off. Russian air support has helped the Syrian army break the siege and reopen roads and supply lines into the city.
        Elsewhere, under cover of Russian aircraft, the Syrian army appears to be engaging in limited offensive operations in the direction of Palmyra – a site of immense cultural significance – and near Damascus.  
        Information on the progress of these offensives is limited and contradictory (see for example here and here) but what evidence there is suggests that for the first time this year the Syrian army is gaining ground overall rather than losing it.
        The Russian air campaign is therefore carefully judged and is achieving its objectives. 
        1. It has prevented the US and its allies carrying out their plan for a bombing campaign that would have resulted in the overthrow of the Syrian government;
        2. It has provided time and space for a renewed diplomatic effort paving the way for an eventual political settlement based on Russian ideas.  These exclude the setting up of an Islamist jihadi state on Syrian territory. As the Saker correctly says the US appears to have conceded the point;
        3. It has provided time and space for the Syrian army to recover, so that it can eventually go on the offensive, creating the conditions for the political settlement the Russians want to impose; and
        4. It is weakening the rebels’ infrastructure, preventing them launching an offensive and weakening them in preparation for the Syrian military offensive which is to come.
        Of these four objectives the first is the most important since without achieving it the other three would be impossible.
        As things stand, the first objective has been achieved. The US bombing campaign has been called off in a major success for Russian policy.
        The other three objectives continue to be a work in progress.  
        The Syrian conflict provides a text-book example of how the Russians conduct foreign policy.  
        They do not separate the military from the political in the way that Western powers do. 
        Nor do they allow the military to dictate the whole approach. 
        Nor do they see war and diplomacy as mutually exclusive, with the one beginning when the other stops.
        On the contrary the Russians see war and diplomacy as complimentary instruments the Russian state uses to achieve its objectives, which are invariably set by the country’s political leadership, and which are always framed in strictly political terms focused exclusively – and unashamedly – on Russia’s national interests.
        In the Syrian conflict the objective is to preserve the Syrian state as it was before the conflict – independent, united, functional and secular – so that an Islamist jihadi state that might pose a threat to Russia is not established on Syrian territory.  
        Grandiose ideologically conceived objectives dressed up in moralistic language of “remaking the Middle East” or of spreading “democracy” there form no part of Russia’s objectives.  
        Since such megalomania has no part in what the Russians are up to, they have no need to commit massive forces to achieve vague and over ambitious objectives which are in fact unachievable.
        The Russian intervention can therefore be pitched more modestly – at precisely the level needed to achieve the objective the political leadership has set – which is what we are seeing.
        Whereas Westerners often quote Clausewitz’s famous dictum – “war is not merely an act of policy but a true political instrument, a continuation of political intercourse carried on with other means. What remains peculiar to war is simply the peculiar nature of its means” – it is the Russians who actually apply it.
        As for the Russian aircraft that crashed over Sinai, if it was destroyed by a bomb – as is looking increasingly likely – that will not change Russian policy in the least. 
        Those who think it will do not understand the Russian approach to foreign policy, and underestimate the clearheaded and single-minded way the Russians pursue their objectives.

  13. In 1933 Germans in democratic elections opted for a German State exclusively for Germans (Aryans) — offering to help Zionists colonize JEWS in Palestine. WORLDJEWRY went berserk unilaterally declaring war (1933) on Germany. It is inconceivable to JEWS that any race but GOD’S CHOSEN should have its own State. ILLUMINATI ordered ALLIED forces to incinerate Germans in their cities, farms, and hamlets: advising the World that Nation-States will not be tolerated — except in Israel, and that WORLD JEWRY may live within whatever foreign nation it wishes.

    Think about this. Today, all over the Western world, the WHITE NATION is divided roughly into two constituents, the hyper-liberal-Marxist-atheists 100% brainwashed by their Talmudvision culture, and the drunk-on-Jew-worship Christians daily conditioned to let the world take care of itself, giving their attentions to personal pleasures and God Worship.

    Is it any wonder I call the goyim pathetic when the very best of them, the WHITE NATION, has been reduced to this?

  14. Since the most recent article on John Kaminski’s own website is dated 2012, I thought I would post my comment here in the hope that he might read it. This concerns his article entitled ” The Hitler Test”. Agreed that AH did not realize that Britain and America both were Jewish controlled. In my view, he made two great errors; his first was to ALLOW the British to evacuate Dunkirk after their calamitous lass of this battle and were surrounded by Hitler’s forces. Wikipedia characteristically spins this as a “miracle” for Churchill somehow, but it was Hitler who allowed Churchill 3 days to evacuate his beaten troops from that area. AH’s 2nd big mistake occurred at the end of the war when Soviet forces were advancing on Berlin and Hitler’s generals allegedly begged him to allow them to use Sarin gas on the invaders. Hitler refused and the result is recorded in the book “Hellstorm”. As to my last point, Sarin gas had been produced by I.G. Farben in the early 1930’s and was stockpiled by the German forces, but never used. Alas, I cannot remember where I had read this on the net as it was several years ago…but- the fact that Sarin was available to Hitler and had been discovered and produced in the 1930’s is documented and easily found through an internet search. Hitler was a product of the “Great War” (and a hero many times over during his WW1 service), but perhaps had too much of the gentleman soldier of the age in his persona.

    1. [email protected]
      Right George , you could not be more right. Adolf Hitler was twice awarded with the Iron cross in ww1, something unrecorded by a simple soldier , he always volountereed for the most risky missions and when wounded he applyied to return in the line of fire. He never autorized the use of gas which Germany had in great stockpiles as you rightly wrote because he was real soldier and he himself had been a victim of this cowardice warfare during ww1. He was a real patriot and a warrior , he was a honorable man and a hero and though he loved war as a meaning to establish the greatness of a race , he always intend war as a confrontation of men in arms with the rules dictate by an ancient code of honour. When the britih Raf started bombing the german cities in the nights,
      He probably regrected having let them escape safely back home from Dunquerque, and he even waited months to start bombing english civilians in retaliation. So different was his interpretation of war from the one practiced by the allied forces who ” liberated”Europe bombing it to dust. The Fuhrer was not a politician , he always spoke straight and he was explaining his thoughts in his never ending speeches. Even the less acculturated of the citizen could understand him and sympatize with him , he was loved like no other leader has ever been. So predictable in his reactions , he was an easy game for the jews and their minions, who could manage the situation and at the end destroyed him and with him his fatherland now reduced to a poweless vassallage. He was a great man and the jews fear the return of his spirit more than anything else . God bless Adolf Htler

      1. @ THE ROMAN:

        Thank you for your input, and your assessment of AH. As a matter of fact, you pointed out something that I should have realized, but did not think of:

        “He never autorized the use of gas which Germany had in great stockpiles as you rightly wrote because he was real soldier and he himself had been a victim of this cowardice warfare during ww1.”

        Of course! He was gassed himself, and I had forgotten about that. Well, he had no way of knowing what the Bolshevik led forces would do to his people once they arrived, or perhaps he would have agreed to the entreaties of his generals and have authorized the use of Sarin. Roman, my mother was born in 1914, was raised and lived in Germany during that war. Thankfully, she immunized me against the indoctrination (they call it “education”) here and I got her perspective on the war as she had lived through it as well as an appreciation of AH from her viewpoint- and she loved him, as many of her generation had. Mercifully, she passed away just a few years ago and did not live to see the ongoing decimation of her people today by “Frau Merkel’s” migrants. I would love to have been able to show her my copy of “Hellstorm” (and I read somewhere that now it is available in German!), but I realize it probably would have horrified her, despite the fact that she knew something of the terror that the Soviet forces had wrought in their portion of post-WW2 Germany. The reason that I say I would have loved to have shown her “Hellstorm” is that she would finally have seen a fair and balanced assessment of what happened to the German people post WW2 in print- something that we both never thought would occur, due to Jewish control over all media content. The fact that this changed happened is amazing.

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    at 11:14 (am, Montenegro time, 10:13 Greenwich)

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    7 hours … at what point is the patient taken off the moderation respirator and pronounced dead?

    not a single N-word, K-word, F-word just 1 link, Len Rudner-approved for political correctness and safely off no-fly list.

    So why then spamblimka, this existential Darkness at Moon?

    1. @ Lobro

      You are probably wondering why your comment went for moderation at all. You write: “Not a single N-word, K-word, F-word just 1 link, Len Rudner-approved for political correctness and safely off no-fly list. So why then spamblimka, this existential Darkness at Moon?”

      Well, you have failed to understand the basic way this WordPress website is programmed to work. Firstly, your comment did NOT go into SPAMBLINKA, as you state, it went into MODERATION. And it went into moderation for the simple reason that you referred in your comment to the name “TYRON PARSONS“. Since Tyron Parsons is in permanent moderation, any poster who REFERS to “Tyron Parsons” by name will have his comment sent for moderation too. That’s how the system works. I thought you were aware of that.

      If you had referred to “TheRealOriginalJoe” BY NAME (instead of elliptically as ‘TROJ’) your comment would have gone into Spamblinka. This is because ‘TROJ’ is himself in Spamblinka. So the next time you refer BY NAME to any commenter who is in Spamblinka or in Moderation, your own comment with go AUTOMATICALLY into Spamblinka or moderation.

      As for the time it took for me to approve your comment, I approved it as soon as I saw it.

      You live in a different time zone. I am not to blame for being in bed and fast asleep when you are up and about in a different part of the world. Or do you expect me to drag myself out of bed at the crack of dawn to approve your comments?!? 🙂

      1. Unfortunately Toby, all I did was replied to Tyr0ne P-Arson, who launched an attack on me and told me to STFU.
        So he gets published and I get canned for 1/2 a day, commentariat snickering at how lobro impotently suffers in silence, even Max’s cheap dinkum whores are no longer throwing peanuts at him.

        I guess ye olde England must be pretty far North for the dawn to crack after 10:30.

        By the time the dawn cracks up there, the darkness descends here and lobro draws shutters against night specters prowling the jungle.

        How about whitelisting me?
        Just me, no one else 😉
        so I can reply to Tyr1 instantly for all to see and marvel.

        Ok, from now on, he is to be known as Pyrons Tarzan, hope that flies high and free.

        1. @ Lobro

          If I knew how to “whitelist” you, I would. 🙂

          I am not sure how to do that, or even if it’s feasible, given our automated WordPress system.

          Remember only three things in future: (1) Comments are often lost in the void; nothing to do with us. (2) Comments are bound to be held up, sometimes for over 8-10 hours, if they enter moderation or Spamblinka AND if you happen to live in a different time zone. (3) Comments that refer BY NAME to certain “dubious” commenters who are in permanent moderation or Spamblinka will themselves go into moderation or Spamblinka. Best to refer to these dodgy characters by their initials or in some other coded way.

          Of course, comments will also go into moderation automatically if you use too many links. (Profusion of links is associated with spam, so we have to put a limit on links in order to filter out the spam more easily). I have just upped the maximum number of links you can use from two to three. So you may now use THREE LINKS without being monitored.

  16. Lobro … my comments were also in la la land for several hours recently for mentioning the TP words and it wasn’t the Tempranillo! Pyrons Tarzan comments aren’t that bad, or maybe I missed something.

    1. RO –

      You have been commenting here only since Ty lowered his level of profanity, stopped using the ‘c’ word for women… and has been limited by admin to only two comments per day… somewhat less than 200,000 words each. 😉
      It used to be a real riot…. especially between him and the ‘M B-fly entity’ a femalus iratus in her own right. I got wedged in there at times, myself. 🙁

  17. Personally, I rather fell out of love with Latin, it’s so passé. Now that the West is going Islamic, and it’s very important to have “Mercy Unto Muslims”, I think the more appropriate term for “irate female/femalus iratus” is the Arabic “bin’nt himaar”, don’t you? I certainly think so.

    1. If with bin’nt himaar you mean bint himâr that would mean “daughter of a donkey”. What has that to do with “irate female”?

      1. Don’t hassle me, Ryckaert. Especially not today when ALL my posts I sent in to Darkmoon were censored. ALL of ’em. My posts that were censored were for the article about Russia annihilating the U.S. military on the battlefield. As usual, my posts were fact-based and truthful. My posts get censored anyway. How do you say, ” The Darkmoon administrators are sons and daughters of donkeys ” in Arabic? I ask you, Ryckaert, because you’re the world’s leading language expert of every language under the sun and under the dark black moon less night. Gee, I really do hope I didn’t offend “irate female” or any other of Darkmoon takfiris with my misspelling of “daughter of a donkey” in Arabic, 🙂 .

      1. @ Pat. Many thanks. I’ll try and get the time to watch it. I don’t like making personal comments, but this site keeps me sort of sane. My elderly mother is suffering depression, anxiety and delusion after fracturing her femur in March and a subsequent hip replacement. It’s not an easy time, to say the least.

  18. GEORGE
    Comrad, we are living in a transition time, jews rule everywhere, but they are too few to control absolutely everything. There are signs of awakenings in Europe and in America, and the neocons are desperate for war because they are terrified of the eventuality of American patriots retaking their country . They distorted western culture for too long , now truth is coming afloat. They are now attacking both Germany and Russia, but their ultimate target are the American citizens. They control the biggest golem they ever dreamed to have, and now it seems that their commamds could go sometimes unanswered or even contrastated. So they are speeding up all their planes for global domination, in a way that even the dumbest could see their rotten hands.
    In your previous post you were focusing of the miscalculations of the Fuhrer in his uneven battle against these demons, let me quote the gauleiter of Hamburg who once said that Hitler wanted to achieve in decades hat would require centuries. I agree with this point of view and I recall what the Fuhrer said to Mussolini: ” we can not be sure that the next generation would be a generation of Titans” . Hitler realized that was then or never, so he went like a train to the total confrontation with the jews, and lost. The odiernal jews are following the scripts of their elders, but they ultimately realize that things change also for them and probably something is pressurizing them too much,. In my opinion are the veterans of the U.S their real nightmare. If a leader appear ,like a W. D. PELLEY, then they will have serious troubles. Buonasera amico, has been a pleasure share some thoughts with you..
    Ad majora

    1. “..we are living in a transition time..”
      “..their ultimate target are the American citizens.”

      WE are there…. already…. Roman…!! ‘Fork-stuck’ 150 years ago.

      The transition time for the US was 1860 thru 1966. War Powers in place due to National Emergency.

      They conquered the American citizens already….. with the major wars of that transition period…. and the two Civil Rights Bills. One in 1865 the other in 1965. All those events cemented Martial Law Proper here.

      Senate Report 93-549 (93rd Congress, 1st Session, 1973) summarizes the situation that we face today.

      US Senator Frank Church:
      “A majority of the people of the United States have lived all of their lives under emergency rule. For 40 years [now 82 years], freedoms and governmental procedures guaranteed by the Constitution have, in varying degrees, been abridged by laws brought into force by states of national emergency. The problem of how a constitutional democracy reacts to great crises, however, far antedates the Great Depression. As a philosophical issue, its origins reach back to the Greek city-states and the Roman Republic. And, in the United States, actions taken by the Government in times of great crises have – from, at least, the Civil War – in important ways, shaped the present phenomenon of a permanent state of national emergency.”

      There are under the Constitution three kinds of military jurisdiction: one to be exercised both in peace and war; another to be exercised in time of foreign war without the boundaries of the United States, or in time of rebellion and civil war within states or districts occupied by rebels treated [71 U.S. 2, 142]   as belligerents; and a third to be exercised in time of invasion or insurrection within the limits of the United States, or during rebellion within the limits of states maintaining adhesion to the National Government, when the public danger requires its exercise. The first of these may be called jurisdiction under MILITARY LAW, and is found in acts of Congress prescribing rules and articles of war, or otherwise providing for the government of the national forces; the second may be distinguished as MILITARY GOVERNMENT, superseding, as far as may be deemed expedient, the local law, and exercised by the military commander under the direction of the President, with the express or implied sanction of Congress; while the third may be denominated MARTIAL LAW PROPER, and is called into action by Congress, or temporarily, when the action of Congress cannot be invited, and in the case of justifying or excusing peril, by the President, in times of insurrection or invasion, or of civil or foreign war, within districts or localities where ordinary law no longer adequately secures public safety and private rights. (private corporation rights also)

      We think that the power of Congress, in such times and in such localities, to authorize trials for crimes against the security and safety of the national forces, may be derived from its constitutional authority to raise and support armies and to declare war, if not from its constitutional authority to provide for governing the national forces.

      We have no apprehension that this power, under our American system of government, in which all official authority is derived from the people, and exercised under direct responsibility to the people, is more likely to be abused than the power to regulate commerce,(no big deal, move along) or the power to borrow money.(HA!!) And we are unwilling to give our assent by silence to expressions of opinion which seem to us calculated, though not intended, to cripple the constitutional powers of the government, and to augment the public dangers in times of invasion and rebellion.
      Mr. Justice WAYNE, Mr. Justice SWAYNE, and Mr. Justice MILLER concur with me in these views.

      EX PARTE MILLIGAN, 71 U.S. 2 (1866)
      71 U.S. 2 (Wall.)
      December Term, 1866
      [71 U.S. 2, 4]   THIS case came before the court upon a certificate of division from the judges of the Circuit Court for Indiana, on a petition for discharge from unlawful imprisonment.

  19. @ Roman:

    “Hitler wanted to achieve in decades hat would require centuries.”
    Agreed; and time was not on his side, he could see that.

    “In my opinion are the veterans of the U.S their real nightmare.”
    Yes! That is why the comically misnamed US Dept of Homeland Security has been ordered to consider members of the military who are returning from war to be viewed as “potential terrorists”. It has been a pleasure to share thoughts with you as well. Guten abend, mein freund.

    1. @ George

      The DHS has labeled everyone that does not accept the official government view on everything as “terrorists.” This is an indication of appropriate desperation on their part. It must be quite uncomfortable to be a jewish master of a jewish stooge government to know that you are way outnumbered and way out-gunned by those you want to rule.

  20. While I am not a particularly religious man, still a comment made by a man named “Edgar Cayce” (who had the nickname of “the sleeping prophet”) made a comment which, when I first read of it back in the late 1960’s, I thought was silly. Cayce made the comment; “…out of Russia comes hope for the world”.
    “Yeah right, I thought” at the time with humor and cynicism. There was no “Russia” at the time, it was the Soviet Union. The Cold War was ongoing at the time. It didn’t occur to me at that time that Russia could appear on the scene again. To put all this into perspective; Cayce’s remark (which he made in one of his sleep “trances”) was made in the early 1930’s. Is there anything to it? I don’t know but it certainly is interesting in hindsight, considering the world situation today. Certainly, Putin is 1000 times the statesman and that much more of a military strategist than any US politician. That certainly does not make Putin a potential savior of the world, but still, I often think of Cayce’s trance-statement when I make a mental review of the world situation and the obvious goal of world dominance of the world’s Oligarchy. Interesting times indeed.

    1. While I am not a particularly religious man (…)

      Sometimes the most interesting thoughts reside within the most innocuous, to say, uninteresting phrases, hiding in plain sight as it were.
      It strikes me that a truly religious man cannot also be a particularly religious one and it has nothing to do with membership in any organized cult.
      Because, what is religion if not the search for truth?
      And what is search for truth if some claims and statements are beyond questioning?
      If a particular set of religious beliefs cannot be questioned, the vitality and life of religious spirit withers like a diseased, bug infested plant and becomes the very opposite to what it claims to be, a stone angel guarding a moldering cadaver of what once was life,
      let the dead bury their dead.

      I don’t even think that despite all his otherworldy gift of insight into truth, Jesus was a particularly religious man, for this very reason.
      And for this very reason, when assailed by the loneliness of the nighttime agony on the cross, he exclaimed “why did you abandon me”, he was still in that dogged pursuit of truth at all costs – and was truly but not particularly religious.

      What is religion without truth?
      Powdered water, ie, just add water.

      Of course, looking at it this way, the Torah is that very opposite, the primordial Enemy of Truth that instills fear, blind obedience and the thundering, wrathful LAW, the primal political correctness at all cost.

      We are paying that cost today, in our neverending genuflecting to the Satan (begging pardon, JP, not sure if usage is correct) dictates known as “religion” that came down (or up?) from that desert hole of Judaic filth that cruelly and particularly affixes the Truth to the same cross, every day, Dep’t of Homeland Security being one of the stone guardians.

      Stay not particular, George.

  21. @Lobro:

    At its root, my statement reflects the age old question that confounded David Hume who lived during the mid 1700’s which can be summed up as : “God is either loving but not omnipotent or omnipotent but not loving: He cannot be both”(paraphrased). It seems to me that love and omnipotence cannot be qualities combined in the same Being (yes, I know “heresy”!). I bring this up merely to shed light on my statement that I am not “particularly” religious. Perhaps I should have said “very” religious? (and no, your comparison of “truly” religious and “particularly” was not lost on me- a very thought provoking comment).

    “I don’t even think that despite all his otherworldy gift of insight into truth, Jesus was a particularly religious man,”
    – I must respectfully disagree. In Matthew 8:verses 23 to 26 he scolds his disciples for their lack of faith. There are other examples of this of course, for instance the story of Jesus walking on water toward his disciples in the boat and he scolds Peter for lack of faith ( Matthew 14:31 ) ” Immediately Jesus reached out his hand and caught him. “You of little faith,” he said, “why did you doubt?”.
    The point that I am working toward is that Jesus was religious and in the way PARTICULAR to the OLD Hebrew faith. Moreover, if you believe biblical accounts, then he had no reason to think that God had deserted him. In Matthew 4:6 the devil tells him; “If you are the Son of God,” he said, “throw yourself down. For it is written:

    “‘He will command his angels concerning you,
    and they will lift you up in their hands,
    so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.’[c]”

    and again in Matthew 4:11 : “Then the devil left him, and angels came and attended him.” As you know, the Bible tells of the many miracles that he performed, angels attend to him, and his faith is underscored in many verses. So why would he express doubt that God is with him when he died on the cross? After all, he chose to die, and it was supposedly the entire reason for his trip to earth, his “mission” if you will, but it was not compulsory. In Matthew 26, 52 to 54 it reads:

    “Then Jesus said to him: “Return your sword to its place,+ for all those who take up the sword will perish by the sword.+ 53 Or do you think that I cannot appeal to my Father to supply me at this moment more than 12 legions of angels? In that case, how would the Scriptures be fulfilled that say it must take place this way?”.

    As I see it, the most telling verse about Jesus’ religious belief is that he was attempting to return his people to the Old Hebrew faith at a time when Judeans (the word they used for themselves at the time) were slowly gravitating toward what would become the Rabbinical religion that it is today. He (Jesus) was distressed at the influence of the corrupt Pharisees and Sadducee. A very telling verse is Matthew 15:24 : “I was not sent to anyone except to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.”

    So you see Jesus was, in my view a religious man in a sense particular to the old Hebrew religion (“a law religionized). His cry while on the cross “Eli, Eli lama Sabachthani” (Aramaic for My Lord, why hast thou forsaken me?) was mistaken by those standing by as a call to Elijah. They misunderstood what he was saying. Jesus spoke both Hebrew and Aramaic as did many at the time, and his dialect may have been hard to understand and, coupled with his condition while dying on the cross (it has been said that every word uttered while being tortured in this way takes extreme effort to enunciate) exactly what he said may have been entirely misunderstood or misinterpreted. The idea that he thought that his God had abandoned him makes little sense to me.

    I hope that my lengthy reply is not off-putting, and understand that it is not meant as criticism-just my way of viewing this topic, coming from someone who is not a Bible scholar or a “particularly religious” man.

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