Paul Craig Roberts – The World Is Now On The Cusp Of Total War

As the world grows increasingly concerned about the fighting in Ukraine, especially in the aftermath of a large bomb being detonated last night, former US Treasury official Dr. Paul Craig Roberts warned that the world is now on the cusp of total war.

KWN-Roberts-X-292015At this time we do not know the outcome of the meeting in Moscow between Merkel, Hollande, and Putin.

The meeting with Putin was initiated by Merkel and Hollande, because they are disturbed by the aggressive position that Washington has taken toward Russia and are fearful that Washington is pushing Europe into a conflict that Europe does not want.

However, Merkel and Hollande cannot resolve the NATO/EU/Ukraine situation unless Merkel and Hollande are willing to break with Washington’s foreign policy and assert the right as sovereign states to conduct their own foreign policy.

Unless Washington’s war-lust has finally driven Europeans to take control over their own fate, the most likely outcome of the Putin-Merkel-Hollande meeting will be more meetings that go nowhere. If Merkel and Hollande are not negotiating from a position of independence, one likely outcome after more meetings will be that Merkel and Hollande will say, in order to appease Washington, that they tried to reason with Putin but that Putin was unreasonable.

Based on Lavrov’s meeting in Munich with the Europeans, the hope for any sign of intelligence and independence in Europe seems misplaced. Russian diplomacy relied on European independence, but as Putin has acknowledged Europe has shown no independence from Washington. Putin has said that negotiating with vassals is pointless. Yet, Putin continues to negotiate with vassals.

French Oppose Washington

Perhaps Putin’s patience is finally paying off. There are reports that Germany and France oppose Washington’s plan to send weapons to Ukraine. French president Hollande now supports autonomy for the break-away republics in Ukraine. His predecessor, Sarkozy, said that Crimea chose Russia and we cannot blame them, and that the interests of Americans and Europeans diverge when it comes to Russia.  Germany’s foreign minister says that Washington’s plan to arm Ukraine is risky and reckless.  And on top of it all, Cyprus has offered Russia an air base.

We will see how Washington responds to the French statements that European interests with regard to Russia diverge from Washington’s. Washington does not recognize any valid interest except its own.  Therefore, it has been fruitless for Russia to negotiate with Washington and Washington’s EU vassals.  To come to an agreement with Washington has required Russia’s surrender to Washington’s terms.  Russia must hand over Crimea and Russia’s warm water port, and Moscow must stand aside while the Russian people in eastern and southern Ukraine, the “break-away” provinces, are slaughtered.  Russia must support the hostile regime in Kiev with loans, grants, and low gas prices.

That is the only deal Russia has been able to get from Washington, because the EU has supported Washington’s line.   With French presidents reportedly now saying, “We are part of a common civilization with Russia,” Europe is on the road to independence.

False Flag Attack? 

Can Europe stay on this road, or can Washington bring Germany and France back in line?  A false flag attack could do it. Washington is a control freak, and the neoconservative ideology of US hegemony has made Washington even more of a control freak. Europe with an independent foreign policy means a great loss of control by Washington.  If Washington retains or regains control, I see two clear options for Russia.

1. Bankrupt West

One is to disengage totally from the West.  The West is a morally depraved  and economically bankrupt entity.  There is no reason for a decent country like Russia to wish to be integrated with the evil that is the West.  Russia has the option of abandoning the dollar payments system and all financial relationships with the West.

By trying to be part of the West, Russia made a strategic error that endangered the independence of Russia.  Russia found herself dependent on Western financial systems that gave Washington power over Moscow and allowed Washington to place economic sanctions on Russia.

It was Russia’s desire to be part of the West that made possible Washington’s sanctions and Washington’s propaganda against Russia. It was Russia’s desire to be accepted by the West that produced the weak Russian response to Washington’s audacious coup in Kiev.  Washington is using Ukraine against Russia. After seizing control in Kiev, it is unlikely that Washington will accept a peaceful solution in which the “break-away” provinces are permitted to become autonomous republics of Ukraine.

Is negotiation with Washington possible when Washington only wants conflict?

2. Russia Can Destroy NATO


Russia’s other clear option is to destroy NATO by ceasing to sell energy resources to NATO members. The countries would choose energy over NATO membership.

Why should Russia empower its obvious enemies by meeting their energy needs?  Russia could also encourage Greece, Italy, Spain, and Portugal to default on their loans and rely on Russia, China, and the BRICS Bank for financing. China holds a massive amount of dollars.  Why not use them to break up Washington’s European empire?

Russia could also default on its loans to the West. Why should Russia pay an enemy that is trying to destroy her?

If Europe cannot gain its independence, at some point Russia will either have to surrender to Washington or demonstrate decisive action that causes Washington’s European vassal states to understand the cost of vassalage to Washington and decide to abandon Washington in the interest of their own survival.

Russia Can Forget About The West 

Alternatively, Russia can forget about the West and integrate with China and the East. Considering Washington’s hegemonic posture, there is no counterparty for Russia’s diplomacy.

Predictions are difficult, because policies can have unintended consequences and produce black swan events. For example, the Islamic State is the unintended consequence of Washington’s wars in the Muslim world. The Islamic State was created out of the Islamist forces that Washington assembled against Gaddafi in Libya. These forces were then sent to overthrow Assad in Syria.  As Muslims flocked to ISIS’s banner and its military prowess grew, ISIS realized that it was a new and independent force consisting of radicalized Muslims.

Radicalized Muslims are tired of Western domination and control of Muslim lands.  Out of ISIS’s self-awareness, a new state has been created, redrawing the Middle Eastern boundaries created by the British and French.

It is curious that Iran and Russia regard the Islamic State as a more dangerous enemy than Washington and are supporting Washington’s moves against the Islamic State. As the Islamic State is capable of disrupting Washington’s policy in the Middle East, Iran and Russia have an incentive to finance and arm the Islamic State. It is in Washington, not in the Islamic State, where Sauron resides and is gathering up the rings in order to control them all.

EU Driving Greece Into The Ground

In their attempts to negotiate with Europeans, Putin and Lavrov should notice the total unwillingness of the EU to negotiate with its own members.  Right in front of our eyes we see Merkel and Hollande driving their fellow Greek EU compatriots into the ground.

The EU has told the new Greek government that the EU doesn’t care a whit about Greece and its people.  The Europeans only care that they don’t get stuck with the cost of the bad loans the German and Dutch banks made to Greek governments in the past.

As I described in my book, The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism, one purpose of the “sovereign debt crisis” is to establish the principle that private lenders are not responsible for their bad judgment.  Instead, the peoples of the country who were not parties to the loans are responsible.  The EU is using the crisis not only to protect powerful private interests, but also to establish that over-indebted countries lose control of their fiscal affairs to the EU.  In other words, the EU is using the crisis to centralize authority in order to destroy country sovereignty.

Washington Overthrowing Governments

As Washington and the EU do not respect the sovereignty of Greece, one of its own, why does the Russian government think that Washington and the EU respect the sovereignty of Russia or Ukraine?  Or of India, Brazil and other South American countries, or China. Currently Washington is trying to overthrow the governments of Cuba, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Argentina.

Washington respects no one.  Thus, talking to Washington is a waste of time.

Is this a game Russia wants to play?

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  1. Spot on P C Roberts: “It is in Washington, not in the Islamic State, where Sauron resides and is gathering up the rings in order to control them all.”
    As I’ve been saying for years, Tolkien and others predicted it would come to this.
    My feelings?: Bring it on!
    Start the war to end all wars and eliminate the humanoid curse on this planet.
    Let Nature start anew once the radioactivity has reached a liveable level; say in one million years time.
    Where are the saviours of The Middle Earth? Where are the fairies?

    1. It is in Washington, not in the Islamic State, where Sauron resides

      Sauron is jew, maxie and jew is an international pandemic, didn’t they call his individual particles wandering jews?
      don’t rothscilds have an empty chair at their dinner tables reserved in case he should drop by?

      Sauron resides in people’s cowardly hearts, the fear that blinds the eye and stops the oxygen flow to the brain and only there can he be defeated, otherwise we fight individual tentacles of the same hydra, cut one off, another one quickly grows in its place.

      i suspect that tolkien’s tale was in essence antisemitic.

  2. PCR has written a very prescient article. It now looks as if nuclear war is inevitable. The culprits are international jewry, as it was in World War II. I see things from a religious aspect, i.e. the law of karma. The West has allowed itself to become a murder machine for criminals. Thus we have only ourselves to blame for the coming devastation and horrors. I now believe the US is the Mother of all abominations as mentioned in Revelations. It is uncanny to witness “the kings of the earth” committing fornication with her! “Come out of her my children!”

    1. PCR has been spreading fear of NUKE WAR for decades. He is part of the problem. He pushes support of military spending….through NUKE FEAR…which is needed to keep the present fiat economic system afloat.

      PCR helped build the current debt fiat system through HIS ‘Reaganomics’ plan, and ‘trickle-down’ theories. The national debt increased almost 4 times under HIS control.!!

      ‘Reaganomics’ has spread worldwide and will continue to do so if people live IN….. FEAR of NUKES!!

      1. PAT! I do fear nukes, because I remember 1962, the Cuban Missile crisis. It was only in 2002 that the world learnt how close the world came to nuclear war! Google the name Vasili Arkhipov. He saved the world! He was a submarine officer on a Russian by sub being depth charged by the US navy in international waters.
        They were armed with nuclear torpedoes. To launch a torpedo needed the authorization of 3 officers; 2 of the officers were ready to launch. Arkhipov said no and to wait until they could contact Moscow. They were too deep at the time. So be very afraid and be very grateful to Vasili Arkhipov. If he had decided otherwise the USA and most of the Northern hemisphere would be a wasteland. I was living in the Southern hemisphere at the time! Don’t believe these Tom Clancy fantasists that nukes are too dangerous to use. Another name you might like to google is Stanislav Petrov.

      2. Russia had wooden missiles in Cuba.

        I lived through those times. I was in college at the time.

        The stories are great…for FEAR.

        FEAR promotes DEBT spending.

  3. PC ROBERTS: “As I described in my book, The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism, one purpose of the “sovereign debt crisis” is to establish the principle that private lenders are not responsible for their bad judgment. Instead, the peoples of the country who were not parties to the loans are responsible. The EU is using the crisis not only to protect powerful private interests, but also to establish that over-indebted countries lose control of their fiscal affairs to the EU. In other words, the EU is using the crisis to centralize authority in order to destroy country sovereignty.”

    I think this can use a bit of unpacking for clarity. IOW, the countries in which the banks originated the loans should have been allowed to become insolvent. But of course, we can’t have that. And fiscal affairs of course means austerity measures.

    OTHO, all seems to be fair in war. And this is exactly what is happening here. They conquer with checks representing money made out of nothing. It’s all an illusion. But the rub of course is that the government is allowing private banks to do the dirty work rather than a National Treasury doling out real or fiat cash aka as some of the world’s biggest mouse traps. I think this is where the confusion is and the reason why no country wants the private banks to fail.

    Which leads me to another one of my particular theories. Nukes do not exist. They are an illusion as well. The myth was necessary and imho they simply represented the countries who had solvent banks that could conquer and within the borders of governments that would bail them out if push came to shove. These aren’t nukes, they make a mess. These banks, or to be more specific the loans they make, are the Neutron bombs we heard so much about in the ’70s. It is really no different than alchemy. They never did figure out how to turn lead into gold, but compound interest, usury, etc., is better alchemy. Again, you don’t have to work with substances that will make you as mad as a hatter. It’s all very clean.

    Even George Kennan, author of the X Article for the Containment of Communism in 1945 wrote a book called the Nuclear Delusion in 1982. He said they were the most useless weapons ever created because no one would ever use them. I doubt Kennan understood what I think I understand. But suffice it to say, it fits with my narrative. Which is simple. Nuclear Powers are countries with strong currency, little debt or debt that is “manageable”, and are willing to rebuild broken countries. Whether it be from bullets, bombs or banks.

    1. Sorry for all the italics above. I only intended to italicize the first paragraph which is a quote from PCR. I don’t really understand all the bells and whistles available on this board.

      TOBY: Not to worry — I fixed it for you!


      The huge elaborate mechanisms used in tests could NEVER be deployed for detonation.
      Hiroshima and Nagasaki were fire-bombed.

      Suitcase nukes are absurd…..except in Hollywood.

      Government ‘official’ stories gave us the Warren Report(JFK), National Commission on Terrorist Attacks(911)…. moon landings and nukes. All the reports are bogus. Lies.

      1. @Pat. I find your insistance on the non existance of nukes a bit hard to believe. It’s only because you’ve said you were a nuclear engineer that I am even broaching the subject. I have a book (not here right now, or I’d be quoting from it) called ‘The Day Man Lost’, and it’s got about half a dozen eye witness stories from people who lived through that experience. They describe things that are very different from the things described by witnesses of a conventional terror fire bombing. I’ve read enough about the allied war crimes committed upon the civilians of Germany and Japan, and seen enough pictures, to know that you can do the same thing with conventional high explosives and incenderies as an atom bomb, it just takes a bit longer (a day or two of constant bombing). But that’s beside the main point I wanted to bring to anyones attention today, which is…

        …Facebook. Yes, I finally took the plunge a few weeks ago, and apart from the fact that I hate trying to navigate the interweb on a phone (most of the web to full of adds and cr*p to make it worth while, not like this site. I already said I ain’t got bitcoin! I don’t what the h*ll you expect me to do! You have my moral support! Why do you think I started posting on this site anyway? It’s ‘cos page actually loads in less than 5 minutes!)… where was I? Oh yes. Facebook. So I thought I’d put in some volunteer work for the NSA, ya know, provide them with all my details and stuff. Yeah, right! Course I made up a fake name (not Space Lizard) and started commenting on things and trying to help people where I thought I could (dangerous, I know, I just don’t learn!). So you get your own little rant zone. Great! Had a cupala rants about the jews and nwo and greenies and guess what? Removed!!! Doesn’t meet some sort of ‘standard’. So, well, stuff them then. Had another rant at Zucky ‘cos it… ‘really annoyed me’… sigh, and told them to stuff their facebook. Actually I think I’ll have to go back now and see if that’s been removed too. Had three friends, got unfriended by one already (probably ‘cos of jew rant or greeny rant) and the two I got left I already know anyway. So I a bit of a loser, really! Okay, so not much point in all that, just sharing, but from what I’ve seen on facebook there isn’t much that isn’t allowed, I just must of hit a nerve. Speaking of nerves…

        Smokin’. So nothin’ makes me want a ciggie more than seeing all the ‘smoke free zone’ signs being plastered over MY town by a bunch of homosexual bolsheviks. Oh, actually got that wrong. The commie lezzies were voted out a while ago, we got the fascist jew banker in power now (he’s rully rully poplar too). Anyway, these zones ARE NOT even legal! No! But our zombie masses think it’s all about ‘protecting our children’. Ha! Very BIG effin’ ha! Of course that’s always the excuse they use when they can’t actually find anything else remotely realistic to lie about. It’s one down from ‘patriotism’ isn’t it. But they can’t really use the ‘last refuge’ anymore, can they, or it might remind the consumers that they are citizens. Passive smoking’, what a load of cr*p! I quite like walking through a big cloud of tobacco smoke, truth be known. So I’m lookin’ for a place to rent and I’m not going to rent a place that says ‘no smoking’. Not because I’m a smoker, which I am not, but because I’m a free man who WILL smoke if and when I want. Plus I don’t want to encourage that sort of freedom hating behaviour by land-lords. Anyway, what did I see next. Get ready. ‘Outside smoking OK’. Yes, you read that right. Some extremely generous property owner has decided to let his renters smoke outside! Not only that, but someone in some agency typed that sentence into a computer somewhere! So, it is quite obviously getting very close to complete and utter surrender of all common sense and human dignity whatsoever as far as I can tell. I am pretty much ashamed to call myself a member of this pathetically subservient society. This bunch of complete ‘let someone else decide how I live’ type of ahhh… are these people actually human? More to the point, am I actually human? I wonder these days. So I suppose the moral of the story is something like… ‘Give up smoking, but do not give up your right to smoke’. ‘Night.

      2. SL –

        I survived an explosion less than 10 ft from me in Guam during the Nam ‘events.’ Everyone rushed to see the cause because they believed the noise to be from an attack. I HEARD NOTHING…and ONLY saw the flash. I spent 30 days in the hospital. I tell you this because everyone’s experience of an explosion is different. Eyewitness accounts are the worst evidence. Especially from one within the cataclysmic event. “I never knew what hit me.”

        I will grant the government’s claims of testing nuclear explosions on the ground and underground. I do not accept the claims of – MOBILE – nuke weaponry.

        If you can comprehend the info at the site below…and understand ‘buckling’ in relation to ‘criticality’….you will understand the problems I have with – MOBILE – nuke weapons:

        esp p.555+ (even the tech guys – FREQUENTLY – use the words “believed to be..” instead of “are”)

      3. SL –

        PS…. What I have known since the 60s, as stated in the paper…. for a 50 megaton yield…. about 8 tons of nuclear material is required. Put that on a missile.???? Then, MIRVs????

        Right on!!

        Take it to the moon on a LEM also…LOL!!

        Scared of nukes…LOL!!

      4. Pat.

        Well I am VERY glad you survived! Thanks for all that info. I query tho’ just one of your points you are using as evidence of your claim, that being that the tech guys use the words “believed to be..” instead of “are”. Sounds like that just could be a case of normal CYA-ing! Still, I think I see your point though. 50 MT!?! That IS big! Wow. So basically, your suggesting that a dozen or so 3-5 MT are too heavy to put on one MIRVed rocket. And each sub supposedly has a couple of dozen of these rockets. Hmmm… does make sense, I suppose. I hope you’re right. I doubt I’d be able to understand the technicalities in the PDF. However, what you are saying DOES make sense when I recall the research of Bruce Cathie, who apparently has worked out that nuclear explosions have only occured at certain places and certain times that are ‘harmonically’ associated.

        Calculating an atomic bomb test…

        Read some of his stuff years ago. I guess I’ll have to re-research!

        Okay, maybe I’m a bit less scared of nuke MIRVs now, but presuming that a MIRV itself is still a real thing, can I keep the fearmongering going by suggesting they can be used for biological or chemical weapons!?! They must be lighter! And sometimes I think bio-weapons are an even scarier idea. Like zombie plague scenarios and stuff. Creepy…

      5. They trickle out the facts. It is not easy to make nukes…
        …………..and they are too heavy. Not practical:

        Why It’s So Hard to Make Nuclear Weapons..!!!!!!!!!
        Tuan C. Nguyen   |   September 22, 2009 09:45am ET

        It took only a matter of hours last week for the United Nations’ nuclear watchdog agency to shoot down a news report that its experts had drafted a secret document warning that Iran has the expertise to build a nuclear bomb.

        “With respect to a recent media report, the IAEA [International Atomic Energy Agency] reiterates that it has no concrete proof that there is or has been a nuclear weapon programme in Iran,” the European-based agency said in statement.

  4. Same Old Practices… ‘Trickle Up’…. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

    “As I described in my book, The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism, one purpose of the “sovereign debt crisis” is to establish the principle that private lenders are not responsible for their bad judgment.  Instead, the peoples of the country who were not parties to the loans are responsible.”

    PCR did not bother to explain that the US Constitution was written to support and DEMAND that the people – states – were made responsible without their agreement. Less than 20% of the people wanted a war…but the elite office-holders did….and the Crown…. and the designed plan happened.

    US Constitutioon:
    Art.I-Section. 10.No State shall …make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts; (to the Crown, as set in Treaty of Paris.)

    As set forth in the Treaty of Paris 1783: (Loser of war made the rules…Crown made rules. Got it all.)
    Article 4:
    It is agreed that creditors on either side shall meet with no lawful impediment to the recovery of the full value in sterling money of all bona fide debts heretofore contracted.
    Article 5:
    It is agreed that Congress shall earnestly recommend it to the legislatures of the respective states to provide for the restitution of all estates, rights, and properties, which have been confiscated belonging to real British subjects; and also of the estates, rights, and properties of persons resident in districts in the possession on his Majesty’s arms and who have not borne arms against the said United States. And that persons of any other decription shall have free liberty to go to any part or parts of any of the thirteen United States and therein to remain twelve months unmolested in their endeavors to obtain the restitution of such of their estates, rights, and properties as may have been confiscated; and that Congress shall also earnestly recommend to the several states a reconsideration and revision of all acts or laws regarding the premises, so as to render the said laws or acts perfectly consistent not only with justice and equity but with that spirit of conciliation which on the return of the blessings of peace should universally prevail. And that Congress shall also earnestly recommend to the several states that the estates, rights, and properties, of such last mentioned persons shall be restored to them, they refunding to any persons who may be now in possession the bona fide price (where any has been given) which such persons may have paid on purchasing any of the said lands, rights, or properties since the confiscation.
    And it is agreed that all persons who have any interest in confiscated lands, either by debts, marriage settlements, or otherwise, shall meet with no lawful impediment in the prosecution of their just rights.

  5. “Radicalized Muslims are tired of Western domination and control of Muslim lands.”
    its all of us muslims, not just the radicalized, even the kids and the girls, everyone hates the u.s.
    the really radicalized ones are the americans invading and robing people all over the word.
    “It is curious that Iran and Russia regard the Islamic State as a more dangerous enemy than Washington and are supporting Washington’s moves against the Islamic State.”
    iran and russia hate the islamic state because they dont wanna share the pie.

    1. if russia wanted it would give up, share or sell its s300’s technology and make the hearts of america’s and israel’s military strength stop.

    2. Yeah AVATAR, I totally agree with you saying: “Radicalized Muslims are tired of Western domination and control of Muslim lands. Its all of us muslims, not just the radicalized, even the kids and the girls, everyone hates the u.s.”
      Yeah, the USA, Australia, France, Britain, etc are only in the MIddle East to:
      1. Get their hands on the black gold. They realized where the black gold was as soon as Benz and Ford put out their first cars. Hence the takeover commenced during WWI – called Zionism.
      2. Allow the Khazar-Askenazis to pursue a huge land grab; and allow themselves “sport” in the form of perpetual, murderous war games. War is also great for Wall St investment strategies.
      I hate the United Staes of Jewdom and I acknowledge my country, Australia, is really just part of this ever-extending JEWLAND. Yet, ironically, there are only 20 million Jews on our planet! Talk about MASTERDOM!
      But you do have a problem with your Sunni/Shia rivalries, but I firmly believe this should be left up to you Muslims to sort out. You don’t need filthy Jews and trigger-happy, American-Goyim grunts telling you what to do!
      On the JEWISH MATRIX that dominates the West: Watch just one episode of Ellen Degeneres out of Hollywood and you will be able to note the full PERCEPTION DECEPTION in practice. Yes, all very well presented by a raging lesbian-transvestite. That says it all!

      1. “Yeah, the USA, Australia, France, Britain, etc are only in the MIddle East to….”

        You do like to generalise don’t you? This is where the problem lies, that is in people like yourself who collectively group a whole nation of people together just for the actions and desires of the few.
        Although I disagree in any armed force, unless that is they stay in their own land and defend it, I will say that no doubt the majority of armed forces personnel abroad either:

        1. think they’re there to help the locals in obtaining freedom from despotic regimes controlling them.
        2. realise that they’re doing wrong, but due to family responsibilities (debt) and the fear of court martial, are trapped between the devil and the deep blue sea.

        Now I would classify myself as a real Brit, that is of Celtic/Germanic stock, not the faux modern definition of anyone who lives or is born here, regardless of race, culture and or nationality. I disagree vehemently with any aggressive action outside of the UK of my fellow Brits and so that in itself shows that the British are most certainly NOT invading Muslim lands.

        Jewish bankers, family bloodlines whom they’re intermixed with and corporations that they own ARE INVADING ISLAMIC LANDS. They just happen to be using the armed forces, a number of some 388,000, which makes up some 0.7% of the overall UK population. I’d hardly say that Britain was invading foreign lands wouldn’t you? To compare this ridiculous assumption would be like saying: Muslims are attacking Britain because there was a street fight in Bethnal Green (east London) with ten Muslims against three Brits.

        The same can also be said for the other western nations you mentioned. Believe it or not, I should imagine the majority of people don’t want troops outside their lands, but unfortunately they have no say over their deployment. They only have a say (well think they do) in whom they elect into government. National and Foreign policy is not in the hands of the public, even though it very well should be.

  6. The US is run by an insane death cult (Neo Con – Zionists). It appears the cult is doing everything they can to get Russia to do a “first strike” thinking the US can survive a first strike. This is madness and pure evil. The US citizens are so asleep, but won’t be if a populous section of the country is destroyed. Should this happen martial law will be declared and Camp FEMA will be open for business. Most Americans live in the Land of Oz and are not ready mentally for any major upheaval nuclear or otherwise. “As you sow so shall you reap” – when you add up all of WDC’s injustices and atrocities committed against the people of the world and for several decades – the payback will be enormous.

  7. Gobbledygook.
    Power is already centralized in Brussels by unelected bureaucrats who tell farmers all over Europe how to grow their cucumbers so they are not too crooked. I am not kidding. The regulations coming out of Brussels defy anyone’s imagination. And don’t forget the newly minted European Jewish Parliament which for now gets by as a NGO.

    Greece relinquished its sovereignty the moment they joined the European Union by hook or by crook. The crook being Goldman Sucks. The loss of control of their fiscal affairs started when they adopted the Euro. So, when PCR talks about ‘private lenders’ who would be let off the (another) hook and the debts would be socialized (austerity) , he forgets to mention who those private lenders are. Guess what, they are (another) hook, this time nose wise.

    PCR’s laissez-faire, which really means freedom, capitalism might be a good idea, but hey, who hijacked that one? But is Mr. Roberts, MA, PhD etc. etc. honest enough to mention the culprits? No, so fluff. And no all out war.

  8. Watch out everyone we’ve got another dangerous Jew on this website! Like all Jews he is after me!
    Harbinger says he does not generalise about people, whereas I do:
    No, according to him, the Romans did not invade Britain, rather 65.000 legionaires did; It was not the Germans fighting in WWII, no it was the 65,000 stormtroopers; no Jesus should have not berated the Jews, rather he should have only singled out certain Temple religionists; and Lasha should not write about “Jews ruling America”, no she should give a precise number of them and their names.
    You total moron and smart arse Jew, Harbinger. You preach the Marxist-Jewish theory of nothingness!
    No Russia/USSR did not launch the first satellite; rather it was a small group of scintists near Leningrad.
    No England did not once win the World Cup; rather it was a small group of soccer players.
    Either that or you have the brain of a child. Try to write anything without generalising you idiot; and you become a meaningless moron, so involved in miniature details that your word is useless.
    Good or bad, one’s government’s actions become that nation’s stance: Thus go to Vets Today and read what the writers (and in these columns) are saying about Americans in general.
    Anyone with half a brain knows what they mean. You obviously don’t because you are too dumb and zombified; or a Jew! Or a plain smartarse!
    So watch out lobro etc, Harbinger will berate you if you use the general term Jews without giving specifics!
    Russia is not being boycotted by the USA; rather some people living in Russia are being boycotted by some people living in the USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Max,

      So then, because I disagree and rightly criticise your generalising I’m a Jew? How on earth did you come to that conclusion?

      “No, according to him, the Romans did not invade Britain, rather 65.000 legionaires did; It was not the Germans fighting in WWII, no it was the 65,000 stormtroopers; no Jesus should have not berated the Jews, rather he should have only singled out certain Temple religionists; and Lasha should not write about “Jews ruling America”, no she should give a precise number of them and their names.”

      Where in my reply did I state any of the above?

      If you’re going to debate at least debate the material given.
      However, you are correct when you state that Romans did not invade Britain, as most were living in the luxury of their Roman villas.Most of those ‘Romans’ in the UK were slaves who were forced into the army. Many German men fought in WW2 but the majority of the German people stayed in Germany, so again you’re correct. And yes, Christ did attack the Pharisees, for the Jews of his time were not the Jews of today. Jew in Christ’s day denoted people from Judea. He himself was not a Jew, but a Galilean and a Judahite. Why would Jesus attack the Judeans (Jews) when they were being persecuted by the Pharisees and not allowed into the temple to worship God, unless they were people of status?

      And yes, it was a group of scientists who launched the first satellite. The majority of Russians didn’t even know about it!
      And yes, again, England DID NOT win the world cup. On the contrary, it was a selection of the English public who defeated Germany in 1966. I can’t imagine 100million or so people trying to play a game of football all at once, can you?

      The thing is Max, with all your ad hominems against me, you still have to realise that I am right and you are wrong in your assumptions. I know for a fact that those who post on this forum, wherever they are from DO NOT agree in the west’s war of terror upon Islam. They are American, Canadian, British etc and there are many more like them.

      I was on the anti war march of 2003 against the forth coming war in Iraq, in London on Feb 15th 2003. I walked with some one million (some say two) plus people. There were demonstrations all over the UK and Europe and it showed clearly that the British people were dead against any invasion of Iraq. However, according to you, Britain went to war with Iraq…..

      Can you not see not only have you badly lost this debate as well as wrongly accused me of being a Jew, but you also are rather ignorant to just who is fighting who? I stand by what I’ve written, especially my ‘fight’ scenario in Bethnal Green between some indigenous and some Muslims.

      If you’re going to attack me, then at least know how to and come armed with facts, not gross generalisations and ridiculously false speculations.

    2. To further add Max,

      There are two main reasons why we have language. The first is communication with others and the second is definition of everyday objects, whether animate or inanimate.
      Therefore, you have a choice in life and that is you can obey language as defined in its terms or you don’t. If you want to call a banana a steam train, or a rubber ball an antelope, that’s entirely your prerogative, but in doing so, people will just look upon you as a blithering idiot.

      Britain did not declare war on Germany, but instead the heavily controlled British government did, by proxy for their Jewish overlords. The same can be said for any nation on this planet and their respective Parliaments, bar Israel as when Israel goes to war, you can guarantee that Israelis are 100% behind the decision.

      1. Remember, though, Harbinger: It is the Israelies last hope for survival, at this era in History. They MUST back their regime – or change their identity. The PTB are trying to maneuver all white Americans into that corner, too. It serves their purposes. (Of course, I look at it in more of an eternal ‘Good v. Evil’ perspective, all-the-while cognizant and protective of my America – as I like to think she SHOULD be.)

        Max is right in that the REST of us still have some choice in the matter if we think we can have something to do with the outward perception of the countries into which we’re born. (I’d rather identify with ‘America the Good’ than with ‘America the Bad’ 🙂 ) Barring that, it is in our best interests to take sides which more suit our circumstances and passions. You seem more dispassionate than Max. BOTH of you perceive the same Enemy – but both your individual circumstances dictate different reactions.

      2. Gilbert,

        With all due respect, I think you’ve completely missed what I was stating to Max.

        What my gripe wth Max was that his generalising, using the terms; Britain, America and France to describe the invasion of the middle east was wrong. You’ve gone way off on a tangent when all I was saying was, as Pat has concurred, it is the governments, through proxy, working for their banker bosses, who invade lands.

        I also pointed out that it is the armed forces, who make up some 0.7% (here in the UK) of the overall population who do their bidding. The same goes also for the USA and France, with their armed forces being but a tiny minority of the overall population.

        Gilbert, in a nutshell, Max assumes that America, Britain and France are attacking Islam and invading other lands. I on the other hand, no doubt along with Lobro, Pat and many more on this forum see that they are not. It is the governments, through no backing of the majority public, that are creating wars abroad. I also stated that the public mistakenly believe they have a choice to vote in whom they want into government. What’s worse Gilbert is that once governments achieve power, they do what they desire regardless what the people who put them there think.

        Gilbert, to settle this matter simply, if Britain’s 63million+ population were over in the middle east, attacking Islam, then it would be correct to say that Britain is attacking Iraw/Afghanistan/Syria etc. They aren’t. In fact the majority are against military action.

        Many people have been brainwashed (Max and Avatar epitomise this) into believing that government action depicts people’s will. They have been indoctrinated through academia to believe that if one out of ten people from a certain land attacks another, then that ‘one’ represents the other nine in his or her actions. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.
        Max in his reply epitomises this clearly in how people are unable to understand basic English and definition. He stated, sarcastically, that no doubt I believe that Rome didn’t invade Britain. And I replied he is correct because
        the majority of Romans were in Rome/Italy and those attacking Rome were made up of Romans and captured peoples from Roman conquests, forced into the army.

        What we have here is simply the inability to understand basic English Gilbert. And sadly Max and Avatar have shown what a bunch of idiots they are through their ignorant smugness.

      3. Maybe it is my own misuse of language, Harbinger, because I was not disputing you. Sorry to have been vague.

        Anyhow, one thing I CAN attest to (contrary to what many, here, might think) is that Joe D. Publik, here, in America, is being largely, successfully, whipped-into a frenzy against ALL of Islam – for better or worse. There is a prepping and prelude to another ‘hot war’ going on, here – and the very subject of this Darkmoon article by PCR is part-and-parcel to the project.

      4. Gilbert,

        Not to worry. As for Joe Public being whipped up into a Frenzy against Islam, the same’s happening here. Every Jew from TV is coming out about how fearful they are in the rise of anti semitism and are thinking about leaving for Israel.
        My awakening to Judaism was actually through my awakening to Islam, brought about by msm propaganda, so if it made me wake up then I’m sure it will make others, when they look at all the disconnects such as “if Islam is such a threat, why is there an open border policy and why are you allowing in refugees from Islamic lands UK armed forces have just invaded?”

        People need their Emmanuel Goldstein, a hate figure to scream and shout at. When I was growing up it was Russia and Communism. Today it’s the middle east and Islam.

      5. Gilbert – Harbinger –

        The frenzy increases debt….which the systems must have to stay afloat.

        Public cries, “Please protect me!! How much debt increase do you need???”

        It is just that simple.


  9. After simply reading the PCR article (and skipping over the string of comments), the first thing which stands out to me is PCR’s omission of consideration of ‘globalist’ vs. ‘nationalist’ strategies. Russia has been put on DEFENSE, but only because it made some transition in its outward appearances. It seems the children of past Bolsheviks are trying desperately to reform their image – but we should NEVER forget their pedigree.

    On the other hand, America has conceded and forfeited MUCH of her past integrity – due, primarily, to the efforts of the SAME MASTERS OF DECEIT responsible for the transformation of Russia-to-USSR-to-Whatever-the-hell-it-is-NOW. It is, simply, another player in Global Conquest who is playing the role very well. The ‘People’ in either (regime) are largely unaware of the Big Picture.

    It is becoming more obvious to some that a World War Three is a very logical next-strategy for those who wish to accomplish a One World Order. Whether it is by Perception, or Reality, doesn’t matter – as long as it is accomplished (for them). (A citing of ‘progressions’ in the West – Iike America’s concession of the Panama Canal to, ultimately, COSCO – is one such as the warm port contention for Russia. Nothing new.)

    1. In this chapter of history, Russia seems to be balking at its assigned Position on the Team.

      1. I agree. Putin is a PLAYER.
        A ‘balk’ is a pretended pitch….and base runners advance…pitch count remains. ‘Balker’ – Putin – loses. Bad stats assigned. Kicked out of major league…back to minors.

    2. GH,

      I should have stated it was a world wide death cult. They need to eliminate millions to get the One World Disorder going. WWIII with limited/planned nuclear strikes globally would help advance the program. Add poisonous food, air, water, and vaccines and this could be easily accomplished and they can make a lot of money off of the victims too.

  10. joke of the day,
    harbinger says that the us, england and france are in the middle east because ….
    “I think they’re there to help the locals in obtaining freedom from despotic regimes controlling them.”

    1. the exact quote from harbinger:


      1. think they’re there to help the locals in obtaining freedom from despotic regimes controlling them.
      2. realise that they’re doing wrong, but due to family responsibilities (debt) and the fear of court martial, are trapped between the devil and the deep blue sea.

      laugh all you want but if you don’t retract your false accusation, i call you a liar.
      everyone can see how you twisted his words.

      1. Thank you Lobro,

        It’s good to know that there are some people here who are actually able to understand English.

  11. partners in crime getting down to business

    Mossad: Hundreds of jihadists working on terror attacks throughout Europe

    of course, the all-seing, omniscient, omnipotent mossad is just sending a friendly warning, they have much better insight into europe than the europeans do, rita katz’s videos are already produced and ready to hit the broadcasters, the talking heads, pundits, talk show hosts and anchors doing rehearsals … shimon eilat (aka al-baghdadi) in the starring role, too bad kirk douglas not available, he’d be perfect.

    1. There was a report on CCTV a few days ago, which stated that many countries are turning to Israel for their “security” needs..

      Also, the joke is on you Avatar, Harbinger meant that it was not the people of Britain who were invading foreign lands.. As Lobro said, you twist others words to suit your agenda..

      One more thing, can anyone tell me why Putin is visiting the pro US, pro Israel, mass murdering Al Sisi?

      1. just shoring up whatever loose assets are out there before the other geopolitical camp grabs them.
        until it breaks out into the open, a stealth world war is in progress.

        one result: they signed a bilateral trade agreement that bypasses the american dollar, namely using own currencies.
        lean your nose on that, mr jew!

      2. Yes, I would…and did…and will…say that.

        Putin THREATENS???? Much like Khrushchev….dead now. If he meant it….he would just do it, without fanfare. It is ALL an act. I’m surprised you fall for it so hard.

        I say, “TALK is cheap.”

      3. BTW…. if Putin…the great military leader whose name is feared around the world…so they say… is so powerful and scary…

        How come the best he can muster is a 5th grader’s tactic…”I’m gonna tell on you???”

  12. second joke of the day goes to…… harbinger again!
    with the apologetic, distracting, deflecting phrase
    “I’d hardly say that Britain was invading foreign lands”
    whens its been doing it since its inception, the largest and most ruthless empire ever
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  13. I wasn’t able to post the following message in the “John Hagee” thread for some unknown reason, so I hope that nobody’s going to mind if I post it here :


    February 9, 2015 at 12:21 am
    “avatar cares about the Muslims/Mohammedans/Palestinians,”

    It certainly DOES appear to be that way, i.e. at least on the surface of things. In light of the recent confession by AVI-TAR that he’s actually an undercover JEW, however, it now only stands to reason that our resident pseudo-Palestinian was simply “blowing smoke” when he penned those disingenuous professions of “concern” for the plight of whites and blacks and A-Rabs and Pilli-Finos and other goyim, and that leaves us with no other recourse but to regard all such professions of “concern” in a new and different light, knowing as we do from hard and bitter experience that any professed jewish “concern” for goyim usually turns out to be phony in the “kol nidre” sense and is “meaningful” in the same way that the homicidal rantings of a lunatic are meaningful.
    It is safe to assume that the inclination to pose as “Palestinian” is probably rooted in the deep-seated jewish desire to deceive, and is likely based on a desire to hoodwink any “newbies” who might venture into this forum as anonymous lurkers.
    “I’m just appalled and horrified my next door neighbor swated a fly yesterday in her kitchen. She killed it, Oh boo hoo hoo hoo hoo….. what the fuck are we going tu du.”
    FYI …. JEWS HAVE A TENDENCY TO REGARD WHITES AS “INSECTS” and under jewish leadership and the combined armies of the “allies” untold millions of WHITE EUROPEANS were exterminated. Now consider all of the unspeakable atrocities that were committed against Germans at Dresden and during the aftermath of WWII. Nobody’s saying that you should concern yourself with the plight of the A-Rabs and the Pilli-Finos and other goyim, but on the other hand it simply doesn’t make any sense for one “insect” to berate his fellow insects.

  14. ” ….you do have a problem with your Sunni/Shia rivalries, but I firmly believe this should be left up to you Muslims to sort out.”

    It’s doubtful that anyone can say with definitive confidence that there are, in fact, any serious organic rivalries between those two rival factions of Moslems. It’s very similar to the alleged “holocaust of the jews” in the sense that we have an artificially-engendered tendency to BELIEVE that such rivalry exists, but only because we’ve been hoodwinked by the agenda-pushing “news” into believing that such is the case.

  15. It does seem altogether strange that two allegedly “rival sects” of Moslems would choose to blow up their respective holy places at precisely the time when their country was coming under attack from a foreign military invader.

    The categorical imperative under such conditions would be for them to unify against a common enemy.

    Are the Moslems really as idiotic as the jewish-owned media makes them out to be ???

    1. Only the wahabis and extremist shias- both tiny but LOUD minorities.

      Both doing the Jews’ dirty work for Them.

  16. The story of an alleged “holocaust of jews” is obviously a fabrication.
    The Warren Commission was lying when it came to the conclusion that Oswald was Kennedy’s assassin (we know btw that Oswald couldn’t have been the “lone gunman” because legendary sniper GySGT Hathcock after trying to recreate the situation wasn’t able to do it because the ballistic angles were too extreme !!) The “official” story of 9-11 is so full of holes that you’d have to be “on the take” in order to believe it ….. Nobody believes in the veracity of the Gulf of Tonkin Incident anymore, and yet there are many among us who insist on believing that the Sunnis are enmeshed in a state of perpetual war against the Shiites ….. The question is “Why” ??

    1. STG –

      The most concise (and comical – because it IS comical!) reason I have read about it is to be found in Vol. 4 of H.G. Wells’ ‘Outline of History’.

      Wells says (and I can’t quote it, exactly, because I don’t have the book with me, and am sitting up in bed and too lazy to go find it) that the quarrel between the two major factions of Islam arose from a dispute between niece and nephew concerning which of them would inheret the caliphate from Uncle Mohammed… About like Lasha and Monti feuding over Uncle Toby’s estate – except with more far-reaching and extreme consequences! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  17. Gilbert, so well put in relation to my little disagreement with Harbinger:
    “Max is right in that the REST of us still have some choice in the matter if we think we can have something to do with the outward perception of the countries into which we’re born. (I’d rather identify with ‘America the Good’ than with ‘America the Bad’ ) Barring that, it is in our best interests to take sides which more suit our circumstances and passions. You seem more dispassionate than Max. BOTH of you perceive the same Enemy – but both your individual circumstances dictate different reactions.”
    Yes, it is to do with “the outward perception of the countries into which we’re born” and of course when we talk about America invading Iraq etc, we are talking about the actions of “the govt elected by the people for the people.” FACT: In history our government’s actions are usually deemed a collective action of the populace, even though many of us are dissenters.
    I did not want our grunts mercilessly killing the Vietnamese people under false pretenses of stopping the Communist domino theory; or our grunts killing over one million Iraqi/Arab people under false asumptions of WMD’s being in their possession.
    The Jewish elite and the Wall St boys create ALL THE WARS! It is big business and big $$$$$’s profit!
    Of course many of us are totally opposed to our individual governments’ actions!
    That is a gtiven and why we write on here.
    Finally, you missed my point about history being full of generalisations. i.e. The Greeks did that; the Romans did that; the Mongol hordes did that; the Turks did that, the Druids did that; the Celts did that, etc!
    Enough said:
    I hate the elite ZIO-ASHKENAZI JEWS who did 9/11 (read Preston James report on the Jews who did it, Vets Today, inc names such as insurance rort $billionaire and demolitions expert, Larry Silverstein) and who have POWER all out of proportion to their slender numbers on this planet.
    These vile elitists work with tens of thousands of evil Goyim and the British Crown out of the independent state, the City of London and you can add the Vatican in there as well in THEIR AXIS OF SATAN; etc, etc)
    Finally Lasha is correct: “The USA is under Jewish rule.” Is that too general for Harbinger’s fine taste?
    I lerv the True Torah Jews Against Zionism; even though they are nasty-pasties in their rejection of Jesus. Jews en masse think he is an impostor, ass-hole, born of a whore; and Egyptian-trained magician! Check it out people in the Talmud readings!~
    I don’t like Islamists who want to kill every Goyim “Infidel”; even the planned random beheading of an Australian citizen, for which a group of Muslims have just been arrested in Australia. Thes people are evil scum; and how would you feel if you were the random Infidel they chose? ……EMPATHY my man! “do unto others!~”

  18. Guys: Check this video out if you haven’t watched it. It just about sums up the Evil Empire to a Tee:

    And to finish off the Evil Empire:

  19. Hi, a great poem from Richard Edmonson on Vets Today: “As America Falls”
    Corrupt and dying empire—
    In which rewards come to the most
    Wicked, while the saintly are locked
    Up in solitary confinement,
    Midnight madness of an empire
    Dying of asphyxiation—
    One 20% off sale too many,
    One AIPAC whore in Congress
    Too many.
    An empire not of extraordinary humanity
    But of extraordinary human rendition,
    Where the kleptocrats
    Pilfered the skin off skeletons;
    An empire whose bomb strikes
    Do not kill but, curiously, set in
    Motion the dancing of severed limbs;
    An empire lost to its ideals,
    Whatever those were.
    An empire smitten
    With self-adoration—
    One pledge of allegiance,
    One singing of the National Anthem
    Too many; one irradiated
    Chicken McNugget, one obese,
    Pinky-ringed televangelist
    Preacher defending Israel and
    Waddling about the Holy Land
    With his wife too many—passing
    The collection plate in church
    And breathing vapidity
    From the pulpit at drowsy,
    Day dreaming congregants;
    One collateralized debt obligation,
    One Wall Street investment bank,
    One worse-than-Hitler
    Terrorist demon lurking
    Under the bed too many.
    Too many,
    An empire…
    An empire…
    I do not see,
    I do not hear,
    I do not speak
    As the flames sprout from
    The horned animal’s head,
    It’s closed jaw snapped open;
    An equatorial dead zone
    Which used to have its own
    Constitution until the case
    Where the document was kept
    Was broken into and the
    Parchment eaten by vultures.
    Where the Christians became
    As the bull constantly confused
    By the waving of the red cape
    Of the Zionist matador—and we know
    What happens to the bull in the end…
    Yeah, as I said the USA is Jew-ruled and nearly stuffed.
    No different to Miley Cyrus’s twat!
    Or Ellen Degeneres’ suit coat;
    or Obama’s birth certificate;
    or Sarah Silverstein’s (sp?) doggy-smelling tongue!~
    Mind you I walk around in a totally zombified Australia, wherin some Muslims are running around with beheading swords and Jewish persons run our ABC, education, foreign policy, banks and porn/pawn shops!

    1. Edmonson’s line “waving of the red cape” is synonymous with Geaorge Washington’s “red cloud of international Jewry” drifting ominously across the Atlantic. Most Jews are Zionist-Communists and, in the long run Illuminati appendages. They all lerved Mr Crowley and his anal sex shennanigans!
      The Jews have married intensely into the old money of Europe and all royalties.
      Jewish financiers are now marrying Chinese chicks to produce a Judaic-Sino strain of Jewry!
      Henry Ford: “It is not as if world fince is partly run by Jews; rather it is wholly run by Jews!”
      The above is the MOST IMPORTANT FACT of modern history.
      MONEY = unbridled POWER in the Jews’ hands!
      The Queen of England adds US$1.5 billions to her money store every year and she just about owns Rio Tinto and other blue chip stocks! All Jewish run, as in the past 400 years.
      A very qualified student of history (PhD) I like to tell a simple, condensed form of history. It is all so SIMPLE: Jews RULE!!!!!! That is all ye need to know! Enjoy their MATRIX!

      1. Oh Yeah, Harbinger, here is yesterday’s statement from the war criminal Bibi Netanyau. Consider it in terms of who politicians actually represent, from a long term historical perspective (if you have enough nouse to understand my point):
        “I went to Paris not just as the prime minister of Israel but as a representative of the entire Jewish people,” Netanyahu said, during a conference for French-speaking Likud activists. “Just as I went to Paris, so I will go anyplace I’m invited to convey the Israeli position against those who want to kill us. Those who want to kill us are, first and foremost, any Iranian regime that says outright it plans to destroy us. I will not hesitate to say what’s needed to warn against this danger, and prevent it.”
        Similarly Obama says he represents the American people, as the history books will tell, as does Putin and Cameron, etc.
        And the Roman conquerors murdered and maimed in the name of Caesar 1, who was the leader of the Roman people, And Ghengis Khan represented the invading MOngol hordes!
        SMILE you Yankees; Obama said he would bring you HOPE; as your nation slides into the Roman-like death thralls!
        PS: 96.2% of the planet’s 20 million Jews (,02 of the planet’s 7 billions) are pro-Israeli and thus fully fledged Zionists. Zionists are the cancer that bedevils our planet and is a disease linked to Communism, Fascism and the Illuminati.(and a few of our Israhell comments’ people. Ya listening Harbinger?)

      2. Max –

        Please do not think I doubt you – but, if you can recall, please cite the display of that quote from Henry Ford?? (I would REALLY like to be able to put my hands on it and use it in conversation, sometimes.)

        It is very fascinating to me that Woodrow Wilson (who signed the Federal Reserve Act, and under whose administration was wrought the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Amendments)(the Fed Act being last – but most important to their designs) appointed the FIRST Jew justice to the United States Supreme Court, Louis Brandeis. It was a little later that Henry Ford began publishing his ‘Dearborn Independant’ magazine, alerting the pubic to the designs of Jewry upon us.

        Brandeis seemed an able and fair jurist – but one would probably have to go into case-by-case examination to discover ‘for Whom’ he presided… Anyhow, it might be a very interesting study of history – available in the stacks of any law school, if one has the time. (One would have to study it in the context of the backgrounds of litigants – as to their business engagements, conflicts, and financial backing and involvement.)

      3. Max,

        Just what point are you trying to prove? I’ve already proven to you that the actions of the US, UK, French and other European nations’ governments DO NOT REPRESENT the will of the people, they’re supposed to represent!
        And going back to the Romans, Genghis Khan et all, trying to prove your point that the people are 100% behind the leader is an ignorant stance to take. What would have happened if any had refused to fight or disagreed with ‘the boss’? In Roman times, if they were lucky, they’d be sent to the arena. As for the mongols, well, their heads would become horse polo balls.

        You can generalise and speculate as much as you wish about me, but regardless, the facts, I give will always trump your ignorant smugness.

        Bibi, the nitwit yahoo, has nothing whatsoever to do with anything I’ve stated, pretty much along with everything else you’ve written.

      4. just to indicate a crucial point of distinction:
        we all know perfectly that not a single western leader represents the wishes of the cheated and misnamed “electorate”, the term being a cruel joke – putin, for what’s it worth represents an exception (not that russia is part of crippled + deformed west).

        but very importantly, netanyahu represents jews, yes, worldwide, to a wonderful degree.
        so, in an abominably twisted way, israel is a true democracy (demonocracy is the proper term).

    1. Great points Scott!!

      The ‘build-up’ which is supported by PUBLIC paranoia – GREAT FEAR – pushes GLOBAL ‘Reaganomics’ and increases DEBT FIAT CURRENCIES.

      PCR HAS experience there. He did it in America…he can do it world-wide.

      Let’s be the first to use the term…..

      ‘Global Reaganomics.’

    2. Right!!! Thats what I keep saying!!! But the do gooders on this site keep fooling me into believing that Putin is somehow different! I will not keep falling for it! Pat is right. BRICS is just the next IMF or whatever. THEY are just playing with us. There is no hope! Eat, drink and be merry! Where did I stash my cigs?

      @Max. STOP hassling Miley! She is a very nice young lady, and a god-fearing Christian. Not some sort of monarch mind control victim! Please. Thank you.

      1. Anyways, I think that SOME of the Sunni (yeah, not All Sunni, Harbinger!) hate SOME of the Shia, because the original two warring princes both worked out their own methods of getting to Allah’s paradise, where 1,000’s of virgins apparently hang out just waiting to be fucked! They simply quoted different bits of the Koran and added lots of spicey new bits! Somone even designed a burqa! And the Crusaders copied their chastity belts because Arab women like sex!
        The soldiers of the Sunni prince fought the soldiers of the Shia prince and they raped lots of each others’ women (or certain women). Ditto for today, where mass raping intra-Muslim is occurring and is regarded as a legitimate weapon of war – ie. impregnate THEIR women!
        I reckon Avatar has more than done his bit of stuffing/rootin’ around! Is he a village idiot or not? Typical towel-head.
        And just remember, Islam was “the light of civilzation” during the Popes’ Dark Ages! The Jews (or some of the Jews) have stuffed some of them up! Not all, Harbinger, but some! Definitely SOME!
        Love to fight him hand to hand! I would send him to his version of Allah! A few grandma virgins might await the ass-hole!
        And Sunni soldiers are still fighting Shia and vice-versa. And planning to behead Australian citizens in Australia where they arrived as refugees! The complete ass-holes!
        I uncovered and reported a plot by Muslims in Vic after I walked into their training camp on the Vic coast! They are still rotting in prison 15 years later!
        These dumber than dumb, towel head soldiers do not realize that much smarter Zionist-Askenazi-Khazarian Jews (or SOME OF THEM!) are manipulating both sides to kill each other. Don’t worry they do the same with the Christian grunts! Or some of the grunts, Harbinger~!
        The Jews of the Zionist espionage team (listed by Preston James) are the niggers in the woodpile, creating all the planet’s problems. (or some of the planet’s problems!)
        The Jews (some of) got with the Sunni-Saudi oil princes (not all of them) and plotted 9/11 and got away scot free.
        Some dumb ragheads were taught to fly small planes and encouraged to hijack some bigger planes.
        The Saudi-Sunni-American affiliated leadership and the American Zionist leadership had a deep belly laugh at their ability to manipulate such utter brilliance.
        They had lots of fun water-boarding the towel-heads and getting confessions.
        Now, as I’ve said, we need to water board Janet Yellen, Larry Silverstein and co; and get some dumbed-down towel-heads to rape Nancy Pelosi, Miley Cyrus (of porno video fame), Barbara Streisand, Ellen Degeneres and Janet Yellen, etc.
        Yeah, Miley Cyrus is a good Christian gal who likes to show her twat and fuck every male she sees – or the good looking ones like me! The Yank chicks I meet over here would rather fuck than talk! That is the way you breed them in the USA!
        I’ve left my 36 wives and 69 children on the commune in nth QLD and gone celibate; except for Phillipino birds and Yankee chicks who are flooding into Byron Bay, where I am hiding out as a hippie, with long blonde hair, beard and loose fitting cheese cloth pants, minus undies. I pose as a surfer and free lerv guru and even am getting a few Muslim chicks into my new brooding space.
        Most of the Muslim chicks want to be free of their dumber and dumber raghead paramours and want REAL men like me!

  20. Been following the celebrations in Iran, and am impressed.. As one guest on Press TV said, Iran has nothing against 99% of Americans, just the little, nasty, 1%.. Would it not be amazing, not to say miraculous, if people in the UK/US/France/Canada/Germany and Australia were to emulate the achievments of Iran this past 36 years?

    Got a question for Avatar, IF sunni are anti shia, why were so many sunnis out in the streets of Iran today? Betcha there were one or two jews out there as well..

    1. it would appear that you are among those (1%? 🙂 ) able to grow a neural link between the eyes and the brain, ingrid.

      obvious is far from being obvious to the blind …

    2. Not sunni but the Wahabis.

      Ive personally talked to wahabis and theyre the most stupid, bigoted, backward, stoneaged, racist rifraffs ive met.

      Before muslims can really fight back the jews, they need to dealienate these wahabi cavemen.

      And yes im a “sunni” muslim.

      1. @spicen, I agree with you, there should be no sunni/shia divide, my question was directed at Avatar, since he`s the one who keeps rabbiting on about how superior the sunni are to the shia. Avatar doesn`t care who gets killed, or how many, as long as they aren`t sunni. Unfortunately Avatar is just a miniscule part of a much bigger problem, where gullible muslims are travelling from the four corners of the globe, to Syria, and Iraq, to do the saudi/israeli killing for them, in the mistaken belief that it will create their much longed for “caliphate”. The saudis and israelis are experts at manipulating fertile minds, in order to achieve their own agenda..

        btw Avatar, no-one wants you to leave, in spite of what I said, I realize that your passion is misplaced..

    3. Yeah Ingrid, I was in Iran 3 years ago and loved the hospitality and kindness of the people. But some of the males did not like my lervin overtures to a few beautiful belly dancers, so I had to get out quickly. But I had already had my bit! I found the Saudi Sunnis (or the ones I met) a little nasty and money-grabbing. I kept away from the chicks in body tents, as you never no what is underneath! Most of the Muslim chicks I chat up here in Australia are from Iran and Iraq, but the Iranian ones like to use the old terminology “PERSIA.” Hence I went out with a Persian bird who gave me lots of naked belly dancing and great tabouli and turkish delights!

  21. Three muslim kids shot dead execution style in the u.s.a. !
    An isolated incident in the usa caused the death of three arab muslim students yesterday. They were shot dead by a redneck white (nationalist) supremacist. He is now saying that some guy with a hooked nose and a kippa (yarmulke for americans) sprayed some strange liquid on his ears and that he then went crazy. “It was the jews who made me do it” he said. “it definitely is a false flag” exclaimed an old lady by the name of ingrid c just outside the courtroom. He is asking for protective custody because the muslim brothers in jail are gonna make him their bi tch.
    More soon, as american muslims prepare to leave the good ol usa and move to isis territories, -not to iran no!- since there are only 1 percent of sunnis up there, (i wonder why) .
    Welcome arab american muslim capitalists, welcome to the new caliphate.!

      1. New Caliphate? What a yidiotic statement.

        I assume u think muslims did 9/11 too?

        No im not saying iran’s good. But this false ISIS- Israeli State of Iraq and Syria are a mossad false flag organization.

        Please read about Salahaddin and Suleiman and other real leaders. They didnt go around saying, “Me Kill! me hate whitey! Me rape yazidi wuman! Me burn pupol! Me suicide! Me kill anyone Moooooozlim who not a wahabi! Me hate science! Me only read jihad manual!”

    1. -not to iran no!- since there are only 1 percent of sunnis up there, (i wonder why)

      sunnis call you a liar, oops, musht be shum mishtake
      ( i wonder why)

      the Sunni population of Iran makes up about 9% of the population (about 7 million). Sunni websites and organizations complain about the absence of any official records regarding their community and believe their number is much greater than what is usually estimated.

      see? once you’ve shot the usual benefit of doubt, credit is much harder to earn, especially when every bit of your unspoken but obvious agenda goes hand in hand with jew plans (protocols, clean break, pnac, all their lies like holocaust, cashing in on artificially induced white guilt, sowing hostility among identifiable non jew groups).
      the american rednecks who shot 3 innocent muslim kids are 100% jew indoctrinated and are just the other side of isis coin.
      so express your support, don’t complain.

      and just in case you start whingeing about racist prejudice or similar, consider the universal respect the true palestinian, youssuf al-mahmoud gets here, the man who speaks the plain truth wherever it lands.

      1. @lobro- btw, i have experience talking with wahabis.

        stop talking to him. theres nothing you will do or say that will chamge his mind.

        wahabis are as yidiotic as their seedier evangelical christians.

    2. Get out of the West. You people represent an existential threat to us, just as the Jews do. You really think you can invade our lands and not expect violent backlash?

      1. Paul Craig Roberts has done more damage to America in the last 30 years than Muslims.

        He keeps pushing war and debt on the US and the world.

        ‘Global Reaganomics.’

      2. @spqr- to u anything that breathes oxygen is an existential threat to the “great, white, high ‘iq’ aryan race.”

        solution? whites should pump out all the oxygen in atmosphere and breath CO2 instead.

      3. WHO invaded WHO`SE lands?? be interesting to know if your “white” ass is as pure as you make it out to be..

      4. WHO invaded WHO`SE lands??

        They’ve invaded our lands. It doesn’t matter if our jewed elites brought them here, they’re still invaders.

  22. Not sunni but the Wahabis.

    Ive personally talked to wahabis and theyre the most stupid, bigoted, backward, stoneaged, racist rifraffs ive met.

    Before muslims can really fight back the jews, they need to dealienate these wahabi cavemen.

    And yes im a “sunni” muslim.

    1. “Ive personally talked to wahabis and theyre the most stupid, bigoted, backward, stoneaged, racist rifraffs ive met.” : Spicen, do you think spqr might be wahabi?

  23. Truth is most arab sunnis do have a negative outlook towards shias. same for shias.

    but this is the result of zio propaganda in sunni mosques.

    1. @ SPQR

      “WHO invaded WHO`SE lands??

      Good point, but please avoid incorrect use of the apostrophe. The correct way to write it is, “Who invaded whose lands?”

  24. The War Makers need to have a division that can be exploited for propaganda purposes. How else could they ever manage to create a War out of Thin Air ?? If the War Makers were bent on creating a sectarian war in the USA they’d plant a bomb inside a Catholic Church and would turn around and accuse the Methodists of doing it …. or they’d plant a bomb inside a Methodist Church and would turn around and accuse the Catholics of doing it. Remember …..the War Makers are free to create just about any “reality” they’d like, given the fact that they’re exerting a virtual stranglehold in the realm of mass communication. Nobody else has a voice.

    In short, we’re getting a grossly distorted version of reality whenever we tune in to the agenda-pushing “news.”

    Which leads me to conclude that the “Sunni vs. Shiite” conflict originates in the surreal fantasy world of “news.”

    Sunnis and the Shiites are basically just two different branches of the Islamic faith – sort of like Lutherans and Episcopalians or Baptists and Methodists – and they were living together in a state of relative peace for many centuries. Mosque-bombing was undoubtedly hatched by the same sort of provocateurs who blew up the King David Hotel in 1946. Menachem Begin once said that “Judea was born in fire and blood.” All the more reason why you should think “divide and conquer” whenever you hear about the hyped-up conflict between the Sunni Moslems and the Shiite Moslems.

  25. SPQR
    “WHO invaded WHO`SE lands??”
    spqr is an arab you see
    oh no wait he is an afghani
    oh no wait he is a cuban (guantanamo)
    oh no wait he is a japanese
    oh no wait he is a jordanian
    oh no wait

    Main article: Bulgarian-American Joint Military Facilities
    Aitos Logistics Center
    Novo Selo Range
    Germany – 56 facilities
    Main article: List of United States Army installations in Germany
    IsraelThe Dimona Radar Facility is an American-operated radar base in the Negev, staffed by 120 US military personnel.[1]
    Italy – 113 facilities
    Main article: List of United States Army installations in Italy
    Aviano Air Base
    Caserma Ederle, Vicenza
    Camp Darby, Pisa-Livorno
    Japan – 84 facilities
    Main article: United States Forces Japan
    Camp Zama, Tokyo
    Fort Buckner, Okinawa
    Torii Station, Okinawa
    Main article: List of United States Army installations in Kosovo
    Main article: List of United States Army installations in Kuwait
    South Korea
    Main articles: List of United States Army installations in South Korea and United States Forces Korea

    United States Marine Corps[edit]

    Main article: List of United States Marine Corps installations


    United States Marine Corps (18)
    Arizona MCAS Yuma Hawaii MCB Hawaii
    California MCAGCC 29 Palms North Carolina MCAS Cherry Point
    MCLB Barstow MCAS New River
    MCB Camp Pendleton MCB Camp Lejeune
    MCAS Miramar South Carolina MCAS Beaufort
    MCRD San Diego MCRD Parris Island
    Mountain Warfare Training Center Virginia Henderson Hall
    Florida MCSF Blount Island MCB Quantico
    Georgia MCLB Albany Washington, D.C. Marine Barracks, Washington, D.C.

    AfghanistanCamp Eggers
    Camp Dwyer
    Camp Leatherneck
    Camp Rhino
    FOB Delhi
    FOB Delaram
    FOB Geronimo
    Firebase Fiddler’s Green
    PB Jaker
    GermanyCamp Panzer Kaserne, Böblingen
    JapanMarine Corps Base Camp Smedley D. Butler, Okinawa. Note: these camps are dispersed throughout Okinawa, but still under the administration of the MCB complex. Camp Courtney
    Camp Fuji, Shizuoka Prefecture
    Camp Foster
    Camp Gonsalves (Jungle Warfare Training Center)
    Camp Hansen
    Camp Kinser
    Camp Lester
    Camp McTureous
    Camp Schwab

    Marine Corps Air Station Futenma, Okinawa
    Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni, Yamaguchi Prefecture

    United States Navy[edit]

    Main article: List of United States Navy installations


    United States Navy (60)
    California NAWS China Lake Mississippi NCBC Gulfport
    NB Coronado NAS Meridian
    NAS Lemoore NS Pascagoula
    NPS Monterey Nevada NAS Fallon
    NAS North Island New Jersey NWS Earle
    NB Point Loma NAES Lakehurst
    NB Ventura County-NAS Point Mugu New York NSA Saratoga Springs
    NB Ventura County-NCBC Port Hueneme Pennsylvania NAS Willow Grove
    Naval Base San Diego Rhode Island NS Newport
    Connecticut NSB New London South Carolina NSA Charleston
    Washington, D.C. Washington NY Tennessee NSA Mid-South
    United States Naval Research Laboratory Texas NAS Corpus Christi
    Florida Corry Station NTTC NAS JRB Fort Worth
    NAS Jacksonville NS Ingleside
    NAS Key West NAS Kingsville
    NS Mayport Virginia Chesapeake NSGA
    NSA Orlando NSASP
    NSA Panama City Training Support Center Hampton Roads
    NAS Pensacola NAB Little Creek
    NAS Whiting Field NS Norfolk
    Georgia General Lucius D. Clay National Guard Center NAS Oceana
    NSB Kings Bay Wallops Island ASCS
    Dobbins ARB NWS Yorktown
    Hawaii NS Barking Sands Washington NBK Bangor
    Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam NBK Bremerton
    Illinois NS Great Lakes NAS Whidbey Island
    Indiana NSWC Crane Division NS Everett
    Louisiana NASJRB New Orleans West Virginia NIOC Sugar Grove
    Maine Portsmouth NS
    Maryland Fort Meade NSGA
    NAS Patuxent River
    United States Naval Academy

    BahrainNaval Support Activity Bahrain
    British Indian Ocean TerritoryDiego Garcia
    BrazilSão Paulo, Naval Support Detachment
    CubaGuantanamo Bay Naval Base
    DjiboutiCamp Lemonnier
    GreeceNaval Support Activity Souda Bay, Souda Bay, Crete
    GuamNaval Base Guam
    IsraelThe Port of Haifa maintains facilities for the United States Sixth Fleet.
    ItalyNaval Air Station Sigonella
    Naval Support Activity Gaeta
    Naval Support Activity Naples NCTS Naples

    JapanNaval Air Facility Atsugi
    Naval Forces Japan, Okinawa
    United States Fleet Activities Yokosuka
    United States Fleet Activities Sasebo
    KuwaitKuwait Naval Base
    South KoreaCommander Fleet Activities Chinhae
    SpainRota Naval Station
    United Arab EmiratesFujairah Naval Base
    Port of Jebel Ali

    United States Air Force[edit]

    Main article: List of United States Air Force installations


    United States Air Force (71)

    Alabama Maxwell Air Force Base Mississippi Columbus Air Force Base
    Alaska Clear Air Force Station Keesler Air Force Base
    Eielson Air Force Base Missouri Whiteman Air Force Base
    Joint Base Elmendorf Richardson Montana Malmstrom Air Force Base
    Arizona Davis–Monthan Air Force Base Nebraska Offutt Air Force Base
    Luke Air Force Base Nevada Nellis Air Force Base
    Arkansas Little Rock Air Force Base New Jersey Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst
    California Beale Air Force Base New Mexico Cannon Air Force Base
    Edwards Air Force Base Holloman Air Force Base
    Los Angeles Air Force Base Kirtland Air Force Base
    March Joint Air Reserve Base North Carolina Pope Air Force Base
    McClellan Air Force Base Seymour Johnson Air Force Base
    Travis Air Force Base North Dakota Grand Forks Air Force Base
    Vandenberg Air Force Base Minot Air Force Base
    Colorado Buckley Air Force Base Ohio Wright-Patterson Air Force Base
    Peterson Air Force Base Oklahoma Altus Air Force Base
    Schriever Air Force Base Tinker Air Force Base
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    Patrick Air Force Base Dyess Air Force Base
    Tyndall Air Force Base Goodfellow Air Force Base
    Georgia Moody Air Force Base Lackland Air Force Base
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    Hawaii Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam Randolph Air Force Base
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    Illinois Scott Air Force Base Utah Hill Air Force Base
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    Louisiana Barksdale Air Force Base JBLM McChord Field, Joint Base Lewis-McChord
    New Orleans Joint Reserve Base Wyoming Francis E. Warren Air Force Base
    Maryland Joint Base Andrews Naval Air Facility
    Massachusetts Hanscom Air Force Base
    Westover Joint Air Reserve Base

    AfghanistanBagram Airfield
    Herat International Airport
    Jalalabad Airport
    Kabul International Airport
    Kandahar International Airport
    Mazar-i-Sharif Airport
    Shindand Air Base
    BahrainBahrain International Airport
    Sheikh Isa Air Base
    Main article: Bulgarian-American Joint Military Facilities
    Bezmer Air Base
    Graf Ignatievo Air Base
    NATO Air Base Geilenkirchen, Geilenkirchen
    Ramstein Air Base
    Spangdahlem Air Base
    GreenlandThule Air Base
    GuamAndersen Air Force Base
    HondurasSoto Cano Air Base
    ItalyAviano Air Base
    Camp Darby (Pisa-Livorno)
    Sigonella Naval Air Station
    JapanKadena Air Base, Okinawa Prefecture
    Misawa Air Base, Misawa, Aomori
    Yokota Air Base, Tokyo
    KuwaitAhmed Al Jaber Air Base
    Ali Al Salem Air Base
    NetherlandsJoint Force Command Brunssum
    OmanMasirah Air Base
    Thumrait Air Base
    PortugalLajes Field, Azores
    QatarAl Udeid Air Base
    Saudi ArabiaEskan Village
    SingaporePaya Lebar Air Base
    South KoreaKunsan Air Base
    Osan Air Base
    SpainMorón Air Base, Andalucia
    TurkeyIncirlik Air Base
    United Arab EmiratesAl Dhafra Air Base
    United KingdomRAF Alconbury, Huntingdonshire
    RAF Croughton, Northamptonshire
    RAF Lakenheath, Brandon, Suffolk [2]
    RAF Menwith Hill, Yorkshire Dales
    RAF Mildenhall, Mildenhall [3]
    😉 🙂 🙂 🙁 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙁 🙂

    1. Ooh i fogot just in case spqr says something like
      “OH WAIT YOU POSTED WASHINGTON, ARKANSAS AND LOUiSVILLE airforce bases, those are in america”
      Well, those are INDIAN territories, of whom you killed 114 million in order to obtain.
      what did you think, that thats just gonna go away too?
      nope thats right up in there in your subconcience too.
      thats why you monsters are the largest consumers of dope in the world draining your children in lakes or throwing them out your house windows or just plain shooting them. nobody else does that, why?
      you’re sick, boy

      1. @ The Avatar

        We don’t want you banned, avatar, we just want you to go to Syria and join ISIS so Assad can get rid of you for us, avatar. That’s all we want.

      2. Actually, the largest consumers per capita of dope in the world are where it is grown. That would be the Andes foothills. It is free. Much in Peru and Bolivia. The workers use lots of it daily…and have for thousands of years. The locals call the heavy users ‘zombies.’ If they get run over by a moving vehicle they are just left in the road.
        A friend of mine was a Bolivian Ambassador’s son.

      3. so the us is in afganistan picking whats the name of that poppy, i forgot, just to re-sell it over there?
        Dude i just came back from coke country and nobody and i mean nobody touches that stuff over there. if you dare smoke some bazuko -which is the strongest of it – the farc will give you three hours to leave town because its drug-addicts who will be snitching; MORE OVER people calls cocaine the devil, they know its evil effects. On the other hand, Tons of cocaine are dispatched daily to the central American cartels. The reason being is that the old roads that the old now gone cali and Medellin cartels (carlos leahder and Pablo Escobar) have been blocked and figured out by the dea. So, the south American new cartels are selling it cheaper to central American gangs who then “walk it” into the u.s. hence the gang wars occurring as we speak in countries like Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala Belize and el Salvador. All these deaths and destruction so lawyers judges kids lesbians faggots punks military men policemen politicians doctors priests rabbis cab drivers whores pimps construction workers could enjoy their weekend parties in twisted America. Al qaeda once tried to bribe the cartels into putting poison “in it” but the cartels refused since a lot of people down here make their living out of this industry. I was once robbed in Bogotá so when looking for a quick buck was hired by some guys who wanted “raspachines” and I agreed and went out there because I didn’t want to borrow money. Raspachin is the one who pulls the coke leave out by rolling his hands upwards pulling the leaves out. These you sell to them by the 10 kilos bag . it will later be taken to the hole where the quimicals are added. My hands bled. So don’t assume things that way only because the son of, who was it? Some rich diplomatic guy said that. He just doesn’t know. It’s the u.s, definitely who loves it up that noise. Hmmm up and up it goes. Many even shot it with heroin in what is called a speedball. It’s a sick nation. Now the price of coke has gone down because its being replaced by crystal meth which is the drug Hitler gave his soldiers in ww2 so they can resist the cold while facing the soviets. I read this drug really makes go crazy. Hmm up it goes 

      4. The cocaine drug problem is blown WAY out of proportion to fuel drug interdiction agencies… through FEAR!!

        For those taking notes… The US is still NOT #1 in ‘coke’ use…Scotland is.!!

        Note that Bolivia and two other producing areas are fairly high on the list.

        This list cannot include the coca consumed as the workers pick it daily, growing wild in producing countries.
        This is a list of countries by the annual prevalence of cocaine use as percentage of the population aged 15–64.
        The primary source of information is the World Drug Report 2006 (WDR 2006), published by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). The indicator is the “annual prevalence” rate which is the percentage of the youth and adult population who have consumed the drug at least once in the past year.

        Scotland –———— 3.9
        US –——————– 2.8
        EL Salvador –——- 2.5
        England & Wales – 2.4
        Canada ————– 2.3
        Spain —————– 2.2
        Bolivia ————— 1.8
        Panama ————- 1.2
        Australia ———— 1.2

  26. The USA never had any legitimate reasons for invading all of those countries. It’s hard to argue with AVI on that point. He’s right …..

    1. I agree, he does have a point now and then, and it`s easy really, to understand why he is angry..

      1. @Ingrid- ofcourse he is right about whites genociding the native americans and breaking an agreed deal on top of it. So its funny to hear white supremacists say “arabs invades our lands.” Not only that. Australia, Canada are also not white lands. And there are more examples. But whats the point? Every world powers throughtout history abused their power. Be it the Roman, Whites and now the Jews. Even the great Ottoman empire had abused their power(albeit to a smaller extent).

        And you are right, Avatar is rightfully angry. But he is placing his allegiance to the wrong people-ISIS.

        And he also doesnt realise that the Jews want the Sunni/Shia divide. Divide and Conquer- oldest trick in Jew’s book of wars. Its sth we should refrain from.

  27. @Avatar- from what ive heard Afghanis and iranians consume a lot of drugs. Mostly because theyre unemployed, unmarried, etc.

    Why doesnt anyone from the local committee stop that?

    BTW, if Americans do consume as much drugs as you say, then thats their business. They took their decisions as adults. Please dont tell them that they are a sick nation.
    We need to worry about our countries which frankly is in a mess.

  28. Even though a thorough dilettante and womaniser, sponging off my old money inheritance, and blessed with better looks and height than Brads Pitt, I am one of the few who fully understands the Koran from the 2 different perspectives of the Sunnis and Shia. Yes, I bought a PhD from a top USA college! I’m telling you these towel-heads have concocted lots of reasons to loathe one another. I actually have the high IQ of a totally self-chosen rake!
    I can turn it on both ways, depending on the company I keep in the Middle East. My money extends into British Petroleum interests; so I get tax free rides to the ME and get invited to the sheiks’ orgies with British prostitutes and actresses. The names I could name!
    In Florida I took a cursory glance at our oil spill; and feigned horror!~ “Oh no, we will mop it up! As an aside: “Stuff the dumbed down Yankees!”
    I was more interested in hiring a red Corvette and picking up wanton Yankee chicks!

    1. @Max- no you absolutely know nothing. Theres nothing in the Quran that divides them. It’s purely for political reasons. And many of the arguments shias use are from hadiths(a collection of traditions which btw are not very reliable).

      Why sunnis dont like shias- shias have a childish cursing traditions whereby they curse sunni personalities, shias feel only Ali had the right to rule. And shias have been a thorn on sunnis in the past- Fatimid caliphate, Safavid empire.

      Why shias dont like sunnis- shias feel sunni personalities stole Ali’s right of rule, again they use hadith of Ghadir to justify it. Again they dont use Quran to justify their position. Besides they have been persecuted by some sunnis throughout history.

      1. @Spicen, you are too kind. What gives this guy the right to call muslims ragheads? This from a guy who probably walks around with wine corks dangling in his face, wtf is that about? other than flyophobia..

      2. ladies, don’t let your satire receptors atrophy too far before max pulls the rug from under you.

  29. In London, my home town, I buy drugs from the Palace gatekeeper’s residence. Did you know that the City is impune from all customs’ arangements? We just bring it in in royal “presents”!
    That’s how we do it you dumb-asses! We exist in a different stratosphere to you morons!

  30. Finally, I can guarantee that WWIII is on the cards!
    I have no worries, as I will be bunkered down with the chosen aristocracy and we will live in our futuristic bubbles with lots of commoner call gals on hand for me!~
    Many of my fellow residents will be the kingpin chosen Jews; whom I pesonally do not like all that much; and I detest their ugly, big-snouted, wide-mouthed women! Ever met an attractive Jewess?

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