Pentagon expert says Russians would ‘annihilate’ US army on Battlefield

1025938429Despite the size of its military budget, the US Army isn’t as strong as one might think it is and it would certainly lose to the Russian Army in a direct confrontation on a battlefield, retired US Army Colonel Douglas Macgregor said, according to Politico Magazine.

The deployment of the US Army 2nd Cavalry Regiment from Germany to Hungary that was intended to scare Russia was a joke and it wouldn’t help in a real-life fighting scenario, said Macgregor, who also holds a Ph.D. in international relations from the US Military Academy at West Point.

“This Stryker parade [the line of US military vehicles that drove from Germany to Hungary] won’t fool anyone in Moscow,” Macgregor said, adding that perhaps the Russians may not know how to do certain things well, but when it comes to fighting wars they’re second to none.

Macgregor is a famous US war hero whose squadron destroyed an entire Iraqi Armored Brigade in 23 minutes, while suffering only one casualty, at the Battle of 73 Easting, a decisive tank fight during the Gulf War.

Later, reflecting on his famous victory, Macgregor said that if his military unit came to a face-to-face confrontation not with poorly-trained Iraqi soldiers, but with the Russians, his army would have been defeated.

“Defeated isn’t the right word, the right word is annihilated,” Macgregor told US military expert Mark Perry, according to Politico.

During his presentation at the US Congress in November of 2013, Macgregor compared the state of the US Army to a nine-passenger rowboat, in which “four would steer, three would call cadence and two would man the oars,” according to Politico.

In other words, Macgregor said that the US Army is poorly organized or not well-trained, and if it had to face another army, equal in numbers and as technologically advanced, such the Russian or Chinese forces, on a conventional battlefield there is a high chance that US forces would be destroyed.

“Even if you increased the Army to 600,000 in its current form… it would still fail. That’s the problem and, by the way, the Army knows it,” the US military expert said, as cited by Politico.

“Defeated isn’t the right word . . .”  


“. . . the right word is annihilated.”


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  1. This will please the major military suppliers.

    It is not unusual for the Chiefs of Staff and high Administration officials in US to have a seat on the boards of many of those military supply companies… even founding them. Consultants abound in that swamp.

    David Packard, co-founder of Hewlett-Packard, served as Deputy Secretary of Defense years ago…. during Nam…. That was WWIII.

    1. Yep… Follow $$$$$ thru Pentagon to Congress, contractors and companies all being advised by Macgregor.

      Douglas Macgregor, PhD
      Colonel (ret) US Army
      Executive Vice President, Burke-Macgregor Group

      Burke-Macgregor Group was formed in 2010 by former Partners of Potomac League LLC, in business since 2005.

      Potomac League, LLC is a Virginia based consulting firm that primarily serves the U.S. Department of Defense and Fortune 500 firms that offer rapidly deployable innovation.

      His books are available in Hebrew for the IDF and NATO.

      His latest book, “Margin of Victory,” will be published by Naval Institute Press in 2016.

      Burke-Macgregor Group provides a portfolio of targeted services which bring national security customers, congress, and industry together through informed decision support and capability/solution incubation …


      When the IDF was reorganized on the model outlined in Breaking the Phalanx it decisively defeated the (12) division Egyptian Army in record time and confirmed for the Israelis the validity of the operational architecture and the enormous warfighting potential of the force in Breaking the Phalanx.

  2. he aint no fukin hero. hes a shitheaded aggresive invader of a sovereign country fuck his soul for eternity

  3. The US Army is dependent on civilian contractors for so many vital functions that the situation is comical. They don’t even cook their own food. Additionally, Obama has purged the military of over 300 competent officers and installed PC minority (read Negros) to replace them. There has been a drive to bring women to combat roles despite the fact that they cannot pull their weight due to the obvious limits imposed by mother nature. There is also the chaos induced when women are mixed with men and the resulting sexual escapades. MacGregor is spot-on about the US military’s disfunctional nature.

    1. In the meantime, he is useful in the purpose of getting them to spend more $$ out of FEAR – which accrues to his own advantage. America’s faulty philosophy has become such that it believes the more $$ one throws at a problem, the more it is likely to be solved. 🙁

      1. They think that all domestic social problems can be solved with money and all international political problems with bombs. But reality doesn’t work that way.

        As for American “war heroes”. Even if such people were really “heroic” in battle, then in nearly all cases they fought in the wrong war (was there ever a “good war” America fought? I can’t remember any).

        The deterrence of the American army, with its “tolerant”, multicultural, feminist, gay-friendly, trans-gender cuture is a howler for the healthy, normal Russians.

    2. “MacGregor is spot-on about the US military’s disfunctional nature.”

      This is no accident; I have watched it my whole life. We have an engineered politically correct Military that is designed to fail when it really counts. We have sold our top of the line technology to China allowing them to leap frog whole generations of weaponry. The Chinese were unable to field a MIRV ballistic missile until we sent our experts over to CHINA and corrected their incorrect missile theory. AND gave them the MIRV technology; you may call this “theft” but it was treason designed to look like theft.

      Women as Rangers? Should such a creature exist you would not have to worry about too much sex in the barracks.

    3. If one wanted to destroy the country along with its once renowned monster military capability, could anyone do a better job than what is seen today? America’s Talmudic parasites are absolute masters at one thing for sure – wrecking countries and murdering people. Other skills are the purview of other races.

      Like itz Jewish masters, America can do little except pick on undefended or relatively helpless countries so their idiot president can stage Hollywood style photo ops on carrier decks, while mouthing stupid sound bites like “mission accomplished.”

      How can anyone have missed the unmistakable Jewish metaphor of true presidential power when they had Bush staged in a kindergarten class reading children’s stories during the September 11th attack. If that wasn’t enough, Bush didn’t even budge after he was informed of the attack. So who is running the country when the first attack on America since 1941 is ignored by a president reading children’s stories?

      Another great presidential idiot once said “Shazaam! Golly! Golly! Golly! By the time ya’ git to be president, you find someone one else is running the country!” There’s a clue. Modern presidents are often incapable of keeping their pants zipped. Dimwitted American sheeple, with flags a-flying from their pickem’ up trucks are living in the past. All in all, the view of western civilization is enough to make a awakened white man puke:

      My country tis o’ thee, dead land of once great Liberty.
      I watch my country die while its leaders cower in fear of the parasite of whom they will not speak.
      In its death throes, it turns brown, like dead autumn leaves, the color of rot.
      I watch with revulsion as my race fashionably adopts the tattoos and chains of an enslaved people.
      I watch as the nation grows ever darker, ever more violent.
      All the while the parasites have their puppets mouth empty, feel good words; “why can’t we all jes’ git along?”
      I watch as old flags disappear replaced by new ones that have no real meaning to the majority of people.
      I watch every trace of my race coldly eliminated, step by step, bit by bit; but the boiling frogs never scream.
      Up is down and down is up, black is white and white is stupid.
      I thought it only happened in the history books, forgetting history passed by only a moment ago.
      It has happened time and again, but few ever bother to look and see how they will repeat history.
      It paralyzes the soul, numbs the brain to think the horror soon to reign.
      But the sun still shines as ball games play and politics above all is the game o’ the day.
      And as this country rots within, Jews sing and dance from rooftops high, knowing well the white race dies.

      1. Arch –

        White race death was put in full effect – in US – with the Civil Rights Bill 1866. The Democrat President who replaced Lincoln… Andrew Johnson vetoed it. He was impeached for that:

        Excerpts from 39th Congress

        [This is a portion of President Andrew Johnson’s return of the Civil Rights Bill on March 27, 1866. His address starts at p. 246, and ends on p. 253. Congress overrode the return and passed the bill, and impeached President Johnson. He was a legal scholar and had been a Senator, himself. He wanted to follow the US Constitution.]


        “To the Senate of the United States:

        “I regret that the bill which has passed both houses of Congress, entitled ‘An act to protect all persons in the United States in their civil rights, and furnish the means for their vindication,’ contains provisions which I can not approve, consistently with my sense of duty to the whole people and my obligations to the Constitution of the United States. I am therefore constrained to return it to the Senate, the house in which it originated, with my objections to its becoming a law.”


        “In other words, when a State judge, acting upon a question involving a conflict between a State law and a Federal law, and bound, according to his own judgment and responsibility, to give an impartial decision between the two,


        comes to the conclusion that the State law is valid and the Federal law is invalid, he must not follow the dictates of his own judgment, at the peril of fine and imprisonment.

        The legislative department of the Government of the United States thus takes from the judicial department of the States the sacred and exclusive duty of judicial decision, and converts the State judge into a mere ministerial officer, bound to decree according to the will of Congress.


        “The question here naturally arises, from what source Congress derives
        the power to transfer to Federal tribunals certain classes of cases embraced in this section. The Constitution expressly declares that the judicial power of the United States ‘ shall extend to all cases in law and equity arising under this Constitution, the laws of the United States, and treaties made, or which shall be made, under their authority; to all cases affecting embassadors,
        other public ministers, and consuls; to all cases of admiralty and maritime jurisdiction; to controversies to which the United States shall be a party; to controversies between two or more States, between a State and citizens of another State, between citizens of different States, between citizens of the same State claiming land under grants of different States, and between a State, or the citizens thereof, and foreign States, citizens, or subjects.’

        “Here the judicial power of the United States is expressly set forth and detained; and the act of September 24, 1789, establishing the judicial courts of the United States, in conferring upon the Federal courts jurisdiction over cases originating in State tribunals, is careful to confine them to the classes enumerated in the above recited clause of the Constitution. This section of the bill undoubtedly comprehends case, and authorizes the exercise of powers that are not, by the Constitution, within the jurisdiction of the courts of the United States. To transfer them to those courts would be an exercise of authority well calculated to excite distrust and alarm on the part of all the States; for the

        (p 251)

        bill(Civil Rights Bill) applies alike to ALL of them — as well to those that have as to those that have NOT been engaged in rebellion. (includes North)


        “The ninth section authorizes the President, or such person as he may
        empower for that purpose, to employ such part of the land and naval forces
        of the United States, or of the militia, as shall be necessary to prevent the
        violation and enforce the due execution of this act.’ This language seems to imply a permanent military force, that is to be always at hand, and whose only business is to be the enforcement of this measure over the vast region where it is intended to operate.


        “My lamented predecessor, in his proclamation of the 1st of January, 1863, ordered and declared that all persons held as slaves within certain States and parts of States therein designated, were and thenceforward should be free; and, further, that the Executive Government of the United States, including the military and naval authorities thereof, would recognize and maintain the freedom of such persons. This guarantee has been rendered especially obligatory and sacred by the amendment of the Constitution abolishing slavery throughout the United States. I, therefore, fully recognize the obligation to protect and defend that class of our people whenever and wherever it shall become necessary, and to the full extent compatible with the Constitution of the United States.

        “Entertaining these sentiments, it only remains for me to say that I will cheerfully cooperate with Congress in any measure that may be necessary for the protection of the civil rights of the freedmen, as well as those of all other classes of persons throughout the United States, by judicial process under equal and impartial laws, in conformity with the provisions of the Federal Constitution.

        “I now return the bill to the Senate, and regret that, in considering the bills and joint resolutions–forty-two in number–which have been thus far submitted for my approval, I am compelled to withhold my assent from a second measure that has received the sanction of both houses of Congress.


        “WASHINGTON, D. C., March 27, 1866.”



        Senator Davis of Kentucky claimed the US Government is a ‘close’ white corporation.

      2. “And as this country rots within, Jews sing and dance from rooftops high, knowing well the white race dies.” – Absolutely true! At the end of that policy, white people will remain only in East Europe and Russia, where newer live any colors.

  4. Soldiers, Marines(!) aren’t permitted to carry a sidearm on base!? Or anywhere, for that matter. Can’t be trusted?
    Are they afraid of a resurgence, a mutation of “Sir! No Sir!” after 14 years, no end in sight and the Russians looming? I imagine they hate their officers, right on schedule.

    Not to worry though, the US/NATO Rainbow Armies will surely surprise and stun the Russians by batting their big eyelashes and flashing their hairy legs!

  5. US troops are likely to reflect the same mentality recently displayed by large numbers of US college students. Part of the force would be unwilling to fight unless there was “appropriate” minority representation in all ranks, another part would hysterically demand “safe spaces” and call for the removal of commanders who fail to provide such spaces. More would refuse to accept any orders not communicated in PC ze, xe, xir, and zim pronouns. And, at great taxpayer expense and corporate profit, both separate and combined shower facilities for LGBTMSAAHAABCDEFG genders would have to be built just in case someone’s conceptual gender/ethnic makeup changes mid-shower.

    To paraphrase Wellington: I know not what the enemy thinks of US troops, but they scare the hell out of me!

      1. They were probably just getting out of a class on “Confessing your white privilege and making amends for the rest of your miserable lives” taught by the red-haired Jewish looking hermaphrodite who appears at the end.

        Here’s one for you, “Modern Educayshun” (you may have seen it, it’s quickly becoming a classic):

  6. putin is weak
    america and team uk gay hazing parties strong
    the russians are sexist bully withering on the vine.
    without soros multiculturalism
    without embrace of talmud and satan
    russia is less than nothing.
    only by allowing rabbi to run amok
    only by allowing gay lesbian and transgender
    deep entry into spetsnaz speical forces
    only when the russian soldier embrace the gay within
    and march into battle in high heals
    then russia may be mighty.

    his name was tim osman
    he died long ago 11 years or more
    loose lips then silence
    chopper down
    seal team 6
    them boys
    did not cia die for nothing.
    by that talmud sacrifice they allowed
    a new queer team 6 to fly
    fighting kissing suckling and killing
    the ivan anew

    for his gender crimes,sexism and man on man anti semenism
    the queers must prevail soros wills it.

  7. What on earth has happened? Why can’t men be men and women be women?

    “The Pentagon is moving quickly to dismantle the military’s long-standing ban on service by openly transgender Americans, with the first meeting to accomplish that goal set for Monday, according to USA Today.

    In the meantime, the estimated 15,500 transgender Americans currently serving in the armed forces can rest a bit easier, as Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter issued a memo Tuesday outlining how the ban will fall and instructing top military officials to prepare to integrate transgender service members within six months.”

  8. @Red Onions, they are at war with the great enemy that is nature. Satan in the Hebrew refers to the arch enemy. It’s derived from the ancient Sanskrit. Look into it. Sat (Sanskrit: सत्) is a Sanskrit word meaning “the true essence (nature)” and that “which is unchangeable” of an entity, species or existence.

    Sat is a common prefix in ancient Indian literature and variously implies that which is good, true, virtuous, being, happening, real, existing, enduring, lasting, essential.[2] In ancient texts, fusion words based on Sat, refer to “Universal Spirit, Universal Principle, Being, Soul of the World, Brahman”.[3][4]

  9. Hola, today was assasins day in the u.s.; barack hussein who yesterday promised to increase the u.s. Assistance to that poor, isolated entity that calls itself the same name the old testament gave to the people God chose as numero uno, held flowers at the veterans parade; it was a solemn conmemoration saluting those who killed many people around the world in america’s quest for the spreading of democracy (like al sisi in egypt and abbas in the west bank) liberty, freedom and more than anything depleted uranium, phosphorous and napalm barrels that were thrown on vietnamese villages, barrels that were full of napalm, gasoline, tnt, c4, rocks, heroin, opium and only God -the motherfucker i mentioned above- knows what else they put in there that when exploded made kids run into the wilderness, screaming as their skin burned; those men standing there with their negro president had a serious face as if convinced that what they did was neccesary “we had to bomb hiroshima otherwise the war would have continued and them russians -see article above- who had lost 25 million soldiers -they are so smart- would have taken over and cows would have stopped producing milk and cereal”… Mr barack hussein who yesterday had his hand around netanyahoo’s waist, not on his back, but around his waist- all that melee in congress of a few months ago magically dissapeared- begged benjamin to accept 13 billion a year instead of three as if lord rostchild was broke, had a sonber look in his face as if thinking “sheez this man here comes to washinton just a day after two american agents got shot dead in Jordan yesterday” then his brains went off to “i hope them ham hocks and mustard greens are cooking good, boy am i hungry” but … No one knew or knew but didnt care that children, white children go hungry in kentucky. I watched all this as i was forced to slap my girlfriend for switching from Lynyird skynyird “free bird”
    To some guy called Giuseppe Verdi who plays V Ho ingannato Colpevole fui. Dont mess with my music ho. Would someone burn Donald trumps hair?

    1. Ahhh shutup avatar. I’ll have you know that the aging White veterans in my home town are attending an annual Gala Veteran’s Day celebration! All are wearing their lettered ball caps identifying their former branch of service in which they proudly served, what ship, what war, what outfit, what ever — proudly standing in a line, two by two, this Veteran’s Day, as on every Veteran’s Day, (clogging up the works) ’cause something’s free at the local Golden Corral buffet restaurant. They served proudly and now they get free mashed potatoes. Golly gee! Thank heaven, for their service!

  10. You know, much of the World is getting damned sick and tired of this Jewish “Hey-lets-play-them-all-against-each-other” tactic. In fact I’m ENTIRELY sick of it. I’m sick of even reading about it.

    There’s only ONE war that the World should ever be in again. And it would be the LAST war that would ever be fought — because it would eliminate the root cause of ALL WARS. And that is a combined World effort to eliminate the parasitic plague of World-destroying JEWS. It’s us or them. Period. Can we try on focus on that maybe? A great many people seem to have a tough time keeping themselves from falling right back into that trap, time and time again. I would think that maybe, by now, we would have learned how to avoid that pitfall. How many hundreds of millions more lives will it cost before we wise up? Damn it all. Why is this so hard for people to see? Some people say I just expect too much from my fellow human beings. I usually reply that, no, I think we’ve just come to expect too little from each other.

    Wasting energy discussing who can kick whoever else’s ass in the schoolyard is juvenile, ignorant BULLSHIT, and a complete waste of time. But it seems to be a pastime of the mammon-worshiping masses who never really grew out of that “I-need-a-shiny-new-toy” childhood phase. So I guess I shouldn’t be surprised it’s so prevalent. Do I expect too much? I don’t know… I’d like to believe we’re better than that.


    An another note… Did any of you happen to see today’s “Google doodle”? And, remember — it’s Veteran’s Day. (Yeah — let’s toast all those folks that made the mistake [or not] of serving the Jews and murdering millions on their behalf in the last century alone. That’s almost as bad as “Independence Day”… for a bunch of emptyheads that have been ENTIRELY owned since Dec 23, 1913, yet still think they’re “free” or “independent” because that’s what they were told. God help us all.)

    Anyhow, I happened across the aforementioned Veteran’s Day Google Doodle earlier today…
    And to be perfectly honest, it’s been years since I’ve felt such perfectly-distilled and absolute RAGE.
    It’s to the point now that every time I turn around, these cretins are pissing directly in the entire World’s face, while emitting that obnoxious and characteristically Jewish cackling that I so intensely loathe.
    But seeing this single ugly image triggered something. I loathe the subhumans on an entirely new level.

    They’re really becoming brazen these days, you know. Others are seeing it as well. I’ve noticed, in just the last few days alone, several people expressing fairly intense outrage towards the Jews… However, these are people who had never previously dared speak out, and would typically turn away if Jews were even mentioned in their presence. Clearly, tensions are rising.

    1. This comment is so good it should be expanded to become its own featured article.

      To your last two paragraphs someone at Daily Stormer has commented thusly, “The jews historically always overreach themselves. That’s why they have been kicked out so many times. They do the most subversive things and just when they think they have control, they take off the most and it soon backfires on them.”

      In my experience I still see a great deal of stupid goyim who consider “anti-Semitism” the ultimate sin.

  11. ” the US Army is poorly organized or not well-trained, and if it had to face another army, equal in numbers and as technologically advanced, such the Russian or Chinese forces, on a conventional battlefield there is a high chance that US forces would be destroyed.” :

    which is why they wage war in cowardly fashion, from the air..

  12. Dezombification miracle claims another Jew.
    Gerard Menuhin, the son of violinist Yehudi Menuhin, who himself was a model of decency, wrote a book and if I can’t download it onto kindle, I may buy it.
    Tell the Truth & Shame the Devil

    A prominent Jew finally has had it up to here and can’t hold it back anymore: the “Holocaust” is a big lie and extortion racket; Germany is innocent of WWII; and Hitler was the only one who could have saved the world from the plutocratic and Jewish threat to subjugate the planet, which has happened since

    What is it with musical Jews that they rise from the soul-death with greater frequency?
    I also knew one such, Karel Ancerl, Czech born conductor of Toronto Symphony, many years ago, who, though nominally “camp survivor” said that it wasn’t such a bad experience at all and never harbored the slightest grudge against the Germans.

    Could it be the exposure to art forms that are difficult for the culture wreckers to infiltrate and pervert, though they did try, what with atonal, avant-garde experimentation, but in the end, the public decides with their wallets what do they want to hear and it is and always will be the German greats who hold the center stage.

    Exposure to beauty seems to be an antidote to Judaism, it immunizes the moral core against Satan’s black perversions.

    1. @LOBRO, did you carefully choose the word Satan or was it used by habit? What did you really when you used that word? An adversary to whom? What kind of adversary?

      Sat is the root of many Sanskrit words and concepts such as sattva “pure, truthful” and satya “truth”. As a prefix, in some context it means true and genuine; for example, sat-sastra means true doctrine, sat-van means one devoted to the true.[5]

      “An even greater difference exists in regard to the soul. Two contrary types of soul exist, a non-Jewish soul comes from three satanic spheres, while the Jewish soul stems from holiness.”

      1. Notice how they have changed the meanings so that opposing reality and truth becomes aligned with holiness. It seems to me that holiness as they understand it is a deceptive euphemism for what you call black perversions.

    2. Jewlied:
      “What’s in a name? That which we call Satan
      By any other name would smell as bad.”

      To answer your question JP, I may be careless with names but not with meanings.

      Some things I may have forgotten, others I never heard of, but I always try to keep my eye on the bouncing ball.

      1. @ Lobro

        You are way to kind.

        Word games are primarily played by which cult? It’s the same cult that tries to turn everything upside down like bad is good, etc.

        “while the Jewish soul stems from holiness” clearly indicates that JPower stands for Jew Power.

        Just calling it like I see it.

        JPower has earned a position on my ignore list.

      2. No, no, Ung, JP quoted from a well known statement by the Grand Rebbe of the Chabad Lubavitch Luciferian cult, Schneerson who I think on this occasion was enlightening (in Lucifer, the Lightbringer sense) George Bush the senior.

        In no way does it express JP’s opinion, but I will let him explain, he is not illiterate either.

        It seems to me that holiness as they understand it is a deceptive euphemism for what you call black perversions

    3. How’s it go?

      “Music hath the charm to soothe the savage breast.”

      I forget who said that. A German poet/philosopher maybe?

  13. DHL and Amazon proudly march to war in defense of our freedumbs

    This picture nails it: as NATO invades Portugal, Spain and Italy (afraid that if PIGS could fly, they may do so Russia-wards) in order to hunker down, faced with loss of Syria, just look at the beach scene – a few heroes posture as snipers behind the sand dune while the rest of Conchitas are pushing Humvees stuck in sand the instant they plopped off the landing craft.
    Says the overseeing generalissimo Mercier:

    “We should look at what the civilian world does, to DHL and Amazon. How do they improve their logistics?”

    I can answer this, given my vast military-beach experience: DHL and Amazon would have chosen their photo op site more carefully.

    Back to reality TV boys, girls and the rest of the alphabet soup genders, the real reality sucks.

    1. Lobro –

      Thanks. That’s a hilarious video. Humvees stuck on beach in Portugal. IDIOTS..!! 🙂

      The likes of Col. Doug Macgregor, the esteemed author of this DM article and Pentagon ‘expert’ consultant, sorely missed the mark by not telling the sophisticated troops that sand is impossible to drive on when dry.

      All the ‘Pentagon Think-Tank Experts’ would have needed to tell them is take some portable road strips…. something like this:

      The US Military used portable strips for roads and airfields all through WWII in Pacific and Africa….. everywhere needed. Even easier today with advanced composites and polymers available.

      Hell… plywood or 2×12 boards would do just fine. HA!!! 🙂

      1. They should have watched more Survivor series in preparation for WW3.

        I guess they didn’t want to sacrifice their surfboards for the job.
        Patriotism only goes so far.

      2. You missed it..??
        WW3 has come and gone. It was over in 1974….. lasting almost 20 years.

        The Pentagon goons and money-grubbing ‘consultants’ and contractors can’t say that… because “WW4” just doesn’t have that ‘ring’ to it. Loses fear effect.

        Bloggers lose ‘ad-clicks’ bucks if people say, “Oh, yeah. Not to worry. Just another World War…”

    2. “Stoltenberg was evidently oblivious to pan-European civil society protesting his weaponized Big Brother en masse. In Zaragoza. In Rome. In Sofia. In Montenegro.” :

      How the hell did he go from Norwegian PM hosting the youth movement on Utøya, where nutcase Breivik was the patsy, to NATO enforcer?

  14. Off Topic (but perhaps interesting for an article on this website) :

    From the “only democracy in the Middle East” an heroic act by its “most moral army of the world”:

    “Israeli undercover forces raided a hospital in the West Bank on Thursday, shooting dead a Palestinian during an attempt to detain another man suspected of carrying out a stabbing, the Palestinian health ministry and doctors said.

    The Israeli army confirmed the raid and shooting but did not have details of the man’s condition. It said the raid was carried out to detain Azzam al-Shalalda, 27, who was suspected of stabbing an Israeli settler two weeks ago in the West Bank.

    The director of Hebron’s al-Ahly hospital, Jehad Shawar, told Palestine radio 20-30 men arrived at the clinic in two mini vans at around three o’clock in the morning. They entered with someone in a wheelchair pretending to be pregnant.

    CCTV footage from inside the hospital showed a large group of men armed with pistols and rifles, some with beards and others with keffiyeh scarves on their heads, walking through the corridors telling hospital workers to get out of the way.

    “They held the staff at gunpoint and stormed the room of Shalalda,” Shawar said.

    Shalalda’s brother Bilal, who was asleep in the room, said he was tied to the bed by the Israeli forces.

    A cousin, Abdallah, who was in the bathroom, was shot dead when he suddenly entered the room, Shawar said.

    “As his cousin exited the bathroom, which was inside the room, they fired five bullets, one bullet in the head, one in the chest and three in his body,” Shawar told the radio station.

    “They took Azzam and placed him in the wheelchair they brought the woman in and they exited the room preventing anyone from giving medical aid to the young man lying on the floor.” *)

    Palestinian Health Minister Jawad Awad accused Israeli security forces of “executing” Abdallah al-Shalalda, who he said was escorting a relative inside the hospital.

    “The international community must intervene to protect our people from the Israeli killing machine,” he said.

    *) This is typical behavior of Israeli soldiers.

    Source : Reuters, Nov. 12, 2015 : Undercover Israeli troops raid hospital, kill Palestinian.

    Well, you are “chosen” or you are not !

  15. Jew military analyst grudgingly admits to having underestimated Russia’s capabilities.
    Why is this interesting?
    Well, the writer works for Lowy Insitute, Frank Lowy being among the very worst of the worst unpeople defiling the Earth, certainly the major mastermind of 9/11, his Westfield Plaza in Nairobi was site of yet another false flag by taqfiri mercs, certainly not a single Jew hurt as the attackers yelled Death To Isreal while killing the goyim – nothing new there.

    Frank Lowy is a Hungarian Jew who arrived in Palestine in 1945 to fight with the Haganah in the Israeli “War of Independence”, later joining Israel’s Golani Brigade which was created in February 1948. In 1952 he moved to Sydney, Australia, where he started building shopping centers, before going on to work in investment banking in London, New York and Los Angeles. He co-founded the Westfield Group, which he still chairs.
    According to Wikipedia, “Westfield currently has interests in total assets worth A$41 billion, representing 121 shopping centres in four countries with over 10 million square meters of retail space. It is the world’s largest retail property group by equity market capitalization”. In California alone, he has overseen Westfield’s regional growth from 6 shopping centers to at least 59. At $3.8 billion, he’sranked #2 in Forbes.Com’s list of Australia and NZ’s richest individuals – one of three men, all Jewish, who make up Australia’s wealthiest elites

    So when he cautiously opines on growing awesomeness of Russia’s army, he can’t be exaggerating, no use selling Son Of Sam Options to Putin.

    By the way, how is it that so many Haganah, Irgun, Stern Gang, Mossad and Shin Bet assassins retire into billions?
    I am sure by honest means because Jews are, you know, much brighter than us.

    1. “According to Wikipedia…”

      OMG…!! NO…!! Say it isn’t so…!!!

      Lobro… YOU… YOU…. YOU condoned Jew Wiki…!!!

      Uh-mm-mm-mm… I’m tellin’ Franklin…. 🙂

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