Planting false memories fairly easy, psychologists find

New study bolsters notion that memory is fragile and aggressive police interrogations don’t always serve justice.

Psychologist Julia Shaw
Psychologist Julia Shaw

Julia Shaw (pictured) is one of the two psychologists who found that seeding false memories of crimes in students that had never committed any was surprisingly easy.

By: Sarah Barmak Special to the Star, Published on Sun Feb 08 2015

Subject: “I remember the two cops. There were two. I know that for sure . . . I have a feeling, like, one was white, and one maybe Hispanic . . . I remember getting in trouble. And I had to like, tell them what I did. And why I did it, and where it happened . . .”

Interviewer: “You remember yelling?”

Subject: “I feel like she called me a slut. And I got ticked off and threw a rock at her. And the reason why I threw a rock at her was because I couldn’t get close to her . . .”

Interviewer: “So you threw a rock instead?”

Subject: “That was bad. That was bad. Bad scene . . . Oh wow, that’s crazy.”

The person being interviewed is confessing on videotape to a serious crime — throwing a rock so hard at a girl’s head that it left her bleeding and unconscious.

But the assault in this story never happened. The interviewee was the unknowing subject of an experiment showing that innocent people can be led to falsely remember having committed crimes as severe as assault with a weapon.

The new study proves for the first time what psychologists have long suspected: that manipulative questioning tactics used by police can induce false memories — and produce false confessions.


Published in January in the journal Psychological Science by Julia Shaw of Britain’s University of Bedfordshire and Stephen Porter, a forensic psychologist who studies the role of memory in the legal system at the University of British Columbia, the study holds striking implications for the justice system.

“The human mind is very vulnerable to certain tactics in interviews,” Porter told the Star in an interview.
Shaw and Porter recruited 70 students at a Canadian university who had never committed a crime, and told them they’d be taking part in a study about how well people could remember their childhoods. They asked students’ past caregivers for details about a vivid event that had taken place in the students’ lives between ages 11 and 14, such as an accident or an emotional first day at school. Caregivers and students agreed not to communicate about the experiment while it was ongoing.

Researchers questioned the students for three sessions of about 40 minutes each. They asked them to recall two events in their past: the true event and an added false one, both of which they said the caregivers had told them about. The false event was described in as general terms as possible — simply “an assault” or “an incident where you were in contact with the police.”

If subjects said they couldn’t remember the false event, questioners reassured them they would be able to retrieve their “lost memories” if they tried hard enough. If they began to “remember,” experimenters asked for more detail. Do you recall any images? How did you feel? Visualize what it might have been like, they said, and the memory will come back to you.

By the end of the third interview, more than 70 per cent of subjects came to believe they had committed a crime just five or so years in the past. They didn’t merely agree they had done what the experimenters suggested — they generated all the details of the crime themselves, recalling vivid sensory memories and often becoming emotional and guilt-ridden.

Some subjects persisted in believing they were guilty after they had been told the “crime” had been invented. “A few people argued with the experimenter and said, ‘Well no, I know this happened,’ ” says Porter.

Think that’s scary? The psychologists did.

“We ended the study prematurely,” says Porter. Once he and Shaw had interviewed 60 of the students and realized the proportion of them generating false memories was high enough to support their hypothesis, they decided to spare the remaining 10 subjects the unnecessary upheaval.

It’s the stuff of disturbing sci-fi fantasies such as ‘Inception’ and ‘Blade Runner’: planting an idea or memory in another’s mind that’s so convincing, they believe it’s their own. Except it isn’t science fiction — it’s science fact. And instead of fanciful technology, all the psychologists needed to implant a false idea was a room, three hours and some innocent-sounding questions.

A few details make this study different from a police interrogation. Subjects may have been less afraid to admit a crime to psychologists than to police. The hippocampus, the part of the brain that forms memory, also isn’t completely developed between the ages of 11 and 14. And subjects were being questioned about an act committed five years in the past — but police investigations often involve questioning about events that are decades old.

And while manipulative, these tactics pale at what police regularly do — interrogating suspects for far longer, being more confrontational and wearing them down emotionally.

The study is only the latest to show that false memories can be induced, adding to a growing consensus that memory is inherently fragile. Harvard psychologist Daniel Schacter has shown that memory is always in part a construction — a delicate process of rebuilding.

Simply remembering something can leave it slightly changed. Even vivid recollections can get distorted because of the way we recount them to others, our mood or whether we’ve had enough sleep.

While this changeable, plastic model of memory has become standard in psychology and neuroscience, in the justice system, an older, outdated model persists.

“(It’s) the old view that memory works as a videotape,” says Porter. “The ancient Greeks used to talk about the storehouse of memory or the wax tablet of memory. That when we perceive our world around us, those perceptions are in our minds permanently, and it’s just a matter of getting them out.”

The outdated belief that memory is largely infallible supports the use of the Reid police questioning model, an often aggressive technique meant to confirm suspects’ guilt rather than uncover the facts. The American technique, which allows interviewers to lie to suspects, has become standard around the world, including in Canada.

“These manipulative tactics aren’t enhancing legal decision-making,” says Porter. “They’re making it more difficult, if not, in fact, impossible.”

A well-known US exoneration involving a man convicted on the basis of a Reid technique interrogation is that of Texan Chris Ochoa. Ochoa spent 12 years in prison for a murder he did not commit; he was freed when DNA evidence proved his innocence. Ochoa confessed to the crime after two 12-hour interrogation sessions that led him to conclude he had no hope of evading conviction.

False memories are responsible for countless false convictions and wrongful imprisonments, Porter believes. The Innocence Project in the U.S. has found that in at least 30 per cent of cases where convicts were exonerated by DNA testing, they had made false confessions. Some of those may have been the result of falsely induced memories.

Porter believes both police and the law need an overhaul in the way they treat testimony and confessions. He argues eyewitness testimony is valuable and can be largely accurate if suspects are questioned in ways that help preserve their recall.

Advocates like Brent Snook, professor of psychology at Memorial University in St. John’s, have been trying to change police departments across Canada.

He’s successfully worked with officers at the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary, Peel Regional Police and other forces to stop using Reid and adopt the PEACE model, which has been in use for decades in the United Kingdom and has been adopted in Norway and New Zealand. That model demands officers collect more corroborating evidence before questioning suspects, and doesn’t allow threatening or lying. Advocates say it results in stronger cases.

“The message I try to get across to the officers is that memory is like a crime scene,” says Snook. “One of the first things you don’t want to be doing at a crime scene is contaminating it . . . You make sure no one gets in there and starts moving evidence around.”

A separate challenge is changing the court system, says Paul Pearson, a Victoria, B.C. defence lawyer. He says in his 15 years in court, he’s heard clients say they made confessions they no longer believe are true. But that has been a tough sell with judges.

“When we go to court as defence lawyers and try to argue to a judge that we should bring in psychological evidence about the frailty of human memory and false memory syndrome, we’re often met with a great deal of resistance,” he says. “Judges want to be the judges (of whether memories are true).”

There are signs that courts are slowly starting to change, however. Alberta judge Mike Dinkel denounced the Reid technique “in the strongest terms possible” in 2012 for its potential to render false confessions and wrongful imprisonment.

Dinkel made that critique while dismissing aggravated assault charges against daycare owner Christa Lynn Chapple, who had been charged after a child in her care suffered a head injury. Chapple endured an oppressive eight-hour interrogation even though she said at least 24 times she wanted to remain silent, only confessing when her “free will” was broken, said Dinkel.

In the light of Shaw and Porter’s discovery that it takes far less than that to trick someone into a false memory, advocates hope that change will come faster to the justice system.


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  1. They don’t need false confessions. Their whole judicial system is a farce, were judges threaten you with heavier sentences unless you accept the plea bargain “your lawyer” is selling to you. Most convictions are court deals. Finish early and the judge can go fishing, it’s his god given right. What a joke of a legal system.

    Heard of the Military Industrial Complex, meet its retarded cousin the Prison Industrial Complex..

    Add to that the fact the FBI/cops use entrapment, inducing victims to commit crimes.

    1. … and,not forgetting that all these Institutions are corporations in their own rights i.e. there to make money.

      1. No changes. The Crown still owns prison as well.

        Contrary to popular belief the Crown is not the Royal Family or the British Monarch. The Crown is the private corporate city state of London. It has a council of twelve members who rule the corporation under a mayor called the Lord Mayor. The Lord Mayor and his twelve member council serve as prophecies or represent who sit in for thirteen of the world’s wealthiest, most powerful banking families. This ring of thirteen ruling families includes the Rothschild family, the Warburg family, the Oppenheimer family, and the Schiff family. These families and their descendants run the Crown Corporation of London. The Crown Corporation holds the title to worldwide Crown land in Crown colonies like Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The British Parliament and the British Prime Minister serve as a public front for these ruling crown families.

        Like the city state of London and the Vatican, a third city state was officially created in 1790 as the first Act of the Constitution America. That city state is called the District of Columbia and located on ten square miles of land in the heart of Washington. The District of Columbia flies its own flag, and has its own independent constitution. Although geographically separate, the city states of London, the Vatican, and the District of Columbia are one interlocking empire called Empire of the City.

        The flag of Washington’s District of Columbia has three red stars. One for each city state in the three city empire. This corporate empire of three city states controls the world economically through London’s inner city, militarily through the District of Columbia, and spiritually through the Vatican.

        The constitution for the District of Columbia operates under a tyrannical Roman law known as Lex Fori which bares no resemblance to the US Constitution.

        When Congress passed the Act of 1871 it created a separate corporate government for the District of Columbia. This treasonous act allowed the District of Columbia to operate as a corporation outside the original constitution of the United States and outside of the best interest of American citizens.

        A sobering study of the signed treaties and charters between Britain and the United States exposes a shocking truth that the United States has always been and still is a British Colony. King James I was famous, not for just changing the Bible into the King James version, but for signing the First Charter of Virginia in 1606. That charter granted America’s British forefathers a license to settle and colonize America. The charter also guarantees that future kings and queens of England would have sovereign authority over all the citizens and colonized land in America stolen from the Indians.

        Although King George III of England gave up most of his claims over the American colonies, he kept his right to continue receiving payment for his business venture of colonizing America. If America had really won the war of independence they would never have agreed to pay debts and reparations to the King of England.

        Americas blood soaked war of independence against the British bankrupted America and turned its citizens into permanent debt slaves of the king. In the War of 1812 the British torched and burned to the ground the White House and all US government buildings and destroyed ratification records of the US Constitution.

        In 1604, a corporation called the Virginia Company was formed in anticipation of the imminent influx of white Europeans, mostly British at first, into the North American continent. Its main stockholder was King James I and the original charter for the company was completed by April 10th 1606.

        The Virginia Company owned most of the land of what we now call the USA. The Virginia Company (The British Crown and the bloodline families) had rights to 50%, yes 50%, of all gold and silver mined on its lands, plus percentages of other minerals and raw materials, and 5% of all profits from other ventures. The lands of the Virginia Company were granted to the colonies under a Deed of Trust (on lease) and therefore they could not claim ownership of the land. They could pass on the perpetual use of the land to their heirs or sell the perpetual use, but they could never own it. Ownership was retained by the British Crown.

      2. Pat, That is a heck of an interesting post and I think it contains some very useful info. However, I have to stop you at the Vatican’s role as the spiritual component of this Troika. And I don’t think I am saying that just because it is getting a little too close to home for me. The Catholic Church is weaker than ever, and the current pope seems bent on changing Doctrine in order to please the world. I suppose it may have some truth if we were to imagine that the Vatican is currently being occupied territory.

        And the US being the Military Branch doesn’t make sense to me either, unless you are saying that this was function was established in 1871. That part wasn’t clear. As I first read your ideas, I was thinking this was how DC was founded in the late 18th Century. Of course George Washington was an isolationist.

        So what was going on in Europe around 1871? There were many Revolutions. The papal states were taken over and the pope was prisoner for awhile in the Vatican until it was created as its own City State. Come to think of it, I wonder if Benedict XVI is a current prisoner there. I cannot recall the exact dates of those European events, if I ever knew them. Must have been around that time.

        Looks like what you are saying is that post Civil War led to lots of changes. Although London, the City, had been going on for quite a long time up until that point. It all gets pretty complicated for me. But I certainly understand your general premise.

        By the way. Timothy Fitzpatrick did an outstanding article on the canard of the Jesuit Conspiracy. Here is a link to what is supposedly Part 1:

        I think this would be a very good article for Lasha to post or format with her own commentary. This subject was a hot issue here about a week ago due to Dublin Mick’s commentary.

  2. Of course, psychologists working for the JEWISH matrix which dominates your full sensual perception have worked out you can induce false memories.
    It has been long known that most of the extremist feminists that claim their father/uncle raped them have created the fantasy in their minds. Jocylenne Scutt and Germaine Greer of Australia have long lived with self-created fantasies, which include imagined abuse at the hands of males. One commentator once wrote: “Scutt and Greer have a morbid hatred of all males; which is surprising given their early life promiscuity and abortions.”
    It is all part of the matrix; aimed at destroying and marginalising the WASPM!
    Not only do they create false confessions but they turn people into killers such as the bloke Bryant at Port Arthur who is supposed to have clinically shot 39 people in the head. (Mind you the photos were faked, his knowledge of guns was zero, and another blonde man was seen departing the scene, etc. Bryant had no trial and is locked up for life,)
    THe MATRIX can now turn you into anything they want, if they choose you.
    I can see the matrix pattern on some of you writers.
    The Jews’ movies tell us all this, as they are really practising REAL LIFE scenarios! It is part of their in-joking.
    Ie. Everything in the movies becomes reality, just like Jules Verne’s predictions of futuristic submarines and Da Vinci’s suggestions,
    Now they are playing full-time with people.
    Their biggest drug is their talking message and brainwashing board – the Jewtube or television.
    Eg: As I’ve said, I have to listen to nigrah rap and such as Miley Cyrus at my gym here in Australia; the latest 2 top songs both have a sweet female voice inviting their latest pickup to “stay the night with them”; and another says, over and over, “I want a cigarette.” Then the nigrah rappers sing(?) “come here bitch… you mother fucker … fuck you… etc” … No wonder over 70% of negresses are birthing children with no known father!
    Never forgetthat at present you are a slave to the JEWISH MATRIX as it has become the out-there reality; that’s unless you live entirely alone in the backwoods, with no form of communication. Or as mentally strong as me!
    Think about it: It is almost impossible to think outside their MATRIX, as it has become REALITY for most of us slaves. Also read David Icke: “The Perception Deception.”


  3. Great contribution from you Pat as always.
    Yeah, Australia, USA, etc are still fully owned and operated by the Jewish-Illuminati impregnated BRITISH CROWN
    This is the head of the MATRIX.
    ISIS is also just another British Crown operative, as is just about everything else.
    In other words we are still merely colonies of the Crown.
    George Soros is now more powerful than Queen Elizabeth.
    He is the Jews’ worldly messiah.
    Soros “plays with our world like its his little toy.”

  4. Great Info Pat. America is an illusion. We are owned.

    As far as the experiment on the students goes: anytime an interviewer – or anyone else – asks a subject to remember a past event, the subject opens him/ herself to hypnotic suggestion. There is a free online line book by the late Walter Browart “Operation Mind Control” that covers this. In an interview about his book (it is on Youtube) Browart explains this to the host of the show. This would in part explain the responses of the students.

  5. @ rich (and by extension, pat, further upstream)

    rich, thanks for that great link to fitzpatrick’s expose of dublinmick’s ideological background.
    lasha would indeed do well to republish it.

    i would only make one small but crucially important correction, see below:

    The Catholic Church is weaker than ever, and the current pope seems bent on changing Doctrine in order to please the world JEW. I suppose it may have some truth if we were to imagine that the Vatican is currently being occupied territory.

    who nowadays cares a whit about what the world thinks, there is one and only entity before whom all quail and shake and that is JEW and his ultimate boss.
    they have owned the main chunk of vatican, to say papacy and curia for the last 50 years and the rot had set in even earlier.
    i believe that jesuits are fighting the rearguard action to save the shreds of catholic faith and are considered enemy by the pope and certainly the protocols make a clear case for this.
    consider that the earliest discovery of the protocols were in 1884 (give or take couple of years, i don’t feel like looking it up) and were first published in 1905, so it is not the case of seeing stuff in rear view mirror.
    they said that the only force with potential sophistication and intelligence to present the obstacle to world dominion were the jesuits and the pope was as good as done and the chair of st peter would soon be in their possession.

    but the squid ink squirters would have us thinking that no, it was the catholic church from the set go that is responsible for all ills plaguing today’s world.

    Auferte gentem perfidam credentium de finibus
    (Take the faithless tribe from the borders of the believing)

    and keep pseudo-mick from the borders of darkmoon site.

    one cannot search for truth without a functioning bullshit radar.

    1. Rather a truth radar. This could be employed for 40 or fifty years and still be honestly listed for resale as in “good as new condition.”

      Or possibly bartered for hip boots..

  6. Clearly a roundabout way of discounting the memories of children who remember being abused/raped. Convenient timing of an article about false confessions. If all memory can be discounted, then accusations can be tossed out as well.

  7. I am surprised at people’s reactions when scientists validate or “prove” a known fact, as if a white lab coat somehow imparts “real” hard evidence to a matter. This same phenomena was recently studied in children with false memories implanted by interviewers seeking a specific outcome in criminal child abuse cases. It took a while, but eventually scientists “discovered” the obvious fact that children can easily have memories implanted or manipulated to achieve a specific goal desired by adults. Magicians regularly employ the use of false memory to accomplish their illusions, as do hypnotist. So where is the big discovery in any of this?

    Jews are the foremost masters at this game of implanting false memories and yet scientists somehow fail to recognize this fact. How about the Holocaust, is that a false memory? The holocaust is a giant hoax, an event that never happened implanted on the minds of not just an individual, but upon masses of people of different generations! As with current torture techniques, this false reality was created for one purpose, to serve the agenda of the illusionists. How about the September 11th attack, is that a false memory? Only the most gullible still believe the illusory “facts” of this massive government crime that never happened. Yet there are a lot of gullible sheeple that are still true believers.

    So here we are being told how easy it is to implant memories while we ignore the obvious evidence of how it is done with regularity by a group promoting their own self interest and committing massive crimes to achieve those interests. Shouldn’t these immense, long lived false memories be publicly recognized as such or at least as much as the finding in this article?

    Perhaps the only greater crime is the manner in which guilt is fobbed off onto innocent victims. Is it any wonder these Jews are the same people who came up with the idea of “defaming the dead?” And why not, they do it all the time.

    Today innocent Arabs are the guilty party that have to be destroyed to gain access to their land and resources, just like the innocent Sodomites had to be destroyed so Abram might have access to their water for herds stolen from others by extortion.

    Germany got the same treatment as the sodomites, of whom only remains a derogatory term that, until recently, referred to what was considered the utmost moral depravity, homosexuality. Isn’t that pretty much the same type of moral depravity the term “Nazi” invokes in the modern mind as well? Are these not induced false memories of the most sadistic kind?

    But it goes far beyond this. Plato spoke of this illusion, the “false memory,” in his treatise on the condition of man being likened to living in a cave where shadow characters on the wall are taken for reality. The Sufis have maintained for centuries that unenlightened man’s life is nothing but an illusion, a false memory if you will. The Buddhist also allude to this concept. Far back into history, it has been known that much of what one thinks is truth or fact is in fact false memories induced by false preconceptions of the past.

    Torture has long been proven to induce false memories. However torture tactics used in interrogation really accomplish only one thing well, getting predetermined results, typically in the form of confessions. No matter the truth, the torturer gets the answers and signatures interviewers want to see and hear. That is why genuine military interrogation doesn’t use torture. False information about the enemy is the last thing military strategists want.

    The Soviets were infamous for their use of the most heinous forms of torture to extract confessions. The agenda of the communist was to show a high rate of conviction and to that end, torture worked perfectly in serving their needs. Likewise, modern military torture at Gitmo and other black hell holes, serve to validate and justify the idea that a war on terror is an absolute necessity – no matter the cost in lives and resources. But these are the very same people worming the same degenerate system upon the unsuspecting masses; the same people whose “Lord god” commands them to utterly destroy other people and their cultures in the name of righteous, heavenly justice.

    This was the agenda of the grand inquisitor, Tomás de Torquemada – to extract confessions of guilt. One should reflect for a moment on Torquemada’s Jewish heritage, a bloodline, sufficiently pronounced that papal law had to be modified lest Torquemada be subjected to his own inquisition!

    While Jews are infamous for torturing their victims, what they are really seeking has little or nothing to do with gaining information; they have other methods far more efficient for this purpose. For Jews, torture represents nothing more than a natural predilection for orgasmic responses to inflicting pain and suffering; in short Jews “get off” on torturing their victims, whether it be man, woman, child or beast. There are simply far too many examples of this to even consider any denial of these facts.

    Civilized cultures do not use torture because civilized people are repulsed by the pain and suffering of others. Civilized people want to help ease the pain and suffering, especially of the innocent. Civilized people build and create in an effort to improve lives of others. It takes a far more primitive animal mind to revel in murder, mayhem, and destruction. It requires an uncivilized, primitive mind to remain impervious to the torture, terror, pain and suffering of others, especially the innocent. Think of a mind somewhere below that of a snake.

    Civilized people are highly empathetic and responsive to the pain and suffering of others. Uncivilized, primitive, brutes and savages have no empathy or sympathy to pain and suffering and in fact often take great glee in creating unspeakable agonies in their victims. Perhaps the two foremost cultures indulging regularly in this type of morally depraved behavior are:

    (1) The Jews, who take joy in shooting children in the head and “holocausting” nations like Germany by means of firebombing terror, but then they began long ago when they wrote in great glee of their destruction of ancient Egypt. Not to wonder they have taken the pyramid as the penultimate symbol of their success. This was the very first culture they destroyed using their subversive tactics. I recently came across a 1918 photo of a mountainous pyramid constructed solely of German helmets. Where was the photo taken? New York city of course. Had it been taken in Tel Aviv, no doubt it would have been a pyramid of skulls.

    (2) The brutish and savage Negro that revels in mindless violence. A creature that laughs at the suffering of others as a small boy might laugh at playing his magnifying glass upon a hapless anthill. To the civilized mind, the Negro is an incomprehensibly primitive creature, one that rejoices in the raping, murdering, torturing and burning alive of its victim. Is it any wonder Jew’s feign close kinship with these savages?

    Just watch the standard Hollywood fare. Here one can visibly see the extreme moral depravity of the Jewish mind played out by various characters they both love and hate. Watch the countless horrors portrayed and the unspeakable violence these characters act out in their movies. Hollywood is awash with pain, suffering, terror, horror, bloodshed and what ever else the most depraved imaginations alive are capable of creating. The real horror however is watching Jews turn their fantasy Hollywood horror into real horror, like the ongoing horror show in the Middle East.

    One should reflect on the fact that the mind creating these movies is the same mind that created the “Nazi” holocaust myths and the story of Sodom and Gomorrah; this is the mind of the sadistic, depraved, pathological liar. By this, one should understand just how easily false memories are implanted in the trusting, uncritical, indiscriminate and unobservant minds of the masses. I can hardly wait for the day a researcher finally discovers this long recognized fact.

  8. In regards to my previous post, I have provided several Youtube links highlighting the Jew’s proclivity for torture, as well as their intense sexual bloodlust for murder and mayhem. Watch these clips and ask yourself, what kind of mind could possibly focus on these subjects to this level of intensity. A focus so intense they spend mind boggling amounts of time, money and effort producing these twisted fantasies. Ask yourself, do you want minds like these in your country, exposed to your children? More to the point, are these the minds you want running your country and dictating your moral and cultural standards? Because these are exactly the minds running America. Is it any wonder America now resembles a Jewish Hollywood horror movie?

    Before one begins protesting that some of these movies weren’t produced and or directed by Jews. Before one begins ranting how Quentin Tarantino and Samuel “Sam” Peckinpah aren’t Jewish one should realize they are overlooking a very important fact, i.e that these non-Jews create the Jew’s favorite themes of sex, violence, murder, mayhem and bloodlust for profit.

    The Jew’s own Hollywood and they own the movie financing business, therefore if one is to be funded and promoted by Hollywood, one must please their Jewish master. Of course there are exceptions to this rule, but they are relatively rare. Those who write novels or produce movies must write and produce “for the market,” a market owned and dominated by Jews. These “useful idiots” writing and producing mental garbage, know exactly what the Jews want and therefore write and produce to profit from the disgusting slavishness to the Jewish master.

    So take a look and ask yourself would I want to be alone in my house with a mind that creates this type of movie or book? Fact is you are now alone in a country whose policies are being run by minds like this. Why alone? Because, in direct contrast to Jews, whites have lost their social cohesiveness.

    Note there is a series of fifteen of these videos. I was sickened to the point I could not watch them. Next take a look at the movies from 1912 to 1960 and see how these compare to their modern counterparts.

    All the movies covered in all the parts:

    Part 1:

    The Last House On The Left (1972)
    Antichrist (2009)
    Martyrs (2008)
    Audition (2001)
    Cannibal Holocaust (1980)

    Part 2:

    I Spit On Your Grave (1978)
    A Clockwork Orange (1971)
    Irréversible (2002)
    Men Behind The Sun (1988)
    Salò, Or The 120 Days Of Sodom (1975)

    Part 3:

    The Human Centipede (First Sequence) (2009)
    The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) (2011)
    Aftermath (1994)
    August Underground’s Mordum (2003)
    Guinea Pig: The Devil’s Experiment (1985)
    Guinea Pig: Flowers Of Flesh And Blood (1985)
    A Serbian Film (2010)

    Part 4:

    Cutting Moments (1997)
    The Bunny Game (2010)
    Frontière(s) (2007)
    Gummo (1997)
    Nekromantik (1987)
    Teeth (2007)
    Grotesque (2009)

    Part 5:

    The Girl Next Door (2007)
    Dogtooth (2009)
    Begotten (1990)
    Eraserhead (1977)
    Slaughtered Vomit Dolls (2006)
    Melancholie der Engel (2009)

    Part 6:

    Megan Is Missing (2011)
    Threads (1984)
    Pink Flamingos (1972)
    À l’Intérieur (2007)
    Happiness (1998)
    Funny Games (1997)

    Part 7:

    Faces of Death (1978)
    Requiem For A Dream (2000)
    Visitor Q (2001)
    The Poughkeepsie Tapes (2007)
    Eden Lake (2008)
    Philosophy of a Knife (2008)

    Part 8:

    Snowtown (2011)
    Taxidermia (2006)
    The Green Elephant (1999)
    Cannibal (2006)
    Man Bites Dog (1992)
    Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer (1986)

    Part 9:

    Vase de Noces (1975)
    Feed (2005)
    Subconscious Cruelty (1999)
    Where the Dead go to Die (2012)
    Murder-Set-Pieces (2004)

    Part 10:

    Bad Boy Bubby (1993)
    Kill List (2011)
    Snuff 102 (2007)
    In A Glass Cage (1987)
    Mum & Dad (2008)
    I Stand Alone (1998)
    Imprint (2005)
    Come and See (1985)
    Niku Daruma (1998)
    Tetsuo (1989)
    Angst (1983)
    The Skin I Live In (2011)

    Part 11:

    Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS (1975)
    Calvaire (2004)
    Hard Candy (2005)
    The Life And Death of a Porno Gang (2009)
    I Saw The Devil (2010)

    Part 12:

    American Mary (2012)
    Shogun’s Sadism (1976)
    Seed (2007)
    Stoic (2009)
    Sweet Movie (1974)
    Singapore Sling (1990)

    Part 13:

    Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father (2008)
    Earthlings (2005)
    Goodbye Uncle Tom (1971)
    The Bridge (2006)
    The Act of Killing (2012)

    Part 14:

    High Tension (2003)
    Ex Drummer (2007)
    Enter The Void (2009)
    Caligula (1979)
    We Need To Talk About Kevin (2011)

    Part 15:

    The Last House on the Left (2009)
    Cannibal ferox (1981)
    I Spit on Your Grave (2010)
    I Spit on Your Grave 2 (2013)
    August Underground (2001)
    August Underground’s Penance (2007)
    Nekromantik 2 (1991)
    Guinea Pig 3: He Never Dies (1986)
    Guinea Pig 4: Mermaid in a Manhole (1988)
    An American Crime (2007)
    ReGOREgitated Sacrifice (2008)
    Slow Torture Puke Chamber (2010)
    Funny Games U.S. (2007)
    Tetsuo II: Body Hammer (1992)

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    Category: Entertainment (By whose standard? – Arch)
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  9. “Earthlings” should be standard curriculum for every student of every age. Of every person who aspires to be an actual human being as opposed to a ‘polished animal’

    “A man can live and be healthy without killing animals for food; therefore, if he eats meat, he participates in taking animal life merely for the sake of his appetite. And to act so is immoral.”
    – Leo Tolstoy


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