The Police State Is Upon Us

. . . by Paul Craig Roberts


Anyone paying attention knows that 9/11 has been used to create a police/warfare state. Years ago NSA official William Binney warned Americans about the universal spying by the National Security Agency, to little effect. Recently Edward Snowden proved the all-inclusive NSA spying by releasing spy documents, enough of which have been made available by Glenn Greenwald to establish the fact of NSA illegal and unconstitutional spying—spying that has no legal, constitutional, or “national security” reasons.

Yet Americans are not up in arms. Americans have accepted the government’s offenses against them as necessary protection against “terrorists.”

Neither Congress, the White House, or the Judiciary has done anything about the wrongful spying, because the spying serves the government. Law and the Constitution are expendable when the few who control the government have their “more important agendas.”

Bradley Manning warned us of the militarization of US foreign policy and the murderous consequences, and Julian Assange of WikiLeaks posted leaked documents proving it.

Were these whistleblowers and honest journalists, who alerted us to the determined attack on our civil liberty, rewarded with invitations to the White House and given medals of honor in recognition of their service to American liberty?

No. Bradley Manning is in federal prison, and so would be Julian Assange and Edward Snowden if Washington could get its hands on them.

Binney escaped the Police State’s clutches, because he did not take any documents with which to prove his allegations, and thus could be dismissed as “disgruntled” and as a “conspiracy kook,” but not arrested as a “spy” who stole “national secrets.”

Greenwald, so far, is too prominent to be hung for reporting the truth. But he is in the crosshairs, and the Police State is using other cases to close in on him.

These are only five of the many people who have provided absolute total proof that the Bill of Rights has been overthrown. Washington continues to present itself to the world as the “home of the free,” the owner of the White Hat, while Washington demonstrates its lack of mercy by invading or bombing seven countries on false pretenses during the past 14 years, displacing, killing, and maiming millions of Muslims who never raised a fist against the US.

Many commentators have written articles and given interviews about government’s ever expanding police powers. The totality of the American Police State is demonstrated by its monument in Utah, where an enormous complex has been constructed in which to store every communication of every American. Somehow a son or daughter checking on an aged parent, a working mother checking on her children’s child care, a family ordering a pizza, and sweethearts planning a date are important matters of national security.

Some educated and intelligent people understand the consequences, but most Americans perceive no threat as they “have nothing to hide.”

The Founding Fathers who wrote the Bill of Rights and attached it to the US Constitution did not have anything to hide, but they clearly understood, unlike modern day Americans, that freedom depended completely on strictly limiting the ability of government to intrude upon the person.

Those limits provided by the Founding Fathers are gone. The hoax “war on terror” demolished them.

Today not even the relationships between husband and wife and parents and children have any protection from arbitrary intrusions by the state.

Essentially, government has destroyed the family along with civil liberty.

Those insouciant Americans who do not fear the police state because they “have nothing to hide” desperately need to read: States Kidnap Homeschool Children.

In Police State America, authorities can enter your home on the basis of an anonymous “tip” that you are, or might be, somehow, abusing your children, or exposing them to medicines that are not in containers with child-proof caps or to household bleach that is not under lock and key, and seize your children into state custody on the grounds that you present a danger to your children.

The government does not have to tell you who your accuser is. It can be your worst enemy or a disgruntled employee, but the tipster is protected. However, you and your family are not.

The authorities who receive these tips treat them as if they are valid. A multi-member goon squad shows up at your house. This is when the utterly stupid “I have nothing to hide” Americans discover that they have no rights, regardless of whether they have anything to hide.

We owe this police power over parents and children to “child advocates” who lobbied for laws based on their fantasies that all parents are serial rapists of children, and if not, are medieval torturers, trained by the CIA, who physically and psychologically abuse their children.

In the opinion of “child advocates,” children are brought into the world in order to be abused by parents. Dogs and cats and the fish in the fishbowl are not enough. Parents need children to abuse, too, just as the Police and the Police State need people to abuse.

Of course, sometimes real child abuse occurs. But it is not the routine event that the Child Protective Services Police assume. A sincere investigation, such as was missing in the report on the home-schooled children, would have had one polite person appear at the door to explain to the parents that there had been a complaint that their children were being exposed to a poisonous substance in the home. The person should have listened to the parents, had a look at the children, and if there was any doubt about the water purifier, ask that its use be discontinued until its safety could be verified.

But nothing sensible happened, because the Police State does not have to be sensible.

Instead, a half dozen goon thugs show up. The parents are put outside in the snow for 5 hours while the children are scared to death with questions and then carried away from their home, mother, and father.

In Police State America, this is called Protecting Children. We owe this tyranny to the idiot “child advocates.”

It is no longer important to protect children from homosexuals, unless the homosexuals are Catholic child pedophiles. But it is absolutely necessary to protect children from their parents.

So, yes, dear insouciant American fool, whether you have anything to hide or not, you are in grave danger, and so are your children, in Police State America.

You can no longer rely on the Constitution to protect you.

This is the only way that you can protect yourself: grovel before your neighbors, your co-workers, your employees and employers, and, most definitely, before “public authority” and your children — as your children can report you.

Don’t complain about anything. Do not get involved in protests. Don’t make critical comments on the Internet or on your telephone calls. Don’t homeschool. Don’t resist vaccines.

Be an abject, cowardly, obedient, servile member of the enserfed, enslaved American population. Above all, be thankful to Big Brother who protects you from terrorists and Russians.

You, dear insouciant, stupid, American are back on the Plantation. Perhaps that is your natural home. In his masterful A People’s History of the United States, Howard Zinn documents that despite their best efforts the exploited and abused American people have never been able to prevail against the powerful private interests that control the government. Whenever in American history the people rise up they are struck down by brute force.

Zinn makes totally clear that “American freedom, democracy, liberty, blah-blah” are nothing but a disguise for the rule over America by money.

Wave the flag, sing patriot songs, see enemies where the government tells you to see them, and above all, never think. Just listen. The government and its presstitute media will tell you what you must believe.

PaulCraigRoberts150Dr. Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His internet columns have attracted a worldwide following. Roberts’ latest books are The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism and Economic Dissolution of the West and How America Was Lost.

85 thoughts to “The Police State Is Upon Us”

  1. This state of affairs can be blamed on what I call the “baboonification” or dumbing down of the population since the 1960’s. During my schooling in the 50’s and 60’s my teachers were unafraid to spare the rod. “He that spareth his rod, loveth not his son!” Most people, are now too cowardly to stand up for any moral beliefs. Exams are now mostly multiple choice! In my day, I can honestly say I never once had a multiple choice exam. Essays are the only way to educate. Protest about this and your are a dinosaur! Another major factor in this baboonification process is political correctness. I was visiting the USA in the early 80’s and used the word negro, which of course elicited horrified gasps. Where did PC originate? From judaized academics. Once we allowed our speech to be constrained on the basis of not offending anyone we started down the path of this Orwellian horror the west has become! How do we overcome this a start would be a boycott of the intruments or purveyors of oppression, mainstream journalists, politicians and the like. Refuse to speak or serve them in anyway. Picket their homes. Turn your back on them in public and so on, just as the Irish people did to the original Mr. Boycott!

    1. Felix,

      I agree with the overall gist of your argument, but “During my schooling in the 50’s and 60’s my teachers were unafraid to spare the rod.” I do disagree with this aspect. My father disciplined me, in fact he disciplined me quite a lot, most of the time, not for doing anything wrong. I resented this. I was also disciplined at school as well, with the belt as it hadn’t been removed when I was at school (’76 – ’89) during the earlier years. Older now and looking back, state disciplining through corporate punishment is wrong simply because it’s abuse of a child from another. It’s the father’s job to do that and no one else.

      As for the “negro” debate, I always laugh. African origins refer to themselves as black yet it’s not ok to refer to them as black in another language, in this case Spanish. The word nigger comes directly from the Latin for black, niger a language that is the base of English and Spanish. The sad thing is that people are simply too stupid to realise what’s going on, that is, they are being conditioned to accept emotive reasoning over common sense logic. This is how you very easily control a society. And the Jews have utilised this very well. Worse still, restriction has been placed on Europeans being allowed to speak their own language, but not non Europeans, in this case, African origin Americans calling one another ‘niggas’. This is all about the restriction of freedom to one group while giving it to another. Divide and conquer, is possibly the greatest strategy of our Jewish overlords.

      1. HARBINGER!
        I take your point about corporal punishment, but there was a hemophiliac in one of my classes and he was never caned. Instead he was given lines and detention instead, which he hated. So personally I preferred the cane, as the punishment was short sharp and over quickly, and because our teachers caned equally, nobody felt victimised. BTW, I had some tough, old bastards as teachers in my final year of secondary school. My maths teacher was a navigator who flew a hundred bombing missions over Germany, also had a DFC. My English teacher was a spitfire pilot who flew against the Japs. My history and geography teachers fought the Japs on the Kokoda trail and beyond. I assure you one never played up in their classes.

      2. there are 2 african countries, niger and nigeria that should rename to black and blackaria, in the opinion of lobro blanco.

        in fact, since “black” is the only acceptable naming convention in english, other languages should follow suit, thus “schwartz”, “schwartzaria”, “negro”, “negromania” and russian choices are something else:


        from my execrable russian – at least i can read most of the cyrillic script – i can discern darky, hopeless, bad, evil, ugly (ТЕМНЫЙ; БЕЗНАДЕЖНЫЙ; ЗЛОВЕЩИЙ; ЗЛОЙ; ДУРНОЙ).
        a rich set of choices, all more correct than the original niger (i see that spellcheck complains but does not suggest double “g” (ie, neggates the real deal)).

  2. PCR states, “Yet Americans are not up in arms.”

    That IS because people like PCR who are in the know, with three full alphabets behind their names, will not tell them who to be ‘up in arms’ ABOUT!!!

    The best he could muster is a list of reporters, authors and whistle-blowers….that CNN has mentioned daily:
    William Binney
    Edward Snowden
    Glenn Greenwald
    Bradley Manning
    Julian Assange
    Howard Zinn
    The Founding Fathers

    PCR needs to tell Americans ….at least…who to sue!!

    He must be a victim of the ‘dumbing down’ at Georgia Institute of Technology and the University of Virginia and the University of California, Berkeley and Merton College, Oxford University.

    1. Agree Pat.

      PCR does seem to be nothing but another Alex Jones, who likes to tell people what’s happening but not why it’s happening and who’s really behind it all. In other words, he’s another scaremonger, telling people inside the prison how bad it is, but not showing them any way out.

    2. What bothers me most about the good Doctor, B.A. Ph.D etc. etc. is there is no history or family background on him. All you get is, he was born on Apr. 3, 1939 in Atlanta, Georgia and his various accomplishments at university and in politics. I tried quite a few searches and all the hits are dominated by or some such. Did this guy appear out of thin air? For someone without a discernible past he sure wields some influence in the alt media now, never mind his ‘Reaganomics’.

      Even Bibi, the nitwit yahoo, you can trace back to his polish ancestry and his father Benzion Mileikowsky.

      Question for me is, what is PCR’s intent? Pulling wool or lifting veil?

      1. PCR has no parents listed on the net sources. Very curious.

        He is not claiming to be a part of the growing list of holo-hoax survivors.

        Who knows?

  3. Ironically, the police state has been on us for quite some time now, it’s only courtesy of continued brainwashing (programmes like Big Brother have worked immensely well, not forgetting Hollywood) that people don’t notice it so much. The move to where we are has been dropping the frog in water and heating it up. Society’s been dumbed down.

    Unlike PCR, I state what can be done and that’s to stop feeding the state. It’s this monster that is taking away everyone’s liberties. It’s this monster, through puppet politicians, everyone continues to vote into power, as to why the Bill of Rights has been practically removed altogether from society.

    As Pat states, all PCR does is mention the same whistleblowers that the msm does. No mention of the Rothschilds, Mossad and the rest of the Zionist overlords behind much of his angst.

    The minute Americans had to have any form of license to be able to do whatever they chose to, was the day that the police state began. Communism entered the USA and the west a very long time ago, after all, it was Lenin who stated that “we will institute services into the west that will become authorities”. It’s always the same, they use the ruse of help in order to control even more. What’s worse is people truly believe that politicians are just ‘winging’ it as they go along. They have no clue as to the gravity of the control mechanism that’s now only been able to be implemented fully thanks to technology, that’s thousands of years old.
    As I continually say, people deserve the society they live in. If it’s a prison, so be it. They have after all built in and those who haven’t are complicit in their inaction to stop it from happening.

    1. Harbinger –

      Your strategy of starving the beast/state is about the only one which may be maintained. Each intelligent and cognitive person in his country can do at least ONE THING to deprive the beast of something. Your thing and my thing and someone else’s [thing] might be different – but somewhere thoughout the millions there are duplicates – and all those add up to SOMETHING (and the whole collection can gum up the works pretty well)..

      Every day, one can encounter SOMETHING to throw a wrench into the works. Lots of wrenches add up to lots of interrupted assaults against us. It may be as small as choosing non-participation in a sheeple collective – or something as big as political chaos. Everyone has his own abilities. Call it ‘community service work’ – but almost everyone has a knack for something he or she hasn’t thought about, yet.

      In Economics 101, we learned the Law of Diminishing Returns. The ‘System’ comes unbalanced – and its destructive/productive power diminishes – when spread too thin.

      1. Gilbert,

        If everyone took their money out of the banks and demanded that money be made from the commodity that”s backing them as well as removing bank notes from circulation, which are worthless, then you would bring this banking beast to its knees.

        If people studied the law and followed common law and not legislation which is contract law then the system wouldn’t continue screwing the public as it is, where court rooms are nothing more than banks run by highwaymen.

        If people home schooled their children instead of sending them to state brain laundries, then it would further help smash the system and its indoctrination and brainwashing.

        If they all got rid of their TV’s and stopped watching Hollywood and listening to the radio, then the msm would die out, that is if they also stopped purchasing broadsheets and tabloids.

        If they stopped joining the police and armed forces then the bankers would not have their street thugs and foreign invasion forces. People should also consider learning how to defend themselves in hand to hand combat as well. Remember that the police rarely, if ever, stop an actual assault, murder taking place. They merely look for the culprit afterwards. It’s the people who are the muscle for the Jewish elites and thus their own slavers.

        I don’t believe in law and order as like organisations they can easily be infiltrated, however that said, many people do and I believe the best policy would be to having a ruing people’s body in charge of the police, armed forces and judiciary, instead of in the case of the UK, the crown. That’s another beast that needs to be removed from society.

        As you said, we can all do something to destroy this best, but it’s up to and always will be up to the individual to make themselves free should they wish it so. The above is merely some of the many ways that society can free itself and in doing so destroy the NWO.

      2. Gil and Harbinger

        Alas, if this and if that. What’s the full expression, Gil? “If wishes were horses….” Or, if the queen had any balls she’d be king?

        It’s all about circlin’ the wagons now. Or say, the cavalrymen and their horses. And lookin’ for an outcome of “Custer-in-reverse”.

        Make that “Custer” with a tomahawk! 😉

      3. Brownhawk,

        You could easily change the word if, with “the people could” (changing adjoining grammar respectively) and you would see a very possible strategy that would very well bring down the system. As I’ve said countless times, the people are the problem as they work for, maintain and protect the very system that oppresses them.

        I do not think it possible that this NWO will be overthrown physically, not unless, that is, the armed forces rebel against government and remove the international bankers from existence along with the elite bloodlines and their secret societies. Even then, there will still be the private armies.

        Above all, Brownhawk, the people need to understand what and who it is they’re fighting against. It means they must educate themselves on their enemy, but in order for that to happen academia and the msm need to be wrestled back into the people’s hands, or else they will continue to remain ignorant, looking at you and I as conspiracy nutcases, while the new world order adds the finishing touches to their total, control society with the installation of Plato’s guardian class of untouchables, not forgetting the emperor who will reside on the throne of the world, in Solomon’s temple, Israel.

        The first step is always the hardest and it simply means saying no.

      4. Harbinger, the solutions you present on this thread seem so sensible. I hope and pray that many people can heed your advice. Cheers! 🙂

  4. Police state first started in US when Pres Washington sent 13,000 troops to enforce the taxes on dirt poor Western Penn. farmers for making whiskey in July, 1794…. at the demands by Alexander Hamilton… favor of large Eastern distillers…. to help keep out competition. He sent Robt. E Lee’s dad to lead the disgraceful charge.

  5. I am only interested in the BIG PICTURE and the CAUSE!
    THE BIG PICTURE = total Jewish-Zionist-Communist-Marxist-Illuminati (all the same thing) of the USA, especially since the 1960’s; but commencing in earnest in 1913 when the Jews took control of the world’s money and gold.
    The CAUSE = What some of the greatest men and women in history warned you of, be it Jesus, Muggeridge, Nesta Webster, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Henry Ford, Winston Churchill (in 1921), Adolf Hitler, Solzhenitsyn, etc. = The planetary JEWISH hegemony of pure, unadulterated POWER.
    As P. C. Roberts says of us Westerners: “Be an abject, cowardly, obedient, servile member of the enserfed, enslaved American population. Above all, be thankful to Big Brother who protects you from terrorists and Russians. You, dear insouciant, stupid, American are back on the Plantation.”
    BIG BROTHER is synonymous for sheer, unbridled JEWISH POWER and $$$$$$$$’s. Sure enough there are many evil Goyim onthe POWER’s side, but it is Jewish controlled from the top, just like the USA’s Congress and NSA.
    As I’ve said, Janet Yellen can turn on the money presses, entirely unaudited, whenever she likes. Some of this money JUST keeps Americans fed, but most goes to worldwide Jewry, via Israel.
    Yes, for the Jews it is Mark Knopler’s “money for nothing and the chicks (Goyims) are free!”
    Roberts: “Zinn makes totally clear that “American freedom, democracy, liberty, blah-blah” are nothing but a disguise for the rule over America by money.”
    I’ll say it again: IT IS ALL ABOUT THE $$$$$$$$$”S!
    $$$$$$$’s buy POWER! It is all as simple as that!
    Harbinger is correct: “As I continually say, people deserve the society they live in. If it’s a prison, so be it. They have after all built in and those who haven’t are complicit in their inaction to stop it from happening.”
    STOP IT? As I said, it has to NOW be the bloodiest, most violent pogrom in recorded history; and the firing squads wil have to be employed for many years.
    I REPEAT: Any political solution is now impossible. Who will throw the first stone? Who will fire the shot that will reverberate around the world and start the insurrection?
    Surely, it must be in the near future!

    1. Max,

      “STOP IT? As I said, it has to NOW be the bloodiest, most violent pogrom in recorded history; and the firing squads wil have to be employed for many years.”

      The people, although vastly outnumbering the armed forces, the security services, private armies and police, are no match. Trust me when I say this that every possible violent action from the people against the new world order has already been played out, under computer analysis and discussion, to the conclusion that they win and we lose. The vast trillions of the Rothschild’s, one of the major players in this new world order, have been helping understand the people more and more.

      Remember the film “Wargames”? Do you remember when they get the super computer to play itself at noughts and crosses continuously in order to work out who wins in a nuclear war? Well they’ve done the same thing with every possible physical attack of the people against them.

      This new world order is not a recent thing Max. This has been a plan of the elites, going as far back to Babel and beyond. The only reason that it’s moving so fast into endgame now is because they have the satellites in position and the technology capable of controlling 6+billion people worldwide.

      What the elites fear most from people is individuality. They also fear the majority wakening up before they finally install their matrix. They rely on the people to remain ignorant as the people are the ones whom they’ll rely on to do their dirty work. If the people wake up then you’re looking at the very possible scenario of special forces units going rogue against their former masters and ending their existence incredibly quickly.

      What you propose, a full frontal assault by militias would be a bloodbath. The technological superiority of the ‘enemy’ would turn the oncoming militia horde into mincemeat, incredibly quickly. Air superiority mixed with ground superiority, mixed with intellectual superiority would destroy the attack almost as soon as it begun. And the msm would continue its propaganda painting the revolutionaries as evil and trying to take away ‘our freedoms’, just as Bush said of those whom he launched a war of terror on.

      I believe the only way that we’ll win is by starving the system, as I have laid out in my reply to Gilbert above. Remember also that man is weak. He has allowed himself to be put into a virtual prison. All the elites need to do is find the weakest link of any covert, people operation and bribe them/threaten their family, in order for them to give up their associates. Like I said, the new world order knows every possible military outcome and hence why they’ve prepared for a full frontal assault. You know they have underground cities all over the USA with which to exist for years, if they decide to ‘scorch’ the earth. And they also have a ‘Noah’s Ark’ with all the DNA of every flora and fauna with which to start all over again. Films like 2012, Titan AE are predictive programming for the profane.

      Just as Israel would invoke the Samson option to make sure Israel exists, the elites would do it on a world scale and start all over again. We’re dealing with truly evil individuals who know our every move.

      1. What the elites fear most from people is individuality.

        quite true, harbinger, but you must not try to reach the top rung of the ladder by skipping the intervening ones or it becomes the proverbial pie in the sky … with a proper ladder, that pie comes within the reach.

        let’s walk through it a bit.

        what engenders individuality?
        intellectual reach.
        and it requires free time, solid education grounded in the thoughts of the best of the previous generations, the real, original and creative thinkers, the classics, the basic sciences, philosophy, literature, poetry, arts.
        and such education requires a well organized, peaceful, enlightened social order so that people are free to better themselves, free to think, speak and write and refute what they consider bullshit, not be fearful of arbitrary persecution for thinking outside zone of political correctness, without fearing for their material existence, not become ever more dumbed down to the permanently crude, crotch grabbing protozoan level that is so prevalent in these “mighty” united states of jewmerica.
        if the term “national socialism” is unpalatable, break its nutrients down into “national” and “socialist”, ie, the political plan that works for the improvement of local society ahead of satisfying individual gluttony and venality.
        unfortunately, i don’t see this as a possibility without a patriotically motivated military coup in the states, the one followed by ruthless purge of the pathogenic humanoid lifeforms that harbor absolutely nothing but homicidal feelings for us.
        a tricky proposition, i admit, but among all the wildly utopian and/or unrealistic ones, the closest to the ground level.

        the finest flight of creation in history occurred during the periods of powerful gentile governments with benevolent, enlightened dictators ensuring that the bestial mob does not devour those possessed of intellect and originality – on the contrary, they were jealously guarded and sponsored, from genghis khan, saladdin, tamerlane, charlemagne, ludovico medici, ottomans, hapsburgs onward.

        in any given 50 years within the past 5 centuries, europe produced a stream of creation of eternal quality, incomparable to the finest output of 7 idiotic billion of the last 100 years – how is it possible, with all these millions of “doctorates”, packed with chosen judaics of such superior intelligence?
        and all that “freedom of choice, diversity, alternatives” … all the creative force is channeled into $-making ventures, mostly marketing scams, ray kroc stuff, jew architectural grandeur (i am sure nyt “critics” swoon over its genius, better than antonio gaudi’s sagrada familia).

        somebody explain.

  6. Another factor in the dumbing down of the American public is the poison in the air (chemtrails), water (fluor), food (Monsanto) and medicines (vaccinations). Chemtrails are now everywhere present in the Western world, spread probably by NATO. Education and entertainment are forms of mind control.

    Those who are behind this all are a small elite of Jewish Satanists with their Gentile followers, who are controlled by blackmail via paedophilia.

    It is impossible for a decent person to make it to the top of the power structure in order to change the system from within. Good people are weeded out right from the beginning.

    The solution? I wish I knew! Boycotting the system is impossible. Just try not to pay your income tax and see what happens!

    1. As a happy camper, in a city that just quit adding fluoride to the public water supply, I feel much better about boiling my potatoes. The excuse for added fluoride so poor people can protect their teeth from cavities and don’t have to go see a dentist just doesn’t wash. Fluoride is an industrial waste product from smelting aluminum and somehow they had to get rid of it, you know big companies not wanting to clean up after themselves.

      As for the chemtrails, well, it seems ‘they’ found another way of disposing of industrial waste to the detriment of the population and the maximizing of profits.

      The idea people will catch on to the agenda seems to be quite remote. Pity.

    2. Or even more insidious, Franklin, is the onerous PROPERTY tax. This is where they REALLY got you by the short hairs. This has to be THE key component in the SWO drive for Agenda-21. Even if you somehow managed to materially provide for yourself without the backing of these counterfeit banknotes how are you gonna get away from this demand to pay for the land on which you live your life with anything other than this “money” that is collectively accepted?!

      Call it their ace-in-the-hole for rounding up the last of those who would continue to resist – when the push becomes the final shove. When “Don’t tread on me!” is put to its sternest test.

      Where “LIVE FREE OR DIE!!” becomes a physical reality

  7. “Never B Peace”

    Now of course I want peace on the streets
    But realistically
    Painting perfect pictures ain’t never work
    My misery was so deep
    Couldn’t sleep through all my pressures
    In my quest for cash
    I learned fast
    Using violent measures
    Memories of adolescent years
    Their was unity
    But after puberty we brought war
    To our community
    So many bodies dropping
    Its gotta stop
    I want to help
    But still I’m stepping
    Keeping my weapon
    Must protect myself
    The promise of a better tomorrow
    ain’t never reach me
    Plus my teachers were to petrified in class to teach me
    Sipping thunderbird
    And grape kool-aid
    Calling Earl since my stomach was empty
    It seduced me to the world
    Watch my ‘lil homies
    Lose there childhood to guns
    Nobody cries no more
    Cause we all die for fun
    So why you ask me if I want peace
    If you cant grant it
    Niggas fighting across the whole planet
    So we can never be at peace

    Somebody owes me
    Will they control me?, nah
    I ain’t a hater playa
    But I want all you got
    Your babies have babies
    Now we fighting each other
    My dogs got rabies
    They biting each other
    ‘n’ it ain’t hard to find a friend like mine
    Big fully is a bully
    And he don’t mind dying

    We living in a prison
    Losing our religion on em
    Thanks given when thankful just for living in hell
    Damn homey I don’t mean to be harsh
    But it’s the devil in the ghetto trying to tear it apart
    And if we make it up out
    We still stuck in the dark
    Will there ever be peace?
    Just the peace in my heart
    Things are changing?
    Nigga you better fantasize
    I’m only concerned about me and mine in these times
    The world is a ghetto where peace is not a part of it
    We all goin’ need God if we plan to get out of this
    Niggas spending too much time hating on each other
    Niggas buyin’ guns
    Load em up
    Aim at each other
    And the victim is you and me
    The secret is true indeed
    The good die
    Mostly over bullshit
    Deep in me there’s a part that wants nothing but love
    But the rest of me knows war is what’s waiting for us
    So I stays ready
    Keep my pay heavy and boss up
    Stack my funds and my guns
    Never rely on luck
    Asking God to point out the imposters
    Never let no weapon formed against me prosper
    Cause they’ll never be peace
    So don’t rely on it
    Soldiers die for
    And in the ghetto, they trying for it

    [Tupac Talking]

    Shit, peace
    On the strength till my niggas get a piece
    We cant have peace
    How the fuck we gonna live happy if we ain’t got none?
    You motherfuckers is smiling, but I’m mean mugging
    Why? Cause gotta be thugging
    I’ve seen drugs done turned this moth.erfuc.king hood out
    All us niggas acting up
    Wild ass adolescents
    These niggas ain’t even got no childhoods no more
    How the can you have a childhood and you have a funeral every moth.erfu.c.king weekend
    And you mot.herf.uckers talking about peace?
    Nigga, it ain’t no moth.erfuc.king peace
    You ain’t seen the news moth.erfu.cker?
    You ain’t heard?
    Little babies getting smoked
    Mot.herfu.ckers killing their whole family
    ‘Lil kids getting thrown off buildings
    Mot.herfu.ckers gettin abused
    Peace? Niggas you out of your mo.ther.fuc.king mind?
    Fuck peace
    We can’t never have peace, till you mot.herfuc.kers clean up this mess you made
    ‘Till u clean up the dirt u dropped
    ‘Till we get a piece peace

    1. The blacks are as bad as your ISIS buddies.. the blacks turn their weapons on one another, whilst the takfiris target muslims. Neither target the enemy..

      1. Hi Ingrid, you know Boko Haram ? Those people that want to establish an Islamic State in Nigeria ? Who flees from their wake ? Muslims. Who is targeted by them ? Muslims ?
        Are Boko Haram Muslims simply because they raise Islamic flags and black banners ?
        I do not know but anyone can do that.

      2. @itsonlyme. What the h*lls wrong with reggae? btw, it’s Bob Marley’s birthday today…

        Redemption Song –

        Interview –

        @avatar. I see your Gary Moore and raise you a Thomas Bracken. Btw it’s New Zealand’s birthday today…

        God of Nations! at Thy feet,
        In the bonds of love we meet,
        Hear our voices we entreat,
        God defend our free land.
        Guard Pacific’s triple star
        From the shafts of strife and war,
        Make her praises heard afar,
        God defend New Zealand.

        Men of every creed and race,
        Gather here before Thy face,
        Asking Thee to bless this place,
        God defend our free land
        From dissension, envy, hate,
        And corruption guard our State.
        Make our country good and great,
        God defend New Zealand.

        Peace, not war, shall be our boast,
        But, should foes assail our coast,
        Make us then a mighty host,
        God defend our free land
        Lord of battles, in Thy might,
        Put our enemies to flight,
        Let our cause be just and right,
        God defend New Zealand.

        Let our love for thee increase,
        May thy blessings never cease,
        Give us plenty, give us peace,
        God defend our free land.
        From dishonour and from shame,
        Guard our country’s spotless name,
        Crown her with immortal fame,
        God defend New Zealand.

        May our mountains ever be
        Freedom’s ramparts on the sea,
        Make us faithful unto Thee,
        God defend our free land.
        Guide her in the nations’ van,
        Preaching love and truth to man,
        Working out Thy glorious plan,
        God defend New Zealand.

        …Happy Birthday New Zealand!!! 🙂

      3. Kalif – Je suis Peace, boko haram are just another bunch of heartless mercenaries, doing their bit for the anti-muslim factions, they are cut from the same cloth as the takfiris, their task is to spread terror, create chaos, and kill muslims..

        Heard earlier that a Tunisian couple, who were planning to leave France with their five kids, had their kids taken from them. What the hell is it that authorities want? they make it impossible for muslim families to stay, then, when they want to leave, they prevent them..

      4. SL. Space Lizard yes? Ok. Reggae is not so bad! Sorry! I can respect the spirituallity. But we do it all better, like blues too. PS give up trying to talk to avatar. Hes not even really should be posting on a site like this. Know your enemy! Dont you know that a lot of blacks are muslims here in US. Come to think of it isn’t Eminem white. Even he does it better.

      5. @Itsonlyme. Muslim Americans are racially diverse. No single racial or ethnic group makes up more than 30% of the total. Overall, 30% describe themselves as white, 23% as black, 21% as Asian, 6% as Hispanic and 19% as other or mixed race.

        Even though you might be right about avatar, he should still be allowed to post because this is free speech zone. We need more free speech zones so that we can warn everyone about the Jewish threat to our European culture. Thank you. Its all about education, that’s where they start brainwashing us. But if we have more free speech zones then we can warn more people. Free speech zones are such a good idea in this country especially right now.

    2. Avatar –

      Well done… TOO well done, because this kind of diatribe makes some people realize the mob-stirring incantations making gangs of lesser minds commit atrocities such as the videoed burning alive of the unfortunate Jordanian pilot.

      IF you indeed represent the outrage of oppressed Muslims in the ME, these types of activities are bringing on the VERY DANGEROUS wrath of the people of the West, viz., America, toward those you pretend to represent. (I doubted it – but you might WELL BE a functionary in some office in Tel Aviv.)

      While I am not denying my own government’s complicity in these outrages, I do believe there comes a point where all of us can be orchestrated – right or wrong – to push back HARD. Who profits from that?? (You already know, of course.)

    3. Avatar,

      Tupac was a shill. He made his fortune making a noise called (c)rap, who had no musical skill whatsoever, doing nothing more than riding on the coat tails of Gil Scot Heron, the original beat poet that all the moronic negroes try to emulate today.

      While they call one another niggas we Caucasians can’t. They have successfully managed to hijack our language and take it for themselves, another action of the Jew.
      It was Jewry that unleashed this shit upon the world, this vile, egotistical, aggressive noise called rap. They bought the growing number of talentless, music wannabes and gave them a means to pollute society, through their control of the media industry. There is nothing that Tupac ever said that I would find remotely interesting. And the only reason that this man is ‘recognised’ in today’s society is because he died young. A talentless hack and the epitome of how the Jew turns beauty into ugliness.

      1. Indeed. E. Michael Jones had an article a couple of years back in Culture Wars which included information about the founding of a Rap Record Label between two college roommates in the ’80s. One a black and the other, you guessed it, a Jew. I think they were attending Columbia University. The overreaching theme of the article was black exploitation films, music, and gang warfare in context with the one time alliance between blacks and Jews starting with the NAACP and of course culminating in the Civil Rights Movement.

  8. Something definitely creepy is going on in the U.S. with so called Child Protective Services. They do want the children, but for what??? You have to notice that they pick on poor people in particular poor people with alternative ideas, ironically Christianity has made the alternative list of late. The reason Americans aren’t protesting more is that it is so quiet like that building in Moscow where families were taken away in the night and then the apartment went up for rent and no one said anything. Maybe no one wants to be the next person that gets taken away or the children get taken away.

    I always thought that a rich man’s assault rifle is the lawsuit, but now the lawsuit has become the poor man’s means of survival. All the old issues fade out of focus now for me as the criminal government and their propaganda wing go after the poor, and families with children.

    We all need the rich man’s assault rifle–we all need big time, mean as hell lawyers on speed dial.

  9. i was merely pointing out the situation in which the usa lives in today, due mostly to the erosion of moral values thanks to your jewish friends and allies who have succeeded in getting you to where you are now which is what islam is exactly trying to prevent.
    i doubt TUPAC was a shill, just an expression of true reality! A pop artist that came from below AND SINGS WHAT HE SEES..
    listen to this words from the notorious big (who was the one that had tupac killed and was later smoked by tupac’s buddies)
    pac was from L.A. and biggie from new york, listen to the jewish influence in biggie’s lyrics

    (The Notorious B.I.G.])
    I’m hard, Jehovah said I’m barred from the pearly gates him, I didn’t wanna go to heaven anyway
    But my momma had me on my knees with my hands gripped
    Talkin’ about some “Praise the Lord” shit
    Hail Mary, her
    I never knew her
    I would probably screw her and dump her body in the sewer
    Our father, my pops stuck up bed spots big, black, and mean
    With the fifth by the caradeims
    What you expected from his next of kin
    I’m loco bro, but ain’t no Mexican
    I got nines in the bedroom, Glocks in the kitchen
    A shotty by the shower if you wanna shoot me while I’m shittin’
    The lesson from the Smith and Wessun is depressin’
    Niggas keep stressin, the same motherfuckin question:
    “How many shots does it take, to make my heart stop
    And my body start to shake,” Ron G, stop the tape
    Hahahaha, that’s how we do it out here
    On this underground real shit nigga, it’s the heat nigga
    Now rewind this motherfucker, you know you can’t help it
    Deadly combination bwoy!
    very soon i will post the absolute prove that isis and al qaeda are not cia (nor mossad) employees.
    I am working on it, building a case 😉 meanwhile ill go back to listening to the music that i really like and listen to, hard rock bands like thin lizzy and gary moore specifically, and deep purple and its ramifications (rainbow, whitesnake and ian gillan solo) led zeppelin and black sabbath with ozzy not dio who using his fingers kept giving out the devil sign and a little freddie king, elo and the eagles, i mean who doesnt love “your lying eyes” and “new kid in town”?
    and next time please try to understand what i mean in a post and dont rush to just bomb me with you silly insinuations. lol

    1. “I am working on it, building a case 😉 meanwhile ill go back to listening to the music that i really like and listen to, hard rock bands like thin lizzy and gary moore specifically, and deep pur…….”

      Now, now Avatar, these bands whom you’re listening to are white, you know the people on this earth whom you blame for all the wrong? Their music isn’t very Asian is it? What, but you like white music and not Asian? Really? I’m sure your buddies in Isis, you know the ones who like eating people’s hearts and setting them on fire, while alive in cages, would be rather upset. What? They listen to it as well? They hate the white men, are killing the white men, but listening to their music? ROTFLMFAO!!!!!!!

      1. Hey, he’s just trying to Rock the Casbah!

        Rock the Casbah, by The Clash (of civilizations?):

        The song gives a fabulist account of a ban on rock music by the king being defied by the population, who proceed to “rock the casbah.” The King orders jet fighters to bomb any people in violation of the ban. The pilots ignored the orders, and instead played rock music on their cockpit radios. It was inspired by ban on Western music in Iran after the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

        The song’s lyrics feature various Arabic, Hebrew, Turkish, and Sanskrit loan-words, such as sharif, bedouin, sheikh, kosher, rāga, muezzin, minaret, and casbah.

        Now the king told the boogie men
        You have to let that raga drop
        The oil down the desert way
        Has been shakin’ to the top
        The sheik he drove his Cadillac
        He went a’ cruisin’ down the ville
        The muezzin was a’ standing
        On the radiator grille

        The sharif don’t like it
        Rockin’ the Casbah
        Rock the Casbah
        The sharif don’t like it
        Rockin’ the Casbah
        Rock the Casbah

        By order of the prophet
        We ban that boogie sound
        Degenerate the faithful
        With that crazy Casbah sound
        But the Bedouin they brought out
        The electric kettle drum
        The local guitar picker
        Got his guitar picking thumb
        As soon as the sharif
        Had cleared the square
        They began to wail


        Now over at the temple
        Oh! They really pack ’em in
        The in crowd say it’s cool
        To dig this chanting thing
        But as the wind changed direction
        The temple band took five
        The crowd caught a whiff
        Of that crazy Casbah jive


        The king called up his jet fighters
        He said you better earn your pay
        Drop your bombs between the minarets
        Down the Casbah way

        As soon as the sharif was
        Chauffeured outta there
        The jet pilots tuned to
        The cockpit radio blare

        As soon as the sharif was
        Outta their hair
        The jet pilots wailed


        He thinks it’s not kosher
        Fundamentally he can’t take it.
        You know he really hates it.

        Oh, and Avatar, I know you didn’t write the lyrics from from Big E Small, or whatever that piece of crap is called, but I don’t take kindly to what you pasted about the Holy Mother of God. If I could see you, I would break your fucking nose!

      2. Avatars sick “heroes” have also been using Iraqi kids as suicide bombers, or burying them alive..

  10. “Did this guy appear out of thin air?”

    Barak Hussein Obama came out of thin air …. and so did “al qaeda” and “boko harum” and “al shebab.”

    Obama was introduced into the “news” very suddenly and the next thing you know he’s campaigning for the presidency !!

    There was never any such thing as an organization that goes by the name of “Isis” until it came into being in the media sometime around a year ago.

    The jewish-owned media has this incredible knack for creating things out of thin air.

    They sure know how to create a straw-man.

  11. richie boy
    ” I would break your fucking nose!”
    lol i will buy you the ticket, seriously but if you wanna save me the three hundred dollars which is the cost of the ticket to put you on a plane and haul your fat white a ss, nicotine stained lungs an teeth down here, all you have to do is get to new york and look for the offices of bad boy enterprises And do what those great heroes did to Charlie hebdo in Paris France recently, insteads of runnig your mouth.
    another alternative would be to smoke some pcp, get high and extend your arm all the way down here to Venezuela and do what you did you were gonna do because I simply quoted one OF YOUR OWN . Who are the ones that buy his records? White kids. Your grandchildren. So slap them instead of risking your ass to some big black guy in Brooklyn.
    dont stick your head in a hole and do like an australian bird, face reality.

    and by the way blacks are right to hate you for what you did to them. you monsters. they dont have to believe the religion you taught them when they came from africa because it was that same religion you quoted when searching for excuses to SLAVE THEM FOR THREE HUNDRED YEARS. I love black people.
    also, and not that it matters, its hard to believe god has a mother

    1. harbinger
      “I’m sure your buddies in Isis, you know the ones who like eating people’s hearts and setting them on fire, while alive in cages, would be rather upset. What? They listen to it as well?”
      The hell if i know. Jose Padilla listened to rap and he turned around and was gonna dirty bomb Chicago.
      ISIS probably listen to the koran everyday. i was born in colombia and my father never insisted on brainwashing me on religion matters. He left it up to me. i am not a member of isis i simply find them to have the balls that every one is missing including me. they burn people ? well a Jordanian pilot whose country sent to kill Muslim freedom fighters and killed god knows how many of them they did burn alive. Not only he gets charges of conspiracy and sabotage like American enemies do BUT ALSO TREASON or race treason to be more exact. Because he is helping the enemies of Islam while a muslim himself. Whats so hard to understand about that? they should’ve poked his eyes out before they smoked his ass. so now you like the jordanian goverment?
      but like i said i am not one of the lucky ones that will join such glorious, heroic, clean, decent group of warriors. May god bless them and strengthen them and may they get rid of assad soon because there is a lot of work ahead. Iran and Israel should be next.

      1. Ah! the Jordanian government, and the sicko “king”, who sacrificed the pilot, in order to get the Jordanian people on board, with regard to bombing Syria..
        You too Avatar, are one sick little individual, deriving pleasure from seeing a human being incinerated..
        Every time I think there might be a spark of decency in you, you prove me wrong..
        I would not wish you any harm however, sick as you are, we here have become fond of you, and wish for you to get over this obsession you have with the barbaric takfiris..

    2. Last time I looked, there were TWENTY-SEVEN different tribes of negroes on the continent of Africa. Which ones do you ‘like’, Avatar? Which ones do you NOT like? (I, myself, favor the Smackaho tribe – prominent, here, in USA.)

      Like Richie – I don’t care for your denigrating tone against the Virgin Mary (even though I am not Catholic), and I don’t like your nigga rap music, either. Moreover, your sorry ass couldn’t handle me in a fight. I sort of look forward to the times when the likes of you might meet the likes of me, in REAL conflict – no holds barred. If you have your way – I might have mine. I’m already getting sick of Islam, ISIS, petulant ragheads such as you pretend to be – and Jews. A LOT of us redneck Americans are getting pissed-off. Go ahead – MAKE OUR DAY. 🙂

      1. Oh – and if we happen to catch the likes of you trotting around here in our land, we might remember what some of our elders did in Nam when they caught the torture-loving VC lovers: Tie you to a tree, arms around, naked (there need be THREE of you), and shove a highway safety flare up your ass, and light it. The first one burns. The second one starts to tell things. The third captive tells ALL (and is reward is that the flare greased up his ass insn’t ignited). See – we don’t burn you alive, alone, like you scum did that Jordanian pilot. Misery loves company. We’re POLITE about it! 🙂

        A friend of mine (he’s an old man, now) was one of Carlos Hathcocks ‘spotters’. There was an NVA bitch who liked to take captive marines, and skin them alive. Carlos and (friend) were sent out on a mission to whack her. Know what?? After two days in wait, they spotted her coming up a trail. The shot (30-06) was around 650 meters. Hathcock could have shot her in the eye, but, instead, shot her in the HIP, just to watch her wallow around screech for awhile. THAT’s the kind of welcome the likes of you might receive, here, in USA, if we catch you. Either way, I don’t care. Keep talking big.

      2. I always admired the warrior spirit of those Asians who reputedly liked to play polo with the wrapped-up heads of prisoners (after beheading). It’s a manly sport, anyway.
        My Bible hero, David, is said to have taken some and buried them to their necks, then harrow over them. Fertilizer. Organic. (God said ‘Oh, you bloody, bloody man – by a man after My own heart!’)

        I LIKE the Old Testament!

  12. ” I’m already getting sick of Islam, ISIS, petulant ragheads such as you pretend to be. A LOT of us redneck Americans are getting pissed-off.”
    No way! Is that why you’ve been bombing 23 Muslim countries for a hundred years almost?
    Do tell us, Are isis at the u.s border next to Mexican warlords who are the ones destroying the u.s.a AND TO WHOM YOUR AUTHORITIES TURN A BLIND EYE ON?
    I did not denigrate virgin Mary, it was a quote from a Christian American rapper whose mom was a Christian Baptist and loved the CHRISTIAN old testament like yours did, one whose records sold like hot bread in your Christian country to your own Christian kids. And you’re tripping over me pasting it because i wanted to make a point regarding the horrible situation you Americans find yourselves thanks to your ally and buddy, OLD TESTAMENT FOLLOWING Israel?

    1. What a strange hate some fellows around here express against isis. The say they are Americans but who knows they may be Iranian agents here to demonize sunni islam. They are now saying in their stupid network (press tv) that a lot of Americans want the us to help Assad against isis. lol are the Iranians smoking hashish?
      Americans know that it wasn’t isis who kidnapped their embassy employees for 444 days in 1979 nor did isis slaughter 300 American soldiers in Lebanon in 1982; it was Iran who is the one propagating all these lies against the brave sunni tribes whose former name was Ansar al Sunna (the granters of victory to sunna islam) and Jeishu Mohammad (Mohammed’s army) and 22 more groups and who are now called ISIS.
      a thorn on your Iranian crescent project; a thorn on your sides. You, who want to maintain the status quo and with this, perpetuate the extreme injustice in the middle east.

      1. Avatar –

        NOTHING ever made me any more angry than the picture of that poor Palestinian child whose head was blown open by an Israeli sniper (and her poor father wailing over her little corpse). Things like that understandably make men want to commit what others call ‘atrocities’. I DO understand the need, never doubt. You should consider that EVERYONE – regardless of nationality – probably feels the same about their own. Atrocities just ESCALATE, and nobody is really any better off for it. Today’s downtrodden is tomorrow’s tyrant.

      2. @Gil and Avatar (and apologies to you, Avatar, for any harsh tones from me)

        I’ll take a quote form Max and use it as a segue:

        “…The Sunnis will continue their battle with the Shia, but do it on theirs grounds in a Zionist/Ashkenazi-free Middle East. A natural equilibrium will eventually prevail as the shahs, imams and chieftains work it out amongst themselves.”

        This parallels what happened in North America in the early 18th Century-the formation of the Great League of Peace which was inspired by the great Huron, Deganawidah – The Peacemaker.

        “…the holy man came upon Hiawatha, a clan leader of Mohawk descent who had lost all his daughters to tribal strife. Deganawidah offered words of condolence that lifted Hiawatha’s grief and dried his tears; the same consoling words would later be repeated at Iroquois council meetings to promote good feelings and open minds. Then the prophet described a great Tree of Peace under whose branches the tribes would meet to resolve their differences. He enunciated principles of justice and equality; bloodshed would yield to a new sense of botherhood among the people.”

        “…Not all Iroquoian nations joined the league, to be sure, nor did warfare cease. Simmering hatreds continued to divide league members from their cousins, the Huron. Seneca raiders ventured as far south as Virginia to test their mettle against the Cherokee, another Iroquois group. ‘We have no people to war against nor yet no meal to eat but the Cherokee’, one Seneca man explained. But Deganawidah’s vision put an end to the fratricidal feuding, and the combined strength and political sophistication of the league gave the Iroquois a dominance that would continue to shape the region’s history for years to come.”

        What the Middle East REALLY needs is another Deganawidah. AFTER eliminating the common enemy TO ALL PARTIES!

      3. ISIS/ISIL/IS have NOTHING TO DO WITH ISLAM, they are heathens, takfiris, of the KSA variety, who claim to be islamic, in order to fool idiots like you Avatar, into doing the dirty work of the US/KSAQ/Israel. Know what the Israelis call someone like you Avatar? Lemons. You Avatar, are a lemon, which, when the Israelis and their takfiri buddies, have squeezed out of you all they can get, will “throw you away”..

  13. Here it is boys and girls, the absolute proof that isil is a free, independent enterprise, self sustaining and spontaneous that is being demonized with lies by Iran, Jordan and the U.S. each with special interests and reasons to do so.
    The absolute proof that you are just a bunch of paranoid folks who believe anything conspiracy theorists tell ya! Conspiracy theorists who make a living out of all this confusion.
    Why would the cia or Israel or the Jordanians or saudi Arabia even, be so masoquists and naive as to train people that would turn on them every time they
    get a chance?

    Today press tv put up an article identifying three Saudi emirs as being the ones behind isil. Yet, a few days ago Iranian officials went to Riyadh to attend the burial of the late king Abdullah al Saud.
    YET IT POSTED ANOTHER THREAD today WHERE IT SAYS : “Oil, the sale of antiquities, and ransom from abductions are the three sources of revenue for the Takfiris”
    According to press tv, Three days ago, it was Israel who was behind isis but last week it was the u.s.!

    Read this from press tv A FEW DAYS AGO and ponder,
    “The ISIL terrorists, who were initially trained by the CIA in Jordan in 2012 to destabilize the Syrian government, are engaged in crimes against humanity in the areas under their control.”
    But now isil has burnt alive a JORDANIAN pilot who in his attempt to kiss American as.s had went over Syria to bomb isil targets in iraq,. The king response to the burning? The King says “retaliation will be harsh.” See now how neither jordan nor the cia trained isil and it’s a press tv big lie?

    press tv contradicts itself yet again when in another recent thread it says,
    “US President Barack Obama has requested $8.8 billion to fund the fight against the ISIL terrorist group in his fiscal 2016 budget.
    Documents released on Monday showed that a total of $5.3 billion is allocated for the Defense Department, including money for US airstrikes, and $3.5 billion for the State Department.”

    It then later says
    The State Department has been leading US efforts to establish a coalition of some Middle Eastern and Western countries against ISIL.

    A few days ago veterans today wrote an article that says,
    “By now “America watchers” around the world, even Russia and a rare few in Iran, are cognizant of Israel’s backing of ISIL and, moreover, the ties between ISIL, Israel, etc etc etc”
    a rare few in Iran? lol It is Iran who is creating all these confusing theories in order to hide the fact that isil is a legitimate Sunni force in Iraq, a country which Iran has dreams to keep for herself!
    It goes on to say,
    “There is no longer any doubt that Israel is actively involved in full operational support of ISIL”. But why would Israel do this, contradict and antagonize Jordan (JORDAN WHO PROTECTS ISRAEL!) and the us? What’s in it for them?
    So who is it that is backing isil?
    Israel, turkey, the Saudis, Jordan or America?
    The answer is simple,
    No one! Once again, isil is formed by people who have lived in iraq for centuries in sunni provinces of al ramadi, al anbar and salahudeen . They are receiving volunteers from all over the world because according to Islam it is jihad’s duty just like it was in Afghanistan and Chechnya. These noble honorable tribes whom Iran wants to erase or control in order to achieve its shia crescent project that got stuck when the Syrian people started their spontaneous intifada against assad who is part of the umbrella are only fighting for their rights!.
    So place a filter in your brains people! This is all part of a smoke screen created by Iran in order to cover up their “shia crescent” dream of empire by demonizing the actual victims, the Sunni population of Iraq who comprise 55 percent of the population. Iran has empowered the Shia population which share the same cult with Iran in order to control the country’s natural resources.

    The following act of heroism by a jihadist should be absolute prove that the u.s. learnt the lesson long time ago.
    Read and enjoy (I did!)

    1. Attacker in Afghanistan Was a Double Agent ISLAMABAD, Pakistan —
      The suicide bomber who killed seven C.I.A. officers and a Jordanian intelligence captain (the Jordanian intelligence or mukhabarat, the CIA’s most trusted partner in the Middle East), last week was a double agent who was taken onto the base in Afghanistan because the Americans hoped he might be able to deliver top members of Al Qaeda’s network, according to Western government officials.
      The bomber had been recruited (forced to) by the Jordanian intelligence service and taken to Afghanistan to infiltrate Al Qaeda by posing as a foreign jihadi, the officials said.
      But in a deadly turnabout, (hahahahaha) the supposed informant strapped explosives to his body (he went to his Muslim brothers who prepared him actually) and blew himself up at a meeting Wednesday at the C.I.A.’s Forward Operating Base Chapman in the southeastern province of Khost.
      The attack at the C.I.A. base dealt a devastating blow to the spy agency’s operations against militants in the remote mountains of Afghanistan, eliminating an elite team using an informant with strong jihadi credentials. The attack further delayed hope of penetrating Al Qaeda’s upper ranks, and also seemed potent evidence of militants’ ability to strike back against their American pursuers.
      It could also jeopardize relations between the C.I.A. and the Jordanian spy service, which officials said had vouched for the would-be informant. (the Jordanian is the most treacherous of all arab regimes killing thousands of plo fighters in 1970)
      The Jordanian service, called the “General Intelligence Directorate”, for years has been the C.I.A.’s closest and most useful ally in the Middle East.
      In a telephone interview, a person associated with the Pakistani Taliban identified the bomber as Humam Khalil Mohammed, a Jordanian physician. Western officials said that Mr. Mohammed had been in a Jordanian prison and that he was recruited by the Jordanian spy service.
      The bomber was not closely searched because of his perceived value as someone who could lead American forces to senior Qaeda leaders, and because the Jordanian intelligence captain (he was a prince actually, son of bin zeid!) had identified him as a potentially valuable informant, the Western officials said.
      Current and former American officials said Monday that because of Mr. Mohammed’s medical background, he might have been recruited to find the whereabouts of Ayman al-Zawahri, the Egyptian doctor who is Al Qaeda’s second in command (note: Ayman is now first in command because sheikh usama was martyred) .
      Agency officers had traveled from Kabul, the Afghan capital, to Khost for a meeting with the informant, a sign that the C.I.A. had come to trust the informant and that it was eager to learn what he might have gleaned from operations in the field, according to a former C.I.A. official with experience in Afghanistan.
      The former official said that the fact that militants could carry out a successful attack using a double agent showed their strength even after a steady barrage of missile strikes fired by C.I.A. drone aircraft.
      “Double agent operations are really complex,” he said. “The fact that they can pull this off shows that they are not really on the run. They have the ability to kick back and think about these things.”
      The death of the Jordanian intelligence officer, Capt. Sharif Ali bin Zeid, was reported in recent days by Jordanian officials. (This idiot was given a hero’s burial and was even called a martyr for trying to kill his own muslim people!)
      Jordanian intelligence officials were deeply embarrassed by the attacks because they had taken the informant to the Americans, said one American government official briefed on the events.

      The attack was also embarrassing for Jordan’s government, which did not want the depths of its cooperation with the C.I.A. revealed to its own citizens or other Arabs in the region. (well now the people knows)
      A statement by the official Jordanian news agency said Captain Zeid was killed in Afghanistan on Wednesday “as he performed his humanitarian duty with the Jordanian contingent of the U.N. peacekeeping forces.” (Hahahahaha! Killing your own is humanitarian?!!!)
      The United States, and the C.I.A. in particular, are deeply unpopular in Jordan, where at least half the population is of Palestinian origin and where Washington’s support for Israel is roundly condemned.
      King Abdullah II and his government, while working closely with Washington in counterterrorism operations and providing strategic support for operations in Iraq, try to keep that work secret.
      The Pakistani Taliban had previously said the bomber was someone the C.I.A. had recruited to work with them, who then offered the militants his services as a double agent.
      The General Intelligence Directorate has received millions of dollars from the C.I.A. since the American invasion of Iraq, where the Jordanian spy agency played a central role in the campaign against Iraqi insurgents.
      In the past, Jordanian officials have privately criticized American intelligence services, saying they relied too heavily on technology and not enough on agents capable of infiltrating operations. In 2006, the Jordanians were credited with helping to locate and kill Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, leader of Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia.
      The C.I.A. officers on the base used the information to plan strikes against al Qaeda and Taliban leaders, along with top operatives of the Haqqani network.
      A second former C.I.A. official said that Mr. Zeid’s presence on the Khost base was a sign that the Jordanian intelligence agency was using the spy to infiltrate militant networks in the region, and most likely to penetrate cells of Arab Qaeda militants.
      “If the Jordanian intelligence captain had been vouching for this guy, the C.I.A. would definitely have wanted him on the base,” said the former officer.
      The remains of the seven C.I.A. officers killed in the attack arrived in a military plane on Monday at Dover Air Force Base, where a private ceremony was held. The event was attended by Leon E. Panetta, the C.I.A. director, as well as by family members of the slain officers. Weep weep. (hahaha funny funny sh it!)
      got it? the u.s. learnt the lesson long time ago. israel wont waist time with such dangerous endevours and the saudis are scared shitless because al qaeda and isil want to remove the saud family whom it considers traitors. iran throws accusations on the saudis because of their involvement in yemen and bahrain where the shia are also creating chaos.
      isil will never go away because there are 60 million sunnis in that area of the world, not counting northern africa or south east asia who are as we speak on the move, some walking even, on the move to present arms in western iraq to defend their brothers in that part of the possible formation of a califate. i will keep you informed.

    2. @ the avatar

      Please, if you don’t mind, if it doesn’t interrupt your Jihadist schemes and dreams and any Jihadist appointments you may have, please contact your fellow Sunni co-religionists in Paris and ask them please, ask them to please desecrate, totally and entirely desecrate, the “Southern” “Sacred Soil” grave of Judah Benjamin. Thank You. His tomb stone doesn’t have his made-up name “Judah Benjamin”, it has another made-up hebe name on the tomb , but I’m very sure your Sunni co-religionists will know the grave stone when they see it. Desecrate it mightily. Thx.

      1. ok, (head scratching) i will let you know next week when darkmoon lets you post another comment. so stand by, theoriginaljoe stand by. 😉

    3. “So who is it that is backing isil?
      Israel, turkey, the Saudis, Jordan or America?
      The answer is simple,” :

      All of them.. Have you not heard the MOSSAD motto? They certainly have you decieved Avatar..
      and the reason why “They are receiving volunteers from all over the world” is because the world is full of useful idiots, just like you..

      I don`t know about anyone else, but I`m sick and tired of you going on, and on, and on about what a wonderful little bunch of takfiris these heathens are..

    4. i penned a log rebuttal to all this, specifically avatar’s brain dead hate for shia people but it was swallowed without trace.
      repeating myself sickens me, so i won’t bother, just so long as you know that pro-isis arguments are easily demolished.

      1. after i hit “post”, i was rerouted to some checkpoint with “captcha” text to enter and when i did, everything just disappeared.
        i was also told that maybe i should run a virus checker but my laptop does it all the time, automatically (webroot).

        anyway, ingrid b has a clear view of what is wrong with avatar’s infatuation with isis, i just expanded on that somewhat, also his demented hatred of shia faction for whom i have nothing but respect.

  14. the avatar
    February 5, 2015 at 5:23 am
    “Why would the cia or Israel or the Jordanians or saudi Arabia even, be so masoquists and naive as to train people that would turn on them every time they get a chance?”

    Your basic premise is definitely askew. Why ?? Because the false-flag organization in question – or the group that’s known in the nonsense world of newsmedia as “isis” – is largely a rag-tag collection of convicts and criminals and/or “private contractors” that was helo-lifted into the region with the expressed intention of wreaking havoc on the Traditional Moslem World, AND THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THEY’RE DOING. “Isis” simply DOES NOT pose any kind of a threat to Israel or to international jewry. Au contraire ! The group is being employed SPECIFICALLY for the purpose of aiding in the task of clearing the future boundaries of “eretz yisroel.” THAT IS THEIR BASIC MISSION FOR BEING and they would never even dream of turning against their employers, and they would be destroyed very quickly if they did. Avatar, you are either one very foolish Arab or a very devious undercover jew. Nobody can say for sure which, but you might want to consider going somewhere else to peddle your b.s. since nobody around here seems to be buying into it.

    Report: Saudis sent death-row inmates to fight Syria
    Michael Winter, USA TODAY 5:53 p.m. EST January 21, 2013
    Secret memo says more than 1,200 prisoners fought Assad regime to avoid beheading.

    King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia with French President Francois Hollande, who went to the desert kingdom in early November for talks about Syria and Iran.(Photo: Saudi Press Agency/AP)
    Saudi Arabia has sent death-row inmates from several nations to fight against the Syrian government in exchange for commuting their sentences, the Assyrian International News Agency reports.
    Citing what it calls a “top secret memo” in April from the Ministry of Interior, AINA says the Saudi offered 1,239 inmates a pardon and a monthly stipend for their families, which were were allowed to stay in the Sunni Arab kingdom. Syrian President Bashar Assad is an Alawite, a minority Shiite sect.
    According to an English translation of the memo, besides Saudis, the prisoners included Afghans, Egyptians, Iraqis, Jordanians, Kuwaitis, Pakistanis, Palestinians, Somalis, Sudanese, Syrians and Yemenis. All faced “execution by sword” for murder, rape or drug smuggling.
    Russia, which has backed Assad, objected to the bargain and allegedly threatened to bring the issue to the United Nations, said an unidentified former Iraqi member of Parliament who confirmed the memo’s authenticity, says AINA, an independent outlet.
    “Initially Saudi Arabia denied the existence of this program. But the testimony of the released prisoners forced the Saudi government to admit, in private circles, its existence,” AINA writes. “The Saudis agreed to stop their clandestine activities and work towards finding a political solution on condition that knowledge of this program would not be made public.”
    AINA also published the original Arabic memo.
    The report mentions that most of the 23 Iraqi prisoners returned home, as did an unspecified number of Yemenis. But AINA does not indicate the fates of the remaining inmates or how many may have been killed, wounded or captured.
    Assyrians, the builders of Mesopotamian civilizations, are a semitic people indigenous to northern Iraq. They are ethnically distinct from Arabs and Jews, and are generally Christians. Assyria dominated the Middle East in the first millennium BCE.

  16. the avatar
    February 5, 2015 at 5:23 am

    The released convicts were deployed for the purpose of destabilizing Iraq and Syria.

    The USA isn’t fighting the released convicts but rather is using them as a pretext for demolishing the infrastructure of Syria.

    What’s not to understand ??

    1. “What’s not to understand ?? ”
      and after all that had happened to syria, shia (he is alawi, which is the same) shia assad, mocking common sense and inteligence, won the elections by 95 percent of the votes when syria is 90 percent sunni. mmmm someone said he actually lost because in the past he would win by 110 percent of the votes. hahaha what a democracy.
      Lobro you would have to be sunni to understand. today iraq’s president asked shia militias to stop killing sunni civilians. he admitted that the former prime minister (allawi) who is also shia was to blame for the sunni insurrection because of /among other things/ his withholding of basic resources to the sunni north western part of iraq which is in the same state that it was after operation desert storm that destroyed the country. the situation is explosive. someone said that iran may resort to destroying a whole sunni city to quiet things down. iran is very upset that their shia crescent project (something similar to the greater israel talmudist project) got stuck. that iran was at one point very happy because iran already had iraq, syria, lebanon, and was working on yemen and bahrain, but that this insurrection in syria and now iraq, sent everything to hell. a whole city may be destroyed.!

      1. The bottom line, The AVATAR, is that the Prophet Muhammad’s blessed Islam has come down to warring armies who commit continual atrocities upon each other.
        Call this a religion if you are a fool!
        Similarly, the supposed faith of world Jewry, Judaism, has come down to a majority money-making and POWER/lands’ grabbing exercise. (particularly the aggregation of money in the Jews’ world casino)
        And similarly, the 3rd Abrahamic religion, Christianity, has become a pro-Israel/pro-genocide farce, filled with blood-suckers, fornicators and hypocrites.
        IMAGINE if Allah, YHWH and God/Jesus were to make a unified appearance on this very day: The Almighty One would be shocked (not that he can’t see the diabolical charade anyway) and see nothing but a rip-off, enslaved world, full of warring and the very worst inhumanities to man. He would see a very devastated planet with pollution everywhere, a majority of people starving and people abusing each other wholesale.
        Allah would see Muslims slitting each others’ throats and raping.
        YHWH would see the scumbags he “turned his face away from” prospering and enslaving the planet with their money.
        Christ would see a world of hideous ZIO-Christians heavily involved in the Jewish wars and slaughtering.
        IMAGINE IF: Allah, YHWH and Christ acted together and slew all the evil ones, as in the above, and then you might only have myself, Gilby, lobro, Tyron and a few similar people left. And the beautiful Lasha could be our Queen of peace and LOVE would abound among all the remainders; who all loved their GOD.

  17. The Canadian government has stonewalled inquiries into its sponsorship of the Heritage Front. Grant Bristow has been given a new identity and a large pay-off and pension. Canadian Jewish organizations have honored him for his work!
    – See more at:

    They don’t represent the people. They represent the Masonic Jewish (Illuminati) central banking cartel and its agenda for world government tyranny. – See more at:

  18. lobro
    “Where did ISIL pick up such a nihilistic interpretation of Islam? A part of the answer is the cauldron of brutality in which it was conceived.
    One cannot understand the violent mindset of ISIL members without recognising that Baathism (the socialist party that rules syrians) is one of the ingredients that formed that mindset.
    This was on full display during the 1982 Hama Massacre ordered by Hafez al-Assad and the past four years of carnage masterminded by his son, Bashar.
    ASSAD who bucked no dissent and believed in summary “justice” – used HIS MUKHABARAT with US acquiescence, against his own citizens. Add to that the vacuum left by the “shock and awe” of the US invasion which wrought devastation on a scale unseen since the Mongols in the 13th century, and you’re left with a perfect storm.
    In fact, times of such calamitous ruin are often incubators for virulent extremism. Some eight centuries ago, while the Mongols were laying waste to much of the Middle East, Ibn Taymiyyah formulated a highly influential concept of Salafism and jihad. These were to have a profound influence on the region, corroding the rationalism and free thought upon which Islamic civilisation’s golden age had been built.
    What all this highlights is that, though ISIL needs to be fought on the battlefield too, the main battlegrounds are ideological, political, social and economic.
    In order to dry up recruits, effective ways need to be devised to show how ISIL’s ideology and its self-styled “caliphate” are ahistorical and run contrary to the spirit that once made Islam robust and enlightened.
    Defend freedom of belief
    The socioeconomic inequalities, the impunity of elites, their serving of foreign powers more than their own citizenry, and widespread corruption – all major recruiting platforms for radical groups – must be combated decisively.
    In addition, it is high time that Arab societies properly defend freedom of belief and thought, in order to inoculate themselves against religious radicalisation by self-appointed defenders of the faith, whether they be individuals, groups or the state.
    Those Arab countries which theoretically recognise such freedom need to implement it properly and consistently. Those which do not, such as the Gulf states, must start respecting pluralism and diversity. “So long as [Arab governments] shy away from a clear commitment to freedom of belief, their stance helps to legitimise the actions of groups such as [ISIL],” argues Brian Whitaker, the Guardian’s former Middle East editor.
    More importantly, the region needs to address its democratic deficit. Despotism from above can and does breed tyranny from below, drawing in the disillusioned and disenchanted.
    In short, to prove that violent Islamism is the illusion, we must make freedom, justice, equality and dignity the solution.

    1. Shall we see this as a synchronicity, Avatar?

      Sounds to me like the spirit of Deganawidah with his precepts of the Great Iroquoian League is clearly understood by AL JAZEERA.

      EVERYTHING in our experience stems from one simple reality that underscores EVERYTHING which has occurred since “Genesis”, and it goes directly to the heart, human and otherwise:

      The heart referred to is either human, inferring an acknowledgement of love and the peace that exists within its embrace, or it is in the “otherwise” category, where no such acknowledgement occurs. Henceforth has been the realities of history with its veil of tears throughout the ages.

      These are the “brass tacks” of Existence, what it all boils down to. Why it really is a “spiritual war”.

      1. Srila Prabhupada –

        “Karma means to fulfill my desires, and bhakti means to fulfill Krsna’s desires. That is the difference. Now you make your choice, whether you want to make your desires fulfilled or if you want to make Krsna’s desire fulfilled.

        This is the difference between material and spiritual.”

  19. Problem with Paul Craig Roberts (and Dr. Ron Paul) is that he still believes Ronald Reagan is a great guy. I kid you not. Remember that PCR was the co-father of “Reaganomics” or what Bush Sr. called “Voodoo Economics”!

    These Yankees cannot really see outside the “paper bag’ in which they live in. Hence their “blind spot”. Take everything they write about, talk about with a large dose of sea salt!

    1. An accelerated societal downfall commenced via LBJ’s (not so) Great Society.
      The ripened fruits of this abominable scheme can be witnessed in every metropolis, city, town and village across the looted plain.

      The bastardization of america.

      1. The United States of America DIED on November 22, 1963.


        End of story.

        What’s happening since that infamy is its Zombification!!!

      2. I would claim an earlier death of US.

        June 21, 1788….the ratifying of the national contract of war and debt.

        Since then the ‘zombie nation’ has been staggering under wars and debt.

    2. PCR can see outside the bag, alright. He helped DESIGN the ‘economic bag.’ He iis helping design a bag for the whole world.
      He mentions ‘nuke threat’ and the threat of Russia in most of his articles. That helps Military Spending!

      He is, in fact, still pushing – GLOBAL – ‘Reaganomics’ and the ‘trickle-down’ of wealth by making the rich even more wealthy through War Spending. Wars benefit armament manufacturers and infrastructure rebuilders directly. And jobs are created.

      War brings PROFITS to THESE US construction companies:

      Top 100 Contractors
      1.  KBR (formerly Kellogg Brown and Root)
      2.  DynCorp International (Veritas Capital)
      3.  Washington Group International
      4.  IAP Worldwide Services (Cerberus Capital Management)
      5.  Environmental Chemical Corporation
      6.  L-3 Communications Holdings
      7.  Fluor Corporation
      8.  Perini Corporation
      9.  Orascom Construction Industries
      10.  Parsons Corporation
      11.  First Kuwaiti General Trading and Contracting
      12.  Blackwater USA
      13.  Tetra Tech
      14.  AMEC
      15.  Laguna Pueblo (Laguna Construction)
      16.  AECOM Technology
      17.  Toltest
      18.  Lockheed Martin
      19.  Weston Solutions
      20.  Red Star Enterprises

    3. PCR was chose by bankers in the 80s to increase fiat debt currency. Putin was chosen in the 90s to do the same. Both are pushing the globalist fiat currency. Both are using FEAR to do so.

      “… it has been reported that Gazprombank, Rosbank, Alfa Bank, Bank Rossiya, SMP Bank, and Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development were contenders to pioneer the flagship program.”

      ”The domestic step is the first to eventually developing an INTERNATIONAL payment platform.”

  20. Why aren’t the Americans up in arms? It seems that voting is a lost cause, but if it serves the illusion then I suppose might be better than a dictatorship. Law and the Constitution? Well, where I come from, if we discover we have been illegally spied on by our Government, well, the Government rewrites the law that was obviously wrong in the first place! Don’t the Americans do that? The Constitution is different. If the Nation is built on the Constitution (which is how I interpret it), then any attack on the Constitution is an attack on the foundation of the Nation and therefore an attack on the Nation iself. But aren’t they all criminals, and anway, didn’t Dubya say it was “just a… piece of paper”

    Apparently not…

    I’m no expert, so whether this be the inevitable natural historical progression, or the intentional act of traitors, I’m unable to say… but actually I believe the country, and other Western nations are being destroyed from within by a bunch of religious nut-cases that want to see a NWO with Israel ruling from Jerusalem. ie Zionists. And according to these…

    …that also happens to be the same goal as the Jesuits, Templars, Freemasons etc… Which reminds me, for a ‘conspiracy’ type website I was very surprised that no-one pointed out the Illuminati ‘all seeing eye’ on Charlie Hebdo magazine’s ‘homosexual blasphemy’ issue cover that was linked to on this site recently. Very strange! Maybe too busy looking for ‘kabbalistic jew’ symbolism to see the blatant luciferianism that has so deeply infiltrated popular culture. Here’s one of my favourite examples…

    …isn’t it funny how old propaganda is always so much more transparent!

    The home-school story link is sadly just what I expect from the news now. The terrorism of parents by the state appears to be a huge problem, especially also in the UK…

    In my own country the state now grants parents (or guardians) permission to look after their children. It is not a right. I suspect soon we will have to get permission to have children! Schools have been sending girls to abortion clinics, I mean ‘family planners’, without parental knowledge for years here. I don’t know if it’s even legal yet. Possibly. The family is, of course, the biggest target of the communists, as it is a fundamental building block of a free society. The terms ‘mother’ and ‘father’, ‘wife’ and ‘husband’ are no longer to be found in the governments, and eventually society’s as a whole vocabularly. There is certainly a lot of ground covered in this article. Thank you, Mr. Roberts.

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