Putin As Rescuer: Will He Deliver Us From The Evil Empire?

“In the interests of world peace, it would be the best possible outcome if the US were decisively defeated in the coming war between East and West.” — Lasha Darkmoon


This is an edited abridgement, with commentary by Lasha Darkmoon, of a major new article by Rostislav Ishchenko called What Does Putin Want? According to the Saker, on whose website the article first appeared, this is the best article he has read on the Ukraine situation — “a masterpiece: a comprehensive analysis of the geostrategic position of Russia.”


The views of Kiev politicians are of no interest to us because they don’t decide anything. The fact that outsiders govern the Ukraine is no longer concealed. It doesn’t matter whether the cabinet ministers are Estonian or Georgian; they are Americans just the same.

Nor are we interested in the European Union’s position. Much depended on the EU until the summer of last year, when the war could have been prevented or stopped at the outset. A tough, principled antiwar stance by the EU was needed. It could have blocked US initiatives to start the war and would have turned the EU into a significant independent geopolitical player. The EU passed on that opportunity and instead behaved like a faithful vassal of the United States.

As a result, Europe stands on the brink of frightful internal upheaval. In the coming years, it has every chance of suffering the same fate as the Ukraine.

In fact, today the EU can choose whether to remain a tool of the United States or to move closer to Russia. Depending on its choice, Europe can get off with a slight scare, such as a breakup of parts of its periphery and possible fragmentation of some countries, or it could collapse completely.

Judging by the European elites’ reluctance to break openly with the United States, collapse is almost inevitable.

What should interest us is the opinions of the two main players in the unfolding drama known as World War Three: these players are the United States and Russia.

The US position is clear and transparent. In the second half of the 1990s, Washington missed its only opportunity to reform the Cold War economy without any obstacles and thereby avoid the looming crisis in a system whose development is limited by the finite nature of planet Earth and its resources, including human ones, which conflicts with the need to endlessly print dollars.

After that, the United States could prolong the death throes of the system only by plundering the rest of the world. At first, it went after Third World countries. Then it went for potential competitors. Then for allies and even close friends. Such plundering could continue only as long as the United States remained the world’s undisputed hegemon.

Thus when Russia asserted its right to make independent political decisions – decisions of not global but regional import –  a clash with the United States became inevitable. This clash cannot end in a compromise peace.

For the United States, a compromise with Russia would mean a voluntary renunciation of its hegemony, leading to a quick, systemic catastrophe – not only a political and economic crisis but also a paralysis of state institutions and the inability of the government to function. In other words, its inevitable disintegration.

But if the United States wins, then it is Russia that will experience systemic catastrophe.

After a certain type of “rebellion,” Russia’s ruling classes would be punished with asset liquidation and confiscation as well as imprisonment. The state would be fragmented, substantial territories would be annexed, and the country’s military might would be destroyed.

So the war will last until one side wins.

To complete the picture of the situation, we only need Russia’s position. It is essential to understand what the Russian leadership wants to achieve, particularly the president, Vladimir Putin. We are talking about the key role that Putin plays in the organization of the Russian power structure.

During Putin’s 15 years in power, he has tried to maximize the role of the government, the legislative assembly, and even the local authorities. These are entirely logical steps that should have given the system completeness, stability, and continuity. Because no politician can rule forever, political continuity, regardless of who comes to power, is the key to a stable system.

Unfortunately, fully autonomous control, namely the ability to function without the president’s oversight, hasn’t been achieved. Putin remains the key component of the system because the people put their trust in him personally. They have far less trust in the system, as represented by public authorities and individual agencies.

Thus Putin’s opinions and political plans become the decisive factor in areas such as Russia’s foreign policy. If the phrase “without Putin, there is no Russia” is an exaggeration, then the phrase “what Putin wants, Russia also wants” reflects the situation quite accurately in my opinion.


First, let’s note that the man who for 15 years has carefully guided Russia to its revival has done so in conditions of US hegemony in world politics along with significant opportunities for Washington to influence Russia’s internal politics. He had to understand the nature of the fight and his opponent. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have lasted so long.

Moscow could not have saved the Ukraine from the coup because of the baseness, cowardice, and stupidity of the Ukraine’s leaders – not only Yanukovych but all of them without exception.

After the armed coup in Kiev in February 2014, Russia entered into open confrontation with Washington. Before that, the conflicts were interspersed with improved relations, but at the beginning of 2014 relations between Russia and the United States deteriorated swiftly and almost immediately reached the point where war would have been declared automatically in the prenuclear era.

Thus at any given time Putin engaged in precisely the level of confrontation with the United States that Russia could handle. If Russia isn’t limiting the level of confrontation now, it means Putin believes that, in the war of sanctions, the war of nerves, the information war, the civil war in the Ukraine, and the economic war, Russia can win.

This is the first important conclusion about what Putin wants and what he expects. He expects to win. And considering that he takes a meticulous approach and strives to anticipate any surprises, you can be sure that when the decision was made not to back down under pressure from the United States, but to respond, the Russian leadership had a double, if not a triple, guarantee of victory.

I would like to point out that the decision to enter into a conflict with Washington was not made in 2014, nor was it made in 2013. The war of August 8, 2008, was a challenge that the United States could not leave unpunished. After that, every further stage of the confrontation only raised the stakes. From 2008 to 2010, the United States’ capability – not just military or economic but its overall capability – has declined, whereas Russia’s has improved significantly.

So the main objective was to raise the stakes slowly rather than in explosive fashion. In other words, an open confrontation in which all pretences are dropped and everyone understands that a war is going on had to be delayed as long as possible. But it would have been even better to avoid it altogether.

With every passing year, the United States became weaker while Russia became stronger.

This process was natural and impossible to arrest, and we could have projected with a high degree of certainty that by 2020 to 2025, without any confrontation, the period of US hegemony would have ended, and the United States would then be best advised to think about not how to rule the world, but how to stave off its own precipitous internal decline.

Thus Putin’s second desire is clear: to keep the peace or the appearance of peace as long as possible.

Peace is advantageous for Russia because in conditions of peace, without enormous expense, it obtains the same political result but in a much better geopolitical situation. That is why Russia continually extends the olive branch. Just as the Kiev junta will collapse in conditions of peace in Donbass, in conditions of world peace, the military-industrial complex and the global financial system created by the United States are doomed to self-destruct.

In this way, Russia’s actions are aptly described by Sun Tzu’s maxim “The greatest victory is that which requires no battle.”


It is clear that Washington is not run by idiots. But the political elite who have emerged in the United States in the past 25 years have become accustomed to their status as the owners of the world. They sincerely don’t understand how anyone can challenge them.

For the ruling elite in the United States (not so much the business class but the government bureaucracy), to go from being a country that decides the fate of inferior peoples to one that negotiates with them on an equal footing is intolerable.

In principle, any war is a struggle for resources. Typically, the winner is the one that has more resources and can ultimately mobilize more troops and build more tanks, ships, and planes.

Nuclear powers cannot confront each other directly. Therefore, their resource base is of paramount importance. That is exactly why Russia and the United States have been in a desperate competition for allies over the past year. Russia has won this competition.

The United States can count only the EU, Canada, Australia, and Japan as allies (and not always unconditionally so), but Russia has managed to mobilize support from the BRICS, to gain a firm foothold in Latin America, and to begin displacing the United States in Asia and North Africa.

It turns out that the countries aligned with Russia together control about 60% of the world’s GDP, have more than two-thirds of its population, and cover more than three-quarters of its surface. Thus Russia has been able to mobilize more resources.


Facing imminent humiliation at the hands of Russia, the United States is now employing a desperate, dog-in-the-manger policy vis-à-vis Ukraine. It’s as old as the hills. If we can’t have this juicy bone, you won’t have it either!

That which cannot be held, and will be taken by the enemy, must be damaged as much as possible so that the enemy’s victory is more costly than defeat, as all its resources are used to reconstruct the destroyed territory. The United States has therefore ceased to assist the Ukraine with anything more than political rhetoric while encouraging Kiev to spread civil war throughout the country.

The Ukrainian land must burn, not only in Donetsk and Lugansk but also in Kiev and Lvov. The task is simple: to destroy the social infrastructure as much as possible and to leave the population at the very edge of survival. Then the population of the Ukraine will consist of millions of starving, desperate and heavily armed people who will kill one another for food.

It is clear that the cost of rebuilding Ukraine’s hopelessly damaged infrastructure would then fall on Russia.

Putin correctly believes that not only the budget, but also public resources in general, including the military, would in this case be overstretched and possibly insufficient. Therefore, the objective is not to allow the Ukraine to explode before the militia can bring the situation under control. It is crucial to minimize casualties and destruction and to salvage as much of the economy as possible. The infrastructure of the large cities must be preserved if possible so that the population might somehow survive. The Ukrainians themselves will then take care of the Nazi thugs whom the US has done its best to foist upon them in Kiev.

At this point a potential ally appears for Putin in the form of the EU.

If Europe now has on its eastern border a completely destroyed Ukraine, from which millions of armed people will flee not only to Russia but also to the EU, taking with them delightful pastimes such as drug trafficking, gunrunning, and terrorism, the EU will not survive.

Europe cannot confront the United States, but it is deathly afraid of a destroyed Ukraine. Therefore, for the first time in the conflict, France and Germany are not only doing their best to silently resist unreasonable US demands — by imposing sanctions, for example, but only in a mild and moderate way — but they are also undertaking limited independent action with the aim of achieving a compromise: maybe not peace as such, but at least a truce in the Ukraine.

If the Ukraine catches fire, it will burn quickly. And if the EU ever becomes an unreliable partner by daring to take up a neutral position toward Russia, then Washington, faithful to its strategy, would be obliged to set fire to Europe.


It is not at all in Russia’s interests to have a conflagration stretching from the Atlantic to the Carpathian Mountains.

To protect Russia’s legitimate interests, Putin considers peace to be of vital importance. But because peace is no longer possible, and the truces are becoming more theoretical and fragile, Putin needs the war to end as quickly as possible.

Only one thing has changed in Russia recently, but it is of the utmost importance: public opinion. Russian society longs for victory and retribution.

Putin can maintain his role as the linchpin of the system only as long as he has the support of the majority of the population. If he loses this support, because no figures of his stature have emerged from Russia’s political elite, the system will lose its stability. Putin can maintain his charismatic power and authority only as long as he successfully embodies the wishes of the masses.

Thus the defeat of Nazism in the Ukraine, even if it is diplomatic, must be clear and indisputable – only under such conditions is a Russian compromise possible.

Regardless of Putin’s wishes and Russia’s interests, however, a war that should have ended last year within the borders of the Ukraine will almost certainly spill over into Europe. One can only guess who will be more effective – the Americans with their gas can, pouring fuel on the fire, or the Russians with their fire extinguisher?

The circumstances described above make it extremely unlikely that the proponents of an independent state of Novorossiya will see their wishes fulfilled. Given the scale of the coming conflagration, determining the fate of the Ukraine as a whole is not excessively complicated.

It is only logical that the Russian people should ask: if Russians, whom we rescued from the Nazis, live in Novorossiya, why do they have to live in a separate state? If they want to live in a separate state, why should Russia rebuild their cities and factories? To these questions there is only one reasonable answer: Novorossiya should become part of Russia.

If part of the Ukraine can join Russia, why not all of it?


Lasha Darkmoon comments:

Given Putin’s towering influence in Russia and the fact that he has come to symbolize all Russia’s hopes and dreams, it is obvious that the most effective way of dealing Russia a death blow right now would be the sudden assassination of Putin.

This is almost certainly on the cards, and Putin must know it.

In the interests of world peace, it would be the best possible outcome if the US were decisively defeated in the coming war between East and West. For a world dominated by the United States is, in effect, a world dominated by international Jewry — a fate worse than death. Such a world would lead not only to the destruction of Europe as we know it but to the permanent enslavement of the American people.

According to military historian and political activist Tariq Ali, however, a defeat for America is unthinkable. The United States, he believes, is an unbeatable colossus:

“The United States is now unchallengeable militarily and it dominates global politics, even the politics of the countries it treats as its enemies. 

 If you compare the recent demonisation of Putin to the way Yeltsin was treated at a time when he was committing many more shocking atrocities – destroying the entire city of Grozny, for example – you see that what is at stake is not principle, but the interests of the world’s predominant power. There hasn’t been such an empire before, and it’s unlikely that there will be one again.

At the present moment the United States remains unassailable: it exerts its soft power all over the world, including in the heartlands of its economic rivals; its hard power is still dominant, enabling it to occupy countries it sees as its enemies; and its ideological power is still overwhelming in Europe and beyond.” (See here)

This will be music to the ears of America’s neoconservative warmongers. Believing devoutly that they cannot lose, they will now plunge the world recklessly into war, unless reason takes hold. If this should happen and they win — God help us if they do! —we will all be the losers.

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  1. A good analysis which shows the current European leadership to be, on the main, craven cretins. I disagree with Tariq Ali about the US being an unbeatable colossus. This may be unpalatable to Americans but they have already been defeated in the GWOT. Iraq now relies on Iran for help against ISIS, Afghanistan still needs US troops and the Central Government controls only the area around Kabul. In both Iraq and Afghanistan the US failed to achieve its
    military objectives. The drone war is making more and more enemies. Everytime a drone kills innocent civilians it breeds more enemies. And let us not forget the US military is becoming more and more demoralised. I have spoken to many ex-military and they tell me the same thing.
    Another factor is the decline in US and European living standards. How many “children” are still living with their parents into their thirties? Something unthinkable a mere 20 years ago. Many may point to faults and problems with Russia, China and India. Yes, they have problems, but the West should pluck the beam from their own eye and see the decay of their own infrastructure, the closing down of stores, the mass unemployment etc. Spin can only work for so long. And judging an economy from the “Potemkin Village” of how well the stock market is performing is a delusion.
    Another factor is that countries and peoples in Asia and elsewhere are starting to recognise that the US actions are those of catspaw for international Jewry and if Russia goes, they will be next, which is why China is now supporting Russia to the hilt.

    1. Excellent abridgement by Lasha Darkmoon of a much longer article; this shorter version, which cuts out about 2000 words, extracts the meat from the bone and allows us to see the whole Ukraine situation in sharper perspective.

      Felix’s comment is also spot-on. I agree with the learned Felix that the US is not as powerful as Tariq Ali makes out. Tariq can only get his books and articles published by the mainstream media if he kowtows to conventional views about American invincibility, flattering the American colossus. You will note also that Tariq, unlike Lasha in her final comment, nowhere mentions the J-word.

      How can someone write an incredibly long article, like Tariq does, and not mention the Jews even once? For that matter, the same criticism applies to the original 4700-word article “What does Putin Want”. No mention of Jews here either.

      Amazing how the wily Jews have managed to acquire the Cloak of Invisibility.

    2. I see it by applying Aristotelian logic.
      One must eliminate the ROOT of all Evils of this Planet. Root is CHRISTIANITY which grew in BOLSHEVISM which grew in final phase in POLITICAL CORRECTNESS!
      How do cleanse this Planet of lethal poison which under three names is destroying us? Masses do not care as their brains are totally under media control. TeleviTZ, thank you forever!

      1. Hus, pardon me for saying this, but….. YOU ARE AN IDIOT!

        The root of the evils on this planet, as has been made patently clear by Solzheinitsyn in his (still untranslated into English) ‘Two Hundred Years Together’, as well as numerous other keys and clues (Billy Graham and Richard Nixon’s private conversation; Jimmy Carter’s book on Isra-hell; works by Schlomo Sand, Arthur Koestler, Martin Luther, Benjamin Freedman; Lasha’s own article on “Stalin’s Willing Executioners’ by Dr. MacDonald…..


        THEY are the ‘sons of their father the devil’ that Christ was speaking about in John, Chapter 8. THEY are the crucifiers of the God-Man; they are the butchers and killers of the 20th Century.

        So, take your philo-Zionazi rhetoric, and stick it…. well, you know where.

        Anathema sit.

      2. There is a pdf of “Two Hundred Years Together” in English ….which you can download.

    3. Headline on Press TV, the Phillipines wants the US out.. Seems to me that every country which alligns itself with the US, and does their bidding, impoverishes itself..

  2. evil nazis … author instantly discredits himself

    almost every lie warned about, is included in this article:

    project new eastern outlook is no longer hidden in plain sight … some things project new eastern outlook is selling:
    there are no jews in the “east”
    jews do not control any countries in the “east”
    killing american gentiles will solve world zionism
    killing arabs will solve jewish terrorism
    the gentiles west of the rhine are different from gentiles east of the rhine, and the gentiles west of the rhine deserve to die
    once jews move out of usa and israel, they are no longer jews
    the jewish fantasia/khazaria escape plan
    jews are not a race, yet you need a blood test to join b’nai b’rith
    international jewry control of the world will end with the “west”

    anyone selling a gentile v gentile conflict, or that some segment of gentiles deserves to die, is a mossad agent

    1. the gentiles west of the rhine are different from gentiles east of the rhine, and the gentiles west of the rhine deserve to FLY????? I am politically correct
      Seems that you are conscious of misfortune which Evil Fogy Fagotty island of England brought to peoples East of RHINE! But how many are and how many did anything to save our people from Queen Mother and Queer Father of London?

      1. The germans are disgusting garbage.
        The EU which is run by middle-aged german queers is destroying Europe.
        German men are very effeminate and gay, the population is now in decline.

    2. The USA is a host nation for the Zionist Jews, who are using our military to depopulate the Muslim world, while they loot and destroy our nation, from within. It is the solemn duty of every Jew, to inflict wrath upon the goyim. And yet– without violent, implacable, opposition to, and hatred of all Jewish persons, including those law-abiding ones of good will–the rabbinic work cannot advance. The counter-force to the Primal Will to Good, is manifest in Judaism (Talmud) which is not a religion, but a legal system– meant to micromanage every aspect of human existence, with focus to depopulation of the goyim..i.e. eugenics. Since the atom was used as a weapon, everything else is becoming weaponized: food, water; air. Poverty creates dissension. Racial injustice; police corruption; CNN propaganda; entertainment industry glorification of violence etc etc

      1. “The USA is a host nation for the Zionist Jews, who are using our military to depopulate the Muslim world, while they loot and destroy our nation, from within. It is the solemn duty of every Jew, to inflict wrath upon the goyim.”

        WHILE.. the US Government is importing Muslim ‘refugees’ into the US en masse. Especially in Milwaukee:

        In 2013, the MIDC distributed over 430,000 pounds of food to 9,400 families impacting 17,900 individuals at the cost of $18,900 for the entire year. Since inception, our pantry has distributed over 2 million pounds of food to over 100,000 hungry members in our community.

        This program has been so successful that Feeding America selected us to participate in their Community Cares Program. This program acknowledges the standard of excellence our program offers this community by delivering additional food to our location at no extra cost. As a result, we were able to distribute an additional 200,000 pounds of food to the poor and needy.

        However, we are in need of your continued support. The Milwaukee Islamic Da’Wa Center is a non-profit 501© 3 organization tax ID #39-1846617. You may also send your donations directly to Feeding America.


  3. “In the interests of world peace, it would be the best possible outcome if the US were decisively defeated in the coming war between East and West.” — Lasha Darkmoon

    there is no war between east and west … you are selling it

    the war is international jewry against humanity … jews control both america and russia, east v west won’t solve anything … hencewhy jews are selling it

    people need to ignore this east v west hasbara … learn to spot a jew … and take care of their own country

    1. “there is no war between east and west”

      Correct… East and West are partners controlled from City of London… NM Rothschild Bank.

      The goal IS world disarmament and TOTAL economic and physical control.

  4. The only segment of these discussions is the comic ignorance of the West’s, (U.S. denizens in particular), people. With an all to small portion realizing what a sewer the U.S. has become and how completely controlled by the (as H. Ford put it), “international Jew”, this mass of arrogantly ignorant creatures will die thinking the following;

    Jews are “the Chosen” and by supporting them they will be given an express ride into heaven no matter how many atrocities they commit on a global scale.

    Israel is their “friend”

    Oklahoma City/9-11 were perpetrated by Muslims, not MOSSAD

    Their vicious and treasonous military/law enforcement, (trained in Israel on how to deal with “domestic terrorists”), would NEVER fire upon their own citizens.

    The bulk are fools at best, vicious fools at worst.

    Hitler’s pre-emptive move on Stalin’s/Wall Street’s Bolshevik Jew owned Soviet Union was an attempt to save not only Germany but Western Europe as well from their Talmudic evil. had the U.S. helped rather than destroy Germany the Jewish slaughtered +/- 80,000,000, (60 mils in Russia, 7 mils in Ukraine, +/- 10 mils through out Eastern Europe en toto), could have been much, much less. Unfortunately Roosevelt felt better served embracing the global, (again, thanks to the dual world power of the U.S./”great” Britain), Central Bank and “Uncle Joe” Stalin’s Jewish Banker owners. Ironic how the West stays the same, treacherous/evil/Talmudic in it’s loyalty and nature whereas Russia has made a come back from the Bolshevik horror they had to endure to quite possibly the last bastion against total global control and annihilation by the Synagogue of Satan, aka “the chosen”.

    1. I have no problem that the alternative media likes Putin and likes the resurgence of Russian Orthodox Church. What I don’t understand about the alternative media : the alternative media lauds the resurgence of the Russian Orthodox Church while doing everything it can to encourage Westerners away from old-fashioned traditional Catholicism, away from the traditional Catholic Church. It’s okay and it’s a great thing the Russians are under One Banner — The Banner of the Russian Orthodox Church — but’s IT’S NOT OKAY for Westerners if Westerners would return back to the Catholic Church, make it WHOLE again, and become United under The One Banner of The Catholic Church.

      Why is it wonderful the Russians are united under the Banner of One Church, but it’s something horrible if Westerners were to be united under the banner of One Church, the Catholic Church, the One Church which is the very Church which United the White Race in the West in the very first place?

      1. ADMIN: There is another HP on this site. Choose another name.

        Good questions, REALORIGINALJOE, and I think what you suggest we do is the only way, The Eastern and Western Orthodox (Roman Catholic) Church make the same moral demands, but the former is over there while the latter is here. But the church leadership here also has to go to bat about US foreign policy, They, have to get over the fear that criticizing the government is unpatriotic.

      2. Real Original.

        I am a convert from the Synagogue of Satan (ie. Roman Catholi-schism) to Holy Orthodoxy, BECAUSE Rome, as a system, as a religion, as a means of ‘converting the world’ is a TOTALLY APOSTATE CULT, that has only the BAREST TRAPPINGS of Original Christianity left within it!

        From the Schism of 1054, when Rome self-excommunicated the Papacy (at the hands of Cardinal Humbert) to the Crusades, when White Europeans raped, murdered, pillaged and plundered the Greek Empire’s wealth, women, and warriors- not once, but MANY TIMES; to the failed attempts of the Reformers (who truly had a RIGHT to revolt against a false syncretistic filioquist blasphemy known as Scholasticism) in seeking ‘the original Church’ (and then, not bowing to the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople, when they had the chance) to the embracing of the illegitimate spawn of the Papacy – the “Enlightenment” which has given us American ‘democracy,’ British ruthless hegemony (and now the US’s version of their parent nation) and the idolatry, skepticism, Anarchy, Freudian, Marxian,Multicultural, Metrosexual (‘who am I to judge?’ sodomite rhetoric of Franky the Apostate) MESS THAT IS KNOWN AS THE WEST….

        ALL of it can be laid at the FEET OF THE PAPACY, and her desire to be ‘the Scarlet Woman/whore riding upon the EU/Beast.’

        The ONLY hope for the ENTIRE WORLD of CHRISTENDOM, is to repudiate EVERYTHING that Apostate Rome, and her Protestant Children stand for, and REPENT and RETURN to Conciliar ORTHODOXY.

        For it is only the Orthodox worldview (Weltanschauung) that will save us from the Talmudic Khazarian IMPOSTERS.

        Misericordie, Domine.

    2. “Oklahoma City/9-11 were perpetrated by Muslims, not MOSSADQ” = Nonsense .
      Please do some research , even on Google — yes google “Israel’s Masterpiece.”

  5. Thanks, Lasha, for this article.

    The original OPINION was given in the article, “What does Putin want? A Major Analysis by Rostislav Ishchenko.” that opinion was TRANSLATED from the Russian by Denis, Gideon, and Robin. So, the article became the OPINION of the translators. Saker said, “…(Ishchenko’s opinion) was very difficult to translate.”
    Ishchenko is President of the Center for System Analysis and Forecasting. He is a member of Valdai Club where the President and the Prime Minister of Russia meet with the club’s members, and politicians and public figures from Russia and other states take part in its work. The club’s goal is to promote dialogue between Russian and international intellectual ELITE. A Russian think tank for think tank members from US and ISRAEL.!!

    Here are just a few professors of major world universities, including Harvard, Columbia, Georgetown, Stanford, Carleton University, the University of London, Cairo University, the University of Teheran, East China University, the University of Tokyo, Tel Aviv University, the University of Messina, Johns Hopkins University, the London School of Economics, King’s College London, Sciences Po and the Sorbonne.
    There are lots of Pharisees in that list of ELITE club participants at Valdai Club. It resembles a list of Trilateral Commission and CFR controlled universities.
    See: valdaiclub.com/about/
    “The Valdai Club has proved its worth as a discussion platform on Russian issues, and is aimed at consolidating the world intellectual ELITE to find ways of overcoming current global crises.”
    BTW – Neither the UN nor the City pf London were mentioned in the article. That’s interesting.

    My OPINION(read ‘guess’) of an opinion of an opinion of an opinion is…. ….The goal is still, no matter how it is painted… GLOBAL DISARMAMENT…period!!
    And Ukraine don’t want it, Charlie.

    The UN and Pharisee Bankers in London are trying to disarm the world. The Ukraine still has not become a participating member of CIS, a UN organization under a different title…and I do not blame them. Ukraine could not resist the takeover of their government and resources if they did that.

    Here’s the deal. There has been a problem since 1991:
    Ukraine did not become a member in CIS. They do NOT want their economies and laws changed to suit the UN.

    “The States, having voluntarily united in the Commonwealth of Independent States …acting in accordance with generally accepted principles and norms of international law, the provisions of the Charter of the United Nations..”

    Article 2:
    “…achievement of universal and full disarmament..”

    Article 11
    “Member states shall conduct coordinated policy….disarmament and arms control, and building of Armed Forces…”

    Article 12
    “In the event that a threat arises to the sovereignty,……the use, where necessary, of the Armed Forces in accordance with the procedure for exercising the right to ….defense according to Article 51 of the UN Charter…”
    Just as the UN, the CIS wants FULL DISARMAMENT….

    1. Well Pat, if that’s the case the there will be a whole lotta pryin’ of cold dead hands goin’ on.


      1. B-Hawk –

        Nothing to ‘pry from cold dead hands’ in Ukraine.
        Ukrainians already had their personal guns taken away by Pharisees decades ago.

        Putin supports this murder. If he is a ‘savior’ he should help save Ukrainians and give them guns.

        Putin should support Ukrainian independence if he is SO BIG on decentralization.

        MOSCOW, April 9. /TASS/. More than 3,000 citizens of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic have died and over 2,200 others have gone missing since the start of the combat actions in eastern Ukraine, the DPR’s human rights commissioner’s press service said on Thursday.

        According to the United Nations data, between mid-April 2014 and February 28, 2015, a total of 5,809 people have died and another 14,740 people have been injured in Ukraine.


      2. Their guns weren’t taken away by Putin, though. And to arm them now? Hard to say what’s up with that, but don’t automatically rule out the potential for some “all in due time” factor

      3. And for the record, I cringe over use of the word “savior” when applied to Putin, or anyone else that falls outside the parameters of the “Saving Grace”.

      4. And Pat- ever consider that perhaps ‘playing with the big boys’ is the ONLY way for Putin to consolidate his own ethnic/autocratic aims for an independent Russia, while at the same time, seeing the Judaized USA as the ultimate evil?

        Sometimes, in the world of Kings and Statesmen, you have to get your hands dirty, to be alive later to clean them in the stream of national freedom.

        So many independent, autonomous Americans still think that ‘democracy’ is the ONLY way to ‘do countries’- and they then forget that Demon-cracy gave us the Black and Woman as ‘intellectuals’ voting for the rulers we deserve, not the rulers we want.

        Pat- one question. Are you a woman?
        If so (or even if not) here’s something for you (indeed for all Westerners) to think on:
        We’re done. It’s time to restore Patriarchy and White male headship, world-wide.

        The first casualty in that war, may be the marxist mulatto metrosexual who says he’s the head of a nation near the Potomac, frankly. Please, God.

      5. John –

        I believe I am a lesbian. I like naked women. But, my wife rules out all others.

        What I have considered is that Russia is a satellite of US and City of London by proxy…. and has been since 1917. ‘The Best Enemy Money Can Buy’ said Tony Sutton.

        Putin is allowed by Pharisee Bankers to play with big boyz until the next pawn comes along. He is not an autocrat.

    2. That`s probably why Yemen is under attack, it was noted that when the Yemenis protested in the streets, prior to the present, ongoing slaughter, they took their AK47`s with them, which is why the slaughter is being conducted in cowardly fashion, from a safe distance..

  6. All wars are between Jew and Gentile by Proxy and most Gentiles have no clue they are fighting or working for Jewish interests. Jewish money power is in decline so maybe money wont be a factor in the long run. Is Russia still controlled by Bolsheviks? I don’t know but it seems not, since Russia is rebuilding hundreds of Christian churches the Bolsheviks burned in the early 1900’s. If Russia is truly a Christian nation perhaps Russia will have the upper hand because people will die for what they believe in and the 80 million Evangelicals in the US are really Jewish in Nature.
    Jew vs Gentile

  7. @ Pat. Thanks for the link to the Valdai club. Regardless of the ethnic origins of some of it’s members, it’s a breath of fresh air to see somebody actually thinking and writing outside the box. Saner minds must prevail over the rabid neo-con think tanks which currently dominate American foreign policy. The window is closing as Hillary called Putin “Hitler” and her opponent will be much more agressive, in hopes of tapping into the Republician Patriotards.

    1. Glad to help.

      Hillary has to demonize Putin…to keep the ruse going. You know…keep the US satellite, Russia, posed as an enemy, while helping them get what they need.

      The Valdai Discussion Club was established in 2004. It was named after Lake Valdai, which is located close to Veliky Novgorod, where the club’s first meeting took place. The club’s goal is to promote dialogue between Russian and international intellectual elite, and to make an independent, unbiased scientific analysis of political, economic and social events in Russia and the rest of the world.

      It is similar to Bilderberg Group, TLC, RIIA and CFR.

  8. Everybody bashes Americans for being stupid sheep. It’s always said as if everyone else in the world are real smart. If everyone outside the USA is so smart and so much better than us Americans, how come their countries, too, are so f*cked-up? If the Russians are so smart, why did the Russians allow the jews to turn Russia into a jew commie shithole? If the Russians were so smart they never would have allowed Russia to turn into a jew commie shithole in the first place. If the Europeans are so smart, why do they allow themselves to be ruled out of Brussels, the EU? If the English are so smart, how come they allowed their precious isle to be over run by pakis and africans and mohammedans — and mohammedans on jihad no less. If the Chinese are so smart, how come China was always a nasty despotic shithole. It still is a nasty despotic shithole. [ they got money now but the place is still for shit]. It’s still all about Oriental despotism. If the Japs are so smart, why did they let the Israelis into Fukushima to be in charge of security there? Can the Japs not handle security for Fukushima? How smart is not being able to do your own security? Answer : Not very bright, not at all.

    Everybody bashes Americans for being Zionist Christians, for example, but no one bashes the mohammedans who join the Zionist owned and controlled ISIS/ISIL, or the other jew owned Islamic “terrorist” groups. The mohammedan ISIS mercenaries, like the American Christian Zionists, serve the jew NWO just as much, if not more, than the American Zionist Christians. But somehow the mohammedans are not “sheeple”, only Americans.

    I can give a lot more examples of world wide stupidity outside of the USA, but you all get the point.

    Why are Americans always signaled out for being “sheeple” while the rest of the world’s people walk away unscathed by criticism? Americans are “sheeple” but everyone else in the world is real smart, LOL. I know that’s true because the world outside of America is just an absolutely sterling place full of Light, Love, Peace, and Understanding!

    1. Joe, the “The mohammedan ISIS mercenaries”, are the brainchild of the US/Israel/KSA, and are being used as cannon fodder against true mohammedans. Lots of young muslims join them, in the mistaken belief that they are on the side of the muslims. I find it mind boggling, that the stupid takfiris, are risking their lives, whilst the Israelis are on standby, to transfer them to Israeli hospitals, where they can be patched up, before putting their lives on the line once more. Now that is really stupid..

    2. it’s a matter of metrics, joe.
      everybody is stupid it is just that americans are stupider than anyone else.
      how come jehovah’s witnesses, scientology and cults can’t make headway outside usa, not even in pygmy africa?
      answer: pygmies are smarter, it’s a tougher sell.
      another thing: if amerika disappeared down the yellowstone tectonic flush, how could jew theraten and intimidate the rest of the world with his samson bullshit?
      no way, they’d be cleaned out in a week.

      simple math: everyone is scared of idiot americans who listen to jew like a bunch of automations on remote control, therefore, everyone is afraid of jew.
      it’s like america is the howitzer with which jew threatens the world.

      would germany and japan have lost ww2 without america?
      would russia lose the war against nato without america? nato wouldn’t even exist, what’s the point.

      so, it is america that’s the biggest shit in the global busted flush, blocking the pipes to recovery.

      1. Yep, lobro…. “everybody is stupid it is just that americans are stupider than anyone else.”

        AND then comes ‘stupidest’….

        ‘Stupidest’ is as… what he pays ‘stupider’ for… to give him advice on how to run his government.

        AS… shortly after the Russians announced their intention to acquire a majority stake in Uranium One, Mr. Clinton received $500,000 for a Moscow speech from a Russian investment bank with links to the Kremlin that was promoting Uranium One stock.

        AS…. Clinton Collected Millions In Cash from Putin:

        You baited me… I bit…but you did not set the hook well. Got away…

      2. not a bad link, pat.
        maybe time you read it.

        it is all about clintons “treachery” whereby they sold whatever postage stamp sized ass territory was left without kosher imprint to russia in order to facilitate russian takeover of a us uranium mine.
        for a measly half a million, the clintons greased the deal which congress would otherwise have blocked.
        and the jew york times complained bitterly about it.

        Before they could approve the deal, those U.S. officials–who reported to Hillary Clinton–had to certify that the deal would not jeopardize American national security by giving Russia an effective global monopoly on uranium supplies

        hello, so who is the loser, russia and putin?
        thanks for fortifying my point pat (to use your favorite expression)

        morale: the price jews will pay for relying on traitors and expecting their continued loyalty.

        that’s the fly in the ointment that netanyahu is not telling you about, that someday american gi’s (or the russian marines for that matter) will run a giant bayonet up his ass like they did to gaddafi and hillary clinton will go on tv and cackle maniacally: “we came, we saw, he died”.
        and the whole world will hail the clintons, blair, harper and the rest of them for being the first heroes of gentile liberation (bill will proudly point to his record of having ensured russian global uranium domination, whereby they channeled american uranium to iran’s underground enrichment centrifuges that assured israel’s demise – poor jew york times).

      3. I know it is ‘not a bad link’ lobro…thanks.

        Now YOU should go read it:
        “The former secretary of state has remained relatively silent on the proposed Iranian nuclear deal thus far, apparently for good reason. Her opposition could sink Rosatom’s 2014 deal to provide enriched uranium to eight Iranian nuclear reactors for their entire life cycles, potentially enraging the wealthy investors – who funneled millions – to her family’s foundation.

        It was $$Millions for the uranium deal.

        The $500,000 was to the “Dope from Hope” for speech to Putin on how to stay in office and have sex parties WITHOUT getting a divorce.

        I remain insolvent in my ‘guessing’ so far.

      4. pat, let me help you parse this if you haven’t already done it, partially requoting your quote

        Her opposition could sink Rosatom’s 2014 deal to provide enriched uranium to eight Iranian nuclear reactors for their entire life cycles, potentially enraging the wealthy investors – who funneled millions – to her family’s foundation.

        1. putin paid to keep clintons’ mouths shut, right? yes.
        2. he wants the rostatom’s deal with iranians to go through, right? yes.
        3. if the deal was sunk due to her opposition, wealthy donors would be enraged
        4. who is publishing the hostile editorial? new york times.

        so let’s connect the dots, who are the “potentially enrag[ed] the wealthy investors – who funneled millions – to her family’s foundation”
        if they were big time jews like saban, adelson and all those chicago jew billionaires who selected obama, would new york times make waves about it?
        jews want to wipe out iran, the sooner the better, right?
        so why would they be enraged if iran doesn’t get the uranium?

        ok? the nyt is identifying “wealthy investors” as secretive russians, maybe chinese and iranians.
        the axe seems to be out for double-dealing hillary and bill – or at least the threat of the axe.

        the bottom line? this proves that jews don’t control the game fully, they are facing a big risk and might miscalculate catastrophically.
        but as i said, they played the high risk game from the start, the one which depends on an unbroken string of victories all the way to the final ownership of the planet earth, lock, stock and barrel.

        one major miscalculation and the jew is gone.
        who lives by talmud, dies by talmud, it is its most basic premise, all the formulas are based on winner-take-all game rule.
        take no prisoners, right?
        amalek doesn’t need much of a reminder.

        i am certainly rooting for that big miscalculation.

      5. lobro –

        I can ‘buy’ your guess. As good as mine.

        I’ll get my daughters’ dusty pompoms in the attic and…root with you.

        I will fogedaboud the ‘red’ ones, though. 😉

    3. “Everybody bashes Americans for being Zionist Christians, for example, but no one bashes the mohammedans who join the Zionist owned and controlled ISIS/ISIL, or the other jew owned Islamic “terrorist” groups. ”

      Because the CZ’s ARE heretics, simply because they have the Truth, and yet ‘believe a lie.’

      Moslems never had the truth to begin with.
      And the son of slaves will never inherit from the free-born son. [Gal.4:30]

  9. I agree with the concept of Putin peace verses US war as a contest and the decider is “time”. The US might be at the top of its game or just passed it’s peak. But the fact is that Amerika does not have unlimited time. The US has been in rapid decline and it only propped up by the kindness of China and other holders of US Monopoly Money.

    The head of the Russian Military has openly stated that any move by NATO would result in the use of nukes. He probably meant tactical nukes. Same thing if the US turns on its East European radar systems, Russia has vowed to destroy them asap. So its very difficult to see a winnable situation for the US.

    As far as assassination of Putin is concerned, he has already survived two MI6 attempts. Putin sent a flotilla of Russian warships to Australia for the G8 meeting. Putin arrived late and left early, so any attempt on Putin’s life would have resulted in the deaths of everyone attending G8. The Western MSM thought these ships were there to boost Putin’s testosterone levels. The fact is, killing Putin is Amerikas best chance. Putin also failed so show for the Holocaust bash up. No doubt more to do with risk.

  10. I just have this gut feeling that Putin is controlled opposition and doing a very good job at fooling us all. I can’t put my trust in any politician, let alone anyone who seeks power in any way whatsoever.

      1. What are you on about Bob?
        I’m an anarchist and believe in NO control by anyone over anyone. That simple.

      2. No one has the right of authority over any other without their consent and I’m quite frankly sick fed up of this “we do it for their own good and protection” BS which is what it is.

        If we lived in an anarchy with no one in control there would be no wars and there would be no leaders. There would be no people making the bombs, guns, planes and tanks.

        I vote 100% for an agrarian society, with people farming the land and respecting others.

        Once you have people in government and in control, that’s when greed starts and authoritarian societies, rules, regulations, totalitarian regimes as we have today.

        However there are people in society who need their bottoms wiped, so if they want government let them, but split that land into those who want it and those who don’t. Guaranteed, the have nays would vastly outweigh the yays. In fact here in the UK, the minority vote, meaning the majority DON’T want government. Men, by nature, are individual, anarchic beings. It is women who want order and control and thus we live in a herd mentality, because they want protection from men. The state is the woman’s orgasm. Look at the public sector and you’ll find it’s disproportionally represented by the ‘fairer sex’.

      3. Harbinger

        You’re talkin about the post-armageddon spiritual environment picture I’m painting.

        But that ain’t “anarchy”, brother.

        But even with that you’d need some semblance of a governing body if for no other reason than to serve as ‘training wheels’.

    1. Harb- which is, of course, exactly the way the Jews WANT you to think.

      Look to the effects. Is Putin establishing a Christian state, even as he keeps the Christ-killers at bay, with promises he never intends (ultimately) to keep?
      Or is the Obamanation doing God’s will, with his Bolshevikization of the country?

      Which one is better?
      My money’s on Putin, all the way. And I am (sadly) an American.

  11. Jewish verbal IQ is above 140. They rise to the top even in New Zealand where the PM is a Jew. It is unrealistic to imagine them shining shoes for a living. There are millions of mentally challenged natives of Africa, forcing Jews to marry one of them will eventually diminish Jewish intelligence. That seems to be the only humane way to curb the smart Jew.

    1. “Jewish verbal IQ is above 140.”

      Jewish Ashkenazi IQ is between 107-115, and their verbal IQ is 122. Jewish Sephardic IQ is 100, and Jewish Mizrahi (“Oriental”) IQ is comparable to that of their Arab neighbors (ca. 85), while the IQ of Jewish Ethiopians is comparable to that of other Ethiopians (63). If there is a genetic explanation for this, it must be that Ashkenazi Jews are heavily mixed with European blood. An additional reason would be cultural selection.

      In all Western countries where Jews live they are a small minority, hence sufficient Whites of equal intelligence can always be found. The problem is not lack of intelligence in Whites, it is naivety. Jews are a well organized ethnic Mafia, but few Whites realize that.

      1. “Whites of equal intelligence can always be found”
        There are but a handful among whites that can match the unique Jewish brilliance.
        Measurement of high intelligence in IQ tests is not the only gauge of Jewish success. Other invisible factors in the genetic structure must be the cause of a man like Bloomberg becoming a billionaire before reaching his middle years. It is a poor excuse calling whites “naive” for not matching the Jewish ability to make a buck. Each Jew is remarkable and whites must confess to their excellence.

    2. Polatnick conveniently — very intentionally, he leaves out the IQ test scores of the Jew’s precious Israel. ALL Jews in Israel are given an IQ test when they join the Israeli army. It’s mandatory there to serve in the military. The mean Jew IQ test score is NOWHERE near 140. See “The Flynn Effect”. Polatnick doesn’t need to see “The Flynn Effect”, he already knows all about it. Of course, he will never tell you the real mean score of Jew IQ. It’s NOT impressive. Not at all.

      In the West, Jew low scores are thrown in the trash can and forgotten about. Only their high scorers are included in test results.

      1. Ashkenazim IQ is of my concern, but it alone does not measure a persons ability to make a buck. Deep inside every Ashkenazim is a calculating process which determines if an investment is worthy. This process is responsible for the total wealth of its tribe.
        The DNA of the Ashkenazim calculator is on the brink of being discovered and when it is we will all be Jews.

  12. Jews are famous for backing both sides. A very good read is “Empire of the City” 1946 by E. Knuth about the history of the “Corporation of the City of London”, a corrupt State within a State and the history of the Rothschilds in nearly all wars and conflicts.

    As Zerohedge points out today “Many in the Liberty Movement have studied and are well aware of the central banking cabal and its stranglehold on the U.S. and Europe. But strangely, some people refuse to acknowledge the substantial possibility that global bankers are also in control of Russia and are playing both sides of the burgeoning economic war.” Of course the Jewish bankers are in control of Russia too.

    And on a separate note, the Canadian Institute of Talmudic Law and Ethics says, Talmudic Law is superior to secular Law. How long before Noahide Law for gentiles is introduced and the guillotines come out to kill the goyim for worshiping Jesus Christ or any other religious icon?

    “The Talmud’s ancient teachings are both rich and complex, and its unique analytical approach to law is intriguing to the minds of those who dared delve into it. The complexities of Jewish law are particularly brilliant when compared and contrasted to contemporary secular law and relevant legal matters of today. While many lawyers have pored over the Talmud’s thousands of pages in the past, we recognize that many have yet to do so. Hence, we welcome you to be amused and fascinated, while at the same time complete your ethics and professionalism hours in an accredited Jewish environment”.


    1. “How long before Noahide Law for gentiles is introduced and the guillotines come out to kill the goyim for worshiping Jesus Christ or any other religious icon?”

      Umm, don’t you know we ALREADY (in the USA) are under ‘de facto’ Noachide Law?
      Going back to Dubya, I believe.

      1. PL 102-14 was signed by GHW Bush in 1991.

        The Chabad-Lubavitch movement has been the most active in Noahide outreach, believing that there is spiritual and societal value for non-Jews in at least simply acknowledging the seven laws, and even more so if they accept or observe them. In 1991, they had a reference to these laws enshrined in a Congressional proclamation:
        Presidential Proclamation 5956, signed by then-President George H. W. Bush. Recalling Joint House Resolution 173, and recalling that the ethical and moral principles of all civilizations come in part from the Seven Noahide Laws, it proclaimed March 26, 1991 as “Education Day, U.S.A.”

        Subsequently, Public Law 102-14 formally designated the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s 90th birthday as “Education Day, U.S.A.,” with Congress recalling that “without these ethical values and principles, the edifice of civilization stands in serious peril of returning to chaos,” and that “society is profoundly concerned with the recent weakening of these principles, that has resulted in crises that beleaguer and threaten the fabric of civilized society.


      2. “Diplomats, delegates and rabbi’s gather at UN Headquarters for “One People, One World Conference”. United Nations, New York June 10th, 2013. On the heels of 3 Tammuz, members of the UN Diplomatic corps, UN Press Officers and other officials gathered at the UN headquarters in New York to learn how the Seven Noahide Laws must play a key role in international efforts for world peace. “On this day, people from all over the world gathered on behalf of the Laws of Noah”, said Rabbi Yakov D. Cohen, head of the Institute of Noahide Code, which sponsored the conference. “Their observance is required, so that the vision of the United Nations to have a settled and civilized world, filled with economic justice and righteousness will prevail”.
        Titled ‘One People, One World’, the conference brought together journalists, diplomats and delegates from countries across the globe, including Egypt and Israel. Guests of honour from the UN Diplomatic Corps also signed a ‘Declaration of the Seven Laws of Noah’, which emphasized the importance of the Seven Noahide Laws in maintaining peace, justice and harmony among peoples and nations. In his remarks at the event, Rabbi Cohen discussed how monotheism, uniting the world under the one true God, is essential for breaking down barriers between cultures. Looking around the room, filled with faces reflecting the diversity of the United Nations itself, Rabbi Cohen insisted that we must work together in bringing the international community to a higher level of spiritual understanding of man’s place in the universe. Other speakers at the event included Cartell Gore, President of the Booker T. Washington Business League and Richard Dawson, Director of Dawson Associates International, who insisted that all Jews are obligated to teach the Seven Noahide Laws. In addition to prohibiting idolatry, the Noahide code also forbids blasphemy, forbidden sexual relationships, murder, theft, and cruelty to animals. It also commands its followers to implement orderly processes of justice. The Institute of Noahide Code is a UN accredited NGO dedicated to spreading awareness of the Seven Noahide Laws, which all peoples of the world are OBLIGATED to follow. It takes its guidance from the inspiring vision of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, who understood the inherent power of these laws to unite the nations of the world.”

        One People, One World and One God …. means worship of a Jewish God and nothing else.

  13. This article serves our enemies perfectly.

    They need this war to appear justified, therefor they build it up on both sides, even though they control both of those sides already/entirely. Otherwise, the “Goyim” would never buy into it, at least not to the point where they would be willing to fight, kill, and die over it (that is to say NOTHING). For if the Jews could just declare war out of nowhere THEY WOULD, but alas they cannot, so they must write a script and let the actors play their roles out to the end. Once they have drawn the lines and successfully/thoroughly demonized those “evil Gentiles” on the other “side” (we’re ALL on the same side of the Jew vs Gentile equation, but most of us fail to realize it) a false flag or some other spark is all that is needed to kick things off. They’ve played this little game countless times before, so I’m not sure how ANY of you could be fooled by it OR support their puppets AT ALL (not even as the “lesser of two evils”).

    Putin is as Kosher as they come. Russia is STILL under the control of the Bolshevik/Communist JEWS (they did not leave voluntarily and there has been no Jewish tears spilled about an expulsion). Who would think, let alone conclude otherwise? How many Yarmaluke’s does he have to wear and how much of the Jew’s bidding must he do before you wake up and smell the Kosher coffee? He’s not the lesser of the two evils and he is not on our side.

    The same can be said about the COMMUNISTS (Jews) in China, who set up shop and conducted a Bolshevik style mass culling of the Gentile herd there as well. Mao and Stalin might not have been “one in the same”, but those who pulled their strings were and their tactics were just the same (the BEST of the Gentiles were slaughtered wholesale). Jews did not fund the revolution in China, transfer “their” wealth there (more like OUR wealth/manufacturing industry), or arm the Chinese military with OUR weapons (those spies always “just happened to be” Jewish) just for the hell of it.

    I digress… Back to the coming war:

    It’s the same M.O., the same people are orchestrating it all, and the outcome will be just the same as well: another bloody war, where Gentiles are slaughtered wholesale, and where Jews will be the ones crying out in pain before, during, and after. What’s new? Why would you expect anything different? How can you fail to recognize it when we are being played in the same exact way? And why on Earth would any of you cheer on another war, knowing that Jews want this war and that only Gentiles will die as a result????

    I know… NO kidding… Of course the U.S. is ALSO under Jewish control, but you’d be a fool to ASSUME the “other side” is free from Jewish control for that reason alone. Jews often (almost always) control both “sides” of the debate, they control all parties within a government, they fight for and pretend to fight against their freedom restricting laws, and of course they control most governments in the world today. Their control over our minds is not absolute, but their control over our government(s) is as close to that as they would ever need it to be. Thus, the script must be written, the puppets must play their roles, the propaganda must be promoted, and the “Goyim” must be tricked into fighting their next war, but the control over our government(s) is unquestioned. Otherwise, once again, they would simply declare all-out-war out-of-nowhere and be done with it, but those “pesky Goyim” are not (quite) THAT gullible or eager to kill and die over nothing. They need to be GIVEN a reason for it (Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, 9/11, etc, etc, etc…).

    The biggest mistake the so called Jew-wise speakers, writers, and leaders make is to automatically take one side and assume it to be Jew-free simply because the other side is so obviously controlled by Jews. Ultimately, you feed right into their agenda, whether you realize it or not… because what they want is for the “Goyim” to accept their war propaganda, and whether you are clueless when it comes to Jewish power/intent or not the end result is the same IF you buy into it (even worse, if you actively promote it). Once war is declared and the point of no return is crossed, the Jews will have their way in the ensuing chaos. That is to say, they will be able to round us up and take out their twisted fantasies on us openly and on a massive scale.

    Sure, the U.S. government has been the greatest weapon in the Jewish arsenal for some time now (just as Russia was before and how China will be in the future), but that’s not to say that the U.S. population is anything less than the greatest threat to Jewish power and their global agenda. All it will take is a mass awakening here in America (that is to say this is the BEST and most likely place it would start), and they know it… We’re still armed. We’re still (mostly) White. We still have (most of) our freedoms. That’s why the American people must be destroyed… and that’s why they have deliberately made America out to be the world bully, through the actions of the -puppet- U.S. government and through the propaganda in their global media network.

    Really, their narrative/agenda/game is easy to read, once you understand the true extent of their control and their history, while simply taking a step back to see it all unfolding. At which point war-mongering articles such as this, on supposedly Jew-wise websites, will give you great cause for concern, as it does with me. For if even the Jew-wise among us are buying into it, then they have just about arrived at the point where the war can be sold to the general public. And please, you tell me, what’s the difference at that point? You can be a sheeple or otherwise wise to the Jew, but if you are accepting/promoting their war, then the end result is just the same. They will have their way, and nobody (well, not many of us at least) will be the wiser as to who was responsible or how they pulled it off. Either way, our blood will flow and not a hair on the heads of those responsible will be harmed.

    Still, some would ask: “Why would they want to fight each other?” Because not a single G-D Jew (none that matter at least) will die on either “side”, but the “Goyim” will die by the tens, if not hundreds of millions (dare I say BILLIONS?). Also, Jews will then have the opportunity they have so longed for brought back to the modern world. That is to say they will be able to rape, torture, and murder us openly, just as the Chekists did to the Russians not all that long ago. We will be living “Beyond Hell” and we will once again be “Under the Sign of the Scorpion” (and if you have not yet read those two books, I suggest you do so now).

    “God” help us, because Putin certainly isn’t going to.

    1. could you paste or post your entire comment to my fb page please? i am going to share the article but i want your comment too; that is exactly my position too. everything we see..absolutely all of it…is set and run by these disgusting jews. america has many many faults. but they are indeed the jews achilles heel. if they were to universally awaken to the real nature and behaviour not just of some jews but of ALL jews and see finally that its zionazi satanism which is doing terrible things [nowadays even to them..look at their police killers..you can bet theyre satanics via jewish hypnosis; plus terribly infiltrated by reptoids]…its americans who wont be shy of finally blasting these vile shmucks to smithereens. whereas when i get into a funk i worry that russia if she were to win would be another version of the same thing. its a fact the rabid communists were never tried and punished. and its a fact most were jewish. and its a fact putin was not only such a kgb commie he too is at least partly jewish; though anyone would have to be blind not to admire him..thats a skilled patient and cunning statesman. also manly. well who could possibly do much but snigger about obama? i wish like two things at the same time? russia could well take over england. we cant stop them. if he would destroy the filthy kidkilling cannibal jews infesting uk and rid us of all the blacks/islamics [negatives i mean there are a few good ones] how i would welcome the russians!! but would they do that? there again if america just happens to take over england [and its on the cards i bet] they most certainly will support the filth and sling me straight into the grave …yet i prefer america at least they speak english and could be made sane if only they would see it IS jewry and this confounded religionist addiction [both christians and islamics ultimately type back in to jewish versions of lineage. history. ”spirituality’. in fact satanism does as well. actually satanism is the real jewish religion and none other. we lived in a negative area…that was why all that worked. but we are being pulled out of it now]. so really the one recourse for the REAL english now is also revolution; exactly the same as is necessary in america herself. anyway please post your comment this thing wont do it…thanks for your efforts. live and be free my friend.

    2. Scott….. absolutely!
      The only comment I could add is one that has puzzled me….. the Jews represent around 2.5% of the worlds population yet have controlled it’s destiny for a long time. The only answer I keep coming back to is that the Jew elite are controlled by a demonic force be it dimensional or centered on earth. I do not consider IQ has anything to do with the Jew ability to infiltrate and control….. Gus

    3. And with quotes around God’s name, neither will you.

      You’re the shabbas goy of the Deicides, and nothing more.

  14. La Bruyère used to say
    There are only two ways of getting on in the world: by one’s own industry, or by the stupidity of others.

    Since the Jews are not the industrial types they have took the second option.
    This Hollywood movie American Nightmare or The Purge in Quebec was a great ride and inspiration I have to admit. The Quebec title is more relevant, though. Is there a message here? Why don’t you purge yourself from the warmongering FED instead? And maybe by following your example we will purge ourselves from the Luxembourg’s clearing house, the Schacht ‘s BIS and the City financial worldwide thieving web. But maybe Max wouldn’t like that.
    The world is looking at you through your Hollywood production and internet. American Sniper made me want to puke with the contrast between the green Christian America and the chaotic Muslim Iraq. What happened to Dirty Harry the bad ass isolationist WASP intolerant to liberal bullshits?
    I’d like to share this documentary movie “My American Uncle “. It has English subtitles, I know you are not used to that, but maybe the title will attract some of you since you have reached a high level of ethnocentricity. A 2 hours French movie, what a waste of time you will say, but, hey, since you like to watch 6 hours Baseball game, I will give it a shot. Yes, I have been to the Ball Game.
    This is the way Europe and France used to look at you in our collective subconscious in the late 70’s when we didn’t have the net and your precious declassified archives. Jean Monnet was a CIA agent. It tells a lot about Europe but hey, Bill Clinton won the Charlemagne prize in 2000. Counterbalancing the US power, yes, that was the plan. A lot could be said regarding this movie/documentary about inhibition, the state of stress and how humans/animals react to them by fleeing, fighting or submitting. “Anguish is the impossibility to dominate a situation”. Are you anguished, Max? By the way Felix, this Henri Laborit guy agrees with you in his “Eulogy of flight”. Maybe you are both right but you are wiser and older than me. Those English retired people in the countryside seem to be the happiest people in France and Depardieu fled for Russia so..

    I know that US foreign policy and US financial vital system have been finally hijacked by dual Israeli citizens and associates since Johnson, under the name neo conservatives in order to add more confusion, although they are just crypto Zionist, Jews or not by the way, interventionists. But in Europe nobody seems to care or to notice the messianic dream like this penitent ex atlantist German Journalist on RussiaToday.
    Norbert might be right about Russia/US dialectic. I don’t know.
    So what about an American Purge? I don’t advocate violence, but let’s face it you are pretty violent people like your Plan Marshall box office movies are living proof of. Or what about an honest interest free Payback like the great Mel Gibson’s movie from the same name? Would you please end the FED for the sake of the world?
    “Get ready to root for the bad guy”. Putin is good but what about Mel Gibson?
    “For me, he was the Gold King my uncle in America. I’m still searching.”
    That’s in Resnais/Laborit movie.

    Sorry for the long saturday afternoon off-topic comment.

  15. Putin’s plan for political stability

    “During Putin’s 15 years in power, he has tried to maximize the role of the government, the legislative assembly, and even the local authorities. These are entirely logical steps that should have given the system completeness, stability, and continuity. Because no politician can rule forever, political continuity, regardless of who comes to power, is the key to a stable system.”

    This was the very problem Hitler faced with his eventual replacement. If dictatorial power was maintained in Germany, obviously it would have only been a matter of time until the Jews managed to install one or more of their sycophants to power. Foreseeing this problem, Putin is evidently taking steps to prevent it from happening by empowering regional and local authorities; unlike the Jew’s Soviet system, where all power emanated from Moscow. This is the first event I am aware of that leads me to believe he may well be a true nationalist and oppositional to the Jewish agenda for global domination. Go team!

    Decentralization of power, and the accompanying demilitarization, is the key to retuning the world to a stable environment for the development of humanity. This is the antidote to the parasite. Jews depend on centralization for maintaining power by their tiny group of elite. This was the key to the Jew’s power in Soviet Russia and it is the reason why there is a huge push to centralize both the government and the economic entities such as the corporations and banks within the US.

    What is happening to corporate America today is what happened to corporate America at the turn of the twentieth century. Rothschild front men, termed “robber barons” by the press, Morgan, Rockefeller, Schiff and others, had formed “trusts” or monopolies, then gaining immense political and economic power (“trust” yet another clever word manipulation).

    Thanks to white rule, the “trust busters” came along and dissolved their power base, setting Rothschild plans back for over a decade. The Federal reserve and its enforcement arm the IRS were then developed to oversee and manipulate such actions in order to prevent any reoccurrence. A slow, careful process of corporate centralization then began anew with success being reached even as I write these lines.

    Dictatorial power cannot be accomplished or maintained without a framework of centralized power to support it. As a form of government, anarchy, like that of 1937 Spain, is the only real solution to eliminating the elite power broker’s grip once and for all. The problem with this form of government is anarchists refuse to from or fund centralized military structures, which is the inherent nature of military power. This was why the Spanish anarchists begrudgingly agreed to an alliance with the communists.

    The communist had the weaponry to fight the Spanish Nationalist backed by Germany’s reemerging military power. In the end the anarchist realized they had been played the fool by the communist who only used them to further their plan. Ironically, the communist’s plan for global domination would be implemented under the very worst form of centralized government, the very form of government anarchist were trying to prevent. But the pretty words that lied about “rule by the proletariat,” “government by the worker,” freedom from fascism,” “equality” and all the other clever Jew styled propaganda swayed the Spanish anarchist. This, along with the fact they had no chance of victory against the military power funded by the monarchist, lured the anarchists into the communist’s trap.

    Interestingly while Italy and Germany played a large role in supporting Spanish Nationalist forces, Russia and France played an equally large role in supporting the communist forces. In fact there was considerable concern that Spain would wind up in a war with France over their support for the communist. This is why the civil war became a bloodbath, major military powers became involved in supporting the carnage. All these countries supplied the latest military weaponry then available. In fact the Soviet aircraft were superior to their German counterparts resulting in the scaling back of air support until Germany began to supply more advanced aircraft like the Bf-109 to the Nationalist cause. “Hitler’s Luftwaffe In the Spanish Civil War provides an excellent, balanced perspective on this subject. Another book that provides a personal perspective from the communist point of view is Eric Blair’s, “Homage to Catalonia”.

    Here’s yet another clue “The first edition of “Homage to Catalonia” was published in 1938, but the book was not published in the United States until February 1952, when it appeared with an influential preface by Lionel Trilling.” Note that Trilling (original name Cohen) was “one of the leading U.S. critics of the twentieth century who traced the contemporary cultural, social, and political implications of literature. [ . . . ] Lionel Trilling was born in Queens, New York, the son of Fannie (née Cohen), who was from London, and David Trilling, a tailor from Bialystok in Poland. His family was Jewish. In 1921, he graduated from DeWitt Clinton High School, and, at age sixteen, entered Columbia University, thus beginning a lifelong association with the university.” Most readers here will be aware that Columbia was home to the immigrant European Jews who formed the Frankfurt School. No telling how much of Blair’s book was redacted by the Jews before publication. Even so Blair’s disillusionment with the communist and their lies comes through quite clearly in the narration.

    As with twentieth century Spain, this was also the plan of the American founder’s formation of thirteen colonies with separate branches of Government. One might think of their plan as anarchy lite. Again the plan was to keep the colonies small and separate so the people in these regions would have, not only a vested interest in their policies, but direct input on how the their regional policies were implemented. The Federal government was an emergency measure that would coalesce the military power of these colonies should either the collective or any individual colony be attacked. There was no provision for a standing army because this was the very means the kings of Europe used for it’s military adventures in Europe and among colonies. In the event of an attack the colonists, primarily farmers and their sons, would be called up to form a militia, an army that could only be used for defensive purposes. Only a small Navy was to be maintained by the federal government because ships take time to build and there would be no time for such lengthy construction projects after suffering an external attack.

    However, this is the very same plan that brought forth the European union. This “emergency” political coalescing of regions worked so well for the ruling elite, they formed the EU with the very same intent as their centralized control over the American states by means of the Federal government that now rules with a velvet fist. Such centralization allowed for the very military adventurism that consumed the twentieth century, culminating with the destruction of both America and Europe. Russia was also destroyed by their military adventurism that emanated from their centralized power base formed by the Bolshevist Jew. The fully collectivized militarization of that country sucked the very life from Russia and its people. The end result was summed up perfectly by the old Soviet joke, “we pretend to work and they pretend to pay us.”

    Decentralization is anathema to the power hungry Jew. It is the antidote to their poison. Demilitarization is the solution to the global wars fomented by the Jews. Government – keep it small, keep it regional and make sure all power remains highly decentralized in the hands of those directly influenced by its governance. This is the only answer to humanity’s problems.

    1. Interesting, Arch

      “Putin’s empowering of regional and local authorities…”

      Looking to keep the completely centralized totalitarian wolf from the door.

      Part of me DOES want to see things in what may be practical terms of “bridging the gap” between the present world-curse of the jew and the post-Armageddon spiritual environment I envision. It makes sense that this could come to characterize that.

    2. If…“Putin’s empowering of regional and local authorities…”… is valid… he does not follow through.

      He has not demonstrated that in Ukraine.

    3. “Decentralization is anathema to the power hungry Jew”
      It is naïve to imagine that the Jew cannot play good ball on a decentralized playing field.
      With their high Investment Quotation (IQ) they would rise to the top in any configuration.
      Kings have always had Jewish Financial Advisors because they had the best track records.
      Instead of killing the Jew that laid the golden egg, it is wise to join their investment funds.
      The Hollywood moguls never were formally educated and barely spoke English, but they could smell a good script. All made billions and all were smart Jews.

      1. The Hollywood moguls never were formally educated and barely spoke English, but they could smell a good script. All made billions and all were smart Jews.

        So what? Why do you assume that making billions is a worthy goal in life? Don’t warmongers make billions by formenting wars in order to boost arms sales? Don’t pornographers make billions by making sex addicts even out of children?

        “Behind every great fortune there lies a great crime.” (Balzac)

      2. “The Hollywood moguls never were formally educated and barely spoke English,…”

        BUT….they still chanted kol nidre..!!

  16. The bottom line for the period of Revelation I believe we are in the midst of is to put all that is going on in the proper perspective for those who purport to know Christ. An understanding which MUST KNOW what is meant by the “wheat” of Spirit being separated from the “chaff” of matter.

    It would be folly to think in simplistic terms of a Putin-led victory over the “West” representing the conquering of Good over Evil. This isn’t to say that I don’t view Putin in a similar way to Hitler in this regard as it would involve Worldly concerns in defeating Int’l Jewry. But the game changed with the defeat of Germany in 1945. Vlad can’t succeed where Adolph failed in a way that some envision, and if the goy are ‘Putin’ all their eggs in his material basket, then again, they are misapprehending “Armageddon” to reflect a physical battle and not the spiritual one is really is.

    But even having said that, I still see an ‘essential Putin’, so to speak, as being representative of some force for the good, as with AH, in some heretofore mysterious fashion

    There’s that whole Russian Orthodox thing to consider.

    1. This is the bottom line BROWNHAWK.

      There will be no war between east and west, they will however unite to make war against the elect.
      This will be in vain because the elect is already victorious, evil(the curse) will not prevail.

      ” And I saw the beast, and the kings of the earth, and their armies, gathered together to make war against him that sat on the horse, and against his army. And the beast was taken, and with him the false prophet that wrought miracles before him, with which he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast, and them that worshipped his image. These both were cast alive into a lake of fire burning with brimstone. And the remnant were slain with the sword of him that sat upon the horse, which sword proceeded out of his mouth: and all the fowls were filled with their flesh. ”

      The faithful one

  17. I believe Russia is also run by Jews but nobody outside Britain and France could have as bad a case as America.

    I think we are fighting WW III on an economic front. And the US Dollar along with the euro, the yen and the pound will take a dive. The Mossad has set up September as the date as revealed in two separate prophecies. One for economics involving the Shemitah – September 13th. And the other involving Four Blood Moons.

    The Jewish leadership wants Gentiles in the West reduced to Debt Slave status. Asians will rise. But the Jews hope to transform the world through an expanded Israel on one hand and a group of international digital currencies on the other. I assume the Jews will threaten Thermonuclear war to get the world to accept a Jewish Peace and a Jewish NWO based upon another Ponzi scheme Bank to replace what we have.

    The whole NWO scheme is currently powerful but it is weak as it has no popular support and will have to deal with howling mobs and dissatisfied military-security services worldwide before they can transition to whatever comes next. In less than a year we will have our best chance ever for international victory against the enemies of humanity.

    1. “I believe Russia is also run by Jews but nobody outside Britain and France could have as bad a case as America.”

      Then you believe wrongly.

    Nuclear WAR and nuclear winter which will follow will destroy all life on Earth.
    Even Darkmoon will not escape. You who think you will watch the war on CNN or FOX while eating pizza and beer are stupid. Those not killed outright will starve or be killed by bands of dark skinned people who will burn you out and murder you as you exit.

    1. That’s pure bullshit! The sheeple in the Northern Hemisphere will definitely perish. This earth will go on and on. Nuclear winter!

      Putin is a NOT a Jew. Henry Makow like ALL ex-Jews is one messed up person!

      1. Agreed. More evidence is his discounting the obvious Mossad role here:

        Makow comment: “The ultimate proof is the role Putin must have played in the decapitation of the Polish nationalist elite at Smolensk (Katyn2) in April 2010. “

      2. @ David Chu

        If ALL “ex-Jews” are “messed up” — in other words, ALL “ex- Jews” can NOT be believed, ALL “ex-Jews”are just more lying Jews — then why does everyone go ape shit over the simian sheenie “ex-Jew” nappy natty? Everyone acts like everything the monkey “ex-Jew” says is The Gospel Truth, Written In Stone, God’s Word, etc. etc..

        If we are to dismiss Henry Makow because he’s an “ex-Jew” so ipso facto the “ex-Jew” can NOT be believed [ “messed up” ], then logical consistency requires we dismiss nappy natty because he’s also messed up [ an “ex-Jew”, just another lying jew in other words ].

        At least Makow doesn’t pretend to be a “Christian” “priest” [ nappy is NOT a Christian priest, the ex-Jew LIES about that ]. And at least Makow for all of his faults, and he’s got plenty of faults alright — presents both sides of every issue/controversy.

    2. Makow? really???

      Please, HE’s a Jew, who is neither fish nor fowl. He tries to dissuade white readers from calling the Jew by name, (because he is one) and then blame the ‘Illuminati” etc.

      He’s merely controlled opposition.
      All Jews- all jews- can NEVER be trusted.

  19. “In the interests of world peace, it would be the best possible outcome if the US were decisively defeated in the coming war between East and West.”

    I would say in the interest of personal survival and the survival of this planet, it would be best if the “Axis of the Righteous” aka US/UK/Israel and all their All-Lies perish from the face of this planet! And sooner the better.

  20. I honestly think Putin envisions himself as the resurrected Prince Vladimir who freed the Slavs of Ashkenazim oppression over a thousand years ago.
    More power to him.
    I support Putin in every move he makes.

  21. Did anyone is willing to ask what the native Ukrainian wants? Putin wants what the Jewish-controlled Soviets did – occupy a foreign land and like Israelis – put Russian settlers there. Obama wants to occupy Ukraine because once upon a time it was a Khazarian Jewish land.

    What about Crimea, a Muslim Sultanate destroyed by Russian imperialism and later gifted to Crypto-Jew Stalin?

    Last week, Organized Jewry blamed Ukrainian Jewish Oligarch Victor Pinchuk for trading with the anti-Israel regime in Tehran.


  22. La Bruyère used to say
    There are only two ways of getting on in the world: by one’s own industry, or by the stupidity of others.

    Since the Jews are not the industrial type they use the second option. That is the 20th century ‘s war.
    This Hollywood movie American Nightmare or The Purge in Quebec was a great ride I have to admit. The Quebec title is more relevant, though. I think there is a message here. Why don’t you purge yourself from the warmongering FED instead? And by following your example we will purge ourselves from the Luxembourg’s clearing house, the BIS and the City financial worldwide thieving web. But maybe Max wouldn’t like that.

    The world is looking at you through your Hollywood production. American Sniper made me want to puke with the contrast between the green Christian America and the chaotic Muslim Iraq. Cause and effect. What happened to Dirty Harry the bad ass isolationist WASP intolerant to liberal bullshits?
    I’d like to share this documentary movie “My American Uncle “. It has English subtitles, I know you are not used to that, but maybe the title will attract some of you since you have reached a high level of ethnocentricity. A 2 hours French movie, what a waste of time you will say, but, hey, since you like to watch 6 hours Baseball game, who knows? Yes, I have been there.
    This is the way Europe and France used to look at you in our collective subconscious in the late 70’s when we didn’t have the net and your precious declassified archives. Jean Monnet was a CIA agent. It tells a lot about Europe but hey, Bill Clinton won the Charlemagne prize. Counterbalancing the US power, yes, that was the plan.
    A lot could be said regarding this movie/documentary about inhibition, the state of stress and how humans/animals react to them by fleeing, fighting or submitting. “Anguish is the impossibility to dominate a situation”. Are you anguished, Max? By the way Felix, this Henri Laborit in the movie agrees with you in his “Eulogy of flight”. Maybe you are both right but you are wiser and older than me. Those English retired people in the countryside seem to be the happiest people in France.
    I know that US foreign policy and US financial vital system have been finally hijacked by dual Israeli citizens since Johnson, under the name neo conservatives in order to add more confusion, although they are just crypto Zionist, Jews or not by the way, interventionists. But in Europe nobody seems to care or to notice the messianic dream like this penitent ex atlantist German Journalist on RussiaToday.
    Norbert may be right about Russia/US dialectic.
    So what about an American Purge? I don’t advocate violence, but let’s face it you are pretty violent people like your Plan Marshall box office movies are living proof of. Or what about an honest interest free Payback like the great Mel Gibson’s movie from the same name? Would you please end the FED for the sake of the world?
    “Get ready to root for the bad guy”. Putin is good but what about Mel Gibson?
    “For me, he was the Gold King my uncle in America. I’m still searching.”
    That’s in Resnais/Laborit movie.

    I hope this comment will pass and if not could you tell me why?
    Sorry for the little off topic.

  23. If in fact the Communist Revolution in Russia was orchestrated and funded by the International bankers. One has to ask the question has Russia escaped their control? The Bank of Russia is a privately own bank, like the Federal Reserve, who owns the debt of Russia and is collecting interest on that debt. The Bank of Russia belongs to the Bank of Internationl Settlements like The Federal Reserve, and would like a chair on the board of governors of that bank. I have to question in my mind, if in fact everything is as it appears. Globalization is about eliminating national borders and nationalistic identities and aspirations.. The Balkanization of countries, strong regional countries, and countries with vast natural resources in order to exploit would seem to be the way to go about achieving globalization and a one world government. There is money to be made from war and the debt of war. A world to change and make into a final Empire.

    1. You GOT IT, Luke –

      So much for independent BRICS!!
      This IS part of the ‘BIG CLUB’ Carlin ranted about…

      The BIS Board of Directors:

      Chairman: Christian Noyer, Paris
      Mark Carney, London
      Agustín Carstens, Mexico City
      Jon Cunliffe, London
      Andreas Dombret, Frankfurt am Main
      Mario Draghi, Frankfurt am Main
      William C Dudley, New York
      Stefan Ingves, Stockholm
      Thomas Jordan, Zurich
      Klaas Knot, Amsterdam
      Haruhiko Kuroda, Tokyo
      Anne Le Lorier, Paris
      Fabio Panetta, Rome
      Stephen S Poloz, Ottawa
      Raghuram Rajan, Mumbai
      Jan Smets, Brussels
      Alexandre A Tombini, Brasília
      Ignazio Visco, Rome
      Jens Weidmann, Frankfurt am Main
      Janet L Yellen, Washington
      Zhou Xiaochuan, Beijing 

      BIS member central banks….
      The Bank’s capital is held by central banks only. Sixty central banks and monetary authorities are currently members of the BIS and have rights of voting and representation at General Meetings: 

      Bank of Algeria
      Central Bank of Argentina
      Reserve Bank of Australia
      Central Bank of the Republic of Austria
      National Bank of Belgium
      Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina
      Central Bank of Brazil
      Bulgarian National Bank
      Bank of Canada
      Central Bank of Chile
      People’s Bank of China
      Bank of the Republic (Colombia)
      Croatian National Bank
      Czech National Bank
      Danmarks Nationalbank (Denmark)
      Bank of Estonia
      European Central Bank
      Bank of Finland
      Bank of France
      Deutsche Bundesbank (Germany)
      Bank of Greece
      Hong Kong Monetary Authority
      Magyar Nemzeti Bank (Hungary)
      Central Bank of Iceland
      Reserve Bank of India
      Bank Indonesia
      Central Bank of Ireland
      Bank of Israel
      Bank of Italy
      Bank of Japan
      Bank of Korea
      Bank of Latvia
      Bank of Lithuania
      Central Bank of Luxembourg
      National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia
      Central Bank of Malaysia
      Bank of Mexico
      Netherlands Bank
      Reserve Bank of New Zealand
      Central Bank of Norway
      Central Reserve Bank of Peru
      Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (Philippines)
      National Bank of Poland
      Bank of Portugal
      National Bank of Romania
      Central Bank of the Russian Federation
      Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency
      National Bank of Serbia
      Monetary Authority of Singapore
      National Bank of Slovakia
      Bank of Slovenia
      South African Reserve Bank
      Bank of Spain
      Sveriges Riksbank (Sweden)
      Swiss National Bank
      Bank of Thailand
      Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey
      Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates
      Bank of England
      Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (United States)

      1. ONE MORE DOT to connect.

        Countries NOT on the list above will see ravaging wars until they ARE on the list.

  24. Hi y’all:
    Great comments so far. Lasha and Tariq on the other hand are full of excrement. America not being defeated. Whew! America is the modern equivalent of the ancient Roman Empire. Rome was destroyed from within first before it finally fell from external barbarian Germanic tribes. The same thing is now happening to America: stretching its economic and military might too far. America’s downfall is in the cards, but as Int’l jewry sets it up, some one else other than banksters must be blamed. Russia is that perfect target for blame along with China. The sheeple are so gullible to these cover stories being created and set up. Then also, Russia and China are not that strong either. Yes, they are strong enough to defeat America, but not strong enough to defeat Int’l jewry. For as correctly stated, even Russia/China are manipulated by the same Int’l jewry. Also the historical parallels are accurate: Putin today is like Hitler before WW2. From WW2 history, American General, George S. Patton was correct that the real enemy was Russia/Soviet Union Communism which was a jewish machination and WW2 should have moved eastward toward Moscow to defeat communism. However, for this knowledge that Patton had, he was murdered, not some story of car accident and then natural death due to complications in the hospital. In this article, it is correct that Russia will end up with part or all of Ukraine ( I favour all Ukraine), but it will be so destroyed that it will cause Russia/China economic hardship to restore Ukraine to its former glory. However, now this is where Europe and the EU come in. Europe sees Ukraine as a market for goods/services, but the US is preventing this. Europe through Germany/France want this market but need America gone and Russia’s help in the region. I forsee that Germany will side with Russia more and more and get America out of Ukraine and Europe. Thus a Eurasian landmass power is rising in Germany (EU), Russia and China. America by its actions in Ukraine is preventing this power block’s formation. Thus America wants war. My understanding is that like Rome, America will collapse first from inside, then go to war whether Ukraine or Syria (favour Syria). America and int’l jewry will coverup America’s collapse with this war, WW3. Those tricky dicky banksters/int’l jewry cover all economic collapses with war. From this martial law will not just be in America but perhaps globally. Thus war and martial law achieve int’l jewry aims of Agenda 21 depopulation (goyim vs. goyim or gentile vs. gentile)and global enslavement more so than already. At the same time global power shifts back east to Europe, whether City of London square mile to Moscow/Beijing or Brussels/Berlin-Moscow/Beijing. In all this Switzerland with the BIS (int’l jewry banksters arm) still reigns supreme globally. Now BIS (Bank of Int’l Settlements) would still control BRICS/AIIB after the FED is destroyed. Thus power shifts back to where it has always been from the time of the Rothschilds, Europe, mainly Vatican/Vatican Bank, Zurich/Geneva/Frankfurt/Brussels/Berlin. This entity as many have said is still int’l jewry controlled. This entity in Europe due to int’l jewry machinations wants to shift that final power center to Jerusalem, Israel. It is there that int’l jewry declares a popular world leader, a jew or crypto-jew, biblically the AntiChrist (Satan/devil) as the world’s false Saviour, true dictator. When that is achieved the false Christian power represented by the Vatican will be destroyed. Thus the survival of humanity depends on whether you want to accept or reject this int’l jewry Bankster Talmudic Kabballistic Pharisaic Satanic cult/illuminati. Choose wisely, your life today and in the future spiritual realm depends on it. In all this there is nothing new under the sun. Thanks, Norbert.

    1. Agreeing with Norbert, that America has been defeated from within (barely alive) by “int’l jewry Bankster Talmudic Kabballistic Pharisaic Satanic cult/illuminati”. Yes, indeed!

      And consisting of counterfeit-jews (because they are not jews), and led by the jew (E2).

  25. Let’s not forget, Talmudic Jews believe all land, including Russia is their property.

    Zohar, Vayshlah 177b

    “That the Jewish nation is the only nation selected by God, while all the remaining ones are contemptible and hateful.

    That all property of other nations belongs to the Jewish nation, which consequently is entitled to seize upon it without any scruples. A Jew is not bound to observe principles of morality towards people of other tribes. He may act contrary to morality, if profitable to himself or to Jews in general.

    A Jew may rob a Goy, he may cheat him over a bill, which should not be perceived by him, otherwise the name of God would become dishonoured.

  26. “bait to chum future disappearos for the gray state guillotine?” Ouch! that’s pretty harsh

    And while I don’t like the straight-up “us against them” kind of thinking either, “unbelievably naive” is an exaggeration

    It takes imagination to consider all the possible gray areas when we don’t know all there is to know.

    This looks like a good opportunity for me to ask lobro his theory on what makes people so smug in being illogical thinkers when they don’t seem to have any particular axes to grind.

  27. The Protocols’ led JEWS hide successfully under their “cloak of invisibility” and remain Benjamin Israeli’s “hidden hands of POWER.” They create “all the wars” and strife and make huge $$$$PROFITS out of it, whilst simultaneously increasing the thing they are most enraptured with, POWER. POWER OVER THE GENTILES, as their Torah and Babylonian Talmud preaches to them. POWER FOR POWER’S SAKE! … IT’S FUN and the ultimate happiness for them!
    Some idiot above admirably plays the Jewish-shill routine and talks about America not being so bad, as all the rest of the world is evil too! This is an example of the JEWISH-Talmudic trick of NEGATIVELY ALIGNING EVERYTHING! (It is a means of setting up the DIALECTIC, if you can follow my higher intelligence!) Thus a filthy, diseased prostitute is spoken about in the Bible as no worse than a man who merely looks at a woman in a sexual manner. Recent stats, published widely in the CMMM, stated that every adult male thinks of sex (usually with painted faced, rouged-up, long-legged blonde, wahton sheilas, or simply plain, everyday sheilas in their workplace who are hamming it up for the blokes) “every 7 seconds”. That means, according to the Bible, every male on this planet is committing a major sin every 7 seconds! No wonder we need rosary beads and whips for penance! Women, apparently, only think of sex when their hormones dictate! I have utilized great discipline to ensure I only look at women in a sexual manner every 10 minutes!
    THE TRUTH = the USA is the REAL Homeland of the insidious Jew. As others say, you Yankees have been colonized/invaded by 6,000,000 Jews who control every aspect of your POWER equation – esp the banks, politics, media and education. You only have to watch your Orwellian televiewers to see the Jewish presence; or go to your banks; or take a deep look at the functioning of your Congress. … And this control of the USA- Superpower is the basis of the Jew’s might and POWER! Of course, the Jews want it all, so are after their partly colonized Russia. However, whilst Putin and his Goyim politburo remain strong the Jews are frustrated in their tracks. So, we should ALL be supporting Mr Putin as our “great white hope” for the future. … In fact, I am hoping that Russia makes the first strike and takes out most of the urban USA; with special attention to LA, New York, Washington, Chicago and Miami. Then the Goyim of the rest of the world will be at PEACE! So you Yankees, get behind Mr Putin, for our sakes! PS: Read all the stuff about Ellie K being merely fictional! Lasha or Lucy, could we have a picture-spread of Ellie?

  28. The bottom line, in my humble opinion, is, that war, or even the threat of war, is extremely profitable for the powers that be.. The US is profiting handsomely from the slaughter taking place in Yemen..

  29. Putin is not a new Tsar, or is he some great Russian leader. At best he’s Russia’s Ronald Reagan: a kosher puppet who manages his image better than his predecessors. Putin has outlawed “holocaust denial,” condemned “western imperialism,” promoted multiculturalism and Muslim immigration, and kissed kike ass at every opportunity. He’s no different from any western politician.

    Russia won’t save us. Russia is a pit of crime, prostitution, alcoholism, and depravity. Jews own the wealth in the country and live in mansions while everyone else lives in blocky, decaying Soviet-era infrastructure. The USSR never died, it just changed its flag.

    1. I don’t think he’s no different. I think he is different. I think Russia does some of these things, because like it or not, the Jews and Russia are tied together as allies of WW II. Millions of Russians fought and died in WW II and they believe they were doing the right and patriotic thing. Putin did say in a speech that Jews were 80 to 85% of the first Soviet gov’t. He’s not prepared and will probably never say that Russians fought and died for the bloodiest regime in history led by Jews. Russians are too proud of their WW II victory.

      For that reason he is opposed to “revisionist history” and “holocaust revisionism.” And on these things I oppose him. If the true story of WW II becomes known and accepted by the countries involved I believe Jewish power could take a huge hit.

      1. Russians and Jews were not allies. Russians were the slaves of the Jews, little more than cannon fodder. The Red Army was little more than a disorganized mob rampaging across Europe with Jewish NKVD officers machinegunning any Russians who refused to fight. WWII was Thermopylae on a larger scale, with the Spartan Germans getting overwhelmed by a monstrous slave army from the East, led by a tyrant who didn’t care how many of his slave-soldiers died needlessly.

        Russians are not proud of their victory, as they had no victory in WWII. Only the Jews had a victory. What Russians are proud of is the false narrative that Jews feed them, exactly like in America. Russians gained nothing from WWII aside from whatever German technology they stole (similar to America). If the Russians had had any brains they would shot their jew masters and joined the Germans to avenge the family members that the Jews butchered.

  30. The US feels safe fomenting a war in Ukraine for the same reason it felt safe getting involved in two world wars against Germany. The fighting will be thousands of miles from the USA. Besides the Jews pushing the USA into WW II, FDR could see benefits to the USA if it got involved. The destruction of Europe (not just Germany, but Great Britain and France too) would make the USA that much more competitive and powerful. And if Germany should win, they would still have to cross the Atlantic Ocean to attack the USA and Germany had no country like Britain off the USA’s coast to launch an attack from. During WW II FDR actually said to his own people “I want the destruction of the British Empire”, his own ally. He got his wish. A corrupt Churchill sold out his own country to Jews for personal gain and reputation. So far few British criticize Churchill because the real story behind his policies have been hidden from most Englishman by Jews control of the media and destroying the reputation of the once highly respected and great historian David Irving who has exposed Churchill for who he really was.

    If a war erupts in Ukraine Putin has said he will not let the Russian minority in Ukraine be destroyed. Russia will send troops into Ukraine. Right now the USA, Canada and Great Britain have about a thousand people or so there to “train” Ukrainian soldiers (I wonder if that isn’t the student training the teacher). If there is a full blown war in Ukraine, the Russians feel they have the big advantage according to what I’ve read. The fighting is near them and they can supply there soldiers quickly while the USA is thousands of miles away.

    The danger is that if one side escalates the war beyond what the other expects. The USA is playing with fire. If it does something stupid it’s not inconceivable the only country that has dropped atomic bombs on another country may have one dropped on itself finally.

    Regarding economics: The US debt has grown incredibly since the financial collapse in 2008, but for some reason this has not had a negative affect on the economy. The currency hasn’t collapsed (is actually doing very well) and US bonds are still considered a good investment and the stock market is doing well. Whatever the reason, it does not appear to be true that too much debt will eventually sink you. The USA is way beyond that point and it is still considered a good investment.

      1. I agree and I think it will fail again if they try something.. The risk is any fighting at all could escalate.

  31. “We still have (most of) our freedoms. That’s why the American people must be destroyed… and that’s why they have deliberately made America out to be the world bully, through the actions of the -puppet- U.S. government and through the propaganda in their global media network.”

    Scott Roberts
    (True America is being set up as nazi Germany once was. There is no telling how much reparations they want America to pay when this is all over.

    America is not the new roman empire, it is a cog in the old one that most have been led to believe died off. That is amusing, the vatican is the richest financial institution on the planet. The City of London is subordinate to Rome and in fact the figure head queen, Elizabeth Battenberg curtsies to the pope.

    This idea that Washington is pushing the madness button is a fairy tale. Washington owes 18 trillion dollars to the City of London, Vatican, Tel Aviv axis. American SSa numbers are printed in London. The ABC outfits are in fact paid by London. Your taxes are funneled to London to pay off the debt of the American Corporation which they do no recognize as a country. The idea that America is behind this is almost universal however on most so called alternative blogs. (See Paul Craig “Washington” Roberts). America has become the mercenary force of these people, just as Canada, Australia and others have always been.

    It is almost like the time of Ivan the Terrible. Russia espouses orthodoxy and even then Rome sent messengers calling upon him to allow cardinals in Russia. They were told to go home, Ivan was the representative of Christ on earth! Even the antagonists were much like today, Sweden, the Baltics and Poland were big players. Ivan entered Lithuania and put jews to death on the street who not immediately convert. Sometimes things stay the same. The Rome vs Byzantine clash plays a big part in what we see around us. Western leaders are jesuit puppets and many many of them are jewish as in the post so many popes were also.

    For Germany to side with Russia they will have to put Angela Rothschild on a plane to Tel Aviv.

    As for the Saker the last piece I read from him was over a year ago when he stated, Orthodox Christianity was built on the back of jewish giants”. LOL good for a laugh however.

    Putin catches quite a bit of criticism mainly because he cannot change things over night like everyone would wish. Yes he has oligarchs to deal with but reportedly has called some meetings with them, looked them in the eye and asked them, are you Russians or internationalists. Some are changing their tune, the ones who were not run out of the country. Yes he has tried to keep Russia in swift. Bear in mind Russia paid off it’s international debt. They don’t owe 18 billion to rocky like the U.S. corporation.

    They are not joking when they say all roads lead to Rome.

  32. Most of the posts on this topic are based on a very Atlanticist perspective. Realise that North America and Europe comprise a very small area of the Globe and have only 11% of the world’s population. I for one cannot conceive of
    the Judeo Controlled Entities getting the better of the Chinese. Study their history and also Sun Tsu!
    China has already surpassed the US in GDP when measured in purchasing power parity. They are the biggest gold producer and also producer of rare earths, 90%. So what, if their Central Bank is private? Their government can nationalise at any time. The US economy only appears strong because of utterly false perceptions fostered in the mainstream media and bogus statistics. Real unemployment is probably 22%, inflation 11%. It’s medical system is third world. With the exception of the Ivy League, its education system is below mediocre. Let’s look at Tariq Ali’s innovation. Which country was granted the highest number of patents in 2013 and 2014? China!
    Where are the Apple products of which Americans are so fond made? China! Watch and learn. Forget these myths of Yellow Peril. The Chinese could have conquered the world in 1421 had they so wished.
    Read the books by Gavin Menzies. http://www.gavinmenzies.net
    BTW, there is irrefutable DNA evidence to support his clam that the Chinese did visit South America, in the mitochondial DNA found in one village in the inhabitants.
    So realise the Jews are not omnipotent or omniscient. Their plan to dominate the world will founder on the “Yan Hoi”, (Human Sea) of the Orient.

    This is the country that the Jewess, Victoria Nuland and Jew Soros have driven Russia to ally itself.

  33. I’m back on; ‘believing devoutly that they cannot lose’. Devout but not divine. Pondering Putin’s faith, his relationship with God, is to know his heart. One knows – one alone. Hope he got it: knows this. Biblical injunction is, until revealed (and grace says wait as far as possible), we ‘judge not’, actions maybe, but the complexity and mystery of these workings takes the Spirit’s discernment. I haven’t had a word. The freedom and capacity to change – that’s a word. They can, and will lose – another.

      1. best to let bbc, economist and other creations of lord julius reuters tell us the truth.
        if they say that putin is bad, put is bad.

        what’s the point of this blog or any other?

        someone explain this to me though:
        if the khazar kaganate knows that everybody hates the mindlessly violent usa and have set up putin as controlled opposition to keep the goy masses placated, why paint putin as bad?

        maybe some logic too deep for me …

      2. I can try to help there, lobro… since I placed it…
        “if the khazar kaganate knows that everybody hates the mindlessly violent usa and have set up putin as controlled opposition to keep the goy masses placated, why paint putin as bad?”

        Dis heah… da deal..
        To reduce FEAR of ‘paper bear’ and relieve pressure on public to go along with increasing military debt to fend off Putin the phony warrior…. who got his black belt at Walmart.


      3. still defeats the original purpose, which was to install putin as a convenient counterweight to hated and reviled usa.

        if jews own everything, why need for continuing deceit?
        what viable opposition can occasional disgruntled blogger like ourselves, a tiny minority in an ocean of uncaring mind slaves mount against the mighty jew samson, that they need to arrange such an elaborate artifice?

        not the jew way if west bank is anything to go by, the gloating of victory and humiliation of goy is nakedly obvious.
        why use one method of lordship in the west bank and another elsewhere?
        you said, they totally own russia and china in addition to everything else.
        why should they be more afraid of us than the palestinians, at least the palestinians have tried open and violent intifada, the rest of the goys are scared of their own shadow.

        yeah, they want to keep the slaves entertained with expensive waste of resources.

        rome had their gladiatorial games but this is because at any time the outraged masses of the city were capable of overthrowing the emperor and did so on occasion.
        did rome kowtow to conquered territories, nations and tribes?
        no way, they slaughtered the male opposition and chained women and slaves off to lucrative slave markets to pay for expensive and REAL wars.
        caesar knew well about false flags and employed them in order to stir up conflict that he calculated he could win.
        but note, at all times we are talking REAL wars, not fake ones like you allude to.

        this continued prattle about “controlled opposition of russia, china and the brics” makes absolutely no sense, any more than hitler being controlled opposition.
        germany was REAL opposition, provoked by jew false flags because they calculated the whole game in advance and won due to goy betrayal and stupidity.

        and it is happening again, against the REAL opposition.


        because the ground is slipping under them, the clock is ticking against them and they want to throw america and europe away in one last, desperate lunge for the big trophy.
        jew domination algorithm doesn’t work otherwise, it must constantly grow at the expense of conquest, plunder and carpetbagging to keep the masses impoverished and confused.
        this is the only interpretation that makes sense, everything else has loose wiring shorting the logical circuits.

        all these other theories make as much sense as saying that a psychotic wifebeater needs to manufacture some opponent in order to sadistically mistreat his family.
        he doesn’t have to explain or justify anything.
        read about the experiences of women who were kidnapped for sex abuse and kept chained to bedposts in shitty basements or wood cabins.
        this is what awaits us all when israel is mighty because this is precisely the mindset of talmud and jew, i thought you have all read it sufficiently to understand that, heard all the crazy rabbis talk.

        everything else is just plain bullshit where mouth rattles on while the brain slumbers.

        jew’s golem has one more war to fight, winner take all.

      4. Lobro –

        Things are very different today. Rome and Wiemar …etc… and their systems are gone. They are no gauge of what systems are here and those in the future.

        Carpetbaggers do not carry bags any more. They sit at their desks at the bank, while peons and aristocrats beg for more credit…and mortgage their properties in order to get it. They sit in their cubicles on Wall Street and CMT…etc… and like places worldwide.

        If Romans had the mortgage systems and stock markets like the ones which are in place today they would have had no need for standing armies once the marching armies were victorious.

        Jefferson saw this:
        “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.”

        City of London controls Canada and Australia without sending troops.

      5. I’ve got faith in God who loves Putin. Unless he’s a complete farce he appears to be distinctively Jesus. When Barry played golf he was up the monastery. I don’t know? Hope he’s a goodie. We pray his heart aligns with God
        Mark and Flora

    1. “no way, they slaughtered the male opposition and chained women and slaves off to lucrative slave markets to pay for expensive and REAL wars.” : sounds like ISIS/ISIS..

  34. Peter, Felix is half correct in stating: “The US economy only appears strong because of utterly false perceptions fostered in the mainstream media and bogus statistics.” …. And who controls the media?
    But more important, is Stuart Varney’s point and recurrently mine, that the Jewish FED just keeps manufacturing millions of crisp, clean $100 bills “out of thin air.” The JEWS do not have to worry about the auditing of or accounting for their never ending printing. They are using just enough* of this THIN AIR currency to pay the bills for the Yankee bubbas/slaves! (*Most goes directly into their own pockets or to their Homeland, Israel.) And considerable of this essentially COUNTERFEIT money is used by the Jewish diaspora to buy up hard assets in such places as Australia. In other words, this false cash is deposited in their banks and used to buy real estate and minerals in Australia, etc. …. MASS LAUNDERING!!!!!!
    Do you and the illiterately-educated others now understand these absolute TRUTHS of the American social reality? …. But you cannot absorb the BASIC TRUTHS can you? …. You are all caught between your patriotic brainwashing and HELL!
    Most of you morons write intricate stuff about religious aspects, etc, and thus prove you cannot see the forest for the trees floating around in your woolly, bubba, Jewified heads! … It’s the JEWISH MONEY POWER, my little lambs!

    1. G’Day Max,
      “the Jewish FED just keeps manufacturing millions”. Yes, indeed which is why sooner or later it’s all going to come crashing down. Remember Weimar Germany in the early 20’s, more recently Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe. You are right most people are inertia thinkers they cannot see, or don’t want to see, the wholesale theft taking place before their eyes. Their touching faith in the US dollar is unbelievable, a currency, if you will excuse the alliteration built on the shifting sands of shifty shysterism.

      1. Hello, Felix –

        I do remember that there is no comparison to be made at all.
        I remember that other countries did NOT have to purchase Germany’s currency, nor Zimbabwe’s currency to buy oil and goods internationally.
        Neither of those currencies had any ‘reserve currency’ status at all.
        There is no comparison with the monetary systems in place today. To speak of those currencies other than in a sentimental way or for amusement has no application.
        Germany was still using dirigibles and biplanes for air mail then. Today, we use 747s…. and ‘secure upload’ in milliseconds on the net. Zimbabwe had no air mail.

      2. Hello Pat,
        I’m on a different time zone to you. It’s about 1910 hours where I am, so our paths rarely cross. You are correct at the moment, but many countries are now conducting trade in their own currencies, including China and Russia. This is the real reason why Hitler had to be stopped, because of autarchy and barter trade. As soon as more countries begin to trade in their own currencies there will no longer be any need for dollars. Remember up until
        the mid 70’s sterling was a reserve currency until Britain’s balance of payments and financial decrepitude brought it down. However, take a look at the figures I’ve posted in another message about current accounts. They are from the CIA! So yes the dollar is important at the moment, but will it always be so? Remember the Chinese experimented with paper money circa 700 years ago. It didn’t last very long, only a hundred years, but they eventually went back to silver.

      3. Thanks, Felix.

        We are 12 hours away.

        My favorite time-zone story: I celebrated New Year’s Eve twice in 1968-69. I got loaded at the Mocambo Club on base in Guam… flew for 8 hours, stopping to refuel on Wake, breaking open my carton of duty free hootch, and got back to Hawaii just in time to celebrate again at the ‘Top of the I’ Restaurant and Night Club… on the top floor of the Illikai Hotel on Waikiki…Tommy Sands was singing. I hated his stuff….so I had to drink more to put up with it.

        Back to circulating debt.

        We cannot look at any money in history. The reason is that today’s currencies are not money…but…debt notes.

        There is not enough precious metals to cover everyone living and consuming in today’s world.

        I do not know what is coming in future currencies,but I do not envision going back to the methods of the 19th century and farther.

        I have examined numerous CAFRs of US States. None of them hold ANY Chinese Yuan or Renminbi. NONE! Right now…that points to Chinese currency being one of the weakest in the world. I would not believe the CIA figures reflecting facts on anything.

        Here are two of them:
        Florida – Page 89: Total $45.4 Billion – 33 currencies listed
        Top three – Euro, Pound, Yen – NO Chinese Yuan

        Michigan – Page 82: Total $10.4 Billion – 22 currencies listed
        Top three – Euro, Pound, Mexican Peso – NO Chinese Yuan

    1. I agree the USA is not doing well. It has not done well for many years. None of its cities are anywhere near the top when they list the best cities in the world to live in and many American cities are poor and some are a complete disaster. Americans don’t produce much anymore and many work in low-wage jobs and many of the new jobs created are also low-wage. I view the stock market as something like a casino. Constant positive news reporting keeps it up until the bubble finally bursts again. American schools are also a disaster. American students perform well below others. I do not think the US will be able to compete with other countries within probably the next 30 years.

      I also think it’s completely irresponsible to have a national debt the size the Americans have and I would have expected this to damage the economy a long time ago already. But as someone else pointed out, it hasn’t had any negative consequences for the USA yet and it should have by now. So something else or several things might be involved. Unfortunately for Germany they could not get away with this in the 1920’s.

      As for why an idiot like Max blows his top over my post it’s beyond me. I stand for and support virtually nothing Americans do. If it’s pro US financial propaganda, that might be part of it, but I think Germany, China and many countries view US financial policy as irresponsible, but despite this the US economy has not collapsed. My point was if a large national can bring an economy down it should have happened a long time ago to the USA. Europeans and in particular Germans are completely opposed to running an economy like the Americans do.

      1. Also, of course China has surpassed the US as the biggest economy in the world in an incredibly short period of time and many Americans are in denial about this.

      2. Peter-
        “Also, of course China has surpassed the US as the biggest economy in the world in an incredibly short period of time and many Americans are in denial about this.”

        All reporting bureaus and World Bank are in denial about it also.

        USA’s economy almost doubles China’s.

        GDP USA $16.7 Trillion
        GDP China $9.2 Trillion


        BTW – Max is a blow-hard. No one pays attention to him for facts. He uses no references. We enjoy his entertaining us from Tasmania. He acts a lot like Phineas T Bluster on Howdy Doody.
        Anyway… we all should feel blessed to be blitzed by a billionaire.

      3. @Pat
        We’re not talking about nominal GDP, but purchasing power parity in which China has indeed surpassed the US. PPP is based on what one can actually buy or bang for the buck, as the Americans say. Also as far as the internet is concerned I find Chinese browsers and cloud storage to be far superior to anything from the West. Dropbox gives one at most about 20 GB’s free storage. Tencent, a Chinese company with 300 million users gives 10 TB’s free storage. Line is a Japanese company much better than Skype, gives free texting and calls. BTW, South Korea has the fastest internet speeds in the world.

      4. Thanks, Felix –

        I had not seen this before. I always used GNP then GDP.

        I’ll try to keep in mind that China has a larger population than the US. The first time I dug that out of a Weekly Reader was in 1951.

      5. If I understand things correctly, it is China that is keeping the USA afloat. They have bought billions or trillions of dollars of American bonds and they continue to do so. They do this because Americans buy Chinese products in return and it helps create jobs for the Chinese. I assume the Chinese are concerned that they own a huge amount of American bonds that Americans can’t possibly pay off, but if they stop buying American bonds it will slow the Chinese economy down.

        Of course Germany didn’t have any big countries to buy bonds that they might have issued in the 1920’s.

      6. The Federal Reserve holds more US Debt than China.

        Major Owners of US Debt mid 2014 (total at link):
        Soc Sec – 16.0%
        US Govt – 13.0%
        Federal Res – 12.0%
        China – 7.2%
        Japan – 7.0%

        Given the state of the global markets, the U.S. is still considered to be the best house in a bad neighborhood. Even though more than one third of the debt is owned by foreign nations, as long as there are no safer places to invest, money will find its way here. Therefore, global turmoil would be in the best interest of the federal government. Anything which raises fear will bring money to the Treasury and allay the need for higher taxes. However, one day this unsustainable path we’re on will reach its day of reckoning. However, that’s probably not any time soon.

      7. “Given the state of the global markets, the U.S. is still considered to be the best house in a bad neighborhood. Even though more than one third of the debt is owned by foreign nations, as long as there are no safer places to invest, money will find its way here.”

        That might be an American’s opinion and I would bet there are many economists and others that disagree with that. The US has the largest debt by far and there are other countries in much better shape and the ability to pay their debt off. Some leading people (David Stockman) consider the American financial dangerous and perhaps hopeless. There are other large countries that are considered safer investments.

        No other country is as reckless financially as the USA and there are other countries with better debt ratings than the USA. But one can always ignore the facts and cite someone whose opinion conforms with ones own.



        Countries that are safer investments than the USA:

        Australia, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Hong Kong, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom.

      8. I do not think the US will be able to compete with other countries within probably the next 30 years

        you forget the unassailable lead in tattoo technology, steampunk retro-tech like motorcycles (harley davidson) and cars (michigan still leads the world in fake wood veneer sidepanels and whitewall tires design), 5-ton hummers, 3 miles/gallon ram chargers, airbrushing artistry, bluegrass culture, 72-ounce steak breakfasts, mechanical broncos, chemtrail sky caligraphy at college football games … i mean, what else is there?

        the rest of the world gave up trying long ago, just look it up.

    2. okay, i take the back seat when discussing economy, not an expert by a long shot.
      my take on this is simple.
      all these fancy “measurables”, gnp, gdp, ppp et cetera are confusing and depend on who does the defining and talking (world bank/nyt)

      if a jew slips on your part of sidewalk and sues for a million, that ups the us gross.
      if a jew makes american sniper movie and 10 million cheering yanks put $150 million in his pocket the first weekend, not to mention popcorn and sniper dolls (actual “goodies, made in china”), that also increases the gross.
      jew incites a war, sells shoddy weaponry worth a $trillion to yanks who destroy couple of unfortunate, defenseless countries, a big gnp gain, ain’t it.
      so yeah, usa economy very strong, china does not compare.

      but if we look at the stuff we physically use, who made it, who bought it?
      turn your laptop or tablet upside down, what does it say on the sticker … made in …?

      let me put it another way.
      if we stop buying gilby’s produce, who will starve first?
      ok, back to imf council of learned talking heads of zion, bbc is all ears, can’t wait for their gobs of wisdom seeping down to our swamp (trickle down effect).

      the talmudic window dressing works so that a single jew lawyer or movie producer making $50 million a year is economically worth more than all the farmers in indian state of maharasthra, all their goats, cows, rice and milk.

      aren’t we lucky that we have all the jew lawyers and no indian farmers (useless eaters).

  35. Felix, sorry to attempt to correct your common-sense (you have much more than most other posters; or those many in possession of “inertia thinking” faculties), but one thing my intelligence gifts me (a fact well known in academic and in my aristocratic/old-monied circles) is the ability of advanced creative thinking; better described as the ability to think far outside the Jewish/mainstream paradigms which dominate all other posters craniums, whether they like it or not!~ Yeah, keep calling JEWS “Semites”, you inertia-filled, brainwashed morons!
    You are INCORRECT in likening the current Jewish-FED’s printing of $trillions to such relatively small minnows as “Weimar Germany in the early 20’s, more recently Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe.”
    No, the FED is much, much, much BIGGER – planetary BIGGER and in a totally different time and place.
    The FED’s printing, as I tried to inform you, has no obligations, no accountability and no auditing, because these JEWS control the WHOLE planet and its money. ….. They are Noam Chomsky’s TRUE “Masters of the Universe.”
    Whereas, Mugabe’s Zimbabwe was just a third rate, nigrah dominated hell hole in the middle of the African charnel house of confusion and inter-tribal hatred (and still is along with South Africa and the rest of the hick, nigrah, inter-tribal warring, hate filled nations)
    Weimar Germany was merely a plaything of Jewish finance; and, eventually, when they wanted Hitler to rise and assist with their Zionist dreams, they opened up the money taps for him to pay for his militarization. Hitler’s own words, which I have previously quoted, agree with this scenario.
    So, Stuart Varney’s TRUTH (and MINE) still stands: The Jews can print “money out of thin air”, indefinitely!!!!!! INDEFINITELY!!!!
    Now really extend your mind and imagine the situation where it does NOT matter at all to the Jewish controllers if the USA’s debt climbs from $17 trillion to $37 zillions – as long as you keep printing the money tokens of exchange! Keeps the ignorant masses of slaves happy! And besides, it is the perfect excuse for taking the money and hard assets away from the USA’s middle class Goyim, as done recently! TRUE MARXISM DESTROYS THE BOURGEOISIE! ….. “Our Jewish banks are too big to fail”! (Yeah Obama said that!)
    Okay BRICS, etc. might be a step in the right direction, but don’t you worry, the Jews will successfully wheedle their way around any threats from BRICs and such.
    As I will keep saying: “Their POWER is MONEY IS POWER”!!
    Until they are eliminated from the money equation completely they will retain their GLOBAL POWER! …. And POWER, my Dear Lambs, is what it is all about! …… POWER, unbridled, unadulterated, clear, pure and decisive/incisive!!!!!! As the ruler from another planet said in The Avengers movie: “Kneel down before me … you love your subjugation.” …. Amen! …. “Cuddle a Jew, it’s good for you, my dear innocent dears!”

  36. Peace be with the reader.

    There will be no war between east and west, they will however unite to make war against the elect.
    This will be in vain because the elect is already victorious, evil(the curse) will not prevail.

    ” And I saw the beast, and the kings of the earth, and their armies, gathered together to make war against him that sat on the horse, and against his army. And the beast was taken, and with him the false prophet that wrought miracles before him, with which he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast, and them that worshipped his image. These both were cast alive into a lake of fire burning with brimstone.”

    The faithful one.

    21 And the remnant were slain with the sword of him that sat upon the horse,
    which sword proceeded out of his mouth: and all the fowls were filled with
    their flesh.

  37. Finally, Felix you are correct in stating, “Most of the posts on this topic are based on a very Atlanticist perspective.”
    Let’s clean up your line to read: “Most of the dumbed-down posts on this site are based on a very Yankee-Jewified, brainwashed perspective.”
    As I said, the bubba Yankees only really write what the Jews have told them – They are the f**^*! up citizens of a f**^*! up nation of slaves! … Nothing ever creative – just shitza from half-literate Yankees!

    1. Max, You are correct, but you cannot bring people to accept one’s point of view by insulting them. One must lead them and make them believe that they have arrived at the correct conclusion by themselves. I have a bit of experience as a Prosecutor and I studied the art of cross examination from a master. Forget aggressive questioning. It’s all about starting off from simple premises and getting the witness to agree. This guy never raised his voice, never intimidated a witness, never called a witness a liar. It was always, “Wouldn’t you agree”, this or that. And he worded the questions in such a way, the witness had to agree. South Africa once had a Prime Minister like that, Hendrik Verwoed. Even his opponents would find themselves nodding in agreement with arguments.
      I know the vast majority of people today are brainwashed and considering the dumbing down in education and by the media, why am I not surprised.

      1. very correct, felix.
        otherwise we just waste many kilowatts of energy and many btu’s of hot air arguing over something that in the end we will agree on.

        so let’s cut out, well, maybe not so much insulting from the start insulters, two of which are very entertaining, but also getting needlessly offended.

        the worst of it is endless repetitions, especially if at one or more times countered with reasonable answers, the said answers being ignored.

        i always tend to build up the big picture from odds and ends, so long as they are verifiable and the final analysis is based on that big picture.

        if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, then it ain’t fish.

        so much of all the stuff against the putin is either irrelevant to the big topic or hearsay of jew gossip columnists and we shouldn’t be wasting time on them.
        keep your eyes on the ball.

        as for max’s thesis about the masters of global money printing, he is right.

        until the world wakes up to the scam and a trillion jew dollars is worth ten jew dollars is worth zero, it being its true value, which is why doing the valuation of productivity and so on in jew metrics is totally not just useless but intentionally misleading.

        pull that card out from the base and the giant house, so elaborately constructed, comes crashing down.
        jew’s money is as good as his word, so help me kol nidre.

      2. Well said, Lobro. Some people are emotionally unstable and indulge in polemics rather than argument. Remember that Jewish Atheist, Christopher Hitchens, who croaked a couple of years ago. Some posters remind me of him.

  38. I see my cousin Montecristo has added an interesting clause to his “General Disclaimer.” I hope this doesn’t give offense to our readers, but it reflects my own opinion.

    3. We have no time to read and carefully monitor every comment published on this website. Our site has been a target for trolls. We have no hesitation in saying that a substantial number of comments published on this site are repugnant, vile and stupid — the drivel of deranged minds.


    Naturally, this doesn’t apply to all our posters, especially the ones who have been with us a long time. I asked Lasha what she thought. Her response made me smile. It was so typically Lasha:

    “The world is full of nutters. Finding a sane person to converse with is almost impossible. That’s why I’ve stopped talking to myself.”

    1. lucy, toby, monty

      the shapeshifter known as space lizard uses orcon dynamics in new zealand and is most likely related to the professional troll activity lately plaguing darkmoon.
      take it as a compliment that you are doing something right.

      also, write to orcon as per below and request blacklisting for this address ([email protected], ip, may not be static)

      E-mail [email protected]
      Abuse email [email protected]

      1. @ Lobro

        Thanks for this info. We have this problem under control now. (I think). Your above comment was found in spam because you copied out the troll’s email address.

        All these problems we have been having, you will be relieved to hear, do not stem from the fiendish ingenuity of the trolls. Actually, they’re a bunch of amateurs. The problem is due entirely to the negligence and naivete of the two monitors, myself and Uncle Toby. If we had more time to devote to the task of monitoring the comments, and if we were more technologically astute, I doubt we would be experiencing so many problems.

        However, it’s also true to say that the trolls have been picking on us in huge swarms. Our spam is full of them.

        Yesterday I was just about to approve a new comment because it seemed okay. It consisted of 10-12 shocking quotes credited to Netanyahu. How he wanted Israel to nuke the entire world and literally have Jews devouring the liver and entrails of the goyim!

        I decided to do a quick google check to see where these 10-12 quotes came from — because the poster, suspiciously, had left no link. Well. it turns out Netanyahu had never said ANY of those things. EVERY SINGLE QUOTE HAD BEEN FABRICATED!!!

        This is troll activity at its worst: the fabrication of anti-Semitic quotes — BY JEWS! — and the invention of facts and statistics out of thin air. All designed to spread disinfo and make our website look irresponsible and stupid.

      2. might be helpful to have a whitelist of pre-approved commenters as well as the blacklist of automatically excluded ones.
        that way you only need to deal with graylisted ones (all the rest).

  39. In its blind hubris the US is pitting entire people to destruction chief among them being the Anglo-Saxons and down the ladder their serf minions such as the Jews, Arabs and other mongrels.

    If war it will be then it will be the war between the petulant Anglo-saxons versus the world and given the irresponsible way they have ruled the world under their watch since the end of WW2 the world will gladly take them on and defeat them once and for all with or without Russia.

  40. Decentralization from a culturally homogeneous central national power is a good sign. But on a supranational/continental scale it just leads to more centralized power. At the end of WWII and since the rise of Germany as a nation it has always been pretty clear for the Anglo-American Jewish establishment that their only capitalistic enemy was Europe with financially independent nations cooperating in peace around German additional valued technology. Since they couldn’t destroyed us militarily anymore after WWII, they promoted USSR first, the best enemy money can buy, and then they promoted the Federal European Union under the leadership of the very federal Germany. I don’t blame Germany; they always had a small centralized national power during the Holy German Empire before the rise of Bismarck’s Prussia who broke the Westphalia peace in 1871 and they have no other choices than submission since they were demilitarized.

    So the German oligarchy fully supported the dissolution of European nations, remember Yugoslavia, through NATO, The European construction and the suntzu’s chain vassalization of Europe by neoliberalism and free circulation of goods labor and capital. The European Union always provided his support to regional secessionist movement like in Cataluña where you can always see the European blue golden empire flag in the manifestations. But since the European Union is an economical failure with an unsuitable currency and since Germany is in the front line with Russia one of his best and complementary commercial partner, I think that the German leaders, not Frau Merkel, are realizing that we should cooperate in continental Europe without the financial interference of the AAJ warmongering establishment, their Freddy Heineken’s Eurotopia map and their messianic one world government which is clearly the next step after TAFTA.
    Germany is facing a complex situation. Will they remain a pawn of the financial Atlantist masterplan or will they extract themselves from this influence and swing to the East and Europe? This is the key issue according to me in Europe. A nice Paris Berlin Moscow axis would be a great sight, better than this neoliberal Fabian communist European Union imagined by those LSE/Columbia geniuses like Leopold Kohr. But the rancor is deep in Eastern Europe Intermarium and George Friedman with his AAJ buddies is very much aware of that. Thank you George for your honesty!
    Regarding the rest of the world, I think they are fully aware of what is happening wherever it is in Eastern Asia, South America and Africa. I just watched a Senegalese TV show about Boko Haram where the chronicler said “Behind the hazard, often lurks a Khazar”. It is funnier in French but that’s the spirit.

  41. I see DublinMick is back and what he said about Angela Merkel is correct. She must be removed from power in Germany because she is slow in her shift away from America toward Russia. At some point Germans will get tired of her tortoise pace of change and someone more progressive, radical and right-wing will take her place. Germans are already again willing to accept a right-wing fascist as before in 1933. And this is a new next generation of Germans that only heard the jewish power lies about Germany and WW2. This new leader the Germans want will kick America out, if America does not collapse first. Then Germany will look to Russia and her BRICS friends for markets and prosperity. As for those of you talking about the FED, it is a great run but the problem being created is this. All that money printed out of thin air circulated oversees is great for America to pay her bills, but when other countries trade in their own currencies bilaterally and then build up the US dollar to the point where it goes back to America because nobody wants it, the over abundance of dollars in America creates hyper-inflation there. Weimar Republic scenario. Wheelbarrow full of toilet paper. For now it works because the money buys assets like homes, property, cars etc.. But when there is nothing else left to buy and all that money around the currency is toilet paper. Remember the FED was designed to control prices and product value by increasing or decreasing the money supply. Thus booms and busts are created so that more stuff ends up in fewer hands. The original lie of the FED was to be able to eliminate the boom/bust cycle, but they actually use the money supply to create them.This is why the rich and fewer of them are getting richer and more people are getting poorer. You create oligarchs and serfs. The feudal system revisited. The NWO of the middle ages for our times with One World government, One World economic system and One world religion. Russia and the BRICS are just the next phase in the NWO plan and the Eurasian landmass power base is the last step before the final one where Europe, Germany and the jew controlled Vatican, rule everything. The 4th Reich as some experts/scholars call it. This is the reason for all this cat and mouse game in Ukraine and then Syria. The 4th Reich is the synthesis of all this Hegelian dialect soap opera at play today. All this may come sooner than you think, 3 – 10 years from now. I believe there is only about 20 years left in this existence, before we enter the spiritual realm. Google the 4th Reich to learn more. Thanks, Norbert.

    1. most likely it is because his wife is cheating on him … putin is an eternal victim … you can ignore the news reports because they are from msm-hasbara … i know putin has admitted cheating, but you can ignore this too because it is a feint move … putin is playing chess … making it look like he is immoral, while really he is moral

      a more important question … why hasn’t this been reported in the alternative-hasbara? … this is actually old news, almost a year old … alternative-hasbara hasn’t reported this because most of alternative, like all of msm-hasbara, is run by jews … and they wouldn’t want their false profit outted halfway through the jew world order script … you can ignore the previous few statements because putin started playing backgammon

      mr. apocalypse, mr. apocalypse … happy action fun time! … he isn’t going to let this jewish script run smoothly is he? … curveballs, changeups, knuckleballs … jews are failing to mask everything, yet they still think they are hiding in plain sight … oh, if only putin played baseball!

      a lot of detractors are going to come out of the woodwork and are going to spread their hate by telling the truth … they are just haters … putin loves … love love love … putin loves sin … then again, maybe putin is just playing truth or dare … and cheated on his wife on a dare … what a gamesman!

      недобро the putin apologist,
      advocat of the greatest leader in the world, vladimir mordechai shelomov putin


        Putin accuses U.S. of supporting separatists in Russia’s North Caucasus

        Nataliya Vasilyeva , The Associated Press
        Published Sunday, April 26, 2015 8:42AM EDT

        MOSCOW — In a new documentary, Russian President Vladimir Putin says intercepted calls showed that the U.S. helped separatists in Russia’s North Caucasus in the 2000s, underscoring his suspicions of the West.

        The two-hour documentary, which began airing Sunday afternoon on the state-owned Rossiya-1 TV channel, is dedicated to Putin’s 15 years in office. It focused on Putin’s achievements as well as challenges to his rule — which the producers and Putin blame on Western interference.

        Putin was elected Russian president on March 26, 2000, after spending three months as acting president, and was sworn in on May 7, 2000.

        The documentary showed Putin interviewed at the Kremlin in the dimly-lit St. Alexander’s Hall. In excerpts released shortly before the film’s broadcast, Putin said Russian intelligence agencies had intercepted calls between the separatists and U.S. intelligence based in Azerbaijan during the early 2000s, proving that Washington was helping the insurgents.

        He didn’t specify when the calls took place.

        Following a disastrous war in the 1990s, Russia fought Islamic insurgents in Chechnya and neighbouring regions in the volatile North Caucasus. “They were actually helping them, even with transportation,” Putin said.

        Putin said he raised the issue with then-U.S. President George W. Bush, who promised Putin to “kick the ass” of the intelligence officers in question. But in the end, Putin said the Russian intelligence agency FSB received a letter from their “American counterparts” who asserted their right to “support all opposition forces in Russia,” including the Islamic separatists in the Caucasus.

        Putin also expressed his fears that the West wishes Russia harm as he recalled how some world leaders told him they would not mind Russia’s possible disintegration.

        “My counterparts, a lot of presidents and prime ministers told me later on that they had decided for themselves by then that Russia would cease to exist in its current form,” he said, referring to the time period around the second conflict in the Caucasus. “The only question was when it happens and what consequences would be.”

        The latest poll by the independent Levada agency showed that the approval rating for Putin, whose third term in office ends in 2018, was a whopping 86 per cent in April.

        Putin’s interview has revealed the depth of his disappointment in the West.

        The West, in Putin’s words, is friendly to Russia only when it is on its knees.

        “The so-calling ruling classes, political and economic elites like us only when we are wretched and poor and stand with a begging hand,” he said.

        Whenever Russia begins to grow economically and politically, the West, according to Putin, begins to punish it. Putin said that he does not view Western sanctions against Russia as a reaction to last year’s annexation of the Crimean Peninsula, but rather “an attempt to hamper Russia’s development.”

        “This is a policy,” he added, “we have been familiar with for centuries.”

        Putin defended the annexation of Crimea as a response to the will of the people, which restored “historic justice.”

        Putin, who hasn’t announced whether he will run for presidency in 2018, insisted that he still hasn’t lost touch with ordinary Russians and that he “may very well imagine a life beyond this position.”


      2. toby, you realize that reporting this interview puts you on bad terms with недобро the putin kolomoisky apologist.
        he has only one goal in life: to smear putin.
        nothing else ever matters, every other story is in supporting role only.

        can you handle such a massive rejection?

      3. putin didn’t mention international jewry (again) because he is playing hockey

        thanks for putting those words in my mouth lobro, but i cannot take credit, i don’t even know who kolomobro is … but i am sure you know (everyone in your acting troupe)

      4. can you handle working for (number of lives adversely effected) as bacteria in fertilizer?

        there is a reason you wish your favourite most hated substance on other people … there is a reason jews have innate hatred for pigs, being stomped on them for so many lifetimes

        thanks for your concern, but i am more concerned about you lobro … considering the nature of the populace, there is no surprise it prefers barabbas … it is actually a quite spectacular comedy … the rejection hurts for a short time … i am perfectly content with leaving little evidence i was in quarantine … i am here because i am concerned for you … you will be counting (number of lives adversely effected) to take your mind off the fertilizer … i thought you people might want to try something else this time

  42. Felix, you state: “Max, You are correct, but you cannot bring people to accept one’s point of view by insulting them. One must lead them and make them believe that they have arrived at the correct conclusion by themselves.”
    And you studied the “art of prosecution ” under “a master.” … Was he Jewish? … Are you?
    Look Felix, I haven’t got the time, and neither do any of us enslaved Goys, for endlessly mucking around with the masterly, long-term “arts of prosecution”. WHAT A F**^^**! joke! … Do you have “pretensions”, you idiot?
    No, give it to fools STRAIGHT; and shock them into waking up!
    Some people will NEVER arrive at “the correct conclusion by themselves”, as you so stupidly and naively say. That is the TRUTH, my dear prosecutor.
    Most people HAVE to be jolted into understanding; just as all Americans will be shortly, when their government starts ordering their incarceration, torturing and murders. Too late for dialectical “prosecution” proceedings then, my dear lamb! Have you no knowledge of this most human of traits? Go on, play dumb!
    No, I believe in TOUGH, RELENTLESS LOVE, like the sort Jesus administered in the “temple of thieves” and the kind of obscenities/swearing he addressed them with. “Ye abominations unto hell!”
    This slowly-slowly approach of yours is typical of a troll, in the first stages of setting up his dialectic. i.e. You are “negatively-aligning” the truth to satisfy your end, which is negativity, which, in turn, advances your cause.
    But, you do not have the intelligence to understand a word I have just said. You are an establishment prosecutor and slave! Talking to you is a waste of time anyways, as only fools talk with fools.

    1. G’Day Max,
      No he wasn’t, he was actually an Afrikaner and no I don’t have a drop of Jewish blood in my veins. My Father had to trace his relatives back 200 years when he joined the Luftwaffe paratroopers and my mother traced her relatives back to 1720, no Jews there.
      If you think that by “shocking” people you can get them to understand and accept your point of view good luck, but you won’t get very far. As it makes you appear socially and culturally inept. Let me give some advice, don’t travel to Asia, they dislike discourtesy which is why the Israelis are heartily detested. So lets agree to ignore each other.

      1. Felix –

        You bring facts to this site which are irrefutable, in many cases. The more….the better. I like it. I learn.

        Narcissists and egomaniacs do not like that. They want bluster and finger-pointing. Facts destroy them. They hate and despise validating links in a reply. They hate footnotes. They feel little…. because they are. So they are best at belittling other posters here.

        Soooo….. please…

        KEEP IT UP..!!

  43. The American run Canadian government and it’s privatized (Americanized) media mafia can’t make us hate him. Putin is not the enemy. The psychopaths living below south of Canada are there own worst enemy, breaking the necks of American’s in public and shooting people for fun.

  44. The gist of almost all the comments here recognize the Jews as THE problem but then go from the sublime to the ridiculous. All this idiotic religion, that’s what got us where we are. Idiot Christians who refuse to see the Jews as the true enemy of the White race and at the end of the day, every race. Why don’t they wake to the Jews,? because of all these religious idiots coming at this problem from different angles. Such as, Jesus was a Jew, or no he wasn’t, he was something else. Blah blah bloody blah. No great wonder why Jews are pissing them selves. I don’t care if the Jews are directly controlled by a demon, if they are “a people” or a race. As far as I’m concerned the bastards are a mongrelized hybrid and we must push these idiots of religion to one side and do what Hitler has been falsely accused of. EXTERMINATE THEM. End of problem and these religious crack pots can go back to throwing themselves on the floor and going into epileptic spasms of stupidity and what ever else turns them on, just stay the fuck away from me.

    1. Raymond Daubney, you are 100% correct; and inadvertently plying my line of thought, ever since I commenced posting to Darkmoon: “All these religious idiots coming at this problem from different angles. Such as, Jesus was a Jew, or no he wasn’t, he was something else. Blah blah bloody blah. No great wonder why Jews are pissing them selves.” … Yes, I am not a Jew, but I always “piss myself with laughter” when reading the school-boy efforts of most posters! These lads and lassies have got deep psychological problems! In most cases I suspect deep sexual and identity problems! Their sublimation indicates such as the Oedipus conflict in action. Some still love their mommies as their significant other. I have profiled them all in alphabetical order.
      Hence, in the above comments, I draw attention to the REAL problem; which is NOT the religious rhetoric and idiotic semantics usually indulged in by half-wit, frustrated posters. WANNABEES!!!!
      If shock tactics can make them think beyond their noses – good and just!
      And Raymond let’s allow “these religious crack pots” to “go back to throwing themselves on the floor and going into epileptic spasms of stupidity.” …. Yeah, they even get hard-ons! Some are into tantric sex! … Let’s hear more of your stridency Raymond!
      PS: My view is that these ” religious idiots” are TROLLS of the first order! Most are Christian-Zionists, but not intelligent enough to know it! Gee they’re dumb!

  45. Your hatred of Jews is so great you long to risk nuclear war?! You are mad with hatred.

  46. Putin should be judged by his fruit, not the jewish media’s lies.

    Is Putin a rescuer for the world? Of course not, but he is in the way of global tyranny by the jewish money power.

    It is obvious that the jewish West wants Russian to be tempted into using military force in response to the US/NATO destabilizing efforts in Ukraine and Syria. Putin has not taken the bait which indicates that the planned WWIII the jews want so badly is not taking place. The most logical reason Putin is not taking the bait is the Russian alliance with China. China has been undermining the jewish money power for the past 25-years or so, but they are not quite ready for the destruction of the jewish money power system. Russian provides military resistance and distraction to the jewish money power while China finishes its planned monetary coup of the jewish money power. Defeat of the global jewish money power can be accomplished without massive bloodshed if China and Russia can show both strength and patience while pushing the jewish money power into a position of powerless isolation.

    One of the things that distracts the jewish money power is religious. The jews do not forgive and they certainly do not forget. The pressure being applied to Russia is because Russia is the heart of Orthodox Christianity which adequately suppressed jewish power during the Byzantine Empire for about 1,200 years. The Orthodox Christian Church, not the Roman Catholic Church, is the church that the jews speak of eliminating in the Protocols. The Orthodox Christian Church remained organized as described in the New Testament and represents the strongest religious resistance to jewish control while the Roman Catholic Church strayed from that form of organization with the split in 1049AD when the Pope became the supreme leader, a control point for the jews that resulted in the Rothschilds assuming control of the Vatican treasury in 1823. The jews have dreamed of killing Christianity for 2,000 years and eliminating Jesus from the planet. The jewish obsession with this goal is their true weakness and distraction.

    One simple way of knowing that Putin is a Russian Orthodox Christian is what he did when he visited Israel a few years ago. He visited Christian holy places. He did not visit the Wailing Wall like all the jewish stooges do.

    According to a person that I know that spoke directly with Putin’s wife while they were visiting in the USA years ago, Putin considers his primary responsibility the same as the Czars, protection of the Russian Orthodox Christian Church. Since China has been experiencing an explosion of Christianity in the past 15 or so years and China has given Christianity a green light to expand with much less government oversight than in the USA, this could also play into part of the reason that Putin has allied Russia with China in their goal to defeat the jewish money power.

    Putin is definitely in the way of the jewish money power.

  47. Who would you rather as your President/Supreme Commander?
    Choices: Mr Putin, Barack Obama, Mahatma Gandhi, Winston Churchill, Adolf Hitler, V Lenin, JFK, Billy “blue dress” Clinton, Hilary “Benghazi” Clinton, Jeb “the FAMILY” Bush, Queen Elizabeth, Ellen Degeneres, George Washington, George Soros, Bill O’Reilly, Ellie K, Jesus, the Pope, Bibi Netanyahu, Donald Duck.
    I still think Adolf is tops, as he did not like immigrants and multiculturalism and hated the Jewish Bolsheviks who had “turned Russian rivers red with blood.” (Rabbi Chaim Potok, “The Gates of November”)
    He was also a multi-talented, high-IQ’d man who painted beautiful landscapes, did fabulous sculptures, played the piano and accordion, wrote many good essays, told great jokes about Jewish prostitutes, loved animals and was a champion amateur boxer. (Second in the running is Mr Putin with his 3rd Dan in karate!)
    Hitler also wanted the darkies back in Darkest Africa, the Jews somewhere else, the gypsies back in Romania, homosexuals to go straight, kids to exercise in the outdoors, and all Commo (Marxist)/Jewish (porn) books burnt.
    Now, that’s the FULL PACKAGE!
    And wot has the USA got? A lying, Jew-created, mulatto, Sunni Muslim, with no demonstrable birth certificate, “married” to his ex gridiron playing, transvestite lover-boy, Michael/Michelle.
    Of course, Jesus would be absolutely GREAT; but then we’d be in the Second Coming and the great Day of Judgement would dawn!
    Or, hang on, we might be in for what the Muslims refer to as the “1,000 years PEACE” with Jesus/Assis at the helm. …. Then you’d all have to be good little boys and gals and follow both the Great Commandments and Jesus’ New Covenant For Mankind. …. I could do that! …. And I’d be totally forgiven … so there! “Quack, quack!”

    1. one of the top notch mongol medical specialists: genghis khan, tamerlane or kublai khan.

      there would be no asiatic disease recurrence.

  48. Putinologists – from the savvy analysts to journalists, and from the solitary bloggers to heavily subsidized writers, are all divided into two distinct camps: Those who see in him the Savior-Messiah’ of humanity, and those who believe he is the epitome of ‘Evil’ – a ruthless dictator and a tyrant. The truth, as is the case most of the times, lies somewhere in between; neither a Savior-Messiah nor an Evil Thug – Putin is just the leader of a powerful country who is trying to serve the interests of his people.

    Putin, as Israel Shamir has quoted, is a non-confrontational bloke whose great ambition is to live in peace and harmony with the West while defending Russia’s vital interests, and observing interests of Russian billionaires. He also wants to be accepted as an equal among the world’s great, East and West.

    You may like to read more at:

    What is up with Putin ?

  49. Jews are the enemy and the Jew spawned religions of Christianity and Islam are the instruments of dumbing down the people to be ineffective in dealing with them. Proof is in the pudding.

    Dark Moon is now a censor who wishes death for the US which is most of you.

    1. In Baltimore right now Jew fomented apes are doing what comes naturally to them: rioting, burning and looting.

  50. Fellow Bloggers:
    Putin is neither a hero/saviour or a villain/devil/evil. He is just the opposing choice the int’l jewry presents us with to fall into the storyline trap of the Hegelian dialectic. If Obama/USA was the only choice, the NWO, jew world order, would be an Anglo-American-Israeli alliance with NATO as the policeman. This is what we have at present and you either go with it or against it. This reminds me of the movie Captain America: Winter Soldier where the computerized Dr. Zola explains world chaos as a Hydra/Nazi infiltration of SHIELD/CIA to spread anarchy and chaos to bring about order, their order. And as Dr. Zola computer says, people would not give up their freedoms if forced, but would give them up if manipulated. Sounds like how the Patriot act and the NDDA were brought in due to 9/11. Now add Putin/Russia as a choice against America/Obama. So now you can be with or against Obama OR with or against Putin. Whether your choice is forced upon you or you decide you have 4 choices. Your best choice will be what is best for yourself and those around you which would then result what is best for your country and then the world. However, in doing so the nation/world is divided. Remember the old divide and conquer paradigm. Thus int’l jewry has us where they want us to easily conquer us. Putin’s purpose is to make sheeple believe there is a choice that you can take comfort in and be docile. Thus the political form of what TV and the MSM does. Putin is here because in comparison /contrast to Obama, there is a result that will occur that the sheeple can not see. This result will be something that the puppetmasters had planned all along whether it comes to pass at 50% or 100% success/ partial or complete success. My contention is that this Obama vs. Putin dialectic will result in a newly mutated/modified monetary and economic system that is based on Gold with an electronic currency that is still a Rothschild Bankster creation. That new system will of course still be monitored/maintained from Switzerland and the BIS and the 13 satanic bloodline families that control all of us. The other result of Obama vs. Putin is that Europe will be reformed due to the choices the puppetmasters have given us, but will be a choice we will accept because it is the lesser of the evils before us. But regardless, it will not be good for us. Europe will come out on top as the Anglo-American-Israeli alliance is substantially weakened but America destroyed. Once this happens, the reformed Europe will look to Russia/China for the world’s economic success. Europe, mainly Germany and France (Holy Roman Empire of old), will be the power broker as it was in the Middle ages and the Renaissance period. This new European grouping will be supported by the Vatican. For background look up Holy Roman Empire/Charlemagne and for a futuristic perspective look up the 4th Reich. Then when this final empire shifts to Jerusalem, Israel, int’l jewry will be the king with its earthly kingdom led by the jewish Antichrist. All this talk reminds me of the WW2 conundrum of Churchhill/Stalin/Roosevelt vs. Hitler. When you look at WW2 in that way, the Obama vs. Putin dialectic will have similar outcomes, for as smart writers have said todays Ukraine was yesterdays Poland. History repeats itself in many nuances for as the Bible says, there is nothing new under the sun. It has all been done before. Gold and silver were tainted with lead/tin/brass in the past. Today, they print paper money to the point of worthless toilet paper. Putin serves a purpose for good or evil, whether he wants to or not, but because the puppetmasters use him to achieve their goals. That’s all there is to it. Thanks, Norbert.

    1. Brilliant expose, Norbert and I think you are correct!
      The JEWS can utilize their MONEY POWER with complete impunity. Yes, I believe that the USA/Israel etc are the THESIS side of the DIALECTIC and Russia/China, etc are the ANTITHESIS.
      The end result, or the Jew’s new THESIS/paradigm, is Jewish global POWER out of the “Supreme Court of Mankind” in Jerusalem.

  51. There is only one solution: Round up everyone who is not of pure White Race and get them the hell out of the USA.

    1. @ World Changer

      I guess you mean well, but this comment lacks originality as well as intelligence.

      1. White Americans will soon be a minority in America. So how do you propose to “round up” the majority, armed to the teeth with deadly weapons, and get them to leave your beloved Amerika? They ain’t gonna go voluntarily!

      2. In any case, you are living right now in an Israelified police state where the cops receive instructions from their Jewish masters. The cops are your Enemy and they will gun you down if you dare to lift a finger against the non-white invaders of your country. The invaders of your country were encouraged to settle her by the Jews. Don’t forget that!

      The cops have more than guns to kill you with. They have tanks, armored vehicles, and drones.

      3. You may be armed to the teeth with guns, but what happens when your bullets run out? Who supplies your bullets? Answer: the arms manufacturers. Who owns the arms manufacturers? Answer: the Jewish establishment and their lackeys.

      In other words, you depend for your ammunition on the very Enemy you need to vanquish.

      4. As a White Nationalist, you belong to a relatively small and despised minority of Whites whom your Jewish masters have stigmatized as “White Supremacists” and “neo-Nazi skinheads.” You also forget the 60 million Christian Zionists who have turned against you and betrayed you and been sucked into the Enemy’s camp. These Christian Zionists are every bit as evil and crazy as the Jewish settlers in Israel. How are you and your small mand of resistance fighters going to deal with 60 million quasi-Christian zombies?

      5. And hey, don’t make the mistake of blaming “Christianity” for the craziness of the Christian Zionists. These guys are not Christians. Not really. They are Jews in all but name — pseudo-Christian fanatics to a man. If Christ were to return to earth tomorrow, they would have no hesitation in crucifying him again to serve the Pharisees who are their masters.

      6. So the next time you say, “Get them the hell out of the USA!” think carefully! For you will not only have to get rid of the Jews, the Blacks, the Hispanics, the Asians, the half-breeds and the quarter-breeds, but 60 million Christian Zionists too.

      Any idea where do you plan to put so many millions of people? Drive them into the Atlantic Ocean? Create a mountain of corpses to equal the height of Mount Everest?

      Do tell.

      1. @ Sardonicus

        I can answer but Jew style censorship is in force on this list. This is a trend on most if not all anti-Jew blogs. This is a test.

        1. @ World Changer

          Well then, go ahead, answer!

          You will not be censored unless you cross the line into defamation of character and downright abuse.

  52. ADMIN:

    OK, World Changer, you have had your say and YOU HAVE NOT BEEN CENSORED! But please do not think you can say whatever you want on this site, however rude and aggressive and out-of-control like Mad Joe. There’s such a thing as QUALITY CONTROL and it’s my job to enforce it.

    Subject: Putin As Rescuer: Will He Deliver Us From The Evil Empire? – Darkmoon
    Darkmoon may just get what she asks for but she will not be living in happiness.
    Obviously I am blocked when using certain pegged and banned names.
    The “solution” will not come from Earth but from the ETs who patrol our skies at this moment.
    People wonder why Jews have this thing about them. They were “chosen” by a negative alien race via the close encounter of Moses (generic figure) with the “burning bush” and via the alien technology enclosed in the Ark of the Covenant.
    There are also benevolent alien races as all things are balanced in this Universe.
    The just will be evacuated by benevolent aliens and genetically cleaned and restored on other worlds and retuned to Earth after the coming nuclear conflagration and long predicted Earth Axis Shift which will happen in the century. This alluded to in the Christian books as what is called the “rapture”. What it is was obscured by the vernacular of the day.
    Reincarnation is what happens in conjunction with karma and astrology and you judge yourself between incarnations. There is no Heaven and Hell
    The benevolent aliens are spiritually evolved and are masters of time and space and are fully connected to the All via a 24/7 kundalini (Holy Ghost) connection.
    I have experienced what I talk about.
    There will be only one race returned to Earth.
    Joe 6-Pack is expecting a return of Jesus or a Hitler to save them. These are failed systems and the result is the world you inhabit today. Example: A certain Brother Nathanael will wish you (Me) to Hell if you question any part of his theology. This same mindset caused the Inquisition and untold numbers of witch burnings and the hope that a Jew god will get all forgiving if you just believe that his son who got caught by Jews shed his blood as an Atonement for your “sins.”
    There are billions of galaxies out there with untold billions of planets many with races of beings far in advance of man. The media and your preachers do not want you to know this.
    We may all get one last warning but time in this cycle has just about run out.
    Am I prejudiced? I prefer my own race and attractive intelligent women and I know what Gay people are all about as I got picked up by one when hitchhiking when a teenager. A disgusting experience. While these may be people who were the opposite sex in a previous life it cannot be said that this is normal. Sorry if it creeps me out. The incident of Sodom and Gomorrah may reveal the ETs views on this and what their final solution may be. There are nuclear traces still there as well as in ancient India sites.
    Feel free to laugh. That was predicted as well.

    1. To “World Changer”

      I’m not laughing at you, and there are others that wish to help you as well. Are you astral traveling, please? If so, stop immediately. Father Who art in Heaven can “speak” to you without such nonsense by which Lucifer uses to mislead/fool you with all of his insanity.

      True – “The “solution” will not come from Earth but from the ETs who patrol our skies at this moment.”

      That is only because the inhabitants of Earth refuse to listen to The God of the Universe. The benevolent ET’s are probably helping mankind more than we can know/comprehend.


      There is a false agenda to falsely mimic God’s and is often referred to as “Project Beam”.

      False – “People wonder why Jews have this thing about them. They were “chosen” by a negative alien race via the close encounter of Moses (generic figure) with the “burning bush” and via the alien technology enclosed in the Ark of the Covenant.”

      The jews were never “chosen” and technically did not even exist during Moses’ lifetime. The “jew” conspiracy was created by humans on Planet Earth with Lucifer as the leader.

      It was alien technology alright. The (laser) finger of God wrote on The two stone Tablets (Commandments).

      I’d like to see the Darkmoon site make the distinction between racial jews and counterfeit ones. Until that is understood, so much truth falls by the wayside and the solution with it.

      True – “Reincarnation is what happens in conjunction with karma”

      True – “There are billions of galaxies out there with untold billions of planets”

      Planet Earth is hell; created for us (the fallen angels of heaven) who fought against God.


      True – “The incident of Sodom and Gomorrah may reveal the ETs views on this and what their final solution may be.”

      Unfortunate, but it appears the inhabitants of Earth are not allowing for any other option (most of Earth’s inhabitants will be executed).

  53. ” towering influence”
    Yes, like that of Nicholas the 2-nd enjoyed in February of the 1917…

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