Putin defends Christian moral values: Video, (3 mins.)

Address by Russian President Vladimir Putin to the Valdai-Forum

In this 3 minute video, Vladimir Putin asserts that Western civilization is founded upon its Christian roots and that any attempts to undermine and destroy Christianity will inevitably lead to a dystopian world in which most people will be reduced to slavery.

“In these countries,” Putin says, “the moral basis of any traditional identity are being denied — national, religious, cultural, and even gender identities  are being denied or relativised. A family with many children is treated as equal to a homosexual partnership; and faith in God is equal to faith in Satan.”

People are now ashamed of their own religious affiliations, Putin points out. Christianity comes under daily attack. There is even widespread propaganda for pedophilia and sexual perversion. The fabric of society is breaking down.

Putin continues:

“Without the moral values that are rooted in Christianity and other world religions, without rules and moral values which have been developed over millennia, people will inevitably lose any human dignity, i.e., become brutes. And we therefore think it right,” he concludes, “to defend and preserve these Christian moral values.”



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  1. It certainly is ironic that a former “KGB” agent should now stand for religious and moral values. However history is full of such examples; Paul on the way to Damascus, St. Francis a dissolute rake awakening from a vision with the stigmata and Emperor Ashoka in India being a ferocious warrior, and then going on to become a great man of peace abolishing the death penalty. Perhaps it is my perverse love of the underdog, but the more the mendacious and satanic western media demonise Putin, the more I cheer him on! Our Western leaders have now become diabolical purveyors of pharisaism, venality and the goals of the one and only criminal race which wants to enslave us all!

      1. 🙂 🙂 🙂 That Wabash Cannonball. Lovely. One of the first songs I ever remember singin’. From a folky family, see. Dad plays the guitar, Mum plays the autoharp. Lots of folk-festivals and camping and stuff. You’ve brought back some memories there. Thanks!
        Speakin’ of family, after quick round of golf the other day, I popped down to the council’s un-medicated water supply kindly installed by our council. They haven’t been there that long and it’s quite a good place to ‘network’, as they call it these days. Met someone who said was decendent of Rob Roy. Chatted about democracy and red hair. He said that the only way to get councils to do things like this was for individuals to stand up and do something. Somehow he connected that with red heads being ‘stirrers’. But I looked on the internet and discovered that red heads are actually the spawn of satan! No really, it’s very convincing, look…


        …ha! Sometimes I think this conspiracy stuff can be taken a bit too far! I really don’t know if that was a serious link. For a more considered view on the origens of red hair, I found this…


        See, nothing to do with spawn of satan, it’s just genetics. Hope I didn’t frighten any red-heads there! 🙂 I suppose thats all a bit off topic and stuff, but the WW3 stuff gets a bit much sometimes.
        Oh yeah, there was another thing.
        @Mr. avAtari. Either you or I have completely lost the plot. All I can really say to you is, most humbly, put this in ya pipe and smoke it…


        …and the only reason I used that ‘set of words together that there is just one actual word for i bet’, is that I didn’t want to say ‘stick this where the sunni don’t shine’. You can’t say things like that, you know how you people get. Oh, too late now? 🙂 I haven’t forgotten the source. 😉 ahhh, sauce? What’s Brownhawk gonna make up from that one, contemplating on a lilly pad? I hope when I start reading yesterdays posts I find a joke from Ingrid. 🙂 Even if its not funny. Its the thought that counts.

      2. SL –

        Too bad Hitler did not have red hair, the number might have been 18 million. That would have been more than ALL of them world-wide.

  2. I want to believe Putin is playing both sides but firmly set on death or glory against the globalists. But as a relatively evangelical Christian, one of the least impressive things he insists on heading talk of Jesus about is… homosexuality. Playing to this crowd wins no favours. What he means: resisting gay-globalist propaganda priming children and vulnerable adults to abuse whilst ‘they’ attack freedom to disagree, is a rightful target, but without qualification it sounds very – un-Jesus.

    Let’s talk this through Vladimir and supporters but you get no encouragement from the Bible which says unambiguously stand with… what did that boy (gay one) sing:

    “call me a leper…”

    Jesus talks of ‘other’ things. Any banging on about gays must acknowledge Jesus-didn’t-mention-them. Except to love the males (mostly) trapped in generally servant/slave to centurion and the like deals. Oh and heal them (him). Putin is hope amongst the hopeless. I hope.


  3. Putin!?! Quite frankly, I’m going to have to wait until this footage has been independently verified by President Obama himself, before I could make any serious comment. On the surface it appears to be a most unlikely charade. This statesman talks so much common sense it is difficult to believe in the authenticity of this video. I can only assume some sort of moral high-ground false flag operation. They’re probably all actors! A BRIC in the wall joke.
    No, seriously, why does it need to take the President of Russia to tell us in the west where we’ve gone wrong and what to do about it? It’s embarassing! It’s even more embarassing to realise that Putin probably understands this! And I was embarassed again as I found myself leaning closer to the screen to get the details of his divorce! Like a typical womens magazine reader! The man is fighting for western civilization. He is fighting for us, and yet our governments are declaring him and Russia our enemy! Does anyone still believe government propaganda? What is going on!!!
    So as far as Putin goes, he’s either a great person or a great actor. Or both, I suppose. I don’t usually like being in the ‘in crowd’, but I have to admit, from what I’ve seen and read, I like him too. Go Putin!

    1. Don’t be so serious about his words. I am a Russian and live in Russia. And I know after, actually, 15 years of his presidency (or rulling, better to say) that what he says and what he does are usually completely different things. He talks about the defence of Christianity, but allows to flood Moscow and other Russian cities with muslims and to build mosques whereever they want to (even in Norilsk, I don’t know what muslims are doing there, it is a city of Russian workers).
      By the way, in this video Putin does not talk about the White race at all, and I don’t even remember him doing so. Moreover, only by talking about the defence of the White people you can get serious problems in Russia. For example, a head of immigration department in some Russian city was fired after he stated that we need to protect the White race from the crowds of immigrants.
      About immigration. He doesn’t even try to stop or limit it. I remember Moscow in the beginning of 2000-s. In comparison with it, today’s Moscow looks like a city occupied by Uzbeks, Tajiks and Chinese. The major part of the trade is held by Caucasians. Nearly all yard-keepers, road workers, postmen are from the Middle Asia. With his power and resources (remember that the oil price was very high during previous decade) he could solve this and many other Russian problems without making too much efforts. Nevertheless, he only created new problems for the people. In Moscow we have today about 1 million muslims ()! Only in one city! Of course, it’s not France or Great Britain, but muslims here are a serious and united force.
      Putin has banned all our nationalistic parties, and several hundreds of nationalists are imprisoned (
      If he is great as a politician, then only in making money on the Russian people.
      If you want to know more about the situation, I can give a more detailed answer and some links.

      With best regards,
      Mikhail, Moscow State University.

      1. “…he’s a KGB Communist!”

        So what is this supposed to mean, exactly?

        Could you be more influenced by a ‘Reagan Specter” than you realize? 😉 You know, like as in how we are more stricken in the depths of a ‘diabolical dialecticism’ than we know?

        Isn’t this the very thing we need to extricate ourselves from?

      2. Everyone should be able to see that Reaganomics was a global plan for wealthy and is being pushed by Putin and PCR. National borders will vanish.

        I repeat:
        PCR was chosen by bankers in the 80s to increase fiat debt currency. Putin was chosen in the 90s to do the same. Both are pushing the globalist fiat currency. Both are using FEAR to do so.


        “… it has been reported that Gazprombank, Rosbank, Alfa Bank, Bank Rossiya, SMP Bank, and Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development were contenders to pioneer the flagship program.”

        ,strong>”The domestic step is the first to eventually developing an INTERNATIONAL payment platform.”

      3. ”The domestic step is the first to eventually developing an INTERNATIONAL payment platform.”

      4. You say there is a 1 million united and serious front of Muslims in Moscow, but you fail to point out how that is a problem. Are they draining your social services, ergo, unemployed? Are they acting criminally? What is the problem. I never saw a black person till I was 18. Never saw an Asian till 25. My neighborhood has changed in the 45 years I’ve lived here. I now have Syrians to my left and Hispanics to my right. And blacks are everywhere. I don’t trample on peoples differences and I don’t allow them to trample on mine. We get on just fine. Maybe you need to live under the tyranny of the United States for a bit to see the light we see coming from Putin.

      5. Well said Cindy.. There is far too much muslim bashing, black, green, and yellow bashing.. Why the hell can`t we all learn to get along? defeat the black on white, red on yellow, blue on green colour agenda.. divided we fall..

      6. @Mikhail, Moscow State University. Thanks for sharing your experiences of Russia with us in regards my appreciation of Putin. It has certainly given us some food for thought. It just goes to show how all sides play a big propaganda game. It is amazing that he manages to get such good press on the internet (and the internet IS the news these days). So, you’ve really got me thinking how I’m just being played by another side. It’s amazing how our side can’t stop the pro-putin tide, as the recent outbursts against RT show. Is he (They) playing on our moral convictions to win popularity? Why? We can’t vote for him as ‘World President’, yet. I’ve always said the commies were far better at propaganda than the capitalists (not that that particular dialectic(?) seems to be fooling too many these days, at least from what I’ve seen online, though I suppose it is a bit ‘eighties’ now). Maybe the purpose of the pro-Putin propaganda is to look like the underdog, look hard done by, for the purposes of gaining support from the peoples of the countries whose governments are trying to convince that Russia is the enemy. That may reduce the chances of our side attacking. Of course, that’s how it’s supposed to work, isn’t it? Cheers for the links. 🙂

        @Cindy. Very reasonable observations.

        @Ingrid B says, “Why the hell can’t we all learn to get along?”. That’s a very idealistic question. I like it! 🙂 Answers on the back of a self-addressed stamped envelope, please. Prize? Peace on Earth…

      7. Wow. I’m amazed at your words. I live in Mexico, right on the border with California and we’re flooded with MSM propaganda favoring the US-anti-Putin agenda. And I’m sick of it. Our own Mexican MSM and alternative media are filled with anti-Putin BS. Only “RT News en Español” gives you some other perspective, but it’s not that easy to come upon people who know what’s with Vladimir. Around here everybody loves ShillSnowden. And Putin took him in, as an asset, most likely. But some of us know that Snowden is also an actor. But I don’t know what to make of Putin. He speaks sense, but does he act upon it? I don’t speak Russian, and for all I know, alternative-independent Russian media is banned. All we have is RT, talking wonders of Vladimir. Who’s going to believe that? So US MSM media portrays Putin as the devil himself. BS. RT says of him he’s cool and moderate. More BS, I’m sure. But up until I read your comment, I hadn’t seen an honest opinion on Putin’s sincerity. Nobody believe’s Obama, that’s for sure. But Putin… that’s a whole other story. However, it seems that Obama and Putin treat the American and Russian people, respectively, just the same. So, I guess my questions are this: Is Putin a hypocrite, protecting Zionist-Jews’ interests, while flooding Russia with Muslims and mocking Chrstians by making himself a noble man? In your opinion, as a regular-street-level Russian citizen, to what extent is Putin deceiving the whole world with his ‘poker face’ and well selected words? What do you think he’s up to? Thank you and greetings from Mexico.

      8. To Victor.

        “Is Putin a hypocrite, protecting Zionist-Jews’ interests, while flooding Russia with Muslims and mocking Chrstians by making himself a noble man?”

        I suppose, “hypocrite” is the right word. Putin is really a great actor. His problem is that about 80% of the population of the Russian Federation is Russian (from now on I refer to ethnic Russians as Russians, not simply the citizens of the Russian Federation; in the Russian language, русский (russkiy) means ethnic Russian, and россиянин (rossiyanin) refers to the citizenship – many foreigners don’t understand it). So, Putin tries to play with his electorate, talking about the confrontation with the US and Western countries, “getting up from the knees” (meaning that the state of affairs in modern Russia is better then during the 1990-ies, and that Russia now has more political weight then during Yeltsin’s presidency) and so on, while he is establishing a strong repressive system in the country, banning opposition parties and movements, imprisoning political activists and replacing the native Russian population with immigrants. Yes, he pays attention to the Orthodox Church, but that does not mean that he supports Christians; he tries to infiltrate the Church with his agents who should become another source of pro-Putin propaganda. Mind that most of the population is Orthodox.
        A huge part of Putin’s political activities is aimed on increasing his rating. The conflict in Ukraine and the takeover of Crimea is another great mean to try to increase his popularity. Of course, the conflict was initiated by Ukraine, but Putin actually helps to maintain it. He does not need to occupy whole Ukraine. He does not even need Donetsk and Lugansk; Crimea is enough. If he really wanted to occupy the whole country, he should better send his troops to Ukraine in March of 2014, when the new Ukrainian government was very weak. His real goal is to maintain the Donbass conflict for some time to introduce new repressive measures in Russia and get rid of the most active Russians who came to Donetsk and Lugansk as volunteers and who are very dangerous for his regime.

        Putin wants not only power, but also to make a fortune. His friends (like Gennadiy Timchenko) have become billionaires during his presidency. No one knows about the actual Putin’s assets in Russia and abroad (except those who are close to him, of course), but people talk about tens of billions of dollars. He must thank God for high oil prices during the previous decade; if they would have been lower, it would be far more difficult to hide his economic manipulations.

        It’s very hard to write a detailed answer to your questions. There are very good articles on the site of the Occidential Observer which show the actual political situation in Russia .They should help you to understand what really Putin’s regime is.

    2. ‘Paper Bear’ = Russia

      America’s sportsl stadiums have more value than the whole country of Russia.

      “…there are at least 34 individual companies in the United States, and dozens more in Europe and China, whose market values exceed ALL of the Russian companies in the RTS Russian stock index COMBINED.(!!!).

      In other words, for the price of FACEBOOK stock (which sells for NINE times its net asset value, and nearly SEVENTY times its earnings), you could own FIFTY – 50 – productive Russian companies, almost all of which are selling for less than net asset value.”

      1. worth re-reading the last paragraph quoted, isn’t it.

        it basically calls bullshit on insanely overpriced us stock market as opposed to equally underpriced russian one.
        and who rules the stock markets of the world, artificially goosing up some into stratosphere while depressing others?
        hint: soros’ boss.

        barrel of crude is case in point, from $120 to $50 in space of weeks, like whoa, suddenly we realized there was a glut (completely taken by surprise, y’know), then couple of months from now, whoa, we suddenly clued onto the fact that there is a shortage so the price is $200.
        and all the time, the deaf, blind and dumb are cheering the timeless wisdom of talmud (‘goyishe kup’).

        the wording of the link (heres-how-to-completely-screw-vladimir-putin) says it all.

      2. The price of oil was dropped so the US could ‘top off’ reserves in salt dome caverns, depleted over the last 10 years. Over 500 million barrels there alone. Military guards posted for decades.

        Nothing ‘says it ALL’ about ANY subject.

      3. Putin’s economy is falling apart. Little affordable food for people. Trying to buy water buffalo and wheat.

        “While shelves remain relatively full, prices of fresh food have risen well above their usual wintertime highs. In Moscow, basic vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers and zucchini can cost three and four times what they did prior to sanctions this summer. And if you want something fancy, you’d better be ready to dig deep into your pockets: A bunch of asparagus could put you back as much as $25, while one store was selling boxes of cherries this week for a posted price of about $50.”


      4. Regime change would only be seen to be paramount if it was determined that Putin was showing some success in getting out from the squeeze of the rock and the hard place.

        International Jewry may have been responsible for his being steered into power, but this never precluded him from at least TRYING to find a way to become his own man. A very precarious situation to say the least, given the premise.

        My own sense wonders how much has he learned about what the REAL plan all along has been – the difference between a “NWO” that he thinks is what’s in the works and is on board with, and the harsh reality of a “SWO” which he, in my estimation most certainly would NOT be.


    I have decided not to delete this mentally deranged personal attack on Lasha Darkmoon by renowned attention-seeker “Madame Rothschild”, aka Ellie Katsnelson/Alan Merc/Avantador/Amero. It is offered here now under the predictably pretentious user name “GAIA”.

    Apart from its obsessive animosity toward Lasha Darkmoon for all kinds of unspeakable crimes — real and imaginary, terrestrial and superterrestrial — the writer’s stylistic peculiarities and mention of Dr David Green, La Rochefoucault, Russia etc etc make it clear to me that here we have the hysterical Katsnelson tribe all over again … trying to kick up a dust and create confusion.

    Any new poster called “Gaia”, would she bother to single out Dr David Green for vicious comment? Of course not. This becomes understandable when you know the facts: that Dr David Green was one of Ellie K’s sternest critics! 🙂

    Needless to say, Elie Katsnelson is a Jewess with admitted Israeli connections and most of her supporters have admitted to being Jewish. Hence this attack on Christianity and Jesus Christ in particular becomes even more understandable as the work of a pathological Christ-hating bunch of Jews.

    If these people hate us so much, why not just leave us alone? Why keep coming back to scream: “WE HATE YOU!!!”

    * * *

    “GAIA” says:

    Not her anti-Semitism (half the world is anti-Semitic and no one thinks ill of us) but her belief in a wretched, putrid invention called Jesus Christ is what should immediately disqualify Lasha Darkmoon as a serious thinker. IT IS ABSOLUTELY STAGGERING, MIND-BOGGLING, AND INSANELY MAD to know that in this day and age, when Christianity has been shown to be nothing more than a recycled criminal invention of the murderous Zaddikim sect, that people still believe in this soul-destroying religion! One can just picture Lasha Darkmoon presiding over an inquisition, can’t one?: ”Ah, the poor lady drowned: she was evidently not a witch!” ”Oh, my, that one is still alive and floating: drown the witch!”

    Perhaps Darkmoon should write an article about the once fabulous library of Alexandria, which once housed no less than 700,000 books and scrolls, and tell her insipid Christ-believing followers how all that got pulverized! Perhaps Darkmoon should immerse herself in, ”The Dark Side of Christianity,” and see what edifying concepts can be gleaned from her religion of peace! Or, perhaps Darkmoon and her one billion Dr David Greens of the world, instead of telling us HOW MUCH THEY LOOOVE THE JEWISH OLD TESTAMENT, should immerse themselves in the recordings of Father Bartolomeo de las Casas, and see how utterly depraved, how pornographically sick to the core these religions called Christianity and Judaism really are! Time was when Darkmoon and her type were looked up to! Nowadays, the litmus test of intellectual sophistication is not how little you know about the Jews, but how much you know about the evil called Christianity.

    And how apt, too! Darkmoon and her intellectual pygmies like Dr David Green evidently glee in the fact that a Christian Russia is in the ascendance, and yet she cleverly omits to mention the fact that, the same Judeo/Satanic religion of shit that purports to be a religion of peace, of love and of redemption, not only systematically eradicated all of Russia’s (and Europe’s!) natural, indigenous, earth-loving Slavic and European myths and gods, unheard of beauties like Gamayun, but to this day and age, and after the most horrendous, nay, unspeakable horrors and depravities perpetrated on the countless innocent Russian men, women and children by the same Judeo toilet scum of the world that threaten to engulf the world in our days, we still hear, ad nauseam, from the pedophiliac Christian religious leaders of the world how the Jews are blameless, how they must, at all cost, be protected, and how the Jews of Russia then no more partook of the destruction of that once glorious country, than the common, ordinary, every-day Jews of America are partaking in the destruction of America today! Poor Christians! No wonder Jews say, ”So long as Jesus lives, so shall we.” Smart Jews.

    You good-hearted simpletons, who congregate here for no reason but to break the monotony of every-day life, you should at least admit this much, for if it’s edification, enlightenment, or knowledge that you seek, you will no more find it here than you will find salvation within the black walls of snuff factories called Christian churches and the Christian Bible. Truly has it been said that, a good man only wishes to save others because he sees a part of himself in them, for if he really knew what the others are like, he would not so much as turn his head at their screams.

    It’s time for Darkmoon to admit her intellectual shortcomings and investigate seriously the crimes of her evil Judaic religion! It’s time for her to become a Boudica of her own, a spirit unencumbered by the tall tales of Jewish salvationist hocus-pocus! And it’s time for all men and women of the world to see that just as it was Jewry that once piggybacked the Roman Empire in order, through Christianity, to enslave and brutalize the world, so it is the same faecal bipeds who today, still with the help of Christianity though, are dying to turn this precious world into a fucking zoo, that is, I fuck you, and you fuck me. Lovely thing, a Judeo/Christian world, is it not?! This, perhaps, is the secret, marvellous, salvationist power of Christ Jesus: the bearded guru will, he really will, intervene and save your soul, only he must first see that it is torn to pieces by the Judeo/Christian wolves, and then mend it and refashion it back to life. ”How foolish and believing man is, ”La Rochefoucault once famously quipped, ”even I, an expert wordsmith, cannot tell you!” Neither can I!

    No, I can’t say that Darkmoon is a fraud, but that she is intellectually stunted, that she is Judaically warped almost beyond the point of no redemption – this every thinking person can see, save of course the likes of Dr David Green and his type. Come now: you know what follows any and every cutting and rare remark here! So predictable!

    Ditch Christ and save your soul!
    Kill the Jew and save the world. Now here’s a war cry worth rallying around!
    Courage anyone?



    1. Poor Ellie . . . she can’t get laid . . . so she pretends to be Madame Rothschild whose dear Mama was bumped off in the Alps by a Rothschild assassin! Check the story out and you won’t find a single link anywhere to support the tall story Ellie tells in her biography.

      I confess I was surprised to see myself attacked here several times by this “new” poster who calls herself “Gaia”. Then I remembered I’d had the audacity to question the authenticity of this dubious entity known as “Ellie Katsnelson.” (To tell the truth, I was just following in the noble footsteps of Pat who was the first to rip this charlatan to shreds.)

      The thing that got up the lady’s nose was my suggestion: “If you’re so damn rich and generous, how come you can’t make the Darkmoon site a really generous donation? This would be one way of proving you actually were fabulously rich.”

      You know something? The mean, tight-fisted bitch, even though she’d had three articles published on the site, refused to send the site even a miserly $10 donation!

      1. I really laughed when you challenged the ‘EK entity’ to a measly donation…and the ‘EK entity’ refused.

        Good going. I join you in ridiculing the fantasy…. living in a cardboard box under the hwy overpass, using the library computer.

      2. @ Gaia (aka Ellie K)

        So Ms Darkmoon happens to be Christian and that makes her evil and stupid and unfit to write brilliant articles, is that it?

        If Darkmoon has been bitten by the Christian bug, so have 2.2 billion other people on this planet. Not all of them, as you foolishly suggest, are “intellectual pygmies.”

        I should imagine that Darkmoon’s religious beliefs, though unacceptable to atheists and many others, would not be dismissed as stupid by Dr E. Michael Jones ( a Catholic heretic) and Bishop Williamson (another Catholic heretic).

        Lasha belongs in the same school: a core Christian, a believer in Logos unconstrained by dogma. It enables her to go even a step further than either Jones or Williamson and feel equally at ease in the world of the Oriental religions.

    2. “SVEN” says:

      So, Mr Toby, if you would like to streamline your website, I suggest that from now on you add the following 10 warnings for all future posters:

      1. WARNING! If you are articulate, you will immediately be suspected as being Ellie Katsnelson!
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      4. WARNING! If your IP address shows you to be writing from anywhere in the territory of France, guess who will be the suspect!
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      7. WARNING! You must not, under any circumstances, mention Russia, because…
      8. WARNING! Any attack on Christianity will be seen as a covert attempt of passing yourself off as Ellie.
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      Hmmm, come to think of it, Uncle Toby, how come you believe Ellie K when she says she is an Israeli operative and yet you disbelieve her just about everything else? It’s you who should be banned and not great posters, you insipid fool.

      1. “insipid” is just the perfectly exact right word for “our” Uncle, isn’t it.

      2. @ Sven

        WARNING! You may post here ONLY if you bash, spit, curse and put down Ellie K. Any favorable view of Madame Rothschild, any positive review of her thoughts, or even so much as a veiled agreement, and your IP will be recorded in our system, and YOU WILL BE BANNED, you evil Ellie k!

        The mere fact that you have NOT been banned and have been allowed to state your case, uncensored, makes a nonsense of your argument. Why not just post as “Ellie k” or as “Alan Merc” or whatever central persona best suits you? Why the need for all these sock puppets and different IP numbers?

        The trouble with you Jews is that you simply cannot believe that your adversaries can sometimes be as smart as you. Long accustomed to outwitting the goyim, you have come to believe in your own invincibility. This will be your downfall.

        “You insipid fool,” you call me, apparently unaware that resort to cheap abuse is an admission of defeat in argument. If you were right, if you had the moral high ground, you would conduct yourself with more dignity.

      3. Sven did not state what should be done with the “EK entity’ when he/she bashes commenters and trashes this site, in Jew-Pharisee-Talmudic fashion.

        The ‘entity’ has singled several of us out on numerous occasions.

        I think the EK entity’ is ‘hillary-ous’…. and knows no real history..!! 🙂

        The ‘EK entity’ makes things up as ‘it’ goes!!

      4. @Pat. 🙂 . You say…

        “I think the EK entity’ is ‘hillary-ous’….” (and the Brownhawk-isticalized ‘hilarious’ is not going to fool anyone, btw)

        ,yet the admin has clearly stated…

        “10. WARNING! You may post here ONLY if you bash, spit, curse and put down Ellie K. Any favorable view of Madame Rothschild, any positive review of her thoughts, or even so much as a veiled agreement, and your IP will be recorded in our system, and YOU WILL BE BANNED, you evil Ellie k!”

        …sounds to me like your comment fits into that category. Yet you HAVE NOT been banned! Are you some sort of special case? Is the Admin asleep? Are YOU Ellie k? Well, if you got away with it then, personally I think her writing has just the right amount of commas, but I disagree with you as far as funnyness goes. I guess I need to read up on posh humour, or satire, or arrgghhh….

        cya. PSP golf, obviously. I mean, I live under a bridge, fcol! 😉

        @Toby. Thank you for not banning me. 🙂

  5. “While shelves remain relatively full, prices of fresh food have risen well above their usual wintertime highs. In Moscow, basic vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers and zucchini can cost three and four times what they did prior to sanctions this summer. And if you want something fancy, you’d better be ready to dig deep into your pockets: A bunch of asparagus could put you back as much as $25, while one store was selling boxes of cherries this week for a posted price of about $50.”

    Why do people living in countries with cold winters need fresh tomatoes, cucs, zucchini, aasparagus, cherries, etc? I’ll bet it all comes from a thousand miles away or is grown in giant greenhouses. How did the Russians and Siberians and Canadians and Scandinavians manage to make it through aeons of cold winters without imported summer-type foods?

    You’re Russian? Get back to carrots, potatoes, rutabagas and buckwheat. All easily storable for months.

    The devil’s in the details.

    1. “Why do people living in countries with cold winters need fresh tomatoes, cucs, zucchini, aasparagus, cherries, etc?”

      Maybe the same reason I do.
      I want that food for vitamins, minerals, less diseases…and healthier longer life….pain free.

      Russian life expectancy is 15 years less than Americans. They are full of pains…. so potato juice – vodka – gets a workout.

      1. Since the development of civilization, populations knew how to get through the winter without importing raw foreign foods simply because it was not available. The tough survived and kept their superior genes going. During spring and summer they wolfed down the local vitamin- and mineral-rich plant food – some wild, some cultivated – all ready for winter. Far northerners ate the adrenal glands of animals for their Vitamin C. Chinese sprouted beans and seeds for their Vitamin C. Europeans lacto fermented vegetables for fresh, vitamin-rich foods during the harsh weather. If they could not do these things, they would have died out. You simply can’t live without Vitamin C.

        Importing tons of sickly produce from thousands of miles away, grown on overused soil, doesn’t grow healthy bodies.

    2. not so fast, pat.

      1. japan (average) 84.6
      36. united states (average) 79.8
      38. cuba (average) 79.4
      123. Russia 70.5 (male 62) female 76.3) (14 year difference)

      so, a couple of questions:
      does cuba owe its good health to imported veggies, available year round, not to mention material prosperity?
      or maybe russian women have ready access to the same wealth of produce from around the world, the access that is denied to russian men?

      it is ok to steadfastly run down russia as a nation of inferior people so long as you got the facts to support the contention.
      it is clear that the short life of russian men is a cultural deviation.
      and cultural deviations have a habit of going back to the same nasty source that is the object of general discussion here, so it wouldn’t surprise me that jew has his fingers in that too.

      1. Oh, WOW!! Thanks for the help, lobro!!
        You ARE such a DARLING boy!!
        It is even more than what I claimed. I had not checked this year.

        77.4 (-) 62 = 15.4 yrs diff for men. I like the extra time.

        Silly me….being male… THAT is the one I prefer to use for comparison to my life.

        BTW…Ya never hear that much about ‘the BIG old man.’ Always ‘the LITTLE old man.’

  6. @ ellie & ellisons,

    despite viscerally disagreeing with attack on both lasha and christ (i suspect that the latter drew wrath on himself by being liked by the former), your post contains some perfectly valid complaints as regards the effect of christianity, which is to say, not the intent of the man who inspired it.

    i really don’t have anything against the early beliefs of the slavs and the nordics that boudica defended against the roman invaders.

    but that’s beside the point, ellie – whoever you are.
    i don’t care if you are a jewess by birth because i still discern that you are very much against judaism and all its sick manifestations that i persistently rail against, be it ziochristianity or the latest abomination, wahhabi-salafi-isis.

    but you gotta stop playing games for personal fun and profit and come clear in order to win som badly needed respectability and credibility.
    i wouldn’t normally try so hard but you are a genuine talent for thinking, just like inimitable max bliney who also at one time was scorned badly by the commentariat, despite his pure heart and mind.
    they were bilnd but now they see …

    if you have some intellectual or personal crush/hate for/against lasha and her poetry and images that arise, get them under control and focus on the work at hand.
    we don’t care that you are rich and in fact i doubt that you are a real rothschild – so what?
    even were you destitute, poverty is not a crime and at one time 9the good old days) it was in fact a virtue.

    man cannot own anything but his honor.
    all of humanity ever succeeded was to CREATE a few short lived particles in giant accelerators.
    every other atom in universe was created by a non-human agency and it, if anybody/anything has the sole claim to ownership of material stuff.
    certainly, the rothschilds cannot and i deny them possession of every stolen morsel of unearned food they put in their continent-sized mouths.
    so, if you are not a rothschild, count yourself in good company.
    if you are, donate to anti-rothschild causes like codoh project, arthur topham, tomato bubble, john kaminski and others, yes, even the crazy ex-jew, brother nathan.
    and do it in the name of darkmoon site so that they can publicly thank both of you for support.

    otherwise, the line between hasbara and truth becomes awfully tricky to navigate, and your talent and passion are equally trashed and wasted.

  7. I hate doom ‘n gloom so I’ll preface this summarizing post by saying that nothing is a done deal when it comes to a realization of the satanic plan.

    This Economic Union is “just another BRICS in the wall”. Call it part of the ‘mortaring’ of the masonic societal construction project building towards a one-world central controlling format.

    Above the hierarchically structured pyramid is the “all seeing eye” – the Overseer; the architect. At the pyramid’s pinnacle is “International Jewry” – the chief engineer of the “SWO” (satanic world order) – the projected goal. The “end-game”.

    The primary ‘means-to-an end tool’ of ‘laying brick and mortar’ in completing the project is the falseness of “money”, per its immoral definition, and symbolized by the deformed creature called Moloch – the blasphemous corrupter of money’s TRUE spirit as exemplified by what certain indigenous peoples have referred to as “wampum”. And knowing its meaning goes a long way towards understanding why it was essential for accomplishing the protocolian agenda to inflict the greatest genocide in known history on the aboriginal populations of the northern and southern hemispheres and destroying any semblance of wampum’s peaceful spirit and power.

    I’ve posted these upcoming excerpts before and it bears repeating:

    [“For people with no written alphabet, wampum carried an almost mystical weight of meaning. It is a term that comes from an Algonquin phrase meaning “string of white beads”. That these beads were white is significant in that this represented peaceful activities such as those having to do with ornamentation, archives, trade items AND mediums of communication (“currency”). No diplomacy could take place without it. Runners relayed messages using wampum: red beads meant war; white, peace.

    Iroquois orators opened councils by offering wampum strings to quiet anger, wipe away tears, and open the hearts of listeners. Each speaker in turn punctuated his remarks by handing wampum belts across the council fire; if a listener threw a belt aside, it meant that he doubted the speaker’s words – or rejected his proposal. When the talks were over, the wampum became part of the record and a guarantee of promises made.

    European colonists learned the etiquette of wampum diplomacy and some other uses of wampum as well: paying a debt, for instance, giving a gift, offering tribute, or atoning for one’s misdeeds. A gift of wampum might accompany a proposal of marriage. For the people who created it, wampum was always something more – an object imbued with honor, tradition, and spiritual resonance.”]

    To continue, with the completion of the SWO project would come in essence the corrupted form of money being rendered obsolete. For it will have served its useful purpose in the building of the very walls to enslave the so-called “goy” (i.e.; ALL of humanity)

    And who in positions of national leadership today would be on board with a level of evil like this, with its perfect master-slave dynamic of a SWO in place, and orchestrated behind ALL the scenes out of view from virtually everyone on the planet? Putin? Stuck smack-dab in the middle of the rock and a hard place? Hardly.(and pardon the pun) No way does he know the breadth and depth of evil planned for the World. No way. He is not privvy to what goes on at the pyramid’s pinnacle. As a national leader he can ONLY be on some level below it, per its “on a need to know only” compartmentalizations of “useful idiocy”.

    The whole planet is in the clutches of Moloch. All of ITS money IS the corrupting force IN AND OF ITSELF – the parasitic metastasis. How THIS would be “reverse-engineered” is the most important problem to be solved as it concerns our temporal existence.

    For the phrase to be accurate, it is not “money is the root of evil”, nor is it “love of money is the root of evil”. It is “MOLOCH’S money is the root of evil”

    Reverse engineering = uprooting it

  8. How curious, and yet really marvelous, to see what is true and stylish be malevolently ascribed to me! One rather expects unpleasantness and not pleasantness to be called by one’s name. That commonness and mediocrity prevails in the general scheme of things here, surely cannot be my fault, and that a Maia or a Gaia expresses some, but only some, sentiments which are also found in me, only proves to show a concurrence of thought, and nothing more. But I sincerely and completely understand the honest, if somewhat neurotic, gentleman by the name of Mr Toby: a forum like this is hardly the melting pot of billionaires, since such a person, even if arrogantly so, would immediately think himself better than the rest, and that is something I know I am not. The ultra wealthy circles, with whom I happily no longer mingle and to whom deep down I never really belonged, have a saying; they say: Jews and the intellectually challenged ought never to be made part of one’s company, as the former infect, and the latter pine. Still, I must be the first one ever to fly-by here, and you are sure to remember me as the first and the last, as wealth, an aristocratic soul, a lucid mind and Jews I can smell even over a screen, believe it or not, and it is only an occasional latter that I have been able to sniff out.

    You really ought to know that it was pure accident and sheer boredom, absolute, complete and utter boredom, that brought me here in the first place last year, and that some of you have are unconsciously pining under the crushing miseries of life, miseries which sometimes affect me no less than you, cannot, must not, be turned into a cutting prejudice against me. I have absolutely no need of this site or of you. I just have a burning cacoethes for speaking the truth about the demonic Jews. You must really know that I am the most bored person on earth, in whom happens to be combined a Teutonic hatred of the Jews. Add money to that, and what once was thought impossible, no longer seems unreal. But, lest I commit a material injustice against you, I do not expect you to understand, certainly not the money part, as certain inequalities naturally create misunderstandings and gulfs.

    And how do I know I am not Gaia? Rather simple, I should say: the good Jew-hating lady mentioned a certain name which sadly my vocabulary and memory no longer recognize. Some beauties necessity discards! Or, is it that the beauties discard themselves?

    As to my not making a generous contribution to this site? Well, yes, indeed, La Rochefoucauld – now that’s a name to reckon with! [wherever did we hear that?] – was right: ”Some things are best left unsaid.” Suffice to say that certain human considerations prevent me from speaking. Or is it divulging? Or betraying? Or falsely accusing? Something like that. False doubt has ever been the bane of good souls. So say the metaphysicians, anyway.

    As to that unspeakably cruel former gentleman who nonchalantly speaks of my mother in the way he did, well, let us hope that in the future the good man will stop and think before speaking, as words, as some of us learn only too late, can hurt more than the sharpest whip can. Moreover, a Doctor of the mind and the tongue demonstrates his elevation easy and by his conduct. Nothing worse than being disappointed in life, believe me, nothing! Let us hope that he prosecutes himself soon, though not too harshly, I hope.

    I believe I can confidently call our meeting of heads the most remarkable case of intellectual and spiritual misalignment in the history of the Electronic Age. Sadly for you, nay, tragically for you, the future will soon teach you by experience what you once refused to learn by words. What was the one thing that man learns from history…? The future will make sure that you confirm and complete the sentence!

    All the best now, goodbye, and remember: EVIL JEWS!
    Rather die than lie. My motto in life!
    Ellie K..
    Cambridge, MA.

    1. “Rather die than lie. My motto in life!”

      That certainly rings of lunacy, or a lie itself.
      Everyone lies. Especially you, using at least four different monikers on this site that I recall.

      One was ‘5/11.’

      I see you are camping under the I-95 bridges in MA these days.

  9. Ellie,

    Whatever slings and arrows have been hurled at you, whatever insults you have had to endure on this site, all these you have brought on yourself by your own outrageous behavior. Had your conduct been impeccable, would you not have been universally adored? Of course you would, given your natural gifts and exceptional talents.

    Console yourself with the fact that Joan of Arc, though burned at the stake, was nevertheless canonized. No one’s going to burn you at the stake, dear lady. But you could yet be vindicated.

    Nil desperandum!

    1. we’ll just burn her a bit, until she is caramelized 🙂

      yes, i agree with you sard, she may be just a hobo curled up in a freezing boxcar out in the plains but damn, literate and thoughtful one.

      just wish she’d extend the same trust she demands.

      1. that sure is some fancy dressing crowd, pat.
        i am sure a rothschild would easily guess the designer labels on boxcar willie.
        and that upper crust accent … inimitable.

  10. i must confess to an OOPS, MY BAD moment.
    i reread gaia’s comment and on the second reading, the superficial similarity with ellie’s writing style disappears.

    therefore, i retract the connection i made between the two.

    the fact that everyone jumped to the same conclusion only redounds to gaia’s honor but in the end she’s still robin to ellie’s batman or batlady (bat-dame?).
    after all, battiness often indicates some lurking prodigy.

    okay, ellie?
    you did not slag christ, it seemed so out of character of your previous writing that i jumped the gun and got angry and worse, suspicious.

    you are what you are and so is gaia, there is observable space between you.

      (Ellie certainly has lots of friends who creep out of the woodworks whenever this Rothschild cartoon lady turns up.) 🙂

      A staggering collection of nothing people! At least the blazing Mme Kleist possesses two seemingly extinct commodities: a deep purse, and a brilliant tongue. Slightly disappointed to see the Canadian Kant slipping and joining the cutting sans-culotes. Are we sure that brilliance extends to all mathematicians? Never mind. I’d rather deal with the Kleist phenomenon any time of the day than with the cute shortcomings of our Northern modern Banach. Or was it Kant?

      1. the beatings will stop when morale improves

        ok, i admit (how many admissions before the morale improves) that it is a lousy song but the title fits the occasion.
        the more you all jump up and down yelling and waving reindeer thighbones, the more you drown miss ellie’s authentic voice.
        like i said any number of times: however stupid this crowd here is, however deep your purse is, they are bright enough to realize that never the twain shall meet, so leave the tales of riches out and by extension your illustrious forbears, not to mention the decidedly non-lustrous ones (i would prefer bargain basement skeletons in my closet to rothschilds).
        if the swollen purse is hurting, ease the pain by making a donation or two or three to sites that are in dire need of sharing, lasha clearly wants to maintain her wow of poverty, so respect it.
        and like i said an even greater number of times, you got a synergy of talents valuable to the site, no one has ever denied that.
        stick with one handle and if your cheerleaders want to do you a favor, let them tone down the hallelujahs before it gets embarrassing and to someone so highborn, tasteless.

        consider that no two readers and commenters have ever laid eyes on one another, the anonymity is complete, any popular sentiment is therefore self inflicted through one’s posts – do you understand this simple logic?
        not that popular sentiment ought to be your goal …
        so for what’s it worth, take it from a canadian minor leaguer.


    Too right Sven, too right. If Toby, or Lasha for that matter, only once looked back at their articles in 2011, 2012, and even as late as 2013, they will see how rich their comments section was. Look at it now! A miserable ping-pong trickle between a septuagenarian half-dead Pat and a drag queen cum fraud David Greene. My last post here was back in June 2014 I believe, when I said something on Lasha’s article ” They are not like us.” Since then I haven’t bothered to come back, except when John Kaminski, JB Campbell, Lasha Darkmoon and yes, the universally hated Ellie K makes an appearance. You forgot to tell Toby that even if your name so much as starts with an E, you become, whether you like it or not, an Ellie K impostor, or, of course, if you say a bad word about these two secret homosexuals. And yet, just ask these two morons what EXACTLY it is that ticks them off whenever Miss Ellie comes this way, and I bet my bottom dollar they wouldn’t be able to utter a single word. I won’t stoop so low as to say that it is jealousy, but it sure looks that way. No one here has been able to disprove anything about Ellie, and yet it seems no one knows more about her than they! Ellie K’s writing is not only superb, it is in a category of its own. It all boils down to jealousy, just pure, fricking jealousy. Ellie, listen to me and the International Lawyer: JUST GO! And no, I don’t believe she would badmouth Christ like that. Her venom is directed squarely against the Jews. So fucking dumb this crowd!!!

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