Putin: Let Him Be Judged By His Fruits

. . . by Ungenius

This is a comment by ‘Ungenius’ on the previous article, Putin As Rescuer: Will He Deliver Us From The Evil Empire. This excellent overview pretty much represents my own position. I ask ‘Ungenius’ to forgive me for any unauthorized editorial changes I have made to his comment, but these were made to clarify and reinforce his position.  (LD)


Putin should be judged by his fruits,
not by the Jewish media’s lies about him.

Is Putin a rescuer for the world? Of course not, but he is in the way of global tyranny by the Jewish money power.

It is obvious that the Jewish West wants the Russian leader  to be tempted into using military force in response to the US/NATO destabilization efforts in Ukraine and Syria. Putin has not taken the bait which indicates that the planned WWIII the Jews want so badly is not taking place.

The most logical reason Putin is not taking the bait is the Russian alliance with China.

China has been undermining the Jewish money power for the past 25 years or so, but the Chinese are not quite ready for the destruction of the Jewish money power system. Russia provides military resistance and distraction tactics to the Jewish money power while China finishes its planned monetary coup of the Jewish money power. Defeat of the global Jewish money power can be accomplished without massive bloodshed if China and Russia can show both strength and patience while pushing the Jewish money power into a position of powerless isolation.

One of the things that distracts and weakens the Jewish money power is the influence of religion, in particular the strong impact of Orthodox Christianity on the Russian people.  The Jews do not forgive, and they certainly do not forget. The pressure being applied to Russia stems from the fact  that Russia is the heart of Orthodox Christianity. This has been a major factor  in suppressing or curtailing  Jewish power during the Byzantine Empire for about 1200 years.

It is the Russian Orthodox Christian Church, not the Roman Catholic Church, that the Jews speak of in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.  This is the deadly enemy they seek to suppress.

The Russian Orthodox Christian Church remained organized as described in the New Testament and represents the strongest religious resistance to Jewish control.

Meanwhile, the Roman Catholic Church unfortunately strayed from that form of strict organization, resulting in the split in 1049 AD when the Pope became the supreme leader of the Western branch of Christianity, the Roman Catholic Church. This enabled international Jewry, thanks to the machinations of the Rothschild dynasty,  to assume control of the Vatican treasury in 1823.

The Jews have dreamed of killing off Christianity for 2000 years and eliminating the powerful influence of Jesus Christ on the minds of millions. The Jewish obsession with this goal of destroying Christianity, and the  traditional moral values which Christianity espouses, is their true weakness and distraction.

One simple way of knowing that Putin is a Russian Orthodox Christian is what he did when he visited Israel a few years ago. He visited Christian holy places. He did not visit the Wailing Wall like all the Jewish stooges do.

According to a person I know who spoke directly with Putin’s wife while they were visiting in the USA years ago, Putin considers his primary responsibility the same as that of the Czars: protection of the Russian Orthodox Christian Church.

Since China has been experiencing an extraordinary explosion of Christianity in the past 15-20 years, and since China has given Christianity a green light to expand — with much less government oversight than in the USA — this could be part of the reason that Putin has allied Russia with China.

Together, working in unison and pursuing a common goal, Russia and China could well bring international Jewry to its knees.

Be sure of one thing: Putin definitely stands in the way of the Jewish money power. The Jews regard Putin as their principal enemy and would love to see him dead.

167 thoughts to “Putin: Let Him Be Judged By His Fruits”

  1. Regardless whether Putin is part of the ‘big boys club’ or one of the good guys, the west will have their war with Russia as it will make many lots of money. It will also kill off a lot of the ‘surplus’ population.

    The jury has been out for quite some time with Putin. Is he a champion of Christianity or merely another in the long line of controlled opposition of the Jew and the goyim in their secret organisations?

    I suppose we’ll find out if there is a war and how he’s treated, that is if he goes down the same road of Hussein and Gadaffi. Then again they were both puppets as well, so I suppose we’ll never know.

  2. No church is too powerful to resist the lure of hundred dollar bills. Trillions printed by the Jew owned Federal Reserve will lure hypocritical Russian Orthodox leaders. Most will convert to Atheism and become full time pedophiles. There is no greater fantasy than having a suitcase full of Benjamin Franklins, Russia must fold because of that dream.

    1. @ Melvin Polatnik

      “There is no greater fantasy than having a suitcase full of Benjamin Franklins…”

      Your idea that no one can resist the temptation of money is a false assumption. The lure of money is irresistible only to those who attach excessive value to it, like the unscrupulous Tony Blair. My niece Lasha Darkmoon has consistently refused payment for any of her articles, even when offered such payment. She recently rejected a donation of $10,000 offered to this website by a person with an ulterior motive.

      Would you be “tempted” by the offer of more food in a restaurant if your stomach were already full to repletion? No, you would not. So it is with highly principled people like my niece who already have enough money and don’t need any more to make them happy.

      Meat tempts the lion but not the ox.

      1. “Lasha Darkmoon has consistently refused payment for any of her articles, even when offered such payment.”

        Any payment could easily be a ploy to expose Lasha and ruin her chances of being employed. Anyone who writes anonymously, especially about the tribe would be mad to ever accept any form of payment.

      2. You make an excellent points! Meat tempts the coward but not the fearless!

        There are way too many people, business people, who’s singular passion in life is making money and then making more more, and so forth and so on. These people are what I called the “third type of Jews”. And they are a very dangerous bunch.

        First type of Jews: Those who KNOW what Judaism is really all about and what it truly serves. The Rothschilds, Nut’n’Yakoos, etc. They are extremely deadly.

        Second type of Jews: The Sheeple Jews ranging from the leftists to the orthodox. They may or may not allow criticisms of Israel and the slaughter and genocide of the Palestinians. But when you call them out as “Jews”, they are vicious and unforgiving in their response to you. And they coordinate their vicious attacks upon you. They are very dangerous in this regard.

        Third type of Jews: Those Goyim (business people) who just LOVE money. Because they can be easily swayed by the Jews, this last group is extremely dangerous to the rest of the Goyim because they are not Jews but they do the biddings of the Jews.

      3. “Third type of Jews: Those Goyim (business people) who just LOVE money. Because they can be easily swayed by the Jews, this last group is extremely dangerous to the rest of the Goyim because they are not Jews but they do the biddings of the Jews.”

        Yes David, they’ll be the Shabbos Goy and sadly it includes pretty much a large portion of society, for most of society’s corporations are owned by Jews. My mother was a Shabbos goy and won’t hear a bad word about the Jews, oddly enough, as a devout Christian, has never heard of the Talmud nor entertains any discussion on Christ’s crucifixion and who was responsible. I know many Christians like that.

    2. No church SHABBO GOY is too powerful to resist the lure of hundred dollar bills.

      which is also a definition of a true gentile: cannot be bought off by jew geld.
      let the chips fall where they may.

      1. “a true gentile: cannot be bought off by Jew geld.”
        Most politicians and leaders of the world including those in the Middle-East have been bought off by money. Due to Jewish innate investment talents they will always back politicians that protect their interests. But it is misleading to imagine all bribes originate from Jewish pockets. There was a Greek philosopher called Diogenes who spent his life searching for an honest man and never found one. Hypocrites that call themselves honest should be placed in the lower regions of Hell. A short time in prison will teach that an honest person does not exist. All are influenced by the opportunity to buy or sell contraband, and will rat out one another for privileges.

      2. Polatnick,

        Are you a Zionist troll?

        Not a hostile question.

        Just asking for info.

  3. I agree let’s judge Putin by his fruits. So far, he has exhibited what the Afrikaners call “kragdadigheid”, (literally powerful deedness). Any fool can start a war or organise a coup d’etat, but to exhibit the patience and restraint evinced by Putin, requires strength, character and intelligence of the highest order. Putin and Xi of China are both professionals of the highest calibre. Look at the Mickey Mouse leadership of the West; Obama, a posturing popinjay. Merkel, Hollande and Cameron political pococurantes at the lowest level of mediocrity. They don’t even pretend to have an independent foreign policy anymore. I believe the reason for this crisis is that the Jewish leadership of the West fears a financial collapse and hopes to distract their ovine and cowardly populace by manufacturing another war. However once the “dogs of war” have been let slip they have a nasty habit of slipping
    beyond the control of their Judaic masters and could end up destroying most of the Northern Hemisphere.
    I hope I am wrong.

  4. It is rare, but leaders have converted to better ways (truer Christianity) whilst in office. JFK was one such leader. Putin may be too, and realizing the danger protects himself.

    1. JFK was the last real President of the USA and her last true Leader of the USA.

      Putin is the last true Leader of our planet of this pre-WW3 period.

  5. The fruit is rotting.

    The ‘Truth-Teller’ Putin never mentions 4,000 Russians killed or missing in Ukraine war in 2014. The total is much greater now. Ther bodies are hidden.

    See the photo, taken by a Ukrainian soldier. It is one of many pieces of evidence of Russian soldiers dying massively in Ukraine. The Facebook group’s name is a code word for sealed coffins that are used to carry bodies back home, which was set up in August by Russian volunteers to help relatives find men who could be fighting and dying in Ukraine.

    Eleva Vasilieva, a human rights activist and the group’s founder, says that the total number of deaths of Russian soldiers and mercenaries in Ukraine warfare could be about 4,000.

    “We don’t know the number of wounded and those who could be killed of wounds as this figure is hidden,” she said at a press briefing in Kyiv.

    “Under Ilovaisk on Aug. 25-27, when the Russian troops were deployed, we recorded the first thousand of Russian officers (killed) —- just in two days,” she added.


    “Killed for (President Vladimir) Putin’s lies,” the plate says.

    1. thanks for the right sector link, pat.

      feel free to search that entire site for mention of the dread word “jew” – good luck.

      but lots of respectful mentions of “president petro poroshenko”, eg, here, where president jew battles jew ahmetov, after having temporarily settled with jew kolomoisky.
      just don’t ever mention the word “jew”, taking potshots at putin is highly encouraged.

      like i said, a fantastic link, lots of true and useful facts, eg, a story about kiev becoming “new jerusalem”.

      especially knowing that the star writer, leonid bershidsky normally works for bloomberg.

      i think that if putin dropped his pretense and just went home, let right sector, the punisher goon battalions of rapists, arsonists and torturers paid for by kolomoisky do their rightful duty in donbass, the world would be a better place.
      and yeah, give them a free run at crimea, says f***lyingcossack.

      just so long as evil putin is out of the way, to ensure ukraine as envisioned by victoria nuland-noodleman remains paradise on earth.

      1. Don’t mention it, lobro. De nada.

        I am always glad to help point out Rothschild and Pharisee controlled leaders in Russia… Putin and his competitors… with your help.

      2. lobro, keep putting words in my mouth, then calling me a liar … it is consistent with all your other tactics

        if people cannot tell which one of us is honest, god have mercy on them after this world

    2. @ Pat

      The fruit is rotting. The ‘Truth-Teller’ Putin never mentions 4,000 Russians killed or missing in Ukraine war in 2014. The total is much greater now. Their bodies are hidden.

      The sources from which you derive your anti-Putin animus are the same sources that the neoconservative warmongers (mostly Jews) rely on to promote the demonization of Putin. 4000 Russians killed or missing, you say. Really? Who says? What proof do you have? Have you personally counted the bodies?

      Even if you were right and 4000 Russians were killed in Ukraine, so what? How does Putin become one of the bad guys by fighting in defense of his own country, Russia? Which is what he is doing by resisting the US plan to incorporate Ukraine into NATO.

      “Interestingly, at the same time Putin made the “break-up” of the Soviet Russia comment, he visited Poland to denounce and condemn the Communist massacre and crimes in the Katyn Forest at the beginning of World War II, as well as the horrid Soviet gulags.

      On more than one occasion, especially at the meetings of the international Valdai Discussion Forum in 2013 and 2014, he has harshly condemned in the strongest terms Communism and the atrocious crimes committed by Communists. In so doing, he made extensive reference to Russia’s Christian heritage — also criticizing same sex marriage, abortion, and homosexuality as being “opposed to the most sacred values of our traditions”.


      In attacking Communism and espousing Christian values, Putin has excited the anger and undying enmity of the Jews.

      So you, my dear Pat, in demonizing Putin, have aligned yourself WITH the Jews who also hate Putin!

      One can of course understand your hatred of Putin, given your peculiar psychology. You hate Christ too. And you hate Christian values, having displayed on numerous occasions in the past your hatred and contempt of Christianity.

      After all, It was YOU who denied that Christ even existed — that he was a historical fiction! — and in order to prove your point you gave a link to a Christ-hating website set up and run by Christ-hating Jews!

      I am beginning to wonder about you, Pat.

      Especially after your recent comment in which you told us you were a “lesbian” — and that you liked looking at naked women.

      1. Keep wondering Sard… and ‘guessing’ just like me and lobro…. it IS fun.

        You said:
        “In attacking Communism and espousing Christian values, Putin has excited the anger and undying enmity of the Jews.”

        Please give me a quote where Putin attacked communism.

        BTW – I thought it amusing and appalling at the same time, that Putin’s security for his family was so weak that his wife could have secret affairs with other men. So… he demonizes himself, since he let it happen.

        Guess again. Sip some tea.

      2. @ Pat

        “I believe I am a lesbian. I like naked women. But, my wife rules out all others.”

        — Says Pat on 2015/04/26 at 3:28 pm | In reply to Brownhawk.

        Yes, I’ll keep guessing! But green tea doesn’t help me to guess what sex you are. And what exactly you get up to with that “wife” of yours when you aren’t tapping away at your keyboard … that’s something I prefer not to guess about!

      3. @ Pat

        You say: “Please give me a quote where Putin attacked communism.”

        No problem. I will address your question extensively, but I shall do so on the understand that this comment is addressed to other people on this site I respect deeply, such as Lobro and Felix.

        Frankly, it would be wasted on you, as your answer to ever serious criticism is to suggest green tea and try to make out that life is just one big game in which everyone is constantly “guessing”.

        Here are Putin’s own words at the Valdai Forum in September 2013, in front of representatives from most European countries. If this is not an attack on Communism and what Communism stands for, I would be very much surprised. Only a fool would maintain that Putin is actually defending Communism in these lines:

        “Another serious challenge to Russia’s identity is linked to events taking place in the world. Here there are both foreign policy and moral aspects. We can see how many of the Euro-Atlantic countries are actually rejecting their historic roots, including the Christian values that constitute the very basis of Western civilisation. They are denying moral principles and all traditional identities: national, cultural, religious and even sexual. They are implementing policies that equate large families with same-sex partnerships, belief in God with the belief in Satan.

        The excesses of political correctness have reached the point where people are seriously talking about registering political parties whose aim is to promote paedophilia. People in many European countries are embarrassed or afraid to talk about their religious affiliations. Holidays are abolished or even called something different; their essence is hidden away, as is their moral foundation. And people are aggressively trying to export this model all over the world.

        I am convinced that this opens a direct path to degradation and primitivism…. Without the values embedded in Christianity, without the standards of morality that have taken shape over millennia, people will inevitably lose their human dignity. We consider it natural and right to defend these values.


        So there you have it, Pat. In defending Christian values, Putin is attacking Communism which regarded Christianity with undying hatred and which destroyed thousands of Christian churches and put thousands of priests and nuns to death with horrendous tortures.

        You too, Pat, have made it clear that you hate Christianity. So is it any wonder that you hate Putin also? Of course not!

        You align yourself with the Jews (a) in attacking Christianity at every opportunity and maintaining that Christ is a fictional figure and (b) by demonizing Putin for no other reason than that he is is against same sex marriage, rampant abortion, and homosexuality. 🙂

        Yes Pat, I can well understand why you tell us you are a “lesbian” and like “naked women”. You gave the game away there, didn’t you? You revealed yourself in your true colors!

      4. Sard –

        I figured you needed glasses and a better guessing mechanism…. all along.

        That reply was NOT to Brownkawk…but to Fr John..who said he was not sure if I were a woman.
        I told him I was a lesbian, since I like naked women. That still applies.

        I put ‘John’ in the greeting. You should have seen that.

        You should really have several cups of tea to better comprehend the comments here. You are slipping from your expertise… word expert.

        Nice try to demonize me.. 😉

        Deflection is fun… I like it…

        Post the quote from Putin where he attacked communism as you stated:
        “In attacking Communism and espousing Christian values, Putin has excited the anger and undying enmity of the Jews.”

      5. Sard –

        You make stuff up. Putin never even mentioned communism… much less attacked it.

        I still like naked women. Nice try on a deflection. 😉

        Giving me a Putin quote ATTACKING communism would go much farther for me than word-smithing for Putin.

      6. @ Pat

        “Sard – I figured you needed glasses and a better guessing mechanism…. all along. That reply was NOT to Brownkawk…but to Fr John..who said he was not sure if I were a woman.”

        It’s you who need glasses, my friend. I didn’t say that your reply was to Brownhawk. I didn’t even mention Brownhawk’s name. The COMPUTER said that, not ME!

        You see … to get to the comment, you had to click on the “Reply” button to one of Brownhawk’s comments. So I am well aware that your comment was addressed to Fr John, not to Brownhawk.

        As for “demonizing” you, relax! You have an inflated idea of your own importance, dear Pat. One only demonizes great men like Putin. One doesn’t demonize small-minded rascals whose only talk is of green tea and guesses!

        I have already posted the quote from Putin that you request, but I have made it clear that the comment is addressed to your intellectual superiors on this site, in particular to Lobro and Felix.

        My comment is also addressed to the inimitable ‘Ungenius’ who certainly knows what he is talking about. Thank God we have such intelligent posters like Lobro, Felix and Ungenius on this site.

        However, lest you think I am being unfair to you, I want you to know that you were the only poster on this site who was astute enough to figure out that Ellie K was a fraud. And you did that before anyone else did. So you have your redeeming features!

        Yes, and I’ve also figured out that you are not really a “lesbian”. Though if you had been, it would have made you more interesting! I’ve got nothing against lesbians, unless they look like Gertrude Stein and her partner Alice B. Toklas. 🙂


      7. Of course PAT-sy is a lesbian dyke! I’ve been saying this for over a year; as I have drawn her profile! Of course this man-hater would hate Putin, as she does all men!

    3. Pat

      I don’t know what kind of political games you used to play, but mine were on the small town level – kid stuff really, meaning I actually had fun with it

      But what Putin is in the middle of is major league hardball where the pitcher is throwin’ 100 mph fastballs at his head. How’s he gonna “empower regional and local authorities” when the whole place is hot as a pistol with powder kegs all over the place?

      In the Crimea he could bring an iron hand into the fray and set up a Protectorate. In Ukraine however, the hand would have to ball into a fist which would amount to nothing more than political suicide as things stand now – they could simply tell the assassination teams to go home.

      1. Dub-M –

        They didn’t come my way. I’ll keep watch for ’em…Dubby. But I am in bed long before midnight.
        The marchers won’t pay any attention to me, anyway.

        By your leave, sir.

  6. i just don’t get these putin haters who grasp at any straw in order to blacken him.
    toilets not flushing, wife’s infidelity, soviet hockey team lost to canada all stars in 1972, russian taiga no-see-ums worse than the ones in okefenokee swamp, the list goes on ad nauseam and ad monotoniam (not sure about my latin but you get the gist).

    never a word about what idf has been doing to ukraine since the days of us bankrolled maidan massacres, holodomor returning with full vengeance of jews upset that the first holodomor didn’t wipe out every last ukie.
    if putin steps away, the road is open and you all are cheering wildly for this scenario.
    so long as you don’t mention the jew, only putin, putin, putin.
    the brain dead right sector neanderthals who shame the word “national socialism” by association (yatseniuk, kolomoisky, rabinovich, taruta, friedman, akmatov, groisman, feltsev, all the jew owners and their femen monkey troupe are in full rofl mode).

    so come out and say it fair and square:

    say it and be done with suspense.

    of course, when next the nato tanks roll into russia, the same refrain will be repeated: it is all putin’s and russians fault.

    i just want you all to come out and state your preferred outcome plainly, none of this mush-mouth controlled opposition talk.

    i say very clearly, as i have been all along:
    i want russia to win, jews to lose.
    it almost seems like i am in minority here.

    1. Lobro,

      The main reason I’m at odds with Putin, is because he’s a politician. I have no love for them whatsoever (as you know), as people who gravitate to positions of power always tend to be psychopaths. Moreso, unlike in history, when a people went to battle, their leader led from the front. Putin, like all premieres will be well out of harm’s way, sacrificing nothing, when the bomb’s start falling. There is also no proof, yet, whether he isn’t a puppet of the international bankers.

    2. in reply to Lobro:
      Everyone has faults, no-one is a saint, probably not even those who were ordained, (or whatever the term is,) I can`t claim to know all there is to know, but I know what my gut feeling tells me, and my gut feeling tells me that there are “good guys”, and there are “bad guys”, and we all know who the bad guys are. The good guys are those who are on the bad guys “hit list”, ie. Putin/Russia, Iran, Assad/Syria, Nassrallah/Hezbollah, Hamas, Houthi/Yemen etc. and all the millions of “ordinary folks” worldwide, who are sick to death of constant war, exploitation, and corruption. Most days I have a feeling of sadness, on seeing all the mindless, needless, death, and destruction. Then there are days when I have a feeling that the good guys will prevail, against all the odds, as long as we all stand united..

      1. @Ingrid
        Way to go! You have broken the complexity programing that causes people to overlook the obvious and have come to a simple rational conclusion concerning who the good guys are.

        This in no way diminishes the importance of the gut feel, that area between the lower junction of the ribcage and the naval. It has been my too often experience in the past that ignoring the tenseness of the gut feeling always turns out badly. The gut feeling appears to be a communication from the all knowing spiritual world.

        The good guys always prevail even if they die being the good guys just like Jesus did. If that were not true, the jews would not be planning the elimination of most of the world’s population. Most of the world’s population would have been wiped out long ago by evil.

      2. So as not to be misunderstood (which I think happens a lot), I agree in principle with Ingrid as well

        It’s the whole “cause and effect” dynamic I think is in play here, whose realities I attempt to convey based on my best GUESS of the situation (that one’s for you, Pat 😉 )

      3. Ingrid, very clear conclusion.

        Putin is hugely popular with the Russian people, in the zion bankers controlled west the majority of the population hate their “democratic” leaders.

        Mister Putin is my hero.


    3. I wouldn’t say you’re in a minority, lobro, and pardon me if the next-to- last sentence of this particular missive reads a bit cryptic (it may not to you at any rate)

      Although their mastery over the chessboard can be exasperating, and it can be maddening to reference them, we should never lose sight of the protocols when seeing that it’s virtually impossible for actions taken by governments to occur inside a vacuum whose moves are not steered towards their orchestrated directions for the purpose of realizing a certain end.

      These actions would have to include the ANTICIPATED moves of the Chinese while the Russian military is poised on Fronts in their various arenas of expected activity. This represents where I differ with Ungenius when he writes how the Chinese are “undermining” jewish money power and not ready for the “destruction” of their system with a “planned monetary coup”.

      In my view, any thinking of “us vs. them” where “them” are the protocols themselves that “us” would be matching wits with in order to potentially thwart their agenda, needs to get their minds around the thought of that which would make a victory by World Jewry the ultimate “pyrrhic” one of short-lived status.

      The “end” will render justification of the means irrelevant when the whole damn board is upended.

      And I never really liked chess anyway

  7. @ lobro

    i want russia to win, jews to lose.
    it almost seems like i am in minority here.

    Maybe, but the minority is growing:

    “In the interests of world peace, it would be the best possible outcome if the US were decisively defeated in the coming war between East and West. For a world dominated by the United States is, in effect, a world dominated by international Jewry — a fate worse than death.”

    — Lasha Darkmoon


  8. says pat

    Sard –

    You make stuff up. Putin never even mentioned communism… much less attacked it.

    Giving me a Putin quote ATTACKING communism would go much farther for me than word-smithing for Putin.

    so here it goes: Putin accuses Bolsheviks of treason

    President Vladimir Putin has put the blame for Russia’s defeat in the First World War on Bolsheviks’ policy that he called ‘national treason’.

    back to discussing non-flushing toilets at sochi winter olympics, much safer (ie, non-verifiable) topic.
    goes further in word-smithing against putin.

    1. Lobro –

      See, argument is good. We can learn much more about the ‘paper bear’ together.
      It allows Putin supporters to display articles proving he speaks out of both sides of his mouth. He employs Bolshevik double-speak typical of KGB trained agents. See notes (1) and (2) which I placed from the article.

      This is good…from same article you linked. It must be true…you used it:

      “President Putin traditionally opposes the Communist Party of the Russian Federation(1) – the heirs to the CPSU, but – at the same time – he has called the breakup of the Soviet Union ‘the biggest geopolitical disaster of the century.(2)”

      1. no, you lost it pat.
        “breakup of the soviet union” was a geopolitical tragedy of unprecedented proportions, owing to weakminded gorbachev’s miscalculation and has nothing to do with communist ideology which he opposes.
        ussr lost almost a third of its territory, kazakhstan, ukraine, belarus, baltic states, azerbaijan, uzbekistan, tajikistan, turkmenistan, georgia …
        what would you say if usa gave up hawaii, alaska, arizona, new mexico, texas, nevada, florida … and still nowhere near what russia gave up to brzezinski and his jew handlers.
        russia gave up a greater territory than the whole of the us of a, which is now parking airfields, radar installations and drone and missile bases all over it and encircling russia in jew’s grip.
        and if putin complains, this is your proof of his duplicitous intentions, ie, selling out to jew.

        jeez pat, i really do wonder whether you are trying to provoke me because you will absolutely look for any excuse to blacken putin.
        i mean, all stops out, “what, today is monday? see, proof that putin works for jew”.
        i know that nothing on earth will ever make you see publicly accept the obvious, again, i am pitching to the wider audience.

      2. Lobro –

        It’s easy. You are looking for any reason to support Putin. So, when anyone is critical of him…. you take it personally.

        I would comment the same whether I ever heard of you or not. I was against Russia as a bought and paid for enemy… long before I ever came here. Russia is run by Pharisee bankers from London. Your inability to own that is NOT my problem.

        I handed out Sutton’s books buy the dozens when they came out decades ago. Russia was built mainly by Lend-Lease all through the 20th century.

        See the list:

        You are sold. I speak to a broader audience.

      3. @Pat
        Your many references alluding to “having fun” are very telling. You sound like a teenager with their first computer. You stand out on a serious website where many complex issues are discussed. I suppose a paid poster would also be “having fun” however.

      4. Dubya –
        You are so funny.
        I am whatever you guess I am. Just the case with all posters here.
        So…I am a teenager. This is my first computer. I am having fun.

        Pretty easy…huh??

        Now…back to the subject.

        Putin didn’t have any KGB trained spies good enough to know who was having an affair with his wife….. But the world should fear the ‘paper bear’ because of the great systems there. ‘Man From Uncle’ needed there.

        Thanks for the platform… Dubya.

    1. @ lobro

      I’ve just done a thorough check in Spam for your comment, but there’s no comment from you in spam. I put your name in the “Search comments” box and it yielded nothing except for FOUR comments by TheRealOriginalJoe … all referring to you!

      There are only a few comments in spam right now, as I had a massive cleanout of spam yesterday, so if your comment had been in spam I would have had no problem finding it.

      FYI, most of the comments in spam today are from Joe and the New Zealand troll. They don’t give up that easily! 🙂

      1. ON TheRealOriginalJoe, TROLL EXTRAORDINAIRE:

        This is just to give you an idea of one typical troll: the Real Original Joe. He is by far the most prolific poster on this site. Even though ALL his comments are ending up in spam, he keeps on posting like crazy, unable to stop. He could keep writing all day.

        The following comments by The RealOriginalJoe, which I have saved for posterity, will give you a peek into the mind of a total maniac! All these comments were made TODAY, and there are more than this, but I couldn’t be bothered copypasting them all. Earliest comments first.

        BTW, there were far more vicious comments by Joe posted yesterday, some of a bizarre sexual nature which had me rolling my eyes in horror, but I had a massive clearance of spam late last night before I went to be — so the most offensive comments have been deleted.

        Submitted on 2015/04/27 at 10:33 am |

        @ little lobro slithering around the dark moon office

        They already have their white lists and their black lists and they’ve had their lists since day one — but you already know that because you, tu, work out of Darkmoon administration’s office. I don’t know who you think you’re kidding jew face.
        Your arab jew friend “fr. john” slithered out from under a rock yesterday and payed you a visit. How cozy and tight are all the members of dark jew lasha’s acting troupe. Are U an arab jew tu, or just a run of the mill ashkenazi sheenie with curlie q’s hanging down both sides of your janus face? What are those curlie q’s called anyway? I forgot.


        Submitted on 2015/04/27 at 10:58 am |

        jew cunt lucy in the sky has got everything under control except for that other jew cunt who works in the cubicle next to jew cunt lucy’s cubicle, the hefty heifer jew cow “Cindy”. [ alias red skin injun “DAR” “tian” squaw, madhebess jew cow “messiah”. She’s mad alright and on the warpath! LOL LOL LOL
        Your DM is such a fuckin’ hoot, I don’t have the words! LOL LOL LOL…….


        Submitted on 2015/04/27 at 11:10 am |

        I hope Gilbert comes around today for a visit and stays a spell. Sick and tired of these goddamned foreigners here.WE WANT GILBERT!! WE WANT GILBERT!!! WE WANT GILBERT!!!!

        A “Southern” perspective on things is always the most fun perspective, don’t U think? Get rid of the chink and bring back Gilbert!


        Submitted on 2015/04/27 at 11:21 am |

        lucy’s got everything under control, this is true. Still, I much prefer the way your buddy-buddy Alex Jones controls things. When I’m in debate with the mega habiru “fr john” and as usual I start winning the debate, your buddy buddy Jones simply deletes the whole commentary thread completely! Deletes everyone period! No fuss, no mess, no fooling. No neurotic hysterics.

        Poor ‘fr. john” lost a debate to mere me and the debate was about his wife no less : Mega habiru lost a debate about his wife “the red jew cow ‘messiah’” madjewess/shelley rubin. I bet she was fit to be tied when she realized I won the debate –> her lovey dovey 100% jew boy hubby couldn’t defend her the way a real man ought to, LOL LOL LOL…..

        I much prefer the way your buddy-buddy Alex handles matters, LOL LOL LOL……


        Submitted on 2015/04/27 at 11:27 am |

        In agitated anticipation that we Lerv so much, we look forward to all the upcoming bullshit du jour DM will be soon dishing out on this fine day in the morning. GO lobro GO! GO lobro GO! GO lobro GO!


        Submitted on 2015/04/27 at 11:48 am |

        OH MY GAWD!!! The fabrication of anti-semitic remarks by jews! OMG!!! What the fuck are we going tu du???!!! This changes the whole dynamics of our alternative media!!! WHAT THE FUCK ARE WE GOING TO DO!!!!
        Submitted on 2015/04/27 at 12:00 pm | In reply tomelvin polatnick.

        Everyone has taken their seats now, the lights are lowered, there’s a hush from the audience…..AND the blue plastic shower stage curtain opens for today’s Darkmoon performance! Bring It On!

        Break A Leg Today!!


        Submitted on 2015/04/27 at 12:20 pm |

        Look, I LERV Lasha as much as anyone else. If I didn’t LERV her I would tell my readers the TRUTH that DM is a jew JDL website, but I NEVER tell my readers THE TRUTH about the JDL “alternative” media, so cut me some slack already. I’m real sick and tired of everyone gong ape shit over “ex” Jew nappy natty while putting me down for being an “ex” Jew. Fuck, I’m as “ex” Jew as any other jew around here, so give me a break already.
        Maybe, just fuckin’ maybe, maybe for all that I do for everyone, Lasha will stop playing fuckin’ peek a boo games with me from behind her shower curtain and finally let me in her shower so I can eat some pussy already. I’m not as mealy mouthed as many say. Just open up that shower curtain and let me into Lasha’s shower and I’ll show her the power of my Manly Man Mouth. Nothing mealy mouthed about it.


        Submitted on 2015/04/27 at 2:05 pm

        To Max

        It would behoove you to read — between servicing your shelias with your mighty 10 inches of tasmanian devil meat of course — read David Livingstone’s :
        “Black Terror, White Soldiers, Islam, Fascism, and the New Age”

        [ I recommend MachtNichts read it too, between servicing his red skin injun squaws in his teepee with his Big Chief On The WarPath hunk of baloney ].


        Submitted on 2015/04/27 at 2:24 pm

        Hey Max! Guess what? Hitler had moslems and Hitler had black africans in his Third Reich. The info is real easy to find. Even Denise at TheWhiteTeaRoom had an article about blacks and moslems in Hitler’s Third Reich Germany. Get yourself Updated dude!
        I don’t care if anyone likes Hitler or doesn’t like Hitler or who is not sure, the point is : Hitler was NOT as opposed to immigration and to multiculturalism as so many say, as Max says. He just wasn’t. That’s an historical fact. Don’t like that historical fact, go tell it to Hitler in your next reincarnation. I have nothing to do with it. I wasn’t around at the time of Third Reich. Not in Germany, not anywhere period.


        Submitted on 2015/04/27 at 2:34 pm | In reply to Toby.

        Then I guess maybe lasha is an ox, cause she sure ain’t jumpin’ on my meat, and that ain’t no maybe.


        Submitted on 2015/04/27 at 2:51 pm | In reply to skip9.

        Gee, and all this time I thought Fr. John cleaned out Darkmoon of all the assholes yesterday. Turns out, he didn’t get rid of even one dark moon asshole. All the dark moon assholes are still here, each and every one of ’em.

        Submitted on 2015/04/27 at 3:12 pm

        I really do hope polRATnick hangs around and continues to opine, I really du. Finally, Finally, I get to see the MAIN snake head — the MAIN SNAKE HEAD ATTACHED TO THE SNAKE TRUNK, the snake head most securely attached to the snake trunk, the original snake head the snake was born with, before it grew tangential snake heads as it “matured” into an “adult” hydra snake, before becoming a fully grown hydra-head slithering snake — The REAL ORIGINAL & FIRST AND MAIN SNAKE HEAD on the snake trunk of the arab jew hydra headed Algerian Chechar province arab jew “Fr. John”. It’s Finally Finally showing its’ MAIN HEAD. I was getting so bored of the hydra heads, it’s a fun change of pace to deal with THE REAL THING! This is a new development, though, so it’s going to take me awhile to process the change, lol.

        Submitted on 2015/04/27 at 3:13 pm
        deliver us from evil, lobro, amen. thatta boy!

        Submitted on 2015/04/27 at 4:33 pm |

        I hope lasha-lucy included at least a few lines in today’s script for “Cindy”. For a newbie darkmooner, a newbie without any experience, she sure did put on an excellent performance yesterday for her dark moon debut, as excellent a performance as any professional long time darkmooner can du. Remarkable!


        Well no wonder Pat has issues with Lasha. I mean lesbians don’t have any patience for fey “peek a boo” bullshit baloney games. Not even “peek a boo” games from feminine dykes. It’s just not a thing any lesbians are into. Pretty much only 13 year old masturbatory boys get all worked up over “peek a boo”.

        Submitted on 2015/04/27 at 5:19 pm

        Instead of ALWAYS apologizing to the authors of feature DM articles for her editorial changes AFTER the fact she edits their work, why doesn’t Lasha simply ask the authors if it’s okay if she edits their work BEFORE she actually puts their work up as feature DM articles? Seems to me if she was REALLY “sorry” about her editing she would ask the authors before hand if it’s okay by them if she edits their work. Get their permission first to see if they want their work edited —> if Lasha was REALLY “sorry” about editing BEFORE getting permission from the authors. But asking before hand if it’s okay if she edits their work : that’s TOO straight-forward, TOO honorable, requires TOO much integrity, TOO much trouble for Lasha I suppose to do the honorable upright thing, fuckin’ putrid jew cunt she is.


        Submitted on 2015/04/27 at 6:16 pm | In reply to lobro.

        The ADL and the SPLC and the JDL AND the NSA can’t figure out where Lasha is or her real name or anything about her, LOL LOL LOL !!! Only if Lasha accepts dough from someone will the ADL the SPLC the JDL and the NSA finally know who Lasha is — This Place Is A Fuckin’ Hoot!!!


        Submitted on 2015/04/27 at 6:39 pm

        lobro has The Correct View [ finally, it took long enough]. Well, lobro has the correct view as long as lobro stops short of advocating the Nuking of The United States of America [ like the jew lasha is drooling for]. Or at least, lobro, try to refrain from advocating the Nuking of Florida at least. Dubby is from Florida. We know that’s true because he just recently came out of the closet and declared himself a Seminole. Wouldn’t want to Nuke him and his relatives in the Everglades and the Okefenokee AND we certainly wouldn’t want to NUKE his family’s injun gaming casinos.


        Submitted on 2015/04/27 at 9:13 pm | In reply to Lucy Skipping (monitor).

        Now that you cleaned out your Spam folder, go clean out your Polatnick’s asshole and get rid of Fr. John. Remember now : we don’t care for those who are anal retentive. Heck, I mean DM comes complete with a shower and even a purdy blue plastic shower curtain so you jackasses can wash out your assholes without splashing water over everything.

      2. Lucy, you have my deepest sympathy having to wade through that psychic lavatory of diseased prose from a truly malevolent and disturbed mind.

  9. It’s really pretty simple.

    If the Jewish Presstitute Media is against Putin, i.e., smearing him as the next Hitler, then you know that Putin is doing the right things!

    1. The Jewish media spent eight years smearing George W. Bush and has not stopped mocking Sarah Palin. Does that mean Bush and Palin were doing the right things? No.

      When the media smears controlled opposition like Putin as the “next Hitler,” they do it to confound naïve goyim and to ensure that his or her predecessor will be more liberal.

      Don’t put your faith in Putin. He’s surrounded by Jewish billionaires, he stinks of matzo soup and latkes. When a true leader arrives we’ll know it, just as the world knew it in 1932.

      1. You must be joking! Or smoking something bad!

        The Presstitute Lamestream Media in the USA smearing Bush Jr.!!! Fox News? Talk radio?

        Sarah Palin is a certified idiot: I can see Russia from my bathroom window!!!

        I put my faith in Putin!!! Because he is just about all there is between us and the Devil of WW3.

      2. FoxNews and talk radio are controlled opposition and they have dwindling influence in America. When it comes to the political situation, the Jews need to allow for some controlled dissent in the form of patriotards and Tea Party numbskulls, otherwise too many people would realize that something’s wrong. The difference between the DNC and GOP is mostly illusory.

    2. Lucy
      Joe uses several aliases such as Salvatore, WhitesnakeHunter, Guiseppe Bo Beppe and others. He used to show up at my place using these. He now sticks to Salvatore. They all came from the same email address and the IP appears to be on the Berkeley campus near the library.

      1. @ Dublinmick

        Joe uses many monikers, that’s true. I’ve lost count of them. He uses the same email address as you say; and, until recently, the same IP number. But this all changed last week. He has suddenly started using a new IP number with every new post he makes.

        We regard this as the hallmark of a professional troll: variable IP numbers to make the monitor’s task more difficult.

  10. To Madame Butterfly
    No I am not a Zionist troll and do not have any Israeli contacts. But I am basically a cynic and non-believer. I do not think that Jews are more evil than others but are smarter. The power and money accumulated by most Ashkenazim are due to an innate investment talent. The other reasons for their success are just theory or based on jealousy. I realize your website is anti-Jewish which makes me unwelcome.

    1. If Jews are smarter why did all the great achievements in the arts and sciences throughout history come from Indo-European civilization?

      1. I know why. Because they all, once upon a time (downhill all the way) really were Vedic Aryans and as everyone knows, the word Aryan is synonymous with civilized and the word Vedic synonymous with civilization.

      2. “If Jews are smarter why did all the great achievements in the arts and sciences throughout history come from Indo-European civilization? ”
        Todays Jewish investors do not claim that they created ancient civilizations, but it is true that millions of smart American Jewish investors in the last 50 years have became extremely wealthy. This achievement was made possible by a good economy plus their innate talents. It is wrong to badmouth the Ashkenazim community by saying that they stole money or earned it by lies. Give them the credit they deserve instead of giving license to jealousy.

    2. @ Melvin Polatnik

      I realize your website is anti-Jewish which makes me unwelcome.

      The site may be “anti-Jewish” in a narrow sense but there is a remarkable lack of censorship here and your comments will always be welcome provided they are intellectually defensible. It’s hard to get yourself permanently banned from this strange site unless you’re really stupid, nasty and plain crazy.

      Darkmoon has always made it clear that she has nothing against nice Jews. She has actually written an entire article in defense of the Old Testament. This made her deeply unpopular with many of her old friends here who accused her of being a crypto-Jew. But she isn’t. She really is a Roman Catholic Christian of the old school.


      I myself have already been banned twice, and yet they have allowed me to creep back in! How long it will last before I am booted off again I don’t know. Guess I’ve got to behave myself! 🙂

    3. @ Melvin Polatnick

      “…I realize your website is anti-Jewish which makes me unwelcome…”

      1) That sounds suspiciously like an implicit admission that you are Jewish.

      2) You praise the Ashkenazi “talent” to make money and you denounce Gentile resentment to Jews as “jealousy, which is a typical Jewish reaction.*)

      3) Your name occurs on the list of Jewish names on the Consolidated List of Jewish Surnames Avotaynu.

      Conclusion : JEW.

      *) What Jews are incapable of understanding is that Gentiles don’t hate them because of some moral defect in themselves (such as “jealousy”) but because Jews HARM them.
      If an intelligent pickpocket steals my wallet I hate him not because I’m jealous of his intelligence but because he has HARMED me. But you Jews cannot understand this simple truth. For you harming Gentiles not only is allowed, it is actively encouraged and even considered a virtue. You have inverted morals. That is the cause of all “anti-Semitism”.

    4. you are not unwelcome afaiac.
      in fact, although i had to reboot my basic probability theory, it serves to shake the cobwebs and more importantly, to establish the fallacy of your argument.

      let’s assume for the purpose of this exercise that the jews’ average iq is indeed 117 – i have seen other stats and don’t care to pursue it at this time.
      that means that half of the jews are on the high side of it, ie, their iq=117 or >117.
      there are 15 million of them, that is to say, 7.5 million are the “bright jews”, the ones responsible for running the world on their terms, justifiably on meritocratic basis as you say, which is equivalent to saying that goyim don’t qualify because they cannot field sufficient numbers of “bright goyim” to compete.

      but, consider the following.
      the average goy iq=100, with standard deviation of 15 (roughly saying as per a basic theorem due to kolmogorov that 2/3 of them fall into 85-115 range, which is again saying that due to symmetry of the “bell curve”, half of those are 100-115, about 2 billion goys).
      now, the cumulative distribution function for the goyim (ie, adjusted for mean=100 and std=15) says that 87% of them have iq<117, equivalent to saying that

      hello! that’s 900 million goyim who are perfectly able to compete with the bright half of the jews 7 million, in other words,
      jew “geniuses” are outnumbered by a factor of 100.

      therefore, to follow your premise, goyim should occupy 99 out of 100 top positions in each of the following fields: commerce, finance, media, politics (esp. advisers, lobbyists, think tank talking heads), judiciary, academe, medicine and so on.

      a persistent bias indicates a tremendous amount of criminal activity.

      so deal with that, mr devil’s advocate of the synagogue of satan.

  11. That is an excellent article and I have been saying many of those things for a long time.

    In fact it appears that Sweden now sees a chance for restoring their lost empire which Peter the Great throttled. They are playing the lead dog along with Finland, Norway and Denmark.

    Poland has been very surprising in all of this. I could never have imagined Polish pilots volunteering for bombing runs over the Ukraine up until recently. Poland also has an eye on their former imperial territories which comprise east Ukraine and Belarus. Their age old sidekicks of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia seem ready to join the fray. Lithuania has now almost been turned into a police state.

    Incidentally these are the same players that Ivan the Terrible met on the battle field. The Boyars at that time held large land holdings in Russia (most were related to the queen) and constantly sought to undermine Ivan the Terrible. He finally striped them of their land and turned it over to oprichnina, a sort of intelligence unit of those who were loyal to Russia. Of course this meant war.

    Ivan fought the Mongol Golden Hordes on one front and Poland, the Baltics on the other along with the Scandinavian countries. Ivan conquered lands in all directions and consolidated it into what we know as Russia. There would be a much smaller Russia today without him or perhaps no Russia.

    Spies of the crown were brought into the main square, placed on a keg of dynamite and blown into a red mist in front of the locals. In the book Ivan the Terrible by Henri Troyat, it is said Jews in Lithuania were agitating for war. Ivan invaded, took them out into the street and told them to convert to orthodoxy or die.

    Ivan also had his inhouse astrologer and psychic who predicted the day of his death. It was rolling around to four o’clock and Ivan said it looks like you may not be right for a change. The psychic said we have 8 hours left, sure enough Ivan died.

    Rome sent many emissaries to Ivan hoping for consolidation. Ivan told them to go back and tell the pope that he was the representative of Christ on earth! No small ego here.

    Now unfortunately it looks as if history has come full circle except this time the players have nuclear weapons. Putin just as Ivan is circling the wagons bringing in those who are loyal to him within his inner circle.

    As a side note, the German psychic Erlemeir (I believe that is the way it is spelled) predicts a Russian invasion of Europe and they are said to be using a strange beam type weapon. We have heard stories of the Magrav beam already which disables ships by frying their electronics. Iran is said to possess it also.

    At any rate I think I will mirror this one on my blog if you don’t mind when I get a chance.

    1. There is a reason why there are so many Polish jokes!

      The Poles are ALWAYS on the wrong side of everything including history and wars. Whatever position the Poles espouse, you can be sure that the opposite is the truth or the real deal!

    2. for once, i agree with dublinmick and also with david chu’s dismal view of pollacks.
      after i got my family started, we moved to pollack part of town and they really are their own caricatures and even accept it, at least the semi-normal ones.

      then there is this “old, pollack aristocracy”, kissing hands and hanging out in greasy patisseries on sundays after church who wouldn’t give you the time of day unless you have the order of st. wenceslas ribbon, wide, bright and shiny strapped across your torso.
      brzezinski types i guess.
      pope john paul the pollack was a rothschild agent, of that i am pretty sure, tho i am a nominal catholic.
      the 1st non-italian pope in what, 500 years and what does he do? breaks up russia, invites the congenitally contaminated rabbis to slobber in st peter’s basilica and lecture everyone on need for more shoah reparations.
      what’s not to like for jew that pushed him into position.

      and therealcrazyjoe is not a troll, the pros don’t come unglued like that.

      a headcase off his meds, that’s all.

      if it’s not the thorazine shuffle, it’s hair on fire, so guess which one it is today.
      have some compassion for the guy, which doesn’t mean you must give him all the print acreage he demands.

  12. I admit I laughed! It reminded me of an old friend I worked with before I retired from the Border patrol who was Polish (He was married to a Ukrainian woman also-good looking also I might add). We called him Bullet Bob! He was stationed in Germany while in the army. He used to say I have never met a German I didn’t feel a scuffle would not have resulted in a one punch knockout.

  13. As for Putin assisting east Ukraine, it would be mighty hard to believe he is not. How could Russia pass up the chance to kill in self defense and for practice the many fascists and especially the uber-demons such as azov? Also, those Lorentz missiles, rpg-29, Smersh, etc., etc., don’t grow on trees. Special forces are always at work honing their skills. How many have been killed is hard to know. Myself, I don,t believe it’s thousands or even hundreds. These are my guesses based on logic, common sense and unknowns, both known and unknown.

  14. Crazy Joe
    I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a Seminole, although my grandmother had a smidgeon of Cherokee, those who broke off and formed a guerrilla army in Florida. I myself have blue eyes and blonde hair and don’t own any casinos. Stories handed down indicate there was a direct line to Osceola, her family however was considered too white to be marched off in the trail of tears to Oklahoma. Osceola made the mistake of coming in under a white flag for peace talks. They cut his head off in the St. Augustine Fort.

    Now my cousin Wild Bill who runs the Doc Holliday museum in Georgia (Doc Holliday is our cousin) had a great grandfather, Mathias Goodman who was full blood Cherokee. He lost the Creek Wars. The Hollidays had around 18,000 acres at one time stolen from the Creeks. My side of the family had several thousand acres also. The old plantation is still there although sold to somebody else. It is three stories and has three ponds on it.

  15. Dear Ungenius:
    I like your article and it is good, but you forget somethings. Yes Russia’s new found religion is important, but it will be subordinated to the false religion of the Pope and the Vatican. The Vatican, as a Rothschild Banksters (int’l jewry) entity is the greatest force in the One World Religion (Ecumenical movement) drive to destroy Jesus Christ centred spiritualism. For true religion in Jesus Christ is about a relationship, not about worship or more appropriately whoring/ idol worship. One day the false religion that will form from the Vatican One World Religion of hybrids of the main religions called Chrislam or Gaia worship or Marianology, is designed to destroy true Christianity. This includes the Orthodox religions and their patriarchs. Pope Francis is popular to the MSM and sheeple because he is like a Care Bear to his children and the world. However, remember the old sayings of “Beware of Strangers” or “Beware of greeks bearing gifts” , Trojan horse or the biblical, wolves in sheeps clothing. Putin is doing the right things so far because he is presented as the new Hitler. When world leaders and the MSM say that, you know he is on the right track. However, this is superficial, for just like in WW2 int’l jewry (Zionists), needed Stalin/Churchhill/Roosevelt vs. Hitler, to be able to create the Holocaust Hoax (Stalin’s job), Anti-semitism and the formation of state of Israel populated by fearful common jews led by Zionist terrorists and the near destruction of the German people. WW2 also setup the dialectic of the Cold war, eventhough the int’l jewry Communists wanted to conquer all of Europe. Thus Putin today is like controlled opposition to achieve many puppetmaster goals. Because of this controlled opposition, the outcomes that result will be more believable to the sheeple. This will be like the sheeple buying the rope they think will be used as a towrope, when actually will be used to hang them with. With Putin’s help against his opposition of Obama/USA, both are controlled by the same int’l jewry, what do the puppetmasters want. I suggest the following: removal of definitive nation states, elimination of paper currency in favour of electronic currency backed by gold/silver, depopulation of the earth, destruction of America into a North American Union, Europe’s reformation into a reformed EU, the Eurasian Economic Union of the Eurasian landmass, supremacy of corporations due to the TPP and TTIP (trans Pacific and trans Atlantic corporatocracies), the communism of corporations and the global elite owners/Rothschild Banksters, and finally the One World Economic/Political and Religious System. This will be led by Europe (Germany-Vatican) until it is transferred to Jerusalem, Israel. All these things will be allowed/accepted by the sheeple because there are many factions at play, but ultimately controlled by int’l jewry. Remember, if one force is presented to cause change, people will fight it, but if multiple players are presented to cause change people will accept it. This is Putin’s role, whether he bears good fruit or not. DO NOT be fouled. Ungenius, your article is too simplistic and should be done with the layers of the onion approach asking Cui Bono at each onion layer. Thus after each player, Obama/US/NATO vs. Putin/Russia/BRICS, makes a move, do the analysis and you may be surprised by the outcomes and the consequences. This method may be long and tedious, but it works. The only certainty is that global economic collapse is coming and WW3 will happen because of it. Just where WW3 will be is uncertain. My money is on Syria despite all the saber-rattling in Ukraine. Europe does not want war in its backyard and the illuminati Freemason Albert Pike predicted WW3 in the Middle East between Israeli Zionists and Muslims. None the less, thanks for your insights but you must look deeper. Thanks, Norbert.

    1. Once again, Norbert, I don’t have to say anything, as you have said it all! ….”YOU MUST LOOK DEEPER”!
      You have already realized my understanding that there are many narrow-minded, one-channelled posters on this site. As I keep reiterating, many of them are looking at the world with Jewish/brainwashed spectacles on their extruded noses. “Atlanticised as someone said!
      In other words, they are incapable of escaping their previous education/academic training under Jewish tutelage.
      Basically they are JEWIFIED Yankee doodles!
      I note above, that some posters are making good comments about matters relating to the top of the apex, JEWISH MONEY POWER. This is good. This is on the money!
      There is an alternative to the paradigm of the MAJOR CENTRAL BANK/COME WORLD RESERVE CURRENCY: The argument is that if the Jewish Fed falls, the Chinese/Russian CENTRAL BANKING SYSTEM will take over. Maybe BRICS etc will also be JEW-impregnated, seeing they can wheedle their way into any crack or orifice.
      But a man called C H Douglas and others, such as Australia’s Eric Butler, advocated the idea of Social Credit which entailed a return to small, customer-owned banks/or even small, private enterprise banks, not connected to huge Jew-run consortiums.
      Extending this paradigm, instead of vast central control (eg. out of Jerusalem or Beijing) of finance, why can’t each nation control its own money and barter with other nations for the exchange of mutually required goods? … Of course they could, but then it would be goodbye to the Jews’ and other megalomaniacs’ dreams of planetary control!
      The USA should become insular, Jew POWER-free and dependent on its own small banks and manufacturing. Australia has everything it needs to be totally self-sufficient and prosperous.
      But of course, the JEWS and their allied Goyim power-seekers want CHAOS, out of which it will emerge that they OWN it all!

    2. Norbert –

      I agree with most of your statements.

      I see electronic debt and chips as possible in 100 years or so. I do not see the possibility of it being backed by anything, especially gold, at $900,000 an ounce….or more, at today’s existing supply v total world GDP.

      The owners of the electronic system could say there was 100 pound s or a 100 Trillion tons of gold….. and no one would know.

      Backing a currency with gold would mean it would have to be available for shipment…which would lead to hoarding. Back to square one. Thin air.

    3. Norbert
      “religion in Jesus Christ is about a relationship, not about worship or more appropriately whoring/ idol worship”

      That is the segment of you brain washing that you are unable to overcome. The only relationship that Jesus spoke about was man’s connection to mother earth and the father in heaven, the eating of wholesome food and clean living. You are about as separated from the earth and life force as a human could be. You espouse a foreign ideology which has nothing in common with what Jesus advocated. He advocated a relationship with mother earth and the forces of the cosmos. (Indians call it prank, you know the life force in every breath) I f you don’t believe that try holding your breath and see how long you last. Ideology won’t do much for you). (some idiots refer to it as gaia worship). No need to respect the earth and the environment, yeah that is the ticket.

      The real words of the Essene Jesus. It is really more simple than we have been lead to believe. See you are not being given life by the words of a pope with a yarmulke, you obtain it by natural association with the planet you live on and the cosmos. That was the message not only Jesus Barabbas but most all belief systems world wide, including Buddhism, Hinduism, Native Americans, Celtic earth religion and so called paganism. Choose life fool.

      “Your Mother is in you, and you in her. She bore you she gives you life. it was she who gave to you your body, and to her shall you one day give it back again. Happy are you when you come to know her and her kingdom; if you receive your Mother’s angels and if you do her laws. I tell you truly, he who does these things shall never see disease. For the power of our Mother is above all. And it destroys Satan and his kingdom, and has rule over all your bodies and all living things.

      “The blood which runs in us is born of the blood of our Earthly Mother. Her blood falls from the clouds; leaps from the womb of the earth; babbles in the brooks of the mountains; flows wide in the rivers of the plains; sleeps in the lakes; rages mightily in tempestuous seas.

      “The air which we breathe is born of the breath of our Earthly Mother. Her breath is azure in the heights of t heavens; soughs in the tops of the mountains; whispers the leaves of the forest; billows over the cornfields; slumbers in the deep valleys, burns hot in the desert.

      “The hardness of our bones is born of the bones of our Earthly Mother, of the rocks and of the stones. They stand naked to the heavens on the tops of mountains; are as giants that lie sleeping on the sides of the mountains, as idols set in the desert, and are hidden in the deepness of the earth.

      “The tenderness of our flesh is born of the flesh of our Earthly Mother; whose flesh waxes yellow and red in the fruits of the trees, and nurtures us in the furrows of the fields.

      “Our bowels are born of the bowels of our Earthly Mother, and are hid from our eyes, like the invisible depths of the earth.

      “The light of our eyes, the hearing of our ears, both are born of the colors and the sounds of our Earthly Mother; which enclose us about, as the waves of the sea a fish, as the eddying air a bird.

      “I tell you in very truth, Man is the Son of the Earthly Mother, and from her did the Son of Man receive his whole body, even as the body of the newborn babe is born of the womb of his mother. I tell you truly, you are one with the Earthly Mother; she is in you, and you in her. Of her were you born, in her do you live, and to her shall you return again. Keep, therefore, her laws, for none can live long, neither be happy, but he who honors his Earthly Mother and does her laws. For your breath is her breath; your blood her blood; your bone her bone; your flesh her flesh; your bowels her bowels; your eyes and your ears are her eyes and her ears.

      1. That was supposed to be prana, not prank. It must be the merlot or the spelling corrector.

        Life is all about the two highest forms of energy in the universe, negative (female) and positive (male). When they are combined in tantrayana, well that is the life force. A pope in a circus hat cannot provide you with this. In fact I am on board with Jesus turning the water into wine. I have noted three things worthwhile in this lifetime, wine women and song. Notice wine is third on the list.

        In fact the recently dug up book of Thomas alludes to this. ” In order to see heaven, the two must become one.” Thine eye must be single (pineal gland). And back to Jesus, be wise as the serpent. How do we do that you may ask. Well we coil together and lay motionless. (Tantrayana)

    4. Interesting assessment of the sitchyation Tyron, er I mean Norbert.

      But what’s with your “suggesting” all those things you listed?

  16. Mme Butterfly, You state: “Darkmoon has always made it clear that she has nothing against nice Jews.”
    Here is a grand topic for a feature article; and I am dead serious! … I want to be more sympathetic to Jews, if there are really NICE ones, worth my respect! ….. Seriously! I am a nice, loving person!
    TOPIC = “On this planet there are NICE Jews.” …. Please Lasha address this topic! …. Tell us the truth!
    Of the estimated 20 million Jews, how do we distinguish between NICE Jews and BAD Jews? … I need to know! I think lobro badly needs to know! And Norbert!
    The BAD ones are obviously attached to the Jewish MONEY POWER; and are your quintessential Zionists participating in the genocide of the Palestinian people and causing “all the wars.”
    Who are the NICE/GOOD ones? …. Perhaps such as The True Torah Jews Against Zionism?
    But then you say Lasha Darkmoon is a “Roman Catholic Christian of the old school.”
    Then what did the Father of Christianity say about the Jews; all of whom REJECT Jesus Christ! …. In fact, to be a Jew you have to HATE Jesus and all he stands for! This is the basis of the New Testament, which details Jesus’ rejection of the Jewish way of DEATH! …. “I am the LIFE; they are the DEATH!” …. Deny that at your peril!
    In other words, these words have not dated or changed in meaning: (Read the warning at the end of the NT, Revelation 22:18, 19 about he/she who pretends to “take away from the words of the book.”)
    “In flaming fire take vengeance on those who know not God; and that do not obey the gospel of our Lord, Jesus Christ.” II Thessalonians I:8,9
    “No man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” John 14:6
    Are there NICE, Jesus-hating Jews?
    Remember, over 95% of the diaspora have indicated that they are pro-Israel; which in my opinion makes them Zionists, one way or another. And what are Zionists currently doing? …. Answer = GENOCIDES galore! … Collapsing the lovely green and blue planet, so that the Jewess, Bette Midler’s song “From a Distance” will mean nothing!

  17. @ Max & Pat
    The majority of your comment describes what Hitler did in 1933 – 1938 to circumvent jewish money power. This act by Hitler, credits and barter, since it was successful against jewish power, sealed his fate, and a war was concocted that made Poland and the Danzig scenario the cover story reason for WW2. Historical revisionists which are jewish power biased, never mention Hitler’s economic miracle as the real reason for the war. Every other excuse is used to explain the start of WW2. The reason of course is obvious, the hidden jewish money power must never be mentioned because then sheeple would know the reasons for most wars and WW2 in particular: War is a racket and benefits Banksters and also the Credits/Barter system circumvents jewish power usury and can not make $$$ for them. As for Pat, the technology is already here in RFID chips and electronic money (Bitcoin/ computer data entry) numbers on a screen that represent your wealth and value. The mark of the Beast – right hand and the forehead mark, scanned when you move, buy and sell. The Gold/Silver would be the physical manifestation of a countries wealth, power and control, but would not have to be traded or exchanged as now. Just remember the other golden rule: he who has the gold, makes the rules. In this light America has no power when you know that America has no gold: NY Fed and Fort Knox have no gold left. I recall the situation that Ukraine’s gold of 43 tonnes was raided last year, probably by the NY Fed, then recast to remove evidence of its source and then given to Germany or the Netherlands. The key in the gold machinations is the stamps on the gold. German gold would have the Reich stamp and German Reich eagle on it. Germany did complain that the gold it received did not have this German Reich eagle on it. Thus it was not Germany’s original gold. The MSM covered up this obvious fact. Another problem with gold is that people have received gold that has tungsten in it. So buyer beware. All this suggests that gold is becoming scarce and the only way to get it is to mine it in your own country. Thus China/Russia have the advantage over the west. This is one of the reasons why the West/America/FED/jewish money power purposely devalue gold, keep its price low below $1300 per ounce and value the US dollar high. Thus gold is made to be unattractive as an investment and keeps the US dollar value high in the ponzi scheme. The only problem with this is that everyone else in the world is in a race to the bottom, lower currency value to make a countries’ exports cheaper and very competitive globally. America now has no exports other than war, Hollywood, pornography and drugs. Everything else is a Service based commodity. Product based exports generate more $$ with more spinoffs compared to Services. Thus America has no real jobs, they all went offshore, mainly to China, since China produces the goods for America. America’s demise was sped up in 1913 with the Federal Reserve. Now Russia/China/BRICS are setup as the alternative, but the controllers are still the same. The controllers are inswitzerland with the BIS. The BIS is still just a Rothschild Zionist Nazi Jesuit Freemasonic Illuminati Talmudic Kaballistic Pharisaic Satanic Cult of the ultimate puppetmasters. And these people do not care about real jews, Muslims, Christians, nations, cultures, and sexes because they want to use, abuse and destroy them all for their own goals. For me Hitler was the answer and still is, and such a person is coming in the Antichrist, who will make all the other world dictators, whether real or created, look like choir boys. Of course, this dictator must first be seen as the world’s saviour. This last statement puts Putin’s role in world events today in perspective, for just like many see Obama as an Antichrist, perhaps Putin is one too. Just sayin’. Keep the truth coming. Great work here at Darkmoon! Thanks, Norbert.

    1. Thanks, Norbert –

      I am aware that RFID tech exists to help accomplish the control you mentioned. I have been following it for many years. You must know that unless the individuals agree to it, they will not allow the implants, or cut them out(or off) and either leave the regions or become hermits. Volunteering into the system is necessary….world-wide. That will take 100 years.

      Gold backing for e-currency is not necessary anymore. That ‘golden rule’ no longer applies as it one did. Ships do not sit idle on the seas due to lack of winds anymore, either. Things have changed.

      I know for a fact that nuclear technology exists to transmute lesser noble metals to precious noble metals. I have often thought that transmutation was one of the results, and maybe even a goal of the Manhattan Project.
      Look at the Periodic Table of Elements. You will see that Mercury will become isotopes of gold and platinum if excited by thermal neutron bombardment to release alpha particles. An alpha is a helium atom without electrons. Atomic weight of 4. (that makes alphas highly ionizing at +2)
      Joe Champion proved the transmutation process above decades ago, hands on.

      Precious metal have been found in the chimneys at mercury processing plants.
      Mercury is found in nature with gold and silver. Where there is one, there is another, so much so that the government has safety procedures and precautions for exposure to mercury in gold mines:
      “The Mine Safety and Health Administration has conducted a series of Technical Support assistance visits over the last five years to determine ways of controlling miners” exposures to mercury at gold and silver mining operations. This manual “Controlling Mercury Hazards in Gold Mining: A Best Practices Toolbox,” draws upon the experience gained in those visits. The objective of the manual is to limit miners” exposures to mercury by sharing information within the mining community on methods of controlling mercury.”

      There are things unknown to all of us. And the ‘knowers’ ain’t sayin’ nuttin’.

  18. Hi, the feature article above says something about JUDGING Putin.
    What does the Bible say about JUDGING others?
    Well, Jesus JUDGED when he scorned the Jews of the Temple; and practically called them everything bad under the sun!
    But what does Saint “Mother” Theresa say about JUDGING?
    She said: “If you judge people, you have no time to love them.”
    So let’s stop JUDGING the poor Jews and just heap LERV on them! …. As I say: “Cuddle a Jew today!” Donate to your local synagogue!
    The Pope wants universal PEACE and LERV! …. He said he loves Jews!
    Yeah, Hitler’s “Jew-f***ed up, void Earth, floating silently in an endless space” is REALLY PEACEFUL and very quiet! … Rabbi Manfred Davidmann: “There can never be defeat of the laws of the Torah; there can never be defeat of the kind of behaviour that is stated in the Torah. Defeat is unthinkable. In fact, the corruption that would result from defeat would be so utterly inhumane and monstrous, that it would be better to destroy the planet and Genesis states so very clearly!”
    PS: One for Lasha and her old time Catholicism: 2 encyclicals have been issued out of the Vatican in the last few years: 1. The Pope’s body is so scared that it must never be used for organ transplants; and 2. The “Jews did not kill Christ, It was the Romans and the Temple bureaucrats.”

    1. Quite right Max: I’ll leave you with Heinrich Heine:
      “We should forgive our enemies, but not before they are hanged.”

  19. Hello ESP,
    There seems to be some tensions between many fine posters on this forum about very trivial formulation issues and that saddens me.
    About Putin, I have many hopes in him because he is black belt in Judo. No this is wrong; I am not going to start my comment with sport since this is a serious website.
    I want to address the religious/spiritual/messianic aspect of globalism on a factual basis. I read this comment yesterday “The gist of almost all the comments here recognize the Jews as THE problem but then go from the sublime to the ridiculous. All this idiotic religion, that’s what got us where we are. Idiot Christians who refuse to see the Jews as the true enemy of the White race and at the end of the day, every race”. I used to feel almost the same way but I don’t anymore since I have realized that one of the most feared enemies of the Jewish Kabbalah is Christianity and I think spiritual religious comment are always welcome if relevant. One thing I am sure about the Jews is they hate Jesus and the civilizational model that was constituted in Europe after him. Globalism is Talmudic in essence and it is in total opposition with the universal Christian model and the fight between those two schools had many implications on politics and economics in the last twenty centuries. Christian tradition considers that life on earth is just a passage with the true goal being to reach heaven and that material goods are not a purpose although they shouldn’t be despised. It also established a clear distinction between spiritual and temporal powers which gave birth to the principle of intermediaries, spiritual with the clergy and temporal with Kings and nobility. I won’t address the holy trinity dogma as it is still very obscure to me, but the Jews dislike it since it ruins their precious monolatrism.
    On the other hand the Jews, who refused to recognize Jesus as their Messiah, are still waiting for their own who should give them a carnal and material glory but maybe he has already arrived with George the Goldsmith or Nathan Bauer and they have just forgotten to tell us. So the jews have developed their counter model for the synagogues to rise again, against the Church model which would soak Europe, preparing Earth for the arrival of their own Messiah. But in order to do that, they had to destroy every intermediary both temporal and spiritual. This is pretty much what happened since Néron and his Jewish wife to the European revolutions to the destruction of central empires and nations on the temporal side and with all the Judaized Christian heresies from Arius to the lustful Henry VIII to Calvin preaching at the Geneva stock market to the final blow Vatican II on the spiritual side. They have fully integrated Christianity to Judaism with the infiltration of their Golem Masonry in Vatican and with the Noahism which is the universal religion for the gentiles as Jewish people and their mosaic laws served of intermediary between the rest of us and their God. England and USA, as Protestant nations, have been the political/economical/military footboard to this messianic project by diffusing Noahide Laws which have been already implemented by congress in US since March 1991 and with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which is just a laicization of Talmudic Judaism principles prepared by the World Jewish Congress in Atlantic City.
    The spiritual/religious approach of globalism and the fight between the church and the synagogue is essential to understand what we are dealing with. Maybe the resistance to Talmudic Judaism NWO and their utopian global materialist expectations is first and foremost spiritual.
    What about Putin in all this? He seems to be a new intermediary of the old Christian civilizational model with the way he reorganized Russia as a nation under Christian Orthodoxy for the spiritual aspect being what the Jewish cognitive elites have tried so hard and succeeded to eradicate. He also called for the establishment of “an harmonious economic community form Lisboa to Vladivostock” which is pretty much the nightmare of AAJ elites. From where I stand, he is making all the right moves as a Judoka would do to ippon his obese opponent by avoiding radical confrontation. To add with, the MSM are making fools of them and boosting his popularity when they try to muddy him with his alleged oppression of Femen; of Russian gay community or with this poor hedge fund manager Bill Browder. Check out the wiki page of this one if you want a family case study in dialectics. So Putin is either an opponent to the Talmudic Globalist or he is the most gifted shabbo goy ever and deserves an Oscar in the dialectic category. But as I have stated before I don’t see no dialectics above this one.
    This was not a proselyte comment, that would be very dishonest of me as I am not a devoted Catholic. But again since the Jews collectively hate it, how bad for us can it be to look into it?
    Have a nice d/e.
    PS What about this Brian May Common decency campaign?

    1. @ Phil
      Great comment, but you miss one important fact. Putin is part of the machinations of the int’l jewry, because the Orthodox church he respresents and its patriarchs are in discussions with the Vatican/Roman Catholic Church (crypto-jew infiltrated from the time of Pharisees implanting false doctrine into the Church and Babylonian mysticism roots of Judaism and Catholicism) for a One World Church/religion in the Ecumenical movement. All the daughters of the great harlot (Roman Catholic false church) are now being brought together under one banner: the false Roman Catholic Church that removes Jesus Christ and supports the worship of Mary (Marianology). Pope Francis says more prayers to Mary and her sacred heart than to Jesus. That is a bad forboding sign. So if Putin is helping the false religion movement to achieve One World Religion under Pope Francis, why not in economic matters under the control of BIS through the BRICS. Whether it is the FED or BRICS, the One World Economic system is here and being refined and made more integral to affect every human’s life. The Mark of the Beast. So we know the great harlot is the Vatican/Roman catholic Church, but who is the beast? Several candidates come to mind identified as the beast: a Roman based power that is represented by todays European Union or some variation thereof led by Germany, the Eurasian Union led Russia (but who then is Gog and Magog, perhaps Turkey) or an international confederacy that represents the western powers (Anglo-American-European/NATO without Asian members) or finally Israel controlled by the Talmudic Kaballistic Pharisaic Satanists. My money is on German led EU or Pharisaic Israel as the Beast. For me the deciding factor is who controls the BIS in Switzerland. This tips the scales to a German led EU where int’l jewry destroys the Vatican and then moves the world’s HQ to Jerusalem, Israel. The home base of the final Antichrist before Jesus comes again. Int’l jewry want to make this a worldly battle, but Jesus knows it is a spiritual battle in the end. Putin, like everything else is but dust in the wind. Realize what the battle is about and you have won the battle against int’l jewry. Thanks, Norbert.

      1. Norbert,

        I know your point of view about Putin and I used to feel the same way especially with this Eurasian Economic Union. But Russia seems to want a multipolar world without any intent of hegemony like the AAJ elite by his alliance with Brazil or Iran. I don’t see it as a new continental bloc dialectic. Felix is right, the rest of the world might have a word to say and Putin seems to be very much aware of that. To me, Russia is trying to cure from the cancer of Globalism/Talmudim which reached his peak during Elstine and after 70 years of archaic state atheist capitalism/communism and which rised under the protective wings of both England and USA. And France now, since we have bombed Lybia for the good of BHL’s precious fanciful colony. Putin tries to re-root Russian people in their nation with the support of the Orthodox Christian faith of their ancestors, it is almost like is going backwards in history. But as the global Talmudic subversion has taken a long time it is a slow process and Putin doesn’t want to be seen as the one responsible for the economic/financial collapse and the triggering of hostilities. He needs the support of Russian, of European and of the rest of the world. I don’t blame him for not exposing the Lolocaust as it would be counterproductive and as I don’t do it at my own level. Maybe in an effort of international cooperation Iran/Malaysia has dedicated themselves to the task with the Teheran conference. Dieudonné made a great show about Mahmoud and this might be the CrazyBibi Iranian nuclear weapon right here. The Truth/Fairy Tale dialectic or the Spiritual/Material dialectic or the Nation/NWO dialectic or the Past/Future dialectic, call it whatever you want. But maybe you are right and Putin is playing the scenario Harry Caine’s style but since I heard he has a jewish mother that won’t surprise me. But maybe I have a jewish mother and I’m trying to convince the lot of you that he is not. You see Norbert, I like your brilliant synthetic comments on the Global luciferian master plan but there is a lot of fatality into them and this is what the MSM are watering us every day. Me, I don’t share your fatalism and I think nothing is set in stone especially the mythical Mosaic laws and their bastard Noahide s gentile version plus all that arises from them materially. But maybe there is a generational gap between us and cultural differences. By the way you are the only poster which nationality remains obscure to me; you might be French for all I know as you mentioned the fourth Reich.

        Last night I tried to show that the Catholic Roman church was not always a tool of the synagogue. It was meant to be the exact opposite as a matter of fact as the official doctrine about post Jesus Judaism was to consider it as Satanist. and it produced for centuries a fine model of civilization as cities in Europe are living proof of until the progressive spiritual decline of this model with the black plague, the Renaissance, the Borgias, the three popes, the Reform and final shot at Vatican II with the takeover of Cardinal Rampolla’s successor and the submission to the Judaic universal declaration of human rights. In the same time we have seen the opposite trajectory for the synagogue. And that is your legacy too my ethnocentric cousins from across the Atlantic even if your “blasphemous” mouths won’t always acknowledge it! I have noticed a rise in antagonism last two weeks due to religious, social and different national perspectives and that is not a good omen if you ask me. I won’t even mention the racist comment coming from nowhere as this is just social engineering in order to create vertical fight and more communitarianism. I see that black people are rioting in inner city Baltimore. They have just copied your ultra neo-liberal materialistic mentality and “your war of all against all” by selling the CIA delivered drugs and killing themselves with guns coming from nowhere while decent people are leaving inner cities and schools are going broke. But hey that is good for GDP and that produces good slaves for privately owned prisons like I have discovered on this website. As might be expected, the tribalist jews thrive in this Gaza like environment and since lawyers are very much needed it is even better for GDP/growth/waste. By the way the jews are so successful as a community because they have a collective conscience of themselves and they know the objective to reach even if it based on speculations and lies.

        Felix, that might sound as another atlanticist comment but as I regarded history I have realized that Europe and by extension America are the historical spaces of radical thinking and revolutionary conscience due to our Greco-roman-pagan-christian heritage. This is another main reason that explains why we are flooded with immigrants in Occident. I have no problems acknowledging that when we were communities in the forest the Chinese were already drinking tea in porcelain cups and Indian were spiritually very advanced but this people seem to be frozen in time, changing from one ruler to another. But since they have to suffer us and our unholy alliance in this century, I realize that the best way to help them is to help ourselves. Maybe they are right by the way in the long term but maybe they are more communist than us, spiritually I mean.
        I hope I haven’t offended anybody on earth with this comment. It was supposed to be a short response to Norbert and it is again a very long and disjointed comment.
        Have a nice d/e.

  20. @Norbert
    “And you must look deeper”. May I respectfully suggest that you look more broadly at the world. Your premise that the BRICS is just another part of the Jewish machine is speculation and predicated on the assumption that Chinese and Indians are as stupid as Westerners in falling under Jewish domination. Hold up a globe of the world, not a map, and look at the plan for the world that you describe. It’s mainly Europe, North America and the Middle East. The real world comprises China, India and South East Asia. Norbert, one must be introspective and look ruthlessly and honestly at the faults of one’s own race or country. I am a Westerner like yourself and, present company excepted, I see the majority of Westerners today as, emotionally unstable, ignorant and arrogant fools.I am sure you are familiar with the old adage, “Empty vessels make the most sound”. Well this is case of the West today. The noisy, arrogant and ignorant minority think they are the world, while the silent majority just sit back and watch the West destroy itself and shake their heads at how they could be so stupid. Make no mistake the Chinese and Indians will not be deluded by the Jews. Nor the rest of Asia. Most of them have been colonised once. What makes you think the Jews will get the better of them? Forget about Chinese and Indians being members of the BIS and the like. Has it occurred to you they may be spying on likely enemies? Remember China and India wrote the textbooks and were wearing silk when Europeans, Jews included, were barely out of the trees. Remember too, the protocols were discovered at a time when Europe ruled the world. This is no longer so. The majority of Western countries today are spiritually and morally decadent, thus easy prey for the Jews. Putin is a professional, trained in the arts of deception. One doesn’t become a Colonel in the KGB otherwise. He’s playing a patient game and I believe he will win because he has the moral advantage which the Judeo-West lacks.
    So, Norbert one last thought! When America was strong she “spoke softly and carried a big stick,”. Today, she speaks loudly with braggadocio and carries a stick that has been defeated in two places, Iraq and Afghanistan. Think of Napoleon’s advice. “Never interrupt an enemy, when he is making a mistake!”

    1. Felix –

      That is a very interesting comment….. as usual. I enjoyed it.

      I have a serious problem about the image of America through the ages.
      I cannot name any time when US Government officials, America, spoke softly and carried a big stick.
      Please give me a time when that was the case.
      The guy who said that had Pharisee roots… and he hollered at everyone. He was bold and boisterous as president.

    2. @ Felix:
      I understand your points, but just because your culture is of ancient origins, ie Egypt with its Pharoahs, or India with Buddha or China with its ancient dynasties is no guarantee against jewish machinations from the time of the Babylonian captivity of Hebrew rabbinical class members or the diaspora of Hebrews after 70 AD. Remember the British Empire was an extension of the jewish money power and they controlled India through trade in tea and they controlled/destroyed China throught he Opium wars. Sure India/China may have learned something, but jewish power is still in the east despite appearnces. Remember that phrase, jewish power is still in the east as well despite appearances. These Talmudic Pharisaical Satanists are allowed to do anything as long as they are the ones that survive. Just remember also that if int’l jewry can control the only supposed Superpower left as in the USA, then even India and China are not obstacles to their machinations. Thus to me, in the future, the areas of the world that are 8 hours flying time away by commercial airplane, from Jerusalem, Israel will be the movers and shakers of world events once America is destroyed. Thus Russia, India, China, Europe mainly Germany and France, and African nations like Eqypt, Ethiopia and Sudan and the Middle East will be where all the action is in the future. This is even confirmed in the Bible with prophecy. This crap about America being Babylon or Mystery Babylon is horse dung. Remember that America under the original Freemason Illuminati plan was to be a nation formed to fulfill European aristocratic plans (Rothschild controlled monarchies and secret societies). Those plans were basically to transfer control of the world back to Europe. All modern plans for world domination are essentially European from the Rothschilds, Jacob Frank, Adam Weishaupt, the Fabians, etc.. All these things of jewish power machinations started in Europe and will end there too. It is only at the end, that the jewish power roots of all this will transfer power to Jerusalem, Israel (whether common jew or no common jew there). Since this discussion is about Putin, Putin is helping this goal to come about. It is as simple as that, whether Putin is good or bad, and does not really matter. He like all of us as just tools of the int’l jew. Satan as the ruler of this world has put us in a sad state. Only God and Jesus Christ can save us in it and from it. Thanks, Norbert.

      1. @ NORBERT

        …..All these things of jewish power machiations started in Europe and will end there too….

        Well said. Christopher Bollyn’s ancestor is Anne Bolleyn, who thwarted the Vatican’s power to overule the Bible. You will know his 911 work. He’ll be speaking in Amsterdam- where a lot of their machinations of this world’s nations started- 6/6.

  21. the “west” is a boogeyman created by jews to blame all their crimes on … international jewry is just as present in the east as the west

    jews are trying to shoehorn people into fighting one another … if you know putin is a mossad agent, jews will accuse you of hating all russians … i like russians

    regardless what you think about putin, remember not to get tricked into killing americans, russians, arabs, chinese, or other gentiles … jews are very good at finding something you are frustrated with, and setting you against it

    1. @Flycossack
      “International Jewry is just as present in the East as the West.” Yes, there are some Jews in the east, however they do exercise the degree of control apparent in the West. In the US alone you have about 10 million Jews and any politician that wants to get elected must bow down and grovel to Israel. In the UK the leaders of the 3 main parties are Jewish and nearly every MP is a “friend of Israel”! Virtually every news outlet in the West is Judaized. Ditto academia. Indonesia and Malaysia deny Israelis visas. A former PM Mahathir said the Jews rule the world by proxy and banned the film “Schindler’s List” on the grounds that it promoted race hatred of the Germans. The obvious Jewish presence in Asia are pestilential denizens of Israel and they are roundly detested. As a Thai shop assistant told me after a particularly obnoxious female of that ilk had left her shop told me, “only the Americans in all the world like the Israelis!” And this is the curse of deicide the Jews brought on themselves and anyone who furthers their aims. Ask yourself, why do all the opinion polls around the world place Israel and the US as the most detested countries on earth? The Jews have brought this down on America, no one else. Re. the “Holohoax” most Asians couldn’t care less. They regard it as Euro-narcissism. Allow me to relay an anecdote of my time in India. I was sitting outside a cafe in Calangute, Goa having some charas with a couple of Indian friends in 1984. It was just after the Bhopal disaster. They were quite frank in telling us westerners at the table that to us, not personally but to westerners in general, the people who died were just a bunch of “wogs”, ergo not important. Now the perception of the west is even worse. And is this statement untrue? Jewish lives are precious beyond priceless, Caucasian lives valuable. Yellow, Brown and Black lives a statistic. So until the west shakes off the jewish curse they will never be respected. Of course Asians are on the main very courteous and very rarely abuse westerners. However, the presence of Israelis certainly increases the resentment towards the Anglo-Saxons and the US in particular as they are perceived, rightly or wrongly, as the enablers, aiders and abettors of Jewish criminality.

      1. Felix –
        Here is what I have seen.

        Eastern societies are composed mostly of people who will, and do, obey Pharisee generated authority in silence. An extreme example is N Korea.
        Western societies, mostly whites, do not obey Pharisee generated authority in silence…THEY RESIST it…. loudly and violently.

        That’s why the Pharisees are mixing the people of the West with people of obedience to authority from around the world.

        Putin would settle for less resistance also.

      2. they do exercise the degree of control apparent in the West

        Oops, that should read they do NOT exercise the control.
        Never interrupt an enemy, when he is making a mistake!

        god has a wonderful sense of humor … he teaches us so many things in so many ways


      3. Pat,
        You must be joking. Where has any Western society resisted their government since the 60’s? Western society nowadays is so oppressive and conformist. Even travelling to the US is a nightmare now. Your TSA, INS and Customs are rudest and most abusive MF’s. I have ever encountered any where in the world. Even the old KGB border guards of the USSR were gentlemen by comparison. Judging Asia on North Korea is like judging the US on Leavenworth. Some of the politest border guards I have encountered have been in Laos and China, supposedly Communist Governments. Take a look at your police. Everyday we see people being shot in the back and cops never being charged. Why haven’t Americans done anything about it if you are so free and individualistic? Where is your habeas corpus? You are living in a police state. Your President can murder you without trial. Where is the resistance? The West you are talking about ceased to exist 20 years ago. Dictatorship by stealth and Westerners have rolled over and done nothing!

      4. Felix –

        I shall re-state my original irrefutable claim:

        Eastern societies are composed mostly of people who will, and do, obey Pharisee generated authority in silence. An extreme example is N Korea.

      5. @Flying Cossack,
        “God has a sense of humor,” Indeed he does! Which was why His Majesty allowed me to see and correct my mistake. However, he hasn’t interrupted the Judeo-Masonic powers from being defeated in Iraq and Afghanistan. Neither has he had the sense of humor to prevent the Anglo-Saxon States from becoming police states ruled by corporate kleptocrats.

      6. Pat,
        Well, how come I feel freer here than the US or most European countrie? I can express anti-jewish sentiments without losing my job or being penalised by the PC crowd. You cannot do that in the States anymore. Neither can one pay for large items with cash anymore without the someone reporting you to the Government. And yes, Asian people do protest, even in China. But why haven’t Americans protested about the loss of their freedoms since 9/11? Why is America the only country apart from Eritrea that taxes its citizens that live abroad? Why haven’t Americans protested the massive theft by the banksters in 2008? I could go on and on. But let’s face the west is changing because it has become racially and biologically degenerate. The declining birth rate in most western societies is a clear indication of this. But as I said in my previous post, the Anglo-Saxon races have rolled over and submitted without a whimper.

      7. Felix –

        I see your solution was to run off…. away from the problems.

        You should have stayed and showed all of us what to do… by example.

      8. Pat,
        You could say that, but I haven’t lived in Europe since 1961 and I’ve been living in Asia for 42 years. So I suppose I’ve become acculturated to Asia. I speak 2 Asian languages fluently, plus a smattering of another 5. If I wasn’t living in Asia I would probably go back to Africa, most likely Botswana, I have a share in a farm in the Tuli Block. The South Africans have a saying that Europe is no place for a white man. Many Americans I meet in Asia, including black Americans, now say the same thing about the States. You’d be surprised how many Americans and Europeans live in Asia. The co-founder of Google has in fact moved to Singapore. If I was a young man starting over, I’d probably go to Laos. No Big Macs, Starbucks or KFC. However they still know how to bake excellent French bread. However, it is very, very laid back it makes “Manana” sound like ASAP!

  22. I am not too quick to judge Putin as an adulterer, or anyone else for that matter anymore. All of humanity is so far off from following The Covenants (Old and New) that judgment has become somewhat complicated to enforce in certain matters. The True Holy Koran can be very helpful in determining how we should be behaving under God.

    Lawfully (under God’s Law which IS the ONLY Lawful Law), men are allowed to have more than one wife. The Holy Koran says up to four only if able to deal justly with them.

    Sura 4:3. If ye fear that ye shall not be able to deal justly with the orphans, marry women of your choice, two, or three, or four; but if ye fear that ye shall not be able to deal justly (with them), then only one, or (a captive) that your right hands possess. That will be more suitable, to prevent you from doing injustice.

    Perhaps, he is not a highly moral man, but he may not be a Satanist like others who lead; and if that is the case, then there is a huge difference between him and the rest of THEM.

    Putin does appear to be staving off a full-blown war potentially killing millions of people.

    1. i recall once reading about some istanbul pasha on his deathbed, beseeching his faithful aides and advisers to accept some of his wives into their households.

      didn’t sound to me like they were too enthusiastic.

    2. @ New Song

      “…The True Holy Koran can be very helpful in determining how we should be behaving under God…”

      Sure, such as allowing Muslims not only to marry four wives, but also to keep an infinite number of concubines or female slaves, captured in war or bought on the slave market.

      The “Holy” Koran also allowed its “prophet” Muhammad to have not four but eleven wives for himself and to marry a six year old girl and start to have sex with her when she was nine years old. Raping of women captured in war is also allowed in the “Holy” Koran.

      Gosh, the morally degenerated West is in urgent need of the “Holy” Koran!

  23. Short List of Putin fruits pointing to Putin as putain pour les Juifs, a whore for the JWO

    1. He is surrounded by chabad Jews in his cabinet
    2. Russia has just accepted the fascicle holofraud legislation
    3. He is a former KGB agent
    4. Under his governing as president, Russia has morphed into a capitalist society
    5. Why has he engaged in ‘diplomatic’ pally talks with Netanyahu in the criminal state of israel?
    6. Russia supposedly supplied israel with components for their jet fighters.
    7. Russia supposedly supplies oil to israel
    8. He attended the Victory Monument in israel
    9. Acceptance of microchips
    10. Enforced immigration policy
    11. Depopulation programme
    12. Putin the oligarch
    13. Suicides under Putin’s presidency
    14. Putin accepts Agenda 21 martial law
    15. Putin opens mausoleums in memory of famous Jews who slaughtered millions of Gentiles
    16. Putin bans free speech
    17. Putin the accused Murderer

    Source http://rediscover911.com/puppet-putin/ (dd october 1 2013)


    …..Putin’s mother Maria Ivanovna Shelomova, was JEWISH, which makes him Jewish. He was groomed for a leadership role under Yeltsin who was Jewish. He has refused to deliver even the S-300 to Iran so they can protect themselves against an Israeli-American attack…



    See comment SH here at DM We Are Their Slaves April 24, 2015 at 3:10 pm

    (P. has sold his rockets to Teheran lately)…..That does not mean a thing, that Putin sold his rockets to Teheran
    Most probably the control mechanism in these rockets will work in favour of the Tel Aviv loonies….

    1. Saw the Putin JWO Putain list the first time at: https://diggerfortruth.wordpress.com/2013/06/04/puppet-putin/

      with these added:

      Why are Russian troops on America soil?
      “Russian troops are on American soil as I write this. If we were really at each other, this would never be allowed.” ~ Buelahman

      Puppit Putin is is a freemason

      Buelahman’s dagger is the final stab to all Putinism.

    2. @SAM HITA

      Most points on your list can be refuted or at least be explained.
      Here we go :

      “1. He is surrounded by chabad Jews in his cabinet.”

      Those are only photo ops. These Chabad Jews pay a short visit to heads of state all over the world, a photo is taken and that is all. You can find such photos of Chabad people with nearly all heads of state of the world. That doesn’t mean they “control” them.

      “2. Russia has just accepted the fascicle holofraud legislation.”

      That is part of the “Putin-strategy” not to appear “anti-Semitic”. This cosmetic measure has no influence on Putin’s power politics at all.

      “3. He is a former KGB agent.”

      That speaks only for him. In the KGB Putin learned real power politics before he even entered politics. A better school could not be imagined.

      “4. Under his governing as president, Russia has morphed into a capitalist society.”

      What’s wrong with that? It brought prosperity to Russia and enabled it to pay off all its debts.

      “5. Why has he engaged in ‘diplomatic’ pally talks with Netanyahu in the criminal state of israel?”
      6. “Russia supposedly supplied israel with components for their jet fighters.”
      7. “Russia supposedly supplies oil to israel.”
      8. “He attended the Victory Monument in israel.”
      15. “Putin opens mausoleums in memory of famous Jews who slaughtered millions of Gentiles.”

      All same as under 2) : to appear not to be “anti-Semitic” so as not to arouse unnecessary hostility from international Jewry. Putin is a judoka, don’t forget that!

      “9. Acceptance of microchips.”
      10. “Enforced immigration policy.”
      11. “Depopulation programme.”
      12. “Putin the oligarch.”
      13. “Suicides under Putin’s presidency.”
      14. “Putin accepts Agenda 21 martial law.”
      17. “Putin the accused Murderer .”

      You will have to elaborate and give sources.
      “Depopulation programme” is not true anyway. Putin is an active promoter of a higher birthrate, which is indeed improving. As for “Putin the oligarch”, similar smears of fabulous wealth have been made against Castro.

      16. “Putin bans free speech.”

      If that means giving subversive Jews and CIA agents no chance to undermine Russia, I don’t care.

      It is understandable that the name Shelomova of Putin’s mother would arouse suspicion, since it could be derived from Shelomo. However see this :

      “Shelomova is actually a Russian surname. It’s not from jewish “shalom”, but from old Russian “shelom” ( шелом = курган ).

      How many Jewish women would actually do any real work?
      Putin’s Mom was a factory worker.
      Jews only worked in factories when forced.”

      Source : Stormfront, Putin’s mother Jewish?

      FYI, the words in parentheses in Russian say : shelom = kurgan, and kurgan means barrow, burial ground, tumulus. So Putin’s mother’s first name was “Maria”, she lived in a small village, worked in a factory and was Russian Orthodox and her surname means “burial mound”. How Jewish is that?

      Putin may not be a saint, he may not be a “savior” but he definitely is the major obstacle to the planned Jew World Order and we all should be grateful for that .

      1. @Franklin

        Great counter comment!

        I do not remember the source form many years ago, but Putin’s mother had Putin secretly baptized as a Russian Orthodox Christian when he was young. No one knew he was a Russian Orthodox Christian until after he had took over from Yeltsin. If the jewish power structure had known that Putin was a Russian Orthodox Christian, he would not have been allowed to be in the KGB or to assume power after Yeltsin.

    1. Sheesh, Pat.

      Who are you, Jethro Bodine, who gradgeeated 4th Grade to be breaking down something like that in such a simplistic fashion?

      1. Yeah, B-Hawk –

        “Granny” helped. Earthy solutions. She said, “Chop off the snake’s head.”

        Everyone bitching about America…should go chop the head in London and Vatican. Hooked in a series circuit… they have controlled America for over six centuries.

      2. No doubt chopped-off head = “final solution”

        Easy to conceive at any rate, with various “educated guesses” as to how this WILL be achieved (not IF)

        Here I’ll segue to Brownhawk’s “half-baked” remotely viewed look at the future *

        * “half-baked” to mean he’s looking at a soufflé in the oven, the top for which may or may not collapse.

        Knowing full-well that some % of readers are probably already rollin their eyes, suffice to say that whatever I see can’t help but be populated by those cwazy wascal Annunaki-types. It just goes with the territory I move in.

        These rascals wrote the protocols, OK? And I’m sorry to burst a lot of bubbles out there, but in a “good news-bad news” scenario the bad news is that these relentless bastards will get their damn way as their ‘duped parents’ (goy) ‘give in’ to the evil-seeded little brats. The agenda will come to its psycho completion, but what will make their victory pyrrhic will be revealed upon the end of it’s short-lived status.

        When the great physical battles commence it will mean that the Annunaki protocolian agents of “esoteric jew” have gone through the match and are in a position of the incontrovertible checkmate. And without belaboring all the particulars, the bottom-line is that “checkmate” will be characterized by ALL the nations involved in the “war to end all wars” being driven to mutual destruction like lemmings to an all-consuming sea. But NOT to be highlighted by an aftermath of nuclear winter. Instead, an aftermath will see the Annunaki king plopped down on his fraudulent throne, whose short-lived status will feature the RFID chip-taking “Global Financial Market”. The eventual collapse of this “CNN” (Computer Networked Nuthouse) will signal the good news – “Armageddon”

        This is the part where the soufflé gets a little shaky in the oven. but what the hell.

        In Brownhawk’s ball of crystal appears a left uppercut/right-cross combo knockout

        left uppercut: some degree of a “Yellowstone eruption” event. Serious enough to sweep away a sufficient number of synagogue minions of the False throne-sitter to make them all extremely vulnerable to set up the ….

        right cross: those (we) surviving brave resisters around the World that will emerge as a new “Army of the Light” to vanquish the remnants of the foe and build a TRUE “new world order”.


  24. @Felix

    Would wish your thoughts about Asia- nie wieder, being formerly colonised by the West under jewish influence- were right but I doubt it,


    The article links to a piece of Wayne Madsen. Watch the only Westerner on the spot right after the Bali bombing: a laughing mossad psycho. Reminds me of the high fiving and dancing mossad morons right after 9/11. Why don’t they disappear beyond bars?

    India has its GMO genocide of farmers – one every 30 minutes said the NY School of Law, 2009. The number of deaths in these killingfields of the satanic Monsanto jews must have gone up by now. While Modi shakes hands with Milikovsky.

    Yet: light at the end of the talmud tunnel: 911truth hits holland. Bollyn 6 -6 2015 Amsterdam where the jew banksters launched there murderous Ponzi. Paybackday for the yidz.

    Amsterdam where I lived for some 20 years at the ‘grachtengordel’ the belt of canals is built and financed by them and is shaped in the form of a Menorah.

    They will be thrown out of the temple of each and everyone by it.

    1. Interesting, Sam –


      Grachtengordel (English: The Amsterdam Canal District) is a neighborhood in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The seventeenth-century canals of Amsterdam, located in the center of Amsterdam, were added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in August 2010. The area around the city’s main canals – Singel, Herengracht, Keizersgracht and Prinsensgracht – is an international icon of urban planning and architecture, that is still intact after four centuries.
      The area is known for its small bridges going over the canals and 17th-century canal homes.

      The Anne Frank House is located in the Grachtengordel neighborhood.

    2. @ SAM HITA

      “Amsterdam where I lived for some 20 years at the ‘grachtengordel’ the belt of canals is built and financed by them and is shaped in the form of a Menorah.”

      “Shaped in the form of a Menorah”, what do you suggest? Those canals already existed before Jews (Sephardics from Portugal) settled in Amsterdam. Whenever the city expanded a new canal was added. Since the central part was oblong, the pattern of those canals was not circular. That is the only reason why it is “shaped in the form of a Menorah”, and not a “Jewish plot”. You are becoming more and more ridiculous in your paranoia. See following map of Amsterdam in 1561, before the Sephardics settled there after 1580, when Portugal was united with Spain :


      1. Thank you for the horizontal tomtom. I am a citymystic dear fr. Parallel uni-verse-s serendipity. Paranoia is for dictionary freaks like you.

        The Sephardis contributed in the x-pansion of the demi-menorah (haha) that you coughed up.

        The menorah shape is a fact ( a gestallt seen by me) for several centuries long before the ballpoint of Anne Frank.

        I am a poet: Ik lees niet ik schrijf / Ik schrijf niet ik lees / De verborgen wijdere der dingen /
        Ende zet die aldus in beweging. ( I don’t read I write / I don’t write I read / The hidden order of things
        Thus put them to Move.

        An inde-pen-dent fellow scribent I spoke once about the Sephardi Jews from Portugal. It must have been the first time he heard the word Sephardi. He immediately gave it a place in his living language labyrinth: Sephardi…Zeevaart..In English Seafare.

        The Sephardis indeed had the knowledge of the Seafare routes. They shared it with the Dutch who more than welcomed it since in that way they could give the finger to the Spanish King- who had thrown out the jews- and who occupied Holland for quite some time.

    3. @Sam Hita
      You are correct up to a point, but the Guardian is a Mossad front and Indonesia has a new President who is very anti-Israeli and Western. Witness the execution of foreigners for drugs. BTW, I am personally against the outlawing of drugs because when something is outlawed it gives a bigger cheque book to the police and judges.
      Yes, Indian farmers are committing suicide but similar things happened in the States and other countries. Remember Modi is a Hindu nationalist and is using the Israelis for help in confronting Pakistan.

  25. @PAT

    My first house at the Weteringschans was opposite the entrance/tunnel of the Rijksmuseum. The outer ring of the Grachtengordel. Some 3-4 years ago while looking back at my Amsterdam canal belt grachtengordel period
    I realised that it truly is Menorah shaped and that this first house was at the central standard.

    @Frank Ryckaert

    My name is not Adolf H. and your name is not Frank, Anne. You are definitely a poor thing though. Throw away your dictionaries and Get A Life! Be thankful for it.

    1. Well, change your name into PARANOITA then, if you still believe that those sinister Jews managed to have the canals of Amsterdam be built “in the form of a Menorah” before they even settled there! The sober reason why Amsterdam was built in that shape, as I explained above, seems to escape you. Jews may have been wealthy, they were not politically powerful until after the French revolution Holland was occupied by France and the Jews got equal rights. But by then, my paranoid friend, all those canals were already built for centuries.

      1. Look at the map that you coughed up. Then you will see what I mean with the ‘demi-menorah’ .

        They existed ok before they arrived, but not yet in the ‘menorah-way’ as seen by me a few years ago. It may very well be that none of them jews themselves ever saw it that way.

        Read my comment to Norberts piece. Their machinations started in Europe (that is Amsterdam) and they will end just there. Putin a putain juif or not.

        Otherwise only one Act in theaterearth left: the sheeple’s sho-Armageddon

        I don’t want that. I am sure I am not the only one.

      2. Dear fr since you are so history conscious- at least the way history is being handed down- you forget that the jews, the sephardi jews were already powerful long before the French holidays in the Nederlanden,
        the Netherlands.

        William III of Orange (who became King Willam II of England) was financed by the Amsterdam Sephardi bank(st)ers in the late 1600’s.

        Cromwell….and their possibilty to return to Albion. Their ban was lifted.

        Last but not least fr just this week a Palistinian blog wrote about the historical unknown fact that the Muslim King of Mali, if I am not mistaken had his (darkskinned) or himself already enabled to cross the Atlantic. Christopher Colombus must have written about this in his yet unknown logbook.

        Talking about IQ. Qugelequ!

    2. @ Sam Hita

      TO FRANKLIN RYCKAERT: “My name is not Adolf H. and your name is not Frank, Anne. You are definitely a poor thing though. Throw away your dictionaries and Get A Life! Be thankful for it.”

      Franklin Ryckaert’s comment, in response to an earlier comment of yours in which you made a number of weak and unsubstantiated allegations about Putin, was an intelligent and point-by-point refutation of everything you had said. Recognizing that Ryckaert had made a fool of you and pricked your pretensions to superior knowledge, you then threw a silly tantrum and tried to silence him with an hominem attack.

      You are probably unaware that Ryckaert, unlike yourself, is a polymath and a much-respected commenter on this site. You should be grateful he even bothered to read your comment and analyse it.

      I don’t think people like you deserve to be read, dear Sam. You lack dignity. And you bring shame on yourself when you stamp your foot with childish rage when an intellectual superior like Ryckaert points out your errors and false assumptions politely.

      Come sir, let me too feel the lash of your snake tongue now!

      Stupid, tiresome troll.

      1. Who the hell is Madame Butterfly at this free speech site, read how this honorable gentleman writes about boat refugees.

      2. There is no intellectual superiority in this poor thing Franklin Ryckaert.

        Let him comment on what I say about him being a fellow mortal who does not need a solarium himself. While he is shitting on the drowning of these boat fleeing humans.

        I mell a rat, named uncle tomtom

      3. @Madame Butterfly @Franklyn Ryckaert

        Can’t find the site just now that brought up the Muslims from Africa and Spain already in the Americas before Columbus.

        This may be of help to both of you and many other pseudo intellectuals of the ‘first’ world to exit your cocoon filled with pathetic mind matricks,(@felix and the like not included)



        Numerous evidence suggests that Muslims from Spain and West Africa arrived in the Americas at least five centuries before Chris Columbus.

        The syndrome that you are both suffering from I call the pig/ment-ality.

        I suggest you glimpse through the work of Brazilian Professor Arysio Nunes dos Santos on Atlantis. He postulates as a true beta scientist that Indonesia is Plato’s Atlantis. He died in 2005 and said science will confirm all this. Eh bien voila: The Gunung Padang pyramid at West Java got carbondated at least to the end of Pleistocene Ice Age, 11.600 years ago. It puts all the Abrahmic religions and the mess created
        by misinterpretations of their various followers in which the world swims at present in a wider perspective.

        Finally. The Amsterdam Grachtengordel Menorah shaped thing. A late camerado called Chris who was fond of my writing stuff called the way he saw things: insane reading. ESP etc. I always suggested him OK that you play for God but can you still explain it to the shopkeeper at the corner afterwards.

        Have a nice week.

      4. @ Sam Hita

        Sam Hita addressing Madame Butterfly and Franklin Ryckaert:

        “This may be of help to both of you and many other pseudo intellectuals of the ‘first’ world to exit your cocoon filled with pathetic mind matricks (sic)…. I suggest you glimpse through the work of Brazilian Professor Arysio Nunes dos Santos on Atlantis. He postulates as a true beta scientist that Indonesia is Plato’s Atlantis. He died in 2005 and said science will confirm all this.

        Sam, listen up carefully! Ryckaert is worth ten of you. Your air of arrogant intellectual superiority and pseudo-erudition cuts no ice with me.

        Take your above comment. Note the following points, cretin.

        1. This article by Ungenius is about Putin. We are here to discuss Putin, not the precise location of Atlantis.

        2. Even if Atlantis were identified as Indonesia, so f***ing what? What does this have to do with Putin? NOTHING!!!

        3. Even if in your crackpot mind you believe it is of vital importance to know that ancient Atlantis is modern Indonesia — actually such information is totally without value or relevance to our disscusion! — you admit that it is scientifically unproved and is no more than a “postulate.”

        So why inflict your off-topic and irrelevant “postulates” on us and try to make out that you are some kind of super-genius when you are really a crackpot?

        Ryckaert at least knows how to keep to the point. You don’t. All you bring to this site are irrelevancies, distractions, scientifically unproved Atlantis theories, and intellectual arrogance.

        Don’t ever chat me up in a bar. I would reject you at once, you boring pseudo-intellectual crank!

    1. Madame Butter Fly Back to Your Cocoon, please.

      You will never meet me in a bar- beside that you don’t have enough money to talk to me for a sec. I go to real churches, mosques, eh parks whatever

      Adress the point of poor thing ryckaert : how he in his ‘intellectual superiority’ – your jew oscar btw- writes about the ‘good thing is: the boat of these low IQ Africans sank’ ( sounds very much like the synagogue of satan)That’s why I raised the point of these African Muslims from Mali before CC in the Americas.

      Such sheeple as you and poor thing ryckaert deserve the diabolic jew dildo in their ass or whatever openings their may be in your bodies: Your mind is completely closed despite the fact that you pretend to be open.
      My anti-tea-sis is like a anti-gaschamber and is not off-topic.

      Have a nice moment. Life is an infinite collection of moments. And enjoy a intellectual superior week.

      Putin clearly is controlled opp. like AH in the WWII.

      1. @ Madame Butter Fly Back to your cocoon, please (part II)

        You write: ‘scientifically unproved Atlantis theories’, which is definitely untrue!!!

        First of all Arysio dos Santos was a prominent geologist , nuclear scientist- here is this bright Brazilian Professor’s CV: http://www.atlan.org/author/resume.htm

        He predicted that science would later confirm what could be called ‘indonesiAtlantis’

        And so it happened: http://www.atlan.org/articles/true_history/

        ….This text was written some ten years ago, and is only now being revised and updated (Jan. 2002). Many of its finds and predictions have recently been empirically confirmed by Science since, then. One such is the dramatic confirmation of the existence of a now sunken giant continent to the south of Southeast Asia and China, precisely as predicted by ourselves. This confirmation was obtained by the spy satellites of NASA an NOAA, and was only recently declassified, as we comment in this site. Moreover, as we now discuss, its shape and features are precisely the ones predicted by ourselves on entirely different grounds (bathymetric soundings)….


        The Gunung Padang at West Java is the man made pyramid structure, larger than the pyramid of Gizeh. Another confirmation of science of dos Santos’ indonesiAtlantis. Btw he sees these humans of indonesiAtlantis as the builders of Gizeh after it sank as the ancestors of all presentday humans.


        …The President of Indonesia himself, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, lavished the archaeologists with costly GSSI and Multi-Channel SuperSting R-8 ground-penetrating radar units, plus GEM-Ovenhausser geo-magnetometers. These state-of-the-art instruments readily found and accurately confirmed the existence of large and small chambers, walls, gates and staircases buried deep beneath the often-visited, open-air ruins.”
        The Jakarta Post announced on 5 November: “A recent analysis of carbon-dating by the Miami-based Beta Analytic Lab has apparently validated findings by a government-sanctioned team that a man-made structure lies buried under Mount Padang in Cianjur, West Java. The lab used samples of sand, soil and charcoal found at a depth of between three and twelve metres beneath the mountain’s surface. Based on geo-electric, geo-radar and geo-magnetic [surveys], a large chamber is buried at least up to fifteen metres from the surface.

        Carbon-dating test results from the Miami lab show that the structure could date back to 14,000 B.C., or beyond…

      2. @ Sam Hita

        “Madame Butter Fly Back to your cocoon, please….. You write: ‘scientifically unproved Atlantis theories’, which is definitely untrue!!!…..First of all Arysio dos Santos was a prominent geologist , nuclear scientist- here is this bright Brazilian Professor’s CV…..blah blah blah blah blah ad nauseam…

        Oh gosh, how fascinating! I had NO IDEA this site was devoted to ATLANTIS! I honestly thought that we were here to discuss PUTIN! My bad.

        Many thanks for all the brilliant info on Indonesia, China, bathymetric soundings, the Gunung Padang at West Java, the pyramid of Gizeh, Mount Padang in Cianjur, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono of Indonesia, and, last but not least, the “multi-Channel SuperSting R-8 ground-penetrating radar units, plus GEM-Ovenhausser geo-magnetometers” to which you refer so knowledgeably and with such consummate genius!

        Do you happen to know anything about the secret sex life of bats? Or batty people? Or Batman? If so, don’t hesitate to give us all the gory details!

        Crazy Joe, come back! You now have a serious rival on this site! And his name is Sam Hita.

        He belongs with you, dear Joe, in the Seventh Circle of Spamblinka! 🙂

  26. If this is not science then Putin is this Planets Great Liberator as many hope here despite of the telling facts.

  27. here is another retrospective: CrossTalk: Putin’s 15 Years

    Fifteen years ago Vladimir Putin assumed the Russian presidency and no one can doubt that he has left his mark on the country since then. Widely popular at home and demonized in the West, Putin has presided over Russia’s transformation from a country on its knees to a renewed global power. What is left on his agenda?

    pepe escobar’s talk on behalf of asia times is worth checking out in particular.

  28. G’day Pilgrims,

    A poster in this thread suggests that:
    “President Putin traditionally opposes the Communist Party of the Russian Federation(1) – the heirs to the CPSU, but – at the same time – he has called the breakup of the Soviet Union ‘the biggest geopolitical disaster of the century.(2)”

    There is no inconsistency between (1) and (2).
    The Soviet Union was created by a Jews’ COUP mislabelled as “The Russian Revolution” (just as the “French Revolution” was a mislabelling of a Jews’ COUP orchestrated and funded by the Rothschilds and their agents, using the Illuminati. DITTO the Kiev Junta which is the result of a Jews’ COUP. The Kiev Junta is clearly a Jew controlled entity For instance its personnel include:
    President – Poroshenko (Valtsman) – Jew. – and. o. President Turchinov (Kogan) – Jew. – Prime Minister – Yatsenyuk (Buckeye) – Jew. – The Minister of Finance – Alexander Shlapak- Jew. – Secretary of national security and Defence – Andrew Parubiy- Jew – Vice Prime Minister – Vladimir Groisman – a Jew. – Interior Minister Arsen Avakov – Armenian Jew – Minister of Culture – Sergei Nischuk – Jew, Mason – Director of the National Bank – Stepan Kubiv – Jew. – Head of the Administration of President – Sergey Pashinskiy- Jew. The main presidential candidates from the opposition: – Julia Tymoshenko (Celia Kapitelman) – Jewish. – Vitali Klitschko (Etinzon) – a Jew by his father. – Oleg Tyagnibok (Frotman) a Jew mom. – Dmitry (Avdimou) Yarosh-Jew Hasid. The oligarchs in Ukraine – all Jews: I. Kolomoisky, E. Hurwitz, H. Bogolyubov, Poroshenko, D. Firtash, S. Liovochkin, V. Haiduk, V.Nemirovsky, K. Zhevago, V. Pinchuk, E. Prutnik, Akhmetov, A. Martynov, B. Kostelman, E.Sigal, B. Kolesnikov, A. Feldman, F. Shpyg, N. Shufrych, Rodnyanskii A., I. Butler, A. Abdinov, V. Ermolaev, M. Kiperman, E. Zviagilskiy, F. Zhebrovskaya, S. Ronis, H. Korban, G. Surkis, I. Surkis, V. Shamotiy, A. Leszczynski, J. Rodin, M. Becker. All media – in the hands of Jews P. Poroshenko, I. Kolomoisky, D. Firtash, V. Pinchuk, Akhmetov. nezalezhnoy Presidents: – Kravchuk (Bloom) – a Jew. – Kuchma (Kuchman) – Jew.

    Remember also, that Victoria Nuland who publicly boasted that the US provided over FIVE BILLION US dollars to create the Kiev COUP, IS A JEW; and the US government is controlled by Jews. National Socialists and so-called “Nazis: don’t control the Kiev Junta, JEWS DO. See also: Chabad seeks to re-build Khazaria in Ukraine – http://abundanthope.net/pages/Political_Information_43/Chabad-seeks-to-re-build-Khazaria-in-Ukraine.shtml
    And:Ukraine: New Jewish ‘Promised Land’ http://abundanthope.net/pages/Political_Information_43/Ukraine-New-Jewish-Promised-Land.shtml

    And: Surprise, surprise–In Ukraine protests, young Jews are marching with ultranationalists. See: http://abundanthope.net/pages/Political_Information_43/Surprise-surprise-In-Ukraine-protests-young-Jews-are-marching-with-ultranationalists.shtml And: Ukraine: New Jewish ˜Promised Land. See: http://abundanthope.net/pages/Political_Information_43/Ukraine-New-Jewish-Promised-Land.shtml And: UKRAINE: ZIONIST AMERICA’S NEW JEWISH COLONY — by Lasha Darkmoon. See: http://abundanthope.net/pages/Political_Information_43/UKRAINE-ZIONIST-AMERICA-S-NEW-JEWISH-COLONY-by-Lasha-Darkmoon.shtml

    The Jews’ COUP against Imperial Russia in 1917 was the first blatant “Colour Revolution”, namely the “Red Revolution”, which was accompanied by the “Red Terror” in which millions of Russian Christians were tortured and murdered by Jews (assisted by ignorant, poverty stricken peasants – a similar mechanism to that used by the Jews against Russian Christians in Novorussia today.

    Communism (like Jacobinism, Capitalism, Fabianism, Socialism, Bolshevism, Facism, Maoism, Feminism, and all the rest) was created by Jews. Communist Boshevism was the spawn of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Trotsky, and ALL were funded by the Rothschilds and their agents. The common theme is godlessness, materialism and a denial of human spirituality.

    Alexandr Solzhenitsyn wrote that the Bolsheviks killed 66 million Russians. Between 1917 and 1956. Putin would know that and he would be more than capable of sifting out the valid aspects of social policy in the USSR from the Talmudic, godless, genocidal, Russian hating dross inserted into Communism by the Jews.

    But to get to the point.

    The Soviet Union ceased to be run by Rothschilds’ controlled Bolsheviks in the mid 1970s whereafter Christian Russians who had regained control of the USSR (ex-Imperial Russia) defeated the US in the Battle of the Harvest Moon on 27 September 1977. Thereafter those Christian communists (as distinct from Bolshevik Jewish Communists) controlling the USSR and dominated space while evicting the Bolsheviks from the USSR. The Bolsheviks fled to the US where the Rockefellers mistakenly welcomed them. The Bolsheviks then killed the four Rockefeller brothers (using a double to maintain the impression that not all of them were dead) and took over much of the Rockefellers’ control network in the Pentagon and the US Corporation (Government). Bolsheviks still largely control the US Administration although the Rockefeller Cartel made a comeback and controls much of corporate Amerikka. See Dr Peter Beter’s Audio Letters for details.

    Dr Peter Beter’s last Audio Letter gives some idea of what was happening in the US and the Soviet Union in 1982 and a hint as to what might have been. (See: http://www.peterdavidbeter.com/docs/all/dbal80.html ) Had Yuri Andropov been in good health and not died in February 1984 perhaps the Russian Christians and people may have been able to avoid the debacle and sell out by Gorbachev and the drunken crypto Jew, Yeltsen, that destroyed the Soviet Union and then plunged Russia into severe economic depression as oligarchic Jews backed by Wall Street again took control of Russia. Some seven million unnecessary Russian deaths are said to have occurred due to starvation, alcoholism and preventable diseases etc in the 1990s before President Putin backed by Christians, began to claw back control of Russia for Russians.

    it seems that Andropov’s ill health, Chernenko’s age and Gorbachev’s treachery destroyed the ability of the Russian Christians to steer Russia into genuine sovereignty, free of Talmudic influences. Gorbachev’s treachery was followed by that of the crypto Jew Yeltsen. Sooo, in effect, the Jews, in the guise of Boris Berezovsky, Vladimir Gusinsky, Mikhail Fridman, Vladimir Vinogradov, Aleksandr Smolensky, Mikhail Khodorkovsky and Vladimir Potanin, regained power in Russia shortly after the collapse of the Soviet Union and those Jewish oligarchs supported and funded by Wall Street, were able to steal most of Russia’s oil, mineral and other industrial assets for pennies on the dollar. That situation obtained throughout the second half of the 1990s while many Russians starved.

    Finally Berezovsky prevailed upon Yeltsin to sack Primakov as prime minister on 12 May, 1999, replacing him with Sergei Stepashin. But then it seems, the worm turned and Yeltsin unexpectedly replaced Stepashin with the unknown Vladimir Putin. Putin acted for Russian Christians and began to wrest control of Russia from the Jews by first empowering the Russian military to win the CIA fomented Second Chechen War. That popular move won him the presidency in 2000 and since then Putin has slowly clawed back some of the stolen national assets from the Jewish oligarchs, eliminated all national debt owed to the Rothschilds’ controlled banks, restored Russia’s military and its Christian sovereignty.

    To understand the Russian Christian’s problems in shucking off Jewish control and developing genuine Russian sovereignty after 1977 we need to remember that:

    Brezhnev died of complications from Russian flu on January 7, 1978 and he was replaced by a double so there was no firm leadership until Andropov took over in 1982
    Andropov was hospitalised in 1983 and died early in 1984.
    Throughout the period from Brezhnev’s death until 1990 the Soviet Union was under constant attack by the Bolsheviks in control of the US AND the Vatican and their masters – the Rothschilds’ Cabal.
    In fact the US was threatening undeclared covert nuclear war against which the Soviet Union had to defend since its Christian rulers were not prepared to retaliate by annihilating the US in a surprise attack. See Peter Beters Audio Letters eg http://www.peterdavidbeter.com/docs/all/dbal79.html

    In December 1979 the Soviet Union had reasonably responded to a request from the legitimately elected government of Afghanistan to assist it to repel attacks by the Mujahideen (ie terrorist mercenaries organised, armed and funded by the CIA) and became bogged down in the Afghan War until 1989. See eg: http://abundanthope.net/pages/True_US_History_108/The-CIA-s-Founding-of-Al-Qaeda-Documented.shtml
    President Reagan was assassinated on 30 March 1981 and thereafter the Khazarian, George Bush Snr, used a Reagan “double” up front while he covertly ran the US presidency for the Bolshevik Jews. He did everything he could to destabilise the Soviet Union and arranged for Leo Wanta to be appointed and funded to fraudulently destroy the Soviet Union’s currency and steal it. Wanta and his covert team were very successful in doing that. The so-called US “Liberalism” and “modernity” are a complete sham behind which Bolshevik (Rothschilds’ Cabal) and Fascist (Rockefeller Cartel) Jews run Amerikka. That’s why the US looks like a combined Fascist cum Communist Police State today, because it is.

    Bearing this history in mind it is quite reasonable that those emigre descendants of White Russians who have not been suborned by the Rothschilds Cabal and the Rockefeller Cartel et al, understand Putin’s Christian Russia and support it. In any event i have no doubt that the descendants of Nicholas II and his family (who, contrary to the lies promulgated as history in our world, survived the Bolshevik’s assassination attempt) are very happy with how Putin is ‘minding the shop’. And so am I.

    As Christian Russians were running the USSR after 1977 and probably earlier, the KGB would have been a genuine national security organisation in Putin’s time. Also, the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 was indeed a tremendous loss to humanity, BUT it was probably not as great a tragedy for humanity as the Jews’ destruction of Germany and their genocide of 20 million ethnic Germans followed by the enslavement of the rest of that nation from 8 May 1945 until the present day! THAT sequence of events has led humanity to the very brink of destruction and the resulting dystopia is only going to be overcome by divine energetic intervention which is under way, NOW.

    It might also be argued that the jews’ Bolshevik COUP in Imperial Russia was as great, if not a greater catastrophe for humanity than the collapse of the Soviet Union. Certainly it led directly to more deaths and destruction.

    Incidentally, the godless, Talmudic collectivism in Communism is its unacceptable feature; there is nothing wrong with the godly communitarian aspects in Communism, which is all that Putin and his Christian Russian supporters seek to retain thereof.

    Peace and Blessings be upon all,

    1. @ RC

      Intriguing info to be sure. But there IS something that I would hope for you to clarify.

      To say “there is nothing wrong with Godly communitarian aspects in communism” represents a contradiction. There can be no community of God with “communism” as it is commonly understood – they are incompatible.

    2. Thanks, Ron. I never read or heard many of your claims. They are fantastic. I especially enjoyed the ones about Nicholas and Reagan. The double for ‘Red Ronnie’ was really good. The Ronnie double could have stepped in when he changed parties, from Democrat to Republican.

      This bolsters my position the we are ALL ‘guessing’ about history…. and the present… and the future, of course.

      If what you stated actually happened that way, any ‘guessing’ about the future may be more accurate than reading history written by Pharisees. 🙂

      1. Hey Pat – how do you type that smiley guy these days? They up and changed it on me

      2. B-Hawk -=

        Use full colon ( : ) for full smile. Semicolon for wink goes dim these days. 🙂

    3. fabulous post, ron, jampacked with hard information.
      i intuited much of this by reverse engineering of today’s dynamics but hardly had proof or support of others and you just opened the door to deeper understanding.

      i particularly like the term ‘christian communists’, in fact, here in the balkans, people, including muslims (especially muslims, it seems) frequently refer to christ as the proto-communist, maybe only half-jokingly.
      these christo-communists abound in eastern and central europe and there must have been a mighty struggle for control throughout the region.
      certainly a glaring example was croatian president, late frank tudman whose parents were hardcore communists, father a general and he too had been brought along and groomed in the party before openly declaring as a nationalist catholic and quite hard right, almost a throwback to the national socialists of the ww2 era under ante pavelich.
      he was hounded as anti-semite and indeed he openly despised them.

      when he died, not a single western leader or even a low rank government official showed up at the state funeral.
      to me, that in itself is an honor and sign of trust.

      many of these national communists (might call them nacos, like nazis) are running the state apparatus in ex-warsaw bloc countries.

      by the way, something i read yesterday, of possible interest to harbinger and ryckaert si hungarian’s president viktor orban’s statement regarding the unwanted immigration into hungary, in open defiance of brussels.
      he said that whether eu likes it or not, the doors are closed to inflow of immigrants from the POOR countries.
      if other eu members like them so much, they are welcome to absorb them provided they never end up in hungary.

      i think that this is a perfectly sensible and defensible stance, based on economic rather than racial terms.

      again, thanks ron chapman, this is well worth bookmarking.

      poor ulraine, a decaying carcass gnawed by a pack of rabid hyenas.

      1. Thanks lobro

        You clarified that for me. You really are a top-notch ‘context sleuth’ 🙂

      2. @ lobro

        Just a heads-up, lobro. u r brilliant! WOW! 🙂

        Don’t go TOO overboard ignoring English rules of grammar and spelling and capitalization though. Or next thing you know you’ll start sounding like insmogman’s “sog”. Which would be a shame as you’re sooooooooooooo intelligent and have sooooooooooooooo much to say.

      3. @j 🙂 e
        soooooo happy to see you back from your peregrinations 🙂
        say hi to incogman for me, never heard from him but he must be sooooooo special since you refer to him as comparable to me (and i always thought i was incomparable, thanks for straightening me out.

        soooooo sad, along with Uncle Toby (or not toby as the case might be) that your posts are sooooooo infrequent and brief 🙁

        but THat’s the Best (how do You like them caPitalizations, A worK in proGress) we can hOpe f0r given Your Travels to dIstant and eXotic sites.
        bEcause You are a true artiCle, a
        Wandering J 🙂 e,
        Der Ewige J 🙂 e, in fact.

        TheOneAndOnlyOriginalJ 🙂 e and a credit to your race, so keep racin’.

        (just don’t get mad >:( i only did it to test the edit function and what better guinea pig but a real, original guinea, right? 😉 )

  29. G’day Brownhawk,

    You are correct if we assume that “Communism” can only imply a Talmudic, godless, collectivist, anti-human societal structure. Bur arguably Esu Immanuel lived a communitarian life during the years he was teaching in Palestine. The subject is huge. Obviousy there are many ways of living together in groups.

    What I was trying to get at is the fact that, to survive, humanity must realign with the divine laws of the Cosmos ie re-establish genuine god centred community life. God centering means loving neighbour AS self for the love of God, ie ALL creatures and everything. That requires that we learn to love OURSELVES so that we have a basis for loving others and for realising that we are all ONE in the Creator.
    Love of others and the world manifests as service to others and the world (guardianship ) rather than service to self. Of course that doesn’t mean masochism or failing serve self where needed, but it does require overcoming the ego-centricity that the Techma (Jews’) MIND CONTROL, global matrix control system has inculcated in almost everyone, usually from birth.
    As I see it, the main difference between the overt physical collectivism of the Bolshevik system and the covert, psychological collectivism of the Fascist (Tavistockian, Berynasian PR) mind control system, is merely the greater subtlety of the control mechanisms used. As they say, there is no one so completely enslaved as someone who thinks he’s free. In that sense, the Soviet Bolshevik political system was more honest that US “democracy” because everyone knew the “Party” chose the ONLY candidate for you to vote for.

    However, once the Techma and their henchmen are removed, (which I anticipate will occur this year) humanity will be free to learn from its miserable history and choose genuine interactive forms of societal organization and governance. The successful forms will be essentially republican, universal sufferage arrangements in which every competent adult will be encouraged to contribute according to capacity and ability. Hopefully humanity will have learned that EVERYONE is responsible for governance; and that Big Government and WELFARISM will be abandoned for local communitarian forms of social and political interaction.

    The advantages of genuine local self governance will be that there will be NO income taxation; and the issuance of currency (money) to facilitate the exchange of goods and services will be publicly controlled by agents of the entire community so that the money supply will not arbitrarily fluctuate to create booms and busts AND, hopefully, money issued will have a use-by date so that it steadily devalues ensuring that money will have NO “time value” ie usury potential. Thus hoarding it will result in losses and no one will wish to pay interest for borrowing it.

    Once a community agrees to issue money AS NEEDED, free of charge, and to carefully oversight and audit the process, RECALLING any agent abusing the community’s trust and any elected representative who fails to RE-PRESENT the wishes of his/her electors; there will be no incentive to create Big government. What will be required though, is that a majority of community members remain actively engaged in governance processes and oversighting the performance of community agents.

    In short, communities need to be active cooperatives in which the members happily and voluntarily serve each other not themselves. The model would be any large, genuinely happy family.

    Additional reading: Government is an extortion racket. See: http://abundanthope.net/pages/Ron_71/Government-is-an-extortion-racket.shtml
    Farming and Gardening after Stasis:The Global Garden of Eden. See: http://abundanthope.net/pages/Ron_71/Farming-and-Gardening-after-Stasis-The-Global-Garden-of-Eden.shtml
    WELFARISM: Why is it a Ubiquitous Tool for the Elimination of Human Sovereignty in Modern Society? See: http://abundanthope.net/pages/Ron_71/WELFARISM_Why_is_it_a_Ubiquitous_Tool_for_the_Elim_2655.shtml

    The subject is immense and needs much dialogue.
    Peace and Blessings be upon all,

    1. @ Lobro

      I’m not mad or in any way angry, never that. I take it all with aplomb. I do, however, take umbrage at your “der ewige” comment. I don’t care for the word “ewige”. It always remind me of “earwig”. I know “ewige” means “eternal” in German but still the word evokes images of earwigs to me.

      I stopped “peregrinating” when I moved out of NYC awhile back. I’m out of the habit of walking. Something I always enjoyed back in my hometown of jew jerk shitty, the shitty of der earwig jews. They get in your ear and they’re so annoying. So neurotic, so frantic. [ Now I just drive everywhere I have to go. ]

      It is thru my eternal kewl aplomb-ness I’m able to spot the trolls real fast and put ’em in their place and keep ’em there. Trolls strive to throw non trolls off-balance. Remain cool and collected [ aplomb-ness ] and that’s 90% of the battle right there.

      Yes, Uncle is a case alright, if not THE case.

      Not sure what race I am at this present time. I always thought I was Caucasian, but I find out now Caucasians are passé and don’t exist anymore. I came across that latest news flash just the other day.

      You have my permission to test the edit function all you want, to your lobro heart’s content. Monty is footing the bill for the band width space, I’m not. Go for it!

      Speaking of “peregrinations”, wouldn’t it be a good idea if you were to walk away from your cubicle every once and awhile and take some refreshing walks around the block. Get some fresh air and you can wonder as you meander as you peregrinate as you get some fresh air and perhaps some much needed physical exercise.

      A song from Italy to soothe your frantic lobro nerves ;


      If video link doesn’t work :

      Click your heels three times and repeat after me : “There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home”.

      1. thanks giuseppe, i always knew we are buddies, tho like just about everyone in all these 2014.5 anos domini, each stuck in his personal cubicle.

        a great bunch of songs (i am on the 2nd, by handel).

        so kick up ya heels until the cubicle walls come apart (sorry, the smiley shop closed early and i am out).

        and yes, although the last 10 years i have been without a dog (the only such period in my life), i do walk up and down these here neighboring hills, aimlessly on purpose, so to speak, neither looking for jews nor finding any (the 5x daily call of the muezzin keeps the vampires at bay).

  30. G’day Pat,

    Having regard to the Kol Nidrei and the requirements of the Talmud, ANY gentile suggestion about the past or the present has got to be more accurate than our Pharisaic history. Our future depends on what humanity is prepared to accept.

  31. G’day again Brownhawk,

    IMHO the difference, in a nutshell, between Talmudic collectivism as represented by Bolshevik Communism, and a godly communitarian social structure, is that the former is a HIVE MIND societal structure controlled and directed by central authority; whereas the latter is a co-operative society of SOVEREIGN, thinking and acting individuals who dialogue and hammer out agreed courses of action rather than have some central authority (‘Party’, government, hidden banksters or whatever) dictating what they think and do. What makes it godly is that the members are conscious sovereign fragments of the Creator who seek to live and relate to others in accordance with the divine structure of the cosmos. That structure is what constitutes “divine law.” A godly governing arrangement would be based on free will that is in harmony with the energetic structure of all and everything in the Cosmos.

    1. I getcha, Ron

      Let’s just say all the language is getting wearisome. Take the word “gay”, for example. Here was a perfectly fine word rooted in the Old French, “gai” – meaning lively and lighthearted, without the homosexual connotation. An insidious, and no doubt product of the infamous center of social engineering Frankfurt School, whose perfidious effect has been to convince MOST homosexuals that they were BORN that way when this is only the case with a tiny percentage.

      But hey, what’s not to like about being lively and light-hearted, eh? How cleverly diabolical of them.

      Along these lines, the words “communal”, or better still, “community” are the two variants of “commune” (dirty hippies) that haven’t been negatively “dialecticized”.

      1. And their anger stems from what they’ve been misled to believe about themselves

        I think therefore I rationalize

  32. Re: lobro
    May 4, 2015 at 3:48 pm

    G’day Lobro

    Thank you!
    Sorry I missed your post. I just noticed it.

    I’m glad you have plenty of experience of Christo-communists because they appear to represent the way forward in most countries and certainly those that have experienced overt communism as distinct from the covert (unnamed) creeping “Welfarist” communism inflicted upon the Anglo-US and Western European countries.

    I agree with your assessment that the “West’s” shunning of Frank Tudman evidences that he was on the right track. Judaic disapproval is always a sure sign of being on the right track.

    I like Hungary’s president Viktor Orban. He has cojones and is prepared to stand up to the Judaic EU controllers. I hope he survives long enough to see the promised land – which won’t be full of Jews, Khazars and shabbos goyim.

    Any genuinely independent national leader (and there are not many of them) will resist the Jews’ insidious undermining of his/her nation by Jews using the political correctness ploy to swamp viable national ethnic entities with immigrants. Once the Jews get a sizable minority of foreign ethnic, religious and/or culturally different economic or humanitarian refugees within any country then they start fomenting social unrest and political subversion. The other major mechanism they use to destroy nations is to impoverish them. When men are poor, let alone starving, they are easily led to either join Death Squads used in other countries or to violently attack their own countrymen, as happens in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Rwanda and all the rest.

    NOTICE that although the Jews vociferously advocate flooding the US, Europe and other economically advanced, usually Shemite countries with poverty stricken migrants and refugees; they absolutely refuse to allow such immigrants to stay in Israel which is a viciously apartheid state.

    And of course Ukraine is the latest example. For instance today I came across a typical piece of rabbinically misleading propaganda that pretends that Jews are at risk in Ukraine when they are the cause of the carnage there. See eg: 1 of Every 30 Ukrainian Jews Emigrated in First Quarter of 2015 – http://abundanthope.net/pages/Political_Information_43/1-of-Every-30-Ukrainian-Jews-Emigrated-in-First-Quarter-of-2015.shtml

    Lobro, thank you for recognising my work. I greatly appreciate your feedback.

    Peace and Blessings be upon you, those with you, and everyone.

      1. it’s always about “some jews misbehavin’”

        Hahaha! Spoken like a champ!
        Amen to that..

      2. I found it a little disturbing that the Ethiopian “soldier”, who was beaten, and abused, by the holier than thou IOF, was satisfied with a hug from Netanyahoo..

      3. Don`t know if you caught it, but the Ethiopian “soldier”, who was abused by IOF thugs, was hugged by Netanyahoo, so that makes everything right again, right?

  33. Most trolls are angry when they lose a debate — especially if the lose a debate to solid truthful source references. Most trolls are angry to be losers.

  34. G’day Brownhawk,

    Yep. I have long grieved for the loss of that beautiful word “gay”.
    Having it misappropriated and abused by the homosexual community has always irritated me because it’s no longer available for use as originally intended. It’s another blatant example of the homosexual community not being able to mind their own business and leave the general population to mind theirs.

  35. @ ingrid,

    I found it a little disturbing that the Ethiopian “soldier”, who was beaten, and abused, by the holier than thou IOF, was satisfied with a hug from Netanyahoo.

    i found other things disturbing, such as that
    some african nigra comes to palestine as the titled landowner, genocidally abuses the root population and then bitches about discrimination and injustice.
    of course, the liberal, gentrified, cosmopolitan jewesses of +972 pick it as the flavor of the day.

    fact is, i find the existence of jews in the world a little disturbing.

    i find the inescapable logic of justice, whereby god, the creator is hands-off non-interventionist and his implacable enemy, the devil absolutely interventionist, his mastery of the material and profane complete as his own prized creation, the jews amply demonstrate.

    the logic is rock solid but i ain’t satisfied, i want my vengeance and victory here and now.
    i guess i am just lacking in spirituality and cursed with testosterone.

  36. Err… christianity always served the jews well, they never had any reason for “dream[ing] of killing off Christianity”. What they wanted to kill off would be whatever pagan European values and morals that survived the christianization of Europe. Jews weren’t persecuted in Europe because they were dealing with christians, they were persecuted *despite* dealing with christian: because their greed knows no limits they always go too far, and even philohebraic christians, who accept the jews as “god’s chosen people,” would eventually have enough and throw the little parasites out.

    I don’t really think the jews are worried about Orthodox Christianity. If you check Dugin’s Eurasianism, the theory behind Putin’s orthodox conservatism, it’s very anti-European, very in league with zionism. They are probably financing Putin too, they’re behind almost all “movements” and “ideologies” and “tendencies” today.

    1. B –

      Jew-Pharisees in Moscow would agree with you. They printed that in JP. Pharisees like Putin:

      – In Putin’s return, Russian Jews see stability –

      For Jewish community in Russia, returning president marks a departure in the country’s history from the anti-Semitism of past Communist elites.

      Yevgeniy Satanovsky, head of the Institute for Israel and Near Eastern Studies, a think tank in Moscow, says that Jews do not have to worry about Putin.

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