Putrid psychotic pseudo people

vlcsnap-869774.jpg.pagespeed.ce.Fdf2yWwvY3This Bolshevik revolution that everybody talks about was not a Russian revolution. It was the takeover of Russia by Jews sent by American bankers to rob the czar, who was at the time the richest man in the world. A revolutionary government dominated by Jews proceeded to plunder the country and most noticeably slaughtered a hundred million non Jewish Russian people. This is the dominant feature of Communism — it murders the bourgeoisie, and robs countries and the people who worked to earn the money, and gives that money to the people who steal the country, namely, the Communists.

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John Kaminski

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Most of his articles are featured here. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA. _____________________________________________________________________________ http://renegadetribune.com/author/kaminski/ http://300spartans.com.au/kaminski http://johnkaminski.info/ http://www.rudemacedon.ca/kaminski/kam-index.html http://web.archive.org/web/20040323232319/http://johnkaminski.com/

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    Apologies to John Kaminski for this off-topic comment

    Tyrone Parsons has been banned from posting on this site until further notice. This is for posting pornographic and sexually explicit comments describing the smell of a woman’s vagina. On no account will we tolerate such abusive comments on this website.

    Let it be noted that this particular commenter has been in trouble with us before and has received numerous warnings to behave himself — all to no avail.

    What makes Mr Parson’s comments all the more inexcusable are two other factors. Firstly, he resorts to the cheap device of stigmatizing as a “Jew” and as a “troll” anyone who contradicts him or attacks him in any way. Secondly, and more importantly, he professes to be a good Christian and has impudently stated that Christ himself would probably approve of his obscene and insulting language! — language in which he describes the smell of a woman’s vagina and likens it to tuna fish and goat cheese.

    If Mr Parsons thinks he is free to indulge his sexual fantasies on our site, he is sadly mistaken.

    Defenders of Tyrone Parsons have a choice: either we agree to keep him on our site and make it an all-male preserve in which obscenity and “cunt language” are the norm OR we have a general exodus of female posters from our site. We have received several letters of complaint from “silent readers”, both male and female, who are now refusing to read the comments on this website, and turning away from it in disgust, because of the “low tone” and “foul language” that is now becoming prevalent here — thanks to posters like Tyrone Parsons.

    So which is it to be: an all-male site with the language of the locker room and obscenity the norm, or should female posters be welcome here also, in the knowledge that their vaginas will not be referred to disparagingly every time Tyrone Parsons loses his temper with them?

    Your input is sought. Please advise. In the meantime, Mr Parsons is banned from posting.

    — Toby (site monitor)

    1. Your decision to ban Tyrone Parsons is a wise one for several reasons.

      First, we really do want to read what women have to say and it is grossly unfair that they should have to be excluded because of chauvinist male posters with an appetite for obscenity.

      Secondly, Parson’s comments are not particularly memorable or brilliant; if they were, he wouldn’t have been rationed to one post a day.

      Thirdly, he thinks he can silence his opponents either by calling them “Jews” or by referring to their vaginas in filthy language if they happen to be women.

      The sooner you get rid of this sanctimonious sonofabitch, who actually has the nerve to pass himself off as a “Christian”, the better.

    2. Away with the potty mouths. Delicate subjects are best discussed with decorum. Juvenile jerks with their salacious stereotypes, especially ignorant ones like Parsons uses, add nothing to these discussions. And it might be too much to ask, but I’d like to see the comments section discussing the story in question rather than wandering off into irrelevant and smarmy dialogue among commenters. I am encouraged, however, to see fewer Jews interfering in these conversations with their predictable lies and feigned umbrage. All in all, the comments add measurably to the total package. And I think comments from females are usually twice as valuable and more to the point than all those egotistical showoff remarks made by insecure men.

      1. …but JK –

        It is so AMUSING, sometimes, and breaks the monotony of repetitive commentary! Yes, the comments get ‘carried away’, often (hell – I never saw Bilney banned!) – but they lend some sort of balance and color to this site. Otherwise, it’d just be the typical ‘normal sanity’ described and noted by Pat, below.

        I just got in by the fire from a cold and hard day’s work on some fence line. I looked at Drudge, and Alex Jones – then checked in here BECAUSE it not only offers great perspective, but, mostly, edifying and scholarly comment ALONG WITH ENOUGH OFF-COLOR BANTERING TO KEEP IT INTERESTING. I very much like Typon Parsons (though he gets too detailed and long-winded, sometimes), and it is my opinion that he’s just like a lot of white men who are HAMMERED with bad news all day BECAUSE HE DOESN’T GET AWAY FROM IT ENOUGH. Something breaks, inevitably, but composure is then regained. Give him a break, Uncle Toby. Please? 🙂

        It would suit ME just as well if this were a poetry site, and it might inspire me to be more creative with verse and learning. As it is, though, the latitudes you allow make it BETTER, sometimes, for those of us who are NOT ‘normal’. 🙂

      2. @ Gilbert Huntley

        “Give him a break, Uncle Toby. Please? 🙂

        So Gilbert, I take it you are are happy that this should remain an all-male site from now on, is that right? You want females rigidly excluded? And you vote for locker-room talk and obscenity to take precedence over sober discussion?

        May I ask why you are voting for the exclusion of Madame Butterfly, Ruth Bernstein, Kapoore, Lucy Skipping and other women on this site? What do you have against them? Will you explain?

        @ Pat

        I will put this question to Pat too. You would rather have women excluded from this site from now on “just to keep them in their place”? This is to be a men’s club from now on, right? Is this what you vote for?

      3. I certainly did NOT indicate a desire to EXCLUDE women commenting on this site, Toby. Do not accuse it. You know better. In fact, I, myself, have pointedly refrained from vulgar banter with everyone (EXCEPTING Max the Bilney)(only because his attacks on ME), and I resent the implication.

        If this site excluded women, the variety and banter would be NO fun – and you might as well close it down,

        1. @ Gilbert Huntley

          I have already explained to you at great length, Gilbert, that if you vote for keeping Tyrone Parsons on this site you are automatically voting for the exclusion of women. The two are incompatible, like oil and water. You can’t have both. Its either Parsons or women.

      4. Toby –
        I have never suggested anyone be banned here. I never will.
        I vote no one is to be excluded….. except those who badmouth LD….and then not banned, but have comments stricken at your discretion.

        Hell…these are just comments…NOT bullets!!

        If they kick me I’ll kick back. I can take it. Here, or in the street.

      5. But I’ll tell you something else: If you equate your ‘explaining at great length’ to your recent, concise ultimatum, you should ask Aunt Jemimah to substitute for you ’til you unscramble.

      6. Right John.
        Perhaps Mr. Parsons could find edification by looking at himself in the mirror while reciting the “Virginal Monologues”. The VMs are another piece of dramatic garbage that the PC crowd likes to lollygag over. Can’t wait tell some hair brained High School English/drama teacher wants to produce the VMs on stage for the enlightenment of the parents. That is if it hasn’t already happened. Ah, what a country we live in.

    3. Toby –

      I say…let the strong survive. Stay the heat in the kitchen. Keep the whip.

      Remember…. Madame Butterfly said this:

      Yes, I agree that feminism is at fault. But whose fault is it that you LET Woman get too big for her boots? YOUR fault! Who gave woman the vote? YOU did, you cretin! You are to blame for failing to discipline the female!

      YOU SHOULD HAVE KEPT HER IN HER PLACE! You should have ground her under your fucking heel! You should have given her a good thrashing when she forgot her place!

      But you didn’t! You let her ride roughshod over you! You GAVE her the equality you should not have done!

      Why? Why didn’t you have the manhood to CONTROL Woman?

      Because you had lost your balls! You had become effete! You had lost your masculinity and become a cheap wanker! An emasculated milksop of a man!

      Don’t blame the White woman for “going astray”! You LET her off her leash! You were weak! You were a sissy! You were a WANKER!

      You deserve your fate!

      “Thou goest to Woman? Remember thy whip!” said Nietzsche.

      Wise words. You did not heed them. You forgot your whip.

      1. pat.
        so obvious.

        madame butterfly was at all times polite and while pretending to chide tyron, in fact expressing agreement.
        if he didn’t get it, it speaks poorly of his intelligence.
        that he reacted with such hysterical vulgariry, worthy of the worst jew porn trailer jargon, speaks volumes about both his character and upbringing.

        for shame.

        as ruth will confirm, when she rounded on me savagely for partly disagreeing with lasha and everyone else except partly agreeing with c1rcass1an (don’t want to be monitorboarded), i never once referred to her in derogatory terms, especially not in relation to her femininity (which is not to say that the fascinating topic that tyron brought up didn’t cause me hours of insomnia in the day).

        i was hurt and it took days for the gaping hole in my head to heal, but i took it like a proper gent, scholar, officer and a dude.

        and lastly: how can someone, who invokes the name of jesus at every turn speak in such terms to women?
        would jesus talk to his mother or mary magdalene like that?
        a jew certainly would and does right there on jew tv in the land of the reeking squatters, just look it up.

      2. @ lobro

        “Madame Butterfly was at all times polite and while pretending to chide tyron, in fact was expressing agreement. if he didn’t get it, it speaks poorly of his intelligence.”

        I thought so too. Madame Butterfly is a gem. She was scrupulously polite. That Tyron Parson failed to understand her does indeed reveal his humorlesness as well as his low level of intelligence.

        Note another thing too. Madame Butterfly had addressed Joe Webb in precisely the same language. Joe Webb took no offense and reacted maturely — in sharp contrast to the hysterical outburst of Tyron Parsons.

        “That he [Tyron Parsons] reacted with such hysterical vulgarity, worthy of the worst jew porn trailer jargon, speaks volumes about both his character and upbringing. For shame.”

        Well said, Lobro. You are truly a man of honor. What you say is patently true.

        And lastly: how can someone, who invokes the name of jesus at every turn speak in such terms to women? would jesus talk to his mother or mary magdalene like that?

        Dear God, that comment brings tears to my eyes and vindicates you in my eyes completely! I ask forgiveness in all sincerity for misjudging you. Mea culpa. I guess I was having a bad day and should have refrained from posting until I had regained my composure.

        What could be more obvious: how could a man who is constantly quoting the Bible and assuming such high-and-mighty Christian airs start insulting a good woman like Madame Butterfly by referring to the smell of her vagina?

        Truly, it beggars belief.

    4. Toby,
      Demeaning and cruel language aimed at another human being – in this case and unbelievably – a woman – reveals a serious character flaw, and a greatest weakness – the inability to bridle one’s own tongue.
      If TP is a Christian, let him prove it by repentance, and genuine apology to those he offended, including those not directly involved. If he refuses, banning him is the only way to maintain the quality of your site.

    5. While it seems that the young man, Tyron Parsons, is highly well read, thoughtful and obviously so intelligent that he probably has no need even to know his own IQ, I must convey my thanks to you, Toby, for restricting his posts. The sort of crude panty sniffing banter he uses to get his points across is a disgrace to this site, and cannot but turn the more polite, well bred and morally righteous members of society away from posting. This is a respected and intellectually refined forum, and if it’s constantly being used as a place to exchange views on olfactory appreciations of a vaginal nature I, too, fear that many of the well respected female posters may pack up and ‘go bush’. Immature white supremacist rants are one thing, but, you know, this sort of thing brings anti-semitism into disrepute. I am glad the administrators are attempting to keep this site free from such embarrassingly private revelations. Thank you.

    6. @Toby. I usually try to stay out of these things. You know. Got cought up in the circ dragnet last time. This Tyron dude goes ‘I am a free man’. I am a free man? Catches my attention. Yeah, you’re free dude! But respect, eh? That sorta stuff. It’s funny, whatever. Too bright. Light you are. Ha ha ha! Tyron is free to post. He’s free. Long live the resistance!!!

      @alison. !!! I am speechless! What the h*ll are you on! I smell something very fishy…

  2. Jew who invented ADHD says it was phoney. Now there is ODD to add to the list:

    Psychiatrists Now Say Non-Conformity Is A Mental Illness: Only The Sheeple Are ‘Sane’


    (NaturalNews) Modern psychiatry has become a hotbed of corruption, particularly the kind that seeks to demonize and declare mentally ill anyone who deviates from what is regarded as the norm. This is abundantly evident in the latest installment of the industry’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, or DSM, which dubs people who do not conform to what those in charge declare to be normal as mentally insane.

    The so-called “condition” for why a person might choose to resist conformity has been labeled by the psychiatric profession as “oppositional defiant disorder,” or ODD. The new DSM defines this made-up disease as an “ongoing pattern of disobedient, hostile and defiant behavior,” and also lumps it in alongside attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, another made-up condition whose creator, Dr. Leon Eisenberg, admitted it to be phony on his death bed.

    1. torture is a natural, environmentally sustainable way to restore conformity.

      jews started various eco-friendly movements and ngo’s like the green party, torturers without borders, organ recycling programs and so on.

      they’ve always been ahead on the curve because g-d made them custodians of earth, they determined that the goyim, especially the white ones don’t fit the evolutionary goals and for this reason we are soon to see the tunnel at the end of the light.

    2. GH/Pat
      You guys are well informed, good humored, and add a LOT to the site. TP has a lot to share, especially with his unique past experiences, but his angry and crass remarks were way over the line. A few choice words are one thing, but cruelty I don’t understand.

      Anyway, if I am ever out numbered in a street fight I know who to call for help. 😉

  3. Well here’s one for you dumb asses who believe the ‘Nordics’ are so ‘superior’ : I just read on Drudge where Swedes and Icelanders are MOST likely to endorse and favor a CASHLESS society. Dumb sheeple.

      1. Think about it, Pat… If they are so damn SMART, why are they stupid enough to put themselves AT MERCY, totally, to their damn GOVERNMENTS?? You sound less astute with that comment.

      2. Gil –

        I did not use your name in that comment.
        I meant for them to ‘get with it’ and get more crime. like US. It was a damned joke.. 🙂

        And we believe we know what was written 2000 years ago…in dozens of languages…most of which do not even exist today..??? HA!!

    1. GH,

      I totally agree. I would expect the Swedes to go that route, but had high hopes for the Icelanders. They were the only people to jail crooked bankers. I was hoping the rest of the world would catch on.

      1. Leo –

        It seems convenience is way ahead of whatever is in 2nd place these days. Our Achilles heel.

    1. Very GOOD, HP. Sharp! I use a 7.62×39, often, and I can tell you the blood fan/spray would have looked like a small EXPLOSION, especially at that range! (It must be bullshit/false flag!)

    2. Not only was the guy not shot, but it doesn’t even look like a bullet that hit the pavement! More like some kind of air gun with smoke

  4. Mental illness is characteristically jewish due to their religious extremism and the genetic abnormalities they brought upon themselves through centuries of inbreeding.

  5. I’m still a little perplexed over this whole Tyron Parsons Affair (sounds so dramatic – I like it). His potty mouth seemed to come on so suddenly. It’s like he has Turrets Syndrome or something. Like he had an attack of Crazy Joe and Max Bilney rolled into one!

    Toby, apparently you have confirmed that there is only one “Tyron Parsons”?

  6. mr Kaminski was it not the czar who exposed the protocols of Zion and was it not Russia the last that kicked the tribe out?

  7. I have just received this email from Tyrone Parsons. He writes, “I challenge you to post this.” So I do. Here is his email, nothing left out:

    I wear your banning, your silence of me as a BADGE OF HONOR in the fight against the “Jews” and their supporters.

    I challenge you to post this but I sure as hell ain’t holding my breath.

    This site will allow women to call men every name in the book. It will allow women to blame white men for every historical crime imaginable saying we should have crushed white women under our heal, controlled them and physical and verbally abused them to put them in our place long ago. You uber Hypocrites will allow these obvious trolls to say white people- Christians have no penis’, no balls, that we are effeminate. That we should burn in hell. It allows Muslims to praise the mass rape of pubescent white girls and the mass murder of whites (Avatar). You allow psedo “Christians” like Max and even fake Jews to use the most foul language imaginable to slander, to marginalize white people in general, especially white males, and those who profess belief in Jesus Christ

    BUT GOD FORBID (as I pointed it out) that a women, a Muslim or some Jew troll get’s their feelings hurt- holy shit, we can’t have that. No, ONLY then do you act you hypocrites. And when a white male uses the SAME TACTICS as Butterfly and does EXACTLY what she had chastised us for not doing to MAKE A POINT of their hypocrisy, well golly gee, you BAN that person- you SILENCE them.

    I explicitly explained this in my post to that fake representative of Christ, the “reverend”, as I did Pat after that.

    I was making a point you gutless, spineless, hypocrites! for a moment there I was actually entertaining the thought that you people changed, but I was proved wrong.

    There isn’t a DIMES worth of difference between you “people” who run this site and the elite Jews and their whacked out pawns, the Muslims. You’re all uber hypocrites united in your hated of white people, Christians, while supporting Cultural Marxism beliefs and goals as you pretend to oppose the “Jews”.

    The ONLY people who called for my banning where the Jew trolls pretending to “oppose the Jews”, actual open Jews and their Muslim pawns. NO ONE ELSE complained and don’t think for one second that this fact was lost on the others 🙂

    Thus, THANK you for the banning. Thanks for the VICTORY. You only accomplished proving me correct in ALL of my assertions.

    Your site deserves to die the death of abandonment and God willing it will happen leaving only you hypocrites who run that site and the Jew and Muslim trolls you protect.

      1. Tyron’s stooping to the language of the gutter in expressing his animosity is disappointing to say the least. And all I have to say about this matter is in the interest of K.I.S.S. – KEEPING IT SIMPLE STUPID. By that I mean striving to find what could be seen as exemplary behavior pertaining to whatever be the subject.

        In this “Tyron Parsons Affair” it pertains to men-women relationships, and understanding what healthy and functional behavior looks like would see it through a study of the Iroquois. I highly recommend it.

    1. Dear Tyron Parsons,

      However some of the Hoi polloi here may imagine you, you should know that at least someone, albeit from afar, has very carefully and even more deliberately studied every spot of ink you have impressed upon the paper; and that you have been so coldly rejected, is only proof that your words vastly exceed their scope for understanding them. Of course, I, too, should think it somewhat unfortunate that you deliberately and ever so indelicately elected to impress our gentle minds with the ineffable impression of a malodorous pudenda, but this is a mistake which renders itself visible only to those who seek to judge another’s words with a microscope, since in fact what you said about that anatomical organ which in a woman is destiny, is actually awfully trite and, in the last analysis, actually only mildly offensive: I once had two Bretton servants, whose unshaved French pudendas were capable of knocking even Hercules down, and so I am entirely in agreement with you. I also know cheese!

      As for the irritable, veritably hurt, but fiercely obstinate and ostensibly young English lass that is Ms Darkmoon, I can tell you from experience that she is an astonishing bundle of contradictions, whose heavily compounded mind, so far, that is, as it is capable of extension, will always find something in one which requires augmentation, correction, betterment and occasionally even chastisement, like those Alexandrian metaphysicians of the past, you know, who never resolved upon a point until they had so mentally thrashed it as to render themselves absurd! Yes, that is Ms Darkmoon, Tyron, not hard of heart, not malevolent: absurd!

      Speaking of absurdity and Ms Darkmoon – the two being now manifestly synonymous – did you know that no human weakness is more common among the scholars than it? Listen to this, man, and learn: thanks to me, her English majesty – maintenant lèse majesté, naturellement! – has been translated in no less than 102 languages, in 98 countries, in every faith, denomination, continent and suzerainty, and yet, our awfully delicate specimen, who often confuses cause for effect and effect for cause, in spite of my enriching her mind and vocabulary with three astonishingly powerful essays, has, believe it or not, allowed her mind to be guided more by what her coterie of scholars think about them than she herself, baring, in this oh-so- English a manner, openly her secret guiding principles of infidelity to others, though this time to me, ME! who, on no account exaggerating, can at a stroke diminish the material encumbrances which so weigh her down! If you wish to receive additional confirmation of my modest claim, let the injured queen send you my dynamite prose about the evil Jews, and you shall see what I mean: image after image after image of densely cutting words; a perfectly balanced syntax and the most sonorous syllables; expressions explicitly lucid and memorable; each and every word containing more beauty and force than the one preceding them; and so proportionably and originally did I compose, as to make the ghost of Cicero, as well as all the little Oxford scholars of England, ask: Cui scribis, Divinus?

      Alas, Tyron, this time we must side with the ancients, and together say that, sometimes the ear is more impressionable than the eye. Some counsels and maxims may sometimes be contrary to logic, friend, but sometimes so is Ms Darkmoon herself.

      ‘What to you is philosophy, Prodicus?’
      ‘The ability to turn away my students from the opinion of others, Socrates.’

      From afar, with a hearty laugh,

      1. @ Ellie K

        Darling Ellie,

        You did wrong to make it impossible for me to contact you again at your usual Eleanor Kleist email address. I tried to do so, only to have my email bounce back at me, rejected. I really do adore you, sweetheart, despite my reluctance to publish your three most recent articles. The reason I gave you appeared to me valid: your articles were the most virulently anti-Semitic I have ever come across and would probably have got our site shut down if we had published them. That in itself would not have been an insuperable problem if you had given your sources and told us where you had read about all the extraordinary tortures practiced by Jews on their victims. Your entire approach was anecdotal: not a single link, not a single book quoted, not a single page number cited for the grisly events you described. I mean, how I could be sure it was all true? What if you’d been hoaxing me? What if all the events you had so vividly described had been pure fiction?

        One thing I will say. Or rather two things. First, I have missed you, because I genuinely do like you more than you deserve, you horrid thing. Your behavior has been abominable! And secondly, you are right about my character being full of contradictions. Because even in spite of my long letter to you, explaining why I could not publish your articles, I am still wondering if I can do so and get away with it. I recognize your extraordinary talents. You are unique, darling, and you have a well-stocked and highly original mind, steeped in the the noble ethos of the Ancients — the glory that was Greece and the grandeur that was Rome. You remind me in many ways of Pater’s description of the Mona Lisa:

        “She is older than the rocks among which she sits; like the vampire, she has been dead many times, and learned the secrets of the grave; and has been a diver in deep seas, and keeps their fallen day about her; and trafficked for strange webs with Eastern merchants: and, as Leda, was the mother of Helen of Troy, and, as Saint Anne, the mother of Mary; and all this has been to her but as the sound of lyres and flutes, and lives only in the delicacy with which it has moulded the changing lineaments, and tinged the eyelids and the hands.”

        That reminds me of you in a way. Something about it. Your style…your essence.

        Love and sincere best wishes


      2. ellie, good to know you’re still kicking.
        as lasha will confirm, at one time i entertained suspicion idea that mme butterfly and you were the same writer and the thought even struck me as i took tyron to task for his unclean and unholy language that betrayed a hitherto unsuspected layer of sheer malice.

        thanks for setting me straight on that issue.
        i might as well stop defending mme butterfly and let’s all welcome tyron back to maintain vigilant purity of thought and air and sniff for the early signs of putrefying goat cheese and so forth.

        the meta-metaphysicians of alexandria, especially the ones with further specialization in meta-gynecology (surely this is where talmudic disputations regarding the proper aging and uncorking of fine menstrual blood arose) would heartily approve.

    2. Dearest, darlingest, most scrumptiously loveable young Ms Darkmoon,

      As my temper is hardly ever the same, and as I suffer from the most mercurial and grievous swings of mood, the origin of which I have most candidly, most melancholically and most extensively related in my seven-page email to you, you must think me precisely as you imagine me: intelligent, clever, shrewd, tough, turbulent, immensely rich, lonely, well-read, eloquent, painfully immodest, loud, and utterly, cosmically, stupefyingly Jew hating. A few there are who have told me that, when they first heard my true thoughts about the Jews, they were carried away by them; and a certain publisher in Metz, who is closely linked to the Le Pen mob, once offered to pay me if only I agreed to write something about that wretched race.

      There is no literary work, neither of our times nor before our times, under the cupola of the azure sky with which I am not thoroughly acquainted; and no living writer would dare risk his reputation by presenting me with his impressions whilst thinking me ignorant of the facts which he presents. Why am I saying this? Because that is precisely the principle which guides me when I myself write. If what I wrote to you was fiction presented as fact, what will the intelligent gentlemen say when they discover it is a fiction? Do you think there will be anything left to prepossess me in their or your favour again? And who ever again could maintain that I am the best, the most original, the most beautiful, unforgettable, and Synagogue shattering human specimen ever to grace the Internet? You know, some people perceive the worth of a manuscript based on the amount of money it will bring them, whilst others still approve or disapprove of it according to the opinion which they think the general public shares and appreciates. But me? I have no need of others’ money, darlingest, and others’ opinion of me never trouble my head. The obscene remarks I made in my essays to you are actually facts, and the name of the author, whose work greatly helped me in establishing facts, it, too, has been divulged to you. Peruse again the email I sent you last year, though this time more carefully, and you shall see where I learned what I said. Of course, you ought to know that I write to you for fun, and that it less offends me and more delights me when you say NO! There is a certain sweet wound in your Nos to me, a secret firework which my explosive style sets in motion in you, and, perhaps, if I were nearer to you than I am now and presented you with a piece of my mind, you would scarce ask permission before fanning out with the brutally suppressed part of your passionate part and devour me, like a furious flame devour oaks and pines. You are a fury, you know that, don’t you? All that Upanishads and Buddha business – they are but a Poet’s tragedies wonderfully covered, tender declarations of a peaceful nature most devastating in reality. I bet you can destroy more readily than me! Me, I only hate the Jews.

      I observe people, gentle Ms Darkmoon, and not infrequently see them in a light better than the one in which they see themselves. I suppose there is some satisfaction in being inquisitive, (or is it prying?), though once I have satisfied my inner craving for someone I like, I never leave them without repaying them, something which you have spurned countlessly, and that, too, with an air most magisterial! You should be rich, not me! You scorn money; I love it.

      I don’t mind if you keep my essays to yourself, darlingest, though I am not so sure what is more barbaric: to conceal elegance or to divulge it. La Bruyere has it that, only a German woman can excel a man in prose; and Marot says that, if a man wishes to know what rapture is, he ought to cross the Rhine. Whatever: disclaimer or no disclaimer, publish or no publish: one thing you cannot deny, is that no literary machinery functions better than mine; and that if my regal arts ever hone in on someone or something, I leave the privileged reader not only with the feeling of instruction, but with that of wonder too. Who else but me can do this?

      One way or another one day I will set you at liberty; and, incredible though it sounds, the final scene will be more memorable and joyous than even I can describe, and I can describe ANYTHING!

      ‘No rebellion against the evil Jews has ended in anything but a tragedy; and what human being who thinks himself worthy would wish to be remembered by posterity as unsullied?’
      Ellie K., Memoirs…

      Bye now. New/old email has been supplied above.

      1. @ Ellie K

        Thank you, darling, for these kind words. My advice to you is to make up your mind once and for all whether you love me or hate me and try to stick to that decision until I give you good reason for changing your mind!

        Being loved on Monday and hated on Tuesday is most unsettling to a person of my even temperament. I need to know where I stand. I like consistency! In case you wish to know if I have ever reciprocated your past hatred for me at any time, the honest is NO. I have never been able to psych myself up into a state of hatred against you, because, quite simply, despite all your volatile and tempestuous tergiversations — ah, now there’s a word for you to roll round your mind! — you have never struck me as being a hateful person. In short, I am not a person who hates anyone easily, particularly a harmless little pussycat like you!

        Well, all for now, dear Ellie. I would like you to comment on the latest article on the Paris attacks. After all, you spend a lot of your time in Paris, don’t you, popping in and out of the Louvre on most days?

        How do you, as a resident of France, view this latest “terrorist attack”? Do you honestly believe that Muslims with links to Al Qaeda were behind this? Or do you think it could be a false flag attack … perhaps orchestrated by the Usual Suspects?

        If you decide to answer this question, please do so on the relevant thread — not on this thread.

      2. EK –

        “….what will the intelligent gentlemen say when they discover it is a fiction?”

        Knowledge of you exact personage notwithstanding…and your not knowing me either….

        I called it an obvious fake right away!!

    1. The Tsars had every opportunity to wipe the Jews out or expel them. Jewish terrorists spent years murdering Russian officials and provoking revolutions. Lenin, Stalin, and Trotsky were all imprisoned at various points and they were all released. The Russian government paid for its stupidity in the worst way.

      1. apparently not so, spqr, not any more than hitler could have won his war against jews.

        the jew bolsheviks were damn powerful, they had the entire wealth of the world, the international jewry united behind the goal which was the final and complete overthrow of the feudal class throughout europe, where russia was to be used as the tire iron to pry the nobility off from the serf class, the peasantry and agricultural producers, turn them into lumpen proletariat just like you are seeing worldwide now, giant agro-businesses run by rabbis, people crammed into slave sweatshops, women prostituted, kids dealing dope on streets, everybody dumbed down by hardship and gmo food, cultures lost forever.

        what ultimately cost the tzar his empire was his liberalism, as the protocols never tire of pointing out, onc he allowed the slightest breath of pseudo-“democracy”, jews jumped in like the thin edge of the wedge and started the corrosive work that they were custom formed in hell for.
        and they mountains of gold, shelter, advice, coordination with media (just read the new york times from that era), financial, military support, intelligence agencies – the whole point of ww1 was to destroy 3 empires: russian, austrian and ottoman and turn the united kingdom into a cartoon of former self.

        thinking that it was a handful of new york “revolutionaries” led by lenin that did all that is like buying the official version of 9-11 that it was 19 illiterate goat herders who pulled it off.

        jews will eventually be dealt with for good by a calculating, tyrannical despot who matches them move by move and wastes not a second in serious negotiation, knowing full well that it is death combat with one victor, one vanquished, no deals.
        it would be ok to waste almost any number of goy lives (the less, the better, of course) to secure the bottom line: wiping out the menace once and for all.

      2. lobro

        I wouldn’t characterize such a figure as being a tyrant. The righteous action to be taken in destroying the demonic with a certainty of identification would be of a methodical nature, yes. But there’d be nothing cruel about it, implying “despotic”.

        Just matter-of-fact. Clinical.

      3. The point was to get rid of the jews before the revolution. They had been stirring things up for years before Lenin and his fellow jewish psychopaths entered Russia to destroy it in 1917.

        Again, most of the leading Bolsheviks, at one point or other, had been imprisoned by the Russian government for terrorism or other crimes. Why weren’t they simply executed?

        Christianity prevents Whites from dealing properly with the Jews.

  8. russia was the last country to kick the jews out, its a list of about 119 countries. the czar pyed for that. he also exposed the protocols of zion. they couldnt let that pass

  9. Email posted on behalf of Tyrone Parsons who wishes to make a few final points:

    Lasha, Thanks for posting my previous email to you. Please read this and post this too if you will. It is being directed at the administrator Toby in particular.

    Want proof positive? Here is a list of those who cried 6 million tears cause some women got her feelings hurt by my use of uncouth language (just like butterfly was using against white men) to MAKE A POINT.

    Ruth Bernstein — if she isn’t a Jew she wears the uniform. Didn’t even address her once

    Dr David Green — Jew name. Didn’t even address him once

    Avatar- Muslim Arab — Supports the mass murder of white Christians and the rape of pubescent white girls

    John Kaminsky- — Jew — look at his latest article. He says “non Jewish Russians” were murdered. Ahh, that whites/Christians who were murdered. Nice deflection there buddy. There is a reason why he writes for “the rebel”. They censor all Christians or anyone white with an ethnic identity who expose their false opposition writers.

    Butterfly- most likely a Jew but if not, wears the uniform as a hater of white males — is an open female supremacist.

    Lobro — most likely Jewish or part Jew but I could be completely wrong. All I know is that he has shown many red flags but haven’t been able to prove anything yet so he remained on my watch list.

    “Reverand” Parry — an obvious priest of Baal — Apostate Christian with a piece of paper he thinks gives him “authority” to falsely represent Christ while protecting Christ’s enemies.

    Seymore Zak- a evil open fake Jew

    Who isn’t crying 6 million tears:

    Joe Webb, White man who’s right now silent

    Gilbert Huntley — White man — Christian who is openly supporting me

    Pat- — White man who is surprisingly not praising your censorship and is actually supporting me because he is finally getting it. I am very happy to see that.

    Shirley Yewgeste — I assume a white women, definitely a Christian who gets it and supports me.

    BrownHawk — American Indian and part White Man. He is a little confused but that’s probably because he hasn’t read my posts in full yet.

    SPQR- White man- Nationalist type, silent right now

    LEO – White/Christian- silent right now

    KAPOORE- Not sure what he/she is but isn’t being a cry baby and is silent right now

    Lasha- I assume Lasha is white but not sure. All I know is that she has remained silent and I respect her as a Lady of integrity.

    HP — I think he is a white guy but he remains silent non the less

    Save the Goyim — White guy if I remember correct- remains silent

    NW Native — White male — Nationalist type who is silent right now

    The evidence shows without a doubt Jews, Muslims and their supporters, protectors (like you Toby) are against me and white males, Christians INCLUDING WHITE FEMALES who are for me . This isn’t a choice between those who are against Women and those who are for Tyron, it’s about those who support persecution and censorship of males, white males and Christians those who support Feminists, Jews, Muslims hatred of the above.

    I got your number and you know it and that is why you want me gone LOL.

    1. I’m “confused” because I don’t take Tyron’s EVERY WORD (including the numerous misspellings) within EVERY CONTEXT as gospel!

      BE-mused would be more like it 😉

    2. Thanks for posting Tyron’s message. It is very interesting.
      I have never called for banning anyone….and still do not wish anyone banned, not even Tyron. Monitored, maybe, banned no.
      I never was intimidated by his foul mouth and absurdly false claims about people he never met.
      Hell…they are just words.
      Here is the funny part…. NOW he calls me white. 🙂
      I am glad to see that Tyron is ‘finally getting it’ after calling me a Jew and a Jew dupe and agent for months.
      He EVEN called for my expulsion. I never called for his. Here are a few brief examples, of which there are many more:

      Tyron Parsons
      July 19, 2014 at 5:28 pm
      Pat the “Jew” spiritually and/or spiritually.

      Tyron Parsons
      July 19, 2014 at 5:28 pm
      Pat the “Jew” spiritually and/or spiritually.
      Tyron Parsons
      July 19, 2014 at 5:29 pm
      the “jew” spiritually and/or physically

      Tyron Parsons
      September 10, 2014 at 5:09 pm

      Tyron Parsons
      September 26, 2014 at 5:06 am
      YOU CAN’T you slandering punk. I am NOT going to be rude to Ellie or denounce her without just cause- PERIOD! Why the administrators don’t boot you for qualifying as an “obvious Jew agent troll” is beyond me because if there is anyone here who doesn’t prove their opposition wrong and resorts to habitual slanders-one who constantly posts typical and generic “pro white” or “anti Jew” posts to cover their tracks, ITS YOU!

      1. Posted on behalf of Tyrone Parsons . . . in answer to Pat:

        Now, If i was able to post at the site I would be able to defend against Pat’s attacks. When I called him a “Jew/Agent-dupe” I also made clear (but he didn’t post those) that I wasn’t calling him a physical Jew but was pointing out that he was acting in their interest. Facts are, Pat was one of the 6 or so people (most of them open Jews admittedly) who attacked me relentless for defending the white man/Christianity. If anyone attacks a white man due to his ethnicity or joins in those attacks, if anyone attacks authentic Christianity- they are in the very least being a Jew dupe if not a conscious agent. White people and authentic Christianity are the NUMBER 1 FOE of the Jew. So when I went about calling for Pat’s banning it was because he was attacking me back then relentlessly on every post I made and he even admitted to this saying that he was doing this on purpose. What purpose could that be? It was his attempt to make me react and have you guys ban me as I clearly see now his stand for free speech is a charade, watching him backtrack, relying again on his old tactics and this when I gave him (foolishly I might now add) credit for what I thought was his support.

        As time went on Pat desired to bury the hatchet so I too let up on him. I also noticed that he start to stop his misdirections and mindless drivel in conscience or unconscious attempts to direct the reader through blurring the lines that mark the war we are now engaged in. That dividing line is whites/Europeans-Authentic Christians vs what can simply be described as “the world” with the Jew leading it. How foolish of me! He was only biding his time to hit me when he found me unable to defend himself, all the while fooling everyone into thinking he is principled.

      2. Tony –
        This is just as comical as it used to be… 😉

        Thanks for showing the delusions of Tyron. He makes it up as he goes. He always has. Especially when he said he never called me a Jew ‘physically.’

        I will not call him a liar because I do not ‘know’ his intentions…but I will call him ‘deranged and confused.’

        He called me a Jew ‘physically’…using that very word…in the post I copied lastly, and I will post it again.

        Tyron Parsons
        July 19, 2014 at 5:28 pm
        Pat the “Jew” spiritually and/or spiritually.
        Tyron Parsons
        July 19, 2014 at 5:29 pm
        the “jew” spiritually and/or physically

      3. Toby – excuse the typo.. ‘Tony.’
        ‘N’ and ‘B’ too close on board for my dangling digits.

  10. Lord knows I don’t agree with Tyrone’s view as a member of CI, but I don’t think he ought to be banned. I too found his tirade completely entertaining and had the best laugh in a long time, especially when he linked a video of a goat singing some piece of popular music. It’s good to laugh to the point of tears every once in awhile.

    I believe Madame Butterfly talked about not sucking some part of the male body and there seems to be plenty of potty mouthed talk from women here. So I find the virginal ear innocent damsel argument to be rather inauthentic. Perhaps a better strategy would be to simply ignore it and not escalate it. One poster made a great comment about the complaining about something while at the same time promoting it, or at least dwelling on it. It’s a fine line, isn’t it?

    As a child I remember watching UHF television and occasionally I would run into some Protestant ministry talking about the evils of pornography, prostitution, and other forms of intoxicating lasciviousness. I remember actually being turned on by the rather homely and horse faced preacher’s wife because these things were being discussed. I bring this up because even the articles posted here can have that effect. Everything from graphic sexual descriptions of things that went on in Weimar Germany, to pictures of Annie Sprinkle being examined by amateur gynecologists is available here. In one article we hear about Lasha donning black lipstick and how she was flirting with Satanism and another talks about and shows pictures of a young Jewess shitting on an Israeli flag.

    And we are going to worry about Tyrone’s screed? Now a lot of what I just mentioned disgusts me and I do not in the least find it sexually exciting. Yet it oozes with a kind of debased sexuality that right thinking people will protest against. But obviously it turns some people on, that’s why these behaviors are promoted by the filthy Jews.

    So we have a problem. To properly discuss and understand the wicked Jews it is necessary at times to descend into the gutter. Yes? And that’s all Tyrone did. I don’t think anything should be censored here. Most people are far more intelligent than myself here, and I can regulate myself without having to pick a fight with anyone. This has always been a place where no obvious, or at least overt, censorship exists and I was of the opinion that most could handle it by ignoring it. I hate to see anyone banned and that in itself is rather a feminine trait when it is called for by either sex.

    Again, I will repeat that I miss Joe. His talk about drinking Italian Roast coffee because he is civilized and poking fun at German dog lovers and pleading not to be killed because he had a dog named Blondie also had me laughing to the point of tears.

    1. I agree, Rich.

      AND…the whole idea of banning someone wreaks of the ‘anti-bullying’ load of crap so prevalent today.
      ‘Big Brother’ protection is not needed. ‘Big Backbone’ is.
      Who of either sex(not gender) can fight Jews while being scared of comments…HUH..??
      Go figger..

  11. More evidence.

    Since the day the Berlin Wall fell, I have maintained the Soviet Union was intentionally dissolved. After serving its purpose, the Jew central bankers purposely pulled the plug on their failed experiment. But if communism was a failure, what purpose did the Soviet Union serve after WWII?

    As a political experiment, communism was an utter failure perfectly summarized by the old soviet joke: “We pretend to work and they pretend to pay us”, but once again Jews made lemonade from their lemons. After WWII, the Soviet Union provided a chimeral enemy starter to the lagging US enthusiasm for war. The cold war lashing justified fifty years of GNP spending on developing captured German weapons technology at a wartime scale during peacetime.

    When the technology finally advanced to the point in its development of a reliable nuclear submarine armed with multiple, MIRV missiles, there was no longer any need for the cold war to advance military technology development at a wartime pace. Thus the Soviet Union was collapsed and turned over to what eventually became known as the Jewish oligarch who would then porceed to finish bleeding Russia dry.

    Never before in history has a firmly established political power, especially a totalitarian power of this magnitude, ever willingly walked away from its political entrenchment. Yet the communist supposedly turned out the lights and walked away – Ya sure, you betcha!

    When Hitler rose to power, the Jews promptly started shoving their stolen diamonds up their tuchas and quickly moved to another country, primarily America, where they started their cultural erosion through mediums like the Frankfurt School. So what happened in the Soviet Union? Oy Vey! Foist thing, the Soviets changed their immigration laws, a miracle it’z! Of course the American secretary of state had to immediately trot out to discount the effect of this new immigration policy, “We are under no illusions that this modest rise represents a revolution in Soviet emigration policy.” (This is like their boy Ted Kennedy saying the 1965 immigration act would never seriously alter America’s demographics. When the Jew’s lies really stink like foul excrement, the first thing they tell you is that it’s roses your smelling.)

    Suddenly, as they did from NS Germany, Jews started leaving Russia like rats leaving a sinking ship. The question is, how is it these rats always know the ship is sinking before anyone else? In the end what did America get from reformed Soviet immigration policy? Another glowing example of Jewish Tikkun Olam – the “Russian” Mafia, perhaps the most bloodthirsty group of Jews outside of Israel ever to walk the planet. As one N.Y. cop said, “They will shoot you just to see if their gun is working.”

    Thanks Jews


    More Soviet Jews Leaving Under New Law, U.s. Says

    By Ken Fireman, Inquirer Washington Bureau
    Posted: March 25, 1987

    WASHINGTON — The number of Jews allowed to emigrate from the Soviet Union has risen sharply and steadily since a new Soviet immigration law took effect Jan. 1, according to figures released yesterday by the State Department.

    Department officials said the figures represent an improvement over the Soviets’ poor performance in recent years, but caution that it is too early to determine whether it indicates a permanent change in Soviet policy.

    “This comes against a dismal backdrop of six years of very low levels of emigration,” Secretary of State George P. Shultz said yesterday in remarks to a group of Jewish leaders. “We are under no illusions that this modest rise represents a revolution in Soviet emigration policy.”

    According to the figures released by the department, 458 Soviet Jews have been allowed to leave between Jan. 1 and mid-March. If that level of emigration continues throughout the year, it would represent a 150 percent increase over 1986, when approximately 900 Jews were granted exit visas.

    The rate of emigration has been increasing since the start of the year. The Soviets allowed 98 Jews to leave in January, 146 in February and 214 in the first half of March, according to the department.

    Shultz’ comments came at a ceremony in which he was presented with a book containing the names of 11,000 Soviet Jews who have been prevented from emigrating. He promised to raise the question when he meets with Soviet leaders in Moscow next month.

    1. And, also, the oil barons, BP, RD Shell and Exxon, secured their interests, then let the WALL down….Russia being the #1 oil supplier to the world since 1906.

      MIRV warheads are a myth to keep us scared… to spend defense money. There have never been 12 to 16 nuke warheads tested at once, each with more power than Hiroshima’s blast, which is what MIRVs supposedly possess.

  12. Capitalism— it murders the working people, and robs countries and the people who worked to earn the money, and gives that money to the people who steal the country, namely, the Capitalists.

  13. Thoughts about censorship and banning

    As a rule I do not weigh in on these matters as they are irrelevant to my thoughts. I try staying focused on facts and opinions like the ones posted in the articles on this and other web sites. All this back-biting is tiresome and serves no constructive purpose. It does however lead the reader astray and like Talmudvision, keeps others occupied with matters irrelevant to their racial future and survival.

    Concerning the focus of this website, if it pertains to (1) exposing the Jew and (2) preserving white interests and the white race, then by all means open the discussion, but when it comes down to matters of personal interests, then it’s probably time to move on. I too have other personal interests and I go to those web sites that discuss these interests to post my views about them. However, I do not discuss my philosophy or “politics” at these sites, I confine myself to the topics at hand as, for the most part, do other posters.

    In like manner, I seldom mention my personal interests on websites like this one. If one wants to engage in mindless vitriol or puerile sexual views, then why not get a Face Book page or tweet the time away on Twitter?

    As for censorship, at what point does one let freedom of speech overwhelm their own voice? When others are rude enough to keep other voices from being heard, either by distraction or obnoxious vitriol, then its time to have them move on.

    The way I see it websites are no different than someone’s home where I have been invited to visit. Like any home, If one is a rude obnoxious guest, inappropriate in either manners or discourse, then the owners have every right to eject them from the premises. When this happens, one should bear no ill will towards the webmasters, as in doing so, the website owner is simply stating their own viewpoint about one’s quality as a guest and right or wrong, it is still their house.

    1. @ Arch Stanton

      “The way I see it websites are no different than someone’s home where I have been invited to visit. Like any home, If one is a rude obnoxious guest, inappropriate in either manners or discourse, then the owners have every right to eject them from the premises.”


      Your analogy is brilliantly apt. This website is Darkmoon’s spiritual home. We are the hosts here, and the commenters are invited in as our guests. They are given every opportunity to say what they wish, within reason.

      When we started out, Monty went so far as to declare that this site was “a free speech zone”. We bent over backwards to delete nothing and ban nobody. The result was this: endless volleys of vitriolic abuse, reams of garbage indistinguishable from spam, posts from mentally sick degenerates. Lasha was called an “evil Jewess”, a “Dobnmeh Jew”, “a depraved African moon goddess”, “a transgendered freak”, and “a slutqueen who needs to be gang-raped.”

      I quote from memory. We published all this, deleting nothing, grimly determined to eject no one. It didn’t work out.

      Too many posters were being made to feel unwelcome after being unfairly attacked. One was called a “cripple”, another a “pedophile”. As for our website, we were told it was a “Zionist front operating out of Tel Aviv” and that it’s only aim was “to peddle lies and disinformation and help to bring about Jewish world domination.” 🙂

      Recently we had a poster who vilified everyone who disagreed with him by calling them “Jews” and who thought fit to describe the foul smell of a woman’s vagina, likening it to tuna fish and goat cheese. Just to humiliate her and drive her from this site,in which he appears to have succeeded.

      Result: a mass exodus of female posters.

      I won’t go on. The posters we have right now we would like to keep. Most of them are brilliant and some of them outstanding. Including yourself.

      We want to make this website a forum for serious discussion, but we make no stipulation that every post should be “on-topic”. We allow posters to joke, to go off the point, to gossip and relax. We are not authoritarian here. We are the soul of tolerance and bonhomie. And yet — and yet — sometimes we find it necessary to eject a poster who comes into our house and makes a point of defecating on the carpet, vomiting on the dinner table, spiting in the face of our hostess Lasha Darkmoon, and setting fire to the curtains. Screaming: “This is free speech! Don’t censor me!”

      Let Lasha have the last word. I quote from her words in the article above — no one could have put it better:

      I believe firmly in freedom of speech. “Feel free to say whatever you want,” I like to advise. “Have total freedom to say what you want. But be prepared to accept the consequences of free speech.”

      If you wish to spit in Islam’s face, do so — at your peril.

      If you wish to insult the Prophet Mohammed, or Jesus Christ, or the Buddha, or anyone else for that matter, feel free to do so — and take the consequences of your folly.

      Spit and be spat upon. Kill with vicious words and be killed by guns. Hate your neighbor and expect to be hated in return.

      1. Here in Norway there is something called (fri oppdragelse,) this is when children are allowed to behave in any way they wish, even if it is reprehensible. Some years ago, I read about an incident in a supermarket, a young man was standing in line at the check out counter, and observed a little kid kicking the shins of an elderly man, who stood directly in front of the young man. He asked the mother of the obnoxious child, why she didn`t chastise him. She replied that her child enjoyed “fri oppdragelse”. The young man opened a carton of sour milk and poured it over the offending child. When the mother asked, angrily, why he did that, he replied, “I, too, had “fri oppdragelse”..

      2. Lasha’s analogy about words and guns is flawed.

        “Spit and be spat upon. Kill with vicious words and be killed by guns. Hate your neighbor and expect to be hated in return.”

        It should have been stated. logically… “Kill with vicious words and be killed by words”….NOT GUNS.

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