Quantum Physics is bunk, says top quantum physicist

“We honestly have no fucking idea what we’re doing”, a leading quantum physicist admits. According to Dr Amit Goswami, quantum physics is one big spoof — and always has been. 

Followed by a short discourse by Lasha Darkmoon
on Quantum Physics, God and the After-Life 


Theoretical Quantum Physicist Dr. Amit Goswami (pictured) admitted today that he, and his peers, have absolutely “no fucking idea” what they’re doing, and claims they were no nearer than prehistoric man to figuring out the Universe.

“We have been just winging it to tell you the truth,” explained the 78-year-old in an exclusive interview with WWN. “Seriously, I haven’t a clue what’s going on. Neither does anyone else in my field. We keep proving stuff that never actually happened”.

“Our cover is blown, what can I say? he added.

Dr. Goswami’s comments came after yet another alleged breakthrough in quantum mechanics which claims the universe has existed forever, as opposed to being created by a ‘big bang’.

“Over the years there have been just a handful of us pretending to know something about the universe that no one else does,” he went on. “But this is all lies to feed the charade.  I’ve had some great times during the years, travelling the world and giving talks on our pretend finds”.

When asked how he got away with it for so long, he replied:

“I found out a long time ago that everything can be proven with a mathematical equation. Now, I mean everything; from unicorns, fire-breathing dragons, God and even the G-spot. None of it is true. Me and the handful that know the truth have been riding the Quantum Physicist celebrity wave for quite some time now, but it must end – before someone gets hurt”.

The University of Oregon professor warned that the European Organisation for Nuclear Research, known as CERN, could potentially wipe out the entire planet if the project is not put to a halt.

“Seriously, when myself, Higgs and Ben (Benjamin Lockspeiser, CERN’s first president) first pitched the idea, we never thought it would get funding. It was gonna cost billions for Christ’s sake,” he recalled. “Fuck knows what the thing does – no one does. Firing particles at each other at the speed of light can’t end well. I’m just worried now we took the joke too far”.

Ending the interview, professor Goswami apologised for “spoofing” everybody over the years. “I’m coming near the end of my days now and I just want to get this off my chest,” he said. “I just hope the world can forgive us”.



On Quantum Physics, God and the After-Life

by Lasha Darkmoon

Dead-or-alive cat vs. Uncertainty Principle


Reader, here are a few random notes on quantum physics which may be of interest to you.

I have just learned that the website that published the above article specializes in satirical spoofs. So quantum physics fans can relax! The above article was satire. The weird and wonderful world of quantum physics, complete with Schrödinger’s cat and an infinite number of parallel universes, is still with us.

I am also reliably informed that the nice Indian professor, Dr Goswami, never uses such bad language in his lectures and seminars and that his students would recoil in horror if he kept coming out with the F-word in such a shocking manner. Having said that, however, I must add that any student of quantum physics will tell you that there is bound to be a universe, somewhere or other, in which another version of Dr Goswami is doing just that — swearing like a trooper and using the F-word!

According to quantum physics, there a universe in which Hitler won the Second World War. This is not science fiction. It is fact.

In that other alternative universe, every bit as valid as the one we inhabit, Hitler killed all the Jews in the world and there was not a single Jewish survivor left to tell the tale, nor a single Holocaust museum to commemorate the extermination of the Jews.

But wait! there is also a universe in which Hitler killed no Jews at all—not systematically and in large numbers—because he never intended to holocaust them in the first place! In such a universe, large numbers of Jews survived and went on to allege the extermination of six million Jews and to build numerous Holocaust museums to commemorate that fictitious event. 

I am not being facetious, nor am I stating that this is the universe where this happened. I am simply saying that, according to quantum physics, there certainly IS a universe in which no Jews were systematically killed in gas chambers on the orders of Hitler. 

The variations to this story, of course, are infinite.

There is a universe in which the very concept of God does not exist and where not a single sentient being has even entertained that possibility.

There are other universes where everyone, without exception, believes implicitly in God, for they experience him every day of their lives.

There are universes full of demons, hellfire, everlasting torments. There are heavens and hells and purgatories scattered all across the multiverse. There are more universes than there are grains of sand in all the galaxies of a thousand trillion planets.  Yes! there are more universes than there are drops of waters in the Infinite Ocean that swirls like a tempest in Brahman’s brain!

To quote the subtitle of a best-selling book on quantum physics: “Everything that can happen does happen.” Or in the words of the English mystical poet William Blake, “Everything possible to be believed is an image of the Truth.”


I am making none of this up. I don’t have to. You will find it everywhere in quantum physics. And the insights of quantum physics can be found in the great Oriental religions. Read The Tao of Physics, by Fritjjof Capra. According to its sub-title, this is “an exploration of the parallels between modern physics and Eastern mysticism.”

If you want to read a stimulating  essay about the great debt which quantum physics owes to Vedanta, you could try reading How does quantum physics work, you may ask, what is it, and where does it come from? This will tell you how the great insights of quantum physics are found prefigured in the Vedas. Schrödinger, Einstein and Tesla were apparently all heavily influenced by Vedantic philosophers such as Shankara, Ramanuja and Madhva.

Much has been written on the theory of parallel universes. Here are a few books which I happen to have in my library. I haven’t had time to read them all yet, but I hope to do so before I die: The Never-Ending Days of Being Dead, by Marcus Chown; Schrödinger’s Kittens and the Search for Reality: Solving the Quantum Mysteries, by John Gribbin; Parallel Worlds: The Science of Alternative Universes and our Future in the Cosmos, by Michio Kaku.

Inseparable from science is the idea of God. Even the most atheistical scientists appear to be haunted by the idea of God. Or of God’s possibility. Even as they run from God, God’s specter pursues them, never letting them rest. For according to the uncanny dictates of quantum physics, the mere possibility of God guarantees his existence. Whatever can be, is.

Amazingly, the world is full of irrational people who hate God because he doesn’t exist. And if God’s existence were suddenly proved to them, they would hate him even more for refuting their atheism!

Two theoretical physicists who have obsessed about God at great length are Paul Davies and John Polkinghorne. See The Mind of God: Science and the Search for Ultimate Meaning, by Paul Davies; and God and the New Physics, by the same author. As for Professor John Polkinghorne, he has had no problem in reconciling quantum physics with Christianity. He has done so in numerous books whose titles can be found here. If you have time, read his short essay Quarks, Chaos, and Christianity.

Here is an extended quote from Polkinghorne about the veracity of miracles; or the possibility that there are times and places where the laws of physics are suspended:

“Unprecedented things [may occur]. After all, God is the ordainer of the laws of nature, not someone who is subject to them. However, precisely because they are his laws, simply to overturn them would be for God to act against God, which is absurd.

The theological question is, does it make sense to suppose that God has acted in a new way? One thing that is theologically incredible is that God is some sort of celestial conjuror, doing a turn to impress today that he didn’t think of yesterday, and won’t be bothered to do tomorrow. God can’t be capricious. He must be utterly consistent. However, consistency isn’t the same as dreary uniformity.

In unprecedented circumstances, God can do unexpected things. Yet there will always be a deep underlying consistency that makes it intelligible, for example, that God raised Jesus from the dead that first Easter Day, while, in the course of present history, our experience is that dead men stay dead. The search for this consistency is the theological challenge of miracle.

Quarks, Chaos, and Christianity pp 82-83; quoted here.



Professor Robert Lanza, from Wake Forest University School of Medicine in North Carolina, maintains that quantum physics has conclusively proved the existence of an afterlife.

Lanza claims that his theory of biocentrism proves that death is an illusion. He argues that the universe does not create life, but that life creates the universe. This means that space and time don’t exist in the linear fashion we think they do. Lanza uses the famous double-split experiment to illustrate his point. And if space and time aren’t linear, then death can’t exist in any real sense either.

I am more or less quoting Lanza here without quotation marks.

“Bottom line: What you see could not be present without your consciousness,” Lanza explains.  “Our consciousness makes sense of the world.”

A  person’s consciousness determines the shape and size of objects in the universe. Lanza uses the example of the way we perceive the world around us.

A person sees a blue sky, and is told that the colour they are seeing is blue, but the cells in a person’s brain could be changed to make the sky look green or red. Our consciousness makes sense of the world, and can be altered to change this interpretation.

Theoretical physicists believe that there is infinite number of universes with different variations of people, and situations taking place, simultaneously.

Lanza added that everything which can possibly happen is occurring at some point across these multiverses and this means death can’t exist in ‘any real sense’ either. Lanza, instead, said that when we die our life becomes a ‘perennial flower that returns to bloom in the multiverse.’

See  Quantum physics proves that there IS an afterlife, claims scientist.


“If the experience of science teaches anything,” Prof. John Polkinghorne notes,  “it’s that the world is very strange and surprising. The many revolutions in science have certainly shown that.”

The sheer uncanniness of the universe is a constantly repeated meme among scientists. The more we think about the universe, the weirder it becomes.

A few years ago, a Cambridge scientist at a cocktail party said to me in jest, with a merry twinkle in his eye: “The universe is impossible. That’s why it exists.” I riposted, “Credo quia absurdum — I believe because it is absurd!” — “Touché!” he laughed, downing his drink.

The great physicist Sir James Jeans was once asked in an interview: “Do you believe that life on this planet is the result of some sort of accident, or do you believe that it is a part of some great scheme?”

He replied:

I incline to the idealistic theory that consciousness is fundamental, and that the material universe is derivative from consciousness, not consciousness from the material universe. In general, the universe seems to me to be nearer to a Great Thought than to a great machine. It may well be that each individual consciousness ought to be compared to a brain-cell in a Universal Mind. (See here)


This is what any reasonable person can ask of a religion: to see if it works.

The reason for the steep decline in religion nowadays has nothing to do with Darwinism and the triumph of the scientific outlook. It is the easiest thing in the world to reconcile science and religion. Cambridge physicist and mathematician John Polkinghorne, who won the prestigious Templeton prize for his work in particle physics, also happens to be a practicing Christian.

Neither Newton nor Pascal, though they lived well before Darwin, had any problem with Christianity. Newton wrote more extensively about the Bible than he did about physics. As for Pascal, mathematician and philosopher who helped to lay the groundwork with Fermat for Leibnitz’ formulation of the infinitesimal calculus, his faith was based on a mystical experience so intense, lasting two hours, that it haunted him for the rest of his life.

Those who visit China have no difficulty believing in the existence of China; and those who have seen the face of the imperishable Beauty never forget it.

“The universe is not only stranger than we imagine, it is stranger than we can imagine,” said the physicist Sir Arthur Eddington, echoing almost identical words by British biologist JBS Haldane.

Lasha Darkmoon

Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website, Darkmoon.me, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

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  1. Perhaps scientists are asking the wrong questions! Why does the universe exist? Why does God exist? Why does Satchitananda exist?

    1. If there exists something ultimate, then – by definition – that ultimate thing does have neither cause nor purpose of existence, because if it had, then it would exist because something other or for something other and thus it would not be ultimate. So such a question would – by definition – be a wrong question.

      1. Franklin Ryckaert, you say, “If there exists something ultimate, then – by definition – that ultimate thing does have neither cause nor purpose of existence, because if it had, then it would exist because something other or for something other and thus it would not be ultimate. So such a question would – by definition – be a wrong question.”
        How can there NOT be an ‘ultimate’? There certainly is everything, by definition. More words for ‘everything’ – ‘universe’, ‘ultimate’, ‘all’. There can be nothing else apart from everything. In relation to the points you make about ’cause’ and ‘purpose’, any ’cause’ or ‘purpose’ must exist within the ‘all’, and if the ‘all’ has a cause or purpose, it must, and can only, be all of itself ( concious ’cause’, or ‘will’, not the materialistic ’cause and effect’ ’cause’ ).That is, the cause and purpose of all is all. I realise that takes the definitions of cause and purpose to the extremities of their meaning, where they appear to fall through to the negative. ie, causelessness and purposelessness. But they took a different path to get to than just the plain, ‘no cause’, ‘no purpose’ ideas. If there was no cause or purpose of the all, then it would be correct to say that everything within the all has no cause or purpose. That would be a very depressing place to live though. I believe it goes by the name of ‘modern materialistic world conception’. It’s what we are taught at school. It’s what our culture tells us is the case. Ultimately, there is no point to anything, is the message. I could summarise your reply to Felix as the question, “Why ask questions?”. What would you consider to be a ‘right’ question?

      2. @ Space Lizard

        The Ultimate or the Absolute need not necessarily be the same as the All.
        I see the All as the sum of the Absolute + the Relative. Only in the Relative do cause and purpose exist. The Absolute has no cause or purpose, otherwise it would be relative, but when it acts in the Relative it becomes the origin of cause and purpose. Materialist scientists don’t deny cause in the relative world, they deny purpose in it, but if you study life you see a clear evolution of higher forms. Materialist scientists maintain that that is purely coincidental, which is a great strain on our credulity (this is the famous “intelligent design” debate). However, if you deny the existence of the Absolute, only such absurdity remains.

      3. Velly intelethting, Franklin. All that is relative is relative around the absolute, I guess, so in that sense your argument makes sense. But then your idea of the ‘ultimate’ is not only something that is not relative, it is also not absolute! Neither this, nor that. Fair enough. I will have to think about that a bit.
        Speaking of ‘Ultimate’, in case anyone is interested, and doesn’t already know, you can get Speccy emus for android! ‘Ultimate. Play The Same.’ (very old joke… I didn’t say it was funny).

        @Felix. A Lizard accidentally ‘unliked’ on your post “I can’t argue…”, ‘cos of the phone thing, not that a Lizard didn’t like it. I will ‘like’ it, not that I will like it. Oh, not that I will unlike it. Or even understand it. I haven’t read it yet. But I will. Probably. Read it, not understand it. And even if I like it I may not ‘like’ it. Not that I will or won’t ‘unlike’ if I unlike it, either. But then if I like it or unlike it I will have to ‘like’ it or ‘unlike’ it with yet another device! And what should I do if I’m ‘ambivilant’? I’m going back to Facebook…

        @ungenius. That was a most interesting post. Thank you for sharing your experiences. 🙂

        @Darwinists. The fact that the order of the creation of the kinds of life stated in Genesis is grasses, fruit, fish, birds, animals then humans, may be used as evidence to support the “Theory of Evolution”. Just sayin’. 🙂
        But, seriously, the theory (and I use that term very loosely) doesn’t stand up to reasonable thinking. For instance, scientists have discovered things called chromosomes. Different kinds of creatures have different numbers of pairs of them. No creatures, to my knowledge, have been found to have fractions of chromosomes. One creature has ten, say, and another has eleven (pairs). There are none with ten and a bit. Therefore any ‘evolution’, in this sense of one creature turning into a different creature, can only be as a result of a mutation. Mutations occur in one generation, not over many generations. It does not take millions of years. It is one creature, then it’s mutated offspring is a different creature. Obviously this argument is not taking into account evolution of creatures with the same amount of chromosomes, but the Darwinian theory claims that all creatures have evolved from a common ancestor, so sooner or later, some sort of change in the number of chromosomes must have happened.
        Also, if the Darwinian theory were true, then we should expect to find that the vast majority of creatures would be in-between creatures. But the exact opposite is the case. Most creatures are separated into kinds, and very few creatures are the weird in-between kinds. If the Darwinian theory was a tree, then all we have are the fruit, with almost all the branches missing. Not a particularly realistic tree. I know that some use this argument of the absence of in-between creatures as evidence of the ‘survival of the fittest’ idea. But, really, evidence that does not exist is not really evidence, is it.
        Those that argue that I am using the absence of evidence as evidence of the incorrectness of the Darwinian theory are correct. But I am not arguing for a different theory. I am merely arguing against the Darwinian theory, citing lack of evidence. That is, ‘is this true, or not’. Yes or no. Logic. Not ‘is this true, or is that true’, which I think is some sort of ‘dialectic’.


        The article. Ha!!! Very good. Naaaaahhhhh… course I never fell for it! What do you take us for? Cretans!?! 😉

    2. Let us sort this out first: –
      Can anybody help us on the following: In our time period of 2015 years – are there any written documents of any kind available from the first 400 years and where is it located

      1. 400 year? Make it the first 1000 years. Look at Heribert Illig and Anatoly Fomenko with their phantom history/time.
        I concluded that the history between 0 and 1050 ac must be complete fiction. Charlemange could not have existed and for that is an invented person in history!!
        The big question is; Who invented history??

  2. Waiting so long in the article to state that this is a spoof is an unkind tactic. It is deceptive and not nice. So, in regards to that, fuck you.

    1. @Gravitasneckbeard
      Come on mate. I thought it was a great joke! April Fool’s day come early! BTW, I like your moniker, very creative indeed!

      1. This world is over-full of deception. That’s been the problem all along: deception. Today is not April Fool’s Day. It is not funny. It is a form of cruelty.

        Ok, enough of the soap box. I genuinely respect and appreciate everything this website does and stands for. I am eternally grateful for your bravery. I am a fan. That’s why I responded the way I did.

    2. Gravitas,

      You are right. Darkmoon is playing deliberate tricks with the reader by not revealing earlier that the original article is a spoof. It is a cruel and sadistic ploy to get unstable readers to commit suicide.

      Think of all the people who are crazy about quantum physics, who love it and receive hope and joy thinking about life’s endless possibilities in other universes. They read this article telling them that a top quantum physicist has said that quantum physics is “bunk”. That it is “one big spoof and always was.”

      I mean, a devotee of quantum physics could easily hang himself or slash his wrists after reading these words. Some people are like that. Vulnerable and sensitive.

      Darkmoon covers her ass by revealing it is a “spoof”, but only later on, after the damage is done and dozens of people have committed suicide.

    3. Yes, but will they really be fucked? what happens when and if they get fucked and is there any change in this dimension which might SHOW they’ve been fucked?

  3. Spoof or No Spoof….
    The US cancelled the Big One in 1993. They claimed no money. I claim it is ALL… BS. If it were needed, they would spend it:

    “The Superconducting Super Collider (SSC) (also nicknamed the Desertron) was a particle accelerator complex under construction in the vicinity of Waxahachie, Texas, that was set to be the world’s largest and most energetic, surpassing the current record held by the Large Hadron Collider. Its planned ring circumference was 87.1 kilometres (54.1 mi) with an energy of 20 TeV per proton. The project’s director was Roy Schwitters, a physicist at the University of Texas at Austin. Dr. Louis Ianniello served as its first Project Director for 15 months. The project was cancelled in 1993 due to budget problems.”


    1. You have to admit that 18 trillion dosn’t resonate well for the weathiest nation in the world. To top it all off NO ONE seems to care.

      1. John –

        That’s the price paid for the USD being over 60% of the ‘reserve currency’ model.

        If the debt goes away, so does the internet and most services, including postal mail.

      2. The only thing the dead-from-the-neck-up denizens of this roiling sewer care about is whether or not you should be imprisoned or shunned as a pariah for life for not believing in the hallow’dcaust.

      1. This joke betrays a fundamental misunderstanding of the Jewish mind. Are Jews materialistic? Yes. Are Jews greedy? Yes, but never in a petty way. Jews are greedy after Big Money and when thay attain that, which they do more often than other ethnicities, they are always willing to donate to charities – only Jewish charities that is.

  4. I don’t know how much time most people have taken to read the words of (most) physicists, but, I have probably wasted too much time in trying to see things as they see them. For this reason, I agree; quantum physics is (at least mostly) bunk.
    When it comes to nuclear-energy, it is not only bunk, but reactors have ALL been built on a wish and a prayer. They wish they could make money by making energy/ electricity, and they PRAY the things will never melt-down. The problem is, there is such a thing as nuclear-accident, and there is no way for the world to recover from them.
    There is, also, no way to store nuclear-waste, safely. Or, man has found no way, thusfar, of storing such trash, safely. The WIPP, which should have existed (safely) for centuries, exploded or imploded (they won’t actually speak truth to this incident) after only fifteen years. Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi (and probably Daini) disaster is being, “cleaned up”, utilizing cinch-sacks, which are left out and exposed to the elements, all over their country. They have no safe place to store the waste, so they just leave it in fields, of what used to be farms. And nobody is bothered by this, save the farmers?

    The designers and builders of all nuke-plants are praying the future generation(s) will come up with some way to handle nuclear waste. They are also wishing the next generation will figure out how to fix a reactor following melt-down. Nuclear so-called engineers (and physicists) hope/wish/pray there will be no meltdowns, but man is not perfect, and neither is the construction field. For this reason, there will terrible global disasters coming along with each and every nuclear event, and nobody can fix it or change it.

    All there is left to do is grieve.
    I will post this in my wordpress blog. Thanks, Darkmoon.

    1. “They wish they could make money by making energy/ electricity, and they PRAY the things will never melt-down.”

      That is a fact.
      The folks making the bulk of the money are engineers, equipment manufacturers, contractors and bankers.
      Any alternative source of energy is better than nuke power. That’s the reason I left that field.
      And the experts still do not know the long-term total effects of low level unnatural radiation on soft body tissues and genes.

    2. World War III is in progress. Since “All war is based on Deception”, few believe it. 9-11 was a nuclear attack
      (80,000 NYC residents have come down with radiation cancers). Deepwater Horizon oil catastrophe, was no accident (HAARP). And a few months before Fukushima, Japan came out in favor of a Palestinian State (HAARP). Quantum Physics, Schmantum Physics. Since 1939, when Bernard Baruch’s Manhattan Project invented the atomic bomb– everything else has become weaponized. The 3000 year old Talmudic Mission of Destruction has reached its final stage. If a spouse is murdered and the other spouse collects big money from a life insurance policy– who is the prime suspect? Larry Silverstein: owner of the WTC, made $4.5 Billion from the WTC insurance. The U.S. is a host nation for the Zionist Jews, who are using our military to depopulate the Muslim world, while they loot and destroy our nation from within.

  5. All time is now. That is why prophecies come to pass. Space does not exist. That is why telepathy is instantaneous and does not depend upon being limited by the speed of light.
    Everything you experience is within you. There is nothing out there. There is only one real thing without time or dimension.
    Reincarnation is what happens. You change bodies as do actors in a play who fall dead upon the stage and reappear in the next act as another differently dressed player.
    Man is not the most evolved being in this universe but you will evolve to being that if you work on it.

  6. It’s blatantly obvious by now.

    Billions of US$ are spent on something which is rather, and increasingly becoming, like the Pentagon’s MIC; the numerous white elephant collider projects and the search for fictitious “dark” objects and matter speaks volumes.

    Science of the so-called astrophysicists and mathmagicians have nothing to do with science and everything to do with ideology and money.

  7. When I aked NASA if they were inteested in examaning the planets for only ennies
    They have yet to answer. I propse using the Next Dimention as it is found in
    Psalms 34;7, 2Kings 6:17, & Daniel 10:13,

  8. I couldn’t let another minute pass without responding to these claims.

    Now that I did, I am much relieved.

  9. I know there’s a parallel universe far beyond Mars and even beyond Kolob ’cause that’s where Gilbert’s ranch is located. For real, Gilbert certainly doesn’t have a ranch in the universe that contains the country we call “The United States”. Neither east of the Mississippi nor west of the Mississippi, nor anywhere in the USA period.

    ~ Sometimes at night, when the stars are bright, as the stars twinkle and glorious glow, I stand there amazed and ask as I gaze, where exactly is Gilbert’s ranch located at? ~

    1. Between the ‘A’ and the ‘T’, Joe. You obviously weren’t paying attention when taught English. You should never end a sentence with a preposition…
      Anyhow, I have no ‘ranch’. I am a ‘peasant farmer’ (or weren’t you paying attention to MAX, either???!) east of the Mississippi River, in the continental united States.

      There, now. Just so you know… 🙂

      1. You should never end a sentence with a preposition…

        So they used to say in the old grammar books, Gilby. But ending a sentence with a preposition is now common usage. Winston Churchill once joked about this when he said, “This is something up with which I will not put!”

  10. You are a beautiful intelligent women, please keep up the good work you are sharing with us.

  11. Everyone please read Robert Monroe’s book ‘Journeys Out of the Body.’ You don’t need science to have a first hand experience of an alternate universe. Buddhism has been talking about all the levels of ‘matter’ for centuries. The only purpose that science has really served has been to divorce our societies from theocratic rule. I have concluded that mathematics especially higher levels are just cults. Ask yourself….how advanced is your wash machine or dryer technology. Not much….should’t we be able to clean our clothes with some type of ionizer by now?

    1. Exactly, the so called “alternative universes” only exist on higher planes, which are only accessible by trancendent experience such as near death experience, out-of-the-body experience or meditation, but ordinary scientists, no matter how learned, don’t have such experiences. On the physical plane only the physical universe exists, in which physical laws are everywhere the same. Scientists don’t understand the idea of transcendence and their speculations about “alternative universes” are in vain.

  12. It is possible to believe in Quantum Mechanics insofar as its principles may be subject to experimental testing and then no further; e.g. the MWI (Many World Interpretation) is inherently untestable and serves no purpose whatsoever other than in maintaining the priestly status of academics in being able to commune with worlds which are literally supernatural.

    Here’s a link to a blog post of a sceptic:


    The author has also written a book on Modern Physics which explains how it has come off the rails, venturing into territories whose existences can only ever be theoretical.


  13. As much as I am loath to step into this, I would be tragically remiss and craven to have stuck on sidelines.
    Would you like a physics without theory? And what would that look like.

    Examples: when you drop a pot, it goes down, down being the direction from your head to your arse, provided you are not doing a stoned faceplant. This is physics, no need for mathematical models.
    Whether a kitchen sink falls faster than the said pot depends on whether it is Chinese made or American Standard.
    No need for astronomy, we plant seeds that are no good for eating or smoking when the Anunaki give us heads up.
    And so on.

    I take a different view.
    A mathematical model is maximal generalization (using symbols for brevity) of system’s salient aspects, so that kitchen sink, whatever the brand, is replaced by a mathematical object whose description is quantified by set of numbers representing mass, starting location (triplet of numbers representing position in 3D) and direction (we know that it is the same due to gravitational force but can include it as constant for the sake of completeness). And so, all the kitchen sinks of the world can be represented as a math thingie, call it K. And another, P stands for the universe of pots. And along comes Newton who proposes math that neatly describes downward races between K and P and generalizes it in a definite way so when Aunt Emily insists that her pot beats neighbor Kate’s kitchen sink 4 times out of 5, you don’t waste the whole day trying to convince her otherwise.

    But if someone does ultrasensitive measurements and finds ultra tiny discrepancies and deviations from Newt’s theory, new models must be proposed if simply fudging the old one a bit doesn’t work. One such theory is QM.
    (Actually, it arose out of the problem of the black body radiation and was spectacularly confirmed by the famous double slit experiment which is simple enough to set up that a high school lab could replicate it)

    You are free to propose alternatives and if they work as well or better, you can bet that they will be more acceptable, especially if graced by greater simplicity.

    Just saying.

    Of course, you can stick with American Standard, if math offends your nose.
    Makes no difference to me.

    1. Someone may get the bright idea to say why bother with tiny things that are unimaginably tinier than the tiniest thing observable under the most powerful microscope, what possible impact they might have on our lives.

      The answer is very simple.
      Big things are composed of little things, not the other way around.
      Therefore, the smaller the things, the more important they are.

      1. @ Pat

        Is the largest large thing larger than the smallest small thing is small??

        No. Because an infinitely large thing cannot be larger than an infinitely small thing is small. Theoretically speaking, if you can imagine something expanding forever into infinitude, getting larger and larger, then you can also imagine something contracting forever into infinitude, getting smaller and smaller. The macro and micro keep pace with each, so to speak, in opposite directions.

        My two cents worth.

        A most fascinating question!

      2. I am probably wrong. Because most physicists believe that the universe cannot go on expanding forever but reaches a stage where it goes into reverse and starts contracting. Once it contracts into such a small density, it can contract no further. At the point of maximum density it explodes with a Big Bang, which creates a new universe. So we are told! 🙂

      3. @ LD

        Your idea is only right if there are no limits to either expansion or to contraction and we are exactly in the middle. But what if we are nearer to the limit of contraction? Then there is more expansion possible than contraction.

      4. Word on the streets of the spiritual sky is this..

        “Outside of the three planetary systems, the four Yugas multiplied by one thousand comprise one day on the planet of Brahma. A similar period comprises a night of Brahma, in which the creator of the universe goes to sleep.”
        (Srimad Bhagavatam, Canto 3, Chapter 11, Text 22)

        Godly numbers

      5. I am not about to challenge the quoted vedic numbers, Homer, because the counting effort must have used up a few lifetimes 🙂

      6. Which begs the question, “whatever happened to the incredible shrinking man?”….

        Was a movie ever made titled “The Incredible Expanding Man”? Not to be confused with that 50 ft. giant woman, or the 9 ft. tall nephilims 😉

    2. I provided a fairly long answer to Pat’s question but as the luck would have it, it went down the memory drain due to temporary server disconnect at the hotel where I am stuck, the airline having misplaced my luggage with laptop in it (Lufthansa strike).

      So now I am enslaved to the hated phone which hates me back with equal passion.

      Maybe when I am at the proper, tactile keyboard that clicks contentedly when poked, I will resurrect the issue that Pat raised because I consider it important.

      1. I love that game.
        Matching cities to routes (segments of the great circles), I regularly beat the average score of the LH pilots but will get stuck on fests, festivals and other cult and cultural stuff.

      2. Some years ago I tossed my cell phone into the Mississippi River while driving over the bridge at Memphis. As I drove it kept ringing and ringing from well intentioned but irritating family members wanting updates and offering suggestions, tips and other bits of advise. It was a perfect left handed, over the top of the truck sky hook of a toss. Swish!

        So much for sweet tolerance, patience and compassion, eh?

        I had a dream that night as I lay sleeping comfortably, off road in the woods, tucked comfortably into my sleeping bag in the back of my truck.

        In my dream a sawfish who had swallowed my phone, mistaking it for a plump clam, was cruising along the bottom of ‘old man river’ still mucking along the bottom for dessert. Just as he was about to ‘saw’ another clam or two from the muddy bottom; the phone rang..

        Maybe I was just hallucinating in my dream, but I swear he had the same look on his face I did, every time that damn phone rang..

      3. Speaking of which, I had the pleasure of sitting next to a German girl on the 1st leg of the long and bothersome trip. At the 1st glance she looked pretty bizarre, plump, ruddy cheeked farm girl in a frilly white dress that looked like a shortened wedding outfit but boy, was she bright and funny and knowledgeable about world. We had great conversations and we especially struck the geography motherlode, the common hobby. For example, she correctly named all the counties that intersected the equatorial circle.
        She spent 2 years working in Laos and filled me in on many cultural mores and political circumstances of the SE Asia.
        Quite possibly she had some sensitive position, an intellect like hers is not to be wasted on a receptionist. And the looks are comically deceiving.

  14. What is real..??

    The most comical part of the explanation of energy produced in a nuclear reaction…. was the invention of a ‘neutrino.’ That term was applied to energy which was present but could not be quantified or accounted for.
    One definition of a ‘neutrino’…from the 60s…. was ‘that amount of energy with a half-thickness of 100 light years of water.’

    Even today:
    “Now a question comes naturally about: how is it possible to study neutrinos given the fact that, in order to absorb a neutrino, 100 light-years of an ordinary material (like water) would typically be needed?”


  15. Nice subject, Quantum Physics. At this nano-level of the material world it’s nice theorizing. But, before knowing anything about something it is a must to know the (our) ‘self’, i think. Who am i and why and how do i see the world? How does my brain function and work? Is my brain like a kind of a biological computer? Is it true that i am a biological ‘yes-no’- machine ,deep inside my brain? I think it can be (and is) the case. Thus, before ‘getting to smart’ about other issues it is a ‘must’ to understand our selfs. I know, Plato did say something like that, but, now a days we have computers, and so we have a sort of ‘think-window’ and we can (may be) understand our own brain. Because, i think it is the case. ‘We’ (most of the people, also academics don’t understand our mind. I do not think we are kind of biological computers, i think our brain function like a computer. Binair, yes or no, like or dislike.

    I think this is a very big thing. To know they-self. And i do understand not much people understand my saying. Because the don’ t understand computers.

  16. The answer to all the questions that all these quantum mechanics people are looking for is simple. The square root of “Negative one”.

    1. That is the ‘imaginary number’ system. It is used in electrical engineering, as just one application. We used it for solving complex circuitry.
      It is denoted as ‘i’ or ‘j’…where [‘i’ squared equals minus one]…so [‘i’ equals square root of minus one].


  17. A Universe without Jews? Hah! Even the best science fiction storytellers cannot imagine that one. Dream on, I do.

  18. I’ve been trying to prove quantum physics in my own little experiments and I can tell you it’s bunk.
    Here’s my premise: Theoretically, whatever I can imagine exists.
    So it follows whatever I can imagine should exist as and where it is imagined. Right?

    Well I’ve done this experiment dozens of times and each time it fails.
    I imagine in one hand, and shit in the other. Every time I end up with ONE empty hand. According to QP theory, I should have a new car in one hand. Maybe I need to do it in a vacuum!!

    I liked the article. Sounds a lot like The Onion.
    The subject?? well, a bunch of numbers on a blackboard still does not convince me that my consciousness is what causes the tree outside to be 75 feet tall and 4 feet around – and especially considering that tree was growing long before I came into being. Perhaps it is the tree’s consciousness that caused me to come into being and is actually governing my height and weight! But this is physics so of course that’s true – because it can’t be proven! 😉

  19. I do think we live in parallel universes or at least groups of us live in one universe and then other groups in another and never the twain shall meet. There are those who fret daily and with great anguish over global warming. Then there are those that don’t worry about global warming but worry about a pole shift or perhaps a new ice age or being blown off the planet by a solar wind. There are all those people in New York City and in enclaves around the world who don’t know what to think until the New York Times prints it, and then they have so much conviction you better watch out–you see Hillary will be president or I’ll punch you out for disagreeing and if she doesn’t my kidney will fail and it will be your fault!!. There are the believers in gods and the believers in all sorts of wicked things. There are many scientists who believe whatever seems to fit into the next grant and maybe that goes for all researchers at academic institutions which almost makes them irrelevant so where does that put quantum physics…hmmm isn’t that one of those academic fields–pretty much exclusively. You else can afford a particle accelerator? I believe more in the electrical universe because I’m alternative in everything. I also am in the 9 11 conspiracy universe, the holocaust denial universe, the anti-vaxxer universe, and the anti-GMO universe. Maybe though to call them universes is going too far…maybe they are more like memes, thought forms, I think??

  20. Dear Lasha:
    I think the best summary of this article is found on: whatreallyhappened.com
    The Caption is: CERN looking for parallel universes! The picture shows the CERN LHC with Dr.Who’s Tardis (British phone booth) in the middle of it. Dr. Who (David Tennant) would be proud of you Lasha! Now using Heisenberg’s Uncertainty principle, please find a slice of bread in an unsliced loaf of bread. Don’t look because it may find you before you find it. Now let me go and find all those dimensions out there beyond the 3D. And God knows about all those extra dimensions even better than the comic/cartoon Spiderman and his fight on Dimensia 5. The creepy aliens have arrived to fight Spiderman. Spiderman and his quanta of spiderweb spray is after you! Thanks for the physics and chemistry lesson of a university level education. Just don’t be a Niels Bohr! Thanks, Norbert.

  21. PS
    Dear Lasha:
    Don’t forget Nikola Tesla and his work would have guaranteed mankind free energy but greedy Thomas Edison ripped him off. Thomas Edison and his Elitist friends made us all have to pay for Energy/Electricity to ad infinitum. Henry Ford and Rockefeller’s Standard Oil guaranteed the same fate for us in transportation and oil/gas. Boy it would be nice to be rich, but you need the Elite to help you get there. Just ask Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg. By the way Mark Zuckerberg is David Rockefeller’s grandson. Thanks.

    1. @ Thomas Mallon

      “The source site is a hoax site.”

      We know that, but we only found that out later after we had uploaded the original article. This is why Darkmoon later added an extended commentary on quantum physics — which had not been her original intention — in which she pointed out that the original article was a “satirical spoof.”

      1. Gilbert called me an “idiot” the other day ; Yet, I figured out the original article was a spoof and a joke after reading the first paragraph, lol. lasha the “great” “intelligent” “learned” “doctor” and her “brilliant” administrating uncle couldn’t figure out the original article was a spoof and a joke until being told. In other words, if no one had told them the original article was a spoof and a joke, the two never would have figured it out. They would still be discussing the article as if it was for real, lol. And to think, they call me an “idiot” and they call lasha and her uncle “intelligent” and even “brilliant”, LOL.

        Question for Gilbert : How is it, Gilbert, that an “idiot” can figure out the original article was a spoof and a joke after reading the first few sentences, but your girlfriend you ga ga for — lasha the “learned” “Dr.”— has to be told the article is a spoof and a joke, otherwise she can’t figure it out for herself? I ask the same question about “our” “brilliant” administrating “uncle”. Uncle, also, couldn’t figure it out without being told. Just like kindergarten kids, and not even smart kindergarten kids, but real slow kindergarten kiddies, LOL.

    1. My cousin Ed drank 12 stouts last night.
      He was talking in tongues to someone. I didn’t see anyone..?

      And it only cost Ed $25..

  22. I think I was about six years old when I realized the universe had probably been here forever. Lawdy

  23. I see the blocks here do not ask for ………….. site, only name and email

    Too much response? …………………………………………………………………..

    Orwell’s 1984 or 2014

  24. Not that it is a big deal and nobody really cares but I noticed something. I might get 4 hits a day from your site.

    The Darkmoon site no longer shows a slot for your site. It is blank, so there is no link. Orwell’s 1984 comes to 2014. It is par for course however, when you are linked on Rense, TheTruthSeeker, What Really Happened, and several others, …. you have a clue. Even Beulahman is now carried by Rense. LOL What webs we weave when we seek to deceive.

    Should we leave our own link now in the interests of free speech,, saving the free world etc?


    1. All you need to do is register an account and complete this field on your profile, and you can still get your 4 hits a day. Saves you having to type it in every time anyway. They probably removed it because it leads to a shorter comment form…

    2. Yes it’s true ; Nobody cares about what you have to say about anything, dubby. Finally, you got something right. A true anomaly : dubby gets it right for a change.

      1. @ ROJ Real Original Joe @LD

        If it is true that you alerted LD & co that the article is a spoof you deserve credit for it, which they gave you already since your comment is posted. The supposed use of the f-word by Amrit Goswami is a parody on the ‘What the bleep do we know’ movie from 2004 in which he shows up.

        Of all his Quantum colleagues in the movie I favor this American: John Hagelin

        Hagelin developed a Unified Field theory. One Unified Field as the basis of all (im)posible uni-verses. It is not as mere theory, he talks about.

        Watch this wise American himself at: 31.34 – 32.25


      2. Several Joes, nobody would even pretend they could contribute a small sliver of information that could compare to the enlightenment you and your running mates, Salvatore, FoghornLegHorn, Guiseppe Bo Beppe have given us. Please continue on, we wait breathlessly.

  25. ” ‘death can’t exist in ‘any real sense’ either. Lanza, instead, said that when we die our life becomes a ‘perennial flower that returns to bloom in the multiverse.’”
    How about when we die we undergo the judgment of our soul, and if we die in the state of sanctifying grace we go to purgatory until we’ve atoned for our forgiven sins (most likely) or straight to heaven (like martyrs for the faith or very holy people). And if we die in the state of unrepentant mortal sin we go to the unimaginable torments of hell. And both heaven and hell are forever.
    A lot of the rest reeks strongly of wishful mumbo jumbo, being is a strong distraction, I’d say, from the main business of saving our immortal souls .

    1. @Darrell
      I am curious as to why a God who created and loves us would punish a finite offence with an infinite punishment.
      Remember Emperor Justinian banned the teaching of rebirth in the Christian Church circa 500 AD. One of the early Christian fathers, Origen believed strongly in rebirth! I am sure you are familiar with the Sermon on the Mount! Recall:

      “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall know God!” Well fear is an impurity. Until you overcome your fear, you will never know God! Love God without any thought of reward or punishment! And remember the Christian mystics e.g. Dame Julian of Norwich when she asked God about Hell. She was told not to worry, that all would be well in the end.

      1. @ Felix

        Make allowances for Darrell. He is a rigid Orthodox Roman Catholic who keeps to the strict letter of his school Catechism. He believes in a literal Hell, where sinners suffer everlasting torments for their “mortal sins”. Reincarnation he rejects totally. He regards all other religions as hopelessly wrong because they contradict basic Catholic dogmas such as the Trinity, the Immaculate conception, and Papal Infallibility.

        Lasha is a Catholic too, but Darrell would regard her as a total “heretic”: because Lasha has nothing against the idea of reincarnation and knows that Christ made a clear reference to it in the Gospels. Darrell would regard Lasha’s religious views as “syncretic”, i.e. cobbled together with views from different religions. In previous posts, long before your arrival on this site, Darrell has hinted that Lasha is a hopeless heretic and not fit to set foot in a Catholic church. BTW, Darrell is a former Catholic monk and many of his poems have been published on this site.

        Personally, I have nothing against Darrell and love his poems, but his opinions seem to be a bit narrow and in need of radical revision. He belongs in the Middle Ages! 🙂

    2. Darrell is a warrior for Christ in the mold of the ancient military orders like the Templars, Tuetonic Knights and Hospitallers.

      I don’t have to agree with his unyielding adherence to dogma. He is a soldier and his job is not to sit at bar, shooting idle breeze.

      He is fine by me, wish there were many more like him.

      1. Gdmn spellchecker, mfkg jew invention.

        TECTONIC Knights, gimme a break.
        Toby, please fix it before you expire on the job, thx.

        TOBY: Fixed it . . . but I kinda liked ‘tectonic’. 🙂

        1. @ lobro

          It’s the fault of the jews lobro made a spelling error, lol. As if having spell check means one can’t possibly read what one wrote and correct spelling errors on one’s own. Correcting his own spelling errors doesn’t occur to lobro, he blames the jews for his own laziness and his own incompetence. [ Oh, and by the way, the joos twisted my arm and forced me to end a sentence in a preposition, lol. ] It’s the responsibility and the obligation of the jews to make sure we spell correctly, LOL.

          If lobro misspells a word we are to blame the jews [ as per lobro ] . So if lobro spells a word correctly, do we then credit the jews for the proper spelling? Fairness — and consistency in logic — requires we thank the jews if lobro spells a word correctly — if we are going to blame them for the times lobro messes up and misspells words. If we’re going to blame jews if we misspell a word, logic calls for us to give the jews credit the times we do spell a word correctly, lol.

          lobro’s excuse for his misspelling : Can an excuse get any more lame? It’s like being in kindergarten sometimes here at Darkmoon.

  26. As always Lasha your articles are provocative and fun to read and think about. Half the enjoyment though is in the commentaries that add further shades of colour and light to the original picture.

    I enjoyed your remarks about those books that you have but haven’t had the time to read yet. 🙂 I’m in the same boat. As an avid collector for many years I have a personal library of thousands of fascinating interpretations of everything possible and impossible. Somewhere in amongst them all there may be the key to understanding how I will eventually find the “time” to absorb them fully.

    Blessings & Peace!


    1. @ Arthur Topham

      Nice to hear from you, Arthur. Saw your picture on the homepage of Truthseeker the other day. You are becoming famous, if not notorious! 🙂

      Keep us posted about your legal situation. I sincerely hope it goes well for you and that you get a complete acquittal. I look at it this way: It is not you who are on trial but the Canadian government.

  27. Of course the world was created, the only one that has existed forever , eternal and absolute is God, Elah, jehovah, Allah whatever name you wish to call Him.

    1. @ Mind Controlled Slave

      I am just about to print out your (4000-word) article to read at my leisure. I have no reason to be “mean”, so relax! Meanness is alien to my nature, as my friends would all tell you. I think you have a beautiful site. You are obviously a gifted person. I wish I had your computer expertise in regard to pictures. I have yet to master the art of uploading moving pictures, e.g., a picture showing a woman fluttering her eyelashes, or a picture of a waterfall that shows the water actually sparkling and spraying as it falls. Wish I knew how to do that!

    1. Duke –

      I was a nuclear engineer and reactor operator. I read the article. I liked it.
      The article stated what I have stated here dozens of times:
      “We – ALL – are guessing.”
      You said, ‘SPECULATION.”

      From the article:
      “It is important to know that the quantum theory relates to what happens at the sub atomic level, at the level where it is not possible to observe what takes place. This means that the name of the game is; SPECULATION. All the theories are attempts to explain what actually takes place.”

      I agree..!!

  28. Darkmoon, it is not surprising that the majority of your readers ignored the topic, and continued to rant as they always do.

    ADMIN (Toby): Which is exactly what YOU have done! 🙂

  29. Amrit Goswami ….. ‘What The Bleep Do We Know’ (2004).


    His quantum physicist colleague John Hagelin ( vid 31.34 – 32.26) worked for decades with
    Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

    Hagelin and Goswami are no f-word users, at least not in public.

    Nikolas Tesla met and was influenced by Vivekananada.

    1. @Sam Hita
      And Vivekananda was one of Sri Ramakrishna students. If you can find the book by Mahendranath Gupta “The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna”. It is as the Irish say, a thundering good read. It tells the story of the vicissitudes face by the young Vivekananda before he found his true path!

      1. @ Felix

        You are exceptionally well-read. I have that book in my library, a legacy from my father. A massive tome over 1000 pages long! “Originally recorded in Bengali,” it says on the cover, in five volumes, by M, a disciple of the Master.” (Foreword by Aldous Huxley).

        I haven’t had time to read the book in its entirety but have dipped into it over the years. The book is in dialogue, with Ramakrishna talking to his disciples and answering questions. Truly, a book full of precious insights. Ramakrishna was an unforgettable character…a personification of the great Vedic sages, but always laughing and joking and bursting into song at every opportunity!

  30. @LD
    Please find the time to read it in it’s entirety! It’s one of the books I keep by my bedside along with about 4 versions of the Bhagavad Gita and several Upanishads. I find the translations by Juan Mascaro to be best. He was Spanish and lectured for many years on the Spanish mystics. He imparts a ‘music’ to his translations, which make them a joy to read!

    1. @ Felix

      Thanks for the advice. One day I hope to read the Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna, but I just don’t have the time right now to read such a long book — over 1000 pages!

      I have Mascaro’s translation of the Upanishads, but this is a very slim paperback containing only a small selection of the Upanishads.

      Yes, I know what you mean by ‘music’: accuracy combined with rhythmical, gemlike prose. A book I particularly recommend is the Bhagavad-Gita translated by Christopher Isherwood and Swami Prabhavananda because of the beauty of the translation. Prabhavananda translates the Sanskrit, Isherwood polishes up his prose and puts the most sublime bits into truly beautiful free verse.

      You will find a couple of excerpts from this book available on this site:

      * Selections from the Bhagavad-Gita: [1] The Atman

      Selections from the Bhagavad-Gita [2] : Man Perfected

      (BTW, the picture of the Indian seer at the top of the page is the legendary ‘Babaji’ mentioned at great length in Yogananda’s Autobiography of a Yogi.)

      1. @LD
        Thanks for those links! Yes I have those versions of the BG and also the Upanishads. Juan Mascaro’s version is also beautiful. Let me rummage through my ebook files and see if I can find anything that might interest you! Is it okay to attach and email it to you?

      2. “This is a very mystical thing, the Bhagavad Gita, and the knowledge we find inside the Bhagavad Gita, and how one comes to understand the Bhagavad Gita. These are not simply words printed on paper that one can understand through scholarship, by simply studying the words, studying the language. Understanding of Bhagavad Gita is not possible in that way. The understanding comes from hearing the words of a pure devotee in the disciplic succession, someone who is not adding his own opinion.”
        Guru parampara
        Bhagavad-gita as It Is

        1. @ hp

          “These are not simply words printed on paper that one can understand through scholarship, by simply studying the words, studying the language. Understanding of Bhagavad Gita is not possible in that way.”

          I agree absolutely, dear Homer. One could spend 20 years reading The Sacred Books of the East (50 vols.) and be none the wiser for it. Wisdom does not come from extensive book reading.

  31. On science & spirituality

    Scientists are using all the tricks of the trade to attract interest and find support or sponsorship. They are now mixing science and spirituality and are confusing themselves in the process.

    As we all know, every effect has a cause, every cause leads to an effect. Tracing back effects to causes and causes to effect has no end: it is an infinite process, whatever theory you pick out of a thousand theories. No need for calculations or mathematical models to know that. And it is the task of scientists to do that unending investigation, period. It also brings food on the table.

    As long as there is a mind to think, there is cause and effect, and therefore science. Spirituality starts when the mind surrenders. God is experienced subjectively, not demonstrated as a scientific phenomenon.

    Science does not teach or train to deal with the non-thinking mind. On the contrary, it needs the mind to keep actively working on ‘facts’ and ‘observations’ and calculations, creativity and what not. So it can’t deal with God, nor is it its job or vocation.

    1. Nayanami –

      With all of what you stated in mind, I would guess that the amoeba and paramecium would be among the most spiritual of all organisms.
      And ALL lower animals would be more spiritual than the most intelligent humans.
      In fact, the people with the highest IQs would be the LEAST spiritual.

      Yes… With your aid, I conclude…
      Pharisees are the least spiritual beings on the planet..!!

      1. Did I really say that? Does Escherichia Coli have a mind? Someone with a high IQ does have a mind.

      2. “Did I really say that?”

        Of courser not. I DID. It was for the benefit of those here who believe that even plants feel pain and have thoughts. But I did not fall quite to that level.

        However, since IQ exams are weighted heavily towards math and sciences…my main conclusion still applies….using your guesses:
        People with the highest IQs would be highly influence by the sciences… the LEAST spiritual.

        Pharisees are the least spiritual beings on the planet..!!

      3. Pat,

        So we do agree on the Pharisees. For the rest, have it your way. Or find out for yourself.

      4. Nayanami –
        ” Or find out for yourself.”
        I already found out, by studying many religions in the 60s and 70s.
        From that study, I choose to believe in a creator ONLY…. and NOT any man’s RELIGION….
        ……… which he, himself, invented.
        That includes ALL religions and cults. They are architects of the creations, at best. They need tools for implementing their crafts. They admit it. Some need mallets, compasses and squares. Some need wafers, crosses, jewels and beads. Some need candle holders and knives and teeth to cut foreskins. The rituals are endless. The mutilations are obscene.

        Most of all…the creator does not need my money or gifts…men do.

    2. @Felix

      Thanks for the link to the Gospel of Ramakrishna


      ‘’As long as there is a mind to think, there is cause and effect, and therefore science. Spirituality starts when the mind surrenders. God is experienced subjectively, not demonstrated as a scientific phenomenon”

      Very well said!

      Hagelin and quite an increasing number of his (subject-object-science) colleagues of him would agree with it.


      Is Consciousness the Unified Field? A Field Theorist’s Perspective – John Hagelin, SAND11

      SAND stands for Science and Non Duality

      ‘For Love to be, thought must cease’ (J. Krishnamurti)

    3. @ Pat

      That’s the way.

      @ Sam Hita

      Appreciate your interest. Never heard of Hagelin before but then I don’t travel much. Will try watch your video.

  32. There’s nothing wrong with QM. Iit is the most precise physical theory we have. It is a piece of maths that maps physical quantities to statistical values. End of story.

    The problem stems from all the putative prophets and pundits who present their imaginary thoughts on the matter as theory. Example – multiverses, Copenhagen interpretation, What the Bleep!.

    Nobody as far as I’m aware is getting metaphysical about F=ma or “a squared” plus “b squared” = “c squared”. This is because we all (1% actually 🙂 ) have real world physical understanding of these equations, but that understanding does not prove that mathematics and and the physical world are in a causative relationship. So just stand down, and let the engineers of computer chips and lovely tech gadgets use QM equations without the metaphysical peanut gallery (including many physicists).

    1. @ Spacegoat

      “The problem stems from all the putative prophets and pundits who present their imaginary thoughts on the matter as theory. Example – multiverses, Copenhagen interpretation, What the Bleep!

      Yes, there will always be people like you trying to keep quantum physics “respectable” and dull. Paragons of orthodoxy. No multiverses allowed! Shush! don’t mention Schrodinger’s Cat! Keep it clean! Only elegant equations permitted.

      Fortunately, you will not be able to censor quantum physics “dissidents” — or indeed the disreputable “heretics” who have made quantum physics so fascinating to the general public. It’s not as if you could prove their science wrong. If you could, you would have done so.

      There will always be Holocaust revisionists. Thank God for that! Quantum physics will have its revisionists too. How are revolutions in science made except by daring dissidents who question the orthodoxy? Galileo was a scientific dissident, remember. They tried to silence him but they didn’t succeed.

      The quantum physics revolutionaries must not be silenced by the Stodgy Orthodox Brigade!

    2. you are correct spacegoat, this is not a scientific discussion … it is a philosophical one … which should be encouraged from a young age (pre-teen/early teen) … people would have an easier time dealing with the world if they knew what to tolerate, and how to balance personal harmony with total harmony

      knowing why to pursue something is more important than pursuing it … otherwise we may blindly invent our end … think before you do, is what separates us from animals … the scope of accountability is the measure of consciousness

      if you came to a cheerleader for a scientific debate, you should have known the end from the beginning … everyone should participate in philosophical thought

        This is not a scientific discussion … it is a philosophical one … which should be encouraged from a young age (pre-teen/early teen)
        Agreed, but when philosophy (beliefs, ethics) gets peddled as science, then scientific ignorance is magnified. Which is worse for society, lack of philosophy or scientific ignorance?

        The quantum physics revolutionaries must not be silenced
        Agreed. Suggest you leave the religion at home if its physics you’re after.

      2. Spacegoat –

        ALL philosophy is based on scientific facts and scientific ignorance.
        Religion is a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe. It may or may not include a god or gods.
        ALL sciences, including physics, are religions…. by the definition I used.
        Philosophy, sciences and religions are interdependent in varying degrees.
        Christian Science and Scientology come to mind quickly. (Scientologists even use the ‘E-Meter’… a ‘galvanometer movement’ to measure the levels of emotions through sweaty palms.)

        It ALL depends on your definitions and ‘guesses.’

        Guessing is fun. 😉

  33. Ha Ha Ha,

    Like it Lasha, the ‘vote up & down’. It’s turning into a newspaper forum with your viewers approval options.

    Do I win a prize for saying that Joe or Tyron will be regularly at the bottom?

    I believe this add-on is “on trial”. If it gives any problems, please say. Technical Support is open to suggestions. (Toby)

  34. However, that said…..

    As for the article, I suppose that anything’s really possible in life considering that we are all simply collections of energy. Parallel universes? Well Star Trek’s done that quite a few times – Good Enterprise warping into another dimension and meeting bad Enterprise. And then there’s the one where they got trapped outside some space anomaly that soon filled up with all the Enterprises from their time lines, alternate decisions they never made.
    So I suppose a world where Hitler won is most certainly possible, but then I suppose if you go further back, then you could easily hit a time line that makes Jews extinct, a Roman empire that never fell (even though many believe it still rules to this day), along with a British one and so on.

    Quantum computers, are they possible? Well, again, anything’s possible.

  35. The quantum physics of love according to Belén Gopeguy (The Scale of Maps):
    As long as the photon isn’t measured, it doesn’t exist in either form [particle or wave] just as roses have no color at all when no one is looking at them. The lover is the observer, meaning that only when a woman is with me can I say that she exists, either as a wave or as a particle. Thus all love is adulterous and all adulterous love is Schrödinger’s cat, neither dead nor alive as long as I don’t possess the woman. When she is not in my arms, the beloved vanishes. It is pointless to follow or pursue her: no one can be a wave and a particle at the same time. Circular thinking, obsessions, fits of jealousy are all futile.

    If men were humble and let themselves be governed by the same principles that govern their atoms they would never again suffer on account of infidelity.”

      1. Yes, it IS true, lobro. However, women can say the same of men. It is THAT one (woman) with whom you want to engage in ‘pillow talk’. You know it. It is said that the ‘perfect woman’ turns into a beer and a cigarette after sex… I, myself, contend that the ‘perfect woman’ is the darling you want beside you AFTER. (Women probably think the same way.)

      2. @ Gilbert Huntly

        “It is said that the ‘perfect woman’ turns into a beer and a cigarette after sex… I, myself, contend that the ‘perfect woman’ is the darling you want beside you AFTER.”

        This is the most outrageous comment I have read in a long time. I am shocked beyond words.

      3. Likewise not too sure about that statement but it can be safely said that the im perfect woman turns into beer and cigarettes during sex.

    1. @ ariadnatheo

      Roses have no color at all when no one is looking at them.

      That is a great line. It makes you think. But it is hardly an original thought, is it? The English philosopher Bishop Berkeley said the same thing in different words in the 18th century: “Esse est percipi”. (= To be is to be perceived). In other words, a tree doesn’t exist unless there is someone there to look at it.

      As for the rose, not only does it have no color when no one is looking at it; according to Berkeley, it doesn’t exist at all unless it is being looked at by someone.

      Sorry if I sound curmudgeonly, but I am personally not impressed by the rest of Belen’s comment. He sounds like someone out of Private Eye’s “Pseud’s Corner.” Pretentious in the extreme. He is not even a scientist, he is a Spanish novelist.

      Are you impressed by this passage of his from the same book? I am not. I regard it as pretentious and pseudy. Belen is a con artist passing himself off as a deep philosopher:

      “. . . today you hear that an old friend has returned whom you had long ago decided was lost forever to a distant continent. It’s eight in the evening, you leave your house imagining the meeting, your happiness so irrepressible that you are laughing under your breath as you walk, because in the blink of any eye you have seen your past with that person and your future, the joy of being close. You board a bus, going down the list of places you are thinking of bring (sic) your friend, arm raised, hand gripping the dirty metal pole… But in fact it was all a false alarm. The person who had told you your friend was returning had mistaken the date or the name. Where were you while you were planning this meeting? If you answer “on the bus,” aren’t you committing a sin of imprecision, to say the least? What was the emotion you were feeling composed of and where was it located: forty-five minutes of palpable happiness incited by an illusory event?… to whom does that span of time, running counter to reality, belong?”

      1. Latin pretentiousness trumps all other forms.

        The reigning world champ is Paolo Coelho.
        His books should come with reusable barf bag incorporated in the cover sleeve.

        But this guy got the quantum part right (maybe someone proofread it) and it is psychologically healthy to assume that the woman who dumped /cheated /rejected you doesn’t exist because for all practical purposes she doesn’t.
        Otherwise, you are the type who is into piercing and self mutilation.

        I didn’t even read his Dullchemist, only listened to couple of chapters read by Jeremy Irons before realizing that I had to grow my brain back.

      2. @ Simon Simplex

        Esse est percipi? What nonsense! If that were true an uninhabited island would not exist until the moment it would be discovered. So how could a group of people create an island by discovering it?

        At most one could say that meaningful existence depends on being perceived, but that is a matter of opinion.

        Sometimes philosophers such as that Bishop Berkeley are simply stupid.

      3. 1. “But it is hardly an original thought, is it?”–you say.
        Are there any? Individual, single, original thoughts? Have you ever had any? Scratch a German or an English one hard enough you may find a Greek chip underneath or an Egyptian one and if you push you may end up clear at the other end of the world swimming in the Vedas… “Originality” is made of combining un”original” thoughts never combined before and creating a novel structure. The shards in a kaleidoscope work in the same way: the shards themselves do not change, nor are new ones added to them.
        2. “Pretentious in the extreme.” If you had read the book you’d know it was a character speaking, not the author, and the character was an unctuous man claiming to have found a scientific basis to dealing with women. I myself found it amusing and thought it apropos to this article. Sorry you didn’t.
        3. “He is not even a scientist, he is a Spanish novelist.” No one ever claimed SHE –the author is a woman — is a scientist. She is indeed a Spanish novelist.
        From where did you lift the quote you gave? Some Amazon blurb? Goes to show you it is not safe to form an opinion based on the back jacket.

      4. PS
        “Belen is a con artist passing himself off as a deep philosopher”
        No such thing. SHE is a novelist and very talented one, not trying to “pass” herself off as anything else, much less a philosopher.
        Far from being pretentious, she has a great sense of irony and the character described in the quote you gave–which admittedly makes no sense out of context if you haven’t read the book — is a contemporary Spanish counterpart to Oblomov: unable to have any initiative or make any decision. The difference is that with her light touch the character doesn’t carry the sense of doom and gloom appropriate for the Russian one.

      5. @ Franklin Ryckaert

        I agree with you that Bishop Berkeley’s philosophy sounds is a bit weird. “ESSE EST PERCIPI” was his world view in a nutshell. He was not just a fringe philosopher but had great influence on later idealist thinkers such as Schopenhauer (“The World as Will and Idea”) and Bradley (“Appearance and Reality”). I had to study him at university in the ‘History of Philosophy’ slot. Maybe Simon Simplex did not do him full justice by his crude presentation of his ideas. Berkeley’s original treatise makes fascinating reading and is all in the form of a dialogue — a bit like Plato, with Socrates being his mouthpiece, and a whole range of other interlocutors.

        The essence of Berkeley’s philosophy is that consciousness is primary and that the physical world as we know it exists only in perception. The form and color of a tree, for example, where is the form and color if there is nobody around to give it form and color? You and I see the green-leaved willow tree by the river, its branches swaying in the wind. But how does an ant in the grass see that tree, if it sees it at all? Every blade of grass is a tall tree to that ant. The unmown lawn that you and I see is a tropical forest to the ant.

        These are the thoughts evoked by the reading of Bishop Berkeley.

      6. @ Ariadnatheo

        I spoke too hastily and offer my apologies for any unintended offense given to you. You are obviously a great admirer of Belen — a “she” as it turns out — and to be commended for being so positive and appreciative of her works rather than negative and dismissive. As for me, sneering at a writer I have never read and whose sex I am not even aware of, that does not say much for me! Mea culpa.

        However, I agree with Lobro that there is too much pretentiousness in many of these modern novelists. Personally, I cannot bear the Magic Realists. I like a good story, a good plot, and genuine emotion. I do not find it in Borges or Salman Rushdie. I find here a lot of fancy ideas and philosophical speculations and showing off and literary exhibitionism — as if these writers were saying, “Be impressed by me. I am deep. I have a university education!”

        I prefer novelists like Hesse where philosophical depth is combined with storyline and simplicity of presentation — a complete absence of pretentiousness and showing off.

        The Belen quote I gave illustrating what seemed to me superficial and pretentious verbiage came from this book review:


        Ariadnatheo, my apologies once again for any offense given. I guess we have different tastes in literature. I like my food served plain, whereas you appear to be a “literary gourmet.”

      7. Dialectic Spiritualism..

        Hayagriva dasa: Berkeley seems to argue against objective reality. For instance, three men standing in a field looking at a tree could all have different impressions or ideas of the tree. The problem is that although there are three different impressions of the tree, there is no tree as such. Now, how does the tree as such exist? In the mind of god? Is it possible for a conditioned living entity to perceive the suchness or essence of anything?

        Srila Prabhupada: Since everything is God, or an expansion of God’s energy, how can a tree or anything else exist independent of God?

        George Berkeley

      8. @ Sardonicus

        About Berkeley’s esse est percipi :

        Yes a tree will be perceived differently by different conscious beings, be it ants, human beings or whatever, but the underlying reality that causes those perceptions remains the same and exists even when not perceived at all. A thing therefore may possess many possibilities of being perceived, but those are its attributes and not its existence.

        The problem is, we as human beings (and every other kind of conscious beings with senses) can only percieve a thing subjectively i.e. with our own special kind of senses, which as we understand is by no means the only “correct” way of perception. Thus we can never know a thing objectively. Hence a philosopher like Berkeley may conclude that things do not exist objectively at all. But that is a mistake. Obviously things outside our imagination do exist, but they can only be “known” (imperfectly) in our imagination.

        An uninhabited planet with no life forms at all, unknown to any conscious being in the universe, still exists and its existence is not in any way less “real” than an inhabited planet known to many in the universe. Objective existence can be inferred by reason but never be percieved by senses.

  36. There appears to be a lot of curry served in the comments, so I’m sure that what I have to say will be ignored or contested which is fine with me. I am a seed sower, not a harvester. Real Christianity is a lot different than Judaism with a Christian mask which is what most Christianity is today.

    The lead article about QM should not be considered bogus, but rather a confession.

    Current science, including QM, and modern medicine have something in common. Both are abortions that should have been, but the Phariseeic system keeps both alive as a deception to keep reality from being noticed or understood. Both are tools that are mostly destructive because they ignore or deny the superior power of the spiritual world.

    Education is the basis for current science, but education is really just a Pharisee indoctrination tool to divert mankind from reality. The first mandatory education was done by the Pharisees between 300 BC and 200 BC. It worked so well to brainwash their victims that they revived it again for the same purpose. Education is designed to disable thinking by repetitive misinformation that is only good in a quiz show while steering mankind away from the truth. Success in education is nothing more than a memory test of what has been shoved into a gullible mind.

    As for IQ, it is merely a measurement of exposure and memory, nothing else. I have spent far too much time working with high IQ people that were doing good to find their zipper unless sex was eminent. Great exposure and a good memory is worthless unless it can be applied with love for the benefit of your fellowman. The pre-programed tendency is to apply it to greed, thievery, death, and destruction.

    For most of my life I was a analytical, scientific type person even spending 10-years as an atheist, until I wanted to know what was really going on and who was directing the mess that we call society. After years of research, the answer was discovering that the Pharisees had constructed an illusion and sold it to the gullible (I was) as reality. The solution was the spiritual reality as taught by Jesus in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Most of the rest of the Bible is just worthless dressing designed to keep a person from really analyzing Jesus’ teachings.

    I did not get into serious analysis of Jesus’ teaching until I was in a religious debate with a fellow that I had known for about 10-years. When he made the statement that he has raised someone from the dead, it got my attention because I knew the guy was not a liar and that he was just a normal sort of guy. He also told me that he healed the sick.

    A couple of weeks later, my wife had a physical health problem so I called the fellow up to see if he could help. He came over to my house and I witnessed the healing take place.

    I commenced my analysis of Jesus’ teaching because I wanted to know how it worked. I discovered that even the Gospels had been altered by simple deductive reasoning, but that the truth was still there. I found the real law that Jesus referred to and, since it did not seem to have a name, I called it the Law of Verbal Command.

    About three years ago, a friend of mine of similar simple religious perception called me on a Sunday afternoon. It seems that he had raised a fellow from the dead in the middle of a church sermon and he was astonished. Except for his simple religious views, my friend was just an ordinary fellow. The event was seen by numerous people including two medical professionals of the congregation that were by the dead man’s side when he came back to life. Both knew beyond a doubt that the man was dead.

    Now to the primary point of this comment.

    Shortly after my friend’s event at church, I discovered that I could control lightning by merely commanding it to stop. I did it about eight times before I stopped counting and continue to do so today. When commanded, the lighting stops in about a 2-mile radius of me. I also started to successfully command healings.

    Lightning, by the laws of physics, is not supposed to respond to human commands, but it does if you have just a mustard seed’s worth of faith that it will respond. That is not much faith/belief. I strongly doubt that there is a mathematical equation that proves that it can and, even if there is, it does not matter. It works in reality.

    I was asked by a young man recently that was inclined toward investigating Buddhism why I thought that the teachings of Jesus are the way to go. I told him that, not only do those teaching work, but that the teachings of Jesus are the only ones that advocate healing the sick, raising the dead, and casting out devils. If the other religions advocate the same, then they keep it a secret.

    As for alternate universes, who cares? We are in this one so what are we going to do here? We have to deal with what is, not what could be. Now is all we have to work with. It is best if we know how to work with what we have been given for the benefit of our fellowman.

    Since it is obvious to me that the spiritual world dictates the physical world as proven by my experience, I know that initial article about QM was a confession and not bogus.

    1. Very interesting, all the more since you exude sincerity.
      But something got me quite puzzled.
      A dead guy was raised during his funerary service.
      I thought that there was a law that prior to burial, the corpse must be drained of all blood, something to do with health regulations and disease control, probably under the same jurisdiction as restaurant inspection.

      If so, what happens, does the previously dead guy walk off all freeze dried or is there an urgent transfusion at the scene of resurrection … Jesus was presumably packed off to a nice, dry cave like where you may want to store wine barrels, all of him intact.

      1. Srila Prabhupada: What is the position of Christ?

        Hayagriva dasa: He is seated at the right hand of the Father in the kingdom of God.

        Srila Prabhupada: But when Christ was present on earth, many people saw him.

        Hayagriva dasa: They saw him in many different ways, just as the people saw Krsna in many different ways.

        Srila Prabhupada: Is it that Christ was seen in his full spiritual body?

        Hayagriva dasa: When the soul is reborn with Christ, it beholds Christ’s spiritual body through its spiritual senses.

        Srila Prabhupada: Yes. We also think in this way.

      2. @Lobro
        Apparently I was not explicit enough. No, it was not a funeral service, just a regular church service where the fellow died while sitting in the pew.

        BTW, I left off something very important in my initial post. One of the most important things that I discovered in my research of Jesus’ teaching was that anyone can do what Jesus said to do. Trust me, if I can do it, anyone can since I am just an ordinary guy with my fair share of faults. The only qualification is that very small mustard seed of faith that what is commanded, is. Additionally, what Jesus taught does not work except when applied to goodness for the real benefit of yourself ans/or your fellowman. Evil relies on magic which is basically BS.

        We have been taught backward. We have been lead to believe that you have to be sinless, saved, able to gargle peanut butter while standing on your head, etc., in order to do what Jesus said to do. These preconditions are simply put in place to make people feel unworthy of doing what Jesus taught. If people feel unworthy, they will not even try to do what Jesus taught, therefore, evil wins.

        The proper sequence is to do what Jesus said to do and that will lead to a conviction/belief that brings people to the reality of God and his love. When Jesus said that the Kingdom of God is within you, he was not kidding, just telling the way it is.

        This was probably more than you wanted to know, but sometimes I get carried away.

  37. @lobro

    What’s not to ‘be too sure about’…???! If most men had to be definitive, concise, and HONEST, the end goal is fornication. After said act, the ”very special” woman is the one you want lying in your arms, conversing along into the Land of Nod. Comfort is found in each other at all levels. Those type are rare.

    @Anonymous Equestrienne

    Nothing ‘outrageous’, at all. Your statement suggests that you probably are NOT a ‘perfect woman’. Like a horse, you could probably be saddle-broken – but it is likely that you are already past prime, so why would any cowboy bother?? 🙂

    1. Not being your usual gentlemanly self, Gilby.

      Equestrienne sounds like a proper lady who may not be into beer, cigarettes and manure caked spurs.
      There is always one who is not an outright skank.

      You gotta be adaptable, like Max, to stay in saddle.

      1. @ Gilbert Huntly

        Well, finally some good news in this here universe we live in — it’s especially good news for Gilbert and the Luv of his life, one-eyed lasha the sabian mohammedan harem slave girl “Catholic”, lol, belly dancer with mohammedan hijab rags all over her jew kabballah head — “Under the Hijab, Porn Is Alive and Kicking”. An article from The Ugly Truth that’s right up lasha’s and gilbert’s alley : Hijabs + Porn, the best of all worlds!

        The official insignia of the jew-owned Freemason Southern Knights of The Golden Circle was/still is the arab jew Mohammed’s sacred crescent moon icon, so I’m not at all surprised the Southern Gilbert LUVS the kabballah jewess covered head to toe in mohammedan ali baba hijab rags…

      2. Sometimes I just don’t FEEL very ‘gentlemanly’, Mr. Lobro – but, remember, there are two sides to every coin (and sometimes THREE, as in the case of wacky Joe, above). 🙂

  38. A little off topic, but important, here is an excerpt from an article on The Truthseeker, by Israel Shamir: “But the vast majority of Russians do support their President, and his civilizational choice. He expressed it when he went to midnight Christmas mass in a small village church in far-away province, together with orphans and refugees from the Ukraine. And he expressed it by refusing to go to Auschwitz.”

    1. I know that there will always be detractors but my hunch is that he is the man who will pilot Europe’s last stand against the Serpent.

  39. Ok, let me toss my pet fox (actually I just caught it) into the Schroedinger’s chicken house.

    What if instead of an infinity of parallel worlds, there is an infinity of worlds, all intersecting one another so that every event at every temporal junction is defined by such an intersection.
    Then the 2 bright women above, Ariadne and Belen would be easily correct.

    For me, a woman who represents nothing but pain of failure, infidelity and rejection does not exist except as a figment of my unbalanced mind as my world scoots along its track away from that ill fated junction, while hers follows its heartless groove and I never existed in her world to start with.

    So, I go in opposite direction of Belen, she from QM (preserve of lonely mathematicians) to interpersonal relationships (preserve of women, whereas I backtrack to the safety of math, having figured out why things aren’t working out.

  40. Dr Amit Goswami’s Hindu mythology about “life on Earth” and “life after death” is as much questionable as the “Quantum Physics”.

    All religions has different interpretations of God’s creations.

    1. Judaism says that only good Jews would be resurrected on the Judgment Day and rewarded, while evildoers like Ariel Sharon and Netanyahu would never resurrected for punishment.

    2. Hinduism says that humans never die – the just keep recycling like garbage in different shapes.

    3. Vatican says: “Salvation only comes through the Church.”

    4. Islam says: “You reap on the Judgment Day what you sow on Earth.”

    5. Atheism says: “We never asked for life on Earth, so no one can screw us for how we live our lives.”

    1. ” Since the mathematicians have invaded the theory of relativity, I do not understand it myself anymore.” Albert Einstein

      1. Duke –
        “….I do not understand it myself..”

        Thanks. Really funny.
        The liar was backed into a corner when asked how he arrived at his theory mathematically….
        ….and he could not… because he stole it from others. 🙂

  41. No offense perceived, much less taken, Simon.
    Needless to say (always a good intro for mentioning it anyway), tastes differ, but I am almost close to beginning to consider the possibility of taking offense at seeing Borges lumped with Rushdie…
    I can re-read some of Borges’ stories every few years with undiminished delight. One of my all time favorites is one that I did not see included in any of the English editions and which I found completely by accident in Italian (one of the very few languages in which I can read more than a restaurant menu). The title (in It.) is La Memoria di Shakespeare.
    If you are not dead set against Borges read this, retold by me, which is unfair to Borges:

    Two friends, one a doctor and one a professor of English literature at the Univ of Buenos Aires get together to spend a weekend together as they had done for years once or twice a year. As always they drink and talk. This time, after drinking almost all night the doctor says:
    I need your help. Something extraordinary happened to me that has turned my life upside down. I was caring for a dying patient who told me that he could not die until he got rid of “Shakespeare’s memory.” I naturally took it for the delirium of a moribund and only made reassuring noises but he would not be assuaged. He insisted that he had Shakespeare’s memory, which absolutely had to be passed on. He claimed some intellects are strong enough to not only survive the physical death of the “host” but also to seek the next one. He begged me to accept Shakespeare’s memory. To placate and pacify him I said I accepted. He said I should not just say it but mean it and repeat three times with conviction: “I accept Shakespeare’s memory.” I did that and he died shortly thereafter. I never thought about it in the next few days, and forgot about the poor man, busy as I was in the hospital.
    But then strange things started happening to me – alien dreams, populated by characters in 16th century costume, a certain inability to focus during the day on the simple chores of my daily existence and even unexpected bursts of expressing my thoughts with Elizabethan flourishes. I told myself it was self-suggestion but in the meantime my life began to unravel: I was reprimanded for writing wrong prescriptions, my wife is threatening to divorce me.

    Here’s what occurs to me: you are a professor of English literature. That which is ruining my life cam actually serve you very well. Why not let me pass it on to you?”
    After initial disbelief, the professor thinks his friend is just drunk and, to conclude the evening, accepts Shakespeare’s memory. The next morning his friend leaves and the professor’s life resumes as before. Except…. He may be walking down the corridor in the college building unthinkingly whistling a little tune and a music professor runs after him crying: “Unbelievable! I had no idea you liked 16th century madrigals!” He goes through the same distress and unraveling that had tortured his friend: his own girlfriend leaves him after he repeatedly calls her by other names, etc. He decides to take his friend’s advice and try to at least use this to his professional advantage. He starts paying close attention to his dreams – he crosschecks the names and incidents revealed in them with available documents in the British Library and occasionally finds evidence of their accuracy. He publishes a biography of Shakespeare which is an enormous popular success while being reviled as a fraud by his colleagues for lacking proper bibliography.
    He has one recurrent dream in which a certain man appears. It is someone “he” hates and who hates him. The reason of the conflict is never revealed in the dream but the professor thinks this unidentified man must have had a major role in Shakepeare’s life. A poet? A displeased benefactor? A rival? Awake, the professor recalls the man’s face very clearly and even his full name but after spending weeks in libraries he is unable to trace this man in any portraits or documents he finds. Finally as a last resort he checks the Stratford-upon-Avon births/death/property deeds and documents stored by the church and bingo! The man was Shakespeare’s next door neighbor with whom he had had a long, litigious dispute over the overhang of the fence between their properties….
    Bathos! That such garbage should fill the mental screen of a genius…The professor realizes that the Memory was chockfull of useless detritus and even worse: wrong information on geography and history. The Memory was like a mountain of dirt, rock and soil and Shakespeare’s genius was nowhere in it. His genius had been the lightning that struck and burned through that mountain and melted the thin vein of gold ore in it, which he then worked on like a divine goldsmith. It was completely useless to anyone else.
    The professor’s health deteriorated: he became depressed, absent-minded and a recluse. He had lost his identity. The Memory was killing him.
    With a supreme effort he grabbed the phone book and called several numbers at random. In the end a woman accepted his offer and repeated the magic formula three times.
    The next morning he awoke fearful but timidly hopeful. He had had no dreams. He tested his own memory: it seemed intact. He also tested the “other”—he was overjoyed to realize he had forgotten the name of the next-door pest who kept moving the fence. He was a middle-aged Argentinean man of no particular talent and he was at peace.

    1. @ Ariadnatheo

      Thank you for narrating this fascinating story. I speculate that you are either an academic or else an aspiring novelist yourself. I will again apologize for getting on your nerves by comparing Borges with Rushdie. This was silly of me, given that I have never had the time to read Borges himself but only the odd book review dealing with one of Borges’ books whose title I forget. It was about an extremely old guy in his eighties who had a taste for young teenage girls…or was it just one girl? I forget!

      Anyway, I lumped him together with Rushdie because I believe they are both practitioners of the same literary genre: Magical Realism. I find this genre tough going. Rushdie’s “Satanic Verses” I tried to read several times and had to give up. To me it was not only boring but pretentious. Huge sales of course, but thanks only to Ayatollah Khomenei’s fatwa.

      I wonder if you have ever read the novel “Perfume” by the German writer Patrick Suskind? I’m not sure if you would regard that as Magical Realism? But that’s a book I read with avid interest and thought a masterpiece. I saw traces of Hesse in that book. Truly memorable… and the translation a pure gem of literary prose.

      If you haven’t read “Perfume”, I strongly recommend it.

  42. Won’t be writing much on this site as I am busy fighting against Jewish rule in the business world! “Fighting” has its good and bad points.
    The FED and US Treasury Jews have falsely elevated the exchange rate on the US dollar (You know, the “world reserve currency”-Green-Back that has supposedly lost 87% of its value, since 1953, within a bankrupt USA!), so I cash into US$$$$$’s in a big way and buy in countries where the Jews have purposely manufactured reverse-quantum falls in the value of the local currencies. The Chinese are doing the same thing! Bought a villa in southern Spain, complete with servants, for US$98,000 the other day. Buying a coastal mansion on the Croatian coast for under US$100,000! What else have I got to do, other than chase the female servants in and out of the bedrooms?
    With US$$$’s, the rule of thumb is DO as the Jews DO and you will make mega bucks! I watch their stock exchange computer blips all the time; and have “alert/buy now” sensors built into my array of computers. Money buys me into the good life and gets me all the beautiful, sexy women I want! What more could a man ask for? ‘Tis great being a dilettante! Politically I am an ANARCHIST! The world is nearing a state of anarchy!
    The bottom line is: THE JEWS do WHATEVER THEY LIKE WITH OUR MONEY; fashioning its rises and falls in a totally surrealistic environment of smoking mirrors and endless charades. Again, it is all part of their all-consuming DIALECTIC, always guaranteed to allow the JEWS TO COME out on TOP! Hence, “the Supreme Court of Mankind” in the New Jerusalem is almost a certainty over the next decade. You are under JEWISH RULE. quantum physics or not!
    Which reminds me of that Ruth bitch! And, as I said, too many Bolshie, bitter, twisted and frustrated women on this site for my liking! Most women detest mathematics and study airy-fairy English Literature and fantasize their Goddess Syndrome involvement!
    The ugly ones largely MISS OUT and become dykes! I detect some on this site.
    I use quantum physics to expand my money into new horizons and to develop multiple personal universes of action. For eg, whoring one day; meeting the royals the next; looking after my commune and multiple wives in Nth QLD; male-modelling in flight mags for watches and man-sprays, getting pissed; etc. I ensure all days are essentially different! But I am an Adonis with plenty of MONEY and v high intelligence. A true Renaissance man!
    Did you know that the cripple Stephen Hawkins multiplied all his mathematical formula with the magical no 9, just as the Egyptians/Greeks etc did with their pyramids, Parthenon, etc? Of course, he knew that his mumbo-jumbo with numbers could prove “there is no GOD” and that “all energy gets drawn into the total lifelessness of black holes.” He was doing what his Jewish script-writers told him to prove! But then other physicists/mathematicians correlated other sets of numbers and discovered the stirring of life/movement in his lifeless, dead, black holes. Using a process of reverse-quantification, I have proved that there is actually exponential growth/expansion emitting for these supposed black holes. And then, within current limitations upon the exposition of the chaos theory, supposed parallel universes are being attributed by mathematicians like me to the convergence/warping theories, such as used by the Greek architects to distort/warp the columns of their buildings to make them visually perfect to the human eye, from a distance. The Jews utilize this theory to WARP all money in their favor!
    Will have an occasional look and glance over comments. Like reading David Icke’s Headlines the best! Truthseekers gives me a run of the best articles.
    In flight, I just read some Jewish chick’s – Ms Roth – revelations on 9/11, where she says it was done by the Israelis. Her book is a run-away best seller, and is no 179 on the Amazon reading list for historical/political non-fiction. i.e. Its gone mainstream! But the American bubbas will only yawn, watch their porn and eat a mufti-layered super burger! Some will comment on this site and attempt to sound intelligent!
    My mate Gilby is pretty well correct with the first half of his “perfect woman” description: “The perfect woman turns into a beer and a cigarette after sex.” Yeah, once you’ve had your way, who wants the small talk and crippling obligations? Who wants feminists buzzing in their ears?
    That is not quite right , Gilby: In Australia we say that “the perfect woman is 2 feet 9 inches tall, has no teeth, and has a flat top on her head which is to sit your beer on.”
    Not only should “women not teach” (Paul), but there is more than a good case to clothe them in burqas, as it is an known theory of history (See Gardiner, Theories of History) that when women rise to prominence, as they have under the Jews (and effeminate Goddess lervers like that Dublin “Reclaim the Night” character), the sexual carnality and the wasteful consumerism of that society rapidly increases. Thus trade wars are set in motion! Hence we have a mass of Ellen Degeneres, Oprah, Miley Cyrus clones cluttering up our streets!
    An erudite man once described the women on the streets of LA and New York as “pussies in high heels.” How TRUE!

    1. G’day cobbers,
      Thanks Lasha for this article.
      As i understand it, the Creator is MIND and the seven super universes each with an intended complement of 100 constituent universes, inhabitants and material constituents, are his thoughts “made flesh”. The Creator’s thought is spirit which manifests as conscious energy; and Celestial beings, physical creatures and the material cosmos are composed of that energy. In effect the Creator’s conscious thought is life. Without consciousness there can be no life; and no cosmos or universe(s). Divine thought is love which is conscious energy vibrating at incredible speed, which creates myriad sub-energies vibrating at varying lesser speeds. The slowest vibrating energies produce matter and hence physical creatures and the universe(s) we see and can measure. The merit of quantum physics is that it points to the truth of these phenomena. Matter cannot be destroyed because it is divine energy, but It can be converted from one form to another and can be converted to energy that is invisible to us because of its increased vibratory rate. Mehran Keshe has apparently been inspired to learn how to unwrap plasma so that it releases energy from the sub atomic realm. Moreover, very soon, ie after the Techma (namely the Pharisees, Jews and other Talmudists) have been removed from this planet) Keshe’s divinely inspired discoveries will become available to humanity via the Keshe Foundation.* At the same time the discoveries of Nikola Tesla and others will become available for humanity’s use and benefit also. So be it.
      * See Keshe Foundation Spaceship institute Promotion Video (Italian subtitles) at: http://abundanthope.net/pages/Environment_Science_69/Keshe-Foundation-Spaceship-institute-Promotion-Video-Italian-subtitles.shtml
      Blessings be upon all,

  43. The comments above (two at the time of this writing) by ‘Ungenious’ are probably the most profound comments I’ve read since my start with the internet which was in 1998.

    Though he says the four Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) are mostly what one needs (to learn spiritual reality); doing that does not contradict teachings I’ve embraced.

    Matthew 5:17 Think not that I am come to destroy The Law, or the Prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill.

    5:18 For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no way pass from The Law, till all be fulfilled.

    The Greek word translated as fulfill is “pleroo” which means to “fully preach”, not to conclude.

    The Pentateuch with The four Gospels of the New Testament makes my library complete.

    I seek to bring the spiritually dead back to Life.

    Thank-you ‘Ungenious’. God Bless you.

  44. Attempting to understand the nature of matter is all fine and well insofar as it goes. Yet in consideration of it going even farther away from a view of quantum physics that may be referred to as mixing batches of spotted paint, I’m reminded of Mirra of Pondicherry.

    Here’s something I wrote in reflecting on where she is coming from:

    “Death is a total anathema to Creation. It is not Divinely intended for something to be created only to see it destroyed, which is to say, dis-integrated, reflecting an illusion of separateness experienced in this World as it is presently constituted. Material de-composition is part and parcel of a common theme of enslavement acting in a manner conductive to being under a ‘cloaking’ of matter in its state of erosion.

    In a ‘coalescent’ state, any change in the composite of manifestation is one whose particulars are trans-posed, reflecting the truth of “matter” as an orientation of spirit, and existing in a reality where “death” takes on a whole new meaning. While in a manner of speaking it could be said that death is a part of life, truth be told, it is a disruption in the flow of Life’s continuum, and the dreadful reality of “survival of the fittest” stems from the despicable reign of dark masters, whose bogus rule is being ousted…”

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