Report on week two of Supreme Court trial R v Roy Arthur Topham

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Report on week two of
Supreme Court Trial R v Roy Arthur Topham
by Arthur Topham


This is the Canadian Jew
with a grudge against Arthur Topham.

He would like to see Arthur put in prison
for “hate speech” against Jews. 

To learn the latest developments
in the trial of Arthur Topham,  

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57 thoughts to “Report on week two of Supreme Court trial R v Roy Arthur Topham”

  1. Read it end to end, quite self-explanatory, good job by the defence lawyer and Atzmon.
    At first I thought that Atzmon was pulling his punches a bit too much but then it occurred to me that had he been more aggressive, it may have scared the jurors off into thinking that he is just another radicalized headcase.

    Also, at the very end, there is a rubric titled “Filed Under”, among many dozens of keywords is one “Lasha Darkmoon”, wonder if the site came to be mentioned in the course of the trial.


    Thanks for the story, Madam. I am glad Mr. Atzmon is helping Mr. Topham by being a star witness. This is great. I wish Mr. Topham the best of luck.

    I hereby appeal to the Judges of the Canadian courts, and to the Prosecutors who are prosecuting this criminal case against Mr. Topham and urge them to dismiss it. If you people are civilized and have an iota of morals or ethics in your blood, please let this man be free, due to the following reasons. I also urge Mr. Len Rudner to dismiss his complaint and apologize to Mr. Topham and work to expose the criminal cult of Judaism instead.

    1. Freedom of speech is a basic human right. Prosecuting people criminally for exercising their freedom of speech is not appropriate in a civilized society. No moral, ethical or civilized human being should prosecute another on the basis of political speech (except pornography).

    2. Judaists are truly some of the most evil and despicable people on earth today, judging by their evil deeds, such as their killing innocent Gazans, flooding our countries with aliens, pathological lying, etc. Lying, scamming, alienism, and other low moral behavior are highly prevalent among the Judaists. This is because many Judaists believes they are a “special race” called “Jews” (in reliance on the Torah, (Old Testament, OT 1-5) and derivative works), though they are mostly whites whose ancestors converted to Judaism in the Middle Ages. (See the book: “Invention of the Jewish People” by Sholomo Sand). They believe they are children of Abraham, who was a pimp who sold his wife/sister to an African (therefore black) Pharaoh. They worship a mass murderer pedophile madman Moshe (who was so black, the black Pharaoh assumed he was his grandson) as a prophet. So they start identifying themselves with these mentally deranged black criminals who fabricated the Torah and become mentally ill themselves.

    As a result, Judaists are involved heavily in many crimes, such as insider trading, financial fraud, human trafficking (promoting alien invasion), bribery of politicians, framing patriots, pornography, terrorism, etc. Their rabbis sell organs and many Rabbis are rapists who rape congregants (see Incest is rampant among the Judaists. There are rabbis who have been arrested for raping their own daughters. All of this can be confirmed from online sources. Many Judaists are mentally deranged psychopaths, judging by their brazen criminality and evil deeds. These criminals then turn around and file bogus cases and even have those who expose them or speak up against their evil deeds criminally prosecuted. This makes them double barbarians. Israel is the world’s #1 criminal state and apartheid state. All this can be verified from news reports in the mainstream world media and even Jewish sources.

    Mr. Topham is doing a great service to Canada and mankind by exposing the crimes and depravity of the world’s most depraved and evil barbaric African cult called Judaism. He is doing God’s work.

    Prosecuting a great man like Mr. Topham for doing what is just, moral and ethical is inhumane and barbaric and would damage the reputation of the prosecutor, the Judges, the legal system and Canada in the eyes of the civilized world.

    And it will not work. As news of his persecution spreads, more people are becoming convinced that the Judaists are mentally deranged psychopaths and will speak up against these barbarians and spread the word even more.

    The best thing for us to do is to expose this barbaric criminal mentally deranged cult of Judaism.

    1. Arnold –

      “And it will not work. As news of his persecution spreads, more people are becoming convinced that the Judaists are mentally deranged psychopaths and will speak up against these barbarians and spread the word even more.”

      If only that were the case…. Few care.

      Nobody has been charged for the torture and death of attorney Edgar Steele JUST LAST YEAR:

      Register Number: 14226-023
      Age: 69
      Race: White
      Sex: Male
      Deceased: 09/04/2014

      Mr. Steele was the victim of a false prosecution, then he was imprisoned in the most dangerous prison here in America. Then his wife was never allowed to visit him despite a court order allowing visitation. Then, his health was compromised because of neglect, and finally, the reports came in that he had been drugged out of his mind earlier this week, which was the final blow that killed him. Call it anything else you like, but it is murder.

      Arthur knows that and wrote:

    2. The 2003 Ernst Zundel “truth is no defense” verdict, the template which has gone virtually unchallenged since then, is the de facto law of the land(s).
      I certainly do not see, hear or smell any change of precedent, of tactics.

      Despite arguments of law, high philosophy, reason and even of Christian charity, the only defense against these miscreants is ‘get a rope’ and/or a firing squad.

      The ultimate meaning of the word .. closure.

      1. “Despite arguments of law, high philosophy, reason and even of Christian charity, the only defense against these miscreants is ‘get a rope’ and/or a firing squad.”

        I don’t know how many times I’ve stated this, but you can’t beat the system with the system. European law is now the territory and ownership of the Jew. Who is it that the court of Quesnel swear fealty to? Could it be the Crown of England, the same Crown corporation that is completely controlled by the Rothschilds, who are no doubt very much behind the prosecution of anyone who criticizes Jewry?

        This is a kangaroo court and I do not see Topham being excused in the slightest, regardless how many expert witnesses and truths are told. If Zundel, with the help of Fred Leuchter and his report, proving there were no gas chambers that gassed humans in Auschwitz and other work camps, was found guilty, then what chance does Topham have?

        The minute the charge was laid upon Topham, he was guilty.
        The minute anyone is charged with criticism of Jewry they are guilty.

        I really would not be surprised that this case was brought about for the sole purpose to allow the Canadian law system, to create legislation that will instantly find people guilty who criticize Israel, Jewry and Judaism.

        I would be incredibly surprised to see Topham acquitted.

      2. Locked and loaded, hp….and “don’t fire till you see the whites of their eyes”

        Crimean War quote

    3. Arnold,

      “Freedom of speech is a basic human right.”

      Firstly I would disagree that ‘freedom of speech’ is a basic human right. A right is given and can therefore be taken away should one accept it as a right, hence why we have hate speech, there to destroy freedom of speech. People need to start seeing speech as it is, which is no different to breathing, looking, touching, smelling, hearing, tasting, eating, drinking and sleeping. They are natural functions of nature’s creations and far above any authority of man. You either believe 100% in freedom of speech or you don’t. No buts or you contradict your statement.
      Secondly, for argument’s sake, I’ll go along with your human right belief, but I will again disagree, but not for reasons mentioned, but because Jews do not see non Jews as humans. We, according to them, were created as their slaves, to sew and harvest the land while the Jews sat back and lived lives of splendour. We are cattle and nothing more. We do not have a soul and were created by God because he did not want his chosen people waited on by animals. We are golems (goyim), soul-less animations there to serve them.

      “….though they [Ashkenazim] are mostly whites whose ancestors converted to Judaism in the Middle Ages.”

      Maybe David Duke on the Khazar smokescreen might make you change your position? Remember that there were no Ashkenazim when Christ spoke of “You who are say you are Jews but are not”. The Rabbis are the descendants of the Pharisees who preach the Talmud and the Torah. The Talmud takes precedence over the Torah. The Rabbis teach Jews life and how to exist within it as a Jew. The Jews didn’t start being the hated, racist, supremacist ethnocentric arseholes they are today after their captivity in Babylon, just as the Talmud didn’t change the way the Jew thinks. They have always been this way. It all started when the phallacy of God’s chosen came about. They’ve always believed they’re superior to all other peoples. This is no better illustrated that when they came out of their exile to be greeted by the Samaritans, whom they instantly shunned. They looked the gift horse in the mouth and then beat it!

      Arnold, this is not a single action by Len Rudner. He is merely a puppet in all of this, whom his handlers have stated will take care of financially once this is all over. This is simply the Jewish jackboot smashing down on the goyim, yet again.

      1. @Harbinger, you might also cite in the future Michael Hoffmann’s most approachable book, Judaism’s Strange Gods as a primary reference for readers of your assertions, followed by a recommendation to read the tome Judaism Discovered. In my opinion, Mr. Hoffmann ranks much higher in the pantheon of “truth tellers” than Dr. Duke.

        As Mr. Hoffman describes in the introduction of Judaism Discovered [not for the intellectually timid], plagiarists have taken “juicy” excerpts and selected “factoids” (my terms) from his meticulously researched and well referenced work and republished them as “their own” on the web. Many of the “facts” you put forward have actual academically sound bases, with direct reference to primary source material. Much of what we think we know about Judaism emanates from Mr. Hoffmann’s work, not through our personal or original research. Let’s give credit where credit’s due and support that remarkably competent “revisionist historian”, compensation for his lengthy time of service long overdue, in my opinion.

        Full disclosure: I have contributed to Mr. Hoffmann’s work, subscribe to his newsletter, and have purchased many, though not all, of the books and other publications he offers for sale.

      2. Alan,

        When I first started writing here, I mentioned that people read Michael Hoffman’s Judaism Discovered. In fact Red Onions, found Michael Hoffman courtesy of my plug and will vouch for me most certainly.
        Hoffman’s Judaism Discovered is an expensive book and one I highly recommend, along with others of his, however the link I gave to David Duke is a ‘quick fix’ on YouTube for people to watch. It’s an aperitif before the main meal, provided by the esteemed Mr Hoffman.

      3. Harbinger
        November 10, 2015 at 1:18 pm
        “The Rabbis are the descendants of the Pharisees who preach the Talmud and the Torah. The Talmud takes precedence over the Torah.”

        Who told you that the Talmud takes precedence over the Torah ?? And even if that were true, do you really believe that it would constitute some kind of an improvement if only things could be reversed or that Judaism would be improved upon somehow if only the Torah were to take precedence over the Talmud ?

      4. STG –

        Who did that….??

        The guys who put themselves above the prophets…. “Chosens,” ya know.

        Where did the authority come from to give these Rabbis the authorization to make rulings and writings that would be different from God’s own words? The answer is, they gave it to THEMSELVES.

        Consider the passage written in the Talmud, where the rabbis believe themselves so wise that their wisdom has replaced the wisdom of divinely chosen prophets.
        R. Abdimi from Haifa said: “Since the day when the Temple was destroyed, prophecy has been taken from the prophets and given to the wise. Is then a wise man not also a prophet?” — What he meant was this: Although it has been taken from the prophets, it has not been taken from the wise.
        Amemar said: A wise man is even superior to a prophet.
        The prevailing view of the Sages was that they had superseded and taken over the role of the prophet.

        These Sages went on to write a considerable amount of Jewish literature including the Talmud, Mishna, Gemara, and other Jewish writings. Today in some branches of Orthodox Judaism, talmudic rulings can take precedence over the torah. This is one difference between biblical Judaism and rabbinical Judaism.

        You’ll have to take it up with the Pharisees…. the cultists…

        “Pharisaism became Talmudism, Talmudism became Medieval Rabbinism, and Medieval Rabbinism became Modern Rabbinism. But, throughout these changes of name, inevitable adaption of custom, and adjustment of Law, the spirit of the ancient Pharisee survives unaltered. When the Jew reads his prayer, he is reciting formulae prepared by pre-Maccabean scholars; when he dons the cloak prescribed for the Day of Atonement and Passover Eve, he is wearing the festival garment of ancient Jerusalem; when he studies the Talmud he is actually repeating the arguments used in the Palestinian academies.”

        Rabbi Louis Finklestein, President and Professor of Theology, Jewish Theological Seminary of America, The Pharisees, Vol. I, page xxi.

  3. As we all know, the Jews don’t want anyone questioning their jew “narrative” concerning their “Holocaust”. As we all know, the jews don’t want anyone questioning “The Holocaust” because the jew’s “narrative” can NOT stand up to true and real objective inquiry. Their jew version of what happened would fall apart into pieces under objective inquiry. So I’m wondering why so many in the alternative media, Darkmoon being an example, why so many in the alternative media do NOT want anyone questioning the “Heliocentric” theory of the Universe [ it’s just a theory, it’s never been proved scientifically ]. Is it because the jew-Freemason qabalah-inspired “Heliocentric” theory of the Universe can NOT stand up to true and real inquiry? One can only come to that conclusion, considering the enormous resistance the alternative media puts-up to anyone who does question the jew’s-Freemason’s qabalah-derived “religious” model of the Universe [ that’s never been proven scientifically ]. Why is it okay to question the jew’s “Holocaust” “narrative”, but it’s NOT okay, and downright VERBOTEN in the “alternative” media Darkmoon is part-and-parcel of, to question the “Heliocentric” theory of the Universe straight out of the jew’s Qabalah? Why is it okay, in the alternative media, why is it okay to bring one lie, the lie of the jew’s “Holocaust” to The Light, but it’s VERBOTEN to bring the lie of the jew’s and the Freemason’s jew-qabalah-derived “Heliocentric” theory of the Universe to The Light? Thank you, TROJ.

  4. I think what really angers me about people is their inability of prescience simply by joining up the dots. It is clear, for all of us who have studied history, to see that the drive towards instilling hate speech into culture as a major part of it really is, is simply for the complete and utter protection of world Jewry.
    When the evidence proves, beyond all shadow of a doubt, that there was no holocaust and the crimes of Jews throughout history, they will have instituted hate speech into a law, that once one is accused of, it won’t matter how many truths they provide to show their innocence.

    What I find really sad is, Jews, through their actions (and the majority’s inaction through remaining silent) will bring about such hatred of Jewry that the world’s people will instigate an open season on them and Judaism. There’s no doubt in my mind that the Jew knows that hatred of Jewry is 100% down the Jewry’s hatred of non Jews.

    The more I read and understand about Jewry, their ethnocentrisism, their supremacy, their total hatred for non Jews, their cultures and traditions and above all their utter disregard for liberty and the freedom for non Jews to live as indigenous peoples, the more I really, truly begin to loathe everything about them. I understand fully, why things in history have happened and why Jews are pushing for their total, control matrix over the goyim.

    1. Harb …. “The more I read and understand about Jewry, their ethnocentrisism, their supremacy, their total hatred for non Jews, their cultures and traditions and above all their utter disregard for liberty and the freedom for non Jews to live as indigenous peoples, the more I really, truly begin to loathe everything about them.” Brilliant comment, which I endorse.

      It’s not my intention to be divisive, but Kaminski wrote about Atzmon.

      “The award-winning saxophone player urged Jews to, “instead of whining about the ‘rise of anti-Semitism’, Jews better, once and for all learn to ask why? Why the Jews again? Why are they hated? What is it in Jewish politics that evokes so much resentment? Why does it happen time after time?”

      For someone as popular as Atzmon NOT to know why Jews are resented and hated all over the world strikes me as particularly disingenuous and particularly Jewish, one of the leading traits for why Jews are hated to begin with, which is their utter inability to tell the truth about anything.”

      1. RO,


        However, I think you’ve misunderstood Atzmon’s saying about the Jews. When he states what he has, he very well knows WHY Jews are resented and he is asking Jews, that instead of automatically moving into “they just hate us for being Jewish” mode, when Jewry is questioned, they need to ask why they are hated? They need to think could it be anything to do with their political views and their need to control others? Instead of them saying why is this happening to us all the time, they need to ask is it our behaviour that is creating the same reaction over and over?

        I’ve read Atzmon and he truly goes into the character of the Jew, answering the very questions he asks Jews to ask (not him). He very much knows why Jews are resented, hence why he renounced his Jewish status after repulsed by their actions towards the Palestines. Understanding their behaviour has made him delve into history and he too, now asks questions about history. His criticism of Jews has affected his career and has had Jazz shows cancelled because of his political stance. What’s worse is that the places that cancelled him, including universities, have done so because of the threat of violence from Jewish groups. No police have got involved in this, showing that Jews can go around threatening violence to anyone in the UK and the police leave them alone to continue doing so, even to people who just want to play Jazz.

      2. R.O. That Atzmon statement is known as a ‘rhetorical question’. It begs its own answer, and does not indicate that the questioner is unaware of the correct answer. Quite the opposite.

      3. I thought that one revealing thing Atzmon had said in court was that the early Zionists like Herzl envisioned turning Jews into a real people, that their physical ugliness stemmed from moral ugliness (usury, scamming, lying, cannibalism, institutionalized hate, etc.) and this was result of “enforced” parasitism because they lived outside parameters of a normal society and by transporting them all to their own land they would take up normal standard labor practices such as agriculture, infrastuctural projects and so on, which also gave the idea of kibbutzes.

        Of course it was all a pipe dream, like turning a tapeworm into a silkworm.

        Atzmon is fully aware of Jew’s diseased deficiencies, centuries of inbreeding evil cannot be reversed overnight any less than genetic deformities stamped on him by disgusted nature.

  5. I have followed the tribulations and now trial of Arthur Topham. Having also donated to his legal defense fund, I encourage readers and commenters on this site to contribute as much as fiscal sensibility allows. If we do not support this individualistic individual in his time of need, then much of the words planted here and elsewhere on the web, constitute mere lip service to the freedom of speech.

    I also highly recommend thoughtful reading of Michael Hoffmann’s “Judaism’s Strange Gods”, a synopsis (only 300 pages or so) of his masterwork, “Judaism Discovered” (three times the volume and 10 times the footnotes). Then revisit , I say, Gilad Atzmon’s expert testimony in the trial of Mr. Topham! Much insight to be gained, I submit!

  6. Hello mr top ham i am very happy mr atzmon is helping you at this terrible time; he hope that when he is done he heads to Egypt to help mr Morsi whom in retaliation for his followers messing up the tourism at the nudist beaches of sharm el sheikh were, so goes the legend, the pharaoh bathed with young boys and smoked hashish every winter… Hold on please

    1. … Sorry i had to send the two previous comments to check and see if the system still is messing up and it is; it doesnt correct typos and sometimes the message wont go through; anyway i was saying that three white boys with blond hair on their toes who have jobs as ” brave soldier” or “proud marine” got swiftly dispatched in jordan today and that, i tell ya, felt very very good. They are dead and here i am enjoying some mint tea while my straight haired, dark skinned, big, hard chested Venezuelan girlfriend rubs my feet with Vicks Vaporup; This will cost the kingdom a billion or two in terms of reneging tourism revenues so the white boys reading this pages in virginia shoudl inform the FDA or whoever is in charge of that dept to have those ships full of free american wheat and fluor ready to be dispatched for free that aways so those jordanian fuckers can eat and maintain in exchange that peace deal they have with them jews alive while their 3 or 4 “honorable, glorious, blessed” jordanian air force f 16s continue to bomb Islamic State positions in Syria … (50 iranian republican guards ambushed and shot to death near aleppo today by al nusra front may Allah bless them), so please mr Atzmon give us a hand up en Egypt if you can no need to carry you saxophone with ya, a booklet and a parker will be enough, see ya. And mr Top Ham? Give us please your honest thoughts on the Islamic State thank you

  7. Hello mr Top Ham i am very happy mr Atzmon is helping you at this terrible time; i hope that when he is done in Canada he heads to Egypt to help mr Morsi whom in retaliation for his followers messing up the tourism at the nudist beaches of sharm el sheikh, where, so goes the legend, the pharaoh bathed with young boys and smoked hashish every winter… He is about to get his flat ass dragged to some military yard and hanged … Hold on please

  8. Hello all. I read and enjoy Lasha Darkmoon’s articles here from time to time but this will be my first post.
    I hope Arthur Topham is acquited.
    Over the past few years i have like many of you here become more aware of some realities of the world. When i was a kid i read the bible through twice (that took a long time!). I now know that the Talmud and other Jewish writings are the key problem…however the fact that some subversive people earlier in history changed the text of the old and new testament and the attitude and behavior of zionist Jews and those they’ve brainwashed…suffice to say i am completely done with the old testament. I may go back and reference the New from time to time. Basically i’m done with the Jews…you know what I mean, the evil won’t act like decent human beings Jews.
    Too bad scholars are holding back the Dead Sea scrolls. My advice is this: read the Qu’ran if you want some real spiritual truth and compare with the New Testament.
    I enjoy reading many of the posters here

    Best to Arthur Topham. I hope he is victorious against the demons-walking-on-two-legs.

    1. @ Anne

      Welcome as a commenter.

      I pass this comment on to you based on personal experience. Take it or leave it as you desire. I simply spread seeds as Jesus said to do.

      You said, “Too bad scholars are holding back the Dead Sea scrolls.” Jews wrote them just like they did the Old Testament. The record was in the possession of liars and murders as Jesus described the jews as they do the lusts of their father, the devil. No one should be surprised that what jews write down is not true regardless of whether it has been termed (by who?) to be the inspired word of God.

      You said, “…suffice to say i am completely done with the old testament.” You have done a good thing by staying away from the Old Testament. It only provides confusion to the message of Jesus. The real feat is to flush its content from your mind.

      You said, “I may go back and reference the New from time to time. Basically i’m done with the Jews…” Contrary to common misinformation, Jesus was not a jew. His disciples were not jews. His teachings were not based on jewish theology. Jesus was the ultimate “anti-semite” since he had nothing good to say about the jews.

      If you reference anything in the New Testament except the four Gospels which contain all of the teachings of Jesus, confusion is a probability. As a messenger informed me many years ago, the answer to all questions are in the Gospels. I have found that to be true. Flushing the rest of the New Testament from your mind has the same effect as flushing the Old Testament from your mind. The message of Jesus becomes much easier to see and understand.

      You said, “…read the Qu’ran if you want some real spiritual truth and compare with the New Testament.” I have not read the Qu”ran, but I have read that Jesus is mentioned much more than Mohammed in it. That being said, I would view the Qu’ran the same as the New Testament after the Gospel of John. I see no reason to seek the opinion of others when I can go to the Gospels and get the word of God from those who walked with him and witnessed what occurred. So, obviously, I would not take your advice about reading the Qu’ran. Once I found the solution, I have no reason to continue looking for the solution.

      All of Jesus’ teaching contained in the Gospels are spiritual and rightfully so since the spiritual world dictates the physical world. I have not found Jesus’ teaching to be lacking in any way. Most disagree with my position, but they have not personally known those that have raised the dead and healed the sick. They have not healed the sick as I have begun doing. They have not attempted to control the physical world as I have been doing for years. I am certainly not special by any means. I simple narrowed my focus to the Gospels and believed what they revealed after I prayed for the truth. If I can do it, anybody can do it. Getting over the brainwashing contained in everything but the Gospels is the key, otherwise, it’s just more confusion.

      Again, welcome as a commenter. No reply to this comment is expected since I am just spreading seeds.

      On topic: Hopefully, the jurors decide to buck the jewish system for Mr. Topham.

      1. @Ungenius, then Harbinger towards the end of the post

        “the spiritual world dictates the physical world”

        I’d reword this to read: “the ‘physical’ world we inhabit is in a fixed position (‘the fix is in”), thereby removing it from its reality as an orientation of spirit.”

        But your alluding to controlling the physical is encouraging. It suggests a re-orientation where the control is in making what we call “matter” malleable through spirit – an exercise of TRUE free-will to be experienced with a return to a state of being which affords it, as opposed to a false notion of “the State” – a sublimation called “government”*, where rights are “allowed” as if an arbitrariness of permission is necessary in any setting claiming to be enlightened.

        *e.g.; National Socialism in its purest format should only be deemed acceptable in representing the making of a necessary correction in dealing with International Jewry. Upon the dismantlement of that would come an evolution moving from ‘training wheels’ to riding in true freedom.

      2. @ Brownhawk

        If the physical world were fixed, the control I have over lightning and wind would not be possible. The principle is simple. God is a spirit that created the physical. God gives each human a spirit, a part of him. Jesus taught us how to use that spirit to control the physical, heal the physically ill, and raise the physically dead. It is so simple that I overlooked it most of my life just like most everyone else until I sincerely wanted to know the truth. We are brainwashed to overlook the simple and obvious, and always seek the truth in complexity. Brainwashing works which is why those working for evil uses it.

        How coincidental that you would bring up government, National Socialism. On the conference call that I attend weekly, I delivered a spiel on government, regardless of what its called, comparing government to a crap sandwich. Due to brainwashing, we never question the crap sandwich, just the flavoring applied to make it taste like anything but a crap sandwich. Regardless of the flavoring applied, its always a crap sandwich that nobody really wants to eat.

        Government is the vehicle used by those who wish to dominate and control their fellowman for their own selfish benefit. The only people that need government are the maladjusted humans that feed on power. These are the people that apply the flavoring to the crap sandwich. Everyone else could get along just fine without the vehicle/crap sandwich.

        Though out history, there have been people that live without government. They even exist today only because they have nothing that anyone else wants to take from them. They are referred to as uncivilized by those desiring to control or be controlled. What they really are is free. They have no crap sandwich on their menu.

      3. Aho!

        Do you have any Indian in your background, Ungenius?

        And speaking of coincidences, just the other day I was outside my house getting ready to gather up all the leaves to replenish my compost piles. Where I live most have fallen, not quite all. To get the last stragglers off the trees I summoned a wind to vigorously bring them down and bare the limbs.

        Mission accomplished!

        But I would say Creator never intended for there to be settings of ‘strict physicality’ – this is what I mean by my use of the word “fixed”. This extends in ways that cross over into the dangerous territory of rationalization.

        E.g.; do you expect to die? Are you equipped to be the one in control of THAT ultimate situation you find yourself in when you do? Or is your control negated BECAUSE you do? Who’s in control then, God?
        OK, but God HOW?

        If Truth is beauty, then where’s the beauty in a rotting corpse? Why does this happen at ALL? We may say, “Oh, that’s only the physical body, not who we really are.” So we’re supposed to be dismissive of what becomes of it because of this rationale? Why not a process of metamorphosis instead, like a caterpillar changing into a beautiful butterfly, where its new-found ability to fly symbolizes the conquering of death?

        Let THAT be the true meaning of “resurrection.”

        “…the illusory body inhabited in a “hereafter” state won’t be comprised of the same composite as before experiencing death. In that milieu it is more ethereal in its make-up, but those inhabiting it are still in disguise and serving the same master for whom all this is an end-game that plays over and over and over and over……reincarnation.

        As when experiencing Life in a restricted state of “matter”, inferring an environment where the integrity of free-will expression has been compromised, being in the setting of an “afterlife” continues the hindrance of an imposition, occurring in both as contained states of programming; a controlling matrix, or “pale”. The illusive markers of time and space may not exist in any hereafter reality, but without being wise to a pretense it doesn’t make a difference. Being there is not provided a cure.

        In a coalescent realm devoid of the disrupting influence which prohibits a full connection to Divinity, free from the bogus clutch of a life-death cycle, those ready for it are back in the total embrace of Spirit, moving their way through the eternal mystery of Imagination. From a point of bearing ALL are born from the womb of Divine Love, and “thoughts soar” when experiencing Life without flying into a cursed web.

        Given the restrictions in this reality where there is an imposing force, streams of intention operating at their maximum potential are reacting within containments inside a ‘spider’s belly’. Clues may be offered as to what our full experience can become, but they are still bouncing off walls that need to be completely penetrated THROUGH…”

      4. @ Brownhawk

        You asked, “Do you have any Indian in your background, Ungenius?”
        Yes, Cherokee and Choctaw in equal portions from great grand mothers on both sides. Apparently some female “savages” were attractive enough to make “white” men stray from their race and take American Indian wives. About the only physical evidence of American Indian lineage that I have is the grand total of only 4 chest hairs which used to be upsetting to me when I was a teen seeking to be most manly with tons of body hair. Now, I wish that my American Indian lineage had manifested itself more so that I did not have to shave my face to keep from having a beard which I find quite irritating have had one once.

        You asked, “do you expect to die? Are you equipped to be the one in control of THAT ultimate situation you find yourself in when you do?” If you mean physically die, the answer is yes since I have noticed that everything living on this rock physically dies. If you mean spiritually die, the answer is no because I am trying my best to avoid that outcome by practicing the teachings of Jesus as best as I can. I still have much room for improvement as everyone else.

        Unless a person has the intent to die prematurely or is ignorant of the deadly consequences of their actions resulting in premature death, the answer is a person is not in control of their physical death, God is. Everything that we have in this life is on loan from God including our soul/spirit. It all belongs to God since God is the creator of all things. Except as stated before, God reclaims our soul/spirit when he desires in what we call a natural physical death. At that time, God is certainly in control.

        You asked, “If Truth is beauty, then where’s the beauty in a rotting corpse?” True beauty is in the heart where the soul/spirit hangs out. Everything else is just window dressing. Jesus refers to the heart repeatedly in his teachings as the important part of us.

        You asked, “Why not a process of metamorphosis instead, like a caterpillar changing into a beautiful butterfly, where its new-found ability to fly symbolizes the conquering of death?” Bad news, the butterfly dies after it flies.

        I could be wrong on these answers, but they seem to work for me. I arrived at them with due consideration for what Jesus said in the Gospels. However, everyone gets to pick their own answers.

        Thank God that God knows what he is doing. It appears to have been working quite well since the beginning, but perfection could be no other way. Just because we do not understand it does not make it less than perfect. We seem to always give God the same limitations that we have. I would hate to see the outcome if man was in charge of creating a perfect living system. The jewish cult is a fine example of how it would turn out.

      5. Here’s my point, Ungenius

        The “butterfly” is symbolic of death conquered. When Christ spoke of the end of death he meant the end of a state of Existence in which there is habitation in physical bodies that ends with their perishing. This will no longer be possible for those who are viable in Christ.

        What I believe to be a setting whose reality is one of captivity relates that upon the termination of the physical body comes an interim called the “afterlife”, or “hereafter”. Following this, Being resumes with a reincarnation. What Christ relates puts an end to this cycle by extension of the end of death. Again, for those who choose to ‘stop runnin with the devil’.

        In an unencumbered reality “physical” is an orientation of “spirit” (the true ‘conveyance”), where experiencing the ways of physicality results through the power of intent*. My sense is that this is a capability we’ve been deprived of. One that is inherent to our Being. This deprivation ALLOWS states of captivity to have any bearing, and in the form of “pales” in both this life and an afterlife environment.

        *I think therefore……what’s it gonna be?

  9. Maybe, just maybe, maybe if Topham wins in court then maybe, just maybe, then perhaps all the web masters in the part of the “alternative” media Darkmoon is part-and-parcel-with and hooked-up-the-kazoo-with will finally “allow” questioning of the “Heliocentric” theory of the Universe . . .

    ADMIN: The rest of this long, repetitious comment has been deleted. Proponents of the Flat Earth theory have other websites on which they may continue this enthralling discussion.

  10. Archibald Ramsay MP was imprisoned for stating publicly that jewish financiers and jewish media were responsible for war-mongering and He was imprisoned in London for most of WW2.

    He was a courageous man and I hope Arthur Topham does not receive the same criminal jewish injustice.

    This is Ramsay’s version of “Land of Hope and Glory”.

    Land of dope and Jewry, land that once was free, All the Jew boys praise thee While they plunder thee.

    Poorer still and poorer Grow the trueborn sons, Faster still and faster They’re sent to feed the guns.

    Land of Jewish finance, Fooled by Jewish lies, In press and books and movies While our birthright dies.

    Longer still and longer Is the rope they get But, by the God of battles T’will serve to hang them yet.

    1. red onions, wish there were more men like Ramsay and Topham..

      Does anyone know what the verdict was?

    2. Ingrid, no verdict due to Remembrance (of something or other, no one knows what) Day.

      Meanwhile, an emotional moment in Syria as the highly strategic as well as iconic airbase of Kwareis is liberated from the Daesh reptilians that besieged it for 3 years but were never able to break the defense.
      Now the road to Aleppo is open, of course, thanks in no small measure to those busy few Sukhois pounding Daesh taqfirian livers into ratshit.

      Worth watching just to see the happy zeal of the Syrian TV patriot reporting from the scene.
      (I am sure our LGBTV Anderson Cooper is trying hard to swallow his shabbo bile)

      1. Yes, Lobro, whilst we are sitting on the edge of our seats, waiting for the outcome of this ridiculous trial, which is a complete waste of Canadian time and money, unless, of course, Arthur, and his support team, manage to bloody the noses of the false “semites”, people are still fighting, and dying, in the ME.. reports of a twin terrorist bombing in Lebanon..

        AND, in the midst of all this carnage, the disgusting parasite, netan yahoo, is asking the equally disgusting potus, to sign over the Golan Heights..

  11. Like Canada. Like France. Like USA. Like UK.

    Forbidden to Laugh in France..!!!

    French Comedian’s show ruled to be a “demonstration of anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial”

    During his performance French comic Dieudonné M’Bala M’Bala brought a prominent Holocaust denier onto the stage.

    A PERFORMANCE BY a French comedian went beyond freedom of expression and constituted hate speech, the European Court of Human Rights has said.

    The court ruled that parts of the performance fell outside of the realm of entertainment and rather resembled a political meeting.

    Today’s judgement will not come as a surprise to M’Bala M’Bala, who has faced increasing opposition to his controversial views from within France in recent years.

    In 2013, prime minister Manuel Valls, who was then the country’s interior minister, stated that he would try and ban all of the comedian’s performances after M’Bala M’Bala joked about a Jewish journalist being sent to a gas chamber.

    1. Pat,

      Forbidden to laugh! A double-edged game to judge what is a funny or not, hard to control laughter.

      But It was a foregone conclusion since he was already convinced in France for the infamous award ceremony, and countless other times like the gas chamber verbal ping pong game with the journalist who accused him of having “a diseased brain” like anyone denying the Shoah gas 9/11…
      When it happened, the reaction was ambiguous even amongst its supporters since it went beyond laughter. It was a punk moment, if you see what I mean, providing Faurisson such a wide forum, with the media outburst that followed. Interesting time i recall 2008, was still thinking Faurisson was a lunatic nazi denying the obvious and who was once supported by Chomsky in Le monde, for the freedom of speech aspect.
      The ECHR is just extorting him money, following the strategy of harassment by fiscal and legal persecutions used by the French courts, like Al Capone they say, helped with the ECHR Orwellian status, which is the matrix to overwrite national nuances.
      Article 10 – Freedom of expression
      1. Everyone has the right to freedom of expression. This right shall include freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart information and ideas without interference by public authority and regardless of frontiers. This article shall not prevent States from requiring the licensing of broadcasting, television or cinema enterprises.
      2. The exercise of these freedoms, since it carries with it duties and responsibilities, may be subject to such formalities, conditions, restrictions or penalties as are prescribed by law and are necessary in a democratic society, in the interests of national security, territorial integrity or public safety, for the prevention of disorder or crime, for the protection of health or morals, for the protection of the reputation or rights of others, for preventing the disclosure of information received in confidence, or for maintaining the authority and impartiality of the judiciary.

      The ECHR, it’s like the soviet suprem, I wonder what this gas plant can’t do.
      Human rights, right. From russia with dieudonné, that would make a nice bond movie.
      The best thing to do with this thing is to deny its existence or treat it for what it is, a bad joke, like Vlad did. Denying the ECHR, that’s a start, and it’s in the present.

      Forbidden to draw, the new legal persecution is against this cartoon, or against anyone publishing it. let you appreciate the work, perso i think it’s spot on.


  12. I was writing a comment..but while typing, it was completely removed. Let me try again. The jury was sequestered through Nov. 11, Canada’s Remembrance Day. There is yet no verdict, at 9 am Thursday Nov. 12, PST. The delaying tactics and tag team obfuscation antics of presiding judge Butler and Crown prosecuting attorney throughout the trial were transparently ludicrous. I found it sadly humorous that back of the Queen’s Bench high on the wall prominently displayed is the Queen’s heraldry, topped with the Royal Crown. More subtly, and even higher in the Supreme Courtroom are four large light fixtures, all in identical star of David motif.

  13. Sadly he has been found guilty on one o2 counts – scant details on which count it was.

    The 12-member jury found Arthur Topham guilty of one count of wilful promotion of hatred, and not guilty of the second count of promoting hatred.

    The verdict came down around 11:30 Thursday morning (Nov. 12) after more than two days of jury deliberations.

    Crown will be asking for bail restrictions and sentencing has been stayed until further notice.

    Topham was arrested and his house searched in May 16, 2012 after it was determined “there were reasonable grounds the offence of promotion of hatred was committed.”

    1. I was utterly amazed at Lasha’s belief that he would be acquitted after all of the Talmud references. I stated that for Arthur to be found not guilty would mean that this case would become the benchmark for all future cases on people being brought to trial for criticism of Jewry, Israel, Zionism and the holocaust. It would mean an automatic victory for all peoples to discuss the evils of Jewry. It was this very reason that Topham would be found guilty. The crown corporation IS ROTHSCHILD! The crown is Israel and the beating heart of Jewry. People truly believe that someone can come along and stick a stake into it, for anyone who attacks Jewry attacks the Crown corporation in its body of the City of London.
      Success for Arthur would have meant the beginning of the end for Jewry and this defeat says one of two things for the Jewry:

      1. They are either bought and paid for.
      2. They are the result of years of brainwashing by world Jewry into accepting that no one criticizes Jewry or else they will be punished severely.

      This result means that an innocent man will be imprisoned. It wouldn’t have mattered if Jesus had come down himself to testify, the result would have been the same. My commiseration to Mr Topham and his wife. This result typifies the reality that we are living under full, blown, Jewish communism, but the Gulags haven’t started……..yet. This result should make people realise that we are in the Jewish World Order. You cannot use the courts to take victory. You’re going to have to fight for it, physically, like your ancestors did. They warned you repeatedly of the Jew and people ignored them. Welcome to the totalitarian, socialist dystopia.

      Again, I leave you with that fabulous quote by John Bryant:

      “The reason men are silenced is not because they speak falsely, but because they speak the truth. This is because if men speak falsehoods, their own words can be used against them; while if they speak truly, there is nothing which can be used against them — except force.”

      1. This is nothing to do with Arthur, but is on topic of jew power. Ursula Haverbeck, the 87 year old German, who spoke openly about the absurdity of the claims of the holocaust on television, has been sentenced to 10 months in Prison.

      2. @ Harbinger

        I was utterly amazed at Lasha’s belief that he [Arthur Topham] would be acquitted after all of the Talmud references. I stated that for Arthur to be found not guilty would mean that this case would become the benchmark for all future cases on people being brought to trial for criticism of Jewry, Israel, Zionism and the holocaust.

        Yes, I plead guilty to wishful thinking. 🙂

        I doubt if I was the only one here who was keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that Arthur would be acquitted.

        You forget though that even Arthur has expressed perplexity at the verdict and pronounced it ambiguous, with a verdict of “Guilty” on one count and “Not Guilty” on another. The sentence moreover has yet to be handed out, and I’m now hoping it won’t be too severe.

        1. You are right to find it a bit ominous that both Arthur and Frau Haverbeck should both be found guilty of offending the Jews on the same day. A remarkable coincidence that does not bode well.

      3. Taras,

        If at age of 87, Frau Ursula realistically has 3-5 years of useful life left, that 10-month sentence effectively robs her of at least 20% of her expected life or more if the health damage due to penal regimen is accounted for.

        Like a younger person getting 15 years.

        Another murder of a high quality human by a loathsome nonhuman.
        It is to be added to an already sky high stack of indictments against the Jew.

        And Jew will pay if the cosmic design makes any sense whatsoever.

        Anyway, liebe Ursula will go to her grave, proud and happy to have lived a clean life, she’ll feel more free in prison than the great majority of dumb and cowed goyim outside.

      4. LD,

        Don’t forget the French comedian Dieudonné.

        Arthur Topham, Frau Haverbeck, Dieudonné — all found guilty of ruffling the Jew’s feathers one after another, more or less at the same time.

        Who’s next for the chop?

      5. @ Pat

        Re: “The crown corporation IS ROTHSCHILD!!!!! World-wide..!!!!!”

        You are correct. But despite Hong Kong being built on Sassoon and Rothschild OPIUM and the Crown Corporation very much intact in Hong Kong, I can’t imagine a trial like this ever taking place there or in China or in Taiwan because it would “give the game away,” as they say.

        I mean, a trial like this to criminalize criticism or insults to jews in which their physical presence in China is virtually nonexistent would be transparently absurd.

        Or to put it more precisely, if such a trial were ever to take place in China, the Chinese people would immediately wake up to the fact that they were ruled by Jews and overthrow their fake government and hang all the traitorous politicians, like overnight.

  14. JFC –

    “…if such a trial were ever to take place in China, the Chinese people would immediately wake up to the fact that they were ruled by Jews and overthrow their fake government and hang all the traitorous politicians, like overnight.”

    The Pharisees do not need to flex their muscles in Asia. Not necessary.

    These decisions against Topham and others….
    are to make sure that there is no criticism against them….
    no resistance…
    ….. WHEN (not IF) they implement the Noahide Laws in Europe and N America.

    They show who is boss….. where they control the economies 100%.

    They will have what they want in 1000 years.

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