Russia In The Cross Hairs : Washington’s Threats have moved Into the Realm of Insanity

PCRoberts-Book-1Washington’s attack on Russia has moved beyond the boundary of the absurd into the realm of insanity.

The New Chief of the US Broadcasting Board of Governors, Andrew Lack*, has declared the Russian news service, RT, which broadcasts in multiple languages, to be a terrorist organization equivalent to Boko Haram and the Islamic State, and Standard and Poor’s just downgraded Russia’s credit rating to junk status.

Today RT International interviewed me about these insane developments.

In prior days when America was still a sane country, Andrew Lack’s charge would have led to him being laughed out of office. He would have had to resign and disappear from public life.

Today in the make-believe world that Western propaganda has created, Lack’s statement is taken seriously. Yet another terrorist threat has been identified–RT.

(Although both Boko Haram and the Islamic State employ terror, strictly speaking they are political organizations seeking to rule, not terror organizations, but this distinction would be over Lack’s head. Yes, I know. There is a good joke that could be made here about what Lack lacks. Appropriately named and all that.)

Nevertheless, whatever Lack might lack, I doubt he believes his nonsensical statement that RT is a terrorist organization. So what is his game?

The answer is that the Western presstitute media, by becoming Ministries of Propaganda for Washington, have created large markets for RT, Press TV, and Al Jazeera. As more and more of the peoples of the world turn to these more honest news sources, Washington’s ability to fabricate self-serving explanations has declined.

RT in particular has a large Western audience. The contrast between RT’s truthful reporting and the lies spewed by US media is undermining Washington’s control of the explanation. This is no longer acceptable.

Ashkenazi Jew Andrew Lack: "RT is a terrorist organization!"
Ashkenazi Jew Andrew Lack:
“RT is a terrorist organization!”

Andrew Lack (pictured) has sent a message to RT. The message is: pull in your horns; stop reporting differently from our line; stop contesting the facts as Washington states them and the presstitutes report them; get on board or else.

In other words, the “free speech” that Washington and its EU, Canadian, and Australian puppet states tout means: free speech for Washington’s propaganda and lies, but not for any truth. Truth is terrorism, because truth is the major threat to Washington.

Washington would prefer to avoid the embarrassment of actually shutting down RT as its UK vassal did to Press TV. Washington simply wants to shut up RT. Lack’s message to RT is: self-censure.

In my opinion, RT already understates in its coverage and reporting as does Al Jazeera. Both news organizations understand that they cannot be too forthright, at least not too often or on too many occasions.

I have often wondered why the Russian government allows 20 percent of the Russian media to function as Washington’s fifth column inside Russia. I suspect the reason is that by tolerating Washington’s blatant propaganda inside Russia, the Russian government hopes that some factual news can be reported in the US via RT and other Russian news organizations.

These hopes, like other Russian hopes about the West, are likely to be disappointed in the end. If RT is closed down or assimilated into the Western presstitute media, nothing will be said about it, but if the Russian government closes down Washington’s agents, blatant liars all, in the Russian media, we will hear forever about the evil Russians suppressing “free speech.” Remember, the only allowable “free speech” is Washington’s propaganda.

Only time will tell whether RT decides to be closed down for telling the truth or whether it adds its voice to Washington’s propaganda.


The other item in the interview was the downgrading of Russian credit to junk status.

Standard and Poor’s downgrade is, without any doubt, a political act. It proves what we already know, and that is that the American rating firms are corrupt political operations. Remember the Investment Grade rating the American rating agencies gave to obvious subprime junk? These rating agencies are paid by Wall Street, and like Wall Street they serve the US government.

A look at the facts serves to establish the political nature of the ruling. Don’t expect the corrupt US financial press to look at the facts. But right now, we will look at the facts.

Indeed, we will put the facts in context with the US debt situation.

According to the debt clocks available online, the Russian national debt as a percentage of Russian GDP is 11 percent. The American national debt as a percentage of US GDP is 105 percent, about ten times higher. My coauthors, Dave Kranzler, John Williams, and I have shown that when measured correctly, the US debt as a percent of GDP is much higher than the official figure.

The Russian national debt per capita is $1,645. The US national debt per capita is $56,952.

The size of Russia’s national debt is $235 billion, less than one quarter of a trillion. The size of the US national debt is $18 trillion, 76.6 times larger than the Russian debt.

Putting this in perspective: according to the debt clocks, US GDP is $17.3 trillion and Russian GDP is $2.1 trillion. So, US GDP is 8 times greater than Russian GDP, but US national debt is 76.6 times greater than Russia’s debt.

Clearly, it is the US credit rating that should have been downgraded to junk status. But this cannot happen. Any US credit rating agency that told the truth would be closed and prosecuted. It wouldn’t matter what the absurd charges are. The rating agencies would be guilty of being anti-american, terrorist organizations like RT, etc. and so on, and they know it. Never expect any truth from any Wall Street denizen. They lie for a living.

According to this site: [1] the US owes Russia as of January 2013 $162.9 billion. As the Russian national debt is $235 billion, 69 percent of the Russian national debt is covered by US debt obligations to Russia.

If this is a Russian Crisis, I am Alexander the Great.


As Russia has enough US dollar holdings to redeem its entire national debt and have a couple hundred billion dollars left, what is Russia’s problem?

One of Russia’s problems is its central bank. For the most part, Russian economists are the same neoliberal incompetents that exist in the Western world. The Russian economists are enamored of their contacts with the “superior” West and with the prestige that they image these contacts give them. As long as the Russian economists agree with the Western ones, they get invited to conferences abroad. These Russian economists are de facto American agents whether they realize it or not.

Currently, the Russian central bank is squandering the large Russian holdings of foreign reserves in support of the Western attack on the ruble. This is a fools’ game that no central bank should play. The Russian central bank should remember, or learn if it does not know, Soros’ attack on the Bank of England.

Russian foreign reserves should be used to retire the outstanding national debt, thus making Russia the only country in the world without a national debt. The remaining dollars should be dumped in coordinated actions with China to destroy the dollar, the power basis of American Imperialism.

Alternatively, the Russian government should announce that its reply to the economic warfare being conducted against Russia by the government in Washington and Wall Street rating agencies is default on its loans to Western creditors. Russia has nothing to lose as Russia is already cut off from Western credit by US sanctions. Russian default would cause consternation and crisis in the European banking system, which is exactly what Russia wants in order to break up Europe’s support of US sanctions.

In my opinion, the neoliberal economists who control Russian economic policy are a much greater threat to the sovereignty of Russia than economic sanctions and US missile bases. To survive Washington, Russia desperately needs people who are not romantic about the West.

To dramatize the situation, if President Putin will grant me Russian citizenship and allow me to appoint Michael Hudson and Nomi Prins as my deputies, I will take over the operation of the Russian central bank and put the West out of operation.

But that would require Russia taking risks associated with victory. The Atlanticist Integrationists inside the Russian government want victory for the West, not for Russia. A country imbued with treason inside the government itself has reduced chance against Washington, a determined player.

Another fifth column operating against Russia from within are the US and German funded NGOs. These American agents masquerade as “human rights organizations,” as “women’s rights organizations,” as “democracy organizations,” and whatever other cant titles that serve in a politically correct age and are unchallengeable.

Yet another threat to Russia comes from the percentage of the Russian youth who lust for the depraved culture of the West. Sexual license, pornography, drugs, self-absorption. These are the West’s cultural offerings. And, of course, killing Muslims.

If Russians want to kill people for the fun of it and to solidify US hegemony over themselves and the world, they should support “Atlanticist integration” and turn their backs on Russian nationalism. Why be Russian if you can be American serfs?

What better result for the American neoconservatives than to have Russia support Washington’s hegemony over the world? That is what the neoliberal Russian economists and the “European Integrationists” support. These Russians are willing to be American serfs in order to be part of the West and to be paid well for their treason.

As I was interviewed about these developments by RT, the news anchor kept trying to confront Washington’s charges with the facts. It is astonishing that the Russian journalists do not understand that facts have nothing to do with it. The Russian journalists, those independent of American bribes, think that facts matter in the disputes about Russian actions. They think that the assaults on civilians by the American supported Ukrainian Nazis is a fact. But, of course no such fact exists in the Western media. In the Western media the Russians, and only the Russians, are responsible for violence in Ukraine.

Washington’s story line is that it is the evil Putin’s intent on restoring the Soviet Empire that is the cause of the conflict. This media line in the West has no relationship to any facts.

In my opinion, Russia is in grave danger. Russians are relying on facts, and Washington is relying on propaganda. For Washington, facts are not relevant. Russian voices are small compared to Western voices.

The lack of a Russian voice is due to Russia itself. Russia accepted living in a world controlled by US financial, legal, and telecommunication services. Living in this wold means that the only voice is Washington’s.

Why Russia agreed to this strategic disadvantage is a mystery. But as a result of this strategic mistake, Russia is at a disadvantage.

Considering the inroads that Washington has into the Russian government itself, the economically powerful oligarchs and state employees with Western connections, as well as into the Russian media and Russian youth, with the hundreds of American and German financed NGOs that can put Russians into the streets to protest any defense of Russia, Russia’s future as a sovereign country is in doubt.

The American neoconservatives are relentless. Their Russian opponent is weakened by the success inside Russia of Western cold war propaganda that portrays the US as the savior and future of mankind.

The darkness from Sauron America continues to spread over the world.

Paul Craig Roberts

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His internet columns have attracted a worldwide following. Roberts’ latest books are The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism and Economic Dissolution of the West and How America Was Lost.

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  1. Putin is asked to tell the truth.
    There will be a meeting tomorrow on the ‘Liberation From Auschwitz.’

    Richard Edmonds and Ursula Haverbeck ask Vladimir Putin to reinvestigate the lies of the Soviet Commission in 1945, which formed the basis of the deceitful postwar histories of both the Katyn Massacre and the Auschwitz camp. Ursula Haverbeck points out that with mainstream historical authorities now accepting that Auschwitz was not the scane of the murder of millions of Jews in homicidal gas chambers, there is no established “scene of the crime”. She has challenged official bodies including ministers of the various German states (Länder) to provide an answer – to define the scene of the crime. They have so far failed to do so, and she must therefore conclude that there is no substantiation to the official history of Auschwitz.

    1. I get rather P-d off with Galloway, who, on the whole, is pretty truthful, but who is adament in his defence of jews, and brings up the six million hoax at every opportunity..

      1. exactly.
        when anyone sticks up for either h-caust or the official 9-11, i retract credibility.

        like saying i am honest because i don’t shoplift at target, only at walmart.

    2. Take a look at this beautiful German city. It is called Dresden. It contained 80,000 children who were set on fire and turned to ashes by Britain’s great national hero Winston Churchill:

      If the war criminals who run the west have their way, it will be Moscow next.

      But a surprise could be in store for these war criminals. A big surprise. It could be another city that could be incinerated instead, a city of 3.4 million people — its metropolitan area — with more brothels per square metre than any other city in the world: brothels full of kidnapped girls from Russia, Ukraine and Eastern Europe.

      Its name is Tel Aviv.

      1. HP. The ‘Delilah’ option? I’ve heard of the ‘Samson’ option. ie. take out everyone else with your stashed nukes if you are about to lose…
        …but the ‘Delilah’ option is a new one on me. If you have some spare time, maybe you could elaborate on that a bit for those of us unfamiliar with that term. Oh wait. I’ll google it… Ahhh… An Israeli subsonic cruise missile. Which brings me to todays ‘I no longer know the definition of sarcasm’ award, which goes to the sentence, “The ‘Delilah’ carries a relatively low payload of 30 kg HE, but Israeli officials indicate that this is to limit collateral damage.” To be found here…
        Congratulations. And todays ‘are you just being sarcastic?’ question… ‘Has America ever said sorry?’ See. I really don’t know. 🙂 Well I suppose I could google that, too…

        But somewhere in the comments here is a mention of ‘The Delilah Option’, if anyone’s interested…

        I think the information Pat is providing showing the industrial and economic partnership between thd US and Russia can be taken as a good reason for why these two nations do not want war. They both have too much to lose. They both want toi be around for the NWO, surely. Or maybe it’s not up to them anyway. Oh, yeah. The jews…

  2. “Yet another threat to Russia comes from the percentage of the Russian youth who lust for the depraved culture of the West. Sexual license, pornography, drugs, self-absorption. These are the West’s cultural offerings. And, of course, killing Muslims.”

    Without a doubt, this is possibly the greatest threat to Russia. Fighting a fifth column is always a huge problem, but when it’s your nation’s younger generations it’s a catastrophe! What’s happening to Russian youth is just what happened to US & UK youth in the 60’s – cultural Marxist programming of self & nation loathing. The youth love this freedom, as they sit on the branch of society sawing away. It’s only when they’re older do they realise their gross error, but the damage is done – the branch breaks.

    Interesting – “you blame the Jews because they’re successful “ twits like the Avatar will shout when Ashkenazi’s like Park’s show why Jews are loathed – attaining positions of of power with which to promote their perfidy, resulting in more wars and more dead goyim.

    When will the west wake up? You’d really think the armed forces, doing all the killing must by now be wondering just what it’s all really for and more importantly for whom? If not them, then their parents?

    1. @Harbinger. I wondered a similiar way when I saw the Americans let their daughters go to fight in wars. I think it’s common in western nations now. But, I wondered, who are they fighting for? I thought it was for the women and children. Apparently not.

      @Pat. Very cool Chet Atkins track! Cheers. 🙂

      @Deathtonwo. ‘The government wants me to believe in fairy tales!’ Exactly. What you are saying there really has some substance. That’s sort of been my whole point on this Holocaust Myth thing. I can’t believe something just because a law says I must. The only evidence I should need to know that the whole things a ‘big lie’, is that there laws against questioning it. The internet helps, though. Like these David Irving books, for instance…

      @Ms Darkmoon. Couple of articles back, but it appears that the excellent research of Dr. Stephanie Seneff, into glyphosate, which you have so helpfully contributed to increasing the public awareness of, is continuing to make a impression on the public, if this story is anything to go by… ‘Common Herbicide Under Scrutiny’.
      I don’t know if this link is any good (it appears to be some sort of sign in to read), but there is a good piece about glyphosate and health in this mornings local paper.

    2. Here ya go….$$$ rules. How did PCR not know?? Too many alphabets behind his name??

      As I have mentioned before, the BRICS are just another smokescreen for the banksters. MasterCard world headquarters is in Purchase, NY.

      Domestic MasterCard: 5 Russian banks begin new National Payment System

      Russia’s new National Payment System is up and running. The first five Russian banks processed their initial payments via MasterCard on January 30, according to Russia’s Central Bank.

      “On 30 January 2015, the first five banks, including regional ones, started processing some Russian domestic MasterCard card transactions via the National Payment System (NPS) processing center implementing settlements on these transactions via the Bank of Russia,” the bank said in a press statement Tuesday.

      The transfer of Russian domestic transaction processing of international payment system cards to the NPS will be implemented in stages, and should be complete by March 31, 2015.

    1. From reading the article it was to be put up to coincide with the final part of the hobbit. Rather odd choice because Sauron isn’t really part of the book as much as the sequel, Lord of The Rings. A more appropriate choice would have been a statue of Smaug or Bilbo Baggins.

      1. PCR chose that analogy for HIS reason, not yours or mine.
        You can begin to know folks’ mindsets through their uses of analogies selected. The ‘eye’ is significant to him.

        He should have proven his conviction in the 80s, when he was Asst Sec of Treas. He could have removed the ‘evil eye’ atop the pyramid on the US $1 bill. That would have gone a long way….symbolically.

        And PCR uses ‘neoconservatives’ instead of ‘Jews.’ Wimp.

    2. Correction…’waned’ is a typo. Replace with ‘wanted.’
      Spell check does not rely in intent.

      Imagine…just one letter left out changed the whole sentence.
      Spell check would not have helped Matthew, Mark, Luke or John….even if they could write.

  3. there is no surer measure of slavery to satan (full name: judas lucifer) than this:

    the Russian national debt as a percentage of Russian GDP is 11 percent. The American national debt as a percentage of US GDP is 105 percent, about ten times higher

    in other words, if every damn dollar america produced went toward debt repayment, they would still end up short.
    so how do you buy yourself out of bondage?
    less than 1% of 17 trillion (grossly underestimated of course, by reporting agencies) is owed to russia and that almost covers russia’s national debt, so who owns the remaining 99%?
    germany (ie, the owners of germany and who is that), china (surely not more than $1 trillion), arab crypto jews (another trillion at most) and safe to say, rothschild octopus comes in for $15 trillion clear, probably more.

    to return with another little dig at gilby (just to keep you from nodding off 🙂 ), an average jew owns 15 average american slaves on his plantation.
    but that’s ok, it’s not such a bad life

    1. Lobro,

      “US GDP is $17.3 trillion and Russian GDP is $2.1 trillion. So, US GDP is 8 times greater than Russian GDP, but US national debt is 76.6 times greater than Russia’s debt.”

      It means the USA is fucked.
      It’s either a case of ending this corrupt money system, or wiping out the Rothschilds completel, destroying everyone of their organisations and liberating their money (all stolen) to end, not just, US debt but the whole world.

      1. HARBINGER, you are totally correct and posit the ONLY solution:
        “It’s either a case of ending this corrupt money system, or wiping out the Rothschilds completely, destroying everyone of their organisations and liberating their money (all stolen) to end, not just, US debt but the whole world.”
        As I say below, we are kidding ourselves that there can be ANY solution other than the total destruction of the JEWISH MONEY POWER. You can talk as much as you like about all the little, insignificant factors, but it all comes down entirely to the JEWISH MONEY POWER!
        MONEY controls the world and bequeaths absolute POWER to the JEWS.
        Heck, we all know that Western foreign relations and all other major areas of human conduct are totally JEWISH CONTROLLED!!!! We all know the Middle East is in flames because of Israel and the stock markets’ (Jewish run) control of OIL! We all know, as Mel Gibson said: “Jews cause all the wars!”
        These columns should NOT be filled with rhetorical, smart-ass crap, as they are, but should be about HOW WE ARE GOING TO EXPOSE the JEWISH MONEY POWER to the unwashed, zombified, sedated masses.
        It has been a COMMUNICATION PROBLEM for over 100 years!

      2. Max Bilney

        I’ll be honest, this website, sometimes goes way over my head, but I wanted to share a thought or two in regards to your statement. (And why I couldn’t reply to it, under your name was frustrating enough).

        You said, “These columns should NOT be filled with rhetorical, smart-ass crap, as they are, but should be about HOW WE ARE GOING TO EXPOSE the JEWISH MONEY POWER to the unwashed, zombified, sedated masses.
        It has been a COMMUNICATION PROBLEM for over 100 years!”

        I hear you. Humans are tripartite and we live in a tri-universe. The key to truth is ‘does one want it or not.’ These ‘masses’ are not just sedated, they want it so. Comfort and denial of truth is their choice, so it is not just the synagogue of satan ruling over poor masses of peoples. No. The truth is right in our faces. Many choose not to look. I am not sure one needs to try and expose the Jewish Money power. People who want truth will go get it. Those who like to be comfortable and lazy will remain a brick wall.

        The dialogue of the dragon is more soothing to their souls than the truth of JESUS CHRIST Who sets us free from many things.

        I like you, cried out many times ‘HOW are WE going to fight this?’ Maybe we are not meant to. Maybe this incredible evil, is meant to prove out who is who. JESUS said on the cross, “It IS finished.” What is finished? Everything. In the tri-universe we see All IS well in ‘heaven’ (GOD’s throne). we see power to an extent given to the prince and power of the air (who also uses the masses to pull off his exploits) and we see things being played out on earth, until all things are under HIS feet. JESUS showed us the way–the flesh counts for nothing, it is the Spirit that gives life. Yes, we are just going to ‘take it’. Yes it stinks; at times insanity producing, but the flesh is not the end. Ever read the Foxes Book of Martyrs? How could they sing while being burned alive?

        While there is much evil in this world, there are unexpected blessings and miracles.

        I hear your distress and passion. It is not unnoticed by me or anyone else that can truly hear, nor is it unnoticed by GOD. The Bible states ‘Mark them that sigh’. We groan.

        I do not know if you are a Christian (and even that name now is mired), let’s say a believer in JESUS, one who has come out of the institutional church of man. I want to somehow bring you a measure of comfort.

        For many years I have been quite distressed of the evil things in this world and have personally been privy to some really evil things. And I am sure it is going to get really messy and really scary here, but not for long. Like as in pregnancy and labor and delivery, it is always hardest at the very end and we are there….I just know it. And I am nobody.

        Praying for your peace…

  4. I have been reading PCR for the last couple of years. As usual he is up to the mark. One thing many people neglect to mention or realise is the spiritual renewal Russia is undergoing! One reason for Russia supporting Assad in Syria is to protect Christians from the murderous Israeli supported cannibals that eat the livers of their victims. This is at the urging of the Patriarch of the Orthodox Church. The Russians more than any other people on earth have suffered Jewish oppression and murder. The Jews have had it in for Russia since Tsar Alexander reneged on his debts to the Jews at the end of the Napoleonic wars! Lets hope other countries will do the same. One reason for the Jews declaring war on Germany in 1933 was because of Hitler’s barter trade which would of course have cut the banks of the process. To those loons who think war with Russia is unwinnable realise this their ICBMS are faster and their missile technology better. Remember the US has to buy Russia rocket engines to maintain their space launch capability.

      1. I think it was going on even sooner. And it probably had to do with the investment that banks like Kuhn, Loeb made in the Revolution. I guess you could call it Revolutionary Banking, though they probably kept the records in a portfolio marked Emerging Markets. On a trip to the Art Institute, I once saw a photo of a long line of Wheat Harvesters glistening in the Russian Sun. They were shiny and new and obviously American made since in large white letters I saw the word McCormick. I hadn’t been so choked up since the Apollo-Soyuz Space docking in which the Capitalists and the Communists each had two halves of the same coin to put together after shaking hands in orbit.

        America has gone into the abyss and it has made it impossible to even get a Culture War off the ground these days. No problem. Just set up the Social Conservatives in Russia and have conservatives in Amerika root for Putin. It’s great training for the NWO because we talk of what is going on in Russia and their leadership as if we are contrasting the differences between Wisconsin with Minnesota. And the best part is we don’t need to turn the tide against sodomite marriage, we can just take solace in Putin’s opposition to it.

    1. Felix –

      PCR has given us a lot of good insight over the years. Many criticize him for not exposing a lot of this when he was Asst. Sec’y of Treasury and WSJ editor. I give him benefit of doubt in that we ALL learn something new, every day. Certainly, his having served out his post in Washington lends TREMENDOUS CREDIBILITY to his insights. Your comment reminds me (us?) that Putin’s position, now, is the position OUR country (America) should have taken concerning Saddam – when it soon became obvious there were no WMDs, and that Muslim agents were NOT responsible for the 9/11 events. Now we peons will pay-the-price, at least with Washington’s subsequent actions against us. ‘Washington’ IS the ‘enemy’, now. I hate that – but there it is.

      1. PCR never names anyone outside of MSM headlines…behind the scenes… pulling strings.
        He has very few specifics.
        He is out of office…so give us the real culprits.

      2. Yes indeed, Gilbert. The Jewish, masonic banking cartel’s control in the former “free world” is now absolute. PCR as you say, probably didn’t realise, when he was in the Reagan administration, just how evil the puppet masters pulling the strings really are. I was the same in my youth. It was only after reading A. K. Chesterton’s book “The New Unhappy Lords” that I began to wake up. It still took a couple of decades for me to became fully aware with advent of the internet. This may surprise you but I didn’t live in a country with television until I was 22. The powers that be use it as means to damage brains and then to brainwash people. The internet is also wonderful for ebooks. A couple of websites for you to download free books and magazines. I hope the allows it! This is a site based in Holland but is in fact Russian the other one is

      3. GH,

        Totally agree.

        PCR has a unique insight into the things that go on behind the scenes in WDC. The fact that he is rightly challenging the totally corrupt establishment – that he was once a part of and thrived in- is enough for me though I may not agree with some of his points. PCR has lost a lot of connections because of his public stance to expose the corruption that goes on in WDC. I am surprised that the evil doers haven’t tried to silence him. He is a brave man and a real hero.

      4. But that would drive his writing deeper and more exclusively “underground”, like here at darkmoon where the rabbit hole seriously burrows. Yet If we can clean up these threads even more it could continue to add readers.

        PCR, as Pat says may be a wimp for not using the j-word, but isn’t that all the more reason to find ways in using it ‘jew-diciously’ (pun definitely intended) without compromising our efforts to inform?

  5. Russia is a ‘paper bear’… Manufacturer’s Product Tag states: “Made by USA.”

    US has a captive market in Russia and in China.

    The first two ‘five-year plans’ in Russia were designed in the US by US corporations.(at 20:00)
    They were GE, DuPont, Ford Motor, Hercules Motor, Curtis-Wright, and others.

    For instance….openly visible:
    GAZ (Gorkovskii Avtomobilnii Zavod) in Russia was started by Ford Motor Co there. Ford in Gorki became GAZ.
    GAZ’s first vehicle was the medium-priced Ford Model A, sold as the NAZ-A. GAZ-4 pick-ups started rolling off the production line in 1933. The GAZ-AA truck (1932–1938) was Ford Model AA.

    By the late 1930s production at Gorki was 80,000-90,000 “Russian Ford” vehicles per year.
    Later, many were shipped to SE Asia. GAZ-67 was sold to Viet Nam. The GAZ-67 and the subsequent GAZ-67B were general purpose four wheel drive Soviet military vehicles built by GAZ starting in 1943.

    1. pat, you quote developments that hit wildly various timepoints in history and the questions is how do they apply to today’s situation in putin’s russia.

      the latest rape of russia was conducted by good ole murrikin harvard boys (sachs, summers, schleifer, rubin) who catalyzed the asset stripping by the currently entrenched lubavitcher oligarchs – courtesy of gorbachev and yeltsin – totally wrong to blame vlad putin for it.

      to base the conclusion that today’s technological status in russia is owed to ford motorco back to WWI era is crazy.
      both japan and germany were leveled 15 years after that time and do they owe their technological prowess to usa?
      maybe the initial seeding but they greatly outstrip usa in tech quality today, again, thank the chosenites for farming out the brainpower to these tigers.
      russia needs none of that, their basic research as well as military one is very independent.
      this even goes for iran, which is why no one is attacking it frontally like they did iraq.

      the bully only picks on the weak.

      anyway, roberts was right to reproach putin for not taking over the central bank which is traitorously squandering russian reserves instead of paying down the national debt.
      maybe now is the time, string the oligarchs up, pay off the bondage and give them all a finger, what can they do?
      if they want war, they will have war no matter what, surely he realizes that.

      but send them a private message that the big jewboys are individually targeted each with a long range cruise missile bearing their name, all of them painted with gps coordinates.
      that would have a calming effect, i guarantee you that (another hitler mistake that can be remedied this time).

      1. “both japan and germany were leveled 15 years after that time and do they owe their technological prowess to usa?”

        My answer is YES…They definitely do! The American industrial companies were NOT bombed in Germany and those and others grew with US govt aid from the Morgenthau Plan…and the Marshall Plan.

        The same for Japs. American Occupation in Japan was a historical success story. During the seven year occupation from 1945 until 1952, the Americans restructured the Japanese government and gave Japan help after its WWII destruction. The Occupation provided the groundwork from which a successful Japan emerged.
        lobro, to not understand that Russia has been – and still is – being built by the US is crazy.

        Don’t keep falling for the big Russian missile scare. It didn’t produce fruit in Cuba in 1961…. and will not in this century either.

        I will believe in Putin somewhat…when he strikes the law he passed against holo-hoax speech.

      2. lobro, to not understand that Russia has been – and still is – being built by the US is crazy

        well pat, call me crazy but i just don’t see it.
        how exactly is russia being built today (or let’s go back ~20-25 years) by the usa?
        let’s have some examples … ok, maybe oil exploration and extraction technology, but others had it too, eg, france.
        they are stealing each other’s industrial and military secrets as fast as they can, but that is par for the course everywhere.
        just what technology transfer did take place from usa to russia lately.
        all usa did was pave the way for the history’s most massive ripoff of national wealth, all of which ended up in the pockets of the financial witchdoctors’ cabal, because russians naively trusted the “brother amerikanskis”.

      3. OK…Glad to oblige…you’re crazy!! 😉

        “let’s have some examples”
        You can figure it out, lobro.

        For starters….
        Here is help from just from one US city… Houston:
        There are more than 400 companies in Houston doing business in Russia, and Houston is responsible for 25% of overall U.S. – Russia trade. Houston even sells Russia finished petroleum products they cannot manufacture. The US still sells them machinery and food.
        The five key export segments from Texas to Russia include petroleum products, machinery, meat, vehicles, and chemical products.
        http://usrussiacc. org/about-usrcc/history-of-usrcc/

        U.S. multinationals are no stranger to Russia either. Boeing (BA)has some of their biggest factories in Russia. Since 1992, Boeing has worked with the Russian space industry as a partner and contractor to the leading Russian space enterprises — Rocket and Space Corporation and the Khrunichev Research and Production Space Center — on the world’s largest international space programs.

        ExxonMobil is in the Kara Sea with its partner Rosneft . It’s $700 million joint venture with the state-owned Russian energy giant is currently on pause due to sanctions.

        lobro…I’ll just call you….

      4. OK…Glad to oblige…you’re crazy!!

        “let’s have some examples”
        You can figure it out, lobro.

        For starters….
        Here is help from just from one US city… Houston:
        There are more than 400 companies in Houston doing business in Russia, and Houston is responsible for 25% of overall U.S. – Russia trade. Houston even sells Russia finished petroleum products they cannot manufacture. The US still sells them machinery and food.
        The five key export segments from Texas to Russia include petroleum products, machinery, meat, vehicles, and chemical products.
        usrussiacc. org/about-usrcc/history-of-usrcc/

        U.S. multinationals are no stranger to Russia either. Boeing (BA)has some of their biggest factories in Russia. Since 1992, Boeing has worked with the Russian space industry as a partner and contractor to the leading Russian space enterprises — Rocket and Space Corporation and the Khrunichev Research and Production Space Center — on the world’s largest international space programs.
        ExxonMobil is in the Kara Sea with its partner Rosneft . It’s $700 million joint venture with the state-owned Russian energy giant is currently on pause due to sanctions.

        lobro…I’ll just call you….

      5. Be interesting to see how Greece handles it`s fiscal problems, now that they have someone intelligent at the wheel..

      6. What “USA” What “Russia”?! What ANYWHERE whose “economies” haven’t been pilfered per the great architect?

        And striking the law against holohoax speech? Timing is everything in politics – any present or ex-pol knows that inside-out. Why aren’t you considering that Putin views this as small potatoes within the grand scheme of things?

        Putin knows Russia is the beautiful mistress who all real men lust over. Men who plot and scheme to possess her on terms for keeping her.

        Through Persian fields in waves
        To Russian king it craves
        For World lusts Aphrodite
        When Israel is mighty

      7. most of business you referred to are joint ventures to exploit natural resources like oil drilling and so on.

        boeing is partnering in research with russians, ie, sharing technology.
        so it’s not like americans are playing santa claus over there, delivering food and medicine to hungry haitians.
        its’ give and take and without give there is no take, like russians are going to starve without them.

      8. Lobro –

        You are wrong!

        There are hundreds of US companies helping build Russia’s industries and military TODAY…. and throughout history…and already scheduled plans for the future.

        US industries build and support high schools and colleges and teach the Russian kids. US companies build hospitals and medical centers in Russia also.

        Boeing is just one of many….. They build the equipment and train the pilots…even in 2015!!

        Boeing trades their US high-tech secrets for cheap source of titanium and aluminum, and cheap R&D.

        Boeing helps support Russian Military suppliers, such as Kamensk Uralsky Metallurgical Works(KUMZ).

        The Boeing-supported Moscow School for Continuous Mathematical Education provides programs that include engaging middle school students in advanced math studies and research work….

        (Boeing’s report):

        Boeing has created more than 2,000 high-technology jobs in Russia.

        Boeing is one of Russia’s largest partners in the areas of innovation and high technology.

        The Boeing Company has maintained a cooperative relationship with Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) since the era of the former Soviet Union.

      9. no pat, you are wrong
        take a look at just this one example
        The Boeing-supported Moscow School for Continuous Mathematical Education provides programs that include engaging middle school students in advanced math studies and research work

        are you kidding?
        the finest mathematicians of the 20th century by far have been russian, germanand romanian ones and americans have been poaching them for their faculties and graduate programs all along.
        the best american faculty, u of chicago is hardly a blip on the radar compared to say steklov institute or moscow u.

        consider this too, when making such jingoistic claims like there’d be no math without boeing in russia.
        it was a farming operation like recruiting baseball players in dominican republic, grabbing the best talent which was never in short supply over there.
        just like world class chess players, appreciation of mathematics was something encouraged and incubated from the early days.

        don’t get carried away too much by notions of uncle sam’s philanthropic endeavors.

      10. Lonro –

        “no pat, you are wrong”

        I am not wrong at all….I copied that DIRECTLY from Boeing’s report.

        You might want to write them… and tell them they are wrong for writing it.

        You should read the report. It is written very simply, for dyslexics.

  6. and a news flash from hasbara-macht-frei department:

    auschwitz: the gift that keeps on giving

    The head of the Jewish community of Rome, Riccardo Pacifici, fell victim of absurd circumstances during his visit to the commemorative events to mark the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the former concentration camp at Auschwitz.

    The ancestors of the Roman diplomat had died in Auschwitz. Pacifici, along with the film crew, visited the memorial complex located on the site of the camp on Tuesday, January 27. However, at 11:00 p.m., when the shooting ended, he was unable to leave the territory, as the doors were locked.

    As a result, Pacifici and members of the film crew were trying to attract attention to themselves for an hour, albeit to no avail. No one arrived to help the “prisoners.” The diplomat and the crew tried to leave Auschwitz

    [gas chamber]

    through a window, but they were immediately arrested.

    germany must pay for this outrage against the children of g0d!

    1. Lobro –

      How many generations back in someone’s lineage must we look for ‘Jews’? MUST a ‘Talmudist’ be a ‘Jew’ – or a ‘Jew’ be a Talmudist?? (I need to know who to shoot at!) Tell us, please. We need to know.

      Despite what you may say (not that I care, much), Alex Jones has what some have said is a ‘Jewess’ for a wife.
      Does he send his children to Synagogue? Christian church? Mosque? No one is infallible, nor should they be held in disdain for having been mistaken in the past. Your own vast learning has certainly afforded me new perspectives and insights. Would you consider Alex’s children ‘Jews’ – even though he has done so much more than ANY of us to alert the public of government malfeasance – and thereby punish them according to YOUR criteria?? Your assertions of my stupidity about jews, and your blanket condemnation, certainly suggests a rigid perspective. Tell us – WHAT WOULD YOU HAVE YOUR ALLIES DO ABOUT IT??

      1. gilbert, i made my position very clear and definite.
        and i repeat:

        i suppose i will have to reiterate it in the next thread …

      2. Oh, I see. When one meets a ‘Jew”, how does one know he “has committed to bar mitzvah”?
        All of us have gone thru the motions of some type of ‘commitment’. Very few of us have kept them, all.
        Go ahead – you can say it, here. Do you think they ALL should be slaughtered, just in case some of those
        “committed to bar mitzvah” should pass our scrutiny?? Can YOU pull the trigger?

      3. besides you haven’t read my fairly careful analysis of the word “average” and how it may be perniciously misleading, otherwise you wouldn’t have accused me of rigidity – in fact, quite the opposite, which is to say that “average” is a fast moving and elusive target, rather than a blanket condemnation approval, as in “he is just an average, decent guy next door”.

        an average jew (who did his bar mitzvah where he solemnly accepts talmud as his ultimate authority that commands him to kill you after robbing you blind) is not, as you seem to aver, someone innocent of crimes and criminality embedded in their ideological dna (his blood be upon our heads and heads of our children – oh, but let’s ignore christ because we are good christians, aren’t we?).

        so yes, my perspective is properly rigid without in any way race-conscious, can’t you see that?

        i am perfectly willing to extend benefit of doubt, nay, whole-hearted approval to an apostatic jew or jewess, be it mordechai vanunu, israel shamir, yossi gurvitz, benjamin freedman or our ellie (provided she gets the final check by lasha, after personal meeting and mutual tire kicking standard for such gatherings).

        but when a jew is a jew, ie, has sworn upon everything unholy to do me harm, then my perspective is rigid, indeed as it should be.
        and so should yours.

        the two sets are mutually exclusive, the middle ground is empty and there is no such thing as an average jew who is not so bad after all, as if there is a jew dimmer switch that can be dialed to dim.
        this only applies to goys like you and me.
        and i choose not to be dim.

      4. gilbert
        “Strictly speaking, it is incorrect to call an ancient Israelite a ‘Jew’ – or to call a contemporary ‘Jew’ an Israelite or Hebrew”
        – Jewish Almanac (1980)

    2. That is hilarious, I haven’t seen any pictures, but am hopeful they didn’t acquire a blue tinge trying to escape through that window. But then, maybe I’m not.

  7. this is getting so circular, gilbert.
    this is what jpost has to say about average jew.

    do your math, what more can i say.

    oops, for those willing to think about numbers a bit:

    Poll: 90% support Cast Lead; 69% pleased with Gov’t’s handling of op

    not only do 90% support the killing spree (someone please try to convince me that the average jew does not) but among those, 1 in three also thinks the slaughter was sadly incomplete – do you see that?

    and they’ve been like that (“they” a tiny minority of only 90%, the remaining majority of 10% are the average ones, no?) since 3,000 years ago and will undoubtedly be that way into the foreseeable future, thanks to christian reverend hagee and his ilk who never tire of proclaiming that our duty to israel tops every single obligation in life, to own country, children and jesus (who the hell is jesus, never heard of him).

    1. Lobro, I do very much appreciate your point-of-view, and uphold it in my own resolve. Tell you what: I hold them ALL suspect, and avoid them, now, as much as possible. However, that does not eradicate the past friendships I’ve held with some – and even if they subconsciously wished me harm, they did not harm me that I know of. You should understand how hard it is on this goy to imagine hurting them, personally. They would have to draw first blood.

      Having said that, I understand and condone the Palestinian,, thirst for vengeance. However, they’re ALL my enemies when they threaten my own land and people. To hold the likes of me accountable for Washington’s misdeeds is drawing a dangerous line in the sand. I have done more than most people I know to try to lawfully undo the stranglehold ‘Washington’ has over the States. I know what is going on, and I know why. If it comes to bloodshed, I know how to do that, too. I hope it doesn’t…

    2. good, so we are in broad agreement, only the roadmaps have slightly different routes highlighted.

      as for bloodshed, not only has it come to it already, the blood tide rises past our ankles already and will inevitably reach our chins at some point unless action is taken.
      millions have died by “our” hand in the past 20-25 years, with “our” having barely taken notice of it because renee zellweger’s botched cosmetic surgery is so much more fascinating and attention grabbing headline.

      maybe some kind of sieve process needs to be established.
      example (not worked out fully, just blue skying):
      everyone knows jews they would not be able to pull the trigger on.
      compile a list of such grey (more appropriate than “good”) jews, where they go before a public tribunal when the time comes, like the revolutionary tribunals in cuba immediately after booting out batista’s venal, cruel, corrupt shabbo tyranny.
      let people come forward with their pros and cons.

      for the ones without saving grace, no salvation.
      (further refinements possible but this is it in broad strokes)

      1. I have a problem with all the jews who, knowing that they occupy Palestinian land, still choose to live there. Heard recently that Peruvians have been converting to judaism, and are provided with homes, and facilities, in occupied Palestine. They even serve in the IOF..

      1. There was this moth. He somehow ended upside-down on his back and couldn’t get his legs under him. He died like that.

        Matter is stupid

  8. Dear Lasha,

    Here’s a serious NEWSFLASH!

    Recently, Texas has seen some oppressive moves towards Muslims in America (in line with the Zionists’ already announced plan to stage a multifaceted “Clash of Civilizations”)!

    And HERE is the Canadian equivalent of the Texas rage [It never fails … North American Union (NAU) is always in tandem!]

    This is LOADED with typically passive-aggressive and Orwellian “Canadian/UN” style of delivery!

    Points keenly Noted by the Truth Movement :

    Pagan Harper:

    – Is handing over the country to Secret Services and Jewish Legislators!

    – Is officialising arrests without any real proof!

    – Attacks freedom of speech (esp. Online)!

    – Is Sealing some [types of] court proceedings! (Passive hint to the Palestine/ICC situation noted)!

    – Shamelessly uses the Ottawa Hoax as an alibi!

    – Hints at the Canadian “Judeo-Christian/ Judeo-xyz” (viz. Talmudic) values! (Clash of Civilizations!)

    – Gave the speech at Richmond Hill — a location that’s considered “upper class” and houses the “jellyfish type of Muslims”/ “the WRONG kind/side of Muslims”! (Clash of Civilizations!)

    – Is enabling the lockdown of some ‘True Believers of God’, so that they may not fly out of Canada and join the REAL Resistance from a [prophesised] Islamic Army expected to appear this year!

    – (and much much more…)

    THIS IS SERIOUS, and needs to be highlighted to all! … This has all the signs of the imminent Soviet-era-style Communism/ Orwellian State.

    We need to extend our support to (e.g.) Arthur Topham of the Radical Press.

    Meanwhile, the scum are calling it “Operation Levitation” (gee, I wonder what that means)!

    [Uncle Toby : Please bring this to Lasha’s particular attention. Thanks and Regards.]

  9. hm, can’t stop speculating.

    consider this (university of padua): Chickens Agree: Left Means Less; Right Means More
    namely, the “mental number line” representing increasing sequence from left to right is genetically hardwired into the dna itself.

    so now, i wonder about the hebraic institution of doing it in reverse, right to left.
    does it predispose them to pathological behavior, ie, immorality?

  10. Lobro … I don’t see the relevance. Perhaps a stupid ‘spurious correlation’ deserves no more attention than a ‘Dawkins delusion’ — since all the ugly Rednecks and Masons that ruled America or other Western countries (and advanced Zionist brutality around the world) read left to right. … Even Bertrand Russell said : “The humbler the origin, the greater need for arrogance”. I speculate if that applies to tiny, “Judaized”/Talmudized pricks.

    Anyway, the British Historian Arnold J Toynbee warned psychopathic, Zio-Western scum as follows : “Of the 22 civilizations that have appeared in history, 19 of them collapsed when they reached the moral state the US is in now!”

    I guess the ugliness of immorality and apathy deserves to be cleansed off the earth by the Beautiful Russians.

    1. “At this supremely dangerous moment in human history,” Dr. Toynbee wrote in 1969, the only way of salvation for mankind is an Indian way.”

      He was pointing to the universal aspects of Indian thought that include a reverence for all life and for all religions. This teaching is right, he said, “because it flows from a true vision of spiritual reality.”


    2. my unspoken thought is this:

      if the proto-jews, whatever the creatures of hell they were, consciously decided to go against the grain in all respects in order to obtain sneaky material parasitical advantage, then nourishing such contrarian traits as this one, ie, preferring right–>left movement to represent improvement, would be considered a bonding glue among the inductees.

      ie, whatever humans do, we do the opposite because we hate them systemically and rage at them without any apparent provocation, in fact, the more innocent and harmless, the more we hate them and want to harm them … eg, children, thus child rape, sacrifice, snuff porn.
      the really bad, sick goyums on the other hand, get our grudging admiration because they are natural born, raw talent, thus honorary jews.

      does that make sense?

      1. I’m afraid to see too much behind it. All Semitic scripts write from right to left. The Jews adopted their script from the Aramaic script which is ultimately derived from the Phoenician script.
        There were ancient scripts that wrote alternatively from left to right and from right to left (called “boustrophedon”) :

        And then we have the East Asian scripts that write from top to bottom. What psychological conclusions should we draw from that?

        For the Jews the right and left dichotomy as symbolic for “good” and “bad” is the same as for other peoples :

      2. What may be the “material advantage” inferring there being a disadvantage?

        It seems every time I speculate on this sort of thing it veers away from anything temporal in nature. As if doing so “at this point in time” amounts to nothing more than jousting at ‘deviating windmills’.

        What would be the advantage in being contaminated with the deviance? And who is truly at a disadvantage, with a proper understanding of “truly”?

        Red injun conspiracy theory continues apace (and gets silly dissecting words along the way)

        in sin iewe ate: the parasite winds into the “DDD” (Divine DNA Design; the host) corrupting its composition by re-engineering its genetics. A transmutation, or devolution (d-evil-iewe-tion) weakening spiritual integrity resulting in a non-malleable state of matter (evil), thus compromising a state of Grace – the state where what is called “matter” is experienced as the orientation of spirit it is in Truth.

        Is it all coming to this? Either get on board the spirit train or stay mired in the contamination?

        Does this characterize “kali yuga”?

  11. PCR should have mentioned that the ‘evil eye’ US helps Russia’s Industry, Education, Space vehicles and Military.

    There are hundreds of US companies helping build Russia’s industries and military TODAY…. and throughout history…and already scheduled plans for the future.

    US industries build and support high schools and colleges and teach the Russian kids. US companies build hospitals and medical centers in Russia also.

    Boeing is just one of many….. They build the equipment and train the pilots…even in 2015!!

    Boeing trades their US high-tech secrets for cheap source of titanium and aluminum, and cheap R&D.

    Boeing helps support Russian Military suppliers, such as Kamensk Uralsky Metallurgical Works(KUMZ).

    The Boeing-supported Moscow School for Continuous Mathematical Education provides programs that include engaging middle school students in advanced math studies and research work….

    (Boeing’s report):

    Boeing has created more than 2,000 high-technology jobs in Russia.

    Boeing is one of Russia’s largest partners in the areas of innovation and high technology.

    The Boeing Company has maintained a cooperative relationship with Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) since the era of the former Soviet Union.

    In the 1970s, Boeing was a part of the historic U.S.-Soviet space mission, Apollo-Soyuz, when spacecraft from both countries docked in orbit.

    Boeing and Russia have long-term partnerships in multiple areas, including aviation, metallurgy, space, engineering, information technology (IT) and communications. The company is also committed to a long-term relationship with the Russian aviation industry and with Russian airline operators to provide fleet solutions for the Russian market.

    In addition, Boeing collaborates with leading Russian and Ukrainian aerospace companies on the International Space Station program.

    Russian titanium producer VSMPO-AVISMA (formerly Verkhnaya Salda Metallurgical Production Association) is a Boeing partner and supplier.

    In 2007, Boeing signed an aluminum plate supply agreement with Kamensk Uralsky Metallurgical Works(KUMZ), an all-purpose aluminum mill focused on the aerospace market with a history of supplying the Russian military and commercial markets. Boeing began receiving aluminum products from KUMZ in 2008.

    In late 2008, an initiative was started with Boeing Commercial Airplanes
    functional organizations and the 787 program to allow a Boeing engineering partner in Russia, Progresstech, to work directly with 787 supplier-partners….to reduce Boeing research and development expenditures.

    Boeing has announced it will expand its flight and maintenance training capabilities in Russia with a new, state-of-the-art trainingcampus.
    The new full-service training facility—set to open in 2015.

  12. My only problem with this article is its reference to “Ukrainian Nazis.” It shows that Mr. Roberts is either completely unaware,or just chooses to ignore the fact that from the President and Prime Minister to further down the line, all the people running the Ukrainian gov’t are all Jews. And repeating the Jew propaganda using the word NAZI as equal to evil puts him further in their court. The Nazis had nothing on the murderous communists and their less than brave American friends (who favored burning women and children alive by dropping bombs on them).

    RT is one of the best news stations to watch for the reasons Mr. Roberts gives. I have criticism for RT, bt my criticism would not be shared by the Ashkenazi Jew Andrew Lack, who would consider those good points about its reporting.

  13. PCR: “If RT is closed down or assimilated into the Western presstitute media, nothing will be said about it…”

    WRONG!! Jew competitors would holler….and stop it. They need it for increasing their own budgets.

    Jew Murdock would holler. He is invested in RT thru Sky..!!

    Gullibility and perfidy strike frequently. 😉

    Banker controlled RT is an excuse for budget increases for competitors.
    They keep yanking our chains for $$$.

    See the classic ‘double-speak’ (lie) here when admit PRIVATE investment used, but claims money comes from ‘Federal Budget of Russia’ and list all of **Jew Murdock’s SKY NEWS OUTLETS carrying it.

    (???)About half of the network’s budget came from the state and the other half from BANKS and companies – like Boeing – friendly to the government.(???)

    RT, also known as Russia Today, is an international multilingual Russian-based television network. It is registered as an Autonomous Non-profit Organization funded by the Federal Budget of Russia through the Federal Agency on Press and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation.

    Jew Walter Isaacson, Chairman of the U.S. Government’s Broadcasting Board of Governors (which runs Voice of America, Radio Free Europe, and Radio Free Asia), called for more money for the programs because “We can’t allow ourselves to be out-communicated by our enemies…”

    money-money-money-money….. still ‘the’ game…

    See the classic ‘double-speak’ (lie) here also:
    State-owned Ria Novosti news agency, which founded RT in 2005, is one of the largest in Russia. Its Chair is Svetlana Mironyuk who has modernized the agency since her appointment in 2003. RIA Novosti has stated it helped establish RT but is “neither a sponsor nor a backer of Russia Today.”

  14. Just a few rambling thoughts on the ‘average jew’…..

    The average jew is blameless insofar as he’s never been known to put the interests of Israel above the interests of his host country. The average jew is blameless because he’s never been known to donate money to the state of Israel or to the jewish national fund, etc. The average jew doesn’t attend synagogue on Saturday morning, and he’s never been known to recite the kol nidre during the high holy days of rosh hashanah and yom kippur. The average jew has never been known to stand around and watch while the mohel takes a knife to his son’s penis on the eight day. The average jew is really a good natured fellow, and he’s never been known to express his belief in the racial and/or the genetic superiority of jews. The average jew doesn’t spend countless hours on the internet concocting all sorts of “mind fuck” that’s intended to befuddle the goyim whom he regards as “animals.” The average jew has never been known to pose as a champion of the very same people whom he secretly wants to exterminate, such as the Iraqis and the Palestinians, etc. In fact there’s really no discernible difference betwixt the average jew and the average goy. So let’s hear it for the average jew !!

    1. So what’s the goy equivalent of bar mitzvah, for whom even these so-described “average jews” are subject to? “Holy” communion of a fashion? What exactly is being communicated in these priestly rituals?

      Depends on the priest of the particular church I suppose.

    2. In Michael Hoffman’s “Judaism’s Strange Gods” the average Jew is held up to contempt in the Talmud much like the non Jews.

    3. goysaver,

      a good post, worth drilling down on.
      certainly such a good jew that you describe would never call himself a jew because he stands in opposition to everything sacred to the properly defined jew, the tribe of sworn liars and evil doers.

      words of an ex-jew on the subject of bar mitzvah (the entire article well worth a read)

      The life story of Mark Zuckerberg supports such a claim. He was born into a Jewish family; his compromise to Judaism was so significant that he had a Bar Mitzvah at the age of 13. Don’t laugh at this; this isn’t just a familiar event with good food.
      Having grown up in a Communist Kibbutz, I must tell that only a minority of its kids chose to participate in such a questionable event. Yet, our Mark was happy to participate.

      so let’s summarize a few things.
      first note that to us outsiders, the accepted image of bar mitzvah is the fiddler on the roof bromide of happy shtetl peasants cavorting in drunken fun and jew soul food of pickled carp and cinnamon bagels or whatever they scarf during those events.
      not so, this is where he swears to be your lifelong enemy and executioner.
      this is where he becomes a made jew.
      so how does he become a good jew? he cannot, contradiction in terms.

      as for the rest, saying/singing kol nidre, what do you do ask him outright? and believe his “no, i don’t”?
      identical to asking a liar whether he lies, expect the same answer.

      all the the “don’ts” you listed are the one and the same attribute of eternal shapeshifter.
      you were perceptive enough to realize that they will promote themselves as sympathizers of iraqi and syrian sufferers while secretly hoping for and working towards their destruction.

      this is the wise and proper attitude to maintain until proven wrong, ie, a jew is guilty until proven to be a non-jew.

      1. the fact that they go to such lengths to misrepresent the significance of ‘roly-poly’ bar mitzvah should set the alarm bells off, the clown’s grin becomes sinister because there is assassin’s knife in the folds of the costume.

        judas iscariot’s name derives from latin ‘sicarius’, a dagger used by clandestine killers and ambushers that ancient judaics specialized in just like they do today.
        (thus today’s mexican sicario, the hitman)
        have no doubt that judas completed his bar mitzvah or whatever they called it back then.
        the fact that betrayal of the christ happened says quite unequivocally that the overall blueprint was already well developed and activated in antiquity, at least 700 years before babylonian talmud or khazar involvement, i guess they were just flies naturally attracted to shit.

      2. @ Lobro

        About Judas Iscariot :

        “Judas of Kerioth ). He is sometimes called “the son of Simon,” ( John 6:71 ; John 13:2 John 13:26 ) but more commonly ISCARIOTES. ( Matthew 10:4 ; Mark 3:19 ; Luke 6:16 ) etc. The name Iscariot has received many interpretations more of less conjectural. The most probable is from Ish Kerioth , i.e. “man of Kerioth,” a town in the tribe of Judah. ( Joshua 15:25 ) “ From : Judas Iscariot, biblestudytools.

        About Bar Mitzvah :

        “The modern method of celebrating becoming a bar mitzvah did not exist in the time of the Hebrew Bible, Mishnah or Talmud”.

        “The term “bar mitzvah”, in the sense it is now used, cannot be clearly traced earlier than the 14th century.”

        “Many sources indicate that the ceremonial observation of a bar mitzvah developed in the Middle Ages.” From : Wikipedia, Bar and Bat Mitzvah, History.

        There is nothing sinister in the Bar Mitzvah ceremony, it simply means coming of age, religiously and morally :

        “According to Jewish law, when Jewish boys become 13 years old, they become accountable for their actions and become a bar mitzvah. A girl becomes a bat mitzvah at the age of 12 according to Orthodox and Conservative Jews, and at the age of 13 according to Reform Jews. Prior to reaching bar mitzvah, the child’s parents hold the responsibility for the child’s actions. After this age, the boys and girls bear their own responsibility for Jewish ritual law, tradition, and ethics, and are able to participate in all areas of Jewish community life.” Source : ibidem.

  15. Cross-Hairs and War?? ‘Johnny Reb’ hats up to help Russia. 😉

    US – Alabama-Virginia-NY-DC-London-Moscow connection…. tax teacher.
    Russian mafia government never fooled with that stuff.
    ‘Red-neck’ expertise to the rescue in London and Moscow.

    Joel graduated with distinction from the University of Alabama, Bachelor of Accounting. Doctor of Law at the University of Virginia School of Law.

    Prior to joining Industrial Investors, engaged in private practice in Washington D. C., New York, Moscow and London, advising clients on international taxation, investment fund creation, international JVs.
    In 1994 to 1997 Joel was the lead foreign ADVISOR to the Russian Government on TAX reform.

    He later became a partner at the Salans law firm, chairing the Taxation Committee and being a member of the General Board.

    Since 2006 Joel is the Principal Legal Advisor of Industrial Investors, and….. (red-neck)
    DIRECTOR of Industrial Investors Capital Management Limited in London.

    1. War?

      Depends on who’d be callin’ the shots (pardon THAT pun) if and when the time comes. In the meantime, business is as business done.

    2. GE today is one of the largest foreign companies operating in Russia. We work with more than 100 Russian companies, organizations and institutes, including Rosneft, Gazprom, Aeroflot and many power generation companies.

      We assign a strategic role to Russia and we will continue investing in our businesses here, bringing new technology, knowledge and capital. We look forward to strengthening our 90-year relationship with Russia and establishing a solid platform with our partners for the future. We are committed to mutually beneficial strategic cooperation.

      GE – 90 year relationship with Russia. Since 1925.

    3. Honeywell opened a representation office in Moscow in 1974, followed by branch offices in St Petersburg and Kiev in 1992. Additional business development offices were opened in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan in 1998, in Kazan in 2010, in Irkutsk, Krasnodar and operational office in Novorossiysk in 2012.

      Honeywell provides product and service solutions that improve efficiency and profitability — including automation and energy-efficient solutions for homes, buildings and industries, as well as industrial security solutions.

      Russian aircraft and helicopters also use Honeywell auxiliary power units, brakes, and avionics.

  16. Snowed in winter doldrums with more on the way has put me in a poetry-writing mood

    I am pensive
    I gots the blues
    A drifting bee
    Dead reckoning pursues
    a place I know
    a heart I feel
    on well worn path
    from time surreal

    and more snow means more poems 😉

      1. That’s just it, Gil

        So much sewerage has poured over the dam, or flowed under the bridge, however you wanna put it, it’s hard not to play those fiddles while the “empire” goes down the old poop-shoot.

        And I put the word “empire” in quote marks for good reason. The fact that it became a f###ing empire in the first place is the whole god-damned problem!!

        As you can see, as I write these words my blood boils. Makes me wanna hurl a well-aimed tomahawk right between the eyes of some stupid motherf***er 😉 )

        A story from the outset of the “revolutionary war”:

        “… most Indian people tried to remain neutral. Caughnawaga and Abenaki on the St. Lawrence kept both sides at arm’s length, knowing they had little to gain and much to lose if they got involved. The Iroquois also attempted to remain on the sidelines – at first.”

        “We cannot intermeddle in this dispute between two brothers. The quarrel seems unnaturtal. If the great King of England applies to us for aid, we shall deny him; if the Colonies apply, we shall refuse.

        Oneida delegation to governor of Connecticut

        “…Slowly however, the Iroquois were pulled into the conflict, and the resulting split in loyalty crippled the league as an effective force. The Oneida and Tuscarora generally supported the Americans; the Mohawk, Cayuga, Onondaga and Seneca sided with England. The man most responsible for the latter was Thayendanegea, a Mohawk chief better known by his English name, Joseph Brant…”

        “…not surprisingly, when the British started courting the Iroquois, they turned to Brant.

        Invited to London early in 1776, Brant was feted and lionized. King George granted him an audience, and the Prince of Wales took him out for a night on the town. So great was Grant’s celebrity that London street gangs began shaving their hair into spiky Mohawk topknots. But before he agreed to anything, Brant wanted concessions in exchange.”

      2. The huge lesson, there, Brownhawk, is the timeless warning (to everyone – of ALL ‘religions’) to KEEP TO AND AMONGST OURSELVES. Although the colonists/American whites learned so much of good government from the Iroquois – and the Iroquois were so well-disposed and kindly to teach – ultimately it turned into relationship disaster. As I age and study more history – and read some of the excellent comments and articles from this and other sources – I am certainly beginning to better understand ‘Who de Jew’, and ‘who’ is primarily responsible for our peoples’ poor judgement. While we should always tender our judgements with kindness and mercy – we need to steel ourselves against accusations of ‘racism’ and ‘bigotry’, just the same, and KEEP ON TELLIN’ IT LIKE WE SEE IT. 🙂

  17. A quick overview of this last article tells me that its more bad news and unlikely to get better. I am afraid. Things shouldn’t have to be like this. I have no idea who believes what but the fact that it gets reported in the official news leads me to believe that there is a target audience somewhere. This situation is a lot like pre ww1. It has been said before. It is a sad world sometimes.

    1. SL,

      If you are American, your state legislators are now considering/debating the issue of whether to call a ‘constitutional convention’ in order to ‘limit’ the powers of the (our) federal government by amendment…

      If anyone cared to take a look, holding a convention to REPEAL the already-existing Seventeenth Amendment would better answer our needs at home – AND eliminate a lot of the problems suffered by the rest of the world at the hands of the criminals in Washington, D.C. Repealing the Seventeenth would just about automatically lead to elimination of the Sixteenth (‘Income’ Tax Amendment) – THEN, the Federal Reserve Act. The malignant tumor would quickly dissipate. The bastards who control the nation with ‘The Money’ know this (‘Give me control of a nation’s currency…’). Yes, I know it would probably stimulate immediate war BEFORE any repeal had taken root, but America’s own suicide – and her large part in destroying every OTHER nation in the world – would come undone.

      Barring that, you’d better closely consider Ephesians 6:10-12. 🙂

  18. [ *POEM*]

    they took all the White countries and nations,
    and put us on Brownhawk’s reservation,
    took away our right to talk,
    censor our posts left and right,
    smug and righteous religious,
    anathema shits,
    your run-of-the-mill boring lame,
    secular censorship,
    when we’re good,
    every once in awhile,
    they take us on a class trip,
    to Gilbert’s rough and tough,
    cattle ranch,
    in Zion land Up High,
    Bonanza comes on,
    right after,
    Karen’s Andy is on,
    after Mayberry,
    Golden Girls comes on,
    if we’re really really good,
    they take us on,
    an Arabian harem girl magic carpet ride,
    Lasha decked-out,
    like I Dream of Jeanie,
    to hot chic,
    belly-dancing night clubs,
    in Dubai,
    night clubs for the cognoscenti,
    no Catholics please, and certainly,
    no sheenies,
    for a refreshing change of pace,
    to break the monotony,
    Lasha flies us,
    to New York City,
    to the lights of Broadway,
    to see and experience,
    Madame Butterfly,
    kabuki drama,
    is the talk of the town,
    a three-act opera,
    by Puccini.

  19. The only “cross-hairs” I have ever seen on Russia over there last 100 years are to aim money bombs and business missiles. Even in nuclear construction. They cannot do things on their own in Russia.

    The US helps the fledgling Russia with engineering most of its industrial and military endeavors. That help is labeled as ‘politics.’

    The US built Russia’s nuclear waste fortress on the site of the first major nuclear accident in history. Mayak site 1957.

    The Fissile Material Storage Facility, a hulking fortress with walls 23 feet thick that are designed to withstand earthquakes and airplane crashes, was BUILT by the United States at a cost of $309 million at the Mayak nuclear plant at Ozersk, about 80 miles from here. Since it was finished in December 2003 and TURNED OVER to Russia, U.S. officials have been kept in the dark about what was happening inside.

    CIA helps Russia keep secrets for decades. Here is just one labeled as an “Occasional Absurdity”…as if it were not planned. LOL!!

    Kyshtym disaster also tells a story about the Cold War’s occasional absurdities—the CIA actually helped the Soviet Union keep its first nuclear catastrophe (in 1957) a secret until 1989.

    The 160-ton concrete cover burst, flinging 20 million curies of radioactive material into the sky, where it was scattered by the wind. It settled over an area of 20,000 square kilometers, home to 270,000 people.

    BTW: The US did all the major nuclear clean-up and medical aid at Chernobyl…. Cries of, “HELP US!!!”
    ARMAND HAMMER led that field trip to help his ‘Mother’ out. Many planes of supplies and medical experts were sent there in 24 hours!! No one needed a passport…cold war or not…LOL!!!

    1. All good info, Pat, but it could just be that no conclusions are drawn, as in say, “history as it is being manipulated per its formulated plan to conclude with…”

      Fill in the guessing blanks

      1. Pat –

        One of my good friends is the son of one of the most famous ‘double agents’ in history. He was (my friend’s father) a Russian Jew. (My friend is Christian, father of four gorgeous daughters, and married to a very pretty WASP lady by whom he has his children.)

        We have had speculations of just how it could have happened when he was growing up (his father was ‘sanctioned’…) that at the height of the Cold War in the sixties, America and Russia did not escalate into a ‘hot’ war. I BELIEVE YOU HAVE JUST ANSWERED THAT QUERY. Thank you. 🙂

    2. Russia’s Santa = US Defense Department.

      Some have asked, “What has the US built in Russia, for Russia, recently? US is not Santa. They don’t give them gifts.”

      Here is just ONE as reported by the US Army’s STI. It seems the Russians have trouble pouring 25 feet thick concrete walls. It IS an art and engineering feat. They messed it up when they tried it at Chernobyl.

      Such is the case with a Fissile Material Storage facility in Mayak designed and built with roughly $375 million of US DEFENSE DEPT. money in 2003.

      The warehouse was built by the US DEFENSE DEPT – US Money – and GIVEN to Russia as a kind of Fort Knox for the most dangerous nuclear materials.

      “You’re welcome…Russia.”

  20. Gary moore, out in the fields, from the album run for cover
    It doesn’t matter if you’re wrong or if you’re right
    It makes no difference if you’re black or if you’re white
    All men are equal till the victory is won
    No color or religion ever stopped a bullet from a gun

    Out in the fields the fighting has begun
    Out on the streets, they’re falling one by one
    Out from the skies a thousand more will die each day
    Death is just a heartbeat away

    It doesn’t matter if you’re left or to the right
    Don’t try to hide behind the cause for which you fight
    There’ll be no prisoners taken, well the day is done
    No flag or uniform ever stopped a bullet from a gun

    Out in the fields the fighting has begun
    Out on the streets, they’re falling one by one
    Out from the skies a thousand more will die each day
    Death is just a heartbeat away

    There’s no communication
    No one to take the blame
    The cries of every nation
    Have fallen on deaf ears again

    Out, out, out, out, out
    Out in the fields, out in the fields
    Out in the fields

    They are falling one by one
    No flag has ever stopped a bullet from a gun
    Death is just a heartbeat away, a heartbeat away
    Death is just a heartbeat away, a heartbeat away

    The fighting has begun
    They’re falling one by one
    A thousand more will die each day, out
    Out in the fields, out
    gary moore, rip, boycotted in the usa for singing a song by the name “Hiroshima”

  21. Take a very good look at the picture of Andrew Lack!
    This is the kind of man that RULES everything in the West. It could be Kissinger, or Emanuel, or Axelrod, etc, etc.
    Take a good look at Sarah Silverman; as here is your filthy Jewess! She sucks cocks and dogs’ balls!
    “That is all ye know and all ye need to know”, said John Keats; and that is the FINAL TRUTH on POWER omnipotence in the West. That is Lasha’s point! What are you doing about it? Writing semantic crap! Trying to show how clever you are?
    The simple argument/point is that it is WRONG, WRONG and a million times WRONG, that 1.87% of the Western population have the majority of the POWER!
    But WE have let it happen!
    The point is : How do we pragmatically STOP it from happening? Politically or via a major, totally unprecedented insurrection?
    As the JEWS own all the politicians it has to be the latter. All else is insignificant, which is precisely why I now give only a cursory glance at you muddle-headed writers who endlessly engage in Jewish inspired dialectical argument.
    Most of ye are Marxists but you do not know it! Most of you are arrant fools and playthings of the JEWS.
    Most of you actually feel SECURE under Jewish rule.
    American men are week-chinned, rather girly looking mothers’ boys. They make great cannon fodder!
    The quality of the American male species is the laughing stock of us virile Aussies.
    How come all your male US actors are midgets?
    How come you all have the guts and intelligence of that crud, the family guy?

    1. insurrection?
      the only group of people I have seen lately are the ones lining up to buy caricatures mocking and provoking other people.
      don’t worry max,
      isis is gonna grow and its gonna do in less than 5000 days since its birth what Iran hasn’t done in its 5000 years of existence !
      long live the Islamic revolution !
      out with the status quo!
      out with the game playing
      enough talking already!
      line them up against the wall!

      1. “Long live the Islamic revolution” (THE AVATAR), is the way I, too, think HOPE lies!
        HOPE =
        “Out with the status quo!
        out with the game playing
        enough talking already! (Yes you all waffle on too much!)
        line them up against the wall!”
        Yes insurrection and revolt are NOW the only hope!
        Millions will die, there will be blood everywhere in Western nations; and banksters and Ashkenazis will be totally eradicated ALONG WITH THEIR MILLIONS OF ZOMBIFIED GOYIM SPAWN.
        Imagine the beautiful scene of Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton being led to the gallows? Imagine Obama dropped into the middle of a Hutu uprising?
        Fortress New York will fall in a few days and inside lies the spoil to be dealt with. It will be fun!
        I honestly believe NOW that Islam can save the world; and remember it will be a MAN’s WORLD!
        Our women are the chief tools of the Jewish hegemony: They will be put in tight burqas and have chastity belts fitted. Miley Cyrus will be sent to an STD clinic for cleaning up, along with Paris Hilton and the gals!
        C’mon MALES we can have a great time and a little bit of praying to Allah won’t go amiss!
        The only thing I want to know is: Are you SUNNI-INCLINED or SHI-ITE inclined.
        I am Sunni inclined as I am of the upper class of society. I would marry a beautiful Sunni woman and 5 more. In the SUNNI mansions the chicks can walk around naked if you want them to … and I would have eunuch man-servants drawn from the Goyim trash of the USA.
        There would no longer be ANY MORE Jews or their JUDAIC kindred, the vile Christians.
        JESUS is OUR PROPHET – He is of Islam and will bring in 1,000 years of Muslim PEACE and the healthy control of the formerly lethal FEMALE CARNALITY!

      2. I almost hate to say it, Avatar, but if I were just a spectator (on the outside, looking in) I’d probably be cheering you and Bilney ON.

        Unfortunately, most Americans are just too lazy, dumbed-down, and stupid to appreciate a wrong fight for the right reasons… Come on over and wake ’em UP!! They need educating. (Some of us who are NOT too dumbed-down will be waiting, just to even the odds – and for the sport of the chase! 🙂 )

      3. WTF!

        Avatar doesn’t get it – that I understand. But am I being naive in missing something here with Max being glib? If I am, then OK, good one in keeping with the creative tongue-in-cheek darkmoon theme. Otherwise….what f***ing “Islamic revolution are we talking about here!? Where’s the “cui bono” common denominator?

        Avatar – shut the f*** up with your bullshit and go volunteer to fight for ISIS and let that do your talking for you, moron

        Max – you got some splainin’ to do (at least to me) with your reply of “long live the Islamic revolution” is the way I too think HOPE lies”. It makes you sound like a waffler, like you don’t really care in a way that would reflect so much ELSE of what you write.

        Bottom line: WRITE LIKE YOU F###ING MEAN IT OR STFU!

  22. Latest on Russia:

    Intercepted Russian bomber was carrying a nuclear missile over the Channel And the British (read Jewish controlled media in Britain) goes into overdrive, as no doubt the majority of its readers don’t see the hypocrisy and impartiality of its news, especially when it writes US ‘considers arming Ukrainian army’ as fighting continues in the east

    The West most certainly is gearing up for action. And yet more goyim will die for the Pharisees. You have to ask yourself though, if these people are so blatantly stupid to sacrifice their lives for a race of beings who hate them, does the white race really deserve to survive? “But they’re being brainwashed and indoctrinated at schools and by the msm, it’s not their fault. It’s the Jews who are the problem…..” I hear many of you say, but then ask yourself, why is it you and I see contrary and don’t allow ourselves to be fooled? Why is we can see the emperor’s tackle courtesy of his birthday suit? Why don’t we allow ourselves to be easily manipulated by academia and the msm, even though it turns us into social pariahs for doing so?

    Sadly the white peoples of the 21st century are a weak, heavily indoctrinated, materialistic, superficial and badly contaminated species. They’re not fit to lick the boots of their ancestors who fought for thousands of years to be free and live amongst their peoples and culture. If they can be so easily duped by a people who make up 0.2% of the world’s overall population, not even making up 1% in comparison to their own then really why should they survive and move on? Sure, they’re being deceived and manipulated, but whose problem is that? They happily accept the bread being thrown to them while they’re dazzled with the gladiatorial combat and quite frankly couldn’t care less that the minority conspire against them to their overall, future detriment.

    1. Great news for the economy. PCR’s ‘trickle-down’ theory as he implemented under ‘Reaganomics’ will increase employment. Uhrahh!!

      The US can arm the Ukranians, as they have armed the Russians…..and have their two ‘US owned satellites’ fight each other. Jew bankers will control both sides. (Napoleon hated that. He was exiled.)

  23. “Russians are relying on facts, and Washington is relying on propaganda.”
    Yeah,facts need to be stripped to bare mostly ugly truth while propaganda is granted all the makeup so that , at the end of the day, most people buy it.

  24. Well… just yank more chain in America.
    By promoting fear of the ‘paper bear’ Russia, PCR helps Jew bankers stay in power through debt. That has been the case since Kruxhev pounded his shoe at the UN. MORE FEAR…MORE SPENDING…MORE CONTROL!!

    Gen. George Patton REALLY DID… have Russia in HIS ‘cross-hairs.’ He was murdered.

    The Russian’s ability to establish their space program was also provided by America so there would be a fake need to rush to spend money there as well.

    When General Patton was moving eastward through Germany, he captured the towns of Peenemunde and Nordhausen, where German scientists had developed the V-1 and V-2 rockets. Gen. Dwight Eisenhower ordered him to turn the two towns over the Russians, who dismantled the facilities and shipped them to Russia along with the scientists. One of the German scientists, Dr. Werner von Braun, led a group of 100 other scientists who surrendered to the Americans. He later became head of the American space program.

    Dr. von Braun was prepared to launch history’s first satellite, long before Russia developed one, but Eisenhower would not authorize it because it was to be made to appear that Russian technology was superior to the US’s, when it wasn’t. It would add to the facade being developed that Russia was stronger than we were, and therefore should be FEARED.

    The U.S. donated two food production factories ($6,924,000), a petroleum refinery ($29,050,000), a repair plant for precision instruments ($550,000), 17 steam and three hydroelectric plants ($273,289,000).

    Later, Dresser Industries [whose directors included Prescott Bush –ed] built a $146 million plant at Kuibyshov, to produce high quality drill bits for oil exploration.

    The C. E. Lummus Co. of New Jersey built a $105 million petrochemical plant in the Ukraine ($45 million would be put up by Lummus through financing from Eximbank and other private banks, which was guaranteed by the O.P.I.C.).

    Allis-Chalmers built a $35 million iron ore pelletizing plant in Russia, which is one of the world’s four largest.
    The Aluminum Co. of America (ALCOA) built an aluminum plant, which consumed “half the world’s supply of bauxite.”

    US sent the Russians computer systems, oil drilling equipment, pipes, and other supplies.
    The ball-bearings used by Russia to improve the guidance systems on their rockets and missiles, such as their SS-18 intercontinental ballistic missiles, were purchased in 1972 from the Bryant Grinder Co. in Springfield, Vermont.

    All of this financial aid to Russia was advocated by Henry Kissinger and the U.S. Government. The reasoning behind it was to allow Russia to increase their industrial and agricultural output to match the US’s, because by bringing the two countries closer together, hostilities would be eased. They were not. On purpose.

    The U.S. Government had to ALLOW the Soviet Union to have a technology equal to theirs to have an ENEMY…. to INCREASE SPENDING!!.

    Congressman Otto Passman, who was the Chairman of the Appropriations Subcommittee, said: “The United States cannot survive as a strong nation if we continue to dissipate our resources and give away our wealth to the world.”

    MORE FEAR needed to keep running scared to increase debt spending. That guarantees more control. ‘Ordo ab chao.’

    1. Pat

      While I’m in one of my “slamming fellow posters moods”, now it’s your turn.

      First, as an aside I’ll tell you that my father was a staff sgt. in an engineer battalion in Patton’s 3rd army – and by the time Spring of 1945 rolled around a U.S. soldier couldn’t BE in a more forward position than that. He was in Czechoslovakia on VE day.

      OK, now for the slammin’ 😉

      The Russia Patton had in HIS crosshairs ain’t the same Russia of today. Of COURSE he was murdered over THAT Russia. While your observations pertaining to the overall fear factor is spot on, like so many who are otherwise well-informed, MY guess is that YOUR guess may contain your OWN fear in looking at the big picture manipulation going on (the fear that’s buried in that nasty piece of business called the subconscious)

      What so many people aren’t getting is that the m.o. of satanists reflects their OWN capacity of being duped by a master that cons them into the BIG LIE that compels them into thinking they are doing “God’s work” as ones who have totally succumbed to the inverted madness of “evil is good” and vice versa – the con of the “masonic construct”.

      This more than anything else characterizes the kind of psychopathological reality we’re dealing with here.

      1. B-Hawk –

        You know me…. I ‘slam’ back. It’s your turn in Vermont. 😉

        Russia has been in the ‘cross-hairs’ of US companies, large and small, as they have given Russia help since 1917. Vermont got in on the critical BALL BEARING business.

        In the early 1960s Soviets attempted to buy U.S. technology for mass production of miniaturised precision bearings. The technology was denied. However, in 1972 the necessary grinders were sold by Bryant Chucking Grinder Company and its products are today used in Soviet guided missile systems and gyroscopes. Specifically, the Soviets were then able to MIRV their missiles and increase their accuracy.
        Ball bearings are an integral part of weapons systems, there is no substitute. The ENTIRE ball bearing production capability of the Soviet Union is of WESTERN ORIGIN — utilizing equipment from the United States, Sweden, Germany, and Italy. All Soviet tanks and MILITARY vehicles run on bearings manufactured on Western equipment or copies of Western equipment. All Soviet missiles and related systems including guidance systems have bearings manufactured on WESTERN equipment or Soviet duplicates of this equipment.

        One firm in particular, the Bryant Chucking Grinder Company of Springfield, Vermont, has been an outstanding supplier of ball bearing processing equipment to the Soviets. In 1931 Bryant shipped 32.2 percent of its output to the USSR. In 1934, 55.3 percent of its output went to Russia. There were no further shipments until 1938, when the Soviets again bought one-quarter of Bryant’s annual output. MAJOR shipments were also made under Lend-Lease. Soviet dependence on the West for ball bearings technology peaked after the years 1959-61, when the Soviets required a capability for mass production, rather than laboratory or batch production, of miniature precision ball bearings for weapons systems.

        The ONLY company in the world that could supply the required machine for a KEY operation in processing the races for precision bearings (the Centalign-B) was the Bryant Chucking Grinder Company. The Soviet Union had no such mass production capability. Its miniature ball bearings in 1951 were either imported or made in small lots on Italian and other imported equipment.

        (Bryant is now a division of Vermont Machine Tool)

      2. B-Hawk –

        The ‘reality we’re dealing with here’ is Jew Banking.

        That’s the same bunch which controlled your dad in 1945…as they do today. The only changes are a few ‘first names’…the corporate family names are the same.

      3. Pat – It’s what’s BEHIND jew banking. This is the gist of my bigger point.

        And btw. I’m in N. New Hampshire – The White Mts., not the Green ones 😉

      4. In case there is any misunderstanding, I meant the satanists THEMSELVES being duped in their own fashion of being at whatever point below what hovers over the whole pyramidal structure.

    2. Lots to think about from these posts of yours, Pat. My first thought is that a man will not fight for a corporation but he will fight for a corporate nation. And the end of the day its all just management, isn’t it? People management to be specific. The West has traditionally used the carrot while the East has been using the stick.

      It also seems that this business activity is done in Russia as a type of farm system. The major leagues being in the West. Less environmental regulation to be sure. Probably little to no lawyer interference, etc. In other words, these businesses in Russia can do things in a brutal or unrefined way which makes it possible to fine tune processes in the West and offset costs associated with the same activities.

      Let’s take your example of bauxite and Alcoa’s operations in Russia. Certainly this mining in Russia of this material is good for them. I have no idea if they are moving this ore out of Russia or not. I guess I don’t have to know all of the specifics. But I know it is good for them. Let’s go back to the Soviet era. This stuff is set aside, as it were. It is not recognized in the West as having been mined. Same would be true of oil and natural gas. Is it any different than De Beers and they way they put a choke hold on the amount of diamonds being released to the world’s diamond cutters? I would say it is not. Yet, they still get to engage in the same activities in markets that were not recognized which keeps prices up in the West, while they sharpen their sword and improve their methods and business models.

      1. “And the end of the day its all just management, isn’t it?”

        Yes, Rich. Debt management.

        Russia is a ‘captive market’ for the US. So is China, Brazil, India and S Africa. BRICS.

        Same Jew bankers in charge.

      2. Debt management AND ‘perception is everything’ management.

        Some shape shifters are more prolific than others. So proficient at perception management they can not only make you believe absurdities and commit atrocities but also persuade a person to remember things which never even happened..

        The mind is (can be) a terrible thing and the subconscious is (can be) even worse.

  25. Pat, Brownhawk –

    The discussion going on between you brings to mind a book I read (and still have, somewhere)(I’ll have to find it, later) entitled “Masters of Deceit”, by J. Edgar Hoover. Written about the same time is another book (I forget the title – but it’s probably with the other) concerning the propaganda methods surrounding this topic, written by a former “Company” operative (I forget his name, too – but do know the book was only printed very briefly, because it explains in great detail the point Pat has just made).

    Almost NOTHING we have available to us, now, has not been ‘carefully edited and filtered for public consumption’ – as a (now deceased) former DDCIA once told me. All we can do is speculate – and amuse ourselves with it. The old men I once knew in my life who could have given definitive answers are all deceased, now. Pat is the most knowledgeable poster on this site in these matters – and even he admits fallibility and speculation. Save all you can preserve of old history books and documents! 🙂

    1. No doubt, Gil

      Whither “educated guesses”? And whither an end-game, as in an ‘ending for the game’ per a protocolian agenda

      1. why are you cursing me when all I am saying is the truth? you sit your ass all day here licking ass to a few other poster while posting shit very few understand, I seldom read your comments.
        Do you want us to go through what the natives went through and own casinos in a few pieces of land while spending the proceeds on dope and whisky? we wonjt accept that because we have the dignity you lost or sold to your compadres the jews.
        what is it that makes you don’t understand that no matter what you or others say, we muslims wont change our striving and fighting for freedom from your masters.
        Actually that’s what you are missing maybe, a little Islam.
        So you stfu, you sycophantic moron

      2. @Avatar

        You drove me to it, Avatar. Slammin’ you is easy. Sure, no doubt I write stuff that’s probably hard for people to understand. Ask me if I care one way or the other. And I would bet the last dollar of my casino-amassed fortune that many are getting suspicious of you and your pathetic backing of this evil ISIS entity.

        “Islamic Revolution” my red injun ass!

        It should be clear to anyone with half a brain left in their/our indoctrinated skulls that you’re either in the employ of Mossad scum contaminating these threads that need some serious cleaning up in exposing rats like what you MAY be, or your level of indoctrination is so severe that it has left you in a state of total befuddlement.

        Some words of unsolicited advise – lead, follow, or get the bleep out of the way!

  26. he y maybe they got mad because I posted the song out in the fields by gary moore who was banned and boycotted in that shitty country the u.s. for singing Hiroshima

    “They still remember
    The day when Little Boy dropped from his womb.
    They still remember
    How their homes became their children’s tombs.
    Their suffer mourn each soul who died that August morning
    Why don’t we listen, why don’t we need the warning?

    The place where innocence was burned.
    The memory makes my stomach turn.
    The world should truly feel the shame.
    The place where facing death became the way of life.

    So many children have been born
    Who cannot read or write.
    They cannot speak
    They cannot hear and some have lost their sight.
    Adults with infant minds don’t know the reason why.
    For they were in their mothers’ wombs
    When death fell from the sky.

    The place where innocence was burned.
    The memory makes my stomach turn.
    The world should truly feel the shame.
    The place where facing death became the way of life.

    The rest of us should learn a lesson from their sorrow
    So we can stop it all happening tomorrow.

    The place where innocence was burned.
    The memory makes my stomach turn.
    The world should truly feel the shame.
    The West, the West must take the blame.

    The place where innocence was burned.
    The memory makes my stomach turn.

    1. Avatar –

      Speaking of nuclear stuff, I am amused at how ‘horrible’ the spectacle of lobbing off a few heads is to many, here, while they totally ignore the horrors (both to your soldiers and ours) residual from the DP (depleted uranium) projectiles used in Iraq and the Persian Gulf conflict. We’re ALL fucked, if we keep up that kind of warfare (especially, too, considering the little dweebs conducting ‘drone assaults’ – which may soon be directed against OUR OWN people, too! (I call it ‘karma’ – and I guess we let that shit happen because we NEVER thought it would happen, here!) 🙂

      1. Gil

        Not that you used these words in a reply to me one day exactly – I’m taking them from Avatar’s less than eloquent reply to me. But when I showed some solidarity to Max awhile ago you said “Brownhawk, you’re better than that”.

        So in turn I say to you, why do you “lick Avatar’s ass” in lending even more encouragement by replying to HIM?

        I don’t know about you, but I’m getting deeply suspicious about the guy, whoever it is. Or is he really that stupid? It depresses me to think how many people can’t understand why we were given TWO ears and ONE mouth when commenters like Avatar got it backwards and could learn so much from the darkmoon site like you and I have occasionally expressed in being reasonable.

        If I’m wrong about him than I will apologize for calling him a moron. I get overly feisty sometimes. I could have found a better choice of words, even though he got pretty down and dirty when he lashed back.

      2. Apologies, Brownhawk. I suppose I didn’t read the vitriole Avatar spewed against you, or I would have mentioned it. Only thing is, I piddle around on here because I learn a LOT I didn’t know about, before – from MOST of you (you certainly included!). It’s a good thing to be able to visit here when I want, and get some company and learnin’. 🙂
        I ,myself, have ‘been around’ – but really never thought a whole lot about these matters until I started visiting with you all, here. Lasha has been very kind and gracious, too. (I like her a whole BUNCH, don’t you??)

        It’s true that I’m a pretty able fighter and rifleman and woodsman – but I have been through enough shit that I’d just as soon avoid it if I can. No reason to be mean on here – unless it’s just in good FUN. Write some more poetry. (I read one verse among others you wrote awhile back, that was VERY good!)

      3. No need to apologize Gil.

        We are certainly alike in that darkmoon has been one of those real eye-openers, and it’s good to see the site drawing like-minded people for whom the smell of rats gets stronger by the day. Which is why it’s so important, insofar as any impactful import an internet website may have, to bring as much empowerment to bear that our words would convey

        Sometimes I can get carried away with some of the metaphysical-related stuff I write, and while I’m appreciative of the openness of this site to post it, feel the need to rein it in a little and maybe concentrate more on a “first things first” approach. As in, first we drive the stinking bastards out of our midst, and THEN we can put more focus on all matters spiritual in understanding just what “spirit” in a state of Truth is, and how we might come to experience it.

        “Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil

        For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wicked ness in high places.”

      4. Unfortunately, Avatar is typical of the brainwashed masses of young muslims who listen to the likes of the UK governments stooge Chaudary, who spews fanatical “islamic” hate, and who is singularly responsible for sending hundreds of young UK muslims to their deaths. Avatar is too far gone to listen to common sense, been ingesting this anti-west tripe with his daily bread over a long period of time..

  27. American Companies are willing to help feed Russians….for profit.

    US Helps Russia’s Farmers… John Deere Builds Tractors FOR Them.

    From Iowa To Russia, Tractors Build Economic Bridge

    The green is unmistakable at a plant in Russia as workers put together a John Deere tractor. The roughly 90 employees, however, don’t actually make the tractors.

    The engine, the drive train and the tractor itself are ALL BUILT in Waterloo, Iowa. The completed tractor is tested, and then it is disassembled and prepared for shipment.

    “We crate it, and we send it to Russia in an oceangoing container, and then we reassemble it here, test it and distribute it to the Russian market,” explains David Larson, general director of John Deere Russia. The local assembly means lower tariffs than for importing a finished tractor.

    1. Pat –

      A lot of large-tractor engines (for Deere and Case) are manufactured in Germany. For New Holland (yesterday’s Ford), it’s Fiat. Very good engines, too, btw.

      Most Caterpillar engines are manufactured by Japanese companies, as is Kubota. India is doing some of it, too. It is just about ALL global, now. (About the only farm power I KNOW is ‘made in USA’ are horses I know of – especially the ones I see FOALED.)

      1. My uncle went out to the sale in Waterloo some decades ago, to buy a truckload of parts – because they were stopping manufacture, there. They may have re-opened it, but I DO know they shut down the Waterloo plant, one time. It’s not on my list of things to investigate, but I might as well take a look, again. (I like to SEE the stuff – not just read about it.) (Don’t believe nuthin you hear in this world – and HALF of what you see – and you’ll get along OK, is a good slogan!) 🙂

      2. Tractors are so useful. Like huge swiss army knives! And the power! I really do like tractors. I’ve never owned one personally, but have driven a few of the old fergies and fords. Friend has a beauty though, she’s over 25 years old and works hard. The tractor, I mean! It is a strange sort of in between greenish/reddish color.

  28. Pat –

    Excuse me. I just went out and looked (I’m at the ‘big’ farm just now) at a 4055 and a 2955 (both made in the nineties), and they HAVE German engines. The newer ones do NOT. We’re BOTH right – imagine that…

  29. yes i am a mossad agent, a Tel Aviv office employee rather. I get paid by the letter: the longer the comment the more bolivars I get. My job, fellas is to hand you a shit sandwich everyday and the more shit you ask for the more bread I’ll give you. I am a mossad agent working for isis. we are gonna get rid of Assad get to the Golan heights join forces with the idf continue down to Lebanon slaughter every other prophet cursing shia left there then turn around and, helped by the Israeli air force with its 2000 fighter planes courtesy of the usa, 7 state of the art nuclear submarines courtesy of Germany, 500 nuclear bombs with a technology that was courtesy of France and home made merkavah tanks will head down by where the five rivers meet ad a million fig trees offer their shade, rest there a little then invade Baghdad, then Mosul and then finally invade Iran and get rid of those whose plan is to destroy Islam.
    One DAY THAT you were wrong.
    meanwhile, try finding an alternative to those brave warriors who fight your masters to whom you gave your last penny to when young by following their protocol commands by dancing, partying and doing all those things that they made you believe was freedom since
    “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.”-

    1. And you, Avatar,appear to have fallen into the same trap if you think yours is a true fight for freedom.

      They got you wrapped around their cloven hooves and will rid themselves of you when your services of useful idiocy are deemed to be over

      Your pretensions of being a cunning viper are seriously misplaced

      1. Muslims take US and London money too:

        First Kuwaiti Trading & Contracting, also known as First Kuwaiti Trading Company and FKTC, is a construction company that was contracted to build the Embassy of the United States in Baghdad in 2004. It was founded in 1996 by Wadih al-Absi and Mohammed Maaraf and has been used by the United States for over TWO HUNDRED projects in Kuwait and Iraq.

        The company has received substantial criticism, both for the physical quality of their work, and for allegations of labor abuse which came to light in testimony given by former First Kuwaiti employees to an Oversight Committee of the United States Congress; one former employee claimed that First Kuwaiti had promised these laborers from, among many countries, India, the Philippines, West Africa and China jobs in Dubai and Kuwait at wages as much as four times their current salary only to be flown into Iraq and forced into work there.

        In addition, some laborers were charged arbitrary fees (ranging from $1000 to $1800) just for the opportunity to work elsewhere, to also be flown into Iraq and have their passports collected. Several months before that hearing, the nongovernmental research group CorpWatch had reported, based on interviews with former officers and employees of First Kuwaiti, that the company was deceiving workers, confiscating their passports, and mistreating them on the job

    2. Unfortunately, the only people the MOSSAD are capable of “defeating” are the women and children of Gaza.. You, Avatar, are a disgrace to all Palestinians..

  30. yes i am a mossad agent, a Tel Aviv office employee rather. I get paid by the letter: the longer the comment the more bolivars I get. My job, fellas is to hand you a shit sandwich everyday and the more shit you ask for the more bread I’ll give you. I am a mossad agent working for isis. we are gonna get rid of Assad get to the Golan heights join forces with the idf continue down to Lebanon slaughter every other prophet cursing shia left there then turn around and, helped by the Israeli air force with its 2000 fighter planes courtesy of the usa, 7 state of the art nuclear submarines courtesy of Germany, 500 nuclear bombs with a technology that was courtesy of France and home made merkavah tanks will head down by where the five rivers meet and a million fig trees offer their shade, rest there a little then invade Baghdad, then Mosul and then finally invade Iran and get rid of those whose plan is to destroy Islam.
    One DAY THAT you were wrong.
    meanwhile, try finding an alternative to those brave warriors who fight your masters to whom you gave your last penny to when young by following their protocol commands by dancing, partying and doing all those things that they made you believe was freedom since
    “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.”-

    1. @Avatar. I have read many bad things about ISIS in the newspapers and on TV. I have seen a particularly horrific picture of a woman who had been raped and killed, purportedly by ISIS. I do not know if it was real, but if it was then it is quite obvious it was an act committed by psychopaths (IMO, I’m no psychologist). Avatar, what do you think about soldiers massacring whole villages of women and children? You seem to be a bit miffed when the Americans do it. Is it okay for Muslims to kill other Muslims? Don’t get me wrong, I agree with defending your home from agressors, but is raping and pillaging the best way to go about it? And you are saying Israel is supporting the Kurds so Israel is your enemy! The Kurds have been played for years just as it appears ISIS supporters are. Charlie Brown is the Kurds. The Ball is ‘Kurdistan’. Lucy is who? There are plenty of news reports claiming that ISIS soldiers are getting medical treatment in Israel. That is not likely to happen unless it benefits Israel. It appears they like their enemies warring. Surprise. And what’s your real problem with the Shia? Did they not attempt to do the same thing you claim ISIS are doing now? With US encouragement they rebelled against the secular regime of Saddam Hussein, after Gulf War 1 didn’t they? But didn’t get the help that the US promised, and were defeated. The Zionists are fooling all of you, yet again. What happened to ‘my enemys enemy is my friend’? Does ISIS support the occupation?

      1. what do i think?
        its shia ranian lies because they want to demonize the sunni tribes that are defending their ancient iraqi homeland from the shia iranians and shia iraqis. its all lies you read everywhere . lies by the us also who dont want no more new players in the area. israel is shivering in fear at isis because if they get to the golan they wll be very near and they will start operating inside palestine/

    2. Avatar. Please excuse the shortness in my tone. I don’t really know what your attitude is. You seem very angry and confused, I respect that, and I just wish I could understand why you are on the side of your enemy. I don’t wish to descend into abuse. Not today, anyway. I thought your enemy was the foreign aggressor and the zionist entity. I don’t understand your methods very well at all, even if I can sympathise with some of your intentions. But, I admit, the whole ME thing has got me stumped. If it’s good for anything, then I’d like to know what it is and who are benefitting. The internet must acting in a good way to connect us all. I really appreciate the ability to be able to talk to someone like you, Avatar. It makes me feel more like part of a larger global community event. Thanks. 🙂 But, a big cya here, I really have no idea where you are coming from… I think.

  31. LOUSY, 2-faced, hypocritical Judeo Christians! So many of them on this site! Lunatic endtimers like Gilby!
    Listen to Yukon Jack TELL THE truth YOU MORONS:
    “Israel did 911 and if you want to find out how Americans, especially fundamentalist flag waving Christians are resistant to 911 truth, go paint ‘Israel did 911′ on a highway overpass or some other highly visible place. They will mobilize to erase this information, This proves that many Christians are actively providing camouflage for the Jew, stopping the flow of 911 truth, keeping the truth about their precious Israel from reaching the public.”
    Grow up you sychophants and half truthers and face reality. Stop endulging in endless CRAP!
    Get REAL on the tiny minority of murderous, self-aggrandizing criminals who OWN you!
    Of course you are TO SCARED to get real, leaving all the hard work to such as me in the antipodes!

    1. hey maxy, good to hear your roaring across the roaring forties.
      i agree with everything except for picking on our poor gilby, him no bad dude.
      like any true farmer, mention of farm equipment innards produces instant erection like it should.
      i prefer lernun’ bout what makes john deere run to mouldy testament heroes.

      this is what i see around here (back in toronto, the great northern anus):

      measles outbreak occasions vaccination hype, jews just wanna save our worthless lives, hell-e-lujah.

      spielberg gonna make a movie about endangered planet and how to save it by eliminating 6.66 billion useless idiots, keep the 1/2 billion useful ones.

      harper announces greatly expanded restrictions on personal liberties in tradeoff for greatly expanded security (if you got nothing to hide, what’s wrong with applying online for visa in order to take the dog out for a shit?)

      i got court summons to explain why i skipped watching the super bowel … (dog ate my remote)

  32. Dear BROWNHAWK: Yes I was being glib and simply stirring:
    My point: Islam is working with the Jews of the American Congress. Islam represents 2 divided, violently opposed forces. Sunnis hate the Shia and vice versa. They each thing their way of getting to Allah is the correct way. The JEWS make a grand feast of this!
    Sunnis are raping Shia women. Sunnis are lining up young Shia men and shooting them with USA-made weaponry. But as Yukon Jack SAID, we all know the US admin, the Saudis and Israel perpetrated 9/11!
    It is all a very SAD joke on us! We even provide young, healthy specimens of men to be turned into mince-meat in the Jewish wars.
    Islam is as corrupted and defiled as much as the other 2 Abrahamic religions.
    Murder, torture and rape is their standard modus operando.
    ALL have forgotten their own basic tenet, given to them by YHWH, God/Jesus and Muhammad: “Thou shalt not kill.” YET the KILLING goes and as Eric Bogle would say: “Again and again and again and again,”
    Do we know the CAUSE? Of course not!
    But I say it is the JEWS love of $$$$$$$$$$$$$’s!!!!!!! THIS IS THE ROOT CAUSE!

    1. I might add:
      In 1913 Americans handed the key to the national bank vaults to the Jewish banksters. Thus the Jews took control of the world’s reserve currency.
      And thus, ever so simply, the world became under the RED CLOUD of the Jews.
      In 2015 AD THE JEWS RULE! Everything else is insignificant.

      1. That’s more like it Patrick, er I mean Max Henry. That’s the kind of writin’ I’m talkin’ about!


        Or to put it even more succinctly,


        “…guns and metal weapons altered the face of battle beyond recognition. In the past, most intertribal warfare had been relatively modest in scale, with opponents meeting to settle local disputes or to boost tribal prestige. Warriors often went into battle wearing armor made of wooden slats, and stood in ranks to engage the enemy in ritualistic combat with stone-tipped arrows and wooden clubs. That quickly changed. The fighters gave up their bows for muskets, and their war clubs for steel-headed tomahawks. Shedding their wooden armor, they ventured forth in bands to stage surprise raids on enemy villages, hijack trading parties, and generally spread terror and mayhem. Armed with the new metal weapons, Montagnais and Algonquin warriors north of the St. Lawrence fought with Mohawks and other Iroquois to the south, turning the once populous and prosperous region into a no-man’s land.”

        Picture Brownhawk 200-300 years ago, Max.

        “Equipped for killing, not ceremony, an Iroquois warrior of the 18th century brandished a traditional war club but also carried a steel tomahawk made in Europe, and over his shoulder, a musket bedecked with the scalp of an enemy.”

        And hopefully, but unfortunately not always, a scalp from the head of one properly identified as an enemy, unlike these wanton killers of the evil nest of vipers called “isis”!

      1. Gilbert, the “end is NOT near.”
        We have to deal with the JEWS first!
        We can’t let their “red cloud” (Geo Washington predicted it!) win!
        A Jew free world beckons and will happen.
        Christian-Zionists will be put to the sword or tomahawk. Communists and Fabian Socialists will be interred for 20 years HARD LABOR.
        The American Congress will be locked in the congressional hall and given Bob Jones suicide pills! Or else!
        The Sunnis will continue their battle with the Shia, but do it on their own grounds in a Zionist-Ashkenazi free Middle East. A natural equilibrium will eventually prevail as the shahs, imams and chieftains work it out amongst themselves.
        All Muslims residing in the West will be immediately flown to the Middle East and repatriated to their tribal areas. They will all be given US$5,000 and an AK47 and 2 grenades.
        Huge War Crime Tribunals will order most Western politicians to the gallows.
        The elite of the Jews will be obliterated. The remainder, by statute, can never achieve any public office,
        The American nigrah will be sent en masse back to their roots’ homelands; boom boxes, bro boys, gangsta rappers and all.
        The USA will become a totally WHITE Christian nation*; with its own people’s banks and own media and entertainment industries. (*the indigenous Americans such as the brave Brownhawk will be given all Jewish townhouses and up to 10 states of their choice.)
        The gridiron and basketball will be an all WHITE affair; but red Indians are welcome to try out!
        No tits or pussies or foul language will be allowed in the entertainment industries.
        Just imagine! It can be done!
        I will take up Brownhawk’s offer of honorary chieftain and help lead a painted-pony attack on the White House. I am a very good horse rider! And I have a Robin Hood long bow and a Bowie knife; plus my military training allows me great competence with rocket launchers and such!
        Let us not wait much longer.
        The USA – the home of the Jew and the ZIO-Christian – is where it all has to happen.
        I’m catching a flight to Seattle; as the mountains are perfect for guerilla warfare and what I can offer.

      2. Mornin’, Max –

        4:30 AM, here. Glad to make morning coffee and sit here and respond to you. 🙂

        Don’t think I don’t agree with you. You have spoken a great deal of truth (except about me – because you don’t know me any more than I know you). For what it’s worth, we’re on the same side – but in different divisions, with different brigadiers.

        Hold the high ground!

  33. Brownhawk an American whose government socks the jew cock every time THE JEW allows him is telling me, ordering me! a Muslim from Palestine the biggest victim of the above two mentioned to be submissive to Shia Iran who
    is also killing my brethren all over the middle east. and if not then very easily he replies “you are a mossad agent”!
    are you out of your fking mind? my people is losing hundreds if not thousands of people in Yemen, Bahrain, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria and Iraq at the hands of these monsters! what is it to you patronizing goddamned American who do I side with in my homeland?
    fking clown!

    1. Completely indentify with your feelings The AVATAR!
      The American-Jewish Congress has wiped out millions of Middle Eastern citizens since WWII!
      Mrs Dianne Feinstein and her husband have grown to be $billionaires via their war industries.
      American soldiers are the hands on murderers of millions of your people.
      The Jewish-run West does not care that the Palestinians are, as Chaim Weizmann said, being “turned into the dust and waste of the desert.”
      The American Christian Zionists help order all these murders, rapings and torturing.
      My sick nation, Australia, is merely a state of the USA!

    2. Avatar

      Don’t you dare associate me as an American with what is being done to your people! Who the hell do you think you’re talking to! What shall we do Avatar, have a contest to compare how many of our brethren have been slaughtered over the CENTURIES? It is estimated that approximately 1/2 BILLION Indigenous people were wiped out in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres in FOUR CENTURIES. From Columbus to Wounded Knee. Ask yourself why I, Brownhawk, would call you out like I do?

      If you’re for real than it would be impossible to find a better man to stand next to you in a foxhole. But one who has PROPERLY DEFINED THE COMMON ENEMY! I hope you paid close attention to Max’s most recent post in helping to steer you in the right direction to do so. But even THAT would not complete the story of who we ALL should be fighting IN COMMON! And I’ll add to that by saying that any link-up with the TRUE freedom fighters of Hezbollah can only strengthen your cause.


      Are you better than that? If you are than any suspicions of your status as a troll would be ill-founded (my saying you’re Mossad was an exaggerated stretch). If not, then you are doomed to become another unfortunate beheaded victim whose scalp ends up bedecked atop an ISIS musket!

      1. That this Netanyahoo cretin commands a succession of standing ovations in the halls of the U.S. Congress makes me fantasize about an all-out kamikaze attack on Washington, D.C. After I’ve sufficiently thrown up in disgust of course (I’ll send him the bill for what was a nice lunch)

        Would that throw a major monkey wrench into THE PLAN or what?


        This could be the trigger point for a U.S. military coup d’ etat!

        Are you listening Tyron? Any updates? Any volunteers?

        Maybe a bunch of old dudes who wanna go out in a blaze of glory? 😉

      2. And as for that traitorous scumbag, the cowardly gerbil-faced cretin McCain, I’ll send him the bill for my dinner, as I continue my fantasy by watchin’ em both swingin at the end of ropes!……..or maybe danglin on meathooks would be more exquisite 😉

    3. Destruction is good for business….horrible for innocent people. Contractors get rich.

      Power Plant Bombed In Gaza Is – INSURED – By U.S. Government

      WASHINGTON — As lawmakers on Capitol Hill scrambled to approve increased military funding for Israel this week, a little-noted federal agency across town prepared to spend as much as $84 million to compensate an American company for losses sustained in the Israeli bombardment of a Gaza power plant.

      The money would come from the Overseas Private Investment Corporation, which helps[loans] U.S. companies expand business abroad in ways that, to quote OPIC’s website, “help solve critical development challenges and in doing so, [it] advances U.S. foreign policy.” The agency does all this in part by offering insurance policies designed to protect companies from political risk, a broad term that includes “war, civil strife, coups,” and “terrorism.”

      Quo bono?

      1. True enough, Pat. And I dare say that most people never even think about the business generated from having to rebuild broken things. They may have some understanding that bullets and bombs bring nice profits but that’s about it. But this set up takes the cake. I read the entire article you linked to.

        So let’s get this straight. This plant was built by Enron and this Palestinian man. Enron goes belly up and he assumes the rest of the plant. How much of the plant he assumes we don’t know, but Enron may have owned a majority of the shares. It’s all funny money, but now we can safely assume that Enron built it with funny money they did not even have. But once the plant exists it is an actual hard asset. Palestinian billionaire then inherits Enron’s share and has it insured by the Federal Government. It’s destroyed by Israel with weapons most likely paid for by the us as well.

        This too is aid to Israel. It is also corporate welfare. And this is just the tip of the iceberg, a mere $84 million. Normally a country that bombs something like this would have to pay to rebuild it, correct? Or, you would expect a Reinsurance company to foot the bill. You may recall that the 911 incident cost Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway a pretty penny due to the Reinsurance companies he owned, along with other such firms. Obviously, Palestine is too much of a risk for a Reinsurance company to offer a policy to a smaller insurance company to cover such assets.

        And I bet that the US will not even subtract the $84 million from any funding the US gives to Israel ever. This should be easy knowledge to gain, yet it is almost on the level of the esoteric. It boggles the mind.

        So trying to get back to something pertinent to the PCR story for which we are supposedly commenting on here, let’s try to analyze the Junk Status recently given to Russia on their debt. What else is going on here? First who owns their debt? Will whoever does now owns paper that is basically worthless if they want to trade the bonds or notes. Because the new paper is going to have much higher interest rates to compensate for the increased risk. In the short term, these players are going to have to hold the old paper and will now be compensated by much more valuable notes. Either way, I suppose when they can no longer bleed a country with debt, and “better” debt, that’s when the bullets start to fly.

        Most people don’t follow anything except the Super Bowl and Dancing with the Stars. Those that do, usually talk in terms of countries and the boogeyman trying to take away our freedoms. LOL.

        Thank you, my friend. You are really helping me to understand the concept of Bullets, Bombs and Banks. And by the way, I am also starting to come around to your conclusion that Putin is just another player in this entire Judeo-Masonic scheme. As was Hitler, imho. I notice this because a few of my Traditional Catholic friends, along with myself, have been fans of Putin since he is supposedly against the deranged homo agenda and has made an alliance with his national Church. But I suppose that Social Conservatives like us are such dinosaurs that we have to go international to find someone who wants to do it right since all politicians in the US have gone off this reservation even in terms of talking a good game. Yet other, Trad Catholics I know don’t trust him because he is former KGB. I’m sure you can understand how it goes. But we tend to all be trapped by the phony idea of nation states actually existing and become blinded to the reality of banking, debt, and the proper use of human resources as canon fodder.

        My oh my, they sure have plenty of ways to keep people’s eyes off the ball.

      2. I said in previous post: “Or, you would expect a Reinsurance company to foot the bill. You may recall that the 911 incident cost Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway a pretty penny due to the Reinsurance companies he owned, along with other such firms. Obviously, Palestine is too much of a risk for a Reinsurance company to offer a policy to a smaller insurance company to cover such assets.”

        To expand on this idea, I wanted to explore the truth behind why we “fight them over there”. Obviously, all buildings and infrastructure assets in the US are insured privately. So basically we are protected by insurance companies that don’t want to pay out claims. It really is that simple, isn’t it, Pat? However, if you are a little guy who has to be insured by the government, you are expendable and definitely breakable. I suppose living in Rome does have its benefits, now doesn’t it? But we have to pay for it. Not much different than a little baker who owns a shop and has to pay the mob for protection money. But now we don’t even own little corner bakeries either. We just thank them for fighting them over there so we don’t blow up at a corner bakery owned by a corporation that tries to look like a mom and pop.

      3. Yes, Rich. Well said.

        They have so many ways to keep our eyes off the ‘debt’ money ball.

        Palestinian billionaires profit from Palestinian deaths. Muslims need to see that.

        Putin IS a puppet. Russia could not eat without London Jew bankers’ aid. Russia cannot even make tractors…or grow beef.

      4. Rich –

        Always remember….please…..

        ALL rebuilding – public and private – expands the ‘debt’ money supply worldwide. Expansion is a MUST…for the systems to stay afloat, since it is loaned into existence.

        Hathaway never took a hit. That is for ‘budget’ showing. They get ‘debt’ fiat money as needed. Moody’s and S&P always fake the numbers.

      5. Of COURSE Putin is a damn puppet. This isn’t the point!

        The question is how much WILLINGNESS is he SHOWING as a puppet.

        You know, between a rock and a hard place that ALL us “puppets” are squeezed in the middle of?

    4. Who dunnit…and why???

      Afghanistan’s misery brings PROFITS to construction companies. Same names.

      Top 100 Contractors

      1.  KBR (formerly Kellogg Brown and Root)
      2.  DynCorp International (Veritas Capital)
      3.  Washington Group International
      4.  IAP Worldwide Services (Cerberus Capital Management)
      5.  Environmental Chemical Corporation
      6.  L-3 Communications Holdings
      7.  Fluor Corporation
      8.  Perini Corporation
      9.  Orascom Construction Industries
      10.  Parsons Corporation
      11.  First Kuwaiti General Trading and Contracting
      12.  Blackwater USA
      13.  Tetra Tech
      14.  AMEC
      15.  Laguna Pueblo (Laguna Construction)
      16.  AECOM Technology
      17.  Toltest
      18.  Lockheed Martin
      19.  Weston Solutions
      20.  Red Star Enterprises
      21.  U.S.-Afghanistan Reconstruction Council
      22.  Triple Canopy
      23.  Shaw Group
      24.  General Dynamics
      25.  Innovative Technical Solutions
      26.  USA Environmental
      27.  Ellis Environmental Group
      28.  Petrol Ofisi
      29.  EOD Technology
      30.  I and S Acquisition Corporation
      31.  Refinery Associates of Texas
      32.  Mac International FZE
      33.  CH2M HILL Companies
      34.  Zafer Insaat (Zafer Construction Company)
      35.  Cape Environmental Management
      36.  Odebrecht-Austin Joint Venture
      37.  Aegis Defence Services
      38.  CACI International
      39.  Verizon Communications
      40.  Framaco International
      41.  Ronco Consulting
      42.  Emta Insaat
      43.  Technologists, Inc.
      44.  URS Corporation
      45.  Tyco International
      46.  Turcas Petrol
      47.  Prime Projects International General Trading
      48.  Rizzani de Eccher
      49.  Trigeant, Ltd.
      50.  Boeing Company
      51.  Harris Corporation
      52.  Zapata Engineering
      53.  Berger Group Holdings
      54.  Camp Dresser & McKee
      55.  Erinys International
      56.  Versar, Inc.
      57.  Biltek
      58.  Sperian Protection
      59.  United Infrastructure Projects
      60.  RSEA Engineering
      61.  URS Group-Louis Berger Group Joint Venture
      62.  Raytheon Company
      63.  SPARK Petrol
      64.  ITT Corporation
      65.  Yuksel Insaat
      66.  Northrop Grumman
      67.  Zenith Enterprises
      68.  Amjad Dar Essalam Contracting
      69.  Compass Group
      70.  Alfa Consult
      71.  Environmental Quality Management
      72.  Al Hamra Kuwait Company
      73.  Dogus Insaat (Dogus Construction Company)
      74.  Delta Petrol Urunleri (Delta Petroleum Products)
      75.  Kropp Holdings
      76.  SM Consulting
      77.  SHV Holdings
      78.  Metag Insaat (Metag Construction Trade Co.)
      79.  Al-Khaffaf Group
      80.  Stanley Baker Hill
      81.  Telford Aviation
      82.  SEI Group
      83.  CDM/CAPE Joint Venture
      84.  Watkinson, L.L.C.
      85.  First Iraq Contracting
      86.  AllWorld Language Consultant
      87.  MWH Global
      88.  Oshkosh Truck
      89.  Al Wadan Company
      90.  Diplomat Freight Service
      91.  Concentric Project Controllers
      92.  Computer Sciences Corporation
      93.  Ho-Chunk, Inc.
      94.  Coastal International Security
      95.  Global Innovation Partners
      96.  Torres Advanced Enterprise Solutions
      97.  Detection Monitoring Technologies
      98.  Associates In Rural Development
      99.  ITAS Engineering
      100.  OBD Construction Company

    5. Who evil..??

      Not JUST US…..China and Pakistan want in on Yemen profits THIS time:

      Pakistani and Chinese companies partner to invest in Yemen
      By National Yemen Staff

      Pakistani and Chinese companies’ representatives left Yemen a few days ago after arriving to explore investment opportunities such as infrastructure, refineries, power plants and more. The following is an interview with Mr. Tauqir Sultan Awan, Chairman of Hajvairy Group. Awan visited Yemen with Managing Director of Usmani Association for Engineers and Contractors Ahmed Ghazal Usmani; the General Manager of SINOHYDRO Chinese Engineering Co. Han Dong; and Gulf Group of Companies Chairman Syed Ahmed.

      Well, we are looking projects that cost billions of dollars, so when you talk about the large projects for example, the first phase of the King Abdullah Medical City Project alone will cost USD 380 million. The bidding costs will require those participating to spend tens of millions of dollars.

      Once we start physical work on a project, we will bring tens of millions of dollars worth of equipment and supplies, such as concrete, asphalt and whatever else is required for that particular project. Some of that investment will be local, some will be international.

    6. Well, there ya go …again…

      The ‘evil’ Europe and Lebanon want the business of rebuilding in Syria:

      Today, many regional and international experts are anticipating the expenses and profits of a post-war phase. According to figures presented by Salma Sabra of the Lebanese-French Bank in Syria, the cost of reconstruction will be range from $65 to 100 billion, if the conflict ends in 2015.

      Abdullah Dardari, former deputy prime minister for economic affairs in Syria, estimated that after two years, damage to the Syrian economy would total $60 billion.

      A banker who attended the seminar observed, “No doubt, the European countries are very keen to find business for their construction companies, given the recession in Europe.”

      Patrice Paoli, the French ambassador to Lebanon, said that while Lebanon may be currently suffering from the Syrian crisis, it will have a role in the reconstruction of Syria. The French diplomat stressed the need for various stakeholders to prepare for that phase “as part of a comprehensive regional vision.”

      On the French side, the issue is not just Lebanon’s central role after the end of the conflict, but also about how the French economy can benefit from the Syrian devastation. Paoli said that French companies “will continue to be strongly present in Lebanon, preparing for the next phase out of their belief in future opportunities.”

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