Russian Fighter Jets Intercept Israeli Fighters in Southern Syria

Is this article a fake? Initially, we thought it might well be an attempt at disinformation. It is sourced here from an Iranian site called Alalam. However, a similar story appears on Israeli Ynetnews, so the Israelis are not denying the story. The difference between the two accounts is that, in the first case, the Israeli planes are intercepted in Syria, whereas in the second case they are intercepted in Lebanon.

Russian Fighter Jets Intercept Israeli Fighters in Southern Syria
Russian Fighter Jets Intercept Israeli Fighters in Southern Syria

Aerospace Force warplanes operating in Syria have forced Israeli fighter-bombers to change their course when trying to enter the airspace of the Arab nation on espionage missions.

Russian jets forced Israeli fighter-bombers to change their course when trying to enter the Syrian airspace.

Russian Aerospace Force warplanes operating in Syria forced Israeli fighter-bombers to change their course when trying to enter the airspace of the Arab nation on espionage missions.

The Israeli Yedioth Ahronoth daily quoted Lebanese diplomatic sources saying that the event took place yesterday after Russian radars detected various Zionist fighters flying close to the Syrian territory.

According to the daily, the Russian warplanes immediately blocked the course of the Israeli fighters while overflying Akkar region, in northern Lebanon, and sent a clear warning that they would open fire at them if they violate the Syrian airspace.

The article, also released by the Iranian HispanTV website, explains that the Israeli fighters’ mission was to spy on the movement of the Russian ships docked in Tartus port, 255 kilometers north of this capital.

The Israeli fighters also tried to “watch” the warplanes movement in Latakia air base to detect “alleged transfer of arms to Lebanese Hezbollah militias,” reported the daily.

The source said that the Israeli Army warplanes changed their course to avoid a confrontation with the Russian fighters.

The Russian and the Israeli regime recently reached an agreement to avoid accidental clashes between the Israeli Army and the Russian forces stationed in Syria; Mehr News reported.


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  1. This is a second such incident, previously Die Juden were chased off Syrian airspace, no more free prowling for scavenging vultures.

    Actually, the third incident because almost a month ago there were eyewitness reports of a Jew-jet vaporized by a homing S-300 that Syria now apparently has in stock – even those batteries were likely crewed by Russians with Syrian apprentices taking notes.

    And before that, a Jew submarine was sunk off Russian naval facility in Tartous, after which Jews bombed something near Damascus, while they still could, in revenge.

    So tell me how “Israel has excellent relations with Russia”.
    Jews have excellent relations with anyone who can make them shit their pants.

  2. there are no jewish bankers in syria … but there are lots of them in moscow and new york

    netanyahu, obama, putin, lobro lendman, and the rest of the kabbalah chameleon club aren’t fooling anyone … jews are better off coming clean

    1. Poroshenko’s ghost writer with time on hands, don’t need yandex to translate what his real intentions are.

  3. “Jews have excellent relations with anyone who can make them shit their pants.”
    Well said! Putin has put a stop to the Jewish American scheme to destroy Syria, thereby isolating Iran. I don’t buy this idea of Putin being false opposition. Yes, communist USSR was, and after it fell Yeltsin became a tool of the US and then along came Vlad. It boils down to the reply of Jesus after casting out demons, “A house divided against it self cannot stand!” Why would the Jews erect another false opposition after the USSR? The level of demonisation in the Western Press is indicative of the fury of the Jews being thwarted. And another point the Jews are mainly in the Zionist Entity and North America, why raise false opposition to countries where the Jews have absolute control?
    From reading the military analysis of recent events the JUSA have received a shock at Russian military capabilities. The jamming of their ship in the Black sea, Russian cruise missiles and the skill of Russian pilots in Syria. The Americans continue to waste their money on obsolete aircraft carriers. After the Russian success in launching cruise missiles from the Caspian sea, the American response was to withdraw the aircraft carrier, Roosevelt, from the Gulf.
    Shades of the Repulse and Prince of Wales being sunk by the supposedly myopic Japanese in 1942 off Malaya!

    1. @ Felix

      Why would the Jews erect another false opposition after the USSR? The level of demonisation in the Western Press is indicative of the fury of the Jews being thwarted.

      You make a highly significant point. To me this is the clincher. The level of anti-Russian hysteria in the Jew-controlled Western media is a clear sign that the Jews regard Putin’s Russia with exactly the same fear and loathing as they regarded Hitler’s Germany.

      So the idea that the Jews secretly control Russia, and that Putin is their willing puppet who is playing a double game, can be dismissed as total nonsense.

      1. @ Darlington
        I have previously mentioned in comments about the book “The Empire of the City” The Secret History of British Financial Power by E. Knuth published in 1946, but maybe he wrote it before WW2. In so many words the author says the Rothschild dynasty have financed all wars for over 200 years. I don’t know who E. Knuth is … but he appears to be jew-wise and savvy. I’ll “look him up”.

        In my opinion, this critique by E. Knuth sums up more or less the financial power of the United Kingdom then and NOW. THE CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF LONDON HAS NO LEGAL STATUS. Can we all advertise to the masses that the Corporation of the City of London who controls the world is an illegal entity.

      2. RO –
        “In so many words the author says the Rothschild dynasty have financed all wars for over 200 years.”

        Yes. That has been stated by hundreds of authors over the years. I first heard of it in the mid-1950s. It would take just as many years to convince me otherwise. A family worth over $600 TRILLION in assets could have as many wars as they wish.

        The history is good to set the stage, to try to make sense of it all.

        I like to show the effects of the debt power today, rather than 100+ years ago. But, cold wars are not as glamorous or exciting as hot wars, so few pay attention.

        Just imagine how one little company in the US is setting the basis for all of Russia’s economy today

        … RIGHT NOW..!! That, alone, shows how easy it is.

        Russia’s economic stability is based on a private company in New York. Moody’s Corp.

        Moody’s downgrades Russia’s sovereign rating to Ba1 from Baa3; outlook negative

        Global Credit Research – 20 Feb 2015–PR_318857

        Ms Elvira Nabiullina, Governor of the Bank of Russia, mentioned “Russia’s downgraded sovereign rating” the next month.

        (See paragraph 12 of speech):

        “In January 2015, despite persistently low oil prices,
        complicated geopolitical situation, and
        Russia’s downgraded sovereign rating,
        the exchange rate volatility decreased and inflation expectations showed the first signs of stabilisation. This means that the result we expected when raising the key rate has been largely achieved. At the same time, the leading indicators started to show the beginning of considerable fall in aggregated demand and cyclical economic slowdown. Therefore, as opposed to 2014, the economic situation in 2015 started to exercise additional anti-inflationary pressure.
        This enabled the Bank of Russia to reduce the interest rates from 17% to 15 %.”


        Moody’s caused interest rate changes in Russia. They can be bought easily to do so. They have been sued for that in the past.

      3. Some more information regarding E. Knuth the author of “Empire of the City”

        “At the end of World War I, the writer, then 27 years old, was released from the U. S. Army as a second lieutenant of the Coast Artillery Corps. Like many more servicemen, he was filled with resentment as the deluge of utterly obvious and brazen falsehood, by which participation in that war had been forced upon the American people, was exposed, and became more evident day by day after the war was won.

        That the reasons advanced to the American people for their entry into World War I were largely fraudulent became common and accepted knowledge, and over 25 years after the end of that war the eminent American historians, Charles A. and Mary R. Beard, stated in their “Basic History” (page 442) that “the gleaming mirage that pictured the World War as purely or even mainly a war for democracy and civilization dissolved beyond recognition…;” and the well-known Internationalist publicist, Walter Lippmann, stated in his “U. S. Foreign Policy” (page 24) in effect that the real reasons for going to war in 1917 have never been admitted.

        Many people realize that this mystifying situation, in which an alleged democratic and self-governing nation is actually controlled against the will of the people in its foreign affairs, is a clear indication that there must be a very powerful and well-financed secret organization (My words … those fucking jews) which plans and directs American foreign affairs, and for lack of a more specific identification this suspected secret organization is popularly referred to as the International Financiers.

        When the propaganda mills began their characteristic grind towards war in the early 1930’s, the writer began a more definite study of international power politics, and soon found it an entrancing and revealing subject. There was, however, no more free speech; and the most amazing documented aspects of a vast secret world order of International Finance could find no hearing in a situation where some Congressmen denounced overwhelming Nationalist expression of views in their mail as mere organized subversion.

        The shelves of our public libraries hold thousands of books pertaining to some aspect of this vast subject; most of them dry as dust to the average reader and remaining unread by the public through the years. Most of these scholarly works are devoted to some passing phase of power politics in some part of the world, of which their author has made a specialized study, and have invariably been forgotten as the public has lost interest in that particular incident. In running through these works some amazing nuggets of information come to light here and there, which fitted together gradually unfold the stunning history and the legal structure of a sovereign world state located in the financial district of the loosely knit aggregation of boroughs and cities popularly known as the City of London. The colossal political and financial organization centered in this area, known as”The City,” operates as a super-government of the world; and no incident occurs in any part of the world without its participation in some form. Its pretentions are supported in the United States by the secret International Pilgrim Society, sponsor of the Cecil Rhodes “One World” ideology which was launched about 1897. “

      4. @Pat

        I am 100% with you. The Corporation of the City of London, Wall Street et al have their Rothschild, Warburg etc jewish (but not only jewish) tentacles in Russia NOW. Putin isn’t a saint, he’s probably another narcissistic psychopath. I don’t like leaders in any form. I am free to be me, without authority, as much as I can in this authoritarian world.

        Break down the word Government. Govern = control and ment = mind. We have to resist. Resistance is power.

    2. “Why would the Jews erect another false opposition after the USSR?”

      The answer is to CONTINUE to increase debt to their BOSSES… London Pharisee Bankers by both sides. Both are members of the BIS….. Bank for International Settlements.

      Both sides are using the same ‘debt system’ and follow the rules of ‘Lombard Credit’ lists. That is especially true of the Bank of Russia and the US Federal Reserve Banks. Syria will be perfectly aligned with this template very soon.

      Lombard credit is the granting of credit to banks against pledged items, mostly in the form of securities or life insurance policies. The pledged items must be readily marketable. Lending is via central banks, in particular the securities ‘eligible for collateral’ which are registered on lists; as a general rule, the Lombard rate (interest rate) is more or less one per cent above discount rate. The pledging of securities means that the credit institutions have the opportunity of acquiring money in the short term from central banks.

      [Lombards are people who conquered Italy 6c. and settled in the northern region that became known as Lombardy. Lombards were notable in Middle Ages throughout Western Europe as bankers and money-lenders, also pawn-brokers; London’s Lombard Street (1598) originally was occupied by Lombard bankers.]

      The US Federal Reserve and the Bank of Russia – BOTH – use USD($) in all of their reports and analysis and forecasting. Imagine THAT:

      The Bank of Russia Lombard List

      Statement by Ms Elvira Nabiullina, Governor of the Bank of Russia, in follow-up of Board of Directors meeting, Moscow, 13 March 2015.

      For answers on ALL international questions:
      I say… Uhhhh…. Follow the DEBT..!! That’s the ticket..!! 🙂

      1. Pat,

        I think I know what you’re saying and I concede that this is a possibility, though I’m not sure if Lobro or Felix will agree with you.

        You are basically saying that for the Jews this is all a “game”. For them, the important thing is to create conflict and excuses for war. Because war must be had at all costs, this being the way the Jews grow rich, since they lend money to both sides and also rake in the money from the huge expenditure on arms.

        Rothschild played both sides in the past and so the Rothschilds became the richest family in the world as a result. The Rothschild-controlled banks are doing exactly the same thing now.

        Please clarify if this is what you are saying.

      2. Darlington –

        “You are basically saying that for the Jews this is all a “game”. For them, the important thing is to create conflict and excuses for war. Because war must be had at all costs, this being the way the Jews grow rich, since they lend money to both sides and also rake in the money from the huge expenditure on arms.”

        I would say MORE than a ‘game’… it is their occupation.

        I am not looking for agreement… Very few ever agree with me.
        AND… If too many agree with me …. I know I am wrong. 🙂

        Anyone is free to say they do not believe these reports. I did not prepare them. I copied them:

        The Bank of Russia Lombard List

        Statement by Ms Elvira Nabiullina, Governor of the Bank of Russia, in follow-up of Board of Directors meeting, Moscow, 13 March 2015.


        Alexis Rodzianko, is the president of the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia.

        There are over 600 member companies.

        Here are just some US companies which are needed and ‘compensated’ well to HELP support military manufacturing in Russia:

        Baker Hughes
        Cisco Systems
        JP Morgan
        Fluor Enterprises Group
        Cummins Incorporated
        PPG Industries

        AND… of course… Mary Kay and PayPal 🙂

      3. The problem with this blind listing is that in no way does it show the trends and proportions.
        “I own [10 psst, don’t mention it] shares of Intel and am therefore in position to dictate their policy and because Intel is an Israeli company I am a secret Rothschild” and so on and on.
        Or if you drive a car with any Western produced electronic components (almost any piece of machinery apart from moonshine stills has them), it can be interfered with at distance, which makes you a Rothschild-controlled zombie.
        This is as subtle and balanced as your logic gets, Pat.

        Russia and China have basically exited the SWIFT system owned by BIS and the Putin inner circle are talking openly against the Central Bank, thus Jewess Nabiullina is on her way out, Glazyev even recommends mandatory defaulting on foreign debt for Russian corporations, alternative credit raters are being set up, ignoring the Jew monsters like Moody’s or S&P … which is why Glazyev is one of individuals under Western sanctions and their no-fly list.

        Just because the entanglement is not 100% complete to you means 100% Jew dominance.
        Well, just look around your own household or your own family, children, grandchildren, any of their interacting with dominant Jew culture makes you a shabbo slave and Jew lover according to your own formula.
        Is that fair?

        Or that nasty, brainwashed sleazebag Lyingcossack’s sister or somethingbody works as a bank teller … so he is automatically a Noahide agent, right?
        Except he doesn’t even qualify as that, he is some Galician half-headed Ukry, rejected by Europe and Russia alike, a sub-pollack, no wonder he is so bitter.

        Everybody knows that once the house is infested with rats and cockroaches, uprooting them totally is next to impossible, the best one can do is keep them under control … it is a long drawn out process.

        I trust Putin Pest Control to be the best qualified outfit for the job.

    1. Mixing up stories is a common mistake for liers. It’s hard to remember every lie you tell when all you tell are lies. I can’t decide what is shown more clear to the world by this (again, yawn) ; that the holocaust is the total utter hoax that it is, or that Nuthanyanu is the total lier that he is. Let’s call it a tie.

    2. Netanyahu is guilty of being a JEW—period!

      Before jews bought up all the world’s Media and completely and totally brainwashed us with their Holy Hoaxes, jews were known and despised as fucking parasites!

      Seriously, how long would Israel last without American “foreign aid” or German “reparations”? How long would a parasite last without a host?

      No matter how much spin you put on it or whatever name you wish to call them (Zionists, Pharisees etc.) jews will forever be FUCKING PARASITES!!!

      Jews are the bane of all things good and beautiful and healthy. They are the cancer upon this earth.

  4. I too believe that Putin is the real deal, just as Hitler was real and threatening opposition to Satan. And really, these geopolitical powerstruggles are not that complicated to understand once you’ve shed off the lies and the 24/7 jewish media/education brainwash with which one gets surrounded by from birth in our Orwellian society. It is actually very clear what is going on (IMO). But instead of being interested in the truth some people are just addicted to endlessly deep rabbit holes.

    1. Really, 1138, I couldn’t agree more. I used to rack my brain trying to understand WW11, especially WW1 and now the Israeli/Palestine war, but it’s very simple to understand when you’re willing to accept the truth. A 4th grader could understand that planes could not bring down a building as imposing as WTC, yet American adults can’t see anything other than the official narrative. 9/11 was the litmus test for me. For 14 years I have been following the money and the debt. And all roads are connected to the same Satanists, bar none.

      1. Well said, Cindy. You speak truth! And so does 1138.

        Wonder why he chooses such an odd name though. Was it 22 minutes to midnight when he posted? (Depending where he’s posting from).

    2. 1138 , you are chasing the wind son ! Both sides have a CENTRAL BANK and therefor are controlled by the same people ( satanists for sure ) Jews and Jesuits !

    3. @ 1138

      I agree with you.

      One of the reasons that Putin can stand in the way of the jews is that he was high ranking KGB in the past. He knows where all the bodies are buried and who buried them which gives high significant power in politics. He was able to convict the richest jew in Russia and strip him of all his assets. He was able to take control of the largest jewish controlled metals conglomerate in Russia and return it to government control. The jewish billionaires in Russia are as nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs so they do not challenge Putin. The central bank in Russia is no different because they know that they could be nationalized at any moment. Some influential members of the Duma have already recommended it. The central bankers got their clue within the past couple of years when the Russian government passed a law allowing the government to determine the bank’s interest rate when they choose to do so.

      Currently, the biggest reason that Putin can get away with challenging the jews is because he is actually a Czar under the pretense of being an elected official. With an unheard of 90% approval rating with the Russian people, he can do no wrong as long as he supports the best interest of Russia and the Russian Orthodox Christian Church which he has repeatedly done. If the elite Russian jews or Rabbi’s challenge Putin, the entire country will be against them, not just Putin.

      @ Carl

      Following your and other posters logic concerning the existence of a central bank as the ultimate control mechanism for a nation mandating support for the jews, anyone in the USA or other jewish controlled banking system nation that has a checking account or savings account in a bank is controlled by and supports the jews. Likewise, anyone that uses central banking debt notes for money are controlled by and supports the jews. So you are controlled by and support the jews assuming that you live anywhere but Syria, Iran, and North Korea. Most of your posts do not reflect your mandated support for the jews putting you in conflict with you control and support statement about jewish central banks.

  5. Putin and the jews. It is more than a fight , it is like a martial art confrontation. The cruel lethal Kraw maga of the jewish bloodthirsty hitmen, vs the MMA centered in a flexible response to a threat, typical of higly skilled fighters. Modern times are complicated, judging the stateman ,we have to consdered what kind of mess was Yeltsin’Russia. Central banks work all in the same way,and they are guarded by the powerful US armed forces who had been and are destroying any country who wish its indipendence. Only now Russia is strong enough to confront the jewish dominated US empire, but not to the point of crushing the financial system of the entire world. This jewish rage is easily diverted by Putin , since he has not done anything to harm western citizens. He is now acting as a moral awakener of the subjugated westerners, but to keep doing this he has to avoid to break out. It is more a kata than real fight., a propaganda war. Things are clear to me , it i not up to Putin to fight the jews and free the west, we have to do it ourselves, and only the americans can lead the struggle. Should Putin follow the Glazyev line , we would have ww3 in a flash. In this case the jews will switch to China and stab Usa in the back, Europe and Usa will be over . Jews are panicking because Usa and Europe are waking up ,so if they do not get ww3 the plan B would be dircted against us using the masses of alien immigrants to wage us war in the name of globalism and humanity. Pushing Russia in the arms of China It might have been a planned operation of the financial elite to regain control not only of Europe but of Us as well . In the long run they have to get rid of the waste ,and when the golem is not longer working ,its destiny is to be trown away like a broken toy.And they will smile while doing this, unless the golem turns towards them in this case, they will run screaming : antisemitism .But they won’t have anywhere to hide.

    1. LS…
      At school we learned about the Holocaust and so on and 6.000.000 victims of Nazi Germany. After the war in my neighborhood only yews were driving big American cars and the rest of us had only old rusty bikes !

  6. I believe, but I don’t know the authenticity of the Protocols of the Learned elders of Zion. Everything I know about jews leads me to the conclusion that these words were written by jews. I have worked for and lived with jews. I am not unaccustomed to their deceptions.


    3. We must be in a position to respond to every act of opposition by war with the neighbors of that country which dares to oppose us: but if these neighbors should also venture to stand collectively together against us, then we must offer resistance by a universal war.

    4. The principal factor of success in the political is the secrecy of its undertakings: the word should not agree with the deeds of the diplomat.

    5. We must compel the governments of the GOYIM to take action in the direction favored by our widely conceived plan, already approaching the desired consummation, by what we shall represent as public opinion, secretly promoted by us through the means of that so-called “Great Power” – THE PRESS, WHICH, WITH A FEW EXCEPTIONS THAT MAY BE DISREGARDED, IS ALREADY ENTIRELY IN OUR HANDS.

    6. In a word, to sum up our system of keeping the governments of the goyim in Europe in check, we shall show our strength to one of them by terrorist attempts and to all, if we allow the possibility of a general rising against us, we shall respond with the guns of America or China or Japan.

  7. I tends to believe in Israeli source. Why? Because in Syria, Israel has over dozen of its poodles killing thousands of Syrian, therefore, Syrian forces don’t pose any threat to the Zionist entity. But, Lebanon is a different story. Lebanon’s DEFENDER, Hizbullah has already kicked Jewish army’s AZZ twice: in 2000 and 2006.

    In April 2015, Lithuanian-born US-Israel citizen and three-times Israel’s defense minister, Moshe Arens, 80, in an Opinion-Post in Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz (April 20, 2015) said that a future nuclear Iran will not pose existential threat to Israel as Iran would never dare to use its nuclear arsenal against a nuclear Israel. The real threat to Israel is from 100,000 rockets and missiles in the hands of Lebanese Islamic Resistance Hizbullah.

  8. As I have stated here time and time again (go check old posts), Putin is simply preparing for the eventual move he must make because he is being forced to do this by the “Jews” of the 3 City States (London/Vatican/DC/US). He is not being given a choice between the controlled East VS West showdown the “Jews” have in store for the world in their planetary dominion plot.

    What is that move? Putin’s Russia will soon strike west to secure their flank once Europe is sufficiently destabilized. I would surmise he will make it to about Germany before he holds up where the Germans will join the side of Brics. Then he will strike south through the Caucus regions linking up every nation from Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Lebanon, to Syria; a move that will severely cripple the already exhausted US forces. This move will secure his southern flank and make a united front against “Israel”, the US/UK/Colonies western faction. The reaction to this will be for America, the UK, Colonies to counter attack in the region probably reenforcing Saudi, Jordan and Egypt.

    Probably around the same time China will hit Taiwan, South Korea and Japan securing their back door which will enable them to openly support the invasion of America with their partners in Mexico, central and south America. This will also allow the Chinese to move their forces down the super HWY they constructed that goes all the way to the Euphrates in Iraq. Around this time I would surmise that the river will be damned up thus allow the Chinese to enter the battle for middle earth against the western forces.

    Before this happens, America, the UK.Colonies (and also Europe) must regain control of their nations. When they do as they counter attack the invaders, they will be able to double their efforts in the ME to offset the Chinese, India etc faction making moves there and this can only be done if “Israel” finally succumbs to the second law of return allowing us to enter “Israel” in force. When we do, it will mark the END of that fake “Jew” state also singling either the coming of the main anti Christ and/or the coming of the true Christ which unseats the impostor starting the real new earth age.

    However, even after the battle for middle earth is won and the “Jews” defeated, the Chinese and their allies will have to be delt with once and for all because they will never back down realizing that in doing so, they will NEVER rule the planet and always be “number 2”. Hence we will take on China, India etc, in their own back yard and put an end to those ambitions, once and for all.

    If this isn’t exactly how it will pan out, I’m convinced it’s darn close……..

  9. I got News from daesh, (now officialy called “The Caliphate”) news that i got from a web site that lasted 12 hours before it was blocked by tptb. This info that i am about to disclose no one has had access to so try to read with your eyes while keeping that mouth shut for a minute; this issue (the syrian war) is something you know jack about, except what you get from that stupid lying iranian site called press tv who is obviously gonna tell lies in favour of assad because daaah! Shia Iran is an ally of Assad and whom we sunnis wanna remove.. so stop yapping like the amazonian parrot who, taught by the guerrillas, cursed the colombian soldiers every time they passed by while maneuvering as he walked by the electrical wires over the streets of a small town called Rancho Rico deep in the Amazonas and who, to everyone’s relieve endep up getting shot by an army captain. The site that i was lucky to visit had several sections, three actually, that specified the results of the one month old Russian campaign. One of the sections mentioned that 420 muslim brothers had been martyred. Painfull and sad but considering that almost half were civilians this number denotes the failure of the Russian campaign so far. Just like i guessed the warriors run to the cities and are waiting the storm out; its called a tatical retrieval or retrieve. The Second section said that Al Nusra had lost positions in the northwest but that they were fine and that very soon, when winter gets darker they were to move into damascus, InshaAllah. The third section was some kind of obituary celebrating, yes celebrating the martyrdom of some great warrior from al qaeda, i liked that part cause it meant that unlike the russians, americans and syrians al qaeda and isis do lose high ranking commanders. Regarding the article i just wanna make clear and ask those wishful thinkers to stop wasting ilussions energies; the russians, the americans the french and the britons are all zionists and they will never mess with the jews you knuckleheads. The reasons are many but one is that those countries just get thrilled when fooling arabs; we arabs will never earn respect until we get rid of all our corrupt leaders, assad and the oil rich bastards included, get a hold of the natural resources (like daesh did only in a bigger scale), develop nukes and unite aNd keep all our human resources. No one will fuck with Us ever again. The jews Will then pack up their shit and move to franklin richaert wasp trailer home since he is the third best poster at darkmoon out of three. Good night i just remembered i forgot to put bananas on my cereal bye for now

  10. Babble on, Mossad taqfiri catamite, here is one to make your day
    Breaking: Israeli Colonel Leading ISIL Terrorists Captured, ‘Shocking Confessions’
    That’s what Yids get for playing Indiana Jones, he is being “put to question” by Iranian Inquisition singing Hava Nagila, dancing Hora with the greatest enthusiasm.

    “The security and popular forces have held captive an Israeli colonel,” a commander of Iraq’s popular mobilization forces said Thursday. “The Zionist officer is ranked colonel and had participated in the Takfiri ISIL group’s terrorist operations.”

    Bring in the crying clowns of Petah Tikva!
    Sorry Avatar, time to rend clothes, gnash teeth, shake that ragged, curly beard at indifferent heavens as the Children of Judah weep by the rivers of Babylon … or they are just weeping rivers, I tell ya, rivers.

    Funny how bad-news-for-Jews just keep pouring as soon as Russians took over the card dealing duties.
    Those aerial recon planes, drones and satellites must be producing some good dope, convertible into ground success.

    1. So now we can all be Facebook buddies with him

      “The Israeli colonel’s name is Yusi Oulen Shahak and is ranked colonel in Golani Brigade of the Zionist regime’s army with the security and military code of Re34356578765az231434.”

    2. In the French version the Isreali officer is a general but the number is the same. According to Nahed Al-Husseini, head clerk of VT in Damas :

      “The general secretary of the European Department for Security and Information, DESI, the ambassador Dr Haissam Bou-Said has confirmed that the popular Iraqi army had captured an Israeli officer by the name of Yussi Elon Shahak. According to the US international parliament and DESI, the officer rank is brigadier general, and has 34356578765Az231434 for regimental number. It reminds the Israeli brigadier general killed in the Syrian town of Quneitra, during a reunion between leaders of terrorist groups.”

      Bou-Said also revealed a mass execution of 85 ISIS elite unite leaders, most of them chechens, with a few Iraqis, in the Al Saynieh area, next to Mosel. They were accused of communicating with the enemy.
      “A group of Chechens and foreigners, who have infiltrated into Russia by Ukraine coming from Mosel, have been arrested by local authorities.” Abou-Said declared. Information confirmed by the Quartet Security committee. Other groups are still in Ukraine preparing terrorist attack in Russia.

      She also refers to this reliable informant, who declares that hidden Zionist hands in the US administration are trying to sabotage any attempt of cooperation between USA and Russia, especially after the attacks of Syrian civilian infrastructures, like the electric central of Alep or in the al-Radwaniyeh area, and that Russians are very aware of this.

      It confirms what Meyssan is saying regarding US military administration but everything should be taken with a grain of salt.

      1. I can’t wait to hear how the Putin haters will spin this one as a well planned diversion in accordance with the Protocols, Putin-Obama-Netanyahu-Jesuit axis of sneaky deception that only divinely clever Rothschilds can figure out, us goyim don’t stand a chance.

        “Don’t confuse me with facts”

  11. More good stuff from Voltairenet that Joe will appreciate and Avatar and Flyingcossack won’t.

    Just one angle discussed, worth reading the whole thing

    From the official communiqués and the confidences of certain officers, we may conclude that at least 5,000 jihadists have been killed, including several leaders of Ahrar el-Sham, al-Qaïda and the Islamic Emirate. At least 10,000 mercenaries have fled to Turkey, Iraq and Jordan. The Syrian Arab Army and Hezbollah have re-captured the area without waiting for the promised Iranian reinforcements.

    The bombing campaign should end by the Orthodox Christmas. The question which will then have to be answered is whether or not Russia will be authorised to finish its job by pursuing the jihadists who have found refuge in Turkey, Iraq and Jordan. Failing this, Syria will have been saved, but the problem will still not have been resolved. The Muslim Brotherhood will not fail to seek revenge, and the United States will not fail to use them again against other targets.

    1. Lobro –

      I am glad to see Putin ridding Syria of jihadists to put in his Pharisee ‘usury’ banks. I would greatly prefer Putin’s ‘usury’ Pharisee system in Syria to Sharia.

      Some CDs in Russia are yielding over 8%. But home loans are at 14.5%:

      I miss those interest rates of 8.5% here in US. Today’s CD rates = 0.05% to 0.1%:

      Statement by Ms Elvira Nabiullina, Governor of the Bank of Russia, in follow-up of Board of Directors meeting, Moscow, 13 March 2015:

      “Therefore, as opposed to 2014, the economic situation in 2015 started to exercise additional anti-inflationary pressure. This enabled the Bank of Russia to reduce the interest rates from 17% to 15%.”

      1. People should never allow the credit in those cards to roll over past the first month, that’s where usury starts.
        Maybe best to increase the interest rate to 100%.
        Besides, the ruble is in the high inflationary period due to sanctions, so that instability should also be reflected in the interest.

        And besides/besides, Putin doesn’t set credit card rates nor dig soccer stadiums, two of your favorite themes that seem intricately connected with the Syria bombing campaign.

    2. Lobro –

      I don’t remember mentioning soccer stadiums in association with Syria. They may have some already.

      However, Putin has been allowing the ‘Western-Pharisee’ banking system into Russia…. and I expect his buddies he helps in Syria to follow along….. with usury.

      It appears that CitBank and HSBC will have branches in Syria… along with SberBank and their MasterCard authorization they won this year.

      MasterCard announced they would start processing payments in Russia through the National Payment System.

      I see Putin is setting up the ‘Eastern-Wing’ of the ‘West.’

      BRICS won’t survive otherwise. All accounting and forecasting is in Pharisee USD. Even in Russia’s banking reports.

      And China’s banks have partnered with London banks.

      1. I see Putin is setting up the ‘Eastern-Wing’ of the ‘West.’
        All accounting and forecasting is in Pharisee USD. Even in Russia’s banking reports.
        And China’s banks have partnered with London banks.

        hey pat, I see we used the very same word: Syria.
        No wait, there is another one: Putin.

        proof that all our opinions are on the same page, that’s good to know.

      2. @Pat

        However, Putin has been allowing the ‘Western-Pharisee’ banking system into Russia…

        It is like saying in 1942: Stalin has been allowing the ‘Western-Pharisee’ attack dog Hitler into Russia …

        Pat, it is very simple: Putin is not in complete control of Russia – far from it. Just like Stalin was not in complete control of the city named after him, Stalingrad, in the period of 23 August 1942 – 2 February 1943, neither was he in complete control of the USSR in 1930s while he was battling ‘Western-Pharisee’ stooge Trotsky. It took Stalin 20 years to free Russia from the grips of ‘Western-Pharisees’ that followed the orchestrated by the Brits Bolshevik takeover of Russia.

        Putin is not done with freeing Russia from the second round of grip of ‘Western-Pharisees’ that followed the surrender of the Soviet empire of Stalin by treasonous Russian “elite” in Gorbachev-Yeltsin era. Far from it, the final battle with the fifth column, i.e. the occupational government instilled by Americans in Russia, has not even started yet.

        Putin has no control over the finances of Russia, period. That means that Russia is not a sovereign country. Putin himself said so openly and unequivocally: Russia is half-occupied country. Just like the USSR was half-occupied country in 1943.

        So, why Putin does not take control of the Russian Central Bank now? You could ask with the same success a question: Why Stalin did not take Berlin in 1943? It’s a war, Pat.

        And in this war we will prevail, just like we did 70 years ago. There is no doubt about that in my mind. Neither should be in yours, because it is in your interests as well.

      3. Circ –

        Thanks for the continuance….

        You asked and answered:
        “So, why Putin does not take control of the Russian Central Bank now? You could ask with the same success a question: Why Stalin did not take Berlin in 1943? It’s a war, Pat.”

        Now, I shall answer:

        Baloney..!! There is NO WAR..! Business is increasing between US and Russia….

        Now THAT’s to my benefit… and yours, Circ… 🙂

        Your guesses are based on 100 year old stale and rotten and Pharisee-changed and rewritten history, when they used tanks and troops to control the people. Those wars were lost by the deposed leaders.

        Here is more recent history of – JUST last month – where the agents came together for profits based on debt and the control of whole populations without tanks and troops.

        London’s Bankers are winning now. Putin is helping them and without worry of being deposed, but praised:

        Dan Russell Meets with Federal Anti-Monopoly Service(FAS) Deputy Head Andrey Tsyganov

        On 30 September 2015, in Moscow Deputy Head of the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS Russia), Andrey Tsyganov, had a meeting with Mr. Daniel A. Russell, President and General Director of US-Russia Business Council (USRBC).

        At the outset, Daniel A. Russell expressed his gratitude to FAS for continued efforts to support competition and ensuring access to the markets for Russian as well as foreign companies.

        Andrey Tsyganov thanked Daniel A. Russell for the interest towards the work of Russian antimonopoly authority and outlined structural changes – transferring the tariff regulation functions to FAS. Andrey Tsyganov also informed USRBC that on 30 September the Federation Council unanimously adopted the antimonopoly package – liquidating excessive pressure on small and medium business.

        The parties arrived to a common view that Russia improved its position in the global competitive ability ranking to a considerable extent exactly due to reduced administrative barriers.

        In conclusion, the parties expressed hope for further strengthening cooperation between FAS and USRBC.

        US-Russia Business Council (USRBC) has over 200 US companies doing huge business in Russia.

        The U.S. Russia Foundation for Economic Advancement and the Rule of Law
        Founded by the U.S. Russia Investment Fund in 2008 with $137 million endowed through December 31, 2013.

        To promote the long-term development of Russia’s market economy, working in close partnership with the Russian government and leading Russian institutions. In this way, USRF seeks to encourage Russian entrepreneurship, support the legal, regulatory and institutional development that strengthens a market economy, and build strong and enduring ties between the United States and Russia.

        The US Russia Investment Fund (TUSRIF)

        The U.S. Russia Foundation for Economic Advancement and the Rule of Law (USRF) is the legacy foundation of The US Russia Investment Fund (TUSRIF), funded by the U.S. Government in 1995 to promote the development of the private sector in Russia through direct investment and technical assistance to private Russian enterprises. Through highly effective management, TUSRIF made a major contribution to a growing Russian economy and earned sufficient capital to create an endowment.
        At the G-8 Summit on July 15, 2006, Presidents Bush and Putin announced their intention to establish USRF with the twin goal of promoting long-term economic development in Russia and strengthening ties between the United States and Russia.

        USRF came about with Bush, Congress and Putin agreement:

        In 2008, USRF was registered as a not-for-profit corporation in the United States and in early 2009 USRF was established in Russia as an affiliate of the US organization.
        1993/94: Russian American Enterprise Fund (RAEF) & Fund for Large Enterprises (FLEER) established in Russia
        $330 million of U.S. taxpayer money committed to the effort
        1995 – RAEF & FLEER were merged into TUSRIF

        From investments, sales, and reinvestments over the 17 years – TUSRIF has put more than $1 billion into Russia’s economy

        In 2004-2005 TUSRIF began sell off investments
        2005: TUSRIF recommendation to U.S. White House & Congress: Create USRF
        2008: U.S. White House and Congress adopted TUSRIF recommendations – President Putin agreed
        2008: USRF Established – Continues U.S. Russia partnership efforts in Enterprise & Rule of Law
        2009 – the Moscow office was opened

        There is much more… but I don’t want to write anymore now.

      4. @Pat

        Business is increasing between US and Russia….
        Now THAT’s to my benefit… and yours, Circ…

        All depends on which side of the fence one is resting. It is definitely a business (and a very good one) for the US and our corrupt (by design, btw) collaborators, while for Russia it is a continuation of looting. We had more such lucrative “business” under Yeltsin. We are fed up with this “business model”, Pat, we want a divorce.

        Putin’s job is to convince the US that an amicable separation would be in the best interests of both parties. After that we won’t have any problems rearranging our relationship on the basis of a new business model.

      5. Circ –

        “Putin’s job is to convince the US that an amicable separation would be in the best interests of both parties.”

        Putin’s job is to take orders from the bosses…. London’s Pharisee Bankers. They are the US’s bosses also.

        Neither he nor US have the option to sue for a divorce. ‘Pre-nup’ was signed anyway.

        Then BRICS Bank… Development Bank…. needs London’s banks, US companies and Russia’s oil.

        Now China has partnered with London’s Pharisee Bankers:

        Bank of China becomes first Asian firm to help set London’s gold price.

        The bank will be instrumental in determining the price of bullion paid in London’s gold market.

      6. @Pat

        Putin’s job is to take orders from the bosses…. London’s Pharisee Bankers. They are the US’s bosses also.

        That is certainly the way “London Pharisee Bankers” see Putin’s job. “London Pharisee Bankers” have a little problem though: Putin seems to have a different understanding of his job.

        “London Pharisee Bankers” saw Lenin’s job also as taking orders from them. And it was indeed so for Lenin was following their orders … until he secured victory of the Reds over the Whites in the Russian Civil War (1917–21) with the help from his bosses who were hell bent on taking down the Russian Empire. Then, at the Genoa Conference held in Italy in 1922 from 10 April to 19 May, Lenin showed the middle finger to “the bosses” and started rebuilding the Russian Empire on new foundations. It is quite possible that the gesture cost him his life for he was dead by Jan 21, 1924.

        This history was repeated with Stalin who secured first the Soviet victory over the Nazis with some help from “the allies”. Then, following the orders from “the bosses”, he formally signed the Breton Woods agreement. However, after the successful test of Russian atomic bomb in 1949, Stalin refused to ratify the Breton Woods agreement and showed the middle finger to “the bosses”. It is quite possible that this gesture was his undoing for he was poisoned shortly after (Mar 5, 1953). BTW, Winston Churchill was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II on Apr 24, 1953. That’s quite a “coincidence” is it not?

        Can Putin repeat the gesture, which proved so unfortunate for Lenin and Stalin, while staying alive? The fact of matter is that he is already doing it … politely for now … for he is, obviously, not only a polite, but also a reasonable man.

      7. Circ

        In the overview of things, Russia “prevailed” in 1945 in setting the stage for the climax of an Era.


        What’s that martial art called where you use your opponent’s force against him? Akido? (similar to what I used against drunken knuckleheads who thought they’d like to fight an injun – that was only their FIRST mistake 😉 )

        You’ve made numerous posts showing Russia’s position in this whole NWO scheme of things, but what does it really indicate? Sure, business is as business is done, but do you really think these Khazarian descendants in the CFR and elsewhere will be satisfied with a planned Russian status of being equal partners in divvying up the worldly pie?

        I say Putin is biding his time and trusting NO ONE outside of his inner circle while watching the shifting sands and acting accordingly when it comes to what are perceived to be militarily strategic points of interest

        * * * * * *

        As proxy wars heat up and salivating wolves start frothing at the mouth over tempting booty of Russian Sirens, spectres of Napoleon and Hitler will appear at her endless shores. And like Stalin and predecessors before him, Putin’s akido will employ jagged treachery to wreck Khazarian ships.

      8. “Can Putin repeat the gesture, which proved so unfortunate for Lenin and Stalin, while staying alive?”

        I’ll answer that rhetorical question with non-rhetorical facts.

        Simply put, Russia ‘s main source of production and revenue is from selling OIL and GAS to the world. [There has been great criticism of this by Russian economists, claiming too much emphasis was placed on OIL SALES for revenues, after the wall came down, and not enough effort was placed into technology and manufacturing.]

        Lenin, in particular, but even Stalin, lived in times when OIL was only a PRINCE.

        Putin lives today, in a time when OIL IS AN EMPEROR…. and Russia is the #1 producer of oil in the world.

        Then… add Natural Gas and Liquified Natural Gas(LNG)….. and the comparisons to times past, 75-100 years ago, become deathly pale.

        The WORLD was not depending on Russia’s OIL and Gas 100 years ago as it is TODAY.

        Russia is already supplying most of Europe and much of the Mideast with Gas and LNG.

        And nowhere are the differences of today as compared to 7 to 10 decades ago any more apparent than THIS…. from just 2 years ago:

        Putin’s Gazprom signed a 20 year EXCLUSIVE contract with ISRAEL to purchase LNG from Tamar Project in the Mediterranean.

        “Gazprom Marketing & Trading Switzerland AG and Levant LNG Marketing Corporation, executed the Heads of Agreement (HOA), outlining the main terms of an exclusive offtake arrangement from Tamar floating LNG project for a 20 year period. The agreement follows an earlier Letter of Intent signed between the two parties in March 2012.

        “This is an important milestone for strengthening Gazprom’s position in the global LNG market. We are excited to work on making this project a success alongside our partners. We are confident that this deal will not only help strengthen and diversify Gazprom’s LNG portfolio, but also help GM&T build on our success in the Asia-Pacific region, where we have recently closed long and medium-term deals with numerous counterparties in India and North East Asia”, – Vitaly Vasiliev, CEO of Gazprom Marketing & Trading Limited, said.”


        This LNG bought from Israel can be brokered by Putin to Syria.

        As I have stated many times….. Putin is the PARTNER of London’s Pharisee Bankers and the US Industries, and BIG OIL & GAS companies of the world….. AND, as I showed, even ISRAEL.

        Russia is becoming ‘USA East’ and Putin is taking that very SAME USA system he uses in Russia to Syria, then to Iran. BRICS countries are ‘all-in’ with the USA system and USDs already.

        Come and join the 21st century, Circ. See what ‘IS’ happening today, rather than what ‘WAS’ happening 100 years ago. There is NO comparison….. 🙂

  12. More news: shithead white boy Blair now says that he apologizes for the mistakes made in Iraq and that he knows and understands that it was these “mistakes” that gave birth to isis … The man didnt mention anything about the jews “making do it” (kill 3 million people in Iraq) … What a joke this white race that rules this world is! When are we brown people gonna have our day of justice and see a thick hurricane like patricia or a huge tsunami just swallow this evil people while they drink dine and snort one of these saturday nights? Shabbath shalom

  13. .. about the jews “making him do it”“ i meant to type .. Boy this sat phone too many typos !

  14. There’s been increasing incidents in Israel of jews gung-ho to kill Palestinians, and the jews gung-ho and drooling to kill Palestinians mistake their fellow jews for Palestinians and the jews wind up killing their fellow jews, ROFLMFAO!!!! I guess not all jews are pale-faced ashkenazi jews, “the avatar”, looks like there’s a good number of dark-skinned niggerish-colored metisse melangy heebie jeebie habiru hebes also, LOL. The pale-faced ashkenazi jews are mistaking their fellow jews with the darker metisse melangy skin hue of all colors of the rainbow to be Palestinians and wind-up killing the darker skinned hebe habirus, LMFAO!!!

      1. Yep. It is “posturing”….. killing people while doing so.

        My point was more about the huge debts created on USA’s and Russia’s parts….
        …. while “posturing.” 🙂

        Butttt… same intentions….
        $$$Billions more for their bosses… London’s Pharisee Bankers….!!

        $10 million a day each side…. soon becomes big debts.

      2. B-Hawk –

        I would keep living in the Red House ’til they booted me out.

        Let the next guy have a go at it.

        I would keep a place-setting for souvenirs. Like Billy and Hilly.

        And maybe an ashtray and towel.. like from Fairmont… or Biltmore.

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