Russian Plane Crash: Was Israel Responsible?

Did you know that a plane, through its computer system,
can be hijacked remotely by cyberhackers and made to crash?

This is an an edited version of “Suspicions about the Russian plane crash” from this site,  which is based in turn on an article with the same title by Christopher Bollyn, here.

With an extensive endnote and commentary by Lasha Darkmoon


An official in the Egyptian Air traffic control has told local reporters that the last communication with the pilot of the Russian plane was while he was flying at 30 thousand feet. The pilot complained of malfunction in the wireless devices and he asked for an emergency landing at the nearest airport.  – “Russian plane crash,” The Telegraph (UK), October 31, 2015

It remains to be seen how the U.S. and other nations supporting the mercenary forces fighting in Syria will respond to the Russian intervention. Unlike chess, this game has no rules.  – Christopher Bollyn, “Syria: The Russian Move – Changing the Game,” October 6, 2015,

The October 31 crash of the Russian Metrojet passenger aircraft in the Sinai Desert, near the border of Egypt and Israel, raises some well-founded suspicions of foul play being involved in the downing of the plane. Although it is too early to say what caused the crash, there are some clear indications that suggest the plane was remotely sabotaged – via its connection to the Internet.

FACT : The Russian aircraft went down south of Al Arish, near the border of Israel, very close to Israel’s main signal intelligence facility, Unit 8200, located on Kibbutz Urim.

LD: This Israeli signal intelligence facility, staffed by Israel’s most accomplished computer hackers, is located 60 miles north-east of the location where the Russian plane was downed. These hackers could easily have gained access to the plane’s computer, taking over the plane without the knowledge of the plane’s passengers or of the pilots in the cockpit. Computer hacking is indeed the main function of the Israeli operatives stationed at Unit 8200 on Kibbutz Urim.

See map HERE.

We already know for a fact that the Israeli signal intelligence facility, known as Unit 8200, has “rows of satellite dishes that covertly intercept phone calls, emails and other communications.” This Israeli spy facility would have had the ability to monitor and communicate directly with the aircraft’s navigation system – without the knowledge of the crew.

The fact that the pilot’s last communication, from 30,000 feet, reported a malfunction in the airplane’s wireless devices and that he asked for an emergency landing, indicates that the airplane may have been in the process of being hacked externally through its satellite wireless connection.

Secondly, the fact that this was the pilot’s last communication is significant.

Even if the plane had stalled, as it seems to have done, and fallen from 30,000 feet, the pilot still would have had several minutes to communicate with air traffic controllers in Cairo – unless his communications link had been cut, which appears to have been the case.

LD:  The anti-Zionist website has no hesitation in pointing the finger of blame at Israel’s espionage agency, Mossad. It calls ISIS (or ISIL) Israel’s “proxy Jew terror army.” It adds the significant fact that ISIS has never done Israel any harm. On the contrary, it has spent all its efforts ethnically cleansing the region of Arabs in order to expand the borders of the Jewish state and give the Jews their hearts’ desire: Eretz Israel, or Greater Israel, a “promised land” stretching from the Nile to the Euphrates. 



Egypt’s Civil Aviation Authority reported that no Mayday signal was sent from the plane and that communication with the aircraft was normal until the aircraft disappeared from radar. This suggests that the normal communication links with the plane had been cut before the plane was remotely hijacked and sabotaged.

Last contact with the flight from flight tracking website Flightradar24 shows the aircraft climbing to 30875 feet, after which it showed erratic altitudes and speed indications. Last altitude recorded was 27925 feet at a speed of just 62 knots. Apparently, the plane had lost all engine power.

These reports seem to indicate that the plane may have been remotely hijacked by an unauthorized “ground pilot” who hacked into its flight system through its satellite connection to the Internet, something I discuss in “Why Did Crucial Computer Systems Fail?” in my book Solving 9-11.

LD: Here is another picture. Please note that none of these admittedly anti-Semitic pictures appear on Christopher Bollyn’s excellent website.


The plane then reportedly broke up in flight. This break-up may have occurred as a result of the extreme forces the plane was subjected to as it went through radical dives and climbs in the last twenty seconds before it disappeared from radar.  This scenario is very similar to the crash of Egypt Air 990, which went down exactly 16 years earlier on October 31, 1999, over the Atlantic Ocean, 62 miles south of Nantucket Island with 217 killed.

The wreckage suggests that the plane disintegrated at a high altitude.

“All signs indicate that the destruction of the aircraft structure occurred in air at a high altitude,” Alexander Neradko, head of the Russian Federal Air Transport Agency, said on November 1. Neradko said debris from the Airbus A321 was scattered across an “elongated ellipsis” of 3 miles in length by 2.5 miles in width.

A plane with a satellite connection to the Internet can be hijacked from the ground by an external hacker breaking into its computer system.



Did you know that a plane, through its computer system,
can be hijacked remotely by cyberhackers and made to crash?


There is a conspiracy theory going the rounds that Israeli security firms have access to, and ultimately control, most airports in the world — apart from airports in Iran and North Korea. There is little evidence for this theory, though Israeli security firms have indeed attempted to spread their tentacles far and wide into countries thousands of miles away from Israel, including airports in the US, Canada and the Netherlands. Smuggling a bomb onto a plane obviously would not be difficult: (1) if Israel wished to do so, and (2) if an Israeli security firm had foolishly been given full control of a particular airport in a foreign country.

Any foreign country that entrusts its security to Israel is therefore running a grave risk.

Israel and Egypt have pretty close ties. Theoretically, a bomb could easily have been smuggled onto the Russian Metrojet passenger plane at Sharm el-Sheikh airport in Egypt, but only (1) if we assume complicity between Israel and Egypt, or (2) if security at the Egyptian airport was so lax that an ISIS [or ISIL] operative could have smuggled a bomb on board the Russian plane. It has now been suggested by British prime minister David Cameron, the first international leader to do so, that an explosive device was placed on the Russian plane by an ISIS terrorist in Egypt.

This allegation, according to Christopher Bollyn, is worthless, since it is supported by no evidence whatever. What the allegation does, however, is deflect attention from Israel by finding a convenient scapegoat in ISIS.

If the British prime minister claims that ISIS was responsible for planting a bomb on the Russian plane, we can be almost certain that this is a lie: pure and simple disinformation. It is an unsupported allegation clearly designed to take the heat off Israel and make the Russians think that it was ISIS, acting in revenge for Putin’s intervention in Syria, that was responsible for the death of 224 Russians on board the plane. The suspicion that Israel might have been responsible for this act of terrorism must on no account be allowed to take root in anyone’s mind.

If we ask the question, Cui bono? or who profits from the destruction of the Russian plane, it is clear that Israel profits most. Israel has a strong motive for attacking Russia covertly. Israel is incensed with Putin for interfering in Syria on behalf of President Assad. The Israelis want Assad gone. They want to extend the Golan heights. They want more land in Syria. They want a pliant Zionist puppet to replace Assad. Above all, they want Syria to go the same way as Iraq and Libya—to reduce it to rubble with the help of ISIS and their “moderate” rebels against Assad’s rule—and they want to do this as a preliminary to the destruction of Iran.

Only then will the Israelis feel secure: when every country in the Middle East is forced to bend the knee in bondage to their hegemony. What better way to punish Putin for his “meddling” in Syria than to bring down a Russian passenger plane and pin the blame on ISIS?


Here is a significant quote from another important article by Christopher Bollyn—”Sinai Plane Crash: Four Theories”—that offers a new perspective on this whole matter. To my mind, it proves beyond any shadow of doubt that the Russian passenger plane was remotely hijacked by cyber hackers, turning the plane effectively into a drone, completely at the mercy of the same hackers.

The fact that the most sophisticated hackers in the world were located in Israel, a mere 60 miles north-east of the site of the plane crash, speaks volumes.

“There is no mention whatsoever by the BBC,” Bollyn writes, “or by other controlled media of the very real possibility that the plane could have been hijacked remotely and flown by an external pilot who caused the destruction of the plane.

This is a blatant omission of the most obvious theory.

It is as if the BBC and the controlled media are unaware of drone technology, although the United States and Israel use remotely-controlled drones on a daily basis in the Zionist fraud known as the “War on Terror.” For a remote hacker to hack into an airplane’s flight navigation system and take control of the plane from the cockpit crew is to turn a passenger plane into a drone.

For the BBC and the Zionist-controlled media to omit the possible theory that the plane was hijacked remotely using drone technology reveals the key role the media plays in the Zionist-bankster deception being foisted on the American people and the world. The controlled media’s omission of the remote hijacking theory is meant to hide that possibility from the public, which suggests that it may very well have been how the plane was brought down.”

— See here

Well, that more or less wraps it up as far as I’m concerned.

Suspect Number One: Israel.

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  1. Two articles in a row about this subject matter is a bit much. We can speculate all we want to, it really doesn’t matter what we speculate. What the Russians conclude about the Russian plane crash in the Sinai is all that matters, and we’re all just going to have to wait and see what the Russian findings turn up. In the meantime, there’s other subjects we can explore. The important thing is [ as I know you all will continue to speculate until you’re all blue in the face ] , the thing to remember and keep in mind as you all speculate : The Russian plane crash in the Sinai hasn’t stopped the Mighty Russian Bear from bombing USrael ZOG jew owned ISIS-ISIL-ALNusra-ALQaeda targets in Syria and in Iraq. The Russian Bear advances and the Russian Bear continues to stomp on USrael ZOG jew-owned “Islamic” Jihadist groups in spite of losing a plane. Keep that in mind as you all speculate.

    1. Well, we now have significant new revelations that DO substantiate these suspicions. The Egyptian revelations on 7 November tell us that the plane’s black box shows a rapid climb to 30,888 feet (and still climbing steeply) with the AUTOPILOT ON in an area where the minimum altitude is 22,000 feet. Where are the control tower instructions to climb to this altitude? This is very stressful for a loaded airbus of this type, I’ve been told. Then we hear a loud noise before the telemetry ends. That could easily have been the tail section giving way. As I see it, there are several explanations: (1) pilot suicide (this was used in an earlier Egyptian plane crash widely suspected to be the result of Israeli hacking) (2) attempted evasion of a fired Israeli or U.S. missile–Israeli planes are equipped with missile-detection systems. Was the Russian plane similarly equipped and could the alleged flash be related to a missile? and (3) the crash was caused by external hacking of the plane’s avionics and control systems. (Note: I am generally familiar with avionics and aircraft having worked for a major military and civilian contractor.)

      1. Knowing Putin, he won’t waste words in his reply to Jews.
        Actions will do the talking.
        And Jews will listen, that’s the only form of communication the Neanderthal degenerates understand.

  2. ” It is an unsupported allegation clearly designed to take the heat off Israel and make the Russians think that it was ISIS, acting in revenge for Putin’s intervention in Syria, that was responsible for the death of 224 Russians on board the plane. ” Somehow I don’t think the Russians are that naive…

    1. It is an unsupported allegation clearly designed to take the heat off Israel, but it is not to make the Russians think Isis is responsible, really, Russian Intelligence is way ahead of the game, but to make us, you , me, Joe, and the rest of the hoi polio think so.

      1. @ Karen

        Agreed. Absolutely correct. If anyone knows what’s going on, it has to be Russia. The big question is: if Russia concludes it has been the victim of a terrorist attack, what does Russia do next? First, it must identify clearly who attacked it. Second, it must decide if it can afford a counterattack if its attackers are the powerful people we think they are. Basically, is Russia ready for WWIII?

        1. I think Lasha, who I insist is a Jew herself — she named her website “Darkmoon”, an obvious code word for the Jew’s Qabalah, and she looks out at us with the Jew qabalah NWO One Eye Of Horus — I think Lasha LERVS the idea that Israel brought down the Russian plane in the Sinai.

          How Lasha is gloating over the fact the Russians lost a plane. This evil Jewess is desperately searching for some good news as the mighty Russian Bear destroys her Jew tribe’s dreams and schemes for a Jew talmud-qabalah NWO Jew izzysmell empire in the Middle East. How Lasha hopes and dreams it was Israel that brought down the plane. Yep, that’s a small victory for the Jews, considering Putin just smashed their Jew eretz izzysmell dreams and schemes to smithereens.

          How desperately Jewess Lasha, the qabalah bakteshi harem seraglio girl to the Sultan of Turkey, is searching for some “good news” as the mighty Russian Bear continues to stomp on USrael ZOG! 🙂 . One downed Russian airliner however does not a resounding victory for Zog USrael make! LOL.

          All you Darkmoon Jews on this site — and we know you are all izzysmell lizard Jews without exception — you know that Putin has just destroyed your dreams and schemes for a Jew talmud-qabalah NWO eretz Israel empire in the Middle East! I bet there’s a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth among all you Zionist trolls infesting this rotten Jew site! LOL ? .

  3. What’s the difference between Israel and ISIS anyhow? ISIS means “Israeli Secret Intelligence Service” , so there’s really no difference between ISIS and Israel. Like Putin doesn’t know “ISIS” means “Israeli Secret Intelligence Service”, 🙂 . Putin doesn’t know USrael ZOG started AL Qaeda, Al Nusra, ISIS, ISIL, lol. On reason they were started by USrael ZOG — not the only reason, but one of The Major Reasons — One of The Major Reason USrael ZOG started all the “Islamic” Jihadists groups was/is to undermine Russia. To encircle Russia with Islamic Jihadists, with the hope that Islamic Jihad would spread into Russia itself and cause civil war and massive turmoil and violence in the heart of Russia. But Putin doesn’t know that, lol, so let’s not say any more on that matter. The “alternative” media is a hoot!

  4. If the connection between ISIS and Israel (cite the captured colonel, has been established, it would make no sense for Israel to create an elaborate and subject-to-suspicion ruse just to avenge themselves on Russia’s interference with their designs. In fact, the deliberate destruction of a civilian airliner would certainly arouse unwanted consternation against their cause (as it already seems to have done). I doubt they are that bold and reckless – especially if they seek the assistance of their ally, Uncle Sam. The conclusions drawn by this article are too convenient, and certainly would be anticipated by Israeli villains, if their intent was to conceal their participation in the tragedy. I believe we should rely on them being more sophisticated.

    1. Gilbert,

      Nowhere did Lasha actually say that Israel was definitely behind this Russian air crash. Her last sentence in the article reads: “Suspect Number One: Israel.” In his latest comment, Paschn lists three countries capable of mounting this attack: Israel, the US, and Britain. I think most people here would agree that Britain is the most unlikely of the three suspects. Which leaves only the US or Israel.

    2. Seriously? You believe the lunatics’ acts are generally more sophisticated? C’mon. Their attacks are blatantly obvious. When the world does not immediately see their deeds as theirs, they follow-up by admitting to the world their actions.
      Why would they take this plane down?
      Why do they attack Palestine?
      Why did they blow up the Liberty?
      WHY did they do 9-11?
      — because THEY CAN. Because, even when they are found out, they are NEVER forced to pay for their filthy deeds; this IS why they do such despicable things.
      I can, in my mind’s eye, see a moddadnik sitting at controls, laughing and stating, “here’s your no-fly zone.”, and taking out the Russian plane with a laugh. These people are disgusting and, guess what!? They are NOT that bright. They are, “blessed”, with a lot more hubris than are they with intellect.
      Sometimes the most obvious thing IS the thing.

      1. one does not need to control a bbc a fox a security firm by having it registered or based in tel aviv.
        one only has to look at g4s and serco anglo based with total mossad infiltration.
        one can take control of news agenda in tv company with 2 or 3 hasbara sayanim.
        maybe the invaders was code for the jewisher instead of mars man.
        it is not ironic simply masonic.
        do the police or security service destroy the organs they infiltrate no more often than not feed and guide.
        infiltration of all areas destroy resistance.
        this is not super human beyond all reason just logistics and planning.
        key leading roles in the organisation one can even get the goy to do the heavy lifting.

        israel control cctv directly or indirectly in most of the areas that count.
        providing fake footage when needed turning off or faulty frying cameras when needed.

        today on the bbc a tory minister said we need to bomb syria because of the plane bomb on moral grounds.
        the crimes in the sinai are so great we need to use depleted uranium billion year munitions on that ancient soil.

        outrage in padophile central westminster for crimes against russian rampant activity while cancelling flights and leaving british tourists stranded.

        the brits and the yanks say russian plane was bombed so we can rule that out.
        malfunction in the wireless devices sounds drone takeover.

        the 9 and 11 talmud event was a long time ago using planes as drones imagine the computer power today.

        question now is does putin disclose or negotiate and come to a quite private agreement.
        the downing date and the deaths are food and succour and power for these satanists.
        not to mention classic mafia mob hit.
        maybe the great italian actors and directors of those great mob movies are really closet jewisher.
        hyman roth indeed
        just as oirish kerry is kohn cohen
        infiltration deception and war

      2. Charles –

        “..the 9 and 11 talmud event was a long time ago using planes as drones imagine the computer power today.”

        Yep…. And waaay before then as well.

        Joe Kennedy was killed in remote control plane operation ‘Aphrodite’ in 1944.

        Aphrodite and Anvil were the World War II code names of United States Army Air Forces and United States Navy operations to use B-17 and PB4Y bombers as precision-guided munitions against bunkers and other hardened/reinforced enemy facilities such as those targeted during Operation Crossbow.
        The plan called for B-17 aircraft which had been taken out of operational service – various nicknames existed such as “robot”, “baby”, “drone” or “weary Willy”– to be loaded to capacity with explosives, and flown by radio control into bomb-resistant fortifications such as German U-boat pens and V-weapon sites.

        ALSO… March 9, 1962:
        Proposed ‘Operation Northwoods’: US Military Would Conduct Terrorist Attacks, Then Blame Them on Cuba to Build Support for War Against Cuba … In March 1962, Lyman L. Lemnitzer, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, submitted a plan to create a remote-controlled drone aircraft to be destroyed by’MIG type planes.
        JFK rejected the plans.

        Later…. The RQ-4 Global Hawk is a high-altitude, long-endurance program was developed for the United States Air Force (USAF) by Northrop Grumman in the 1990s.

        Remote control planes and drones have been around since, at least, WWII.

      3. Anne …… Well said. I agree 100%. “Because, even when they are found out, they are NEVER forced to pay for their filthy deeds; this IS why they do such despicable things.”

        And any revolution against these people who are disproportionately jews will not be televised by the jewish media or written about by the jewish press.

        John Swinton

        “There is no such thing, at this date of the world’s history, in America, as an independent press. You know it and I know it.

        There is not one of you who dares to write your honest opinions, and if you did, you know beforehand that it would never appear in print. I am paid weekly for keeping my honest opinion out of the paper I am connected with. Others of you are paid similar salaries for similar things, and any of you who would be so foolish as to write honest opinions would be out on the streets looking for another job. If I allowed my honest opinions to appear in one issue of my paper, before twenty-four hours my occupation would be gone.”

      4. Cont… John Swinton

        ‘There is no such thing, at this date of the world’s history, in America, as an independent press. You know it and I know it. The business of the Journalist is to destroy truth; to lie outright; to pervert; to vilify; to fawn at the feet of mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread. You know it and I know it and what folly is this toasting an independent press? We are the tools and vassals for rich men behind the scenes. We are the jumping jacks, they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes.’ ~ John Swinton, former Chief of Staff, The New York Times, 1953

      5. Well said Anne! Every bit. “israel” is a rogue entity completely off the hook and OUT of control. They will do ANYTHING to get what they want even with all eyes on them. And as you and our mutual friend Lasha, correctly stated; they are a Prime Suspect in such matters. Unit 8200 was mentioned by another knowledgeable analyst in this field of conspiracies involving the so called ‘jewish State’, one Jonathan Azazaiah on his website Muqawama Music. He would know about their machinations as well. is An Iraqi from his mother’s bloodline and firmly ensconced in all things Middle East. Unit 8200 , another branch of the Mossad has all the where with all and motives to carry out such a vile act. An act of War actually. They are furious over their proxy mercenary Janus force of Hollywood ‘Goy Golem’ Destroyers being driven out of Syria by Russia. Prime $u$pects indeed!!

    3. Crudeness can also be part of sophistication, they have a word for it: “chutzpah”.
      Jews are the crudest, filthiest beasts in the solar system, purposely bred without shame, ability to stare someone down while blatantly lying is a highly prized talent.

      In no way are they like true Cromagnon human, especially not mentally and they have turned these character shortcomings into a weapon because by according them undeserved humanity, we simply cannot accept the reality of such behavior.
      Treat them as non-human, and these glaring contradictions become a lot easier to comprehend.
      Basically, if they weren’t born that way, the humanity was forcibly bred out of them, yes, starting on day 8, through a very public torture, the very first imprint on that fresh emotional slate, not to mention fetal development inside a twisted womb.
      And this is just the start.

      A friend recalled to me how on one flight he sat next to some kind of a rabbi, all in black that kept turning the pages of his demonology book.
      And farting for 4 hours solid, all those fermented foods they eat, the carp, cheese, eggs, dill pickles fueling his ungodly bowels, never a tiniest bit of shame or embarrassment.

      What is Holocaust if not an exercise in crudity, the absolutely most humongously crude lie anyone could possibly imagine on this Earth?
      And look at the success they had with it.

      Will we ever learn? … and act.

      My prayers are that Russia will put an end to this monster race and when the tide turns, there will be no shortage of helping volunteers, I will pray in Cyrillic if it helps.

      1. These are such great and encapsulating comments by LOBRO that I thought I would take the time to respond.

        “What is Holocaust if not an exercise in crudity”?

        That about says it all.

        The so-called “Holocaust” is a naked demonstration or blunt object lesson of Jewish crudity aka “chutzpah” for the Goyim.

        I agree with ANNEBECK58 and LOBRO 100% on this particular comment thread, except for the following statement on fermented foods!

        Sorry for not commenting on the topic of this particular article. . . .

        ///A friend recalled to me how on one flight he sat next to some kind of a rabbi, all in black that kept turning the pages of his demonology book.

        And farting for 4 hours solid, all those fermented foods they eat, the carp, cheese, eggs, dill pickles fueling his ungodly bowels, never a tiniest bit of shame or embarrassment.///

        It is highly unlikely that fermented foods caused this “some kind of a rabbi” to fart for 4 solid hours! The fetid Talmud or being a psychopathic cult member will certainly cause one much indigestion and lots of flatulence!

        Fermented foods, maybe conventional cheese being one of the exceptions, are LIVE foods, meaning that in many cases they are living foods full of friendly bacterial for the human intestine, many natural vitamins especially vitamin C, lots of easily digestible forms of nutrients, etc. Some types of fermented foods even act like antioxidants in neutralizing and removing free radicals from the human body.

        Think German sauerkraut and unpasteurized yogurt and non-GMO miso soup. Where did the derogatory label “krauts” come from?

        Dill pickles are typically not fermented in a salty brine but pickled in vinegar. All canned and pickled vegetables using vinegar are basically DEAD. Vegetables fermented in a salty brine are ALIVE. Our grandparents and our forefathers preserved their spring, summer and fall vegetables for the winter seasons by naturally fermenting them, NOT by canning and pickling them in vinegar.

        Why am I writing about fermented foods here?

        We are very near the asymptotic cusp of the “Jewish Question” ~ the exponential curve of Jewish debts, credits, fake money, usury schemes, and other Ponzi Schemes fast approaching the exponential wrath of God’s judgment for ALL their mass murders and genocides throughout history: Evil Karma meet the Evil Karma Perpetrators. Shit is about to hit the fan!

        If we are to survive what is about to rain down upon us all, we need to know how to grow nutrient-dense, LIVE foods and also how to preserve them as LIVE foods.

        And we need to DO these crucial things NOW. BEFORE the shit hits the fan.

        One of the best books on how to make fermented foods is called “Wild Fermentation” by Sandor Ellix Katz. Sandor Katz is a Jew, interestingly enough, who has AIDS and his home-made fermented foods are helping him to stay alive by boosting his immune system. You can get a free PDF copy of his book here:

        There is an incredible man by the name of Paul Gautschi (I call him the “God Whisperer” because he literally talks to God and God to him!) who has re-discovered HOW to grow the best and most nutrient-dense organic fruits, vegetables and nuts in the world. It is so simply and so easy and so abundant that the “natural man,” to use a Biblical phrase, just cannot comprehend it when they see it with their very own eyes and even when they taste his fruits and vegetables:

        BTW, Paul Gautschi is Swiss-German. Another truly magnificent feat for the Germans!


        I don’t know about anyone else here besides LOBRO, but I am also getting very tired of PAT’s ceaseless diatribes and tiresome ad hominem attacks against President Vladimir Putin. Regurgitating the same shit, like a broken record playing some putrid Jazz “music” over and over and over again.

        What a waste of valuable comment space here on Darkmoon.

        If President Putin is truly in the pockets of the Rothschilds and Jews, or playing the part of the Jewish controlled opposition, why would they SO demonize him in their Jewish presstitute media? Is it because they LOVE him so much like they did Adolf Hitler, that the ENTIRE Western media spectrum, from the Jewish left to the fake Christian right and everything else in between and beyond, paints Vladimir Putin as THE Next Adolf Hitler?!?

        I believe, maybe with a tinge of desperation in hoping and praying, that President Putin may be “the only hope left in this world of ours. . . standing between us and the Hell of WW3.”

        In one of my most favorite movies, The Shawshank Redemption, Tim Robbinsʼ character, Andy Dufresne, wrote the following poignant words of wisdom in a letter to his kindred jailbird friend played by Morgan Freeman, which we should all keep at heart:

        “Remember, Red. Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.”

      2. David –

        If you can point out where I am wrong I will admit it.

        I just did so with Felix. “I mis-wrote.”

        I post no more about Putin than Lobro does. He has his spin and guesses…..
        …. I have mine.

        I am mostly of German-Swiss stock and I really like the healthful and nutritious sauerkraut. 😉

  5. Although they haven’t found any concrete evidence to support their involvement, (and likely won’t),one thing is evident (to me). There are only three nations who, under every-day conditions could/would create animals capable of doing this or even slaughtering their own to further their bank balance, obtain a pat on the head from a superior or that coveted promotion;



    United States

    I doubt The Christ labeled them “The Synagogue of Satan” off the cuff. Where Russians/Germans chaffed under control of Talmudic demons, the west revels in it.

    1. A Possibility re the Russian airliner crash plus a bomb?
      “…..Many electromagnetic weapons do, indeed, look like radars, at least to non-expert eyes. America’s air force is developing a range of them based on a type of radar called an active electronically scanned array (AESA). When acting as a normal radar, an AESA broadcasts its microwaves over a wide area. At the touch of a button, however, all of its energy can be focused onto a single point. If that point coincides with an incoming missile or aircraft, the target’s electronics will be zapped.
      “…..Though disabling an aircraft’s avionics will obviously cause it to crash, in many other cases, no direct harm is done to people at all…..”

  6. The inspectors have precedents and know what to look for and where to look for it. If there were bomb evidence(maybe there is) it isn’t a matter of opinion or conjecture, it’s a matter of material evidence.
    Bomb evidence isn’t really that confounding or new or somehow disguised as structural failure. It’s blatant science and math. Like bldg 7.

    Chances of structural failure on an aircraft which has already been repaired, is obviously the first scenario to explore.

    One other scenario I read about and which is provable (or not) in a short time frame, is a drone strike. A head on collision by a large size drone which prevented the flight crew from any rapid radio communication.

    Drones are flying everywhere and it’s not at all unusual for a commercial and military pilots to report near misses, drone sighting in the area, etc.

      1. Oh he knows alright… probably waiting for all the BS speculation to calm down before he makes his move.

  7. Yes, from the moment the plane went down, I said: “it is that mentalcase, Bibi.”
    Then their war-babies, “iSIS”, stepped in to claim blame. How typical.
    And, the US, which always plays cover for the lunatic-state, steps in to, “investigate”. just like US did when these horrible, “people”, attacked the U.S.S. Liberty.
    I would ask when the rest of the world is going to awaken to the truth, but I think the world’s governments know the truth. They all simply provide cover for, “israel”.
    Putin, on the other hand, does not seem to want to play their game. When the proof is out (and, “israel”, ALWAYS tattles on themselves…), Putin may decide it’s time for some payback. I certainly do hope this happens.

  8. This subject matter of a Russian plane going down in the Sinai and “we must find out who did it” is being discussed in the “alternative” media, here at Darkmoon and at many other “alternative” media websites, as if the Russians don’t have any Intelligence agencies working on it, the Russians can’t figure out who did it on their own. The Russians need our American “alternative” media to figure it out for them, :).

    1. Russia may know/find out but Moscow plays a game for own ends. We are justified to explore on our own.
      Case of Polish gov’t (de facto NATO) plane catastrophe at Smolensk, April10, 2010: officially an accident, Russia blamed but author of official version, IMHO Jew crew job across Poland, Russia and the West (no requests by EU nor NATO for release of remains of EU member, NATO plane for investigation,nosatellite images from US…).
      Evidence (satellite) is played geopolitically: no satellite proofs from US for MH17 nor for present A321.
      From daily news on Russian Sputnik website, I observe inconsistent statements from misc. Egyptian, Russian and Western experts (?) as situation develops — see for yourself, all A321 news in one bunch:

      Putin clearly has a session of chess…

      1. Good chess-meister… Bad economist.

        Putin’s games hurt Russian people and help big oil companies. He helps big Jew-owned oil industries in Russia.

        Russia has Runaway Inflation and the ruble has lost about 30 percent against the U.S. dollar.

        Inflation is at a 13-year high.

        Rising Poverty due to Runaway inflation eroded consumers’ purchasing power. The resulting drop in wages and disposable income has been so dramatic as to make more Russians destitute.

        The World Bank predicts Russia will experience for the first time since the 1998-1999 financial crisis a significant increase in its poverty rate, which had almost halved since 2000 when President Vladimir Putin assumed power and oil prices began to rise.

        The weaker currency has hit consumers hard but helped Russian oil producers.

  9. Planes can be hijacked and/or disabled from the ground by overriding the plane’s electronic/computer system, but the thing is : There are ways to block planes from being hijacked and/or disabled from the ground. A major reason the Europeans started Airbus Industries was because Boeing was equipping Boeing planes with equipment which could be used to hijack/disable the planes from the ground. The Europeans deactivated the electronic equipment that Boeing was installing in the Boeing planes making them easy to hijack/disable.The Europeans then decided to have their own aircraft industry. I’m sure the Russians know all this. I’m sure the Russians know what to look for in a plane’s electronic/computer systems to see whether the plane(s) is susceptible to being hijacked and/or disabled from the ground. The Russian plane that went down in the Sinai was an Airbus product, NOT a Boeing product. If the Europeans are now also installing equipment that makes their Airbus planes susceptible to hijacking/disabling from the ground, I’m sure the Russians would know about it, and I’m sure they deactivated the electronic equipment that would make their Russian planes, from both Boeing company and Airbus company, vulnerable to hijacking from the ground. [ if indeed Airbus has installed the electronic equipment on their planes making the planes vulnerable to disabling/hijacking from the ground. ] But I don’t think so. A major reason Airbus has taken so much business from Boeing is because Boeing planes are so easy to hijack/disable from the ground. Boeing shot itself in the foot with their insistence in equipping their Boeing planes with electronic systems so easily over-rided and taken over by ground controllers. I’m sure the Russians know about all of this. I’m sure they checked all their civilian airliners from both Boeing [ if they have any Boeing products] and Airbus to make sure their planes can’t be taken over from ground controllers. Either a bomb or a missile took the Russian plane out.

  10. Was Israel Responsible?
    no; so called “Israel” wasn’t responsible and “Israel” wasn’t responsible EITHER for the huge (silent though) fart i threw this morning on the Caracas subway that stunk up the place so badly it made all PASSENGERS get off at the next stop.
    Why would the Jews take such a risk? What benefit, ACTUALLY would the Jews get by downing a plane full of civilians that belong to THE COUNTRY, LISTEN TO THIS, THE FIRST COUNTRY THAT VOTED YES FOR ITS CREATION IN 1948! ?
    Do you think the Jews don’t know that this incident or accident won’t make the hungry, stubborn Russians leave Syria?
    Just ask yourselves; who benefits from this? No one! the only ones benefitting are The Islamic State in terms not only of vengeance but of soldiers morale; it definitely uplifts the members confidence, cheerfulness, discipline, and willingness to perform assigned tasks; it makes them know that the backbone of The Islamic State is strong and unbreakable and that retaliation to any attack by any entity will immediately follow. It makes its soldiers understand and know that their lives are precious and that their deaths will be avenged…
    I am thrilled by this incident; and even if it was an accident THE TIMING OF IT will make the russians think twice. .
    But even if it wasn’t a planned attack; what a slap to the face of that Moron Putin this is; “lets play hard ball”
    Now if it was an accident then it is God telling the Russians “Beat it, get the hell out of the middle east; atheist fuck”.. you don’t belong here
    And its true;
    The Russians have no borders with Syria;
    the Russians aren’t of our ethnicity
    The Russians aren’t of our religion
    the Russians have no business in the middle east
    and the stupid argument that “oh well the elected president of that country asked for our help” is laughable, because everyone in the whole world knows what kind of people the Assads are.
    Because we all (pleaseeee) very well know that the Assad dynasty has been rigging elections since 1970 and that we Sunnis make up 90 percent of the population in Syria and that it would be obvious we would vote for a Sunni candidate if there was one!
    One more time
    The world soccer games are coming up in Russia i believe
    The Olympics are coming up in Russia i believe, leave us alone (that’s what I think the Islamic State would be saying) leave us alone we don’t wanna shit on your parade..
    stop your meddling; assad must go.
    AND no the jews would actually choose Assad over the Islamic State; Israel would actually love someone like Al SISI of Egypt run Syria. Al sisi, who flooded the Gaza tunnels as soon as he took over …

    1. Avatar it is obvious you are an “israeli” Hasbara troll. That being said; nothing you post should be taken seriously by anyone here. Your screed is utter garbage. Refuse; as in Trash. Enough said.

    2. Yesterday “avatar” lived in Columbia. Yesterday, “avatar” was in Columbia. Today, “avatar” is in Venezuela [ Caracas is in Venezuela, NOT Columbia.] What happened? Did “avatar” get deported and kicked out of Columbia? I wouldn’t be surprised, “avatar” can be quite the annoying fellow.

    3. “I am thrilled by this incident;” :
      you, avatar, are sick, as in mentally ill. and your takfiri “heroes” are far from united, they often turn on one another, if, that is, they are not running scared, of Assad`s advancing army. your takfiri “heroes” are nothing more than useful idiots, cannon fodder, for the US/UK/KSA and israel, ie. expendable..

  11. Mark well my words ladies and gentlemen.
    Putin will ultimately send the Jews back to the stone age by turning that shithole into a 3 foot thick sheet of glass.

    1. I can’t think of anything more joyful.

      Especially if at that moment all jews in the world plus all their kosher goy turds would be there.

  12. What Bolsheviks would kill a royal couple and children wiping out a Dynistry ….What Bolsheviks would kill 25 children and 199 adults? Your answer please.

  13. Could very very well be. The Jew’s insatiable hunger for revenge and lack of empathy for anything non jewish is beyond many people’s comprehension.

  14. LD says “Computer hacking is indeed the main function of the Israeli operatives stationed at Unit 8200 on Kibbutz Urim.”

    And this article confirms it.

    “How does Israel, a small country with roughly 8 million people, produce more tech startups and receive more venture capital per capita than any nation in the world? Why does a country with few natural resources have more companies listed on the NASDAQ than Europe, Japan, Korea, India and China combined?

    To understand Israel’s innovation success, look no further than the Israeli Defense Forces and the country’s mandatory policy of service for young adults. For me and thousands of Israeli entrepreneurs like me, our startup journey began in the technology units of the Israeli Defense Forces. One unit in particular has become a prolific technology incubator, particularly in the field of cybersecurity: IDF Unit 8200.

    The 8200 is a special unit, and in many ways, it’s run like a high-tech startup. It begins with finding the best talent. IDF scouts comb the nation’s high schools to identify high-potential candidates at an early age. They target students with superior analytical capabilities, who can make quick decisions and work well in a team environment. Only the best and brightest are routed to this elite cybersecurity group.”

    1. “How does Israel, a small country with roughly 8 million people, produce more tech startups and receive more venture capital per capita than any nation in the world? Why does a country with few natural resources have more companies listed on the NASDAQ than Europe, Japan, Korea, India and China combined?”

      One reason – JUST ONE – is they pay no duty to sell products to the best market in the world. All that is required is the products are invoiced through, brokered through, Israel. This nets them hundreds of billions USD yearly.

      F.O.B. USA = F.O.B. Israel for exporting also.

      It is as easy as creating FRNs.

      AND… Company A in US purchases widgets from US company across the street and pays Israel company.


      Israel Free Trade Agreement
      Entered into Force August 19, 1985

      Agreement on the Establishment of a Free Trade Area between the Government of Israel and the Government of the United States of America

      Done in duplicate, in the Hebrew and English languages, both equally authentic, at Washington, D.C., this twenty second day of April 1985, which corresponds to this first day of Iyar, 5745.

      1. Mel –

        Yes. I used it every day for decades. It is a shipping term for quoting sales of goods.

        “Free On Board.”… abbreviated F.O.B.

        I use it out of habit. Sorry I did not explain it.

        FOB shipping point.
        FOB loaded truck.
        FOB vessel.
        FOB dock.
        FOB alongside pier.
        FOB mill.
        FOB your lumber yard.

        If I quoted “FOB loaded truck on the dock”… it would mean you pay to have it delivered to your place, whether I arrange shipping… or you go pick it up. I also pay for loading it on the truck.

        Did that help..? 😉

    2. “How does Israel, a small country with roughly 8 million people, produce more tech startups and receive more venture capital per capita than any nation in the world? Why does a country with few natural resources have more companies listed on the NASDAQ than Europe, Japan, Korea, India and China combined?”

      One reason – JUST ONE –

      Pat, you forgot the number ONE reason, because the one listed is either number two or way down the list.

      What is the reason for Israel’s existence?
      To provide sanctuary to gangsters, it is an internationally safe den of thieves as it was designed by Rothschild cockroaches to be.
      Let’s start somewhere like dozen years back, we can always go 300 years back, same thing.
      When, a day before the WTC live demolition (only Jews were miraculously missing from the buildings), Don Rumsfeld announced that $2.3 trillion was mysteriously missing from Pentagon books, with rabbi Dov Zakheim (the remote control of planes specialist) in charge of investigation, whose Pentagon office with all the paperwork was miraculously demolished by incoming missile with him miraculously absent (there is Torah miracles for you), where do you think those trillions went?
      When Lehman Brothers implosion back in 2008 signaled multi-trillion dollar market wipeout (even though Lehman are Fed shareholders), where did those trillions go?
      When just one Jew, Bernie Madoff admits stealing $60 billion, where did those billions go?
      And on and on and on.
      Why did Rothschilds force the world to accept Switzerland as a neutral country and thus untouchable back at the Vienna Conference, if not because they needed a safe zone, which is now Israel, while setting off FATCA to destroy Swiss banking since now they don’t need it anymore?
      When the Romanov dynasty were kosherized in 1917, they were thought to be the richest in the world, most of their assets in Swiss banks, to the tune of trillions.
      Who do you think grabbed those assets, given no claimants to them?

      Yeah, so israel is thriving on account of native tech brains … sure, sure, those hardworking, bright Jews, the usual likely story.
      So why is then Gen Herzl Halevi, chief of IDF intel bitching that Iranians are rapidly closing the technology gap with Israel?
      By rights, there should be venture capital pouring into Iran at least at an equal rate as into Israel, right?
      I doubt that Iran received a penny of Wall Street venture capital, so what are the bright Jew hedge fund managers thinking?

      Money laundry.

      1. I agree, Lobro – (Oooops) 😉

        When I stated “JUST ONE”…. I meant that it was just one of HUNDREDS… and NOT #1 either.

        It is very hard for me to be precise in a few words. I don’t like ramblings.
        Just take it for whatever you believe it is worth as info. It has no ranking with me.

        It is tough to write and translate scriptures also….
        …. especially after 1900 years……. hmmmm.

      2. Why is daddy Bush distancing himself from his idiot son, and his two sidekicks, Rumsfeldt, and Cheney? Is the emergence of truth becoming unbearable?

    3. I can`t remember if it was Jim Fetzer, or Kevin Barret, who suggested that the Malaysian flight which disappeared, was probably disabled, and flown by remote control, to Diego Garcia. There is, apparently, an extremely hush, hush, military facility there..

  15. Ex-KGB man Putin knows full well who was behind this because he knows who is behind ISIS.

    Israel and the West see that the Bear drawing a line in the sand kickin’ ass and takin’ names changes the entire game plan. ISIS is done for, and both sides know it, so what do the Khazarian scumbags do? Shoot down a plane with Russians on board out of pure spite and put the blame on THEIR creation, cast in the role of convenient scapegoat.

    This keeps the whole episode neutralized in putting ISIS in the role of common enemy. A moot point now, because its status as “enemy” has been all but eliminated and relegated into the crowded dustbin of history.

    A game of cat ‘n mouse
    and you-know-who’s the louse

  16. The plane was operated by Russian Metrojet. Its website identified the pilot, captain Valery Nemov with excellent flying record of 12000 hours. It also said that the aircraft was in good shape.

    The Egyptian government of military dictator Gen. Sisi has called the accident a result of “crashed landing” due to some technical problems.

    Now, here why I smell some rotten eggs in this story; 1) Gen. Sisi is a Crypto Jew and very popular within Israeli regime, 2) Israel has offered its “help” to investigate (remove any evidence of Mossad involvement as it did France, Argentina, Spain, Kenya, the US, UK, Turkey, etc. in the past) the accident, 3) US-Israel’s baby ISIS has taken credit for shooting the plane to revenge Russian airstrikes in Syria against anti-Assad rebels, 4) Egyptian Sinai Peninsula which borders Israel, was occupied by Israel for nearly two decades, 5) Egypt has welcomed Russian military involvement in Syria claiming that would root-out Salaafi/Wahabi terrorism, 6) Israeli poodle governments in Bonn and Paris have banned commercial flights over Sinai Peninsula, and 7) Rita Katz, the Jewish ‘video expert’ has already released a video in support of ISIS claim.

    Russian Transport Ministry officials have rejected ISIS claim saying that “plane at 31K feet is outside MANPAD range”.

    Mokhtar Awad, an analyst with the Center for American Progress, has also rejected ISIS claim – calling it “quite vague”. The Washington-based group was founded by Bill Clinton’s deputy chief of staff, John Podesta (Jewish) in 2003.

    Lt. Col. Stephen Avery, who had piloted Airbus 321 in the past, has also rejected IS claim in the video. He says that Airbus 321 doesn’t have the power to reach 31,000 feet range.

    I’m surprised the Egypt, Israel and United States have not awarded the honor of planting a bomb inside the plane to anti-Israel Muslim Brotherhood that supported Mufti al-Husseini against Jew settlers.

    The shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missile MANPAD has a maximum range of 1500 feet. The question is who provided the IS those missiles other than the US or Israel?

    Based on the above facts, I believe it was a warning to Putin to get the hell out of Syria by USrael.

  17. From Russia With Suspicion
    Claims of Bomb Attack as Putin Halts Russian Flights to Egypt

    And here is an interesting one from Russia Insider
    Why Did Terrorists Use Language of Former White House Aide in Claiming Credit for Downed Russian Plane?

    There is however a peculiarity in the claim that makes it stand out from traditional ISIS speak. In it, the terrorists say:’Die in your rage. We, with God’s grace, are the ones who brought it down, and we are not obliged to disclose the mechanism of its demise’ and end with a fanatic declaring:’We will disclose the mechanism of its demise at the time that we want and in the way that we want.’

    Sure sounds Avatarian to me.

    What is additionally interesting is that Google denies me access to this article

    Access denied


    Mostly because the article you wanted to read is unpublished (we don’t know temporary or not). Sorry.

    We hope you’re still having a good time with RI.

    Maybe some of you have better luck, if so, I’d like to know which former WH aide used that language … Karl Rove?

  18. what with donmeh jewish satanist sisi saying it was plane fatigue.
    and rabbi rupurt murdoch and his boy david cameron saying it was isis bomb.
    what with tv radio and press now using the word obviously a bomb and poor avi avatar the musselim sim saying israel are innocent kind of strange for a boy from palestine
    clearly not dimona concrete bunker more like poor avi having to toilet into his cola bottle for all of his kosher shift.
    yanky piss in yahudi out.

    bollyn remote take over silencing of the transmission equipment a fight between pilot and drone controller
    or an air to air missile strike or both.
    jim stone and christopher bollyn best ideas yet.

    missile meme msm incoming
    it would seem the rabbi is getting hysterical

    British passenger plane in near-miss with missile over Egypt where Russian jet was downed


  19. Today’s lesson in Rothschield Rithmatik.
    Everybody remembers the leaders of world’s democracy standing proudly shoulder to shoulder in sympathy for our funny, inncocent Charlie Hebdo, so grievously harmed by them nasty Moozlems last year?
    Here is a reminder (notice how the world’s democracy is anchored by Netanyahu on one side and Abbas on the other)
    So where is Charlie Hebdo today with his staunch supporters, the sentinels of democracy, free speech and decency?
    Do you get the humor? Avatar does.
    And do you get the “2+2”? I do.

    1. Man said:

      Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye devour widows’ houses, and for a pretence make long prayer: therefore ye shall receive the greater damnation.

      Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves.

      Woe unto you, ye blind guides, which say, Whosoever shall swear by the temple, it is nothing; but whosoever shall swear by the gold of the temple, he is a debtor!

  20. “Joe Kennedy was killed in remote control
    plane operation ‘Aphrodite’ in 1944” ???…
    That’s nothing but the Jews’ own hasbara.

    Why would the Jews need ‘remote control’ –
    back in 1944 – when a run-of-the-mill
    aneroid-controlled time-bomb would
    have done the job perfectly well – and
    quite obviously did, in the event.

    BTW, the bomb aboard that Russian
    airliner didn’t even have a timer –
    only an aneroid or two – in parallel.


    There was no heat trail, however.
    So there was no missile. There is
    little or no doubt by now that it
    was a bomb, and, apparently, a
    massive one, possibly up to 20kg,
    while as little as 2kg would have
    served the purpose well enough.

    A massive overkill is just like the
    ‘Islamic State’ – and the Jews
    are keenly aware of this.

    “A Russian-born Israeli journalist
    Ravid Gor analyzed the response
    of the ‘Russian I$raelis’ to the
    collapse of the Russian plane
    and called it ‘trolls dancing on
    the blood’. Commenters reacted
    with joy to news of the crash…”

    And although the ‘Islamic State’ hurried
    to claim responsibility, just how many
    agents on the ground does it actually
    have in Sharm el-Sheikh/Hurghada?…
    Not half as many as the Jews – and
    not half as well placed.

    And the Jews in I$raHell are no more
    happy with the Russian presence in
    Syria than the ‘Islamic State’ – and so
    are the Jew neocons in Washington –
    not at all unwilling to bestow upon
    the ‘Russian opposition’ a heap
    of mutilated Russian corpses –
    with which to castigate Putin
    and his ‘military adventurism’.

    And what the Jews want to happen
    usually does happen – especially
    if it’s of a purely criminal nature.

    For example, the Jews wanted all
    Kennedys dead – and five of them
    were either assassinated or killed
    in dubious accidents.

    While fighting in WW2 – to save
    the Jews’ worthless hides – Joe
    Kennedy Jr was blown up in his
    aircraft – not by enemy fire.

    Likewise, the Jews didn’t want
    the American patriot Charles
    Lindbergh in the White House –
    and his baby son was kidnapped
    and murdered. And Lindbergh
    had no clue what hit him – and
    may well have went to his grave
    none the wiser.

    The worst possible mistake
    to make with the Jews is
    to doubt their bestiality.

    1. CB –

      You have JUST proved that everyone has their own truth and their own versions of history.

      That’s fine… So do I. 🙂

    2. @CB

      I think most here know that jews are vermin. And I literally mean vermin. Our world is infested by a demonic jewish virus like a planetary AIDS which attacks everything good and healthy on it. Exterminating them is absolutely essential for the survival of earth’s entire ecosystem. This will not happen during our era I think. Our current collective planetary awareness doesn’t contain enough willpower to do this. Even Hitler, who had a superhuman willpower didn’t want to do that. I wish he really did kill 6000000 of them. That would have been a nice start. All those countries, citystates, kingdoms, etc. always threw them out instead of killing them off. When will the world finally learn that there is no other solution to cure our planet than to kill this virus? Because it’s either that or end up like Mars.

    3. CB –

      Sorry… I forgot to answer your question:
      “Why would the Jews need ‘remote control’ – back in 1944..”

      ‘Operation Aphrodite’ was conceived to use drones to remotely destroy V2 rocket sites.

      The planes they used were fast and highly maneuverable… unlike the normal slow bombers taking FLAK.

      The B-17 they used had been stripped down to the basic airframe. It had no crew, no guns, no turrets, no interior furnishings or amenities. It was just wings and engines and payload.

      A controlling plane flew behind the loaded ‘drone’ plane.

      Joe was killed when the ‘drone’ plane exploded when it was too close to his plane. Many have contended that it was to keep him out of politics in the US. Similar to the fate of Patton.

      1. Aphrodite aircraft were heavily loaded with explosives. Pilot reports indicate the aircraft were difficult to get airborne and very sluggish on the controls. The empty weight of a normal operational B-17s was 36,135 lbs. The Torpex payload of the drone 30,000 lbs. meant the aircraft was 12,135 lbs over the aircraft’s normal operating limit of 54,000 lbs. This explains why they stripped out so much equipment.

        “The plan called for B-17 aircraft which had been taken out of operational service – various nicknames existed such as “robot”, “baby”, “drone” or “weary Willy” – to be loaded to capacity with explosives, and flown by radio control into bomb-resistant fortifications such as German U-boat pens and V-weapon sites.”

        “Loaded to capacity” means these aircraft were gross loaded to their limit. The idea was the pilot would get the aircraft airborne and stable. After a positive radio link and control was established, the pilot would then bail out and the control aircraft would fly the drone to the target.

        Joe Kennedy was actually piloting the B-24 that disintegrated in flight.

        In fact one of the reasons the program was cancelled, it was felt the drones were to vulnerable to flak and enemy fighters. There were numerous targets considered for these missions, but highest on the list were the heavily reinforced U-boat pens.

        Perhaps the most interesting of these aircraft was the B-17 “roadster.” This aircraft had its cockpit covering removed making it the first and only open-cockpit B-17.

        As for the first drone aircraft, this would be the “Kettering Bug” first flown in 1918. While the “Bug” used a Sperry automatic guidance system, it was not radio controlled. Later German V-1 cruise missiles used the same “fire and forget” concept.

        I have yet to see the mention of “Operation Home Run.”

        It was reported in the late seventies, Lufthansa refused to take delivery on their order of Boeing airliners until this system was completely removed from the aircraft at Boeing’s expense. If there is any truth to this, then the remote control system for the attack on the trade towers was in place long before September 11th 2001.

        As for project Global Hawk, one of these aircraft, with the approximate dimensions of a Boeing 737, was flown “chock to chock” from San Fransisco to Tokyo with no souls on board in the late 90s, again before the September 11th attack.

      2. “As for project Global Hawk, one of these aircraft, with the approximate dimensions of a Boeing 737, was flown “chock to chock” from San Fransisco to Tokyo with no souls on board in the late 90s, again before the September 11th attack.”

        That same task was performed ‘unmanned’ taking off from Edwards Air Force Base, California, to landing in Sydney, Australia, in March before Sep 11, 2001.

        I immediately reflected on it when WTC was hit… with the SECOND plane.

  21. The case quite likely is that most,
    if not all ISIS operatives in Sinai
    are known to the Jews and are not
    at all unprepared to collaborate
    with them on ‘common causes’…

    And while it’s unlikely that the Jews
    themselves ever touched that bomb,
    it’s quite likely that they handed on
    to the local jihadis an instruction –
    in very clear and simple Arabic – on
    how to construct the control circuit
    of the bomb, and how to improvise
    a reliable aneroid switch from a few
    pieces of common refuse.

    And, more importantly, the Jews
    may well have provided them with
    the irreplaceable ‘connection’
    at the Sharm el-Sheikh airport.

    After all, the Jews have got a huge
    terrorist dog in the Syrian civil war –
    and they have to have their pound
    of flesh.

    On the other hand, the military-run
    Egyptian regime couldn’t have
    possibly had anything to do with
    this, however ‘Jewish’ Sisi may be.

    They wouldn’t touch Islamists
    with a ten-foot pole, and the
    tourist trade is worth billions
    of dollars to them.

  22. Important. Many are saying Scott Roberts has “nailed it” once again. This is superbly interesting listening for those wanting to know more about Russia and Putin in today’s political sphere. Scott Says: I have questions, do you have answers?

    “More like “forbidden questions”, and I must be a “divisive ass” and/or a “Jew” for daring to ask them.

    Pick a side, little children, and never forget you must go along to get along. Meanwhile, the (unnamed) Jew continues to push his agenda (White genocide) right along.

    Fact is, the burden falls on those who claim that Putin is “on our side”, “Jew-free”, a “hero”, our “savior”, a “gift from god”, or a “friend of nationalists”, not on those of us who dare to question him or anything he has ever said/done.

    PS – I’ll stop the Pootin “bashing” when the blind support, untrammeled praise, hero worship, and the wild theories about him “secretly working against Jews” stops and/or when someone can at least start answering some of these very reasonable/pertinent questions. I have more questions to ask (questioning Pootin is sacrilegious blasphemy, I know), but I’d like someone to start off by answering these. Pretty please.”

      1. I can’t figure out people who can listen to Roberts and still don’t get what he conveys so clearly. He lays it all out. To listen to him over those 30 minutes and still come out the other end thinking Putin is independent… is totally outrageous.

        Contrary to what is often believed, Russia has never ceased to be a stronghold of international Zionism since 1917.

    1. Here is how I dealt with first question Roberts asked in the video at the 5 min mark.

      The first misleading instance is when he makes a direct analogy between Alex Jones and Vlad Putin and says that they operate the same way.
      What he is either too dumb or too sneaky to clarify is that Jones is a muckraker who runs a blog plugging survivalist camping gear while Putin runs the world’s second most powerful nation militarily and academically across the largest landmass on Earth and is embroiled in a war to extinction with ZOG.
      Spot the difference?

      Scott Roberts argues that “Putin banned Russian Nationalist Party” and takes it as proof that Putin works for the Jew.

      Well, he didn’t, it was by decision of a Moscow District Court.

      A few quotes from various links related to the case, easy to do your own searches, I don’t want to be put on moderation for excessive links.

      The groups like the Slavic Union promote the rights of ethnic Russians in the Russian Federation and also support the union with Belarusians and Ukrainians whom they consider a single ethnicity with Russians. The economic and political programs of the nationalists are vague, and the main demand is to GIVE ETHNIC RUSSIANS A UNIQUE RIGHT OF A STATE-FORMING NATION, GUARANTEED BY THE CONSTITUTION.

      Pardon me, but doesn’t this sound a lot like the definition of a uniquely Jewish State, the only one of its kind in the world?

      Shit disturbers for its own sake, plain and simple, when Russia needs it the least as they try to present a face of reason and civility towards the world and are in fact greatly appreciated for it, why waste that priceless capital? Putin got credibility, the rest of them don’t.

      He has also been charged with creating an illegal nationalist community in Kazakhstan that sought displacement of that country’s lawfully-elected president.

      Kazakhstan is quite friendly to Russia, why would any responsible Russian leader want to aggravate those ties and invite infiltration by CIA, Mossad, black ops and ISIS? Only a moron or a fifth columnist would want that.

      “It was established that the program documents of the ‘Russians’ ethno-political union are seeking to entice hatred towards a certain ethnic entity and also call for the start of national-liberation movement and foundation of an independent ETHNIC state

      (Here we go again)

      By the way, HERE it says that one of the 2 leaders of the “Slavic Union”, Alexader Belov is a Jew:

      Born Alexander Potkin, he changed his name to Belov, taken from the Russian word for ‘”white,”‘ after breaking with Pamyat some years ago. Since then he has been unable to shake the rumor that he is Jewish. Many Russian Jewish surnames end in “kin,” and the question has sparked Internet chatter that still persists.

      And if internet chatter is not enough to tell you that Belov (Potkin) is a Jew, let’s judge him by his actions, ok?

      MOSCOW, October 16 (RAPSI) – Alexander Potkin (a.k.a Alexander Belov, b. 1976), former leader of the Russian nationalist Movement Against Illegal Immigration, has been arrested in the case of the $5 billion embezzlement at the Kazakh bank BTA, Kommersant newspaper reported on Thursday, citing sources at the Russian Interior Ministry.

      Ex-head of BTA Bank Mukhtar Ablyazov fled to the UK after the Kazakh government acquired a stake in BTA in 2009 and the bank came under the control of its sovereign wealth fund, Samruk-Kazyna. Kazakhstan claims that Ablyazov embezzled over $6 billion.

      Boo-f***ing-hoo, Putin no like Potkin, so Putin works for Joooos, weep, sniffle.
      Need more proof? When Jews steal big bucks, the courts everywhere (except Russia) are on their side

      On April 9, 2014, the criminal chamber of Paris’s Cour de Cassation, the court of final appeal for civil and criminal cases in France, ruled to block Ablyazov’s extradition because of an administrative error by the court.

      So, Scott Roberts could equally apply his questions and Jones analogy to himself, after all, he and Jones are in the same business of supposedly informing their readers, whereas Putin is a politician and a power player, so his priorities are entirely different.

      It could be argued that based on his own yardsticks of judgment, Roberts himself has a secret agenda, to bring entirely undeserved calumny to Putin, whom Jew clearly fear and hate more than any living person today.

      Apples and oranges, anyone?

      As you can see, careful about what questions you ask, because they can bite back.
      After this, I am not going to waste more time with Scott Roberts and his “intelligent” questions, let someone else pick up the analysis torch.

    2. It appears to me that Putin is setting up the London Pharisee ‘usury banking system’ worldwide.

      It is already in Russia….. with high usury rates. The template is there.
      Private investors are buying into Russia’s new Post Banks. Post offices are being turned into FULL-SERVICE banks. Russians have been making bank loan re-payments there for almost a decade.

      Russia USURY Rates
      Deposits up to 9.50%
      Savings up to 2.30%
      Loans from 13.00%
      Credit Cards from 25.90%

      Putin is being allowed to take the ‘usury system’ to Mid East and to BRICS.

      The world’s ‘hero’ is given a free pass to do so.

      1. Pat, your anti-Putin, anti-Russian bias is so transparent as to be pat-hetic, I think most everyone has caught on by now, why not give it rest unless you got something more substantial to complain about?

        For your information, Putin is neither a banker nor sets the rates, not that you would break your marching step because of it, every traffic accident is proof of how evil Putin is.

        And while decrying USURY, you fail to observe that the deposit rates are 9.5%, which is to say, almost 3/4 of the loan rates.
        The fact that all the rates are high simply reflects the local situation, laboring under great strain due to international sanctions, weak ruble and oil prices, etc, etc.
        I remember when the dollar rates were similar or higher in the 70s – so what?
        That’s economy for you, nothing to do with Putin.
        And as for the private investment, again, so what, you instantly imply that Rothschilds own the system, whereas i quite doubt that foreigners and especially Jews would be given the right to own the controlling stake.
        We could look it up but for now I won’t bother, I get tired of these pointless, meaningless running battles with your agenda that will under no circumstances whatever let Putin off the hook, look for faults where none exist and magnify each molehill into Mt Everest of perfidy.
        Why do you do that when the New York Times already do such a great professional job, read David Brooks, Bloomberg, Haaretz and save yourself the effort, no need for a peashooter next to Patriot missile batteries.

        Just come out and say it loud and clear:
        (because that’s all you keep saying, over and over)

      2. Lobro –

        I never said anywhere that I hate Putin. I say London Pharisee bankers control him, as they do others.

        I have stated that all leaders are liars. That’s why they are there for more than 5 years.

        You should let the facts stand on their own.

        You crowed about how great it was that Russia’s Post Banks are owned by the Russian Government. And now you claim that Putin is NOT in charge of the Russian Government. You cannot have it both ways.

        It is more than “transparent” that you are confused and misguided….. blinded by Putin’s smoke.

        BTW – You were wrong. The new Post Bank is only 60.9% “State Owned”… government owned. Even oligarch bankers are buying stocks and GDRs on foreign stock exchanges. A Global Depositary Receipt (GDR) represents a bank certificate.

        You claim to want the truth, yet want me to shut up. 🙂

        I see you like usury when it is used in Putin’s banks. Both ways… still.

        Just come out and say it loud and clear:
        I LOVE HIS USURY..!!
        (because that’s all you keep saying, over and over) 🙂

      3. Lobro –

        BTW – I have never asked YOU or anyone else to stop commenting here.

        YOU just did that to me. Think about it.

        “…why not give it rest unless you got something more substantial to complain about?”

        The comment section is for the restless ‘complainers’ out here. 🙂

      4. Once again, it is the Russian government that owns the Russian Post Office, just like the US government owns the US Post Office … or did, until it gave it away to Jews to sell as they please, something the Russian government neither did nor plans to do, so go ahead, castigate them for that too, also proof of USURY.

        Anything that Russia ever did is absolute proof of USURY to you.
        Did you once have anything positive to say about for example, how Putin/Russia reinstalled Christian morals as part of national tradition, forbade slutty gay parades, jailed Pussy Riot, publicly denounced Western decadence, rebuilt the economy into the world’s 4th largest, ahead of germany when under yeltsin they didn’t even rank in the top 50, how he jailed a bunch of jew oligarchs, dispossessed others, how a bunch ran from the country and Russia seeks to have them extradited for embezzlement and fraud, how they won Crimean peninsula back from Ukraine and stopped the NATO juggernaut from advancing any further, how he saved Syria from US bombing and invasion, how he is dealing decisively with ISIS, how Israel no longer flies its jets all over with impunity, how he said F-U to SWIFT after they kicked Russia out and yet they seem to be doing just fine outside, how they are setting up alternate risk assessors because Moody’s and S&P are so corrupt and politicized, how he revitalized once decrepit Russian army that was the laughing stock of Afghan and Chechen wars but no more, probably ready to slug it out with the US and also probably ready to whup their gay butts?

        Did you ever – and I mean ever, just once – acknowledge any of these accomplishments?
        No you did not, never once.

        Every single one you explained in terms of “Rothschilds opening another bank”, by “bombing ISIS (Rothschilds dogs of war) is a banking move, ie, more USURY”, jailing Pussy Riot opens the door to more usury and so on ad nauseam.
        Never did he do one thing right.
        So when he did the opposite of what Cameron, Obama, Harper, Hollande, Netanyahu and the Bilderberg bunch did – who was right and who wrong?

        Naturally, Putin was wrong, which means that those who went the opposite way WERE RIGHT.

        Like I said, why not leave it to Jew MSM to do their job, at least they get paid for it.

      5. Lobro –

        Get your facts together.

        The USPS is a trademarked name. (TM)

        Nixon abolished the US Post Office and established the USPS in 1971.

        It is now a ‘quasi-government’ entity, partly private…. JUST LIKE Russia’s Post Bank IS..!!
        They are selling GDRs everywhere to people and companies… including oligarch bankers…!!

        Follow the money.

        If Putin is not responsible for what happens in Russia…. then he gets NO CREDIT either.

        The credit goes to his administration.

        So… YOU…. can stop with “Putin did this” and “Putin did that.”

        When YOU stop the credit…
        ….. I’ll stop the blame. 😉

      6. @Pat

        In the name of reasonableness why don’t you at least consider that no matter what you’re observing in Putin’s Russia it doesn’t necessarily mean that they find a world order as envisioned by the Pharisees to be acceptable.

        In some ways they may be playin ball with them in doing business as business is done. For now anyway. But try lookin at it from a perspective of “keeping your enemies closer” when considering the appearance of things.

      7. Brownhawk,

        I like reading what Lobro and Pat have to say. They both give good reason as to why they believe the way they do, but sadly, well for me, I tend to sway more to the reasoning of Pat simply because of two major factors:

        1. The Hegelian Dialectic.
        2. Money.

        For all we know, Putin is simply playing his part incredibly well. What better way to show this than obliterating the western created ISIS? However, that stated, Putin could simply be cleaning up the mess, as was planned pre ISIS creation. The damage to Europe through 60+ years of immigration into it and now, courtesy of ISIS, the flood of ‘refugees’ from Syria, has been done.
        I’m looked upon as negative purely because of my realism. I think there are many here who desperately want a saviour to save them from the Jew World Order, however I just think this is all one big game. I want to be proven wrong, really I do, but even if we went to war with Russia and China, the outcome would be billions of deadh, as is the plan and what if they whisk Putin away in the final days and we find a body of someone who’s had plastic surgery to look like him – dead men don’t talk?

        I just think that the power and money of the Rothschild means that there is nothing on this earth they are not capable of doing. There is no one they can’t buy and there is no goal they can’t achieve. A $500trillion+ fortune says so. The Rothschilds are in Russia and to me it means they’ve a lot of control there.

      8. There’s only one savior as far as I’m concerned, Harbinger, and it ain’t Vladimir Putin. But for what it’s worth, my sense of him IS as one whose idea of a “world order” runs contrary to those behind malevolent creations like ISIS.

        But in the long run I’m firmly convinced that any “JWO” will be short-lived, One that we’re ALREADY in the midst of with “time” going faster and faster.

  23. scott roberts 2 fine jewish (Christian sounding) names .I would trust no man with tthe same surname as margaret Thatcher

    1. Roberts has an impeccable track record. This isn’t some fly by night random YouTuber. He’s also one of the most censored and targeted men on the Internet. People resort to attacking him when they can’t refute his points, that is if they have an agenda against what is really going on. Really now, resorting to commenting a man’s surname? That’s what you got from that almost 40-minute video, that his surname makes him incredible or fraudulent? People come to this site because they’re sick of superficiality and lies. All governments are controlled by the same inhuman monsters behind the scenes. Some call it a game, but it’s not a game to those manipulating the fate of the world, it is deadly serious.

      Someone perceptive commenting on Scott’s video writes this–

      It is all connected to the fact that these people, these followers, these sheeple, love one and one thing only:

      Positive feedback.

      And this positive feedback is empowered if you are within a group. It is even more empowered if you have a unified idol or ideology which you go for. They don’t do it because it is right, natural, or the truth – they simply do it because it makes them feel good to masturbate one another to total victory. And when you come along and explain to them that they are wrong in every possible aspect, that they live and believe in a lie, that they are being duped by the same game over and over again – then their response is, as you said it Scott:

      Well who should we vote for then? What religion should we believe in then? If not Putin, who is going to save us then?

      They have taken Reason, Will and Power out of the Volk, the Nation, the living souls of the Race. They look at everything as if it is a football game and the only thing they have to do is to cheer on the right team.

      But, truth has no positive feedback. It is a neutral thing in its essence. Therefore 95% of people don’t like it – they will rather go to Church and brainwash themselves because their Christian neighbor will call them a respectable citizen. They are sheep that need to be herded by proper shepherds. And we know how it was properly done by Germany back in their glorious days – and they still don’t understand it – they still can’t self-inquire themselves to wake themselves up. They still fall for the same god damn game – because they are sheep. Nothing else but sheep. Calling others who see the Truth and beyond the Stadium in which their game is being played – low IQ shills… Just because they believe that they are cheering on the right team, especially since there are many others who cheer on it as well.

      None of these WN want to return to what is right, Aryan or glorious. They don’t. They are consumers of the Jew prison who simply think that the Jew is giving them a bad program to watch – what they basically want is a nicer prison, one in which they can feel good before they are wiped out. None of them think about Children and what their life will be like if we don’t do anything. None of them actually care about anything. They are just random idiots who basically sit at a Bar, drink Beers all day long and cheer on for their Superman.

      1. Just like he says. This is taken from Daily Stormer–

        Crusader Cliff > Purus Sanguis • 12 hours ago
        “It’s going to be so great to tell racists jokes loudly at the bar again.”

  24. What do KKK, John Birch Society, Right Sector (Pravy Sektor), Slavic Union and ISIS have in common?
    Each organization was led by a Jew.

    All part of the color revolution cookbook, rock the boat from either side with the idea of sinking it.

    So, the Russians gave them the Pussy Riot treatment, quite rightly, IMO.

    1. Hehehe, true. If only after 2 maybe 3 thousand years some genius/hero could have come up with a plan to forever sink the jewboat. Difficult, as they’re beholding to the archons (maybe) but imagine a jew free world, it would be Eden before the fall,

  25. Jew thrives on decay, chaos, fragmentation and disease and cannot stand stability, equilibrium, unity and strength.

    When faced with such undesirable state, he resorts to, to rework that useless windbag Chomsky’s phrase, Manufacturing Dissent, inventing mindless grievances in order to sow strife where none need to exist.

    So we get feminist rights, pussy riot, gay marriages and mandatory kindergarten instruction in sodomy, obese ballerinas demand equal time, midget rugby players demand equal pay, illiterates demand tenure track in academia, etc.
    And more often than not it works in an open, tolerant society.

    1. Pharisee-Jews thrive on USURY.
      “Follow the money” to find them. They leave a trail of DEBT..!!

  26. I’m not sure I understand why Putin would risk so much, and expend so many Russian resources, to intervene in Syria just to impose a usurious banking system on Syria. USrael was on the verge of getting rid of Assad and taking over Syria, and USrael would have imposed a usurious banking system on Syria. Why would Putin go through all the trouble of going up against Washington to impose a usurious banking system on Syria if Washington was just about to take over Syria and impose a usurious banking system on Syria?

    In the meantime, Pat doesn’t seem at all happy with The Fact Putin is eradicating USrael’s owned-and-controlled “Islamic” Jihadist mercenary armies in Syria. Pat is not that concerned with banking matters as he feigns to be. What really bothers Pat is that Putin is defeating USrael’s owned-and-controlled “Islamic” Jihadist armies and that Putin’s intervention in Syria means Assad stays. Putin intervention in Syria means that Israel doesn’t get to takeover, rule, and control Syria. That’s what really get Pat’s goat. Tough shit , Pat, your USrael/ZOG/eretz izzysmell just suffered a defeat, lerne leiden ohne zu klagen, 😉 .

  27. “Russian Plane Crash: Was Israel Responsible?”

    And I think the answer to that question is another question: “Which event in history hasn’t happened either through indirect Israeli action or through another party acting in the best interests of Israel/Judaism?”

    As former American citizen, Ken O’Keefe, courageously states this is about the Greater Israel Project. This is classic psychopathic globalist rhetoric in you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs. The west is the eggshell while Israel is the omelet. The west has a parasite controlling them. This parasite has never changed. Many can’t see this parasite, nor feel it and when told they have it within them, laugh, calling you mad. They continue as Christians in life, believing in Christ’s words that he’s here to save the fallen (Jews) and that Jews are God’s chosen. Until they throw away this brainwashing, then the Jew does what the Jew always has done – destroy and control always to the detriment of the host, non Jewish nation.

    People need to change. They need to realise that it is the non Jew that does all the killing for the Jew and thus creates hatred amongst others. Destroy the system and you destroy the control of the Jew. Anarchy would be like dropping Judaism in a bath of Fluoroantimonic acid. It would be a nightmare for many, but it would ultimately rid the west of Jewish control leading to inevitable oblivion of it.

    1. Best posts on here at this time, Harbinger. Totally agree that people need to see beyond all the distractions and shadows and identify the real sources of power. Again and again I hear political talk from people who think they’re intelligent which amounts to nothing more than intellectual masturbation within the monsters’ created matrix.

  28. Ever since the day of 911 and for years and years afterwards, we were told Islamic Jihadist raghead terrorists did 911, they’re our mortal enemy and we must put an end to Islamic Jihad, we must invade Muslims countries and wage war in Muslim countries to end the scourge of Islamic Jihadist raghead terrorists, the greatest threat to our American Republic !!! Islamic Jihadist raghead terrorists!!! Then, Putin intervenes in Syria, and all-of-a-sudden!!! Islamic jihadist raghead terrorists are our Friends and Allies!!! So much so we must risk World War Three fighting to protect our Friends and Allies the Islamic Jihadist raghead terrorists!!!

    14 years , Jihadists are our mortal enemy! Putin intervenes in Syria, Jihadists are our Friends and Allies! An amazing paradigm shift, the more one thinks about it. I can’t imagine the U.S. military as a whole is very happy with this paradigm shift. I highly doubt Uncle Sam can get any U.S. military men gung-ho to fight in Syria on the side of raghead Islamic terrorists. I hope the U.S. military puts up a lot of resistance to any plan to send the U.S. military to Syria in large numbers. They really should put up a lot of resistance considering the amazing paradigm shift that just occurred in Washington : “Jihadists were our mortal enemies for 14 years, but forget all about that, because now Jihadists are our best friends and allies”. I don’t think the 50 U.S. military advisors Obama is going to send to Syria are going to be coming back alive. I highly doubt it.

    What’s your opinion, Pat , about the amazing paradigm shift that just occurred in Washington?

    1. Just like the paradigm shift of faithless commies trying to infiltrate the US. Now they are going back to their faith, encouraging families, and standing up to the homo fascists.

      Nobody knows who they are anymore, because Jews don’t stop agitating.

      Either way, great post.

    2. TROJ –

      I see paradigm ‘same’… no ‘shift’….

      London Pharisee bankers finance all sides on numerous fronts…. and have for centuries.

      Any ‘shift’ of same paradigm would be into a higher gear… more debt.

  29. I bet the ISIS ragheads in Syria would much prefer Putin impose usury on them then Mighty Russian Bear Bombs, 🙂 .

  30. jewish retribution real or fake whatever way you swing it israhell involved
    bomb meme chatter getting hysterical

    1.on board computer hack bollyn style
    2.jim stone air to air missile strike
    4.fatigue bullshit
    5.another fake event family jpegs stink sandy hooky
    6.bomb bbc bullshit
    way to much hasbara isis bomb talk bullshit.
    london washington bbc murdoch says it so
    then it all balls
    shiny satanic talmoo ones.

    Russian plane crash shows US/UK losing their grip along with their terrorist narrative

  31. The fact of the matter is that the vast majorities all over the planet, know what this vermin parasitical Khazarian invention under the name Zionism is. Today more than ever before. Since this article is about Russia. Found this website recently. Check it here: Can’t wait to see it come to the fold. So glad I don’t live there. As I wrote here before. It will be for the benefit of everything on this physical realm. Zod mess Gueverica, place that I loathe, Zod mess Gueverica my balls, sweet balls, Zod mess Gueverica, my balls, sweet balls.

    1. Why would Russia be fighting America instead of going after the small number of monsters who wield the power? Still the same old sick games of pitting the population of one nation against the population of another nation. The monsters remain untouched.

      1. Now this is finally a Good Question and the one that I want answered.
        But the few hundred or thousand top Jews whose elimination would open a door to permanent sanity are widely distributed, in the US, Britain, Europe, not to mention Israel.
        And unless they can be geolocated and targeted accurately for instant, simultaneous rubout, the remaining ones possess the trigger of Armageddon, namely Amerika will have to go all out nuclear whether the president likes it or not, because for one thing, the ballistic missile silos in the States are manned and controlled by Israeli teams.

        But once the shooting war starts, nothing preventing ninja teams specifically aimed at specific Jew targets to enter the picture under the cover of communication blackout because such a war will start in the satellite orbits, EMPs and so on.

        Until then, why not give someone who does all the right things two molecules of credit instead of bitching at him precisely because he does things right.

        What better proof of goy-loser mentality but to reject the idea that an independent goy can function effectively, that such functionality can only happen under Jew guidance, ie, a properly set up shabbo?
        With such mentality, what chances are there of ever in eternity shedding the Jew burden?
        If so, let’s just accept the utter, eternal defeat and sing Jew hosannas, game over instead of wearing out keyboard plastic in futility.

        Why are we all here, with troll exceptions, but to exercise hope that there is hope?
        And if so, with a mentality that says the more successful someone appears against jews, the more solid the proof that he actually works for jew, you all are guaranteeing yourself a defeat before the opening bell.

        At least give Muslims and non-whites of Asia credit for not laying down before the fight starts.
        No wonder we are a fast disappearing race and culture, because we worship culture of defeat.
        Kudos to jew who trained us into this automated Pavlovian response.

      2. @ Lobro

        A good post.

        I will add to your post with some different words.

        There are those posters on Darkmoon that I categorize as the “Hopeless Ones.” The Hopeless Ones believe that evil has more power than good. The Hopeless Ones believe that the jews are the most brilliant people on the planet and cannot be outsmarted. The Hopeless Ones believe that jews control everything and there is nothing that can be done to change their control. The Hopeless Ones believe that the only escape from the jewish controlled world is death and that everyone should just give up. With these beliefs, the Hopeless Ones are really working for jewish control, whether they are aware of it or not, even though they complain about jewish control quite consistently.

        If the Hopeless Ones would reverse their beliefs and take the teachings of Jesus seriously, they would understand the real power of those teachings and withhold their inadvertent power from jewish evil to become the “Ones of Hope.” The reason that the jews hate Jesus more than anything else is because they know that Jesus’ teaching have infinitely more power than they have in their evil deceptions. The applied teachings of Jesus is the only thing that will defeat jewish control and the jews know it. What is most important is that everyone else knows it and acts accordingly.

        Posting one of Edgar Caye’s, the sleeping prophet, quotes again: “In Russia there comes the hope of the world, not as that sometimes termed of the communistic, or Bolshevik, no; but freedom, freedom! That each man will live for his fellow man! The principle has been born. It will take years for it to be crystallised, but out of Russia comes again the hope of the world.” (1944) No. 3976-29

        “That each man will live for his fellow man!” is the direct result of the Second Commandment according to Jesus of “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” Freedom is the lack of jewish deception that creates their control.

        Cayce did not say one person would do it. It should be kept in mind that Putin does not operate alone. He has many known and unknown supporters, some rich, backing what he does. Cayce did indicate that it would be after communism so the timing is in the ballpark.

        Bottom line: When someone does the right thing, including Putin, applaud it as One of Hope giving power to good until it is demonstrated that what was done was the wrong thing. Reasoning over time proves all and will offer plenty of time to acknowledge the right action or condemn the wrong doer.

      3. Countless millions of pious Christians have been murdered, many heinously tortured beyond your wildest imaginations. Christianity has had 2000 years to give us a real solution to this tyranny. By its fruits it has failed. I read your post thinking something revelatory might be expressed. Where is it?

      4. JPower, the revelation is you, namely that there is no point trying to convince a drowning man who refuses the lifeline thrown to him because it doesn’t come from his favorite shop.

        There is no point trying to explain to you, by reverse engineering if you will, that Jew has not achieved the final victory – yet.
        But absent any resistance on belief that resistance is futile and only the fake one can appear successful, his victory is inevitable.
        I tried to explain this, but to no avail.

        because you definitely did not watch the Gurvitz video and Gurvitz is formally trained in rabbinical lore of Talmud before he abandoned the project of Judas, you do not understand the term Darkei Shalom, viz, pretend to be nice to goy because it is unsafe to declare full intentions, viz, the victory is not final.
        When it is final, we enter the state of When-Israel-Is-Mighty (an actual hebrew term, just like Shalom or Goy), when Jew makes the rules and we obey unquestioningly, whatever the rules, however he changes them on fly every day as he pleases.
        And why is the victory not final?
        This is the question you are seemingly and tragically not only unable to answer, you seem to be actually unable to even ask it.
        Do you think the game is not over because such a scenario does not suit JPower and the band of posters at Darkmoon?
        C’mon, think for just 60 sec and answer that, yes or no, is Darkmoon site the great obstacle to When-Israel-Is-Mighty, so that jew must hunker down in Darkei-Shalom until the coast is clear?
        If you answered with Yes, nothing more to debate.

        If No, then tell me where is that great and dangerous to Jew, centre of resistance that he must overcome before declaring the ultimate victory of When-Israel-Is-Mighty?

        Still revelation-deprived? (hint: don’t look among the presidential candidates or military chain of command)

        Jeez … I sat out in nature this morning and a small lizard came down a tree and I talked to him for a bit and he stopped and tilted his head this way and that, looking at me with each eye separately and LISTENED.
        If only there were people with such ability … well, Ungenius sure got it, no doubt about that.

  32. As I think about the turn this discussion took, apart from observing how it precisely those who accept that no success is possible who are the best proof that jew has indeed won or is winning against the white remnants at least, which was his age-old stated goal, that you all seem to understand jew mentality (if it can be even called mentality) very poorly.

    You don’t seem to have grasped why he does what he does, what’s his pleasure, what is the fruit of his victory, do you.
    He is at bottom a satanist, a worshiper of Lucifer, the hellmaster – even if you don’t accept the physical actuality of this construct, it is irrelevant because jew certainly does, he is the winner and the winner calls the shots.

    JEW’S JOY IS YOUR PAIN, the physical agony and the mental agony of knowing you got no free will and no escape, that you are a machine in hands of a psychotic master, his sex bot or the steak on his dinner table if he so desires.
    There, I said it and you think about it.

    Think about certain historical instances when the power was truly his.
    Think about Bolshevism in the early years after 1917.
    Think about Pol Pot rule in Cambodia, see a small part here.
    The executioners of the Killing Fields played these songs over powerful, generator driven loudspeaker hung from a tree in Cheung Ek, south of Phnom Penh (I saw it recently) to drown out the screams of the tortured and murdered, when the killing business started at night under the glare of fluorescent lights.
    And this is just a small glimpse of what went on under the Bolsheviks.

    And if his power is as absolute as claimed, what prevents him from doing it right now, answer this if you can.
    You cannot answer it because you have no clue about the true psychopathic mentality of Jew, someone said that the biggest mistake you can make about Jew is to underestimate his bestiality and I concurred wholeheartedly … a wise poster named CB.

    Did none of you see Yossi Gurvitz expose of “Jew ethics”, here it is, courtesy of Gilad Atzmon (“Israeli writer Yossi Gurvitz on genocide, child abuse, the Goy hatred, the Torah, the Talmud and Israel”)
    I don’t know how many times I linked this, none of you seem to get its true import.

    Because When Israel Is Mighty, there will be no doubt left, you won’t be sitting around, quaffing Bud and Guinness and “kvetching” about what secret plans jew has for you.
    There will be no secrets about it, just like when the legions of Crassus quelled the slave revolt of the gladiators, he had 20,000 of them nailed to cross to line his victorious route to Rome, he left no doubt about the winner.

    Refuse to accept the reality of Satan and you opened the door to him, his first but not final victory.

    So, go on, babble about how bad Putin is because he appears so successful and Jew is best represented by Woody Allen, gentle, kind jew humor and pussyfooting mind games, who is on Nasdaq and who got bad Moody’s numbers, like it really matters.

  33. Guys,
    Sorry to have pooh-poohed –
    prior to have googled it –
    the info about the “remote
    control plane” in the 1944
    operation ‘Aphrodite’ flown
    by Joseph Kennedy Jr.

    In fact, this explosives-laden
    plane was a perfect cover for
    the first Kennedy assassination.

    What a joke this whole WW2
    business was. Millions of Allied
    combatants layed their life down
    at the Jews’ instigation, while
    the Jews stabbed in the back
    some of the best of them –
    lest they survived.

    1. CB –

      I accept your apology.

      I didn’t make a big deal out of your lack of knowledge. I learned of that plot just after JFK assassination. There was a lot of talk back then about how “Old man Joe Kennedy’s Catholic sons” were going to take over the high positions in government….. and how the powers stopped it. You may remember that Teddy was stopped with a broken back after a plane crash where the pilot was killed. They got JFK Jr also. That vendetta remains intact.

      JFK Jr did reveal the name of his fathers murderer. He “hid it in plain sight” in the title of his magazine. “George.” They got Marilyn also. Her pic was placed in lieu of Washington’s… letting everyone know that his magazine was not named after the first president.

  34. the specter of barbara lerner over europe germany

    Imagine in biological terms, a disease that clots the blood flowing into heart causing an embolism and death by stroke, then look at this infographic and understand that germany has always been the heart of Europe, that although Judea Declares War On Germany in 1933 publicly, post Hitler’s democratic election, that war has been going on before and also after 1945 – never stopped, despite all the craven apologies, trillions in reparations, groveling in dust for mercy, free supplies of some of the world’s finest military hardware, including nuke capable submarines, unquestioningly saluting and jumping at every Jew command …
    Doesn’t matter at all.

    This is the face of jew hate, no justification necessary because it is hardwired into jew.

  35. I went to Roberts’ Forbidden Truth site where it quickly became clear to me that the guy has over the years and to this day done an obsessive level of research. I’d listen to the videos and wonder how he managed to be so right about everything, but now I know his secret: good old fashioned hard work. It probably helps that he has a sophisticated mind readily able to see the big picture, isn’t tied down to time-consuming drudgery and has multiple university degrees. It’s a pity this community still puts faith in supermen like Putin and Jesus and beer. No wonder so small a segment of humanity is able to utterly dominate the great masses of comfortably numb goyim. It really shows the goyim for what they are. In the words of Nobel Peace Prize winner Henry Kissinger, “Dumb, stupid animals.” Ain’t that the truth.

    1. I listened to the rest of his video and the questions he asks are quite simplistic, never dealing with military, economic and political realities of power, kind of like asking, if Putin is such a brave macho warrior why doesn’t he charge ZOG riding bareback on a white stallion?

      For example, acknowledging that talk is cheap and dismissing all those “friendly chats with Lubavitch head rabbi Lazarus” (or whatever his name), tell me precisely what strategic strengths on the ground politically, economically and militarily would Putin gain by proclaiming loudly and clearly that Holocaust is bullshit?

      Wanna analyze this one a bit, because Roberts spends pretty much the entire video ranting about it.

      1. He would convince us here, yeah right, tell me about preaching to the converted,

      2. He might convert a few more, open minded, but how many? Those who are open minded are largely converted already, the rest too cowardly, too stupid, too incurious, too brainwashed, too duct taped to MSM loudspeaker to notice a damn thing other than get confirmation that “Putin is evil, Putin is worse than Hitler” – which after all, you, Pat and Roberts already agree on, don’t you,

      3. If you had anyone in your family who fought on European WW2 front, you know how insanely they are proud of their “heroic accomplishment”, their families always ready to stand ramrod straight on Veteran’s Day, the parades, speeches, flags snapping in breeze and all that crock of bitter bullshit.
      And just what did America contribute to WW2 in Europe in terms of bodies, maybe 50-100 thousand (I think most of the losses were in the Pacific).
      And Russia gave 20 million, which is 200 TIMES AS MANY (try to wrap your mind around that).
      And you want Putin to tell them now, when he is trying to whip them into patriotic frenzy and war-ready because war IS coming, that all their previous sacrifices were garbage, totally wasted because they believed their leaders, Stalin & Co.
      Yeah, but this time it ain’t bullshit, Putin continues, last time we lied but this time we aren’t, so please go ahead and die for Mother Russia, because dulce et decorum est pro patria mori, right?


      So tell me again, what would Putin win by going all truthful about Holocaust except (maybe, not too sure even then) getting Scott Roberts, you and Pat (the more I think about it, the more I doubt it) off his back?

      You are free to march up and down wearing Nadzee parahernalia in front of town hall because Roberts says you are free to do that … oops, wait, someone in Florida already did that.
      Visit him in his prison cell and ask him how much does he enjoy his freedom.

      A load of cheap, myopic bullshit is what it is, whether Roberts knows it or not.
      I believe in his sincerity and am convinced of his simplemindedness, nothing to do with diplomas or lack thereof.
      But he (and many others) don’t even understand the concept of white nationalism and cannot speak in my name.
      White nationalism is not Aryan form of Judaism where you make decisions and all others must hang their heads low and obey, which is what the jew-led “Slavic Unity” that Roberts loves so much preaches, in Russia, Kazakhstan and elsewhere.
      Tits on bull – or worse.

      But blind shall lead the blind,
      Because the blind
      Only trust their own kind.

  36. “U.S.A [ and “avatar” and Pat and Gilbert and John McCain and Hillary and Nancy Pelosi and Lindsay Graham and “Reverend” Hagee and AIPAC and Netanyahu and takfiri Lasha with her qabalah NWO One Eye of Horus and her Mohammedan burqa on her jew head, emerick jones and britass tu — lasha’s and emerick’s jew-Freemason “Wizard of Liber Oz” big-shot jew “alternative” media boss, “britASS tu, yet another asshole in the “alternative” media, and he knows it tu! That’s why he named himself an ASS tu, just like his emerick and his emerick are assess tu .] Suffers Day of HUGE Military Reverses In Syria ” :

    Read and weep, b*tches! :

    “Oh boo hoo hoo hoo hoo… we were only pretending to be against the jews and pretending to be against the jew NWO, but now Putin who is really opposed to the jew NWO [ at least opposed to the jew NWO plans for the Middle East ] oh boo hoo hoo hoo hoo… someone with real power is opposed to the jew NWO and he’s actually winning… oh boo hoo hoo hoo hoo… what the fuck are we going tu du….. it’s so difficult to pretend we’re against the jew NWO when Putin is putting an end to the jew NWO in reality….. oh boo hoo hoo hoo hoo…. we never expected Putin to intervene in the Middle East…. oh boo hoo hoo hoo hoo.. and we were having so much fun pretending to be against the jew NWO when there wasn’t anyone with any real power to do anything about the jew NWO, but now that Putin showed up, someone with real power is defeating our jew NWO…. oh boo hoo hoo hoo hoo… it’s not fun being a jew troll anymore, it’s so difficult to have to pretend to like what Putin is doing when ‘We’ hate his fuckin’ guts!!!! ‘We’ never thought ‘We’ would find ourselves in this awkward position…. Oh boo hoo hoo hoo hoo…. it’s not easy being a joo… boo hoo hoo hoo…. we now got Russian Bear shit all over our hydra headed lying jew faces…. oh boo hoo hoo hoo hoo… maybe no one will notice….. oh boo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo… but maybe some will notice….. boo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo.. what the fuck are we going tu du!!!???”

    1. @ TheRealOriginalJoe

      You are disgrace to the male sex and the human race as a whole.

      Please stop posting here.

      I am losing my faith in all men as a result of reading your horrible comments.

      1. @ Irate Female

        I am losing my faith in all men as a result of reading your horrible comments.

        How can you say this?

        If Joe’s comments disgust you, how can you extend your disgust to every other member of the male sex? I don’t follow your logic.

      2. I’m sure if you read Gilbert’s love poems to the “goddess” ISIS, your faith in men will be renewed, Oh “irate” female. Darkmoon is littered with Gilbert’s love poems to the “goddess mother of the Heavens” ISIS. That should have some sort of calming effect on you, Oh miss peeved pussy.

      3. Darlington,

        I don’t have to explain my logic to you. Men and women follow different branches of logic anyway and you woudn’t understand. If one man is disgusting, it follows that all men are disgusting if that one man is a metaphor for mankind.

        That’s known as super-logic.

      4. @ Irate Female

        Cut him some slack. He is a psychiatric patient and when he is off his meds he starts to rave.

        And spare us your “super-logic”.

      5. Irate F –

        ‘Crazy TROJ’ wrote this little ditty below when he was spurned….
        ….. by hundreds on other sites and here.

        He was last seen rolling on the floor with nothing on his shoulders… since he laughed his ass off so many times it wore out and stripped the threads on the protruding knobs like Boris had.

        He’s a ‘goner’ and ‘fork stuck’. When the dog ran off he flipped out.

        Chattahoochee State Hospital in Florida has him on their watch list. 🙂 🙂

        Remember when you ran away
        And I got on my knees
        And begged you not to leave
        Because I’d go beserk

        Well you left me anyhow
        And then the days got worse and worse
        And now you see I’ve gone
        Completely out of my mind

        And they’re coming to take me away ha-haaa
        They’re coming to take me away ho ho hee hee ha haaa
        To the funny farm
        Where life is beautiful all the time
        And I’ll be happy to see those nice young men
        In their clean white coats
        And they’re coming to take me away ha haaa

        You thought it was a joke
        And so you laughed
        You laughed when I said
        That losing you would make me flip my lid

        Right? You know you laughed
        I heard you laugh. You laughed
        You laughed and laughed and then you left
        But now you know I’m utterly mad

        And they’re coming to take me away ha haaa
        They’re coming to take me away ho ho hee hee ha haaa
        To the happy home with trees and flowers and chirping birds
        And basket weavers who sit and smile and twiddle their thumbs and toes
        And they’re coming to take me away ha haaa

        I cooked your food
        I cleaned your house
        And this is how you pay me back
        For all my kind unselfish, loving deeds
        Ha! Well you just wait
        They’ll find you yet and when they do
        They’ll put you in the A.S.P.C.A.
        You mangy mutt

        And they’re coming to take me away ha haaa
        They’re coming to take me away ha haaa ho ho hee hee
        To the funny farm where life is beautiful all the time
        And I’ll be happy to see those nice young men
        In their clean white coats

        And they’re coming to take me away
        To the happy home with trees and flowers and chirping birds
        And basket weavers who sit and smile and twiddle their thumbs and toes
        And they’re coming to take me away ha haaaaaaaaaa ..!!!

  37. Are the security providers at the Egyptian airport the same people who aid and abet the terrorist organisations we are supposedly fighting?
    “…..When it comes to maintaining U.S. imperial power and the rule of the rich, impunity is absolute. The congressional Benghazi hearings exposed not a single official crime, while suppressing vast violations of U.S. and international law. The domestic Obama doctrine makes inner city teenage “rioting” a federal concern, but the people that supply weapons to al-Qaeda in Syria and Libya are untouchable. Crime isn’t crime when it’s imperial policy……………”
    Re Benghazi – “…And 4) Why did the U.S. government contract with an organization to provide security for the facility that had clear ties to Jihadist groups that the U.S. considered as part of the international terrorist networks?

  38. The story of Dr Jekyll and Mr Noahide takes another turn.
    To wit

    US Secretary of State John Kerry told CNN reporters that
    The United States, according to The New York Times, have closed their largest training centres of so-called moderate Syrian rebels in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the UAE. Saudi rulers even responded positively to the position of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who was also forced to be in favour of negotiations with the current Syrian president. In this regard, experts drew attention to the statement of Prince Turki al-Faisal [the founding father of al-Qaeda and the grey eminence behind ISIS], the former Saudi ambassador in Washington and former intelligence chief, who expressed his confidence that Moscow’s strategy on Syria seems to be more effective than the efforts of the United States, and that the Russian point of view demands attention …

    Now what on G-d’s earth could have prompted Mr Kerry-Noahide to switch to kind, considerate Dr Jekyll format and accept Dr Assad (US trained eye surgeon) as a fully qualified board member?

    Surely not Putin-Hitler, who threw a wrench into plans to establish a Rothschild-Taqfiri Central Bank of Syria, just like they did in Libya, now Internationally Recognized as a responsible member of international Noahide community.

    I am at a loss to understand why there should be a difference between Assad-Hitler and Gaddafi-Hitler, when just the other day, US of America was loudly and quite independently of anyone’s opinion (least of all jew’s) demanding immediate departure of Assad-Hitler with a 5 foot stick up his rectum, as mandated by Rothschild-Taqfiri protocol adopted by the caliphate sharia system.

    Did they run out of sticks and now have only carrots left in their arse-anal?

    I am sure China can supply a boatload on a short notice, when the Imperium demands it.

    The fact that I can’t use my Bank of Rothschild-Taqfiri debit card to buy ISIS crude darkens my daily joy as I inhale the pheromones of the rabbinical forehead grease left on the sacred stones of the Wailing Wall.

    1. Neither of your links works for me.

      It says: “Your connection is not private. Attackers might be trying to steal your information . . . ” and denies access to both sites.

    2. I just tried the 1st one ( and I get this,

      This Connection is Untrusted

      You have asked Firefox to connect securely to, but we can’t confirm that your connection is secure.

      Normally, when you try to connect securely, sites will present trusted identification to prove that you are going to the right place. However, this site’s identity can’t be verified.
      What Should I Do?

      If you usually connect to this site without problems, this error could mean that someone is trying to impersonate the site, and you shouldn’t continue.

      If you understand what’s going on, you can tell Firefox to start trusting this site’s identification. Even if you trust the site, this error could mean that someone is tampering with your connection.

      Don’t add an exception unless you know there’s a good reason why this site doesn’t use trusted identification.

      I got through just fine earlier today, not quite sure if my local ISP is messing things up.

      However, if you go to aggregator site and click on the headline Saudi Arabia is at a Dangerous Crossroads, you should get through without problem, I just did.

      The second I got off
      where you could do a search for “Central Bank” or something like that – it is not an interesting article except for the phrase that it is now INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNIZED, a codeword for Rothschild takeover.

      1. Was having similar problems accessing Press TV for a while, repeadedly asked if I was sure I wanted to visit an uncertain site, which might be trying to trick me..

      2. LOBRO, this long, extensive video should give you a very good idea of where Roberts is coming from when he purports the things he does.

        He claims that those who claim be wise to the monsters are nowhere near as wise as they think they are.

        I have to agree with that. Of course, he says so much else as well and the full 1+ footage is well-worth watching.

  39. Whatever happened to all of Darkmoon’s moozlum commentators? They all disappeared on us, and they were always so opinionated and wordy. Did Putin bomb Darkmoon’s takfiri moozlums also? Is that why Darkmoon’s takfiri moozlums disappeared on us? LOL. poor Ingrid, lol, she just lost so many of her fine dining companions to Russian Bear Bombs, and us Americans just lost “‘our’ finest American citizens”* to Russian Bear Bombs, jews pretending to be “Muslims”, jews with rags on their heads, the definition of takfiris, basically. Ingrid lost a fuck of a lot of her best friends to Russian Bear Shit Bombs. No wonder she’s “irate”, 😉 .

    * A quote from Ingrid regarding takfiri “Muslims”, or in other words, a quote from Ingrid about jews with rags on their heads pretending to be “Muslims”, which is what takfiri “Muslims” are, they’re really jews committing terrorist acts and killing innocent people both Christians and Muslims under the guise of being “Muslims” : To Ingrid, takfiris make the “finest of all American citizens”. I’m just repeating back what Ingrid herself said, sayin’.

    My friend, my dog friend, is still with me, but so many of Ingrid’s best friends, also animals, but NOT friendly and gentle animals like my loyal, sweet, dog friend, she just lost a lot of her jew animal friends to Mighty White Magnificent Russian Bear Shit Bombs, and the rags on the jew’s animal heads didn’t protect the takfiris none from The Bombs. No more fine dining for Ingrid’s takfiri feral, rabid, diseased, animal friends. If they’re lucky Putin will let them eat Russian Bear Shit as they pound sand in the Middle East.

  40. People are asking how the Israelis do it! It’s easy, the same way my grand aunt Elizabeth II and yours truly get their big $bucks! And remember ya all have your price! I reckon I could buy origjoe for half the price of one of my Lamborghinis! Lobro could be bought for a bag of peanuts and a true dinkum Aussie whore – say one of my many wives. …. Oh, you silly duffers, we tell Jannie Yellen to push the blue button and print us some more counterfeit money. We don’t care that the USA is really $50 trillions in debt, as you are all redneck, colonial bubbas anyways. And 71% are now classified as obese. Ya black folk have an average IQ of 63 points, ya average American Family Man has an IQ of 84 points and we royals still average around 125 points. I juz know ya going to vote our evil princess Ms Clinton in as ya president; and, once again, Billy Clinton can have a free run at the young whores who work as maids in the White House. Watch out all the blue, yellow and red dresses – he’ll cum all over ’em. I’m back from much big business in Europe and chasin’ chicks as per usual. I fly by royal charter and ya won’t see us goin anywhere near Israel and its many war zones in the ME! I’m Max from Ozzie land and I’m shat off! Yeah, the air hostess knocked me back! Now back to my in-flight movie!

    1. To Max :

      Welcome back to Darkmoon after your long absence, off on your Lordly, worldly adventures, you didn’t forget about us mere peons. How considerate you are to the peasantry. Considering Queen Elizabeth II is your “grand aunt”, qua member of the royal family of England that you are, what is your qua royal opinion of David Icke’s theory your royal family is comprised of a bunch of shape-shifting reptilian lizards? Are you a shape shifting reptilian also? What is it like to be a lizard? What colour of The Rainbow is your favorite colour when you’re all ready to do a chameleon colour-change? “Colour” with a “u” is how you brits spell “color”, yes? How classy. Very sophisticated. We got a lot of lizards here in Florida, they’re all over the place. They’re actually kinda cute, so I’m not casting aspersions against your family. I’m just curious what you think of Icke’s assertions about you and your Royal family, that’s all. Are you a lizard the size of an alligator? Or, considering you’re from the land of OZ, are you the size of a Geico lizard from the Car Insurance teevee commercials? Very cute accent by the way. Very endearing. Did you make your fortune selling car insurance? 🙂 . Nothing wrong with selling car insurance for a living, it’s honest work, but it’s not by any means the kind of work Top Tier Royalty would ever be caught dead engaging in. You’re obviously not Top Drawer Royalty , more like bottom drawer royalty, third or fourth rate royalty, that’s why I picture you being the size of a cute Geico lizard and not a monster-size lizard like all of your other relatives from Buckingham Palace, or is your family nesting at Windsor Castle this time of year?

  41. This crash will help Russian oligarch banks, in their attempt to discourage travel outside Russia for the Russian debtors.

    Israel/London/Russia based Pharisee bankers win with no trips to Egypt anymore. Putin helps them.

    Vladimir Putin ordered the suspension of flights to all Egyptian airports, in an apparent acknowledgement of security concerns. It represented a u-turn by Putin, who had previously accused Britain of acting prematurely in taking less severe action.

  42. bla ba bla..How perfect..I KNEW the second I heard WHO did it..ITS right in our faces for crying out loud..I dont need to hear all the Bull-Sh know it alls with their 500 words..Guilty=ISRAEL…Hacking facility 66.6 miles from crash..Best hackers in the world..

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