Schopenhauer on Women: A Study in Misogyny

bookschLD:  These excerpts from the Essays and Aphorisms of the German philosopher Schopenhauer will provide endless delight to the misogynists thronging our site. They have been selected by Henry Makow, the distinguished Canadian anti-feminist.

Given his hatred of women, it is not surprising that Schopenhauer was one of the gloomiest pessimists who ever lived. Dour and grim faced, steeped in perpetual melancholy, the famous philosopher would cross the street hurriedly if ever he saw a pretty woman approaching — and if she was prettier than average, he would hide in a shop doorway or scamper off like a frightened rabbit.

Poor Schoppy! Maybe his Mama didn’t breast-feed him or he got the wrong kind of potty training!

Pictures and captions by Darkmoon 

Schopenhauer writes:

Nature has provided Woman with superabundant beauty and charm for a few years at the expense of the whole remainder of her life, so that during these years she may so capture the imagination of a man that he is carried away into undertaking to support her honorably in some form or another for the rest of her life, a step he would seem hardly likely to take for purely rational considerations.

Thus nature has equipped women, as it has all its creatures, with the tools and weapons she needs for securing her existence, and at just the time she needs them; in doing which nature has acted with its usual economy.

For just as the female ant loses its wings after mating, since they are then superfluous, indeed harmful to the business of raising the family, so the woman usually loses her beauty after one or two child-beds, and probably for the same reason.



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The fundamental defect of the female character is a lack of a sense of justice.

This originates first and foremost in their want of rationality and capacity for reflection but it is strengthened by the fact that, as the weaker sex, they are driven to rely not on force but on cunning: hence their instinctive subtlety and their ineradicable tendency to tell lies: for, as nature has equipped the lion with claws and teeth, the elephant with tusks, the wild boar with fangs, the bull with horns and the cuttlefish with ink, so it has equipped woman with the power of dissimulation as her means of attack and defense, and has transformed into this gift all the strength it has bestowed on man in the form of physical strength and the power of reasoning.

Dissimulation is thus inborn in her and consequently to be found in the stupid woman almost as often as in the clever one.

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Would you date a woman like this . . . cunning as well as stupid?

To make use of it at every opportunity is as natural to her as it is for an animal to employ its means of defence whenever it is attacked, and when she does so she feels that to some extent she is only exercising her rights.

A completely truthful woman who does not practice dissimulation is perhaps an impossibility, which is why women see through the dissimulation of others so easily it is inadvisable to attempt it with them. But this fundamental defect which I have said they possess, together with all that is associated with it, gives rise to falsity, unfaithfulness, treachery, ingratitude, etc. Women are guilty of perjury far more often than men. It is questionable whether they ought to be allowed to take an oath at all.

This is how the peoples of antiquity and of the Orient have regarded women; they have recognized what is the proper position for women far better than we have, we with our Old French gallantry and insipid women-veneration, that highest flower of Christian-Germanic stupidity which has served only to make women so rude and arrogant that one is sometimes reminded of the sacred apes of Benares which, conscious of their own sanctity and inviolability, thought themselves at liberty to do whatever they pleased.

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“One is sometimes reminded of the sacred apes of Benares.”

There can be no argument about polygamy: it is a fact to be met with everywhere and the only question is how to regulate it. For who is really a monogamist? We all live in polygamy, at least for a time and usually for good.

Since every man needs many women, there could be nothing more just than that he should be free, indeed obliged, to support many women.

This would also mean the restoration of woman to her rightful and natural position, the subordinate one, and the abolition from the world of the lady, with her ridiculous claims to respect and veneration!

There would then be only women, and no longer unhappy women — of which Europe is at present full.

In India, no woman is ever independent, but in accordance with the law of Manu, she stands under the control of her father, her husband, her brother or her son. It is, to be sure, a revolting thing that a widow should immolate herself upon her husband’s funeral pyre; but it is also revolting that she should spend her husband’s money with her paramours — the money for which he toiled his whole life long, in the consoling belief that he was providing for his children. Happy are those who have kept the middle course — medium tenuere beati.



Only a male intellect clouded by the sexual drive could call the stunted, narrow-shouldered, broad-hipped and short-legged sex the “fair sex”: for it is with this drive that all its beauty is bound up.

More fittingly than the fair sex, women could be called the unaesthetic sex…. Nor can one expect anything else from women if one considers that the most eminent heads of the entire sex have proved incapable of a single truly great, genuine and original achievement in art, or indeed of creating anything at all of lasting value.

This strikes one most forcibly in regard to painting, since they are just as capable of mastering its technique as we are, and indeed paint very busily, yet cannot point to a single great painting; the reason being precisely that they lack all objectivity of mind, which is what painting demands above all else.

Isolated and partial exceptions do not alter the case: women, taken as a whole, are and remain thorough and incurable philistines: so that, with the extremely absurd arrangement by which they share the rank and title of their husband, they are a continual spur to his ignoble ambitions.

They are sexus sequior, the inferior second sex, in every respect.

One should be indulgent toward their weaknesses, but to pay them honor is ridiculous beyond measure and demeans us even in their eyes.


“The inferior sex . . . paying her honor is ridiculous.”



A week later

One of our readers, an expert on Schopenhauer, has just sent in a comment denouncing this article in general and me, Lasha Darkmoon, in particular for crudely misrepresenting Schopenhauer and making up stories about him.

The reader in question, Ellie Kleist, aka “Madame Rothschild”, voices strong objections to the following passage in the article:

Given his hatred of women, it is not surprising that Schopenhauer was one of the gloomiest pessimists who ever lived. Dour and grim faced, steeped in perpetual melancholy, the famous philosopher would cross the street hurriedly if ever he saw a pretty woman approaching — and if she was prettier than average, he would hide in a shop doorway or scamper off like a frightened rabbit.

Poor Schoppy! Maybe his Mama didn’t breast-feed him or he got the wrong kind of potty training!

Ellie K claims that the story of the great German philosopher crossing the street hurriedly and hiding in shop doorways, and scampering off like a frightened rabbit on the approach of a pretty woman, is completely false. There is apparently nowhere in all the extensive Schopenhauer literature any mention of such an incident.

Well, I didn’t make the story up. That’s the important point. I got it at second-hand, in the form of a dinner party anecdote, and accepted the story as true. It seemed plausible enough to me, given Schopenhauer’s extreme misogyny as expressed in the many citations above.

I am now willing to admit that the story is almost certainly apocryphal. It shows the great philosopher in a poor light. There is something ludicrous and undignified, after all, about a man taking to his heels as soon as he sees a pretty woman sailing into view. Perish the thought!

Now that I come to think of it, the dinner party guest who related the anti-Schopenhauer anecdote was a woman I had offended badly earlier on in the evening after I had been forced to reject her sexual advances. She was not only an ardent feminist but a misandrist and radical lesbian—an advocate moreover for lesbian separatism, i.e., special enclaves for women from which the hated male sex were to be rigidly excluded.

More fool me for giving credence to this harridan’s anti-Schopenhauer claptrap.

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  1. What an imbecile! Which is one reason for avoiding German philosophers, whom I find turgid and probably one of the best emetics on earth. Technicolor yawn inducing as our Australian friends would say. Their composers are sublime Beethoven, Schubert, Wagner, Bach and Strauss. Mozart was Austrian but he was Germanic! Authors Goethe and Schiller( his poetry) Scientists most definitely the best. However, the real Germanic genius was in its militarists: Clauswitz, Frederick the Great, Von Moltke and of course from WW2 Manstein( Probably the greatest strategist of that war) Guderian and Kesselring.
    Being half German I find their philosophical emphasis on the “will”, as being of utmost importance, self defeating and strange. My Celtic half says otherwise, imagination is far more constructive and powerful.

    1. Half Celtic, half German = A barbarian race with German ingenuity, militarism and science! A dangerous combination which the world can not really handle in large numbers.

      1. That’s right Adam! Can you imagine if there were a billion, or two of us? We would rule the world! Maybe even the universe!

    2. If the Germans had any brains, they never would have gone Lutheran. Luthers cohort was the donmeh Jew Melcanhthon. Not that the Anglos are any smarter, the Anglos also followed the donmeh Jew Melanchthon to perfidy also. Calvin was a Jew also.

      I’m White myself, but not Germanic or Anglo White. The Anglos and the Grrmans are leading the way to the destruction of the White Race. It’s gotten to the point I don’t even want to look at their faces, let alone listen to anything they have to say.

      Still, Schopenhauer makes some really excellent on target observations about women.

      If ever there was a German jackass philosopher, it was Nietzsche.

      Americans of German descent and Anglo descent are totally useless, they got their heads up their assholes real far up real hard up there. I’m surrounded by them, and it ain’t even in the smallest degree inspiring. At this point, things are so bad, I don’t give a shit what the Jews or anyone else does to them. I really don’t. They love the Jews and the shit culture of the Jew mainstream media world of entertainment and news. They hate their own heritage and culture and religious patrimony so much, they deserve what they get. They make such a big stink about how much they love foreign cultures and foreign religions while they spit on their own culture. And they go out of their way to spit on their heritage in front of all the racial foreigners in the USA. Fuck em, Im totally over it and I don’t care anymore what happens to them or the USA. They don’t give a shit about anything except their golf and their niggerball. Let them eat skittles and GMO Monsanto pizza pies.

      The Anglos and the Germans protested Catholicism so much, they no longer have any holy days, no feast days. They now only have Christmas and Easter and those two holidays are so devoid of any religious meaning, one can truly say the Anglos and the Germans protested themselves out any holidays. But it’s all good dudes, as we longer have to take the time to dress up decently. We can dress like slobs even on holidays! how kewl is that! What fuckin jackasses Anglos and Germans are. But it’s okay to be a jackass cause God loves us no matter if we dress like slobs and spit on our own Spiritual Patrimony, even on our own religious holidays, even in front of Jews and in front of third world foreigners who hate us.

      1. good rant joe, you are on target more often than not.

        They now only have Christmas and Easter

        not even that, they all say “Happy Holidays” up here, too ashamed to say “Merry Christmas” or maybe they are afraid of slipping down the promotion ladder in the brokerage where they toil for jew or that tenure track drifts out of reach again …
        better to say “happy chachannuka” or “happy kwanzaaaa” and stay safe.

        when i was growing up, they had these orange parades down yonge street, protestant flags, discordant trumpets blaring, drums and cymbals, red faced wannabe mason a-holes in curly tasseled shoes, led by lord mayor on the horse, blowing horse farts at catholics, mostly irish and a few italians and central europeans, the city was 80% anglican (the church of ole england) or presbyterian and the rest jews.
        eatons, the country’s largest employer, openly prohibited hiring of catholics, whether quebec french or irish.
        no problem, so long as you don’t offend the jew.

        well, chickens and carp came home to roost, nowadays the anglos are practically ashamed to admit it, “oh well, i am scots on maternal side”.

    3. A dead Felix calling Schopenhauer an imbecile! O my fucking God!!! What on earth is happening here, and why don’t more men kill themselves en masse! Read his Parerga and Paralipomena, you utter monster of a beast, you who posts 50,000 comments in the space of 10 minutes, like a woman, and you will see total and pure intellect, completely unique and astonishingly deep. Schopenhauer described Will in absolutely identical terms which none other than Tesla himself described over a century and more later and corroborated by saying that all existence is vibration, frequency and energy: this is precisely what Schopenhauer himself said when he used the most original term Will. You are not German, Felix, but an extremely boring individual whose comments I always skip. And stop filling all the god damn comments space with your empty words! All I frickin’ see when I look up the Recent Comments is Felix, Felix, Felix, Felix, Felix!

      1. Hoffman, ye of little humour. All these ideas you ignorantly and arrogantly believe arose in Europe were postulated thousands of years before in India. Read a bit of Indian philosophy and their literature. However, you are correct I am a monster, a beast barely out of the trees. Remember I am half Irish a bogtrotter. You of course are far more interesting, whereas I am a bore. Pray tell, why didn’t you skip my post on this thread?
        May, I also respectfully suggest you develop a sense of introspection and rise above your narrow and jingoistic chauvinism regarding your country’s philosophical and intellectual achievements. And don’t exaggerate, Lobro and Max are far more prolific posters than myself.
        If you doubt the veracity of my statement regarding Indian philosophy my I suggest you read Surendranath
        Dasgupta’s 5 volume work. “A history of Indian Philosophy” Cambridge University Press.
        You can download it free from

      2. Speak for yourself you rude hoffman.. What a pity you skip Felix`s comments, which are informative, unlike yours..

      3. Thank you, Ingrid
        I think our friend Hoffman is part of the Marcus Beck, EK troll ring. A look at the syntax of Hoffman reveals remarkable similarities to Marcus. Particularly the use of “frickin”. The same repetitive use of my name, like a mantra. Notice his previous posts defending EK and also his defence of the use of different IP addresses. Obviously some denizen of a troll house in Tel Aviv. I am curious as to their next target and the form of their attack.

  2. Now that women are liberated, we see how truly on target Schopenhauer was about the nature of women. It ain’t pretty. Schopenhauer knew what he was talking about, that’s for sure. The overwhelming number of women are selfish bitches to the core. Of course, being an American and knowing the USA best, perhaps my view of women is tainted by all the selfish nasty twats running around the States with their incredibly deep sense of entitlement. The world owes them everything they want, exactly when they want it, exactly the way they want it, just because they got a pussy. They think their smelly pussies are made of Gold. And they say men think with their dicks, women are infatuated with their pussies. Modern day American women are pretty much useless, they’re so selfish and so into themselves. They’re totally boring. See The Manosphere for details. My favorite section of the web, The Manosphere.

  3. this is a rich pasture for inner yappers in us, i predict a massive thread developing soon.

    women call shoppenhauer a mysoginist, jews call him an anti-semite.
    both attack the messenger and neither are eager to deal with the message directly.
    could there be some fundamental similarity between the two species?
    (as shop-H might say: “both prey on goyums”)

    so, how about discussing the individual points s-h raises, eg this one:

    The fundamental defect of the jewish female character is a lack of a sense of justice.

    This originates first and foremost in their want of rationality and capacity for reflection but it is strengthened by the fact that, as the weaker sex, they are driven to rely not on force but on cunning

    i never tired of saying this to my former wife, not was my mother any different, although i believe that i was breast fed (but now am lactose intolerant).

    i also think that lasha raised this issue in a very much of tongue-in-cheek fashion and secretly agrees with a number of points in the article.
    i remember her once retelling me something by oscar wilde (a natural born mysoginist who saw women as a threat and competition): “woman: a sphynx without secrets”.

    moreover, let me point out that their sharpest claws are reserved for own sex, witness some of the cage fights and death duels within this blogsite.

    disclaimer: i also cross the street when i spot a pretty woman but in her direction, not away.
    and i spend a lot more time thinking about them than about jews … so much trouble due to a missing rib, worse than had i had a limb amputated.

    1. women call shoppenhauer a mysoginist, jews call him an anti-semite.
      both attack the messenger and neither are eager to deal with the message directly.
      could there be some fundamental similarity between the two species?

      More than you think. via Otto Weininger:

      Greatness is absent from the nature of the woman and the Jew, the greatness of morality, or the greatness of evil. In the Aryan man, the good and bad principles of Kant’s religious philosophy are ever present, ever in strife. In the Jew and the woman, good and evil are not distinct from one another.

      Odd thing was that Weininger was jewish himself, which probably led to his suicide.

  4. I hate to say it but Schopenhaeur beats all who comment on this forum when it comes to intellect and wisdom. Sure there are many here who will disagree with his misogynist ways, but then, when it’s defined as not only a man who doesn’t trust women but also hates them too, then it hardly gives man much choice does it? You either love women or you’re a misogynist. It’s an incredibly unfair definition.

    Schopenhaeur, no doubt like many men, has had his ups and downs with women and just realised that companionship with them simply was no longer worth it. It’s wrong to tar everyone with the same brush, but sadly, in today’s society, divorce courts and courts in general favour women well above men which has seen a boom in the Men Going There Own Way movement. In fact he is a revered philosopher amongst the MGTOW movement.

    I know that many of the older generation will not agree with this movement, many on here I believe to have wives certainly in their 60’s and above and think that a man should be with a woman, but sadly, the feminist movement, or should I say second wave feminism, is yet ANOTHER of the tentacles of Jewry. Anyone who cares to look back at its roots in the USA, will find a misandrist, lesbian Jewess at the helms. However that said, going back to the Pankhursts, of the suffragette movement of the late 19th and early 20th century, we see that this was also an establishment set up by the Fabian socialists.
    Sadly, the younger generations of today are predominantly feminists. They want equality in life and yet want a gentleman to lavish them with a lifestyle that befits a lady, of which they are most certainly not. The older generation were brought up to marry, have a family and live together until ‘death do them part’. My parents were such, but not today’s youngsters. Women want to get married, but they’re just not too good at staying married with 75%+ of all divorces instigated by women in the USA and the UK.

    The MGTOW movement is simply a movement of men who no longer want to marry women and thus be screwed over in divorce courts. It is why Schopenhaeur is such an idol because he had no time for them either. MGTOW is a direct result of feminism, just as anti-Semitism is of Semitism, although we know that the Ashkenazi aren’t such. I’m 44 and when I look at the women of today, compared to when I was 20 even, there’s a massive difference. And saying that there was a huge difference to women in the 80’s to those of the 60’s and before.

    Schopenhaeur is a MGTOW man. Women won’t like him, because he doesn’t fall for feminist, or gold digging women. He doesn’t fall for any of them. I highly doubt he hates women, but certainly doesn’t trust them. Many men in today’s society most certainly do not and the number is growing daily, especially when their children are taken away from them, their house and a large part of their paycheck to boot.

    1. And let us not forget these gems:

      “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”

      “A man can be himself only so long as he is alone, and if he does not love solitude, he will not love freedom, for it is only when he is alone that he is really free.”

    2. > Women want to get married, but they’re just not too good at staying married.

      It’s not even that they want to get married, in the US they just want the months-long whirl of “it’s all about my WEDDING”, with the showers and parties and people gushing about them and spending money on them, culminated in the packed-house celebration of their snagging a life-long financial slave.

  5. Harbinger.
    I see your point regarding feminism, but when you have a situation as you describe in Europe and the US with a declining birthrate in the indigenous population and an effete and effeminate population, isn’t that an indication of racial and biological degeneracy? Do you believe such a society can survive? As I said in previous posts I dislike travelling to western countries for this reason and when I observe the populace in Europe I see ovine, cowardly people afraid to speak out against the iniquities of their situation. And yes, you are right, feminism is the cause of it, but don’t blame the women blame the thieves in your government and banking system debasing your economies to such a state that both spouses have to work.

    1. Felix,

      “but when you have a situation as you describe in Europe and the US with a declining birthrate in the indigenous population and an effete and effeminate population, isn’t that an indication of racial and biological degeneracy?”

      I for one believe that we’re merely traveling along a road and the destination is the same for everyone. Of course, there’s death but there’s the ‘grand scheme’ which is of course the plan that those in charge have underway; a plan that’s been in the making for thousands of years and is only now coming to be due to technology.

      The devolving of the western people as a whole is something that was planned and all that has happened is pieces have been moved on the chessboard. Everything merely follows on from plan to plan – war – death – immigration – cultural destruction – destruction of values – feminism – anti feminism/MGTOW etc etc.

      Like I said MGTOW was merely the result of feminism and this was foreseen. I mean, look at reality. Divorce rates are through the roof, overwhelmingly instigated by women who want to steal cash and move on to the next willing dupe. They do it BECAUSE THEY CAN!

      I believe the white race will die out. Here in Scotland, Chinese are emigrating here and having families. That’s having more than one child. You complain and you’re called a racist, but look at the bigger picture; If o.3% of the Chinese population came to Scotland they’d be the majority. In China they have a limit on 1 parent families, but the suicidal, lemming westerner says “Don’t be so racist, why shouldn’t they have a family” not realising their descendents will hate them for what they’ve left them – nothing, apart from being a minority in their own land.
      The white race will be bred out.

      People don’t speak out because those that do are shouted down BY THEIR FELLOW COUNTRYMEN and those who don’t, don’t because they don’t want to end up like those who do – social pariahs, jobless, family-less…..

      And I do blame women who are feminists just as I don’t blame the Jews as much as I do my fellow countrymen. They are willing dupes and have sold their soul for gold, or to simply be left alone and entertained.

      Felix, the problem within the west; the gravity of the situation is so sincere that people actually welcome their own racial and cultural destruction in order to NOT offend anyone.

      It’s really sad, but it’s reality. Even here if I speak out against colonisation in its cuddly form of economic migration people like Ingrid will scream blue murder, calling me this and that and that these people are only trying to make a better life for themselves. They just happened to skip over 30 or so countries in order to get here for a better life.

      You won’t be able to change it. I do just like what Carlin does. I sit back, watch and understand why things are the way they are. I can’t do anything to change it, that is, without getting arrested, banged up for life or shot; so I just get on and don’t let it anger me like it used to. I simply say why should I stick my neck out for these people, gorging on McD, Reality TV, Sport and celebrity, when they couldn’t care less what happens to their country or world for that matter?

      1. Harbinger,
        I understand your feeling of utter helplessness. And yes, I ‘ve been attacked as a racist, a bigot, a sexist, because I refuse to use PC terminology when referring to women. As I get older I understand more about what makes them tick. I am of course talking about real women, who enjoy being women not these feminist scrubbers that hate men and see them as somebody to exploit or blame for their own shortcomings. So I am a very proud sexist who loves real women.

      2. Whites have been infected by a parasite. Whites never “sold their souls,” they had their ability to think compromised by a foreign, nomadic race that has been engineered to do just that: exploit weaknesses in host populations and come to rule them.

        That being said, a cull of large numbers of weak Whites and the reintroduction of aggression and assertiveness into Whites would be necessary to ensure our survival.

      3. I can`t remember calling you anything Harbinger, I merely stated my point of view.. There have been Chinese, and Pakis in Scotland for most of my life. Did it occur to you that the chinese moved to the UK precisely because they wanted more than the one child allowed to them in China. Maybe they didn`t want their second, or third child murdered, or put in dubious “care” homes. Yes, just sit back Harbinger, and continue feeling sorry for your white ass..

      4. Ingrid,

        It’s always the same with you; a complete lack of prescience. Always on the attack constantly whenever I mention the crisis facing my race in their own lands.
        There are 1.4 billion Chinese in this world.
        There are 4 million+ Scots.
        Do the maths.

        You think it’s perfectly ok for any Tom, Dick or Harry to come waltzing in and set up shop. And out comes the emotive debate, (“Did it occur to you that the chinese moved to the UK precisely because they wanted more than the one child”) instead of common sense, critical and logical thought. There is a strict one child policy in China because THERE ARE TOO MANY OF THEM!
        I really couldn’t care less if they want a family. I just don’t want them overpopulating lands that are not theirs. They have no right here. They are playing on the heartstrings of stupid lemmings like you. You have no problem with this, which makes me really wonder about you Ingrid, for your train of thought on multiracial and multicultural societies is exactly that of those who are pushing the buttons.

        You have no love for western people and their culture and you most certainly wish to see the world turn into one people and one culture, for cultures die when they mix. I don’t. I’ve said this countless amounts of times that I’m a racist in that I choose to live in my land with my people. I hate no one of other races and wish, unlike you, to see ALL races survive. I just don’t believe in the homogeneous soup that you do of world people, all mixed into one.

      5. That`s where you and I differ Harbinger, I don`t feel particularly superior to anyone, and would not turn my back on anyone in need. Your white supremacist attitude is mirrored by the jew supremacists who occupy Palestine, as is SPQR`s “cull of large numbers of weak Whites”. Someone, Felix I think, pointed out that your feminism/MGTOW movements are probably responsible for a fall in the birthrate of indigenous “whites”, but that is their life choice, not that I believe any of us have a choice. I have always had a sense that our lives are mapped out, not by living beings, but some non human plan, I can`t explain it because I don`t know how, but all of us have a path to follow, and are unable to deviate from our alloted paths, and don`t worry too much about the Chinese Harbinger, China is evolving, and who knows, maybe all the Chinese will emigrate back to China, leaving your white supremacists, and your EDL to wipe each other out..

      6. @Ingrid B
        “That`s where you and I differ Harbinger, I don`t feel particularly superior to anyone, and would not turn my back on anyone in need.”

        Why are you so disingenuous, so dishonest? Where does he exhibit hate? By not wanting to see his people be eradicated? You have either been indoctrinated, like apparently most of western Europe has with these thoughts of self-hate or you are a Jew that spews such garbage out because it’s best for you.

        There is nothing hateful about wanting to preserve a culture, you are the one with hate for wanting to destroy it. The white countries, Europe and those countries founded by Europeans are the only countries in the world deliberately pursuing policies that could ultimately destroy their cultures and race. For decades people have sympathized with and allied themselves with the tiny region of Tibet, protesting Han Chinese immigrating to Tibet and supposedly endangering Tibetan culture, but when tens or hundreds of millions of people from foreign cultures, often coming from the poorest and most backwards countries on earth flood into the white countries of the world it is supposedly racist. China, Japan, the middle east, none of these cultures would dream of supporting their own destruction and I’m glad for this. That is the way it should be. What a horrible world it would be if every country looked the same, white, brown, black and yellow all living and mixing so they all become extinct. That is racism and the ultimate genocide, which Jews are the leading cheerleaders for, except when it comes to themselves, these ultimate hypocrites that sterilize blacks that enter Israel.

        This anti-white racism which has now taken over the world started, or got its big push in the 1930’s and 40’s when Jews were pushing the world into a war very few people wanted, except for the Jews and the allied leaders like Churchill they paid off to start the world war.

        It started with a Jew named Theodore Kaufman who wrote a book called “Germany Must Perish!” in 1940 detailing a plan in which thousands of doctors would be employed around the clock, sterilizing all German men to prevent them from reproducing. After the men, German women would be sterilized. Kaufman estimated it would take a few months to kill off the German race permanently. Some of the biggest publications at the time, such as Time Magazine gave this book serious attention, with long reviews saying such things as a “sensational idea”. While Kaufman’s name completely disappeared from books, newspapers and the media immediately after the war to the point that most people have never heard of him, he was big during WW II. He also got Germany’s Josef Goebbels attention who told the German people in long articles what the Jews had planned for Germany. This was 1940. In 1941 when Germany was now fighting a two front war again, fighting for their survival, German Jews were declared enemies of the state, a danger to the state and shipped eastward and settled into concentration camps there.

        In 1943 a Harvard professor named Ernest Hooten had a similar idea.

        ‘ The Harvard University professor’s proposal called for genetically transforming the German nation by encouraging mating of German women with non-German men, who would be brought into the country in large numbers, and of German men, forcibly held outside of Germany, with non-German women. Ten to twelve million German men would be assigned to forced labor under Allied supervision in countries outside of Germany to rebuild their economies. “The objects of this measure,” wrote Dr. Hooton, “include reduction of the birthrate of ‘pure’ Germans, neutralization of German aggressiveness by outbreeding and denationalization of indoctrinated individuals.”‘

        Historian Mark Weber comments:

        “In the decades since the end of World War II, something of the spirit of the genocidal Kaufman and Hooton plans seems manifest in Germany’s population and immigration policies. Since the nation’s defeat in 1945, the German birth rate has fallen to below the replacement level, millions of racially and culturally alien migrants have been welcomed as settlers in Germany, the number of children of mixed ethnicity has sharply increased, and the ethnic-cultural character of much of the country has been drastically altered, especially in the larger cities.”

        As the son of Germans with a half Arab cousin, these plans really ring home. It’s helpful to understand the climate in the USA when these words were published. In 1939, after war broke out and Warsaw surrendered, the Germans went thru the diplomatic files and correspondence between Polish politicians to see what they could find out. They found a lot and published them in newspapers for the world to see and for Germany’s enemies to immediately deny everything and claim the Germans made it all up.

        These are the words of the Polish ambassador to the US, Jerzy Potocki reporting back to Warsaw in 1938 on his observations of the American political scene:

        The pressure of the Jews on President Roosevelt and on the State Department is becoming ever more powerful… The Jews are right now the leaders in creating a war psychosis which would plunge the entire world into war and bring about general catastrophe. This mood is becoming more and more apparent. In their definition of democratic states, the Jews have also created real chaos; they have mixed together the idea of democracy and communism, and have above all raised the banner of burning hatred against Nazism.

        This hatred has become a frenzy. It is propagated everywhere and by every means: in theaters, in the cinema, and in the press. The Germans are portrayed as a nation living under the arrogance of Hitler which wants to conquer the whole world and drown all of humanity in an ocean of blood. In conversations with Jewish press representatives, I have repeatedly come up against the inexorable and convinced view that war is inevitable. This international Jewry exploits every means of propaganda to oppose any tendency towards any kind of consolidation and understanding between nations. In this way, the conviction is growing steadily but surely in public opinion here that the Germans and their satellites, in the form of fascism, are enemies who must be subdued by the ‘democratic world.’ (February 9) 32

        On January 12, 1939 Ambassador Potocki reported back to Warsaw:

        The feeling now prevailing in the United States is marked by a growing hatred of Fascism and, above all, of Chancellor Hitler and everything connected with Nazism. Propaganda is mostly in the hands of the Jews, who control almost 100 percent radio, film, daily and periodical press. Although this propaganda is extremely coarse and presents Germany as black as possible—above all religious persecution and concentration camps are exploited—this propaganda is nevertheless extremely effective, since the public here is completely ignorant and knows nothing of the situation in Europe. …

        The archives and public speeches by allied politicians bear out that this diplomatic correspondence was genuine and not falsified.

        After the war these plans were implemented to some degree before the allies decided they would need Germans on their side if it came to a fight with the Soviet Union, so the plans were toned down. But with Jews powerful positions in the media in virtually every western country, they were able to indoctrinate everybody, not just Germans, with the idea of multi-culturalism and how it is racist if white people don’t perish. And this bizarre idea is repeated by hundreds of millions of indoctrinated whites.

        Here is Jewish Harvard Professor Noel Ignatiev turning the meaning of the word “racism” on it’s head.

        Unfortunately he and his co-religionists have convinced hundreds of millions of people to commit genocide against their own people. This demonstrates once again that “the pen is mightier than the sword.”

      7. I am responding to you Peter, reluctantly, only to point out that I did not accuse Harbinger of hate, but of supremacism. There is a difference, but there is no difference between “white” supremacism, and jewish supremacism, and I want no part of either. That is my choice, whether you, or Harbinger like it, or not..

      8. Ingrid,

        How on earth can you even begin to call me a supremacist? Supremacism is believing one race superior to another or all others and yet where have I ever stated that in any of my writings?
        Because I choose to live amongst my kith and kin, understand and adopt my Scottish culture and do not wish to see it be destroyed you call me a supremacist? You are an incredibly confused individual. It is truly a hateful and spiteful ideology you promote that distinguishes one as a racist (modern definition) who does not wish to see their country destroyed my immigration.

        As for the fall of birthrates, MGTOW is not responsible. It is a new movement. Feminism very much is though.
        And why would the Chinese move back to China when they can stay in the west, have families and overpopulate new lands without the restrictions of China? Is this the deal that the Rothschilds have made with the Chinese – you can have the west to populate and we’ll take your banking?

        Peter makes many good points. You don’t see any other non white land in this world being hit with white immigration into them as is happening in the west do you?

        Sadly Ingrid, it is emotional debate that destroys debate. You are unable of critical thought.

      9. Peter,

        That was a good reply.

        “This hatred has become a frenzy. It is propagated everywhere and by every means: in theaters, in the cinema, and in the press. The Germans are portrayed as a nation living under the arrogance of Hitler which wants to conquer the whole world and drown all of humanity in an ocean of blood.”

        And I concur. The demonisation of Germans while Zionists have robbed them of finances now for decades is despicable.
        Ingrid would love Germany, a land that’s being invaded by Turks and other non whites, who, any attempt at trying to save their culture and nationality are instantly met with racists and of course, Nazi.
        It’s disgusting. There’s no mention of Kaufman’s deeply offensive and supremacist book, but continuing attacks on the German people, for wanting to see the aryans ruling over all. What a load of complete and utter BS. Worse, our children are continually taught this crap in schools, only to come out as obedient drones, bowing to Jewry and seeing them as the poor, persecuted people the world hated.

        The ignorance is staggering. Sure, there are people who attack Zionists for Zionism, but they won’t make the simple connection that WW2 and the holocaust was a lie and created for the sole reason of the establishment of Israhell and its subsequent genocide of the Palestinian people. Anyone with half a modicum of common sense, upon understanding Zionism, understands the lies of Jewry and their many false flags.

      10. “there is no difference between “white” supremacism, and jewish supremacism, and I want no part of either.”

        That’s foolish. Whites at their most aggressive never equaled the jews in their viciousness and thirst for blood. The last time Whites committed an actual genocide was over 2,000 years ago when the Romans wiped out the Carthaginians in the Third Punic war. Jews spent the entire 20th Century exterminating Russians, Ukrainians, Poles, Hungarians, Germans, and Palestinians and are now exterminating all Whites worldwide with mass immigration into Whites homelands.

        If supremacy means dominance then we cannot beat the Jews unless we become White supremacists. How else are we going to save the world from these people? How else are we going to attain mastery over them? Your humanistic morality isn’t going to cut it, not when you face an inhuman foe.

      11. Wrote a reply to Peter, it must have been binned, to the effect that supremacism is racist, whether it is jewish, or white.. Those who are concerned about immigrants flooding their precious “white” countries, need to target the perpetrators of this “crime”, not the victims, stop the invasions of their countries, or, take a look at Iran, which is ethnically diverse, everyone co-exists, not a hint of supremacism, yet Iranian culture flourishes..

        1. @ Ingrid B

          We haven’t “binned” any of your comments. If this is the comment, it has been published earlier:

          “I am responding to you Peter, reluctantly, only to point out that I did not accuse Harbinger of hate, but of supremacism. There is a difference, but there is no difference between “white” supremacism, and jewish supremacism, and I want no part of either. That is my choice, whether you, or Harbinger like it, or not..”

      12. @admin, apologies, the comment in question appeared when I posted another. I wasn`t complaining, or being critical, I know sh1t happens..

      13. @SPQR, EDL anyone? A bunch of “white” racist, belligerent thugs, who threaten “the other” with all sorts of harm, ie. “the culling of large numbers of weak Whites/blacks/browns, you name it. “viciousness and thirst for blood?”, absolutely..

      14. Ingrid,

        “EDL anyone? A bunch of “white” racist, belligerent thugs, who threaten “the other” with all sorts of harm, ie. “the culling of large numbers of weak Whites/blacks/browns, you name it. “viciousness and thirst for blood?”, absolutely.. “ Jgl

        The EDL are a Zionist organisation who were created in order to fight against Islam. They have black and mixed race people in their ranks. They are not racist they are anti Islam. Many who are in the EDL are because they have seen parts of their neighbourhoods taken over by Muslims. Their community has been destroyed because of it.
        I was attacked by Muslims in East London because I was walking in ‘their’ territory, yes, in London, the capital of England, NOT Pakistan. It was a vicious attack, out numbered by 10-1. I was incredibly drunk but still managed to chase my attackers off, as they realised they were in a losing battle. I never had any hatred of Islam after it, although I will say that my case didn’t even make it to court, even though the police knew the assailants and had DNA. The detective in charge simply said that they couldn’t do anything as their hands were tied, due to not upsetting the Muslim community of East London as they were in a war with Iraq. I was stabbed 7 times. I was hit with bottles, bricks, metal poles, bricks and wooden planks. It was attempted murder and they did nothing. It wasn’t even in the local paper.

        Now Ingrid, when this happens to people or their friends there is anger. The police did nothing about Muslim pimps who forced underage white girls into prostitution in northern England.

        The EDL are merely the symptom of the cause that is immigration, in this case Islamic.

      15. @SPQR, EDL anyone? A bunch of “white” racist, belligerent thugs, who threaten “the other” with all sorts of harm

        What is the EDL? It’s a response to the invasion of Britain by violent, rapist Muslims and blacks from the third world. Did you read about the Roterham scandal?

        Loving your own people means hating what harms them.

        ie. “the culling of large numbers of weak Whites/blacks/browns, you name it. “viciousness and thirst for blood?”, absolutely..

        Are you a German?

    2. This sentence in my comment should have said “but when tens or hundreds of millions of people from foreign cultures, often coming from the poorest and most backwards countries on earth flood into the white countries of the world it is supposedly racist [to oppose this].”

      1. God created the different races – for a reason, and with resultant separate cultures. Whether one denies ‘racism’, or not, one would have to be somewhat BRAIN DEAD to complacently ignore those differences to the destruction of his own people. Call me ‘racist’, PLEASE… (It is not a bad word.)

        It is laughable to see some pinko liberal flaunting a bumper-sticker on his car which reads ‘Celebrate Diversity’, when the FIRST thing he denies is that there IS any (diversity)… 🙂

      2. Gilbert Huntley, Good points about ‘racism’. If ‘racism’ was used more of as a compliment then the world might be a nicer place. If it means being able to discriminate between different races and appreciating their differences. So okay then Gilbert, seeing as your so insistent… ‘racist!!!’ … uh, that better? Okay, now you do me… “Hey look, that person is a different color and speaks a different language from me and eats weird food… oh, Chinese.” Yeah, actually thinkin’ of movin’ to China, open a fish’n chips shop or sumink like that… Aaaarrrgh!!! I’m so bored!!! Oh, the next ones about ww3 and stuff. Good. I’m sure the Chinese feel completely secure in their understandings with the other great powers. sheesh…

      3. And I’m glad to see that I’m no longer ‘awaiting moderation’. Thanks Toby, that’s a relief, like you’ve ever actually not posted anything anyway… ho hum… well I suppose there’s a good chance it’s SOMEONE’s birthday today… Congratulations!!! All of you! Hope you got the prezzies you were hinting for! Oh, no, it’s not MY birthday. I wasn’t meaning it like that… Aaarrrgghh!!!

  6. Thanks for the pic of the Benares ape woman. Now I know what Ruth Bernstein looks like.

  7. Schopenhauers’ views are irrelevant but humorous as In this day and age we have UN accepted 50+++ different ridiculous genders – all wish to be taken serious in their Barboon pink ass like outfits and looks.

    Schopenhauer is harmless compared to the hatred against Natur – exhibited be the irrational genderists of today’s “divide, conquer and confuse political correctness up your ass mainstream stink-tanks” – who give ever new homework to create a new human and to frazzle average kids up to not knowing who they and others are / just fun… All this idiocracy is allowed – with no deeper thinking other then the Orwellian indoctrinations- and then sacrifice yourself for freedom and democracy – as times have supposingly never been as good as today – lol. 🙂

    Schopenhauer looks like a retarded village idiot – as he does not know-naturally that today’s man is standing at the dishwasher, laundry mats, and cooks and she gets all the support for a career as long as she does not look white.

    Manliness is at its best today when they knit sweaters and iron underwear – Schoppenhauer would be repulsed. Schopenhauer — did he procreate? 🙂 Perhaps he was gay. His language sounds gay to me. Some gays do not like females for all kinds of reason – a soft body does not help either….

    Superficiality at its best we have today — indeed-potential is overlooked even one does not invent UFOs and free energy. Making a fresh spring salad may not be an act of a genius but it can be a pretty good antidepressant…. Hence, whatever reduces suffering and increases happiness makes a human being and not wether she can paint like a Leonardo.

    How many geniuses have used their potential to increase suffering and decrease happiness like today’s psychopathic leaders and inventors? Some supposingly great human beings are honored when they kill the innocent.

    Immaturity at its best but also funny presented. Martin Luther would also be fun to present… He believed in corporal punishment, was against the uprising of farmers – wanted them killed – as the farmers die not get the support of the illuminati type lodges, and he made silly farting tooting jokes, which made the prude Sigmund Freud happy in his infantile analytic ways… As he too was limited in perspective… seeing the negative in people – especially in white people of his time… lacking spirituality altogether he was dry and boring to say the least. Freud looked like a living dead person…
    Looking within is what the geniuses forgot and hence, we only learn a limited perspective and to be fair … perhaps that is what we teach to one another — usually only a very limited perspective… as I can’t look deeper for others but only for me.

    Look with a magnifying glass into a dusty mirror… That’s the world we live in… The mirror does not reflect clearly.

    Looking deeper – not all geniuses and smart asses are and were really that great.

  8. This post sounds like something Simon Sheppard might write! ~ uh “LOL.”

    It is interesting that the very worst female traits Schopenhauer assigns to women are the same traits Jews exhibit in their dealings with non-Jews, e.g. physical cowardice, which in the woman’s case, is derived from physical inferiority. Since women are physically inferior to the males with whom she must coexist, she develops cunning, “dissimulated” methods to overcome her inability to physically dominate men. A man confronts, while a woman manipulates. I don’t make the rules, I just observe them.

    Jewish culture has in the strangest manner gone from being an intensely patriarchal society run by rabid misogynists, to a limp-wristed, highly feminized culture that uses woman as its basis for racial determination, a fact noted many times in the past by other authors like Alex Linder.

    Jews are the fountainhead for all the twisted sexual inversions found in modern western culture, i.e. transgenderism, transvestism, homosexuality, pedophilia, S&M et al. Jews are masters at promoting these perversions/inversions because their interest goes beyond the basic agenda of cultural destruction. Like their penchant for torture based on sexual pleasure, Jews also derive sexual pleasure from these various perversions. Those familiar with porn will see how certain perversions receive disproportionate coverage from the pornographers. Most notably those perversions involving pain, torture or humiliation.

    It’s all about having sexual fun at the expense of the gullible goyim. What I have found most interesting is this has alerted me to one of my own peculiar traits of physical attraction. While reviewing various websites involving transvestism, I discovered to my astonishment that men can be made to appear every bit as beautiful and attractive as any woman. This points to the fact that males may not be as attracted to the opposite sex as much as they are to the mere appearance of the opposite sex. Thus a dichotomy will arise in the mind of the heterosexual male when encountering a male transvestite he finds physically appealing. The effect of this state of mental confusion has no doubt been foreseen by the alien shape-shifters running America.

    I lived in Southern California for a number of years, so I am quite familiar with transvestism and homosexuality (or so I thought) as such people abound in the “land of fruits and nuts.” As one cannot help but interact with Jews if one lives in Manhattan, a SoCal resident cannot help but deal with the sexual perversions of Southern Californians. It’s one of the many bizarre things Californians have adjusted to in their attempt to deal with life in that faded state.

    It doesn’t take long before one can spot such perversions from afar. Yet I have discovered that there are undoubtedly a certain percentage of males that pass undetected as women. During my enlistment in the Marines there used to be quite a bit of barracks braggadocio about going out on the town to “roll some fags.” Later there would often be a recounting of these exploits, how so and so “beat the living shit out of some faggot.”

    Yet there were a few encounters that may have been more then mere braggadocio. From time to time a Marine would return from town with a bewildered appearance. Among the confusion, one could see the need for the young man to relate his experience to someone and more than once I happened to be close by when they told their story. Typically the story would run like this:

    “You know I just went out on the town to have a few drinks, while I was at the bar this gorgeous chick sits down beside me and you know, like, we started to talk. Man she was beautiful, I mean a real looker. Well after a few drinks she suggested that we might take a drive up to lookout point, and I can tell you I was ready. So when we got up to the point we began making out, you know, and I just got hotter and hotter. Finally I reached down into her panties and you won’t believe it but – uh – she wasn’t a girl, she had a dick! I didn’t know what to do, so I told her to get out of the car and I drove back to base. Man you wouldn’t believe how good looking this girl was!”

    At the time I had chalked this up to a certain agrarian naïveté towards life in the big city. I figured that this, combined with the raging hormonal state of a young male now immersed in the Marine Corp’s Über-masculine culture, accounted for the young Marine’s inability to discriminate between males and females. It took many years and the internet to finally realize what had led to such confusion in these young men’s minds.

    One thing noticeably absent form these accounts is the lack of physical violence for which Marines are noted. Not once did I hear of any “beating the shit” out of a transvestite. In fact a few times, the story was how they simply drove back to the bar where the transvestite was dropped off. Of course never did I hear any stories of striking up any further relationship with the imitation girl either.

    What I find most interesting about the male transvestite/transgender movement is the antithetical direction away from modern feminism. These former males strive to achieve the very same lacy-pink, ultra-feminine, appearance eschewed by the modern woman. These “demales” are frequently a throw back to the those vestiges of femininity last seen in the late fifties, early sixties. Such altered males invariably go to extreme to achieve the very femininity women hate. These men spend their time having their hair done to 1950’s or 60’s perfection while picking out the type of lacy pink lingerie few women today would ever think of purchasing, let alone wearing.

    Today, women opt for trousers, torn Jeans, unkempt hair, and masculine tattoos. So the question is what will be the result of a society where these “demales” are actually more attractive then their female counterparts? One can surmise that while further adding to the confused mental state of the young male, this will serve as an adjunct to the homosexual agenda. Essentially this represents a more attractive form of homosexuality for heterosexual males.

    If the Jews excel at one thing, if they demonstrate true genius, it is in their relentless pursuit towards the misery and destruction of the white male and the cultures he created. As for women. I truly love them for their essential nature. While many women might appear fluffy minded, distracted intellects, they are the true lovers. Due to their child bearing capacities, women have an innate capacity for unconditional love. It is this love that binds us so tightly to our mothers. No one loves like a mother loves. Such love transcends the physical lust men so often mistake for love. I find it ironic that at this late stage of life, a beautiful woman can still stop me in my tracks, her image remaining in my mind for some time after the sighting. Such is the power of attraction between the sexes – at least under the long established social conditions structured by the white male.

    While transvestites might be able to attract the sexual fantasies of heterosexual males, I doubt males will ever be able to fulfill the roll of mother on near the scale the female represents to her child. There is something in her role of creation, one that passes inexorably from mother to child. After all, while the male contributes a tiny, tiny, fraction of genetic material, it is the mother’s bone and blood that create and nurture the child’s physical body. This quite literally makes the child a physical extension of the mother. This condition provides a very special role for the female that cannot be duplicated by the male. I leave it to the Jews to prove me wrong.

    It is notable that the National Socialist went to great lengths to rid Germany of the sexual perverters while recognizing and exemplifying the importance of the the mother’s role in German culture. After the Jews inversion of Germany’s Weimar culture it was the National Socialists who returned it to its original, upright stature among the declining remainder of western civilization.

  9. Good day ‘eh! The Canuck of Slovak German background is here. This article on Schopenhauer’s writings is nothing more than the Protocols methodology stated for the purpose of the destruction of the normal nuclear family. All else is perversion. And yes Hitler wanted the traditional family and the traditional roles of man and woman to be glorified to get rid of the jewish perversion that infiltrated Germany in the 1920’s. After WW2, all other western nations became the targets of jewish Talmudic perversion and they have succeeded. However, the jewish power never counted on Germany rising up again to oppose them like Hitler did in the past. The signs are everywhere, German citizens are tired of the multi-kulti crap, tired of American corporate greed and manipulation (jewish power still), tired of NATO, tired of Anti-Russian sentiments/sanctions. I fear while everyone has their eyes on Russia, China and the Middle East, the greatest shift will happen in Europe (France/Germany). Generally, this article just shows the machinations of the Jewish Talmudic Phariseism and that all movements (isms) are of jewish power origin and stated clearly in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. Although the world needs a new global leader like Hitler was before and during WW2, jewish power has turned him into the greatest villain. Such a man is coming soon and will make Hitler look like a choir boy in both extremes (good/bad/evil). That man will be the Antichrist. He will use the same tools like Obama used to sucker Americans to elect him. What happened; Hope and Change turned into Despair and Destruction. In Obama’s case, I think he will never leave office in 2017. Obama will be Dictator of the North American Union. Thanks, Norbert.

  10. Whenever I see a beautiful woman or a beautiful flower I can’t help but glorify The Lord who perfected them.

  11. This article is almost too delicious for me to abstain from comment. The biggest problem with women, nowadays, is that they have never been TAUGHT well because their mothers were groomed in a generation of confusion. Likewise, their male counterparts (especially the WASP variety).

    In Schopenhauer’s time, his observations were probably more true among his own class and race. Now, the traits are more widespread and recognizable – but the men are more effeminized and, perhaps, more cowardly, exacerbating the circumstance. It seems to me more rare, even, to encounter a man I can admire than it is to encounter a woman who LONGS FOR a man she can admire. It is too bad that many women in the 18-40 year-old age bracket have been adorned with tattoos, marred by abortion and race-mixing, etc., so that they are no longer fit for companionship or marriage to any man of substance or quality. Likewise, their male counterparts (except, of course, for ‘abortions’).

    Intellectually, the women are better company because they are not intimidated to speak of things more tangential to life, in general – and are, basically, easier to be around (for me, anyway). It is my tendency to be more kindy toward them, because I do NOT like cowardly or wimpy men, and I know that modern women have very little to admire in we men, nowadays. We all need some sort of company, from time-to-time, so, if we cannot back up our images of OURSELVES, we have no business casting stones of disapproval. Schopenhauer may have been doing just that, but that doesn’t make his observations any less true.

  12. As you all know, I’ve had and still have lots of women, from all around the planet. …. Got girlfriends/lovers in most of the big cities of Europe. (going back there soon to visit Joelle in particular, my French doctor, or Lydia my banker in Zurich) …. Never courted an Eskimo, though! In fact never been in the Arctic Circle. But love Stockholm and Amsterdam!
    Women have their uses and I need them once, twice, up to 5 times a day. The Jew of KISS, Gene Symons reckons he’s HAD over 1,500 women! I can add 30% to his figure!
    I’ve fathered over 35 females and have many wives/concubines/girlfriends/sex partners. So I know women very well!
    This German philosopher, Schopenhauer, was, as Gilby said, somewhat reflecting the times he lived in; but I find his action in being scared of an approaching “pretty women” absolutely crazy! …. Imagine seeing a doll, all dressed up to kill, covered in rouge and perfume, and “hiding” from them in “shop doorways”, or “scampering off like a frightened rabbit.” …. Wot’s he scared of! They might eat him?
    All my mates here in Australia admire the brazen, up-front way I approach pretty/sexy women. I detect the movement of their 2,098 facial muscles in my favor and go straight up to them. Virtually the minute I start talking to them I know I have found more bed-fodder. Hence I mix in high social circles, where the most beauty is to be found! (Except for when I’m at the Birdsville pub, where any old sheila will do!)
    Interestingly enough, it is true that most blondes are air-heads; and I find the prettiest women are usually the most insecure and in need of a good cuddle, plus more. I find beautiful brunettes of the Natalie Wood type more intelligent and I have actually met one recently who knows about the Illuminati. I gave her some of Mrs Nesta Webster’s stuff to read, and for cross-comparison purposes, I also encouraged her to read the Jewish crap/evil in Madeline Albright’s filthy book. …. I’m gettin’ in some good lervin with this one and might deem to stay with her for a while. …. As Ms Lauper said: “Girls just want to have fun!”

    1. Funny, in my lifetime I have found that men who “brag” about their conquests of “women” have actually done the least. A real man does not have to prove that he is a man by proclaiming such nonsense. No offense by the way, just my life observation.
      White women are the creator’s gift to White men. Also, the women got the power “cause the women have what all men want, they got the P_ _ _y, in all sincerity.

      1. Truth –

        And to your point… a very good point it was…

        I have found too many women to be just a ‘life support system for a P _ _ _ Y.’

  13. Good heavens, whatever happened to the Austin Powers’ mystique, his mojo , the fembots (predictive programming) as Japan researches Virtual Reality (VR) and lifelike s-xbots. G-d’s plan for man and woman and a family is mocked today. Hitler was on the right track to glorify the German family unit. Oh the good old days. Otherwise scram and enjoy the degradation of Benny Hill. Does everything have to go down to the lowest common denominator in the human condition we find ourselves in? Don’t people and nations have any pride and glory anymore? Think outside yourself. Thanks, Norbert.

  14. My confession regarding this subtle, mind-twisting subject of misogyny is that 10 years ago I was like the proverbial “rat-up-the-drain-pipe”, as far as women go! …. Groupies chasing me everywhere, a number of them now actresses and pop princesses! …. Many old musos tell me of Madonna in her groupie days. She was insatiable. Miley Cyrus shows her wares on porn movies, usually taken whilst she is sweaty and charged, after concerts. Lucky blokes!
    In certain circles I developed a very bad reputation among the women-folk. For eg, I would not be welcome in Edinburgh or Berlin. Paris and Zurich okay!
    I was put on a females’ black list as a no-no! This circulated, for a while, in European party circles.
    Then the inverted backlash started to work in my favor – beautiful women started chasing me, helter-skelter, BECAUSE of my bad reputation. BAD reputation turned to GOOD!
    Anyways, most psychologists and socio-historians, as I’ve previously said, have set out to prove that women actually have far more carnal desires than me. I’d agree with this! Women are also more into materialism/consumerism and spend, spend and spend; and shop til they drop.
    My “wives” a handed a paltry $250 per week.
    Back at the gym these days, I’ve taken a great liking to the new breed of very muscly women. I like to stand in front of the gym mirrors and reflect my muscular physique out for all the broads. Intense exercise ups the estrogen levels of women and I gain from this!

    1. Interesting focus these days on genitalia and dogs, though sometimes its hard to tell which gets more attention.

  15. Some “intelligent” stuff for Mr Arch Stanton: I actually did a disservice to Ms. Madeline Albright in the above, so I copied a bit out of one of my books, here in my library:
    “I wish to comment on Madeleine Albrights’ book, The Mighty and the Almighty. … In this work Albright emphasized the fact that the Balfour Declaration, of 1917, included an “inherent dilemma” which has proved the principal catalyst for generating ongoing conflict. The “dilemma” is the paradox inherent in providing the world’s Jews with a “homeland”, in lands already inhabited by a long–resident population of Palestinians. … Albright’s central premise is that religion and politics are “inseparable”, and have been so for centuries. … In the chapter where she asks the question “Whose is the Holy Land?”, Albright provides the sort of stock-standard answer that I would expect a former head of state to provide: That is, whilst she acknowledges Israel’s right to exist, she also acknowledges that the current status quo has seen little or no real alteration over the last five or six decades. And she accepts that the status quo is just not good enough. … She states the obvious, that until the day adversaries settle their political-religious differences, the “dilemma” will persist and world peace will remain on the back burner. … Albright is even more pessimistic than this, and has predicted the situation we are in today, with the conflict sitting on the edge of all-out, global warfare, which is tantamount to Armageddon in the offering. … As I speak, fighting has spread beyond the Middle East and is breaking out in Western countries, where there are large Muslim populations. … Almost belatedly, I remind you of Albright’s call for, “bold leadership to rein in the many religious rivalries around the globe and lay the groundwork for a new moral consensus.” Obviously, this leadership must come from somewhere and it must come now. There is no time for procrastination. … It has to be said that the insanity of religious-inspired conflict has become too much for this world to accept. … An Israeli man like Amikam Yechezkely cannot demand impunity in explaining his actions in bulldozing the house of a man whose ancestors have lived on that piece of land for over millennia. No religion can justify his actions. … No one has a right to insist on a mandate of “they did not exist” as justification for the violent and ruthless occupation of other people’s territory. … This strikes deep at the heart of any known description of civilization.”
    So Ms Albright told some TRUTHS, even though, dialectically, the Zionists moved very much ahead with new illegal settlements during her time in POWER. The great Mrs. Nesta Webster predicted all of this! … Australia’s former Zionist/Communist Prime Minister, Ms Julia Gillard, wanted war with Iran, as does Mrs Feinstein!

  16. Men who hate women, hate themselves.

    Women who hate men, hate themselves.

    Hate is the absence of love and the tool of evil.

    Love is of the heart, not the crotch, or the mind.

    If a person can identify why they love someone, they do not love them.

    All people desire the love of the opposite sex whether they admit to it or not. It is totally natural and no accident.

    Contrary to jewish brainwashing, opposites do not attract, likes attract. When a person has reoccurring problems with the opposite sex, it is an expression of themselves. Since a person is only given the right to control themselves, not others, the problem and the solution are always in the mirror.

    All of the above was personally learned the hard way.

    Evil jewish manipulation preaches the opposite of the above to pervert what God made. They do it through education, religion, science, medical practices, philosophy, government, etc. by control of money that allows control of media. Who determines that so and so is acclaimed like the author of the above article? The jewish controlled media. Thank God for the internet where some truth resides for those that seek it.

    1. Ungenius,
      You are spot on. I once spent some time with a Mexican sexologist who taught at the Sorbonne. I learnt a lot from
      him. He likened a woman to a garden, the vegetation and flowers follow the seasons. He advised me to indulge in oral foreplay for about 40 minutes prior to coitus. Being a man you know we take at most 15 to 20 seconds to ejaculate, but a woman when she skims in and out of an orgasm can spend as long as an hour in that state.
      And you are right when are in love with a woman one never asks why. Even her little foibles are a source of endearment e.g. my wife squeezes the front of the toothpaste so I have push the toothpaste from the back. Another endearing quality of the female is the desire to amass shoes and handbags. I don’t know how many my wife has. Do you?
      Sometimes, I can sit and just admire them from afar. Some of the most soignee, feminine and pulchritudinous females are in Asia. Spend a lunchtime and watch female office staff taking lunch at Gangnam in Seoul, Ginza in Tokyo, Central in Hong Kong, Orchard Road in Singapore or Silom in Bangkok. I am of course a most gentlemanly lecher, always careful not to gape as I undress them with my eyes.

      1. @Felix
        “my wife squeezes the front of the toothpaste so I have push the toothpaste from the back. Another endearing quality of the female is the desire to amass shoes and handbags. I don’t know how many my wife has. Do you?”

        Oh crap! Are you seeing my wife on the side? 🙂 Maybe my wife has a long lost sister. The answer to your question about the number of handbags and shoes is, I have no idea and would not bother to count them. It’s not that they are really high quality, cherished bags and shoes, my wife just likes having a lot of them apparently. It must be one of those laws of nature like furniture collects dust so women collect bags and shoes since I have never known a woman that wasn’t into having too many shoes.

        Back to the topic. My wife and I have been working in the wedding industry for over 20-years and we deal primarily with the brides. Based on my observation, about 90% of brides are not un-woman females of alien origins out to take advantage of unsuspecting men. They are truly happy to be marrying the guy that they love and are looking forward to being mothers. It shows in everything that they express in preparation for their wedding.

        Many times I enlighten them with some things to consider like; women are natural control freaks because they are designed to care for and raise children so that they do not grow up and kill their parents; smart women turn off their “control freak” with their husbands because they are your voluntary partners, not children. I tell grooms that women look for strength in a man in many ways because they need physical protection while carrying the unborn and shortly thereafter, and they really do not want to make all the decisions; women are natural born control freaks because of children and that if they ever completely submit to their wife’s drive for control, their wife will be looking for a man that won’t submit. I tell both the bride and the groom that they should never underestimate to power of a simple hug and that they should do so often; that relationships are not 50-50, but 100-100; never treat your spouse differently than you would your best friend; respect for one another as individuals must be maintained or the required 100-100 commitment ceases, and the relationship crumbles. I can tell that most of them really do listen to what I am telling them especially when I tell them that I know because I had two failed marriages, a few failed serious relationships, and that there is no reason why they should be as dumb as I was.

        The marriage problems of today are caused by brainwashing that results in a failure to recognize that men and women are different for obvious, natural reasons and that those differences, when combined, make a natural whole unit.

      2. @Ungenius
        An excellent post and excellent advice. We are both very lucky men. I have utmost compassion for men who are afraid of women. In my limited experience women have a sense of humour and want the same in a man.

      3. For children there is no bigger medicine in this world than to peek around a corner and see mother and father in a loving embrace.

      4. HP –

        Would that the sighting of the ‘two-headed double-backed mattress monster’ you reference?

      5. Pat, THE obverse of lust, this heavenly embrace, is also beyond defining, but the children know it when they see and feel it..

  17. Speaking of Simon Sheppard, here are some interesting observations about the sexes from his website –

    “We should ask, and seek a satisfactory answer to the question: Was it a coincidence that the British government capitulated to women at precisely the same moment in history that it directed a blood feud of a savagery unknown for centuries? Extraordinary lengths were taken to prevail in the First World War, and extraordinary measures were taken rather than accede to the German and American peace overtures which were made, especially during December 1916.”

    [ . . . ]

    “The suffragettes’ behaviour, in their new, masculine role as aggressor, was exaggerated. Similarly the Allies’ behaviour was exaggerated both during and after the wars because they were conforming to a feminine role (engaging a masculine enemy), a role to which they were unaccustomed. This might be called “over-compensating” but a more accurate description is EBIAR, Exaggerated Behaviour in Alien Role. Adopting an unnatural role, their behaviour was exaggerated.

    “A nation, like a man, that is secure in itself and in its masculine capacity to control does not wish to cruelly persecute a vanquished foe. This took place after both world wars. An extended analysis of war policies is given in the Table.

    “Certainly many of the policies being pursued by the German government in the years 1933-39 were masculine. Nationalism is a masculine expression, because it has always been males who fought to defend the tribe (women being regarded merely as the spoils of war). This is confirmed when we see that the great majority of participants in nationalist and patriotic organizations are male. The nation is a larger, more masculine extension of the tribe. Males think of ‘society,’ females of ‘communities.’ “


    U.S.A lawmakers forced to pledge of allegiance to Israel

    …The fundamental defect of the female character is a lack of a sense of justice…

    This video shows a woman, former US Lawmaker Cynthia McKinney with a sense of justice,
    unlike the other 535 (fe)-male members of the US Congress.

    Schopenhauer was into Indian Wisdom.
    Well than he must have missed the central element of India: Mother Divine.

    1. Zen,
      “Schopenhauer was into Indian wisdom.”
      And that’s where he got most his deep and profound ideas that people go into orgasmic panegyrics over. He was essentially a cherry picking plagiarist, stealing ideas that suited his world views. As the Chinese say “There is nothing new under the sun.” Many of these western philosophers indulge in mental masturbation like pubescent schoolboys and sit around congratulating each other on the depth and profundity their intellects. Yuck!
      Thanks for the video of Cynthia.

  19. A 2009 study, titled “The Paradox of Declining Female Happiness,” conducted by professors Betsey Stevenson and Justin Wolfers (University of Pennsylvania) for the Social Science Reserch Network (SSRN) – concludes that though American women are better off economically since 1970s – socially they feel more miserable than before….. The women who have been to a women shelter (there are 300 of those in Canada as compared to none for the men) – will tell you how callously they are treated by the hags employed there. Distressed women are pressured to end their marriages and are offered help and resources to do so. Feminists are not interested in the welfare of women. They rely on domestic violence for their cushy jobs and to emasculate men – by portraying them as abusers….”

    1. She is part of FEMEN even though she claimed that she performed “this act of protest” as a “lone individual”. The “act” was caught on video and was somewhat entertaing. Her name was given as Josephine Witt.
      The article:

      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
      Josephine Witt (b. June 22, 1993) is a German activist and member of the FEMEN group.
      Witt, whose birth name is Josephine Marckmann, was born in Hamburg in 1993.

  20. @ Peter
    Obviously you have read Mein Kampf for what you say is very true. Germany through Hitler wanted a purified natural and normal German culture and nation territory of Germanics (Austrian, Sudeten, Prussian etc.. Germany and Hitler stood up to jewish power and almost won. Because Germany/Hitler stood up to jewish power, Hitler/Germany had to be destroyed. Unfortunately for humanity, the machinations that jewish power used in Germany from the 1920s, is now being implemented everywhere around the world except Israel. In Israel, jewish power is going in the other direction for racial or religious purity, Ashkenazi Jew as a white caucasoid population. Jewish power knew what Hitler did would work against their plans for the goyim, thus they do it for themselves and do the opposite for humanity. However, the jewish power did not consider that right-wing socialism, fascism or Naziism would rise up again and especially in Germany again at this time in history. This is now shown by the fact that Germans and eventually Europeans, are wanting to read Mein Kampf. The only question is will it be the original text or a highly edited and filtered text. My take is that God does have a sense of humour and the jewish power will be destroyed by their own hand/machinations. As it is said, you live by the sword, you die by the sword. Or you reap what you sow. Jewish power will shoot itself in the foot/head. Just remember, what Hitler wanted is called racism because jewish power must make good look like evil. But jewish power is allowed to make evil look good to destroy humanity. Thanks, Norbert.

    1. “Germany through Hitler wanted a purified natural and normal German culture and nation territory of Germanics ” :
      many children of Norwegian women, who were fathered by German occupiers, were shipped to Germany, and reared as Germans..

      1. I doubt that. I don’t doubt that was written in books and put on TV and in films like many other things and I doubt it because so many things the allies said have already been exposed as lies. The allies propaganda was far superior to German propaganda and by winning the war, their propaganda was allowed to soar while Germany’s ended.

        I recall the Norwegian actress Liv Ullman on American TV in the 1970’s. Jewish Hollywood promoted her and she starred in many anti-German programs and made hateful statements in real life. My father once made a comment about one western European country, it may have been Norway or Holland and he didn’t like whoever it was because he felt they were unjustly hateful of Germans. But on reflection, I have a feeling you could say that about many or most European countries, even those that once had close relations with Germany.

        Some of the biggest lies have been exposed, but many mainstream publications refuse retract their lies and continue to publish them – like Encyclopedia Britannica for example.

        It is now known (it’s been known for many years) that Germany never wanted a war in the west, that Winston Churchill was paid off by wealthy Jews to attack Germany and he told the British people that Germany intended to attack Great Britain and take it over. That was an outright lie. Germany continuously attempted to end the war with Britain and of course it was Britain that attacked Germany first (at sea). The British lie to cover up their lies. When Rudolf Hess, who was very close to Hitler flew to England in the middle of the war, almost killing himself in the process while parachuting out of his plane and attempting to make contact with royalty in Britain that also wanted the war ended, the British locked him up for the next fifty years and called him “insane” to cover up their lies.

        Regarding Norway, most people still don’t know that Britain was planning an attack on Norway to cut off vital raw materials Germany needed from Sweden and Germany only attacked Norway to prevent this. English historian David Irving goes into great detail about this in his book “Churchill’s War.”

      2. Germany only attacked France after France and England both declared war on Germany and were making preparations to jointly attack Germany, just as they had done in 1914. The war at sea began after the French and British declaration of war.

      3. You are free to doubt what I say Peter, I have no proof, but have seen pics of the chidren in question, who were cared for in a child home on first arriving in Germany. There are still people here, who were fathered by German soldiers. Many women fell for the Germans, and they were treated abysmally after the war, tarred and feathered, ostracised, their children, too, suffered abuse, through no fault of theirs. You are correct in saying that the UK was planning an attack on Norway, I have a comment somewhere, a reply from a gentleman posting on TUT, who explained to me why Germany occupied Norway. They were shipping something of value, can`t remember what, from Russia, via Norwegian waters, to Germany, and the Brits planned to block their passage. You are correct, too, in saying that many Norwegians don`t know the truth. What I find hard to stomach is that Norway, which was under occupation several times, allows the occupation of Palestine. or, by staying silent, condones the crime..

      4. @Peter, here is the comment I mentioned, and yes, the commodity WAS being transported from Sweden. Also, it seems that the Norwegian government was aware of the UK plot:

        My question to Sertorius:
        Here in Norway these days, there is a lot of outspoken resistance in the media, mostly by older citizens who remember the German occupation, against public displays of Nazi symbolism. I`m not sure why Norway was occupied, unless as a stepping stone to the UK..

        #17 by Sertorius on February 22, 2013 – 5:24 pm

        “Thank you too, Ingrid.

        The short answer on why Germany occupied Norway was that the Germans feared the loss of Swedish high grade iron ore that was transported by rail to the port of Narvik.

        The British wanted Norway to prohibit the shipment of the ore through their territory. The German ore ships were hugging the coast of Norway, staying in Norwegian territorial waters. During the winter this ore can’t be moved by the Gulf of Bothnia because it is frozen (I know you’re aware of this, this fact is for the benefit of others) during the winter.

        The Norwegian government wasn’t interested in either stopping these shipments or joining the allies.

        During this period called the “Phony War” the British entered Norwegian waters to seize the Altmark, a German ship that was transporting POWs captured by the German raider Graf Spee. This act convinced the Germans that eventually the allies would mine the coastal waters and occupy Norway, so the Germans went in first to prevent this. They were correct in their assessment of the situation because the allies were getting ready to do just this, starting with the mining operation.”

        PS, there are also quotes from Mein Kampf, and Sertorius`comments..

      5. I apologize. I don’t doubt what you say in your later comments. I put too much into your original comment and I thought you were suggesting these children were abducted by Germany.

        Also, I believe Hitler considered Norwegians very close to Germans. Danes and Swedes too. They were all Nordic and I have my doubts about any hatred of Slavs, or for that matter Jews based upon race. I believe his distaste for Jews was based upon their behavior and we are told by scientists that behavior can not be influenced by race, but I believe some scientists disagree. Regardless, one of Hitler’s closest friends was Jewish. His name was Emil Maurice.

        The Russians, or Slavs were under Jewish control. Last year Putin made a speech in which he said 80 to 85% of the first Soviet gov’t was Jewish. They played a major role in the war. The Soviet Union was the leading communist state (maybe the only one) and communism’s stated policy was to take over the world. The Germans referred to the Soviet Union as lead by Jewish Bolshevists. To this day most people consider this “anti-Semitic” and they deny the country was run by Jews, for the simple reason that they are liars.

        Putin – Jews ran the USSR

        The Jews began starving millions of Ukrainians to death in the early 1930’s. The Soviet gov’t (80-85% Jewish) outlawed Christianity and began murdering priests and raping nuns. They had big supporters in many governments around the world and Germany said it would not permit them to bring this misery and death to western Europe.

        I don’t know about the British media at the time, but in the USA the Jewish run media was grossly exaggerating and lying, giving the impression Jews were being physically mistreated, murdered and beaten in Germany. Americans were told this every day and it was just all made up. This propaganda began within the first month of Hitler’s taking power. Five years later after the Jews assassinated another German politician (the second one) “Kristallnacht” took place in which 92 Jews died. That was the first occurrence of violence and it was reported as if another “6 million Jews” were murdered. As I said, they already reported that way in 1933. Meanwhile in the Soviet Union Jews had been murdering millions of Ukrainians beginning in 1931 and the Jewish media in the USA covered this up and they even deny it today.

        2009 – Ukraine accuses the Jews, Did you see the report below in Norway or any major newspaper in the world? I didn’t.

        Goebbels on Jewish Bolshevism in 1937

      6. @Peter, thanks for the links, just got round to checking them out. I have copied your comment, with links, and sent it to a couple of newspaper guys here in Norway, as well as an American friend, with whom I exchange interesting stuff.. I don`t read the MSM, and pretty much only watch Press TV, as I find it reliable.. The jews who brutally overthrew the legitimate government in the Ukraine, are still starving Ukrainians in the pro- Russia area in the east, and the zionist jews occupying Palestine are doing the same to the people of Gaza, as are their proxies in KSA to the people of Yemen. Just heard that the US military/industrial complex are making a fortune from selling arms to the gulf states, and the CIA boss is in Egypt, clinching an arms deal. These are truly sick individuals, who profit from the deaths of defenceless civilians..

  21. Hey peeps did you see this:

    Paedo Jew won’t face trial because of dementia

    It’s more of the same – Jewish establishment protects Jews, just as they did Saville, Britton and the rest of the paedo politicians.

    When this was brought up in conversation with my mother and Jewry protecting Jewry, she brought up the argument, or should I say, walking out of my sister, because she would not debate Jewry, stating she would not engage in anti-Semitism and racism and that she was deeply offended, because I stated that Mossad was behind Charlie Hebdo. My mother said “you don’t believe there was a holocaust” and I said there wasn’t, at which point she said they imprison people in some countries for holocaust denial, at which point when I tried to explain there was an internment of Jews, she didn’t want to continue as it upset her greatly that I could deny the mass murder of Jews in WW2. She said “Britain was defending Britain and I said “Britain and France declared war on Germany because they were under the control of Zionist shill Churchill, who wanted more goyim to die for Jewry and that WW2 was about the establishment of Israel on the blood of non Jews.”

    There’s nothing worse than living with a highly ignorant and brainwashed family, unable to be impartial in conversation and worse debate without bringing emotion into it.

    1. P.S.

      As many UK papers now do; on sensitive subjects they don’t allow a comment section as they have with this story. More authoritarianism.

    2. You are not alone in that circumstance, Harbinger. 🙁
      I have three older sisters – all supposedly ‘educated’ – but only one with whom I can ‘talk politics’ without being called ‘anti-Semitic’, or ‘archaic’, or ’embarassing’ to them. Subsequently, we do NOT discuss such things at family gatherings or other functions (but my very ‘successful’ nephews understand it) (I think…). It sux – but, then, I can just be polite, and excuse myself from everyone’s venue. I LIKE living alone! (My daughter is on my side, always, but she is just in her early twenties, and travels around in the racehorse world, from all over North America, to as far away as Hong Kong – so she really can’t participate in daddy’s druthers.)

      1. Yes Gilbert,

        My eldest sister is a producer, via the journalist route – educated at Oxford etc etc. She works for the Jew Media and ironically, my mother won’t hear a negative word about the Jews as she worked as a Shabbos Goy for Max Factor in the 50’s. She’s also a royalist and adores the monarchy so won’t hear a bad word about them, even though they’re paedophiles, child murderers and have a history of genocide. Now they’re almost 100% Jewish, with Prince William to be the first Jew in Jewtain Britain.

        If there’s anything I hate it’s people who will not debate logically without bringing emotion into it. Apart from Ingrid on this site and my family, most people are simply oblivious to the fact that bringing emotion into any debate is not a valid way to debate as it immediately loses them it.
        If you can’t educate people with facts, how on earth can you?
        I remember when I was blogging, I turned a reader to understanding the fallacy that was the extermination of Jews in Auschwitz, simply by giving him coke statistics for the disposal of cadavers. He was blown apart when he realised that the 70/80,000 figure was the total number of people who died in Auschwitz as the records proved it and that the supposed 3,000 people or so a day death rate was a utter fabrication. Not only that but there were no images to prove Jewish lies as aerial photography was being taken daily, along with interception of communication as well as documented evidence in the from of births and deaths. Then there were all the facilities within.

        Like I said, if you can’t educate people with the facts, simply because they’re offended at mention of them, how can you educate people into seeing the truth? This is why I think the white peoples are completely screwed.

    3. Yes, Harbinger, I`ve tried talking to family members as well. I have a half brother in Scotland, who never contacts me anymore, other than the obligatory chrissy card, but I think it is probably because he and his partner take holidays in Goa, and probably have jewish “friends”. If I sent them important articles in e-mails, his partner accused me of sending “drivel”.. Once my half sister in Scotland told me that people were rallying in support of the “brave soldiers fighting in Afghanistan.” When I said they should never have been there, she said angrily, “Well, they ARE there.” Her step son is a former “brave soldier”. I`m afraid I backed off because I love her. Remember that little “royal” prick Harry, boasting about “killing Afghans”, in similarity with his uncle, Andrew, who “killed Argentinians” over the Malvinas, such “brave” little sob`s..

      1. @ Ingrid B

        You and Harbinger surprise me. Are you still at the stage where you are actually trying to convert your friends and relatives to your dissident and highly unorthodox political views? Don’t bother! That’s my advice. Based on years of bitter experience.

        You are incredibly naive even for trying to win them over to your viewpoint.

        Realize that you are a permanent Outsider. Silence is the only sensible policy. Don’t waste your time — and don’t risk your security — by casting your pearls before swine.

      2. @Sardonicus, thanks. I`m talking of years ago, nowadays I keep family out of it, and hope all will be forgiven..

      3. Sardonicus,

        The first people who should always know the truth or at least ‘told’ the truth are your family. This ‘war’ will only be one through education Sardonicus, for if you do not educate the people into who the real enemy is, then you will be looked as the enemy and end up fighting against your own, AGAIN, just as the Jew has done throughout history – GOY fighting GOY.

        So Sardonicus, I never give up on telling people the truth. Sure, I may be laughed at, but guaranteed, one day my accusers and castigators will learn something and think, “wait a minute, didn’t so and so tell me this ten years ago and I laughed at him? I wonder what else he told me was actually true?”

        The Scots lost against the English Crown because they would NOT unite the clans.
        The white race and more importantly the goyim will lose against Jewry and the New World Order unless they accept and understand the truth and unite as one to stop them.]
        There is no other way.
        This will not be won with guns and bombs for if the people don’t know who and why they’re fighting, it will simply be another battle in the losing war against Jewry, who have yet again, created another Emmanuel Goldstein to fight against.

      4. Ingrid,

        I watched a young man get into an argument in a bar, he joined the company of some people his age and then an argument broke out because they said they didn’t want a murderer sitting next to them. He got very angry and the doorman came over and quelled the situation. He was quite upset and kept shouting: “they don’t understand, I’m fighting to protect them and their country….”

        It was sad and it was understandable. He is a banker’s bitch. He’s young, dumb and easily influenced and controlled. He doesn’t realise that what he said will anger many people. Defending your country by going to other countries and killing them is like me walking down my street killing my neighbours, believing I’m stopping them breaking into my house in the future.

        Many of these young men in the forces come from military bloodlines. Like them, their ancestors were manipulated into going abroad and killing. They believed for their family’s protection and fellow countrymen, when in reality it was and always has been for the bankers. The ignorance, as you saw, is shown by my mother, who goes on about the war and I didn’t know what it was like. Sure it was bad, but when I try and explain to her that it was a war Britain had no part in, she harps on about the pact with Poland and even though I know she knows of the Treaty of Versailles, will never see it was a dreadful agreement, again instigated by the Rothschilds for the future rape of Germany and her people.

        The only way you stop these young men from giving their lives up abroad is to educate them, but many are not the ‘educated’ type, see they have no future and join up to get a wage. The environment is created by the bankers to have low jobs and high unemployment.

      5. Yes, Harbinger, you have basically three types of recruits, those such as your confused young man, who, mistakenly, thought he was doing good, those who “see they have no future and join up to get a wage”, and then there are the sicko/psychopaths, who want to “kill arabs”. I lived in a small village near Moffat for five years when my daughter was small. One kid was a sick little sob, who negatively influenced other kids, would get them to steal from their parents, buy ciggies with the money, and force the other kid to smoke. When he was eleven, he and his little gang sexually assaulted three boys. In later years, my half sister, who worked with his mother, told me he`d found a girlfriend, and they had a kid, trouble was, he and the girlfriend were drug adicts, then I was told that he joined the army, and I hated to think what sort of horror he might inflict on Iraqis, or Afghans, and he was probably just one of many sick little individuals..
        Thing is Harbinger, we all, or most of us, know who the enemy is, so wouldn`t it be wiser if everyone were united, blacks, browns, whites, and yellows, instead of attacking one another..

    4. looked at the link, harbinger, some comments below

      Director of Public Prosecutions Alison Saunders said there is enough evidence to charge Lord Janner with 22 sex offences, but he is now too sick to stand trial.

      (Alison Saunders sounds like a jew twat as well, I know of Saunders jews here in Toronto)

      Lord Janner strongly denies the allegations against him

      (is this indicative of dementia or does it show that he is perfectly aware of what’s going on)

      He was first interviewed in 1991 when his name was mentioned in the trial of Frank Beck, one of Britain’s most notorious paedophiles who was jailed for abusing boys in his care at Leicestershire children’s homes.

      (get it? 25 years of official suspicion, nothing done and now all of a sudden “there is enough evidence to charge … with 22 sex offences, but he is now too sick to stand trial” … while 98 year old Germans are hounded into death for being “accessory to murder of Jews 70 years ago”)

      The politician was accused of grooming and abusing a boy aged between 13 and 15, but the CPS did not pursue the case.

      (nice touch, “grooming + abusing”, good limey speech pattern, “euch, did I mention dimensions of dementia”)

      He was investigated again in 2002 and 2006 when fresh allegations surfaced, but each time the CPS decided no further action would be taken.

      (no need to explain why no action was taken or on whose authority was it blocked … it just happens, you know, a natural occurring phenomenon like weather “no action was taken”, move on folks, nothing to see here)

      Ms Saunders admitted that the case was not “thoroughly investigated” at the time and only properly looked at under Operation Enamel, which was launched in 2013.
      She said: “It is a matter of deep regret that the decisions in relation to the previous investigations were as they were.

      (where is my vitriol spray can, can’t take any more of this)

      I am convinced that Alison Saunders is a Jewess.

      1. the final concluding remark slipped down the memory hole at the end of a lengthy post – a question that should be put to jewess saunders.

        given her attitude, what prevents one from assuming that right now, a litany of similar and worse atrocities, eg, ritual torture and murder of young boys by “lord” janner’s particular circle is not proceeding uninterrupted under the benevolent eye of her department?

        i suppose that this is not just a perquisite of the rank and privilege but a requirement for induction into the house of pervs lords.
        it pays homage to lord janner’s illustrius ancestors who did so much for their country since the days of william of norwich in 1144, when ms saunders’ equally faithful ancestors protected them from prosecution, a millenium of talmudic sixtynining.

      2. Just looked at a pic of Saunders. She looks like a typical British manjawed harridan. There’s nothing especially Jewy about her appearance.

    5. If my parents were still alive I would show them both this and apologize for all the arguments I caused, but I’m in a different position than you. It’s a speech by the great English historian David Irving and while many older Germans will like what he says (not the new generation’s indoctrinated with guilt and self hate), many English might not, except maybe those that wonder how their once great country has sunk so far.

      David Irving is the most important historian of WW II. He is a fascinating speaker and writer and the establishment hates him because he won’t back down from what he has found in the archives. In 1959 he left his university studies for a job in Germany to work in a steel plant. That already makes him stand out. My parents left Germany a few years earlier while things were still not very good in Germany and most foreigners had no desire to see Germany at that time. Irving went there to perfect his German and while working there he met a survivor of the attack on Dresden. Three years later he produced his first international blockbuster, “The Destruction of Dresden” making the world aware of something that until that time only Germans knew of. In the early 1980’s he was the historian that exposed the “Hitler Diaries” as forgeries, in 1990 he discovered / retrieved Josef Goebbels diaries from archives in Moscow where they laid untouched since they were placed there at the end of the war. At around the same time, at the end of a speech he made to an audience in Argentina a man walked up to him, handed him a package and said “you might be interested in this” or something like that. When, later he opened the package up it was Adolf Eichmann’s memoirs that Eichmann wrote in the late 1950’s before his kidnapping by the Israelis. They are a real eye opener. While none of the other historians would be caught dead talking to “NAZIS”, Irving went to interview as many of them that survived as he could. He talked to the wives of those that were dead and the wives would hand over their husband’s diaries to Irving. He also spoke to the French leaders or their surviving wives and people like Arthur Harris who thought Irving’s book on Dresden was excellent. Irving is one of the few English speaking historians that speaks German fluently, allowing him to actually understand German documents and he is one of only a few people in the world that was capable of deciphering Goebbels shorthand and read his diaries.

      This speech by him is 30 years old, but it is the most interesting speech I’ve ever heard. In it Irving discusses many things, including Hitler’s continuous desire for peace with England and Churchill’s spurning every offer, Churchill’s ordering his diplomats not to speak to any Germans coming to discuss peace, Churchill’s stress that German bombers were only attacking military installations while there were still people in Britain that wanted to end the war and how Churchill solved this problem, by several attacks on civilian centers in Berlin until Hitler finally responded and Churchill’s alcoholism, among other things. If your mother thinks Churchill is a hero, she might not want to watch this speech, but it is fascinating. It’s titled “Churchill’s War” and it’s about his biography of Winston Churchill. It was written after he wrote “Hitler’s War”, a book Irving took ten years to write and that military academies like West Point used for instruction on history until Jews launched a worldwide campaign to destroy David Irving’s career and military academies, libraries and bookstores (often after having their windows smashed) pulled Irving’s books from their bookshelves.

      Churchill’s War

      David Irving’s website

      1. This is the second most fascinating speech I’ve ever heard. It’s by Gerd Schultze Rhonhoff. It’s about the lead up to WW II. Among other things I learned in this speech was that Poland approached France three times in 1933, proposing the countries launch a simultaneous attack on Germany and that Poland was viewed as a rogue state by other countries for it’s wars with various countries.

      2. @Peter
        David Irving is the best historian on Germany in WWII. I’ve been reading him for years and I have a personally signed copy of his book. Churchill’s War II. I have all his other books as well. I was disgusted at travesty of the libel trial. He couldn’t have been allowed to win by the establishment of course. That being said, he made 2 mistakes. Firstly, he represented himself. Secondly, he should have chosen trial by jury. The British Judicial system and the police is riddled with Freemasons, so it was impossible for a judge to give him a fair trial. According to the record of the trial, they found 18 “mistakes” in all the millions of words he has written and on that basis, they compounded a vicious libel by heaping even more calumny and abuse on him. I have read all his books and I have found just one mistake on military matters and it was probably an editorial one at that. The mistake relates to the annihilation of the 5th South African Brigade at Sid Rezegh in November, 1941. David Irving in his book on Rommel, “The Trail of the Fox”, says it was the 1st South African Division of which the 5th Brigade was part. Well my uncle, a South Arican, married to my mother’s sister was in the 2nd Brigade of the 1st South African Division was at Mersa Matruh and wasn’t at Sidi Rezegh. He was also at El Alamein, as was my father with Ramcke’s Fallschirmjaeger. He was taken prisoner in Brest in September, 1944. He met my mother when he was in a POW camp and never returned to Germany as Silesia, where he was from, was ethnically cleansed and given to Poland. Both my uncle and father are deceased, but in 1992, I attended a service with them at El Alamein for the 50th anniversary of the battle. It was a joint service Allies and Axis, and not a dry eye to be seen.

      3. @Felix You have an interesting family history. Your description of the scene at El Alamein is very touching. I’m aware they have monuments in North Africa from the war there. I’ve always thought it would be very interesting to see that.

        Yes, David Irving is great. The way attitudes have changed (although many other people’s minds will also have to change) he may be recognized as great again, but he may not still be around to see this. It’s going to take a while. I remember reading an article about the trial before it took place and thinking would a judge allow himself to rule in Irving’s favor even if Irving presented a great case.

        My mother was born in Memel (now Lithuania) and grew up in Brieg, near Breslau, part of Silesia and now part of Poland. She and her family fled, like millions of others when the Soviets came. In the 2000’s I visited Memel in Lithuania, the other Baltic countries, Kaliningrad and Saint Petersburg several times.

      4. Peter,

        I’ve read Irving and watched the very speech you link. It was brilliant. A man who lived in Germany and spoke to living German survivors of WW2 and got the story we’re never told. His books and speech greatly swayed me into understanding the bigger picture. It wouldn’t matter if I showed my mother or sister this. They’d simply say he was a Nazi sympathizer and of course an anti-Semite and racist.

        Some believe and some simply don’t want to regardless of the facts you pour in front of them. My mother simply won’t accept that there wasn’t a holocaust, even when I explain that the word holocaust (whole fire) from Greek never happened to Jews. I say it happened to Japanese in Hiroshima and Nagasaki as well as Germans in Dresden and she doesn’t want to know. She doesn’t want to know the solid facts supporting the lie that the holocaust is. She won’t accept the ‘fake’ photos from camps. She won’t accept that the majority died from typhus and hunger, due to allied bombing of supply lines.

        All history is because of revision. To not be allowed revision on the holocaust, proves overwhelmingly that something sinister is afoot. What really amazes me is the willful ignorance of those who choose not to see the blatantly obvious.

      5. what i am seeing (reading leads to seeing) here is that germany is slowly and painfully waking up to the repressed truth, like a horrifically abused child coming to grips with repressed memories of occult evil.

        all rods leading to perdition end up at jew’s doorstep.
        since he kabbalistically equates himself with his creator, it follows that the monolith called jew is in fact the devil.

        but the process of “truthing”, once started, is inexorable, because as things start making sense, the jagged bits of jigsaw puzzle slotting themselves into place, the picture emerges and the job of completion becomes easier, so that there can be only one ending.

        jew, beware.

      6. Jew beware indeed!

        Brownhawk prey on hidin’ iewe
        Circle pile steamin’ flue
        look down under
        swoop to plunder
        sharpened talons run ’em through
        squealin’ varmints
        dead in seconds
        limpid body danglin’ slew
        fly back piles
        oer the miles
        keen eye probin’ stalk anew
        ever vigil
        slayin’ evil
        mission statement conquer jew

      7. @Harbinger I understand. I was probably the same way when I disagreed with my parents. It takes time, a lot of time, but hopefully more people will continue to see the Jews for what they are (not every Jew, but their leadership which most Jews follow). I was the same way. We were all indoctrinated to think anything negative thoughts about Jews is the greatest sin in the world against God’s “chosen people”, who just happen to be the biggest mass murderers and liars in the world. It allows them to get away with anything. More and more people are beginning to see the truth. That’s what the Jews recognize also. They call it anti-Semitism.

        Now the Jewish owned New York Times is publishing articles calling for Iran to be bombed. Obviously they need another holocaust. They still haven’t learned their lesson.

      8. I agree. I should have put that differently. But they did suffer. Not to the degree they claim, but they suffered too. But it doesn’t seem to have any affect on them. I can only guess they didn’t suffer enough. They keep demanding the right to mass murder their enemies without those enemies killing them and that won’t happen.

  22. I think Schopenhauer was fairly accurate about the dishonest and predatory nature inherent in many females. What he was totally blind to was the existence of the same traits in many, possibly most, males.

    I appreciate most women more than most men because most women have seen themselves clearly enough to at least acknowledge their own nature and circumstances. Most men are still arrogant enough to think the world is their oyster and lying and preying on others for their own benefit, both for sexual gratification, and material gain, is acceptable because of their gender. It is no more acceptable for men than it is for women to use those tactics.

    My use of the word ‘nature’ implies that dishonesty and predation are natural states of being. I do not believe this is the case. Divide and conquer is a very successful strategy and our rulers successfully apply it to dividing men from women along with all the other divisions they have created for their own ends.

    Our sexual drives are among our most powerful and primitive and likely have the largest impact on our lives. Sexually frustrated individuals are just itching to take their frustration out on anyone that gets in their way. Having an army of such individuals is a very powerful force.

    In his book, “The Power of the Orgasm”, Wilhelm Reich explains how our rulers designed our social norms to ensure we are all sexually frustrated and thereby willing participants in strife of all kinds. Reich was destroyed to ensure this knowledge was not disseminated widely. We are all damaged goods.

    I believe an important attraction of pedophilia, other than gaining a sense of power, is relating sexually to innocents instead of participating in a sexual battle with other predators. Appearance is not the greatest dis-qualifier, attitude is.

    Pedophilia is damaging to the young regardless, and indulging in such just perpetuates the jungle that human relations have become.

  23. Schopenhauer makes a lot of sense to me:
    On the one hand Gilby tried to tell me I would be better off with just one woman and that because I don’t have JUST one woman, I must NOT know LOVE! … You know nuthin, Gilby! …. I have found I can be in love with scores of women, simultaneously! They are all so different! Much of my education has come from women.
    And that’s only because he had a woman in a a classy “terry-towelling bath-robe” coming to visit him for a night! ….. “Terry-toweling”, Gilby? …. Really, women of genuine class like Lasha and Ellie K must be laughing! …. So peasant/kulak like!
    On the basis of sheer, demonstrable experience I totally endorse Schopy’s view on polygamy: “There can be no argument about polygamy: it is a fact to be met with everywhere and the only question is how to regulate it. For who is really a monogamist? We all live in polygamy, at least for a time and usually for good. Since every man needs many women …. etc.”
    Like Schopy says, I “support many women” with over 30 wives of sorts on my North Queensland commune and countless lovers around the globe. … Both principal feminist leaders, Betty Friedan and Australia’s Germaine Greer (whom I knew “well” at Melbourne University, Australia, when I was a 1st yr under-grad) have seriously questioned why men, whose basic nature is polygamous, bother imprisoning themselves in the clutches of a single female. It is ridiculous!
    I agreed with the lovely Germaine’s credo and even in my university days, took possession of many women. So did the great leader, Genghis Khan and the handsome, bold Valentino. …. Yes, I do model myself on all the great male lovers of history; and they all could not exist without many, many, many women.
    Besides, women open up so many opportunities for sheer, unbridled fun! Many a time I have courted, rich, beautiful women at such places as St Tropez and Monte Carlo; and captained their yachts and driven their former husbands’ Lamborghinis, etc. They shower me with expensive gifts and lerv!~
    And Germaine Greer got in her feminist bit about older women “taking on much younger male lovers.” Once again, even though my chronological age betrays me, my appearance and physique are of a fit 40 yr old; so I fit the “younger lover” criteria! This stuff that our preachers go on about, insisting on one wife/fidelity, etc, is not in the Bible. Most of the Israelite nobles had many wives and concubines. It is a traditional Semitic thing.
    I am an unabashed womaniser and I love the fairer sex; except for the increasing number of tattooed, fat ones. Unlike Gilby, I go for class!

    1. Glad I checked-in here to see your comment, Max! I AGREE with you – except I never had anyone leave me enough wherewithal, like you had/have, for me to indulge my fancies to such an extent. 🙁
      Nonetheless, I do LERV women of class – but can discern between those and the gold-diggers – AND have enough discipline to control my lusts. As was discussed with me by a man of great fighting skill: The most important strategy to learn is how to BREATHE (when fighting). Think about it. You have, obviously, allowed your dick to make a slave out of you.
      (btw, ‘Captain’ Bilney – you never HAVE answered my query to you about the snack most yachtsmen carry aboard to stifle seasickness amongst their crews, or guests…)(and which is on the menu at most notable yacht clubs, for that reason.)

      It is certainly not difficult to find wanton women of any age or economic status – but true women of CLASS and DISTINCTION are rare. Harder, still, to find are MEN deserving of their attentions.

      1. As the old Tom T. Hall song recites: ‘It’s faster horses, younger women, older whiskey, and more money’ (my own) which captures my attention. 🙂

      2. Its good to know Gilbert can spot a gold digger dame when he sees one. I imagine Gilbert sees gold digging broads driving by his poor hillbilly hardscrabble farm all the time driving by real fast way over the speed limit on their way out of the hollow to points more prosperous and promising. It’s good to know no gold digging broad will ever keep Gilbert from his hardscrabble farm chores. Cows have to be milked every day or they get sick or something. And thats a good thing for Gilbert will always every day have female tits to fondle and play with. And added bonus, the cows are not out to milk poor hardscrabble Gilbert of his very hard earned yeoman income from selling watermelons on the side of the highway. Gilbert is real smart. Gilbert milks the females and there’s no way they can milk him outta anything.

      3. Really, genuinely good stuff Gilby; and I enjoy reading your stuff, mate! … All the best on the farm/cabin, etc. …. Seems like some of our major experiences with the fairer sex are someway similar. You sound just a wee bit shat off like me. Here is some stuff from one of my essays (in book form): Hocking is a well-known social-realist author:
        “Young women are mimicking the more damaging qualities of the male species … behaving with a ferocity … foul mouths, alcohol abuse, gang memberships, domestic violence, violent crime, bullying in the school … many with bodies covered in tattoos, with bits of metal through their tongues and their eyebrows … the unlinked female form comes as something of a surprise.” … One of Australia’s great authors, Colleen McCullough, summarized the situation most succinctly on Channel Seven’s Sunday show of October 12, 2011, when she said: “Our young women dress and look like whores!” Frank Sinatra said exactly the same thing about Australian women. … Who would have thought Germaine Greer would get her accolades, including being named one of the “Women of the Century” when she stated: “Destroy patriarchy and Marxism will come willy-nilly”?”

  24. It is important to realise that the Jews are waging a war against all of humanity, not just against whites. Their plan was to gain control of the west and rule the rest of the world from there. The first part is complete. They rule the west. There means of ruling is through intellectual terrorism. Pass laws outlawing; hate speech, racism, holocaust denial, condemnation of sodomy and sodomites and other sexual perversions. By promoting multi-culturism in education and political correctness, all in the name of not offending anyone, they have turned Europe and North America into a mental Gehenna of group think that can only be destroyed by revolution or war.
    As to countering it by educating people requires a subtle, indirect approach to suit one’s student. I live in Asia, so it easy to enable Asians to see the light. Firstly, they are aware of the massive genocides perpetrated against themselves. One need only draw their attention to the ignorance of Europeans of their “holocausts” and get them to ask why this is so. From there, one proceeds to the inordinate focus of the West on the Shoah, while ignoring the huge numbers of Russian war dead. Russians are white too! One then proceeds to point out the “kangaroo” nature of the Nuremberg trials, post facto law no tu quoque defence etc. Then one can move more quickly. Maintain impartiality, give them the pro-jewish websites and also websites like , this website, the Truthseeker and of course Zundelsite. Point out the weapons used by international jewry such as the banking system, the promotion of democracy by West in their countries, but failing to have it in their own countries and so on.
    Just to satisfy my personal curiosity, as I haven’t lived in Europe for 53 years. What expressions do they use now in lieu of e.g.”a nigger in the woodpile.” Or “eeny meeny miney mo, catch a nigger by the toe, if he hollers let him go, eeny meeny miney mo!” I can imagine a child getting into serious trouble if they used it in a playground today. So how do children play nowadays?

    1. @Felix. Dix points how you send Marcus Hoffman beck to his doghouse in Tel Aviv.

      Stumbled upon this bright comment by Valkyr today at realjewnews mirrored by a man called Hoff.

      It reminded me of David Cole/Stein the jewish ‘revisionist’ who used this same expression lately: in the land of the blind the one eyed man is king.

      The one eye is everyone’s Third Eye. Jews- they certainly are not he only one(s)- turn such sayings in their ignorance into a political power thing.

    @Felix, who calls Arthur Schopenhauer an ”imbecile and a plagiarist.” Felix, your own admission of your oral foreplay fantasies and voyeur fetish automatically disqualifies you for the privilege of being intellectually thumped by me, but since you are one of those idiots whom one simply cannot bypass even if one wanted to, I shall show you that privilege. If you can prove to me which part of any of Schopenhauer’s works was plagiarized, I commit myself publicly here to send you $100 through Western Union, though I shall right now relieve you of that insuperable difficulty, you creepy dolt, who likes perving from a distance, as Schopenhauer never in fact plagiarized anyone or anything. I have his entire corpus, and have been reading him over and over again since 1998, so I know. And as for his Will being an Indian concept – well, this just shows that you have veritably deserved to be drowned in the Ganges, you little pathetic monster!

    An authoritative essay entitled, ”A Question of Influence: Schopenhauer and Early Indian Thought,” very clearly elucidates this, and says that, while the Upaniṣads (and Bhagavadgītā) helped Schopenhauer fortify his system, he did not formulate his Will according to any Indian texts or philosophy, as this in fact came to him through another German, namely, Kant, who called it, ”ding-an-sich,” or, the thing in itself, which is really Will, only imprecisely formulated. I could go on and on and on and roundly stifle your weak voyeuristic mind for all eternity, and teach you how to speak with respect to someone whose prose and mind were above that of any other man. I can call you an imbecile, but you can’t call neither me nor Schopenhauer such, you little perv!

    @John Scott Montecristo, who says: ”Any suggestions you may have…” Nothing. Keep it as it is, as it functions wonderfully. Most people know the limits to which they can go, and I must say that, though the crowd is most eclectic and the subjects sometimes so infuriating as to at times boil one’s blood, the degree to which the posters restrain themselves is remarkable. Provisions must be made for Max Bilney, and we wouldn’t want him any other way anyway! They says that in Australia the Sun breeds his type!

    @ Original Joe, who says, ”Any website administrator worth his salt would step in here and give Gilbert a good talking to. “If I wanted to kill you…” Relax! Gilby is harmless, and on account of his poetry alone he must be allowed poetic licence.

    @Lobro, who says, ”thumbs up-down gimmick superfluous…” Agree. It means nothing and it does even less. Remove it.

    @ Dr T Kless C, who says, ”This is a completely inaccurate and false article…” Indeed. Although generally speaking Ms Darkmoon appears to be a judicious person and not prone to hysteria, she has utterly failed in this one. In so far as THIS ARTICLE ALONE IS CONCERNED, I have successfully demolished, piece by easy piece, every single argument and ”proof” she has brought forward, (see my entry in the article.) The only ones whom she has convinced are the gullible and the weak, which this site seems to have in more abundance than any other, as well as the malevolent, of course. And as for the ”yellow journalism part,” that, too, is the case. Lasha must gather round herself a more cerebral and reflective crowd and not some blind hound dogs, who even together cannot assemble a single brilliant thought. As a poster, they embarrass me!

    @Alan Merc, who says, ”Perhaps my acute challenges go counter to your pretensions of Doctor of Classics…” Frankly, Mr Alan Merc, I don’t recall you once challenging Dr Darkmoon about anything, though I do agree with you when you say that IP’s mean absolutely nothing, as I myself use a proxy server with a different IP every time I frequent certain ”hot” sites, and so it’s nothing. As for the compulsion of your own destiny, relax, as we Germans, too, have one, and that is to one day square accounts with your brothers and sisters, though this time for ever! Mr Merc: I myself am a lawyer, and know how things work: without US and German aid, Israel would have been buried long ago. The only other two true things you said in your rather strange but flowing comment, was Darkmoon’s paranoia in seeing Ellie K., behind every nook and cranny, and this, I believe, is correct. I noted the Madame Bovary moniker right away, but who wouldn’t: the style was identical.

    With the absence of Darkmoon’s former revealing articles on Jews, of which we now see less and less, we have been deprived of hard facts. With the seeming hibernation of John Kaminski’s equally direct and poignant articles, (it’s been 16 articles since he appeared last), we have little to enjoy and even less to ponder. And with the complete demolition and bloodthirsty Old Testament-style hounding of Ellie Kleist, there is no more anything beautiful and elegant left here, hence my rare appearance.

    1. To Marcus Beck

      Like Gilbert, I also compose poetry. So then I guess it would be okay to threaten to kill you. Remember now, that’s based on your premise. ( Though unlike Gilbert I’m proud to say, the poems I compose aren’t lifted from Hallmark greeting cards).

      I’m a poet, so if I wanted to kill you, Beck, you would be dead. That’s cause us poets have a license to threaten whomever we please, for whatever abirtrary reason, or even if we have no reason. Even if we just simply feel like it. Us poets must be free to express ourselves. It would be an absolutely horrendous injustice to us poets if our right to threaten to kill whomever we please for whatever reason we want was messed around with, it would be a terrible injustice to the world of Great Literature and a terrific loss to the world of Haute Culture to stop us poets from making threats against whomever we please for whatever reason suits us, lol.

      Us poets are a special breed apart, we deserve special rights above and beyond the rules pertaining to those so utterly bereft of imagination, those who are literate “challenged” let us say, to say the least.

      1. TROJ –

        Your biggest problem with your shitty poetry is that YOU LACK THE DISCERNMENT TO EFFECTIVELY BROWSE THE GREETING CARDS, dolt. 🙂
        (You don’t like those ‘smiley faces’, either, do you, asshole??)

    2. To Marcus Beck Esq.

      If Lobro were to become Ellie K’s kept man, would he get an allowance and a car and his own room?

      Lobro didn’t tell me to ask that. I was just sitting here, by myself and thought of that myself. So k, bye

      1. i was promised a cleaned out broom closet under the circular staircase, freshly pressed monkey suit and white gloves and a shiny new lawn mower.

  26. Women are supposedly the weaker sex. That must mean physical strength because from experience over the years, I’m amazed how much power women can / do yield over men. It is mind boggling. No wonder Schopenhauer ran away. I’m certain men have not a clue how manipulated they are by the women in their lives; or they simply do not care enough as to whether they are being manipulated or not. I’m humbled by the fact that I’m female.

    1. @ New Song

      I’m amazed how much power women can / do yield over men. It is mind boggling…. I’m humbled by the fact that I’m female.

      You are beginning to wield a very strange power over me, New Song, you manipulative, mind-boggling female … but I am determined to resist your feminine wiles. With a bit of help from my Abbot in this Zen monastery where I have taken refuge from the charms of alluring females such as yourself, effective resistance will (I hope) be possible. If all else fails, there is always green tea. 🙂

    2. I don’t do “smiley faces” ( in any of their variations ).

      True poets are too intelligent and too articulate to resort to such a inane device so beloved by kindergarten girls and air head chicks.

      Poet or not, the use of smiley faces betrays a certain lack of confidence in ones ability to communicate humor. If one simply must resort to smiley faces to project humor, one is rather inept in the humor department. Better off sticking with serious matters or just simply not say anything period.

      But I do understand perfectly well Southerners have difficulty refraining from shooting off their mouths. And how difficult it is for Southerners to get to the point without going off on a million tangents, while incessantly smirking as they “regale” us with their turgid tales of woe and their accumulated “wisdom”, so downtrodden to behold, they know what suffering is like and they insist on sharing that suffering with us as they absolutely insist on making us all suffer with their buffoonish smiley faces, so smirky. Smirky unto smurky. No, I do not care for smiley faces, in any variation of said smiley faces, thank you very much, but no thanks.

  27. @New Song
    “I’m humbled by the fact that I’m female.”
    You may be interested to know that all the great Christian mystics, such as Eckhardt always referred to the soul as feminine, i.e. anima in Latin. He always used the pronoun ” her” in writing about his soul. There are some schools of thought in India that believe all souls are feminine except for God. The Zulus of course in their creation myth believe that a great mother came first and then all the races of the earth sprang from her womb. Yes, indeed we men are helpless before feminine power.

  28. @Marcus Beck aka Hoffman
    Temper! Temper! However, I believe you are troll so I am not going to indulge in any debate with you! I have obviously incurred your wrath which gives me a great deal of satisfaction. BTW, I thought you didn’t read my posts. What’s the weather like in Tel Aviv, today?

    1. I thought we had exposed “Marcus BecK” as a sockpuppet of Ms Ellie already in the comment section of the article The Mysterious Madame Rothschild : A Case of Bogus Anti-Semitism, but I must say I’m beginning to doubt again. Or we must assume that Ms Ellie really has studied Schopenhauer, which is not entirely impossible either.
      Anyway, Marcus Beck or Ms Ellie knows his/her Schopenhauer, das ist sicher.

      1. @Franklin,
        Don’t doubt! They took more than a day to reply, thus very easy to read up and concoct a reply. I suggest you read the Intercept, Glenn Greenwald’s online magazine, it has a massive trove of documents on trolling by GCHQ and other agencies. I must admit they are persistent and probably consulted psychologists on how to taunt a poster into replying. Sometimes flattery, sometimes exhibiting incredible intellectual brilliance or vitriolic insults. It’s all part of the new form of information warfare. I must admit the faux anger and sexual insults were good. That is a Jewish trait in interrogations, which unfortunately their Arab “experts” taught the Americans in Iraq. In South Africa I met some very good interrogators and they never used sexual humiliation or torture for that matter. In Namibia half of our African personnel were turned guerrillas.

      2. That’s why I usually referenced the ‘EK entity’….because of not knowing the sex(not gender) of the commenter.

  29. @Marcus Beck aka Hoffman and the EK troll ring.
    Some friendly advice regarding trolling and disinformation. Study Ivan Agayants, a real professional on disinformation, you “gentlemen” in Tel Aviv could learn a lot. Also, leave off the German persona. It’s a dead horse. Try something new, I am certainly not buying it and I believe most people on this site have sussed you out.
    It’s time to tell your bosses in your troll house to create a new legend for you. BTW, thank you very for biting today. You took the bait. I even hinted, as such, in my reply to Ingrid that I would lay a trap.

    1. Pat,
      Good word usage ” EK Entity”.
      They could be transexual, bisexual, homosexual, Zionist pedophile sex traffickers who prefer blond dogs. Common in The UnHoly Land of OZ I hear esp. in the village of Tel Aviv.

  30. “Poor Schoppy! Maybe his Mama didn’t breast-feed him or he got the wrong kind of potty training!”

    If this remark is meant in earnest (I hope not) then that betrays an almost Jewish frame of mind, trying to reduce everything to Freudian categories.

    Schopenhauer’s negative attitude towards women must be explained by the conflict between his Buddhist-like desire for liberation from the material world of suffering and his own passionate nature, which he equated with the personified blind World Will that keeps the material world going.

    For the little that I know about his philosophy, it seems too simplistic to me, but many of his ideas about art and his aphorisms appear very astute.

    Schopenhauer’s socalled “pessimism” is the normal starting-point of all doctrines of salvation in India.

    1. @ Franklin Ryckaert

      Yes, my comment about breast feeding and potty training was intended ironically.

      However, I disagree with your contention that there is something “Freudian” about breast feeding, i.e. your apparent inference that breast feeding is of no importance.

      Breast feeding is of great importance in the bonding process between mother and child. It probably increases oxytocin levels in the mother, the hormone associated with mother love and bonding.

    2. @ Franklin Ryckaert

      Schopenhauer’s so-called “pessimism” is the normal starting-point of all doctrines of salvation in India.

      Absolutely. This pessimism is most prevalent in Buddhism, with its basic premise, the first of the Four Noble Truths, that human life is basically suffering (Dukkha). I am in complete sympathy with Schopenhauer’s philosophy and was not knocking the philosopher; I was knocking the misogynist. There is no excuse for misogyny.

      Women may be defective creatures and damnably stupid, but men are equally defective and damnably stupid too, in their own way. It’s the men who do most of the killing. The two sexes complement each other perfectly in their level of imperfections. “Man is evil, but woman is base.” (Nietzsche)

      I say that as a dedicated anti-feminist. I abhor feminism, but an abhorrence of feminism does not equate with an abhorrence of women. The Mother Goddess reigns supreme. Even Christianity has its Magna Mater.

      So all due respect to women please! We are not all Miley Cyrus or Madonna clones! 🙂

      1. @ Lasha Darkmoon

        I agree completely with you. I think virtues and vices are about equally distributed among men and women, but they differ in character. There are typical male vices and there are typical female vices. The mistake misogynists (or misandrists) make is to attribute only vices to the opposite sex.

      2. Women are the creators gift to Men. Men are the creators gift to Women.
        From what I have discovered it is interesting that 99% of the “ancient” statue/figurines, which archeologists uncover, are of Women. (many fertility goddesses wrapped in poppies etc. as an example). Some “dated” 20,000 years +. Perhaps a “Golden age” did exist in the past when Women & Men revered and worshiped each other and the concept of “hell” along with other psychopathic “belief” inventions did not hinder sexuality and Love; a time, where and when, we were all above the jew “ill-defined ego” – living in peace on a spiritual plane – which has been systematically hidden by the lies and subterfuge of these misanthropes.

  31. Female Monarch.
    Look what the Crazy QE2 allowed on her watch. Private corporation owns England’s water:

    The Compagnie Générale des Eaux (CGE) was created in 1853. In 1889, its first research laboratory was established at 52, rue d’Anjou in Paris, France. Veolia Water’s headquarters are still located at this site.
    1918 saw the creation of the SADE (Société Auxiliaire des Distributions d’Eau), specializing in water networks and the delivery of drinking water. In 1953, construction began on a Veolia water treatment facility at Clay Lane, near London…
    … by 2001, it was the world’s largest ultrafiltration plant, supplying water to 750,000 people in the city.
    Veolia Water’s humanitarian crisis response team, Waterforce, was created in 1998, prompted by Hurricane Mitch in Nicaragua and the flooding of the Yangtze River in China.
    In 2002, Veolia Water expanded its municipal water services in 2002 to major cities such as Indianapolis (USA), Bucharest (Romania), Berlin (Germany) and Shanghai (China). Three years later, Veolia Environnement united its four global divisions (Environmental Services, Energy, Transport and Water) under the Veolia brand. The CGE became Veolia Water.

    The UK water supply businesses branded as Veolia Water were sold by Veolia Environnement for £1.2 billion on 28 June 2012 to Rift Acquisitions, an entity established by Morgan Stanley and M&G Investments. Veolia Environnement is using the proceeds of the disposal to reduce its debt, as part of a 5bn-euro debt-reduction programme announced in December 2011 and will retain a 10% stake in the new business Affinity Water for at least five years. Affinity Water began operations on 1 October 2012.

      1. Prudential.: used to be a little insurance company. My uncle, who was widowed with three children, took out insurance on the kids with prudential. Seems they`ve come a long way..

  32. My Iroquoian ancestors shared a tradition of warfare that centered on taking prisoners and either adopting them or, more often, sacrificing them. Evidence that enemies raided each other’s towns regularly appears in distinctive pottery styles found at different sites – the work of captive women who continued to make their highly personalized pottery after being forcibly resettled.

    Then there are stories of THEIR ancient ancestors whose legends tell a much different story on the nature of captivity. In speaking of the “invention” of DNA and the subsequent work of genetic engineers (w/Brownhawk’s interpretive paraphrasing here and there):

    “…they incorporated a basic design for their captives which sent them into a regulated system. Call it their schematic. They used a zygotic process which took what are in essence the asexual states of Beings, ‘androgynized’ them, and then furthered a system of division by creating the distinction of genders. All this was done for the purpose of maintaining a general state of separateness. Life was ‘yinyanged’.

    Perhaps the true reality behind a gender orientation is what might be called an ‘interrelation of countering energies’. In this cloaked world it’s called sexual energy, whose expressions reflect either conditions undermining spiritual integrity (re: Miley Cyrus, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Sarah Silverman, etc), or ones that can serve to help maintain it by keeping it whole (holy).”

      1. Right, Pat

        “Ultimate power, both within the longhouse and beyond it, rested with the leading older women. Clan membership passed through the female line. A woman who was a member of the Turtle clan had children who were Turtle clan. A husband generally moved into the longhouse of his wife’s clan, where the senior clan mother held sway. Women named the male delegates to clan and tribal councils and also the tribal representatives to the league’s Grand Council at Onondaga.”

    1. I obviously could have given equal time to men who “undermine spiritual integrity”….funny how these examples of women I gave came first to mind….must be that gender thing that makes me not see the human forest for the gender trees 😉

  33. Ingrid,

    “…….supremacism is racist, whether it is jewish, or white.. Those who are concerned about immigrants flooding their precious “white” countries, need to target the perpetrators of this “crime”, not the victims, stop the invasions of their countries”

    As SPQR states, white supremacism is nothing compared to Jewish supremacism. It’s like comparing the German empire to the British empire pre WW1, or any time for that matter. From 1649 onwards when Jews obtained the Crown of England, by funding Oliver Cromwell’s revolution and regicide, Jews created and took control of the British Empire. They instigated every major war since then. Now do the maths.

    And the perpetrators of the crime of immigration are the dumb morons who vote politicians into power. I do not vote and therefore I have no guilt whatsoever on the policies governments make, such as, the invasion of Islamic lands which I am COMPLETELY against, as I am any invasion – other than the utter obliteration of Israhell.
    You forget, immigrants KNOW by their coming here that they change the status quo. Their coming to Britain has resulted in heaps upon heaps of anti liberty laws in order to protect them from an angry majority. They are given preference in the UK when it comes to work. They keep wages static and in cases drive them down. They get first shout on housing. They get first shout on working for the public sector. Why should they? Would we in their country?
    I blame the indigenous for voting in the politicians. I blame the politicians for their open door, immigration policy. I blame the immigrants for their migration, skipping over similar culture countries because they want the benefits that Britain gives, or should I say, USED to give its own, until that was WWII came along to destroy all that and turn a nation into International state.

    And I DON’T blame the Jews which is what you want me to say, because they’re doing what Jews do. it’s those, for their ow greed who become Shabbos goys are the ones I blame. I blame those who accept the reality that Jews have created. Immigrants shouldn’t be coming here FULL STOP Ingrid. They should be staying in their lands and fighting their respective authorities to create a civilisation like Britain has. They don’t. They don’t want to make the sacrifices my ancestors made to give their descendents a better life. They are weak. They want a ready made civilisation that will cater for their need, without putting in the effort. And what these immigrants don’t realise is that the country they move to, they destroy, because the more their fellow countrymen come, the more it turns into the land they’ve left. They simply haven’t the common sense to realise that the land they left is like it is because it’s full of them. It’s really that simple Ingrid, but you don’t see things logically, but emotionally.

    1. Oh! shut the F up.. every time I think we are meeting halfway, you go off on your eternal “white” rampage.. How would YOU like it, if Scotland were invaded by throat cutting takfiris? where the hell would YOU go Harbinger? If you went to THEIR countries, would they turn YOU away? I don`t think so, because THEY are more humane, more forgiving than you will ever be, you maliceous prick..

      1. In a way I’m kinda looking forward to the Mohammedans taking over England and Scotland and Norway,whatever country du juror Ingrid resides in ( one day she lives in Norway, the next day Scotland, the next day at Moffatt Air Force base USA. I think Moffatt is in California but I’m not sure exactly. Who knows where she’ll be residing tomorrow? Ingrid doesn’t know either, not until she wakes up tomorrow morning and makes up yet more cow manure droppings about her country of residence ).

        I’m kinda looking forward to the Mohammedans taking over whatever country it is Ingrid is located. The Mohammedans will throw Ingrid in a burqa and finally she’ll be forced to stfu already.

      2. Dear Ingrid,

        Don’t get upset. Harbinger means well. Don’t let him tread on your corns! Skip his posts if he keeps getting on your nerves.

        The fact is, Harbinger is genuinely appalled at the horrors he sees developing all around him. Surely Norway, too, has changed almost beyond recognition over the last 20-30 years. Is it it not becoming a multicultural nightmare?

      3. Listening to Ingrid is enough to make one convert to Judaism. Specifically the sect of Judaism where they still have the presence of mind to recite the resoundingly common sense prayer, “Thank you god for NOT making me a woman”. One thing about Jews one finds impossible to find fault. Good for them, is what I say.

      4. ingrid,

        And again you go off on one, as per usual. We won’t meet half way because you’re an advocate of the Jew plan of cultural and racial annihilation in this world. Are you sure you’re not Barbara Specter in disguise?

        And you keep thinking I’m a supremacist. WTF is wrong with you Ingrid? How can you not want to see your culture and people survive? Name me any other race who thinks the same?

        “How would YOU like it, if Scotland were invaded by throat cutting takfiris?”

        No, but they were invaded by Romans, Vikings and English and had a far longer war fighting them than the Muslims are fighting the takfiris. Why don’t they go to countries that have their religion and people? There are many ‘istan nations. There’s Turkey as well as umpteen neighbouring lands that have their way of life. But you think it’s ok that they come to the lands currently at war with them?? You don’t find a disconnect here? You don’t think these people will have a hatred of the inhabitants for making them refugees and destroying their homes? Are you really so bloody ignorant to this simple fact?

        Your problem Ingrid is you think with your heart instead of your head. That’s all very well in a time of peace, but of war and totalitarianism, it’s downright stupidity!

      5. Ingrid –

        That was funny. Hang in there.
        Remember…white ‘queer’ James I&VI of England and Scotland tortured and killed many women for decades. 🙁

      6. I really must apologise to Harbinger, I was rude, and the fact that he P`s me off is no excuse, must have been the wine talking, but, that said, there are more important things to worry about, the world is going to hell in a hand basket, and complaining about an invasion by Pakistanis, and Chinese, isn`t going to save it. I don`t have the answer, but I do hope that someone does..

      7. @TheRealOriginalJoe, as I said previously, you make me laugh. Had I been younger, and a believer in god, I would have been proud to be a “Mohammedan”. Wouldn`t like the burqa, but a nice hijab would be pleasing, some of them are very beautiful, and flattering. You don`t HAVE to convert to judaism, surely, in order to “Thank god for NOT making you a woman”, however, lots of people have converted to judaism for less “lofty” reasons.. btw, I woke up in Norway..

    1. In fact, Miley and Madonna fall so far short of this Irish maniac they are out of sight, in comparison.

    2. This is scary stuff Pat, why is no-one paying attention? and what can be done about it? Those who bleat relentlessly on about “their countries being flooded by immigrants, and this being jew engineered,” should maybe have used it against them, and united. There is strength in unity. The US today, and the rest of us tomorrow. We are at the mercy of lunatics, who are capable of anything. An Irishman, who would have thought it possible..

      1. Peter Sutherland ruined Bank of Scotland so the Bank of England could buy it.
        He tells the Pope how to spend Vatican money. He tells presidents what to do.
        He is untouchable.

        He was chairman of BP plc (1997 – 2010). He was also chairman of Goldman Sachs International (1995 – 2010).

        He is currently UN special representative for Migration and Development.

        Before these appointments, he was the founding director-general of the World Trade Organisation. He had previously served as director general of GATT since July 1993 and was instrumental in concluding the Uruguay GATT Round Negotiations. Prior to this position, he was chairman of Allied Irish Banks from 1989-1993 and chairman of the Board of Governors of the European Institute of Public Administration (Maastricht) 1991-1996.

        From 1981 until early 1982, he was attorney general of Ireland and was a member of the Council of State. He was reappointed in 1982 until 1984 when he was nominated by the Government of Ireland as a member of the Commission of the European Communities in charge of competition policy. During his first year at the Commission he was also responsible for social Affairs, health and education and thereafter for relations with the European Parliament.

        He serves on the Board of Directors of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group plc and is associated with the following organisations:
        World Economic Forum (Davos), Foundation Board member;
        The Federal Trust, president;
        European Policy Centre Advisory Council, president;
        European Round Table of Industrialists, vice-chairman;
        the Royal Irish Academy, member;
        goodwill ambassador to the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation;

        ….and consultor for the Administration of the Patrimony of the Holy See.

        He has published numerous articles and the book “Premier Janvier 1993, ce qui va changer en Europe” (Paris).

        He was presented with the Robert Schuman Medal for his work on European Integration and the David Rockefeller Award of the Trilateral Commission.

        Mr. Sutherland was a Trilateral Commission author of “21st Century Strategies of the Trilateral Countries: In Concert or Conflict?” (1999)

        Here is the list of some folks who control the drilling of oil and local economies around the world:

      2. That is a long list of names, most of them I`ve never heard of, noticed a couple of Norwegians in there. Why is it, that supposedly brilliant people, are so blinkered, so hung up on power, and profit, that they can`t see the suffering in the world?

      3. @Ingrid
        You ask an how an Irishman could be do what Sutherland is doing? It’s easy the lure of money, prestige and
        acclaim. The club of Satan is non-racist it will accept anyone who will do it’s bidding. He may be nominally Irish, but now he is a sassenach bastard and I hope some of the boyos from Derry kneecap him!

      4. “He may be nominally Irish, but now he is a sassenach bastard and I hope some of the boyos from Derry kneecap him! ” : Felix, me too. Maybe get Harbinger to send a couple of Glasgow bully boys…

  34. I’ve criticized New Song as a bit naive, but now I know you are a woman with ” the power of me”, I am very intrigued. I like sheilas that like being real sheilas! Our jillaroos in the Outback are real sheilas! No muckin’ around with them!
    I lerv powerful women, as they are also broad-minded, treacherous, conniving and WANTON! Hence my infatuation, as a young man, with Germaine Greer. I still dream of going to her English countryside manor-house and giving her one! She was great nude in that page 3 spread! Did that bring back memories!
    The many Jewish women I’ve owned also spring to mind, with their lascivious, wanton manners and willingness to try anything. I used to be able to forget about their sonorous, extended noses and gaping, spread-around mouths and used to just get on with the business.
    Today the Goddess Cult has taken over and all the young sheilas think they are the next supermodel. Many give up the quest to look like a starving waif and get very obese, covered in tattoos. They also become ultra promiscuous. Was it Ruth Bernstein who said something about some women being much BADDER than men? I like the BAD ones, at times! Now the old-boiler sheilas are imitating them; or, worse still, seeking the Ellen Degeneres kind of homosexual love. “Want a cuddle, dear?”
    New Song, please tell us more about your femininity and wants and inner desires. …. I may be able to advise you and help dispel your frustrations. Gilby also knows a lot about women, so he could also help you. He likes “class” like me and would not muck around with long courting periods. …. I don’t mind if you are Jewish or a Christian-Zionist; and I don’t care about your racial type or culture. In fact, like my mate Gilby, anything in a dress will do! (But not that BLUE DRESS that Billy Clinton ejaculated upon!)

  35. Ingrid, you are like an old mate of mine who continually asks why politicians, etc, keep seeking POWER above anything else. …. You state: “Why is it, that supposedly brilliant people, are so blinkered, so hung up on power, and profit, that they can`t see the suffering in the world?”
    That is very naive of you Ingrid! … Of course, they want POWER FOR POWER’S SAKE! … For eg, Genghis Khan had POWER over most of his “known” world; but he wanted more and more; hence his movement ever-westwards. Every empire is the same! …. (I juz lerv Genghis and often imagine I am him!)
    The JEWS just love POWER and they are dripping with it at present. They control your TV, your politicians, your schools and most of what you do. You are effectively at their beck and call, whether you like it or not.
    I myself exhibit a lot of POWER – power over most women (except the ugly ones and butch dykes); power over my kids; power over most of my business associates; and POWER over a lot of these Jewish fiends. … Yes, my rich, wealthy and super-intelligent side is connected to such POWERS as that wielded by QE2! …. Queen – yes that lil old LADY – Elizabeth is the ultimate in the POWER spectrum and everyone else is beneath her; even that sycophant, George Soros.
    Esp since the times of Cromwell, the royalty of Europe have used the Jewish moneychangers as their personal bankers and money-makers. …. Royalty (old money) allows the Jews to lord it over most Gentiles; who, when in all comes down to it, are really, dumbed-down, peasant-like scum. Have you tried to have an intelligent conversation with any of the Goyim scum that proliferate in our societies? … Spoken to their lowly, frustrated women?
    Someone like Ellie K can lord it over you because she knows she has POWER! She plays with the equally beautiful, Lasha Darkmoon, because she knows that in the POWER stakes she “is more equal than her.” …. “Mirror mirror on the wall, tell me again I am the most desirous of all!” “Yes, you are Ellie!” …. Ellie could effectively buy Lasha out and close this site if she used her real POWER! …. Peasants can’t grasp the POWER EQUATION because they are peasants, forever forbidden from POWER. … Gilby, in his mountain log cabin has very limited power, just over a few animals and that sheila in the green, terry-towelling dressing gown; who was probably his sister or first cousin. Peasants like to mimic POWER!

    1. ADMIN (Toby): This comment is yet another comment by Ellie Kleist under a false name. Recently it was “Madame Bovary”. Today it is “Madame d’Auerbach.” We have made no changes to this lucid and well-crafted comment by the Incomparable Ellie Kleist, aka ‘Madame Rothschild’.

      Not just that, Mr Bilney. If Ellie really wanted, she could even short-circuit Lasha’s mind and cause it to think and even enjoy as hers thoughts which are quite contrary to her own mind. Do remind us, little, paltry men that you are, whose money was it that exposed Amdoc in America? Who financed the break-in at Comverse Infosys? And who really paid, brilliant cold cash, for the theft of each and every Odigo text message which the Israelis sent to their fellow Jews just before flattening half of Manhattan? messages which she knows even Mossad does not have and Ellie does, and which soon she will make public? I’m told that it was actually Ellka who did all this, the very one whom this website operators have called a whore, and a liar, and a false person. She awaits patiently, very, very patiently, Ellka does, their candid and genuine retraction, as what is delightful to the Darkmoon moon-people, is most undelightful to Ellie.

      She won’t quite bring the site down, and that not because she cannot, but because she doesn’t want to, as she has enjoyed her presence here for too long and too much to now turn vindictive and petty. Evil Jews are petty and not Ellka. But, I tell you this: if she does not receive an apology soon for the Judeo filthy lies and pure, pure and utter fabrications which the owners of Darkmoon have uttered recently about her – even then she will not bring the site down, as such is she, that once a person lodges herself in her mind as an object of love, she can never quite bring herself to hate her, BUT, one thing she can promise: SHE WILL NOT STOP THOSE MALEVOLENT OTHERS WHO ARE TRYING TO DO JUST THAT; for, believe me, SQL Injection Penetration is an easy thing to do for those who are in the espionage game, and it was only Ellie’s goodwill that prompted her to recently step in and directly request that Darkmoon’s Tables and Admin Password are not broken into. Lasha Darkmoon has no clue who has been silently protecting her since November 2014! Silly, silly English goose!

      Wonderful money, and evil Jews!


      1. madam (yet another madam, all madams and no injuns, as the saying goes or something like that) sql penetration only works on sites maintaining relational databases, which i am sure darkmoon site does not.

        and just so you remember when conversing among assorted nerds, “s” in sql stands for “sequential”, we are not talking about “snake penetration”, as fun as it sounds.

        but do thank … um, wass da word, diaphanous (heard that on xymphora, applied to our lasha i think, no less) ellie for standing guard over us happy tadpoles, don’t let nasty jew perverts slobber all over us with their penetration tools.

        bye for now and stay humble, stay righteous, stay diaphanous.

  36. The opposite sex (as difficult as she maybe) is a great source of inspiration for poetry. Anything that stimulates the creative juices, particularly women, are worth the trouble.

    Something has happened in America though (or at least in the small town I currently reside in). I have noticed that a number of women ( various ages) are less attractive than they used to be. They dress poorly or wear unflattering clothing, often do not fit their clothing (really sloppy), and a number of them are out of shape. It’s as if they don’t care to attact the opposite sex. Also, some dye their hair with the most unnatural and awful colors. And Tattoos…not small ones but large ones and multiples everywhere (Mad Max touched upon this and I have to agree with him) !

    Currently we are living in the mid stages of the Stalinization of the West. We need inspiration from all sources. We need real poets, musicians, and artists and not the canned *&^% they manufacture in the USA. We need to restore beauty and wonder to life ( these are the intended things of God The Almighty). If morality, decency, respect, returns so will imagination and creativity.

    1. I once met a young German guy, in a coastal town in Scotland, he was on holiday, congratulated me on looking “natural”, said he`d like to blow up all the make-up factories..

      1. Ingrid,

        Natural is the best. The other extreme can be just as bad. Little make up around the eyes if you must, but the painted look is too much. The fashion industry is worthless and a tool of the establishment, every bit as much as Hollywood and even Washington DC. Look at the men and women politicians and celebs in the USA, as unnatural as you can get. The unnecessary surgeries to keep the looking younger which often ruin their appearances. The numerous other surgeries to correct the failed ones: fake lips, Botox injections, implants that leak and wreck their health. All so very unnatural and so gruesome.

        Cheers to you!

  37. TheRealOriginalJoe,
    Yes that is the very best thing about the Jews – their prayer: “Thank you god for NOT making me a woman”.
    Women are a totally different form of the human species! So much for their cries that women can do anything, just like men! …. It’s all Jewish-orchestrated CRAP, aimed at engendering gender warfare! …. Women do not like dirt and dust jobs, getting up at 3.30 am and having no nails! Most women work with paper shuffling, in service-type jobs! This is easy to prove; even in the army.
    When I was young and working in a huge office space, where women and their desks out-numbered us males 5 to 1, a very wise mate of mine, joined by several other male workers, made the point that around 1 in 4 of the women we worked with were in the incredibly moody/emotional throes of menstruation. And then one-quarter of the remaining were suffering the intense mood changes/emotions and bad tempers/shortness of patience, etc, that goes with pre- and post menstrual tension.
    I remember we concluded that women in these conditions were entirely unpredictable and thus unsuited for office leadership. Many women, as many husbands know, become unbearable monsters for up to one-quarter of every month. This is not misogyny talking, but reality. Some young men at my gym have told me how they hate menstruating, touchy, bad-tempered females! Most males of age can easily tell when a woman is menstruating! Most are entirely different people during this time!
    Australian journalist Bettina Arndt has written on the above subject and agrees with what us boys said. One of her female friends wrote a book called Bully Girls; which also spoke about the haphazard nature of women’s hormonal imbalances. One minute they can be all a tizz with romantic thoughts; and the next they are ignoring you, even hating you. She concluded that women can’t use their PMT condition as an excuse; if they dare talk about equality!
    That is the main reason I am a polygamist, needing lots of women. I can skirt around their monthly changes and live with their better halves.
    I think these factors should be considered in female employment. I would not want 4 or 5 moody, menstruating females in the trenches with me. Women, love ’em or hate ’em are different! They are emotional and moody and brainwashed more easily! (Mrs Nesta Webster – 1921 – warned of the dangerous nature of the new, empowered woman who believes in her own entitlement. The Jewish media provides them with this entitlement and attacks men.)
    Islam and most Eastern religions tell the TRUTH and stick the women out the back of the halls of worship, or in such as de-sexing, hide-’em-away burqas, etc.
    These religions agree with Paul’s maxim, that “women should not teach.” I can see their point!
    Women are a big supporting cast in the current Jewish ascendancy! They may be more dangerous than Christian-Zionists!
    I hope this gets published as it is the HARD TRUTH we often avoid; in fact, if it does not, I will fully understand that I have told a TRUTH that has to be censored – therefore, I will leave this site forever! THIS ISSUE IS OF UTMOST IMPORTANCE! … C’mon you feminists, attack me with your superstitions and incantations!

  38. I’m dead serious in my last post about these crazy hormone-charged women; and then I went out to get a hamburger, and what do I read in Brisbane’s The Courier Mail?
    Some notable woman – can’t remember her name – is getting 1,000’s of hate messages on Twitter for suggesting you could NOT have Hillary Clinton as President of the USA, because she would bring her crazy “hormones into play.” She had said that it has to be a man with integrity!
    In other words, not the cigar dildo-ing, Round Office ejaculating, Billy Clinton type. What a filthy excuse for a leader this fornicating bastard was! Married to a feminist! …. Now a $billionaire public speaker! Whatever happened to poor Monica Lewinsky, whom he dildoed with cigars and came all over? … Mind you, she was asking for it; just like many of the young sheilas I meet! Do they want abuse?
    Besides, Hillary was complicit in the Benghazi murders and millions more! She is a satanic, retributional-feminist, BITCH of the first order. She is the sort of scum feminist Mrs Nesta Webster warned us about!
    But Hillary rated near to the top in recent polls for the greatest American of the year! Bubbas, nigrahs and queers juz lerv her! Gilby, you would not sleep with her, would you?

    1. Mad Max,

      I think that is why St. Paul referred to them – at least in part- as the “weaker sex”. I believe his idea was to deal with them wisely and with understanding.

      Also, I wonder if the dietary problems, food quality issues, prescription drug issues, wide spread use of BPA’s in plastics, epidemic in America are also having an effect on women here. Both sexes are becoming less fertile.

  39. Fighting over “race” is not good. People (regardless of “race”) need to learn to get along.

    Whenever someone asks me what my nationality is, I inwardly feel awkward, because just in the asking means it matters, but to myself I think what difference will that make (sometimes I actually say that), then prepare myself to be judged if different than them.

    I’m not the body I live in. This body is temporary and it is not me. It is a body. I’m much more than that. I take care of this body like any of the other clothes I own, but I am not it. I point upwards to heaven and say, I am from there. If that is not sufficient; then, oh well.

    This is explained in detail in “The Way home or face The Fire” – – the title of which is self-explanatory.

  40. Hello my ESP,

    Thank you for the article and the lightness with which you address this issue. Lightness is very much needed.

    Regarding the comments, some excessive writings mixed with brightness, great anecdotes and sense of humor, brilliant spirit of synthesis. Anyway, I learn a lot from you during the hour I spend here and it cheers me up. ESP people are not allergic to common sense even if my Thursday night debauchery in an Irish pub in Bordeaux made me wonder. Don’t you dare address to those Jersey people the issue of the City Corporation and the role their precious island is playing in the global wealth swindle. I know Jersey well. It is becoming a ghastly place.

    Schopenhauer is clearly not an idiot. Felix that was excessive like the answer of Herr Hoffman. He gave us a goyim version of Talmudic pilpoul in “the art of being right” in the most synthetic brilliant way. Forget law school. When you have decrypted this book you become completely intolerant to manipulation. Take the Seymour Zak comments for example, 5/10 statements each.

    But about women, I think he despised them maybe for some very down to earth reasons. SPQR mentioned Otto Weininger who clearly loved them, maybe too much. Yes he was a jew from the School of Vienna with Sigmund. But what a genius. By the way Adolf said he was the only honest jew. That was overly dishonest.

    Sex and character is a masterpiece that you don’t hear about in academy but again everything important seems to be unknown. This is one of those books that every man should read in the spirit of reconciliation. I did it for the third time in the train this morning. Women have no collective vision of the future that is why they are more easily twisted around by politics and msm using the concept of “intermediary” to reason. This is why the occidental societies have to be “feminized” and “judaized”. The global oligarchy is very much aware of that.

    The feminist movement seems a bad joke. Yourcenar said she was part of it to upset her father. Simone de Beauvoir “one is not born a woman, but becomes one”. Her place is in an asylum. And this Tavistock/CIA funded agent Gloria Steinem/ Judith Butler. Another grotesque social manipulation.
    Bored” bourgeoises” useful idiots the lot of them. There is a sociologic/Marxist interesting analysis to be made. But maybe some of you don’t like Marx. Replace a man by two women. Create twice as many consumers and tax payers. And what great consumers women are, you know those shiny Elle/Vogue type magazines full of luxury advertising. But we are talking about the city tertiary sector type.
    But again I feel like talking to the top of my hat. I can easily picture the man/woman reading posting ratio on this forum. Apart from Ingrid of course who is being mauled by some posters.

    Have a nice d/e/n.

    PS: This Nigel Farage guy. Where does he speak from? If I could pick someone’s brain on that.

    Madeleine Albright in a nutshell.

    1. @Phil
      Indeed it was excessive and I made a bad choice of words. But I regard fear of the female sex as a form of mental disease. I love women they are the most beautiful creation and an endless source of mystery and delight.

      1. Felix –

        I agree. Fear of females IS a mental disease.
        King James of England and Scotland had it. So, he tortured them and burned as witches them ….because he could. He was a nut-case.
        He was angry that his male lover – Esma Stuart, Earl of Lennox – was taken from him and hauled back to France.


        @ Pat

        “Fear of females IS a mental disease.”

        True. But we mustn’t assume that misogyny — fear and hatred of women — is confined to men. I once knew a woman who suffered from this mental disease big time. She was French, a graduate of the Sorbonne whom I befriended many years ago when I was writing a novel in Paris. She hated other women so passionately, including herself in a female body, that she was incapable of looking at herself in the mirror.

        “When I see myself in the mirror,” she confided, “I want to spit!”

        I was puzzled. “But why?” I said. “You are very good looking!” And I added another comment which is unsuitable for quotation here on this eminently respectable family website.

        She said, “OK, we can do that later. But the fact is… I hated my mother, and from her I got to hate all women, including myself.”

        “Hmm…so what are you going to do about it?” I asked.

        “Simple. I’m going to have a sex change operation and become a man.”

        “Hold on!” I said. “If you do that, you’re gonna have a problem. You’ll start fancying women! And then what are you gonna do?

        She laughed scornfully.

        “I’m going to go only with men,” she said. “I’m going to be gay! I’m going to emigrate o America and settle in San Francisco!”

        “Heck, that’s too bad!” I told her. “How can I screw you if you’re a man? It’s only as a woman that I lust after you and want you real bad!”

        She puckered her tip-tilted nose and tinkled with silvery laughter.

        “Tough luck, sonny boy! If you’re not gay or bisexual, I won’t be able to sleep with you when I’m a man. But you can have me now, provided you let me dress up in a man’s suit and wear a tie.”

        I thought it over.

        “That’s fine,” I said. “It’s a deal! But no false mustache, OK?”

        She laughed again and took my hand… and we slunk off into the Parisian twilight in the direction of my hotel on the Left Bank.

        Ah, what bliss…the days of my misspent youth!

    2. Albright is a typical Zionist Misanthrope. The sacrifice of children is historically no big deal to a Zionist, esp. non club members children. Stalin is credited with the statement ” One man’s death is a tragedy…millions statistics….” One can see the similarities here. The only difference is the Zionist would not consider the one man’s death a tragedy.

      Such as sad and dangerous group, hate group.

    3. Phil, I could be wrong, but I think Farage is controlled opposition. I think the same can be applied to France`s Le Penn. Just heard that the majority of UK`s jews intend voting for the tories, because Milliband, a jew, has “promised” to “recognise” Palestine, IF he is voted into power. Also, if there is a hung parliament, then Gerry Adams in Ireland will become vital. Also, Gerry Adams is going to push for a united Ireland..

  41. Many people confuse brute force with power, be it intellectual, sexual, or physical.

    Brute force and power are actually opposites.

    The more brute force you need to apply to a situation in order to exist within it, the less power you have.

    Example Swimming:
    Someone who has not learned to swim expends an enormous amount of brute force ineffectually churning up the water while trying not to drown. Because of the massive energy expended to no useful purpose, this effort is short lived and futile usually resulting in the death of the non-swimmer, unless someone, who is able to swim, is around, and is willing to help the victim. The useless thrashing of the drowning person creates so much havoc around them that it makes it almost impossible for anyone to help them.

    Helping drowning people endangers those trying to save the victim and often results in the rescuer(s) being dragged down to their death as well.

    Alternatively a good swimmer nary creates a ripple while powering along easily while using very little brute force. Their efficient use of energy allows them to explore and experience many things well beyond the power of the non-swimmer.

    Possessions are like anchors, the more you desire, need, and depend on them, the more they drag you down.

    They are also prisons, even when gilded. Possessions take enormous effort and attention to maintain, even if only comprised of keeping the servants, slaves, sex objects in line.

    Like a good swimmer, the less energy and attention required to sustain your possessions, the freer you are to smell the roses and explore existence on all levels.

    Physical reality is similar to the surface of an ocean. The surface boundary is only a tiny slice of overall existence. If you spend all your time thrashing up this surface you are missing out on flying like a bird, or swimming like a fish, within the greater reality.

    Where you fit into this scenario doesn’t really matter to anyone but yourself. The physical reality layer is composed of vibrating energy, which is a case of duality. The energy vibrates between the poles of + ~ -, Good ~ evil, hot ~ cold and so on.

    Morality is irrelevant because all parts of this vibratory cycle must exist in order for any part of it to exist. Whether you are a victim, or an abuser, or anywhere in between, is only important to you as an individual.

    The energy that our sentience is composed of is fractal and eternal in nature. Birth, and death are simply fractal iterations of existence leading to new adventures and experiences elsewhere. Victims, predators, and all those in between, all get to live again, without great stress during transition, ‘if’ they are able to let go of their fear of drowning. Those clinging onto the surface for dear life and seeking immortality while surrounded by their hoard of possessions, eventually get an involuntary shove out the door once the bubble they created around themselves bursts. I don’t envy them as it is probably the most difficult way to make such unavoidable transitions.

    The more you struggle to right a great wrong, or destroy a great good, the more you add to the overall turmoil, regardless of your intentions.

    Alternatively; if you desire to help victims you can do so by learning how not to victimize others and then applying that skill in your own life.

    If you desire to dis-enfranchise predators learn how to stop involuntarily supplying them with your energy and labour. You don’t need to use brute force to defeat them. All you need to do is stop unwittingly giving away your power to them so they can use it against you.

    The place in this duality with the greatest potential (power?) is the balance point in the exact middle of the peaks. If you can learn to swim to that spot you will come to realize that existence is much more than just this duality boundary. This point is a place where you can see, or explore, the space comprised of the energy that vibrates here. This energy does not itself vibrate, it is the substance of the water, and air, not the ripples at the boundary between them. Below, and above, the boundary are extremely nourishing and exciting places. There is no high available in this boundary space we call here that comes close to the continuous pleasure(?) of experiencing these other parts of reality.

    Finding these places is worth whatever it is you need to let go of in order to get there.

    Assigning blame for what happens here at the boundary is useless, and a waste of energy, that could be better applied elsewhere. Those that depend on sucking out our energy are intent on keeping our attention on a conflict with them as it is how they steal our energy.

  42. @ Max Bilney

    It is not that I am naïve, as much as I’ve been able to retain some sense of innocence in this place (hell)/Planet Earth. I attribute the gift to Christ Jesus gifting me with His Joy. Nevertheless, I have what you need, and you have what I need. I’ll get to the point now. Stop acting and mail me a check. For your generosity, I will pray for your soul and will speak to you once daily; time permitting. Together, we can read and re-read TWHOFTF.

    Yours truly (within TRUTH ALONE),

    New Song

  43. “If you desire to dis-enfranchise predators learn how to stop involuntarily supplying them with your energy and labour. You don’t need to use brute force to defeat them. All you need to do is stop unwittingly giving away your power to them so they can use it against you.” : exactly..

  44. Beautifully written Peter O:
    As, among many other things, a keen Masters’ Swimmer here in Australia, I loved your words of TRUTH, re the beautiful, refined nature of SKILL: “A good swimmer nary creates a ripple while powering along easily while using very little brute force. Their efficient use of energy allows them to explore and experience many things well beyond the power of the non-swimmer.”
    I am a record holder in several strokes and know how hard it was to learn to swim with “nary a ripple” and minimal energy output. I swim most days.
    It is the same with all skills once refined. It also applies to reading and comprehension, an area where I have criticized the Jewish-academia trained, flippant, speed readers, who get it all wrong. Beauty of expression and knowledge involves full attention to the item under consideration. I read each article and posting for its full message/s. That is one of the beauties of this magnificent site.
    PS; A case in point: New Song says to me: “I attribute the gift to Christ Jesus gifting me with His Joy. Nevertheless, I have what you need, and you have what I need. I’ll get to the point now. Stop acting and mail me a check.” … Darling, I only pay after services rendered. … You’d have to produce first! … Are you attractive and how much does your belief in Jesus preclude illicit sex?

    1. Max, a number of years ago, whilst on holiday in Scotland, I met an elderly man, who was also on holiday. He was Scottish, but had lived in Australia most of his life. We corresponded for years. He lived in a beutiful area on the outskirts of Sydney, by the coast, where there was a manmade pool. He swam every day, and told me of a Swedish lifesaver, who had pulled him out when he was having difficulties, he came to, and saw what he thought was an angel, thought he`d died. Soon afterwards, I got a letter from his son, letting me know that he had died. Being Scottish, everyone called him Jock..

  45. New Song, my Dearest, thank you for the reference to “the Way Home” by JAH.
    I read the 100 or so pages in less than 30 minutes, so enticed was I by some beautiful wording and new concepts, etc.
    I can see why you and I could talk daily, in between much love: JAH explains the female role in a sense I can agree with:
    “3:93 Here in (the prison that is our planet) prison, God wanted good to overcome evil, so He used the natural-supremacy of the male-species, and locked Satan’s friends into female human-animals, and the less evil souls into male human-animals, so that the males, being stronger, could control the females, and teach them to be less evil and selfish (1st. Corinthians 11:3 & 1st. Timothy 2:11-12).
    3:94 Before we go any further, and some of you WRONGLY decide that I must be a woman-hater, let me state the true fact, i.e. that I LOVE women, more than any man that has ever lived. I will explain the illogicality of your wrong-assumption to you (if you make it), at the end of this chapter, so, for now, please just allow me the benefit of the doubt, accept what I say, and continue reading; for your own good.
    3:95 A soul (the real you) has no sex! It is the body, that the soul is temporarily using, that has a sex, so you – the soul – are neither male nor female, nor even human.
    3:96 If and when, a soul, locked-inside a female-body, learns to be a perfect woman; in God’s eyes,
    not yours; it has then earned promotion, and the right to be locked-inside a male-body, in its next
    human-lifetime (see the Gospel of Thomas, log 114:20-26 / King of kings’ Bible, Thomas ch.16).
    3:97 Each time that a human-animal-body, that you have been using, dies, you are unlocked from it.”
    ……. Well put JAH! … I agree with you: “God has locked Satan’s friends into female human-animals.”
    Men are the CREATORS; and next time you approach a great city from afar and sight its shimmering sky-scrapers on the horizon, think the TRUTH – that all the erections you are seeing were achieved by men! At the mega building site opposite me in Paris (just arrived) there are only men on the scaffolding, holding the plans and pouring the concrete. Across the way I see women in black stockings pushing the paperwork in man-built structures!

    1. Men also created nuclear power and nuclear weapons. And men are responsible for the most destructive process known to humankind: warfare. Men are just as destructive as they are creative. They take the children birthed by women, at such great a physical price, and hurl them into the meat grinder of insatiable capitalist exploitation and bloody warfare. Men are certainly not superior to women. Different but not superior.

  46. Thankfully Mr Schopenhauer never hooked up with a woman and passed on his degenerate genes. There’s no need in the world for men like this. Good riddance!

  47. TOBY: This is Ellie K again writing an impassioned denunciation of Lasha Darkmoon. I checked with Lasha first if I should delete the post or allow it to be published without any changes.

    Lasha’s response:

    “Publish it. I am actually getting to love this woman in my own way and appreciate her finer points. She is absolutely sincere and I think what she says about Schopenhauer is 100 percent correct. She is vindicated, and I extend to her my sincere apologies for misrepresenting Schopenhauer. I will make amends for this by adding a few words of retraction to the article on Schopenhauer. Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa, for giving such needless offense.”


    CLAIM, /kleim/, to state or to assert that something is the case, usually without providing evidence or proof.

    On the sad day of April the 15th, of the sad year of 2015′, the now solitary, melancholy, and unloved Mme Lasha Darkmoon, utterly impervious of the ancient commandment of her much-loved diabolo/terroristic manual known as the Old Testament, specifically, the passage in Exodus, 20:16, in which man is commanded, ”Never to bear false testimony…,” made a serious moral claim against one of the greatest human beings ever to have lived, namely, Arthur Schopenhauer, in which she said – typically and without proof, her second nature now! – that, ”…the famous philosopher would cross the street hurriedly if ever he saw a pretty woman approaching, and if she was prettier than average, he would hide in a shop doorway or scamper off like a frightened rabbit.”

    Because her sad readership now is manifestly composed of veritably cullable types, whose existence and crowding of this dear little earth of ours had better not have been, one is dragged off from one’s leisurely retirement, and must perforce show to the moral and intellectual dunces that are her readers the glaring errors which she has made, and which you, her readers, being utterly incapable of independent thought, have swallowed whole, as it were, just as you have swallowed whole and unquestioningly Madame’s other and more insalubrious and false claims about someone else. A wicked Jew may curse a gentile by wishing that his eyes never again afford him the pleasure of seeing, but an exquisite mind like mine says, ”May we for ever remain apart.” Which of the two hurts more, we all have a fair idea in our mind.

    Now, why do some people relish in defaming others? Why do so many empty heads like yours pass for one-quarter-full? Who really are you, you nebulous and unforgettably shallow and nauseating lot? How dare you make me read you when you have nothing to say? And why exactly are utter and complete lies, formerly so familiar and visible to our wise forefathers, nowadays believed in more than truth itself? Is it because Mundus vult decipi, (complete the sentence, if you can, without looking it up!). Quite so! For I have in my vast collection of 20,000 books not only every book that every serious thinker ever wrote, including, of course, Schopenhauer’s, but I also managed to buy, by means of careful inveigling, that is, by bribes, Schopenhauer’s private diaries from the Goethe Institut in München which include his most private thoughts and which were thought to have been burnt on his orders by his disciple Julius Frauenstädt, and nowhere is such a deprecating and offensive ”incident” as his crossing of the street mentioned: even Frauenstädt himself, in his biography of Schopenhauer, makes no mention of such a thing – and he was painfully candid and revealing of him! – nor indeed does Julius Franck Baer, whose, ”Life of Schopenhauer,” was one of the most detailed, and which, for some reason quite mysteriously disappeared from the bookshelves within the last ten years! And yet, we are expected to believe it and immediately comment supportively of it, just because the exquisite Madame Darkmoon, perennially enveloped as she is in her Vedic wisdom and attractive charms, has said so! Well, you may, but I won’t, as I AM NOT LIKE YOU!

    True, Schopenhauer was not particularly fond of women, but after learning what his mother did with his father’s vast patrimony; after reading the diabolic court deposition of a certain Caroline Marquet against him, (yes, Mme Darkmoon and you know who Caroline Marquet was!), must we be surprised at his excoriating remarks about women, whom he very rightly adjudged as never being satisfied with what Nature and Fortune has given them? No, we mustn’t; and the fact that most of you have jumped like blind sheep onto the Darkmoon bandwagon and countenanced her dark, offensive, and untrue claim about him, merrily bleating your way to the unhappy intellectual slaughterhouse that is my fine mind, and together, like one, since alone you can never amount to a head, break out into melancholy lamentation at the existence of him whose one-millionth of intellectual percent you cannot possibly be able ever to match, just shows that not only is the gulf between the likes of him and me and the rest of you put together materially vast, but also spiritually and intellectually unbridgeable. In other words, we are, and you are not and never will be. No wonder, then, that the superior human specimen is so intensely hated and is called an imbecile, a degenerate, a whore and a false person!

    Schopenhauer contributed unbelievably greatly to explicating the primal force in all the Universes which moves everything, namely, Will; and his utterly beautiful and inimitably elegant description of Love not only out-tops all the commandments of all the New and Old Judaic Testaments of the world put together, but even if the literary and intellectual geniuses of Madame de Staël and Madame de Maintenon were brought together in conjunction against him, they would not be sufficient to even move him, let alone depose him – that’s how great my feisty little Schopenhauer was!

    A certain extremely annoying dolt here, of yellowish temper, and of weakly intellectual constitution, named Felix, who veritably believes to have singly and greatly merited the most unmerited name of ”Happy,” calls Schopenhauer an ”imbecile” – remember Felix? He is our resident toad, who sleeps here, who loves informing the aristocratic part of us about that type of crustacean which appears to titillate his wife’s elegant palette and which he thinks ought to interest us, and who has now become Mme Darkmoon’s unofficial modern-day Watson! – well, this Felix, then, calls Shopenhauer an ”imbecile,” by which, presumably, we ourselves, that is, the better, the wealthier, and the more intelligent portion of humanity, are made to believe that Schopenhauer was in fact a very stupid person, you know, an idiot, like Felix’s brothers and sister Ariadna, and Greg, and Dublinmick, and Ryckaert, incapable of forming a thought; who was ignorant of the profundity of the intellect of the future Felixes, and Ariadnases, and Gregses, and Dublinmickses, and Ryckaertses, and who wrote so very badly as not to be capable of averting his own intellectual execution by that future generation of thinkers of our time who, instead of gaining their deepest pleasure and knowledge from a Plato, or a Vauvenargues, or a Schopenhauer, or a La Bruyere, find themselves literally ejaculating their sacred mental energy to a collection of Judaic sexy pictures, after which, and in a manner most Judaic, they congregate here, the place where now no flair, no elegance, no fragrance, and no erudition is anywhere to be found, and defame the only one person who not only challenged Kant’s authority, but even perfected his thoughts to such an astonishing degree, as to make one wonder if indeed it was a human hand and a human mind that composed such brilliant thoughts!

    Why does Madame Darkmoon prefer impoverished, wage slave, sushi-eating dolts to brilliantly wealthy and loving thinkers and persons like Schopenhauer and me? Is it because of custom, where same has made her familiar to same? or, is it because on account of her own wants that she forces herself to view as vices what in an abundant another are in fact virtues? And why doesn’t she utter a single word of protest when yet another of her soul-dead wage slave dunces, aptly named Sexton, calls Schopenhauer, ”degenerate?” Why is not her Sexton but our Schopenhauer who is degenerate? And why is she and her small army of hawk-eyed administrators more ready to jump in arms at their wrong perception of the dubious electronic origin of a person’s thoughts, but is quite content to pass and not censor as readable what in fact is but vomit-inducing infelicitous garbage? Samson may have challenged, but I would easily execute half the world – today, beginning with the Jews!

    You know, my powers of observation and thinking, not to mention those of Jew flesh-cutting, are unbelievably acute, and as such I made this acute observation quite some time ago, namely, that in fact Mme Darkmoon, instead of courting the superiority of those who are more deep than shallow, who are more rich than poor, and who are more elegant than inelegant, she actually prefers the company of simpletons, of fools, and of semi-professional defamers and calumniators, who so very much offend our eyes, since in her mind, and despite the superiority of their numbers, they can never quite succeed in establishing intellectually that balance of power which would make them equal to her, a fact which in itself always succeeds in rendering the young Mme Darkmoon superior to them, at least here, in her domain, and thus on account of her invisible female charms and authority, as well as her persuasive but untruthful calumniating powers, which have now been discovered to have been entirely false, she rules the roost utterly and completely unchallenged, like in this article, as well as in the melancholy and heartbreaking one which was preceded by a few others, where what is beautiful was called ugly, and is thus allowed to stamp exorbitantly and unchallenged her weak prosecuting powers, which sadly in her is always to be found wedded to her superficial knowledge of human characters and philosophy, not to mention her deep lack of Intuition, which, as Madame d’Ancrel very rightly said, is the true guiding force of man. Aristocrats and not your type must rule the world, and this not because of our obstinate and jealous refusal to allow you to share it with us, but simply and solely because we know that you are yet to succeed in channeling your low animal impulses to higher and nobler causes like we have, and thus on account of your constitutional inferiorities, so damaging even to your own selves, you may pose a threat to us, that’s all. Become better human beings, and you will be considered, for sure.

    Madame Darkmoon ought to know that at least one, in fact, ONLY ONE, of her readers is supremely intelligent, greatly learned, immensely rich, exceptionally erudite, a true aristocrat, and a powerfully acute and cool cat, and that she is quite capable of instantaneously demolishing and discovering as false her and her readers’ quasi-intellectual artifices, whose collective syllables raise more dust than attention, and who will, just like Cardinal de Richelieu when he disarmed his Protestants at Montpelier, make them swear an oath that, though he would not prohibit them from thinking, they must never, not ever, imagine themselves smarter than him. Richelieu won.

    Ah, well, what to do?! Remaining and concluding with the past, I suppose when Cato unfurled his toga and let fall the succulent figs onto the floor of the mosaic-encrusted Senate, he did not win over his Romans by the presence of the figs, but by his powers of persuasion; and Mme Darkmoon’s readers ought to know that that which persuades need not necessarily be true. But what do they know, eh! To only think that even the so called brilliant mathematicians fall for such shallow ploys! Never trust a man until you have shared a sack of salt with him!

    ”… and one should be indulgent toward their weaknesses, but to pay them honour is ridiculous beyond measure and demeans us even in their eyes…”

    By the way, why is she who, believe it or not, still loves some of you, still jealously denied her TOP place in the Pantheon of the Great? Well, unless you can find someone who can out-top her, she will FORCE you to admire her, HOWEVER SILENTLY AND SECRETLY.

    Madame de Fruges

    1. “Madame Darkmoon ought to know that at least one, in fact, ONLY ONE, of her readers is supremely intelligent, greatly learned, immensely rich, exceptionally erudite, a true aristocrat, and a powerfully acute and cool cat, and that she is quite capable of instantaneously demolishing and discovering as false her and her readers’ quasi-intellectual artifices, whose collective syllables raise more dust than attention….”

      Very amusing.
      The last IP Toby gave was from Australia. So…”ONLY ONE” is incorrect.
      The ‘EK entity’ has a twin in fomunda-land, who comments here in blustery fashion, with shorter sentences. But claims of length elsewhere.

    2. Shalom, EK entity and her troll house in Tel Aviv.
      I am curious as to how your troll bosses pay. Is it per word, per hour or per letter? ROTFLMAO! You really are a pretentious galah, as the Australians would say. You are not an imbecile but you have the brains of a dingo’s Dagg! As you are emailing from Australia you really should learn their language. You language is antediluvian enough to make a drongo have a technicolour yawn. Let your bosses in Tel Aviv think on that as you brush away the flies in your fly blown country!

    3. alas poor yorick, the jerk!

      a supposedly formerly brilliant mathematician, now reduced by his sadistic mistress to strain uselessly and impotently at his leash, can only admire madame silently and secretly, she who is more deep than shallow, in stark, raving contrast to his obviously being more shallow than deep … lost track of what i was going to say.

      at any rate, managed no less than 5 commas, count them, five, in a single sentence … every day, in every way, i shall strive and strive to, ahem … lost track again.
      i must say i admired a bunch of madams and madames lately, however silently and secretly, all of them cool cats and as our esteemed schopping-hour would say, it resulted in me ending up even less deep and more shallow than previously, if that is indeed possible, because a man can lose his logical, mathematical mind admiring madam cool cats.
      but as we used to say in my catholic primary school, “will just do it until i need glasses”.

      now, “more deep than shallow” or vice versa is an interesting concept, maybe arising from the ineluctable frenchiness of your upbringing that i will pursue a bit in hope that it will help me tip the scales toward depth at the expense of shallowness, because surely it figures in the final arrangement of various scales that add up to the grand karmic balance and i am tired of being a lightweight, shallow cockroach, whose mathematical talents deserted him many moons ago when your budding library numbered fewer than 15,000 volumes (hey max, how long would it take you to crunch through that? i finished “my pet goat” and am halfway through “he shoots, he scores” and then only 19,998 more to go).

      so, it transpires that “how deep is the ocean” is not the same as asking “how shallow is the ocean” because the two qualities (well, one quality and the other not so much) are independent quantities and can be weighed on the same scale with one ultimately prevailing.
      it doesn’t matter that my depth is great if my shallowness is even greater, if only by an inch and/or an ounce, i am still a net loser.
      consequently, i aim to reduce both but somewhat unequally, so that even though my depth is tiny, yet my shallowness is even smaller under the microscope of the observing metaphysicist and i am pronounced a winner, if only among cockroaches, one skinny foreleg raised in triumph.

      this shall be my life’s goal, may the next lifespan be measured in hamster’s months rather than junebug’s days – reducing shallowness is less energy consuming than increasing depth.

      apologies for diversion but the heat of my mathematical youth still smolders, HOWEVER SILENTLY AND SECRETLY (while my sadistic mistress polishes her nails absentmindedly).

      1. EK,
        “Schopenhauer and me”???? That’s not really the Queen’s English! Listen to Queen Elizabeth. It’s “my husband and I”. So you should use “Schopenhauer and I”. That’s the problem when you have a committee writing. It’s always the little mistakes that expose a troll kettle at work and your lack of erudition.

    1. If the pretty girl Schopenhauer was said to hide from looked anything like the pretty girl in the last photo of the essay above, he would indeed have been a wise man.

      That photo caused a very visceral emotional reaction in me. In a few words, ‘trophy wife’. Not to denigrate just the female gender; she is the perfect match for the, ‘trophy husband’. Together they exemplify what is wrong with our society.

      Anyone who’s demeanor is comparable to her’s in today’s world is either oblivious to what is going on around them or so caught up in their own needs as to not care about anything else. Whichever the case, such inattention to worldly events has resulted in the world we live in today. Her demeanor is prevalent throughout all strata of society, although mostly not as outwardly attractive as in the case of the trophy wife.

      I believe the vast majority of people are not uncaring about the fate of others. The crux of the problem is ignorance; caused by intentional mis-direction, and mis-education, designed to keep us, the masses, pliable to the needs of our rulers.

      The problem with book learning:
      In general the contents of books, and all other media, of all ages, represent the world view of those who control society. Authors such as Schopenhauer are not published unless they meet the approval of those who control the printing presses. One needn’t look far to come to the conclusion that publisher’s are not unbiased about the material they put forward to the world. It is also obvious that ‘truth’ is a low priority consideration placed far below ‘agenda’.

      We are all programmed to reach to published historical information in order to use the ideas of the ‘greater than us’ thinkers of the past to resolve the problems of today. Where has that gotten us?

      Different strata of society are programmed to different purposes but no one is exempt. If Ellie K is who she represents to be then she is of the class that is mostly fiercely conditioned to follow the elite’s agenda. Deviating from this agenda means expulsion from the ‘graceful’ life or death. If she is sincere in her efforts I suggest she looks closely at her motivation. Regardless of which side you take in a cause you are only inflaming the conflict. The agenda of the eilte is primarily to keep everyone else busily engaged in fighting each other so they do not have the time or initiative to see the bigger picture.

      If Ellie K really desires to help others; I suggest her efforts are better aimed at teaching people to disengage and take the time to start thinking for themselves instead of just blindly reacting to the elite’s propaganda, which is everywhere, and is designed specifically to meet the elite’s purposes.

  48. Beautiful prostitutes get paid well by their wealthy customers, but often they become pregnant. Most are wives whose husbands raise the children while their mothers continue to work. It is not surprising that due to their wealthy clients the children inherited genes that got them to be shrewd and smart.
    “Jewesses were prominent in the practice of prostitution. Thus, of 5127 licensed prostitutes in 1889, 1122 or 22 per cent were Jewish. Prostitution was very prevalent in the impoverished Habsburg province of Galicia. According to Rabbi Rosenak of the German Union of Rabbis, in 1902”
    Owing to widespread poverty in the Jewish community many Jewish wives resorted to prostitution in order to live. The upside is that their children often came out with blond hair, blue eyes, and were smart and shrewd.
    That is the reason why many Jews today are millionaires.
    May 2015

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