Selected Comments on Stalin, Hitler, WWII, and the Mass Rape of German Women — by Darkmoon posters

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220px-Marshall_StalinThese comments offer a cross-section of views on Stalin, both for the man and against him. There is also much on Hitler, WWII, and the mass rape of German women by Allied forces.

Apologies to posters whose comments have been excluded owing to lack of space. This article runs to almost 10,000 words, so it was necessary to stop it getting any longer by sacrificing many good comments and include only those that touched on the most important issues.

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Submitted on 2015/07/28 at 1:01 am | In reply to Taras Bulba.

@ Taras Bulba

I stand corrected. My antisemitism clouded my judgment. I now recall the Asiatic features of the soldiers raping the blond German girl in the snow. How could anyone forget that menacing, if not haunting illustration from the Hellstorm article? (Of course, I understand the illustration was created to reflect Mr. Goodrich’s assertion that most of the rapes were committed by Asiatics or Mongols.)

As an Asiatic semi-mongrel myself, I feel utter disgust at what my quasi-tribesmen did to 2 million German women. Unlike Alexander M, I will not apologize for the atrocities committed in my name. Those barbaric Asiatic and Mongol rapists should all be condemned for their crimes against humanity. We must never forget that most of those rapes and murders were committed after the war! Evil Asiatics! Evil Mongols!

The upshot of all this is that Mr. Alexander M can now take joy in the fact that it was those Evil Asiatics and Mongols and not his fellow White Christian Russians in his beloved Red Army who committed the rapes and atrocities against the German women. 3 cheers for Stalin! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray!

If I may, a couple of rhetorical questions as my parting shot:

Would the rape of 2 million German women ever have happened without kikes? More significantly, would WWII ever have happened without kikes? While I’m at it, would any of the major wars we’ve had in the last 200 years (I’m tempted to say the last 2000 years) ever have happened without kikes?

The mass rape and murder of German women during and after the WWII was part and parcel of the Morgenthau Plan to annihilate Germany and exterminate the German People. If I’m not mistaken, Morgenthau was no Mongol, but a kike. Put the real blame where the real blame is due. On the kikes!

The Morgenthau Plan, if you haven’t noticed, is still in effect. A kike politician in Germany by the name of Gregor Gysis more or less confessed to it last week.

Submitted on 2015/07/28 at 2:39 am

I was going to say I sympathize with Alexander and I do but I’m tempted to lose that sympathy when I hear “… dead as the result of the Hitlerite aggression against us? ” I’m the son of Germans who came to the USA after the war. I can relate to Alexander’s feelings. For my fifty seven years of life, but much more so for the first thirty five, I have heard nothing but lies about my people, not just once a month, once a week or even once a day. Beginning around 1970 you couldn’t go thru a day without hearing of the bestial Germans and what we were told they did to the Jews. But you wouldn’t just hear it once a day, you could see it in the newspaper in more than one article, then on TV and then maybe a news report about a “NAZI” arrested or some suffering Jew and then maybe in a movie. And now they still arrest 95 year old accountants or others for being “NAZIS.” I don’t think they had this holocaust propaganda blitz in the Soviet bloc that has gone on in the west since about 1970. No, they had the other propaganda. Just a general demonization of the Germans and glorification of their own country and always the never ending lying.

I’ve had Russian acquaintances and I had a Russian girlfriend. We didn’t see each other for years but last year went out a few times. I brought it up; history, Jews, Russia, Germany and I made the Jews the center of our conversation. I told her about Putin’s speech two years ago in which he said 80 to 85% of the first Soviet gov’t was Jewish and a lot of other things. I was reading this website too so some of LD’s articles were on my mind. My Russian friend didn’t disagree with anything I said and thought that the Jews played a big role in the Soviet Union. I think most Russians have known this ever since the Soviet Union’s founding. The Germans certainly did, calling the Soviets “Bolshevist Jews” and to this day this fact has been kept from most of the world.

Most Americans think “Bolshevist Jew” is a Nazi, anti-Semitic term that is a lie and has no relationship to the truth. Well, from what Putin and many others have said we know it is “total truth” but as long as the Jews are the dominating force in the media they can keep the most important, world changing facts from the people.

I’m certain that most east Europeans knew Jews dominated communism. Ukrainians, Latvians and many others knew Jews were running the communist show and many joined up to fight on the German side, the Latvian Division and Estonian Division of the Waffen SS being two examples.

One of the things we were repeatedly told was that the “NAZIS” were all liars. I put the word “NAZIS” in quotes because it is a pejorative term meant to insult every time it’s spoken. With the Jews responsibility for virtually everything that came from the allies, I would like to hear the word “kike” spoken as a response whenever the word “NAZI” is used.

From the Katyn massacre of fifteen to twenty thousand Poles, to the holocaust, to the claim that Germany started the war and “wanted to take over the while world,” to virtually almost everything spoken against the Germans are all lies. And that includes Alexander’s suggestion that Germany attacked the peaceful Soviet Union. I have doubts there have ever been such a group of outrageous liars as the USA, England, the Soviet Union and France and I now suspect this is because of the dominating or at least very powerful role Jews played in each country. Alexander may not want to hear about the Jews of the Soviet Union but their huge role and initially dominating role can’t be ignored by anyone seeking the truth.

The Russians finally admitted they had killed all those Poles at Katyn after forty five years of at least some of the suspicion being on the Germans. The claim that Germany started the Soviet-Russian war with an unprovoked attack is now thought to be completely wrong by some historians. Some historians believe the Soviets had amassed a huge force and was preparing to strike Germany, but Germany made a pre-emptive strike. A book by the Russian historian Victor Suvorov has made a big impact, but the mainstream media is doing its best to keep it from getting coverage, just as they did with Putin’s speech on Jews dominant role in the USSR.

One thing is for sure, Germany was peaceful and prospering and people were enjoying themselves soon after Hitler took power and fixed Germany’s economic problems within one year while the communists were killing millions in the USSR and the Jews were telling everyone in the west just the opposite, saying Stalin and the USSR were wonderful while Hitler was evil. “NAZI” Germany was morally superior to the USSR and they vowed to stop the murdering Jews at the German border in the east.

Here is perhaps the most outrageous lie a leader has ever made, speaking to his nation. Americans deserve having half their population wiped out for what this liar did and to this day Americans defend. For the second time in less than twenty five years the Americans took advantage of a world war to murder millions of Germans in an unprovoked attack. Here is a film of Roosevelt delivering his Navy Day speech in 1941. The speech was delivered about four months after the bloodiest war in history broke out, the Soviet – German war of WW II. Every available man the Germans had was fighting on the eastern front. In this speech FDR says he has in his hands a “secret map” that was made in Berlin by the “NAZIS.” FDR said the “NAZIS” have reorganized South America into five “vassal states” and plan to take it over.


In the early 1970’s the British admitted they created this phony map and fed it to Roosevelt. Any suggestion that Germany even had the ability to take over South America, especially when it was already fighting the Soviet Union and Great Britain is ludicrous.

Like Lasha and Alexander, I also believe the best thing for the world but particularly for Russia, Germany and Europe is that Germany and Russia develop strong, friendly relations. It is not revisionist historians that are causing the bad relations between Germans and Russians. It is definitely the Germans fault this time, but as usual it’s not right wing fascists attacking Putin and Russia. It’s Germany’s “liberal”, “democratic” gov’t under American domination. It is long past time Germany tells the Americans to take their troops home and tell the Poles and everyone else in the east they will not be allowed to start another war in Europe.

Nothing that comes out can sour relations between Russia and Germany. Some people already know about the seventy years of lies. I already have an idea of what the Soviets, Americans and the others did. My anger is about the lies and these lies have to be exposed if the Jews power is going to be broken. Until then, there will be no peace.

Submitted on 2015/07/28 at 9:49 pm | In reply to Gian Franco Spotti.

Where Stalin is concerned, I have nothing against a mildly “revisionist” defence of the man — assuming he ever accomplished anything positive — but if he did, I have never heard about it.

The “industrialization” of the Soviet Union was achieved by signing lucrative contracts with Western capitalists, much of which was never paid for (see ARE THE RUSSIANS TEN FEET TALL? by Werner Keller).

Much of the “progress” of communist countries generally was achieved by confiscating the harvests from millions of peasants, who were left to starve, while the Soviet built, manned and trained a fleet of two million paratroopers, more than the rest of the world put together. This is discussed in detail in ICEBREAKER.

Mao used the same tactic (see MAO: THE UNTOLD STORY) by Jung Chang and Jonathon Halliday. Peasants ate grass, leaves and the bark off trees, while Mao bought modern technology from the Soviets and Western capitalists.
If that’s “progress”, I’d rather have a bowl of rice and no progress at all, thank you very much.

Submitted on 2015/07/28 at 9:54 pm | In reply to the avatar.

“…germans are very racist, murderous people; yet the countries that won the war are worse…”

“Cet animal est tres mèchant, quand on l’attaque, il se défend.”

Submitted on 2015/07/28 at 9:55 pm | In reply to Carlos W. Porter.

@ Carlos W. Porter

Thank you for your comments here, Carlos. I have learned much from you over the years. Your invaluable work on the Holocaust is second to none. I remember reading an article of yours several years ago about the Nuremberg trials. I am looking for some specific information and am wondering if you happen to know the answer to this question.

How many Jewish judges, lawyers and interrogators did the Americans take over with them to Nuremberg, Dachau and elsewhere in Europe to interrogate the alleged “Nazi” war criminals… often crushing their testicles in order to extract confessions from them? Was it 400? I heard that figure mentioned somewhere, but I am trying to verify and find a good source for this figure.

I understand that the Jews at Nuremberg were among the most sadistic interrogators and went to the most extraordinary lengths of brutality to extract confessions from the helpless Germans. If you happen to have a good link which gives details about torture at Nuremberg, I’d be grateful. Thank you.

Submitted on 2015/07/28 at 11:29 pm

I live in NM. Saturday I met 3 people that came from Crimea. They were hesitant to speak “politics” with me as they live in a foreign country. After showing my unusual not believing in all American bs, they opened up some. One lady had been in Crimea just this last January. She said things there are the best she had ever seen it. She is somewhere in her 60s. They country is thriving, the people are happy, with less mental stress than ever before. So much for the official US (per)version. If you want real news in a main stream format, we have to go to RT or Al Jezeera.

Stalin and the Bolsheviks weren’t Russians as we would think of them. They murdered 55-100 million of their “own” people. The standing order about German women in the final invasion was, “If they run, shoot them; if they don’t, rape them.”. Now the starvation and death by exposure of 1.5 million German soldiers after WW2 was ALL American.

Submitted on 2015/07/29 at 3:00 am | In reply to Sardonicus.

For the past seventy years the British, Americans and others celebrated the mass murder of millions of Germans with television shows and movies glorifying the bombing of German cities and murdering the dehumanized Germans. With Jews domination of Hollywood they lead this demonization of the Germans, continuing their leading efforts in propaganda and diplomacy that lead to WW II. And now finally after all these years on the internet blogs and websites like this, from the countries that committed these war crimes are showing some sympathy for the Germans (but not on the mainstream media where Jews still celebrate the murder of Germans).

The very countries that murdered over ten million Germans, gang raped millions of its women and completely levelled the most advanced country in the world have blogs and websites that say what was done was wrong and many are showing evidence that Jews lead these atrocities. But this asshole Avatar objects to this. He would prefer the Hollywood demonization to continue.

He writes “a few years ago, u.s. soldiers systematically raped iraqi women during and after desert storm [and] you deflect, deny, excuse and change the subject…but you cry for the rape of german women 70 years ago at the hands of other white men and acknowledge it with tears on your keyboards hipocrites!”

You stupid moron. The whites (although most likely most were NOT whites, many or most were Jews or certainly led by Jewish propaganda encouraging them to rape) that gang raped those two million German women hated them more than anything else in the world, by contrast with loving and admiring Muslims. You idiot. You write “other white men” committed those rapes. If whites were a unified race that were racist against non-whites do you think they would have gang-raped two million German women and completely destroyed the most advanced white country in the world?

Then he writes “we know about the nazis and the holocaust. We are sure of the pain inflicted on jews. period.” And you are “sure” of this how? Because the people that murdered and raped those millions of Germans pushed thru laws that put Germans and other Europeans in jail (the latest being a brave German lawyer named Sylvia Stolz) who say it didn’t happen and everything shows it is the biggest lie — the biggest avalanche of lies against a people in history.

And what this idiot Avatar apparently does not know is that the lies and demonization of the Germans, and corresponding sympathy for the Jews, is what allowed the Jews to steal Palestine and has allowed Jews to dominate American foreign policy and destroy most of the middle east while making Israel one of the few nuclear military powers in the world.

He apparently also does not know, that while he shits on the two million German women that were gang raped, the Germans and their leader was the closest thing Arabs had as a friend in Europe.

Submitted on 2015/07/29 at 4:17 am

The Soviet Army was lined up on the border of Germany ready to overrun Germany and all of Europe. It would have been Communism of Europe in 1941. Adolf Hitler made a pre-emptive strike and they ran. Stalin tricked Adolf Hitler. Stalin supposedly was a Georgian Jew. Of course your young Russian man is brainwashed by his Russian schooling. With so much Russian pride and lies from his leaders and lies from the German leaders (who are Jews), it’s hard to believe that anything but their lies are true. The Russians practiced the burned earth during retreat to destroy all homes, land, etc. so the German military could not use it. It was the Jewish leaders [who ordered all this] and at the end result was that Stalin ended up killing at least 66 Million Russian civilians.

They also killed my relatives and my immediate ethnic German family members. I have German books about the Russian crimes, forbidden to be read in Germany, Europe and Russia. This young man [Alexander] cannot be helped. Let him stay in his fantasy land.

Submitted on 2015/07/29 at 4:24 am | In reply to Sardonicus.

In the end it does not really matter if Stalin was a Jew or not. There is conflicting info out there. In any case he worked closely with the Jews who took up a huge portion of his government. He, like the other Soviet leaders, murdered tens of millions of people. He was a deceiver, not an honorable man, that’s why he most likely was a Jew… says one thing and does another. (Lie and cheat the goyim! – Talmudic law) And then his cruelty! Fits the Jews to the T. What have these Russian citizens ever done to him but help build up the country? Nothing! So he killed them so he can rob what they created and worked for. To him they were nothing but insects. And that’s what the Jews say about us gentiles.

Submitted on 2015/07/29 at 4:38 am | In reply to Felix.

Thanks, Peter

What many Russians forget is Stalin was a Georgian, not Russian. Also he had ample warning of Operation Barbarossa, not only from his spies, such as Richard Sorge in Tokyo, the Lucy spy ring and also the Red Orchestra, headed by Leopold Trepper, but also from the British from their decryption of “Ultra”. Another indication they were going to be attacked came from the German planes overflying the western USSR on recce missions. In some cases flights landed through mechanical faults in the USSR, but were allowed to return to Germany by the Soviets. Stalin ignored all these warnings claiming they were provocations.

There is anecdotal evidence to indicate that at Politburo meetings Stalin and Beria would sit and talk in Georgian for a couple of hours and then Stalin would turn to the other non-Georgian members and inform them as to what the meeting had resolved. Russia defeated Germany despite Stalin not because of him. Which is why I find it bizarre that Russians today can have any respect for him.

Submitted on 2015/07/29 at 8:38 am | In reply to Sardonicus.

red onions quotes: “Stalin’s every movement is made under Jewish eyes.” : That, too, is ongoing, with Biden hovering behind Obama, more like his minder, than his VP..

Submitted on 2015/07/30 at 12:49 pm | In reply to lobro.

@ Lobro

re your fracas with Magnus Dux Pollonorum

Allow me to tell you what I think…I believe I have the “bigger picture.”

  1. Magnus Dux Pollonorum (henceforth “MDP”), like Alexander M and the late “Circassian”, belongs in the Pro-Stalin camp. You yourself have made the colossal mistake of backing this mass murderer and refusing to confront the facts under your very nose: that Stalin’s regime was a JEWISH regime through and through and that Stalin presided over the genocide of 66 million Russians and the attempt to eradicate Christianity in the Soviet Union and establish Communistic atheism.

Stalin wasn’t a Jew himself, but he was the ultimate shabbat goy and helped to promote the agenda of Marx and Lenin, both of them Jews.

You have been misled by the fact that Stalin in later life bumped off a few Jews and may himself have been killed by Jews (“the Doctors’ Plot”) into thinking that Stalin was an “anti-Semite”. Hence he has won your support. The point is, Stalin was NEVER a real anti-Semite. Most of his ministers and advisors were Jews. His mistresses were Jewesses. He bumped off only Jews who got in his way, above all supporters of the Jew TROTSKY whom he hated implacably. In short, Stalin did not hate Jews; he only hated TROTSKYITE Jews who were a thorn in his flesh.

In still clinging to your dreadful delusion that Stalin was a good guy, you are in a sense putting yourself into the same camp as MDP. You are BOTH BATTING FOR STALIN. Can’t you see that?

There is a strong PRO-STALIN movement in Russia right now. This is coming from Jews. Why? Because Stalin’s regime was a JEWISH REGIME, so vindicating Stalin is part and parcel of the aims of international Jewry. MDP is not batting for Stalin because Stalin was a good guy. He is batting for Stalin because Stalin was a tool of international Jewry and did the Jews’ work for them.

Please read this post carefully and do not misunderstand me. I believe absolutely in your sincerity and high intelligence, but in giving your support to the mass-murdering psychopath Stalin, genocider of 66 million innocent Russians, destroyer of Christian churches, chief torturer for the bloodthirsty cheka, filler up of the grim gulags all staffed and run by Jews, you have gone woefully astray!

BTW, all my views are shared my Lasha. I know her well and these are her views too. She has read a lot about Stalin and has arrived at the firm conclusion that anyone who praises Stalin is either a Jew or profoundly ignorant of 20th-century Russian history.

Trust Solzhenitsyn if you cannot trust Lasha. Solzhenitsyn had no illusions about Stalin. He himself says that the Stalin regime killed 66 million innocent Russians. He had a vast knowledge of Russian history. He knew from personal experience in the gulags that the Stalin regime was a JEWISH REGIME. Check this out:

Ruth Bernstein
(non-Jew writing under Jewish name)

Submitted on 2015/07/30 at 3:23 pm | In reply to lobro.

ok ruth, thanks for post.

i cannot gainsay anything you said because i still feel that much by way of solid facts and unasailable evidence is missing.
this history is maybe the murkiest ever. the murkiest history in history.

so, at risk of being made into pat’s dart board, i must declare myself a fence sitter.

as much as i value and trust your and lasha’s opinion as well as solzhenitsyn’s – in no particular order of preference, that kollontai interview throws me off completely, especially given that it was published before the war. something in there really smells of a ripe jew, especially considering how eager they are all of a sudden to turn against him and he was their main hero when he joined battle with hitler.

do you see my dilemma? not that you’ll ever catch me burning incense before stalin’s bust and praying for his safe passage thru hades.

Submitted on 2015/07/31 at 3:00 am | In reply to Carlos W. Porter.

To: LD July 28, 2015 at 9:55 pm

I’m afraid I can’t answer that question with regards to the First Nuremberg Trial. I only know the transcript; I know relatively little about the background to the trial (which is what most people concentrate on).

I know that David Maxwell-Fyfe was Jewish; no doubt there were many others, mostly relatively minor personnel.

You can be absolutely CERTAIN that nearly ALL the interrogators and interpreters in ALL the trials were Jewish, because the Americans stamped out the German language from all American schools during WWI (when they were not busy kicking dachshunds and banning German-language newspapers, of which there were 300 in 1914, almost none by about 1917); plus schools were discouraged from teaching German, and have been ever since, so German Jewish refugees were almost the only competent people they had; of course, other “German-Americans” could not be trusted not to be “Nazis”.

So they were stuck with the Jews.

That there was a great deal of mistreatment and torture in the minor trials is absolutely certain. But I can’t give you a great deal of additional specific information. The only witness or defendant at the First Nuremberg Trial who claimed to have been physically tortured (as distinguished from merely threatened) was Julius Streicher. There were 13 Nuremberg Trials. I am not particularly familiar with the last 12, for a number of reasons. The book versions are not reliable; you would have to buy the transcripts on microfilm, in German and English. They are expensive. Also, they do not describe the documents correctly, as they did in the First Trial. For example, they do not indicate whether or not a document bears a handwritten or typewritten signature. You think “Keitel, wow!!!” But when you get the (negative) photocopy, it’s a “typewritten signature”! (and letterhead as well).

Also, the transcripts are not complete; they are heavily “edited”. All you get in book form is bits and pieces. For example, questions are strung together without the answers. You can get all the trials on DVD on amazon, if you search for “Trial of the Major War Criminals Before the International Military Tribunal”, but you still have all these problems.

The volume entitled “Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression” is completely worthless, in my view.

You should research the Malmedy trial, which seems to have been the most widely publicized case. More and more stories of routine torture by the British and Americans seem to be surfacing all the time, so there should be a great deal of evidence. I recommend “Massacre à Malmédy?” by Gerd J. August Cuppens, in French, a rather rare book.

I reproduced a couple of accounts of torture at the Dachau trials in “War Crimes Trials and Other Essays”. But I’m sure it’s only the tip of the iceberg, to say the least. Minor personnel could no doubt be tortured with impunity, and 99% of them would be afraid even to mention it. It would be hard to get away with torturing somebody like Goering.

Sorry I can’t say more. There’s a lot of literature on the subject, more all the time. The Brits appear to have been surprisingly enthusiastic torturers, whether Jewish or not.

@ Carlos W. Porter


Submitted on 2015/07/29 at 6:55 pm | In reply to Felix.

This phenomenon that a man from a region marginal to a country attains fame (or notority) in that country is not uncommon in history.

The Macedonian Alexander the Great and Greece, the Corsican Napoleon and France, the Austrian Hitler and Germany and the Georgian Stalin and Russia come to mind. Perhaps there are more.

As for Stalin, he was a monster, no matter how much he contributed to the industrialization of Russia and its “Great Patriotic War” against Germany. His paranoia towards his colleagues was so great that he killed almost all of them and for him massmurder was only a “statistic”.

I understand that nations need a national myth to rally around, but Stalin as “icon” of such a myth for a resurgent Russia is a bad choise. Perhaps Peter The Great would be a better choise.

Submitted on 2015/07/29 at 7:05 pm

Let me reiterate myself:

The fact of life is, Stalin is cherished by millions of Russians, pretty much like Putin nowadayas, in fact the latter if often compared to the former. Stalin is most definitely NOT responsible for the Red Terror. Quite the contrary, it is him who had all the Jewish perpetrators of this horrendous cirme, executed in what was later called the Great Purge.

Submitted on 2015/07/29 at 7:11 pm | In reply to Magnus Dux Polonorum.

As to Solzhenitsyn, as far as I know, he is not very highly regarded by ordinary Russians; They say the single book (“200 years Together”) can’t possibly make up for his decades in the service of America, his treacherous slandering USSR in the Western press etc. They claim he only started to write about the Jews because his books would not sell otherwise in Russia. After he finally reemigrated back to Russia, he was deemed persona non grata. Western media like to use him as a chief demonizer of Stalin, but interestingly, they somehow never mention his anti-Jewish book, the last of his reportoir.

Submitted on 2015/07/29 at 7:18 pm | In reply to Magnus Dux Polonorum.

@Stalin and the Great Purge – that is why he is so hated and demonized by Jews the world-over, perhaps even more so than Hitler himself.

Submitted on 2015/07/30 at 4:23 am


Yawnnn, here we have a hysterical Polish ‘nationalist’ type! These guys r really good at one thing; hate.

The Russians, BTW, do not care much for u guys… after all, you types hate Russia almost as much as you hate Germany.
Poland today continues to play the role of useful idiot(serving ZUSA against Russia), just as it was used to provoke WWII by Zusa, the war party in ZUK and the reluctant French. So sad. Some things apparently never change…

Also, your posts are fairly illogical… you praise Poland about stopping the Bolshevik ‘hordes’ but idolize Stalin, who invaded Poland from the East and took more than half of it in 39 and then turned Poland, at the end of the war, against the will of most Poles, into a Soviet satellite?

Not to mention your hero Stalin had thousands of Polish intelligentsia murdered, Katyn was only the tip of the iceberg… so your position comes out sorta Schizophrenic… or very suspicious…

YOU seem very impressed by silly little things, such as Stalin being moderately well perceived in Russia these days… So what? Are you really that thick? Propaganda does wonders to people… Hell, you r a perfect example of propaganda’s outcome.

Let’s not compare Putin to your hero, Stalin. Putin may be a ruthless man – a man in his position has to be – but he is no mass murderer. Stalin and his regime’s crimes are well documented by Soviet archives. We also do not need the Jews to account for the Stalinist regime crimes; After the Jewish presence was ‘downsized’, the regime continued to carry out terrible crimes. And while it is true that many Jews have no love for Stalin due to his turning on them, many of Stalins key apologists are Jews, even Israelis. Ever heard of Gabriel Gorodetsky?

Solzhenitsyn did NOT provide services for Zamerica, unlike the Polish useful idiots to this day do. Telling the truth about the Stalin regime and the Gulag is not “treacherous slandering”.

Only liars would call Solzhenitsyn a traitor to his country, something he never was.

Submitted on 2015/07/30 at 6:47 am | In reply to Magnus Dux Polonorum.

Stalin isn’t hated by Jews. When was the last time Jews made an anti-Stalin movie, or wrote an anti-Stalin book, or invoked Stalin in their speeches?

Submitted on 2015/07/30 at 7:47 am | In reply to Luca K.


I see that you are strongly in the camp of the pious “Innocent Hitler” believers : Hitler only wanted the German territories back lost due to the Versailles treaty and his attack on the Soviet Union was only preventive and of course the Nazis behaved “honorably” in the East.

But have you ever heard about the German idea of Lebensraum? For starters :

from which the following quote :

“…The Nazis supported territorial expansionism to gain Lebensraum as being a law of nature for all healthy and vigorous peoples of superior races to displace people of inferior races; especially if the people of a superior race were facing overpopulation in their given territories.[2]

It was the stated policy of the Nazis to kill, deport, or enslave the Polish, Ukrainian, Russian, and other Slavic populations, whom they considered inferior, and to repopulate the land with Germanic people…”

Look at the map in that article and ask yourself if a Lebensraum from Germany up to the Urals really only contained “lost German territories”.

For more detailed information on the Lebensraum project, see :

For information on the conduct of your “noble” Nazis in Poland, see :

The Nazis also planned to steal food from the East to feed Germany and starve the “inferior” Slavs at the same time :

Hitler also planned to completely destroy St. Petersburg, Moscow and Stalingrad.
St. Petersburg is a cultural city with beautiful canals, buildings, palaces and musea, but the Führer wanted it to be destroyed. Moscow would be destroyed and covered by a lake.

Himmler once called Hitler “greater than Genghis Khan”. I’m afraid he was right.

Submitted on 2015/07/30 at 4:54 pm | In reply to Franklin Ryckaert.” Oh yes, if the Jews do say so themselves. Jewish attempts at demonizing Hitler are so over the top, there is not the slightest chance of getting ANY balanced account about the German’s 1933 – 1945 era – from them or anyone remotely associated with them. After all, their entire existence is dependent on the Hollowhoax narration and the image of the diabolical, demonic Nadzee. Yet, even their most prolific lies are losing strength against the truth. Here is a six hour series on Hitler.

No doubt the creators of this series are strongly in the camp of the pious “Innocent Hitler” believers, but watch it anyways and then discount the information presented. While the Jews continually whine and kevtch about their mythical six million victims, there is one glaring fact that cannot be denied, to wit, Hitler never murdered HIS OWN PEOPLE and he certainly never employed hideous methods like starvation for cold-blooded mass murder.

Despite all the Jewish horror tales of Nadzee torture, nothing the Germans did in that regard ever came close to the mind-bending atrocities committed by the soviets. Spend a few hours reviewing the unbelievably sadistic torture methods used by the Soviet NKVD. The rat torture, so hideous Eric Blair used it in his book “1984” for shock value. Burying people alive and then digging them up – repeatedly, much like Jews did to their own people in Biblical times. Pulling out the end of a victim’s intestines and nailing it to a tree, before chasing the victim around the tree to unravel their intestines. And yet they have the chutzpa to claim Hitler and the Nadzees were evil and demonic?

As I have written time and again, watch the Jew’s horror movies for a glimpse into the deepest, darkest, recesses of their mind. The only thing that exceeds their fantasy horror is their factual horror. After all who else would torture a toddler by slowly bleeding him to death before drinking his blood?

Submitted on 2015/07/30 at 6:02 pm


I stopped reading your silly reply at “But have you ever heard about the German idea of Lebensraum?”

Franklin, you simply DO NOT KNOW what you are talking about. Your premisses are false and obviously so are your conclusions. Thanks for all the wiki links though… not. You see, if you had provided a wiki link in regards to, say, the newest Ferrari model, that would have been fine.
But politically charged historical events, even more so, NS Germany??
Useless Frank… Better luck next time but for now, no cookies…

Do I think Hitler was a winged angel? NO. Was he the monster he is painted to be? NO.

Did the nazis never do wrong? They did. But so did everyone else. The war had many fathers but the key ones were ZUSA, USSR, ZUK(through its war party).

Was the war against the USSR a ‘preventive’ war? The term does not really matter, preemptive, first strike, whatever. Germany attacked bc German intel picked up the huge military build up on its borders which could only mean one thing; a coming mega Soviet offensive.

There are NO serious arguments against the wealth of facts and documentation that have been put forth by many historians, perhaps most of them, Russians. Germany had no choice.

The German strike had NOTHING to do with any silly notion of ‘Lebensraum’. Did the Germans commit crimes on the Eastern Front? Certainly. But no more than the Soviets and very likely less.

BTW Franklin, I was reading your comments re Nasrallah speech days ago and I was appalled. Your Knowledge of the situation in the ME is terrible and your logic absurd. Again, work from BS sources and you’ll reach wrong conclusions.
Your list of to-do things re Palestine could easily have been written by a zionist.

I will try to find time to dissect some of the NONSENSE you wrote in your posts re Nasrallahs speech.

Submitted on 2015/07/30 at 7:11 pm | In reply to Luca K.

The Germans lost because they didn’t kill enough people.

Submitted on 2015/07/30 at 7:52 pm | In reply to SPQR.

The Russians won because they killed enough Germans.

Submitted on 2015/07/30 at 9:03 pm

Hello ESP

I just catch up with the cordial exchange between Alexander and Lasha and with the very interesting commenting section. And the good comment by LucaK.

Oncle Joe, a fascinating character, just like Bonaparte. From street thug to Tsar.

Well, he was a bloody paranoid mass murdering tyrant, I won’t deny that, just like Ivan the Terrible he liked so much, with a dead count only exceeded by Mao le petit père des peuples.

Except he was a special kind of “communist”, a national one, unlike Lenine and Trostky who were supposed to export the global communist revolution in Occidental Europe, with its leader in NY and London’s skyscrapers. The WWI and the absurd treaty of Versailles created all the economic preconditions for the revolution to happen in Germany with inflation, unemployment and mass poverty.

« The fate of global revolution is played out in the West. Through the dead body of white Poland, the road leads to the embers of global blaze. On our bayonets we will bring happiness and peace to the workers of the world. To the west! »
Order number 1423, July 1920, for the western troops signed by Toukhatchevski, Smilga, Unschlicht and Schwartz.
Except Pilsudsky brilliantly defeated the Red Army in Varsaw, with the help of Stalin who disobeyed the order of Toukhatchevski. Maybe Poland saved Europe and Germany from the invasion of the Bolchies.

After the suspicious death of Lenin, Trotsky, the real leader of the Revolution since day one and Kerensky, was supposed to succeed Lenin since he held all the threads of power. But he became ill at the decisive moment and Stalin, who would have been eliminated otherwise, hijacked the revolution with his Russian nationalism or pan-Russianism, starting the rise of the National-Communists in the Central Commitee, as opposed to the Internationalist-Communists of Trotsky, mostly Jews. After that, he consolidated his totalitarian power with the police bureaucratic omnipotent state he created with his feverish activity, and began to purge the Party of the Trotskyists with the help of the new aristocracy that emerged from the rest of nationalism that remained. Stalin killed the Revolution, using it for its services by representing the Russian imperialism, just like Bonaparte. Stalin was not really a communist, just an opportunist, who benefited from the events to take the power for himself.

Therefore, he ruined the plan of world communist revolution, since he was reluctant to attack Poland and Weimar republic Germany, which had been created for an invasion. Consequently, the international bankers, seeing that they couldn’t overthrow Stalin, decided to finance Germany as the future aggressor state of URSS, for geographical and demographic reasons, just like they did to overthrow the Tsar and the Austrian empire with a war, the most effective way to achieve the Revolution according to the Leninist dogma. In this context, Hitler emerged and rallied the unemployed starving proletariat under the anti-communist program of the National Socialist revolution, while, according to the conditions created by the Versailles treaty, German workers should have made the triumph of the Communist revolution by rallying the International, the armed force of the International Bankers. That’s why they supported Germany first, Dawes and Young Plans imagined by Montagu Norman with the help of german financiers like Schacht to create the industrial cartels, IG Farben owned by Warburg, AEG the german twin of GE and Vereinigte Stahlwerke. And Hitler NSPD after 1929, who received vast amount of money from the Pilgrim society.

But Hitler betrayed the Bankers by restoring an economic system where he took over for himself the privilege of manufacturing money and used it for the benefit of the State, eliminating unemployment. The bankers also realized that nationalism, an obstacle to world revolution, was still very present in Europe, like the cases of URSS and Germany had demonstrated. That’s why war in Europe was inevitable at this point. Potocky, the Polish ambassador in Washington, reported William Bullit words in November 1939 “ The war will last six years and will end by a complete disaster in Europe and with the triumph of communism”.

The war started by the invasion of Poland by the socialisms, the last Christian bastion of the old order, after the German-Soviet Pact and its secret protocol, where Stalin and Molotov manipulated Hitler and Ribbentrop into invading Poland, as they knew that the Occidental democracies would never declare war to both Germany and URSS, the anglo-american elites reproducing the same maneuver than in 1914. The rest is the biggest butchery in the history of man, but the goals were accomplished, with the protection of the private money supply, the end/disgrace of nationalism, the complete destruction of Christianity in the political structures, the expansion of communism and the creation of the UN after the failure of the Société des Nations. WWII was just one step backward, two steps forward, the Fabian way.

Stalin in all that did all he could to preserve his power by playing the occidental imperialisms against each others. He is the greatest realpolitical mind of the century, like it or not , understanding and anticipating the events. He turned URSS into the second dominant world power with the sacrifice of Russian population and the help of the USA, the best enemy money can buy, you are absolutely right Pat.

He looks so satisfied of himself on the Yalta picture. And now he is absolutely diabolized in continental Europe by the ex-Trotskyists.

I understand why the Russians nationalist like Alexander and Putin don’t want to smear his name since he extracted Russia from the messianic Talmudic world revolution to a national vision, with one-country socialism. He was a counter revolutionary. Like Putin who prevented the neo liberal looting revolution after Elstine, and who knows that the same Trotskyists responsible for the revolution in the name of Bolshevism are in control of the US congress with bribery and intimidation. I don’t blame him for not exposing Stalin for what he was and what he did, as we have the same phenomenon with Napoleon. How could he when you consider the sacrifices of the Russian population?

“God threw the Hebrews out of Egypt, and Stalin threw them out of Komintern.”

That’s a URSS joke, maybe that’s why i keep hearing “Stalin the anti-Semite…….”

By the way, about “Poland the useful idiot”, I find it particularly misplaced, as Poland had this tendency to be the place where the interests of Germany and Russia seemed to magically converged, since the time of Catherine II and Frederic. Sorry, but atm, the useful idiot of world revolution in Europe is Germany, since the time of Weishaupt and still is through the European union, employing the cheap eastern labor force to bankrupt every European industries.
And Hitler was the useful idiot of Stalin of course, but since he made him possible in the first place.

Submitted on 2015/07/30 at 9:11 pm | In reply to Luca K.

If you would have mustered the necessary courage to read the wikipedia articles you could have read quotes from Hitler’s Mein Kampf where he himself talks about Lebensraum for the German people in Europe.

Even if Stalin had not planned an invasion of Germany, Hitler would still have invaded Russia for the realization of his Lebensraum Project. You don’t need to march all the way to Leningrad, Moscow or Stalingrad (let alone to destroy those cities) to defeat an army near Germany’s border. You can find quotes from Hitler’s Table Talk about his plans to destroy those cities in my comments on this article :

As for my advice to the Palestinians to accept a two state solution, that is only based on realism and has nothing to do with sympathies or even historical justice. The Jews have settled in Palestine and the Palestinians have lost the battle against them. Acts of terrorism or firing rockets from Gaza will not change that. They can only choose between an unpleasant reality or a dream that will never come true but only will make their reality worse. But I am afraid fanatical emotional people are bad realists.

Submitted on 2015/07/31 at 10:33 am

For the pious members of the “Noble Hitler & Noble Nazis” Church, here is some disturbing information which will hopefully cause some cognitive dissonance in their prejudiced minds :

Mass rapes [edit]

Rapes were allowed in practice by the German military in eastern and southeastern Europe, while northern and western countries were relatively spared.[67][68] In Occupied Denmark, which initially agreed to collaborate with Nazi Germany, rapes were not widespread, and German officials promised to punish them.[67] By contrast thousands of Soviet female nurses, doctors and field medics fell victim to rape when captured, and were often murdered afterwards.[33] German soldiers used to brand the bodies of captured partisan women – and other women as well – with the words “Whore for Hitler’s troops” and rape them.[69] Following their capture some German soldiers vividly bragged about committing rape and rape-homicide.[70] In the Soviet Union alone an estimates regarding the rape of Soviet women by the Wehrmacht range up to 10,000,000 incidents, with between 750,000 and 1,000,000 children being born as a result.[71][72][73][74]

Birgit Beck in her work Rape: The Military Trials of Sexual Crimes Committed by Soldiers in the Wehrmacht, 1939–1944 describes the leniency in punishing sex crimes by German authorities in the East, at the same time pointing out heavy punishments applied in the West.[75] If a soldier who committed a rape was subsequently convicted by a court-martial, he would usually be sentenced to four years in prison[76] The German penal code was also valid for soldiers in war.[77] but rapes were rarely prosecuted in practice and rapes by Germans of non-German women were not taken seriously, nor was it punishable by death, especially in the eastern European territories.[71]

In Soviet Russia rapes were only a concern if they undermined military discipline.[75] The German military command viewed them as another method of crushing Soviet resistance.[71] Since 1941, rape was theoretically punishable with the death sentence; however, this only concerned the rape of German women and was intended to protect German communities.[71]

In October 1940 the laws on rape were changed, making it a “petitioned crime” – that is a crime for which punishment had to be requested. Historian Christa Paul writes that this resulted in “a nearly complete absence of prosecution and punishment for rape”.[71] There were rape cases in the east where the perpetrators were sentenced if the rape was highly visible, damaging to the image of the German Army and the courts were willing to pass a condemning verdict against the accused.[71]

According to the historian Regina Mühlhäuser the Wehrmacht also used sexual torture and undressing in numerous cases of interrogations.[78]

Wehrmacht brothel system[edit]
Main article: German military brothels in World War II

Under the German occupation, a widespread system of sexual slavery (forced prostitution) was instituted.[71] The Wehrmacht also ran brothels where women were forced to work.[69][79] The reason for establishing these brothels was the German officials’ fear of venereal disease and onanism (masturbation). The Oberfeldarzt der Wehrmacht (Chief Field Doctor of the Wehrmacht) drew attention to “the danger of [the] spread of homosexualism”.[20][80]

On May 3, 1941 the Foreign Ministry of the Polish Government in Exile issued a document describing the mass raids carried out in Polish cities with the aim of capturing young women, who were later forced to work in brothels attended by German officers and soldiers.[20]

In the Soviet Union women were kidnapped by German forces for prostitution; one report by the International Military Tribunal stated that “in the city of Smolensk the German Command opened a brothel for officers in one of the hotels into which hundreds of women and girls were driven; they were mercilessly dragged down the street by their arms and hair.”[81]

The Nuremberg trials did not prosecute anyone for rape or other sexual violence; rape was defined as a crime against humanity, but prosecution was not included because such crimes had “no nexus to war”.[71]

Source :

But there is an easy cop-out : Just say :”Oh but that is from Wikipedia. Wikipedia is controlled by Jews, therefore it is all a lie!”

Right, continue singing hymns in your “Noble Hitler & Noble Nazis” Church!

Submitted on 2015/07/31 at 4:25 pm

When I was in Russia I experienced Russian pride in their contribution to the “Great War.” Russians kept the German army from entering Moscow, preventing Hitler from taking the city. Russians starved and died by the millions during the siege of Leningrad. It does seem that Russians have this self-image as a people who cannot be conquered because they can endure so much. Stalin is still admired because he cared about Russian imperialism–greater Russia. But in fact Stalin was a coward. Stalin knew the German army was going to surround Leningrad (St. Petersburg) and was paralyzed by fear into doing nothing for days, resulting in the Siege.

Visiting Russia gave me my first glimpse of World War II. For example, I didn’t know that Germany was nearly out of oil at the beginning of the War and part of the German strategy was to get to the Caspian Sea oil fields, which Russia prevented.

I guess Americans aren’t suppose to know this because then they might ask the obvious question of how this fits in with the Holocaust story. Would a leader who was chronically short of fuel make it a priority to kill Jews, using precious fuel in crematoriums to dispose of the bodies?

Basically the history of WWII is in shambles to the point where even formulating a question is difficult.

If we had known about our atrocities against the Germans, might we have as a people been able to prevent atrocities of the Cold War, or the wars fought to “remake the Middle East?” I still know very little about WWII, but I know enough now to at least say that we weren’t the “good guys.”

Submitted on 2015/07/31 at 5:23 pm | In reply to kapoore.

Kapoore – Join the rest of us….

No one knows for sure other than the Pharisee banker designers.

One thing can be stated with great certainty… there are NO “good guys” in Pharisee bankers’ wars. Their intent is bad on all sides.

Submitted on 2015/07/31 at 8:03 pm

Regarding the mass rapes of Germany women and the article “who raped 2 million german”.

Well, soldiers, because soldiers are rapists, the “winners” at least. The question should have been “Who haven’t raped German women?” German women were raped by members of the Russian, Polish, French and American forces during and at the end of World War II. During their flight to the West and the period of expulsions, German girls and women were also raped by Czechs, Serbians and Slovenians.

Now if you consider the context of the Red Army composed of a mixture of different characters and ethnic traditions, the violence of the fight on the eastern front, and the fact that they had previously raped Russian and Polish girls on the way, it was pretty clear what would happen in defeated Germany with the women of “the master race”, propaganda or not.

Who raped the Italian women? The French troop of Marechal Juin, even if it was mostly North African troops. They even raped children, men, priests and animals. There is a movie about this with Sofia Loren. (The most beautiful women in the world are from Southern Italia, it’s almost embarrassing for the others.)

Who raped the French women? The GIs, who raped indiscriminately their “allies” and their “enemies”; but they won the war.

You ask for balance and you are right, but this article only fosters unnecessary hatred between Germans and Russians. Franklyn is right in his reply about seeing everything in black and white, but I read him struggling on the Occidental Observer. I don’t even care if German soldiers raped women in USSR, I know they didn’t in France. Maybe they were too busy fighting elsewhere.

I like this website because the balance is “in favor” of Germany while on my usual Italian, Spanish and French websites, it’s quite the opposite, but the consensus is reachable. But hey I am not giving any editorial advice, as the interaction that emerged was very instructive, especially between Alexander and Lasha.

We all see WII from different perspectives . . .

Submitted on 2015/07/31 at 10:53 pm | In reply to lobro.

i will wind down my participation in this, with the following couple of remarks, after that – done.

i was in romania couple of years ago and spoke to locals who to a man told me that germans were real gentlemen, always paid for requisitioned material and left a wonderful impression, whereas they had to hide womenfolk under bales of hay and such when the red army advanced into the region.

i can tell you that they had no love lost for russians at the time, yet were willing to listen to my arguments about how putin’s government and the politburo system of his offers a possible salvation from the chifoot (turkish slang for jew).

did wehrmacht commit crimes and atrocities? of course, but on a limited, individual scale. show me the slightest documentary evidence of german high command instructing the troops that the rape clause has been relaxed on any of the multiple fronts.

go to tanzania and ask the people what they think of the past german rule of their wonderfully skilled askari bush warriors and guerrilla fighters led by german officers who slept, ate and fought alongside their men like savannah born.

fair is fair but it seems that most people are simply incapable of weighing evidence in a rational way, no wonder there are so precious few good judges on earth.

Submitted on 2015/08/01 at 12:45 am | In reply to lobro.

lobro make case to convince
with words no meaning to mince
its logic astute brilliance
of narrative’s swayed dissonance.  🙂

Submitted on 2015/08/01 at 8:46 am

lobro offer chief brownhawk heap many thanks, long may friendship run.

it is clear that jews, yes even jews, considered german authorities to be honorable and proud upholders of german law and reputation. And that they, the germans, would go to any length to protect and maintain their reputation for integrity.

red injun sees this clearly but white man, after a long fall from grace and drunk on judas kool aid, does not.

FRANKLIN RYCKAERT (summing up for all):
Submitted on 2015/08/03 at 1:55 pm | In reply to lobro.

The great crimes of human history have indeed been instigated by a small psychopathic minority, but that minority could never successfully operate without the assistance of many other so-called “ordinary” people. Ultimately humanity gets the leadership it deserves.


Many thanks to all for a most stimulating debate. The degree of intelligence shown by the commentariat is truly stunning. Sincere apologies to all those who posted good comments which could not be included here owing to lack of space. Many of the comments we did not post were just as good as the comments we did post.

54 thoughts to “Selected Comments on Stalin, Hitler, WWII, and the Mass Rape of German Women — by Darkmoon posters”

  1. If Franklin would spend more time researching in greater depth instead of reading
    idiotic wiki articles, he would know better than to quote a stupid propaganda piece
    claiming 10 million Soviet women were raped by German forces.

    He would understand that most such ridiculous claims track to the infamous soviet
    “Extraordinary State Commissions for Ascertaining and Investigating Crimes Perpetrated by the German-Fascist Invaders and their Accomplices”.
    Such Soviet “investigations” produced “evidence” that the Germans had killed the poles at Katyn! These comissions also “investigated” the alleged ‘death’ camps in Poland.
    Reading some of their reports is more than enough to understand the type of crude
    atrocity propaganda they were. Some are quite laughable.
    Historian Marina Sorokina wrote this, re the Soviet comissions ‘investigative’ reports for nazi crimes:

    “The fact that the Stalinist “Extraordinary State Commission” could be viewed in the West as academic is quite telling, and demonstrates just how effective, propaganda-wise, the Soviet leadership was in its choice of who would play the role of “public prosecutor” of fascism.”

    Franklin’s wiki sources are the typical “garbage in, garbage out” case.
    The man appears(or pretends not to) not to understand how atrocity propaganda works.
    And BTW, I’m not just referring to WWII but every war.
    Think about the propaganda re Srebrenica and the 8,000 men and boys or the BS about
    president Assad ‘gassing his own people’, etc.

    The WWII German military is one of the most slandered ever.
    In fact, in 1999, German historian W.Post wrote and excellent book on this:
    “Die verleumdete Armee(The slandered Army): Wehrmacht und Anti-Wehrmacht-Propaganda”

    Historian Joachim Hoffmann’s ‘Stalins Vernichtungskrieg 1941-1945’ also covers and
    debunks a lot of soviet atrocity propaganda.

    1. all true luca, except the inclusion of srebrenica in the fake massacres list.

      the ones responsible for srebrenica are the same ones as in this photo.

      i visited the killing and burial site in potocari and studied at some length the forensic methods used in identifying the dug up remains that were returned to families for re-interment, the name of each victim, his family and the place of origin recorded.
      it is an easy job to find living “victims” if they were fake, everyone is free to take a crack at it it.
      there are numerous ground penetrating radar images of the original burial pit, the new one, all the dna samples have been preserved and can be re-analyzed when in doubt, let anyone check for inconsistencies in the narrative, interview the families, etc.

      how does that compare with the “6-million-dead-jews” hallucination, where absolutely nothing checks out, not a single mass grave ever dug up and verified, no to mention so many other glaringly obvious lies?

      to dig a bit deeper into this mess, pursue the operation of the shadowy Kissinger Associates, who used Milosevic to start the conflagration that brought them all that roasted meat to their ghoulish dining table and then once the useful idiot had done his job, conveniently assassinated him in his cell in The Hague.
      see this example

      Lighting the Balkan Fuse

      In early 1990, in what was then still Yugoslavia, Soros’s intervention with shock therapy, in cooperation with the IMF, helped light the economic fuse that led to the outbreak of war in June 1991. Soros boasted at that time, “Yugoslavia is a particularly interesting case. Even as national rivalries have brought the country to the verge of a breakup, a radical monetary stabilization program, which was introduced on the same date as in Poland—January 1, 1990—–has begun to change the political landscape. The program is very much along the Polish lines, and it had greater initial success. By the middle of the year, people were beginning to think Yugoslav again.”

      Soros is friends with former Deputy Secretary of State LAWRENCE EAGLEBURGER, THE FORMER U.S. AMBASSADOR TO BELGRADE AND THE PATRON OF SERBIAN COMMUNIST LEADER SLOBODAN MILOSEVIC. Eagleburger is a past president of Kissinger Associates, on whose board sits Lord Carrington, whose Balkan mediations supported Serbian aggression into Croatia and Bosnia.

      Today, Soros has established his Foundation centers in Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, and a Soros Yugoslavia Foundation in Belgrade, Serbia. In Croatia, he has tried to use his foundation monies to woo influential journalists or to slander opponents of his shock therapy, by labeling them variously “anti-Semitic” or “neo-Nazi.” The head of Soros’s Open Society Fund—Croatia, Prof. Zarko Puhovski [JEW], is a man who has reportedly made a recent dramatic conversion from orthodox Marxism to Soros’s radical free market. Only seven years ago, according to one of his former students, as professor of philosophy at the University of Zagreb, Puhovski attacked students trying to articulate a critique of communism, by insisting, “It is unprincipled to criticize Marxism from a liberal standpoint.” His work for the Soros Foundation in Zagreb has promoted an anti-nationalist “global culture,” hiring a network of anti-Croatian journalists to propagandize, in effect, for the Serbian cause.

      These examples can be elaborated for each of the other 19 locations across eastern Europe where George Soros operates. The political agenda of Soros and this group of financial “globalists” will create the conditions for a new outbreak of war, even world war, if it continues to be tolerated.

      Eagleberger was president of “International Commission on Holocaust-Era Insurance Claims”.
      Even the goddamn wiki acknowledges that
      His period as advisor for Yugoslavian affairs from 1989 to 1992 was highly controversial. He gained a reputation for being a strong Serbian partisan, most controversially denying that Serbian paramilitaries and the Yugoslav National Army had committed atrocities in the breakaway republic of Croatia. This perceived partisanship led the European press to dub him Lawrence of Serbia

      here is what an INR analyst, who is actually sympathetic to him and likes him on a personal level have to say

      During one briefing, he chided me for the constant flow of INR reports on the Serb ethnic cleansing campaign in northern Bosnia — he stated something to the effect that everyone knows these people hate each other and are killing each other. For him, once the war began, all parties were equally complicit in the violence. We were often pressed to provide more “balanced” assessments of the war crimes and atrocities — even though 80 – 90% of the intelligence reports from the field reflected the disproportionate level of violence by Serbs.

      or does anyone recall that Ariel Sharon greatly admired Milosevic … ran out of link space but easy to check on your own.

      so don’t be in a hurry to jump into bed with the elders of the protocols, that alone should give you pause if digging up facts is too onerous.

      1. I notice in the alternative media there’re quite a few websites that count the number of words in the articles they feature for the readers. “Today I’m presenting an article about “Blah Blah Blah Blah” ” [ 725 words]”. Here I present an article about “Ga Ga Ga Ga” “[ 965 words]”. Who exactly gives a sh*t how many words an article contains?

        Of course, DM takes this word counting to ridiculous heights as Uncle counts the number of words not only in every DM feature article but also in each and every post each and every reader of DM sends in to DM. No wonder he’s so bored with his job and wants out.

      2. @ lobro

        Yes, lobro, just like you, I greatly enjoy being an armchair historian. And yes of course, lobro, I’m much better at it than you and your lobroyim fuck-buddies are at it, thank you very much, TROJ. Be thankful you got your Uncle between you and me. To save your bacon from The Fire. How smug it must be. I know it’s smug because nothing but haughty smugness emanates from your posts/comments. How fey you are lobro. How do you say “fey’ in Yiddish? In Hebrew? How tenuous is your haughty smugness.

    1. Rehmat :

      If jews are perfidious, which they are, and the jews always found more freedom to maneuver around as they perfidiously scheme as jews always do, when they were surrounded by Muslims, then wouldn’t that mean that the jews today who want to flood White Europe and the USA and the whole Occident want as many Muslims in the West as possible so the jews will have even more room to maneuver, even more leeway to pursue their perfidious jew schemes? As the Muslims are tolerant of the perfidious jews.

      A : jews are very perfidious

      B: We must control the jews, we must curtail the freedom the jew’s have in the West

      C : The jews always found Muslim societies/countries more tolerant of jews than Western Christian countries. The Muslims give the perfidious jews more freedoms than the jews have in the White Christian West.

      D : WE must fully support flooding the West, including the USA, with millions and millions and millions of Muslims because the perfidious jews have more freedom when surrounded by the Muslims because the Muslims are more tolerant with the perfidious jews, and the Muslims give the perfidious jews more freedom to maneuver.


      E2 : Fully support and heartily celebrate the flooding of the West with Muslims –> The Muslims give the perfidious jews we must must curtail with more freedom to maneuver and scheme than Western White Christians!!!

      It’s not good to swallow your toothpaste, Rehmat, especially Fluoridated toothpaste. Switch to Tom’s NON-Fluoridated toothpaste. Less chance of sounding like a real dissimulating two-face if you inadvertently swallow some NON Fluoridated toothpaste.

      Also Rehmat, what do you think of the fact Mohammed himself was a jew, an arab jew. What’s your viewpoint about the arab jew founder of Mohammedanism, the arab jew Mohammed? Thank you, TROJ.

  2. @ Lobro
    @ Luca K

    Excellent comments by both Lobro and Luca. However, I would caution Luca about trying to rubbish everything said by Franklin Ryckaert. Franklin is an extremely gifted and erudite poster whose anti-Zionism cannot be doubted. His suggestion that the Palestinians should accept the little land that has been offered them is no proof that Franklin secretly favors the Jews. He doesn’t. If you doubt that, read his article on this website: “Why I am an Anti-Semite.”

    Franklin’s suggestion was just a pragmatic solution to the Arab-Israeli problem based on realpolitik and common sense. He is simply saying: “Better a dry crust of bread than no bread at all.”

    1. Franklin is wrong of course. Because the Jews never had the slightest intention of giving up even one square inch of land. The Palestinians already know this: that the Israelis have always been “negotiating” in bad faith. They have no wish whatever to make peace. They will always find an excuse to reject any offer of peace by the Palestinian side.

      1. Don’t think the Jews can rest easy in their beds in Tel Aviv.

        One day the Big Bang will come and Tel Aviv will lie in ruins…worse than Dresden or Hiroshima or Nagasaki. The Jews had better get ready to collect their karma.

        And after Tel Aviv, New York.

      2. “The Jews” as an unchangeable monolithic block does not exist in Israeli politics. Like in every other country there are different personalities and factions in Israeli politics and they can change in time. Extreme right wing politician and former terrorist Menachem Begin was prepared to give up the Sinai peninsula to make peace with Egypt. In 1971 Anwar Saddat proposed peace with Israel in change for the return of the Sinai to Golda Meir but she turned that arrogantly down. In 1979 when Saddat visited Jerusalem he was heartily welcomed by that same Golda Meir. In 2005 right wing extremist-cum-terrorist Ariel Sharon was prepared to withdraw 7000 Israeli settlers from Gaza, which was seen as “treason” by many right wing politicians in Israel. In the 1999-2000 negotiations with Syria Ehud Barak was prepared to return the Golan Heights in exchange for peace, but his government fell before the negotiations were completed. The Camp David proposal of Ehud Barak of 2000 was sincere but felt not acceptable by Arrafat. The present Israeli government is not very willing to give up the West Bank and many factions in Israeli politics now openly clamour for annexation, but this too may change in time. I’m sorry to say, but there is no “eternal Jew” in Israeli politics.

  3. “One thing is for sure, Germany was peaceful and prospering and people were enjoying themselves soon after”

    Do not paint Germany as a Saint. WWI and WWII was between evil and evil. It just in both cases the bigger evil seems to have won (maybe). The worst of the lot was Britain and then France, though now it is without a doubt the USA. It is the “West” that created the Bolsheviks. Sad thing is that the British were allies to Russia. With allies like these, who needs enemies.

    Germany was raping Africa like the rest of Old Europe, while the USA was raping the Americas. Nothing has changed since then, except the propaganda has become more sophisticated. We are still raping, pillaging, starting wars on false pretext and dividing and conquering as ever. Only difference now, is this time around, the lie(s) seems to be bursting at the seams, and everything is about to crash.

  4. There seems to be a consensus here that Stalin planned a surprise attack on Germany and the rest of Western Europe to establish communism there and that Hitler’s attack on the Soviet Union was merely a preventive war. But how can you square that with Stalin’s preference for “communism in one country (Russia)” as opposed to international communism of Trotsky whom he had murdered? See these quotes from Phil :

    Stalin, who would have been eliminated otherwise, hijacked the revolution with his Russian nationalism or pan-Russianism, starting the rise of the National-Communists in the Central Commitee, as opposed to the Internationalist-Communists of Trotsky, mostly Jews.

    Therefore, he ruined the plan of world communist revolution, since he was reluctant to attack Poland and Weimar republic Germany, which had been created for an invasion.

    Is there no contradiction here?

    As for those who blame me for using Wikipedia as a reliable source. I plead guilty. Wikipedia is not only the first useful source that appears in a google search, it is often the only one. Unless you have plenty of time to study numerous books, articles and original documents and critically assess them, you will have to do with some sort of encyclopedia. It is a pity the Jews have hijacked this need but at present there is no alternative. Thus one always runs the risk of trusting Jewish lies. I appreciate corrective criticism, but I reject the idea that everything the Jews (or Wikipedia) say is always a lie or that the enemies of the Jews must always be right.

    1. Franklin,

      I said Weimar republic Germany which was created to suffer a “proletarian revolution”. But Staline was to busy consolidating his power and trying to catch up with other industrial nations.
      I see nothing illogical in Staline preparing his troop to invade Germany in 1939 1940. He knew that was required of him and that he would have the support of the US at some point, maybe this William Bullit had something to do with it. He was really surprised by Barbarossa, a very bold move, you can see that in his biography.

      Summary of WWII
      British diplomacy, and US, did all they could to provoke war in Poland, even Chamberlain who wrecked the peace process intended by Mussolini, there is the Ghandi letter to Hitler in 1939, if you read between the lines. But i am not saying Hitler was a saint and that he had not a “project” for Europe, a project recuperated by EU, in some extent, with sovietic political institutions. Thesis antithesis synthesis.
      We have two ideologies, both self constructed with Fuhrerprinzip, funded from the same exterior hand, based on the same socialism source, which were created for self destruction, after they made a pact thinking they had fooled their benefector. Except Hitler had commited the most counter revolutionary act of the century, removing the money supply from private bank.
      Socialism, in the Fabian Golden Dawn technocratic version that emerged after WWI, is omnipotence of the state and primacy of the economy, in order to create a new man. The old jacobine idea of an all mighty state reversing the old natural order claiming that every authority comes from God. Now all authorities come from the Troika as we see in Greece (You should listen to Golden Dawn deputies in the Greek parliament)

      “Our battle against bolchevism is not a battle against, but for socialism”. Goebbels 1936.
      All fascisms were in reality all national socialisms which pretended to be opposed to communism, international socialism, although stalin was not really, the war allowing the fusion into technocratic Fabian socialism (in occident first) which is only reserved to democrats.
      “We must promote a planned and socialist economy and then integrate it in a socialist system of global scale.” Warburg Paul 1932.
      The controlled fall of “communism” in Russia support this thesis, if it wasn’t for Putin the party killer, the sand in the gears of the AngloAmerican socialist masterplan. And the fact that Stalin is place in the same bag than Hitler.
      But that’s basic four hundred years old English foreign policy always readaptated, since they invented bonds and modern private central banking, like Churchill said in its mémoires. That’s also explain the behaviour of the English generals refusing Weygand counterattack and Dunkirk. ils ont filé à l’anglaise, les couards. A liitle video support.

      After that, British papers declared that the fiasco was because of France and 1 month later the BNavy sunk the French fleet in Mers el Kebir, killing 1000 marins the bloody bastard, despite the fact that Darlan had already given the order to sink the ships if Germany didn’t respect the armistice. Big mistake for Germany the French Armistice, for oil supply especially, Hitler should have crushed us with direct administration like Poland, iam glad he didn’t, but i disgress.

      This policy has been recuperated by the ZUSA , like Luka says, on global scale.
      “U.S. grand strategy has historically operated by splitting enemy coalitions and partnering with the weaker partner” Friedman STRATFOR. They do this everywhere, especially in the Mitteleuropa, but when you consider the level of sadism and violence between neighbors displayed since the destruction of the Hasbourg empire, that is not surprising, Srebrenica being a perfect example, with the incredible mediatic propaganda that followed, with BHL and all the ex trostkyist french troops, reconverted in neocons, making friends with Tudjman and Izetbegovic, nevermind the fake ideologies, they know the big picture, the destruction of nations.

      Turkey might be a good place for the next deflagration, but i am just guessing.


      1. Phil –

        Times have changed. Countries want stock markets these days.

        Turkey’s Pharisee controlled players will always sell out when the price is right….. like ‘Visa-free travel’ in Europe for Turks.

        Turkey is the immigration “Gate-Keeper” for the EU. They keep the ‘riff-raff’ out.

        Visa-Free Travel for Turks
        (December 10, 2013)

        To achieve this, Brussels is offering to fulfill one of Turkey’s oldest wishes: visa-free entry into Europe for Turkish citizens. In return, Turkey is agreeing to readmit rejected asylum applicants who reached the EU after being smuggled through Turkey. The agreement, which the EU intends to sign next week, will enable Turkey to become an outpost of sorts for the Dublin system, despite not being a member of the EU itself. It may be a good deal for Turkey, but the agreement is bad news for refugees.

        “The readmission agreement is a disaster,” says Piril Erçoban of the Turkish refugee organization Mülteci-Der. “No one here knows where to put the refugees,” he says, because Turkey is already overwhelmed. One reason is that the country, unlike Germany, has no real asylum system to speak of. The government did sign the Geneva Convention relating to the Status of Refugees, which obliges it to offer asylum to those who qualify as refugees. But in practice, Turkey honors its commitment only for refugees coming from Europe. A new law designed to provide a small amount of improvement for refugees will not affect this policy.

        The country makes an exception to its strict approach for the roughly 600,000 Syrians who have fled across the border since civil war erupted in their country. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has ordered that they be provided with minimal support. Refugees from Asian or African nations, such as Iran, Afghanistan or Somalia, can’t expect much from the Turkish government.


        Turk Pharisee bankers play with the US Government already. US has a huge base at Adana, Incirlic, close to Syria. It is being used to help create a ‘Safe Zone’ buffer area in Syria.

      2. @Phil

        Good post. My only quibble is when you say “Stalin was surprised by Barbarossa.” I’d say his surprise was over the MIGHT of it, not the attack itself. But that aside (for now), I’ll accede to your level of scholarship in researching certain activities like those of the Golden Dawn, and direct my post to Franklin and others. Like many, they fall into the trap of seeing things in black and white without seeing intricacies in the gray (BEN Franklin’s observation notwithstanding)

        It is per protocolian design to play various factions off each other in maintaining a general environment of cognitive dissonance. The narrative is conflicted when it is made to APPEAR that certain personages have the defining word regarding decisions of political power, when in fact they are being steered by the real power behind them.

        Stalin didn’t “ruin a plan of world communist control” by having the jewish international “opposition” leader Trotsky murdered. The plan of the uber-controllers has ALWAYS been for world communism. Stalin’s role as he perceived it was as a proponent of the so-called “national brand” of communism, which essentially served as a cog in the wheel moving towards a one-world state, keeping in mind the “on a need to know only”-based chain of command structure. It’s like a concert pianist. The left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing, and vice versa. The BRAIN is the body part directing the performance. Stalin was “one hand”, a mason playing his part under the auspices of a masonic/pharisee banker manipulation as set forth by the protocols. Whereas Trotsky demonstrated some form of usefulness in whatever was his capacity at the time, and when it was used up he was disposed of, as was Stalin later on.

        In a nutshell, I think a Stalin dictatorship was deemed necessary primarily for the purpose of creating a level of consolidation which would enable them militarily to withstand the initial brunt of the ‘Hitler-goading’ orchestration of Barbarossa. Later they gambled on the tide of war turning in their favor. This determination was made in anticipation of the titanic scope of the battle to come, whose early formulation probably started soon after the end of hostilities in 1918, and which I contend may have made the pharisees at least a little nervous in underestimating the power of blitzkrieg on the vast Russian frontier. Blitzkrieg over the concentrated and confined spaces in the West was one thing, but in the East they may have wrongly predicted the impact it would have there in terms of its speed in conquering territory through the summer of 1941.

        But of course the Soviet armed forces prevailed, Germany was defeated, and the inexorable drive to world totalitarianism moved farther down the road.

        The Directorate is a bunch of racketeers; a cabal(ah). With a covenant.

        Boil bubble
        toil and trouble
        A witch’s brew
        is never through

  5. Guys, before I get round to reading, check this out, have a laugh, from an article on Press TV:

    Bulgarian football fans have attacked Israeli footballers during a pre-season so-called friendly, chasing them off the pitch.

    The Israeli team’s manager, Rafi Nidam, said the match spectators had been shouting pro-Palestinian slogans, including “Palestine, Palestine,” throughout the game.

    Israeli media described Nidam as grateful and surprised that none of the hostile Israeli players had sustained “serious injuries” or suffered “death” in the incident.

  6. LOBRO wrote:
    August 3, 2015 at 8:10 pm

    all true luca, except the inclusion of srebrenica in the fake massacres list.

    the ones responsible for srebrenica are the same ones as in this photo.

    i visited the killing and burial site in potocari and studied at some length the forensic methods used in identifying the dug up remains that were returned to families for re-interment, the name of each victim, his family and the place of origin recorded.

    Greetings Lobro,

    On Srebrenica; we’ll have to agree to disagree. Just to be clear, I ain’t saying no Bosniaks were executed there; there were indeed executions. But the context of it, very important, is never provided and the figure of 8,000 is NOT at all corroborated by forensic evidence.
    I suspect you may have been deceived by the Potocari burial site. No time to go over the details now. I reproduce below the interview conducted by Voice of Russia in 2013, with prof. E.Herman re Srebrenica and which puts the executions in context and also discusses the inflated figures
    Best regards;

    Robles(Voice of Russia): My first question is about “The Srebrenica massacre” and the way that the establishment manipulated the media. Can you tell us, or give us some insights, on that?

    Herman: The Srebrenica massacre, actually I always put it in quote marks, because actually there were lots of massacres in the Srebrenica area, the one before July 1995 there were vast numbers of Serbs killed by Muslim, Bosnian Muslim(Bosniaks), forces who went out of Srebrenica.

    One estimate is that there were more than 150 Serbs villages that were totally wiped out and one study gives actually gives the names of 2,383 Serb civilians who were killed between 1992 and July, 1995. So then we’d call that “the first Srebrenica massacre”. Then in July 1995…

    Robles: Just to be very clear, these were Serbs, that were being killed.

    Herman: Yes! We’re talking about 2,383 Serb civilians killed before July 1995. And the Bosnian Serb Army took over Srebrenica in July, 1995, and there were deaths and executions after that. That’s what’s called in the West “the Srebrenica massacre”, but, in fact, that’s really mainly a political construct.

    The numbers executed there were probably in the order of between 500 and 1,000. In other words, less than half of the number of Serbs civilians killed before July, 1995.

    And the Western claim is that 8,000 men and boys were executed in the quote Srebrenica massacre, but notice these were men, always men, all men, they were all soldiers, whereas those 2,383 civilians killed included very large numbers of women and children.

    We’re talking about the execution in the second massacre of essentially army people. And of course they had never proved that there were 7,000 or 8,000, even men and boys killed. The bodies in the graves added up to something like 2,500.

    A lot of those bodies were combat deaths. One of the beauties of the Western propaganda system is that all the bodies they found after July, 1995, they count as executed, even though we know very well that a large number were killed in combat.


    Herman: Also another important fact about the Srebrenica massacre is that all those killings of Serbs took place coming out of an area that was supposed to be a “safe haven”. Srebrenica was a safe place, a safe haven. It was supposed to be demilitarized, but it never was.

    So the Bosnian Muslim soldiers would come out to Srebrenica and they would kill Serb civilians. This is all completely ignored in the Western media. It’s as if the Serbs came in July and started to kill arbitrarily.

    In fact, the U.N. military in that area, a French offical name Phillip Morillon, was asked by the Yugoslav tribunal, “Why the Serbs did it?”

    He said he’s absolutely convinced that they did it because of what the commander of Srebrenica’s Bosnian Muslims did to the Serbs before July 1995.

    This is the UN Army head, but you won’t see that in the Western press!

    In other words, the first massacre is what led to the lesser second massacre of namely military aged people.

    The whole business of the Srebrenica massacre is a gigantic political fraud. There was a massacre, but it was a responsive vengeance massacre, women and children were not killed.

    One of the features of the “quote” Srebrenica massacre, that is the second one, is that 20,000 Srebrenica women and children were bussed to safety by the Serb army. Women and children were not killed, only military aged people and a very large fraction of those that did die, died in combat.

    So my own estimate, as I said, is that maybe there were 500 to 1,000 executions. Vengeance executions.

    Robles: I’m sorry. How many?

    Herman: 500 to 1,000 I would say.

    Robles: 500 to 1,000.

    Herman: Yes. So there was a significant massacre, but put it in its context! This was a war, this was an army that had seen their own civilians massacred on a much larger scale. That is completely suppressed in the West, as if the Serbs came in to Srebrenica and started to kill because of a blood lust! It’s absolutely a fraud!

    So, I regard the Srebrenica massacre as a tremendous propaganda triumph. The West wanted to go after Serbia and they avoided peace. They needed this massacre.

    Robles: You said, about 2,380 civilians, women and children mainly…

    Herman: Serbian women and children, yes.

    Robles: … were killed initially. This was the Srebrenica…

    Herman: The first massacre between 1992 and July 1995. These were Serb civilians. There were also hundreds of Serb military killed in that period, I am just talking about civilians!

    Robles: The civilians, right! And then in retaliation approximately 2,500 Muslim… Bosnian Muslims soldiers were killed.

    That’s misleading, because the thrust of the 8,000 claim is that they were executed but those 2000-plus that were killed, a very large fraction were killed in combat.

    Robles: In combat. Okay, I see. I see.

    Herman: Yes, and the executions were, as I say probably in the order of 500 to 1,000.

    Robles: Okay. So those were Bosnian Muslims who were found to be directly responsible for killing massive numbers of Serbian civilians. Right?

    Herman: The Serbs actually had lists of Bosnian Muslim soldiers they wanted to get, but I can’t honestly say they were the only ones who were executed. But certainly, a significant number of those executed were on those lists, those vengeance lists.

    1. look, i didn’t count the bodies but both in the memorial in potocari and the srebrenica gallery in sarajevo are the plaques bearing the names of victims etched in.

      if either the 8,000 number is wrong or the names are fake, namely, either they cannot be traced to the birth+death (because once identified and made available for families pickup, they trigger a death certificate) records or some significant number, say 7,500 according to Prof Herman are either alive or never existed in the first place, then furnish evidence of such a scam.

      let the Prof contest this

      The killers’ attempt to hide evidence by scattering body parts made the usual identification process using articles of clothing, distinguishing physical features and identity documents almost impossible. In 1999, ICMP made the decision to harness a new technology, DNA, to identify the victims. Many observers were sceptical about the efficacy of what was then an untried approach – but it turned out to be astonishingly successful: the number of identifications increased exponentially. Today, almost 7,000 of the 8,000 missing from Srebrenica have been identified using DNA.

      here is a more thorough account
      partial quote

      During the July 1995 Srebrenica massacre, many women and girls were brutally raped by Serb forces. In addition, Serb forces killed around 500 Bosniak children and dumped their bodies into mass graves.

      all positively identified, does prof herman have a beef with that and if so, let’s hear it.

      why argue about such easily verifiable claims?

      as for the claims of 150 villages obliterated, can you point me to the details, ie, place names and locations?
      ditto for the 2,300 serbs killed, so i can present that argument to the locals here so they have a chance to look into it in the same manner as proposed (tally birth vs death certificates until they cancel one another).

      in the wrap-up, i would again call to your attention the involvement of the cannibal cabal of the usual warmongerers, their actions and statements on the world stage are not subject to after-the fact claims because they were made in full view of the world at the time (1990-1995).
      their sympathies and strivings are very clear and it is nettlesome to see those who consider themselves revisionists in the interest of truth to sing in concert with the cantors of kol nidre.

      they only changed their tune when the bell tolled for milosevic and serbs, when the useful idiots were brought to the sacrificial altar, just like saddam and many others before and the vultures coveted kosovo for its rich mineral resources and geographic location.
      yes, at that time, serbs were finally made victims and today they realize who their true enemy is and always was and this is why they wholeheartedly support russia and this is what causes such a confusion about those who consider themselves jew-wise.

      but let’s not argue about what should be easy facts to check.
      list them for all to see and verify at their leisure.

      new mass graves are discovered almost on a daily basis all over bosnia, abandoned mine shafts, caves, pits and so on, filled with human remains from the era – go ahead make a claim that such and such was result of bosniaks or croats wiping out serb civilians.
      because there is such a thing as dna forensics, pretty hard to argue with that.

      and in that previous link to the Life mag photos of bilina massacre, did you note the crisp uniforms of the paramilitaries, the modern weaponry, including them posing atop a tank, exactly like ISIS/DAESH today?
      think about this for a moment, where did they get tanks from, e-bay?
      to argue that they are there in purely defensive function, a bunch of village guys out to defend their families is like making the identical argument about ISIS.

  7. for a visceral video documentary of killers own narrative, see this one

    the first narrator has a strong montenegrin accent, ie, not from the area but was brought in to do the job.

    watch biljana plasic, the president of the serb republic make the confession in court.

    watch another interviewee state how they carried out the killings in a military fashion, by shooting and “not by slitting throats”, as if defending his honor and how the digging of burial pits and dragging of bodies into them was done by local serb villagers, not by the killers who considered themselves above such menial task.

    if any of us here have an aversion to hearing the full argument purporting to deliver truth, what right do we have to complain about jews addiction to lying, the worship of kol nidre?

  8. if all these writers in the alternative media are gentiles
    and gentiles run russia
    why don’t these writers live in russia

    these writers are not gentiles
    gentiles do not run russia
    these same writers turn around and sell you gentile v gentile wars

  9. They should give the Palestinians a chunk of land on the Sinai peninsula. Move the Palestinians there. Give the Palestinians a new land, with no shared border with Israel proper. Put a DMZ type zone in-between. Uncle Sam, the wealthy Arab oil producing countries, Germany, England, can finance the building of a new country for the Palestinians. [ There’s definitely the technology to build a new country in the Sinai, and a prosperous productive one too boot, there’s no lack of technology, but there is lack of will, lack of good-will, lack of imagination ] . While not a happy thing, the Palestinians [ and the Muslims in the world who happen to not like the idea if Israel existing ] need to come to reality and face the fact their own Muslim leadership supported Hitler, and it was Hitler who did so much to “manifest” the jew dream of having their own jew homeland in Palestine [ whether Hitler realized he was helping the jews realize their dream of Palestine as a jewish state or not, the fact remains Hitler did a lot to bring about the jewish State of Israel]. That so many Muslim leaders supported Hitler ipso facto means the Muslim leaders who supported Hitler were NOT opposed to Palestine turning into a jewish state. The jews have to face reality also, the jews need to face the fact their very own fellow jews played a HUGE role in putting Hitler into power in the very first place, and that Hitler the jews did so much to put into power, started the Islamic Jihadist Muslim Brotherhood. It would be nice if the jews also faced the reality that their very own MOSSAD played a giant role in starting HAMAS, and the MOSSAD is still very actively involved in HAMAS [ not to destroy HAMAS but to make it look to the world the Palestinians are terrorists, they do jew false-flags under the guise of being Palestinians. ] The jews could have totally destroyed HAMAS a long time ago if the jews really wanted to. Also, the Palestinians and other Muslims opposed to the state of jew Israel need to face reality and see clearly that so many Muslim and Palestinian leaders are also Zionists to varying degrees– many Palestinian leaders have done a lot to sell their fellow Palestinians down the river. The overwhelming majority of Muslims in the Muslim world have sold the Palestinians down the river to the jews a long time ago. Something the “god given” bonobo magilla gorilla comedienne will NEVER come clean about, nor any of the so-called Palestinian advocates are in any way honest or forth-coming about that aspect of the Palestinian issue. More crocodile tears from the land between the TWO rivers.

    If I were THE POPE I would go to the UN and call for a new country for the Palestinians in the Sinai. It’s the only way at this point in history to rectify and redeem a very convoluted and very complicated and very unfair set-up for the Palestinians, to say the very least — very unfair to the Palestinians. Most Palestinians, like most people in every part of the world, having NO say whatsoever in what goes on and what gets decided in the Halls of Power in the world — the leaders of the world planned this set-up in Palestine/Israel a long time ago. In all fairness, most of the jews in Europe during the 1920s-1930s-1940s had NO say in what went on and what was decided in the Halls of Power in the world. The jews, also, get herded around like cattle by the powers to be in this world. In some ways, the jews get herded around like cattle the most from any group. The jews need to wake up and see how much they truly get herded around, and by their very own jew leadership no less. The set-up that was decided for Palestine/Israel a long time ago is very unfair to the Palestinians. I have no problem with a jew state of Israel. I do have a problem that the state of Israel had to come about in such a way that’s so unfair to the Palestinians. That it all started off very unfair to the Palestinians doesn’t mean the situation has to be unfair to the Palestinians for the rest of eternity. The Palestinians had NO say in Nazi Germany, and had NOTHING to do with Hitler and Nazi Germany. That the Palestinians are made to bear the brunt of what happened in Nazi Germany is the very epitome of UNFAIR. Especially when so many jews, so many VIP big-shots in the West, were involved in putting Hitler into power. The Palestinians had NO role in putting Hitler into power. They deserve their own country now, for all the suffering they’ve been put through by our Western leaders.

    If I were THE POPE, I would make it very clear to the Christian world to STOP their support of Zionism, and make it clear to the Christian world that us Christians need to wake up also and STOP supporting never ending war for murderous mobster bastards [ from ALL races, backgrounds, religions] . I would make this clear at the UN on the day I make my PAPAL speech calling for a new country for the Palestinians in the Sinai.

    1. The Sinai is mainly desert, there is not enough water to support millions of Palestinians.

      1. “They should give the Palestinians a chunk of land on the Sinai peninsula. Move the Palestinians there. Give the Palestinians a new land, with no shared border with Israel proper. Put a DMZ type zone in-between. Uncle Sam, the wealthy Arab oil producing countries, Germany, England, can finance the building of a new country for the Palestinians ….”

        Anyone who shows such a callous level of disregard for the original native goyim inhabitants of the region can only be a jew and simply cannot be a “Christian” no matter what he or she says to the contrary. A “one state solution” would entail a multi-cultural approach to the problem, and is much preferred because it would spell an end to the jewish state once and for all !!! I know from personal experience that jews are reluctant to admit to being jews (especially in the presence of goyim) and will deny their jewishness until blue in the face; therefore, the only half-way reliable method of getting a positive ID on them is to recognize the brutal callousness that’s inherent in their statements vis-à-vis the native inhabitants of the region that’s known colloquially as the “Middle East.” It’s a shameful thing if one admits to being a jew because the jews have rightly deserved the infamous reputation which they have accrued to themselves over the course of many centuries. Nobody in their right mind is going to admit that their very purpose in life is to destroy the earth and all of nature and that they consider themselves to be members of the supreme race that was chosen by “adonoi elohaynu” to wreak havoc on all of mankind through wars and artificially induced famines, etc., and yet they will admit to such in private when among themselves. The jewish meme is destroying the very life support system here on earth and is making life almost impossible for the entire catalogue of fauna and flora, so it’s no wonder that the carriers of this deadly meme are reticent when it comes to identifying themselves.

  10. If the jewish meme is destroying life everywhere, STG, then one state for Palestinians and Jews mixed together means the Palestinians will be destroyed by the life-destroying jew meme, as the Palestinians will be surrounded by the very Jews who carry this life-killing jew meme. It’s pretty much what’s happening now to the Palestinians, the Palestinians are dying from the jew meme because they got the Jews all around them. The Palestinians would have a much better chance of NOT dying from the jew meme if they had their own Palestinian country. In a one state for both jews and Palestinians, the Palestinians will NEVER have a say over their lives, never have any say in the government, never have a say in anything. They will always be at the mercy of the jews who do NOT have mercy, surrounded by jews who have nothing but the life-killing jew meme, then the Palestinians won’t even have life — let alone a country, either a one state solution country or two state solution country.

    Remember, STG, my argument is based on your very own premise. Personally, if you feel strongly a One State solution is the best solution, then you should really consider figuring out another argument, another premise to use , to present your case. Because as it is, and I don’t know if you realize it or not, but your premise supports my two sate solution ALOT MORE than your premise supports your One State solution. Actually, your premise doesn’t support your One State solution at all, not in the least bit. But your premise supports my Two State solution perfectly well. Thank you for that, I do appreciate it. I think it’s fun that your premise totally knocks out your one state solution and it entirely supports my Two State solution. Sub-consciously, you know I’m right. That’s why you came up with a premise that completely supports my Two State solution. Thx again!

    1. “The Palestinians would have a much better chance of NOT dying from the jew meme if they had their own Palestinian country.”

      If the concept of “racial and cultural diversity” were applied to the state of Israel and the floodgates of goy immigration were opened up, the jewish state would be hard-pressed to exist in its present form. Rabbi M. Kahane even wrote a book detailing his fear of the “demographic bomb,” which he regarded as something that was posing a grave mortal threat to the Jewishness of the jewish state. The title of Kahane’s book (“They Must Go!”) was an expression of the rabbi’s dreaded fear of demographics. If there were a “two state solution” -which btw happens to be a popular talking point in the realm of zio-propaganda – the jewish state would simply declare war against the Palestinian State and would utilize the neighboring Palestinian State as an impact area for high-explosive artillery shells, etc. Therefore it follows as a matter of course that it would be a much better policy to give the jews that which they fear the most (a one-state solution), since they would be hard-pressed to use their own backyard as a killing field, and in the final analysis the goyim would stand a much better chance of not getting killed under such conditions.

      1. Perhaps STG, but it was never my intention or goal to give the jews what they fear most. Giving jews or any people what they fear most only causes even more animosity, more violence, more blood shed. My intention and my goal in writing my first post , and all my posts about a Two State Solution, was to find a permanently peaceful solution to the Palestinian issue, not to give the jews or any one else in the world what they fear most. I’m not into giving anyone what they fear most. It’s just not in me. I think it’s a stupid way to go about solving a conflict, adding yet even more fear into the conflict. Seems counter-productive to me. You go do it if you think that would solve the Palestinian issue. Good luck giving the jews what they fear most and then trying to come to a peaceful solution while simultaneously giving the jews what they fear most. Good luck with that.

        I still know my idea of a separate country for the Palestinians with some sort of DMZ zone in-between is an excellent idea. Especially as now we have the technology to build Desalination Plants to bring water to desert areas and make desert areas productive, fruitful lands. A lot of Arab Muslim lands are located in desert areas. They get their water now from Desalination Plants. 70% of the Desalination Plants in the world are in the Middle East countries. So giving the Palestinians a piece of the Sinai separated from Israel proper with a DMZ Zone in-between is an excellent idea I must reiterate. The Debate is finished and closed as far as I’m concerned. Thank you, TROJ.

  11. Jewish Holocaust victims estimated at – 1,600,000.
    This is a 1989 revision by Israeli historian Yehuda Bauer of his earlier figure in 1982 of 2,000,000 to 4,000,000, Bauer cited this new figure on September 22, 1989 in The Jerusalem Post, at which time he wrote’ `The larger figures have been dismissed for years, except that it hasn’t reached the public yet.”

  12. looks like none of those sanctions made putin cry uncle.
    Putin Issues Ultimatum, Threatens War Over Erdogan’s Support of ISIS

    interesting discussion about the background press war, different jew publications stating whatever is in netanyahu’s head on that particular morning.
    but russia is reasserting media control, always the first step in war against jew (let it go global GWOJ)

    In an article by the Moscow Times, a publication controlled by CIA contractor Booz Allen Hamilton, a different version is given with Ambassador Yardim shouting down Putin and blaming Russia for all of Syria’s ills. As an illegally foreign owned media organization, the Moscow Times is being sold to Russian owners by government decree with change of ownership coming in September 2015.

    the rest of the article presents some interesting analysis of what may be erdogan’s coming demise.

    and this (Israeli Drone Kills 5 inside Syria, Support for ISIS Attack on Druze) is sure to warm avatar’s little backstabbing heart.

  13. STALIN would have wanted to be a BIG part of Pharisee controlled BRICS. He would have been a real hit on Facebook and Twitter.

    Pharisee Jew pressure and control in China is being displayed in persecution of Christians of ALL denominations.

    BRICS shows its true colors as China’s leader removes Christian CROSSES from churches.

    Crackdown In China On Church Crosses – REMOVAL By Troops

    Authorities in southeastern Zhejiang province are believed to be under a two-month deadline to remove crosses from the spires, vaults, roofs and wall arches of the 4,000 or so churches that dot the landscape of this economically thriving region.

    The campaign is believed to be the will of President and Communist Party leader Xi Jinping, whose administration has launched the most severe crackdown in decades on social forces that might challenge the monopoly of the party’s rule.

    “Aren’t you ashamed of what you have done?” a teary woman yelled at the more than 100 security guards, who along with police and government workers kept the parishioners of Lower Dafei Catholic Church from protecting the symbol of their faith. The guards, who stood with shields and batons in the sun for nearly two hours, looked indifferent.

  14. pat, washington post will spin any story that gives a negative shading to enemies of jews.

    so grab your ax-of-logic and let’s do some chopping.

    might want to look at this in a bit more depth in this (possibly zio)christian outlet: After Removing 400 Crosses, China Proposes Where Churches Can Put Them Instead.

    so, wash post is very concerned about how christians get treated, nothing to do with pharisees hostility to china (and brics, more generally)?

    consider israel.
    we agree that israel is not considered an enemy by WaPo, right?
    israel has decades of habitual daily spitting on christian priests in the streets as well as wholesale destruction and desecration of christian churches, easy to check, i can provide dozens of links, even vatican officially complained.
    how many WaPo articles dealt with that?

    and all china has done was to have removed crosses from steeples that were dramatically altering the skyline of this chinese city, so they told the churches what are the parameters for placing crosses.
    they are concerned about preserving their unique cultural identity, which is buddhist and not christian – this should appeal to those worried about the destruction of european societies.
    no one beat up the priests, spat on them or demolished or vandalized the churches – as in israel, WaPo’s friendly turf.

    in summary, while i don’t condone the removal of crosses atop belfries, i can understand the action of chinese authorities who want to preserve their heritage.

    but more to the point, the article tells me that WaPo considers China an enemy (enemy of WaPo’s bosses, of course), while the fact that nothing was ever said about incomparably worse anti-christian practices of Israel also tells me who WaPo’s bosses are, as we need reminding when quoting them.

    or do we need walking down the memory lane with burning qur’ans and neighborhoods up in arms over some proposed mosque (enough of that in toronto alone).
    or, for that matter, the removals of crucifixes across america as offensive to ziochristians, not to mention zios sensibilities, since it is a graphic reminder of who murdered the savior.

    and … even if the chinese cut down these crosses out of sheer hate for christianity, how does that make them toe the pharisees line?
    but as i showed above, this is decidedly not the case.
    watch the puppeteer, not the puppets, by now we should know his motives for the script that plays out on stage.

    1. “pat, washington post will spin any story that gives a negative shading to enemies of jews.”

      Lobro… You missed the point, BIG-time. And this is not Wash Post spin. It is Rothschild’s AP’s spin. WP reprinted it.

      THIS ACT IS A SIGNAL… and it is spread by Rothschild…!!! This is how they speak. Know it.

      They want to show the world that it is perfectly fine to tear down Christian crosses in BRICS’s largest economy, run by Pharisees. It is a signal that it is permissible for Brazil, Russia, India and S Africa to join in on the crimes. BOOT CHRISTIANS.. with troops..!!

      The article showed China’s government is actually doing what Pharisee-Jews do… Hate Christians and their symbols.

      Your rush to defend BRICS has completely dulled and even broken your logic axe. Toss it away. It is useless.

      You can spin it your way… I’ll continue to spin it my way. I have done so since the 1950s. I do it without using allegory.

      If you had enough experience looking at the Pharisee-Jew bankers’ communications to the world you would recognize it without my having to guide you.

      Thanks for the chance to allow me to clear this up for you. I had no idea you needed it so badly. 🙂

      This was reported in your ‘no spin’ source:

      But stories of more removals continued to surface.

      The Chinese government now says it won’t stop the campaign until 2016, ……according to China Aid, which has closely tracked the “Three Rectifications and One Demolition” campaign.

      1. The kikejews love to use the NGOs and especially the Church (i.e. Christian Zionists) to do their dirty work. Ditto for CHEW-me-JEW-rica, but it is so normalized that nobody notices it and those who do and dare to bring it up in a polite conversation are so politically-incorrect they are shunned because it is simply just beyond the pale to criticize kikejews — not to be confused with the Pale where Russian joos were once quarantined. There is a good article about the recent crackdown of dirty kikejew NGOs in China by Mike King:

        Case in point: The so-called Umbrella Revolution (i.e. color revolution) in Hong Kong last October was orchestrated by NED (National Endowment for Democracy) whose president is the kikejew Carl Gershman. The leaders of the Umbrella Revolution were significantly Evangelical “Zio-Christians” like the 17-year-old student-leader Joshua Wong, law professor Benny Tai, and the retired former Catholic Cardinal of Hong Kong named, how ironic, SIN, as in Cardinal Sin!

        For those interested in reading more about the Umbrella Revolution:

      2. JFC –

        Good handle of the plans… from you article….
        “Folks, here’s the simple and real definition of Democracy: Democracy = Rothschild Central Bank. All Democracies are, without exception, indebted to the Rothschild Jews. The so-called “Central Banking System” is really a private Jew bank that magically prints money out of thin air, from nothing, and then charges the host countries compound interest. This is why all Western Democracies are broke and why their citizens pay Income Tax. The money goes straight to the House of Rothschild.”


        BRICS belongs to the same old Pharisees.

        Promoting the strength of BRICS helps Jew Bankers.

        BRICS Bank’s initial funding, and funding for many decades, will be the 62% Reserve Currency… the USD..!!!

        The new president of the BRICS Bank… New Development Bank…. is hand picked by World Bank leaders, and Prudential plc of London. He is an Indian/London “Yes-man.”

        BRICS Bank’s first president is Mr. K. V. Kamath. He was Chairman of India’s ICICI Bank, started by WORLD BANK in 1955.

        ICICI Bank is partnered with Prudential plc in London, [] and many others controlled by Rothschild.

        It is a trick. A SHELL GAME..!!

      3. Pat,

        Your points are well taken, but you must remember that having ownership is not the same as having control.

        The Pharisees may have legal ownership but they have to expend enormous money and effort and time to properly maintain and manage what they own.

        CONTROL is the key and operative word and they do not have it. They do not have complete 100% CONTROL just yet… nor will they ever have, is my guess.

        Their system is too gross and unnatural, as is the type of control they wish to exert; it, too, is grossly unnatural and unnaturally gross. Something’s gotta give sooner or later.

        How long can their Shell Game keep going without one of the shells cracking?

        I hardly think the Umbrella Revolution from last year and now the demolition of Zio-Christian Churches today in China is for our entertainment… to keep us Darkmooners amused and guessing.

        99% of the sheeple will take the stories in jews-news at face value and will never even have heard of BRICS or understand the Hegelian Dialectic. You read too much into a simple message. The message is that China is Evil and is persecuting Christians and all goyim should be aghast. End of message!

        The resistance (BRICS) is more real than fake, I hope. I will know for sure once I get my hands on the Constitution or Charter for the BRICS BANK, but so far I’ve had no luck on the Internet.

        As all Darkmooners will already know, kikejews normally buy and or blackmail ALL the politicians and hence their great love of “Democracies” in the Zionist West. China doesn’t have elections per se, unless you’re a member of the official Communist Party; and even if you could buy a politician in China, where would the traitor go when he/she gets caught?

        As far as I know, there are no dual (Chinese-Israeli) citizens in the Great Halls of Power of the People’s Republic of China. This is a huge problem wrapped inside a gigantic matzah ball indeed, to paraphrase the Great Churchill—great as in girth only; the shabbat goy ate too many matzah balls no doubt.

        Again, I repeat, CONTROL is the name of the game for the Pharisees and they will never ever have 100% control; it is mathematically and arithmetically, if not practicably impossible. China is literally the big chink (1.3 billion of us) in the kikejew armor!

      4. JFC –

        Here is the BRICS Bank (NDB) Agreement/Constitution:

        The NDB will use USD.

        That establishes ‘control.’

        Article 7 – Authorized and Subscribed Capital

        a) The initial authorized capital of the Bank shall be one hundred billion dollars (US$100,000,000,000). The dollar wherever referred to in this Agreement shall be understood as being the official currency of payment of the United States of America.

      5. Thanks for the link Pat. I’ll have an intelligent response after I carefully read and digest this big greasy matzah ball of a BRICS Agreement/Constitution.

        Upon a cursory glance, however, at the “About” page of the aforementioned site, I am encouraged by this very short but very revealing blurp:

        “The New Development Bank BRICS (NDB BRICS), formerly referred to as the BRICS Development Bank, is multilateral development bank operated by the BRICS states (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) as an alternative to the existing US-dominated World Bank and International Monetary Fund. The Bank is set up to foster greater financial and development cooperation among the five emerging markets. Together, the four original BRIC countries comprise in 2014 more than 3 billion people or 41.4 percent of the world’s population, cover more than a quarter of the world’s land area over three continents, and account for more than 25 percent of global GDP. It will be headquartered in Shanghai, China. Unlike the World Bank, which assigns votes based on capital share, in the New Development Bank each participant country will be assigned one vote, and none of the countries will have veto power.” — President of the NDB BRICS – Mr. K. V. Kamath.

        I draw your attention to the last sentence of the above, especially “…NONE of the countries will have veto power.” This is not how kikejews operate. They love to have VETO power; that’s how they set up the UN and that’s how they have quashed every sanction against Israel with the VETO POWER of the JEW-S.

        Instead of having only to corrupt one BRICS nation, the kikejews now have to corrupt all 5 BRICS nations in order to have control over it. This is counter-intuitive and counter-productive to having CONTROL and simply NOT kikejew KOSHER! — pardon my kikejew language, capitalization, and histrionics.

      6. JFC –

        “Upon a cursory glance, however, at the “About” page of the aforementioned site, I am encouraged by this very short but very revealing blurp:”

        Would you expect less from any sleazy lying banker-broker-agent of NM Rothschild & Sons of London, with $$$Trillions at stake…??

        I see the BRICS bank accounts and the IMF bank accounts as ‘alternatives’ to each other. Part of the ARRAY of banks in the future. The BRICS countries are all members of BIS…. even Iceland and Greece are still controlled there.

        BIS member central banks:
        The Bank’s capital is held by central banks only. Sixty central banks and monetary authorities are currently members of the BIS and have rights of voting and representation at General Meetings:

    2. since you don’t like allegories, let’s wait for the proof (in the pudding or fotune cookie).
      you said

      They want to show the world that it is perfectly fine to tear down Christian crosses in BRICS’s largest economy, run by Pharisees. It is a signal that it is permissible for Brazil, Russia, India and S Africa to join in on the crimes. BOOT CHRISTIANS.. with troops..!!

      so, according to you, the pharisee bankers couldn’t signal to putin, modi and the rest in a more direct way that it is ok to tear down churches and shoot the christians but used this as the signal.
      therefore, in a short time, we should be seeing at least a bunch of repeats but if the pharisees real wishes are to be carried out, much stronger measures should show up soon.
      how much time do you give it, plus or minus six months?
      (i agree that in s. africa pharisees are the owners of everything on ground and below and they may direct a campaign against churches, especially white ones, so i don’t take that as a proof.
      but let’s see about the rest, the “godless” russia, hindu india, brazil, and so on)

      1. “so, according to you, the pharisee bankers couldn’t signal to putin, modi and the rest in a more direct way that it is ok to tear down churches and shoot the christians but used this as the signal.”

        That is according to you. You just made it up. Your spin.

        “stronger measures should show up soon.

        I say… WRONG.

        “how much time do you give it, plus or minus six months?”

        NO… Plus or minus 600 years. Which is an ‘eye-blink’ to China… and their stock market.

        Pharisee bankers will set up more and more stock markets and continue the salvage operations. They remain comfortable.

        SSDD. Greed and Fear rule the human emotions….. and, knowing that, ALL human prey is easy to control.

        Just as ‘numbers racket’ run by mafia was criminal… the ‘numbers racket’ run by State is ok… called ‘lottery’ for schools… and ‘bingo’ in church.. HA!
        Then ‘off-track’ betting is ok…when the race is on Wall Street… and ‘sport-book’ is Merrill-Lynch-types… called ‘brokers.’ WSJ is the ‘racing form’ for ‘business bookies.’ Just call them and ‘put down’ the ranch on the ‘nose’ for #GE or #your stock choice… Lose it all if need be.

        Criminal acts become acceptable when the titles and jurisdictions are changed BY GOVERNMENTS.

      2. After 9/11 Oceania went into perpetual war mode and “Shrub” (CIA codename for GW Bush) called Iran, Syria and N. Korea the “axis of evil”. Gee, I wonder if that has anything to do with those three countries becoming as of now the last hold-outs preventing the complete unification of the Red Dragon banking cabal. This has to imply that an economic bloc such as BRICS cannot represent the emergence of a breakaway threat to the Pharisee control. They didn’t come all this way in putting so many ‘brics’ in the wall (pardon the pun) for THAT to be the case.

        Pat’s right, it IS all a shell game, but essentially, and regardless of whatever may be its tenuity, it’s the only game in town. All but those living in the misnomer “axis of evil” countries, and a smattering of others here and there are playing by its rules, c’est pas? From the homeless man on the street to Vlad Putin in the Kremlin and Barry Sotero in the White House, this is the reality we’re living in. All involved are playing with the Pharisee’s ball, played however we will while sinking in a quagmire of materialism, WHICH, btw, is what keeps ANY of this relevant! And now, knowing eyes continue to be focused on the flash point – Syria. Along with Iran and N. Korea these are the last places on their ‘countries of interest’ hit list.

        If (when?) Syria falls it will draw in Iran, and then Russia. It’s “check” for the “king”, who now has to find a way out. A chain reaction occurs which would include N. Korea, prompting China to join in the fray.

        The whole World is being steered in this direction.

    3. Pat, your FATALISM is bordering on Jewish Hysteria. STOP IT! Fatalism is UN-American and very unbecoming of you, not to mention very depressing to me. Never forget: “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog.” I’m sure Mr. Huntley will wholeheartedly agree with me on this great American truism.

      1. JFC –

        Fatalism??? Strange word. It is a useless one in competition.

        I am going to assume you were referencing my comment I have copied below.

        Please point to any ‘fatalism’ you see there. I see proper noting of facts, describing exact necessary details about the players…. before the start of the games.

        Successful combatants in business battles resist getting depressed, while absorbing detailed recon info. They win more than they lose.

        “Keep friends close… enemies closer.” That means know all there is to know about them.


        August 7, 2015 at 2:21 pm

        JFC –

        “Upon a cursory glance, however, at the “About” page of the aforementioned site, I am encouraged by this very short but very revealing blurp:”

        Would you expect less from any sleazy lying banker-broker-agent of NM Rothschild & Sons of London, with $$$Trillions at stake…??

        I see the BRICS bank accounts and the IMF bank accounts as ‘alternatives’ to each other. Part of the ARRAY of banks in the future. The BRICS countries are all members of BIS…. even Iceland and Greece are still controlled there.

        BIS member central banks:
        The Bank’s capital is held by central banks only. Sixty central banks and monetary authorities are currently members of the BIS and have rights of voting and representation at General Meetings:

  15. Is it any wonder that most people in the western world believe that six million Jews were murdered during WW2, mostly in gas chambers. The whole of the media never stop propagating this myth with documentaries on TV and numerous items embedded into ordinary programs. The current hour long documentary series on the UK History Channel ‘Annihilation’, produced by The Documentary Group Oyneg Shabbos (Jewish of course ) is completely over top.

  16. I recently wrote to my MP to say that whole of the ww2 narrative that is accepted was not true, in particular the six million gas chamber myth. She answered my letter but was none committal. A week or so latter two ladies from the Jehovah Witness came to my door, one seemed to be genuine the other quickly got spouting off about the ‘Holocaust’ and that she knew survivors and so on. I said that there was no Holocaust and no gas chambers, then my wife came to the door to remind me not to be late for an appointment. Her appearance may have startled the callers into thinking she was Palestinian, but she is Chinese. I left for my appointment but my wife went on to tell them that she had lived in Malaya during the Japanese occupation and had to attend Japanese school, after the war she was educated by Catholic nuns but always remained a Buddhist. I hope this encounter gave them something to think about.

    1. Did the “two ladies from the Jehovah Witness” have a cute child with them, carrying leaflets..

  17. LOBRO wrote:
    August 4, 2015 at 10:12 am
    “look, i didn’t count the bodies but both in the memorial in potocari and the srebrenica gallery in sarajevo are the plaques bearing the names of victims etched in.”

    Hmmm… So does Yad Vashem. The devil is in the details…
    There are in fact many fascinating similarities between the techniques used to advance the alleged genocide of Bosniaks and the holohoax, including the trials.
    If you are interested, read the following reports:

    Or read “SREBRENICA 1995-2015: Just the Facts, Without Propaganda or Embellishment”, a short info-book based on the work of various American, British, Dutch, Serbian and Bosnian Muslim experts engaged in analyzing or investigating the events in Srebrenica over the past 20 years, media reports, and testimony of persons directly involved or affected.
    There is a lot about Potocari in both reports, what was found, the forensic research, etc; For instance:

    As an illustration of the opaque nature of the Potocari Memorial Center and the dark games that surround it, it is instructive to read the words of Hasa Omerovic, a Bosnian Muslim woman who lost her husband, father and brother around Srebrenica in July 1995, but who has refused to have her husband buried at the Potocari Memorial Center cemetery:

    “There are other families that have avoided speaking out, but who have quietly, at their own expense, buried their loved ones in other places, outside of Potocari. There are also people buried in Potocari who were not killed in 1995, who were soldiers or commanders. They are buried in Potocari, and their monuments are the same as those of the people who were indeed killed in July 1995. Also buried there are those killed in internecine or other types of battles. That was the dirtiest war, waged by Mafiosi, not by normal people.”

    (“Hasa Omerovic – another Face of Srebrenica,” Novi Reporter magazine, Banja Luka, Bosnia-Herzegovina, March 2, 2011.)

    Read the whole report at
    There are several articles on the aforementioned url, just use CTrl + F on your browser and type the article’s title, it’s quite long but worth reading in its entirety.

    Best regards

  18. Luca, more care should go into putting together a pro-serb, anti-muslim case because if this is your intent, you shot yourself in the foot a number of times.
    First, your link, already hardly promises impartiality by the looks of its name.
    Of the fifteen chapters in that dpf document, 10 were written by serbs, stephen karganovic and ljubisa simic.
    The original version in serbian comprised only those 10 chapters, the additional 5 by anglo authors were thrown in as an addendum for westernized version.
    I will look into one particular chapter, “Presentation and Interpretation of Forensic Data (Pattern of Injury Breakdown) (Ljubiša Simić)”, just by way of random example, but of that, later.

    First, by you hardly did your case a favor by identifying Srebrenica (and Bosnian Muslim genocide generally) with Holocaust.
    Because instead of delegitimizing Srebrenica, you managed to convey a measure of legitimacy to Holocaust.
    In Srebrenica we have the following aspects, which you seem to impute are shared by Holocaust.
    1. Physical bodies, located in mass graves, date of death approximately the same
    2. Pairing by genetic evidence between the dead and the living survivors
    3. For each victim, clear identification of graveside
    4. Clear evidence of execution present in many bodies including blindfolds and ligatures, as acknowledged by the above Serbianna author, Ljubiša Simić, who would love nothing more than to deny it outright.

    So, what you are stating in

    There are in fact many fascinating similarities between the techniques used to advance the alleged genocide of Bosniaks and the holohoax

    is that Holohoax boasts of the same level of evidence as described above, none of which is disputed by Serb apologist authors of that smear job with scholarly pretensions, whose hatchet intentions are obvious in its title, DECONSTRUCTION OF A VIRTUAL GENOCIDE

    In fact, if Holocaust shares the above characteristics, count me a believer rather than denier, no more Holohoax.
    Can you provide any confirmation of these, at which point I would like to sincerely apologize to wrongly slagged jews and their 6 million brutally eliminated relatives.

    Let’s look briefly into that randomly selected chapter, Ljubiša Simić: ANALYSIS OF SREBRENICA FORENSIC REPORTS
    Note that at no point does he negate the numbers but only contests the claim that they were executed, on basis that

    An enormous number of these reports consist of only one or a few bones, often of a hand or foot, which may or may not exhibit any injuries, and in about 90 % of them even Tribunal experts concede that cause of death is undeterminable.

    At another point, he states dismissively that

    Some had only blindfolds, others had only ligatures, but many had both.

    as if this somehow exonerates them, ie, not all had blindfolds.
    So what, the remainder died of natural causes on that day? And if some were admittedly executed, doesn’t this prove intent to commit murder or does the conscience suddenly grip noble Chetniks and they let the rest of 8,000 die a natural death.
    The fact that there were numerous fragmented corpses and bone shards also seems to find in the favor of Serbs, doesn’t it. But the fact is incontestable and proven by aerial photos that the erstwhile graves were dug up with earth moving equipment and remains transferred to another burial site, likely in order to maximally mutilate the bodies and make identification next to impossible, since the DNA matching was still in its infancy at the time.
    If this nitpicking is the best that Serbs can field in their favor, then good luck to your argument.
    And let’s look at the bigger picture. These are the very same thugs that previously completely leveled Croat cities like Vukovar or indiscriminately shelled the ancient town of Dubrovnik, a historic site under UNESCO protection in full view of the world’s TV screens, night after night. Do you likewise wish to deny the infamous and very thoroughly researched The Vukovar massacre, also known as the Vukovar hospital massacre or the Ovčara massacre, was the killing of Croatian prisoners of war and civilians by Serb paramilitaries? how far will blind denying take you?
    The fact is clear that these Serb forces had a most murderous intent from the get-go and were quite consistent everywhere they left their bloody trail, or were they suddenly different in Srebrenica?
    One of their leaders, Vojislav Seselj said this openly, on Serbian TV:

    “I hate the Croats so much that I would have liked to gouge their eyes out with a rusty spoon.” (popular TV show Minimaxovision in 1991)

    And this is before any open hostilities took place.
    Since we are in comparison mode with Holocaust, do you have a similar record of a German functionary making a similar threat?
    What would Jews give for a clip like that?
    Julius Streicher was executed for merely showing a documentary truth in “Ewige Jude”.
    Or how about Radovan Karadzic’s genocide inciting poetry?
    Do a search for this although the description of what was done to Sarajevo is well worth a read:

    A Polish documentary filmmaker captured the moment of Karadzic and the Russian nationalist poet Eduard Limonov reciting poems and firing down on Sarajevo from Mount Trebevic.

    Unthinkable that such people would consider an indiscriminate mass slaughter and rape of people of Srebrenice, isn’t it?

  19. Every nation that waged war against Germany is paying the price for it. Nature punishes those who ally themselves with jews. America, Britain, France, and Russia are already dead, but what’s left of their people is also dying, like the cells that live on after on a body dies. It doesn’t matter if some people in these countries didn’t have anything to with the war, they’ll be punished regardless. Nature doesn’t have mercy and doesn’t accept apologies. The only redemption these people have is to annihilate the Jews, and then die.

  20. @Lobro

    Let me tell you something; I am NOT pro-serb OR anti-muslim.
    The research I’ve linked to has been done by people of various ethnic, national and religious backgrounds(including Bosnian Moslems), as you would know if you had bothered to check it out.

    YOUR sources are FAR from objective themselves. Maybe you think the creep below, mass murderer Naser Orić( who bragged about his actions and even showed western reporters vid footage of the crimes), is some hero…

    Srebrenica, as alleged, is a big fat HOAX. The main culprits for the civil war, particularly its length and intensity, and all which transpired at Srebrenica are ZUSA and NATO.
    i’LL leave it at that. We’ll have to agree to disagree.


    1. @ lobro

      The only aspect of the jew NWO all you jews here at DM pretending to be “non jews” in-turn pretending to be opposed to the jew NWO, the only aspect of the jew NWO you dark qabalah jews of jew cunt Lasha’s hebe Darkmoon are upset about is that your jew NWO is a bit behind schedule in reaching certain goals. No reason to lose your will to live over being a bit behind schedule in reaching some jew NWO goals here and there. Smoke some BMan kanev bosem and chill out. Things will fall into place. “don’t worry, be happy”, as the Yah-JAH way niggas toking on “sacred” hebru kanev bosem “sacred” “sacrament” weed say. And how you jews just LERV “your” niggas. Especially I notice your woebro-lobro jew, how woebro just LERVS those niggas, especially the niggas that can go ALL OUT Muslim arab jew Mohammed’s Mohammedan Sunni Islamic Jihad in America any second now. How frustrated woebro is having to sit around and wait for the niggas in the USA to go ALL OUT MOHAMMEDAN JIHADIST on us White Christian Americans, for the lobro-woebroyim, like watching water boil.

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