Shock Revelation! — Putin Secretly Planned Collapse Of Soviet Union To Make Russia Great Again

Did the West bring about the collapse of the Soviet Union? No, it looks like the collapse was carefully masterminded by Putin and Russian patriots in order to restore Russia to greatness and thwart American plans for world domination.

By  State of the Nation
with an introductory note by Lasha Darkmoon


Why is the Anglo-American Axis so afraid of Putin and determined to bring him down?

Introductory note

This 5700-word article breaks new ground. It is by far the most important article on Vladimir Putin that I have personally read. I therefore recommend it to your attention and urge you to read it carefully.

The article delivers a fatal blow to the Putin demonizers who see Putin as a duplicitous agent of elite organized Jewry. He is vilified by his critics either as a crypto-Jew, a ruthless ex-KGB agent, or else he is said to be working in collusion with his Jewish masters to ransack Russia and enrich himself. Thus it has been alleged, without any proof, that Putin has already acquired a nest egg of $100 billion which he has stashed away in Swiss banks.

Putin is presented here in this article in an entirely different light: as a great Russian statesman and moral leader, anxious to restore traditional Christian values to Russia and rescue the world from the toils of the “Great Satan”, i.e. the United States, now itself an impotent  puppet of international Jewry.

Make no mistake: the struggle between Putin and the Western powers is a continuation of the age-old struggle between Good and Evil. Make sure you are backing the right side.

— Lasha Darkmoon


Why are the Western powers, led by the United States, so afraid of Putin?

No world leader has been so demonized by the West over the past decade as President Vladimir Putin of Russia has been. No other president or prime minister has been subjected to so many outrageous personal attacks and unrelenting false accusations. Clearly, Vladimir Putin represents a genuine threat to the World Shadow Government(WSG) in a way that profoundly unnerves those who reside at the peak of the global power pyramid.

Before that question can be answered, the hidden history of the preplanned collapse of the USSR must first be understood and properly considered. Only by understanding the true historical context in which Vladimir Putin operated at that time will his actions and pronouncements of today take on great meaning. This unknown history is also quite important if one is to comprehend the reactions of his countless detractors throughout the leadership of the Anglo-American Axis (AAA). As follows:

Ultra-Secret Deal Made Prior To The Engineered Collapse Of The USSR Following The Fall Of The Berlin Wall

One of the best kept secrets which predicated the inevitable collapse of Soviet communism and the subsequent breakup of the USSR is that it actually occurred in a manner not too unlike a carefully controlled demolition. Only in this case they were bankers and politicians, investment brokers and power-brokers who actually pressed the buttons. All of the plans toward that end were fastidiously laid by these stakeholders, all of whom had the greatest interest in exploiting the vast wealth of the Russian Motherland.

The fall of the Berlin Wall and collapse of the USSR were not the spontaneous series of momentous events that the Mainstream Media (MSM) would have us believe. Neither were they the result of President Ronald Reagan’s request: “Mr. Gorbachev, Tear Down This Wall”; although, his Hollywood background certainly made for some great (and convincing) political theatre. “Perestroika” and “glasnost” were simply buzzwords bandied about to present the appearance of a fundamentally changed USSR. Yes, Russia did become liberalized especially in contrast to Soviet Communism, but only so it could be neo-liberalized by the banksters.

In fact, the entire dissolution of the USSR was the product of numerous top secret meetings which took place with very high level (as in highest level) representatives from the USSR, USA, UK and other major AAA nations and WSG controllers. By and large the most important of these meetings concerned the meticulously engineered business and commercial, banking and investment aspects necessary for an orderly breakup of the USSR republics and its eastern European satellites.

By 1989 the pendulum of power had swung from those who wished to see the USSR and her satellites controlled by communism to those who wanted to directly control her prodigious natural wealth, industrial base and other national assets by way of naked predatory capitalism. Toward that end the many notorious Russian oligarchs were each selected and appointed by the Western coalition of bankers to oversee the outright theft of all major assets and natural resources from the Russian people. This unique form of corrupt predatory capitalism was at first hidden from public view as it was implemented to strip everything of value from both the state and the citizenry.

This jointly blessed transitional process was the only way in which the Soviet Union was ‘permitted’ to be liberated from those who secretly controlled her destiny throughout nearly 75 years of nominal Soviet Communism. Leaders such as Mikhail Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin were chosen to rubber stamp the entire state-coordinated theft by the oligarchs. As political leaders are usually kept in the dark, neither of them, nor their inner circles, were privy to the details of this scheme to steal Russian wealth. They were merely frontmen whose primary task was to usher the process along with the veneer of legitimacy. However, because of their positions of political power and unique vantage points, both were grimly aware that “a deal had been made with the devil” behind their backs.

Boris Yeltsin bore the greatest burden because of the timing of his term as President as he watched the oligarchs steal everything in sight. His well known drinking problem and heart condition were surely the result of having to go along with the whole charade.

Nevertheless, Yeltsin knew that in the future stewardship of Vladimir Putin, Russia would be “protected”. For just as the vulture capitalists from both Russia and the West executed their plans to strip Russia bare, so too had an ultra-secret group of Russian patriots and nationalists, loyal politicians and government officials, made an even stronger compact to take it all back — when the right time presented itself.

The CIA, also known as The Company, was directly involved in this CON of the century.

The following headline in the New York Times portrays exactly what did not occur just prior to the fall of the Berlin Wall and subsequent collapse of the Soviet Union: “Director Admits CIA Fell Short In Predicting the Soviet Collapse.”

Can anyone believe that the CIA tried to present itself as having failed to predict this monumental and unparalleled collapse, particularly when it was the CIA itself that was actually pulling the levers and pushing the buttons of what was essentially a controlled demolition?

The CIA even went so far as to take a lot of bad press to convince the American public (and the world-at-large) that they had ‘truly’ failed miserably in this regard. Such was their intent to hide the actual scheme perpetrated against the Russian people, as well as against all the former republics that made up the Soviet bloc, that the CIA was made the subject of various political dramas acted out all over the ‘Washington, DC theatre district’ in an effort to cover up any US involvement.

The Company does after all bear the direct responsibility of seeing to it that all Anglo-American Axis international agreements are strictly adhered to. In reality, contract enforcement of this nature has always been the CIA’s primary duty. In the instant case of Russia, however, their long range assessments and strategic analyses fell WAY short of the mark. So mistaken were they that it can now be safely stated that it was really the CIA that ultimately got conned. Perhaps there were also those well-positioned CIA ‘whistleblowers’ who played the game so as to alert their Russian counterparts of the various schemes and scams being run from Saint Petersburg to Vladivostok by the Western banksters.

It should now be clear why all the Russian oligarchs ran to London, Tel Aviv and New York City.

What better way for the oligarchs to shield themselves from Russian indictments than to seek the full protection of the CIA, MI6 and MOSSAD crime syndicate deep within theAnglo-American Axis (AAA). Even the recently freed ex-president, Mikhail Kodorkovsky, of the now defunct Yukos Oil, has been spending more time in the good ole USA stumping for a new Russian revolution. The CIA’s other Russian political plant, former world chess champion Gary Kasparov, has also been working overtime to supplant Putin as “Protector of the Realm” as he preaches incessantly to the American political establishment about the ‘grave danger’ of Putin’s truly enlightened leadership.

It seems that neither of these Western dupes understands that this is not 1917. And that Vladimir Putin is not Czar Nicholas of Romanov fame. They also fail to realize that many of their fellow oligarchs abroad, as well as political pawns at home, have met with disastrous fates; such are the forces from on high which have aligned with Putin’s master plan for a strong and sovereign Russia. Each one of the many oligarchs, acting out of extreme self interest as they have, cannot even hope to touch Putin now that state power has been irreversibly consolidated to administer the Kremlin’s will.

The Ukraine: Another CIA-Coordinated Coup d’etat … For The USA And Israel

What is particularly surprising, in view of the very dynamic moves being played on the current global geopolitical chessboard, is that the West is so transparent in regard to both their method and motive toward undermining Russia. The recent Kiev coup and ongoing Ukraine revolution provide a perfect example of yet another nation collapse executed within the historical orbit of Russia. Here, again, Zionist oligarchs with ties to the US, UK and Israel have been appointed to all the key national leadership positions, as well as to the governorships of all the regions known as oblasts. Once again, the AAA game plan has been executed according to the same playbook as that utilized during the USSR collapse, with the billionaire oligarchs taking total control of the wealth of the Ukraine.

Most do not know, but there is a plan afoot by the Modern State of Israel to set up a return to its original homeland in the Ukraine. The Eastern Ukraine was once a part of the kingdom of Khazaria during a time when Judaism was chosen by the king to become the official state religion. Those Khazarian adherents to Judaism would go on to constitute what is now known as Ashkenazi Jewry. Over centuries of migrations throughout Russia, as well as emigrations to all parts of eastern, central and western Europe, the Ashkenazim have evolved into the richest and most politically powerful religious group in Eurasia.

In fact the Modern State of Israel (MSI) was formed by the Zionist movement which derived its power and wealth from Ashkenazi Jewry the world over. However, the MSI experiment is not going so well. Most of those Jews who emigrated from Russia and the Ukraine, as well as many who fled Europe during pre World War II persecution, post WWII chaos and right up to the present day instability now understand that they jumped right from the frying pan into the fire.

Furthermore, many Jews have now come to realize that their cultural PTSD [2] generated by both WWI and WWII was purposefully inflicted so that they would be more amenable to taking up residence in a foreign patch of desert land surrounded by Muslim and Arab nations which were forced to watch the outright theft of Palestine in broad daylight from their brethren. Not a good way at all to move into the neighborhood, especially when the neighbors can very easily lob mortars and missiles into your midst.

This is where the plot to repopulate the Ukraine comes in. Most Israelis of European descent are naturally more comfortable on “the Continent” completely out of range of such mortar and missile attacks. Hence, the Ukraine was chosen by the Zionist leadership as a new fallback position. Not only is the brazenly apartheid regime of the Modern State of Israel untenable in any civilized world, it has shown itself as the thoroughly rogue nation and criminal state that it is today. In fact, the Modern State of Israel has ignominiously distinguished itself as an unprecedented and peerless international pariah.

Particularly in light of their recent destruction of Gaza, Israel has essentially sealed its fate. Consequently, the Middle East has morphed into a HUGE powder keg ready to blow whenever Israel decides to cross one too many red lines for the umpteenth time. Any normal person living in such a volatile environment would only want to far remove themselves from such a precarious state of affairs, which is why there is now a very quiet movement of Ashkenazi Jews back to the Ukraine, their ancestral homeland.

The US-UK-EU-Ukraine coalition has telegraphed its misguided intentions from the start.

From the very beginning of the manufactured civil war in the Ukraine, the Western powers have revealed their intentions of creating a new “European Israel”. Removing the Russian language and substituting Hebrew as the second official language of the Ukraine is just one quite obvious move toward the establishment of a new Israeli enclave. All the while the Anglo-American Axis accuses Russia of having designs to create a new region –Novorossiya — known literally as New Russia.

Such a red herring has accomplished the goal of not arousing suspicion as to the real plot to take over the Ukraine, just as Palestine was in the late 1940s.

Furthermore, witness Israel’s extraordinary silence regarding the whole AAA misadventure in the Ukraine before and during the ongoing, fabricated civil war. Their silence is even more deafening in view of the fascist Neo-nazi thugs being cynically used to advance Kiev’s genocidal agenda throughout the eastern Ukraine. Of course, this strategy is identical to Israel’s slow motion genocide of the Palestinians, as well as the systematic and outright theft of their land.


Not only would such a “European Israel” provide a highly strategic geopolitical location from which to continue their efforts to destabilize Russia, the AAA would also use the Ukraine to run interference throughout the European Union. Just as Israel has been used to disrupt the entire Middle East for decades, the new Ukraine state being constituted for Israeli resettlement will serve a similar function throughout a Eurozone that is slowly becoming hostile to Jewish populations and their interests.

When the neofascist junta in Kiev turned the military loose on the urban and rural areas of the Eastern Ukraine, it became apparent that a much greater agenda of ethnic cleansing was at work. Many authoritative reports have indicated the wholesale slaughter of innocent civilians, as well as the wanton destruction of infrastructure/places of worship/homes/businesses of the Russian-speaking populace.

It is now clear that an insidious plan of deliberate genocide in Ukraine was formulated in order to make space for the soon-to-be transplanted Israelis who understand that Israel is on the cusp of their 21st century Armageddon.

Old Empires Must Die To Make Room For The REAL Global Transformation That Putin Promotes

If the Anglo-American Axis is distinguished by one pursuit above all, it is its unquenchable thirst for oil and natural gas. So addicted is the AAA to hydrocarbon fuel that the petrodollar quickly became the world reserve currency. The strength of so much sustained worldwide demand for oil as an energy source has now reached a critical point however. Both the AAA war machine and economic juggernaut require LOTS of oil and gas to run its tyranny across the planet. Not only is the Anglo-American Axis terribly wasteful and inefficient in the utilization of these energy resources, which Russia possesses in great abundance, it expends considerable amounts of time and energy, money and capital in the process of further acquisition of the hydrocarbon fuel needed to maintain sole superpower status.

Herein lie the seeds of its own destruction, for the Anglo-American Axis can no longer bear the costs necessary to maintain its empire. The extent to which war and other forms of conflict have been relied upon to secure additional sources of oil and gas no longer makes sense. All the nations which have walked down this path of perpetual war have been exposed.

Some, like Israel, are now considered anathema to an overwhelming majority of nations worldwide. Likewise, the USA is vilified all over the world as a bully bent on self-destruction, just as the UK is universally known by its City of London bankster modus operandi.

In light of these commonly held perceptions, the fortune/fate ratios of both the BRICS Alliance and Anglo-American Axis, are soaring and plummeting respectively.

While the European-American-Japanese economic model continues to go bust in real time, the BRICS Alliance is at the very least setting itself up for a future boom. Clearly the trajectories of the BRICS nations are poised to shoot toward the stars, as the Western powers are precariously plunging toward an unprecedented “crash and burn”. Ironically, it is only through the cooperation and collaboration with the BRICS allied nations, and especially Russia, that the Eurozone and American sphere of influence can be saved from almost certain economic collapse and financial breakdown.

When the smoke and mirrors that define so much of the Western economic mirage begin to fade, Eurozone countries will profoundly regret imposing such counterproductive sanctions on Russia. It is they who now suffer tremendous economic consequences, right in the middle of a resurgent recession, from Russia’s much more debilitating economic sanctions. Even the vaunted economic engine of Europe — Germany — has lost its capacity to jumpstart the rest of the EU, all because they chose to side with the real perpetrators of the Kiev coup d’état.

The battle for the Ukraine is not so much about the AAA geopolitical gambit gone wrong, as much as it is a litmus test for those who will be allowed to join an authentic global movement defined by economic justice, social equality and political integrity. Furthermore, it is respect for national sovereignty — above all else — that Putin’s Russia, Jinping’s China, and Modi’s India expect from the world, as the rest of the world ought to receive from all the BRICS nations.

Enter Vladimir Putin, The Perfect Foil To The Anglo-American Axis

First, it is critical to understand that it is not just Putin the man who they’re afraid of. It is not even Russia as a nation that scares the living daylights out of the AAA. It is the FORCE behind Putin which they have not seen occupy a major political office since John F. Kennedy. Surely, the AAA must wonder how they all got so tricked into believing that Putin was one of them in the first place. He was, after all, a KGB functionary with all the right credentials to be trusted to play their game, only their way, all the time.

However, just like JFK back in the early ’60s, once Putin saw exactly how the AAA game was being played on the people — EVERYWHERE — he flipped on them and has never looked back.

Because his predecessor Boris Yeltsin, who assisted the Russian oligarchs in the plundering, pillaging and raping of the Russian motherland, gave his firm blessing to Putin as political heir, no one ever thought Putin would perform such a radical 180° turnaround. In both the formulation of state policy and administration of the federal government he set about the process of taking back Russia from those who misappropriated her wealth. So dramatic was his conversion against the rapacious oligarchy that he is now spoken of as a veritable reincarnation of Peter the Great, who also saved Russia from enemies both within and without.

President Putin’s close alignment with the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church — His Holiness Patriarch Kirill — has become the cause for the deeply religious and traditional people of Russia to become enamored with him. His socially conservative agenda is much more in sync with Russian sensibilities as it is protective of a refined culture that is at odds with the permissiveness of an ever-coarsening Western society. In this particular area of divergence, Putin’s Russia has served as a countervailing force to the AAA modus operandi of sewing seeds of social chaos and political disorder wherever they set their sights. The propagation of overly permissive societal norms is their signature strategy in this regard, which Putin repeatedly bumps up against.

It is significant to point out that the Russia that Yeltsin inherited was one that the thoroughly corrupt oligarchs were promised. In other words, the emancipation from Communism only came with the understanding that the Russian oligarchs would be permitted to steal the nation’s assets — natural resources, industrial plants and whatever else they could get their hands on. This little known fact is why Boris Yeltsin freely admitted at the end of his career to some historic mistakes, especially those related to the systematic transfer of Russian wealth to those now infamous (mostly Jewish) oligarchs.

Yeltsin knew that it was the key to Russia’s eventual freedom from those Western powers which were integral to orchestrating the fall of the Berlin Wall in a relatively orderly manner.

History has now shown us that Boris Yeltsin had great foresight in his choice of Vladimir Putin as Prime Minister. His final words to Putin in his capacity as President were: “Take care of Russia.” They have likewise been translated as “Protect Russia.” In Putin was the perfect vessel found to ensure that Boris Yeltsin’s last wish would be honored. Putin himself uttered the following words a couple of days prior to Boris Yeltsin’s funeral.

“We will do everything we can to ensure that the memory of Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin, his noble thoughts and his words ‘take care of Russia’ serve as a moral and political benchmark for us,”

Of course doing so meant that the incorrigible oligarchs either went to prison or into exile.

Which is exactly what Putin set about to do, regardless of Western reaction and/or threats from all the usual suspects. Putin would not, under any circumstances, allow predatory capitalists to destroy Russia. He quite deliberately — under cover of “national security” — initiated all of the necessary legal process and governmental procedure to reclaim that which had been stolen from the Russian people. This particular tack was especially effective, and foolproof, since the AAA has used the same pretext to take over nations large and small for centuries.

Nevertheless, the West could only recoil in utter shock that a President would actually protect his nation in this fashion. That Putin put the interests of Russia and its citizenry before the bankers — and the industrialists — and the powerful oligarchs was seen as the ultimate betrayal. After all, his actions ran counter to the back room deal that was cut by the real power-brokers who negotiated the “fall of the Wall”. Communism was to be eradicated ONLY if the oligarchs were granted unfettered access to Russia’s wealth. And so they were . . . for the time being.

Little did anyone know that Boris Yeltsin — and especially Vladimir Putin later on — tricked them all. Unfortunately, such a benevolent deception ultimately took a great toll on Yeltsin’s health in the form of death by heart disease. As an extremely patriotic and self-sacrificing Russian leader, Boris Yeltsin knew that he had to play nice with the Western leaders (and their oligarch agents) if the nation was to be liberated from their predatory claws. In the end he did a superlative job, particularly in ensuring a smooth transition to Putin upon whom fell the weight of the benign double-cross.


The main reason Vladimir Putin is so despised by the Western Powers is because he totally tricked them for the benefit of the Russia people.

No one understands Russian history of the 20th century better than the justifiably resentful citizens of the USSR. These folks suffered great trials and tribulations at the hands of Communist thugs who were put into power by Western bankers and the Anglo-American political class. They know exactly what happened to their Motherland in the wake of the totally fraudulent Bolshevik Revolution. They also know precisely who was responsible for such a catastrophic social, economic and political cataclysm.

“It has been said that the Russian steppes have born many a philosopher. That great expanse of land runs on seemingly forever with wide open sky and unbroken winds that stir the soul … to know the truth … and nothing but the Truth.”

Only by understanding the temperament of those Russian peoples who lived through the disaster of Communism, which was foisted on them by foreign agents with a surreptitious agenda, will the forces that stand behind Putin be correctly understood. In this regard, it is not Putin, the President, that the Western Powers are dealing with. It is a proud and patriotic Russian movement that sprang up with the awareness that the Anglo-American Axis was responsible for their lost century. This truth cannot be erased from history by airbrushing a few internet sites which are controlled by the CIA. Nor can the many odious and therefore inconvenient historical facts be eradicated from the Russian psyche when so much pain and suffering was caused to so many.

Truly, the forces which support Putin in his quest for genuine national sovereignty are much greater than any US President or UK Prime Minister, NATO Supreme Allied Commander or European Union Leader. In fact the power behind Vladimir Putin is Russia herself, a force quite determined not to be held prisoner by the Anglo-American Axis ever again. And no amount of saber-rattling by Washington, or economic terrorism by the European Union, or financial sabotage by the City of London, will alter that determination.

Nuclear Weapons Have a Way Of Serving As The Great Equalizer

Unlike every other country that has recently fallen to naked Anglo-American aggression, Russia had substantially developed much nuclear weapon technology during the Cold War. Little did the West ever imagine that Russia would then use the prospect of not only nuclear weapon technology, but also far more advanced and destructive weaponry which has never been utilized before on Planet Earth, as a powerful deterrent to unprovoked Anglo-American Axis acts of war.

Nor did the same Western predatory capitalists ever dream that the richest man in Russia — Mikhail Khodorkovsky — would be imprisoned for 10 years. Being their point man for the further looting of Russia’s oil and gas reserves and related assets, the whole misguided AAA scheme went completely bust. However, once the oligarchs were stripped of their power, money and influence, all the West could rely upon was brute force, as they continue to exercise with extraordinary savagery in places like the Ukraine. To intimidate and threaten, coerce and extort is all the Anglo-American Axis knows how to do these days, so successful have these tactics been in subjugating completely powerless and/or defenseless nations around the world for many decades.

Nevertheless, now that the Russian Federation has reassessed their nuclear weapons capability and redeployed critical assets on their western border, their tactical response and strategic preparedness have never been better. While this particular state of affairs poses a great obstacle to the AAA’s long range plan toward a New World ‘Order’, Russia and the ever-growing BRICS Alliance present an even greater challenge to their fatally flawed implementation plan.

Russia’s Demand For Respect Of National Sovereignty Is Representative Of A Much Larger Worldwide Movement

Russia is not only joined by the BRICS Alliance in its efforts to level the global playing field, it is also supported by many other nations near and far, Hungary being one that has broken ranks with the European Union. Certainly the broke and bankrupted Anglo-American Axis has its job cut out when going up against a growing number of countries that will no longer be treated like stepchildren. When nations like China and Russia, India and Brazil, South Africa and Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador, publicly express their misgivings with American hegemony, the whole world pays close attention. Therein lies the real power behind Vladimir Putin.

History books will one day show that the world community of nations rallied around the moral high ground taken by Vladimir Putin in the second decade of the new millennium. Not only do the Russian people fully support their president, but the vast populations of China, India, and many other nations stand solidly behind their leaders against the incessant meddling by the Anglo-American Axis.

The pervasiveness of the internet has simply made it too easy to share what is REALLY going on around the world, especially when the AAA is working so vigorously against the interests of common people everywhere.

Vladimir Putin, no matter what intrigues and machinations are set in motion to disrupt his best intentions, has been found out by his own people. They know that he has done his level best to protect Russia. They also know that, in his resolve to take care of the Russian people, he also considers the best interests of citizens of every nation, including those which relentlessly antagonize Russia and persecute him at every opportunity. This extraordinary posture is not only quite rare among world leaders today, it is an admirable quality in any age … which is just another reason why they so detest Vladimir Putin’s wise and enlightened leadership.

“Take care of Russia” literally became Putin’s “moral and political benchmark”

Only by divine ordination does a KGB lieutenant colonel wind up fulfilling the last wishes of his predecessor serving alternately as both President and Prime Minister of Russia. Because Vladimir Putin took that presidential directive so seriously, however, he now sits in the crosshairs of the most formidable military machine and economic juggernaut on Earth. However, in stark contrast to JFK’s short tenure which took place in the very belly of the beast, Putin has an unparalleled firewall of protection erected around him. He knew that if Boris Yeltsin’s final wish was to be carried out, he and his collaborators would have to be protected from harm. The AAA team, after all, never plays nice and always breaks the rules.

In light of Putin’s perceived reneging on a contract that was essentially agreed to by his predecessors, there existed no moral imperative for him to abide by such an illegal and unethical agreement. On the very face of it, he could have been rightfully accused of treason of the highest order had he complied with the demands of the AAA. Only a traitor would perform on such an outrageous contract, so Putin knew that both the law and the people would be on his side once he flipped on the oligarchs and their Western sponsors. Nevertheless, doing so has brought the wrath of the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg Group upon himself and Russia.

Being the wise, old soul that Putin is, he knew that his terms in office would be the most consequential of the modern era … for both Russia and the world-at-large. He has not shrunk from the demands of such a difficult undertaking; in fact, he seems to be emboldened by the formidable challenge that it is. But then he has the people of Russia firmly on his side, as well as an overwhelming majority of nations on Earth. When the people power around the planet starts to coalesce around the true intentions that Vladimir Putin represents and has frequently uttered, the change many wait for will come fast and furiously. Truly, global transformation lies right around the corner; a genuine new world order marked by implicit respect for both national and personal sovereignty.

The Future Of the World Lies With Russia

“Through Russia comes the hope of the world. Not in respect to what is sometimes termed Communism or Bolshevism — no! But freedom — freedom! That each man will live for his fellow man. The principle has been born there. It will take years for it to be crystallized; yet out of Russia comes again the hope of the world.”  ~ Edgar Cayce

Clearly this prophetic utterance by Edgar Cayce was both prescient and perceptive. For not only have the steppes of Central Asia forged the hearts and minds of the Russian people over centuries, the tyranny of Soviet communism proved to be a crucible like no other. Russia has always been a nation of philosophers with writers like Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky molding the national consciousness since the 19th century. Given their relatively recent release from the imposed atheism of godless Marxism, Russians young and old have re-embraced the mystical traditions of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Given this very profound and ongoing cultural transformation, a new national mindset is emerging. Undoubtedly it is one that is bending inexorably toward a more conservative and traditional society, especially one that is moving in the opposite direction of Western societies. Putin is well aware of the sensibilities which predominate throughout the Motherland. He seeks to offend no one, but at the same time will not let the crazies run the asylum as they do throughout the Anglo-American Axis. Nor will he permit the values and principles, customs and traditions of any minorities to dominate Russian culture.

In light of what is at stake for both Putin’s Russia and Obama’s USA, it is now apparent that an epic battle has been raging across the land. The most recent battle in the Ukraine is only one more among those being waged throughout the entire Middle East and beyond. Both Russia and China have seen their geopolitical positions assaulted and undermined wherever they attempt to establish new markets or engage trading partners. Particularly wherever energy resources are at stake, the wars have become more apocalyptic. So much so that many wonder if an epoch-ending World War III is around the corner. However, such an engineered Armageddon can only be foisted on the community of nations with the participation of both East and West.

Fortunately, Putin’s Russia will not be goaded into a World War Three scenario. Neither will Jinping’s China nor Modi’s India. Because of Putin’s unshakeable resolve and strong leadership within the BRICS Alliance, none of the nations being routinely assailed by the AAA will be triggered into full scale war. The whole world has Vladimir Putin to thank for his sane and sober response to so many conflicts and skirmishes, false flag attacks and proxy invasions being staged across the planet on a weekly basis by the Anglo-American Axis.

The Russian people have come to respect Putin as a leader who is fiercely protective of the Motherland. Comparisons to Peter the Great, who has been praised “as an industrializer and cultural visionary who turned his country into a European power” are quite understandable. Under the stewardship of Tsar Peter I “Russia became feared but also respected by its neighbors, and he is the official czar-hero of Russian history.”

Perhaps the picture below, disseminated by the mainstream media as a sneery put-down, does in fact reflect Putin in his current role as “Protector of Russia” and moral leader of the free world.


Protector of Russia and moral leader of the free world

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      1. We missed you, Zak. But you made up for it with that gem of a post

        Don’t be such a stranger,,,,,but don’t overstay your welcome either

    2. The article is excellent. There is an old saying,”judge a man by the enemies he has made”. Putin has created the right ones. Obviously ,International banking,owned by the Jews fear him. However,one can be to clever,and Putin does have “pet Jews”,within his system,including his head of Intelligence. His reverting to “anti-Nazi”,rhetoric in calling out the obvious Jews ,behind Russia’s travails is absurd. Is he going down the path of Czar Nicholas,and Kaiser Wilhelm ,who also did so,to they,and their systems demise? I idolized Putin,when he called out the NWO,reached out to Germany,and jailed the Oligarchs. I have suspicion of him now. His WW 2 rhetoric is to pro Red. His outlawing of “Holocaust Denial”,to fawning. His “thanking”,the Allies in helping Stalin ,an obvious olive branch. Keep watching him closely. Actions are what counts.

      1. I ‘ve seen that he is a Freemason. So they are chess board players are they not?

    3. Simon, there is no “Evil,” there is only an absence of “Good.” Just as there is no such thing as darkness, there is only an absence of light.

      Evil/Satan/the Devil was a creation of the religious and secular powers that be so they could exercise power over the people through fear! If you can persuade people that you have the way to salvation and protection from evil, as long as they remain ignorant, you have power over them.

      Hell is a state of mind where you remain until you see the truth, and ignorance is bliss!

      In an age of information, ignorance is a choice!

  2. Putin is plain jealous that the honour goes to his compatriot Gorbachov. Putin didn’t plan, Putin hoped and of course helped through his KGB activities.

    The first post-Communist President, alcoholic Yeltsin said it immediately (well before Putin): “I’ll make Russia one of the strongest countries in the world”. To the journalists question “how”, he replied “I’ll make of Russia the second largest military manufacturer in the world”.

    And sure he did. This is why Russia has intervened in so many armed conflicts since 1991 and why the Cold War has NEVER gone. This is why the world is in the mess it is. This is how USA and Russia practice for World War III.


  3. A superb article! Vladimir Putin has first and foremost stood up for Christianity, unlike the Anglo-Saxon Jewish axis. Witness the persecution of Christians in both the UK and US by the Gay lobby. Witness too, the murderous assault on Christians in Syria by the US/UK/Isr/Saudi Coalition. Also the assault on Christians in Palestine by the unholy cult. The people of the West must now ask themselves, “Whose side are you on? God’s or your evil government’s?” As Jesus said in another context, “No man can serve two masters, he will either love one or hate the other.” The Jewish plan to control the world after the break up of the USSR was formulated in the infamous PNAC by Jews and their Gentile running dogs.

  4. I notice the trolls are out in force today. They are obviously terrified of Rajkumari Lasha!

  5. Why does Putin continue to kiss the Jew ass?

    Why does Putin don the beanie and hump the wall?

    Why does Putin endorse and enforce Holocaust revisionism?

    This article is but wishful thinking or downright misdirection.

    1. May be that the Central Bank of Russia is controlled by the Rothschields , May be that Putin has forgotten what was written in the book by Alexander Soljenitsin ” Gulag Archipelago ” . The Bolsheviks controllers were members of the TRIBE and so the Chiefs of the Gulags and the chiefs of the secret services .
      The fact that the Kremlin believes in the Hollow Cast (sic) story when the Russian government re-built the so called gas chamber makes me very suspicious . We could be deceived by another (Russian ) version of the NWO with the tribe from Hell still in control .

  6. I’m not an expert on Putin and Russia, but I am an expert on the alternative or perhaps more correctly, the “alternative” media. And here in the “alternative” media are shitloads of jews — 99% of ’em pretending to be various sorts of “NON jews” — all of the “alternative” media jews LERV Putin to kibbles-and-bits. BIG RED FLAG that so many hebes, and 99% of ’em pretending to be “NON jews”, support Putin so ardently. Very suspicious.

    I just want to make the point TOO many “alternative” media jews, ALL of em pretending to be various sorts of “NON jews”, LUV Putin TOO much. That makes it very suspicious to me.

    If one lies about one’s identity then everything that follows from such a janus face lying mouth comes under deep suspicion and constant and intense scrutiny, is my approach to hydra-head snakes. Approach with caution, carry a big long strong hard metal pole and bang the hydra heads on ALL their hydra head manifestations, is what I say.

  7. “It is a proud and patriotic Russian movement that sprang up with the awareness that the Anglo-American Axis was responsible for their lost century. ” : This is where Russia resembles Iran..

    “Fortunately, Putin’s Russia will not be goaded into a World War Three scenario. Neither will Jinping’s China nor Modi’s India.” : According to Mark Dankof, speaking on Press TV`s The Debate, the brutal slaughter which is taking place in Yemen, is an attempt to provoke Iran into retaliation, thus providing “justification” for war with Iran. However, Iran, as with Russia over the Ukraine, has withstood this provocation..

  8. What exactly is a “Rajkumari” ? And is it absolutely required by hindoo religious law for “Rajkumari’s” to wear blue plastic shower curtains on their heads?

  9. “It is now clear that an insidious plan of deliberate genocide in Ukraine was formulated in order to make space for the soon-to-be transplanted Israelis who understand that Israel is on the cusp of their 21st century Armageddon.” I agree. Jews represent about 1% of the population of Ukraine and yet …. “Delta, the nom de guerre of the Jewish commander of a Ukrainian street-fighting unit, is pictured in Kiev earlier this month. He calls his troops “the Blue Helmets of Maidan,” but brown is the color of the headgear worn by Delta — the nom de guerre of the commander of a Jewish-led militia force that participated in the Ukrainian revolution. Under his helmet, he also wears a kippah. Delta, a Ukraine-born former soldier in the Israel Defense Forces, spoke to JTA Thursday on condition of anonymity. He explained how he came to use combat skills he acquired in the Shu’alei Shimshon reconnaissance battalion of the Givati infantry brigade to rise through the ranks of Kiev’s street fighters. He has headed a force of 40 men and women — including several fellow IDF veterans — in violent clashes with government forces. Several Ukrainian Jews, including Rabbi Moshe Azman, one of the country’s claimants to the title of chief rabbi, confirmed Delta’s identity and role in the still-unfinished revolution.

    Delta, who immigrated to Israel in the 1990s, moved back to Ukraine several years ago and has worked as a businessman. He says he joined the protest movement as a volunteer on Nov. 30, after witnessing violence by government forces against student protesters. “I don’t belong [to Svoboda], but I take orders from their team. My words (When did Jews take orders from Neo-nazis – Svoboda are JEWS) They know I’m Israeli, Jewish and an ex-IDF soldier. They call me ‘brother,’” he said. “What they’re saying about Svoboda is exaggerated, I know this for a fact. I don’t like them because they’re inconsistent, not because of [any] anti-Semitism issue.”

    The third richest man in Ukraine an Israeli/Ukranian jew was given the role of Governor in Dnipropetrovsk by the unelected regime in Kiev. From the Guardian, “A pro-Kiev oligarch offered a $10,000 (£6,000) bounty on Thursday for the capture of any Russian “saboteur” and promised another half-million hryvnia (£27,000) to the national guardsmen who successfully repelled an attack by pro-Russian militia last night, killing three. Igor Kolomoisky, an energy tycoon who was appointed governor of the Dnipropetrovsk region in eastern Ukraine last month. This is not the first time Kolomoisky has put his own money toward the country’s defence. Last month, the oligarch spent “several million dollars” buying car batteries for military vehicles. Ukraine’s army has suffered years of neglect, with a reported 6,000 battle-ready troops at the moment.Kolomoisky has a personal feud with the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, who derided him as a “unique impostor” last month.

    World’s Largest Jewish Center Opens in Dnepropetrovsk. Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetzki and philanthropist Gennady Bogolubov, await the affixing of a mezuzah to the entrance of the new Menorah Center by Israeli Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar.
    The world’s largest Jewish community center opens to the public this Sunday with a 10-hour schedule of events, but the buzz around the new Menorah Center in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, is palpable following the private opening yesterday of its Jewish Memory and Holocaust Museum.” Bloody Hell.

  10. How come EVERY TIME EVERY TIME WITHOUT FAIL I say something negative about lasha, “blond” “Norwegian” Ingrid automatically shows up on stage? My rightfully negative criticisms of lasha are like a clue for the Wagnerian Ingrid to come on stage, lol. DM is but a Wagnerian Opera to “our” “blond” “VIKING” “Norwegian” “beauty”, lol .

    1. @ Joe, WRONG… I am not blond, and I am half Norwegian.. Question, why do you feel the need to say negative things about our hostess? It has been my experience that those who express negativity against others, are, themselves, negative.. Try a little positivity Joe..

  11. All things are of God, 2 Co 5:18. In these end times certain events are ordained by God to take place.
    Zechariah 12:2-3 KJVS
    [2] Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling unto all the people round about, when they shall be in the siege both against Judah and against Jerusalem. [3] And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.

    As you see all the nations of the world will be against and come against Jeruselam prior to the day of the Lord. Of late there has been a rising tide of opposition against Israel and the earthly powers that seemingly were instrumental in the creation of the modern state of Israel. Again all things are of God and all men are just pawns in His greater purpose, Ro 9:21.
    I found it interesting that back in 2012 Henry Kissinger made the prediction that in ten years there would be no more nation of Israel.
    If in fact Kissinger’s prediction about Israel comes to be true, might it bring about the great falling away of Christians from the faith of Jesus Christ as mentioned by Apostle Paul, 2 Thess 2:3. These event in Israel will culminate with a change of heart for those who live in Jeruselam in that day.
    Zechariah 12:10 KJVS
    [10] And I will pour upon the house of David, and upon the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the spirit of grace and of supplications: and they shall look upon me whom they have pierced, and they shall mourn for him, as one mourneth for his only son , and shall be in bitterness for him, as one that is in bitterness for his firstborn.

    Three is said to be the number of God, and again all things are of God who will in time judge the hearts of all men. We should all take care of what comes out of our hearts and patiently watch the handiwork of God in these last days.

    James 1:19-20 KJVS
    [19] Wherefore, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath: [20] For the wrath of man worketh not the righteousness of God.

    1. The ” God Of Israel”, is exclusive to them,alone. Yahweh admits to bringing a deceiver,tortuer ,and killer. He endorses genocide on behalf of his “Chosen People”. When he “commands”,it is not in any Gentiles interest. When will people rap their “Goy”,heads around this ? This is why Christ called him,”A liar from the beginning”. The Jews “God”,is of the material world.Plato referred to this force as The Demeriuge. Is Putin the man to break this materialistic force on us? I say no. One cannot fight this enemy by being to tricky for your own good,and if Putin,thinks by reviving old Soviet Propaganda ..substituting “Fascist”,for “Jew’,is this battle,he will fail . See Yahweh God Of The New World Order& Synagogue Of Saturn,You Tube.

  12. This whole “jews make up 1% of the population” of this country and that country or sometimes “jews make up 2% of this country and that country” is such a pile of cow shit. the jews make up a lot more than 1 or 2% of the population of any country in the West [ I’m including all of Russia here also. Just for the sake of brevity]. The hebes make up a lot more than 1% or 2% of the population of the USA , and any western country you want to name, and also Russia, both Russia east of the Urals and Russian west of the Urals. And the kikes make up a lot more than 1 or 2 % of the population of the Ukraine.

  13. The article is well written.

    I still see the struggle between Putin’s Russia and the Western powers as a continuation of the phony struggle between the government of GOOD people in Russia and the West, set up by NM Rothschild’s London bankers to increase war-gained profits and increase control through debt. Just more ‘cold-war’ weapons manufacturing in Russia and America and China….. then used world-wide, even by drug dealers everywhere. Drug dealers manufacture no weapons, but buy them from the Rothschild banker-backed manufacturers.

    The phony rift is a ruse to make MORE weapons for the whole world to buy….. and promote the HUGE business called ‘terrorism.’ CIS and Mossad….etc… inventing Al Qaeda and ISIS is an example of creating a market… the consumers of the easily moved products.

    While the world watches Putin…. on stage…. more guns and ammo keep flowing.

    1. This IS a well-written article, Pat. A writer (almost) can’t make this shit up, either. Good story. To me, Putin seems a very capable and likable image… (Ever notice how this site DEPLORES American patriots – but seems to worship and promote RUSSIAN ‘patriots’?? One has to wonder which Hydra Head is in charge on a day-to-day basis…)

      Anyhow, there is a local-to-London rumor going around that Mr. Putin – through a shell company called ‘Saffron Holdings’ – has purchased a manor in Highgate which is the most expensive and largest house in London, after Buckingham Palace. The most prominent occupants of that very wealthy neighborhood are RUSSIAN billionaires – or so I am told.

      Going back to ‘New Lies for Old’, Mr. Golitsyn said the Soviet ‘breakdown’ would be an intended orchestration. He told us at least five years before it happened. The context in which he told it fits EXACTLY with how it is unfolding. Read the book. No doubt, Mr. Putin is a high-asset piece on the chessboard.

      1. Gilbert,
        (Ever notice how this site DEPLORES American patriots-)
        I certainly don’t deplore any true patriot of any country, but when a country is controlled by an evil and demonic pestilence that causes that country to perpetrate great evil around the globe then any true patriot should denounce the actions of his government. Your first loyalty is to your conscience, which is actually God’s representative telling you what is right. After all you are only going to be an American for this short life and then if you support the evil of your country you will be held accountable. I have many good American friends who are in effect living in self imposed exile because they don’t want to live in the demonic country America has become. Your government is not going to be holding your hand when you die and death is coming to all of us, sooner or later. Read the protocols of Zion and you will see the Jewish plan is to gain control of the world through the West because at the time they were written the west controlled the world. Also the PNAC, written by Jews clearly shows this to still be the case and from the fury of the Jewish media in their vilification of Putin the likelihood of him being bogus opposition is remote. Also, in the West, Christians are being persecuted by the homosexual and atheist lobbies. The US and it’s allies actively support the murder of Christians in the Middle East. So Gilbert, it is very sad to say this, but the US and her allies are no longer the good guys. As the Indians would say they are the global bad hats and rowdy makers.

  14. The The Perestroika Deception ( is now available in PDF, it has been out of print for some years as US did not want easily available.
    Read it and rejoice (or weep, whichever world view you prefer).

    The first few chapters;

    Memorandum to the Central Intelligence Agency: March 1989 3
    Predicting, understanding and dealing with ‘Perestroika’ 3
    Predictions of ‘perestroika’ in ‘New Lies for Old’ 3
    Additional predictions on ‘perestroika’ in Memoranda to the CIA: 8
    July 4,1984; July 5,1985; August 1985 8
    Winter 1986; March 1987 10
    Correct predictions based on the new method of analysis 11
    The adoption of the long-range strategy of ‘perestroika’ 12
    Soviet research and preparation for the strategy 13
    The KGB’s role in the preparation of ‘perestroika’ 14
    Experiments and rehearsals for ‘perestroika’ 15
    ‘Perestroika’, the final phase: its main objectives 17
    The essence of ‘perestroika’: An application of 1920s’ Leninism 18
    The choice of Party and Government leaders for ‘perestroika’ 20
    Gorbachev as Party Leader and President 20
    The choice of Ligachev and Yeltsin as critics from right and left

    The new method sees ‘perestroika’, not as a surprising and spontaneous change, but as the logical result of thirty years of preparation and as the next and final phase of the strategy: it sees it in a broader context than Soviet ‘openness’ has revealed.
    It sees it, not only as a renewal of Soviet society, but as a global strategic design for ‘restructuring’ the entire capitalist world.
    The following strategic objectives of ‘perestroika’ may be distinguished:
    For the USSR
    (a) ‘Restructuring’ and revitalisation of the Soviet socialist economy through the incorporation of some elements of the market economy.
    (b)’Restructuring’ of the Stalinist regime into a form of ‘Communist democracy’ with an appearance of political pluralism [ = ‘democratism’].
    (c) ‘Reconstructing’ a repressive regime with a brutal face into an attractive socialist model with a human facade and a seeming similarity to the Swedish social democratic system.
    For the United States
    (a) To neutralise the influence of the anti-Communist political right in the
    American political parties and to create favourable conditions for a victory of the radical left in the 1992 US presidential elections.
    (b) To ‘restructure’ the American military, political, economic and social status quo to accommodate greater convergence between the Soviet and American systems and the eventual creation of a single World Government
    The paramount global objective
    The paramount global objective of the strategy of ‘perestroika’ is to weaken and neutralise anti-Communist ideology and the influence of anti-Communists in political life in the United States, Western Europe and elsewhere – presenting them as anachronistic survivors of the Cold War, reactionaries and obstacles to ‘restructuring’ and peace. Anyone who warns about Moscow’s true objectives is automatically branded a ‘Cold Warrior’, even by people who have doubts about Moscow’s motives.

    it is soooo amusing to watch all the puppets dance.

    1. “The paramount global objective of the strategy of ‘perestroika’ is to weaken and neutralise anti-Communist ideology and the influence of anti-Communists in political life in the United States, Western Europe and elsewhere..”

      It is working…. big-time. Joe McCarthy was the first brave hero to fall, fighting Communists in America’s government in the 50s. “McCarthyism” was the label…. and is still used today….. to shut people up.

      Then, the ‘follow Putin campaign’ is leading closer to – “convergence” – and One World Government, as mentioned:

      “To ‘restructure’ the American military, political, economic and social status quo to accommodate greater convergence between the Soviet and American systems and the eventual creation of a – SINGLE – World Government.”

      1. Joe McCarthy was an alcoholic who drank himself to death. He was also believed to be a homosexual and was fed information by J. Edgar Hoover the transvestite head of the FBI. He had a Jewish homosexual Chief Counsel, Roy Cohn, who later died of AIDS

      2. Felix –

        You are aiding and projecting the typical American mindset about McCarthy. That is the same mindset which allowed the formation of the UN. Very few in America or US Congress resisted communism. They followed Pharisee MSM. You are following along with them.

        McCarthy is still hated in the halls of US Congress. And those who vilify Jews in Congress are labeled as “witch-hunters” and “McCarthyites” promoting “McCarthyism.”

        Unlike typical Americans… When Pharisees hate him….. I like him.

        McCarthy is one of Arthur Topham’s favorite freedom-fighters. I know and greatly admire Arthur.

        McCarthy Vindicated at Last by Philip V. Brennan

        “About our last chance to make any real inroads against this gigantic Jewish media deception came in the 1950s when Sen. Joe McCarthy was widely described as a paranoid lunatic for claiming to know hundreds of Communists in the American government. But our belief in Edward R. Murrow shilling for Jewish media with his CBS broadcasts ultimately led, 50 years later, to Dick Cheney and his Mossad friends knocking down the two biggest buildings in New York City in order to spread the Communist warmaking formula around the globe.”

        BTW – That link you used proves nothing. You are using the Pharisee-fed wikipedia as your source. You should know better. It is for America’s mindset. 🙂

      3. A very different American mindset:


        JFK’s feelings became abundantly clear during a reunion banquet at Harvard.
        When an after-dinner speaker remarked that he was proud Harvard had never graduated an Alger Hiss and even prouder that it had never produced a Joe McCarthy,
        JFK exploded in anger.

        Rising at his seat, he shouted,
        “How dare you couple the name of a great American patriot with that of a traitor!”

        The other diners lapsed into shocked silence,
        and JFK departed without hearing the rest of the program.

      4. Pat,
        Yes, it’s most likely true that Roy Cohn attached himself to Joe with the aim of making him look bad. Because Roy Cohn was a nasty piece of work. Remember what the Jews did to Forrestal? Probably murdered him and said it was suicide.

      5. Felix –

        McCarthy’s personal secretary was a good friend of my dad. Mrs Larry Lent was a tough patriot also. Went to our church. She and husband came to the house often. She had some hair-raising stories about those days. She said they were somewhat naive to the Jew tactics at the time, but could see what they did looking back. They were too busy fighting with ‘sold-out’ Senators, and President.

        I am very familiar with James Forrestal being tossed out the window.
        McCarthy died at Bethesda also….. age 48. Being treated for pneumonia.
        Bill Casey never escaped there either. Knew too much.

        Military hospitals were/are dangerous for patriots here and overseas. Got Patton too.

  15. Be nice to Putin everyone, or brutha nappy natty simian sheenie monkey jew will get disturbed and perturbed and bothered and that might upset its appetite, and I just sent it a whole bunch of bananas and I don’t want to see the bunch of bananas go soft and mushy and go to waste. Thank you everybody!

    1. Joe – You shoulda sent MANGOES! I have a friend in Florida who sends me mangoes, often. She has a heavy-producing mangoe TREE off her patio. We hillbilly redneck COWBOYS even like mangoes. If WE like ’em, then all monkey-cousins probably LERV ’em! 🙂
      (And they SHIP better than bananas, too, FYI.)

  16. What a great article.I have recently become very interested in Russian history and politics,especially since the recent coup in Ukraine .This article substantiates what I have been able to glean from reading between the lines ,so to speak,on Western MSM and also from following journalists and writers such as The Saker,Club Orlov ,Lada Ray etc. Darkmoon has added the icing on the cake by providing the why and when of the Russian people and their country.Thank you so much .I will most certainly be adding your newsletter to my subscription list and forwarding this article to friends and family .My best heartfelt regards to you.

  17. I agree with the general tenor of this article that at present Putin’s Russia is central in the battle against the forces of evil in the world. Putin has restored Russia to greatness and is definitely a power of good in the rest of the world.

    I doubt however that it was Yeltsin who secretly chose him for that task. If Yeltsin cared so much for Russia he would not have let it be ruined so much by the (Jewish) oligarchs. Yeltsin was a drunk incompetent and was entirely a puppet in the hands of the predatory Jews. The Jews saw in Putin their next puppet and Putin pretended to be one, until he garnered enough power to oust the Jewish oligarchs. The rest is history.

    As for Ukraine being the planned next “Jewish homeland” (based on spurious “Khazar” claims), that is a very unlikely scenario. Ukraine has 44,000,000 inhabitants, only 67,000 of whom (=0,15% !) are Jewish. How such a tiny minority could conquer a Jews-only territory by ethnic cleansing is not explained. That project failed in Palestine, which has earned the Jews universal hostility. Would an even more unlikely project in Ukraine really solve their problem?

    1. @ Franklin Ryckaert

      As for Ukraine being the planned next “Jewish homeland” (based on spurious “Khazar” claims), that is a very unlikely scenario. Ukraine has 44,000,000 inhabitants, only 67,000 of whom (=0,15% !) are Jewish. How such a tiny minority could conquer a Jews-only territory by ethnic cleansing is not explained.


      In your haste to read this very long article, you have missed a vitally important point. There is no suggestion in the article that the small minority of Jews currently living in Ukraine (0.15% of the population ) are going to take over Ukraine from the overwhelming majority of non-Jewish Ukrainians and ethnically cleanse them!

      The author is saying something quite different: he is stating that one day there is likely to be AN INFLUX OF SIX MILLIONS JEWS FROM ISRAEL INTO UKRAINE (!!!) as Israel become a powder keg on the point of exploding. How easy it would be to nuke six million Jews and reduce Tel Aviv to rubble if push came to shove. This highly dangerous situation, the author contends, is likely to lead to a Jewish diaspora from Israel to the Ukraine, the justification being “Ukraine is our ancient homeland — Khazaria.”

      Just as one branch of Jewry claims that Palestine belongs to them because it is the Holy Land of the Chosen people, another branch of Jewry will lay claim to Ukraine (the ancient Khazaria) as the rightful homeland of the Ashkenazi Jews.

      Here is what the article says. I have bolded the significant passages:

      This is where the plot to repopulate the Ukraine comes in. Most Israelis of European descent are naturally more comfortable on “the Continent” completely out of range of such mortar and missile attacks. Hence, the Ukraine was chosen by the Zionist leadership as a new fallback position. Not only is the brazenly apartheid regime of the Modern State of Israel untenable in any civilized world, it has shown itself as the thoroughly rogue nation and criminal state that it is today. In fact, the Modern State of Israel has ignominiously distinguished itself as an unprecedented and peerless international pariah.

      Particularly in light of their recent destruction of Gaza, Israel has essentially sealed its fate. Consequently, the Middle East has morphed into a HUGE powder keg ready to blow whenever Israel decides to cross one too many red lines for the umpteenth time. Any normal person living in such a volatile environment would only want to far remove themselves from such a precarious state of affairs, which is why there is now a very quiet movement of Ashkenazi Jews back to the Ukraine, their ancestral homeland.

      1. The idea that six million Israeli Jews, when Israel becomes too hot to handle, will all decide to scarper off to the Ukraine is not at all plausible to me. There are far more attractive locations where the parasitical Jew is likely to thrive. Most Israeli Jews, when Israel collapses, will probably head for the United States and Canada and various prosperous European countries. Others will migrate to Australia and New Zealand. And some will no doubt make for China.

      2. Good, but how on earth would the Jews be able to convince the Ukrainians to allow a sudden influx of millions of Jews? And even so they will be there a small minority. If they would “take over” Ukraine economically, politically and culturally, do they really think that will not cause an anti-Semitic reaction? Besides, even if the Jews believe (or pretend to believe) in the “Khazarian theory” of Ashkenazi origins, only half the population of Israeli Jews is of Ashkenazi origin. The rest is Shephardic, Mizrahi (“Oriental”), or Ethiopian. If the state of Israel eventually fails, most Israeli Jews would prefer the USA instead of some country in Eastern Europe where anti-Semitism never went away.

    2. @Franklin Ryckaert, I suppose the parasites are running out of options. It would be nice if they left Palestine, but not so nice for the new “hosts”..

      1. Their next host is China, they are openly talking about it. Have you noticed that more and more Jews are marrying Chinese women? They want to fit in racially.

      2. Good luck getting Chinese citizenship. Most Jews who marry Chinese women live with them in the West, like Rupert Murdoch and Zuckerberg. Westerners who take out Asian citizenship prefer Singapore. It’s called the Switzerland of Asia; low taxes, excellent education system, good medical, lowest infant mortality rate in the world and so on. Most Jews will probably go back to Europe and of course the States. Let’s not forget the Crusaders had a kingdom in Palestine which lasted about a hundred years. The Chinese make a point of serving visiting Jews pork. No kosher nostraism in China.

  18. “By 1989 the pendulum of power had swung from those who wished to see the USSR and her satellites controlled by communism to those who wanted to directly control her prodigious natural wealth, industrial base and other national assets by way of naked predatory capitalism. Toward that end the many notorious Russian oligarchs were each selected and appointed by the Western coalition of bankers to oversee the outright theft of all major assets and natural resources from the Russian people. This unique form of corrupt predatory capitalism was at first hidden from public view as it was implemented to strip everything of value from both the state and the citizenry.”

    This paragraph should give one pause as to what the Jews have in store for America. Perhaps the image presented by its golden Negro president holds a clue as to where America is heading; for one can readily see the destruction and dissolution Negro rule has brought to Africa.

    This article substantiates, at least in part, exactly what I have been saying since the fall of the wall, i.e., this was no accident, no happenstance; this was a planned destruction of a nation by the international Jew bankers. No power in history at the height of its reign, especially a totalitarian power, has ever willingly relinquished that power. Not one has ever said, “turn out the lights, it’s over” and walked away from its holdings. The fall of the Soviet Union had to be engineered. Why? Because the Jews had bled the Soviet Union of its useful productivity as illustrated by the old Soviet joke, “we pretend to work, they pretend to pay us.”

    The Communist terror was used effectvely to engender cold war nuclear weapons research, development and production continued on a wartime footing without the terrible toll a “hot war” takes on citizenry and resources. As with the wall street psychopaths, the cold war was merely a matter of the numbers showing a desirable “profit” margin. The Jews finally got the power of god they had lusted for since their Old Testament god YHVH used his power to destroy innumerable foreign cultures and deliver the Israelites their so-called promised land.

    The Jews finally got their power of god in the form of nuclear weapons. They tested and proved the effectiveness of their new “godly” power on Japan and now they wanted to develop this crude weapon to it’s ultimate potential as quickly as possible along with various delivery systems. A so-called “hot war” would have made this rapid development impossible, so they used their Soviet dupe to engineer the “cold war.”

    Russia had been devastated by the second world war. Stalin had decided by then enough was enough, so like JFK, who also threatened the Jewish power structure, he was promptly eliminated and replaced by more cooperative characters. The cold war continued, as did the testing and development of nuclear weaponry along with the transfer of the technology from both the Soviets and Americans to Israel. This went on for fifty years proving conclusively that the world could survive and recover from devastating nuclear conflict – at least for those not subjected directly to the blast. Here is the proof of that survivability:

    Over 2000 nuclear blasts since Hiroshima and hundreds upon hundreds of those within the confines of the continental US, gave the Jews all the proof they were looking for; they had the power of god and not only could they survive its wrath, they could use it to rule the world. By this time the ultimate weapons delivery system, the nuclear armed and powered submarine had been perfected. So the other services were quietly dismantled; the base closures of the nineties, the cutting up of the airborne bomber force. I well remember my astonishment when like the Soviet Union, America’s Strategic Air Command simply dissappeared overnight. The nuclear submarine had made them all obsolete. So what weapons delivery system has Israel pressed hard for? A nuclear armed submarine force and unlike the IDF and the IAF, one has to be a born and bred Israeli Jew to serve in that branch of service.

    Thus, the Jew bankers no longer needed the Soviet Union to drive cold war weapons development. By that time the Soviet Union had been bled dry. It was costing the secular economic priests billons to support the failing Soviet Union, a power now no longer needed to fulfill their weapons development plan.

    Does anyone remember how the US literally sent tons of economic aid to the Soviet Union in the 1960s? Does anyone remember the huge grain shipments made to a starving Russia in the very middle of the cold war? I well remember the military minds of that day asking very pointedly, “Why are we supporting the enemy? This is the perfect time to defeat the communists, we can starve them into submission, why are we feeding the communists?”

    Of course without the benefit of Hoffman lenses, no one could see the real plan behind this support for an enemy. Does anyone remember those of the mental military midget mindset crowing, “We won! We won! America won the cold war by outspending the Soviets in weapons development!”? No one bothered to ask the now obviously answered question, what effect will all this immense military spending have on the American economy? Will it ruin America like it ruined the Soviet Union? Of course that could never happen to America.

    I cannot say if Putin had any place in this plan, nor can I say if he took advantage of the collapsing soviet system to restore Russia. But I can say with certainty the collapse of the Soviet Unions was indeed carefully engineered by the international cabal of Jewish bankers and the weaponry developed by this faux enemy has now given the Jews an arsenal of nuclear weapons that threaten the entire globe.

    The Jews are the destroyers of nations, murderers of peoples and their cultures. They destroy at every level, whether its economic disaster, mass immigration or nuclear war, Jews do nothing but destroy. Therefore, as long as they have this power of god and the will to use it, one can only expect further dissolution and destruction of this planet

    1. Arch –

      “Does anyone remember how the US literally sent tons of economic aid to the Soviet Union in the 1960s? Does anyone remember the huge grain shipments made to a starving Russia in the very middle of the cold war? I well remember the military minds of that day asking very pointedly, “Why are we supporting the enemy? This is the perfect time to defeat the communists, we can starve them into submission, why are we feeding the communists?”

      I DO… very vividly. It was supported by the Pharisee UN. I was one of those handing out flyers showing that Russia was a bought and paid for enemy. Jesse Helms, George Wallace, Gary Allen and Dan Smoot(fmr FBI), and dozens more, were hollering it loudly. I remember that Russia had 3 votes on UN Security Council to USA’s just 1. The whole charade was preposterous. Orchestrated.

      And… I agree with this 100%:

      “But I can say with certainty the collapse of the Soviet Unions was indeed carefully engineered by the international cabal of Jewish bankers..” They controlled the opposition and the UN.

    2. Arch,
      An interesting video, although it didn’t show the joint SA/Israel test in the South Atlantic in the mid 70’s. South Africa built 6 nukes but the White Government got rid of them before Mandela took over. Israel is believed to have over 400 nukes. The Germans have given them Dolphin subs as well. Anything could happen with that nut Netanyahu. The wrong brother died at Entebbe in 1976.

      1. Don’t worry about it. If they have them, THEY CAN’T DELIVER THEM.
        Btw, nuclear submarines carry a heat signature far above that of diesel subs. They are easy to spot (from waaay above). Nothing is as it seems, in the military or cyber worlds. ‘Deception’ is oldest, most classic strategy. Defeating deception is the new frontier of Tactics of Warfare.

      2. The Dolphin submarine is a very quiet sub and runs on fuel cells. Remember the recent exercise where a French nuclear powered sub sank a US carrier in an exercise. I posted a link a couple of threads ago. The idea that subs are easy to spot is a Tom Clancy fantasy. There was also the case of a Chinese sub surfacing in the middle of a US fleet exercise. Undetected by the US navy of course. Remember Somalia, where no tech beat hi tech. Be very sceptical of these claims of a hi tech solution to a military problem. It’s all part of the corrupt sales pitch by the military industrial complex.

      3. Felix –

        Nukes are the staple of the American mindset, which you are portraying. They want to be feared. It is a ruse…. a bluff.

        Gilbert is correct. He may still believe thee are nukes, but the delivery systems and triggers, and other aspects, come under question.

        Highly concentrated and enriched uranium and plutonium emit high levels of ionizing radiation constantly. That makes them ‘nukes’ and makes them dangerous all the time. That radiation would destroy the highly sensitive INSTRUMENTATION in the GUIDANCE systems and TRIGGER mechanisms over just a few years’ time.
        The shelf-lives would be short. They would be unreliable to function properly in as short a time as two years. Lead shielding needed to help would just add more weight and space.

        Also as the nuclear materials decay… NUCLEAR BUCKLING changes. That means the density and shape of the neutron flux design of the material changes. That would result in a ‘fizzle’ rather than the desired explosion.

        It ain’t like C4 or gunpowder. That’s why it is so difficult to grasp what is involved.

        The typical American mindset is to believe the government about:
        Holo-hoax and 6 million
        Jews are chosen
        JFK assassination
        WTC debacle
        Nuke threats

        I believe none of those listed.

        Be very careful of high-tech fantasies and lies.

      4. Of course, the closest I have ever been to a nuclear reactor is while fishing near one – which 10,000 acre lake WAS CREATED FOR WATER FOR THE COOLING SYSTEM. That’s HOT.
        Also, when conducting some private business, I met a gentleman who had been hired to weld a steam pipe at one of our military forts here, which accomodates a reactor. He described welding a 24 INCH diameter stainless pipe with a ONE INCH bore. THAT indicates fairly high heat, don’t you think??

  19. It USSR occupation of Afghanistan which cracked the Jewish Soviet empire.

    “These gentlemen remind me the Fathers of our nation” – US president Ronald Reagan, while posing for a picture with Afghan Mujahideen leaders at White House.

    “Oh, Lord Shiva, save us from the claw of the tiger, the fang of the cobra, and vengeance of the Afghan” – Old Hindu Prayer.

  20. This article reeks of standard PR: short on facts and figures, big on conjecture and rhetoric.

    There’s a ton of misdirection and misinformation out there on Russia. It’s best to ignore it and just focus on what Putin has done during his time in office, who his allies are, and most importantly, who will succeed him.

    1. Legionairre –

      I have come to the point in my life that I recognize the futility of spurring a dead horse. Our ‘world’ has become almost unrecognizeable, and we need to adapt. For instance, being able to produce large amounts of food, I am relatively happy doing that very thing, and can farm for my conquerors as well as for myself. There’s not a people in this world in whom I don’t find some degree of affability, and if they’ve spent their entire lives in conquest of our way-of-life, I feel sorry for them, to a degree. It won’t buy them another DAY on this earth, and they’ll die frustrated. We needn’t. You say your are a young man, so be still and gather wisdom. When you get old – if you do – you will be more able to discern who it is you wish to terminate, if any. Things change in our three score years and ten. Believe me, it isn’t worth spending the majority of that time worrying about the motives of the Putins, Obamas, or their masters. In the End, we’ll all be dust (but I hope neither you nor I come back as angry negroes!!). 🙂

      1. May you come back NOT an angry negro but come back a happy negro, Gilbert. A happy ganja rastafarian “don’t worry be happy” negro! Certainly, BMAN would just LERV IT if you came back a ganja nigga. He would have another friend besides CMAN, whoppi Goldberg, and “reverend” Rubin X.

      2. TROJ
        Why not come back as the Predator? High tech weapons, invisibility suit, your own space! Just think of the fun you’d have hunting the bad guys.

      3. Think about it

        What does a successful predatoriness mean in this context?

        prey: to exert a wearing effect, e.g.; prey upon one’s mind. Whose mind? – the enemy, wearin ’em down with what THEY know WE know about them.

        resulting with….

        the spoils, as in spoiling, or impairing the completeness, perfection, or unity of. to disrupt; disturb

        the brown hawk swoops in

    2. This article reeks of standard PR: short on facts and figures, big on conjecture and rhetoric.

      ability to conjecture is one distinguishing characteristic of intelligent lifeforms and how resistant a conjecture is to tests by the known facts and its internal logic is the indicator of intelligence.

      it is like making a rope by splicing lengths of twine end to end, in series and in parallel.
      if the rope is made badly, the ends are mismatched and tied incorrectly and the rope breaks when additional weight is hung, sometimes even under its own weight.
      so, in absence of known facts, a good conjecture can lead to the truth just as a well made rope will help a mountaineer scale to the top of the mountain (where i guess another form of truth will reside, maybe in the grand panorama of stuff).

      consider holocaust, a peerless example on conjecturing.
      we generally here conjecture that it did not happen.
      do we have a proof?
      a nonexistence of something can only be proved in a false way, namely that there is historical evidence of it having at one time existed but since disappeared into oblivion, like a living person that became a corpse and its evidence is in cemetery.
      but some “person” that never existed cannot be proved not to exist, eg, santa-claus.
      jesus is touch and go, probably due to a fair bit of mythologizing but there is some scant evidence that he did exist as a historical person.
      so what makes our anti-holocaust conjecture strong enough that we can use it to confidently climb the truth mountain, given the complete lack of any historical evidence, such as forensic material?
      the fact that jew’s conjecture (of course he doesn’t call it that, he calls it a sacred fact) is so weak and demonstrably shot full of lies and internal contradictions, a weakest rope ever invented by a nononhuman lifeform that has no concept of engineering, only tribal psy-war tactics.
      in other words, the holocaust conjecture is so weak that it makes its antithetical conjecture strong.

      now, to return to the article, which is the main point, find me where the writer weaves facts into a narrative where the fabric is greatly weakened due to either falsehood or failure of logic.


      it didn’t really tell me much that is new, except that perhaps boris yeltsin indeed sacrificed himself on the altar of russian survival as a nation.
      it actually makes sense and if so, i posthumously (his posthumously, not mine) apologize for having called him a filthy traitor at every turn.
      i did not realize that putin praised him effusively and thanked him with sincere gratitude for this great and heroic sacrifice.
      wish there was just one such leader in the rest of the white world.
      wishful thinking.

      come to think of it, spqr, what does a good police investigator do but build conjectures from the scene of the crime onwards, until the final conviction?
      how often is there a fresh body and the killer holding a smoking gun confessing to the murder?

      so give the whatever conjecture you hear whatever respect it deserves.

      (btw, i find the conjecture that putin is a rothschild agent as weak as that hitler was the same, a tad stronger than shoah)

      1. i wrote this wearing my new putin versteher t-shirt brought to me yesterday by a german friend who knows my preference.
        she says it is from some political skit and that putin (and his t-shirts) are hugely popular in germany.

        another straw in the wind?

      2. It can’t help but be conjecture. There are plenty of actions occurring within Russia which are in evidence – all of it circumstantial per our view of it. Heck, even if viewed remotely, who’s to say what exactly is to be concluded by what’s being seen? Even the best remote viewers out there can’t be certain.

        In the interest of playin devil’s advocate…

        “If it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck” vs. :If it looks too good to be true” :

        Where is the bottom of the Russian dollhouse?
        When will it be arrived at?
        What will the last doll look like?
        Just who IS Vladamir Putin?*

        Honest assessments never look at one-sided coins, and SOME coins are tricks, while others are in mint condition

        Hey Pat, if Vlad ain’t the goods, then Ronnie Reagan’s got nuthin on him. He would win an Oscar

        * In the “Premises of Possibility Dept.

        There’s the bizzaro reality of alien Consciousness swapping that some esoteric schools of thought say is what happened to Hitler

        You can’t make this stuff up. What kind of world you think you’re livin in?

      3. Yeah, B-Hawk – ACTORS..??

        Get a load of this, sent by a friend. Many leaders have ‘doubles.’

        All words below are those of others:

        Could be a spoof…but…???

        At 4:23 ear shapes differ.

        Россию уничтожают двойники?(trans:Russia destroy twins?)

        Doubles top officials – fiction or reality that hard to believe? And if, on behalf of the Presidents broadcast like them twins – who stands behind them and really rules the world?

        Lyudmila Putin:

        “My husband is dead long time ago”
        The German newspaper Die Welt  has published a sensational interview with the former First Lady of Russia Lyudmila Putin.

        My husband, unfortunately, have long been dead. I have admitted it publicly because I could not longer see what is happening on his behalf.   It’s terrible people. They did not stop at nothing. I am afraid that now they will kill me and daughters as well as they killed him.

        Our family was not exactly ideal. When I got married, I was in love with an intelligence officer. But the reality was quite different. Putin was vile, cruel man, a tyrant. He never considered me and simply did not notice my existence. I needed him only for reference and the composition of the family as a mother for his children. I find it hard to talk about it, but Putin beat me, humiliated, mocked me.  Life with him was torture.

        I tried to fight and many times tried to to file for divorce.  But for this man was not anything sacred. To silence me, he handed me over to a psychiatric clinic. I went through all the circles of hell … narcotics, psychotropic substances, bullying. For a long time I was locked up in prison for a long time, and I have not seen sunlight, and I did not see the people. I still remember it with a shudder.  From being a young and confident woman I became a shadow, and my will was broken, I agreed to all conditions, only to come out from this place.

        What has happened and began after his death defies any descriptions.

        He had an extremely difficult period. Of course, he did not tell me anything, and he became even more withdrawn. A month before the death, in the night, he took our daughters somewhere without any warning of me, and I did not even know where he brought them.

        And then he was gone completely. At night, some people came to our home – some of them I knew some of them I had seen for the first time.  They broke everything upside down, reviewed all the papers, all the walls in the house rattled. They told me only one thing: “If you want to live – be silent.”  They briefly replied to all of my questions about my husband  that he would soon come, that he is at an important retreat, and because of the interests of national security, this is not worth for me to discuss it with anyone .  A few days later, came his first … understudy.   Later I learned that the murder of Vladimir was prepared ahead of time.  It eliminated when the first twin was almost ready to take his place. Outwardly, he certainly was very similar to Putin – I was shocked.  But it was a completely different person.

        They somehow managed to track down the girls. They issued an ultimatum for me – either I play the role of a loyal wife, or I and my daughters would not longer live. I had no choice. I first tried to avoid public events. Corrosive media attention, intrigue and gossip, all this, sicken me. However, pretending being a wife of another man was even worse for me.

        In order for me not to say something wrong, they prepared for me the double.  They scared that I said something wrong, as planned scenario, wipe out embarrassments.  If they had time to bring my siblings to more or less successful similarities, I would be murdered long time ago.

        Miraculously, we managed to escape. For obvious reasons, I can not call the people who helped us to stop this terrible dramatization and escape.   “The Divorce” was my deliverance. Now I live abroad, and I’m fine.   However, I’m scared to see what is happening with Russia.

        People come to your senses!   You live like beggars, barely making ends meet because you are mercilessly robed and deceived.  And now there is a question about the survival of indigenous peoples in Russia!  If you do not stop a coward and ignore what is happening in the country – you do not live!  
        SUPER interview with Svetlana Peunova.
        In this part of Svetlana answers the question why Putin has double.

        Prove to me that it is Putin!
        Докажите мне, что это Путин! 

      4. There’s no need to guess with Putin though. His personal life may be a bit of a mystery, but his politics aren’t. Aside from one weak law limiting fag propaganda, Putin falls in line with the rest of Europe’s Jewed leaders.

  21. Why didn’t the jews make the Ukraine [ Khazaria ] their jew homeland during the time the jews controlled Russia and it was called the Soviet Union? Why go through all the trouble of obtaining Palestine for a jew homeland when all along it’s really the Ukraine [ Kazaria ] that is the jew’s real homeland — and for decades the jews owned and controlled the Soviet Union and could have every easily made the Ukraine [ Khazaria ] their real beloved real jew homeland. I mean, the jews owned and controlled the Ukraine [ Khazaria ] during the jew Soviet Union communist decades and the Ukraine [ Khazaria ] is their real jew homeland, so why didn’t the jews simply make the Ukraine [ Khazaria ] their jew homeland when the jews owned and controlled their real jew homeland? jews are schizophrenic bananas.

  22. Again, I discovered this article following on the link posted at The News Scouter.

    I have been reading Lasha Darkmoon’s essays and commentaries for a longtime. This author’s honesty,integrity, depth of thought, and articulation is beyond any doubt. This essay is no exception.

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    Visit The News Scouter often. We have noticed they are constantly ‘scouting’ for the latest news stories – updating, I believe, on hourly basis.

    Make The News Scouter your One Stop Reading Room.

    1. Information Clearing House is pretty good, too. ICH. I notice that a lot of articles featured, here, come from there (with excellent commentary by the person who is called ‘Lasha Darkmoon’). I look at News Scouter, too, and find it to be as you say.

    2. I’ve been reading Darkmoon for a long time also and I think I have gone thru at least, Oh, at least 666 million cases of Pepto Bismol and only Gawd knows how much Alka Seltzer.

  23. Darkmooners and guests::
    Great article with a good backstory to make people think of HOPE and CHANGE. Where have we heard that before and what happened? Obama in 2008 and look where he got America and the world. I see Putin in the same light. Putin and BRICS building the world’s hope for change against the evil Anglo-American-Israeli Alliance, when eventually they will help pull the rug out from under us. As for Putin being pictured as Napoleon, I think Putin is actually more of a Hitler. Hitler from 1933- 1938 was seen by the non-jewified world as a new hope and change as well. Hitler’s German economic miracle of 1933 – 1938 made him the enemy of int’l jewry/Zionists and the Rothschild Khazarian Banksters. Putin is perceived in the same way today by the elite. Now one interesting thing in the article is the omission of Iceland. Iceland is the country that really showed the Banksters what to do and where to go. Iceland either jailed the Banksters or told them to leave and then Iceland cleared all debt and started with a government owned currency, no Central Bank/FED shinnanigans. Hungary is just theater to make Europe look more divided and weak. (Divide and conquer). As for the comparison of Putin to Hitler, I think it works if you consider that the fake jews want to get back to the revised New Israel of Ukraine/ former Khazaria. Putin provides perfect cover for this just as Hitler did in the formation of Palestine Israel. Putin through his machinations and intentions are good, he is still in a good-bad cop show to justify the supposed alteration of the world economic system. The sheeple will believe it. But when the new system(BRICS) is just the old system (FED) with new clothes, where there is no cash and fully electronic (mark of the Beast), the Rothschild Banking Cartel will have more control over us than before to the point of full enslavement or death. Those are your only choices, support/use the mark of the beast or else you get killed. That is the biblical reference as seen in the book of Revelation, because that is the future we are entering. Putin just like Hitler, is here to help the int’l jewry rape and loot the planet for profit. Make more money for the different industrial complexes, ie. Military, Medical(Pharma), Biotech, Prison and Educational. So just like Brother Nathanael and his , I admire Putin, but am aware this is nothing more than a smoke and mirrors show under the Hegelian dialect to achieve a synthesis/solution outcome. To me, which faction, besides int’l jewry, will come out on top as the frontman of the Rothschild Antichrist. Will it be a German led revived EU supported by the Vatican, or some Russian led EEU/BRICS or a City of London British Monarchy Ruler or will America come back to life after it dies and rule from New York or is it some new Khazarian Banking Mafia based in Jerusalem. My bets are on a Mediterranean Sea based grouping like a German led revised EU or crypto-jewry leading from Jerusalem. Now to consider the synthesis nature of Putin’s raison d’etre, James Corbett of shows how the BRICS is the same as the FED/Central Bank Rothschild Banking model. Here is the link:

    As for the aspect hinted at in the article but not discussed, is that the economic power by design is shifting east. Writers like Pepe Escobar, Joachim Hagopian, Finian Cunningham, Peter Koenig and Eric Zuesse have been writing about this shift for about a year now. The west to east shift is a shift from sea-based powers (America, Great Britain) to land-based powers (Germany, Russia and China) Nice to see some new names that I have seen elsewhere like PJ London. Thanks, Norbert.

    1. An interesting point of view Norbert, but I prefer to divide the world differently: Religion or Spirituality versus Irreligion or Non-spirituality and their can be no doubt that Anglo-American Zionist countries perpetrate abominations and mock God e.g. the killing of Christians and others around the world, the persecution of Religious believers by perverted sodomites and atheists in the US and UK, the use of depleted uranium munitions causing atrocious birth defects. Another evil is theft from God by patenting living organisms and producing and promoting GMO’s. Russia is doing none of these things. That’s why I believe the US is the mother of all abominations mentioned in Revelations. One cannot sow evil and expect to reap good! The West should “pluck first the beam from their own eyes”, before projecting their own Jewish induced depravities onto the rest of the world. Remember the Kings of the earth have committed fornication with the mother of all abominations, not with Russia.

    2. good backstory to make people think of HOPE and CHANGE. Where have we heard that before and what happened? Obama in 2008 and look where he got America and the world. I see Putin in the same light.

      why don’t i see putin in the same light?
      yes, obama was plugged as el salvador del mundo, christ the redeemer on the sugarloaf hill overlooking rio de janeiro painted black, the world was in transport of feel-good brotherhood and ecstasy … except that israeli manufactured ecstasy wore out rather quickly.

      putin predates obama and compare the trajectories over time, whereas the world sees obama for what he is, a lawn negro holding up lantern unto nations for massa jew, putin’s popularity goes from strength to strength in his heimat as well as worldwide.

      realize one thing: the mass of rabble is stupid and easily mislead but only initially.
      that same intuitive factor that makes them intellectually inferior also makes them strong in the long run and they can sniff out decency as well as deviance (except the process is so agonizingly slow in the bejewed anglo countries, especially the us and colonies, maybe due to lack of root culture).

      just as german nation loved hitler to his last day on earth, russian nation loves putin and this is his strength, not judo belts and chess ratings.
      time is the friend of truth and enemy of lie, as the former grows stronger, the latter weakens.

      obama is as empty as a brown paper bag after the rubbie slugged back the carton of wild irish rose that was in it, so don’t compare him to putin.

    3. Norbert –
      I agree with this statement:
      “But when the new system(BRICS) is just the old system (FED) with new clothes, where there is no cash and fully electronic (mark of the Beast), the Rothschild Banking Cartel will have more control over us than before to the point of full enslavement or death.”

      Pharisee bankers will NEVER lose control, no matter the countries’ leaders.. And Iceland’s action does not weaken Pharisee bankers’ control elsewhere.

      BTW – Iceland is still a member of BIS. Still hooked. Use SWIFT.|2|601

  24. putin putin putin. he’s gonna save us all, right? i sure hope so. but i still can’t believe he’s not just another freemason/ashkenazi insider cooperating with the global banking and munitions elite to keep the age old fake dichotomy alive between russia and the west, so that all the people who have always capped on the conflict will keep on occupying the top of the religio-corporate security pyramid. don’t you think it makes a difference when it comes time to renew all those contracts, about whether or not there is tension between us? and while all the peons are still being peed on with this fake jive – the elite are rapidly cementing into place their global corporate military surveillance state dictatorship. and when they gets locked all the way in – you can kiss your humanity goodby, probably forever. look – if you want me to believe in putin then lets hear him and all the rest of the supposed adversaries of global jewry give the world a long presentation on exactly how that faction took control of the usa, russia and the rest of the world. is he vlad the lad or vlad the just-another-cad? why don’t him and amaninadinnerjacket command the world stage with a scathing expose on just how the jews do it? what are they waiting for? let them point out the obvious episodes of history, where the jewish conspiracy manipulated and murdered its way along. don’t they realize that most people in the world, especially the braindead usa, where everybody still thinks the germans killed 6,000,000 jews in ww2, have no idea of the size of the jewish conspiracy, even though the jews killed many of their best men and replaced them with zionist asshooles like teddy roosevelt and lyndon johnson. they could bring brother nathaneil and david duke to the gathering. these people command the world stage. why don’t they take the time to explain the whole jew thing to everybody out there? don’t tell me they don’t understand it. by the way – now we know who the 6,000,000 really are. that’s the number of ashkenazi jews controlling the global media.

  25. If in her introductory note, Lasha was referring to the Davidic throne when she said “elite organized Jewry” she would be correct. If not, then she would be wrong. His “Jewish masters”; same thing; the Davidic throne. Outside of that are ‘“elite” counterfeit-Jews’. By the way, “crypto” does not mean counterfeit or fake and is a very misleading term when referring to fake-jews as crypto-jews unless of course referring to the Davidic throne.

    If she or anyone else says it does not matter, she is and they are wrong to be untruthful. To maintain a lie when you do not know better is forgivable, but now you know better. Or are you still in the dark?

  26. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it

    A protocolian mantra reflecting what was good for the goose is good for the gander. Hitler was the goose. The popular and genuine leader of the German people they wanted as their man. He knew this, but he wasn’t their stooge and the cat ‘n mouse game was on. We all know who won, thanks to the calculated risk of the zions with their espionage plants, and fast forward to the gander.

    But this time the calculation has a greater element of risk. It was one thing to pull the proverbial wool over the eyes of an ex-corporal, quite another for a lieutenant colonel in the KGB. Could this be the makings of protocolian hubris setting in? Overconfidence at the fate of the goose, and underestimating the skills of the gander? Could this be a protocol chink in the armor?

    If Putin is being set up to be railroaded as the next “casus belli”, then my money would have to go on him stayin on the tracks.

    1. A little math seems to be in order here.

      Edgar Cayce was a devout Christian who is said to have been the reincarnated brother of Jesus, James. Take this with a grain of salt perhaps. But Cayce was a genuine seer in IMHO who is accurately quoted in the article regarding “through Russia comes the hope of the world”.

      Then there’s this business of the Antichrist in Revelation and the infamous mark of the beast. This coming to pass would SEEM to suggest the aforementioned “hope” being dashed, yet there IS a happy ending to the story…..

      The plot is always thickening

      1. speaking of prophecies, didn’t the lady of fatima apparition reportedly warn about some global change triggered by russia?

        maybe just some brain echo bounced wrong …

      2. As far as I know [ and I happen to know a lot] devout Christians don’t believe in reincarnation. Reincarnation is Hinduism, NOT Christianity.

      3. Yes, indeed Lobro. I believe Russia had to be consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. If I am not mistaken Pope Pius did so “in pectora” (in his heart) before his death. Malachi Martin was personal secretary to Pope John 23rd and wrote a couple of excellent books giving a lot of insider info about the Church. Go to the Genesis site and download all his books for free. He was a Jesuit, but left the priesthood because he saw how the Jesuits betrayed the church. He wrote a book on the subject.

      4. TROJ
        Regarding Christianity and reincarnation you might find this interesting.
        Remember Christianity has undergone massive changes in doctrine and belief from the time of Jesus.
        The link posted above is just one of many over the centuries. Regarding “towel heads”, may I suggest you google images of Ethiopian Christianity.

  27. Putin = Napoleon??
    napoleon was an ruthless invader, suppressor and manic ursurpator.
    human lives were nothing to him (even french ones). his megalomania
    was unmatched in europe but for hitler.
    don’t compare this ghoul with vlad putin -a strongman- but a defender of the
    russian nation against the predatory assaults of “the west” (i.e. the jewish-capitalistic

    1. From a strategic standpoint, a Jewish homeland in the Ukraine makes perfect sense. It would provide the Jews a warm water port featuring a seaborne route from mother Israel. This would provide two strategic ports from which the Jews could stage, refit and resupply their nuclear armed submarine force. Since the Jews have a firm grip on Turkey, which explains the massive Turkish immigration into Europe via Greece and Germany, Jewish access through the Bosporus straits would be assured while, access for others could potentially be denied.

      A nuclear Jew state on Russia’s border? Only time will tell if they can achieve this despite Russia’s intervention. What is amazing to me is that the Putin double cross seems much like Hitler’s double cross of the Jew banking cartel. One can only wonder if the Jews will once again make lemonade, this time out of their Russian lemon. Perhaps another holocaust, this time featuring Russia as the demon state? If any of these claims about Putin are true, then it demonstrates the alleged brilliance of the Jews. One would have thought one Hitler was enough, but now they have one with nukes.

      Jewish comment on Hitler’s double cross, under the sign of the double cross – you can’t miss it:

    2. WOW, isn’t Felix the very font of knowledge and information about the Catholic Church.

  28. ““Through Russia comes the hope of the world. Not in respect to what is sometimes termed Communism or Bolshevism — no! But freedom — freedom! That each man will live for his fellow man. The principle has been born there. It will take years for it to be crystallized; yet out of Russia comes again the hope of the world.” ~ Edgar Cayce”

    For the longest time I thought that this quote of Cayce’s was largely unknown. I was genuinely surprised to see this in the article here. Waaay back in the late 1960’s, my father was an avid reader of Cayce. I happened to pick up one of Pop’s books and read this quote by Cayce about Russia becoming “the hope of the world”. Now understand- this was back during the era of Soviet domination of Eastern Europe, and the USSR still being at the height of its power. When I read this quote, I thought; “what utter bilge!”. Here I am 45 years later and I am astounded at Cayce’s statement. Consider also that he wrote this in the early 1930’s! We still have to wait to see whether it turns out to be prophetic or not, but in the mean time, it gives me chills to think about it. And if you are looking on Pop, I am sorry I made fun of your reading matter!

  29. Seymour Zak, we’d have a great night out on the town: “I prospered. I grew sleek and the shekels came rolling in. I snapped my fingers and women fell at my feet and waiters licked them.”
    But I don’t like male waiters licking my feet or airline stewards (gays) tucking me into my business class seat at night. ….. Oh sorry, on re-read, its the women doing the licking and you to them! That’s alright! I’ve joined the “mile high club” over 500 times!
    Of course there is a home-built Russian Resistance to ongoing Jewish Bolshevism and such grandfathers of a new nation as Putin and his great White Russians, trying their hardest to wrest POWER from the Jewish-Bolshie scum of the planet. …. This is what the USA lacks! You are MORE Bolshevfied/Jewified than the USSR ever was! … Your media and entertainment are entirely JEW-created. You can’t move a muscle without coming under the JEWISH POWER influence. You are more enslaved by the Bolshie’s than the stinking froggy French or the English Pommie bastards! …. Where are your great American father/patriot figures, then? ….. I’d say they are probably hiding in log cabins with hill-billy sheilas in terry-toweling dressing gowns or sitting in the front booths of strip/peep shows, dressed in plastic rain coats! Weak as piss, from an American male population that has been emasculated and highly feminized. Hands up, ye posters, if you have man-boobs or wear a bra!

    1. i commented on manboobs before, maxy.

      i used to wonder at them packing the beaches of mexico and how come they were nonexistent in the balkans, eg, adriatic as well as asian beaches.

      and i am sure it has to do with growth hormones and whatever other atrocities jews inject into american foodstuffs, especially meat.

      i ain’t got ’em because i am a lifelong vegetarian (well, 95% of the time) and always insisted on organic.
      or maybe i ain’t got ’em because i am not a philosemite.

  30. Brownhawk
    As you are interested in Edgar Cayce you might also be interested in Black Elk. Just go to this website and type in Black Elk. He had some very interesting things to say about the future and his observations about the non-indigenous Americans are very profound.

  31. If “darkloon” was genuine she would use her own name and photograph.

    But infact Darkloon is a disinfo agent which explains why she is a regular in the jewish run website the troofseeker.

    Needless to say there is no mention of Yeltsins strong jewish connectiins.Putting his death down to the stress is laughable…he was a drunken pisshead.

    Prior to WW2 Hitler was presented to the public in much the same way as Putin today…the saviour of his nation.The Nazi leadership were all crypto jews…in some cases this was blindingly obvious…like Rosenberg for example.

    The jewish fiends were running both sides of the conflict.

    Put it like this…WW1 laid the foundation for the establishment of Israel.WW2 the state is established and consolidated…WW3 will enable the expansion of Israel to irs supposed biblical borders….under the fog of war western nations will be too preoccupied with their shattered nations.

    You would have to be a brainless morin to believe this utter tripe….establishing a Khazar state……just totally stupid and worthy of the fuckwit who concocted this garbage.

    Darkloons stuff has to be,to a certain extent actually true….that is necessary for disinfo to work…that is dupe people.

    Darkloon needs to front up with her real identity or fuck off.

    1. ADMIN (INTRODUCING “FRED”) needs to front up with her real identity or fuck off.

      1. @ PJ London

        If you have negative feelings about this website, no need for you to post here! I suggest YOU fuck off!

        And the same applies to “Fred”!

      2. @ Fred
        @ PJ London

        There is absolutely no need for Lasha to reveal her real identity to her sworn enemies or to the world in general. Her editors on other sites know exactly who she is — i.e. her real name and location — and can vouch for her integrity. That’s all that matters.

        I myself met Lasha briefly many years ago when she was an art student in Florence. She corresponds exactly to the description she gave of herself to Ellie K on this website a few months ago. This was when she invited Ellie K to meet her for dinner and drinks at Claridges’ Hotel in London and was forced to communicate with Ellie K via the Comments section here, since Ellie K’s email address was no longer valid.

        If you had been around then, you would have known about these things. As it is, your disparaging comments about Lasha are written in sheer ignorance. You don’t have to post here if you have a problem with Lasha’s identity or with this website in general. Why not just go away and post somewhere else?

      3. MB –

        Sard stated that Lasha used those same exact words in a message, replying to Zak’s threats last week.
        Good for you, too.

      4. Madame Butterfly and Sardonicus
        I am very sorry to hear about your operations that removed your sarcasm recognition nerve.
        I will in future make sure that for those of you without any understanding of irony and sarcasm that I will clearly indicate (for the impaired) that these comments are intended as SARCASM.
        The clue, was that it was a direct Cut and Paste of Fred’s comment.
        I know that you did not “get it”. but several thousands of other readers (had there been several thousand other readers) would have.
        This is not SARCASM

      5. @ Pat

        “MB – Sard stated that Lasha used those same exact words in a message, replying to Zak’s threats last week.”

        Not sure what point you are making, Pat. If “Sard stated that Lasha used those same exact words in a message, replying to Zak’s threats last week…”

        THEN . . . . .

        Sard is wrong! — because there is NO RECORD of Lasha responding to anything Zak said last week. She usually ignores Zak and gives no indication that she has even READ Zak’s ridiculous comments! You know that as well as I do, Pat.

      6. @ PJ London

        My sincere apologies for misjudging you, PJ. I was misled by the atrocious Madame Butterfly into believing that you were being serious rather than sarcastic. Never again will I let that horrible woman impair my judgement in this way.

        You may not know this, but Butterfly has been banned from posting on this site because of her bad manners and disruptive rudeness, a characteristic she shares with the TheRealOriginalJoe (aptly known as “Crazy Joe”).

        Why Uncle Toby allows these crazies to post on this site truly baffles me. As Crazy Joe himself once disrespectfully asked, “Who will monitor Uncle?”

        Good point! 🙂

      7. MB –

        “Ridiculous comments”.. Yes, I DO know that…. 🙂

        Sard mentioned that someone threatened Lasha with dire consequences. I remembered it as Zak, but I could be mistaken. Sorry. If I was.

        BTW – Just got this:

        Do U.S. Israeli Dual Citizens Run America’s Government?!?

        In this video we explore a claim that a number of top U.S. Politicians and American Congress Members hold dual U.S./Israeli citizenship. We also discuss why this even matters.

        John Kaminski speaks at opening of video:

      8. No problem Sardonicus, having occasionally been misled by women, I have learned to double check everything they say.
        However, I admit, many of the best times of my life have been as a result of letting women lead (and mislead) me.
        However Madame does have an awful way with words.

    2. Maybe. According to ” Sardonicus” he met Lasha when she as an art student in Florence.
      “Lasha’s oil paintings, watercolours, ceramics and mosaics are found in private and corporate collections throughout Canada, the United States and Europe.” I agree show your face … there are lots of other people talking against the JWO who are not anonymous … John Kaminski and Michael Hoffman are obvious examples.

      1. @ Red Onions

        No, Lasha does NOT need to show her face to a prick like you if she doesn’t wish to do so! Why the hell should she accommodate you? If you don’t care for her anonymity, FUCK OFF!

        John Kaminski and Michael Hoffman live in America where “showing their faces” carries no penalties. Lasha lives in England where the Orwellian police state is far more advanced and where people are sacked from their jobs on the slightest provocation. If lunkheads like you are unaware of this simple truth — DIFFERENT COUNTRIES, DIFFERENT RULES — that’s just too bad.

        If your purpose in visiting this site is to vomit all over our hostess and call attention to the size of your own dick, I suggest you go elsewhere and do it.

      2. @Madame Butterfly. Your OTT response makes me suspicious. “Lasha lives in England where the Orwellian police state is far more advanced (than the USA) and where people are sacked from their jobs on the slightest provocation.” I agree the United Kingdom is turning into a police State, but the USA is way ahead. Darkmoon provides articles and insights that most would baulk at., which I applaud. I just don’t like the anonymous aspect.

      3. MB –
        RO –

        It is bad in Canada. Arthur Topham’s pay processors have been suspended while he was at his brother’s for 3 weeks who has cancer. He sent this out today.
        Radical Press: Urgent need for funding to continue fighting Canada’s “Hate Crime” Criminal Charge Sec. 319(2)
        May 24, 2015

      4. @ Red Onions

        Darkmoon provides articles and insights that most would baulk at., which I applaud. I just don’t like the anonymous aspect.

        I will make four points which I urge you to consider:

        1. I judge an article on its merits, by what the author actually SAYS, not by the NAME of the author. You should do so too. A good article does not suddenly become a bad article just because the author is anonymous or because little is known about the author. If that were so, everyone would hate Shakespeare — because very little is known about Shakespeare and even his name could be a pseudonym. Pat here thinks Shakespeare is really “Francis Bacon.” So tell me, is that a reason for sneering at Shakespeare and disparaging him? I think not!

        2. Every writer has a right to anonymity because the personal circumstances of their lives may demand discretion. Why pick on Lasha to attack her when half the other writers on the Occidental Observer, where Lasha is a columnist, are also writing under pen names? Why not attack them also? Why single out Lasha for your evil tongue? Do you have a personal problem with women by any chance? Are you a misogynist? Have you been rejected by women because they cannot stand the sight of you? Come, sir, why don’t you prove to us that your attack on Lasha is not motivated by your failure to get any woman to love you?

        3. Thirdly, idjit, how many people on this site are using their real names? Is “lobro” a real name? Is “Justice for Chinese” a real name? Is “Ungenius” a real name? NO, they are not! So why are you conversing with them if you disapprove of pseudonyms? Any idea?

        4. Finally, hypocrite that you are, how come YOU are hiding behind a pen name? Is “Red Onions” your REAL name? Of course not! So practice what you preach, lunkhead, and WRITE UNDER YOUR REAL NAME!!!

        BTW, I notice you have nothing to say of substance. All your comments so far have been AD HOMINEM attacks on Lasha Darkmoon. Have you no ideas of your own to contribute? Are you so intellectually impoverished that all you can do is jeer at Lasha?

        Are you a Zionist troll?

        1. @ Madame Butterfly

          Watch your language please. I may have to put you in moderation if you continue to misbehave. The fact that you have recently lost your favorite horse is no excuse for your conduct.

      5. @Madame Butterfly. No, I’m not a Zionist troll and your above comments remind me of Hasbara rants. “BTW, I notice you have nothing to say of substance. All your comments so far have been AD HOMINEM attacks on Lasha Darkmoon.” Which of my comments have attacked Lasha Darkmoon …. SHOW ME. And by the way, I’m a woman, you fool.

      6. MB –

        I haven’t thought of an ‘idjit’ since I left Arkansas. It was used a lot there… funny one. I like it.

      7. pat, It is bad in Canada.

        i would be the first to agree, outside of big cities like toronto, montreal and vancouver, the populace is completely bovinized and submissive, zioxtianity on upswing, lobro on the run.

    3. Madame Butterfly has more than just an awful way with words. Its way with words is witchy as in a practitioner of witchcraft making her influence that much more harmful.

      I agree that there is no real need for Lasha to reveal her identity. If she did then she might have to shutdown this Darkmoon website for idiots like you prone to comment bad ideas.

      If she has the time to put together articles for this site, then she should respectfully find time to read the comments. This site is somewhat a “family affair” which is a bit murky.

  32. I love reading the most basic of TRUTHS because, in the long run, they are all that count! ….. massel tov gives us one such TRUTH: “vlad putin -a strongman- but a defender of the russian nation against the predatory assaults of “the west”…… And Jewish Hollywood is now producing big-budget movies about the evil, barbarous, animal-like Russians, just like it used to fill its movies with evil, barbarous, animal-like Arabs. … And then all that shit about a cringing, evil, murderous, scumbag American Sniper, with his 300 murders in cold blood. …. Ya USA bubbas just love this crap and lies! … Yeah you Yankee lame-brains, you just love ya hero nigrahs like Denzel Washington saving the day and making the world safe for American democracy and liberty. … You Yankee barbarians only get what you vote for and support! YA LOVE ya JEWS and the rest of the world is waking up to your bubba, childlike personages. …. You are a JEWISH nation! …. Arch Stanton, as if the filthy JEWS would want to set up their ridiculous Homeland in the wilds of that stinking cesspool of a country called the Ukraine, when they’ve got the USA on a platter! …. They’ve already got their homeland in the USA, with Israel being its small, spiked and nasty subsidiary. You’ve even got ya Homeland Security, run by Jews! …. As far as I am concerned the rest of the planet now has to think of ALL Yankee morons as filthy JEWS. You have been fully JEWIFIED, you rotten Bolshie murderers! ….. Yeah, go out and kill a few more thousand Arabs this week, you Jewish genociders! Yeah, keep funding ISIL, ya hypocrites! …. Make ya amputee murderers into heroes at ya ridiculous, Jew-run Superbowl! ….. Gilby, unfortunately, you now qualify as a fully-fledged Jew, so go buy a promiscuous German Shepherd for ya new galfriend’s use! …. STOP eating ham ya Yankees!

  33. It’s very nice , very namby pamby nice, you’re apologizing to Uncle, Felix, but really, do have to apologize in such an abject way? I mean really. It’s embarrassing to read your apology to Uncle. One is left feeling embarrassed for you.

    I’m still waiting for Uncle to apologize to me for CENSORING the post I sent him yesterday. The one in which I included a link to an excellently truthful informative video entitled “Is The World About To End” from “MostHolyFamilyMonastery” website. The video is about the NWO. The video is very negatively critical of the Novus Ordo church. We’re only “allowed” to say negative things about the PRE Vatican Catholic Church, traditional Catholicism, but never say anything negative about the Novus Ordo church, even though, supposedly, we’re opposed to the NWO. “Novus Ordo” means “New Order” or “New World Order”. We’re opposed to the NWO but we’re not to say anything negative about the NWO “catholic” “church” ; We are to keep our negative criticisms of Catholicism confined to the Church before the 1958 NWO Usurpation of said Church and keep our negative criticisms of Catholicism to traditional Catholic axiology and traditional Catholic Spirituality. NEVER say anything negative about the Novus Ordo “church”. That’s what “our” kabbalah-worshipping Shekinah dark jewess lasha has ordered. How lasha LUVS the Novus Ordo “church”. How kabbalah girl in blue veil LUVS and WORSHIPS the alchemical fusion of Catholicism, Hinduism, Islam, Sufism, and jew kabbalah Zoharism, the very “religion” of the NWO. Butt, lasha is opposed to the NWO, LOL LOL LOL ….. while “our” one-eyed “mystery” chick in blue veil LUVS and WORSHIPS the very “religious”/”spiritual” ontological underpinnings of the NWO…….LOL LOL LOL….. lasha and her DM acting troupe LUV the NWO a lot more than they will ever let on. One sees that very clearly in Darkmoon’s approach to the Catholic Issue. AND what a sly and cunning approach it is, truly.

    The key to understanding what DM is really all about is to understand DM’s approach to THE CATHOLIC ISSUE, especially the CATHOLIC ISSUE vis-à-vis THE NWO . You can all talk about jews until you’re all blue in the face, but it’s in DM’s approach to THE CATHOLIC ISSUE where one sees the true face, the true and real nature, of lasha and her DM, and the true face of lasha and her acting troupe has hebe written all over your DM faces. I’ll be goddamned if I ever apologize to “uncle”.

    1. TROJ
      Don’t feel sorry for me. Remember the old saw, “Those that exalt themselves shall be humbled, and those that humble themselves shall be exalted.” As they say in military parlance it was my FOXTROT UNIFORM, by double posting in violation of the rules of the site.

  34. The author stated:

    “Most do not know, but there is a plan afoot by the Modern State of Israel to set up a return to its original homeland in the Ukraine. The Eastern Ukraine was once a part of the kingdom of Khazaria during a time when Judaism was chosen by the king to become the official state religion. Those Khazarian adherents to Judaism would go on to constitute what is now known as Ashkenazi Jewry”.

    Even though the article can be viewed as insightful and revealing, especially to the AA-ns (which are well known to be utter ignorants, as far as the European history and political nuances of anything Eest of germany is considered), I must say: excuse me, but this is just total bollocks.

    Just read dr. David Duke (hardcore “anti-Semite”), a FORMER apologist of the so called Khazarian theory (sic!). He colported this fallacy yet in his 2003 bestseller “The Jewish Supremacism”. Since then, however, (even) his views have evolved and he no loger supports the now-known-to-be-fictitious ethno-genesis of Ashkenazi Jews as them having been derived from the Khazars.

    Long story short:

    1) the DNA tests have ultimately resolved the question = Sephardic, Ashkenazi and Mizrahi Jews are way way more related to each other than to any other group

    2) The hypothesis that the Khazars converted to Judaism wholesalely is a myth. Never in the history, I believe, has any group fully converted to another religon within the matter of years. The only ones that supposedly converted were the Khazarian elite. The common people remained at their old beliefs.

    3) Khazars are known to have been of Turkic or even Mongoloid extraction (In fact, I remember seeing this youtube video in which the supposed descendants of Khazars firmly denied that they had anything to do with Jews or vice versa, and THEY WERE ASIATIC-looking), and we know that Jews look nothing like Turkmens or Chinese.

    4) The common language of Ashkenazi Jewry (no matter whether we’re talking, say, a Jew from Frankfurt, or one from Samarkand) was/is Yiddish. Yiddish is essentially old-german with lots of borrowings from Hebrew, Polish, Russian and other Slavic languages, among which nations Ashkenazim used to live) and so the hypothesis that they supposedly came to Central Europe from the (South)East and not the West (via muslim Spain, France) simply does not add up, because the root/core of Yiddish in that case would NOT have been german.

    All this theory is aimed at, I would suggest, is 1) justifying the expulsion of Jews from the state of Israel so they can go back “home” to their “countries of origin” so they can further their parasitic agenda of milking the Goyim of their wealth and 2) simply intensifying chaos in the heads of already confused Goys.

    Do not let the fantasies of the jewish supremacist Artur Koestler (the firts proponent of the “Khazarian theory”) fool you!

    Now I’m not pro-Israel as far as their barbaric policies towards aboriginal Palestinians, but on the other hand I am an ardent Zionist, in the sense that I am firmly of the opinion that the Jews must have their own national state, not necessarily in Palestine). There is no other way if we are to be fully free of their usurious banking parasitism and cultural/moral subvesion. Only when the last Jew leaves our nations can we really feel safe. Even the tiniest group is a potential threat and the embers of future problems.

    1. Send the hebes to Tasmania and make Tasmania the new “real” jew homeland! Tasmanian Maxie LERVS Seymour Zak the mega intense supremacist sheenie yid so much Plus, the kikes will fit in perfectly with the Tasmanian devils done there. The poor suffering kikes won’t have to suffer any culture shock what with all those Tasmanian devils down there. End of problem.

    2. Prior to WW2 wasn’t there ongoing negotiations between the sewer known as the United States, “great” Britain and France to transfer “The Synagogue” (or “chosen”, whichever rubbish one prefers), to Madagascar? Rothschild et al coerced Britain to “gift” them with Palestine instead via the Balfour Declaration if they would pull the strings of the Wall Street/Central Bank puppet Roosevelt to sucker the gullible denizens of the U.S. into attacking Hitler rather than assisting him?

  35. The Author stated:

    “From the very beginning of the manufactured civil war in the Ukraine, the Western powers have revealed their intentions of creating a new “European Israel”. Removing the Russian language and substituting Hebrew as the second official language of the Ukraine is just one quite obvious move toward the establishment of a new Israeli enclave”.

    Another load of crap. There are at least a few other countries that can claim the title of “Jewry’s planned new homeland”.

    1) Poland

    2) Argentina

    I don’t see why the “ukrainian option” would be any more credible. Maybe it’s that the Jews have several plans at the ready, in which scenario (assuming Ukraine is plan A), Poland and Argentina are plans B and C. Or maybe they want all those countries to become their new Israels. Given their eternally insatiable appetite, it’s quite possible.

    3) UPDATE!!! I almost forgot about the plans of creating a Jewish state in Thuringen, Germany!

  36. There is one rule and one rule only when trying to understand the mentality of the Jewish race (wait for it, I will get there, don’t be impatient)
    Rothschild bought up a large portion of Rhodesia to create the “Jewish State”, as it is (was) a much more pleasant environment than Palestine, with no historical population. The Matabele pushed into it in the mid 1800s and the Shona were displaced into and from Mozambique. Moving them would have been no big deal (ask the North Koreans) (PS they still hold 2,500,000 acres and not one inch has been nationalised for the black population. Mugabe knows not to screw with the “big boys”)
    IN Palestine all the talk about “God gave us this land” and this is our heritage is just that “talk” they don’t believe it or care, but it gives a spurious legitimacy to their destruction of the previous inhabitants.
    In the early 1900s it was clear from Rockefeller and Standard Oil (Exxon) that the future was oil and access via the Suez to India and Indo-china. Whoever held the Middle east held control of the flows of goods and oil.The Ottoman empire was firmly in control and had the backing of most of the tribes and peoples of the area. They were relatively united and powerful, until the WW1 and our famous “Lawrence”. Minor tribal quarrels were short lived and easily settled.
    To be in control, you want to be in the middle of things.
    To tap the wealth of the area the Ottomans had to go. Thank you Sarajevo.
    The Caspian has become (did become) the “Oil” basin of the world, but it is lessening as more and more fields in wide spread places are being found.
    Oil in the Middle East is no longer so important, and with the advent of more and more “Electric” and “Fuel cell” transport it will be less so. The Transport is moving from sea to land, Trains are the future, Amazon rail road, and the Silk train.

    Hence the Jewish (not Zionist, not Israeli) interest in Ukraine.
    To be in control, you want to be in the middle of things.
    The world goods and finance will move towards the Brzezinski Eurasian Hub.
    To understand the Jewish actions, simply think 10 years into the future and FOLLOW THE MONEY.

    PS Hi Norbet
    I am neither pro or anti jews, Israel, Semitic etc. I merely try to understand them and the things they do and say.
    Of course I detest the things that they do.

    1. PJ London
      “Rothschild bought up a large portion of Rhodesia…..” Indeed they did, but not only Rhodesia but many other parts of Africa as well. Mzilikazi was the first King of the Matabele, originally from Zululand. However Mzilikazi got into an argument with Shaka and led his people north into the Transvaal almost depopulating it. The Boers pushed him across the Limpopo and he moved into Botswana, but he was forced by the tse tse fly to move into Western Rhodesia, Bulawayo. The tse tse fly is deadly to cattle, a measure of wealth in Southern Africa. When bitten by the tse tse fly one actually bleeds and it’s quite painful. I’ve been bitten a few times. Luckily, I didn’t get sleeping sickness, although a couple of my friends contracted it. Here is a link, although I disagree with their conclusions about that genocidal Mugabe, I am sure you will find informative.

  37. [I kinda like Fred. He’s a keeper. ]

    Lasha : We must, in order to defeat the NWO, we must ardently and reverentially worship, proselytize, push and promote, the religious/spiritual ontological underpinnings/foundation of the NWO. It’s the ONLY way to defeat the NWO —- > worship the NWO religion!

    Max — Lasha is my type of Sheila! So smart, so intellectual, so sexy! I LERV belly dancing harem girls! I want lasha for my harem!

    Pat : Lasha is the most intelligent and sexy woman I know! And that’s saying a lot because I’m a ladies man!

    Gilbert : Lasha is the kind of girl a man can take home to meet his mother! So pure, so good, so old-fashioned down-home! There is no other girl like lasha in the world — that’s why I don’t date. If I can’t have lasha I don’t want anyone else. It’s either lasha or nothing for me!

    Ruth Bernstein : I have a long history of being an honest Jew so when I tell you the NON jew lasha is The Best then you know I’m telling you The Truth!

    lobro : ruth does indeed have a very long history of being a very honest jew so yes, lasha knows what she’s talking about, lasha is a PhD and I’m very intellectual myself, but I don’t want to brag about my degrees, this is not about me, this IS all about how intelligent lasha is, trust me, I know, because I’m an intellectual like lasha is so you can believe everything I say ’cause I read a lot of books and I’m excellent at maneuvering words around to mean anything I want them to mean, but I digress and I’m repeating myself and I hate to repeat myself , only to say, and again I must repeat myself, lasha is the most intelligent and the most intellectual alternative media warrioress we have. maybe even the greatest warrior too, lasha beats them all, us goyims are real lucky to have her, anyone who doesn’t like lasha is a joo. like lasha, I’m a catholic, well I was raised a catholic but I’m a disgruntled catholic of course noiw I promote anything but catholicsm, sufism appeals to my high intellectual and spiritual standards of exacting perfection in all things except my use of commas which I’m working on so you see I’m not perfect but you can also clearly see I’m very close to being perfect so you know if someone like me who is near perfect respects lasha for her high profound intelligence and intellectualism then you should respect lasha also, it’s clear and plain logic, anyone who disagrees with me does not have a logical mind.

    [ I only used 666 commas this time. see I’m improving my writing skills with each and every post I write ].

    Ingrid : I’m here in my quaint fishing village located in Ragnarok fjord and I just threw my runes around my front yard and the runes said, “Lasha is a Truthteller and you can believe everything she says”. That’s what my Viking runes say so we know Lasha is really a NON joo.

    NewSong : I LUV lasha cause lasha is all about JAH !

    Fr. John + : Spare Us Oh Lord from the catholic Filoque! The bane of the West!

    Harbinger : lasha has The Correct View! if we don’t listen to every word lasha says then it will be the end of the world!

    Ryckaert : lasha est dominatrixess ultimatium!

    Madame Butterfly : I just fluttered by to say lasha is the greatest chick in the alternative media. We must worship an alchemical fusion of Catholicism, Sufism, Islam, Hinduism, and yes, even jew kabbalah Zohar mystery religion if we are to defeat the NWO!

    Melvin Polatnick : YES YES YES us Jews are going to RULE THE WORLD!

    TROJ : Okay, but if we’re opposed to the NWO isn’t worshipping the “religion” of the NWO giving the NWO our physic energy and support?

    Uncle Toby : Stop making trouble here TROJ or we’ll send you back to Spamblinka where you belong but through the generosity of our hearts we let you mouth off. Learn some respect or else.

    Fr. John + : If he doesn’t have the presence of mind to respect every word Lasha says, then pronounce anathema sit on him and be rid of him once and for all!

    1. you forgot the pivot in the darkmoon puppet show, joe.

      joe: don’t censor all my posts uncle toby because this site is in bad need of a horsefly to give the proceedings an emotional boost through unprovoked insults so readers don’t get numbed by facts, i promise never to provide anything informative that would move the glacial pace of revolt an iota, just never ending stream of neurotic tics and picking on commenters unwise enough to reveal any personal information relating to their daily lives, drill down on any potential vulnerability and generally throw a monkey wrench into the wheels.
      i could do this priceless service to other sites but they, unlike darkmoon jews, simply fail to appreciate the incomparable contribution i, the misunderstood genius cum clown cum poet bring to this sad pile of ungrateful garbage.
      and i will repeat this message 20 times a day, every day and no amount of censorship will keep me down for long.
      without me, i guarantee your alexa ratings would tank back to the bottom of the jew swamp whence you came.

      false modesty doesn’t become you, joe.

      1. Hey Lobro (is that some sort of play on Lobotomy Bro?) why don’t you tell us how important you really are?

      2. this place has been invaded by yapping jackals and if their task was to detract from the main issues, they succeeded admirably.

        you rate another helping of pickled carp leftovers, white fang, keep trying and you might move forward in the sled team, right behind origjoe’s hindquarters.

      3. @ PJ London

        You have just arrived on this website and one of the first things you do is launch a stupid attack on our star poster, Lobro, who is a veteran poster on this website. Lobro and I do not agree on all points, but I have seldom come across a more sincere and perspicacious poster than Lobro. Above all, I think, he is deeply concerned at the mess we all find ourselves in and his range of knowledge about the Jewish problem is second to none.

        If you have reason to disrespect Lobro, please give me a good reason for regarding you as a superior intellectual specimen. What have you said so far that would persuade me to regard you with respectful admiration? All you have done so far, it seems to me, is indulge in crude sarcasm and ad hominem attacks on our best posters. Don’t do it. At least have the decency to apologize to Lobro for your infantile aggression.

      4. PJ –

        You stated… “FOLLOW THE MONEY.”

        No personal attacks, please. No one commenting here can compete with NM Rothschild & Sons in London. Poor targets.

        Just do as you have instructed others to do …. stroll on over to ‘the City’…. and “FOLLOW THE MONEY.”

      5. @ Ruth Bernstein

        I agree with you absolutely that PJ London was wrong to attack Lobro. I regard Lobro almost as a criterion for the truth. If Lobro says 2 + 2 = 5, I usually sit up and pay attention and start worrying that maybe I have made a colossal error in believing that 2 + 2 = 4! 🙂

        Having said that, however, I do believe there is more to PJ London than you give him credit for, dear Ruth. PJ has just made an exceptionally astute comment on the origin of the word “Jew” which indicates (to me at any rate) that he has received a good classical education. His repudiation of the crackpot theory put forward by “Central Scrutinizer” (and many other ignoramuses like him) on the origin of the word “Jew” was spot-on. This is what “Central Scrutinizer” says and he is of course totally up the creek, as PJ London is quick to point out:

        “The word JEW came into existence in 1844 as an error when translating the second edition of the King James Bible. So the word Jew is approx. 170 years old. ”

        PJ LONDON
        May 25, 2015 at 12:22 pm

        . . . in which PJ dismisses Central Scrutinizer’s ill-educated surmises in a few well-chosen words.

        BTW, Ruth, are you still in Pondicherry muttering your magical mantras?

      6. Hey Ruth, I am not making personal attacks, anyone who writes “without me, i guarantee your alexa ratings would tank back to the bottom of the jew swamp whence you came.” clearly does not worry about “yapping Jackals”.
        Why would you think I disrespect or am mocking someone “If you have reason to disrespect Lobro, please give me a good reason for regarding you as a superior intellectual specimen.”
        Why would I have to be a “superior intellectual specimen.”, cannot a cat look at a queen?
        Do you think that I somehow desire your respectful admiration?
        Please check some of my posts on other sites to see that this post shows no aggression, infantile or mature.
        You clearly do not understand Irony, satire or sarcasm. Please try to lighten up a little, if Lobro needs a “Mommy” to fight his battles, wipe his nose or change his nappies, he does not belong on the internet.
        Certainly not when he makes statements such as “i could do this priceless service to other sites but they, unlike darkmoon jews, simply fail to appreciate the incomparable contribution i, the misunderstood genius cum clown cum poet bring to this sad pile of ungrateful garbage.”
        I clearly do understand his Genius, I am merely a Falstaff to his Henry. a Jester to his Lear, here only to provide foil on which he may display his endless talent. As my brother Jack would say “I write for no other purpose than to add to the beauty that now belongs to me. I write a book for no other reason than to add three or four hundred acres to my magnificent estate.” Unfortunately, he has the estate, not I.

      7. lobro

        I’ll direct this to you and hope for a reply

        When is darkmoon gonna clean this site up and do some serious weeding out of insufferable jackals?

        I feel like I’m at the end of my rope having to sort through all the garbage. Short of the occasional and welcome comic-relief quips, if the policy on this site doesn’t change soon in eliminating the dross, Im outta here

        1. @ Brownhawk

          We’d be sad to see you jump ship, Brownhawk. Since you obviously believe there are certain posters on this site who ought to be given the boot, all you have to do is to tell us in the Comment section here, or in a private email if you prefer, which posters you have in mind for defenestration. Who would you like to ban? Lobro is also free to speak his mind. Anyone who wishes, please draw up your private Guillotine List. Who’s for the chop? 🙂

      8. @ PJ London

        I really give up on you. It is not that you lack intelligence but that you are irony deficient in a massive way. The same fault you attributed to Sardonicus — the inability to distinguish between sincerity and sarcasm — you suffer from yourself in spades.

        You dismiss Lobro with sweeping contempt because you honestly belief that Lobro said the following:

        “Without me, i guarantee your alexa ratings would tank back to the bottom of the jew swamp whence you came.”

        You also believe that this is Lobro speaking again:

        “I could do this priceless service to other sites but they, unlike darkmoon jews, simply fail to appreciate the incomparable contribution I, the misunderstood genius cum clown cum poet, bring to this sad pile of ungrateful garbage.”

        You clearly disapprove of the outrageously boastful comments made by Lobro above. Unfortunately for you, dear PJ, this is NOT Lobro speaking in his own voice! This is Lobro speaking in the voice of TheRealOriginalJoe! He is parodying Joe. He is representing Joe’s mindset. He is putting words into Joe’s mouth.

        Your inability to detect that Lobro was indulging in elaborate sarcasm marks you out as someone lacking in irony detection. Shame on you!

        Ruth Bernstein
        (Non-Jewish poster, with joke Jewish user name)

      9. B-Hawk –

        One man’s Butterfly is another man’s Jackal… and vice versa.

        If they defile the site with bad language… moderate them… as has been the case today.

        If one slips through… we are adults, and can handle it… just talk anyway.

        It is funny that Sard and MB get moderated so often. 🙂

        1. @ Pat

          “One man’s Butterfly is another man’s Jackal… and vice versa.

          Well said, Pat! You’ve hit the nail on the head. Would it be fair to ban YOU just because a few posters on this site probably want you on their Guillotine List? I don’t think so. At that rate, we’d have no posters left!

      10. Toby –

        HA!! True…

        Felix called me a troll just 2 days ago…LOL!!

        I thought trolls were ‘under-bridge dwellers’…
        BUT…. it appears that it means anyone who disagrees with another…. is an ‘under-bridge dweller’ to them.
        Really funny stuff.

        Max said his bridge is in Paris.. Mine in San Fran… watching for Putin to replace Gorby there at Presidio. No goats seen yet, just bag-ladies and winos. Watch for one wearing a judo gi. 🙂

      11. Hey Lobro (is that some sort of play on Lobotomy Bro?) why don’t you tell us how important you really are?

        so let me tell you how important i really am and then i would much prefer that we both shut up on the subject.

        those people to whom i am important would never lower themselves to discuss the subject,
        and those who would discuss it are precisely those to whom i would hate to be important.

        so, preserve what scraps of dignity remain and lay off it.

        now, as to this absolutely unnecessary ruckus surrounding

        “without me, i guarantee your alexa ratings would tank back to the bottom of the jew swamp whence you came.”

        consider the entire post, where i pretend to be a mouthpiece for “modest” joe, in answer to joe’s post directly above, so that it is not a feat of intellectual athleticism to divine that i am satirizing joe and his interminable slagging of the site, its posters and above all, lasha, whom i hold in almost unhealthy admiration.

        let me know if you need more help with unraveling this.

      12. @b-hawk

        um, uh, lemme see how to answer without spiraling into unneeded and justly unappreciated wordiness, something i’ve been accused of by both joe and gilbert huntly.
        briefly on that subject, i yield them a point, it may well be that my output occasionally blocks the drainpipe and i will try to be on guard against it.
        believe it or not, i take joe more seriously than he suspects, which won’t stop me from taking an occasional swing at him because he sure enough merits it probably at least once a day.
        a waste of natural ability, unlike max, who is as hilarious as he is focused on the main subject matter.

        i don’t per se hate jackaldom, i guess like in any ecosystem, they serve some function.
        but when they crowd out every other form of poster, it is time to lay down some law and i guess we must call in the rangers, toby, lucy and monty.

        and lately, i also got that sense, of comments that had absolutely nothing with subject matter and everything with cheap and psychotic ad hominem.

        so, i would kindly ask ad hominem artists to back off and catch their reeking breath, while letting the discussion proceed.
        or else, people like you and i will decamp and let the jackals devour one another.

        of course, even if i left, i would continue supporting the site and not just to goose alexa (ratings) and would return once the bylaws of civility were again in force.
        because yapping tires me out as well as makes me feel like i blundered into a catfight at the gay pride parade – i prefer to be dealt out.
        i disagree with pat only 90% (well, maybe even less) but he is unfailingly civil and i would never insult him on account of some conflict of perception.
        ditto for some jews around here, eg, alberto portugheis.

        sorry b-hawk, what was the question again? (supply your smiley, i am under joe’s moderation)

      13. I hear ya Pat. I’m not goin anywhere, just venting is all. I get tired of reading crap, but even then I probably exaggerate how much of it there is. Even Seymour Zak has a certain genius with his firmly placed tongue-in-cheek shtick. All in all this site is a gem.

        And don’t get me wrong, Toby, I don’t recommend anyone getting the tomahawk chop – I can see where it would give you an administrative headache determining whose head should roll into the executioner’s basket!

        I read recently about someone describing a pregnant woman who was in a very difficult situation and considered having an abortion. Had she gone through with it she would have killed Beethoven

        I guess you never know

        1. @ Brownhawk

          “And don’t get me wrong, Toby,I don’t recommend anyone getting the tomahawk chop – I can see where it would give you an administrative headache determining whose head should roll into the executioner’s basket!”

          Yep, it ain’t an easy job being a public executioner. But if it’s any consolation to you, BH, your head will be among the last to end up in the proverbial basket! 🙂

    1. As sure as bears take big bear shits in the woods, Mommy Bear comes out of hibernation to protect her baby cub bear.

      Don’t ever hassle a cub bear, PJ, unless you’re all ready and prepared to wrestle with The Mommy Bear.

    2. Do try to be nice today, PJ, at least try, at least for one day try to be nice . . .

    3. The jewess Ruth pretending to be a “NON” jewess in turn pretending to be a jewess, lol, is correct, PJ. Lobro was parodying me. You totally misread Lobro’s smart ass comment.

      1. If that was a parody, then it must have been from some earlier correspondence which I missed. (a humorous or satirical imitation of a serious piece of literature or writing: ) I guess my Parody transplant didn’t take.
        I saw it was addressed to you but couldn’t make out how it related to your comments.
        Regarding Mommy Bear, I do not sing Kumbayah, (which given my musical talent, is a blessing on all around me) some say Potato, others say Potato, “different opinions expressed with enthusiasm I don’t mind the cut and thrust of argument, but I prefer friendlier and more relaxed conversation.” Me, I am a brawler.
        It is wrong of me I know, but to suffer fools, or persons who cannot form an argument logically or concisely, cannot relate facts to observation and rely on their “feelings” rather than evidence, is not my forte.
        My mother said “I should not mock the afflicted” but I was never very obedient. The world suffers because people stay silent for fear of “Offending” others.
        If a thought does not offend someone somewhere, it is not worth expressing.
        It may even cause them to think.
        I will try to “play nicely”
        Sorry Lobro

    4. @ Uncle

      No reason to ban anyone. Just pick and choose which posts you want up on your commentary board and which posts you don’t want — as you always do. No reason to change the way you do things. Of course, that means extra work for you, but work is a good thing as it makes the day pass faster and we all know what a drag your job is. Be thankful you have a family with a family business who can give you a job.

      1. @ PJ London

        Actually, Lobro’s parody of me is quite obvious a parody and one can still figure out it’s a parody even if one never read DM before and even if one only read Lobro’s parody comment and nothing else here at DM. That’s how obvious it is Lobro’s comment is a parody. Do they not teach the English language in London anymore?

        Fred’s a keeper, I’m not convinced PJ is.

      2. @ The RealOriginalJoe

        Basically, Joe, I am being asked to monitor you more carefully. Which I think is a fair enough request because you have been banned from just about every other website and you are obviously a source of disruption.

        Here are a few guidelines which I urge you to follow if you wish to see your comments appear on this site regularly:

        (1) Cut out the ad hominem attacks on particular posters. Try praise instead of blame. Posters will like you more if you give them respect. They are bound to ask for your removal if you keep dissing them. Lobro would not be complaining about you if you actually took the trouble to compliment him occasionally. This is Rule Number One, Joe: BE NICE. You can’t go wrong if you are nice!

        (2) Try and address the topic, whatever it is. Off-topic comments appear to be your stock-in-trade, Max Bilney can be very amusing too, but Max often makes astute points and is now on-target most of the time.

        (3) Keep your posts short and sweet, the shorter the better. Brevity is the soul of wit.

        (4) Lay off the shower-curtain joke. You have flogged that joke to death. Lasha doesn’t mind in the least if you make fun of her head gear, but surely you can see that people here are weary to death of same old tired joke repeated ad nauseam. FYI, the girl in the blue veil is an avatar chosen for Lasha by ‘Technical Support’. She had no hand in choosing it herself. The avatar is a picture of a “Turkish gypsy girl” . . . and the only reason it was chosen, I am told, is that it was BLUE and went with the blue background.

    5. Wouldn’t be better, if one simply has to go to the guillotine, wouldn’t it better to be first on line to get one’s head chopped off then being towards the end of the line? I mean, if you’re towards the end of the line, you gotta watch all the ones before you on line go thru the horror of getting their heads chopped off, knowing your turn will be coming soon enough. Better to be first to the guillotine then you don’t have to wait on line in horror. It’s horrible enough to be first online, that’s bad enough, but to be in the back of the line watching everyone before you get guillotined knowing your turn is coming is even more tortuous.

      Please note, Brownhawk — before you get too puffed up with pride and self-importance — Uncle clearly says your head will be amongst the last to end up in the basket. That means you’re on line to the guillotine also. You’re just in back of the line, that’s all.

  38. And what does “Catholic” Lasha have to say this Pentecost Sunday on the Catholic calendar?

    If today were a hindoo holy day or a moozlum holy day or a sufi holy day of a jah holy day, lasha would go on and on and on about how holy & special today is. But it’s “just” a Catholic “holy” day, so “Catholic” Lasha will have NOTHING to say about it. Or, and there’s a real chance of it happening today, stay tuned for some, or a lot, of anti-Catholicism today on this holy day of Pentecost on the Catholic calendar from “Catholic” kabbalah hebess Lasha Darkmoon and her jew acting troupe.

    1. To Uncle :

      You’re intertwining “being nice” with “praising”. “Being nice” and “praising” are NOT synonyms , not really. “Being nice” to someone does not necessarily include “praising” that someone. I’m quite capable of being nice — in other words, I’m quite capable of being a gentleman — without going overboard into the realm of “praising”. “Praise” is what we give God.

      Yes, I agree to be nice to everyone, but NO, I will not “Praise” any one here at DM. That’s going way overboard, don’t you think? I shall try my best not to go off-topic. Let’s us hope all other DM’ers do the same.

      Brevity is the soul of wit, but I don’t always want to be witty. Sometimes I want to be serious. There’s a time to be witty and there’s a time to be serious. It’s in the bible somewhere, I do believe. I always try to be succinct, whether I’m being witty or serious. Still, one can’t put a limit to one’s thoughts. Some subjects require longer posts than others. But yes, as always, I will continue to strive to be succinct.

      May it be ALL DM’ers refrain from ad hominem slurs, against me, and against others also [ though I’m loath to involve myself in others’ quarrels, unlike some here ]. I, too, suffer the stings of ad hominems slung my way, but I don’t have temper tantrums about it.

      Learn to take things with aplomb as I do.

      Short of praising anyone, I accept your terms, Uncle. The “praise” clause has got to go. If not, no deal.

      [ who does your “technical support”? Cher? ]

  39. Putin’s success against the NWO would result in the fall of Great Britain, its Common Wealth nations and America because of the NWO’s grip on all those nations. A cancer. I say that because I see him going against int’l jewry which is the Davidic throne (jews). This will negatively affect counterfeit-jews in those nations, but the fake-jews have set-up house in other nations (as some commentators have shared) wielding their evil rules/laws. I do not get the feeling that he will be able to avert the final stage of WW3.

    WW3 Phases –

    Article from May 2014 –

  40. Darkmooners:
    Brownhawk: The apartitions of Fatima and the others of Medjugorje and Akita are for the sacred heart of Mary, not Jesus. Since they are for Mary and the Popes (JP2 onward) pray more to Mary than to Jesus, we should understand that the Catholic church is a false church, aligned with Satan. And today Pope Francis is the epitamy of this alignment since he is a False Prophet. The Catholic church now makes Mary to be a co-redeemer with Christ. This is false doctrine: as Jesus said he was an advocate for us with the father/god and that he was the WAY, The Truth and the Life and no one comes to the father but by me/Jesus. Thus the symboligy in the book of Revelation of the Great Harlot with “Mystery Babylon” written on forehead and riding the Beast is this Vatican/Roman Catholic Church as this Pope continues to bring all its harlot daughters home under one roof of the worldly false religion. Mary is used today for the purpose of unifiying the One World Religion because Mary is looked upon as The Queen of Heaven which is an ancient Babylonian goddess, which was incorporated into most world religions of today. Queen of Heaven could be Mother Nature/Giaia/Mother Earth/ Mohammed’s daughter Fatima/Mary/Shiva, etc.. All false versions of Mary, thus most religions would accept Mary and not Jesus (whether a true or false Jesus). As for the idea that Jews would like to return to Ukraine/Georgia/ former Khazaria, I could care less, but makes for interesting Jewish theater for distraction. The action will continue to be in the Middle East from the Suez Canal to the Persian Gulf, from Sudan/Ethiopia to Turkey/Georgia. However, if Putin/Russia/China/BRICS/AIIB get their way to destroy America/The FED/Petrodollar, the whole Eurasian landmass, in addition to the areas mentioned above will play keys roles in the future. This new shift East is the old Sea-based powers of Anglo-America vs. the new land-based powers of Russia/China and Germany. Eurasia with the New Silk Road can bypass the Sea-based blockades of Anglo-America and bypass the control Eqypt/Israel have over the Suez Canal. From this understanding, now you see why America via NATO/CIA is fomenting destabilization at Russia’s underbelly and around China for American hegemony must be maintained in a uni-polar world of America’s design (by int’l jewry subversive machinations). However, despite this, the wise insights of James Corbett and his (except Mao at Yale) in Interview 1032:China;BRICS -NWO, should make us suspicious of this Obama/FED/IMF/World Bank vs. Putin/China/BRICS/AIIB dichotomy. Now despite the focus on Putin in this article, what about the influence of Polish crytpo-jew Pope John Paul 2 and his work to help undermine the old Soviet Union in Poland in those olden days. Was not perhaps, Pope John Paul 2, also part of this theater, as a way to increase the prominance and global stature of the Vatican/Roman Catholic Church? I suspect it was. Back to Putin, if Putin were to implement laws that would allow the denial of the Holocaust, allow the questioning of Jewish Power myths, etc. then I would consider him as a true fighter against int’l jewry and its American puppet. Until that time, Putin is just like the rest of them and one of the boys. I am sure the truth will be revealed shortly for Eurasia is the part of the world to watch even before America falls through a controlled demolition started by Jade Helm 15. Another interesting point is that Tyler Durden and his have been showing everyone that June 2015 is full of dominos that could cause global collapse including weak performance by China, increasing Gold volumes for China, etc.. When will the global elite (int’l jewry as the biggest faction) pull that trigger? Thanks, Norbert.

    1. @ Norbert :

      Very interesting and informative comment, Norbert.

      “….. America falls through a controlled demolition started by Jade Helm 15”. I would appreciate it if you could expand on this. How does Jade Helm represent the beginning of the controlled demolition of the USA? I don’t disagree with what you said, I just would like some more details about Jade Helm 15 and the controlled demolition of the USA. If you have the time. Thank you.

    2. Norbert –

      “…if Putin were to implement laws that would allow the denial of the Holocaust, allow the questioning of Jewish Power myths, etc. then I would consider him as a true fighter against int’l jewry and its American puppet.”

      That would give him some credence. But, he has done the opposite, as you know.

      As you do… I also see Putin as “one of the boys.” Just another one of the “BRICS in the Wall.”

      1. That is why Putin is running one of the most powerful countries in the world, and you are sitting in your pajamas posting on little blogs.
        Why would he get involved in an argument over some silly lie which does not affect his country, and does not cause him any grief?
        He knows (perhaps from Judo, perhaps from Chess and perhaps from good advice) to choose his fights and only engage when the benefits of winning exceed the energy/cost of fighting.
        If the rest of the world chooses to believe the lie, I let them. They are comfortable in their ignorance, I am comfortable in my knowledge. If they want the truth they must search for it, as I did. It is not my mission to “enlighten” the ignorant.
        There are so many lies, so many ignorant people, It is the individuals responsibility to become aware and form their own set of reality and lies.
        If Jafar wants to believe in Islam, and Joseph wants to believe in Christianity, let them.
        If Jane wants to believe in evolution, John in Creationism and Jack in Intelligent Design, good luck to them,
        Choose your fights intelligently, only fight the ones worth winning.
        Of course slapping the fools is fun, which is why I am typing this.

      2. PJ –


        It IS fun in any attire….. I have said that all along. And I would rather be here than Kremlin.

        Putin “runs” no country. Pharisee bankers do, and have since 1917. Rothschild’s Warburg managed that.

        Putin’s actions have nothing to do with playing judo or chess or getting a divorce.

        He is paid to play the role and read the scripts written by Pharisee bankers. He is following the money as he takes it.
        Putin is following the UN plans for world control. He is the pawn in that chess game.

        Pharisees know to be in control, you want to be in the middle of things.
        The world goods and finance will move towards the East….. from the West. A UN plan.
        To understand the Pharisee actions, simply think 10 years into the future and FOLLOW THE MONEY. Namely…. NM Rothschild & Sons’ money…. promoting UN Agenda 21 worldwide.
        CORE is one of the thousands of tools…. used to move economies from West to East. They state exactly that.

        CORE is a “UN AGENDA 21” program… WORLDWIDE… “developing HUMAN CAPITAL.”

        See page 3,

        “The GLOBAL AGENDA of the 21ST CENTURY is set around ECONOMY and TRADE with manufacturing shifting from the WEST to the EAST…. In order to SUSTAIN their economic growth…. Nations across the WORLD are INVESTING in EDUCATION… (for) development of HUMAN CAPITAL…”

        CORE is also an investment plan.
        Common Core is Listed on stock market as COREEDUTEC on NYSE:


      3. Do you have any evidence that Putin is ” paid to play the role and read the scripts written by Pharisee bankers. He is following the money as he takes it.”
        I do not see it that way. I think that he is a major thorn in their side.
        The UN is in the process of being changed and I do not believe that BRICS are joining with the Agenda 21 nonsense. A 21 is a method to destroy the Anglo America Europe model, don’t see it being applied elsewhere.
        Russia’s sovereign debt has been repaid, other investments are corporate and under civil law, replacing IMF-World Bank with AIID and BRICS bank, clearing debt from the central bankers. I know it makes life difficult without the “JEW Satan” behind every mishap, but maybe they are being fought and beaten by adversaries who are as smart and as ruthless.

      4. PJ –

        “Do you have any evidence that Putin is ” paid to play the role and read the scripts written by Pharisee bankers. He is following the money as he takes it.”

        Yes…. he is still vertical and breathing.

        Your ‘maybes’ are as good as mine. I am ‘guessing’ along with you.

        Fun, though.

      5. Pat, I see that a lot of the Russian Oligarch “Rothschilds” are no longer gutting Russia, now living in exile and some of them are no longer Vertical or breathing.
        I am sure that the game is “afoot” and that the players having fun. Unfortunately the little people get trampled when the “Big boys” fight, (ask the Libyans), but I do not see this as a prescribed plan unwinding, rather as a contest being waged.
        I have always thought that the “Jews” are Cat’s-paws and Lightning conductors for the real powers. Hence their numerous pogroms and beatings throughout the years.

        John Buchan 39 Steps

        “”Everything would be in the melting-pot, and they looked to see a new world emerge. The capitalists would rake in the shekels, and make fortunes by buying up wreckage. Capital, he said, had no conscience and no fatherland; besides, the Jew was behind it, and the Jew hated Russia worse than hell. ‘Do you wonder?’ he cried. ‘For three hundred years they have been persecuted, and this is the return match for the pogroms. The Jew is everywhere, but you have to go far down the back stairs to find him.”

        “‘Take any big Teutonic business concern. If you have dealings with it, the first man you meet is Prince von Und zu Something, an elegant young man who talks Eton-and-Harrow English. But he cuts no ice. If your business is big, you get behind him and find a prognathous Westphalian with a retreating brow and the manners of a hog. He is the German business man that gives your English papers the shakes. But if you’re on the biggest kind of job and are bound to get to the real boss, ten to one you are brought up against a little, white-faced Jew in a bath-chair, with an eye like a rattlesnake. Yes, sir, he is the man who is ruling the world just now, and he has his knife in the empire of the Tzar because his aunt was outraged and his father flogged in some one-horse location on the Volga.”

        BUT who is behind the “little, white-faced Jew in a bath-chair”? that is the question.

      6. @ PJ London

        “BUT who is behind the “little, white-faced Jew in a bath-chair”? that is the question.”


      7. Pj –

        “Pat, I see that a lot of the Russian Oligarch “Rothschilds” are no longer gutting Russia,”

        Please name the ‘lot’ of them.

        I will list a few who are there, since Putin has an army of Jewish billionaires as a few are bragged about by Jerusalem Post:

        Mikhail Fridman, the seventh-richest man in Russia.
        Moshe Kantor, the chemicals tycoon.
        Lev Leviev, the diamonds and real estate mogul.

        – At Putin’s side, an army of Jewish billionaires –

        “We have to keep our Jewishness and be united in the Diaspora,” says Russian Jewish Congress VP.


      1. I think Pat makes the most sense. While it’s true we can only guess, as Pat says, I think Pat’s guess is On Target. I don’t think the high powers and the big players on the world stage would allow Russia to simply slip through their fingers. That would be on par with the high powers and the big players letting the USA to slip through their fingers.

      2. Joe –

        Especially since Russia has been the number one – 1 – OIL PRODUCER since aroud 1905.
        That was the reason Standard Oil showed up there in the 19th century.

        Pharisee bankers lose Russia’s OIL…??? Nope… NO WAY..!!

        And people get nothing…..

        – Rosneft in Russia is World Leader In Oil Production –

        NK Rosneft’ OAO (Oil Company Rosneft OJSC) is a Russia-based company engaged in exploration, development, production and sale of crude oil and gas, as well as refining, transportation and sale of petroleum products. It has three business segments. The exploration and production segment is engaged in field exploration and development, and production of crude oil and natural gas. The refining, marketing and distribution segment is engaged in processing crude oil and other hydrocarbons into petroleum products, as well as the purchase, sale and transportation of oil and oil products. In 2013, it acquired TNK-BP Holding OAO, a 51% stake in Petroresurs LLC, as well as consolidated a 100% stake in Elvary Neftegaz ZAO, NGK Itera OOO and TNK-Sheremetyevo LLC. In 2013, it also acquired a number of oil and gas assets in Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Region and Morgan Stanley’s global physical oil trading business.

    3. Thanks for that Norbert

      It’s posters like you that keep many other good ones from jumping the darkmoon ship, I’m sure. For reasons I’ve stated

      1. You’re much better at politics and world business trends than nuclear physics, Pat. Glad to see you’re finally sticking to subjects you really know about, and not taking wild guesses about nuclear matters you don’t know very much about.

  41. PS

    The writer of this article lost me at the 2nd paragraph with Anglo American Axis (AAA) which immediately told me he was not a major leaguer. (American baseball fans will get the reference to Triple A ball; strictly minor league, as they say.) Name one, just 1 “Anglo-Saxon” or “White European American” Central banker i.e., world power-broker and I might give this article another looksee. As it is, this article is fanciful if not unbelievable, especially the part about Yeltsin who was totally under the control of wicked joos; nothing Machiavellian about him at all. What you saw was what you got: a buffoon and drunkard.

    1. JFC –

      More than likely it would have been thought of as ‘AAA road service’ insurance. American Automobile Assn, which flashed through my mind immediately as I read it. Saved my ass a lot over the years, even when riding with others.

  42. Lots of great comments in here… a number of not so great ones as well. But the same old thing which ALWAYS drives me bonkers is this constant usage of relating so called, self styled Jews to being offended by Anti-Semitism! How can these phonies (to begin with) think of themselves as Semites, when they are anything BUT Semitic?
    The word JEW came into existence in 1844 as an error when translating the second edition of the King James Bible. So the word Jew is approx. 170 years old. Certainly enough time to brainwash them all into thinking it’s been around for much longer. Idiots, that they refuse to do any research of their own.
    Helen Thomas, a born Arab, is 100% Semitic. Today’s phony Ashkenazi Jews are NOT Semitic. Never were, and never will be. Even the ORIGINAL Hebrews that truly walked the Holy Land also were not Semitic. ARABS ONLY!! Got it? Wake up.
    I sure wish all these morons who THINK they are, would stop thinking they are, because they just aren’t. Even Benjamin Friedman in 1961 stated this quite plainly, when he said… he didn’t know why they all referred to themselves as Semites, seeing as they CLEARLY were NOT.
    But, I guess any fake gimmick to accuse people of something that garners more sympathy, and hence wins them MORE MONEY is worth another LIE…. being the masters of lies.

    Makes me SICK to my stomach.

    1. “The word JEW came into existence in 1844 as an error when translating the second edition of the King James Bible. So the word Jew is approx. 170 years old. ”
      I don’t know how you came to that conclusion, unless you insist that Iulius Ceasar is different to the person Julius Ceasar. That the word Iewes are different to Jews. In which case there are numerous hairs that you could split
      “The Middle English ( Middle English refers to the dialects of the English language spoken in parts of the British Isles after the Norman conquest until the late 15th century. 1470), word Jew, derives from Old English where the word is attested as early as 1000 in various forms, such as Iudeas, Gyu, Giu, Iuu, Iuw, Iew. These terms derive from Old French (Old French (franceis, françois, romanz; Modern French ancien français) was the Gallo-Romance dialect continuum spoken from the 9th century to the 14th century.) giu, earlier juieu.”

      So “Jew” was used for “Judeans” from at least the 800s, brought to Britain with the Normans and used continuously since then. You can argue about the spelling (Jew v’s Giu, as Jail v’s Gaol etc), but the word was in use in Britain from 1000.

      1. The original King James Version 1611. Matthew Chapter 27, Verse 11.
        “And Iesus stood before the gouernour, and the gouernour asked him, saying; Art thou the King of the Iewes? And Iesus sayd vnto him, thou sayest.”
        The Oxford 1769 edition of the King James of the same verse.
        “And Jesus stood before the governor, and the governor asked him, saying; Art thou the King of the Jews?
        And Jesus said unto him, thou sayest.”
        I think this settles the argument in favour of PJ and Sardonicus.

      2. The confusion over the word “Jew” stems from ignorance of Latin. Latin had no letter “J” in it. The J-sound was represented by the letter “I” (pronounced Y).

        Thus JULIUS CAESAR certainly existed well before the invention of the letter “J”! His name, however, was spelled IULIUS Caesar (Pronounced YULIUS).

        Similarly, JEWS certainly existed AS Jews from the earliest times and were NOT invented many centuries later with the invention of the letter “J”. They existed in Roman times and the Latin word for Jew was IUDAEUS (pronounced YU-DAY-US). On the cross of Jesus Christ (his name spelled IESUS and pronounced YAY-SUS) we have the inscription in Latin: IESUS NAZARENUS REX IUDAEORUM = Jesus the Nazarene King of the Jews.

        So pleeeeeze, no nonsense about “Jews” being invented in the 19th century!!!

        As PJ London correctly points out. the word “JEW” first entered the English language in the early Middle Ages and was written always with an “I” because the letter “J” had not yet been invented. Thus: IESUS Christ, King of the IEWES. (Pronounced YOOSE).

        Only after the invention of the letter “J” was “J” substituted for “I” and IEWE became JEW(E)… and the Y-sound morphed into the J-sound.

        So “JEWS” were NOT invented in the 18th or 19th century, or whenever the letter “J” entered the language! Jews have been around forever. And in Roman times they were called IUDAEI — pronounced YOU-DAY-EE, and later JUDAEI (= Judaeans).

        Quite simple really.

      3. In later Latin, the letter “J” is sometimes found in Latin dictionaries along with the letter “i”. Thus the word IUVENIS (youth) was sometime written as JUVENIS. From this we get the word “juvenile”.

        Remember that in Roman times no one ever said “Hey Julius!” to Julius Caesar. It would have been “Hey Iulius!” (pronounced YOO-li-us).

    2. Central –

      Semitic(Shemitic) refers to a group of languages, rather than tribes. The Semitic languages include Arabic, Ugaritic, Phoenician, Aramaic, Hebrew and Syriac.

      PJ –

      Thanks for your ‘guess’ PJ.
      Your ‘guess’ shows the word ‘jew’ was not used in the original New Testament of c. 90 AD.

      1. Brainwashing is alive and well. Can`t have two versions in the same book, unless someone (AHEM!) has been monkeying around with the old master EDIT feature.

        So many things have the so-called Jews EDITED to confirm their versions, it`s enough to create a steaming pile of regurgitation. I`m sure JK would agree, but then I shouldn`t speak for my friends.

        Just about everything that truly happened in WWII was highly edited by the victors…. isn`t that always th wayÉ Therefore they also edited every instance of the word Jew. Where it never was, it now is.

        ***Your ‘guess’ shows the word ‘jew’ was not used in the original New Testament of c. 90 AD.***

        My GUESSÉ Hehe… right-o. More like years of research. NO, there was NO word `Jew`in any book 2000 years old, simply because that word didn`t exist until it was created as a result of a translated ERROR in the 2nd version of the King James Bible, Loooong afterward. The word Jew has only been with us for 170 years. If it`s not in the original 1611, well then it`s quite obvious it never existed prior to then, back to the beginning of time… or do you really think Jesus had a plaque above his head that read `King of the JEWS“
        ROFL. Please….

      2. @ Central Scrutinizer

        Why don’t you shut up, you uneducated moron? Your pretentious name is as stupid as your tedious comments on the origin of the word “Jew”. You don’t know what you are talking about and have taken all your “facts” from disinfo websites run by Christ-hating Jews. Get yourself an elementary education.

      3. Central –

        All of us are guessing, me too…. even though I have been researching Jews and Bible stories since the 50s.

        Translations are guesses. There are numerous ones.
        Versions are guesses. There are numerous ones.

        Here is a funny guess. The stupid people still worshiped Greek and Roman deities at the time. Traditions.

        Acts 14:12 – Barnabas they called Zeus, and Paul they called Hermes …

        13 – The priest of Zeus, whose temple was just outside the city, brought bulls and wreaths
        to the city gates because he and the crowd wanted to offer sacrifices to THEM.

      4. so, i don’t get it from a purely operational sturmbahnfuhrer standpoint.

        what was all that hard work for, offing 6 million jews if it turns out that they were iuwes and we wuz just killin’ phantoms, yet we gotta pay the full price of 6 million chosen souls which as rev rabbi laitman said would just come back kosher reincarnated to finish the job on us?

        i didn’t sign up with the sonderkommando to be some cartoon ghostbuster.

        were we jewed or were we iuwed?

      5. Central,
        You could not read the original, in Greek, Aramaic, or Old Latin or even Old English.
        The original “books” were in several languages and in multiple versions, until Nicea, any version was as authentic as all the others.
        “In tracing the origin of the Bible, one is led to AD 325, when Constantine the Great called the First Council of Nicaea, composed of 300 religious leaders. Three centuries after Jesus lived, this council was given the task of separating divinely inspired writings from those of questionable origin.
        Also, we do know that there were many books of supposed prophets floating around up until 312 CE when the Council of Nicea decided which books were scripture and which ones were burned. Thanks to the notorious habit of early Christian leaders of destroying books/scrolls, we may never know what doctrine existed before the Council of Nicea.”
        I am afraid your nonsense about the “Word” Jew not existing before 187x is just that, nonsense.
        The spellings of many words has changed over time.
        for instance in 1400 :

        abid, abyd, abyde verb, prsnt. remain, await, wait;
        abood verb, pst. awaited, remained
        abideth, abydeth verb awaits
        abidyng verb awaiting
        able adj. suitable
        abluciouns noun cleansings
        abood noun delay
        above adj. superior
        abregge verb abridge, shorten
        Plus tens of thousands of others
        So your silly claims fail to impress any who have the least understanding of English.
        No this is not a parody.

      6. @ PJ London

        To Central Scrutinizer: “I am afraid your nonsense about the “Word” Jew not existing before 187x is just that, nonsense.”

        You won’t convince him, PJ. He has a bee in his bonnet about this. And no amount of logic or factual information will make him change his mind.

        The idea that Jews didn’t exist at the time of Christ because the word “Jew” (with the letter J) didn’t exist at that period is an idea so cretinous that only a cretin would entertain with it.

        Didn’t camels exist before the invention of the word “camel”? Ask him that!

      7. Sard –

        Jews were known as Pharisees before they changed their cult members to Jew. They are notorious ‘name-changers.’

        The head Jew-Pharisee said so:
        “Pharisaism became Talmudism, Talmudism became Medieval Rabbinism, and Medieval Rabbinism became Modern Rabbinism. But, throughout these changes of name, inevitable adaption of custom, and adjustment of Law, the spirit of the ancient Pharisee survives unaltered. When the Jew reads his prayer, he is reciting formulae prepared by pre-Maccabean scholars; when he dons the cloak prescribed for the Day of Atonement and Passover Eve, he is wearing the festival garment of ancient Jerusalem; when he studies the Talmud he is actually repeating the arguments used in the Palestinian academies.”

        Rabbi Louis Finklestein, President and Professor of Theology, Jewish Theological Seminary of America, The Pharisees, Vol. I, page xxi.
        And Bernard Schwartz was around before he was Tony Curtis.

      8. Hey Pat,
        The internet is full of interesting stuff, look what I found ;
        “Ancient Jewish History:
        Of the various factions that emerged under Hasmoneanrule, three are of particular interest: the Pharisees, Sadducees, and Essenes.
        Pharisees, Sadducees & Essenes
        The most important of the three were the Pharisees because they are the spiritual fathers of modern Judaism.
        The Sadducees were elitists who wanted to maintain the priestly caste, but they were also liberal in their willingness to incorporate Hellenism into their lives, something the Pharisees opposed.
        A third faction, the Essenes, emerged out of disgust with the other two. This sect believed the others had corrupted the city and the Temple. They moved out of Jerusalem and lived a monastic life in the desert, adopting strict dietary laws and a commitment to celibacy.”
        So there were numerous groups and sects, only one of which was known as Pharisees.
        One lot gave us Judaism, one lot packed up and disappeared, and the third gave us the founding tenets of Christianity.
        It is easy if you use a search engine and a little gumption.

      9. Here’s a guess.. (you all guessed wrong)

        “the Greeks referred to the Jews as Judeos, or Jah deos or Yadavas, meaning people of Ya or descendants of Yadu, one of the sons of Yayati.”

        “that the Greeks asserted that the Jews were Indians whom the Syrians called Judea, the Sanskrit synonym of which is Yadava or yaudheya, and the Indians called them Kalanis, [sic] meaning orthodox followers of scripture.” (S. Radhakrishnan)

    1. Oh great. A bunch of habiru jews pretending to be moslems are going to nuke the USA again — like jews pretending to be moslems nuked NYC on 9/11. And what color towels do jews pretending to be moslems nuking the USA wear on their jew heads? Blue? As in star of david true-blue Blue? I think so. I really du.

      The leader of ISIL is an arab jew. The jew “moslem” terrorist trained with the Mossad. If ISIL does nuke the USA, know it was the jews who Nuked the USA.

  43. Once again, Madjewess tries to blame the moozlums for the terrorism her jew tribe commits. In this case, it’s Madjewess under the cover of “Ingrid”. Madjewess/’Ingrid’ will never admit the head of ISIL is a jew, an arab jew.

  44. Putin claims that he wants to privatize the Russian State assets, but the Russian State keeps buying businesses and industry.

    Russia is the same old monopolistic oligarchy…. and very capital driven… capitalistic.

    There was no collapse. There has been growth all along… but people get nothing. Oligarchs do. And Russia still gets US companies’ aid. Always have.

    Exxon, BP Defy White House; Extend Partnership with Russia

    By Nick Cunningham | Mon, 26 May 2014 21:49

    Several of the largest oil companies in the world are doubling down in Russia despite moves by the West to isolate Russia and its economy. ExxonMobil and BP separately signed agreements with Rosneft – Russia’s state-owned oil company – to extend and deepen their relationships for energy exploration. The U.S. slapped sanctions on Rosneft’s CEO Igor Sechin in late April, freezing his assets and preventing him from obtaining visas.


    BP sold to Rosneft…as they make windfalls on both sides.

    Moscow Times 2013:
    How Rosneft Is Turning Into Another Gazprom
    By Anders Aslund
    Jun. 21 2013 00:00

    During the last half decade, the mismanagement of Gazprom has turned from comic to tragic. Incredibly, President Vladimir Putin and Rosneft CEO Igor Sechin seem set to carry out a similar destruction of Russia’s latest national champion, the giant oil company Rosneft. It is a vivid example of the harm state capitalism can do to Russia’s welfare.

    On Oct. 22, Rosneft bought BP’s near half of TNK-BP, and the next day it bought the other half from billionaires Mikhail Fridman, German Khan, Viktor Vekselberg and Len Blavatnik for a total of $55 billion, mainly in cash. This was the  biggest nationalization since Rosneft seized most of the assets of Yukos in 2004.

    “Rosneft’s purchase of TNK-BP made a big joke of Putin’s claim that he wants to privatize state assets. On the contrary, the evidence shows that he favors state capitalism, combined with crony capitalism benefitting his best friends. Former Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin put it best when he commented on Rosneft’s purchase of TNK-BP: “An inefficient company absorbs an efficient one … [and] unfortunately, the company will be managed by the old Rosneft management.”

    1. Pat – As I highlighted last week, the Jew commodity giant Glencore & Trafigura have a history of secrecy and corruption. Both companies were founded by ex Marc Rich executive millionaires and in some cases billionaire traders. Marc Rich from the book “The King of Oil” by Daniel Ammann quote ” Marc Rich was not an agent of Mossad, he regularly offered his services as a volunteer, and he was of great use to the Mossad. He organised contacts in places where Mossad had none. He offered money in situations where Israel officially could not That is why Rich was personally acquainted with all Israeli Prime Mnisters from Begin to Barak.” So he was much more than an agent, he was a crucial asset to Israel. Back to his “Kosher Boys” in Glencore and Trafigura.

      16 March 2015. Reuters. “Trading house Trafigura is set to become the largest exporter of oil from Russian state-owned energy major Rosneft under a deal it is negotiating with the sanctions-hit company, industry sources told Reuters. From April, Trafigura will start handling more than a dozen tankers or 1 million tonnes a month (240,000 barrels per day) of oil from Rosneft, over a tenth of Russia’s overall oil exports, three trading sources familiar with the development told Reuters. Rosneft and Trafigura declined to comment.” And from 2013. “Rosneft ‘deal of the century’ could turn the world biggest commodity trader Glencore into one of the top suppliers of Russian oil. This would be a major breakthrough for an outsider to become a Russian market heavyweight.A deal with cash hungry Rosneft to pre-pay $10bn for future Russian oil has helped Glencore skyrocket in the country’s market in just over a year, Reuters reports.” Nathaniel Rothschild has a financial interest in Glencore and is close friends with the CEO Ivan Glasenberg.

  45. Still building the best enemy money can buy… Nothing changes, despite change in leaders in Russia and US.

    U.S. Bell helicopters to be assembled in Russia despite sanctions

    The Urals Civil Aviation Plant (UZGA) has signed a contract with the U.S. company Bell Helicopter on assembling helicopters in Russia, which have traditionally been absent from the product-mix offered by the Russian aircraft manufacturing sector. Although similar projects have never gone beyond the discussion phase, this time, experts point out, state support in selling the helicopters could help.

    There is no need to secure additional certification for the helicopter as its U.S. version is already in use in Russia. At the moment, one Bell 407GXP helicopter costs at least $5 million, however when it is locally produced, the cost will be 17 percent less as helicopter import duty will not apply, Badekha explained. The duty on components is 0-10 percent.

    1. People and private businesses are shut out in Russia.
      Private industry is so absent in Russia that it has only supported 14 private helicopter sales in 2014. The Russian government made 257 military helicopters.

      In order for private commercial helicopter manufacturing and sales to succeed, the government must throw in support….. THEN… it is NOT private anymore.

      “At the moment, the Russian fleet of light helicopters is comprised of hundreds of units of various models developed by Robinson, Bell and Airbus Helicopters. According to Vladimir Karnozov, the production of Bell helicopters in Russia can become a commercial success only if there is a “state influence on the market” to ensure their distribution.”

      Looks a lot like corporate welfare in America. 🙂

  46. when MSM nailed Vlad Jesus to the cross, they mocked him,
    if you be fearless omnipotent, denounce Holocaust climb down from the cross …
    yet he will win in the end, Caiaphas, Hitchens and Dawkins will grovel in dust after the clock struck midnight.

    and no, all guesses are not equally valid, which is why there is this pseudo-science, shaky by design but very useful, called statistics.
    when usaf goes to war against grenada to defend its sacred heartland, there is a chance that grenada may win but that guess is not as good as that usaf will win.

  47. Darkmooners:
    @ The Original Joe
    If you want to learn more about the twists and turns of Jade Helm 15 in a Controlled Demolition sense then Dave Hodges and his http://www.TheCommonSense website will help all of us understand it, and don’t pretend to be a sheeple and say that the US government would not do that or it’s fear-mongering. Remember that was the same kind of rhetoric about 9/11 which was an inside job (government/military/intelligence agencies, etc.) most of which were Neocons (dual citizen Israel first Israeli-Americans) that caused the death of 3000 people in 3 buildings not just 2 (WTC 1,2 and 7). If you are still sitting on the fence, maybe videos and commentaries by DAHBOO7 will convince you. And now even Putin fits in under Jade Helm as Russian/Chinese troops are on American soil involved in military exercises/drills under the UN’s Small Arms treaty. This would suggest that Putin is part of the show and just making good theater as the underdog fighting American Hegemony or int’l jewry Banksters. Gullible TV/MSM viewers will believe anything if it has good psychology behind it. Hitler was evil: must fight him. Putin is evil, invaded Ukraine: West/NATO must fight him. If that were the case, would US military/intelligence use Social Media as proof compared to Russian use of actual Satellite photos. The USA is lying because their Satellites show what Russian Satellites show. The Social Media angle works because we are all hooked on modern technology that the elites use against us and to manipulate us. The Arab Spring, Color Revolutions, Cyber Attacks, and ISIS are all used in the Social Media context to manipulate us. That is why stupid people from the west go and want to fight for or against ISIS. Like PJ London has said and myself included, that int’l jewry is everywhere but it hides deep and very well hidden that they are never the first to be blamed. They have so many frontmen and patsies/dupes that the whole picture is so clouded and confused that it works to their advantage (divide and conquer, obfuscation, wack-a-mole, multiple hydra-heads, Octopus’ tentacles, smoke and mirrors, etc.). The more factions/fronts there are it is harder to get to the truth. To understand this strategy check out Gilad Atzmon and his to see how jews/Israel use these technigues to accomplish their goals. Otherwise, the comment that jews are the greatest liars is a fountain of truth, but does not cover the numerous springs that form that fountain. This is why I like to look at events in a layers of the onion (Red, Yellow or White Onion) approach. For those Putin lovers, a Russian doll analogy says it all as well. Now back to Jade Helm 15, the US military is talking out of both sides of the mouth by both confirming and denying the Jade Helm stories. Again confusion reigns to keep everyone off-balance. But from this Jade Helm may also be moved up to June 2015 and not July 2015. Why? Let’s see: TPP/ TTIP approval, Greek debt repayment or lack thereof, China’s increased Gold accumulation/China’s economy tanking, US FED raising interest rates (certain death), fracking oil companies tanking (derivatives exploding) and desire to get rid of physical cash (bank runs/bail-ins), and Syria and Assad getting closer to collapse. There are other factors, but military manuevres by Russia/China/US and NATO are at the top too. These storms make me think of Europe before WW2 broke out. So Putin may be doing his best to show that he is fighting American hegemony (int’l jewry money power), but it is all designed for the sheeple to believe what will happen soon globally is someone else’s fault and not int’l jewry/Banksters, the real instigator of most if not all things. As Smedley Butler said: War is a racket. All wars, since the French Revolution, are Bankers wars. And Putin is in on it as a frontman. Thanks, Norbert.

    1. Thank you Norbert. Excellent post. And thank you for the link.

      Norbert is a gentleman and he deserves the support and admiration of ALL Darkmooners.

    2. “So Putin may be doing his best to show that he is fighting American hegemony (int’l jewry money power), but it is all designed for the sheeple to believe what will happen soon globally is someone else’s fault and not int’l jewry/Banksters, the real instigator of most if not all things. As Smedley Butler said: War is a racket. All wars, since the French Revolution, are Bankers wars.”

      Yes Norbert until the masses are aware of this, nothing will change. Archibald Ramsay MP knew the second World War was orchestrated by Jewish International finance with the help of the propaganda arm – Jewish media. He was imprisoned from 1940 until the end of the war.

      On the second day of the Second World War, 4 September 1939, Ramsay sat in the library of the House of Commons writing a paraphrase of “Land of Hope and Glory”, which was later to be printed and distributed by the Right Club. It ran:

      Land of dope and Jewry
      Land that once was free
      All the Jew boys praise thee
      Whilst they plunder thee

      Poorer still and poorer
      Grow thy true-born sons
      Faster still and faster
      They’re sent to feed the guns.

      Land of Jewish finance
      Fooled by Jewish lies
      In press and books and movies
      While our birthright dies

      Longer still and longer
      Is the rope they get
      But—by the God of battles
      ‘Twill serve to hang them yet.

      PDF version of the Archibald Ramsays’s book “The Nameless War”

  48. As long as bankers remain in power, with their puppet governments and non questioning armed forces too, to do their bidding, there will be war, regardless what Putin thinks. The west will do what it did in WW2 and simply declare war on Russia as it did Germany. That’s the way it goes and there will be nothing to stop it, well…..that is, of course, if you remove the bankers from their echelon towers. Good luck!

  49. Like me, Pat constantly tells us to FOLLOW THE MONEY. This is really all you are inadvertently doing in your discourses; much of which is hearsay and guesswork! …. Yeah you toadies, ugly, troll-like monsters and hand-sitters, I’ve told you the Jews in Jesus’ time were Ioaudea or Iewes! Judea was Iaoudea! So f****g what? We are still LEFT with a stinking Jewish hegemony of our planet in today’s world! History means NOTHING in the context of the Iewes! ….. And I’ve told you how simple it all is: The American Federal Reserve, totally under Jewish command, prints the only REAL, universally-recognized money in the world. And this is never audited! …. Instead of a “gold standard” (because the Jews have placed most of the planet’s gold in their hidden vaults, for their exclusive bartering-use after the mini-Armageddon they have planned, when the planet’s population will be reduced by over 4 billions, as per World Wildlife Fund projections/planning) the world has a FED-generated, green back/American-Jewish DOLLAR standard. …. The people and governments of our planet remain in total awe/total dependency upon the financial figures generated exclusively by “money-changing” Jews out of their triumvirate of global financial POWER, consisting of the FED, Wall St and the US Treasury Department. … The relevance of such as BRICS is questionable, especially when considerable of the Chinese and Russian, money-grabbing, criminal oligarchs have invested/and continue to invest, in the Jewish global financial casino; and convert their ill-begotten $billions into green-backs. They are using American dollars to buy up big in Australia! …. So any RESISTANCE against the global JEWISH financial POWER has to commence in the USA, where a full scale attack has to be launched against the Jewish triumvirate of POWER! ….. Put simply, the only SOLUTION (and there are no others) is to eradicate the Jewish villains/Jewish Mafioso from the FED, Wall St and the Treasury; as well as confiscating all Jewish money as the proceeds of crime. …. To repeat: The USA is the key, as it is the real JEWISH HOMELAND. Israel is merely a quaint diversion, of some minor sentimental value to the Jewish hierarchy; most of whom are Marxist-atheists. … I nominate someone like Gilby to go and throw one of those cocktails at the front door of the FED! This might get the conflagration going! Just think, one single act of courage!

    1. After 20 years of the internet and an alternative media, the great majority of Americans still think the FED is a branch of the Federal Govt.. and still think the Fed is the cat’s pajamas. It’s going to take a lot more than one Molotov cocktail thrown at the front door of the FED to wake up Americans, Max. Sorry, but it’s true.

      The truth concerning the FED was also available before the internet and the alternative media. The truth concerning a lot of things was available before the internet and the alternative media. The truth concerning the FED and a lot of other things was ignored before the internet and the alternative media and the truth is still being ignored after 20 years of the internet and alternative media — not ignored here at DM, but in the real world USA, the great majority of Americans don’t want the truth. They want to be lied to. People who want to be lied to are also liars. The Jews love to lie and the great majority of Americans love to be lied to, so let the Jews continue to lie to ’em. It’s what the great majority of Americans want. At this point, who gives a shit.

      If Gilby were to accept your “nomination”, Max, Gilby would either wind up in a prison cell or wind up shot dead in the street — and the great majority of Americans would still continue to love and lap-up all the lies, including the lies concerning the FED in the mainstream culture/media. Gilby’s sacrifice would be for naught, that’s for sure. If anything, Americans would stand behind the FED even more intensely, feeling like one of their beloved institutions was under siege. That is, if Americans are even paying attention. Good chance the great majority of Americans wouldn’t even be paying attention. The great majority of Americans have already forgotten about 9/11. They never talk about it, never try to figure out the implications of it. Nothing. It’s like 9/11 never even happened. [ Again, I’m not talking about the alternative media, I’m talking about the real world USA outside of the alternative media].

      You don’t know much about the USA, Max, if you think one Molotov cocktail thrown at the door of the FED is going to start the ball rolling [ “get the conflagration going” ] . If I’m wrong about that, then why don’t you go throw a Molotov cocktail at the front door of the FED? You’re so big and strong and manly and brave and daring. Gilby is the sensitive type. Gilby is not cut out for your “nomination”. You MAX are THE MAN OF ACTION! GO DO IT!

      1. If I thought that’d do the trick – I’d do it. But back in my more naive days, I participated in conservative, well-heeled protests on the mall in FRONT of the Fed headquarters in D.C. Just for the sake of graphics, I will tell you that the ten-foot plus high doors are BRONZE, and the building is white granite – not conducive to being molested by Maxy-size fireworks. Too bad, Maxy. You will need an M1 Abrams tank, and time to work before you’re INCINERATED in it. 🙁

        Can’t open your link, Lobro, though I’m sure it’s in good fun… 🙂

      2. simple enough, gilby, just search for “Ry Cooder – Taxes On The Farmer Feeds Us All”

        weird though that i get it in deep balkans and you don’t, maybe jade helm got rolling already and what with ry cooder being a sworn true blue american commie just like willie nelson (i met and spoke to them both, top notch souls although it wouldn’t occur to me to call them friends), maybe he is being shut down by some isp default.

    2. I agree with Max regarding the (counterfeit) jews and their hold on the Federal Reserve. I also agree that America is the true Israel (of people) as well as Great Britain. Either of those two nations of people hold the ball in their court (if they only knew) and is what I have been saying all along, but am afraid only a few understand; others keep on arguing against the solution which is easily understood when one realizes they are not jews, thus not following The Torah (which they loathe), but are following The Talmud (their bible). As Israelites (history does matter and very much), the people need to return to The Torah. I’m not hopeful about that happening if the views held on this site represent the populace. Nevertheless, what I share is The Truth.

      I understand (counterfeit)-jews have tricked you. At least get on the right side of the fence letting Father in Heaven and His Son do the rest. As Lasha said “Make sure you are backing the right side.” Between Good and evil that is.

      1. You and Max are, both, right IMHO – but God ‘holds the key’. Ask for discernment when you pray.

        As I have been castigated, before, on this site by those of weak understanding – David is my favorite Bible character after Jesus. If you actually READ your Bible, you will find that the notion is enforced that Jesus is of the Davidic line. There is a reason for that… The Jews covet it, but cannot have it. They must improvise and lie about it. They certainly fool the ‘educated’ goy, which is a boon to their aim.

      2. …and if the bad things happen, here, which are suggested in the Hodges article, I PLAN ON TAKING SCALPS. I like the old Indian and French idea of it. It is definitive, bloody, and appropriate. David would have done it if he’d thought about it – but David liked to ‘harrow’ his captives into the ground. I admire that, too, but may not have the audience, or the time to mess with it. 🙁

      3. Lobro’s link works here in Florida, and Florida is a Southern state, so I think something’s wrong with your computer, Gilbert.

  50. for someone that has worked for international jewry (kgb) his whole life, defining the enemy as ‘anglo-americans’ doesn’t sound like he is now uniting russian gentiles with american gentiles … sounds like he still serves international jewry

    instead of reading between the lines, or believing some grand chessboard or golden calf … i am going to believe what comes out of putin’s mouth speaks for putin

    so what that the american msm-hasbara slanders putin … the russian msm-hasbara praises putin … that half the jews are on each side, means he doesn’t oppose international jewry … he is just part of the theater … jewish oligarchs still own all of russia’s natural resources … the ones vacationing overseas are buying up chelsea and new jersey nets, they don’t seem to be suffering at all … this article’s conjecture is empty, and does not even argue that gentiles run russia, it just hopes you assume it because ‘soviet union collapsed’, another irrelevant change of masks

    1. FC –

      Americans do not have a clue about what comes out of Putin’s mouth… it comes out in Russian.
      Translators lie and guess… Mislead us intentionally(lie) and by mistake(guessed wrong).

      “ALL theater.”
      Yep. Like ‘Red Ronnie’ Reagan, who changed parties.

  51. The Soviet Union didn’t collapse, the Soviet Union jews just moved en-masse to the States. Under the “anti-communist” “liberty loving” “conservative” “ALL-American cowboy” Reagan’s “watch”. Some watch. Under Reagan, each and every commie jew who came to the States from the Soviet Union was given One Hundred Thousand Dollars, given the whole gamut of welfare services, free rent, free medical care, free college, free food, etc., etc.. Even the very wealthy Communist Jews who came here with shitloads of stolen loot from the Russian people. The wealthy ones were given all the above — and then some.

    Reagan also was the first president to sign the jew COMMUNIST Noahide Laws into the body of American Law. Search Term : “Reagan + Noahide Laws + Education Day”

    [ Reagan was also the first president to grant the illegal aliens amnesty, which just encouraged third world foreigners from around the world to pour into the USA in even larger numbers, and of course setting the precedent for the Communist Obama’s amnesty of illegal invaders. ]

    Conservative Americans still to this day laud the “anti-communist” Reagan to the Heavens and beyond! LOL LOL LOL … How stoopid are Americans???!!!

    1. Hey Real original,
      I just love it when people provide real information and give us the FACTS.

      The exact number of Russian-speaking Jews living in this country is unknown, but is generally estimated at about 700,000.
      Russian-speaking Jews came to this country in two major waves, about 30% entering before 1990, and the other 70% after. (er, post Reagan)
      Therefore, after 1980, Soviet emigres had to prove to an immigration officer in Rome that they had a well founded fear of persecution. Most managed to do so. Until the late 1980s, United States policy accepted all Soviet Jews as refugees.

      “HIAS and the Council of Jewish Federations (CJF) also lobbied the U.S. government for financial assistance for resettlement. While Goldberg refers to this effort as being “audacious,” Reimers documents the precedent of government aid for the resettlement of Hungarian, Cuban, and Vietnamese refugees in the 1950s and 1960s. A federal block grant in the late 1970s that provided as much as $1,000 per soviet refugee improved the resettlement situation. Refugees and their sponsors became eligible for financial support for transportation, baggage, maintenance, visa processing fees, and resettlement in the United States”
      A slight difference between “as much as $1,000” and $100,000, don’t let the truth worry you.
      If they did not have sufficient income, they went on welfare hence just like all Americans with no income they get “free rent, free medical care, free college, free food, etc., etc”
      Way to go, unbelievable luxury, living on welfare!
      Reagan signed the Noahide Laws into American Law?
      Do Not Deny God
      Do Not Blaspheme God
      Do Not Murder
      Do Not Engage in Incestuous, Adulterous or Homosexual Relationships.
      Do Not Steal
      Do Not Eat of a Live Animal
      Man I don’t know what you are smoking but it must be good!

      1. No, PJ, they got ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS, NOT a thousand dollars, but ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS.

        The Noahide Laws are a precursor to die intense jew Communism like they had in the Soviet Union. The Noahide Laws are but an ostensible dressing to cover up the real Communist style jew law from their jew Talmud. The Noahide Laws are a precursor to NON jews getting killed en-masse if they don’t obey the jew “religious” authorities. The Noahide Laws are NOT benign.

        PJ, don’t let the truth be a stumbling block to you, jew face. Keep on truckin’.

      2. Well original, do you have a source for your assertion?
        Mine you see is a quote, ( where did you get your facts from?
        I quoted the “Noahide Laws” there is a final law which says that they must create a court to enforce the others.
        Which of these laws did Reagan sign into the US laws?
        “The Noahide Laws are but an ostensible dressing to cover up the real Communist style jew law from their jew Talmud.” You are smoking again, take a deep breath and try some fresh air.
        “The Book of Jubilees, generally dated to the 2nd century BCE,[10] may include an early reference to Noahide Law at verses 7:20–28:”
        So in the second century BC, the communist jews were dressing up the Talmud so that Reagan could implement them for some weird purpose. Now I get it.
        (which version of the Talmud were they using, it makes a biiiiiiiiig difference you know)
        You can’t just make stuff up and then expect everyone to say “oh wow what a clever boy”, in an adult conversation you must back up your statements with sources and references.
        Of course in an adult conversation you don’t go around calling people Jew face, but then you knew that didn’t you?
        Normally I am called a Muslim lover and a jew hater, so to have you confuse things like this is very, well, confusing.

    2. “Reagan signed the Noahide Laws into American Law?”

      It was not Reagan who signed the law. He only received letters from ‘rebbe.’

      George Herbert Walker Bush, successor to Reagan, signed PL102-14 on March 20, 1991, and made March 26, 1991 “Education Day”… commemorating ‘rebbe’ Schneerson, head of Lubovitch movement. It set a precedent for B’nai Noach… and the Noahide Laws. Laws for goy. Death penalty to worship any other gods but Pharisees’ god…. and practices you listed.

  52. Hello ESP,

    I just “catched up » with the articles and commenting section, of course. Very time consuming as usual. I could write a novel to reply to you all. I hate computers, Words, Excel, SAP…Maybe that is why I didn’t end up like Zeymour who made good points as usual. I could name 100 non-Jews I know of, from Europe, US, Africa who think just like him, living the life of “unrestrained pursuit of pleasure” or “Jouir sans entraves” in vo, like in May 68 colored revolution in Paris. We just copy are parents; I have to say I envy their disregard.
    I like fresh air, eating those delicious Florida mangos or watermelons while watching Kournikova swimming in a Bradenton’s pool, too bad she quitted tennis for “modelling” sic, USA is bad for Russian girls and good looking women are too often a letdown, except for Maria Sharapova. I am sure she likes Putin. Maybe he will come to Roland Garros with Depardieu for the final. I bet on Monfils, a little he has good odds, since Nadal’s body can’t support anymore his physical unnatural tennis.
    “Manboobs” haha ,it reminds of a summer where we used to laugh about those US teenagers. “Titties” we called them with the Italian, Austrian and other teenagers in Rhode Island fields, a great place, with great people just like Michigan’s lakes in summertime. The guy said it all in the “Americans are dummies” video. LA and NY are the Axis of evil, for that part of the world.
    Russia and Putin now or maybe I have said it all with the fate of Anna and Maria. There is the demography to consider, since it is a significant indicator especially for the level of leader’s benevolence and since Banking is a triangular debate that never ends until it does, except maybe at the BIS, in the all mighty unregulated square mile or in the clearing houses. In 2001, the CIA presaged that the Russian population in 2015 would be 130 million. It is 146 million, now. In 2002 the institute Robert Schuman , another very US connected “Fathers of Europe” indicated that in 2050 the Russian population would reach between 77.2 million and 101.9 million. During the post-soviet decade, Russia has lost between 750 and 900 000 people every year from natural causes as Russian women didn’t make babies anymore. To me, Putin has stop the plunder after the controlled demolition, well explained by Arch Stanton, a plunder that still happen in Europe. I found his speech about minorities in Russia:
    “Russia doesn’t need minorities. The minorities need Russia. And we will not grant them any kind of special favor, nor will change our laws, no matter how loud they are protesting against “discrimination”. We will not tolerate any kind of disrespect against Russian culture.”
    No leaders in Occident would dare pronounce those words. I think Felix is right. We should forget about money and infrastructures for a while. Putin does not seem to put a price on everything, even the living, like we do in Occident. Pierre Bergé the owner of Le Monde said “Just like workers sold their arms for money, women from poor countries should sell their wombs for assisted reproduction.” I think Putin would disagree with that, the “socialist” Hollande on the other hand.
    But maybe he is just a new Napoléon, Hitler or Churchill. I read Winston publicly acknowledged the validity of Mrs. N.H. Webster studies about subversion. Is this true Max? Maybe, that is why you like to quote Mrs Webster so much. Napoléon said “I have an allowance of 20 million French men.” What a bunch of smart practical men!
    Already long comment, but writing is the soul complement of a society with no soul, devastated by trade. Cousin said that, an unknown philosopher, he wrote “L’Etre contre L’Avoir”. He is hard to translate, too bad BrownHawk, I am sure you would have loved this one. That was a jew free commentary, except for Zak, who might not even be a Jew, just a devil advocate, since nobody seem to notice about those people. I just spend the week end in my countryside and nobody care about Zionism, central banking and GMO. They are just too busy enjoying the beautiful land. If i were in Montana, i would go fishing just like Brad Pitt. Another Pitt in a nutshell. That’s why Americans don’t care about the world, they have a beautiful land. That is the problem with Jews, they have no land to enjoy or cherish, except for the middle east “pie in the sky”.

    I wish you all well.

  53. Napoleon was driven back from the gates of Moscow in miserable retreat and had his Waterloo. Hitler’s advanced units could see the Kremlin spires through their binoculars and the Wehrmacht suffered the brutal Russian winter in their Summer uniforms. That’s as far as it got and he had his Stalingrad

    Who might be the next commander from the West to give it a shot?

    I agree with Pat in guessing that there ARE no stockpiles of nuclear armaments meaning that any upcoming wars will still be fought in a conventional manner

    And I predict Russia won’t be conquered THIS time either

    1. Hitler’s advanced units could see the Kremlin spires through their binoculars, this is true. What is also true : Moscow was very lightly fortified and it would have been relatively easy for Hitler’s military to have taken Moscow then and there. Instead, Hitler ordered his military AWAY from lightly fortified Moscow and ordered his military to march to the extremely heavily fortified Stalingrad. [ very strange ]

      Which raises some questions : Why didn’t the Russians fortify Moscow? They left Moscow open. Very strange. Almost as if the Russians knew that the Germans wouldn’t try to take Moscow. The Russians did fortify Stalingrad very heavily though — as if they knew the Germans would try to take Stalingrad. Why didn’t Hitler take Moscow as Moscow was very lightly fortified and it would have been easy for the Germans to march into Moscow and put an end to the jew Soviet Union right then and there? Why did Hitler want Stalingrad, a city far away from German supply lines? While ignoring the very capital of the Soviet Union, and Moscow was lightly fortified which would have been relatively easy for the Germans to take Moscow, and Moscow was much closer to German supply lines too boot.

      1. Good questions, Joe. (although you remind me of the “Frankie two times” character from “Goodfellas” saying the same thing twice – haha)

        To answer in a general sense goes right to the shadowy world of espionage which underlies all the seemingly inexplicable chain of events. Cloak ‘n dagger realities throughout the course of history have forever prevented a proper reading of certain things that happened and who lurks behind their innumerable veils.

        The seer Black Elk was Oglala Lakota, as was Crazy Horse, also a seer AND a warlord. So too was the mother of a dear friend of mine. Her father is of German descent and HIS father is believed to have been a high-ranking member of Abwehr (German Intelligence) during the war. It was my friend’s father who told me about what was told him regarding the probability of who Martin Bormann really was – a top Zionist agent.

        Even though the classic m.o. does call for a chain of command hierarchy to be on a strict “need to know only” basis for obvious reasons, things tend to leak out amongst at least some of the rank and file. It just goes with the territory in having a nose for Intelligence. But for all of them to be kept on a tight leash goes without saying.

        Yet my friend’s grandfather seems to have been privy enough to be confident with what he was relating. But even Bormann himself was probably whacked after having idiotically served this very useful purpose for the beast in bringing down the German Reich.

        Those who go down these darkest of paths are ALL dispensible in the end. It would be too dangerous for them to be allowed to live.

      2. Joe, Moscow couldn’t be taken for many reasons. The most important being the 4th Bureau ( Now GRU) spy Richard Sorge in Tokyo, who informed Moscow in August, 1941,that Japan was going to attack the US and not Russia. Prior to that the Russians had smashed the Japanese at Halkin Gol in 39 and 40. When Russia learnt of the Japanese plans they were able to transfer their best Siberian troops and it was these troops which counter-attacked and drove the Germans back from Moscow. In 1942, Germany was not strong enough to launch a broad offensive like in 41. Therefore they attacked South with the aim of seizing the oilfields around the Caspian Sea, at Astrakhan. The original plan was to drive east with all their forces and take Stalingrad, before wheeling south to seize the oilfields. However they split their forces, instead of concentrating them, thereby failing to achieve either objective. Their strategic error was to neglect the golden rule of warfare which is maximum concentration of forces at one point. As far as I know, there is only one general in history who got away with dividing his forces and winning, Wellington at Assaye, in India. If the Germans had succeeded in their objectives in 42, they would have achieved half of Operation Barbarossa’s objectives, which was to occupy the USSR up to the AA line( Archangel in the North to Astrakhan in the South) following the general line of the Volga River.
        In actuality, Germany didn’t stand a chance of winning, because the head of the Abwehr, Willem Canaris and his deputy, Hans Oster were both traitors. Also many of the top generals in the Wehrmacht were part of the Red Orchestra, a communist spy ring, which kept the Soviets fully informed as to German plans. Another factor was Britain reading most of Germany’s codes via the Ultra secret.

      3. the question would be why stalin fortified stalingrad (apart from liking the name) and left moscow undefended.

        maybe because of heavy industry, crucial to war that existed in stalingrad and none in moscow.
        which is precisely what directed the wermacht’s drive, what would they gain in moscow except millions of starved refugees.

        just a guess, reading serious war history interferes with trivial pursuits.

      4. felix,

        wouldn’t it be nice if such pro-rus “traitors” existed in bundeswehr and other bundes institutions even today to tunnel through to vlad and smooth germany’s great escape from yid clutches?

        hm, angela merkel might make suitable material if she is having those sentimental stasi flashbacks.

      5. There could very well be Russian moles deep inside the Bundeswehr, Lobro. Which reminds me of an anecdote told about Erich Hartmann, the top fighter ace of all time, with 352 kills, including 7 American planes. After WW2 he joined the new luftwaffe and flew the F-104, known as the widowmaker. He crashed, but ejected safely. When he landed he is reported to have said, “That’s 353!”

  54. Wow..Seymour Zak is a follower of Aleister Crowley…hmm.

    I hope that Putin is the secret savior of the Russian people. I always more or less believed he was. The problem is, though, that the Russian people have to restore a belief in their own power. There has been such devastation, such crushing disappointments. It is going to take more than Putin. As far as the Ukraine being the new homeland of the Jews? Hard to grasp…first it was Israel and when that didn’t work out now it’s the Ukraine. Why would this work any better than Israel. If that is really the plan, it’s too stupid for words. I can see it: The Khazars return to their primeval homeland that they left in the misty past. Pilgrims arriving by boat, babes in arms, and proud young “warriors,” a down trodden people once again traveling with suitcase in hand, etc. Isn’t the Ukraine inhabited? So the pilgrims walk across some private property, scale a few fences, end up on the streets of a modern city where they need to get apartments. This idea of an exodus into the Ukraine must have come from idle speculations on Victoria Nulands mysterious motives for launching the false flag Ukrainian revolution…passing out cookies and armaments to neo-Nazis, that sort of thing. Now what in the world was she thinking? We’ll probably never know. On the other hand many years ago I lived in Santa Monica California and one day the whole city was purchased by Iranians. They left Iran and moved into Santa Monica overnight, literally overnight…600,000 people. I don’t think many have gone home either, despite the difficulties of life here and the more alluring life there.

    1. Through my fault, through my fault, through my most grievous fault, I questioned the war strategy of unsere Wehrmacht — mea culpa mea culpa.

      Thanks to the learned history/war-strategy experts at DM, I realize now that to take control of an enemy’s capital city — a capital city very lightly fortified and can be easily taken — I see clearly now that to take control of an enemy’s [very lightly fortified] capital city during a MAJOR war is something insignificant and inconsequential to the war effort, just simply inconsequential, trivial even — a trivial pursuit.

      “We don’t want to take control of the enemy’s capital city, that would produce war refugees”, lol. Taking the enemy’s capital city is a trivial pursuit, totally unimportant, it wouldn’t help us win the war at all “, lol.

      There’s nothing left for me now but to light a votive candle to the history “gods” and pray — hope and pray, pray and hope — to be exculpated from my most grievous sin of questioning unsere Wehrmacht.

      Someone left a comment at Chechar’s “The West Darkest Hour” about a month ago. The commentator asked why the Russians, under the boot heel of the jew COMMUNISTS, didn’t welcome the ANTI-jew-communist Nazis when they marched into Russia. I thought it was an important and pertinent question. The question makes sense to me. It’s certainly not a trivial question. It’s actually a very intelligent question. May the “gods” of history have mercy on the curious commentator with an intelligent, pertinent question.

      [ Mangoes and fiddlebacks and Maxie’s Sheila pursuits are not trivial, but my questions concerning Hitler/Moscow/Stalingrad are trivial, right lobro? And of course, your reply is not trivial, right lobro? LOL LOL LOL ]

      1. “May the “gods” of history have mercy on the curious commentator with an intelligent, pertinent question.”
        As soon as you ask one, I am sure that they will have mercy.
        There are two aspects to military engagement, strategy and tactics, It is clear that neither would have been enhanced by taking Moscow, you would have a propaganda victory and an enormous cost.
        Try reading the comments and thinking through the answers before jumping into a response. Try addressing the issues which are raised in the comments.
        Oh by the way, the answer to both questions you asked is “yes”.
        “Why didn’t the Russians fortify Moscow?” it was not of strategic military value, little industry, difficult to defend and simple to infiltrate, difficult to occupy. Like Paris, of propaganda value only, and detracts from the issue of resources, denying the enemy and obtaining for yourself.
        Stalingrad was a major Steel centre manufacturing weapons and ordnance, and it was an important industrial centre, communications hub, and sat astride the Volga River. Capturing Stalingrad would cut this waterway – the principal supply route from south to central and northern Russia. Cut the Volga and Moscow falls.As pointed out by posters above.
        Of course, had Germany had you to advise them, I am sure that the outcome of the war would have been very different.

      2. what are you LOLing on about so tragically joe?

        i gave you my best guess for an answer, take it or leave it, it wouldn’t surprise me at all that there are better ones.

        i think you judge me through your self absorbed prism, namely, “lobro is as spiteful as i and enjoys belittling others in order to give his own ego a boost”.
        well, give some alternative a try, such as “despite everything, lobro still encourages my posting so long as it is not ad hominem”.

        the fact remains that although you very much enjoy poking others ad nauseam, especially the ones who do not give you any offense, such as lasha, you are as thin-skinned as a third degree burn victim in rehab.

  55. An interesting article I found at Rense. “”The Real Reason Kerry Was In Sochi”. From “Russia Insider” dot com :

    Important Note : If you don’t like Rense for whatever reason, please go tell it to Rense and leave me out of it. I only link to an article at Rense. And the article is from another website. If you think Rense is a controlled opposition agent, I have nothing to do with that and I have no say as to how Rense runs his website. Go tell it to Rense and leave me out of it. Thank You. Anyway, there’s nothing controlled opposition-ish about the article I link to, so don’t hassle me. Thank You.

    1. Thanks for the link Joe, very good article.. btw, I always knew you were a swan, in ugly duckling disguise..

    2. no need to pay royalties on uncle toby’s disclaimers joe (thank you).

      it is indeed a fine article, by russia insider, which is a good brics aggregator site.
      sorry to say but at this juncture amerika looks like a swirling turd waving a sad goodbye as it embarks on a downward journey after having pulled its own flush.
      i am sure putin is leaking secret tears, his life left without meaning when his controlled opposition disappears.

      1. @ lobro

        I don’t get the impression at all that you’re “sorry to say”. I get the impression — and very much so — I get the impression you’re very happy about the destruction of the USA. Your true feelings, your true nature comes thru loud and clear.

      2. if destruction of amerika results in future saving of 30+ million of human lives lost worldwide post-ww3 directly due to amerika’s murderlust, then i suppose you are right, destruction of amerika’s power to project mass death at jew’s whim is occasion for celebration rather than grief.

        you outed me joe.

    3. @ PJ London

      I’m not sure if the war would have turned out differently if I had been Hitler’s advisor. Certainly, the war wouldn’t have turned out worse for Germany. How much worse could the war have gone for Germany? One strategic mistake after another. That’s not hindsight either. Plenty of German Generals tried to point-out to Hitler the strategic errors he was making — Hitler had them EXECUTED. Hitler did NOT execute his jew and his Islamic moslem commanders ; Hitler EXECUTED patriotic WHITE ARYAN GERMAN GENERALS — 84 of them. Yes, 84. 84!

      Subject closed, as far as I’m concerned. Let’s move on.

  56. Folks,

    I posted here yesterday and it didn’t appear. I looked again and don’t see it. Why?

    Oh well, I am going to repost a post a made to BrownHawk last year because I want to show you guys I’m neither full of myself or am I wrong, and nor are those who see the same thing wrong.

    Lasha, you are wrong about Putin.

    Read this post. Here is the link to my exchanges with BrownHawk back then.

    I challenge anyone to prove it wrong. To further prove this I even listed at one point last year the Corporation central bank registration in Russia as well as the Corporation fiction registration for the “Russian Federation”.

    Pay particular attention to point number 2 that PROVES Putin is simply playing a Jew good guy role like America had played before.

    Tyron Parsons
    May 26, 2014 at 8:38 pm

    If I understand you correctly I would direct you to a couple facts about him and Russia. Is he “less of a Puppet” or more? Good question but a puppet he is.

    1. Putin is Ex KGB and it wouldn’t surprise me on one bit if Obama and Putin knew each other or of each-other, Obama being a lifelong, trained, groomed, KGB asset.
    2. Right before the collapse of the Soviet Union Gorby told the Politburo that what was happening was simply cosmetics. The same people would remain in charge of Russia. That this was all being done to get the west to drop their guard. Has not traditional America completely dropped it’s guard?
    3. Russia’s central Bank is controlled by the City of London Corp- just like America’s. This means THE ELITE JEWS still call the shots.
    4. Russia still has plenty of Jewish Oligarchs that exert their influence over the Nation
    5. Obama was overheard telling Dmitry Medvedev that “in my second term I will have more flexibility to” …. Flexibility to do what? Bring into America 10’s of thousands of Spetznas, elminate America’s border, hence make it cease to be a nation, destroy America’s economy using Marxist, KGB 101 tactics while making moves to give excuse for Russia and China to link up?
    6. Putin has VERY close ties with organized Jewry even helping to open up the country to hundreds of new Synagogues.
    7. KGB defector Bezmenov said that 80% of KGB activity is centered on undermining the culture, the law, etc inside America. 20% is directed at actual spying.

    So, with Putin playing the “goodguy Christian role” and Obama playing the Commie dictator role, where does this leave traditional stock Americans if a war breaks out between the two? Of course, traditional Americans will be seen as the enemy- identifying with Putin.

    What do you think all of those Spetznas are doing in America? Vacationing or as a wife of one them recently admitted, my husband is here to kill Americans?

    As to Casey, did he ever have a prophesy not come true? According to authentic scriptures, a prophet of God is 100% correct and nothing less.

    As to the Main Anti Christ, this is whom Paleo Christianity referred to as the “Jews King David” and Christ referred to as “you will accept the one who comes in his own name” – the one the Apostle Paul warned us about with tears telling us there is a false second coming before the true.

    Jewry’s Messiah is Anti Messiah to authentic Christianity as Christianity’s Messiah is the devil to Jewry.


    Hey who knows, by posting this maybe some of you will start to listen and stop treating me like a pariah.

    For the record, Ellie K was ALSO right about the “Jews” aim in America and this is the PRIME reason I supported her. Why? Because if she was working for the enemy, why go and warn white America that they are scheduled to be exterminated? And why, with such a truthful and imperative message would DM refuse to publisher her?

    Food for thought.

    Your site, do as thou wilt but know, the truth wins in the end.

    1. ADMIN (Toby): Another email from a member of the “Ellie K Fan Club”, abusing this site for not publishing Ellie K’s articles and declaring Ellie K “by far the best writer on the internet.”

      Note. We have already stated that Ellie K is free to send her articles to other websites. If she is “by far the best writer on the internet”, she will have no problem finding another publisher. So what’s the problem?

      You’re spot on, Tyron Parsons. St Paul explicitly and constantly warned the Christians about the Jews, especially when he said, ”I know that after my departure savage wolves will come among you, not sparing the flock.” (Acts 20:29.) And the Central Bank of Russia is also a give away that not everything is as it seems. But equally importantly, why would Putin, whose people suffered in the millions by the Jews, make Holocaust denial a crime?! It just doesn’t sound right! And yeah, I still can’t believe Lasha Darkmoon is refusing to post Ellie K’s articles. Everyone I have spoken to agrees that she is by far the best writer on the Internet. I sometimes wonder who is to be trusted less: L. Darkmoon or Ellie K.! There’s no way Ellie K was a Zio- shill or a troll; in fact no one I know believes it.

    2. Tyron P.

      I agree with your basic assessment of how things will play out. Where we disagree has to do with the difference between “puppet” and “stooge”.

      The Protocol overseers have been obviously brilliant in knowing what kind of men to groom for their positions of national leadership, although they haven’t shown perfection in the craft every step along the way, with JFK being a example of that. Since his assassination however, they’ve made sure every U.S. Presidential election would produce their guy to inhabit the Oval office. We can be virtually certain of that. Obama is the classic amoral stooge who’s right for his role.

      In Russia now, as with Germany in the last century, the roles sought by the controllers to be played by Putin and Hitler were as “puppets”. They wanted leaders who truly care about their people in their own respective manner in consideration of the particular character of said peoples. Characterizations which take into account the realities of history as it has unfolded over the millenium. With Russia this has meant a certain fatalistic outlook, but one which has not degenerated into the an abysmal amorality as reflected by the cynicism of Marx and Lenin.

      This is why I still retain a sense of Putin being genuine, and of him perservering and leading Russia through this whole mess intact as the parasite eventually grinds to a halt and ignominiously ends

      P.S. It is also reasonable to conclude that the presence of Russian 5th column shock troops on U.S. soil preceded Putin, and whose operations are out of his control at this point

      1. BrownHawk

        Sorry I’m not able to answer you in kind all of the time. I get your point 🙂

      2. Tyron

        You brought up Franklin’s Albany Plan – I’ll be writing a follow-up to that later today on this thread

    3. My “outing” of you, lobro, was not successful. That’s because Uncle abridged half the post I sent in “outing” you. But you already fully well know that, lobro. How convenient is it for you that Uncle/Lasha/Whoever in the DM administration watches your back. How easy it is to “win” debates when your philosophical opponent gets his posts slashed in half — ipso facto greatly distorting the meaning and slanting the post in such a way for you to then come around and make a snippy comment.

      ADMIN (Toby): I guess I have no alternative but to “edit” Joe’s comments occasionally in the interests of peace and harmony. But I doubt if Joe would get the better of Lobro in argument if I simply posted everything he said. Here is a comment of Joe’s I decided to delete. Ask yourself if this comment would have allowed Joe to deliver the knockout punch to Lobro. I don’t think so!


      Wouldn’t it be nice if lobro stuck a kotex up its twat and stopped being a snide nasty b*tch.

      1. Big Chief Who-Speakum-Words-of-Great-Father-Spirit-In-Sky has called for a Pow Wow for later today — so let us all be nice to one another today , in preparation for Big Chief Who-Speakum-Words-of-Great-Father-Spirit-In-Sky’s Pow Wow later today that’s going to teachum us everything we needum to know about everything!

  57. Darkmooners:
    As many have posted here already, Putin can be seen as a good guy (new economic system -freedom from American hegemony, multi-polar world) or a bad guy (destroyer of the west’s systems of capitalism, uni-polar world). Either way, I fear the result is still the same: more control over us by the pen-ultimate controllers, whether at the BIS, City of London or New York FED/Wall Street or actually int’l jewish money power. I am happy that Putin is behaving like a Watchman (tell people the truth , even if only partially, since Holocaust denial is still against the law and criticism of jews/Israel is still a crime). Putin looked at in this light is indeed interesting and Henry Makow for May 27, 2015 puts a Watchman spin on a recent movie release. See : Tomorrowland’s Disingenuous Warning for May 27, 2015. Now concerning WW2 and Germany’s rush to takeover Russia and Moscow specifically. Many military strategists and historians have said that if Hitler had not allowed the southern campaign to be distracted over the need for oil/gas, the German Wehrmacht could have reached Moscow sooner and done a Pinzer movement to surround and cut of Moscow from all sides. This Pinzer movement meant that the Wehrmacht would have attacked Moscow from the west, whereas the northern and southern portions attacking Moscow would have headed east of Moscow to meet east of Moscow and then pinch together to cutoff Moscow from all its supply lines. Thus Moscow would have fallen and Russia defeated. But forces beyond weather and Russia’s defensive posturing prevented this. I suspect int’l jewry in the form of Banksters and western industrialists had a hand in this aspect. I don’t want to prove it, but just make you think about it and the Wehrmachts failure to reach Moscow to achieve this Pinzer movement. Otherwise this article has been very useful to open the eyes of those that are asleep, so that they can see that the vast majority of events in world history and today since the fall of the Berlin Wall and Soviet Union, are nothing more than orchestrations/theatrics to get people to believe in a lie. lies about freedom, democracy and that all events are just random. What a load of bollocks? Too much “Hetty Wainthrop Investigates” on DVD on my part. And obviously with over 200 comments, this article has been a forum for truth and learning, as it is another piece of the total puzzle, eventhough it is just another machination for control of humanity. Thanks, Norbert.

  58. Great post, Lasha! It sums up the whole East-West saga in one essay.

    Btw the original post at
    has been significantly updated. Here’s just one new addition among many others . . .

    ADMIN: Thanks, Nick. We have deleted your comment because we have just re-posted it as a separate article.

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