Silly Celeb Claims War In Syria Caused By Global Warming

Celebrity singer Charlotte Church stuns TV viewers by blaming Syria’s brutal four-year civil war on ‘climate change’.

Edited and abridged by Lasha Darkmoon from the Daily Mail


“There is evidence to suggest that climate change
was a big factor in how the Syrian conflict came about.”

The millionaire former child prodigy, appearing on the BBC’s Question Time last night, said global warming was “a big factor” in the brutal conflict between rebel groups, Isis and Bashar Assad.

Ms Church, who has become a high-profile campaigner against the British government’s austerity programme, later took to Twitter to complain about the programme’s audience after they responded to her complaint about climate change with silence.

Last night’s Question Time was filmed in Ms Church’s home town in Cardiff and featured Labour’s new MP Stephen Kinnock, Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood, Welsh Secretary Stephen Crabb, and Margaret Thatcher’s biographer Charles Moore.

The panel was asked if British airstrikes on ISIS targets in Syria should be ruled out. Ms Church said we should ask the Syrian people who their real enemy is. But she then added:

“Another interesting thing with Syria actually, lots of people don’t seem to know about it, is there is evidence to suggest that climate change was a big factor in how the Syrian conflict came about.”

Ms Church said those who criticised her should “go do some research — come back to me and we’ll then have a conversation about ‘the real world’.”


“Another interesting thing with Syria, actually, which a lot of people don’t seem to know about this – there is evidence to suggest that climate change was a big factor in how the Syrian conflict came about.

From 2006 to 2011 they experienced one of the worst droughts in its history, which of course meant there were water shortages and crops weren’t growing.

There was a mass migration from rural areas of Syria into the urban centres, which put more strain [on them] and resources were scarce et cetera, which apparently did contribute to the conflict there today.

No issue is an island you know and we are trying to look at all the different factors in this. We also need to look at what we are doing to the planet and how that might actually cause more conflict in the world.”

Her comments were met with a complete and deafening silence from the audience.

After the show Ms Church admitted her appearance on the long-running programme had been “tough”. She said the hostile crowd did not feel like any Welsh crowd she would recognise. Ms Church attacked those on Twitter who had ridiculed her climate change observations.

Ms Church also shared a message on Twitter that read: “That BBC Question Time audience was not representative of the Wales I know and live in. Mostly ill informed! Mainly right wing.”

During last night’s episode Ms Church also praised Jeremy Corbyn’s vow never to use nuclear weapons. The Labour leader has faced mounting criticism from within the Labour party over his admission that he would never authorise a military strike as Prime Minister.

Ms Church said: “I think it’s commendable what Jeremy said. I think that if nuclear warfare occurs then you know, you’ve got the start of World War Three, so I actually think it’s a really commendable place to come from to say ‘No, I would not be prepared to destroy hundreds of thousands of people.’ Yeah, I think it’s a commendable place to come from.”

On another occasion, the singer celeb said she had to be careful about spending and count her pennies. She wasn’t as rich as many people thought she was. “I haven’t got a lot of money,” she complained. “I’ve just got enough to be comfortable if I was reasonable for the rest of my life. But I’m not reasonable. So I will have to find a way to sustain my lifestyle.”

Ms Church’s  total wealth is estimated at £11 million ($16.5 million).

The famous singer is quoted as saying elsewhere : “I can’t see how anyone could see footage of the Arctic melting and not feel moved. It’s terrifying to think of what we’re doing to this planet.” Watch this 27-second video clip outlining Ms Church’s highly original theory that ISIS was caused by drought, water shortages, and the melting of the ice caps:

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  1. NUTS! Personally, I’ve never heard of her, before reading this article. She’s walking proof of the “dumb blond”. Brunettes are far more intelligent.

  2. IMO the turning point in the Syrian conflict was the death of Hamza Ali Al-Khateeb. If the story is true, then Assad’s secret services were “out of control” and completely evil.

    Hamza Ali Al-Khateeb (Arabic: حمزة علي الخطيب) (October 24, 1997 – May 25, 2011) was a 13-year-old Syrian boy who died while in the custody of the Syrian government in Daraa during the Civil uprising phase of the Syrian civil war. On April 29, 2011, he was detained during a protest. On May 25, 2011, his body was delivered to his family, having been badly bruised, along with burn marks, three gunshot wounds, and severed genitals. Hamza’s family distributed photos and video of his body to journalists and activists. Shocked by what was depicted, thousands of people showed their support for Hamza online and in street protests.

  3. Ha ha ha ha ha ha……..

    Charlotte Church, was a good singer when she was young but that’s really where she should have stayed, with all the self adulating, narcissistic, egotistical luvees, within the arts world. She’s clearly living up her own posterior, oblivious to reality. She’s on Question Time. Enough said.

    “It’s terrifying to think of what we’re doing to this planet.”

    Ah, the true brainwashed reply of the ignoramus. If the world didn’t want humanity here, it would easily get rid of us. The arrogance of people who think that we’re harming the world is unbelievable.

  4. And this stupid woman was a “child prodigy”?
    I really feel sorry for her “poverty” too!
    We need more of such highly intelligent (but poor) women to explain the world to us!

  5. More proof that women are not biologically, mentally or spiritually equip to oppose the “Jew”. She should be BANNED from discussing politics or religion, like all women. The root of “Jewish” control is based in feminism. Once the “Jew” ( Satan) fooled the women (Eve) in the West, the man (Adam), out of his love for her, followed only to be BANISHED from the Garden (World Government).

    Following “wo-man’s” lead only guarantees your own destruction!

    1. No, no dear friend! Women are scarcely more vulnerable to Zionist propaganda than men! German women adored their Fuhrer, and those who remain from Deutschland’s Golden Age love him still! Please remember whose website this is. Surely you wouldn’t call Lasha Darkmoon a “dumb broad”? And, please don’t talk to me about “feminism” except you are fully prepared to define the term. I am an old man who deeply loved his wife. I don’t know whether or not she was a “feminist,” and think that at this late date (she will have been dead for 8 years this coming 20.XII.2015) I cannot to see how it matters. I believe it might, however, be highly instructive were Dr. Darkmoon to give us her definition of “feminism,” and to declare the degree of her adherence to this doctrine.

      1. @ Toshiyori

        “I believe it might, however, be highly instructive were Dr. Darkmoon to give us her definition of “feminism,” and to declare the degree of her adherence to this doctrine.”

        I reject feminism completely and describe myself as an anti-feminist. I have recently completed a long 3-part article, as yet unpublished, explaining why feminism is bad for women and even worse for men. Many men assume that being a woman naturally makes one a feminist or sympathetic to feminism. This is a false assumption.There are in fact millions of women throughout the world, like me, who regard feminism with utter loathing and reject it root and branch.

        My advice to any man in search of a wife or female partner is to find out first if she is a committed feminist: if she is, have nothing more to do with her, for she will bring you nothing but misery.

      2. @ LD ” Many men assume that being a woman naturally makes one a feminist or sympathetic to feminism. This is a false assumption”

        Ditto from another woman.

        @ Tyron Parsons. “More proof that women are not biologically, mentally or spiritually equip to oppose the “Jew”. I agree on the whole, but please don’t generalise.

        It’s like saying only white people can oppose the Jew. There are people of colour out there who know who the enemy is. Jonas E Alexis wrote this for Veterans Today. He’s black … I know nothing about him, but the article is sound.

        “The NSA Is Ideologically and Deceptively Talmudic”

        “In 2011, freelance Jewish writer Alan Caruba quoted the Mishnah saying that “Whoever destroys a soul, it is considered as if he destroyed the entire world. And whoever saves a life, it is considered as if he saved the entire world” (Mishnah Sanhedrin 4:5).[2]

        This particular verse is also cited in one of the most popular Holocaust films of all time, Schindler’s List. However, the quotation was misleading and left a key aspect which actually changes the whole the issue altogether.

        As Michael Hoffman quickly discovered, Caruba used that quotation “to circumvent a Gentile.” The actual quotation reads:

        “Therefore man was created alone, to teach you that whoever destroys a single Israelite soul is deemed by Scripture as if he had destroyed a whole world. And whoever saves an Israelite soul is deemed by Scripture as if he had saved a whole world” (Mishnah Sanhedrin 4:5).

        Other versions used the words a little different, but the context is always clear: the verse is talking about the people of Israel, not the entire human race.”

        The article continues with information about NSA.

      3. Toshiyori

        I’m speaking about feminism in the standard definition you might find by doing a simple search. Not “all women” are totally susceptible, but women in general are WAY more susceptible to falsehoods and trickery than men are. Furthermore, women are less intelligent than men in the high intelligence categories and are emotion based and not logic based. Hence the reason for women maintaining their natural roles as homemakers, organizers, love and comfort providers-child rearers; which is the most precious and noble roles of all.

        Just because many German women adored Adolph Hitler is no reason to give them excuse to usurp the natural and ordained role of men. Women also adore Jerry Seinfeld, Obama, Black gangster artists, “bad boys” and so on. Point is, women should remain silent when it comes to politics and religion in public. It’s a shame for them to be vociferous on such things and if they have any questions about these topics or want to learn about them, then they ought to bring them up to the man who has charge over them, whether that be their Dad, Brother or Husband at home.

        Because women have fallen prey to the “Jew” again with STUPID notions such as suffrage, “equality” and so on, they have not only degenerated themselves, they have destroyed their husbands, fathers, brothers and son’s role in society. Women are at the forefront of the destruction of the natural order, led by Jew propaganda of course. You don’t see any men clamoring to join the quilting club do you? How about men do you demanding to be on the women’s soccer, volleyball, tennis etc, team? Do you see any men demanding to organize a baby shower? No, we ONLY see women invading man’s place and it’s because they have been fooled into self destruction by the “Jew”. On the same note, men have also been STUPID (of which I was one) being led down the road by his unbridled love for the women, who’s led by the “Jew” to the whole families, the whole societies, the whole nations and even our entire race’s possible utter destruction.

        If you still disagree I suggest you listen to Adolph Hitler on the subject or better yet, take the white man’s holy scriptures view on the subject. It’s not like we haven’t seen this crap before. There is nothing new under the sun….

        1st Corinthians 14:33 For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints. 34 Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience as also saith the law. 35 And if they will learn any thing, let them ask their husbands at home: for it is a shame for women to speak in the church. 36 What? came the word of God out from you? or came it unto you only? 37 If any man think himself to be a prophet, or spiritual, let him acknowledge that the things that I write unto you are the commandments of the Lord. 38 But if any man be ignorant, let him be ignorant.

        1st Timothy 2: 11 Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection. 12 But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence. 13 For Adam was first formed, then Eve. 14 And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression. 15 Notwithstanding she shall be saved in childbearing, if they continue in faith and charity and holiness with sobriety.

      4. Red Onion

        I don’t oppose other races from opposing the “Jew”. It’s the only natural, healthy and logical thing to do but they best keep out of the white man’s-believers way and do it from their home nations. My only opposition to other races is found in them either siding with the “Jew” against the white man, or when we find them in our lands in mass.

        Other races on the white man’s land had best pack up and go home and right now. We can keep (at least in America) nothing more than say 20 million (10’%) or so and these people must COMPLETELY assimilate; not challenging our majority/dominant status whatsoever. The rest need to leave because very soon the shit will hit the fan and if they are found here, fighting against us, they will wish they were never born.

        That’s a fact, jack…

      5. LD states:

        “My advice to any man in search of a wife or female partner is to find out first if she is a committed feminist: if she is, have nothing more to do with her, for she will bring you nothing but misery.”

        And never a truer word written.
        As soon as the word feminist pops up in conversation from a woman, it’s my queue to make a sharp exit. It is a lesson in futility should you engage one in debate. You cannot debate a feminist for the simple reason that no amount of truth will sway them from their opinions.
        The Britpop of the 90’s created the ladette and 2nd wave feminism was born in the UK. In America, it was already there from the 60’s, courtesy of lesbian Jewesses. I won’t deny that feminism was in the UK also, but nowhere near the scale of the USA back then.

        Sadly, our youth has been indoctrinated with this ideology, courtesy of the loony left, whom like bot fly laid their eggs in academia after the war, to slowly eat away within. It’s being promoted through music, TV, print media and film, but it’s gaining a huge following in the video game industry, with the like of Anita Sarkeesian and the rest of the social justice warriors. It’s at extreme levels in Canada, where the feminists view all men as rapists and any man who takes a woman home with him and doesn’t record the event (with volume) has a high chance of finding the police banging down his door, in the morning, arresting him for rape. You cannot blame young women today for the way they are because they are being told that feminism is a perfectly natural ideology. Monkey see, monkey do.

        And Toshiyori, I thought you would see by Lasha’s past articles that she is most certainly not a feminist. Had I realised she was, I’d never have posted on this site.

      6. @ Tyron Parsons

        This woman was to be commended, but they silenced her. In 1994, when she was 81 years of age Lady Jane Birdwood was giving a three month jail sentence (suspended) because she wrote a pamphlet called “The Longest Hatred”.

        “Judge Henry Pownall told Birdwood he accepted that she did not intend to stir up racial hatred. “You are not a wicked old woman in that sense,” he added. Birdwood had been convicted of distributing a pamphlet, which denied the holocaust, and proclaimed a Jewish conspiracy to subvert society. She had also suggested Jews drank the blood of gentile children. Judge Pownall sentenced her to a three-month suspended sentence.”

        “Three years earlier, she had been conditionally discharged after being convicted of distributing anti-semitic literature intended to stir up racial hatred. On that occasion, Judge Capstick told her that if she continued to break the law, she would go to prison. She did not. Indeed, in 1998, the attorney-general, John Morris, declined to proceed against her on public order charges, having decided that Birdwood, by then, lacked the mental capacity to stand trial. ”

        “One of her major failed efforts had her calling for the UK to enforce the Edict of Expulsion against English Jews in 1290, insisting the edict had never been revoked.”

      7. Yes R.O.

        I remember reading about that a while back; a case that proved that there is no freedom of speech within the UK. The only groups allowed freedom of speech in the UK are of course Jews, Muslims, Asians, Africans and the LGBT brigade. In other words anyone who ISN’T Caucasian, indigenous, heterosexual, Christian/non religious.

        It truly is a sad state of affairs, when one is silenced when trying to speak out against wrong. After all, Orwell himself stated: “In times of universal deceit, speaking out is a revolutionary act”.

      8. Red Onions

        We are speaking about ordained roles. No one is saying women can’t write a book to other women. No one is saying that women can’t voice their concerns to other women. What we are saying is that when a women usurps a man’s role in speaking publicly about religion or politics to men or the mixed masses, they are being used by the “Jew” to break down gender, family and national cohesion and this EVEN if they are speaking the truth. By addressing men and/or the mixed masses as a whole concerning politics or religion, as a women, one is doing more to help the “Jew” than to damage him.

        So while the “Jew” will suppress such speech by women, they are actually winning on both fronts due to the women usurping man’s role in the first place, and then also by silencing whatever she might have said that any white man can, has and/or will say.

        What women couldn’t have encouraged an anti “Jew” white man to say or do as she did?

        Women, ALL WOMEN, should concentrate on supporting their husbands, sons and daughters. She ought to relegate her actions in such a way as to never give the “Jew” what he wants. Had women’s suffrage and other such Jewish ploys not been successful in the past, NONE of these present things we see arrayed against a totally weakened “us” would have been successful, and that is simply because the “Jew” wouldn’t have been able to use the women against white men in the family, society or the nation as a whole to bring us to the point of reversing the natural order to be standing upside down on it’s head.

        Remember, authentic Christianity is the POLAR opposite of a Jewish society. A non apostate white Christian society is based on a PATRIARCHY, not a MATRIARCHY, as we presently are experiencing due to the “Jews” brainwashing our women into accepting cultural Judaism.

  6. This could mean ,it requires something else than to be brainy, in order to reach to the status of celebrity.

  7. Why even waste byte-space on the internet by mentioning tripe like this? “Celeb” is a synonym for “idiot”. There have been a few, like Charlton Heston, who spoke rationally and defended their opinions eloquently… but they are a rare breed. Turn off your TVs and radios, folks. Today’s “entertainers” and the creatures who produce it would die on the vine if we all did so. You want real soul-fulfilling entertainment? Listen to Bach and Beethoven. Watch classic (wholesome) movies, read great literature. Or, just go outside and appreciate all of the beauty of nature. It’s all there for you… no need to self-poison yourself by imbibing main-stream-media filth.

    1. I wholeheartedly agree. I can’t understand why Lasha would put this on her site, but then, I suppose she knows that many of us DON’T watch main stream, or even the TV and she’s merely pointing out the stupidity of the celebrities out there, whose opinions are agreed upon with the majority of the populous. If it hadn’t been for Lasha, I wouldn’t have known what rubbish is said on BBC’s Question Time, a show where the BBC likes to fill its audience with minorities in order to sway the opinions of the public who hear the audience boo and hiss against nationalists and clap and cheer when discussing immigration and multiculture. The BBC truly is a loathsome channel. Alan Yentob supposedly believes the Savile exposés are traitors to the BBC and from what I gather, Panorama, that once bastion of impartial news broadcasting, is to smear child abuse victims, proving further just what the BBC truly is.

    2. Quite right Joe – but she does illustrate a point; the bottomless abyss of the shameless BBC and MSM media promotion of functional illiterates, the deliberate degrading of the ‘Buddhi’, or level of intellect, which allows these degenerate criminals to get away with “Saddam did 9/11”, “7/7 (and 9/11) was committed by Islamic terrorists”, “(untested)GMO (food?) is safe”, permanently poisoning finite water supplies by fracking will create an “economic boom”, “jews need a safe haven because they are innocent victims of the perpetual unwarranted selective hatred of mankind”, “Qatar,Arabia,Turkey, and Israel have nothing to do with the Syrian war (backed by USA, UK, France)”, “Europe is too white”, “allopathic medicine and big pharma have all the answers”, endless manure mongering.

      1. Along with a daily diet of decaying flesh and blood, ‘enriched’ with steroids, growth hormones, antibiotics and possibly even fetal ‘extract’ flavor enhancers..
        (they eat children, don’t they?)

    3. Exactly: “Better to Remain Silent and Be Thought a Fool than to Speak and Remove All Doubt.”

  8. i think she was trying to point out a possible increase in the general desperation level on account of hardship due to climate change. i wasn’t aware there was any immediate effect, but i can understand that if the planet’s weather does go completely screwy, to the extent that agriculture no longer works right, which is happening in california right now, and to the extent that economies and living standards begin to suffer greatly, especially with all this massive overpopulation, then it is not unreasonable to construe a link between global warming and a certain amount of political instability. considering how disaffected people living under these dictatorships already are, it may not take too much to set them off. then again – if the inside scoop at the high control levels is that the biosphere is spiraling down it may mean the ruling class has some pretty dreadful plans for the peasants anyway.

  9. she makes sense
    do not diss the mighty taffy
    just because wales lost her mine shafts
    because of thatchers hatred of
    dirty coal and pitch blackened
    wales today has heavy meds
    green grass sheeps and goats.
    a rebust heritage industy employing
    actors and real ex miners who pretend to work
    using plastic polymers reusable
    instead of slate,tin or coal.

    the water runs strong with lithium here bpa,anti depression pills by the billion
    flushed down urinal,
    the strong backed men of the valleys are all femine types proud of
    lgbt whatever that kosher word means.
    maybe cardiff will be the new home of the syrian.
    charlotte church odd name for a victim of masonic sex child abuse.
    decoded what charlotte meant was rothschild and syriana was the cause.
    global warming climating changings is a rothschild family conceit tax income streams to infinity
    and beyond the beyond.
    in a sense without being branded an conspiracy theory purveyor by the bbc.
    medicated church is on subtle full disclosure
    this poor abused girl maybe a rich pampered pussy cat but she speaks der trut

  10. “During last night’s episode Ms Church also praised Jeremy Corbyn’s vow never to use nuclear weapons. The Labour leader has faced mounting criticism from within the Labour party over his admission that he would never authorise a military strike as Prime Minister.”

    Bad sign. In the Jew’s bizzaro world, such a statement usually translates thusly: “During last night’s episode Ms Church also praised Jeremy Corbyn’s vow never to use nuclear weapons – until he personally gives the order. The Labour leader has faced mounting criticism from within the Labour party over his admission that he would never authorise a military strike – until next week at the earliest.”

    Remember “Peace In our time?” Neville Chamberlin’s promise was so thoughtful, a Jewish script writer put the exact same message in the golden Negro’s second inaugural speech: . So far that promise has had the very same results. Unlike the duplicitous golden Negro, I do believe Chamberlain was a actually sincere in his peace efforts. That is why the Jews had him replaced with the warmongering Churchill

    And FDR?

    Mr. Roosevelt said at Boston on October 30, 1940: “I have said this before, but I shall say it again and again and again: Your boys are not going to be sent into any foreign wars.”

    The same thought was expressed in a speech at Brooklyn on November 1: “I am fighting to keep our people out of foreign wars. And I will keep on fighting.”

    The President told his audience at Rochester, New York, on November 2: “Your national government … is equally a government of peace — a government that intends to retain peace for the American people.”

    On the same day the voters of Buffalo were assured: “Your President says this country is not going to war.”

    And he declared at Cleveland on November 3: “The first purpose of our foreign policy is to keep our country out of war.”

    Good job Mr. President, good job. Glad to see it wasn’t just more political lying on your part.

    Lets not forget Woodrow Wilson:

    In 1916 Wilson campaigned on the solemn promise to keep “American boys” out of the war in Europe, knowing that the overwhelming majority (87%) of the American people were strongly opposed to the war with Germany, and they let it be known in no uncertain terms. “He kept us out of war.” was the slogan used by the Woodrow Wilson campaign to lead the incumbent President to a narrow victory over Charles Evans Hughes in November 1916. However, Wilson brought America into the war with Germany a mere five months later.

    The beginning of war in Europe coincided with the end of the Recession of 1913–1914 in America. Exports to belligerent nations rose rapidly over the first four years of the War from $824.8 million in 1913 to $2.25 billion in 1917.

    1913 was also the year the Federal Reserve was created with the promise there would be nor more “panics”. The Fed was supposed to stabilize the economy and what better way to prove it than by providing healthy war profits. Just as WWII ended the great depression WWI ended the recession of 1913 -1914. For Jews wars are always goot bizness. They are always more than willing to loosen their death grip on the nations purse strings when it means rivers of blood will lead to oceans of profit.
    Instructed and directed by House, Wilson delivered three devastating blows against the Republic of the United States:
    • He destroyed Customs Tariffs policy in force since George Washington suggested it as the best way to finance the nation’s monetary needs and pay its debt, and substituted it with the Socialist system of graduated income tax. [IRS]
    • He brought legislation that established the Federal Reserve Bank, a central bank forbidden by the U.S. Constitution.
    • He forced the United States into WWI over strong opposition by 87 percent of the American people and bankrupted them, a condition in which the American people have remained ever since.
    – Dr. John Coleman

    This is how white men who actually fight and die view the Jew’s game of profits:

    “War is a horrible thing, a grotesque comedy, and it is so useless. This war won’t prove anything. All we’ll do when we win is substitute one sort of dictator for another. In the meantime we have destroyed our best resources. Human life, the most precious thing in the world, has become the cheapest. After we’ve won this war by drowning the hun in our own blood, in five years time the sentimental fools at home will be taking up a collection for this same hun that are killing us now, and our fool politicians will be cooking up another good war. Why shouldn’t they? They have to keep the public stirred up to keep their jobs and they don’t have to fight and they can get soft berths for their sons and their friend’s sons. To me the most contemptible cur in the world is the man who lets political influence be used to keep him away from the front, for he lets another man die in his place. The worst thing about this war is that it takes the best; if it lasts long enough, the world will be populated by cowards and weaklings and their children.” – John MacGavock Grider, Sept. 1918

    So wouldn’t you know it, Wilson did such a good job of keeping America out of the war, Jew’s made sure he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize – just like the golden Negro almost a century later.

  11. “global warming” is a phrase you have to use now to get coverage on the commercial media, but you notice they won’t talk about chemtrails, while the real connection could hardly be more obvious.

    with daddy bush you could always tell what was really happening – it was the opposite of whatever he was saying. they’re all big liars, and if you’ve ever been arrested you will know the police generally lie about the circumstances on the arrest report. the truth can’t be allowed to equalize if the pyramid is to remain intact. as long as the news media are not required to tell you the truth – don’t expect it from politicians. but you can know what’s really up by reversing whatever they say, and corbyn’s reference to nuclear weapons should put us all on edge. it means they’re being seriously considered. this could be the beginning of the big bake-off. i guess whatever survivors will see if albert pike was right – that the state of israel will be destroyed in ww3. it would make sense – if you wanted all the jew-ish idiots wiped out, to gather them all into the most unstable place in the world first.

    “To me the most contemptible cur in the world is the man who lets political influence be used to keep him away from the front, for he lets another man die in his place”.

    i think gwb is still awol from his soft spot in the national guard, even at that. and of course dick cheney had “other priorities”. most people will have when it comes to getting killed, unless they’re still naive enough to bite on the usual bait. there’s absolutely no chance that barry soetero would ever get himself involved in anything risky to his life either, whereas a real president has some guts. but you haven’t had one of those in quite a while. is trump the real deal, in spite of his kowtowing to bibi and the zionists? i do wonder sometimes.

    The worst thing about this war is that it takes the best; if it lasts long enough, the world will be populated by cowards and weaklings and their children.” – John MacGavock Grider, Sept. 1918

    all warfare is class warfare, conducted against the workers by the owners. it is designed specifically to eliminate the finest men of the lower classes. because the one thing the rulers fear is that the peasants will ever wake up and organize themselves to acquire ownership of the means of production and redistribute the wealth; reengineer the power pyramid, so that it functions more spherically, letting the power percolate and flow.

  12. There are years & years that I don’t pay any attention to any so called celebrity/slut/bimbo/boofhead opinions on anything… If you could find two brain cell in their empty head, they would be called geniuses by the MSM piece of shit !

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