Six Million Jews : Video (7-mins)

This video lasts only seven minutes. Don’t miss it. It compresses into seven minutes entire volumes of history. It says more in seven minutes than I could say in 6 million articles! With its deeply moving pictures and captions and its exquisite background music, it bears the stamp of genius.

Please listen to this video carefully and open your minds to its message. Send it to all your friends. This video deserves the widest possible circulation. (LD)

Six Million Jews

79 thoughts to “Six Million Jews : Video (7-mins)”

  1. Solzhenitsyn: “Bolshevism created the greatest slaughter of all time.” …..
    Illuminati = Adam Weishaupt (Jew) = Karl Marx (Jew) = Marxism = Bolshevism = Alexander Gelfant/aka Parvus (Jew), “father of Modernism” and principle of continuous war = Communism = Zionism = Israel = Feminism = Betty Friedan (Jewess and call-girl, “mother of retributional-revolutionary feminism” = the Congress of the USA = dual citizens = George Soros = Janet Yellen = Rahm Emanuel = Barack Obama. Hillary Clinton = the USA Supreme Court = BUGGERY SUPREME! …. = 666…. 666 … 6,000,000! = 60,000,000 Christian-whites slaughtered in Russia and surrounds = 6,000,000,000 or the number of people who the Jews and Illuminati will murder over the next 20 years!
    King Faisal of Saudi Arabia, 1970: “Zionism is the Mother of Communism. Zionism and Communism are working hand-in-glove to block any settlement in the Middle East.”
    Henry Makow: “We have inherited a series of defeats and failures whereby the forces of freedom have been easily vanquished by the Masonic-Jewish, Communist, Money-Power. Society has been thoroughly subverted and colonized by this occult power and doesn’t even know it, because the mass media and education system are controlled by the same power.”
    Doris Lessing: “All around us there is a descent into barbarism which we are unable to check. … The dead patterns of thought and the highly predictable, formalized sets of attitudes that we have been led into believing provide us with our intellectual substance are, in reality, the dead-hand, the dull- thump, and the mildewing-blight of Marxist-induced, socialist-realism and groupthink.” …. WELCOME TO OUR IN-COMING HELL!

    1. @ Max :

      What do you care if the Communist jews in their jew Talmud-Qabalah Soviet Union slaughtered so many millions of Christians, Max? Just about an hour ago you sent a post to the commentary thread under Kaminski’s “Arrogant & Dreadful” about how the Christians in the world should be totally done away it. You were very ardent in wanting to see the Christians of the world eliminated . [ you didn’t word it that way, but it’s very much what you meant, and you meant it most eagerly as if you were drooling when you were typing your “get rid of all the Christians in the world” post]. You’re not upset about the jews killing so many millions of Christians in their jew Talmudic Qabalah Communist Soviet Union, you are, IN FACT, very happy the jews did slaughter so many Christians. If you’re upset about anything, you’re just upset the jews didn’t kill even more millions of Christians — like ALL the Christians in the world — that’s all that’s getting your goat. Two-faced phony hydra-headed slithering snake you are, truly.

  2. Lobro recently asked me — I forgot under which article, it’s sometimes difficult to follow all that’s going on each commentary thread — anyway, lobro asked me if I ever insulted my former jew woman neighbor. I say former because I no longer live in California. I never insulted my former jew woman neighbor, for I’m a gentleman. The jew woman neighbor, however, did one day start up with the typical jew guilt-trip they try to put on us Whites. She said 6 million Jews were killed in the concentration camps, she said it with a chip on her jew shoulder. I replied. “Yes, but it was your fellow jews who bankrolled Hitler and Nazi Germany, it was your fellow jews who played such a big role in putting Hitler into power, and it was your jew rabbis who ordered the Jews to be rounded up and sent to the camps”. This totally shocked here that I knew this and she shut up immediately. She didn’t know what to say or what to do. She knew I was historically correct. She knew all the things I said before she brought the “holocaust” subject up. She just didn’t think I would know. That I knew the truth of the huge jew involvement in the Nazi Third Reich shut her up IMMEDIATELY and FOREVER MORE, at least with me she never brought the subject up again. About a week later, she said I knew a lot of history “Where did you learn so much history?” I said, “I always liked history, it was always my favorite subject since I was a little kid” [ which is true ].

    The point is : One doesn’t have to be less than a gentleman or in any way rude, crude, crass, or offensive. Not at all. Just let the Jew or Jews know about the HUGE role of Jews in putting Hitler into power. That’s all you gotta do to shut up the Jews. It’s best I think to let the 6 million figure stand, and then just let the Jews know about all the huge number of Jews involved in manifesting Hitler’s Third Reich. Let em’ think 6 million dies while reminding them how their jew tribe did everything their jew tribe could do to bring Hitler and the Third Reich into power. Tell ’em Menachem Begin was a NAZI during WW2, tell ’em George Soros and his jew family were NAZIS during WW2. That’s all you gotta do people. No need to get so dramatic about it. You can even tell ’em Hitler was part Jew [ and part North African negro]. Tell ’em about Rabbi Antelman.

    Personally, of course I know 6 million weren’t killed during WW2, but I find it a lot more efficacious in shutting the Jews up and more hard hitting to totally avoid the “holocaust” issue and get straight to the heart of the matter : That the jews put donmeh jew Hitler into power. Use the word “donmeh” with the jews. See how the react, LOL. My way of handling Jews is a lot more effective than getting embroiled in the whole “holocaust” aspect of WW2. After pointing out to the Jew or Jews about their immense jew tribal rol in putting Nazi Hitler into power, then bring up The Holocaust the Jews committed in their jew Soviet Union. It’s what you can call a one-two punch and it works every time. The jew or jews will shut up not knowing what the hell to say or what to do. That’s been my experience.

    The experience I had with my former jew woman neighbor I had with other jews as well. My way works every time. One jew was so ashamed he walked away from me with his head bowed down real low in shame with his tail between his jew legs.

    All the above can be done, be done getting results, and getting done getting results and still manage to be a gentleman.

    1. Joe –

      My server will not allow me to play this video of Solzhenitsyn (I have Verizon), but it was worth checking in, here, to read your comment, above. What you say makes sense (as it sometimes does on other occasions), and I shall try to remember your strategy whenever I get the chance. 🙂

      1. Likewise, Gilby, I strive to endeavor to remember every evening to reverently light a votive candle in eternal honor to the mother of Jefferson Davis.

        You always make the most sense when you come on to inform us you will not be opining for the rest of day because you got so many farm chores that need to be attended to forthwith. Thank you, TROJ.

    2. I thought I was Alone. Thanks “THEREALORIGINALJOE”. I continue to feel positive about today for that is all that I have.

    3. Double misfortune, that you missed my point and that I am typing in my passionately hated phone.
      My point is not that you should be rude to some random Jewess but that you should likewise extend your gentrified ways to much more deserving subjects like Lasha, Ingrid, Ruth or Madame Papillon, even if they were Jewesses, one and all, which assuredly they are not.
      Thus, it comes to pass that you treat Jewesses much more civilly than Gentile women.

      And apart from that, your debating tactic has much to recommend itself.
      Even if all those anti-Hitler imputations are poorly attributed at best, still it makes for effective duct tape in nonsensical arguments one is likely to get embroiled in with sneaky sneaky Jews.

  3. Yes, the Jewish Bolsheviks are directly responsible for 60,000,000 Russian deaths. However let us not forget the 77,000,000 Chinese deaths caused by the Jewish Marxist ideology of that junkie pedophile Mao. Neither should we forget the genocide of the French, Marxist educated Saloth Sar(Pol Pot) in Cambodia. While we are at it, let’s remember the 30,000,000 million dead, since WW2, caused by the Jewish ruled USA. This is the Chosen People that is supposed to be a “light unto all nations”! They must have been chosen by Lucifer himself because the only “light” they have given the light of exploding bombs, death and suffering.

    1. Felix,

      i think we have a mistranslation from the original judean devilspeak

      light unto nations

      should read

      LIE unto nations

      Lucifer is not Lord of Lights but Lord of Lies, so even the demon’s name is a deliberate deception.

      1. Lobro,
        Indeed! A lie unto all nations and the mother of all abominations on planet earth! It’s ironic that the first friction matches were called Lucifer matches. The Jews have certainly set the world ablaze. Woe are we to suffer the Jew!

    2. Ezekiel Chapter 39
      King James Version (KJV)

      17 And, thou son of man, thus saith the Lord God; Speak unto every feathered fowl, and to every beast of the field, Assemble yourselves, and come; gather yourselves on every side to my sacrifice that I do sacrifice for you, even a great sacrifice upon the mountains of Israel, that ye may eat flesh, and drink blood.

      18 Ye shall eat the flesh of the mighty, and drink the blood of the princes of the earth, of rams, of lambs, and of goats, of bullocks, all of them fatlings of Bashan.

      19 And ye shall eat fat till ye be full, and drink blood till ye be drunken, of my sacrifice which I have sacrificed for you.

      20 Thus ye shall be filled at my table with horses and chariots, with mighty men, and with all men of war, saith the Lord God.

      1. Here’s a couple more scripts for ya “save the goyim”. Revelations 2:9 to which said, ” I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty (but thy are rich) and I know thy blasphemy of them which say they are Jew, and are not, but are from the synagogue of satan”! If that one is too hard to understand, try Revelation 3:9!

    3. Isaiah Chapter 34
      King James Version (KJV)

      Come near, ye nations, to hear; and hearken, ye people: let the earth hear, and all that is therein; the world, and all things that come forth of it.

      2 For the indignation of the Lord is upon all nations, and his fury upon all their armies: he hath utterly destroyed them, he hath delivered them to the slaughter.

      3 Their slain also shall be cast out, and their stink shall come up out of their carcases, and the mountains shall be melted with their blood.

      1. The jewish god is a bloodthirsty monster. Can you blame the jews for wanting to kill and destroy all of the goyim ?? It’s their religion for crying out loud.

      2. Just so ya know, STG, these OT quotations you cite are writings of the Annunaki.

        You gotta put it in the right perspective when it comes to Biblical rubbish that bastardizes any potential truth that may be gleaned from the Bible.

        Especially in the OT, where the bastardization is particularly outrageous

    4. @ Felix

      All should remember what Jesus said to the jews that believed on him in John 8:44 (KJV) “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.”

      This explains everything that the jews do. Jesus spoke the truth as verified by real history.

    5. Felix , you like almost all on the planet have it exactly backwards ! Read Genesis 3:15 , which is the beginning of those who nowadays are called Jews ! Yes they were not born yet , but it is prophesied that they would be the enemies of those chosen and that hatred would exist between the 2 until Jesus does them in ! They are the enemies of those who are a light to this world and are not , never have been , nor could they be Israel ! If one would read the Bible with Genesis 3:15 in mind and remember to watch for every mention of those children of darkness, it would give one a different perspective on the WORD of the God of Abraham , Issac and Jacob ! I will give you only a few hints – Genesis 27:39 & 40 & 41 – Nehemiah 5 – Obadiah – Hosea – St. John – Acts 26:6 & 7 – Revelation 2:9 & 3:9 and hundreds more ! I agree with Joe that Max is not who he claims to be for sure !

      1. Jesus was not who THEY claimed he was either.

        If we are to believe Luke’s interpretations… Jesus ‘coveted’ and ordered the stealing of a horse:

        28After Jesus had said this, he went on ahead, going up to Jerusalem.
        29As he approached Bethphage and Bethany at the hill called the Mount of Olives, he sent two of his disciples, saying to them,
        30“Go to the village ahead of you, and as you enter it, you will find a colt tied there, which no one has ever ridden. Untie it and bring it here.
        31If anyone asks you, ‘Why are you untying it?’ say, ‘The Lord needs it.’ ”
        32Those who were sent ahead went and found it just as he had told them.
        33As they were untying the colt, its – OWNERS – asked them, “Why are you untying the colt?”
        34They replied, “The Lord needs it.”
        35They brought it to Jesus, threw their cloaks on the colt and put Jesus on it.
        36As he went along, people spread their cloaks on the road.

      2. @ Pat

        “Jesus ‘coveted’ and ordered the stealing of a horse.”

        Rubbish! Jesus didn’t “steal” that horse. Theft is a sneaky, surreptitious act. This was OPENLY done. And the owners were quite willing to see their horse put to a good purpose!

        Your Christ-bashing isn’t working.

        Look for bigger nails when you crucify Christ.

      3. MB –

        It seems the excessive ‘mass quantities’ of alcohol has blurred your vision and/or your comprehension.

        I did not claim Jesus stole the horse. I claimed the interpretation of the ‘stool-pidgeon’ Luke was that Jesus – ORDERED – the stealing of the horse.

        He was guilty of COVETING another’s horse.

        Get back into treatment… and sober up…ma’am.

  4. SavetheLobroyim = I’m very proud of myself because I can start a discussion or an argument with someone, and when that someone says something to refute me and the refutation is solidly truthful, my mommy Xanadu and my administrating Uncle protect me and censor that someone’s post(s). So I’m proud of myself for being smart. I can even jump into the middle of a discussion someone is having with someone else, start trouble, muddy the waters of their discussion, and I know my mommy and my administering Uncle always have my back. How smart is that!

    I’m using the plural today “lobro -yim” because I have hydra heads tuu u know. They’re real smart tuu and my mommy and my administering Uncle always protect them also from anyone or someone who questions me & mine in any way, refutes me & mine in any way, especially refutes me & my Minnie me’s with solid truth, so I’m real proud of all of myselves and I’m real smug.

    In hebru, the plural is connoted by “yim”. Like “goy” is singular, “goyim” is plural. Like Max is singular, Maxyim is a chink dish with lots of dog shit in it it’s like entirely plural all the shityim under the dark dark dark darkmoon. But “We” know no one will notice the shityim ’cause it’s just so way black dark around here under “our” darkmoon. Can’t have light unless you have blackness something like that but I am lobroyim and I always say conflicting, contradictory, two-faced things and most times manage to do it in the very same sentence, two or sometimes 3 conflicting things, that’s cause lasha is my mommy and Uncle is the administrator around here so I have permissible dissimulation. If anyone notices my permissible dissimulation and has the audacity to question it, me & mine mommy and my Uncle get like way peeved. That’s why lobroyim is smart and you’re NOT.

    Gilby Wilkes the “anti-joo” WASP : EXCELLENT! Your our best commentator here lobroyim!!!

    1. “In hebru, the plural is connoted by “yim”. Like “goy” is singular, “goyim” is plural.”

      Are you serious or are you joking? First of all the language is called “Hebrew” and not “hebru” and secondly the plural (of masculine words) is connoted by im and not “yim”. Goy – goyim, sayan – sayanim etc.

      Well RealunoriginalJew, first do your homework before you write something.

      1. I certainly did do my homework . I most assuredly did my homework before writing the post you’re b*tching & moaning about, Ryckaert. Years of homework in fact. After years of homework, I learned lobro is a hydra headed snake, and so are you, Ryckaert, and so are ALL darkmooners hydra-headed snakes. All of Xanadu’s acting troupe members are hydra-headed snakes, each and every hydra face as Janus-faced as can be, of which you are one Ryckaert, another member of Lasha’s acting troupe of slippery, slithering snakes. I hesitate to list all the names of all of Lasha/Xanadu’s hydra heads and what hydra-head/hydra heads belong to what main snake trunk/snake trunks. I hesitate because Uncle respectfully requested I refrain from sending him encyclopedic-length posts. Go b*tch and moan and tell your problems to your good friend and ancient cohort Momus, Ryckaert. See what he has to say to you. Or, you can always got to Afula and visit your buddy-buddy Hymie and go stuff falafels up your heebie jeebie asshole while you’re b*tching and moaning, jew twat that you are, Ryckaert.

  5. The ending pretty much ruined the whole video. If it weren’t for this laughable german-victimhood-stianity, it would really be a nice piece of propaganda.

    The girl @ 05:30 is NOT a German victim, it is rather THE VICTIM OF THE ‘POOR’ Germans, her name was Andzia Mika née Kostewicz. This only shows how ‘credible’ and trustworthy’ a person the author is.

    Fuck the krauts, the pitifully unproportional (in minus) response of the Allied forces wasn’t even a fraction of what they had really deserved.

    R.I.P. all the tens of millions of kraut victims murdered all across Europe.

    1. MDP –

      ALL sides have become victims – PREY – of the ‘Electronic Babbling Tower’… the internet. It will NOT become part of any viable solution.
      Not enough discernment. Google rules now.

      1. But Pat, the Muslims have arrived and our DM Muslims have all the discernment in the world anyone needs to Win Nasrullah Victory over the Christian West and our pharisee 10 commandments given to us by the perfidious joos. , and everything is going to be okay now. And certainly, we know how attached all the recent third world Muslim/Mohammedan immigrants in Dixieland are to your beloved Confederate Flag you hold so dear to your heart. And so do the Muslims pouring into the South from their third world shitholes hold your Confederate heritage so dear to their Mohammedan hearts. And how discerning the Muslim immigrants pouring into your precious Dixie land are to know the 10 commandments are a perfidious joo thing and nothing more.

    2. Magnus , you sir are an imbecile at best ! You know not history or who even the enemy of Man is ! Unless you are of the Jewish persuasion , then I understand your reasoning ! World war 1 and 2 , Korea and Vietnam were for profit , mass psychological brainwashing and to kill off the male breeding stock of the descendants of Israel ! We fought our own people for NO reason ! ( look up the cause of these wars – there is NONE ) Why do you think General Patton was murdered ? Investigate what he said of the war, Germans and Jews ! Read what the Jews themselves say , write and record ! We are now , have been and I think we stupidly will continue to help our very enemies to defeat us ! Look around the world and see who you can not criticize in many countries and tell me I am wrong ? It is on it”s way HERE !

      1. You’re just a yank and so by definition, you’re a bigtime ignorant (to put it very mildly):

        that’s why I have no hard feelings. Cannot blame you for who you are. You yanks just are that way.

        Go read all my comments in this thread:

        so you can see for yourself, where I am REALLY coming from, as opposed to malicious innuendos by individuals stinking of garlic and herring like an old Shtetl Tzadik, such as “VIK” and the likes.

    3. BEWARE the jewified, brainwashed pole boy, Magnus Dux Polonorum.

      He quotes from Jewpedia, a biased, faleshood based, porn website funded website, there to promote disinformation.

  6. How ironic the descendants of Jewish Bolsheviks still carry enormous weight in today’s Russia. Vladimir Putin is the most popular Russian leaders among the Jews, even Israeli Jews. Israel’s former foreign minister A. Lieberman is a personal friend of Putin while Putin is always delighted to receive a call from Netanyahu.

    The Encyclopedia Judaica’s article on Communism, says: “The Communist movement and ideology played an important part in Jewish life, particularly in the 1920’s, 1930’s, and during and after World War II…Individual Jews played an important role in the early stages of Bolshevism and the Soviet regime…The great attraction of communism among Russian, and later also, Western, Jewry emerged only with the establishment of the Soviet regime in Russia.”

    1. Rehmat –

      Good article… informative. Thanks.

      He(PUTIN) said his regime has decided to house the disputed Schneerson Library in the JMTC complex.

      According to Russian daily Pravda (June 17, 2013), Putin told his Jewish audience that “the decision to nationalize the library was made in the 1920s by the first Soviet government, 80 to 85 percent of whose members were Jewish“.

  7. Hello ESP,

    On the topic, I see that Horst Mahler has been hospitalized due to bad conditions of detention, according to his family. He was sentenced to 13 years for revisionism. Hard to be a heretic in Germany, it’s only six months in France.

    About the video, it’s good, but I don’t know why this fascination for Voltaire, the symbol of free speech, who, in reality, was no better than a Jew, or maybe a little. He would be in favor of anti-revisionism law as it protects the money sacred Arch. I should quote him on different matters like slavery, usury, Christianity, social organization… The Voltaire’s lovers organized the Revolution, and they were no Jews, physically. But Voltaire was inspired by English Liberalism and by the Protestant love of earthly goods. He was fully Judaized the anti semite fool. “It is good that my peasants believe in a revengeful God, who would punish them if they ever stole my grain”, that’s Nohaism basically or Puritanism. French elites were finally Judaized in 1968, when De Gaulle left power. What about England? A long story, but I have a surprise for you Max, at the end. Or maybe you already know.
    This is the story of the Lion, the Eagle and his Rat buddy. I have just finished the “Secret Story of theAnglo American Establishment” and it’s a fascinating read, if there ever was one. In his book, published post mortem, as he asked it to be for obvious reasons, Pr Caroll Quigley, the ex-teacher of Clinton in Princeton, gives us pieces of the puzzle about the alliance between Jewish finance and the Anglo-Saxon world. Let me try to synthetize this for you.

    We have to go back in France, like always. For me it all started with Charlemagne succession, who was really French not German, pff, but let’s go back to the old political machinery of England in the 13th century. The Battle of Bouvines in 1214, when Philippe Auguste defeated the Anlo Saxon coalition of Othon 4 and Jean without Land, had enormous consequences for England, as the English Baronial market oriented oligarchy lost its French Plantagenet“colonies”, acquired after Will the Conqueror invaded England, and the incomes that went along with them. Then, the pissed oligarchy, the Lion, imposed its economical views on the King and the public authority, with redaction of the Magna Carta, a capital document, especially for the status of the City of London. Before 1215, the election of the Lord Mayor of the City was made with the approval of the King, this would change, the Lord Mayor being after this, elected by the people of the City, the financial oligarchy of merchants. The Queen must ask the authorization if she wishes to visit the City. The Magna Carta also imposed the freedom of trade for every nationality of merchants, Jews included, a revolution in the 13th century. Edward I, annoyed by their shrewd behaviors, would evicted them from England 75 years later.

    Now Spain, in 1492, Isabelle la Catholique and Ferdinand would evict all the Jews of the Kingdom, even the marranos, those untrue converted, but the forced conversion were a bad idea according to the Pope, see Cecil Roth book who said “Jews at all points except for the name, Christians at all points except for the form”. Those marranos would find refuge in European countries like Netherlands and around the Mediterranean, especially in the Ottoman Empire and Italy. Those Marrano Jews would have a huge impact on their host countries. For example, take Joseph Nasi Joao Miquez, the Duke of Naxos, an ex marrano, who was very influential in Suleiman the Magnificent court, with his trade empire. This guy financed the Union of Utrecht, a treaty signed on 23 January 1579, unifying the northern provinces of the Netherlands, until then under the control of Habsburg Spain, breaking the Spanish Empire, payback time. By the way, Joseph Nasi was in favor of a Jewish immigration in Palestine. He would give back Tiberia to the Jews, he was nicknamed the King of Tiberia, and Safed, the town of Isaac Luria and its most renowned Kabbalah. Forget about Herzl, the real ancestor of Zionism was a Nasi and maybe a semite, who knows?

    Now, Netherlands in the 17th, and the powerful marrano finance created by Nasi with Amsterdam the Hollandaise Jerusalem, the most powerful financial place at that time, when New York was still called New Amsterdam. Hector Nunez, another Marrano from Portugal was in City of London as a merchant. This merchant had a web of spies/shrewd non Yids merchants who told him that the Invincible Armada was about to attack England. Hector had good relations with William Cecil, Lord Burghley, a minister of Elizabeth, and warned him about the attack. After that, The Marranos would have the favor of English authorities, with their financial skills and web of spies, but Henri VIII already had a marrano banker named Mendez.
    In Europe at that time the elites were changing their way of thinking, inspired by humanism, Renaissance, and by the promotion of man and love of earthly goods. In this context, rise Protestantism and a very peculiar version of it in England, the Puritanism of Oliver Crowmell and his fascination for the OT, drowned in Kabbalah and occultism, like John Dee and its 007 letter, all for the Queen and her only. The puritans consider themselves as one of the ten tribes of Israel, oh boy.

    Back to Amsterdam, where the merchant Antonio de Montezinos AKA Aaron Levy, in 1644, brought the incredible news that he had found 2 of the lost tribes of Israel in the New World, Reuben and Levy. (BHL is actually from Brazil?). The Rabbi of Amsterdam Menashe Ben Israel would accept the news and see it as the sign of Daniel prophecy, claiming that the Jews must be dissipated around the world to fulfill the prophecy of emancipation l’Espoir d’Israel. But, the Jews were not allowed in England, except for a few marranos, since the eviction of 1290. So Ben Israel got in touch with Cromwell and had the edit of eviction repealed in 1656, since those two OT Kabballah lovers got along very well and since the marrano finance funded the Revolution that beheaded Charles in 1649. Crowmell was also too happy to attract Amsterdam financial flows in the City, making the City the biggest financial place until now. 40 years later the BOE would be created and with its bonds would create the British empire of trade financed by debt. Let’s call it the Judeo-Protestant alliance over a backdrop of Jewish messianisn, or when England has become a tool of the synagogue against Catholic countries. You know the rest Monopoly, Risk, Free masonry; Waterloo…….Chambers. Now we have Laurent Fabius; a marrano Jew, as ministry of foreign affairs. He declared two years ago that Bachar must be wiped out from earth after he gazed his own people, and that Al Nosra is doing good work. Joe, this is the kind of person I blame for what is happening in Palmyra, for example. Leave “the Mahometans” alone Joe, its sound a lot like propaganda stigmatization, they have nothing to do with those brain dead Takfiris zombies, who could be wiped out in day, if NATO really wanted to.

    Now the Ashkenazi Khazars, see Arthur Koestler, a Turkish tribe deep in Shamanism before they toggled in Talmudic Judaism but you know the story, the Jews that Max hates, the Yids of Melvin, or the people who are hiding between them. After Mongols invasion, they moved to central Europe especially in Poland, but also in Turkey and Balkans. Two “protestant” branches of Judaism would emerge from those people.

    The first one is Sabbataism, from Sabbatai Tsvi, who claimed he was the new Messiah, which created hope in the Jewish European community, before he falsely converted himself to Islam, like the marranos before him, for material reasons. To be noted the conversion of the Salonica Jewish community to Sabbataism in 1683, Sarkozy’s mother background, it’s a small world. Those Sabbateans/Donmeh would play a big role in the Young Turks revolution of CUP in 1913, inspired by the French revolution, with Ataturk the crypto jews and his buddies. See 1915 the Armenian genocide of Christians mostly, but you could deny this one.

    The second one, see Charles Novak, is the Frankism, after the fake idol Jacob Frank, influenced by Isaac Luria, and his concept of redemption by chaos, sins and revolutions to bring back the Messiah. This is Jewish Talmudic messianism, where the perfection is reached at the end not at the beginning, like in other religions, and Christianity with JC. Gershom Sholem said it all, with catastrophes and revolutions as necessary steps to bring back the Messiah, cataclysm and redemption. It’s for September according to Rav Ron Chaya, so enjoy your summer.
    Him and his adepts, between 15000 and 20000, falsely converted themselves to Catholicism in 1760 and would infiltrate the good society from Russia to England. Augustus III of Poland was the Godfather of Jacob Frank, and the grandfather of Louis XVI, may he rest in peace. You might know the Brzezinski or the Brandeis family in USA, although the author is not sure for the first one, but he surely acts like one. After they would move West, like in Prussia where William of Hesse would hire Mayer Rothschild to manage his money as Germans suck in finance, and now they are mostly in USA, the Hawk, after taking care of Russia.

    Since I mention Hesse, this is for you Max, a little genealogy.

    The Battenberg house was created after the union of Julia Golda von Hauke and Alexander of Hesse, now they are known as the Mountbatten, the anglicized version. Julia is said to be the daughter of Jan Von Hauke, a Catholic Frankist, who was deputy minister of War under Nicholas I. She was raised in Russian high society. But in reality she was adopted like her brother, who would become a Rabbi. Her real parents are Gershon George Yehuda Bra(o)dy and Falga Brady.
    Falga was the daughter of Auerbach’s and granddaughter by her mother of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov, who was the grandson of Baal Shem Tov, the funder of Orthodox Hassidic movement, lubavitcher, ahah.
    Gershon was the son of a Rabbi.
    So now that we know more about Julia, and how she was propelled in the high society, let’s see about her lubavitcher descendants, maybe Ellie is one of them, tough genealogy to assume…Ellipsis.
    Two sons of Julia would marry a daughter and a granddaughter of the Queen Victoria, nice wedding for Julia’s sons.
    Her Granddaughter Victoria Eugenie of Battenberg would marry King Alfonso XIII of Bourbon, so all the Bourbons are not really Kosher, like Louis XX, a pretending to the Crown of France, I will stick with the rotten Republic for now.
    A Grandson of Julia was Louis Van Batten, the last king of India, killed by IRA. He would marry the daughter of Ernest Cassel, a German Ashkenazi banker who worked tight with Cecil Rhodes and Milner, who is the real writer of the Balfour declaration working for Lionel Curtis’s Common Wealth of God and using Zionism for British imperialism. But maybe the Brits belong in Israel, as one of the lost tribe. And the list goes on…….The royal Hassidic Talmudic royal banking families of Occident.

    But my favorite one is Julia Lubavitch granddaughter, Alice of Battenberg, wife of Andrew of Greece. One of their sons is no other than Prince Philip who shares Queen Elizabeth’s royal bed.
    God Save the Queen, Max, I think there is a Lubavitch rat in her bed, and Greek furthermore. Honni soit qui mal y pense. Isn’t there a Kingsman to save the Queen from this anal fistula? This shocking revelation could provoke a revolution across the Channel and could make a nice story in the Guardian. But maybe I should check the genealogy of the Queen, maybe she goes back to Ezra the scribe. Do you have something to confess Max?
    You see, I like your Old aristocracy money stories Max, but such a thing doesn’t exist anymore. I just see aristocrats and elites leading us backwards in history, to Babylone, call it progress.
    Look at your precious Queen but blame the evil Jews for that.

    Quigley said that the plan for the British Empire was to dissolve itself in Globalism to be reborned from its own ashes, like the Phoenix. Is this the plan? Maybe that’s why you are constantly claiming your hate for American Ashkenazi, but you created those people, what you love the most comes from what you hate the most, but you know that, look at Philippe Auguste creating the City, that’s not the best legacy he left us. Would they be blame for everything, like in 1984?
    I am serious here. Are you Ellie?

    You see even if we must have a viril hatred for those people, i think advocating violence is morally intolerable and strategically a non-sense. But iam speaking from my national perspective.

    2000 words, oups, sorry.

  8. Phil, great detail as always, but in a pathetically refined, over-garrulous, troll-like manner, you are driving readers away from this site. ….. Let me summarise all ya pedantic crap and put it into perspective in one line: “JEWS RULE, YOU ASS-HOLE!” The good Queen Elizabeth I has got her way with her Jewish minders! Queers are the Jewish supporting cast. …. As for the troll, the ORIGJOSEPHINE, this paranoid, psychotic, neurotic charlatan tries to use dialectical principles to sound CLEVER; but my analysis of his convoluted offerings say he is not worth a bucket of chicken shit! … In effect, origjoe is a time-wasting toady, who wastes our time and really says nothing! He should be in a padded cell, with a butt plug up his a*****e!! …. ….. Like the grand masturbator, Melvin, he is a Jewish site infiltrator and destroyer! … I would lerv to get my hands on the weakling and squash him into the bucket, as above!

    1. Anybody would have to take great pains to substantiate Phil’s assertions here, Max, so there’s no use attacking them. It IS a good tale, and his inclusions of Professor Quigley’s work (which I have not read) makes it ring true (because I HAVE read Tragedy and Hope a couple of times), and we should remember that Quigley was not only Clinton’s teacher – he was his MENTOR at Georgetown. If one examines Clinton’s years in the White House, one will find much of Quigley’s contentions coming to fruitition.

    2. I happen to like Phil`s posts, and Joe`s, mostly, and you, Max, had no problem with descending to Melvins`level, until general opinion was critical of both of you, then you dropped Melvin like a hot potato, in order to save your own skin.. Just waiting for the name calling..

    3. Historically, the “cloaked Jew” was seen as more than just a passing curiosity. The marranos of Spain and Portugal were the “real deal”, whole families that “converted” to Christianity, to be able to continue holding their wealth and positions, while retaining their Jewish identity, traditions, “religion”, etc.

      The fact is, the “marranos” are with us today, and most would be hard-pressed to find one, even though they are legion.

      Through name changes, and false religious affiliations, that can be very disarming to simple believers, to secret internal ways of identifying each other, especially for purposes of marriage alliances, a “cloaked” Jewish population is a force to be reckoned with.

      Of course, it’s impossible to know just how many “cloaked Jews” there are. Certainly, they would have an influence on whatever community they’re in, but I think the real danger is from the Elites (both Jewish & non-Jewish) who have the unequivocal power to make things happen in our world.

      At this point, I’m not sure who is using who. Are the Jewish Elites in control of the non-Jewish Elites? It would seem that way, if you consider money as the raw basis for power.

  9. Gilbert, it amazes me how many of you miss the point/s I am making! …. This recurs over and over again! …. Most of you are simply not smart enough; meaning that much of the knowledge/information you are supplied with passes in one ear and quickly out the other, without being permanently tapped into the inner cerebral cortex of your rather dicey, semi-functioning, undisciplined minds. Typical of Jew-brainwashed, Yankee bubbas! In terms of quantum physics, you have undeveloped receptors that only take in parts of the ongoing lights of the matter/s! …. I can assure you, I know all of Phil’s references/sources very well and I could write similar long-winded, almost over-the-top verse, if I could be bothered. This is what my brother does every day! He is an academic whom the sheilas do not like, even though he used to be as Nordic handsome as me. ….. But I’d be showing off and none of you could understand at all! …. Besides Phil’s soliloquy/s is/are too long! No one, but idiots, read them! …. It’s called intellectual sophistry; and several posters delight in their intellectual sophistication, such as the charlatan-troll origjosephine, the filthy Jew! …. Ellie K writes paranoid-psychotic crap and you lerv her and want her to stay in ya log cabin! What do you intend to do to her? She would devour you in 5 minutes! Have you ever bedded a raging Jewess! NO? …. My earlier books are far more pedantic, didactic, resourced and long-winded than anything these fools can produce.. … But I realized I have to convert the masses of ordinary people, many of whom are already dying via GMO-induced diseases, etc, and MOST of whom are slated to die over the next 10 years BY THE JEWS/ILLUMINATI that RULE! …. Can you comprehend my point? …. RULE NOW!!!! Its got nothing to do with long histories of associations ANY MORE! …. Probably not!!! … An analogy: Imagine a vast city sewerage plant. The pipes issuing to the sea come in 17 different colors. I could describe to you, in intricate detail, how every colored pipe-network works and how it heads its waste to the sea – all in an intricate exercise of seeming brilliance (in much the same manner in which Jewish rabbis have honed their intricate, dialectically-based hog-wash; that essentially means nothing!); or I can simply explain to the masses that the city’s sewerage plant is severely polluting the coast and surrounding sea life. …. Hence you try to embrace all all the pseudo-historical CRAP of Phil’s and never really understand his sophistry, or accept the immediate reality: Jews rule! …. JEWS’ rule and they are the perpetrators of all your false flags! … Janet Yellen and co. are printing, counterfeit money for themselves EVERY day! … JEWS RULE your Congress and administration….. Jews rule your kept media, etc. …. What are you doing about this infamy/evil? …. Are you thinking you are a brave internet warrior by reading and trying your hardest to understand Phil’s hogwash, or Melvin’s crap, or origjoe’s sick shower curtain humor? (so Americano!) … No, you are a little, frightened Yankee-doodle hiding in a log cabin, courting loose sheilas in terry toweling dressing gowns! …. Gilby, you regress too easily! … You do not understand “the way, the truth and the life.” …. You will soon be my hunting prey and I will shoot you, no doubt! Your little pea-rifle is nothing and I can shoot you at 5m as much as at 650 m! … My female partners – all 36 of them – understand my point and are starting to give up on you; even though they were going to invite you to join us in the Daintree!

    1. Such a modest little Maxie.. Has all the answers.. Jews rule he says, WE KNOW.. Question is, what do you, Max, singlehandedly, without help from those of us you consider to be beneath you, worthy of nothing but your contempt, going to do about it, or is boasting, and bragging, about your prowess, and superior knowledge, all you are good for? Madame B had a problem with alcohol, but what is your excuse for being a nasty, insulting pos?

      ” he brought back memories of when I used to date lots of wrap-around mouth, highly sexed, Jewish chicks ” : exactly, you are, in reality, a jew lover.. bad mouth me all you want Maxie, I wouldn`t expect anything else from you, but don`t drag others into your hatefilled diatribe, be a man, and shoulder your own spewing of hatred, besides, it never ceases to amaze me how you, and madame, think you know what I think, or want. One last thing Maxie, for now, it is not for you to decide whether or not I should “put a sock in it”, you, thankfully, are not the big cheese you think you are..

  10. Ingrid B, you are a very paranoid sheila! …. I liked Ms Butterfly’s description of you: “It makes you a filthy-minded bitch on heat, a prurient little whore…..I have nothing more to say to you, you degenerate dimwit. Throw yourself in the nearest fjord and drown!” …. Ms Butterfly sounds like my sort of gal! … I have profiled you, as I have all other posters; and have been inside your computer. Really, girlie porn? ….. You say: “You dropped Melvin like a hot potato, in order to save your own skin.. Just waiting for the name calling..” …. Well my nasty little lerv, according to Ms Butterfly, whom I have had my run-ins with, it is you who is the “filthy-minded bitch on heat.” … That’s exactly how I have profiled you! …. As I honestly said, I liked Melvin for a while because he brought back memories of when I used to date lots of wrap-around mouth, highly sexed, Jewish chicks – so I know where he was cummin’ from! … But he never said anything else and is a self-confessed “masteurbator” (his sp) extraordinaire! … I’m glad he has gone! … So my litt’l bitch on heat, “put a sock up it!” – as Justice for the Chinese would say. … And Gilby, buy Ingrid a terry-toweling dressing gown! .. I can tell she is co-habitating with you; even though you say you are now celibate.

    1. Max, you are incorrigible! But your irreverent posts would be sorely missed if you decided to do a bunk. So hang around forever!

      My compliments do not necessariiy mean that I approve of what you have to say about Honest Ingrid, the lady from Norway. She seems to be a very nice person. Hardly a “bitch on heat” or a “prurient whore” as you state.

      As for Madame Butterfly, she is now undergoing rehab for her various problems. So I believe. And Ingrid has graciously forgiven her for her over-the-top insults.

      BTW, I think Lobro was wrong to put you in the same category as Polatnik as a “court jester.” Polatnik was no court jester. He was just a very talented perv. But he lacked your joie de vivre and stylistic brio. He made a few good points, true, but ultimately he was a bit dull.

      Which you at least are not. You have many faults, but boring the reader is not one of them.

  11. I love my nanny Queen Elizabeth, and I ask for your empathy: Reuters’ News: “We now know, thanks to the publication of her official accounts, that Buckingham Palace – like that other palace across the park in Westminster – is crumbling, and as much as £150m will be needed from the public purse to repair its state rooms and install new wiring and plumbing. …. To be fair to the Queen, she is hardly to blame that her official residence requires costly repairs.” … So this is the queen that you think is Illuminati fed? … She is as much a victim, bless her loving heart, of the JEWISH hegemony as all of you are~! …. “God save the queen.” She may yet be our saviour!

  12. Sorry Ingrid, If you are from Norway, may the Viking Spirit be with you …. Rape and pillage the nunneries, and shout FREEDOM! … Us Viking WHITES will be the savior of the world! … Have you got crystalline blue eyes like me and 30% of my many children? … You ought to see my favorite daughter, Nina: ABBA: “Nina, pretty ballerina.”

    1. And the head Viking said to Mother Superior: “This year we have come to pillage.” …. And a very disappointed Mother Superior said: “But what about your normal RAPE and pillage? My nuns have themselves ready with vaseline wax! Do you dare disappoint them?” ….

  13. About time I said: Thank you Darkmoon for publishing my stuff and I know I write too much! Some very intelligent persons write into this site and I lerv you all! May the Christian GOD be with you and PEACE ON EARTH! … I pray that you are well, our dearest Lasha! Good health to you, Monte! And love to you lobro. Orig joe, good wishes!

    1. @ Max Baloney

      I pray that you are well, our dearest Lasha! Good health to you, Monte! And love to you lobro. Orig joe, good wishes!

      Damn you for leaving me out!

  14. There are many readers of Darkmoon who are not Christians. Many readers of DM are into Hinduism and various New Age beliefs based on Hinduism. As we all know, Darkmoon LERVS Muslims/Mohammedanism A LOT, with a deep LERV. Wants all of us to see Muslims as victims. Wants us to give Muslims our support, our good will, to always see the Muslims as the under-dogs, and help them become “liberated” from their “under-dog” status amongst the peoples of the world. I am not a Hindu or a New Ager, but if I were, I would be reluctant to give the Muslims the kind of support that Darkmoon encourages all of us to give to the Muslims. In India, the Muslims have always waged intense Islamic Jihad against Hindus [ and Sikhs also]. The Muslims/Mohammedans today are still waging Islamic Jihad in India against the Hindus and against the Sikhs.

    Why should the Hindus and the New Agers who read Darkmoon give the Muslims their support and good will if the Muslims have always waged, and are still waging, Islamic Jihad against Hinduism? Why should a Hindu support the Muslims when the Muslims are waging Islamic Jihad against his/her Hindu religion? Why should a New Ager support Muslims when the Muslims have always waged, and are still waging, Islamic Jihad against Hinduism, when Hinduism is the ontological basis for so much of the New Age beliefs and practices?

    And just a reminder, the Islamic Jihad in India was going on for a very long time, much longer than when Zionism arrived on the world stage. So the Islamic Jihad in India has nothing to do with Usrael attacking Muslims. So that excuse is out. By the way, the Muslims were going into Europe, raiding Europe, from the very beginning Mohammedanism started, dragging out White Europeans and throwing White Christian Europeans into chattel slavery LONG BEFORE USrael/Zionism ever showed up on the world stage. The Catholics in Europe put the Mohammedans in their place. Their war-like/Jihadist-like inherent tendencies were kept in abeyance by White Catholic Europeans. there was peace then, but no longer. The Jews have done everything they could to reignite the inherent war-like nature of Islam. I don’t see why Catholic Europe has to suffer under the weight of Islam when it was Catholics who kept the inherent war-like nature of Islam in-check and there was peace. Not just in Europe, but in the Middle East also, and much less Muslims suffered when the Catholics kept the inherent war-like nature of Islam in check. For the Muslims even slowed down their internecine wars amongst one another when the Catholics put their inherent war-like nature in-check and in abeyance, so there were less dead Muslims, a lot less violence and brutality, less war in the ME, more civilized in the ME for the Muslims. Even the Muslims benefited by the Catholics and the actions of Catholic Europe and the Catholic Church. So no, there’s no good, solid historical excuse to flood White Christian Europe with Mohammedans.

    Search Terms about Islamic Jihad in India that’s been going on for a very long time, long before Zionism showed up on the world stage :

    “Muslim Jihad In India”

    “Muslim Jihad In India Against Hindus”

    1. @ Joe

      What does your long-winding post above have to do with the Holocaust?

      This thread is about the HOLOCAUST, not about MUSLIMS AND JIHAD!

      Please keep your posts SHORT and ON-TOPIC!!!

    2. “Wants all of us to see Muslims as victims. Wants us to give Muslims our support, our good will, to always see the Muslims as the under-dogs, and help them become “liberated” from their “under-dog” status.”

      I don’t have a problem with the Moslems because they never attacked the USA and they never did anything that warranted our repeated jew-incited military attacks against them.

      Does that make me a “Moslem lover” ??

      1. Anyone who wastes their time complaining about the Moslems is exposing something horrible into the public domain, for all to see … what they’re doing is, they’re exposing the “silent jew” that resides in the not-so-subliminal regions of their brainwashed brain.

  15. couple more precision strikes like this and we’ll be seeing headlines like “6 million jew generals holocausted”.

    heartbreaking, just heartbreaking, that gen baruch will never again drift on the wings of sexual ecstasy after calling in a strike that wipes out a palestinian nursery packed with babies, will never retire to sit in a lawn chair with jovial neighbors at sderot illegal hillside settlement to raise a toast to spectacular white phosphorus hit on a downtown gaza hospital.
    and all he did was try to boost morale of ISIS buddies on ground in syria and deliver a few humanitarian goodies like anti-tank missiles and maybe some anthrax packages.

    evil, evil syrians … and whoever supplied them with those mig-23s.

    1. jews are totally unused to the idea of being outmaneuvered like this, especially by dumb arabs, i am sure it hurts real bad.
      and it will get worse if they ever tangle with iranians.

      i suspect that they were being tracked all the way by the hezbollah operatives who called in the hit on them.
      those guys have proper training, discipline and equipment.

      the jews’ big hype+propaganda only goes so far and in the real theater of war will bite the dust right off the bat against a real opponent instead of bunch of stone throwing kids and panicked women.

      as a kid i’ve seen it happen a number of times when a swaggering bully runs into someone who can fight.

      1. “Putin Gobsmacks Uncle Sam … Again” : Guys, check out this article by Mike Whitney on The Truthseeker/CounterPunch..

      2. Ingrid –

        Oligarch Pharisee bankers win-win in petro-expansions and wars in Russia. They control both activities.

        The deal you mentioned was huge for Gazprom and Gazprombank.

        New York Mellon Bank controls much of the investments into Gazprom.

        Gazprom started its American trading in ADRs in 1996.

        In 2006 Putin attracted more investors like Mellon Bank New York, Goldman-Sachs and JP Morgan to own Gazprom.

        ADR stands for an American Depositary Receipt issued against Gazprom’s ordinary shares providing free floating of the Company’s shares in international stock markets. The Company’s ADRs are deposited with The Bank of New York Mellon. ADR affirms the ownership of Gazprom’s shares deposited with The Bank of New York Mellon. One ADR represents two shares of Gazprom. It is possible to convert Gazprom’s ordinary shares into ADRs and vice versa.

        Gazprom is one of the first Russian issuers of depositary receipts traded on the global stock market.

        Gazprom is the largest joint-stock company in Russia. Total number of the Company’s shareholders is over 500,000.

        In April 2006 a new ADR Program was launched – “the first level Program”. The Program provides for possible trading in receipts only on the over-the-counter market in the USA as well as enables private investors to become the owners of receipts.

        At present, Gazprom’s ADRs are listed on the London Stock Exchange, traded on the US over-the-counter stock market and on European stock exchanges, namely the Berlin and Frankfurt Stock Exchanges. As at the end of 2011, about 28.35 per cent of Gazprom’s shares were floating in the form of ADRs.

        As at the end of 2013 Gazprom’s market capitalization was USD 100.4 billion. That is down from the high of USD 330.9 billion in 2007. (See chart.)


        Gazprombank’s London IPO announcement.

        Gazprombank (Open Joint-Stock Company) is the third largest bank in the Russian Federation.

        The Bank’s principal business areas are corporate banking, retail banking, investment banking and depositary services. Its banking activities also include securities trading, foreign exchange operations, precious metals operations, clearing operations and settlement services.

        The Bank has a distribution network of 43 branches and over 300 banking outlets located throughout the Russian Federation, providing services to more than 45,000 corporate clients, including most of the largest Russian companies, and to more than 3 million individuals.

        GPB also has ownership interests in three other Russian banks. In addition Gazprombank is represented in the markets of Belarus, Armenia and Switzerland through ownership interests in local banks. Gazprombank also has representative offices in Mongolia, China and India. (Major BRICS countries)

        BRICS will be highly leveraged through New York and London… Heavily usurious.

  16. Max –

    It’s not too bad trying to be celibate, except one has to apportion the TIMES to coincide with the occasional slide from the foot-of-the-Cross… NEVER try to attain the status of Lord and Master. He doesn’t like the pious, pretentious manner. 🙂 (A good way to practice celibacy is to remain unmarried.)

    Oh, btw, my “pea shooters” come in multiple sizes and range potentials. I really wouldn’t want to shoot you, anyway, Max, so, LET’S CALL OFF THE COMPETITION.

    1. And I would not hurt you Gilbert; but rather have some moonshine with you, play my guitar and banjo and invite a bunch of wild hill-billy sheilas over for a good time.

      1. All’s well that ends well……….Yahooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

  17. @ Ingrid

    The guyim are too distracted right now by Maxie’s tales of pussy conquests to be bothered with any other subjects. How Max LERVS to distract the guyim from the important news going on in the world, Darkmoon feature articles. Max always wants the guyim to think about pussy and nothing else. No Ingrid, the guys are not going to check out anything you suggest, the guyim are way TOO focused on Maxie’s pussy conquests, eagerly hoping to get some inside info on how to get as much pussy, as many pussyim, as possible. The guyim are TOO easily distracted. What an easy job the troll Max has, how easily guyim are distracted. Max wants to distract the guyim so no guy from the guyim tribe will see clearly all the many many hydra-heads of the lobrotomyim.

  18. “Even though it became a widely accepted form of hard currency in the cash-poor colonies, for the people who created it, wampum was always something more – an object imbued with honor, tradition, and spiritual resonance”

    And along came the Amsterdam jews to butcher that spirit in dealings with the Manhattan Indians. Then they built Wall St., which may explain why the lack of fighting in NYC during the so-called American “War of Independence” was conspicuous by its absence. They were too busy setting up shop, which became known as the financial district.

    And did you ever wonder about all those gargoyle sculptures on buildings in New York? Legend has it that gargoyles live underneath Wall St. and act as guardians for banking institutions like the Fed. Similar to the guardianship you might find in the Vatican catacombs. Spooky stuff.

    Think Batman PROTECTING criminals, not fighting them.

    You can’t make it up

    1. Gee Brownhawk, you can make up anything you want, after all, you’re The Big Chief around here. It’s only us small fry Indians who can’t make things up.

      Indians don’t like White Man cash, that’s why the injuns told the jews to go take a hike when the jews offered the red skins a cut in the jew mob gambling casino racket, lol. That’s why red skins tripped over themselves to take White Man cash from the jews Down South as payment to attack and massacre White Christian pioneers Out West OPPOSED to the jew’s chattel-slave/opium/usury/golden-circle/empire expanding into the Western states and territories. The injuns who don’t like White Man cash on the jew’s payroll, the injuns who took White Man cash from the jew slave-mongering economic monopoly jews, the injuns on the jew payroll who massacred White Christians Out West who were OPPOSED to the jews economic system.

    2. Nonetheless they do make it up, Brownhawk.
      Steaming piles of maple syrup flavored mierda.
      (among other things)

      Enjoy the summer!

    3. Brownhawk

      It’s even more ‘In Your Face’ than just that. Peter Stuyvessant built a wall in New Amsterdam to keep the hens away from duck society. The hens, most recently being evicted from Brazil. That is to say that Peter Stuyvessant built that wall to keep the jews in their ghetto, where they couldn’t work their poison on his society. The History channel will tell you the wall was built to keep ‘pigs and enemies’ out. Marranos means pigs. The Dutch East India Company brought pressure to bear on Stuyvessant’s bosses and he was forced to tear the wall down and let those pigs in. Never forget, huh. Deut. 28-43; and the tail is made the head.

      You can find this in encyclopedias, but they would have to be old encyclopedias. Alas, old encyclopedias have met their doom in the incineration or recycling bin behind the jew’s used bookstores. The Rechabite’s succathite censoring arm of 1 chr 2:55, working like clockwork with the ‘loud speech’ and ‘monopolizing’ arms (see any of that at work on the internet?). Like what they’ve done to the history and archaeology in Palestine, they can now say “old encyclopedias never existed”. They ARE still in some libraries, in the censored rooms, that Willie Martin found out about and managed to finesse his way into.

  19. Fear is the greatest slavemaster of them all. Its reality has cast a spell over Life whose ramifications can scarcely be imagined. Such is the nature of its power over Beings of Light (goy) caught in a trap. A power that propels the illusion of mortality.

    From chapter 2 of “Beyond the Crooked Pale” – “Fear Itself”

    “In an Existence devoid of fear, there is nothing that disrupts the confluences of connection in an integrated state, meaning it is imperishable.”

    From chapter 8 – “Hold in Perpetuity”

    “The lamentable emotion of fear is what fuels the malevolent engine of control, and drives a perishable reality cycling through a so-called “Underworld”, keeping devilish miscreants like gargoyles and more serious winged ones looking through our transoms. Its ultimate purpose is to perpetuate a condition of perceived threats, invoked from various guises to maintain the general illusion. One of which could be referrd to as the “Sword of Damocles”. All of the captured Elementals are coerced into being threatening in one way or another, and an ever-present danger to mortal existence. Drowning in water, burned by fire, buried under earth, etc.”

    From chapter 5 – “After a Fashion”

    “…the imposed resstrictions reflect the controlling grip of the usurpers, and the malevolence exacting the superimposed state produced the vehicles to perpetuate it. The components that supplanted ‘Coalescence’ became known as the four Elements…”

  20. Very dangerous! Extreme Truth NuggetZ® combined with hauntingly beautiful, yet upbeat music. Just the thing to beat the Jew Blues!

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