Something Is Rotten In The State Of Israel

. . . by David Pratt

Abridged by Lasha Darkmoon


imgID34579377As I sat down to write this essay, I knew potentially I was setting myself up for some political flak. I knew it too back in 2006, when I wrote my first book Intifada: the Long Day of Rage about the Palestinian uprising.

In fact, I’ve been conscious of it every time I’ve ever penned a piece about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

If there is one thing as a journalist I’ve learned during decades of covering this story it’s the impossibility of ducking the political brickbats and sometimes downright vitriol that inevitably comes the way of anyone writing about this emotive issue.

The simple and unavoidable fact is that nothing is neutral in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. For this reason alone, any writer who steps into the debate over this long and bitter struggle is almost certain to be subjected to an onslaught from detractors. Depending of course on the writer’s take, this could see them denounced as anything from an anti-Semite to a Zionist stooge.

For these reasons there is no point in making any pretence towards impartiality. So let me from the outset lay my political cards on the table. Put quite simply, given the weight of evidence encountered as a reporter over considerable time, I have always maintained that the State of Israel has a case to answer for in its appalling treatment of the Palestinian people. More recently too, if I can paraphrase a line from Hamlet, I sense there is now something rotten in that same State of Israel.

Perhaps this second point is initially best explained by taking stock of a single terrible event that occurred over the last few weeks. I’m speaking of the scarcely believable savagery of the arson attack on the home of a Palestinian family in the West Bank village of Duma.

In the subsequent autopsy that was carried out on the victim of the attack, 18-month-old Ali Dawabsheh, it was found that his corpse was totally blackened, his features, lungs and rib cage melted from the fire that ignited after the attackers threw Molotov cocktails into the family’s house as they slept.

In the ensuing inferno, Ali’s mother and a four-year-old brother were also severely injured, leaving them now fighting for their lives, his father succumbed to his injuries yesterday.

I make no apology for detailing the gruesome injuries that tiny Ali and his family sustained.



For too long now the true horrors of what Palestinians endure has been glossed over, covered up or cynically justified by an Israeli state that has now lost what moral compass it ever possessed.

Palestinians were understandably outraged over the arson attack. Most Israelis were horrified, as was much of the world.

The Israeli author David Grossman – who some years ago I had the pleasure of spending time with in Edinburgh – summed up the feeling of many ordinary Israelis when he wrote in the daily newspaper Haaretz, that “I cannot get this baby, Ali Dawabsheh, out of my mind … Who is the person or persons capable of doing this? They, or their friends, continue to walk among us this morning.”

Grossman is right in saying that such monsters walk among ordinary Israelis.

Many would go further and say these disseminators of hatred have done so for some time. Their ranks too have gone unchallenged by an Israeli government fearful of forfeiting support in helping its politicians get elected.

Those disseminators we are talking about of course are Jewish extremists and nationalists, many with links to the country’s settler movement.

Along the way this dark, fanatical and sometimes underground force have become terrorists in a land where that epithet is usually only reserved for Palestinians. In the headlong pursuit of their bigoted goals they are succeeding in crushing underfoot the very soul of the Jewish state they so stridently and violently seek to uphold.

It was from within the ranks of these zealots that those who murdered Ali Dawabsheh came. Their deed done they wanted no doubt left as to their religious cadre and credentials, leaving behind a spray-painted Star of David and the Hebrew words for “Revenge” and “Long live the Messiah King” on the walls of a house next to where the baby died.



How curious it was to hear Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu respond to the arson attack with a statement saying that his government is “united in strong opposition to such deplorable and awful acts.”

Who is to say of course that Netanyahu doesn’t mean what he says.

But let’s not for a moment forget that this is the same Netanyahu that gave the order to light the touch paper of military action that completely destroyed or severely damaged upwards of 25,000 houses in Gaza last summer, incinerating in their own homes entire families including many children as young as Ali Dawabsheh.

It was Netanyahu too you might remember who issued a call for vengeance after the killing of three kidnapped Israeli teens in July 2014 that resulted in the burning to death of 16-year-old Mohammed Abu Khdeir.



As far back as the late 1990’s Ariel Sharon, soon to become Israeli Prime Minister, was already talking publicly about the the “Bantustan plan”, explaining that the South African apartheid model offered the most appropriate solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. By 2002 writing in Haaretz, former Israeli Attorney General Michael Ben-Yair, described the evolution of this strategy culminating in the abhorrent and recognisable form that it takes today.

“We Israelis enthusiastically chose to become a colonialist society, ignoring international treaties, expropriating lands, transferring settlers from Israel to the occupied territories, engaging in theft and finding justification for all these activities … we established an apartheid regime,” he said.

Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu, who knew a thing or two about apartheid, agreed.

In Ramallah recently, the Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki told me how the Palestinian Authority (PA) had recently commissioned leading international experts on South Africa’s former apartheid regime to help make the case that Israel is equally guilty today.

“Israel has a political system that has built an illegal structure to prevent our rights to statehood,” al-Maliki told me.

“The settlement enterprise is eating up the possibility of a viable Palestinian state,” he continued, stressing that “time was now of the greatest essence”.

“I was 11 years old when the occupation started. I am now 61. There are people here now that have only known occupation.”

If apartheid as experienced in South Africa was to become a dirty word, then so too should it become a dirty word in Israel. Anyone in any doubt about this need only visit the West Bank right now.

On a recent return trip, the first in a few years, I was unprepared for the changes I was to witness: segregation (hafrada)  in all its grotesqueness has turned the West Bank into a place of walls, barriers, checkpoints and separate roads, along which Palestinians and those Israelis who have moved onto settlements illegal under international law now travel.

The pace of settlement construction has increased four-fold in the last few years alone. Yet despite its rapidity and illegality, such actions have barely registered on the international community’s radar let alone generated a significant level of worldwide protest.

Why does this international lethargy in drawing Israel to account prevail? Why do we seem so incapable of diplomatic solidarity when it comes to bringing punitive measures to bear on the Netanyahu government?

The geopolitical reasons are of course labyrinthine, but even allowing for this so much more could be done.

I am not alone in raising these questions. It is the clarion call of an increasing numbers of Israelis, some of whom I met during my recent visit.


In Jerusalem Ilan Baruch and Dr Alon Liel told me how they firmly believe Europe and the international community has a key role to play in the process of pressurising the Netanyahu government. They insist too that it has to happen fast, with signs of substantial progress needed within the next 18 months. Such is the pressing internal threat they see posed to their country’s future and that of the Palestinians.

Like many in Israel, both men fear that the marginal politics espoused by extremists in their society have now become mainstream. Baruch says that if the current trend continues: “Israel runs the risk of turning into a pariah state and faces growing delegitimisation. Experience shows that this global trend won’t change until we normalise our relations with the Palestinians,” Baruch insists.

Last week in his piece written in the aftermath of Ali Dawabsheh’s murder, David Grossman pointed out that for decades Israel has turned its dark side toward the Palestinians, but now that darkness has infiltrated into its own internal organs.
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As ever, what lies at the root of all this of course is 48 years of occupation, segregation and subjugation of the Palestinian people. Until that issue is addressed justly, both communities are destined to continue their mutual and seemingly interminable dance of death.

David Pratt is Foreign Editor of the Sunday Herald and author of  Intifada: The Long Day of Rage

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  1. “Why does this international lethargy in drawing Israel to account prevail? Why do we seem so incapable of diplomatic solidarity when it comes to bringing punitive measures to bear on the Netanyahu government?”
    Ask me, I have my have raised. Oh, thanks for recognizing me. You see David, 95% percent of the American MSM is owned or controlled by Jews. In addition, there are over 60 million brain-washed and brain dead Christion-Zionists in American who would gladly sacrifice their own children for the greater glory of Israel.
    Now, I ask a rhetorical question for David Pratt. What do you think America’s children, boy and girls have been doing in the Middle East for the last 15 years on top of the two trillion American dollars spent for the greater glory of Israel? Why do you think that Libya, Iraq and now coming to your TV viewing pleasure Syria basket cases? No need to answer David, Darkmooners already know the answer.
    Anyway, thanks for at least opening the cover off this subject.

    The geopolitical reasons are of course labyrinthine, but even allowing for this so much more could be done.

  2. To expect a country founded on terrorism to be anything but terrorists is rather infantile. Complaining to and seeking justice from other jewish terrorists nations like the Five Eyes and the EU will bear no fruit. Helen Thomas stated the only real solution, “The jews should go back to Poland where they came from.” If the jews in Israel became aware that Israel is only expendable bait for WWIII based on the Albert Pike plan as adopted by the Zionists, Helen Thomas’s advice would be fulfilled as an exodus of jews would occur. A terrorist government cannot exist without dumb soldiers. A concerted effort should be made to inform the jewish Israeli’s of their planned personal sacrifice on the NWO alter by their own elite.

  3. So, jews are getting worried, it took a while, fifty years they have allowed this running sore to fester. Now they are trying to distance themselves from “zionism”. The jews of the world, including those in israel, AND the so-called Palestinian authority, could have put a stop to the illegal actions, could have excised the cancerous lesion, but chose to allow the rot to continue. The thugs in israel, both in, and out of uniform, plus the thugs in the knesset, have become lawless, and are out of control, and no-one seems to know what to do..

    1. If you read the last chapters of “Far and Wide” by Douglas Reed. You will get a very good idea of where – after total Communist infiltration – the Western Countries were going. It is written up to 1950 and the onset of the Korean War… forward 15 years and we had the ‘false’ Vietnam ‘War’………..It is a very good read.

      1. Thank you for the link. I am most appreciative for your thoughtfulness. I have an original copy of Reed’s book “The Controversy Of Zion” published in South Africa. Reading it, I found it understandable that he stipulated the book not be published until after his death.

        When pursuing such material it is always best to find the original work, as Jews are famous for forging and redacting work to fit their agenda. More than once I have found this to be the case. Wikipedia is perhaps the ultimate forum for altering history and facts Jews don’t find agreeable.

      2. Vietnam ‘War’ was actually a ‘world war’… It WAS…. WW-III.

        Pharisee historians just never called it WW-III. They left off the accurate label so as to not implicate all the players. They lied by omission. Predictable.

        Also very important.. they would not be able to scare the world with WW-III coming if it had already passed. To continue to acknowledge “world wars” as such, would dilute the effect of the fear they need for control. At WW-V people would just yawn and say…”OK… here we go, again. Just another WW.”

        Nam qualified as a ‘world war’…. being one fought by multiple countries on multiple fronts. It was known to have been fought by troops from USSR, China, N Korea, N Vietnam and Cuban…. against…
        troops from US, Australia, S Vietnam, Canada, Thailand, Taiwan, Philippines, New Zealand and S Korea.

        It was fought on fronts in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Burma… just for starters.

      3. Pat, it is predictable. So predictable as to perhaps require an update on Mencken..

        ‘The cynics are right 9.5 times out of ten.’

      4. HP –

        I like Mencken..!! He had different elements to deal with, then. He would be a great blogger today.

        We need an ‘update’ on you and me and the living writers… of TODAY. Help ‘carry his water’ forward.

        Facts are cynical.

  4. The Jewish state has always been rotten since inception. It was created with the help of the British Zionists filth, who allowed one side to have arms and the other nothing and leader-less.

    The arsonist and Goyim killer is getting six months without trial, this is basically a free out of jail card. Compare it to twenty years for stone throwers without trial. It should go without saying it is only Palestinian stone throwers. Six months if you kill a Goyim and a pat on the back while no one is looking.

    The whole uproar is a red hearing. I would like to say they have crocodile tears but that would be an insult to crocodiles. They kill Palestinians on a weekly basis. On the same day, two teens were shot by IDF.

  5. The writer is trying in vain to beat around the bush by using the Zionist terminology about what’s going on in Palestine and around it.

    1. There is no “Israel-Palestine conflict”. It’s a resistance from the aboriginal people against the European colonialists who have been stealing their ancestral land since the WW II.

    2. There is no “State of Israel”. It’s a settler entity created by the Western colonialists to solve their centuries-old “Jewish Problem”.

    3. The United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Israel are all products of western settler colonialism. These countries are build on the death and destruction of indigenous people. Another common thing among these five countries, is they all are occupied by Zionist-controlled governments. In fact, New Zealand has a unique position among the fives – its prime minister John Phillip Key is Jewish.

  6. Lasha and co, ‘nothing is neutral in…’ nuanced maybe, yet what else can we do but MUST scream and shout. And more, and again and…
    You and – often – your commenters, drive us on to do something towards justice. Here’s another with passion, anger and writing worth this signpost. I get on James posts, anyone else got an ‘amen’ or something to add to his piece, spread your fire.

    1. – meant to add this is a repost on ‘Crimes’ today, obviously re the current excuser’s evil guff.

  7. Lasha and co, ‘nothing is neutral in…’ – nuanced maybe, yet what else can we do but MUST scream and shout, remember… push on and through, to see this fulfilled: ‘Mass Murder in Gaza spells Doom for the Zionist Movement’.

    You and – often – your commenters drive us on to do something, anything but stop. Here’s another with passion, anger and writing worth this signpost. A year on the excuser’s spread their guff. James reposts:


  8. I learn a lot about how jews think and operate here at Darkmoon via all the jew clues you Darkmooners drop, as you all pretend to be various types of “Non jews”, lol. Except for Ruth Bernstein of course. She’s not really a jew, lol, she’s really a “non jew” pretending to be a jew, lol.

    lobro forwarded the link back home to his takfiri friends, in other words, lobro forwarded the link back home where ever that home is where lobro’s jew friends pretending to be muslims live [ takfiri = jews pretending to be Muslims, lobro’s drinking pals and Ingrid’s dining companions are takfiris, jews pretending to be Muslims, but the TWO aren’t kikes, lol. Hey, “thx” for the jew clue lobro and Ingrid! ] . Where’s “home” lobro? Which home are you talking about when you said you forwarded the link “back home”? You got so many “homelands, just like the jews du, just like u du.

  9. “Who is the person or persons capable of doing this? They, or their friends, continue to walk among us this morning.”

    Who indeed. I find this ignorance of Jewish history both astounding and appalling. Is this truly ignorance or is it just feigned ignorance? This writer makes it sound like this murder was something unusual or outstanding, when in fact Jews have been conducting this type of murder since they sacrificed children to Baal. Anyone thinking this firebombing attack was terrible, should put it into context by researching the ritual murder of Little Simon of Trent in the 1500s and the horrendous revenge murders of Tsar Nicholas’ entire family – including his children. Jewish murder of children, ritual and otherwise, has been going on for time immemorial.

    What about recent history? What about those Jews in Italy murdering children and selling snuff flicks of these most heinous murders on the web? This just happened a few years ago. Did this “journalist” somehow miss this sensational story that swept Europe? What about the countless Kulak children Jewish communists cold-bloodedly starved to death in the Ukraine and Russia?

    Come on fella! Are you really unaware Jewish history is one long line of bloodthirsty murders, mayhem, torture and destruction? Jews enjoy watching people, especially children, suffer and die. I have no doubt many actually masturbate while watching such scenes, just look at their Hollywood movies. How can anyone, especially a journalist, be ignorant of this history? As I wrote previously, concerning the ritual slaughter of the Tabernacle:

    “Consider the effect of this gruesome spectacle on a child. Blood spewing everywhere, chanting priests mesmerized in their crazed bloodlust, driven by the howling and grunting of animals bleeding out the last of their life on the ground. The restless bleating of animals, now aware of their terrible fate. Sinners raising their hands towards the heavens as they cry out for god’s forgiveness. Imagine your parents continually consumed with the thought of blood and the avoidance of the sticky substance, thoughts that translate into an unnatural obsession about the stuff.

    “Extrapolate this horror out over the generational millennium and you have the foundations of a psychopathic bloodlust that is not a preference, not a peculiar, incidental twist in a few exceptional personalities, it is a culturally inbred condition, one that can neither be altered nor escaped. This culture of blood has permeated the very core of Judaism until it has become a genetic component of their race.”

    Unfortunately, journalists like this one will never read my posting, nor understand this reality because their job depends on real or feigned ignorance of such facts. But then few goyim minds can wrap around a reality too sickening to contemplate. To remain hidden, Jews depend on the fact that the non-Jew mind simply cannot comprehend an entire race of people can actually be comprised of cold-blooded, psychopathic murderers. Yet the history of Israeli leadership is replete with one cold-blooded, murdering terrorist after another. Oh sure, not all Jews are like this, but how can one tell which one is and which one is not? This identification is the very problem Germans faced during the war. The same problem was faced by the American government when they interred the Japanese in concentration camps.

    “As far back as the late 1990’s Ariel Sharon, soon to become Israeli Prime Minister, was already talking publicly about the “Bantustan plan”, explaining that the South African apartheid model offered the most appropriate solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”

    Once again we find a level of chutzpah that might well boggle the goyim mind. First off, it was Jews, notably the Lithuanian Jew Joe Slovo, behind the creation of the ANC that led to the destruction of Africa’s apartheid system. Yet while Jews were wrecking the white apartheid system in Africa, Israel was actively trading with the apartheid government. Now they turn around and adopt the same system against the very people whose land they stole. What goyim mind can comprehend such unbelievable duplicity and hypocrisy?

    “If apartheid as experienced in South Africa was to become a dirty word, then so too should it become a dirty word in Israel. Anyone in any doubt about this need only visit the West Bank right now.”

    Come on now, can anyone be so gullible as to think this situation might even be mentioned, let alone lambasted, in the MSM? Obviously this statement comes from either real or feigned ignorance of the fact Jews own and control the entire western media.

    “Like many in Israel, both men fear that the marginal politics espoused by extremists in their society have now become mainstream. Baruch says that if the current trend continues: “Israel runs the risk of turning into a pariah state and faces growing delegitimisation. Experience shows that this global trend won’t change until we normalise our relations with the Palestinians,” Baruch insists.”

    Oh the horror of it all! Please, please, br’er goyim, donts throw us Jews in the apartheid patch, anything but the apartheid patch! The Jews set ’em up, and the Jews knock ’em down. Jews are a race of psychopathic liars incapable of discerning lies from truth.

    “Last week in his piece written in the aftermath of Ali Dawabsheh’s murder, David Grossman pointed out that for decades Israel has turned its dark side toward the Palestinians, but now that darkness has infiltrated into its own internal organs.”

    Hellooooo! Wake up and smell the khara! This “darkness” began around the time of YHVH’s murder of Egyptian children during the so called “Passover” and was made wholly evident during the murderous Jewish Bolshevik “revolution” in Russia during the 1920s and 30s. And look what they did to Germany in two wars.

    How can anyone addressing this subject be so ignorant and/or stupid as to paint this situation like it suddenly came about yesterday?

    “How can the goyim be so stupid and gullible?” Surely this is a question Jews must continually pose amongst themselves.

    1. “Consider the effect of this gruesome spectacle on a child. Blood spewing everywhere, chanting priests mesmerized in their crazed bloodlust, driven by the howling and grunting of animals bleeding out the last of their life on the ground.

      Some say that’s why Jesus drove them out.
      The money yes, but more so the animal slaughter.

      1. I agree, hp

        Christ was infuriated by the fate of animals – the pure innocents trapped in this putrid place

        It’s my goal to create an animal sanctuary where I am out here in the boonies. I’m workin on it. One thing I could never do is go to those places on rescue missions where animals are being abused. I might just lose my mind if I encountered any of the scumbag abusers – God bless the people who can do that kind of work

        It also made me feel good when I read about the six tiger poachers who were shot and killed in a gun battle with Bangladesh police the other day

        Now that kind of work I COULD do.

      2. Lord Buddha too..

        “Lord Buddha appeared at a time when the so-called religionists were falsely using the Vedas to justify violent acts like meat-eating and animal sacrifice”

        Lord Buddha

      3. @ HP

        A jews normally do, the priests of the temple during the time of Jesus were running a racket and probably more than one. Keep in mind that Isaiah had already told the jews that God did not like sacrificing animals on a pile of rocks as a means of showing love for him – see the first couple of chapters of Isaiah.

        The money changers were in the temple to convert Roman money into jewish money, the shekel if my memory serves me properly, since only jewish money was acceptable to the priests. The money changes, just as today, charged for the currency exchange. I would strongly suspect that the temple priests took a percentage of the exchange profit as a fee for letting the money changers have a booth in the temple. I guess it could have been a flat fee, but that’s not very jewish.

        The reason that the money had to be exchanged was because the people were paying the priests to sacrifice an animal for them on the alter inside the temple. The people paying the money were not a witness to the sacrifice. What Arch described may have occurred and probably did prior to the Pharisees, but as in any society that develops as populations expand, there are more craftsmen, merchants, and laborers than farm owners so not every one had a farm during the time of Jesus and no “choice” animal to sacrifice.

        The second part of the scam was that the priests only killed enough animals to feed themselves, and their Pharisee and scribe lackeys. If this were not true, the supply of animals to be sacrificed would not be able to keep up with an expanding population. If they had attempted to raise enough animals to keep up the sacrifice ritual, all the land would be dedicated to pasture not leaving enough land available to raise grain as a primary source of food for the population. Obviously, the priests were scamming the people on the animal killing.

        Was Jesus upset about killing the animals in sacrifice? Who knows. It’s not written that he was. Jesus apparently wasn’t opposed to killing fish for food which is documented. Everyone get to decide if one living creature should be more protected over another. Jesus did say that it is not what goes into a man (food) that defiles him which bitch slaps the Mosaic law (he did it in more ways as well) that most folks incorrectly think that Jesus was referring to when he said that he was not going to change the law one tittle. The misunderstanding about which law is why western societies are crippled by a jewish legal system with jewish based laws.

        Personally, I am not opposed to eating critters, but I am basically a vegetarian because vegetables come in thousands of varieties and most of them are really tasty when prepared properly.

      4. UNGENIUS, Time, place, circumstance.

        No one, not even Jesus would expect desert nomads to be civilized, vegetarians. With rare exceptions, of course.
        The folks Jesus was living among and later preaching to were hardly advanced human beings. They were barbarians.

        Chapter 15: Instructions for Civilized Human Beings

        SB 7.15.10

      5. @Ungenius

        Who knows if Jesus was upset about animals being sacrificed? Don’t tell me you’re open to the possibility that he didn’t exist at all, too. If that’s the case then never mind reading the rest of this post. Otherwise, use your imagination, man, AND your heart!

        Damn straight he was upset. Enraged would be a better word. Show some fire! Some outrage! No less than for any other reason to lay into these scumbags!

      6. as always you got the nose for plain justice, homer.

        we all are nothing but animals to the synagogue of satan and thus we should all regard one another as sacrosanct.
        no exceptions.

      7. @ Brownhawk

        You wrote “Damn straight he was upset. Enraged would be a better word.” Scriptural references would be appreciated.

        You wrote “Don’t tell me you’re open to the possibility that he (Jesus) didn’t exist at all, too.” Obvious you do not read my posts.

      8. “This original gospel of Christian inspiration is one of the oldest and most complete early Christian fragments and is preserved in a Buddhist monastery in Tibet, where it was hidden by members of the Essene community, in order to protect it from the hands of falsifiers.”

        I say to you,
        I Am come
        into the world,
        in order to put
        an end to all
        blood offerings
        and to the eating
        of the flesh of animals
        and birds that are
        slain by men.”

        “This Is My Word”
        Chap. 75:9, p. 788

        The Gospel
        of the Perfect Life
        “I came to end the animal sacrifices, and if you do not stop making sacrifices, the wrath of God (the law of cause and effect) will not leave you alone.”
        Jesus, cited from Epiphanius, Panarion 3:16

        “I desire mercy, not sacrifice.”
        Matthew 9:13
        “If I were hungry, I would not tell you, for the world and all that is in it is mine. Do I eat the flesh of bulls, or drink the blood of goats?”
        Psalm 50:12-13
        “Do not be among winebibbers, or among gluttonous eaters of meat.”
        Proverbs 23:20
        “Though they offer choice sacrifices, though they eat flesh, the Lord does not accept them. Now he will remember their iniquity, and punish their sins …”
        Hosea 8:13
        “Whoever slaughters an ox is like one who kills a human being; whoever sacrifices a lamb, like one who breaks a dog’s neck; whoever presents a grain offering, like one who offers swine’s blood; whoever makes a memorial offering of frankincense, like one who blesses an idol. They have chosen their own ways and in their abominations they take delight.”
        Isaiah 66:3
        “I live on bread and olives, to which I only seldom add a vegetable.”
        Clementine Homilies XII, 6; rec. VII, 6
        “Matthew lived on seed, the fruit of trees and vegetables without meat.”
        Clemens von Alexandria,
        Paidagogos II, 1:16
        “John never ate meat.”
        Church historian Hegesipp according to Eusebius,
        History of the Church II 2:3
        “Jacob, the brother of the Lord, lived on seeds and plants and touched neither meat nor wine.”
        Epistulae ad Faustum XXII, 3
        I think that the bloody sacrifices were invented solely by those people who sought an excuse for eating meat, which they also could have had without such idolatry.”
        Clemens of Alexandria, Paidagogos II
        “The Christians abstained from every kind of meat.”
        Plinius in a letter to Trajan, Ep. Lib. X. 96
        “In the earthly paradise,
        there was no wine,
        no one sacrificed animals
        and no one ate meat.”
        “The philosophic basis for persecution during the Middle Ages was made by the church teacher, Thomas of Aquinas. According to his teaching, neither animals nor women have a soul. Free Christians “who at the time of the Inquisition refused to kill animals were forced to either publicly slaughter an animal or be hanged as a heretic. In 1051 several so-called heretics were condemned to death because they refused to kill and eat chickens.”
        “During the Middle Ages there were many groups that wanted to turn back to an Early Christian way of living.” For example, the Bogumiles or the Cathars and the Albigensers. They lived a vegetarian or vegan life. The vowed “to kill no animal, to eat no meat and to live only from fruit.” (Walter Nigg) All of them were cruelly exterminated by the Church.

        Do Not Eat Us

      9. I read your posts, Ungenius

        Let’s just say I exaggerated when I said that. My point being the desire to see more fire in the belly when speaking of Christ.

        He had it in spades, and so should the rest of us who purport to see him as the exemplar.

        As far as scriptural references are concerned, I’ll get back to you on that IF apt references can be found in whatever “scriptures” they would be

        Sometimes you gotta wing it

  10. Occasionally I try to get over to the masses about the teachings of the Talmud. Another fail today on the David Icke forum. The thread was about abolishing Christian Religion in UK schools, so not off-topic. As soon as I posted a passage from the Talmud, the effing and blinding started. I was polite as usual and persisted. After about two hours, all my comments, at least 8 VANISHED and I got a warning! shock horror. They obviously didn’t like the fact that everything I said was factual and could be verified. “THE TRUTH CAN SET YOU FREE” no David Icke it can’t, if you censor the Talmud. They didn’t want the Aloni Shulmit quote “Whenever Israel is criticised we bring up the Holocaust or call them anti-semitic .. it justifies all we do to the Palestinian people”

    After receiving the following warning, I told the Moderator, he should choke on his words … truth my arse.

    You have received an infraction at David Icke’s Official Forums.

    Reason: Discussing Moderation on the Forum – Second Notice
    You have already received a notice previously for discussing moderation on the forum and you know full well that it is not permitted. You also know full well why numerous posts have been removed in this thread as they were very obviously non topical. The admin note left on the thread is easy to understand and applies to everyone including you. Reposting posts that have been removed will only result in you leaving us no choice but to issue notices.

    If you wish to discuss the Talmud, then start another thread as it says in the Admin Note.


    – Lobuk

    This infraction is worth 5 point(s) and may result in restricted access until it expires. Serious infractions will never expire.

    Original Post:
    Why have all my comments been deleted?
    All the best,
    David Icke’s Official Forums
    lobuk is online now Report this Private Message Forward Message

    A friend of mine did start a thread on the David Icke forum about the Talmud a couple of years back .. HE WAS BANNED WITHIN DAYS.

    1. I will trust David Icke if he openly declares that with “lizards” he actually means Jews.

      1. I hear ya, Franklin

        I’m almost tempted to use your post as a segue for what is really an article I’ve been working on for awhile, but will post on an appropriate darkmoon thread soon

        It has to do with a theory that the “original jew” was a hybrid – half human/half reptilian

    2. @ Red Onions

      Maybe they banned your Talmud comments simply because they were off-topic. I think that is totally justified if the thread is about an entirely different topic and you are introducing what amounts to a deliberate attempt to change the subject and cause a distraction.

      I’m not saying you did this, but tell me what you think: if YOU had written an article about the Talmud on this website, wouldn’t you regard it as exceptionally rude if I started discussing the Bolshevik Revolution or 9/11 n my comments?

      1. I just reread your post. It’s obvious why they didn’t care for your Talmud comments. You were straying from the point. If the conversation is about icebergs, you want to avoid talking about icecream! 🙂

    3. LOL Madame Butterfly. I’M OUT OF HERE. Defending David Icke Moderators. Bloody Hell this site is shite. You don’t know what my deleted comments were with regard to the Talmud and abolishing teaching religion in British State schools, so how can you possibly comment. ADIOS.

      1. @ Red Onions

        Dahlin’ RO, DON’T LEAVE! I was only kidding! Just pulling your leg!

        I think you are one of the best posters here. Really profound. You have taught me things I never knew before.

        If you leave, I will be stricken. Truly.

      2. Allowing Madame Butterfly to continue posting, and insulting the intelligence of serious posters, is a liability..

      3. red onion’s comments are always readworthy, afaiac, i’d like you to continue posting stuff.

        moreover, i don’t have anything against m’me butterfly, always entertaining, even when she attacks me, at least once a month every couple of fortnights.
        she is a fierce defender of lasha, like having occasionally foul-mouthed praetorian guard that once on leave, drunkenly chases butterflies with a net, walloping everybody in sight.

        although i am neither a consumer of butter nor fan of flies, in this case two wrongs make a right.

      4. @ Ingrid B

        Allowing Madame Butterfly to continue posting, and insulting the intelligence of serious posters, is a liability..

        I beg to differ. If Madame Butterfly is a “liability” for driving away Red Onions, who is a “liability” for driving away Harbinger? 🙂

      5. @ Ingrid B

        Whatever her faults, Madame Butterfly is never boring. Her exchange with Red Onions was lighthearted and jokey. She was teasing. The humorless Red Onions was unable to see this. Anyone with the slightest degree of intelligence would have seen that Madame Butterfly was not being nasty or vindictive.

        You women lack the logical faculty, Ingrid, if I may so without giving your ladyship offense. You seem quite unaware of the fact that if Madame Butterfly is to be blamed for Red Onions’ angry departure, YOU are to be blamed in exactly the same way for Harbinger’s angry departure! 🙂

        Harbinger had a different viewpoint to you. Maybe it was a repugnant viewpoint and yours was the correct one. But he also had much to say that was of interest. He was passionate and sincere, however offensively racist he might have been in your eyes. So why did you have to pull the plug on him by complaining to Admin about him and driving him away?

        Next time you point out Madame Butterfly’s sins, Ingrid, count your own sins first! 🙂

      6. Sard –

        Harbinger was a weakling from Scotland.

        …..He let Ingrid beat him. Ran away. 🙁

      7. @ Pat

        Maybe you’re right about Harbinger. I prefer Ingrid to him any day. Ingrid has always shown compassion and understanding for the underdog. She is worth ten Madame Butterflies.

    4. Never thought I would meet someone else who posts on DIF here. I support Red Onions experience. The mods there are ALL Cultural Marxists. Manipulative and some even deliberately provoke in order to issue sanctions/bannings.

      The forum guidelines apply except for a few select members who are allowed to chastise, provoke, attack and name call those members who they disagree with.

      Hot sub forums are the political manipulation – religion – race and immigration plus Today’s News

      I really wish most posters here would have a go over there and push the israel/jewish problem. DIF has lost many of those posters over the last few years.

      However, DIF is an Orwellian pit where history is controlled by deleted posts. If it’s not there it never existed.

      1. Muchas gracios amigo/a. Everyone assumes the posters are men, that’s why I covered all odds. The Jew World Order doesn’t make me laugh, but it probably does for the Jews on the comments forum, on this site. And you are right about Icke, there are MI5 shills and Hasbara all over the place. HA, HA, HA, HA …… Is that what Sardinas & Madame greasy FAT and all you posters want ……. a laugh about your own and your children’s demise. Don’t take offense only joking, my arse.

  11. No offense meant. I’d hate to see you throw a hissy fit like the humorless Red Onions and depart in high dudgeon! I’m just asking for more tolerance and laissez-faire, as exhibited so admirably by Lobro.

    BTW, I find it hard to understand how you can be so tolerant of the foul-mouthed Joe, ten times worse than Madame Butterfly. If anyone is a “liability” to this site, it’s Joe. Madame Butterfly is an angel in comparison.

    1. @Sardonicus, I didn`t drive anyone away, Harbinger “depart(ed) in high dudgeon! “, all by himself, with no help from me..

      Yes, I would expect you to defend madam, since the two of you are very close, almost related..

      1. @ Ingrid B

        Ingrid, you rock!

        I agree with you that you didn’t actually drive Harbinger away and that he stomped off in a rage. But the same thing happened with Madame B and Red Onions. Red Onions, too, stomped off in a rage… and all Madame B was doing was teasing her.

        I don’t have a clue who Madame B is and if I was *ACTUALLY* related to her, would I have said that you were ten times better than she was? Of course not! If given a choice, I would much rather see you posting here than she. You are a credit to this website. She isn’t.

        I have no idea what her views are on anything, but I certainly share your distaste for her cruel habit of hunting butterflies! 🙂

  12. All of us should be striving to drive Uncle away from Darkmoon. We’d be doing Uncle a favor by driving him away , considering how bored he is with his dead end job. In his boredom, he in-turn bores us to tears.

  13. “I sense there is now something rotten in that same State of Israel.”

    The concept of “Israel” – as it was laid down in the Old Testament by unknown authorship – is based on a particularly WHACKED OUT IDEA which holds that a small group of prehistoric nomads was chosen to seize control of “the nations” and to rule over the entire planet from their little desert-infested corner of the Middle East. It also claims that the progeny of the said nomads was granted an entitlement to that little patch of desert “in perpetuity” because they are the favorites of the Desert Deity. But it gets even worse than that, insofar as the OT also makes the claim that the “chosen” have been granted an imprimatur which gives them the right to utterly destroy all of the native tribes that were present in the region before they arrived on the scene. Sounds like a pretty rotten deal, doesn’t it ?? Well, it most certainly IS a rotten deal when you look at it from the vantage point of all except for the “chosen elect” of the Desert Deity. So …. in light of the serious design flaw of “rotten-ness” that’s inherent in the jewish holy book, we’ll need to ask ourselves how anything could NOT be rotten in the state of Israel. Just pick up and read the blueprints !! When the foundation is bad, then everything else must be bad as well.

  14. Something Is Rotten here at Darkmoon, also.
    An obnoxious place where -and at the same time- they attack the entity that calls itself “Israel”, only because they are Jews, and as we all know, white nationalist Nazis hate Jews,
    They applaud posters that deny the undeniable legitimacy of the Palestinian people and their indisputable 5000 year old history…
    here, at darkmoon, posters like rickhaert who call the Palestinians “a fake, inexistent people” while quoting no other than mega Zionist Newt Gingrich, are called
    “An extremely intelligent erudite and intelligent poster”
    Whatever erudite means (it probably means “an idiot who constantly quotes jew wikipedia” because that’s what he does)
    lol, Only here at Darkmoon.
    So my conclusion should be that yes they hate the state of Israel (headquarters of all crime in the world and home to the synagogue of Satan), an entity that wants listen to this, wants to make their capital the same place where they crucified the Prince of Peace but this doesn’t mean that Darkmoon necessarily loves the Palestinians who are also -aside from being Canaanites, also Semites just like our cousins, the Jews.
    Richaert comments show and prove that they hate us Palestinians too and probably even more than they (the white nationalist Nazis) hate Jews.
    That’s why their alter egos in Germany provide Israel with nuclear subs so they can really really kill real Semites this time at the hands of their former victims …
    lol they don’t know when to stop.. do they?
    Crazy aint it?
    They hate us, Semites who is where Jesus (their alleged God) came from !!!
    We, the Canaanites have been in Palestine for 5000 years!
    Palestine existed even recently under the Muslim caliphate as an emirate and will do so again,
    IS (islamic state)
    What is worse than a Jew?
    Definitely a Nazi white nationalist
    It was them –white England- who gave my country to the Jews

    1. Avatar,

      Why don’t you go away if you don’t like this website?

      If you don’t like a restaurant, why go in read the menu?

      STAY AWAY!!! 🙂

  15. The “chosen” are required to exterminate the Palestinian-Philistines as a matter of religious duty. This is according to the most important text in the pantheon of the homicidal jewish “faith” …. WHICH BTW HAPPENS TO BE THE TORAH AND NOT THE TALMUD. Why is it, then, that everyone appears to be locked in a state of shock whenever the jewish state behaves in the prescribed manner as outlined in the Old Testament ??

  16. Arch Stanton
    August 12, 2015 at 6:59 pm

    “Jews depend on the fact that the non-Jew mind simply cannot comprehend an entire race of people can actually be comprised of cold-blooded, psychopathic murderers.”

    The non-jewish mind doesn’t seem to have any trouble at all – at least when it comes down to accepting the ideas of “islamo-fascism” and “Arab Terrorism” etc. etc., and yet the non-jewish mind also has a tendency of going into the “denial mode” whenever it comes across the ideas of jewish lying and jewish perfidy. The non-jewish mind has a difficult time accepting the reality of something like the King David Hotel bombing, no matter how strong the evidence might be. In all probability this is owing to the fact that non-jews have been utterly brainwashed by their jewish masters.

  17. the avatar
    August 13, 2015 at 11:26 pm
    “What is worse than a Jew?
    Definitely a Nazi white nationalist
    It was them –white England- who gave my country to the Jews”

    Regarding the notorious Balfour Declaration as well as the infamous “white paper,” both of these documents were promulgated by the British government, which at the time was operating under the influence of former PM Disraeli (jew) and others like him that were trying to bring the nightmare of the Old Testament back to life by creating a jewish state in Palestine. It only goes to prove that the British government of the 19th and the 20th centuries was heavily infiltrated by jews. How exactly is that the fault of “whites” and “nazis” ???

    1. Don’t waste you time with Avatar, STG. The guy is incorrigible.

      He suffers from a bad case of ACDD (acute cognitive dissonance disease)

  18. “All over the world, people are fuming and raging about the obscene behavior of a large percentage of one of the world’s smallest minorities.”
    — Les Visible

    Arch Stanton measures well e’en a carcass pulse.


    World Bulletin/News Desk
    “The time has come to admit that Israel is a sick society, with an illness that demands treatment, President Reuven Rivlin said at the opening session on Sunday of a conference on From Hatred of the Stranger to Acceptance of the Other.
    According to Jerusalem Post report, the President said about Jews: “I’m not asking if they’ve forgotten how to be Jews, but if they’ve forgotten how to be decent human beings. Have they forgotten how to converse?”
    “It is time to honestly admit that Israeli society is sick – and it is our duty to treat this disease. The tension between Jews and Arabs within the State of Israel has risen to record heights, and the relationship between all parties has reached a new low,” he said, as cited by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency.
    He added that he personally endured verbal abuse, including on his Facebook page.
    In Israel, a group of Jewish nationalists was arrested after abducting and burning alive an Arab teenager in revenge for the crime against Jewish teens. Three people were inducted and reportedly planned to plead insanity during the trial.
    The tension escalated into a seven-week military campaign that claimed an estimated 2,200 lives, ‘MOST OF THEM PALESTINIAN CIVILIANS’.
    Today almost 75 percent of Israeli Jews oppose the creation of a Palestinian state along the lines of 1967, according to a poll published by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs”

      1. Because mankind struggles to understand it’s own inhuman behaviour, so is more ready to accept it as ‘insanity’ rather than ‘Evil’, in that way it finds an excuse it can live with!.

  20. from today’s briefing by the schadenfreude department:
    Downfall of Phyllis Wise shows high cost of doing Israel lobby’s bidding Jew’s dirty work

    In an extraordinary and ironic twist, Phyllis Wise, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign chancellor who fired Steven Salaita [outspoken academic of Palestinian heritage], is now saying that the university’s board of trustees has breached her rights and her employment contract.

    Wise’s growing misfortunes are an indicator that doing the dirty work of Israel lobby groups and donors may not always be the smartest move for ambitious college administrators.

    On Wednesday, university trustees rejected an agreement where Wise would resign as chancellor and receive a $400,000 payoff.

    She had announced her resignation on 6 August, the day before the university revealed that she and other senior personnel had for months been using personal email addresses to discuss Salaita and other controversial university business in order to evade public disclosure laws.

    In one of the released emails, Wise apparently admitted to destroying evidence relevant to Salaita.

    (by the looks of her, i would say she is either Chinese or Filipino, married to a jew, therefore disposable)

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