Suckers’ Reward — Kaminski

Those who believe what they’re told will definitely deserve what they get

. . . by John Kaminski


To those with the ability to actually think for themselves — and not simply parrot the conclusions of others because this copycat reasoning is apt to produce the most immediate short term social credibility — it should be crystal clear by now that the chief cause of strife in the world is the United States of America and its uninterrupted practice of inventing false reasons to invade other countries in order to steal their assets.

Because the inhabitants of the USA have accepted the deceptive data of their disingenuous media and believed the falsehoods presented to them by their plastic politicians, Americans now find this conscienceless war machine they’ve tolerated for so long has finally turned on them — with hollow point bullets and plastic coffins galore.

By converting certain Wal-Mart stores into processing centers for those chosen for one-way tickets to its death camps, America has begun the process of weeding out those who object to the totalitarian practices that will eliminate both freedom of thought and acting according to the moral principles of one’s own conscience. These behaviors are no longer tolerated by those with the power to take your life on a whim.

And now that Constitutional protections have been eliminated and the government has already used the power to terminate people it doesn’t like, the only power you have left to you is to shoot back when they come to take you away. Or maybe, as more and more people are suggesting, shooting first is what we all should be doing against a government clearly gone mad.

Some people will rightly object that it is not the American conscience that has turned rancid, but the Jewish capture of its consciousness with its luxurious and self-destroying addictions that is to blame for the rise of this ruthless psychopathic war machine and the demise of freedom throughout the world.

What will happen to the Jews once they have snuffed out the last bastion of independent thought and subsumed all free thinkers into their robotic version of prescribed political correctness is of no concern to us now, as we teeter on the precipice of the loss of all individuality while this malevolent media apparatus shapes everyone into carbon copy versions of perfect slaves bereft of the slightest notion they are being molded into ruthless robots who will kill whomever they are told to kill, including themselves.

The killings will continue until there is no one left to kill on a planet where everything will die prematurely until there is nothing left to die.

And what about your children? Send them off to war and some learn how to kill, some learn how to die, but all of them learn how to give their lives for a worthless objective, and objective that doesn’t benefit themselves, but only the sickos who send them out to die.

The government’s poison needle 45 minutes after your children are born, and 18 other vaccinations in their first three years, mean the government takes control of your children forever in the first moments of their lives, and significantly limits both the quality of their lives as well as their actual lifespans.

But when they are lured into the military, given vaccinations from which they will never recover, taught to rape and murder children of both sexes whom they have never met before, and then come home and commit suicide in fits of shame once their tranquilizers have lost their effectiveness, parents will learn what their patriotism has really meant, after they have given their beloved children to the malignant monster known as Jewish bankers who are never satisfied with quantity of blood they spill.

Perhaps the worst part of raising children in this toxic and insane environment is that those who try to tell the truth about what has really gone on in the world are treated like the victims in a Salem witch trial by the vast majority of people who have believed what their teachers have taught them, and what their politicians have told them is absolutely necessary for the safety of their country.

What they haven’t told you is that some years ago they ran out of enemies to exploit, so now they create enemies to be overcome, which is why Al Qaeda was invented to assure the necessity of constant military activity and also why John McCain remains in daily contact with the leaders of ISIS who are now magically turning up in every country on Earth. The United States invents, hires and deploys its enemies so that no day passes without the necessity of moneymaking war.

And the American people are simply too stupid to realize it.

And what about the history you have been persuaded to believe?

The World Wars were frauds, engineered by the Jewish bankers as they took control of the United States. 9/11 was an inside job run by the Jews and covered up by presidents in the name of national security.

We have a medical profession whose task is to kill as many people as possible, but as slowly as possible to make sure they take as much money as possible from the wallets of their patients.

We have schools that teach children blatantly phony history so that they will turn on those who try to tell them the truth.

And what about what’s happening now, the sucker’s reward that everyone gets for their steadfast patriotic support of leaders whom we know now were and are absolutely out of their minds?

Money wins all arguments. The Speaker of the House got $5 million to vote for same sex marriage, and nobody blinked, because that’s just the way business is conducted. It doesn’t matter that the currency is now worthless and everybody is soon going to be starving in the streets when they pull the plug on the ATM machines, do away with cash, and reel in everyone with the requirement that the banks and the government need to monitor every red cent you have.

And the most important subject, as usual, is not even being talked about. As methane spews from giant holes in the Arctic tundra and poison chemtrails choke the life out of vegetation all across the planet and trigger breathing difficulties in all animal life, virtually all the environmentalists who are being honest are saying that the conditions that support life on this planet will expire, at the soonest, in ten years, and at the outside, in a hundred.

As the last of the ice disappears from the Arctic Ocean and forest fires rage across Alaska, others say it could happen even sooner.

So this is what we have allowed to happen. It is our fault for not paying attention, and for believing in the clearly phony rhetoric put forth by the slime in whom we’ve placed our trust.

Two of the brightest writers on the Internet have put forth clear strategies that at least would ameliorate some of our most immediate difficulties. Mike Whitney of Counterpunch notes the Pentagon’s 2015 National Military Strategy admits that the U.S. plans to continue invading countries around the world until all its rivals have been killed or eliminated.<

This is the plan of an evil empire for which every American should feel shame and fear, for as the Jade Helm hysteria clearly reveals, the terror that the U.S. inflicts on innocents overseas will eventually come home to roost. In fact, it’s already here.

Defanging this military monster is the first step toward a saner world, but likely it will never happen until civilization lies in radioactive ruins.

The other significant suggestion comes from Video Rebel, who notes that our fate is clearly tied to a new understanding of money. In fact, the way he puts it — “Either learn what money is or accept mass starvation as your nation’s future”<> — is about as accurate an assessment as anyone could suggest at this time.

As far as the near term environmental assessment goes — whether it’s an Ice Age or a methane triggered firestorm holocaust awaiting us in the very near future — all we can do is pray that our own stupidity and belief in false things haven’t ruined the future in perpetuity for our own children and all those generations that could have followed, but now likely won’t.

You have only yourself to blame, for trusting those who could not be trusted. Likely this is the story of the entire human species, and there is no way to stop what we have brought down upon ourselves.

Before the lights go out for that last time, the least we can do is clean out vermin like Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton from this majestic residence that should have lasted us forever, but which we have ruined by our ignorance.

For unless an unexpected, unprecedented miracle takes place, we are soon to lose not only everything we have, but everything we could have had.

John Kaminski

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Most of his articles are featured here. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA. _____________________________________________________________________________

188 thoughts to “Suckers’ Reward — Kaminski”

  1. Earth will last a long time, with or without us, but not forever.
    That’s why we must supercede the creation/destruction cycle.
    The stars are ours to explore if we survive to do so.

    RESIST !!!

    1. All planets and all stars are transitory, as is the whole material universe. It is an illusion to think that you can “cheat nature” by hopping from star to star. Eventually humanity will die out, no matter what you try. That what has been born in time will die in time. That is the inexorable logic on which this material universe has been built.

      1. Beautifully put, Franklin! You sound like a Hindu sage. Or like one of the pre-Socratic Greek philosophers.

        Everything passes, all is transitory! . . . Here today, gone tomorrow!

        So my Japanese Abbot keeps telling me as he stirs his green tea by the lotus fountain…

      2. @ Sardonicus

        Only that what has not been born in time is above the transitoriness of time and that is our own immortal spirit. To find that spirit is what the quest for enlightenment is all about. Materialists however try to make their mortal body “immortal” which is by definition an illusion.

      3. @Franklin,
        “It is an illusion to think that you can “cheat nature” by hopping from star to star.” Indeed Sir, neither can one escape Karma by saying the Jews aka, the devil made me do it. I have an American friend, a follower of Tibetan Dzogchen, who acknowledges his country has accrued terrible Karma and shudders when he thinks of the “bill” when it becomes due.

      4. It’s not “cheating nature” but becoming a greater part of it (of course we must now resolve the current challenges and survive).

        “Eventually humanity will die out.” This has yet to be proven. If there is no ultimate future for future generations, then all past and current struggles, which got us here, are meaningless and simply a waste of time.

        Time will tell.

      5. @BOB IN DC

        Astronomy tells us that all stars and gallaxies eventually die. How can in such a transitory universe only one form of life escape the law of transitoriness, which goes against all logic? Transitory life is not meaningless as long as it is lived to attain spiritual consciousness, by which the transitory universe can be transcended. For the bulk of humanity that means a long series of reincarnations, on this or other planets. Eventually humanity will “die out” because physical existence is no more necessary, but of course it will survive spiritually.

      6. A woman I once worked with, was walking past a local cemetary with her then three year old child. They were discussing those who had died. The child asked if she, his mother would die, she said yes, one day she would die. He asked if he, the child would die, she said yes, one day he too would die. He thought for a moment, then said, “If only I were a boat”.. from the mouths of babes..

    1. Thanks for the link. Bill Engdahl gives some good analysis, but is stuck in “Nazi” and “Neo-Nazi” causal mode, rather than the higher “Jew” mode. Chaos is the Jew seed. War is the Jew harvest.

      1. Yeah, that’s probably the only downside to Mr. Engdahl. However, please be aware, that in the “higher echelons” of academia (Engdahl is a top geopolitics and economics analyst, graduate of Princeton), honest people can’t afford the luxury of actually speaking their mind. Should they do so, their career/livelihood would be destroyed in no-time. Of the top of my head: take e.g. the Rick Sanchez’s case (journalism) or Mel Gibson (movie industry).

        In Russia, for instance, the most respected and world-renowned expert on geopolitics, prof. Alexander Dugin bypasses the mainstream political corectness by using the term “trotskyites” instead of “jewish supremacists” and everybody knows whom he speaks of. Cheers!

      2. I understand that many should not broach the Jew problem directly, but it does not follow that they must also embrace the “Nazi-Nazi-Nazi” gatekeeper storyline.

        RESIST !!!

    2. I agree, Magnus. John is right on many things, but he also believes every possible loony conspiracy theory out there. He actually believes that “they” can create, control and steer hurricanes! Utter nonsense. I suppose he also believes that we never landed on the moon (even though electronic instruments and telescopes can detect our implements there). And the belief that the Arctic Ice will melt away is as insane as anything.
      Can we finally put an end to this “Global Warming” BS?
      Mr. Sun is responsible for 99.9% of all climatic activity on this sphere. And CO2 levels rise and fall constantly due to vulcanism (non-man-made).
      Here’s an interesting link to an article which predicts an actual mini-ice-age due to VERIFIABLE data of the sun’s magnetic activity…|main5|dl7|sec1_lnk2%26pLid%3D-1115257387?ncid=txtlnkusaolp00000058&

      1. “Can we finally put an end to this “Global Warming” BS?”


        Global warming is happening.
        Man has nothing to do with it.

        There was abundant ice thousands of years ago.
        It got warmer…. so…

        There is not as much ice today.
        It is getting warmer.

        Deserts are increasing
        It is getting warmer.

        Weather patterns are affected.
        It is getting warmer.

        Man cannot stop it from…
        …. getting warmer. 😉

      1. Good clip Bob – Thanks.

        He could have stopped at 3:58…

        …. “Brought in by the OLIGARCHS…”…says it ALL..!!

        Money talks… B/S walks… 🙂

      2. Engdahl still mouths the gatekeeper garbage. Possibly baggage from his past connection to Larouche. Because of this he believes Mackinder et al were anything else but kikejew tools.

        All geopolitics, as created in the 19th century, has the goal of recreating their Khazarian Empire for the jews. The mentor of Rudolf Hess was geopolitics guru Karl Haushofer, ergo “lebensraum” became a necessary existent in Mein Kampf. (Rapallo be damned!) Unfortunately, Adolf Hitler believed that Slavs were “untermenschen” and had no problem attacking them.

        More on Greece:

      3. Yeah, Bob –

        The last video lets us know that each oligarch can NOW have his own island or group of islands…

        … CHEAP..!!

      4. It is true that on the surface, William Engdahl’s narrative can revoke connotations to people like LaRouche or Tarpley. On the other hand, even though he does not use the “j” word, he decidedly opposes the destructive dogmas of the neo-liberal (libertarian) religion, the „Austrian” (or rather Ashkenazi, as I call them) school of economics and other kosher fetishists of “free-market capitalism” (in actual fact – neo-feudalism) and so is clearly for the people and not Wall Street, for the labor and not the neo-lib capitalist exploiter.

        He openly claims that the „money power” / banksters / financial mafia is the sole cause of our misery, and ultimately, he’s 100% on point. To every thinking person with enough developed cerebrum, this means the Jewish supremacist banking cartel. He doesn’t really need to reveal their ethnicity in order to wonderfully explain the mechanics of the whole usury sham.

        As I said before, referring to Alexander Dugin – the rhetoric Engdahl uses, although I’m sure classified by many as ‘fascist’ anyway, allows him to retain a strong position within the academic world, in the opinion-forming media and the public dialogue in general.

        Thanks to his „mild” narrative he is able to reach incomparably greater numbers of people and still educate them in terms of money power’s mechanisms without needlessly brandishing its likely common ethnic identity.

        In the former years there had been numbers of organizations and individuals who, due to their too garish/obvious rhetoric, were marginalized, ostracized and ultimately vanished from the public debate, having fallen into political oblivion of the dustbin of history.

      5. Needless to say, such political kamizkaze’s are no use in awakening the general public to the j (financial elite) question.

  2. @ Magnus Dux Polonorum


    It’s not easy to figure out who is a “troll” on this website and who is just plain “crazy”.

    I’ve reached the conclusion that Melvin Polatnik and Magnus Dux Polonorum are definitely trolls, though Melvin Polatnik was far better at his lavatorial job than the intellectually damaged Magnus Dux Polonorum.

    TheRealOriginalJoe is either a troll or just plain crazy. Or maybe he’s a weird combination: a crazy troll. In small doses, like a purgative, Joe may be acceptable.

    Then there is New Song. I would regard this woman as a borderline troll. I suspect she is a Christian Zionist. Her role on this site is to defend the Jews by the simple method of dismissing EVERY anti-Jewish comment posted here as worthless and invalid because the person using the word “JEW” has misused the word horribly. So maintains New Song!

    In a recent response to Sardonicus, New Song said that even Hitler was wrong to attack the Jews in the way he did, because Hitler was “confused” and didn’t really know what a “JEW” was! Poor Adolf!

    This tells you all you need to know about New Song. She knows even better than Hitler what a “JEW” is. 🙂

    1. It’s surprising that ‘New Song’ hasn’t tried to rubbish Kaminski by claiming that Kaminski doesn’t really know what a “Jew” is and that Kaminski is using the word “Jew” in a completely wrong sense. But she will! She’ll get round to it.

      1. Hey Darkmoon,

        ‘New Song’ thinks you are misusing the word “JEW”. You don’t know what a Jew is. Nor does Kaminski! So you’d better shut up. Both of you!



    2. Spamming again aren’t we? Is it actually your habit to copy&paste the same comment in various threads over and over? I wonder why LD hasn’t gotten rid of such a spammer yet.

      1. LD is not the monitor here, dimwit. She doesn’t decide who is a smammer here and who isn’t. I doubt if she even has time to read all the comments, let alone get rid of dark horses like you.

        So get your facts right before you open your stupid mouth!

      2. I am trying to be fair, not hostile. This comment of yours actually makes sense. I approve of it.

        In Russia, for instance, the most respected and world-renowned expert on geopolitics, prof. Alexander Dugin bypasses the mainstream political corectness by using the term “trotskyites” instead of “jewish supremacists” and everybody knows whom he speaks of. Cheers!

        However, if Dugin uses the word “Trotskyites”, he is not using it as a neat euphemism for JEWS, as you erroneously imply. He is using the word “Trotskyite” accurately for the neoconservatives who happen to be largely Jewish but who contain many shabbos goyim within their ranks.

        Lasha Darkmoon uses a similar word, an equivalent word, for these latter-day “Trotskyites”. She calls them “Neo-Bolsheviks.”

      3. I was about to reply “touche”, but hey, I never said he uses “Trotskyites” to describe all JEWS, I stated explicitly that by “trotskyites” he means “jewish supremacists” which in US political circumstances boils down to neocons.

        “He is using the word “Trotskyite” accurately for the neoconservatives who happen to be largely Jewish but who contain many shabbos goyim within their ranks.”

        The hell they do! Here’s their top echelons. Name me a single Goy.×5251.jpg

      4. @ Magnus Dux Polonorum

        I said: “He [Dugin] is using the word “Trotskyite” accurately for the neoconservatives who happen to be largely Jewish but who contain many shabbos goyim within their ranks.”

        You reply:

        “The hell they do! Here’s their top echelons. Name me a single Goy.×5251.jpg

        Your logic is pathetic! And your knowledge of politics must be abysmal!

        Sure, there isn’t a single goy in that picture! And sure these are all Jews! All neoconservative Jews who got us into the Iraq war. But this doesn’t mean that the only people who wanted the Iraq war and lied about WMD to get us into Iraq were Jews!

        Ever heard of George W. Bush? Tony Blair? Dick Cheney? Donald Rumsfeld? Colin Powell? Condoleeza Rice? John McCain? John Bolton?

        Are they Jews?

      5. Oh come on. You can’t possibly be THAT ignorant. We both know the scumbags you mention aren’t the real puppet-masters. It’s not them who call the tunes. They’re only frontmen. Get real, screechy hag!

        With love,

      6. @ Magnus Dux Polonorum

        As far as I’m concerned, you’re a troll from two good reasons:

        1. Your foolish abuse and trashing of Lobro, an incomparably astute poster and genuine anti-Zionist who has been posting here for a very long time — unlike yourself, a rank newcomer.

        Your statement, moreover, that 90% of the commenters here on Darkmoon are “trolls” is typically Jewish braggadocio and swagger.

        2. Your attempt to rubbish anti-Zionism by deliberately making inaccurate over-the-top ANTI-SEMITIC statements which would allow any Jew to say, “Look at this stupid anti-Semite — he can’t even get his facts right!”

        Your statement that Jews, and Jews alone, helped to kickstart the Iraq war is one such statement. You conveniently forgot to mention Bush and Blair, Cheney and Rumsfeld, McCain and Bolton, Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice. Any Jew reading your post would have been delighted and squealed: “What an anti-Semitic ignoramus!”

        Not all trolls defend Israel or stick up for Jews. The most cunning of trolls pretend to be anti-Semites in order to garner sympathy for Jews. Which is exactly what YOU do, Magnus Dux Polonorum!

        Here, shake hands with your “anti-semitic” buddy — he, too, like you, is a FAKE anti-Semite!

      7. I give valid reasons for denouncing you as a Zionist troll. You are unable to counter my arguments in a rational way by the use of logic. Instead, you resort to the Jew’s typical ploy in silencing his critics: ridicule, mockery, the ad hominem attack.

        No sir, you don’t win this argument by calling me a “screechy hag”. Any adolescent wanker can do that. Try ratiocination, my friend. Try logic.

        But I know you won’t. Because you lack moral fibre. And you are a man to be pitied, frivolous and superficial, whose only means of persuasion is the jeer and the jibe.

        Begone, scumbag, back to your Tel Aviv sewer!

      8. @ Madame Butt-sly

        “1. Your foolish abuse and trashing of Lobro, an incomparably astute poster and genuine anti-Zionist who has been posting here for a very long time — unlike yourself, a rank newcomer.”

        Firstly, it was simply an adequate response to his mean argumentum ad personam. I was actually in the defensive. What does it matter if one is a ‘newcomer’ or a ‘veteran’? Nothing. As far as I’m concerned, I always thoutght it was logical arguments that matter. And you, just like your hymie pal lo-brain lack the quality of exercising your mental capabilities (probably because you have none). That’s how I always recognize you, sheenies – intelectual impotence. All you can do is call your antagonist names, after you finally realize their meritorical arguments cannot be refuted.

        „Your attempt to rubbish anti-Zionism by deliberately making inaccurate over-the-top ANTI-SEMITIC statements which would allow any Jew to say, “Look at this stupid anti-Semite — he can’t even get his facts right!”

        How is pointing fingers at the actual perpetrators “anti-Semitic”? You sound like Wolf Blitzer or someone of his ilk.

        “Your statement that Jews, and Jews alone, helped to kickstart the Iraq war is one such statement. You conveniently forgot to mention Bush and Blair, Cheney and Rumsfeld, McCain and Bolton, Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice”

        I can tell your perceptivity is very selective. OK, in case you genuinely overlooked my comment, here it is again: “You can’t possibly be THAT ignorant. We both know the scumbags you mention aren’t the real puppet-masters. It’s not them who call the tunes. They’re only frontmen”.

        There’s no refuting this and so all you can do is resort to name calling and slanders. Are you actually that stupid to believe that Georgy boy along with Cheney & consorters are thos who call the shots? If so, your medical case is even more hopeless than I thought.

        “Not all trolls defend Israel or stick up for Jews. The most cunning of trolls pretend to be anti-Semites in order to garner sympathy for Jews”.

        And that’s precisely what we see in your case. You don’t impress me. It’s actually funny how most crypto-Jews naively think that all it gets to ‘buy’ them credibility is to shout out as many “kikes”, “tel-aviv scumbags”, “jews” as possible. That certainly doesn’t work on me and I hope any other genuine Goy here.

        Farewell, obnoxious Jewess!

      9. Plus. I wasn’t attempting to “rubbish” anti-Zionism, but even if I did – that is no reason to be ashamed.

        How can a genuine anti-Judaeic be apologetic of anti-Zionism?! It’s prepostrous! By making them ‘homeless’ (in terms of their own nation-state) you actually invite them to stay here as I meticulously explained here (last paragraph):

        Judging from your strong anti-Zionist stance, you’re either a jewish disinfo agent or the dumbest jade out there. I’m leaning towards the latter.

      10. @ Madame Butterfly


        As far as I’m concerned, you win the argument with “Magnus Dux Polonorum”. You win it hands down. A resounding victory.

        MDP may not be a “Zionist troll” as such, but he is a remarkably unpleasant and stupid man. He sidesteps all your arguments. He even has the impudence (or the stupidity) to claim that you are being rude to him and using ad hominem attacks against him when that has been his main tactic with you all along. It was he after all who attacked you as a “screechy hag” and who began his most recent post to you by addressing you as “Madame Sly-Butt.”

        As you say, a cheap wanker.

        I strongly recommend that Magnus Dux Polonorum be kicked off this website forthwith. He is a disinfo agent and appears to be working for the Jews. For example, he tries to minimize the crimes of the Jewish Bolsheviks by claiming that the Holodomor genocide of 7 million Ukrainians never took place or that it has been wildly exaggerated.

        So he lies for the Jews.

        No less an expert than Robert Conquest has written an entire book about Holodomor in which all the details of Holodomor are carefully set out. This cretin Magnus Dux Polonorum has obviously not heard of Conquest’s book. He relies instead on a crappy internet article by some unknown internet nonentity.

        Magnus Dux Polonorum should be given the boot. He is a disinfo agent, pure and simple, doing the Jew’s dirty work on this website.

        His attack on Lobro is the clincher, as is his dismissal of 90% of the posters here as Zionist Jews!

        1. @ Magnus Dux Polonorum

          If 90% of the posters on this website are Zionist trolls, as you claim, including our best poster Lobro, may I ask what you are doing on this website? Do you hope to convert them all to anti-Zionism?

          Sardonicus, incidentally, is one of our oldest posters. He has been here even longer than Lobro.

          It is strange that you have succeeded, in the short time you have been on this website, of getting on the wrong side of two of our oldest and most impeccable posters.

      11. @ Sardonicus

        I agree with you absolutely about Magnus Dux Polonorum. The man is either a Zionist troll or an ill-informed imbecile. Don’t waste any further energy over him. A man who says that 90% of the commenters posting here are Jewish trolls, including Lobro, is obviously brain-damaged.

      12. @ Sardonicus:
        “He sidesteps all your arguments. He even has the impudence (or the stupidity) to claim that you are being rude to him and using ad hominem attacks against him when that has been his main tactic with you all along”.

        Let’s actually see who started this whole business of calling the interlocutor names.

        Madame Butterfly here – – wrote:

        “I’ve reached the conclusion that Polatnik and Polonorum are definitely trolls, though Polatnik was far better at his lavatorial job than the intellectually damaged Polonorum”.

        which comment she then copied&pasted here:

        As you can clearly see, it is Madame Butterfly who started the whole thing. She called me a “troll” and “intelectually damaged”, to which insolent remarks I had thus the full right to respond to with equal ‘force’, which right I have subsequently rightfully exercised.

        Paraphrasing the famous line by Clinton – It’s the chronology, stupid!

        The same goes to you @ Sardonicus.

        As already established here:

        – we know that Sardonicus is 1) the ultimate hypocrite and 2) the top megalomaniac. Now, knowhing all this and given, that he tried to perfidiously blame me for starting this flame-war with Butterfly, he may also be called the greates liar.

        Sardonicus continues: “For example, he tries to minimize the crimes of the Jewish Bolsheviks by claiming that the Holodomor genocide of 7 million Ukrainians never took place or that it has been wildly exaggerated”.

        Once again, it’s not just me, that is what had been established by the world no. 1 “holodomor denier”[1], Mario Sousa.

        Sardonicus then goes: “He relies instead on a crappy internet article by some unknown internet nonentity”.

        Yet one more time: the man (Mario Sousa) is the world’s most renowned, top “holodo-hoax denier”, and so definitely not a “unkown internet nonentity”, as Sardonicus pathetically imputes.

        And its not just one BIG article we’re talking here. There is other research and other scholars that came to the same conclusion after studying the documents locked in USSR’s national archives, once they had been finally open for the public in 1989.


        If you want to debate the holodo-hoax fairy tale, at least read those first. Henceforth, I am not going to waste my precious time responding to your ad personam and anti-academic – i.e. emotional rather than rational – mumbo-jumbo.

        Sardo goes on: “I strongly recommend that Magnus Dux Polonorum be kicked off this website forthwith. He is a disinfo agent and appears to be working for the Jews”.

        Of us two it is you, mister, who – judging by his approval of holodo-hoax fairy tale – is a Jew of a trotskyite bent. It’s Trotskyites who hate Great Joseph Stalin for eliminating their master and getting rid of all their lesser leaders in the course of the Great Purge of the 1930’s. They hate him because he dared to bring justice upon those who slaughtered millions of inccocent white christians in Russia, after the Bolsheviks came to power in 1917.

        This gloomy period (1917-1924, roughly) was known as the Red Terror. Interestingly enough, the critics of communism or socialism always begin their story with the coming of Stalin, pretending that the Jewish-led Red Terror had never happened.

        My intuition tells me, that Sardonicus and his lesser partisans are of this particular stock. May I thus suggest that he be kicked off, who incites the kickng.

        I consider his inciting to kick me as the ultimate proof of his intelectual handicap. The trush will always prevail, and so if one’s reasoning is allegedly false, it will be revealed as such, sooner or later – why then kick the person? How is it different from Alans Dershowitzes of this world who call for incarcerating Zundels and Irvings?

        Out of lack of the force of argument, let us use the argument of force – seems to be this individual’s motto. I despise you, mendacious yid.

        1. @ Magnus Dux Polonorum

          Your comment went for AUTOMATIC monitoring because you posted three or more links. Familiarize yourself with the rules of this website. As soon as we saw your comment, we approved it. This is customary procedure.

          The next time you accuse us falsely of “censorship”, you will either be put into permanent monitoring or banned from posting further comments on this website. Your post was NOT “censored” and we will not tolerate any further disrespect and rudeness from you. You have already antagonized several of our best posters.

      13. now this is one giant sub-thread and like a fool i rush in where angels fear to tread (how many angels can dance in a single sub-thread?)
        i thank all who defended me, sard, ed sallis, mme butterfly, therealoriginal joe, flying cossack and others.
        i guess i rip-van-winkled thru some fierce debate but am unaware where magnus dux called me a troll, except in some prehistorical moment when i objected to his portrayal of germans and hitler.
        i will happily drop gloves and trade shots, grass on pants and all but i am always very hesitant to label anyone a troll, in my view it never redounds to the accuser’s reputation.
        it should not be used trivially.
        i respect pat because he never, ever accuses anyone of trollery just because someone (like me) disagrees with his reading f the situation.

        dux has raised some highly controversial issues but the heat of the passion in responses should in itself be a cautionary flag.
        if he is wrong to bring up sousa’s article, find the evidence to the contrary and failing that, pick a logical fault.
        if you can’t do either, then let it simmer until more evidence, direct or circumstantial emerges that will hopefully decide the argument.

        let me give you a far out example.
        if some (troll) one says: “talmud is a great and moral book and you morons know nothing about it because all you d is quote various translations, all of which are wicked lies and smears, i know because i can read the babylonian original, being a hebrew expert or what not”.
        that doesn’t make him a troll, only a 98% troll but leave room for the reasonable 2% doubt.
        because talmud can be faked just as main kampf can be faked.

        we are still far from immutable truth.

        only joe has the special permission to call everyone a jew troll in every single sentence he writes.
        it gives him that special, real original gravitas.

        so, as far as i am concerned, dux is okay even tho i don’t necessarily agree with him on every point.
        so what.

        i have a pretty bad taste in my mouth reading sousa and there is much that instinctively shrink from but until i had a chance to chew some cud on that, all i can do is make faces.
        my intuited view is that hitler and stalin should have been brothers in arms rather than mortal enemies and i smell the kabbalah brimstone behind the deal that embroiled them in a totally suicidal, unnecessary carnage.
        let’s see which way the truth shakes out.

      14. @ Admin

        Thank you for your informative comment. It’s been helpful. I didn’t mean to falsly accuse anyone. It’s just that I saw other comments being added long after the said comment of mine, hence my suspicions and impatient reaction. Once again, by no means did I intend to be disrespectful. Thanks for enlightening me on the 3 URLs in a row thing.

      15. @ Lobro

        Your attempt to put in a good word for Magnus Dux Polonorum does you credit. It demonstrates that you have now reached a state of saintliness which puts you on higher moral ground than all us inferior mortals like Sardonicus, Ed Salis and myself who do not think very highly of your new hero Magnus Dux Polonorum.

        I note that you made a similar hero of Polatnik, a dirty-minded sexual pervert whose posts you apparently liked and praised. You have now replaced Polatnik the Perv in your affections with Magnus Dux Polonorum, a rude and unmannerly sonofabitch who had THIS to say about YOU, dear Lobrovitchkin:

        Lobro is just a hymie microcephalian and a hasbara troll like 90% of the LD blog commentators. Don’t bother answering him. You can read his nickname as “(running) lo (on) brain”.
        (2015/07/14 at 9:42 am)

        Why don’t you get your new hero to answer this simple question of Toby’s:

        TOBY TO MAGNUS DUX POLONORUM: “If 90% of the posters on this website are Zionist trolls, as you claim, including our best poster Lobro, may I ask what you are doing on this website? Do you hope to convert them all to anti-Zionism?”

        What say you, Lobro? Don’t you think Magnus Dux Polonorum should have the decency to answer that question? What is he doing here if most of us are trolls, including yourself?

      16. “Don’t you think Magnus Dux Polonorum should have the decency to answer that question? What is he doing here if most of us are trolls, including yourself?”

        I certainly don’t. Stop acting like a child suggesting that I owe you a reply. I owe you nothing. But I will answer non the less: I cannot think of any other word than “troll” to describe a person whose sole preoccupation here seems to be engaging in ad personam and starting flame-wars.

        Should I remind you how you treated my humble self already in your very first comment under my address in this thread?

        „I’ve reached the conclusion that Melvin Polatnik and Magnus Dux Polonorum are definitely trolls, though Melvin Polatnik was far better at his lavatorial job than the intellectually damaged Magnus Dux Polonorum”.

        Very nice invitation indeed.

        Isn’t this precisely what quote-unquote: “rude and unmannerly [daughterofaslut]” acts like?
        „Don’t you think Madame Butterfly should have the decency to answer that question?”

        „Magnus Dux Polonorum, a rude and unmannerly sonofabitch who had THIS to say about YOU, dear Lobrovitchkin”.

        Maybe I haven’t made this clear enough – „there is no smoke without fire” – I never become rude, unprovoked. Neither do I ever initiate flame-wars. All I do is simply respond to malicious, insolent rude remarks directed at me. I only defend myself.

        As far as I remember, Lobro was among those few who in the Ursula Haverbeck thread said very mean and extremely unpleasant (to put it mildly) things not only about myself, but also about my entire people. I don’t feel sorry for what I wrote. It was well deserved, although it might seem as though I attacked Lobro for no reason, because in this particular thread he has not (yet) offended me.

        However, I can see the man has made progress and seems to be giving me a hand in a concillatory gesture, which hand I am willing and glad to shake.

      17. @ Magnus Dux Polonorum

        I think you are mistaken in dismissing the Holodomor genocide as a hoax or as a grotesque exaggeration. As Sardonicus correctly pointed out, the Holodomor famine has been established as historical truth by no less a world expert on Russian history as Robert Conquest. The person you rely upon for your facts is indeed a nonentity compared to Robert Conquest who dealt with this subject in great detail in his classic book “The Harvest of Sorrow.”

        These are the facts as given:

        “The Harvest of Sorrow is the first full history of one of the most horrendous human tragedies of the 20th century. Between 1929 and 1932 the Soviet Communist Party struck a double blow at the Russian peasantry: dekulakization, the dispossession and deportation of millions of peasant families, and collectivization, the abolition of private ownership of land and the concentration of the remaining peasants in party-controlled “collective” farms.

        This was followed in 1932-33 by a “terror-famine,” inflicted by the State on the collectivized peasants of the Ukraine … The death toll resulting from the actions described in this book was an estimated 14.5 million–more than the total number of deaths for all countries in World War I.”

        Nothing the picayune authority you rely upon can be compare to the meticulous researches of the great Robert Conquest.

        If nothing else ought to convince you, hundreds of Western reporters actually went out to the Ukraine and witnessed the mass starvation with their own eyes. Stalin knew all about it, rest assured on that point. Conquest gives all the details. Stalin’s Jewish henchmen Lazar Kaganovitch and Gengrich Yagoda took an active part in making sure that this horrendous genocide of at least 7-10 million Ukrainian peasants took place.

        Don’t say that never happened. Don’t minimize the tragedy. That naturally makes people here, who are not fools, suspect that you must be a Zionist troll. Sardonicus knows his history. So do I. We do not respect the relatively unknown source you rely upon who appears to be little more than a conspiracy theorist trying to say bad things about the Ukrainians and, incidentally, to make light of the crimes of Stalin and the Jews who surrounded him.

        We prefer the great Robert Conquest as an authority on this subject.

      18. “What is he doing here if most of us are trolls, including yourself?”

        Like the incorrigible romantic idealist Don Kichot, I fight against the wind-mills, unmindful of saboteurs. There’s always a chance that your comments will be read by actually reasonable thinking people. I doesn’t even have to be an LD frequent commentator, passers-by are as well good. To sum it up: chances always are that “the seed will fall onto fertile ground” – that’s the rationale.

      19. @ Ruth Bernstein

        “As Sardonicus correctly pointed out, the Holodomor famine has been established as historical truth by no less a world expert on Russian history as Robert Conquest. The person you rely upon for your facts is indeed a nonentity compared to Robert Conquest who dealt with this subject in great detail in his classic book “The Harvest of Sorrow.””

        – You are no authority to rule ex cathedra, whether Sardonicus is correct or not. Secondly, as I have already proven, Mario Sousa is NOT a “nonentity”, quite the opposite, he is THE SINGLEMOST famous holodo-hoax “denier” on Earth. Who is this Robert Conquest (how pretentious a name) fellow? Why is some silly westerner to be an oracle to me? I prefer the Russian experts, who actually know things first hand and got the boots on the ground.

        Gentlemen Zemskov, Dougin and Xlevnjuk are no doubt a hundredfold more competent in this matter than some “nonentity” “Conquest”.

        BTW – is this your real name? If so, its very telling.

      20. @ Ruth Bernstein

        I almost forgot: “the Holodomor famine has been established as historical truth by no less a world expert on Russian history as Robert Conquest”.

        Yeah, I think I’ve heard that rhetoric before. “The Holocaust has been established as historical truth by no less a world expert on Jewish history as [e.g.] Alan Dershowitz”.

      21. @ Magnus Dux Polonorum

        Yes, I may have attacked you first. So what? I just don’t like you and I don’t like your tone. You are creepy, devious and dishonest. You are also rude and discourteous to Lobro, Sardonicus and Toby the Administrator of this website by falsely accusing him of “censoring” your posts. You have no control over yourself.

        I have a perfect right to attack you FIRST if I don’t like you. I have a perfect right to attack a dangerous snake in the grass, and to attack it FIRST before it sinks its fangs into ME!

        This gives you the right to attack me back. Feel free! I am not stopping you. Retaliate. Hit back! Is “screeching hag” the best you can do?

        All this has nothing to do with the simple question which you are too cowardly and stupid to answer: WHAT ARE YOU DOING ON THIS WEBSITE IF YOU THINK 90% OF THE POSTERS HERE ARE TROLLS, INCLUDING OUR BEST POSTER LOBRO?



      22. @ Ruth Bernstein

        “As Sardonicus correctly pointed out (…)”.

        Sardonicus is an ignorant at best (or a zionist agent at worst). If he were a history graduate, he would be familiar with the fundamental rule applied in the historical sciences, which is actually borrowed from the Roman Law: „Audiatur et altera pars!” or „et the other side be heard as well”. That is what academic attitude is all about, when it goes to history.

        Since he didn’t even bother to read at least the first chapter, I can only assume he’s here solely for trolling. As far as I can tell, you also were unable to perform this intelectual exercise. I takes some intelectual honesty to get it done, but for an honest scholar, it’s piece of cake.

      23. @ Madame Butterfly

        “Yes, I may have attacked you first. So what? I just don’t like you and I don’t like your tone. You are creepy, devious and dishonest. You are also rude and discourteous to Lobro, Sardonicus and Toby the Administrator of this website by falsely accusing him of “censoring” your posts. You have no control over yourself.

        I have a perfect right to attack you FIRST if I don’t like you.”

        – How talmudic (the double standard). No you don’t because I did not give you any genuine reason to treat me this way. So what? So that you’re the ultimate hypocrite to say I’m rude whilst it was you who started to belittle me for no reason! Do you get it now or is it too complicated?

        You have just plead guilty by admitting you attacked me first, unprovoked. I rest my case. Stop moaning.

        “This gives you the right to attack me back. Feel free! I am not stopping you. Retaliate. Hit back!”

        – And I will, if you only attack me. Rest assured. Just don’t whine when it happens, since you provoked it.

        “All this has nothing to do with the simple question which you are too cowardly and stupid to answer”

        – Boy, are you blind indeed! Just scroll 3 (three) posts up. Here you have it.


        Now that’s a meritorical discussion… I can see you lost your temper, how jewish of you. Pathetic.

      24. @ Magnus Dux Pollonorum

        Who is this Robert Conquest (how pretentious a name) fellow? Why is some silly westerner to be an oracle to me? . . . . . BTW – is this your real name [Ruth Bernstein]? If so, its very telling.

        If you haven’t heard of Robert Conquest, possibly one of the greatest Western historians who specialized in the history of 20th century Russia, then there’s no hope for you! By your own admission you proclaim yourself an absolute ignoramus!

        You really are a stupid man, aren’t you, to say that the name “Conquest” is “pretentious.” Mr Conquest didn’t choose his own surname, you know! He was born with it.

        In what way, may I ask, is my name “very telling”. Will you explain? Allow me and Lobro to have a little laugh at your expense.

      25. Magnus Dux Polonorum

        You’re not doing very well, are you? You’ve now succeeded in antagonizing yet another highly respected poster, Ruth Bernstein.

        With a name like that, she has to be Jewish, right? That makes this a Jewish site, correct? With all of us here being crypto-Jews! And you the only non-Jew!

        So why are you here if we are all Jews? You want to convert us all to anti-Semitism? Please let us know why you have come here to quarrel with everyone.

      26. @ Ruth Bernstein

        “If you haven’t heard of Robert Conquest, possibly one of the greatest Western historians who specialized in the history of 20th century Russia, then there’s no hope for you! By your own admission you proclaim yourself an absolute ignoramus!”.

        Don’t you call me an ignorant just because I don’t get infatuated by your western “expert” just because you say he is an expert. I couldn’t care less for this fellow. Every western “expert” pales in comparison with the Russian experts for one single reason, that I’ve already put forth – unlike the “western experts”, Russians (East Europeans) have got their boots on the ground, so to speak. There’s simply no way any “western expert” knows better than an actual autochthon! Just think of the language barrier and the sheer accessibility to documets etc.

        Holodomor, quite suspiciously, just like Holocaust is a holy cow of the western mainstream. That in itself should already turn on the red light in your heard.

        “You really are a stupid man, aren’t you, to say that the name “Conquest” is “pretentious.””

        Am not. I don’t know about English, but in my native tongue, similar names have traditionally been the domain of crypto-Jews.

        Which leads me to another point: “In what way, may I ask, is my name “very telling”.”

        Nah, your name doesn’t sound Jewish at all.

      27. @ Sardonicus

        “Please let us know why you have come here to quarrel with everyone”.

        Everyone? How megalomaniac of you to say. Two or three people don’t equal “everyone”. I’ve had various people agreeing with me, including Lobro himself.

        Back to the question – I’m simply repelling attacks, that’s all, bud. I don’t see how it is my “fault” that I am able to stand firmly at my viewpoint and be assertive, whilst fully retaining logic in the arguments I put forth. Although I can see that it pisses the malignant attackers very much, hence the latest massive wholesale offensive against me. And rightly so. I’d probably be pissed off as much, should I have no cards left to play – or no logical arguments behind my rhetoric.

  3. About a week after Uncle Sam’s military marched into Afghanistan to get Bin Laden [ supposedly ], Dick Cheney was on a Sunday TV news show and the news man interviewing Cheney asked how long did he think the war in Afghanistan would last. Cheney’s reply : “Americans can expect war for decades to come. We got 60 countries on our list”. Cheney didn’t say “Hit List” like the gangsters use the term, but that’s exactly what he meant, “Hit List”. I searched all the news the next day, and there was NO reaction at all from any news media outlet about what Cheney had said. Nothing about it. As if Cheney had never said it. Cheney’s reply was very shocking and unsettling, but it was also very truthful. Though Cheney was untruthful in that he implied every war the US fights makes the US stronger. But that’s not true. With every war the USA gets involved in, the USA gets increasingly weaker and increasingly third world and increasingly degraded, and degraded in every way, politically, culturally, physically [ degraded infrastructure, loss of industry, etc. ]. Yes, there are 60 countries on “The List” of countries to be destroyed! I bet Cheney was called to the carpet for being so truthful about “The List” on that Sunday TV news show. I never heard “The List” mentioned again. Never heard the “60 countries” thing again. It went down the memory hole the very next day. Like Cheney had never said it. But he did.

    1. There’s not enough jews in the alternative media as it is, both jews who admit to being jews and jews pretending to be all kinds of various sorts of “non jew” types. We “need” Ruth Bernstein the “non jew” to come online and pretend to be a “jew”. There’s not enough jews online as it is, Ruth wants to be yet another jew online. There’s more than plenty of jews online in the alternative media Ruth honey, what we don’t have enough of is pepto bismol. There’s more than enough jews in the alternative media, Ruth, but there’s not enough pepto bismol in the world…..

      What kind of non jew would want to pretend to actually be a “jew”. I just can’t imagine. I just don’t have the stomach for it. Ruth must have a stomach made out of steel.

    1. Madame Butterfly may cringe here, because she thinks I’m either “crazy” or who knows, “possibly” a “troll” who is “crazy”, a “crazy troll” ; Still, I want to say Madame Butterfly has The Correct View [ at least this time, NOT all times, but this time she’s correct ]. That keen observer of America, Mark Twain, mentioned back in the 19th century how much Americans love their wars. I believe H.L. Mencken also observed same thing about Americans. And that was before Jew Hollywood, TV, and Jew monopoly of the press. Jew propaganda plays on what’s already there, and makes what’s already there more intense, but Jew propaganda can’t make anyone be something or do something that already wasn’t lurking behind the surface. Us NON jews got plenty of our own innate faults. If we didn’t, Jew propaganda wouldn’t effect us at all. That Jew propaganda does effect us to behave the way the Jews want us to behave means we have plenty of innate faults ourselves. It means we agree with the propaganda. If you agree with propaganda you’re not much different than the people disseminating the propaganda, not really different from the propagandists.

      A neighbor down the street just got ripped off of twenty thousand dollars by a contractor who was supposed to renovate and upgrade her kitchen. The contractor is NOT a jew, I happen to know. I myself just got ripped off of two thousand dollars by a contractor who was supposed to be replacing the siding on my house. The contractor is NOT a jew, I happen to know. I’m not surprised Kaminski is a pessimist, for Kaminski lives in Florida as I do. And Florida is the pits. There’s so many dishonorable and dishonest people here it’s overwhelming, and not all of the thieves and scumbags are Jews, not by a long shot. Though yes, there are a lot of jew thieves also, but there’re lot of thieves from all kinds of backgrounds. Here in Florida, and everywhere else you go in the USA and in the world.

      1. Caveat Emptor! Dumbo. (I suppose – what with all your nutty ranting and raving – you actually BELIEVE you have a RIGHT to common sense.)

        Get over it. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    2. @ Magnus Dux Polonorum

      You really should seriously consider changing your name/handle, Dux. It’s pretty bad dude, srsly. If you got a problem conjuring-up a handle for yourself, ask one of Darkmoon’s lobroyims. Their very imaginative with conjuring-up handles for themselves and all their hydra-heads. They can make-up fun handles for themselves and their hydra-heads at the-drop-of-a-hat. Maybe ask “Phil/Pat/Gilby”, or their other hydra-head, “Justice for Chinese”. Or, ask “‘Ingrid”/”New Song”/”Madame Butterfly”/”Ruth Bernstein'”. You can always ask Uncle tuu, how Uncle just LERVS his “Max Bilney”. Uncle has no problem with hydra-heads. It’s as natural as can be for Uncle to be amongst hydra-heads, like it comes so natural for Uncle to be around hydra-heads he was born amongst the hydra heads himself, and greatly prefers their company than the company of humans, especially honest humans who leave — or at least try to leave if Uncle wasn’t so censorious and so protective of his hydra-heads — lots of objectively truthful sold fact-based information here at DM for ALL the readers, not just the hydra-headed trolls in Lasha’s and Uncle’s jew Qabalah-talmud acting ensemble. Your handle sucks, polish duck dude. Get some help. You got hydras all around you. Reach out to them and they will be more than glad to conjure-up a more fun and entertaining handle for you. [ Looks like Lasha and Uncle are hiring off the streets now. I guess hiring professional actors got TOO costly.]

  4. Good points by Kaminski, AS USUAL.

    BRICS is a great example of a “SUCKERS REWARD” on a GLOBAL scale. Well deserved..!!

    Vegas was built on money taken from non-thinking ‘suckers.’ BRICS is another casino game designed by international Pharisee Bankers.

    The creation of BRICS and the NEW DEVELOPMENT BANK will actually strengthen USD.!!!

    None of the BRICS currencies are reserve currencies..!!

    BRICS New Development Bank’s ‘kitty’ of $50 Billion will have to be FUNDED initially by USD’s. 🙂


    This article posted by the Council On Foreign Relations shows how:

    The BRICS Bank Is A Feeble Strike Against Dollar Hegemony

    The new financial institutions announced by the BRICS nations in July – a development bank and an arrangement to share currency reserves – have been compared by many observers to the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

    There is no doubt that they reflect frustration in the developing world over governance at the multilateral institutions that emerged from the Bretton Woods summit 70 years ago. These remain dominated by the US and Western Europe despite their relative economic decline. In truth, however, the new initiatives break little ground.

    President Vladimir Putin of Russia has said the BRICS countries want to end the international monetary system’s dependence on the policy of US authorities. If so, they are off to a poor start. Whereas only 10 per cent of the World Bank’s paid-in capital was contributed in dollars,
    all the start-up funding for the BRICS bank will be in greenbacks, creating new demand for dollar assets.

      1. I did….. and…..

        China’s “SUCKERS” get theirs…. from their Pharisee trained government, where usury abounds for little investors:

        The Chinese government views ‘THEIR’ stock market as a policy instrument

        The madness was driven, in part, by the peculiar dynamics of China’s stock market. Unlike in the United States, where institutions and big funds are the primary investors, trading here is dominated by smaller players — speculators, day traders and inexperienced retail investors…. MANY of whom started financing stock purchases with BORROWED money.

        China’s market is also shaped by the heavy hand of the government, which makes decisions about what companies can list shares, when to promote stock rallies and, now, how to intervene when prices plummet. The government, in other words, views the market as a policy instrument, a mechanism to fulfill its political and economic goals. The result can be a volatile market that swings from boom to bust.

  5. Kaminski as always oozes hypocrisy. To wit:
    “For unless an unexpected, unprecedented miracle takes place, we are soon to lose not only everything we have, but everything we could have had. ”
    When I come knocking at your door with the promise of that miracle I am turned away for you do not really want it. You want to keep writing clever articles and preaching to the choir so you can receive accolades for writing and essentially get “Attaboys” which solves nothing.
    Darkmoon censors me from even receiving her posts because she wants me not to comment in any way.
    Joe 6 Pack simply cannot get his mind around the concepts of reincarnation, astrology, karma, prehistoric monolithic civilizations and extraterrestrial life patrolling our skies at this very second. Joe 6 Pack wants to have a solution he can understand without soul evolution which would require effort on his part and many incarnations to achieve.
    BUT there is an Event Horizon coming in spite of all the resistance all of you throw in the face of your salvation.
    Kaminski supported “Yukon Jack” of the Rebel who hurled death threats at me and then tried to cover it up. This is your supposed leadership.
    Most likely you are deserving of the fate that Kaminski continually refers to. Your only hope is that the ET races patrolling this water planet want to save it from the Jew controlled nukes and that some you will be saved in the process.
    Even if you are not saved you will face yourself again by being reborn on other planets “in a galaxy far far away.”

    1. “Even if you are not saved you will face yourself again by being reborn on other planets “in a galaxy far far away.”

      Go ahead on… Let us know. Keep us posted.

    2. @ World Changer

      It is our website policy to delete all comments that are in any way disrespectful or defamatory to the writers of this website. This is well known, and we have stated this policy repeatedly.

      Mr Kaminski, whom you have repeatedly ridiculed and vilified in these comments, is therefore free to ask for the deletion of your comment and to insist that you no longer be allowed to spew forth your hatred on this website. If he does so, you will be banned from posting here.

      Mr Kaminski, it’s up to you.

      1. Then let him ban away and shrink from the truth. Many feign love of Jesus by burning those who call him into question at the stake. If you cannot stand on your own two feet in the light of truth then the Universe itself will revile you and cast you into the outer darkness you imitate and seek.
        Let us see if Kaminski will award Brownie Points to those who shield him.

      2. Thank you, Admin, for your generous offer to censor the weird ravings of World Changer. They do seem out of place in this collection of thoughtful commenters. You should know World Changer has been dogging me on various websites for over a decade, after first pretending, for a few years, to have been my ardent supporter. I’m a great believer in freedom of speech and also in freedom of religion, so I can only say that I hope this poor soul achieves his objective, with the help of his extraterrestrial friends, of reincarnating on another planet far, far away — as soon as possible.

        1. @ John Kaminski

          Our standards have recently slipped. We are attempting to restore order and discipline. You are free from now on to ask for the deletion of any comment you find personally insulting, disrespectful or defamatory.


    The problem of loneliness in old age has now been solved: the invention of “cuddle cushions”. (Report in Independent newspaper, UK). These are cushions with built-in sensors which give lonely people the sensation of being cuddled.

    Oh boy, ain’t I looking forward to old age.

    Come to think of it, I could do with a cuddle cushion right now.

    1. “cuddle cushion”? I thought your fellow butterflies fluttering by your head was more than enough to sooth your pain and loneliness and send your heart flying with joy to the very treetops where you could see the whole world laid out in front of you, God’s glorious creation He created just for you, the kabuki girl, because you deserve to have all the stage lights focus only on you. How happy and care-free you are in the summer, that’s cause you’re always employed during Summer Stock. What happened to that? And you’re always unemployed in the fall thru to late spring when there’s no Summer Stock. That’s when you fall into despair and walk around every day in a drunken stupor during the winter. Though if you tried hard enough from refraining your binge drinking during the winter months you just might land a role somewhere in some kind of acting job. Yes, even when it’s snowing outside, and there’s no butterflies in sight, actors have been known to land acting jobs. It’s not outside the realm of possibility, it really isn’t.

  7. Certainly Uncle, you’re not going to censor my poetic masterpiece du jour? It’s not my fault I turned out to be a better poet than your fuck buddy nephew Gilby.

    TOBY: Sorry, this is a serious website. We can’t publish long, trashy, off-topic, epic poems in the Comments section. We don’t mind short poems occasionally, like Brownhawk writes, but this poem of yours went on forever. Can’t you practice brevity?

  8. The fact of the matter is that you Gringos have been in control of the Zionist parasite for the past 231 years and counting. John missed the date. Once the original London government was taken care of in 1784 effectively, they took it in full. That is what this business known as the US is all about. England’s administration first and then a 100% Zionist control now. After 408 years there is not much to say.

  9. Here is a link which clearly shows the Judeo-Masonic States fear of BRICS.
    They have withdrawn $3.5 trillion over the last ten years, most of it over the last three from the BRICS countries in an effort to derail it. Meanwhile Russia and China are increasing their gold reserves and gradually liquidating their positions in the toilet fiat currency of the US dollar. Which will soon be worth “Jack [email protected]”! Anyone who believes the statistics of the US government and Jewish controlled media is living in cloud cuckoo land.

    1. i hope someone doesn’t interpret this as proof of jew’s increasing grip on BRICS.

      strict financial and economic separation is a prerequisite to derail the halachic project since apart from germany, japan and korea, talmudia’s industrial output is low tech trash at best or even non-existent in many branches.
      this is the exact causus belli that brought on ww2, assault on iraq and libya but now the opponent is big and ready.

      i would watch tv shows of bearded tattooed greasers in do-rags racing 18-wheelers and log haulers on slushy mountain roads or lovingly buffing muscle cars and steampunk choppers and wonder if this is the peak of the nation’s vaunted ingenuity, lowball white-dude champs in strongman contests like staggering around track dragging a pallet stacked with 50-gal beer barrels – yee haw! and not a nigroah in sight, they all stuck to high paying sports as decreed by boss jew, white dude replaces a team of oxen pulling chuckwagons because PETA complained about animal cruelty – all to say that the setup differs from pre-ww2 when the industrial might of the usa singularly tipped the scale in favor of the jew warmongers.
      germany and japan will lose again unless they switch sides.

      having destroyed their industrial base and offshored it to BRICS, what are the parasites going to do, teach their fatally weakened hosts how to be productive again?

      because the malaise starts in the brain, shot vigor and willpower, so yeah, ask the frankfurt schoolteachers to restore that which they insidiously destroyed over many generations.
      with teachers like kikes, the future of western productivity is bright (which is why the jew economists measure output in financial scams their kind pulls off, the arms industry, pharma sales, wars, etc.

      i am afraid the usa! usa! yahoos will interpret this as some anti-yank rant but the truth is the exact opposite.
      the best outcome for anglo herd is to lose big and finally shake off the magically invisible vampire neanderthal midget that has been riding their jugular for too long.

      1. The anglos in NYC are the least jew wise of any group in NYC. fuggedaboudit lobro.

      2. @ lobrotomy,

        I know you’re in the Balkans right now because it’s summer time and we all know lobro summers in the Balkans. But how do you, lobrotomy, handle your nigroah situation when you’re at Stumble Inn on the Equator surrounded by West Coast of Africa nigroahs when you, as we all know, winter in Judah Benjamin Glory Land Ghana. And how exactly do you handle the Equatorial Golden Circle nigroahs when you winter in Glory Land?

      3. if and when i was about reduced to having to winter in dahomey or gambia, joe, i would treat nigroahs with kindness and respect as befits any of the wildlife.

        that is to say, observe them through binoculars, perched through the rooftop of my landrover defender, flare gun at ready, pith helmet and riding crop (they respect pith helmets and riding whips from the glory days when anglos were sentient species).

        but it won’t come to that joe, not for a foreseeable while because as of late, i prefer the tropics of the south and southeast asia to the lands of genuine negroahs.

        meanwhile, you can keep them entertained with your capers, escapades and shenanigans, right up the negroah alley, aren’t they, they do love cheap laughs, especially with lots of curse words, muddfaugga bitch, yo.

        and just don’t think i am being disrespectful, you should know by now that i always extend full respect according to just desserts, credit be where credit’s due.
        want more credit?
        no sweat, earn it.

    2. Felix –

      RT is promoting Russia’s paper bear position, just as USA Today promotes US paper Sam positions.

      I interpret this as proof of jew’s increasing grip on BRICS. BRICS is just another Jew race horse.

      Jews control the prices and broker gold bullion sales.

      Buying gold makes Jews wealthy.

      If any country backs their currency with gold, they will soon run out, just as the US did. The Jews controlling the price of gold can destroy the value. THEN…. demand for gold backing the currency will drain their “Ft Knox.” Then, back to square one. Gold gone. Jews raise prices and broker more. Start all over again. They know how…. experts at it.

      Promoting the strength of BRICS helps Jew Bankers.

      BRICS Bank’s initial funding, and funding for many decades, will be the 82% Reserve Currency… the USD..!!!

      The new president of the BRICS Bank… New Development Bank…. is hand picked by World Bank leaders, and Prudential plc of London. He is an Indian/London “Yes-man.”

      BRICS Bank’s first president is Mr. K. V. Kamath. He was Chairman of India’s ICICI Bank, started by WORLD BANK in 1994.

      ICICI Bank is partnered with Prudential plc in London, [] and many others controlled by Rothschild.

      It is a trick. A SHELL GAME..!!

      Don’t fall for it… 🙂

      1. Rothschild’s oilfield banker’s banker for BRICS Bank Prez:

        Kundapur Vaman Kamath, commonly referred to as K.V. Kamath, is the newly appointed chief of the New Development Bank of BRICS countries, he has served as the chairman of Infosys Limited, the second-largest Indian IT services company, and as the Non-Executive Chairman of ICICI Bank, India’s largest private bank.
        Kamath also served as ICICI Bank’s managing director and CEO from 1 May 1996 until his retirement from executive responsibilities on 30 April 2009.

        Mr. K. V. Kamath is tied in directly to US oil and computer(IT)businesses and banking.

        He sits on the board of Schlumberger (slumber-jay), the world’s largest oilfield services company.
        (I used to sell them 700 HP DC Mud Pump motors and electrical equipment.)

        Schlumberger employs approximately 115,000 people, representing more than 140 nationalities, working in more than 85 countries. Its principal offices are in Paris, Houston, London, and the Hague.

        Kamath is former Chairman and Lead Director of Infosys Ltd (formerly Infosys Technologies Limited), which is an Indian multinational corporation that provides business consulting, information technology, software engineering and outsourcing services.
        Infosys was the fifth largest employer of H-1B visa professionals in the United States in 2013.

      2. Re: “Buying gold makes Jews wealthy.” and “It is a trick. A SHELL GAME..!!”

        Ditto for uranium and plutonium. Prior to the Jews inventing the atomic bomb, they were 2 obscure and useless base metals and now all those precious mines are owned by Jews, primarily Rothschild.

        Alchemy is synonymous with jews. Ever wonder why? Or why jews are so pathologically fixated with their orifices and excretions? They even say prayers each time they pee and poo.

        From the earliest days of the Original Joo, the first time crap came out of his anus he’s been trying to turn it into gold. That’s why.

      3. In 2003, BRICS Bank Prez Kamath help set up NCDE ltd with Goldman Sachs and other Rothschild subordinates to capture debt on the Internet.

        NCDE ltd:
        National Commodities and Derivatives Exchange Limited – NCDEX is an online multi-commodity exchange, set up in 2003, by ICICI Bank Ltd, LIC, NABARD, NSE, Canara Bank, CRISIL, Goldman Sachs, Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Limited (IFFCO) and Punjab National Bank.

    3. Felix –

      Iceland and Greece SUCKERS SUFFER….

      After all the hoop-la… Rothschild London bankers still control Iceland… and Greece. World Bank’s EURO and BPS mainly used. No Kronas even seen.

      This was sent from a friend:

      Wasn’t Iceland really a small-scale “beta” version of what we’re now seeing in Greece? The hand, after all, is quicker than the eye, as magicians say.
      I had the opportunity to speak with a part-Icelandic neighbor who visits that country frequently and, after what I had read on the internet, was surprised that he didn’t see the Icelandic crisis as ending in a popular victory.
      According to this first-hand source, there is full employment, virtually, but wages are extremely low and prices have gone up in real terms. So in one sense only—unemployment–there is no “austerity.” The Krona is seldom seen–the Euro is now the main currency used from day to day (along with British pounds). The banks, speculators and anonymous private investors (some of whom may reside in the City of London)—appear to own Iceland after a bailout. (I reminded him the U.K. had Iceland declared a “terrorist state” for a time—until it capitulated to the bankers.)
      What about prosecuting the bankers? Well, a few had been arrested, he said, but the worst sentence he’d heard for putting the entire nation into bondage was 9 months!

      1. According to a couple of financial experts, the problem is the euro, and the solution is for indebted countries to exit, as in Grexit. Obama, apparently, on behalf of his bankster puppeteers, has told, (ordered,) Merkel to ensure the euro endures, and to hell with the people..

    1. i remember seeing such a scenario elsewhere, felix and the fact is that the flight paths of m17 and air putin intersected at the exact same altitude but separated by 30 or 40 minutes (can’t remember the time), the intersection being quite close to the ukry assault battalion positions in novorossya region.

    2. @Felix, hope he, Putin, stays safe. I`m not sure if there is anyone else of his stature..

  10. Here is an interesting thought that can be filed under “Selling us the rope with which to hang ourselves.”

    “The reality is that developing compelling and engaging single player campaigns takes a lot of research, time and effort, and if players are happy enough just going online and fragging with each other, there is little point in investing this time and effort. Recent sim history would seem to indicate this is what flight sim developers are thinking. Which is very different from the world of FPS developers, who craft intricate and almost cinematic single player campaigns for their shooter titles. Not surprisingly though, their economies of scale are of a completely different world order, because they are shipping units in the millions for every game, not in the thousands which is the case for flight sims.”

    FPS, for the uninitiated, is an acronym for “First Person Shooter” These are ultra-violent games usually set in a dystopian, post-nuclear-war future. Games with uplifting, refreshing titles like “Fallout”, “Doom”, “Deus Ex”, “BioShock” many of these can also be considered role-playing games or “RPGs”.

    Imagine millions of people, especially young people, immersed in worlds of post apocalyptic murder, mayhem, and bloodshed; sounds like a Jewish wet dream, or maybe one of their Hollywood movies, doesn’t it? In fact I am surprised there isn’t an FPS game titled “Palestine” where the player assumes the role of a persecuted Israeli soldier defending himself against sneaky, vicious rock throwing children. Head shots count for extra points in this game as this allows Israeli doctors to scurry out and harvest the organs. Is it any wonder with Jews running our cultures that violence is ramping up at an alarming pace? And to think these are the same Jews that have the chutzpa to push their gun control agenda on white culture. Why not violent content control among all aspects of the culture? Or better yet, Jew control instead?

    Is it any wonder the military is presently enjoying its most popular heyday since the Jew’s last world war? Remember the Jews standing behind the anti-war protesters of the sixties? Remember the chanting of “Hell no, we wont’ go!” blaring through bullhorns while the stupid white kids got their heads busted on the front lines of those protests? Remember how the kids at Kent State died, while anti-war Jews and their lawyers smirked from the courtrooms and jail houses after being arrested (not shot) for protesting the war?

    All gone now. Today we are immersed in righteous wars against evil Muslims in the Middle East. And while “our boys” die like flies in those wars, not a single Jew anti-war protester is to be found screaming though a bullhorn in protest, and not a single Jew folk singer is heard belting out ballads about the insanity of war or doomed soldiers.

    Thus, it should come as no surprise to find that not a single anti-war protest today even begins to approach the scale of those seen in the sixties. Instead we “support ‘our’ troops with idiotic, yellow-ribbon campaigns, while listening to media meatheads talk about how those evil Muslims are a huge threat to the peace and tranquility of our world and how they must all be destroyed before they start beheading people for violation of their Sharia Law – Ya sure, you betcha Bill! I’m really sacred now.

    In the meantime our youth spend inordinate amounts of time playing violent video games so they will be better killers to protect us against all those evil Muslims. What recruiter wouldn’t be overjoyed at pre-trained killers walking into their office with blood in their eyes and gallons of virtual blood already dripping from their hands! Consider for a moment how many of these fanatical millions of RPGers and FPSers might go to a recruiter thinking: “Wait until these Army guys see my kill ratio in Fallout III, I just can’t wait to start killing people in real life!” Yet, how many of these youths cannot wait and start killing the wrong people, like their neighbors, school chums or grand parents?

    Can anyone honestly think white, European culture is improved by all these violent movies and games. Is it possible to miss the destructive, culturally deleterious effect these games have on youth? I know what you’re thinking, I’ve heard it all before. “Wait a minute Arch, unlike Hollywood movies, hardly any of these games are scripted by Jews and the companies are not necessarily owned or operated by Jews. In fact gaming is by and large a white and Asian phenomenon.” True enough, but who backs these companies? Where does the money come from? Who provides venture capital to develop, produce and distribute these games? Who talks about them in their media? Who is behind the awards for outstanding achievement in the development of these games? Once again, the hidden hand of Jewish finance is the primary reason for the rapid increase in violent video games. After all, what could be better than to sell the stupid goyim the murderous intent that will fuel their own destruction as well as the destruction of Israel’s enemies? Enemies essentially constituted by the rest of mankind.

    Gutle Schnaper Rothschild reportedly said in the 1700s: “If my sons did not want wars, there would be none.” Today, she might say, “If my sons did not want violent video games, there would be none.”

    1. Arch –

      Good piece. Especially….

      “Thus, it should come as no surprise to find that not a single anti-war protest today even begins to approach the scale of those seen in the sixties.”

      True… The internet has enabled/caused this.

      I see the MAJOR reason, second only to banking, for the destructive campaigns around the world is to ‘rebuild’ infrastructures to include cell phone and internet access and upgraded IT to those countries.

      Modernization = MORE control.

  11. lobro –
    “i respect pat because he never, ever accuses anyone of trollery just because someone (like me) disagrees with his reading f the situation.”

    That’s because everybody disagrees with me… they can’t ALL be trolls. AND… mostly… I don’t know what a troll is.

    I think I know what a waffle is… kinda-sorta… like a pancake…
    ……..maybe, or not. 🙂

    1. “AND… mostly… I don’t know what a troll is.”

      Pat! You stole that line from me!


    Good for US GDP.
    Planned Parenthood Uses Partial-Birth Abortions to Sell Baby Parts

    Oskar Groning Ex SS soldiers (accountant) gets four years sentence. He is 94 years old.

    A new movie about nazi with helen mirren, great.

    Let’s play Wolfenstein 3D to unwind. The player assumes the role of a World War II Allied spy William “B.J.” Blazkowicz, an american of polish descent, who is trying to escape from Castle Wolfenstein, a Nazi German prison. After the initial escape episode, Blazkowicz carries out a series of crucial missions against the Nazis. Forget about Doom, Arch, but thanks for the comment.

    1. Planned Parenthood…..Hmmm – any Tribe connections as that is their favorite MO?

      1. Dr Deborah Nucatola is responsible for Planned Parenthood. I will check on JewornotJew.

        This video sents chill up my spine, and i am not a pro life radical. Is it on the news in USA? Is this real?

      2. Phil –

        Yes..!! Real…!! US Congress:

        Republican U.S. congressional leaders on Wednesday launched an investigation of Planned Parenthood after a video implying it sells the organs of aborted fetuses was released on the Internet. The reproductive health group said the video is false.

        The secretly recorded video shows Dr. Deborah Nucatola, senior director of medical services at Planned Parenthood Federation of America, discussing harvesting body parts from aborted fetuses with actors posing as buyers from a biological company. The conversation took place over lunch and wine in a restaurant.

        The Center for Medical Progress, the California-based anti-abortion group that released the video on Tuesday, said it was evidence that Planned Parenthood was involved in the illegal sale of aborted fetuses and conducting illegal partial-birth abortions.

    2. The name is Frankenstein, Herr Pat – Doktor Franken-stein. The myth becomes reality.

      My original post was about the fantasy horror Jews promote across our culture, this is the reality of their horror writ across the bodies of children. But then think about little Simon of Trent in the 1500s and the Palestinian children with their brains blown out, – seems like its been going on forever.

      If the Jews have accomplished one thing, they have numbed those who know them to the incredible range of their horror. Across their history, across their religion, across their fables and holidays, hate, vengeance, murder, bloodshed and horror spews forth. Perhaps their crowning achievement of thorns in this pursuit is the story of the Soviet Union. The horror of that system is truly beyond human comprehension. Read the book the “Anti-Humans” the title says it all as did Josef Stalin when he said: “A single death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic.

      I have written about how ancient Jews buried their loved ones alive to avoid paying the outrageous price of the Para Aduma purification rite. Is it not understandable that one of the torture techniques meted out against the Russian populace was burying people alive and then digging them up? – Repeatedly? Yes the Jew’s worst, most horrific nightmares have become our reality, right down to the nuclear tipped MIRVS aboard their latest model of German U-boat.

      I keep wondering when the world will finally sicken of the Jews induced horror and turn it back upon them. But to my horror, the silly goyim just keep buying tickets to the latest Jew horror show, whether it be in the Middle East, on the silver screen, or in the maternity ward.

      1. I could believe the burials. That has happened in all societies.

        I do not fear nukes. Working nukes in MIRVs do not exist.
        There is not enough space for 12 to 16 nuke warheads there, in a 70″ diameter body. That myth stays myth.

      2. “Netanyahu threatens to ‘kill himself’ in order to stop Iran deal” : Just in from Val Shadowhawk. The comments in subsequent e-mails are hillarious..

    3. I just read about this harvesting of “fetal”? body parts, it is disgusting, poor babes. From the description, the unborn child is fully mature, no longer “fetal”. I`m glad this sick practice is being investigated..

  13. I would like to mention two things, both Off-Topic, if I may :

    One : What does DM think about the recent Iran deal? “DM” here stands for any DM’er who wishes to answer. Even Uncle can chime in if he wants to. No one ever asks Uncle what he thinks. Maybe that’s one big reason he feels like he has a thankless job. It’s my fault Uncle’s family “forced” Uncle to do the family “a favor” and get stuck in shitty dead-end job, that’s why Uncle just had to censor my “Papal Visits to the USA” post I sent in today. One of my best posts ever, it gets censored nonetheless. [ My “Greeks and Italians + Jew Wise In NYC” post is also worthy and deserves to be up on the commentary board. But no, it got censored.] It’s against the DM rules to falsely accuse DM of censorship. Let’s see if it’s against Uncle’s rules to rightfully accuse him of censorship based on solid objective fact.

    Two : Does anyone knows what’s going on at Daily Stormer? Kinda looks like Alex Jones, his joo wife, and his army of Commie emerickyim jew trolls out of Saul Alinsky’s University of Chicago just took over Daily Stormer. It really does look that way. Anyone know? Pat, you wanna take a guess? Heck, take a guess, Pat. Even a wild guess. Do what you do best, is my motto. God knows, Uncle always does what he does best.

  14. Magnus Dux Polonorum

    I guess that comment of yours about the great Western historian Robert Conquest tells us all we need to know about you.

    You have not only never heard of Conquest but you now accuse him of being a “crypto-Jew” because in your country only Jews choose such “pretentious” names.

    Oh boy, it doesn’t get more stupid than that! 🙂

    1. Once again, no “westerner” is an oracle when it goes to Russia/adjacents. Conquest can be very competent in the history of US, not Russia. I’m sure you haven’t heard of proffessors Dugin, Fursov, Kurginian or others, but I have enough decency not to call you ‘ignoramus’, unlike you and Ruth.

      For what it’s worth, Chomsky, Dershowitz or Hilberg are laso called “great western experts”. So what?

      1. @ Magnus Dux Polonorum

        Good point. Please continue to post as you wish and ignore all these people who are attacking you. I have asked them to leave you alone and maybe they will pay attention to me. If not, I will have to deal with them. I think they have been over-reacting, especially Madame Butterfly who appears to have serious psychological problems.

      2. @ Magnus Dux Polonorum

        Toby has asked me to apologize to you for using bad language. So I do. I am sorry.

        I don’t really hate you. How can I? I don’t even know you. The truth is, I hate myself. Very badly. With a blinding rage. Sometmes I want to claw my own face in the mirror. Many times I have spat at my image in the mirror. The mirror is now crackd because I started beating it with my silver hairbrush.

        I am a hopeless case. Because I can’t stop drinking vodka. I’m ruining my liver and kidneys. I am anorexic because I don’t want to eat. I am starving myself to death slowly.

        I couldn’t give a f**k about the Jewish problem. I just want to die. I just want to lie in bed and be cuddled by someone, especially by my mother. But she is dead. And soon I will be in the same place where she is, feeding the fat worms.

        Ah, panta rhei, as you said. Well, let’s hope so. Let’s hope it all panta rheis quickly…


      3. @ Madame Butterfly

        Pardon my intrusion, but if what you say about yourself is true and not just acting as Pat suggests, someone had to teach you to hate yourself. Hating yourself is not a natural state of mind. Someone has convinced you that you are not worthy of God’s love which is not the truth. If you were not worthy, God would not have given you a soul which is a part of him. God’s love is like a mother’s love. It is always there and is always comforting. All anyone has to do to accept God’s love is to simply say, out loud, “I love you God” and they will feel it in their heart. Since there is nothing to lose, give it a whirl. If it doesn’t work the first time, keep trying until it does.

        Again, pardon my intrusion, but you did post it to the world.

        Best Regards

      4. Mme Butterfly, if I had to separate the populace into the soylent green and those worthy of continuing, you would definitely be in the latter group.
        There will be those whose choice will be the opposite, the ones who chant Jump! at unfortunates standing on the rooftop, precisely my choice of raw material for the soylent green.

        So, who would you listen to, me or them?

      5. @ Pat

        MB – GREAT ACTING JOB..!!

        Pat, that is the CRUELEST comment anyone has EVER made to me on this website. So why am I not frothing with rage against you? Because you passed the troll test long ago, as far I am concerned, and remain one of the most valued posters on his site. I began by being suspicious of you, but I have now come round to the view that you are one of the most sincere and well-informed posters here. If you left this site, it would be a sad day for the site. A great loss to it. So hang around!

  15. @ Pat

    This doesn’t mean I agree with ALL your crazy and off-beat views. Not with your views on the non-existence of nukes. Not with your hostile views on Putin. Not with your view that everything is a wild “guess”.

    That’s your character. You speak your mind.

    All I look for in a man is sincerity and politeness and a kindly sense of humor … and you have all those qualities. Also something else: a natural instinct for spotting fakes, as you did in the Ellie K case. You were spot-on there right from the beginning, being a cynic and knowing human nature.

    But I am not in the same category as Eliie K. I too am sincere and truthful. Though sometimes I put on a act in order to advance my agenda.

    And my agenda, ultimately, is to speak the truth. I think you know that. The end sometimes justifies the means.

    1. MB –


      I agree that “The end sometimes justifies the means”… even if it means ‘guessing’ to move ahead to the end.

      ‘Guessing’ is a ‘means’ in all professions. It is normal and accepted.

      I told you I was a nuclear engineer and reactor operator for numerous years. By your response, I know it would surprise you to find out how often the dialogue below occurs there when solving problems. That is especially true in an emergency and where there is a dire need to go forward immediately. (It is true in ALL professional fields, and everyday life.)

      Common dialogue:
      Question: “What do you suggest we do..??”
      Answer: “I’m not sure. Just WAG it..!! We’ll see what happens..!! If it breaks we’ll fix it later.”

      “WAG” stands for WILD-ASS GUESS.

      ALL professionals are ‘guessing’ much of the time. That applies most to the medical field… They are “Practicing” their ‘guesses’… diagnoses. They ‘WAG’ it. MANY people die because of it.

      1. Well, Pat-a-Mat, you should say all this on the new thread about the medical mafia. Have you had any bad experiences with prescription medicines? I am going to ask you another question, but I will do so on the new thread which is all about the medical mafia and prescription medicines.

  16. @ Lobro

    Thank you for these kind words! I lerv ya lobrovitchkin for being so nice to me! ….. And so I promise not to jump. Not just yet, anyway.

    I will soldier on. I have no option. Here is one of my favorite poems on suicide by the humorist Dorothy Parker. BTW, Dorothy was half-Jewish:

    Razors pain you;
    Rivers are damp;
    Acids stain you;
    And drugs cause cramp.

    Guns aren’t lawful;
    Nooses give;
    Gas smells awful;
    You might as well live.

    1. I like that poem! (though guns are QUITE ‘lawful’ in my land)

      Btw, it seems y’all have run out of fun diversions on this site, so I have a suggestion:

      TheRealOriginalJoe seems put-out that his poetry is not recognized by Toby and Lasha – and he seems frustrated that a few of mine have been published, here – so I propose that Lasha or Toby choose a genre or topic (please remember I am unschooled, formally, in verse) for the two of us to have a contest. Keep it under (thirty?) lines. Make it political, philosophical, a love poem, a martial poem – whatever – but the subject matter must be the SAME for each of us. You can even make it ‘religious’, if you want.

      Give joe a chance to ‘shine’! 🙂

      1. To Mr. Huntly :

        I’m not frustrated at all that Lasha and Uncle put-up your poems as feature pieces here at DM. In fact, there have been many times I specifically requested you to compose a poem, and specifically requested Lasha and Uncle to feature your poems(s). So that’s hardly being frustrated about your poems being center stage. If anything, I look forward to your compositions. You should know that, Gilbert. I’m not frustrated about anything. The other day Uncle censored an excellent poem I composed. The poem also was apropos to the subject matter. Uncle censored it. Uncle is the one who is frustrated around here, not me. It’s my fault Uncle’s family twisted his arm and forced him to do the family a “favor” and get stuck in a dead end career. I use the word “career” very loosely, more like Uncle got himself stuck in a very low level job. Yes, that’s frustration, but it ain’t coming from me. Uncle and Butterfly are the ones who are frustrated around here, I would say. I take it all with aplomb, including your poem-composition challenge, which I am more than happy to accept. The poem can be on any subject. Any subject that is, EXCEPT joos. One has joos coming outta one’s ears here at Darkmoon. Perhaps not on Mohammedanism either. That’s what the poem I composed the other day was about, Mohammedanism, and Uncle had a twatty hissy fit of some sort about it and censored it of course. And not on “Oh, boo hoo hoo hoo hoo, Will Apuleius Ever Find His Long Lost Love Isis Again” either. You ran that into the ground, Gilby, so please let not the poem contest be based on “The Metamorphoses of Apuleius”. In closing, Sir, I take up your challenge. I consider it an honor, Sir, and a Sacred duty :

        ~ Let our oratorical poetic skills play the swords for us ~

        Based on Marlowe’s, “Let our swords play the orators for us”

        I bet Max knows all about Christopher Marlowe, don’t you Max from OZ.

        I need a few days to compose a poem. I don’t like to be rushed. I refuse to be rushed.

      2. Thanks, Joe. I do not doubt your writing/composing ability, by any means. BUT, just so the game is equally enforced, I would ask that either Lasha or Toby pick the topic about which BOTH of us must write. No hurries, I agree; for I, too, am otherwise consumed with apportioning my time betwixt and between. (I AM a farmer, and a broker of other things – and lately, my time is in demand.)

        Lasha once told me that my [poem(s)] would be ‘in the mill’, and not published immediately when submitted. We have plenty of time, if they decide to pick a topic and give the ‘go ahead’. (If you’re anything like me, you have to be ‘in the mood’ to write one, anyhow – and who KNOWS what peculiar blokes like we two require to ‘set us in the mood’ ??? 🙂 )

        Looking forward to it if it happens. Let the audience, here, be the judges!) 🙂

  17. There’s nothing ailing Madame Butterfly that a good deep long hard massage using Mohammed’s Sacred mental, emotional, Religious, Spiritual, physical, healing Herb de Grace oil indigenous to lobro’s indigenous Balkan PENISula can’t cure.

    If we lived in a normal society with a normal culture, lobro’s girlfriend Ruth Bernstein would be the one who’d want to off herself. I mean, any non jew who spends every day of her life yearning to pretend to be a “jew” is beyond comprehension, it’s so abnormal. Well, in a normal NON-soylent-green world it would certainly be considered the epitome of abnormal for a non jew to play-pretend to be a jew, and in a normal world no one would care very much if any non jew girl who just LERVS to pass herself off as a “jew” disappeared, maybe overdosed, maybe jumped off the roof, maybe jumped in front of a train, maybe drowned, maybe got food poisoning, something like that, no one would notice or care in the least bit if “non-jew-‘jew'” gurl disappeared. Everyone would be blissfully ignorant of what happened to the play-pretend “jew” gurl. But we live in a soylent green world alright and in this soylent green world the “jew-wise” “anti-jew” lobro, Well, “anti jew” lobro’s girlfriend is a “non jew” who has a burning desire to pass herself off as a “jew” every day of her life > This is “anti jew” lobro’s girlfriend, a “‘non-jew’-jew” 🙂 . Darkmoon is a hoot!

    1. TOBY: Joe, you are the most long-winded person I have EVER come across! Do you have a wife or girlfriend? If so, how do they put up with your never-ending stream of verbiage? If they ask you, “Do you want a cup of coffee?” do you answer in ONE word, “YES” or “NO”? Or do you give them a 1000-word response in which you discuss the entire history of coffee?!? 🙂

      § § §

      Yes, Gilbert. And I just want to point out I have no problem with a poetry contest based on religion, for the only True and Real Faith/Religion in the world is The One Holy Roman Catholic Apostolic Faith of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ God. The protestant churches being pale imitations of Christianity and don’t quite cut-the-cake when we talk Religion. Though at least they’re in the Christian orbit so to speak. The other “religions” of the world being garbage to various states of garbage decay in the third world garbage can. The world would truly be a total third world shithole of the most brutal violence and brutal atavistic feral tyranny if not for Christianity.

      So if “Catholic” Lasha decides the poetry contest should be based on The One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Faith of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ God religion, the only real and true religion in world history, I have no problem with that. I will NOT accept a poetry contest whereby all “religions” are somehow considered equal, for that premise is a lie. Or, we can have a poetry contest based on any “religion” in the world if you all insist, and perhaps I’ll compose a poem about the bektashis & their Turkey mormo/jew/islamo/nazi/sufi-hinddo “religion” , but I promise you, it won’t be the least respectful at all, not in the least bit. And Uncle has to promise he won’t censor my contest entry : That’s very important, considering how censorious he always is with me. As for Uncle, he’s not the one who decides anything around here. Unless I compose a poem about bektashis and mormo and mohammedanism and jewism, then he’s all of sudden Uncle’s the boss somehow. Funny how that works, family dynamics can be a funny thing. At all other times, Uncle’s just Lasha’s secretary and errand boy. Uncle does the censoring for Lasha at Lasha’s command. No wonder he rightfully says he has a thankless job. I’m certainly not going to thank him.

      By the way, Gilbert, when I said I wanted some time to compose a poem, I was talking two or three days, not decades. You seem to be trying to worm your way out of the contest with your talk of “plenty of time”, in other words, “we got all the time in the world”. That, coupled with your talk about how busy you are doing farm chores : Why do I get the very certain distinct impression you’re worming your way out of something you’re sorry you got yourself into? You’re here at DM all the time. Now there’s a possibility of a poem contest, you’re busy with farm chores all-of-a-sudden, and perhaps we should postpone the contest, “we got plenty of time” . Whatever you want, dude, you’re the one who started all this talk of a poetry contest. You started it, you figure out how to end it, if that suits you best, pile of chicken shit festering under the hot summer sun on a hardscrabble farm in Black Leech Gulch Hollow, just down the dusty road from Asswipe, Arkansas, or wherever. Whatever Gilby. You call the shots, as you’re the one who got this whole “poem contest” thing rolling in the first place. I was here at home minding my own business. thx Gilby, Hey! Thanks for nothing gilby. I had a goldfish once named gilby. It was very cute too. When it died I cried, then I flushed it down the toilet.

      1. Well, I’m sitting here having supper, now, Joe, and I have accomplished a lot since I last was on here this morning – certainly unlike YOU, apparently…

        If they want, whatever they want (limited to thirty words or less)(can you handle that, you displaced white-trash piece-of-shit?), I will produce inside of one evening, anyway.
        From talking with my friends who grew up in Florida in the
        fifties and sixties, they reminisce about the sportsman’s and
        farmer’s paradise it once was. Now – thanks to trashy,
        yankee, think-they’re-entitled to everything pukes like you, Florida has become less. I was down there not long ago,
        and I reckon I saw a LOT of pukes like you. 🙁
        At least where I go down there (Ocala, and a seaside village, mostly) the likes of you are not very abundant. 🙂

  18. Tallulah : I vant I should play the role of a suffering jewess….. yes, I vant vor my next movie vole to be a gorgeous and a suffering jewess… I vant I should play ze role of Delilah….. I vill just simply jump off ze tallahatchie bridge in choctaw county and do avay vith myself if they don’t give me ze role. I’m ready vor my close up Mr. Deville!

    Natasha Fatale : Vell, I see ve all have our agendas, don’t ve?

  19. okay duel citizens, suits me fine as a mildly interested observer so long as i am up in the bleachers surrounded by my dystopian harem all wearing bourkinies, at least until ramadan is over – oops, that’s tomorrow.

    i must say the real original poems appeal to my crazy side, so feel free to be maximally offensive if it fuels them to even more refined absurdity.

    refuse to be rushed or rush to be refused.

    don’t let me get sad and sleepy.

  20. Yes, Gilbert. Sure, Gilbert. It’s my fault the South is a mess. I put a gun to Billie Joe’s head and forced her to jump off the Tallahatchie bridge and take her raced-mixed part White, part Negro, part Choctaw Injun mulengeon baby with her when she took the plunge into the muddy waters off the Tallahatchie.

  21. Kaminski apparently still hides behind his silence as my original post was not censored. It will stand on its merits because it is the truth and Kaminski knows it.
    The boring posts of all the usual “members of the choir” continue unabated.
    All of you put together have not offered any solution to the Jew problem.
    You don’t really want one because you do not want to think out of the box.

    1. WC –

      Kaminski does not read the comments daily.

      “All of you put together have not offered any solution to the Jew problem.”

      You must have missed my MANY solutions offered over the months.
      The only ways:

      Personal independence. Throw out the safety nets.

      Home-schooling and/or moving are just two of the answers. It takes action.
      Same with personal health choices.
      Kick out fear..!!

    2. @ World Changer

      “Kaminski apparently still hides behind his silence as my original post was not censored. It will stand on its merits because it is the truth and Kaminski knows it….The boring posts of all the usual “members of the choir” continue unabated….. All of you put together have not offered any solution to the Jew problem….You don’t really want one because you do not want to think out of the box.”

      One thing is clear, World Changer. You hate Kaminski and you despise everyone on this website. Which makes you a Jewish troll, right?

      So why don’t you piss off?

      Like a typical, snivelling Jew on an anti-Zionist website, you think you can barge in here and vomit all over Kaminski and on everyone else on this website and then you have the chutzpah to complain about being “censored.”

      So how were you “censored”, fuckwit? Wasn’t your vomit allowed? Wasn’t your stupid troll post published?

      1. Kaminski who actually called me on the phone once outed me by publishing my name and address on his mailing list when he did not agree with me. Later he begged forgiveness.
        The post above by some obscene trailer park denizen is typical, calling me a Jew just because I have questioned their demigod, Kaminski.
        Another author on the Rebel site, Yukon Jack, actually hurled death threats at me for telling him to do what he exhorted others to do which was killing all Jews. I asked him to go forth first and lead by example which he did not have the guts to do. “Do as I say and not do as I do.” They all think small.
        The world economy is set to collapse and Israel is set to exercise its Samson Option when and if the world wakes up. The last Pope is in Play.
        Those above are ever present while Earth men oooh and ahhhh at glorified pop bottle rockets and pretend that ET life does not exist.
        It exists and they are telepathic. I have to live in this world with examples of low life protoplasm as demonstrated above. He is no different than those who burned Bruno at the stake.

        After many many blogs and posts by Anti-Jews authors and years of titillation of hangers on what in essence has been accomplished. The Jews are still in control of every aspect of your life

      2. @ World Changer

        So why are here, pray tell? To inform us how much you hate Mr Kaminski and join you in a hatefest against him? Before you can succeed in doing that you will have to give us a good reason for hating Mr Kaminski and loving you. You have failed to do that.

        In the words of William Shakespeare, you are “full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

        You have ‘TROLL” written all over you.

        I suggest you piss off and leave us alone, We back Kaminski. He has genius, He writes like an angel. In comparison, you are a moron. A sub-intelligent ape. I bet you smell, too. You emanate all the malodorous perfumes of the Semitic sewer, you rat-faced rotter!

        PISS OFF!

      3. @ World Changer

        Your comment leaves me cold. I am unconvinced by anything you say.

  22. These people are beautiful examples of why the Jews are winning. The mind of the common man seeks idols to defend but is content to do nothing but hurl epithets at those who have a vision. Thus has it always been down thru history. This too was in the prophecy.

  23. All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.
    (Arthur Schopenhauer)
    So it is on this list.

  24. G’day World Changer,

    The Techma (Jews and their ilk) problem on Urantia has ceased to be solvable by incarnates on this planet unaided. As a consequence its creator, Christ Michael Aton, and his “Father” the Creator of all that is, are actively assisting the process as we speak.

    The Samson Option will be prevented by Aton’s Star Fleet which monitors the global situation closely.

    Your negative tone is surprising given that you seem to understand at least some of the truth about life, the universe and everything.

    John Kaminski is misguided about the nature and substance of the universe and its Creator, but that does not justify your abuse of him.

    The Techma will be overcome by the truth; and the truth is that we need to love our neighbour (ie everyone and everything) AS ourselves, for the love of GOD. Failure to do that contributes to the energy used by the Techma to subjugate humanity and the planet.

    We are not here to score debating points but to assist in the process of evolving self and others into Light and Life.

    Peace and Blessings.

    1. “The Samson Option will be prevented by Aton’s Star Fleet which monitors the global situation closely.
      Your negative tone is surprising given that you seem to understand ……”
      Oh SO? Then I suggest they do something about Fukushima and the nukes the Jews set off at the World Trade Center and not infrequently in the Mideast.

  25. G’day cobbers,

    Arguably modern science and astronomy has been fraudulently distorted by the Techma (Jews and their ilk) and hence it cannot be relied on.

    As I understand it, the material world is transitory but the spiritual world isn’t. Arguably though, the human form will not die out (since it consists in the ability to think and exercise will rather than any physical form. Humans in other worlds and universes sometimes have radically different physiology and biology.

    The cosmos is a hologram created by the thought of the Creator (the Word made Flesh). In effect it is conscious energy that infuses everything. That divine energy infusion means that everything has an element of consciousness. As that consciousness evolves, life, personality and individuated conscious thought develops and receives a divinely gifted spirit. As the individual grows, the ability to love or fear grows with it. Where a conscious being “chooses” (becomes dominated) by fear, it devolves. On the other hand, where the tendency to love predominates, the being evolves towards higher consciousness. When an individual develops higher consciousness to the point where the being’s behaviour constitutes a choice to love self, God and neighbour, fusion with a fragment of divine energy takes place. Thereafter, unless the being consciously rejects the love of self, God and neighbour, s/he sets out on an eternal journey to become like the Creator. Innumerable incarnations follow as the being gradually learns to avoid mistakes (sins) and becomes more aware, and more like God.

    Stars and planets undergo a similar process. The result is that star and planet beings can become divinely infused such that they too, become immortal. As individual beings evolve in love and consciousness their souls (their total experiences that are initially contained on electrons) eventually lose their negative memories and information and retain all positive memories and information on photons. This material soul aspect becomes eternal to accompany the being’s eternal spirit. Thus the physical being becomes gradually infused with increasing light (divine) energy and as this occurs the energy composing the being vibrates faster and the being becomes larger and less “solid”. Once a human being develops more than 24 DNA strands they vibrate at such a rapid rate that they cease to be visible to our current human senses.

    This process is occurring in Gaia (the name of this planet) since she rejected the destruction being wrought by the Techma and their enablers, and chose Light and Life. A similar choice to accept or reject the current global dystopia is being made by all self conscious inhabitants of this planet. The choice is apparent through behaviour.

    The increasing Earth changes being currently experienced are the result of Gaia’s choice. The Earth changes are a process through which ALL negative thought forms on this planet will be removed. The severity of the changes cannot be prevented but they can be ameliorated by positive collective global consciousness. Humans here are currently making their choices via their behaviours.

    After this process is completed Gaia will be immortal as are all divinely infused stars and planets. The cosmos is a gigantic experiential environment wherein the Creator experiences itself infinitely. That experience is garnered through the conscious experiences of Creation. So be it.

    Peace and Blessings.

    1. Montecristo has been complaining about too many off-topic comments on this website. Here is an off-topic comment by Ron Chapman. Do I disapprove of it? Absolutely not! This is because there’s a time and a place for off-topic comments and this is a brilliant comment. What I am against, as Montecristo clearly is, is too much trivial gossip and trashy chat-room talk. A comment such as this by Ron Chapman does not fall into that category. Similar comments by serious and intelligent posters are more than welcome.

      (New monitor)

        1. No problem! I’m sure Pat can take it! Any occasional off-topic comment on Vedanta would also be welcome! Lasha has told me all about you … please don’t think I am a stickler for total on-topic relevance! It’s just a question of getting the balance right and making sure the site is taken seriously. Off-topic discussions are also fine at the end of a thread, when everyone has run out of steam. It obviously sends the wrong message if the first ten comments to appear on the board are totally off-topic…

    2. What Mr. Chapman fails to explain is that there are both negative and positive extraterrestrial beings over head at all times. And who (above) is the Jew’s sponsor that “chose” them? The “burning bush” of Moses was a Close Encounter of negative aliens who provided him with off world technology so they could win against his enemies.
      The ET theme runs all through the Bible and you can easily substitute alien being for angel or angels in most cases. Hitler was also a “chosen” leader.
      Both Hitler and Jesus failed and the proof is in the pudding” as they say.

  26. Big-time “Suckers” …. of penises… Pharisee Rabbis… “Reward”… raw foreskin snack.

    No sane person could watch this whole video…. too factual.

    After first few minutes(I lasted 3 min)… FF to 1:33:25 and see a dire need for an exorcism in lieu of circumcision.

    HOLLYWOODISM: The Ideology that has Devoured Western Culture

  27. I did some searching on what Ron Chapman was talking about and found this which is typical “Channeled” rubbish.

    Sent: Saturday, July 18, 2015 11:00 AM
    Subject: Creator Son Christ Michael – Sovereign of Nebadon The Earth Changes & Ascension Plan

    This type of channeled BS has been going on for 40 years at least and you will find thousands of pages of high and lofty BS channeled messages which are used to part little old ladies in tennis shoes from their sugar bowl money at meetings such as Ashtar Command etc.
    There are dozens of channels with their suckers who follow such conmen as Billie Meires and George Adamski. (See Hall of Shame on
    All this has done nothing to alleviate the woes of the world. Many speakers, book publishers, DVD producers and none of them deal with JEWS. In fact if you try to join these groups many of which are found on they always have a Jew or two lurking on them and as a result they will get you permanently banned for even saying the word “JEW”.
    They never “channel” anything of worth or come forth with mathematical formulas to help mankind.

  28. “The Samson Option will be prevented by Aton’s Star Fleet which monitors the global situation closely.” sez Ron Chapman.
    Oh! Did you forget Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Asleep at the switch?
    This is typical of AIRY FAIRY Goody goody BS.
    As John Galt in the book “Atlas Shrugged said, “GET OUT OF MY WAY.”

    1. Wasn’t Buzz Lightyears (see the movie ‘Toy Story’) affiliated with Aton’s Star Fleet?? Sort of sounds right, anyway…. 🙂 🙂 🙂

      1. Gilbert,

        Don’t let this guy distract you into making off-topic posts about extraterrestrials. We are not on this website to discuss aliens from Outer Space. These are diversionary tactics often used by trolls to deflect attention from the serious subject matter we have come here to discuss.

        If this guy wants to go on about Little Green Men and Flying Saucers and the Hollow Earth, maybe he should hightail it to Veterans Today, or some other website that specializes ( like VT) in serving up huge quantities of deliberate disinfo.

        I hear that VT is 40% disinfo, so maybe that’s where he should go.

      2. Now don’t get yourself riled with me, MB. ‘Toy Story’ was a child’s movie I used to watch with my young daughter… ‘Buzz Lightyears’ was a TOY – and I was laughingly associating it with ‘Aton’s Star Fleet’, nothing more. (An affiliation similar to old Buck Rogers and the Martians, which came on after Tarzan movies on Saturday mornings when I was a CHILD.) Chill, princess. 🙂

        (I’m taking the day off, resting, and piddling around the house. This website DOES offer humorous commentary for diversion, thankfully. There’s not much we can do about WHAT IS, anyway.)

      3. @ Gilbert Huntly

        I wasn’t getting “riled” with you. I was just saying you shouldn’t let this guy trap you into talking about extraterrestrials because otherwise he will have succeeded in his aim of causing a diversion. Which is what his aim is on this website: to get you talking about a dead-end subject of his own choosing.

        Remember he is also a stalker. He has stalked Kaminski for the last 10 years and never leaves him alone. He has only come on this website to attack Kaminski. So he shouldn’t be encouraged.

    2. G’day WORLD CHANGER,

      The Celestial’s decision to prevent major nuclear explosions and hence nuclear war was taken after the US exploded two nuclear devices on the Indian Ocean floor on Boxing Day 2004, which cause the Tsunami that killed a quarter million or so people.
      Hiroshima and Nagasaki occurred in 1945.
      As i understand it, mini and micro nukes (as eg were used in the main Bali Bomb and the devices used in the Oklahoma City Bombing) are sometimes still being used because they are very small and hard to detect.
      In any event, since the Battle of the Harvest Moon on 27 September 1977, charged particle beam weapons and such, have superceeded nukes, and they are even more deadly. See eg: Dr Peter Beter’s Audio letters Nos 26 ff.:

      Ayn Rand was a Jewess, metaphorically and probably literally “in bed with” Philippe Rothschild. “Atlas Shrugged ” was Jew bankster propaganda. Philippe Rothschild got her to write the book. On analysis, it is a blueprint for the New World Order.

      The book was published in 1957. Apparently it was meant to show that through the raising of oil prices, then destroying the oil fields and shutting down the coal mines, the Jew banksters (hidden behind the Illuminati tag) would take over the world. It related how the corporatists would blow up grain mills, derail trains and bankrupt and destroy their own companies, until they destroyed the global economy; and yet, they would be so wealthy, that it would not substantially affect their vast holdings. Sound familiar?

      The novel is about a man who stops the motor of the world, supposedly demonstrating what happens when “the men of the mind, the intellectuals of the world, the originators and innovators in every line of industry who (although it is unsaid, allegedly happen to be Jews) go on strike. In effect, when the men of creative ability in every profession, [implicitly, Jews) quit and disappear in protest against regulation by stupid humans (ie goyim) humanity will be cactus. That’s what I call “AIRY FAIRY bullshit”.

      In the book, Galt says:

      “…in every other industry, wherever machines are used – the machines which they [Ron: humans generally ie goyim] thought could replace our minds. Plane crashes, oil tank explosions, blast furnace breakouts, high tension wire electrocutions, subway cave-ins, and trestle collapses – they’ll see them all. The very machines that made their life so safe – will now make it a continuous peril … [Ron: though today the jews feel the need to pay Death Squad and other terrorists like Al Queda and ISIS to ensure that the job gets done.]. You know that the cities will be hit worst of all. The cities were made by the railroads and will go with them … When the rails are cut, the city of New York will starve in two days. That’s all the supply of food its got. It’s fed by a continent three thousand miles long. How will they carry food to New York? By directive and ox-cart? But first, before it happens, they’ll go through the whole of the agony- through the shrinking, the shortages, the hunger riots, the stampeding violence in the midst of the growing stillness … They’ll lose the airplanes first, then their automobiles, then their trucks, then their horsecarts .. Their factories will stop, then their furnaces and their radios. Then their electric light system will go.”

      Doya get the feeling that the Jews are creating a variant of this scenario for humanity’s delectation as we speak? I do.

      Ayn Rand based her novel on her philosophy which she called Objectivism. As she puts it: “We are the radicals for capitalism … because it is the only system geared to the life of a rational being … The method of capitalism’s destruction rests on never letting the world discover what it is that is being destroyed.” She also said about the book: “I trust that no one will tell me that men such as I write about don’t exist. That this book has been written – and published – is proof that they do.”
      [Ron: after all she wrote it for Philippe Rothschild.].

      As is always the case with Jewish propaganda, we need to reverse what they say to get the real meaning. Her books provided wide-ranging parables about “parasites,” “looters” and “moochers” using the levers of government to steal the fruits of her heroes’ labor. In the real world, however, Rand herself received Social Security payments and Medicare benefits under the name of Ann O’Connor (her husband was Frank O’Connor). As Michael Ford of Xavier University’s Center for the Study of the American Dream wrote, “In the end, Miss Rand was a hypocrite but she could never be faulted for failing to act in her own self-interest.”

      George Monbiot (whose Jew friendly views I do not necessarily endorse) says of Ayn Rand:
      ‘It has a fair claim to be the ugliest philosophy the post-war world has produced. Selfishness, it contends, is good, altruism evil, empathy and compassion are irrational and destructive. The poor deserve to die; the rich deserve unmediated power. It has already been tested, and has failed spectacularly and catastrophically. Yet the belief system constructed by Ayn Rand, who died 30 years ago today, has never been more popular or influential.’

      Ayn Rand’s non-fiction (such as The Virtue of Selfishness ) explains a philosophy she called Objectivism which holds that the only moral course is pure self-interest. We owe nothing, she insists, to anyone, even to members of our own families. She described the poor and weak as “refuse” and “parasites”, and excoriated anyone seeking to assist them. Apart from the police, the courts and the armed forces, there should be no role for government: no social security, no public health or education, no public infrastructure or transport, no fire service and no regulations. That actually means NO community, ie survival of the fittest in an absolute jungle.

      If the Creator and Creation operated in this way nothing would exist. The philosophy denies the existence of God, neighbour and everything else including self, because the “self” depends on the existence of others.
      If Objectivism is your philosophy WORLD CHANGER, you are welcome to it.
      Personally I think that changing the world in that way would be disastrous.

      Peace and Blessings

  29. I suspect he has already been banned from posting on VT. After all, Kaminski has already identified him as a notorious troll who stalked him for several years.

  30. I don’t stalk anyone. People seek to make lame excuses for what they cannot comprehend.
    To all you Christians out there who go to church and say the words “Holy Ghost” during your services do you know what that actually means. It is the same as kundalini energy which was known in India and Tibet thousands of years before the advent of Christianity. I have experienced it full port. Most men are ignorant of the energy and their connection to another dimension. Kaminski will sure not even mention it.
    All time is now that is why prophecy works. Space does not exist and that is why telepathy works instantly across vast distances. All that you experience is within you.
    Anyone who has studied astrology knows that it works.
    Anyone who is a seeker knows that reincarnation is what happens and not heaven or hell.
    All things are in balance via karma and you judge yourself and plan out your own life path before you are ever born.
    A certain brother Nathanael who exposes Jews will in his capacity as a Christian will will you to go to his Christian Hell if you disagree with any of his superstitious Christian dogma. He shut down his comments section on his Videos so I could not ask him embarrassing questions which he could not answer about his Blood Lust sacrifice religion as well as the allegorical cannibalism of Holy Communion. “Take eat, this is my body….Take drink this is my blood….”
    Christianity without body fixation and shedding of blood is nothing. The holy wafers and Mogen David wine used in communion ( I was raised a Lutheran) wind up in the toilet.
    “The concept that God wants blood is at the bottom of the Atonement and rests upon the most barbaric savagery.” Robert Ingersoll
    So with all the Anti-Jew bloggers and authors out there nothing has been put forth as a solution except “Read my posts and spontaneously millions will suddenly arise out of the grass roots and destroy Jew power and censorship and corruption.”
    Such is the state of affairs in the war against Jews.
    You have been led down the primrose path of being satisfied with articulate writers while the Jews continue on.
    There is only one solution and it may or may not happen.
    The common man through his ignorance shuns his salvation and continues to worship in the crumbling temple of his imaginary savior writers.
    “You can’t handle the truth.”
    And so it is.

  31. G’day Julian,

    Thank you.
    My comment on life the universe and everything was stimulated by the first few comments in the thread which were made by Bob in DC, Franklin Ryckaert, Sardonicus and Felix.

  32. G’day World Changer,

    As I understand the situation, there WERE negative extra terrestrial beings “overhead” and on this planet in the past but now they have been removed by a Star Fleet of some 10 million space craft some of which are as big as planets. Incidentally most of us are extra terrestrials in that we started our existence in other places, Lucifer and Satan were removed and adjudicated back in 1987. Subsequently Lucifer choose uncreation rather than rehabilitation. Satan choose rehabilitation. The Annunaki changed sides in 1997 and are now with Star Fleet. Their planet is not due to return for another 1600 years. The (left behind) Annunaki Lord of this planet, came in from the cold last year and is now helping Star Fleet to recover the planet. All the “Draco” et al (however described) were removed from this planet some years ago.
    Lucifer and his “Fallen Angels”, ie the third of his administration of Satania who followed him) were quarantined on this “Prison Planet” and some 35 others, in the hope that they would rehabilitate and mend their ways.
    No negative entities are allowed to enter this planet these days.
    The Techma * (who are humans) were quarantined here in the hope that they would rehabilitate. By and large it seems that they didn’t. Now however, they are in a sense leaderless since Lucifer and the Annunaki who were their masters, are no longer here directing them. Their main support now appears to be an AI Beast Computer that dwarfs anything our scientists and media ever tell us about.

    * The Techma are a very mentalist, science oriented race from another universe who rejected the Creator and sought to take over their original universe and be their own Gods. they were quarantined here because they damaged (destroyed?) their home universe. They are rationalistic and unfeeling and thus seem to be not human. But they are humans (having mind and will) who have been allowed to keep their souls but they have no indwelling “Father” (Creator) Fragment.
    Techma tend to incarnate as Jews but I suspect that they incarnate as various forms of cryptos, psychopaths and sociopaths as well.

    As I understand it, the original Hebrews originated from a few survivors from a space ship crash. Abraham was in touch with benign beings. The Levites and later the Pharisees created and elaborated the Torah and Talmud lies, plagiarising and distorting some valid religious stories from Sumar in the process. Sooo, the Techma chose themselves although they probably got direction and “assistance” from Lucifer and the Annunaki. The “off world” technology you refer too was presumably Annunaki tech although Moses appears to have been given advice and assistance by benign beings from a 9th dimensional planet called Thioouabar (spelling?).

    Esu Immanuel (aka Jesus the Christ) didn’t fail as you put it. He came to teach the truth which had largely been lost, not to establish a religion. The Pharisees and Roman Emperors established the Christian religion as a control mechanism which it still is. Esu didn’t die on the Cross,. He was resuscitated and went to India where he married and had children and lived to age 115. The fact that Esu’s message of love of self and neighbour for the love of God still resonates with billions of people evidences that he did not fail. The proof of the pudding is in the eating and Esu is back with Star Fleet to see that those who so choose, can eat it.

    Peace and Blessings.

    1. To Julian

      I thought the Darkmoon site was striving to improve. Chapman sounds like a Luciferian. His entire intent is to mislead and harm. Is locker room chat being replaced by nonsense? Lucifer and Satan are one and the same. Lucifer is a false angel of light. He IS darkness.

      If Chapman is sincere without awareness of bad intention, he is in need of help.


      New Song

      1. Having failed my Holy Inquisition torturer bar exam, I hereby offer my services as an itinerant exorcist on contract to Darkmoon.
        I supply my own frankincense and Latin liturgy of St Simon of Trent.

  33. G’day New Song,

    Ad hominem is not argument nor is name calling.

    Lucifer is NOT a false angel of light nor is he darkness; he is NOTHING because he choose to cease to exist when faced with the reality of his failure in Monjoronson’s adjudication court.

    Satan, his offsider, was also adjudicated in Monjoronson’s court and choose rehabilitation. They were two separate spirit entities. When Lucifer chose to challenge the Nebadon universe management system he was given a chance to prove his thesis. The result is what you see on this planet. It is not a pretty sight. Satan and a third of the Satania administrative staff chose to support their boss in his erroneous management techniques. Unlike Lucifer though, Satan has chosen to experience the suffering involved in facing that reality and seeks to resume his eternal journey to oneness with the Creator.

    The Torah is a “new song” in the sense that it is a plagiarised, mythical and extremely bloody genocidal distortion of old tribal legends and Canaanite beliefs. In that intrinsic sense it is a very old song.

    I note that the “guru”, JAH, states that:
    ‘… and no-one can sing any song unless they “know it off by heart”). That is why God called it a “Song” to let you know that you must learn it off by heart.’

    Learning about life the universe and everything “OFF BY HEART” constitutes a robotic, mind controlled response. It is the antithesis of what being human is. Being truly human requires the exercise of genuine individual thought and choice. Unthinking repetition of the thoughts of others is what robots and zombies do.

    Moses lived some 1400 years or more before Esu (aka Jesus the Christ) incarnated. The Levites presented the Judean hill tribesmen with their first draft of the Torah around 621 BC (ie some 800 years later) and completed it during their Captivity in Babylon whereupon some of them returned with Persian troops to enforce their new ideology upon the ignorant Judean tribesmen around Jerusalem. Clearly the Levite priests who wrote the Torah had NO real knowledge of or connection with Moses or the Israelites (eg what real knowledge of or connection with people who lived in the early 12th century do you and I have?) who were conquered and removed from Israel (Palestine) by the Assayrians at least a century earlier ie around 740-722 BC, Moreover, they never returned. So the Torah is a genocidal ideology developed long after the Israelites melded with the rest of humanity and migrated north west into Western Europe.

    The Torah was written by Levite priests who controlled the people of Judah. The Jewish Encyclopaedia impartially says that Judah was “in all likelihood a non-Israelitish tribe’. It seems that Judah was a tribe of ill repute. Judah sold his brother Joseph, the most beloved son of Jacob – called – Israel, to the Ishmaelites for twenty pieces of silver, and then founded the tribe in incest, (Genesis 37-38). The priestly scribes who wrote this Scriptural account centuries after these alleged events had made themselves the masters of the tribe of Judah and they altered the oral tradition, whenever it suited them, so why did they preserve, or possibly even insert, this attribution of a treacherous nature and incestuous beginnings to the people of Judah who, they said, were God’s ‘Chosen’ ones? It seems that from the start the Judaists have delighted in hiding the truth in plain sight, as they continue to do.

    In the century followed the Assyrian conquest and elimination of the Israelites from the scene, the Levites in Judah began to compile the written Law. In 621 BC they produced Deuteronomy and read it to the people in the temple at Jerusalem. This birthed “the Mosaic law” which the mythical Moses never knew. The Levites who wrote it then, and later repeatedly made Moses (and btw, Jehovah) say what suited them. The Levites attributed their law to Moses but its correct description is “the Levitical law” or “the Judaic law”.

    Arguably Deuteronomy is to formal Judaism and Zionism what the Communist Manifesto was to the bloody Jewish Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in 1917. It is the basis of the Torah (“the Law”) contained in the Pentateuch, which itself forms the raw material of the Talmud, which again gave birth to those “commentaries” and commentaries-on-commentaries which are said to constitute the Judaic “law”.

    Deuteronomy was thus the basis of the Judahite political program of global dominion, despoliation and enslavement of all humanity which, under new management, has been all but realized today. Deuteronomy is especially relevant to global events in the last three centuries, and viewing those events in light of Deuteronomy dispels much confusion.

    Before Deuteronomy was compiled, only the “oral tradition” of what God allegedly said to “Moses” existed. The Levites claimed to be the consecrated guardians of that tradition and the illiterate Judaen tribesmen had to take their word for it. On the other hand the Levites’ pretensions in these matters alienated the Israelites and caused much anger among the Israelite “prophets”. If anything had been written down before Deuteronomy was read, such manuscripts were fragmentary and in priestly keeping, and as little known to the primitive tribesmen as Sanskrit is to average Anglo-USans and Europeans today.

    That Deuteronomy was different from anything that had been known or understood before is implicit in its name, which means “Second Law”. Deuteronomy was in fact the first revelation of Levitical Judaism. Conveniently for the Levites, the Israelites – the Ten Lost Tribes – who had never known this “Mosaic Law”, were long gone by 621 BC. In fact the Israelites were NEVER Judaists, Pharisees or “Jews”.

    Although Deuteronomy appears as the fifth book of today’s Bible, and seems to have an air of growing naturally out of the previous books, it was the first book to be completed as a whole. Though Genesis and Exodus provide the historical background and setting for it, they were produced by the Levites in Babylon much later, and Leviticus and Numbers, the other books of the Torah, were compiled even later.

    Deuteronomy overturned the earlier tradition that was in harmony with the moral commandments. But the Levites granted themselves the right to make any changes they chose, claiming as they did, that they were divinely authorized to amend the Law, as orally revealed by God to Moses, in order to meet “the constantly changing conditions of existence in the spirit of traditional teaching” – Sound familiar?

    The few people who heard Deuteronomy read in 621 BC, and then first learned what “the Mosaic Law” was to be, were told that the manuscripts had been “discovered”. Modern Judaist authorities generally agree that Deuteronomy was the independent work of the Levites in isolated Judah after Judah’s rejection by the Israelites and the subsequent conquest of Israel and the scattering of the Israelites among humanity generally and their migrations into western Europe.

    By 558 BC the Judahite nation was already widely dispersed and would never again be reassembled in Canaan. That was a fact, unalterable and permanent. According to Professor Wellhausen:
    “from the exile the nation did not return, but a religious sect only”.

    The symbolic “return” from Babylon in 538 BC was of the utmost importance to the priesthood in establishing its mystic power over the scattered mass. It could be held up as the proof that “the Law” at the core of the Judaist ideology was true and valid, and that the destiny of the “special people” who adhered to it was to destroy and dominate the rest of the world.

    The next occasion for a cull occurred a mere 13 years later when Nehemiah, a Judahite, who was cupbearer to Artaxerxes himself, arrived in Jerusalem from Babylon with dictatorial power and enough men and money to re-wall the city (at Persian expense), and Jerusalem thus became the first true ghetto. It was an empty one, and when the walls were ready Nehemiah ordered that one in ten of the Judahites be chosen by lot to reside in it.

    Deuteronomy – “the Second Law” – was founded upon religious intolerance, Murder and genocide in the name of religion is its distinctive tenet. Racial intolerance followed later in another “New Law”. These “laws” contradict and negative the moral (“Ten’) Commandments leaving intact only the injunctions relating to the exclusive worship (under the close supervision of the Levite priests) of the jealous and psychopathic Jehovah. All the moral commandments governing relations between people are buried beneath a great mound of “statutes and judgments” (regulations issued under an overriding “Law” which effectively cancels them save in respect of fellow Judaists. Sooo, the moral commandments against murder, stealing, adultery, coveting, bad neighbourliness, and the like are vitiated by a mass of “statutes” expressly demanding the massacre and utter destruction of other peoples, the murder of apostates individually or in communities, the taking of concubines from among women captives, “utter destruction” of conquered peoples, leaving “nothing alive”, the exclusion of “the stranger” from debt-remission and so on.

    In effect Deuteronomy sets up the moral commandments [See 5,1:22] as a strawman, a misleading moral mirage that has totally bedazzled Christians who, as a result, were subliminally saddled with the overriding and totally amoral Old Testament Levitical “laws and statutes” along with the New Testament, the valid portions of which enjoin us to love neighbour as self for the love of God. In effect Deuteronomy totally nullified the moral commandments with a vicious amoral ideology posing as a religion. That ideology centres upon the grandiose political idea of a people especially sent into the world to destroy and “possess” all other peoples and to rule the whole world. For instance the Commandments against killing, stealing, coveting etc are followed immediately by the promise that those whose hearts are ‘set on the fear of me and the keeping of my commandments’ will be given ‘great and prosperous cities not of your building, houses full of good things not furnished by you, wells you did not dig, vineyards and olives you did not plant’ [Deuteronomy 5,29; & 6,10:11]. And so it goes on.

    Of course, in order to “possess” all these freebies the good Judaist has to kill and dispossess those who built those items with personal ingenuity and the sweat of their brows; and so Deuteronomy and later, the rest of the Pentateuch is full of injunctions to do just that. Judaic ‘history’ is replete with the idea of massacre and destruction which is the essential ingredient in Deuteronomy. In the absence of the Judaic god’s demands for bloodshed and destruction, Deuteronomy, the so-called Mosaic Law, is an empty shell.

    This unique form of theocratic collectivism was first presented to the Judahites in Deuteronomy as “the Law” of Jehovah and as his literal word, spoken to Moses. The notion of world domination through destruction is introduced at the start (chapter 2) of these speeches supposed to have been delivered by the dying Moses:

    “The Lord spake unto me, saying. . . This day will I begin to put the dread of thee and the fear of thee upon the nations that are under the whole heaven, who shall hear report of thee, and shall tremble, and be in anguish because of thee”. In token of this, the fate of two nations is at once shown. The King of Sihon and the King of Bashan “came out against us, he and all his people”, whereon they were “utterly destroyed, the men, and the women, and the little ones”, only the cattle being spared and “the spoil” being taken “for a prey unto ourselves”. Foretold by Moses (31, 4:6). The insistence on utter destruction is the recurrent characteristic of these illustrative anecdotes.

    Another instance:

    “Seven nations greater and mightier than thou” are to be delivered into the Judahites’ hands, and: “Thou shalt utterly destroy them; thou shalt make no covenant with them, nor show mercy unto them. . . ye shall destroy their alters . . . for thou art an holy people unto the Lord thy God; the Lord thy God hath chosen thee to be a special people unto himself, above all people that are on the face of the earth . . . Thou shalt be blessed above all people . . . And thou shalt consume all the people which the Lord thy God shall deliver thee; thine eye shall have no pity upon them. . . the Lord thy God will send the hornet among them, until they that are left, and hide themselves from thee, be destroyed. . . And the Lord thy God will put out these nations before thee by little and little. . . But the Lord thy God shall deliver them unto thee, and shall destroy them with a mighty destruction until they be destroyed. And he shall deliver their kings into thine hand, and thou shalt destroy their name from under heaven; there shall no man be able to stand before thee, until thou have destroyed them. . .” (7, 17:24).

    This ideology makes destruction an article of faith. It is unique in religious thought, and where it occurs in political thought (for instance, in the Communist philosophy) it also derives indirectly from Deuteronomy via Karl Marx’s ‘Communist Manifesto’. That Manifesto was written by Jews for Jews and implemented by Jews in that the Russian Bolshevik Revolution in 1917 was totally organised, funded and controlled by Jews.

    Similarly, the genocide of Amerindians and Africans kidnapped and transported to the Americas as slaves was essentially directed and controlled by Jews. See eg: Who Brought the Slaves to America?
    And: Who Brought the Slaves to America? And who was responsible for the HOLOCAUST of African slaves during that trade? –
    And: Jews and the Black Holocaust

    For instance Columbus was accompanied by five Marranos (converted Jews) who persuaded him to kill and enslave the Indian peoples encountered on arrival in America. This thread of genocide and utter destruction runs through modern global history like a pustulant, cancerous lesion, which corrupts and destroys everything it touches. Obvious examples include the Bolshevik Jews’ starvation of seven million Ukrainians in the Holodomor, 66 million Russian and Soviet citizens; 1.5 million Armenians genocided by the crypto Jewish Young Turks under Kemel Ataturk; and Jew Eisnhower’s German POW death camps that starved 1.7 million POW’s after WWII. But really, virtually all modern genocides and brutal warfare can be traced back to Talmudic (Jewish) influences. See eg: Irish “Potato Famine” Was Deliberate Genocide – And also, the genocide of some 3 – 7 million people in East Bengal during WWII by Churchill who had a jewish mother and was a highly paid Rothschilds’ agent..

    Deuteronomy is essentially a complete political programme which teaches that planet Earth was created by Jehovah for the Judahites – god’s “special people”. And their psychopathic god’s plan is to be completed by the triumph of Judaists and the ruination and utter destruction of all others. The rewards offered to the faithful are exclusively material: slaughter, slaves, women, booty, wealth, territory and empire. The only condition laid down for these rewards is observance of “the statutes and judgments”, administered by the priests, which primarily command the destruction of others. The only guilt defined lies is non-observance of Judaic laws. Intolerance is specified as observance, tolerance as non-observance, and therefore as guilt. The punishments prescribed are of this world and of the flesh, not of the spirit. Moral behaviour, if ever demanded, is required only towards co-religionists and “strangers” are excluded from it.

    So then it is not surprising that the Talmud which is based on the Torah is such a vicious, anti-goyim set of injunctions. What I do find surprising though, is that so many individuals manage to maintain a belief in Judaism when its ideology is so dark.

    For some more discussion of these issues see eg: Jews profess Talmudist ideology. That ideology is inimical to the health and welfare of humanity and planet Earth. –
    And: The Myth of a Judeo-Christian Tradition –
    And: Who are the Jews and what do they believe? Part I – Israelites and Judahites –

    All in all the Torah was a very old song, even when it was written.

    Peace and Blessings,

    1. Moses (Moshe) was a rapist and murderer of little girls. See Numbers, Chapter 31. This is still imitated by the Israeli IDF.
      All far as Chapman goes: Tell us of your actual interaction with ETs and not channeled material from some con-woman.
      Still waiting for your buddies excuse for allowing Nuclear weapons to be used by Israel at 911, Hiroshima/Nagasaki, and in the present conflicts in the Mideast.

  34. While on the topic of off-topic topics in the above exchange of theological broadsides, I side with Chapman, at least partially and even though his post is overlong.
    In particular, the analysis of the Torah and its progressive descent into the swamp of vice as well as the long litany of Jew crime against the world are instructive.
    I hate and reject unquestioning and unquestionable imposition of harsh Law of G*oat -G*d of Hell.
    The hell with him.

    My only point of disagreement is in trying to saddle Jesus, an intensely personal image, with some historical or pseudo-historical interpretation.
    This is best left undisturbed to each individual.

  35. The bottom line is that all of Kaminski’s essays essentially are to no avail. Hitler raised an army of millions. Kaminski and others like him cannot raise 10 volunteers to assemble on the village green.
    The BS Starfleet of Ron Chapman is equally worthless. You would think that with 10 million craft they could beam up every evil Jew on the planet. LOL
    The Jews are now in out and out warfare with the Goyim via vaccines that attack the brain and go on to destroy future generations.
    There is a real plan in the works and it involves REAL ETs and the Real Holy Ghost (kundalini). It most likely will not happen until the world is in dire need.
    Restoration of God’s People is coming. The Jews and others will be dealt with and there will be no more censorship.

  36. G’day Lobro,
    Thank you.
    I hear ya.
    Each one of us needs to express his/her understanding as best s/he can.
    My understanding may differ from most.
    Esu was an historical figure and I talk about him in that context. I think that is necessary because their are so many lies about him spread about by the Techma for reasons that must seem necessary to them.
    Esu reportedly said he would return in 2000 years. He has done that.
    I’m told he will assume visible leadership of all on this planet once the Techma and all negative entities and thought forms are removed. That process is about to take place as this is the end of the Kali Yuga.
    Esu’s leadership will last for a thousand years or until humanity evolves into Light and Life status. Thereafter he will pursue other tasks elsewhere.
    Esu is A “Son of God” as are all souled individuals who are indwelt by a Creator Fragment.
    In that sense ALL are equal just as ALL are one.
    A major lie spread by the Pharisees was that Esu was the ONLY Son of God. Another lie was that he came to be a sacrificial lamb (which is Pharisaic, Canaanite bullshit; the Pharisees being very “Big” on sacrifices, AS THEY STILL ARE only today they genocide and holocaust millions at a time.) and to suffer and die to save humanity from its sins [mistakes). This lie is aimed at removing a sense of personal responsibility for their evolution (acts and inactions and thoughts etc) from the human sheeple.
    Esu didn’t come to sacrifice himself for anyone or to found a religion. He came to embody truth in a sea of ignorance. In effect he came to teach the truth which had been forgotten. One such truth was the reality of reincarnation. That teaching was finally eradicated from Christian teachings by the Emperor Justinian in the Fifth Ecumenical Council around 553 AD.
    Obviously in a cosmos in which there are many trillions of beings, some are more evolved than others, but the aim is for all to eventually evolve into oneness with the Creator. The fact that this is an eternal process means there are no time limits on individual development.
    That’s my “take” on it, others will have their own perspectives.
    Peace and Blessings

  37. G’day Pilgrims,

    Like the Jewmedia and hasbara generally, WORLD CHANGER scoffs at serious discussion of humanity’s predicament; and suggestions as to what can be and is being done to ensure that this planet and all its inhabitants of good will, survive and thrive. He implies that if divine (Star Fleet) intervention has not already used FORCE to save humanity from itself and the Techma (Jews) and their ilk, it is because it and its Celestial management do not exist. This is the argument the Darkside always use: ‘IF I can’t see it, it doesn’t exist.’ AND: ‘If it doesn’t “DO ME SOMETHING”, it doesn’t exist.’ in the light of current knowledge of quantum physics, this viewpoint is absurd.

    The short answer to the criticism that Star Fleet hasn’t used FORCE to impose the Celestial management’s WILL on humanity is that such intervention would breach our free will. A critical mass of humanity here, has to WANT divine intervention before it can occur. In effect, we are individually and collectively responsible for our own “salvation”, our own evolvement. The reason that spirits incarnate in the physical world is for the purpose of EXPERIENCE. Spirits don a physical body in order to experience the material world and to evolve in knowledge and understanding through that experience. Those who do not wish to grow and evolve (ie to rise above the physical world while still in it) by making the mental and spiritual effort to understand WHO they are and WHY they are here, will fail to use the opportunity to grow and will need to repeat the incarnation experience until they do. Those who do make the effort to seek to grow will, as a consequence, put their shoulder to the global SHIFT in consciousness that is currently underway. That Shift is designed for the upliftment of both individual and collective global consciousness.

    The Celestial management of Gaia and its inhabitants is here for the ending of the Kali Yuga and of the quarantine imposed to prevent the Techma and “Fallen Angels” from escaping to contaminate other parts of this universe. Celestial management has to let humanity do the work needed to raise collective consciousness here but will assist us provided that we do the work. In other words there is NO rapture or other magical escape from personal effort on our part. That is why Star Fleet doesn’t invade this planet and remove our Dark brothers and sisters for us. We have to understand our situation and seriously desire change. That change is essentially a personal spiritual change in attitude and action. And although it includes righteous external action, it is primarily an internal spiritual evolvement. We don’t have to change others, but we must change ourselves.

    Zen Gardner puts it thus:

    ‘Left to our own we would naturally be drawing from consciousness new and beneficial “memes” or morphic fields to develop and help humanity, and not extinguish and control it like our current overlords of darkness.

    In other words: we’ve been sterilized, castrated, knee-capped, lobotomized and asphyxiated from the Truth and Knowledge of who we truly are and our incredible power to manifest and shape a loving, conscious world around us.

    As long as we let them fill the airwaves, ground waves and mind waves with their limiting, manipulative, oppressive and distracting propaganda and electromagnetic crap and don’t activate vibrational Truth to reverse the trend, society is literally being pushed off the map of true human awareness into the maw of a mental and social meat grinder.

    It’s entirely up to each of us what we do with this amazing energetic system. We can harm or we can heal. We can go along with the status quo or we change it. It will simply reflect whatever is put into it in its own fascinating way, and is doing its job at all times whether we acknowledge it or not.

    The beauty of this knowledge is the realization that every letter you write, every item you blog, every word you speak, every thought you think, every prayer or intention you utter, every loving or non-loving deed, every decision to do the right thing or not… EVERYTHING… is forming the world in which we live… societal, informational and the underlying morphic world which we all share.’

    Amen to that Pilgrims!
    For the full article see:

    You do not have to stick your head above the parapet Pilgrims, just strive to think and act lovingly at all times.
    Peace and Blessings

    1. What a waste of space and electrons. I have seen people who have meditated all their lives and who are still as dumb as a box of rocks.

    2. WC –

      I call many of those you referenced… so heavenly-minded, they are of no earthly-good.

      Some will not lend a hand at anything, not even self-defense.

  38. Like all goody goody “lightworkers” Chapman has been coopted by the Darkside and will not speak out against the Jews. His “sources” speak only in generalities and will not give any discussion for improvement of the situation: This guy Stone does. Where is Starfleet’s info on this or is it just more ” The Emperor’s New Clothes” routine?

    “Subject: – World Class Investigative Truth

    It is time for war, from the people
    The most important part of this post is the response to the vaccine trolls that appears a little ways down this page. You should probably start rewording it after a while because it will get nailed by spam filters.
    I have to issue this warning because it is a social responsibility to do so. Either a war is fought now, or mankind (especially America) is FINISHED.

    And I mean totally irrevocably for time and all eternity FINISHED. And why? Because a few in the Jewish community have now had the guts to say that 1 in 10 American boys born within the last two years now have “autism” and The condition is specifically due to “genetic circumstance”. They are then beating around the bush, uttering idiocies to the idiots, asking how on earth such a huge genetic change could happen in all boys so fast, rather than taking millions of years for such a huge change – a change so drastic that the boys are sentenced to life no higher than that of a chimpanzee.
    And they are adding insult to injury by talking about how many autistic children are “savants”, which are people who are totally retarded but for some reason can do ONE THING as well as a normal person.

    What is a bacteriophage? A bacteriophage is a virus that attacks bacteria. Unlike viruses that attack people and other higher organisms, a bacteriophage is very, and I mean very selective in what it attacks. For example, a virus that attacks people will kill all races. But a bacteriophage is very selective, and will instead, for example, kill ONLY salmonella A, and will totally leave salmonella B,C,D, E,F, completely alone. So the type of organism that can be re-engineered to do a specific job and works GREAT for destroying only ONE type of neuron in the brain, be it a motor control, visual, emotional, or cognitive neuron is the bacteriophage, and that is why they chose the bacteriophage for the job of destroying the intellect of children via tainted shots.

    In addition to directly attacking the brain directly, the vaccines are now laced with differently programmed phages which attack the ovaries and testicles, and put their own new modified DNA into them without killing them so permanent genetic changes, which are passed along through the generations forever are made to anyone who receives a tainted vaccine. The human genome project gave them the map of our DNA they needed to accomplish this, and since it is the most filthy rotten people in the power structure now, as soon as they had the map, they proceeded as quickly as possible to use it as a tool for wiping mankind’s intellect out and are now proceeding to do exactly that via tainted shots.

    Many of my readers might remember the T4 bacteriophage report. Well, Kikedom used the T4 as the straw man, re-wrote history on the web, and then proceeded to shoot down the entire thesis. Do not allow them to get away with this, though it is DEFINITELY the T4 that is being used in the tainted shots, do not bother mentioning it, don’t even mention bacteriophages at all, though that is accurate it is too complex for people to grasp. ONLY MENTION IT IS VIRUSES BEING USED, because many many people at least understand that viruses work via DNA manipulation and telling a cell to produce more viruses by injecting viral DNA that tells the cell to do what the virus wants. Then tell people that the viruses in the vaccines are being used to, (rather than cause a sickness) they are being used to make changes to DNA that are permanent. That is why Bobbie started bouncing like a CHIMP after that “vaccination” and when trolls say that those who are scientifically illiterate are the only ones against vaccines, answer ONLY with this:
    Response >>>>>>>>>>>>…..(go to Jim Stone website)
    Chapman will not talk of the Holy Ghost nor can he describe the experience which has been largely perverted by fundamentalist religions as they don’t understand it.
    Chapman should show us his photos with his Starfleet buddies arm in arm in front of their Saucer.
    He has no relationship with them and will add nothing to the improvement of this World.

  39. Kaminski has a new essay which just great as always but there is no solution given as always.
    Chapman has yet to address the Nuclear bombs dropped on Japan or 911 or Fukushima (Japan again) or the nukes Jews use in the Mideast conflicts. “Starfleet is on it.” Yeah, right!
    He does not address negative aliens abducting people on which to experiment.
    I know, Chappie, everthing is just AWESOME.
    The one question remaining is will there be anyone left to deal with when the Jews destroy the Goyim and complete the poisoning of the Planet?
    Now, Esu, is going to appear and do something. Right!
    And pray tell what race will he be? Will we finally, FINALLY get a White Man for a savior?

  40. We all are so Intellectual, so Philosophical, so Angelical, so…
    (in front of the keyboard? 😉 )
    But when we are make seated in the same chairs/thrones whom we point fingers at, won’t we become the same?
    😉 )

  41. G’day WORLD CHANGER,

    I addressed the Nuclear bombs dropped on Japan issue in my post of July 21, 2015 at 3:26 pm.

    911 occurred before the decision was made to prevent major use of nukes. Also, in addition to mini nukes in the sub-basements, other advanced technologies appear to have been used on 911.

    As I understand it, Fukushima was a natural earthquake and tsunami occurrence. The allegations of it being an attack on Japan have not been substantiated. Star Fleet DID take care of the worst of the Fukushima radiation leaks though, which is why it has not turned out to be the disaster it could have been. No big nukes have been used by Jews in the ME. If you disagree, specify the occurrences. Your allegations are always short on detail.

    You haven’t previously asked about negative aliens abducting people on which to experiment. The short answer there, is that such activities were carried out by ON planet Talmudic agents who also carried out the cattle mutilations because the bodily materials stolen from the cattle were needed to produce the Rothschilds’ synthetic robotoid “humans” used in their “clone” wars with the Soviets, as Dr Peter Beter explains.
    Peace and Blessings,

    1. Lobro –
      Nuts to you, too… cashews. 🙂

      You told me I could not trust the WB and IMF quotes… too many Jews.

      You were right… when you were wrong… still…

      Here’s the whole story… not as an economy in toto… but potential “purchasing power parity”…due to oil reserves.. IN 2013..!!

      “New data released by World Bank says that adjusted for Purchasing Power Parity Russia overtook Germany as world’s 4th economy in 2013”

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