Surprise, Surprise! — Netanyahu’s right hand man Sheldon Adelson facing allegations of links to Chinese organized crime

It comes as no surprise to learn that the ugly specimen below may have close links to the Chinese triads, second only to the Jewish Mafia in the criminal underworld.  Born into a poor Jewish family from Ukraine — his father was a taxi driver in Boston — young Sheldon embarked on his business career age 12 when he decided to borrow 200 bucks from an uncle. Smart move. By 2014, by sheer hard work and scrupulous honesty, Sheldon had managed to become the 8th richest person in the world with a fortune worth £36.4 billion. What an achievement for a poor Jewish boy who started his career by selling toiletry kits.


Haaretz, sourced from The Ugly Truth

Alleged ties to Chinese organized crime may mean serious legal problems for American casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, the Guardian website reported on Sunday.

Adelson owns the Israel Hayom newspaper in Israel and is a key supporter of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Suspicions of bribery and ties to organized crime emerged last week during Adelson’s four days of testimony before a Las Vegas court in a wrongful dismissal suit.

Steven Jacobs, former CEO of Adelson’s highly profitable casinos in the Chinese enclave of Macau, is suing Adelson’s Las Vegas Sands conglomerate, claiming that he was sacked for trying to break links to organized crime groups, the triads, and for attempting to halt alleged influence peddling with Chinese officials.

Far from laying the allegations to rest, the Guardian wrote, “the billionaire’s answers threw up yet more questions which he is likely to have to return to court to answer.”

Information from Jacobs prompted investigations by the United States Justice Department and federal financial regulators. If the allegations are shown to be true, Adelson’s gambling licenses could be in jeopardy.

The Las Vegas court hearing was called to decide whether the full case should be heard in the US or in Macau. If the judge rules that the case belongs in an American court, Adelson will face some difficult questions raised by his testimony, the Guardian wrote.

Many of the allegations concern the Hong Kong-born leader of the Wo Hop To triad Cheung Chi Tai, who is barred from entering the U.S. due to his “affiliation to organized crime.”

Adelson repeatedly told the court that his company “was not doing business” with Cheung, testimony that directly contradicted the evidence of his own deputy on the witness stand.

A Sands internal document indicated that Cheung was admitted to the casino’s exclusive Chairman’s Club, which normally comes with a personal letter from Adelson. Among the benefits are “extremely large lines of credit,” according to court records filed by Jacobs.

Las Vegas Sands finally broke with Cheung in 2010 following a Reuters report identifying his triad links.

In any future trial, Adelson is likely to face questions as to why Las Vegas Sands waited until the Reuters report to act when Jacobs has said in court submissions that “those ties were well known to Adelson — well before the Reuters’ article.”

59 thoughts to “Surprise, Surprise! — Netanyahu’s right hand man Sheldon Adelson facing allegations of links to Chinese organized crime”

  1. Adelson is a nasty piece of work. It doesn’t surprise me a specimen of Adelson’s ilk would associate with the Wo Hop To. However this particular triad is neither the biggest nor the most powerful being centred mainly in HK and Macau. The biggest and loosest triad is the 14K, followed by the Dai Huen Chai, both are notorious for their propensity to use violence. They allow any sort of criminal riff raff to join and use the Cantonese term Haak Sei Wui(Black Society). Perhaps the most powerful and exclusive triad is the Sun Yee On comprising only full blooded Chui Chow. Originally triads were established to resist the Manchu and support the previous Ming Dynasty. When the Communists took over they did a very good job of suppressing them because of their support for Chiang Kai Shek’s Kuomintang. However they flourished in HK, Macau, Taiwan and Chinatowns in the West. So yes Adelson is a typical Jewish gangster in the mold of Meyer Lansky, he will associate with any criminal element to further his aims.

    1. He is everything a little Golum Shyster should be……. he doesn’t fail.

  2. And to think, the “conservative” “law abiding” “liberty loving” “patriotic” “America loving” “christian” Republicans trip over themselves to get Adelson’s endorsement and seal of approval, LOL LOL LOL.

  3. Babylonian the whore the great sooner or later they will be destroyed’ these losers are the most inferior beings from darkest hollow earth’ they have turned US MEXICO CANADA into soulless bloody Sodom & Gomorrah nations’ they have no other place on earth’ this is why they are grabbing US Mexico and Canada with their teeth’ three nations destroyed with WTO AND NAFTA turned into prostitution hubs, drugs, etc.’ Vaticans, Rothchilds, monarchies, lodges, Satanists, bankers are all worshippers of the occult’ they have provoked the recent earthquake in Nepal that killed over five thousand people’ because these Satanists know, very, very well they are going to be destroyed sooner or later’ they already saw their destruction and their punishment’ their punishment is going to be frozen dead alive in the darkeness for an eternity!

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    The ark of covenant would destroy Babylonian The Great this ark has a lot of energy similar to the movie from Steven Spielberg, can’t remember the title’ ark of covenant has a very powerful blinding energy and it must be opened by elected people who would do wellness for humanity!

    Since Babylonian The Great are being kicked out from Eurasia by the BRICS nations now they have turned and are carving Euro-America ‘ The West has been completely thoroughly totally ruined by Babylonian the whore mother of all repugnant things on earth! The West is already a dying, decaying civilization, ruined financially, morally, ethically, diplomatically by these soulless hybrids’ they aren’t real human beings but soulless hybrids as Hillary , Angelina and Brad they are soulless hybrids, look at their eyes, they are soulless and a bunch of hermaphrodites’ yes they are androgynous soulless beings all of them and they live very, very tormented due to their sexual disorders ‘ this is why they push homosexuality so hideously’ because these hermaphrodites as Alberto the Monaco fear very, very much strong tough males’ they would be destroyed!!

    1. @ TheRealOriginalJoe
      @ Flor


      I want your genuine input on this commenter known as “Flor”. To my mind, he appears to belong in Spamblinka even more than YOU do! I am being honest. Many of your comments, though grossly offensive, are often quite amusing and even lucid. You have your fans on this site, especially Ingrid B.

      The comments posted by this character called “Flor”, however, are all mentally deranged rants referring to Sodom and Gomorrah and the Whore of Babylon and never once does he offer any concrete or useful information on ANY topic! His comments are all alike. Wild-eyed rants that have no bearing on the article just posted. Totally off-topic.

      Personally, I regard this guy as Zionist troll or a spam artist trying to cause a distraction. What think you, Joe? Is this guy for real? Should Toby put him on permanent monitoring or send him to Spamblinka?

      1. I personally do my own research before making any comment as what we are all doing is exchanged information and learning and questioning’ I got all these information from Alberto Canosa in Spanish , Luis Carlos Campos and many other websites with information regarding to Babylonian The Whore, The Great’ I may suggest you to go to you tube and research about the Whore of Babylon’ you will find out all these information’ in addition I have a translator from Mandarin to English’ I speak English and Spanish because all information is always twisted from one language to another’ Did you know that Babylonians invented languages to confuse and control humanity?

        Babylonian means confused whose almighty GOD = GOLD OIL DIAMONDS DRUGS, DEVILS, DEMOS DOLLARS AND YES THEY R WORSHIPPERS OF THE OCCULT!! Look for Tophet in ancient Assyria, these Canaan worshipers used to sacrifice their own babies in that hideous creepy helloween place is really creeepy’

        LOVE ON EARTH!

      2. I don’t think that FLOR is in the least mentally deranged. I think he speaks alot of sense, all be it symbolic of the past. Babylon may have been thousands of years ago, but its bloodlines rule today and there’s no doubt about that. The answers to our future most certainly lie in the past and Babylon will play and important part in unlocking them.
        When you look at reality, nothing has really changed other than technology.
        When he speaks of Sodom and Gomorrah, we are living in times no different to it, with perversions running on an much more massive scale.

      3. For once I agree with Harbinger.. Flor is saying pretty much what everyone here is saying, or thinking, only phrasing it differently, probably due to oriental upbringing.. btw, Flor may be a lady..

    2. A lot of people would class you as nuts…….but, I agree with your thoughts 100%……Ouch! Wait for the incoming…………….

  4. The question is : is Sheldon Adelson “tainted” by relations with the Chinese Triads or are the Chinese Triads “tainted” by relations with Sheldon Adelson? Who is the greater criminal?

    1. Good point Franklin. As they say in Ireland the triads are “ordinary, decent criminals.” Adelson most certainly is not because he corrupts at the highest levels. There is most definitely a question mark over the integrity of any politician he comes into contact with or funds. One look at that ugly visage is enough to send one to pay homage to the porcelain god.

    2. “Who is the greater criminal?”

      In my view…. the one who gets the most money for China’s human organ harvesting business…. such as
      the one’s using China’s – Death Vans – and the Harvesting of Human Organs for the Global Transplant Black Market even on the streets.

      1. what are you saying pat? i don’t quite get it.
        also some links please, this sounds interesting but i haven’t heard of it before, death vans etc.

      2. ok, read it and without further evidence pro or con, have to take it at its face value.

        if it is meant to highlight the “evil of chinese system”, i am not sure how this is accomplished.

        is capital punishment an evil practice?

        if yes, then china is on par with the usa, never mind the numbers of the executed.
        and let’s face it, usa certainly competes for the top spot with israel in terms of extrajudicial killings which put to shame even the high estimate of 8,000 by china (completely off the wall, since the other estimate was 3,000).
        i watched a video of one drone operator who quit to claim ptsd benefits who by own count was responsible for executing something like 1,400 people, some possibly even guilty of something or other.

        if capital penalty is ok in principle, then the relevant question is whether all these executed people were truly guilty or what was the percentage of innocents among them.
        we fully know of many cases where wrongly convicted inmates were put to death in the states.
        as for the organ harvesting, once you accept that taking a human life is justified under some circumstances and on understanding that many people are on life support due to organ shortage, then what do you do with corpses of the executed people, throw them in the compost instead of saving one or more upright, socially valuable and productive lives?
        from whatever standard you look at it, economic or medical, by wasting that body, you actually increase the body count because the patients will die.
        by reusing organs, just as many drivers consign their organs for medical purposes in case of a fatal road accident, you take a life (possibly) worth destroying but at the same time save one or more lives well worth saving.

        simple math, not that i advocate ramping up executions anywhere.

        i like iranian sharia model: when a clerical court pronounces someone guilty of crime punishable by death, such as murder, the victim’s family is invited to decide whether he deserves death or imprisonment.
        thus they get the greatest right and heaviest responsibility at the same time, ie, if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

      3. Yes… the chances of getting organs from those who have gotten the death penalty increases in direct proportion to the number of crimes which include death penalties… So to look better… they took death penalty away from ‘spitting on sidewalk’ and ‘jay-walking.’

      4. Pat
        I don’t really see the relevance of organ harvesting to a couple of mendacious Jews, but I think when it comes to the worst and most diabolical crime perpetrated in the last 30 years on planet earth, I would say it’s the use of depleted uranium.
        This is veritable crime against nature and a direct mockery of God’s handiwork. There will be terrible karmic consequences for the countries involved in this evil.

      5. moreover, it seems that majority of those executed were dope dealers.

        now consider china’s semi-recent history, like 200 years or so.
        read here about what jews and opium did to chinese empire, shortly before that the world’s mightiest and the most advanced, who among other things had atlas of the world before magellan’s circumnavigation (so much for their lack of creativity and slavish mimicking of superior american tech)

        In Order to boost the trade David Sassoon forced the farmers in Bengal to stop farming food and turn to growing opium poppies. This change in cropping patterns was to have disastrous consequences later for Bihar Bengal and Uttar Pradesh The climate in Bengal was very good for growing opium and Sassoon’s business flourished. He became a MEMBER OF THE EAST INDIA COMPANY, A FIRM OWNED AND RUN BY JEWS(a fact few Indians know even now ) out of the City of London. So successful was the opium business that the tax the East Indian Company paid to England paid for all English wars between 1831 and 1905.

        Sassoon’s sons were busy pushing this mind-destroying drug in Canton, China, and their trade expanded alarmingly. Between 1830 – 1831 they trafficked 18,956 chests of opium earning millions of dollars. Part of the profits went to Queen Victoria and the British government. In the year 1836 the trade increased to over 30,000 chests and drug addiction in coastal cities became endemic.

        By 1880 it had skyrocketed to 105,508 chests, making the Sassoons the richest Jews in the world next to the Rothschild’s.The Sassoons were now licensing opium dens in each British occupied area with large fees being collected by their Jewish agents.Pretty soon the Rothschild’s and Sassoons were tied in marriage when one of Davids many grandsons Sir Edward Albert Sassoon (1856 – 1912), the son of Albert, married Aline Caroline de Rothschild,

        after one of chinese rebelions against opium slavery, the brits, who at the time were to jews what the americans are today, ended up extracting the hong kong peninsula as part of an unequal, enforced treaty.

        so what do you think the attitude of chinese authorities may be toward jews and massive drug smuggling and dealing in their homeland?

        i would this instant sign for the execution of those 3,000+ dealers, in fact, i would say that the number is too low, let the death squads hunt down and exterminate those responsible at the top and their organs transferred into needy dogs.

        think about that number, pat before jumping that human rights gun.
        over 100,000 chests of opium in a year.
        how many destroyed lives, one million (per year)?
        how many destroyed families, wives, children left begging in the streets, prostituting themselves for sustenance while the greasy jew agents stalk like vultures?

        this is the question worth asking, not the alarmist “death vans”.
        of course soros’s open society foundation would be screaming about “death vans”, while the real work goes on in the background.
        ask adelson.

      6. I think you are alluding to the vermin in our midst enjoying all the perversions from the time of Babylon… I’m sure Henry K, The sad f*** the Duck of Edinburgh and of course the ‘Great Wizard’ himself…..stand up and applause – all their organs come from the Palestinian children killed by the IDF. I know Chinese harvest organs for their elite……we live in funny times, maybe we have been here before.

    3. Off-topic: re Stephen Hawking.

      I have just an interesting article called “Stephen Hawking died and has been replaced.” According to the article, Stephen Hawking died many years ago and has been replaced by an imposter. The article claims that even his famous book “The Great History of Time” is a fake because Hawking actually died before the book was written.

      Question: Is the article a spoof?

      1. interesting premise and conclusion, sard.

        as part of my grad training i did a half course in cosmology whose main text was hawking+ellis: large scale structure of space time.
        what little i recall was straight math.
        however, this is an old work, over 30 years, so it would have preceded the postulated death of hawkins from lou gehrig disease.

        not saying it is true but the guy’s thesis makes sufficient sense to merit serious consideration.
        i don’t follow theoretical physics much but one guy who should know and whom i would trust because he is a better mathematician than hawking ever was (developed fields further with quite a number of good theorems) is roger penrose from hawking’s faculty at cambridge.
        i guess he would have his reasons for keeping quiet about this, if true.
        he is also openly dismissive of some of the jew fantasia like the string theory.

      2. It is very rare for someone with Hawking’s disease to live to the age that he did….it is a degenerate condition.

  5. I take exception to this being an ugly face, this is anti-Semitic bias at its worst, like an age-old canard, anti-Semitism raises its ugly islamofascist head since time immemorial.

    This is a face of Suffering Jew, forever maligned, misunderstood, yet unswerving in his devotion to raising goy out of primordial mud as he sadly ponders Tikkun Olam, the Way of Talmud, that commands every Jew to advance the messianic project of improving the world, thereby bringing the return of Messiah closer, every day in every way.

    As any media source will readily confirm, Sheldon Adelson is primarily a PsychoPhilanthropist, someone who tosses and turns with insomnia if a day passes that he hasn’t done a major good and pleaseth the Lordeath.

    It is a face suffused with beatific inner Juditude that only goys and lower animals, the ones that perish owing to lack of soul would begrudge and turn a blind eye to the radiant beauty streaming forth.
    Lasha, can you get an avatar for our St Sheldon, maybe where he wears that lacy facemask, something like this.

    1. Jewish billionaires are often made to appear as evil while the wealthy goys look like the pope. This is nothing but jealousy and ignorance. The Ashkenazim Jew is blessed by Mother Nature with an innate intelligence combined with shrewdness these two factors explain Jewish success. Let them thrive unmolested.

      1. If Gentiles can become billionaires just like Jews, why should Gentiles then be jealous of Jews? Maybe we are talking here not about jealousy but about moral condemnation of the way Jews become so rich, i.e. by your much lauded Jewish “shrewdness”. Immoral Jews never can understand why they are hated.

      2. i am getting really tired of your false meme, potluck.
        because i explained on at least two occasions, once in direct response to this canard that even accepting that jews’ average iq is 117 (something that they never tire of parading before us, whether true or exaggerated as is their wont), it means that only half of jews score 117 or higher, ie, only 7.5 million, whereas under the assumption of average goy iq of 100 and standard deviation of 15, there are almost 1 billion (0.9 billion) goys whose iq is 117 or higher, ie, more than a hunderfold.

        and because this is in no way reflected in distribution of top positions in any of the chokepoint fields of government, parliamentary, industry, finance, judiciary, medicine, academia and media, let alone top crime (white collar swindles, ponzi schemes, drug smuggling, organs, porn+prostitution, human slavery, etc), it is the ironclad proof that jews as a group are a bunch of criminals and as soon as someone is known to be a jew and exhibits any material success, he should be thrown in jail until proper investigation, up to and including death penalty.

        simple as that.
        so go lie low for 2 weeks and peddle that meme again as if nothing happened, typical of a brazen faced jew.

        in fact, given that no jew has ever done any useful work, any jew who is not homeless and starving should automatically be suspect and arrested pending further investigation.
        and show me one single homeless jew in the whole world.

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  7. @ Madame Butterfly
    Dear Darkmooners/Admin:
    Flor may be ranting to you, but he speaks the truth. You need to read the Bible and the book of Revelation to see the reference to Mystery Babylon, the great Harlot that rides the beast. As for Sodom and Gomorrah, they represented the most vile sexual perversion of their day and we have such conditions today, on a global scale, so their being mentioned is noteworthy. As for this article it proves that jewish money power has been in China for some time now if not as far back as the diaspora of the judeans in AD 70, or the conversion of jewish names to chinese names under the Ming dynasty of the 13th – 15th century, or the British Empire (jewish money power) and the Opium wars against China. The real questions are: why is this out now and what purpose does it serve? Is it a distraction for America and the world to show that a little jewish fish is causing problems in China, so much so we are supposed to hate this one specific jew while the Big Fish (puppetmasters) go unnoticed. I am sure that with int’l jewry control of the media and the courts, once the objective is achieved, this story and Sheldon Adelson’s crimes will disappear like a puff of smoke. I get the feeling Darkmoon, is now on a campaign to expose as many of the little jewish fish like Adelson, Femen, Pussy Riot, Pamela Geller, Barbara Lerner Spectre and Janet Yellen while the likes of George Soros, crypto-jews Putin, Hollande, and Merkel, along with the puppetmasters go unnoticed. But I guess you have to start somewhere to spotlight int’l jewry power. Finally as for FLOR, continue to speak your knowledge, even to those that do not understand it. However, people like Max, SPQR, Felix, Pat, Lobro, Brownhawk and myself understand it. Buenos Dias and Buenos Travajo Flor. Vielen Dank, Norbert.

    1. Norbert –
      From you comment….
      “….the likes of George Soros, crypto-jews Putin, Hollande, and Merkel, along with the puppetmasters go unnoticed.”

      I noticed them.
      Especially crypto-jews like Putin, who was raised by the Pharisee family of a rabbi.
      If any other person on earth was raised by a rabbi… that person would be called a Pharisee. He gets a pass.

    2. Rothschild in China – Investing in China’s Weather – E.L. Rothschild Captures Weather Central, Launches – ‘Helping’ Farmers.

      Rishaad Salamat: Sir Evelyn de Rothschild joins us now, to talk about investing in China and his latest venture – Weather Central – here as well. Sir Evelyn , thank you very much indeed for joining us; I just want to get your views on how things have evolved. Has it become a more open society – has it become an easier place to do business?

      Evelyn de Rothschild: Oh, I think it is, no doubt: I think it’s a remarkable country. When you think of what has happened in the last 10 years, let alone 20 years, it is an achievement beyond recognition. I think that one of the things that is so important is people must come to China: not only come to the east coast, but to go into China and see the potential, and see what has been developed by the government and by private enterprise. Private enterprise is the biggest earner of opportunities, and I think it is remarkable, and I think one can but say the achievement should be recognized worldwide”. Some people think Abel Danger is “controlled opp”, I personally disagree. Any thoughts?

  8. I think it was Aldous Huxley who stated that the Chinese were the people whom the western leaders saw as the ideal worker. Obedient, hard working, never complaining, accept what they’re given…’s the wet dream for any tyrant.
    So we all know that western industry has been sold off to China and India. We all know who’s in charge of the west, so it doesn’t really come as any surprise that Jews are in bed with the Triads. This man is one of many. All crime syndicates are connected to one another.
    The American empire will fall, probably while destroying Russia with China to step in, pick up the pieces and become the world’s next global superpower.

  9. Mention multi-billionaire, George Soros, the man who broke the Bank of England and now deals out financial aid to every subversive leftist/Marxist movement on our planet, and one is reminded of France’s great early 20th century, socialist/Marxist revolutionary, Georges Sorel, the vile Jew with the exceptionally ugly face and promiscuous/fiendish sexual manners. (Jewish ancestry, etc, and preferred buggery) …… In the Jewish world of lies and deceptions a manipulated history of events keeps repeating itself again and again – same scenarios different dates – and like a rolling snowball keeps on getting bigger and bigger; and ever-more POWERFUL. ….. And their hidden strings are inexorably marching the indifferent, dumbed-down Gentiles to their burial trenches, where lime will be cast upon them from eager Jewish hands. ….. In 30 years time, I have been told, the JEWS will rule the roost over our planet’s population of approx 900 million people; and then, gradually and inevitably, the planet will becomes Adolf Hitler’s vision of a “lifeless void, floating endlessly in space”. Always remember: JEWS support TOTAL DEATH THEORY! NULLA-HUMANIS! ….. They are “of their father, the devil.”
    And Georges Sorel? ….. Nesta Webster (World Revolution, p.275) said that he abhorred the idea of an altruistic Working Man’s Paradise that was supported by many other Marxists (eg Sydney Webb) and spoke of a World Revolution “stripped of its illusory wrappings and revealed in all its naked deformity.” … DEFORMITY? Like Billy Clinton ejaculating in the Round Office, or Ms Silverstein licking a dog’s arse! Or Jannie Yellen turning on her counterfeit money-printing presses overnight! Like a Pussy Riot sheila bending over!
    Further, “it is avowedly anti-patriotic, anti-religious and anti-democratic and talks of rule by force and violence. This is the true ongoing program of the Illuminati.” …. FORCE AND VIOLENCE, whether you are at an anti-banks rally or killing small children in the Gaza Strip, or burning and looting in a city in the USA!
    George Soros and Georges Sorel, like all king-pin, big-monied JEWS, stand for the exact same thing: Said Sorel, “It is impossible not to see that a sort of irresistible wave will pass over the old civilization.” (Webster, p. 275)
    The “irresistible wave” is George Washington’s nightmare vision of a huge “red cloud” of Jewish EVIL inexorably and inevitably drifting its way across the Atlantic from Europe. ….. “Reality”, my Dear Lambs? …. The REDSHIELD is victorious! Be obeisant to your Jewish masters, get your papers in order, and be prepared for your imminent DEATH! …. All hail the Georges! …. And turn into a JEW quick-smart! …. But don’t be a rank and file Jew as they, too, are doomed! You have to seize any “position” you can in their hierarchy in order to LIVE a bit longer! As a Jew, join a Jewish bank’s staffing complement or volunteer for the Israeli Military’s Officer School. You will be trained to throw dirt into long body trenches! …. Apply NOW at your local synagogue! Grow your beard long and messy before you go and leave your wife/galfriends in the car!

  10. Two lying jews in a jewish court (all in the USA are) accusing each other of being a liar because both of them are involved in a criminal enterprise known as casinos and only one is associated with another criminal enterprise is worthy of attention except that another criminal enterprise, the government, might get involved since one criminal political party’s candidates want money from one of the lying criminals?

    This just proves that there is no honor among thieves.

    1. Though I have no inside information, I think it is very well possible that behind this move is Obama’s administration that wants to neutralize Adelson before he can chose the next Republican candidate willing to start a war against Iran. Adelson seriously contemplates such a war. He has even suggested to throw an atom bomb in a desert of Iran as a warning to the Iranian regime*). It is well known that Obama doesn’t want a war against Iran, and he has successfully resisted pressure from the Jewish lobby to start one. Probably he wants to prevent such a war after he has gone and the Republicans have taken over. If this is true and if this succeeds, then this will be one of the few redeeming features of the legacy of his administration.

      *) For a video where Adelson suggests throwing an atom bomb in a desert of Iran, see :

      1. yes franklin, not a bad theory.

        there are tiny straws in the wind (and what is there anymore to grab onto in this situation but straws?) that obama and merkel (and heck, maybe even a semi-jew like hollande) are trying what tiny bit they can without getting immediately assassinated by own security detail like jfk was.
        in that there might be a very deeply buried underground network of military officers still loyal to america and what remains of shredded constitution, as badly conceived as it was, it was still better than plain noahide that rules us today.

        there could be such tenuous networks around the globe today, centered in tehran and moscow and beijing, people who are not okay with jew.

        the easiest thing is to refuse to read between lines and just gobble down the msm swill by the shovelful that is being bulldozed at us.
        which is exactly what the jew wants.

  11. “Genocide is coming through the Rainbow Covenant.” What is the significance of the Rainbow and Judiasm? “The Talmud (Hagigah 16a) states that one who gazes too intently at the rainbow will suffer a diminution of his eyesight. In the Kabbalah, the colors of the rainbow represent the various shades of the Sefirot. The rainbow has thus become in Jewish thought the symbol of both God’s glory as manifest in the universe and God’s faithfulness to His covenant to mankind and to the people of Israel. The word berit (‘covenant’) is used both in connection with the rainbow and with circumcision, the covenant with Abraham”.

    The Jew Noahide movement has the Rainbow as it’s symbol. The LGBT movement has the Rainbow. The film “Eyes Wide Shut” about Masonic powers has Rainbows everywhere.

    “Are you ready? Here we go. A great cleansing of the earth is on the horizon. The Rainbow Covenant, disguised as peaceful yet this sinister scheme is far from peaceful. Through this so called peace the outcome will be massive Genocide. ”

    In “The Rainbow Covenant,” author Michael Dallen shows that in addition to the well-known ten commandments directed at the Jewish people, under biblical law there are seven universal commandments which should govern the conduct of the rest of mankind … Noahide Law” – James S. Lawrence

    “This Ram’s Horn message must be loudly blown in the ears of the people. If we blow loud enough, we might reach the deaf! Clearly, this Rainbow covenant does not end with a pot of gold but a blood bath of innocent blood! This movement is and will take over the world! This false peace, to appease the flesh, all those who refuse will be considered non-peaceable. The opposers will be killed or as some say recycled.”

  12. Hello ESP,

    The Two Minutes of Hate with Sheldon Adelson the US/ZI/UK, I put the ZI in the middle, the gambling mogul, the new Republican Daddy, a fascinating character. But since the Supreme Court has legalized corruption with the Super Political Action Committees, his influence on “the greatest democracy” should not be a surprise to anyone, like his relationship with China’s crime syndicate, since he owns Casinos in Macao.

    I think, as a dead man walking like George, that he is playing the “tree that hides the forest” part. The Guardian and Haaretz? Even the NY Times mentioned him in 2014 in an article entitled “The Line to Kiss Sheldon Adelson’s Boots” with Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Scott Walker, John Kasich and Dick Cheney in the role of the chaperone. I don’t think Christie will be chosen, though, since he declared he overflew “the occupied territories”. My money is on Jeb since America always likes a good come-back.
    Or maybe, he is here to insure the future victory of Hilldog, who would not mind to bomb Iran with “the nuke in her snatch”, by making a fool of Republicans. Yes, Hilldog is the best horse and Chelsea is on the cover of Elle magazine, so maybe a blond woman will trigger Pike’s prophecy, just after a smooth black man bombed Iraq… You remember that Woodrow Wilson was supposed to be against the Federal Act.
    I like French drama politics scenario better with the pro UE/US Republican, the fake anti UE “Neo-Fascist” to triangulate/demonize and the Black, euh, Afro-American cleaning lady. After that, Occidentals are giving lesson of democracy to the World, like Francois Hollande in Cuba. Maybe they liked gambling Batista better with the open-aired brothel. You are the whore Francois.

    I am embarrassed. Just like Israeli journalist Uri Avnery, a post-Zionist whatever that means, who wonders how ordinary Americans are reacting to the
    “spectacle of a billionaire-especially a Jewish billionaire- who chooses the future President in their place. We are told that anti-Semitism is increasing in Europe and in the World. In the crazy mental world of anti-Semites, Jews rule the cosmos. And here we have a Jew, straight out of the protocols of the Elders, who tries to designate the president of the most powerful nation in the World…”
    Let’s call him a wondering Jew. I would wonder myself “if I were a Jew” in Israel. That could make a great Beyoncé song after “sweet dream beautiful nightmare, (turns the lights on)” and “who runs the world? girls”

    I am sure, Melvin, that Sheldon, as a smart Ashkenazi investor, bet good money on the rigged “gold for shit” fight Pacquiao/Moneyweather. As I am sure he gave the tip to all his ashkenazis smart buddies. But who organized the 100$ paper-view game again? It must be a smart man, of course, just like Larry and his smart terrorist insurance safety clause.

    Flor, your comments make a lot of sense to me. The “next Republican idol” meeting was held in “The Venetian” in Las Vegas. Me, I like Venetian, but it’s because of “the Perfidious Albion”. Maybe you are a rasta.
    But this is one thing I cannot overstand
    dem nah teach me nothin bout mi ancient land
    Inna the school and the college and the institution
    the curriculum that I get is European
    Ah teach me bout Marco Polo and Napolean
    Nah teach me nuttin bout the river Nile bank
    where civilization it began
    You say thou shall not steal and should not kill no one
    yet you steal treacherize and then you teach wrong
    (Sizzla) yea yea slave and you murder all mi dad and mi mom
    But wicked Babylonian and you will have to burn
    Sizzla/Beyonce the black dialectis.
    Burn where? In kurt’s “lake of fire”, maybe. That makes perfect sense, especially the history part.
    If you consider, of course, that Babylon refers to the system built on slavery, the global financial/free market/globalization system. Except now the wage slaves are on the loose ,since NATO under USrael lead, has bombed their countries, flooding unemployed Europe without borders, recreating Babylon. Maybe you heard about the Quota System to address forced migrations in the brand new Babel tower of Bruxelles. David.C and Nigel.F won’t like that.
    Flor, for you, this article in Spanish/Deutch/French about Adelson.
    El gangster que compró a los republicanos estadounidenses
    That’s a smart investment, Melvin, if you don’t care about the bloody mess, of course. But Diogene didn’t care about Alexander, did he?
    Max since you mention Sorel.
    “La légende du Juif errant est le symbole des plus hautes aspirations de l’humanité, condamnée à marcher toujours sans connaître le repos.”
    Maybe you speak French, who knows?

    I wish you all well, en ce jour d’Ascension.

    1. One of the most psychically entrenched Talmudic abracadabras to shake off is that “the river Nile bank where civilization it began” jive.

      The very epitome of still rivers run deep PC conditioning..

  13. I keep explaining and nobody listens, SHREWDNESS is a talent monopolized by Jews, it is their birthright. Lobro keeps talking about the high IQ of the goyish majority and he is correct, but he thinks SHREWDNESS is a non-existent talent and dirty word. The goy is not shrewd because he has not the talent even if he spends his whole life trying. The goy is a wanabee dirty player and he sure is dirty but fails at most attempts to be shrewd. I repeat SHREWDNESS is an innate Jewish talent and Jews are as clean as the Popes choir boys.

    1. @Melvin

      If you define shrewdness as the ability to lie, cheat, steal, and murder without remorse to accomplish a goal, then you are correct. Otherwise, you are not.

      1. origin of the word “shrewdness”

        1275-1325; Middle English shrewed, in part representing shrew+ -ed3(cf. dogged, wicked); in part probably past participle of shrewen to curse, v. use of shrew(see -ed2)

        a dogged, wicked, accursed people, yeah right, so why are we arguing?

        kol nidre is an example of shrewdness.

    2. “I repeat SHREWDNESS is an innate Jewish talent and Jews are as clean as the Popes choir boys.”

      If you would call the Jewish innate quality that gives them success in all their dirty businesses throughout history SHYLOCKNESS then I would agree. Only Jews have SHYLOCKNESS, we Gentiles don’t, but that is because our souls don’t come from those satanic spheres that were your original home before you decided to descend on our unfortunate planet to torment us. Hopefully you Jews will soon return your original demonic home and serve Satan, who – as Jesus so clearly said – is your “Father” :

      “…Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own ; for he is a liar and a father of it…” John 8:44.

      1. Franklin,

        Do actually believe this, that the Jews are of demonic origin “and come from those satanic spheres that were your original home”? Or are trying to express your deeper philosophical thoughts in figurative terms? Not that I have any problem if this is what you actually believe in a literal sense. I suspect that my friend Lobro thinks along these lines too. Though he is not quite sure if God exists, or what weird Entity God might be, he has no doubts about the existence of Satan and the realm of demons.

      2. shrewd



        adjective: shrewd; comparative adjective: shrewder; superlative adjective: shrewdest


        having or showing sharp powers of judgment; astute.
        “she was shrewd enough to guess the motive behind his gesture”

        synonyms: astute, sharp-witted, sharp, smart, acute, intelligent, clever, canny, perceptive, perspicacious, sagacious, wise; informalon the ball, savvy, heads-up;

      3. @ Lasha Darkmoon

        I believe that the Jews are a special group of souls already far advanced on the path of evil, which will ultimately lead to full demonhood and irredeemability.

        I believe they already were that way on their own planet (or in their own “sphere”), before they started to incarnate among us (beginning with Abraham). I believe that incarnation on our planet is their “last chance” to be redeemed, but that most of them don’t take that chance and continue to be evil.

        Jesus took birth among them especially to save them, but he was rejected. His message was the opposite of Judaism : love instead of hate, forgiveness instead of revenge, sincerity instead of hypocrisy. The Jews hated him ever since.

        Consciously the Jews don’t know the fact of their different origin, but unconsciously they do. That’s why they feel fundamentally different from the rest of humanity, up to the point that they believe they themselves are only human while we are not.

        Besides being evil, the Jews have an “inverted” mentality, according to which harming others is “good”, while resisting that harm is “bad”. Jews therefore are always “innocent” because harming non-Jews is a virtue. Sexual perversions, coprophilia and the cult of ugliness are also “virtues” among them.

        Jews see it as their sacred “mission” to lead the world to an horrible dystopia which they call tiqqun olam, literally “repairing the world”.

        Here is a video of a rabbi who openly states that Jews come from a different world, descended on earth to take control of humanity :

        Some comments on it can be found at :

        John de Nugent, major Russian-Israeli rabbi says Jews do come from another dimension and are “here to conquer the world” and “the earthlings”.

        Our planet earth itself is of a rather low spiritual and moral level, therefore we “deserve” the presence of such a problematic group. As you may have noticed, Jews can only “function” in their evil ways in a environment of vice and crime, and that is the clue how to escape their influence.

        1. Franklin,

          Thanks for explaining all this so clearly and succinctly. You certainly have a highly original take on the Jews! Hmmm, I must make a point of checking out that YouTube video.

      4. With Eustace Mullins having best identified the parasitic condition plaguing human society, I’ll take it a step further in asserting that at the core of the problem is genetics in and of itself.

        “Man” is the spiritual essence of hu-man, with “hu”, and others with prefixes, e.g.; repto-man (reptilian) denoting a corruption (of varying degrees, depending on the particular prefix) in the form of a ‘cloak’ called matter (the disorientation of Spirit), and representing a surreptitious action of genetic engineering whose operation reflects a separation from the “Divine Congregation”.

        Genetics is a device of ‘circumvented imagination’ used in a ‘schematic’ whose designs are fashioned and incorporated to form a host/parasite system. Why parasitic?

        For the rebel of Creation to exist at ALL it can only be so. Its primal dependence on another (the Divine; of Divinity) is inferred, illustrated by its inability to make an “adequate return”, i.e.; to reciprocate in the give and take dynamics of Life. The particular genetic design of “jew”, and with respect to its various ‘hierachal’ levels, is predisposed in its make-up to be parasitized. But this predisposition doesn’t necessarily indict all jews as parasitic, given the vagaries in building the engineering ‘software’. Suffice to say, the basic intention to create a culture was realized (picture a petri dish labeled “jew”)

        All subjected to this fashioning of matter are duplicated – duped. As ‘dupes’ we experience life in a false state, where the cloak is perceived to be authentic, and wielding truthful authority. Embattled in a war which is “waged in sin”, with a full definition of “in sin” to mean existing under a cloak – insinuated.

        This constitutes the Big Lie, and what we think of as “free-will” is in effect WHATEVER it is we do amounting to spinning on hamster wheels and bouncing off shrouded walls.

        What is Divinely sanctioned has been violated, and the violating action caused the demonic effect.

        Think of “man” as a verb – “to man”; to manifest. The will of God for there to freely occur aspects of Itself in its various forms of imagination – “man created in God’s image” [freely occur: with “free” in this context defined as “not affected by a given condition or circumstance”, which would be the case, where manifestation prompted from the UNmanifest would have to be the FIRST CAUSE]

        Having said that, if you who are reading this show gratefulness for your existence, which implies having reverence for life, why did some not SEE it (that way), and not be true to the intent for your creation? This is inexplicable. Yet as a result, the intention for man(infestation) was rejected, but its formed existence couldn’t be undone. The manifested one who rebelled against the very intent for it to exist was stuck with itself. Its position is to ‘de-man’ (demon; diminish; demean; demented)

        HOW does it do what it does in implementing this vampiric SHROUD?

        Yet another quest(ion) in search of an answer

      5. Good post, Franklin

        We’re on a similar page, although I realize it’s difficult to grasp this genetic component of where I’m comin’ from. It’s difficult for me as well.

        I call ’em as I think ’em

      6. Hey lasha, what am I, chopped liver?

        It’d be nice if you threw ME a bone, dear hostess 🙂

  14. Sheldon was just trying to teach Chinese how to make money on Gentile’s blood and bones.

    On December 29, 2010 – The Jewish-owned Newsweek published an article by Isaac Stone Fish under the heading Selling the Talmud as a Business Guide.

    Isaac says his Chinese friend believes that Jews are “Very smart, very clever, and very good at business”. Now, who could challenge that considering how the Jews at Wall Street sucked US$11.6 trillion from US taxpayers as bail-outs. Not to mention US$3 trillion USAID to Israel since 1970s.

  15. Just to follow up…

    Being in the position of having rejected its existence COMPELS “esoteric jew” to its parasitic condition. The rejection incapacitates it. It doesn’t comprehend that it isn’t necessary for it to feed off others in order to exist.

    As Franklin alludes with jew’s “inverted mentality”, it defines psychosis, which I assert occurred in the way I’ve portrayed it.

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