The Addict’s Lament

Why are we so afraid to name the cause of our misery?

RetrieveAssetWhat kind of logic can be used on drug addicts when the straight world they are urged to return to is beset by bone-chilling predictions of apocalyptic methane doom, diseases raining down from the sky, daily threats of world wars, and demoralizing political corruption?  

Can anything you say to addicts actually convince them to leave their chemically induced fantasy worlds in favor of a consensual reality that today reads like a movie script out of an insane asylum?

Worse than that is realizing that the reality we are trapped in is in fact worse than the bad trip of mere drug addiction, because drug addiction can, with courageous discipline, be overcome, whereas this degenerative reality that ensnares us all today cannot be fixed at all, no matter how many ideas are put forth or well intended actions undertaken. There are simply too many divergent opinions working against each other for harmony to prevail.

They say addicts refuse to see the very cause of their desire to escape from reality. Today the same thing can be said about people who claim to want to see reality yet deliberately ignore the principal and obvious cause of our collective distress.

Has it as yet crossed your mind that the elimination of Israel and the arrest of key influential Jews in the United States and elsewhere would increase immeasurably the chances for peace and prosperity throughout the world?

And furthermore, do you realize that such a roundup would go a long way toward resolving the world’s financial difficulties — since criminal Jews control the world’s banking systems. This would also clean up the world’s medical establishment, because ever since the invention of the American Medical Association by a Jew named Morris Fishbein, doctors have been primarily concerned with deceiving and fleecing patients rather than curing them.

Today’s principal diseases are caused by the medical profession, not cured by them. The medical profession is controlled by Jews.

Our addictions are provided by Jews. The cinema, the books, the television, the drugs, the music, the universities, the sex. We have become addicted to the poisons they are peddling, and we watch our diseased lives shrivel up before our eyes. We watch our children go emaciated and estranged from their families because of the culture warped by Jews.

The Jewish promotion of homosexuality is not about expanding personal freedom; it’s about destroying the family structure, about atomizing society, so that you will have no one to turn to when you’re in need. The state will prove a poor substitute for your mother.

The most important human relationship is between a child and its mother. It is this the Jewish puppetmasters seek to break at all costs, because it is the most powerful human bond and prevents their total takeover of all human minds. This is their goal, after all — a world of slaves no longer able to think totally united on a plantation run by Jews.

Just imagine if clandestine agents of Israel, pretending to be loyal Americans, did not surround every presidential candidate with endless bribes for sinister quid pro quos, and every television journalist didn’t feign orgasms when referring to Israel. Perhaps then we wouldn’t be waging wars and spilling blood to gratify Israel’s insane impulses, and would be fixing our bridges and schools instead.

There is a definite correlation between the continuing mayhem that ravages the world and the level of Jewish control that distorts social relations in all countries. The reason that chaos continues bears directly on people’s unwillingness to recognize the intent and behavior of our Jewish overlords. By controlling the money, they control our minds.

People are intimidated into conceding their right to point out Jewish criminality, like why Jews can hide in Israel and avoid prosecution for their crimes, no matter how serious. And now, with the state of the American judiciary, Jews can avoid convictions for crimes in the United States, especially financial crimes, simply by being Jewish, because all the judges are either Jews or appointed by Jews.

Despite the fact that the Jews’ malodorous manipulation of reality is evident from all directions, their guilt remains invisible directly because of the control of the mass media and educational systems they have usurped in all of the countries they have captured.

Has it dawned on you . . .

• That the most famous writers in America don’t ever mention Jews directly? That’s why they’re famous. That in itself should help you more accurately contemplate your nightmare, and question those you think are famous.

• That the serial bankruptcies of the United States have been the work of Jewish bankers. The U.S. dollar in 2000 was worth less than 5 percent of what it was worth in 1900. It’s worth even less today and is soon to be worth nothing.

• That college presidents spend more time promoting homosexuality and racial diversity on campus than they do developing a competent curriculum and promoting an actual and relevant education.

Based upon the existing data, we should have realized by now that the phony terror threats our masters have materialized overseas that have killed so many innocent people and made them so much filthy money would one day be brought home to us to fulfill the same profit making purpose.

The recent event in Texas at a cartoon contest mocking the Prophet Muhammad where two assailants were supposedly killed after supposedly shooting a security guard should be understood as yet another false flag provocation to intensify police state tactics and eliminate all protests about these tactics. Already military exercises are taking place all over the country for reasons that have not been made clear by the government, but are crystal clear to those with clear minds who have been watching the government tell all these lies all these years.

Small wonder that people everywhere are freaking out and fearing the worst based on all the lies they have been told by their government. Will dissenters be kidnapped and eliminated? How many more freedoms will we lose? Will the lifestyle we have been living — that we have become addicted to — be taken from us?

And what is your addiction, you ask? Take a look at your life. How all your meals come in little plastic packages. How everything you know arrives via electronic devices you don’t know how to fix. How people you never met and don’t know can steal everything you own in a heartbeat, and there’s nothing you can do about it, even if you’re completely innocent.

This is what you’re addicted to. So I ask the question again.

You are addicted. What is the point of aspiring toward normalcy when reality is a fraud?

Are you going to argue that overdosing is a worse way to go than being an innocent bystander murdered by police or wasting away with cancer caused by your local and leaking nuclear power plant?

So you have your cash, and you have your stash. What more do you need to live a happy life? It can all be taken away in the next ten minutes.

Is the next false flag event the one that takes your life?

Will you awaken in time to save your life? Not likely.

You have no hope until that moment when you admit you are addicted to that great Jewish mass murder machine that has hooked you on all these debilitating, mind-numbing luxuries that one day soon, not quite unexpectedly, will come and take your life . . .

. . . unless you do something about it . . . now.

The only way to avert the unsavory fate of an addict is to abandon all those habits and practices that keep the drug pushers in power. Unless we do that, there is no hope. Relinquish the idea of continuing on as before, or forfeit your life.


John Kaminski

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Most of his articles are featured here. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA. _____________________________________________________________________________

89 thoughts to “The Addict’s Lament”

  1. “The most important human relationship is between a child and its mother. It is this the Jewish puppetmasters seek to break at all costs, because it is the most powerful human bond and prevents their total takeover of all human minds.” Correct. My interpretation of George Orwell’s 1984 is a totalitarian Jewish run world…. perpetual war, slavery, the break-up of family etc. Quote “One morning, Winston wakes up crying in the room above Mr. Charrington’s antiques shop. Julia is with him, and asks him what is wrong. He tells her that he has been dreaming of his mother, and that until that moment, he has subconsciously believed that he murdered her. He is suddenly gripped with a sequence of memories that he had repressed. He remembers his childhood after his father left: he, his mother, and his baby sister spent most of their time in underground shelters hiding from air raids, often going without food. Consumed by hunger, Winston stole some chocolate from them and ran away, never to see them again. He hates the Party for having eliminated human feelings. He believes that the proles are still human, but that Party members like him and Julia are forced to suppress their own feelings to the point that they become virtually inhuman.”

    In Europe today, due primarily to the theft of the nation’s wealth by the Jewish banking cabal, especially in Greece (60% youth unemployment) and Spain (56% youth unemployment) where youth unemployment has reached grotesque levels, the family is under immense social and economic pressure. Domestic violence has increased (men and women) and so too has violence against parents from their adolescent mainly unemployed children, who cannot possibly afford to leave home for a more independent life.

  2. “Has it as yet crossed your mind that the elimination of Israel and the arrest of key influential Jews in the United States and elsewhere would increase immeasurably the chances for peace and prosperity throughout the world?”

    The arrest of key influential Jews would do nothing. As we know, Jews own the media, academia, politics, judiciary and social organisations, all of which are there to influence the mind of the populous. Therefore, the arrest of key, influential Jews, would merely be like cutting the leaf off of a weed in your garden. The rest of it remains to do damage.
    However if we were to arrest ALL JEWS in positions of influence, which means any Jew in a position of power, then it’s a different ball game all together.
    My question to John Kaminski is therefore, how on earth can you do such, without a military coup, not just in the USA, but coups all over Europe working in tandem with one another? Guaranteed, as soon as key influential Jews are arrested in one country, those in others will start working together to rectify this.

    Of course, the elimination of Israel would be fantastic, more so for the Jews, but a really broken Jaw for Zionism and Judaism over all. However, there’s also the main problem, which is of course the debunking of the holocaust, along with all other false flags done by Mossad and Israel.
    As far as I’m concerned, ‘Daddy Israel’ – the Rothschild banking cabal, will be incredibly hard to arrest, as I said, because they pretty much control all the groups mentioned above (msm, academia, politics etc). Arresting the Rothschilds would be like trying to land a killer whale with a fishing rod in my opinion.

    “The Jewish promotion of homosexuality is not about expanding personal freedom; it’s about destroying the family structure, about atomizing society, so that you will have no one to turn to when you’re in need. The state will prove a poor substitute for your mother.”

    Interesting that in my discussion with Sardonicus, he told me that David Cameron is going to make it illegal for ‘gay cures’. Even though doctors do not refer them and it’s an individual choice, David Cameron is essentially promoting the fallacy that people are born homosexual and it isn’t a choice.
    This yet further adds to why I’m an anarchist and completely against the state. Not only is Cameron pretty much riding the penis of the LGBT agenda, he’s doing everything he can to stop anything that criticises homosexuality. Lately he’s condoned a ban on a Christian foster couple from fostering children because they of their anti homosexual views.
    It’s state authoritarianism, proving beyond all doubt that governments do not work for nor have the best interests of the UK population at heart. They are a vehicle, for the promotion of views, of whomever pays the most.

    This is why I advocate anarchy. If there is no one in power then there’s no one to advocate laws on how society should be. Homosexuality wouldn’t exist in an anarchy as it does today. These fruitcakes would be beaten black and blue, until they realised that man was not created to lie with man, regardless if you believe in a God or not. There would be no homosexual agenda in schools, indoctrinating young impressionable girls and boys into becoming homosexual and bisexual. As long as the state prevails so to will the LGBT agenda.

    1. @Harbinger. If anyone questions the LGBT/Jew agenda by Cameron, they only have to look at the candidates for the 2016 London Mayor Election.

      Andrew Boff, openly homosexual. Jew or crypto?
      “Asked by Conservative Andrew Boff about the 179 “anti-semitic” incidents recorded in London in July, Mr Johnson said: “We are looking at it very closely. The Metropolitan Police take it very seriously.” Mr Boff said not enough was being done to tackle online hatred. Mr Johnson replied: “There is statute against hate speech and incitement and it should be enforced. It’s easy to track down users’ accounts. I would encourage that.”

      Stephen Greenhalgh. Jew or crypto?
      “Jewish groups met with London’s Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime (MOPAC), Stephen Greenhalgh, yesterday to discuss anti-Semitic hate crime at demonstrations and on social media. The meeting, convened by the London Jewish Forum, coincides with MOPAC’s publication of Hate Crime Reduction Strategy for 2014-2017. The Deputy Mayor welcomed the CST, London Jewish Forum, Jewish Leadership Council and the Board of Deputies.”

      Ivan Julian Massow, openly homosexual and a gay rights activist. Jew or crypto? “One of the greatest manifestations of our community’s remarkable success in traveling from the periphery of society to the mainstream is the abundance of gay politicians who hold high office whilst being open about their sexuality.”

      Sol Campbell, former England footballer! Homosexual? “Campbell’s brother John was jailed for twelve months in 2005 after assaulting a man who suggested Sol was homosexual”

    2. What a warped and unrecognisble ‘anarchy’ (at least anarcho-syndalism), and to those who want to turn Jesus into a weapon against homosexuality, lay off or face some theology, Mark

      1. Mark,

        Because of man’s tampering with chemicals in the food and water supplies, not forgetting drugs and vaccines, then I truly do believe that homosexuality is very much a creation.
        Sure, in the past there were homosexuals, but again that was either through choice (Spartans) and amongst the elites, who were perverts.

        Take bisphenol A for example. This is a synthetic estrogen. It is known to dramatically lower sperm cell count as well as being a ‘gender bending’ drug. This drug was used in the rinsing out of baby bottles and beer cans until it was stopped through findings of the damage that was done.
        Take mercury for example. Fishermen in England were complaining of hermaphroditic fish in a river they fished in, in the 90’s. An examination found that the birds who were eating these fish were showing homosexual behaviour to other birds. The cause was a factory up stream, dumping its mercury waste into the river which was having a drastic impact on the ecosystem. If the birds were trying to mate with one another, who were eating the fish, what about humans?

        There is high plausibility that homosexual behaviour amongst men and women is without a doubt the creation of the state, through chemical manipulation of the unborn, through vaccination. And who owns most of these bug pharmaceutical companies?

        Nowhere did I mention Jesus or religion in my post. I remain against homosexuality from a non religious stance. However, seeing as you mentioned Jesus, well he followed the law of Moses, who specifically forbade man lying with man and woman woman. Homosexuality is detrimental to the procreation of the species and is another tool in the depopulation of the planet.

    3. Cameron is in a hurry. From the Telegraph today 13 May.
      David Cameron to fast-track tough anti-terror laws.

      The new laws will mean powerful banning orders for extremist organisations which “undermine democracy” or give “hate speeches” – even if they do not break the law.
      What we are proposing is a bill which will have certain measures within it, measures such as introducing banning orders for groups and disruption orders for individuals, for those who are out there actively trying to promote this hatred and intolerance which can lead to division in our society and undermines our British values.
      Downing Street said that there will also be a “strengthened” role for Ofcom to ensure it is able to take swift action against television channels or radio stations which broadcast extremist content.”

      In other words nobody can talk about the Jew World Order, Jews did 9/11, Jewish Banking cabal, The Talmud, Noahide Law in USA and coming soon to the UK.

      1. “…….for those who are out there actively trying to promote this hatred and intolerance which can lead to division in our society and undermines our British values.”

        And the ironic thing is that the majority of readers will nod their heads completely oblivious to the hypocrisy stated.

        The ‘hatred’ started when the UK went to war against Iraq in 1985. In fact, before that when it granted the land of Palestine to the Rothschilds.
        Always amazes me of those who shout out about stopping ‘intolerance’ through their own intolerant behaviour.
        The ‘division’ within society started after WW2 when they started inviting all the non indigenous into the UK, starting with the west Indians on the Windrush, followed by the expelled Ugandan Asians and afterwards an open door immigration policy to anyone.
        There are no British values left, because of all the aforementioned reasons.

        Sadly people believe the BS that emanates from Cameron and all the the politicians and wonder why their life doesn’t get any better along with society. And they have the audacity to say to me “Well…..if you don’t vote you don’t have a say on matters.” Idiots.

    4. There is no way to end the desire of many men to suck a dick. Even under harsh Muslim law the desire still exists. There are two ways to deal with this lust, hide it or welcome the practice in every sphere of life.

  3. Babylonian the whore the harlot mother of all repugnant things on earth’ These most inferior beings have made alliances with soulless beings from darkest hollow earth’ these soulless beings from hollow earth have been manipulating humanity for thousands of years way back to the Egyptian empire’ that is monarchies, vaticans, lodges, masons, Satanists and all worshippers of the occult’ Indeed these Satanists are very, very successful because they work tirelessly to do evil 24/7/365′

  4. There are six thousand years of lies and humanity is already awakening very slowly’ official Babylonian media is losing a lot of viewers’ this means people are not watching mind control media’ Sooner or later Babylonian the Great will be destroyed’ all the truth will be revealed and this truth will destroy they’ they are very frightened also’ Eventually humanity will be microchipped’ this microchip is a micro bomb to take millions of human beings with then when the truth is revealed’ the people who refuse to be microchiped will be seen as outcasts all services will be denied to them’ the ones who are microchipped will die also’ so there is no choice except refuse the microchip’ the ones who refuse the microchip will live forever on earth and this is the greatest fear of these inferior beings from hollow earth’ they have a deeeeep hatred towards humanity because humanity are very, very superior over them’ this lead them to all these hideous destruction’

  5. Dear Darkmoon/John Kaminski:
    Yes the whole problem is the Matrix we are in and the Koolaid we absorb because of it. The article when it mentions the Mohammed contest in Texas, reveals another Zionist agent like a George Soros type on a smaller scale. This person is Pamela Geller. She is another one in the line of FEMEN and Pussy Riot, just richer then those groups but not as rich as George Soros. And again she has a jewish heritage. Sadly, Christians and Christian Zionists adore this Islam/Muslim race-baiter, because they are blinded to the truth and her purpose. Although Kaminski is correct that in terms of human relationships, the mother-child bond is the most important for our growth and development, more so than the father-child relationship, the only real relationship that will get us out of the Matrix/Koolaid is a personal spiritual relationship with Jesus Christ. For in this as shown previously, can the truth be revealed to help each one of us achieve victory over this Rothschild jewish Satanic system we are in. Unfortunately, according to worldly system standards this means a meager existence and probably death at some point soon. But Jesus offered HOPE when he said that those who lose their life for my sake will gain it (eternal life) and those that try to gain this life without him will lose it. This includes your SOUL. Thus this satanic system is setup for you to lose your life because you seek its illusionary (addictive) qualities. Things are not always as they appear. Only with Jesus can we break this illusion. So my question is, “Are you there yet to break free from this illusion/addiction?. Thanks, Norbert.

    1. Let me get this straight, what is being advocated here is taking a Jewish pill (Jesus) to cure a Jewish disease? There is nothing the Jew has ever offered that would help a non-Jew. Jesus came not for you, not for the gentiles, not for the world, but for the lost sheep of Israel, the followers of the Temple. This is stated quite clearly in Matthew 15:24. So exactly what part of the ancient “house of Israel” are you?

      Jesus mission was fulfilled with the destruction of the Temple in 70AD. It’s time to wake up and smell the gefilte fish, he ain’t coming back and considering what he experienced, would you? Unless one finds a valid spiritual path, they are on their own and personal experience has proven conclusively that it will not go well if one attempts to organize life in that manner.

      Funny thing about delusional Christian thinking, the worse life gets, the more they profess their beliefs in Jesus. I have a Christian friend who has steadily gone down hill for the last twenty years. He lost his job fifteen years ago and has essentially been a ward of the state ever since. Along with his job he has lost three wives and everything he owns. His children are drug addicts, he has lost a finger, both kidneys and recently lost a leg. He has had several heart attacks over the years and twice in the last month, he stopped breathing. Those events led to another nine stints being put in his heart in addition to the seven already in place and he is in constant pain. When he starts telling me about Jesus, I ask, “How’s that Jesus thing working out for you? Do you think maybe god it trying to tell you something?” Not long ago he said “Jesus was a Jew and I’m a Jew too!” I responded, “take it down to the local synagogue and see how the Jews feel about your claim.

      What is truly incredible is how little Christians actually know about Jesus and his times. They seem to bask in their ignorance. I recently counter-witnessed two Jehovah witnesses. They had no idea who the Essene were. One said “it sounds like a cake!” Huh? Yet they tell me they know what Jesus wants for me?

      Worse than the ignorance about the Bible’s background, Christians, and people in general, are abysmally ignorant about the Jew’s religion, culture and history, but when one tries to inform them about the pivotal role Jews play in their Bible stories, not to mention their history, their eyes glaze over and their mind shuts down, much like it does when one tries to tell them about the Hollowhoax. I strongly suspect this reaction and lack of knowledge is due to media programming.

      If humanity is to survive, they must be brought to the realization that Jews are death incarnate, both to themselves and to everyone with whom they connect. Their religion is essentially a blood and death cult. I find no redeeming qualities anywhere in their religion, culture or beliefs, nor do I find any truly worthy qualities in the the ugly religious step daughters they spawned. The touch of the Jew is the touch of death – their Bible tells me so.

      1. @Arch Stanton

        There are two opposing ways to interpret Matthew 15:24 that you sort of quoted. You expressed one way. I choose the opposite.

        If you judge Jesus by his fruits, you will find that he healed and preached to Gentiles and Galileians, not jews, when he started his ministry. Reading Matthew 15:24 in context you will find that he was ministering to a Samaitan woman (Samaitans were considered dogs), not the jews, in that episode. Jesus cast a devil out of her daughter.

        Anyone that thinks that Jesus was a jew has not logically defined what a jew is. Jesus in no way was a jew. The two biggest lies ever told by the jews were that Jesus was a jew and that jews are chosen by God. Those two lies have worked wonders in misdirecting “Christians” for the past few centuries and formed the foundation of their acquisition of power over “Christians.” The Holohoax lie pales in comparison.

        Having spent 10-years of my life thinking that I was an atheist followed up by 30-years as a misdirected “Christian,” I can certainly understand your position/view point. However, that changed after I did the research to identify the problem and truly sought a solution. As a result, I personally know two very good friends who have raised the dead with trained medical witnesses, witnessed numerous instantaneous healings by a personal friend, initiated healings myself, and controlled the weather myself. Unfortunately, it does not appear that your friend is aware of what is available to him to cease his suffering. Most people do not.

        A definitely agree with your statement about jews being death incarnate and most of the spawned “Christian” religions are not much different based on the fruits of their followers. Not surprisingly, the term “Christians” was given to the people that called themselves “The Way” by those opposed to the followers of Jesus, obviously the jews.

        keeping them from truly discovering the powers that God endowed them with.

      2. Ungenius –

        Interpret = guess

        You chose your guess. Arch chose his. Either one might be acceptable to others… or not.

        Everyone has their own guesses…. theories, resulting in…. religious sects and denominations.

      3. “Jesus mission was fulfilled with the destruction of the temple in 70 AD”


        We’re ALL deceived by stories regarding the Christ. It’s a matter of properly interpreting scripture, which is a bitch because the Truth has been buried so deeply.

        And gee, who are the death-incarnate ones who would do such a thing?

  6. Has it occurred to anyone that the nightmarish world in which we find ourselves is a direct result of the fact that neither Hitler, Himmler, Heydrich, or anyone else in the Third German Reich ever ordered or organized the mass extermination of European Jewry? Not only is the “Holocaust” the biggest lie ever told, it has also proven to be the most corrosive.

    1. Yes it very much has to pretty much every contributor on this website. The lie that we know as the holocaust is the very vehicle that allows the rape of Germany in order to partly fund the existence of Israel. The rest of the money comes from the many holocaust movies made along with the corporations owned by Jewry in the west.

      Destroy the lie that is the holocaust and you destroy Israhell. They know this, hence why they are pushing for even more action against ‘anti Semitism’ and holocaust denial in world countries. The lie must be maintained, even if it means the continuing persecution of innocents who see the facade people try to push off as reality.

      Just ask Zundel, Faurisson and the many others who have rightfully spoken out about the 6million death toll to see what happens when people question the power of Zionism.

      1. “(…) the holocaust is the very vehicle that allows the rape of Germany in order to partly fund the existence of Israel. The rest of the money comes from the many holocaust movies (…)”.

        Not only from the movies. The money increasingly comes also from the very nations that at the hands of nazi Germans have endured THE REAL HOLOCAUST, namely Poland and other Central European peoples. The Holocaust Industry (© by prof. Norman Finkelstein) hollywood branch has decided apparently, that the German cow had been overexploited, and so they devised a way of fabricating stories in which the Jews equate the people they are actually in most debt to – the brave Polish (and other) civilians who saved them from the holocaust at the risk of death penalty being given by german invaders not only to the actual rescuer, but to his entire family (and even whole villages massacred in “retaliation”) – Poland being the only country with such a law in the entire German-nazi occupied Europe (sic!) – to the German nazi executioners. I think Germany can breathe a sigh of relief, as a new (though not guilty) cow is being prepared for milking, holo-wise.

      2. In a nutshell: the Jews try (and sadly, succeed) to blackmail, by instilling in them the feeling of guilt, the nations victimized by the German death machine (in Poland 22% of pre-war population was genocided – the highest rate among all the german-occupied countries), into submission so that their insatiate appetite for the wealth of others can be satisfied.

    2. @ Toshiyori
      Welcome and Darkmooners know this already for a long time. Explain your ideas about int’l jewry and the tools they use against us, including the Holohoax and antisemitism. I can tell you for sure that today int’l jewry are the new Nazis and they will kill the whole planet to achieve their goal. Thanks, Norbert.

    3. Toshiyori –


      One proof is the number of countries which have built ‘holo-hoax’ memorials.

      Absurdly… the whole world is to be made to feel the guilt.

      A number of organizations, museums and monuments are intended to serve as memorials to the Holocaust and its millions of victims. They include:

      1 Argentina
      2 Australia
      3 Austria
      4 Belarus
      5 Belgium
      6 Brazil
      7 Bulgaria
      8 Canada
      9 Croatia
      10 Czech Republic
      11 Estonia
      12 France
      13 Germany
      14 Greece
      15 Hungary
      16 Israel
      17 Italy
      18 Latvia
      19 Macedonia
      20 Netherlands
      21 Norway
      22 Poland
      23 South Africa
      24 Sweden
      25 United Kingdom
      26 United States
      27 Uruguay

      1. On November 1, 1978, President Jimmy Carter established the President’s Commission on the Holocaust, and charged it with the responsibility to submit a report on three significant issues: the creation of an appropriate memorial to those who perished in the Holocaust; the feasibility of creating and maintaining a memorial through contributions by the American people; and recommendations for appropriate ways the nation could commemorate Days of Remembrance each year for victims of the Holocaust.

        Many reference works, including encyclopedias and dictionaries, show no listings under “Holocaust” until 1978. A computerized search shows that no PhD dissertations prior to 1970 used the word “Holocaust” in the title, while between 1970 and 1975 there were 21, with 97 dissertations between 1976 and 1980, and 274 between 1981 and 1985.

        The turning point was the four-part NBC miniseries “Holocaust,” which aired in April of 1978. By the next year, Congress had approved plans for the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, and from that point on, “holocaust” became “the Holocaust” when describing the fate of the Jews during the Second World War

      2. @Pat

        Based on your past posts, I am shocked that China and Russia do not have Holohoax Museums since you say they are totally controlled by the jews. 🙂

      3. to second your post, ungenius, it is the BRICS (excepting brazil) that are conspicuous by absence from the proud list.
        add to that some others among my favorite nations, namely, iran, venezuela and cuba.

        purely, coincidental, no?
        purely coincidental that jew is pushing regime change or open war on those countries.
        everything in geopolitics is coincidence.
        (and the protocols were written in vatican, according to henry makow, phd)

      4. Ungenius –
        Lobro –

        Thanks for the emotional, less than factual, argument. I’m always glad to help lazy guys learn about Pharisees. 🙂

        They are there, but not found easily on the net anymore. Just because they do not show on the net is not proof of nonexistence. And that is a problem with the net. Not listed = nonexistence.

        If Pharisees are as smart as claimed by most commenters, 300 IQ and climbing to 1000, even controlling wikipedia, they know better than to show their hands. Both of you should know that by now. Pharisees saw the resistance to constructing memorials and the name, Holocaust Memorial Museum.

        I listed several in China a few months back. I did not save the list. Info has been scrubbed on all but one of them. Here is the one in Shanghai, a main location of HSBC (S is for Shanghai):

        Here is one in Russia. The construction of the Temple of Memory was financed by the Russian Jewish Congress:

      5. Putin has close ties with Pharisees in Russia, especially Chabad Lubavichers… THE Noahide Laws promoters. He even swayed the overturning of a conviction of a parasite.

        Whatever his many other sins, even Vladimir Putin’s harshest critics concede that he’s not an anti-Semite. As the New Republic’s Julia Ioffe notes, a number of his closest confidants, as well as the Judo teacher who served as a mentor and surrogate father, are Jews. He has personally intervened in cases of state anti-Semitism, such as an incident last year in which a teacher was charged with corruption and the prosecution used his Jewish last name as evidence. Putin labeled that “egregious,” and the conviction was overturned soon after.

        Putin’s has also generally been supportive of Jewish institutions—one Jewish institution in particular. One of the more intriguing aspects of contemporary Russian Jewish life is the close relationship between the KREMLIN and CHABAD, also known as LUBAVITCH, the Hasidic sect known in the United States for its street-corner proselytizing to fellow Jews and reverence for the late Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson. Founded in Western Russia in the 18th century, the Lubavitchers decamped to the United States in 1940, setting up their new headquarters in Brooklyn’s Crown Heights neighborhood. The Orthodox Jewish movement has dispatched hundreds of emissaries throughout the world to promote the faith. Just after the fall of Communism and just prior to his own death, Schneerson sent Rabbi Berel Lazar to represent Chabad in Russia. was started by Michael Kinsley, a Pharisee… and is run by Pharisees. They brag about Putin favoring them.

      6. pat,

        you say that the russian and chinese holocaust museums were carefully scrubbed from the net and this is the proof that you use logic and ungenius and i are emotional.

        just to show you how ridiculous you are and very, very emotional in your hatred of putin and russia, consider the following 2 facts:

        1. the “memorial” you referred to in russia is in fact a synagogue so named (“memory of holocaust”).
        putin did not build it or any other damn synagogues, jews built it and paid for it and named it so.
        yet you persist in laying it at his doorstep.

        2. secondly, why would jew build holocaust museums then hide them by obliterating any mention of them on internet?
        can anything be more absurd?

        you build a museum to brag about something, not hide it.
        next you’ll be saying how there are thousands of holocaust memorials all across russia, built by putin but they don’t advertise the fact, no sign above the entrance, no mention of the word “holocaust” or “jew”, it is all ultra secret known only to few, such as yourself.

        reminds me of jews claims that 6 million dead jews were decreed at wannsee conference but without a shred of official record, using sign language, 2 fingers sideways means “henke, you organize cyanide transport, 4.5 tons to maidanek”.
        and some jew sweeping the floor spotted this sign exchange, he is the same jew who is now building secret underground holocaust museums and putin is his son (you said that he was raised by rabbis, didn’t you, so all of this must be true).

        some powerful stuff someone slipped into that green tea when you weren’t looking.

      7. Lobro –

        I was going to give you a pass on your blatant error… or dyslexia…

        You said: “it is the BRICS (excepting brazil) that are conspicuous by absence from the proud list.”

        can anything be more absurd?

        The ‘S’ in BRICS is South Africa…. wrong again…still, my friend. Get it right next time.

        And, as you know, India is controlled completely by the Crown/Rothschilds of Britain. So India is neutered.
        BRICS cannot be held up as an icon of non-Pharisee control.

        To coin a phrase:
        some powerful stuff someone slipped into that brew when you weren’t looking.

    4. yes toshiyori.
      EVERYBODY here is well aware of this blindingly obvious fact.

      the real holocaust is the fact that it never happened

    5. Labor camps were the final destination of Ashkenazim from Germany. They were to produce garments for the army. But diseases and the chaos of war killed many of them. The worst crime of Germany was by eliminating the opportunity for Ashkenazim to hold a job forcing many of them to commit suicide. Honest hard working professionals were dragged out of their offices and exported.

  7. Kaminski is the composer writing for those already in the orchestra.
    Nothing will change until his compositions show up in the daily newspapers and magazines for all the read.
    Fat chance of that ever happening in this life time.
    Most of the readers of this site should know who the late great violinist and anti-Zionist Yehudi Menuhin was.
    It seems his son Gerard is cut from the same cloth. Gerard has written a manuscript soon to be published by the Barnes Review. (No else will touch it). Titled “Tell the Truth and shame the Devil”, Gerard Menuhin is spilling the beans, who according to the Willis Carto head of the Barnes Review, was fired from the board of the Yehudi Menuhin Foundation because of his statements labeled “anti-Jewish” that appeared in several German right-wing publications. Yes, fired from his own father’s foundation. Such is the power of the tribe.
    Carto and Gerard need to raise funds to publish the book. For those so inclined send $35 to help get this book in print and receive a copy when done so.
    As a classical composer, sometimes I string some words together to set to music. Written back in 2004 I don’t think things have changed much:
    Oh, it’s a lovely day for frolicking.
    So gracefully and capriciously and deliciously,
    To be joyously and blissfully unaware.

    It’s nice to be so free, so artfully.
    So wistfully join us in our games.
    We will frolic all the day,
    In our silly way we’ll play!

    All falling together we danced as if entranced.
    So easy doing what we want with all our friends.
    All floating together on the water that descends.
    Oh, easy, so easy doing what we want with all our friends.

    Can’t you hear the sound?
    Hear the sound of others who dwell deep within.
    Hear the sound deep within you the tones of death’s refrain.
    The pyrrhic sounds remain.

    Shall we not be sad and shall not we weep.
    For the children! For the children! For the Children!

    Come, you sleepers wake,
    as night descends,
    the children cry for you.
    Wake, you sleepers wake.
    Wake as night descends,
    Wake from your dreams sedate.

    The children cry for you.
    Please don’t sleep with your dreams sedate.
    Wake, wake, wake, wake.
    Wake from the screams they make.

    Oh, it’s a lovely day for frolicking.
    So gracefully and capriciously and deliciously,
    To be joyously and blissfully unaware.

    It’s nice to be so free, so artfully.
    So wistfully join us in our games.
    We will frolic all the day,
    In our silly way we’ll play!

    1. @ Lobro ;

      Are you sure it was Makow who said the protocols were written in the Vatican? [ Sounds more like what Dubby “the historian” would say. ] Do you have a link to Makow asserting the protocols were written in the Vatican?

      1. for your future reference, if not benefit joe, let me explain couple of intricacies in how i present my arguments.
        possibly you know it already but the urge to needlessly needle is overpowering.

        henry makow says little of the protocols themselves, he doesn’t have time to analyze and explain them in any depth such as i have done in the past.
        they are one of the major keys in this symphony of evil, if you get hold of that key, much will become clear without resorting to arcane and exotic, not to say insignificant references.
        but henry makow phd, he ain’t got time, he is a busy man.
        busy doing what?

        slagging christianity, catholicism in particular, confabulating about all these super secret double smack societies that only someone with phd knows about and he knows most of all:
        bohemian grove, illuminati, masons, jesuits, opus dei, skull and bones, rosicrucians, templars, hooded anunaki whose single eye beams death rays from top of the pyramid … did i mention jews?
        no, i guess it just slipped his attention, not that he denies that jews are rascally little devils on occasion, up to cute little mischief.
        but why bother with minor stuff like jews, they steal chickens for their famous soup, you know back in shtetl where makowians come from they were stuff of folk jokes while fiddler did his funky kletzmer stuff on the roof.

        but the big dealers are all in vatican, remember that joe, while you read henry makow, phd and the pendulum sings before your glazed over eyes.

        so i just conflate the protocols and vatican in hope that the pendulum magic would break and you’d snap out of it.
        your call joe, do what you like (but not always in public).

      2. let me give you (and many others around here) the following metaphor.

        let’s say some lunatic likes shit but hates chocolate and wants to convert you and other normals, who like chocolate but hate shit, to his preferred model.

        so he serves you a dish where both are mixed together.
        some of you will like it (because of chocolate component you end up also liking the taste of shit) and some of you will hate it (because of shit component you also end up hating chocolate).

        either way, it is a win-win for him (“he, phd”).

      3. If Makow says this, then in effect it’s a blind squirrel finding an acorn, and then discovering that even if he eats it, it won’t digest well because finding that the protocols were written in the Vatican, although plausible, doesn’t connect the dots in getting to the source

        Gotta get to the gargoyle-guarded catacombs for that?

    2. @ joe,
      where did i find that makow accuses vatican of writing the protocols?

      not sure any more but such details never troubled you in the past.

      maybe i picked it up while browsing the book section of the same department store where lasha buys her turban converted from a shower curtain.

      don’t sweat the small stuff, joe.
      some of it is so small that none other than you can even see it.
      but the devils has always been in details, hasn’t he?

  8. John Kaminski is totally on the ball! “There are simply too many divergent opinions working against each other for harmony to prevail.” And too many lies, guesses and disinformation, esp from pricks on VT and such and origjoe, the c***!
    And John’s point will forever be my point as well: “The elimination of Israel and the arrest of key influential Jews in the United States and elsewhere would increase immeasurably the chances for peace and prosperity throughout the world.”
    That’s why I have said, all our efforts should be directed against the REDSHIELD POWER, with the knowledge that this JEWISH-LED power extends its control into all other planetary institutions. MONEY POWER is its POWER! …. Get back your FED and Treasury and eliminate the Jews from their Wall St casino and you have a chance of survival! …. Then we should get onto the Zionist and Christian-Zionist scum of the Earth!
    Hence Jesus told us to attack and disgrace the MONEY-CHANGERS/MASTER USURERS. He wanted them, in his own way, to be cast into the scorching flames of “the lake of fire.” … So the Christian God wanted the bastards to be excommunicated and to suffer the ultimate penalty! …. We could build a 5 acre bonfire and ……!!!!
    It is absolutely NO USE being drawn into George Soros-funded, fake, anti-bank rallies and such!
    No, as I’ve always said we have to run the gauntlet and make it explicitly “anti-Rothschild/anti-Soros/anti Jewish bankers! THE WORD HAS TO GO OUT BILLIONS OF TIMES: “Its the REDSHIELD … Its the JEWS!!!”
    Of course, next thing over 50 nations will ban the use of the word REDSHIELD, citing that it is “racist”, etc. So then we change it to rougeshild or crimsonshield!
    We could all be Paul Reveres! …. Forget about this trash talk about Khazarian Mafias and such! These are Jew-laced diversions, that mean nothing to the average man!
    Regarding this Jewish pariah and filthy-mouthed origjoe, this site is being destroyed by his evil, dirty presence! I would expect the site administrators to ban his ugly presence forthwith! … We don’t want a latrinal-type, scribbling scribe to exhibit any more of his excreta! I have prayed for him to be cast into “the lake of fire” where he will scream like a big, Jewish pig!

    1. Obviously Max, you feel you are superior to Joe. As far as I can see, you have absolutely no good reason to feel superior. It was suggested that Joe is a jewish troll. Joe may a little OTT occasionally, with regard to insults, but he is not alone..

      I can tell you that there is an illness, which causes some people, when they get older, to develop really foul mouthed language, people who were probably extremely pious, and “proper” all their lives. Maybe some form of release from suppression or something..

      I myself am released from suppression when playing Mario Brothers..

    2. Nice to see that you are on the ball again Max and taking away time from your high class fillies to give us the benefit of your Worlwide experience…….Quality!

  9. Just one more: The Jewish MONEY POWER, or more appropriately, THE REDSHIELD MONEY POWER, has an estimated worth of over approx. US$50 trillions. This is estimated to be approx half the planet’s wealth. (I am quoting several sources)
    As they own half the planet, it is their oyster, to do with what they want! …. If they want Miley Cyrus to do porno and stick her ass-hole in a nigrah’s face, she will do it!…. If they want Bushy boy to bomb Iraq he will do it! … If they want origjoe to deface this site, he will do it! … If they want Annie Sprinkle to sprinkle on men’s faces, she will do it! …. If they want Jannie Yellen to print for them a cool US$7 billions overnight, she will do it, completely unaudited …., If they want Billy Clinton to ejaculate over administrative whores’ lervly dresses, he will do it! … And if they want Obummer to marry MIchael, he will do it! How many of you posters would “do it” for big Jewish money? Gilby, instead of a log cabin, how about a terry-towelling free mansion? Tempting?
    This “I WILL DO IT!”, must stop! …. The REDSHIELDS’ US$50 trillions must be immediately distributed among the people of the planet in equal sums, which will mean every living person will receive a cheque or cash for an amount of approx. US$50,000, with the super-rich Goyim being encouraged to donate their sum over to developing countries. … Jews who do not repent and burn their Babylonian Talmud’s will be cast into the 5 acre bonfire of eternal suffering, with joe! The Sunnis will be encouraged to spend their grants on worthwhile things and not for weapons to kill the Shia! And viceversa! … Israel will be a distant memory. I can give you the name of my family’s commercial bank, in which you can honestly deposit your monies. It is guaranteed by Queen Elizabeth, who can be Jew-free if given the motivation.

    1. Evenin’, Maxy! It’s always fun to visit, here, and see that you’re around (though what-on-EARTH you have against pretty women freshly bathed and wrapped-up in terry cloth robes is beyond my ken)(especially snow-white robes contrasted with deep, rich, brunette or dark blonde hair, gently-tanned skin, and pouting, sensual lips)…

      Anyhow, the obsession with ‘mansions’ and ‘trillions’ and such is what makes so many people NEVER SATISFIED. What is wrong with contentment (as in log cabins, simple pleasures, and Motel 6)?? ‘The Jew’ TRAPS the goy by his own LUSTS. The ONLY way to deny his power over you is to find peace in denying your SELF. Jesus, and others, taught a lot about that very thing. 🙂 🙂

  10. Hi Gilbert, I’ve got nothing against “pretty women freshly bathed and wrapped-up in robes ; especially snow-white robes contrasted with deep, rich, brunette or dark blonde hair, gently-tanned skin, and pouting, sensual lips ” …. That sounds like my kind of woman! A woman who is a woman and not a hard-faced dyke or aging retributional feminist; aka Germaine Greer. Betty Friedan was always very ugly, and only attracted the ugliest of males when she was a prostitute on the streets. She went down for US$5!
    It is just that in Aussie “terry-towelling cloth” is only for the poor people and battlers; and only lowly women would wear terry-towelling after sex. But at least you are an honest man and you said your latest was a hillbilly doc, or something. The “hillbilly” explains everything, as some of my wives come from an OZ feral background, which is similar to your hillbilly.
    I am sure the beautiful, refined Lashas and Ellies would never be seen dead in terry-towelling! Rather they would be in expensive silk, etc, with gold encrustrations, etc. They would expect a lot more than a log cabin and moonshine. I spend over US$1,000 a night to take out a magnificent brunette escort! I would probably spend at least $2,000 to give Lasha a great night!

    1. Max & Gilby,

      The Best Western motel chain in America has a DOG-FRIENDLY policy. In case you’re looking for a motel to take your dates for the night. They charge $15 extra for pets, but it’s worth it knowing your date won’t get hassled by the motel staff. Of course, if you want to save 15 bucks , you can always tell the motel check-in clerk you’re not traveling with a dog, then drive around to your motel room and sneak your date in the room. Try to do it stealthy without being seen by anyone [ I’m sure you two can pull it off ]. But if it starts barking and/or howling in the middle of the night, remember : they’ll slap that $15 pet surcharge on you.

  11. Gilby “Motel 6” would be the cheapest, austere motel you could find for a gal! The mattress would feel like a minefield. …. Try, instead, the penthouse suite at the Dubai Hilton or the honeymoon suite in the Ritz! She will love you all the more if you splurge out on her/them! I find it is worth it!

    1. Max :

      Thanks for the heads-up about the 5 acre bonfire event. Now I know for sure to avoid Plano Texas at all costs. They got a lot of 5 eyed Anglo wordpress Nazis there [ as you know of course] . You’re holding the bonfire event in Plano, right?

    2. Max –

      Alas! You are more monied and prone to romance than I! In my go-around at Life this time, I have found that MOST women, nowadays, are not worthy of more than BRIEF encounters – or successions thereof (my doc and little redhead included!)(but don’t TELL them! 🙂 ). My truly “romantic” visions are poetic fantasies about the likes of Lasha, or Ellie – as I imagine they SHOULD be… The rest can stay at Motel 6 – or my cabin in the mountains! 🙂

  12. (…) no PhD dissertations prior to 1970 used the word “Holocaust” in the title, while between 1970 and 1975 there were 21, with 97 dissertations between 1976 and 1980, and 274 between 1981 and 1985.

    the further the timeline moves from fake ground zero, the more frantic the clamor of the jokohaust.

    if the dissertation curve stays true to the course, ALL the PhD dissertaions will have the word “holocaust”, whatever the field, geology, biology, meteorology, …

    and the number of dissertations without the mention of horkaust will dwindle accordingly, only 274 in 2015, 97 in 2016, 21 in 2017 and finally none, because any attempt to publish a dissertation without mention of horkaust and the poor, sensitive, suffering jews will be denounced as hate speech and writer tossed into gulag garburetor.

    definition of hate speech will be expanded to include “hate by omission” and not just commission, namely, the failure to fall on the ground every 10 minutes and loudly praise the jew will constitute an act of hate.

  13. We don’t stumble around enough here at DM as it is — what with it always being a dark dark moon less night and all. But even in the dark dark moon less night we still always had the stars at least to provide some sort of light light, however distant, however faint was the light. But now, now that DARK CLOUD has appeared in the dark dark moon less night, we don’t even have the stars anymore. Things weren’t dark and bleak enough as it is, we need a DARK CLOUD to block out the little light we got from the stars. Now we stumble around in the dark darkness of a moonless night with a DARK CLOUD hovering over our heads to make it even blacker and darker and bleaker as DARK CLOUD blocks out the little light from the night stars we always depended on. Now we don’t even have that. DARK CLOUD has returned to the moon less dark dark night. Things weren’t depressing enough as it is. Now we don’t even have the stars. No moon, no stars, just a pitch black night with a DARK CLOUD hovering above.

    Lasha : ” Oh John, let us not ask for the moon, we got the stars”

    Kaminski : “That’s what you think b*tch”

  14. @ mark

    you are correct in that jesus taught only about personal morals and responsibility and the wages of sin.
    he did not call damnation upon those unfortunates who were born on the wrong side of luck, for whom the dice turned up snake eyes, the physically, mentally or hormonally challenged.
    thus, when someone provides a proof that homosexuality is a matter of choice, then i will also line up to stone the catamites, until then, live and let live.
    (how many men would be overjoyed to call up an erection by force of will, effortlessly like flipping a middle finger which signifies the same)

    but mark, i don’t think that harb was talking about that.

    he railed against those who would promote the notion of homosexuality, transgenderism and so forth as being equal to biological norm of procreation and would in fact make it normative, part of the standard.
    moreover, they would make it kewl (to use california joe’s pronounciation) and as such preferable among the young and the impressionable.
    just as they promote physical and mental sloth and obesity as the new kewl, the ugliness is beauty, shaved, scarred heads, tattoos, filth, walmart esthetics.
    i believe that harbinger is talking about this frankfurt complex.

    hey … FRANKfurt again, the frankist ogre redshield oozed out of frankfurt to rape and destroy the world of men, FRANKfurt school was established in order to promulgate the protocols of the beast.
    this is the true meaning of torah, all you o/t worshipers.

    in the end, everything will make perfect sense, yet only a few will have eyes open to see it, such is the hypnotic power of this leviathan.

    1. Proof of any elusive gay gene may not be forthcoming, (assuming not already found and held in secret by, you know who) – but abundant research shows, believing ‘choice’ over any nature, (forget even nurture), is why there’s same-sex attraction, to be persuasively doubtful or near-on unimaginable. Some men and women flip at each other like there’s no option (and conversely, tis never going to happen towards respective opposites). The Bible/God offers celibacy as a choice… (thinking of a number of significant, at least publicly known and admired ones, who chose this path). If you chose, and this right you receive the gift of God, of celibacy.

      ‘he railed against’ – I would join harb to a point. The push gay from a/the controllers perspective is, to exploit legitimate expressions and education, to an unacceptable and …yes, obscenely destructive, involuntary mind-control-onslaught (Frank and all) level. Its got the anger of God on it. But let’s get straight on this, the randy ritual drug-fueled abusing, torturous and murdering degradation, hate and lust, darkest hell-fire clubbers. Them crew?/s, they hate gay love, something that can be pledged for life and – in Christ – holy.
      Thanks for responding lobro,


      1. Decided to add. Thinking of a brother I know. To be gay or not but have sex with men as he did. Yet in Christ have a change of heart and now, oh so much most love for a woman and a hearty big family. I wrote to him, ‘such enormous respect you’ and the comment above.
        Praxis, nuance and paradox

      2. That is a great thing Mark. The ‘Tradesman’s Entrance’ is not the answer, glad he got his life together.

      3. In my day they called gay lovers :ass hole buddies: and nothing more was said about it. But today they are bringing religion into it and negative sayings of Jesus, Paul, and other bible quotes. In my opinion let them suck dick and leave them live happily without harassment.

    2. Lobro, read you proper (oops), apologies and herb, misread/understood. I’m not quick to find (few that I visit) comments, that say Jesus and don’t gay bash. (I tend to read this into text that might not be saying this). YES to the right and need to be angry (but rightly, said Jesus), and to degree and discernment necessary to love what God loves and hate the other (as far as possible, in some ways, not people). And the l o a d s of wonderful people, their sexuality irrelevant, at least in that we’d love if around us. (To feel I need to say this is either patronising or challenging) And… other way-bigger expose is, God isn’t making bad happen, outa God don’t come bad (tempting you? ain’t God, said Jesus brother), God for good. Here for good.
      Crack on darkmoon express

  15. Hello ESP,
    Profound article by Mr Kaminsky, almost religious.

    I like to come back on the exchange between Arch Stanton and Ungenius since last night I mentioned the theological anti-Judaism of the Catholic Church, I will develop on that.
    Was Jesus a Jew? According to the backbone-free pope, the Jews are our big bros. Vatican II declared with Nostra Aetate that the Jews who don’t believe in Jesus are included in the plan of salvation.
    The Church Fathers all declared that the responsibility of Jesus‘s death rests on pharisaic talmudic Judaism with the help of his followers, who took an active part in Jesus‘s death sentence. The Jewish people were indeed, at first, a theological people, that God has created for himself. So, despite all that could be said about the Jews, it would remain short in front of the greatness of this people that had given us Jesus! We have a sweet spot for Jews in France since she is the eldest daughter of Church, but let’s see what’s next. The Christ cannot be reduced to his Jewish manly origin. The Christ, who became a man, was the Only Son of the Father, the Splendor made visible by the Divine Substance. So the Jewish people, as the genealogical support of greatness that largely surpassed its own value, should have become humble. But on the contrary, a part of Israel was bitten by pride. Insanely, they thought they were greater than every other peoples, that all the other races, and mostly, greater than Christ himself. As a result they created a surrounding wall around them so that they would not be contaminated by the inferiority of others and created institutitionalized racism, like Donald Sterling, haha; and since they have worked to dominate them and, finally, by their criminal reject of the messiah, they found themselves submitted by nations because, like for Esau and Jacob, the eldest was submitted by the youngest.
    The destruction of the second temple by Titus in 70 and the Bar Kocheba’s defeat were announced by the prophecies and established a catastrophe comparable to the destruction of the temple in -586. The Jewish people, whose holy candlestick was exultantly exhibited in Roma, lost its political identity and its religious reference. From this time, the rabbinic Talmudic movement emerged. The Rabbis, heirs of Pat’s “Pharisees”, took control of the spiritual and community life with micromanagement and the Torah, the studies and observation of it, would now replace the Temple while waiting for their own Messiah. The synagogue and the rabbinical studies replaced the temple institutionally. The blessings of the Promise were granted to a lot of people, not only the Hebrews. This people, both Jews and Gentiles- Jews first and then Gentiles- are forming the Church of Jesus. The Church is the Sanctifier of Jews and Gentiles to shape a new creation, the Church of JC, which adores the Father in Spirit and Truth.
    That’s the opinion of theologians and Church Fathers: “JC , took the Old church and put it in the new; he substituted the synagogue for the Church. The jews who have been since JC, and who are now, have been and are deserters of the Jewish religion, because they haven’t recognized the Messiah, which, nevertheless, was the crucial point of the religion”. There is a direct relation of cause and effect between Golgotha and all that have happened next in the spiritual world and ergo the material world with the dispersal/exil of the rebellious Jews.
    “His blood shall be on us and on our children!” That is the greatest crime of all times, the death of the Man-God, which was perpetrated by this people which deserved for it the name «perfidious”. A “part of the Jews” believed that the promises, because of the Christ who was supposed to born amongst them, were made to its flesh, to its race, to its genealogy and to its nation. If the Jewish people was the chosen one, it was only by the intermediary of the Christ.
    The church is today the genuine spiritual “Israel” and maybe I am a better Jew than Nethanyahu.
    But maybe you are right Arch and Christianism/Caholicism is just a Jewish story that was misinterpreted. One thing I am sure of, from my national perspective, is that they try really hard to make the Catholic Church a fool and that they have tried to replace the Catholic faith by secularism since the Revolution, when the head of the King rolled. They seem to fear this spiritual approach more than they fear the enlightened materialist anti-Semitism of Voltaire, for example.
    Thank you for the debate, I wish you all well.

    1. Phil –

      Correct. Pharisaism became Talmudism, then, Rabbinism, which is why I use the term:

      “Pharisaism became Talmudism, Talmudism became Medieval Rabbinism, and Medieval Rabbinism became Modern Rabbinism. But, throughout these changes of name, inevitable adaption of custom, and adjustment of Law, the spirit of the ancient Pharisee survives unaltered.
      “When the – JEW – reads his prayer, he is reciting formulae prepared by pre-Maccabean scholars; when he dons the cloak prescribed for the Day of Atonement and Passover Eve, he is wearing the festival garment of ancient Jerusalem; when he studies the Talmud he is actually repeating the arguments used in the Palestinian academies.”

      Rabbi Louis Finklestein, President and Professor of Theology, Jewish Theological Seminary of America, The Pharisees, Vol. I, page xxi.

  16. @ pat

    And, as you know, India is controlled completely by the Crown/Rothschilds of Britain. So India is neutered.
    BRICS cannot be held up as an icon of non-Pharisee control.

    let me retrace your steps.

    first you list a bunch of countries with holocaust museums which shows their obeisance to zionist project.
    ok, let’s assume that this is bulletproof evidence.

    then someone reasonably points out that neither russia nor china are listed despite your neverending assertions that putin is a chabadnik and sold out to jew

    then you come back with a link purporting that yes indeed, putin built such a museum.
    except that the said link is to a SYNAGOGUE, BUILT AND PAID FOR BY JEW.

    does that ever give you a pause?
    fat chance.
    you will just go on and on like everything you said was cast iron proof of your claims.

    at times (i said AT TIMES, because at other times your references are solid) you are like some abandoned cia reaper drone over uzbekistan that lost contact with ground control and having used up all its firepower keeps locating wedding and funeral processions, kids playing outdoor soccer and so forth and it just goes on autopilot, empty bomb bay doors popping open, cannon firing blanks, torpedo tubes blowing bubbles and there is no convincing that drone that nothing gets accomplished, go home and reload.

    you basically spun the fact that russia has no holocaust museums into proof that putin is a jew’s water carrier.
    what next? it is 13th of may, which means putin carries water for the jew, end of discussion.

    just because it makes sense to joe, doesn’t mean it makes sense to me.

    1. lobro –

      You are too emotionally invested in Putin for it to make sense to you. You exaggerate and – make things up – to attempt to prove Putin is good.

      For instance… I never claimed this… you manufactured it:
      “you basically spun the fact that russia has no holocaust museums into proof that putin is a jew’s water carrier.” THAT is YOUR spin… HA!!

      Keep ‘guessing’ and making things up… You ARE entertaining…. even while NOT producing anything factual. 🙂

      Thanks for the help…. and notoriety.

  17. @ Pat,

    With all due respect to you, Pat, the presence of a couple of Holocaust museums in Russia is hardly proof that Putin is secretly pro-Jewish! If he had been pro-Jewish, he wouldn’t have cracked down so hard on the Jewish oligarchs, nor would he have shown such justifiable contempt for the Jew-backed Pussy Riot girls.

    Both pornography and homosexuality, contrary to the teachings of the Russian Orthodox Church, are allowed in Russia. Putin is a staunch defender of the Russian Orthodox Church and is obviously not too keen on pornography and homosexuality. Failure to ban pornography and homosexuality is hardly proof that Put in is secretly in favor of pornography and homosexuality!

    Similarly, just as Putin finds it necessary to tolerate pornography and homosexuality, he finds it necessary to tolerate Holocaust museums.

    Your logic is defective, Pat. Unlike Lobro’s logic which has always been consistent. As Sardonicus has already pointed out quite astutely, your hostility toward Putin is basically irrational and stems from your hatred of Christianity and the traditional values it promotes.

    1. Ruth –

      I did not use the fact there there are holo-hoax museums in Russia to claim Putin is pro-Jew. That is a – manufactured – story from lobro.
      I posted it originally to show Ungenius, who had doubts, that there WERE holo-hoax museums in both China and Russia… built by Jews… no matter who was the head of government. Just facts. That’s all.

      I do NOT hate Christianity. That is a false claim by Sard and you. I know some do, here. But I do not.
      I do NOT hate Putin, either. I do not like his NKVD taught positions. No big deal.

      Thanks for the ‘due respect’ Ruth. It allowed me to clarify what I claimed.

      BTW – Lobro does need some help separating what I claim and what he manufactures I claim.

    2. pat’s claim, word by word (

      One proof is the number of COUNTRIES which have built ‘holo-hoax’ memorials.


      Here is ONE

      [holocaust MUSEUM]

      in Russia. The construction of the Temple of Memory was financed by the Russian Jewish Congress:

      you see this clearly enough, ruthie, anyone else?
      first he says (his words): “countries that have built holocaust memorials”
      ungenius correctly points out that russia is missing from the list, ie, THE COUNTRY of russia DID NOT build any holocaust memorials (and by implication, a PLUS FOR PUTIN)
      pat takes exception to it and links to a site that says that jews paid for a synagogue to be built that contains the word “holocaust” somewhere.
      now, even though he himself confirms that it was jews that paid+built it, somehow he turns this into a smear of putin, which is what this is all about.
      pat hates putin, i like him, let each provide his reasons why.
      all i am doing is correctly rebutting pat’s arguments as being irrelevant and nonsensical.

      as the icing on the cake, go to pat’s own link
      and read the following:

      The building of the Temple of the Memory on Poklonnaya Gora, a flat hill in the West of Moscow, between the Setun River and another hill, was constructed and opened on September 1998 in BORIS YELTSIN’s presence.

      hello commentariat.
      can any smear be more glaring than this one?

      vlad putin came into power by way of an fsb (kgb) inspired palace coup to rid russia of traitor yeltsin and stem the usurpation of ownership and plunder of russia by jews.

      and pat has temerity to ascribe yeltsin’s crimes and sellout to putin who came specifically to put a stop to it.

      but preaching to the deaf is useless, tomorrow he will just continue firing the duds on the same theme like nothing happened, misusing the quotes and links.

      pat, you are terribly, horribly skewed on this subject and it may be a hopeless task to make you perceive and accept the truth that is inches from your face.

      but as i said previously, i play to the gallery.
      ruth gets it.

      1. Lobro –

        If your glad tidings about Vlad are right (and I hope they ARE), it still doesn’t hurt him one iota for us to be suspicious on this itty bitty site about his seemingly positive demeanor contra big jewdom – especially given all the substantial evidence that the ‘war games’ are more displays of intentional fear-mongering than reality (the fear-mongering resulting in the lucrative defense contracts – for lenders and manufacturers and purveyors). Must one always cite the obvious? 🙁

        We know the Money Powers control just about every facet of big government worldwide. Given the extensive and vast wealth of Russia, it defies logic (my own, anyway) that those very same ‘powers’ do not exercise some sway over Vlad’s decisions – as well as over China’s high officials. Moreover, it is hard to actually believe that a son-of-a-commie-turned-president is playing it square with us.

      2. Considering my/our OWN country’s president – who I wouldn’t trust any farther than I could throw a grown elephant – I’d have to be a far-out LUNATIC to trust a foreign president of another country – ESPECIALLY one from Russia (even though I think either one of them would make great drinking buddies!).

      3. lobro –

        You are still – making things up – since I never mentioned that Putin built anything.

        I’ll repeat what I told Ruth. I showed Ungenius that there is a holo-hoax memorial in Russia… AND in China. I did not mention Putin. You and Ruth did.

        You are responsible for waaaaaay more ‘air time’ on the subject than I would have given it.

        Thanks for the attention. Here is another requested dud…..

        Putin WAS raised by a Pharisee Rabbi.

      4. I’m no fan of any “leaders”. They are frequently afflicted by the pathology of Political Ponerology. It is interesting to note that Putin’s powerful “Unipolar World” speech in Munich, February 2007 is getting harder to find on the internet. The Jews and their lackeys in the audience look uncomfortable with Putin’s candour. Maybe it was “managed”. The “dropped jaw” faces of John McCain and Tzipi Livni are classic.

      5. no pat, this time you get no wiggle room.

        you said (even in your latest post):

        I’ll repeat what I told Ruth. I showed Ungenius that there is a holo-hoax memorial in Russia

        i point out for the umpteenth time that there is NO holo-hoax memorial in Russia as per your own evidence.
        there is a synagogue in russia (as per your own evidence)
        a synagogue is a church, not a memorial or museum.
        a church is a place of worship (not saying what kind of worship, of whom, irrelevant for legalistic purposes).
        as per freedom of religion (not saying what kind of religion, of whom, irrelevant for legalistic purposes) clause that russia, like every other country on earth with possible exception of north korea has, jews have a legal, state protected and enforced right to build a synagogue, paid for by themselves.
        this is what they did with TEMPLE of memory that you link to as proof of “holo-hoax memorial”.
        so you see, i fabricate nothing, you do.
        moreover, it was traitor yeltsin that showed up to crawl at its opening, the same traitor that putin upended in a neat judo move before moving in against jew oligarchs.
        jew mags don’t show yeltsin, the perpetually drunken swine who gave jews keys to kremlin and everything worth a dime in russia, with a hitler mustache, gee i wonder why.
        jew mags perpetually show putin with hitler mustache, call him new hitler and a dictator, gee i wonder why.

        nope again.
        a lunatic is someone who trusts their own president.
        because this president was an unemployed hollywood extra who landed the job after interview with jew power brokers and the main duty is to f*** you and every other american for the benefit of the jew.
        pat, am i wrong in saying that?
        your president, gilby, is your biggest non-jewish enemy on the face of the planet, all the military hardware and all the intel snooping power is to keep you enchained, nose to the grindstone (or ploughshare as the case may be, yank that cow’s tit and keep quiet) and the mind blankly focused on that college basketball game coming up on tv.

        jews definitely did not hire putin, their every action, unscripted because they are beside themselves with frustration and anger that the biggest prize of all eluded their grasp, proves that.


      6. If you say so; but I am one who would rather tend his own fields than to waste time tending someone else’s. If Putin’s behavior is mutually beneficial for America, I am FOR him. Unfortunately, the tendency for conciliatory behavior by white Americans has gotten us into a mess of a conundrum, and now we must make choices based more on EXPEDIENCE than on ‘What Is Fair’ for all involved. Recent history and current affairs have proven to all but the most brain-dead that no measure of reparation is enough to appease the feeding frenzy of the hoards set against us. My confidence in Putin, as a man, is that he will ADMIRABLY discharge his duties to his own – which does NOT include MY own (which doesn’t necessarily mean I don’t ADMIRE what I see of the man).

      7. @ lobro

        TO PAT: “i point out for the umpteenth time that there is NO Holo-hoax memorial in Russia as per your own evidence. there is a synagogue in russia (as per your own evidence). A synagogue is a church, not a memorial or [Holocaust] museum.

        this is what they [the Jews] did with TEMPLE of memory that you link to as proof of “holo-hoax memorial”.

        so you see, i fabricate nothing, you do.”

        Pat has a history of fabricating things on this site when it suits him. Look back at past threads and you will find him resorting to downright lies in order to score a point. Sardonicus has offered absolute proof that Pat FABRICATED a quotation which Pat claimed to have seen in a Catholic missal.

        No such quotation has ever appeared in a Catholic missal, and Pat was more or less forced to admit that he had fabricated the quotation in order the make the Catholic Church look bad.

        Pat’s hatred of Christianity, especially of the Catholic Church, makes him in my opinion a Useful Idiot for the Jews. He is quite prepared to resort to the grossest intellectual dishonesty in order to score a point. I don’t trust Pat one inch. He spreads disinfo by distortion of facts and fabrication of quotes.

        I’m not not accusing Pat of being consciously evil. In fact, I feel sorry for him. I think he is mentally impaired as a result of his illness and old age. His intellectual faculties are clouded and he sees everything through the mist of his ancient prejudices.

        Hatred of Christianity is Pat’s default position.

        Pat may not be a Jew, but he is infected by the Jew’s loathing of Jesus Christ. He would gladly recrucify Christ if he could, supplying the biggest nails himself.

      8. When someone accuses Pat of ‘hating Christianity’, I sense they have misconstrued the assessment with ‘hating’ what ‘religion’ has DONE under the GUISE of Christianity.
        I, myself, am there. However, unlike many of you, here, I am a reader of The Word. ‘In the beginning was the Word…and the Word was God.’. Either you have eyes to see and ears to hear – or you don’t. For me, the KJV is a good purveyor of understanding – from both the Old and the New Testaments. I won’t bother citing for you who don’t read it the substantiations for Christ from the Old Testament, becaue it leads to endless, pointless diatribes from those of you who admittedly do NOT read the Bible. What’s the point? You’d rather spend your time pecking at a keyboard trying to impress everyone with your b-r-o-a-d vocabularies and altruistic drivel than to go out and actually do something constructive toward what you say you intend.

      9. Thanks to Ungenius and Lobro I have learned that the only country in BRICS which has no holo-hoax memorial is India, controlled by London.

        BRICS = B-R-I-C–S…. composed of:
        South Africa

        Don’t forget the ‘S’…..

      10. @ Gilbert Huntly

        “When someone accuses Pat of ‘hating Christianity’, I sense they have misconstrued the assessment with ‘hating’ what ‘religion’ has DONE under the GUISE of Christianity.”

        Are you suggesting that Pat has a positive attitude to Christianity and respect and reverence for Jesus Christ? Please clarify.

      11. MB –
        Since I have become the subject, I’ll answer that.

        It seems as if Gil has read what I have claimed on numerous occasions. No religion controls me.
        In keeping with the title and subject of the article…..

        I am not an ‘addict’ needing a shot of religion.

    3. Putin doesn’t want young children indoctrinated in Russian Schools by Sodomites and Paedophiles (as is the case in the West, especially Britain) ……what’s wrong with that? Elton John and Stephen Fry (J) can bitch till they wet their panties….The Boss has spoken.

  18. With the addict being analogous to humanity, there are only two considered ways to go. One is to keep using the junk and continuing the spiral down the toilet to its execrable end, which would be the equivalent of Evil winning out, which won’t happen because liars never prevail.

    This leaves what WILL happen, which is that eventually the stuff will no longer be available, prompting the onset of the unavoidable withdrawal symptoms.

    How severe they will prove to be before the patient recovers remains to be seen before it is found out what the other side of it looks like.

    1. We/I – ‘keep using the junk’ and ‘withdrawal symptoms’. Frightening but God…

    2. Liars never prevail!!?
      On what planet?

      Even our very own lying eyes, ears and noses prevails more often than not.
      Not to mention that terrible conscious and subconscious mind.

      Why else we are in a seemingly constant state of realizing, figuring, revising, correcting, mistaking … rinse and repeat a million times deja vu all over again?

  19. @ Pat

    Thanks to Ungenius and Lobro I have learned that the only country in BRICS which has no holo-hoax memorial is India, controlled by London.”

    Your above comment is off-topic. You are evading the question. You have been accused of distorting facts and fabricating quotations against the Catholic Church. And also of using this website as a platform for hate speech against Christians.

    1. Madame Butterfly –

      To get back ‘on topic’ (according to your asking me to ‘please clarify’)…

      Pat has certainly offered much food for thought insofar as our/my examination of Scripture in his sometimes caustic tone. There was a time when I, myself, became agnostic – and was, still, ignorant enough to equate that condition with “atheism”. Simply living and gaining experience and education taught me otherwise. Maybe Pat has been through all that, but still maintains certain ‘beliefs’ with which you and I might take issue. Nonetheless, I have found him to be a very reliable fact-finder and critic. Our hostess on this site, Dr. Darkmoon is certainly of the same cloth, and we ALL owe much to those who give their time and experiences – and education – to verbalizing for us those things which we might have thought, but not been quite able to vend in public forum. Respect is their due, and they have it from me, even though they may be far apart on specific opinions of Catholicism, etc. (Of all the formal sects of Christian belief, I find the Catholic most admirable, but this WASP knows that the ‘most admirable’ is, also, the most coveted as a prize for corruption by Evil – no more well documented than by the history of the deMedici purchases of the Papacy…)

      To clarify: If such a fine and noble pursuit of believers can be corrupted, it stands to reason ‘why’ someone would shun ALL religions formulated and ritualized by man. “Believing” does not require religion. Religion is, simply, a way for believers to formalize their beliefs. When a group of believers grows to such numbers that it is a threat to opposition – like Catholicism is a threat to Jewry – it becomes a target of that opposition until, maybe, the opposition is running it. We can only know them by their fruits.

      1. @ Pat

        “Prove your accusations.”

        Prove your innocence.

        Your guilt was apparent to all when you fabricated a sentence you said you had read in the Roman Catholic missal. Sardonicus proved that no such sentence existed in the Catholic Missal. That proved you had fabricated the quote to make Catholics look bad.

        Verdict: Pat Guilty of Lying.

  20. Yesterday the sheenie polratnick was praising a bunch of what he called old testament jews – today he lauds doubters of the foundations. How do you say Cognitive Dissonance in yiddish? How do you say retard in Jew talk?

  21. There are no Jews only Ashkenazim Tribalists. The word “Jew” is a derogatory term and its users should be charged with promoting hatred against my tribe. YES! I am a proud Ashkenazim whose bloodline is a mixture of the best European sperm. We are better than the white race because we have captured the genetic essence of their intelligence and shrewdness. Now we are in a position to own every bank on the planet.

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