The chicken bone in America’s throat

Foreign invasions, domestic attacks directly related to unsolved 9/11 crime

americaevilThe terrifying memory of 9/11 sits like a chicken bone in the throats of confused Americans. It is an untreated injury whose growing infection is rapidly proving fatal to the self-determination of our deteriorating species and the decaying condition of our dying planet.

We are strangling on the lies our leaders have forced us to believe. You can’t expect to solve anything or detox any public lie as long as the 9/11 mystery remains unsolved. The question of questions that remains is why do all these public shootings, from San Bernardino to Boston, seem to happen simultaneously with scheduled anti-terror drills? There were at least seven drills going on the morning of 9/11.

Believing Muslims who couldn’t fly small planes flew big planes into buildings justifies invading Islamic countries that had nothing to do with this colossal crime, at least in the minds of a mostly oblivious American public.

Just like the corrupt cops who turned their heads the other way, we pretend the greatest crime in American history never happened, yet still naively expect our nation to function in a healthy and honest manner. But just that opposite is true: it’s sick, dishonest and deadly to all living things.

Failure to publicly disprove the lie of 9/11 has metastasized into a continuing series of vicious wars on other countries that have been based on lies. Afghanistan was invaded to protect the heroin trade, which is run by the CIA. Iraq was invaded to steal its oil. Our mainstream media conceal these facts.

In both cases, the government said it was chasing terrorists. In reality, it was after poppies and oil, and acting as a ruthless guard dog against Israel’s enemies, as it is today in Syria and throughout the Middle East.

But more recently the false legacy of 9/11 has morphed into another perpetual terror series, this one of domestic atrocities in the form of shooting episodes, some of which have actually been real. But others have been proven false, yet are described by the government as authentic before subsequent investigations prove they could not possibly have been what the government said they were.

Call it the 9/11 principle — the tragedy, alleged or otherwise, is simply not what the government said it was. Once the government figured out it could get away with something as audacious as 9/11, it figured it could get away with anything. And it has, mostly.

The real trouble is that the gullible public believes the first sensational story, and tends to disbelieve subsequent accounts that prove the government has lied.

Today, “false flag” and “crisis actors” have become code phrases that trademark the crimes of the New World Order.

The belief that was implanted into the minds of the world that Islamic terrorists destroyed the two tallest buildings in New York City, thereby justifying wars against Muslim nations, still dominates America’s schoolbooks and media mouthpieces and politicians the world over.

It has resulted in the needless deaths of millions of people and significant destruction in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen and Syria. And now, in a second wave of socially significant trends, it has resulted in puzzling domestic massacres such as Sandy Hook, Boston, Aurora and now San Bernardino, in which the cops prosecute those who disagree with their disingenuous reports, and the fiendish trappings of a police state lurch into the lives of innocent people who only want to know the truth, but instead are often killed by marauding, misguided cops (trained in Israel, I might add).

Though the wars have been authentically devastating, the domestic assaults have been less real, as significant alternative explanations have been put forth after serious analyses of government accounts of these shocking criminal phenomena, particularly involving the alleged crimes in Sandy Hook and in Boston.

Despite all the questions and skepticism about these government accounts, a majority of Americans continues to believe the government versions of these events, particularly 9/11. So this incredulity, fueled by the faithful backing of public media that continues to verify these phony government accounts, enables the government to continue its aggression against the world and its staging of public shooting events that try in vain to whip up public sentiment against the ownership of guns.

Fortunately, the American public seems totally disinclined to give up its guns, despite all these questionable passion plays the government and media produce on an almost weekly basis.

The latest government lies that have received the backing of big media involve the situation in Syria, in which the U.S. government actually funds the very terrorists it claims to be fighting. Of course, most Americans don’t know this, because their public media supports the lies told by Turkey and never hears about the truth told by the Russians.

This same deception of America funding the enemy it pretends has been going on with Al-Qaeda for the better part of two decades, yet a majority of Americans still don’t know it’s happening.

Few Americans got to hear the real story of the American co-optation of Ukraine, either, but instead got a steady diet of government lies from the Jewish papers in New York that claimed Russia was responsible for an invasion that cost many lives, when in reality those lives were taken by American and Israeli proxies in a celebrated $5 billion invasion by the West.

Failure to produce the whole truth by America’s prostituted media is rapidly leading to a situation where the only outcome will definitely be World War 3, which is what the psychos who created this whole process actually want to happen.

It’s because of that chicken bone that has been stuck in our throats ever since 9/11. The compound lies it has produced will be the end of us, as we strangle on the fatal falsehoods of cynical Jewish propaganda.

Take another look at the curious fact of how the FBI could pinpoint the names of all 19 “hijackers” mere hours after the traumatic event of Sept. 11, 2001, yet never uncover the organization that pulled off this complex operation in the 15 years since. This evidence of fakery manifests itself today in astounding facts like the phony blood spilled at the Boston Marathon bombing, how parents were not allowed to see their supposedly dead children at Sandy Hook, and most recently, how the alleged culprits in San Bernardino were discovered face down yet shot from the front, probably killed by local police before any of the terror events ever happened.

Why did so many residents of Sandy Hook get free houses and many millions of dollars?

Multiply these anomalies by hundreds among these public massacres that have all been aimed at one thing — giving up our guns — and you have a whiff of the same suspicious skepticism that arose in the minds of many after the 9/11 tragedy, the notion that our government is not telling us the truth, and hasn’t been after all the immoral wars and false flag atrocities it has perpetrated against innocent people ever since.

This is the chicken bone in America’s throat that is strangling the life out of the freedom we have known, and getting rid of it wholly depends upon arriving at the truth of what actually happened on 9/11/2001.

Some say that truth revealed will destroy America. That might be a healthy thing.

Perhaps the most depressing aspect of this malignant condition in America today is that not a single one of the disturbing narcissists running for president today will admit to the truth of this statement, as they are all locked into the artificial reality that produces the phony wars and false flag shootings that dominate our news today.

Not a good forecast for America’s future.

And even populist favorite Donald Trump, who looks to be our next president, is fond of talking about the Muslims who were cheering on the western shore of the Hudson River right after the Twin Towers came down, conveniently forgetting that the thugs doing the happy dancing that fateful day were not Muslims, but Israelis.

John Kaminski

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Most of his articles are featured here. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA. _____________________________________________________________________________

28 thoughts to “The chicken bone in America’s throat”

  1. The central core of each of the twin towers were made up of 47 box columns made from very thick steel, 5 inches thick at the base, thinner sections at the top. It is inconceivable that such massive steel columns could vanish in the collapse of the towers. Photogaphs of the ruins just after the collapse show the colums to be absent, yet the outer walls are there, splayed out, but still there.

    Steel is a ductile material. It will bend and stretch, but it does not fragment. You would have expected the central cores to have survived, if not in total at least part way up the structures.

    I don’t know who did it, or how it was done, but something very weird happened to those columns.

    1. The matrix of steel columns did indeed survive the collapse for a few moments before they too fell into their footprint. They were barely visible in the clouds of pulverised concrete. In real life (ie fire caused by aircraft fuel), the core would still be standing, even if the fire burnt overnight. Being a civil engineer myself, with knowledge of structural behaviour under stress and strength of materials, I cannot imagine of any force, beside that caused by a nuclear device, or demolition cutters, or continental level earthquake, that can bring a steel building that size down to ground. Even a missile fired at the building at those floor levels would leave the building below it intact. That’s the functional character of a column matrix design – redistribution of loads in the event of failure of some members.
      The site you gave a link to, has an excellent page titled Attack Scenario 404, which in my view, is the only plausible explanation, despite being dubbed a 404.

      1. Hello Tariq,
        The media and the 911 commision seem to have been blind to this extraordinary aspect of 911. Surely they had technical advisors who must have realized how strange it is for massive steel columns like this to just vanish?

        I don’t know who did it, or how they did it, and I don’t knw how they got so many knowledable people to ignore it. I am sure that the real truth will be uncovered by historians (and Engineers) in the future.

        In my opinion this and the collapse of building number 7 are the most important events of the whole 911 scenario. neither of them were mentioned by the 911 commission.

  2. Fake ‘chicken bones’ also in throat.. placed by Hollywood and MSM Pharisees:

    San Bernardino Shooting Exposed as Total Hoax with Synthetic Gore Dummy

    The following two images were sent to from an alert poster. This poster has broken the case wide open, exposing it as a total hoax. This phony shooting must go down in the annals of history as the most ludicrous, inane, supercilious hoax of all time.

    One comment….
    Farooq: it appears that the distant pulled-off piece of skin is not fitting to the wound (it is too large)
    – His left eye-slit seems to be at the wrong place.

    1. @Pat, Kevin Barret, and Jim Fetzer were talking about this dummy on their “false flag weekly” show, and how those staging the event, were crowding round the vehicle delivering the dummy, in order to obscure what was going on. They also talked about how Fetzer`s book, exposing sandy hook, has been dropped by Amazon. However, on looking round for an honest publisher, Fetzer managed to find one, out of, I can`t remember how many..

      btw, the authorities don`t just want your weapons, can`t remember who said they are after gardening implements as well..

  3. The day the towers fell I thought the airplane on TV was a joke/cartoon/advertizment and I still do not believe any airplane hit these strong buildings , and did not break up or spew parts all over . The same day I knew the USA was over, until some truth telling could be made to happen,and you are right the country will never recover without some truth telling and some closure.

  4. “Iraq was invaded to steal its oil.”

    Oil was not the primary issue with the war on Iraq, cheap oil was just an ancillary benefit for the Jews and their proxies. Saddam Hussein was America’s good buddy until he hired Gerald Bull to design and build weapons that specifically targeted Israel. Suddenly he became the new Hitler pariah. How Hussein could misjudge the effects building the “Bull Gun” would have on his relationship with his American benefactors is beyond me. I have long been astounded at leadership’s underestimation of the Jew’s influence and power over the western world. However that may be changing.

  5. I just put up a video that explains how this behavior is induced. The one good thing about 9-11 is how it has exposed other historic events and how they came about. The world wars for example. The jewish plan for world domination is now threatened by digital technology and the fact that people are seeing though the lies.
    Here is the link to 911 Brainwashing series – Pavlov’s Dog – Behavior control.

  6. Once the government figured out it could get away with something as audacious as 9/11, it figured it could get away with anything. And it has, mostly.”

    Actually, America’s proven gullibility began with the Hollowhoax lie. However, at the time, few realized the potential impact this lie would have on western civilization. America’s “big lies” really began with the murder of Randy Weaver’s family. The Weavers were a cautious test to see how America would react to open, military style assaults on American citizens. Shortly thereafter came the mass murders of the Branch Davidians with the use of military troops and weaponry. Of course, I have heard the bogus argument that these were technically not military troops but “police” as if federal police serve a different master.

    What I saw looked exactly like an assault movements made by military men, dressed in military uniforms, using military weaponry. I should know I have been on enough assault exercises. Only Jews using Talmudic legal rational could redefine the troops at Waco as being anything other than a military assault force, but then Jews have long been masters at redefining the appearance of their king’s new clothing.

    When the Zionist government and its Jews saw the supportive reaction of the gullible masses for their summary mass murder of American citizens without due process, they knew their agenda could proceed without further hesitation. I well remember stupid Texans shouting how the government was right, they should kill the “drug dealing,” “child molesting,” “machine-gun-owning” Branch Davidians. I could not find one who could be made to understand that this was not about the media hype about “evil” Branch Davidians. Not one could be convinced this murderous act was usurping the American Constitution and the legal process with the use of military troops against American citizens, a strict violation of the Posse Comitatus act, along with the suspension of the judicial process. Did it work for the Zionist American government? Take a look at the rapid erosion of Amercan rights and freedoms since that day.

    The Murrah building murders in Oklahoma city came shortly thereafter and that incident spelled the end of organized militias. Since that day, it has been Katy-bar-the-door on the loss of freedom. The final act in this tragic Jewish play will be the confiscation of firearms. After that will come the sequel to the mass murder of 66 million indigenous Russians. The doors to the FEMA gulag camps will be open for business and the next generation of Jewish mass murderers will proceed apace with their gruesome business.

    What must be understood about Jews is how they relish murdering people. For Jews, murder, mass murder, it is not viewed as a chore or an evil necessity, something distasteful that must be endured to achieve an objective; that’s goyim thinking. Jews revel in the blood bath, they celebrate mass murder; just look at their holidays. Whatever the outcome of their murderous agenda, Jews at the very least get an orgasm from murdering innocent people.

    This stems primarily from their Torah, but is most glaringly evident in the mass murders they committed in during the Soviet occupation of Russia. This fact is also clearly evident in their torture and murder of children for their Purim festival as well as their fantasy movies. It was evident in the heinous tortures and executions of the Spanish inquisition administered by Tomás de Torquemada, who was of Jewish descent. It is evident in the photos of the torture and murder of victims at the Gitmo camp, where Jews served as technical advisers for the new goyim initiates. These trained psychopaths were then photographed grinning with pleasure at the sadistic treatment they administered to their prisoners. Jews are sick, twisted, bloodthirsty psychopaths and their followers strive to mimic their masters.

    1. In an e-mail from Val Shadowhawk :

      US police officers are being tutored by Israel on how to employ the tactics that have brought death and serious injury to huge numbers of Palestinians in the past few months.

      Officers from 15 US police agencies recently traveled to the Middle East for lessons from their Israeli counterparts.

      For 10 days in late November, police officers from New York, Miami, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department, the Drug Enforcement Agency and US Customs and Border Protection observed the daily operations of the Jerusalem police, the Israeli Border Police and the Shin Bet secret service, all of which play a vital role in administering Israel’s system of control over Palestinians.”

      My response:

      I have been saying for some time, that there is little difference between israeli thugs in uniform, and US ones, and, sadly, there doesn`t appear to be a shortage of brutal, stupid, mass murdering thugs.. Just as there is no shortage of willing cannon fodder, US cannon fodder of course, can`t have the “chosen” being put in harms way.. The “chosen” thugs prefer sniping from rooftops, at Palestinian kids playing football, or Palestinian women hanging out laundry..

  7. Yeah, funny how the jewsmedia jumped on Trump’s statement that he saw reports of thousands of Muslims cheering and dancing at the news the World Trade Centers had been struck by planes. And in their zealousness to make Trump look like a fool and a liar, they searched news archives far and wide for reports depicting these Muslim dancers, and only Muslim dancers, but apparently never ran across any reports about the “five dancing Israelis” who were cheering in plain view of the Towers as they burned, and in fact all five were arrested and held for some time, and to top it off, they were Mossad. They explained in an interview later on Israeli televitz, “our purpose was to document the event”. They weren’t Muslims, right? So who would care? We know Israel is our best-est ally. What a coincidence they were lucky enough to be on scene to record the event. Move on Mr. Donald. Nothing here to see.

  8. In fact, each Che-Ka seems to have had its speciality in torture. Kharkov, for instance, under Saenko, went in primarily for scalpings and hand flayings; and in Voronezh the person to be tortured was first stripped naked, and then thrust into a nail-studded barrel, and rolled about in it, or else branded on the forehead with a five-pointed star, or, if a member of the clergy, ” crowned ” with barbed wire. As for the Che-Kas of Tsaritsin and Kamishin, it was their custom to saw their victims’ bones apart, whilst Poltava and Kremenchoug made it their special rule to impale clergy (once, in the latter place, where a ruffian named Grishka was in command, eighteen monks were transfixed in a single day). Also, inhabitants have testified that Grishka would burn at the stake any peasant who had been prominent in a rebellion, and sit on a chair to enjoy the spectacle. The Che-Ka of Ekaterinoslav, again, went in for crucifixion and death by stoning, and the Che-Ka of Odessa for putting officers to death by chaining them to planks, and slowly, very slowly, pushing them into furnaces, or else tearing their bodies on a capstan wheel, or else immersing them in a boiler of water heated to simmering point, and then flinging them into the sea, before finally consigning them to the flames again.

    In fact, the list of tortures is endless. Another…

    Sergey Petrovich Melgounov. The Red Terror in Russia 6 (Kindle Locations 2756-2758). There’s no version available at Amazon.

    If you want to know how this Horror Story would turn out in America, read
    “The Red Terror in Russia”
    “The Black Book of Communism”
    “Under the Sign of the Scorpion”
    “Stalin’s War of Extermination”
    “The Secret Behind Communism”

    These Talmud-inspired Jew hypocrites & liars & are absolutely shameless. Dissident gulag survivor Aleksander Solzhenitsyn, patriotic writer & historian says 56 million perished in these camps alone. Add on the Holodomor (Ukrainian famine) & the tens of millions of Russians, Ukrainians & others mass-murdered by the Jew/Marxist-created Central Banker-financed USSR & the total death toll is 100+ million. Yet hardly a one of these Tamud-inspired Jews has ever been brought to justice, for this real Jew-inspired Holocaust has been suppressed in the West for 80+ years by their Jew controlled media. It’s about time White people awoke & started to take heed of the Talmud-inspired Jew genocides that have been and still are being perpetrated against Whites.

  9. Hi JPower

    The holocaust has been the get-out-of-jail-free card for Jews. Nobody has dared to say a word against them, as a group or as individuals. To even say that somebody is a Jew has been career sucide. The internet has changed things.

    Aerial reconnaisance showed no signs of the trainloads of coke that would have been required to incinerate millions of bodies at Auschwitz.

    The media NEVER mention that the Bolsheviks were Jews who murdered millions of Russians and the Tsar and his young family; nor that International Jewry had declared economic war on Germany in 1933, so that by 1939 the Germans were justified in regarding Jews as enemy aliens and interned them, as America interned Japanese.

    The truth will set you free.

  10. The 5th commandment– treat all nations equally. From the GOSPELS, “For the father of all people there is no such thing as different nations, there are no different kingdoms either: al are brothers, all are sons of the one father. Don’t create differences between people based on nations and kingdoms.”

    Doesn’t this seem to be EXACTLY the Talmudic-crowned Jew’s prescription for the goyim TO THIS DAY?

  11. Are we ready to conclude Christianity is Jewish poison made hatefully concocted for the goyim, shrewdly featuring its own anti-Semitism in much the same way “Jews” have a knack for spray-painting swastikas and posing as “kike-hating” WHITE POWER troops?

    Last book I read is called THE JEWISH STRATEGY by REVILO P OLIVER (Professor of the Classics, Retired; University of Illinois, Urbana)–
    Like William Pierce, William Simpson and David Lane, Oliver rejects Christianity. More on his Christian views below—
    “The Origins of Christianity”

    1. “Are we ready to conclude Christianity is Jewish poison made hatefully concocted for the goyim?”

      Yes and no. Jesus’ mission was to bring down the Temple and its bloody sacrificial system. He was bred and taught by the Essene to neutralize and destroy what would eventually become Talmudic Judaism. This is why Jews have such seething hatred for Jesus, his message was inimical to their highly profitable, sacrificial system.

      How do we know this? The “second” Temple was the largest structure ever built in Herod’s Kingdom, surpassing even his most grandiose palaces. It was constructed on the largest man-made plateau ever built up to that time. The Romans actually borrowed funds from the Temple treasury to build their aqueducts!

      It was said that the first century, Temple Jew worked one day to pay his rent, one day to feed his family, one day to pay his taxes and all the rest went to the Temple. Therefore, fully one half of the labor of Temple followers went to feed Temple coffers. Gospel stories are all about money, like the coin produced from the fish’s mouth and the attack on the money changers. The grandiosity of the Temple structure highlights the amount of labor and wealth it took to build and maintain the Temple and its priesthood.
      Note the size of the Temple in comparison to the surrounding first century Jerusalem.

      Saul/Paul was a Temple authority who saw the opportunity to usurp the immense power and profit of the Temple and its Judaic religion. The Temple was obviously on its way out after Jesus pointed out those flaws inherent in its religious/legal principals. Thus, Saul/Paul the opportunist saw his chance to start a new religion that would steal the thunder of the old. He did this by setting Jesus up as the new YHVH – God of the Jews.

      However, the number of Jewish followers was so small he felt it necessary to court the support of the “gentiles” who were largely non-Temple Jews like the Samaritans. At some unknown point, recognizing the power of the Jew’s Torah, non-Jews stepped in and took over the pursuit, making Christianity a religion that appealed to the non-Jewish “oppressed” common man. The principles Jesus laid forth for the Temple follower oppressed by the Temple’s incredibly onerous, bloody, sacrificial system appealed to the common people of that era oppressed by the leadership of kings and their vassals.

      Judaism’s original structure, whose power Christians had stolen, was naturally perceived as a threat making Jews Christianities’ number one enemy. And as the original teachings of Jesus were antithetical to Judaism, it was natural to hammer the Jew’s old religion down with the new religious tool prepared by Jesus and promoted by Saul/Paul. The Jews returned the hatred “seven fold”. Of course Jews, being the ever burrowing parasite, eventually wormed their way into the Church to slowly turn it against the Christians they hate so passionately. Perhaps the Jew’s largest gain in this regard was Vatican II.

      Thus, Jesus was actually the antidote to the Jew’s original Temple poison. Saul/Paul a political opportunist, picked up and expanded on the original message. He made it his mission to create a new Jewish god, thereby stealing the power of the Jew’s old YHVH. (and to think there are Christians who believe Jesus wasn’t a Jew. Imagine Jews accepting a non-Jew as their God) Non-Jews then moved in, supplanting Saul’s/Paul’s original Jewish followers.

      The new, non-Jewish, Christians expanded on Jesus’ anti-Judaic message in their effort to eliminate the potential threat presented by the original power structure, thereby creating intense animosity between Jews and Christians. Eventually Jews wormed their way into the Christian church, “reforming” it to serve their original religious/cultural agenda.

      Therefore, Jews have alchemied Christianity’s original anti-Jewish message into a new poison that serves to destroy the original intent of Jesus’ ministry, thus turning the gullible goyim into unwitting accomplices to the Jew’s agenda for global domination. Is anyone surprised?

  12. Kaminski, you are right. 9/11 was done for the purpose of conquering the Middle East.
    It’s worked out well so far. But it appears that Putin has delayed the process somewhat.
    The masters of the world will have their one world dictatorship soon enough, however. Provided that a black swan doesn’t appear and mess t up.

  13. I don’t want to minimize the suffering of people who are caught up in these horrible shooting but at the same time I tend to dismiss them–that is, dismiss them when everyone is glued to the tube as the reporters dredge up all the evidence against the dead perps who never will see justice. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty. Now all we have are witch hunts against Muslims. I don’t believe Muslims generally are to blame for these orchestrated events, so I don’t hate Muslims but if I believed they did then I’m not sure how I would feel.

    So again, not to minimize suffering, I still look for other types of clues, clues that might be left by the real perps such as number symbolism. Laugh if you must but usually these events have number signals. So here is the latest shooting that occurred on 12/2/15 and 12x2x15=360. It is kind of banal compared to the number symbolism of Aleister Crowley in 9 11 but it is unmistakably significant coincidence. Everyone knows that 360 means the circle. Have we come full circle? Oh and San Bernardino is either close to or on the 33rd parallel.

  14. That was a superb reply, AStanton. What about the idea of leaving the Jews to live in peace in Israel, even expanded to twice its size, so that they no longer have any need to control and dominate the gentiles? Wouldn’t they be contented with their own Greater Israel? In your view why is dominion over the entire globe so important to them?

    1. Roberts answered my question. “The Jewish race, who understands just how different they are, viewed us as their competition, and wanted to eliminate us, and have been working toward that end since the beginning of written history.” ** SCOTT ROBERTS * Live Webcam: Solutions

      1. Jpower –

        Scott Roberts states what I have stated for years… Putin is a puppet, not a hero.

        Scott Roberts makes that point at 18:10….
        “If it is ‘political suicide’ for Putin to name the Jews, then, Putin doesn’t really control his government…. and he doesn’t control his media. He doesn’t have control. Jews have control.”

        Scott Roberts – Solutions – Published on Dec 6, 2015

  15. I still live amon the middle of the main stream media duped. On the one hand they are horrified that anyone could be so politically incorrect as to “hate Muslims.” And on the other hand they are true believers in all the false flags that are blamed on Muslims. It’s all too stupid for words, talk about cognitive dissonance. The conversation usually starts with: what is wrong with Islam that it makes people into such nut cases? I reply: Hmmm you mean all those radicalized people like that 90 pound woman in San Bernardino with a 6 month old baby who one day picks up a deadly military rifle and ammunition worth her weight in pounds and goes on a rampage that ends in a bulleted filled black SUV? Her: Have you listened to this woman who suffered through clitoral cutting until she came to the west and became a professor that denounces Islam… Me: No haven’t listened to her but there are such things as genuinely damaged people who find their authentic voice, but what does that have to do with the gunned down 90 pound woman manning the assault rifle? In the meantime I am thinking about the eyewitness report from a window where a woman saw three guys in black who blasted their way into a compound and who later the police were trying to track down. They also were driving a black SUV…yes men in black driving a black SUV. Where do you get your news she wants to know. I didn’t hear anything about that, but I still can’t figure out all this stuff about Islam, you know the female circumcision, the terrorism, the oppression of woman, but I’m not prejudice against Muslims she assures me, that is disgusting. Etc. Another false flag goes down in the false Republic handled well by the fake news….

  16. I want to add to my previous post that this woman, this 90 pound mother of a six month old, is like a wonder woman. I read she was also wearing high heels. Whoever wrote the script might also write super hero scripts. She is in high heels, cleavage from engorged breasts, and as she sprays the room with bullets her breasts spurt milk like an Italian fountain. I know a man must have written the script because he completely forgets about the baby until an after thought. Was the baby in the black SUV with them or did she leave the baby on the bed or in its crib? I don’t see any signs of the baby in that amazingly littered house. Can you imagine the baby putting all those thingies in its month, crawling around in that heap of debris? So she takes the baby to a relative and says, good-bye my sweet love I will see you in paradise. In any case, it’s awful for the baby and I hate those special forces guys for filling the mother with bullet holes. They have no conscious. And their shoes…you know those cushion soles with the lace ups that look like that were developed for bouncing on the moon. I guess at this moment I have to include Obama on my list of those to loathe because he seems to be the mastermind of the false flag gun confiscation program and the blame the Muslims/don’t blame the Muslims meme.

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