The Coming Doom

Paul Craig Roberts is in despair as he sees mushroom clouds gathering on the horizon. His is a voice crying in the wilderness, One woe is past; and, behold, there come two woes more hereafter!


. . . by Paul Craig Roberts

Dear Friends,

I have been around for a long time and have experienced more than most.

The current situation in my experience is the most dangerous time of all for humanity.

Nuclear weapons are no longer restrained by the Cold War MAD doctrine. Washington has released them into pre-emptive first strike form.

The targets of these pre-emptive strikes–Russia and China–know it, because Washington proudly proclaims its immorality in public documents describing its war doctrine.

The result is to maximize the chance of nuclear war.

If you were Russia and China, and you knew that Washington had a war doctrine that permits a surprise nuclear attack, would you sit there waiting while Washington cranks up its anti-Russian and anti-Chinese propaganda machine, demonizing both countries as a threat to “freedom and democracy”?

The fools in Washington are playing with nuclear fire. Noam Chomsky points out that in a less dangerous time than currently exists, we came very close to nuclear war.

Harold Pinter, one of the last Western intellects, understood the danger in Western arrogance. He denounced the West’s crimes and called for the crimes to be subject to established law before it is too late for humanity.

“We have brought torture, cluster bombs, depleted uranium, innumerable acts of random murder, misery, degradation and death to the Iraqi people and call it ‘bringing freedom and democracy to the Middle East’. How many people do you have to kill before you qualify to be described as a mass murderer and a war criminal? One hundred thousand? More than enough, I would have thought. Therefore it is just that Bush and Blair be arraigned before the International Criminal Court of Justice.”

Harold Pinter, 2005 Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech.

“An Iraqi Holocaust” by Gideon Polya and “Genocide In Iraq” provide abundant evidence for convicting Bush and Blair.

Dr. Gideon Polya is a professor of science in one of Australia’s leading universities. He has a moral conscience, something increasingly rare in the Western world.

His articles are based largely on the just published by Clarity Press two volume heavily documented Genocide in Iraq by Abdul-Haq Al-Ani and Tarik Al-Ani. Abdul-Haq Al-Ani is a British-educated lawyer with a Ph.D. in International Law and a Ph.D. in electronics engineering. Tarik Al-Ani, is an architect, translator, and researcher.

Currently I am reading this two-volume work and intend to review it. But Professor Polya’s articles suffice as an introduction to Genocide in Iraq. Washington has committed a terrible crime in our name.

Washington not only murdered Iraq, Washington has murdered the Middle East. Washington and its despicable vassals–”the Coalition of the Willing”–are responsible for a Middle East Holocaust.

For people in the Anglo-American world who have a moral conscience, the facts are soul-wrenching. The populations of the countries whose governments comprised “the Coalition of the Willing” are contaminated with war crimes committed by their governments in the Iraq Genocide. A progressive modern state was obliterated, and 2.7 million Iraqi people were murdered.

The crime was covered up with propaganda that demonized Saddam Hussein and created fear of nonexistent weapons of mass destruction.

The Iraqi genocide was based on a lie, and both Bush and Blair knew it. The two satanic leaders simply decided to destroy a people who they first demonized and marginalized.

Cheney and the neocons continue to justify the genocide and the illegal torture regime that they created in order to produce fake “terrorists” as a justification for their war crimes. The Western media, especially the New York Times, is also complicit in the Iraqi Genocide as are the insouciant Western peoples themselves who stood by cheering while millions of people were destroyed on the basis of a blatant and transparent lie.

What does the West represent? Greed? Lies? War? Torture? War Crimes? Selfishness, Intolerance? Destruction of life on earth?

The “Christian” West is a master at propaganda and self-deception. Look at the evangelical churches. They support a criminal, inhumane regime while professing to be followers of Christ.

Look at American “conservatives.” They support the militarized police state. They support the routine police murders of dark-skinned American citizens. They support every war Washington dreams up and even more. Indeed, there are not enough wars for the satisfaction of Congressional Republicans who now want war with Russia and with Iran.

Look at the Republicans in Congress and in state governments. They hate the environment. They love polluters. They worship Israel and Israel’s destruction of the Palestinians and the ongoing theft of the Palestinians’ country, a 60-year old activity. Just look at the map of shrinking Palestine. More is stolen each day.

Washington has supported this theft of an entire country. Yet, Washington is able to masquerade as a great defender of human rights. Whose rights? Washington’s and Israel’s. No one else’s rights count.

How does the world survive the American-Israeli aggression? Probably it will not. The evil is now directed at Iran, Russia, and China. These countries cannot be bombed year after year after year with no consequences to the bombers.

Iran is limited in its destructive ability. But Iran could destroy Saudi Arabia and Israel. Russia and China can destroy the US and all of Washington’s vassal states. The intensity of Washington’s propaganda war is driving the world to destruction.

How can it be stopped when Putin himself says over and over that Washington continually ignores every thing that the Russian government says. Putin is the peacemaker. Every peace proposal he brings is ignored by Washington whose response is to beat the drums of war louder.

Unless European governments recognize the danger in Washington’s aggression and dissolve NATO, planet earth hasn’t long to live.

The American public needs to understand the consequences of Washington’s illegality and criminality. On the one hand it means that those subject to Washington’s aggression have to endure war crimes, but on the other hand it means a growing hatred for America. As Washington’s easy targets are used up, Washington engages countries that can reply to force with force.

Unless the neoconservatives are ejected from the Obama regime and banned from inclusion in any future American government, mushroom clouds will go up over Washington, New York, Boston, Atlanta, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Dallas, Houston, St. Louis, Cleveland, Chicago. The American mid-west, which hosts the ICBM silos, will become uninhabitable except by cockroaches.

Americans, and the populations of the American puppet states, desperately need to understand that Washington is incapable of speaking the truth about anything. Washington is an evil force. Washington is Sauron. Washington is Satan.

Look at Iraq. Look at Afghanistan. Look at Libya. Look at Syria. Look at Somalia. Look at Ukraine. Nothing but destruction comes from Washington. Will life on earth be Washington’s next victim?


Paul Craig Roberts

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His internet columns have attracted a worldwide following. Roberts’ latest books are The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism and Economic Dissolution of the West and How America Was Lost.

78 thoughts to “The Coming Doom”

  1. Very interesting and basically very TRUE, Paul Craig Roberts.
    But you are totally compromised by your concluding statement: “Unless the neoconservatives are ejected from the Obama regime and banned from inclusion in any future American government, mushroom clouds will go up…”
    Please read several of my latest postings, which no-one ever acknowledges, in which I quote Doris Lessing, that “without definitions we remain helpless and without choice.”
    As per usual, just like the continual assertions on this site that ALL modern Jews are “SEMITES”, ALL the blame is heaped on these mythical, undefined NEO-CONS.
    It is presumed in your above conclusion and in your essay as a whole, that it is the NEO-CONS in Obama’s regime, which I presume are the dreaded CONSERVATIVES, aka RIGHT-WINGERS, who are the war-mongers. ….. Oh NO, it can’t be the Democrat, Sunni, good guy Barack Obama that is to blame as well!
    No, it can’t be the Progressive, Marxist-trained Hillary Clinton!
    Despite the Jewish DIALECTIC being played upon you by the CMMM, that tries to make out Obama is now a good guy, Obama was created by the Jews – those very same Congressional HAWKS – and, as I will prove in my next posting, THE JEWS KNOW OBAMA IS THEIR MAN! He is part of their regime! Every bit as much as Bush!

    1. @Max
      I get your point Max. However you must take the lead and coin your own terminology and use it consistently in your posts. Define the enemy. For example, in South Africa they used to have the Suppression of Communism Act of 1950. Its definition of Communism ran on for 16 pages. Likewise the definition of a communist, ending in the catchall phrase of “anyone likely to further the aims of Communism”.
      So, Max, decide on an appropriate name for the enemy e.g. Zoggery, Zoggism. Zogger or Zoggite, all derived from the acronym ZOG ( Zionist Oppressor Government). You may like to use the initial CK (Christ Killer)
      Australian English has a very rich lexicon. Use it and send these Seppos, Poms, Frogs, Dagoes and this Kraut Mick bastard like myself scurrying to our dictionaries. Remember Gough Whitlam referring to an opponent as “a shiver looking for a spine to run up”! So I’d love to see expressions like, drooling drongo, groveling galah, rapacious ratbag, chunderous cowardice etc.
      So let’s begin by wishing perdition to Zoggery and all the groveling galahs that further its aims.

      1. Felix,

        “For example, in South Africa they used to have the Suppression of Communism Act of 1950.”

        And interesting that it was Communism that brought an end to white South Africa, again courtesy of the Jews, this time with Joe Slovo. Wherever Caucasians try to live as one, there’s always a Jew doing his/her best to destroy this.

      2. Harbinger
        You are 100% correct. Since 1994 the economic condition of blacks has deteriorated. The end of white rule has destroyed the economy. The only black ruled countries I would live in are single tribe countries, like Botswana, Namibia, Swaziland or Lesotho. South Africa has 11 different tribes forced together as one country and they have the same prejudices that Europeans have towards each other. The problem with people outside of Africa; they see black, they think they are all the same. That’s why I don’t see the EU lasting much longer. Look at the animus between Germany and Greece. The Finns and the Hungarians resent being dragged into a conflict with Russia over the Ukraine. I’ve also read reports about US military convoys being jeered at in the Czech Republic by the local citizenry. You cannot force people to become one nation.

      3. America is no more a Zionist occupied government than Soviet Russia was a Zionist occupied government. Would anyone say that America has a Zionist occupied media? Hah! America has not been a Zionist OCCUPIED Government for some time. It has long been the Zionist-American Government – ZAG. The American people have no representational government, the Jews have a despotic, bloodthirsty, militarized-police, terror state they use as a global bludgeon. Let me tell you one thing, Israel controls America and the Americans don’t know it!

      4. Arch –

        You are absolutely correct. Here is proof from the Senate almost 50 years ago:

        In 1967 Senator William Fulbright – Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee – asserts that Israel Controls the Senate.
        He was the longest serving chairman in the history of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. He knew the score.

        first session 1967
        MADE PUBLIC 2007

        This excerpt of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee meeting of June 9, 1967, sheds interesting light on the attitude of Chairman William Fulbright and Senator Hickenlooper.
        The discussion was no doubt colored by bitterness over Israeli sinking of the Liberty on June 8, but was ostensibly about the discovery, by the American policy makers, that they had little or no leverage on Israel.
        Israel had purchased most of its arms from France, because the US would not supply arms to Israel and refused most requests. Germany, as the hearings reveal elsewhere, had supplied Israel with some equipment, including about 60 M-48 Patton tanks.

        The crucial part of the dialog between Chairman Fulbright, and Senator Symington, who apparently could not believe his ears:
        The Chairman. “The trouble is they think they have control of the Senate and they can do as they please.”
        Senator Symington. “What was that?”
        The Chairman. “I said they know they have control of the Senate politically, and therefore whatever the Secretary tells them, they can laugh at him. They say, “Yes, but you don’t control the Senate.”

  2. Sheesh!

    Just when I was feelin good reading Dicarlo’s comment about the Iranian Magravs technology, and along comes PCR with this “The Coming Doom” article.

    Talk about yer bad timing!

    1. B-Hawk –

      Not to worry so much.
      PCR sells fear for profit. He uses tactics just like the Meggido-Army adherents portray…. to help fill collection plates. He states as much in the first two paragraphs in the original article:

      “A Middle East Holocaust” — Paul Craig Roberts

      “Dear Friends: We have had a satisfactory response to our request for your support. As long as you support this site, I will as well. Without your support the website would not exist.

      “Foundations and corporations do not support truth-tellers. American foundations underwrite war and US imperialism. Foundations support subversion of countries that are not Washington’s puppet states. Your website has no foundation support, no corporate support; it only has your support.”

      He is connected. He knows who to water-board…. rather than scaring the world.
      PCR needs to stop writing horror stories, put down the kitten he pets on jewtube, and get a pit bull after the jugulars of the criminals who are his friends.

      1. Pat, what me worry?

        When I read the words “coming doom” it was a buzz kill after learning of the great Iranian’s impotency-rendering Magravs.

        PCR is one of those, as you say connected statesmen who was always going to act in accordance with an American system that was fucked from day 1. He sees what’s goin on now and it’s boo-hoo-hoo, what have they done to me and Ronnie’s precious Detente?! Not realizing he’s been played like a Stradivarius from the get-go.

        Hope he puts down the pussycat for his own sake 😉

      2. B-Hawk –

        He is no dummy.. He knows who the criminals are. He is not fooled either. He plays us. He more likely sheds tears of joy while checking his ACH and PayPal business accounts….the online collection plates.

      3. So Pat, is it safe to say that If darkmoon admin. thought as you they wouldn’t be putting up one of his articles? Otherwise why bother if it’s simply pure dis-info.

        I still have to wonder how much he really knows, though. I always refer back to the top-down “on a need to know only basis” hierarchical pyramid when guessing about who knows what.

      4. “Not realizing he’s been played like a Stradivarius from the get-go.” : one of many. Everyone pointing fingers, points in the direction of Bush and Blair, which is fair enough, but it goes much farther, deeper, and especially higher, than those two maleable crims..

    2. B-Hawk –

      “So Pat, is it safe to say that If darkmoon admin. thought as you they wouldn’t be putting up one of his articles? “

      No. It would NOT be safe to say that at all. They admittedly post articles with which they do not agree all the time.

      General Disclaimer
      1.  This website accepts no responsibility for the opinions expressed in its Comments section; nor does it accept responsibility for the views expressed by any of its article writers, with the single exception of Lasha Darkmoon.

      1. OK, I get it. It’s just that oftentimes I think that content in these comment threads offers WAY more useful and revealing information than the article being replied to, although I realize of course how the article/commentariat dynamic works.

        I like to think we ‘thought-providers’ (a better label than “commenters” IMO) are on at least an equal par with the articles’ authors when it comes to the readership. Sometimes I find myself skimming through the articles and heading straight for the threads. 😉

  3. Speaking of timing : There’s going to be a Total Lunar Eclipse this Saturday April 4th over the United States of America — a “Blood Moon”. This coming Saturday, April 4th, happens to be Holy Saturday in the Catholic Faith.

    What say you, Dublinsmick, about the spiritual/cosmic significance of a Blood Moon over the United States of America? Especially as the “Blood Moon” arrives the same time as Catholic Holy Saturday ; What is the spiritual/cosmic significance of such timing?

    1. T.R.O.JOE,

      Would be a great time for a major false flag (of Biblical proportions) to reign in the masses.

      I can see Hagee increasing book sales…what a horrible thought.

  4. Obama was created by the Zionist-Jews of his OWN administration: (from my book)
    “Today the Founding Fathers’ worst nightmares have been realized with the “red cloud” having manifested itself in the rampant Zionism and out-of-control Marxism that is blighting the USA. Apart from the truth expressed by Ariel Sharon in the above (i.e. “We control America and the Americans know it.”) other Jews have highlighted their substantial reins on power in the USA: The influential Zionist spokesman and former White House counselor, Abner Mikvner, made it clear that “Barack Obama is the first Jewish President.” Or, there is this insight from Pauline Dubkin, who was quoting a long-time, Jewish observer of the political scene: “Jews made Barack Obama. Wherever you look there is a Jewish presence.”
    Keep fooling yourselves that Obama is going to stand up to Bibi Netanyahu, but it ain’t gonna happen! Theatrics will occur, but nothing will change; other than you will be fooled yet again!
    Also, make some inquiries on your own and read the many reasons why Obama SHOULD NEVER have been given the Nobel Prize – over 1,000,000 bodies in graves (in the M.E.) is testimony to the consistent persistence of the hideous American WAR MACHINE! …. Obama continued Bush’s legacy – undeniable FACT!
    Don’t like the TRUTH? ….. Go dig your heads further into the sand! …. You Yanks are brainwashed beyond compare! Everyone else in the world can see it, but ye of John Kaminski’s “BLIND” cannot really see anything!

    1. I was on a flight touching down at Gardermoen, at the time of the “peace prize” presentation. The pilot informed us that if we looked over to the left, we would see Obama`s aircraft. I think I was probably the only person who wasn`t ooh!-ing, and aah!-ing, or craning my neck to get a glimpse, so it isn`t just Americans who are stoopid..

  5. Mushroom clouds? We’re not that lucky. More likely the civilized (read; Aryan) world will succumb to the third world invasion, with the castles and cathedrals of Europe being used as toilets for Muslims, Hindus, and niggers. That’s the most likely future. The West dies with a whimper, not a bang, though I suppose if you’re like me, you consider Hitler’s Attempt to Restore Sanity (the conflict commonly referred to as WW2) as the West going out with a bang. After WWII it was simply a question of kikes mopping things up.

    1. SPQR, could not agree more with what you say:
      Fact is, in many Australian cities it is now a difficult quest to spot the Aussie, given that we have been flooded with other races, other religions and other cultures. We are a multicultural cesspool of crippling vice in Australia. We have jihadists running around looking for blonde* Aussies to behead! (*The 2 Muslim men recently intercepted said they were after a blonde!)
      I will give support to the following comment by you as the essential TRUTH, but because I have followed up Ruth Bernstein’s gracious advice about catering for a “politically correct” audience, I have cleaned up my act. Tick, tick tick for you when you say: “The West has succumbed to the third world invasion, with the castles and cathedrals of Europe being used as toilets for Muslims, Hindus, and niggers.”
      Yeah, I said in an earlier posting about the utter stench of inner-city Paris; and saw the subways, bus-stops, etc being used as toilets. Was lovely to get out beyond Versailles and fall into Joelle’s nice, clean sheets!

      1. The jew minions of the EU are soon going to make race-mixing mandatory to wipe out “racism,” which really means wiping out Whites. Sweden or France will probably be the first. After that, the UK and Germany. There won’t be any widespread resistance from Whites; if Whites were going to rebel against the system it would have happened decades ago, the moment they saw a nigger holding hands with a White woman on a Paris street.

        Western Europe is occupied by the United States. Nothing happens there without approval from Washington. Washington in turn is run by Jews. If a European nation were to rebel against the global kike empire, Washington would bomb and invade it. This means that, unfortunately, the revolution must happen in the US, which is full of kike-loving Christian and liberal numbskulls. Liberate America from the Jewish parasite and Europe will in turn be freed.

      2. SPQR –

        Goldman-Sachs runs Wash. DC…since they actually issue the debt notes for America world-wide.

      3. Lately we are flooded with bad news, nuclear war, pole shift, UFO and even epidemics are announced every day. What motivates these people or crypto Jews why do they put up a smokescreen?

        Yesterday, the EU leaders have signed a treaty with Iran to thwart the satanic jew netanjahoe.

        The jewisch plot is not for a destruction of the planet which also certainly lead to his own downfall.
        For hundreds of years the decimation of the white Christian population was there work, history speeks for itselves:
        The Moorish invasion of Spain, the fall of Constantinople and invasion in the Balkans, the French Revolution and the installation of Napoleon, Cromwell in England, American Civil War, World War I, revolution in Russia and world war two.

        All set up by Jews.

        Millions of Christians massacred by order of the jew.

        Because the Jews currently possess everything, money, media, businesses, and that they will not destroy a nuclear war. Much more effective: Mass invasion of colored people in white countries along with the pill, abortion, feminism, and above all human rights …

        Here in Belgium a few years ago a student was drugged and controlled and send with a weapon on the road, he shot “foreigners” down and all Belgians had to hand in their weapons, Belgium has virtually no army more so that there is no one to defend the population .Meanwhile, the country is flooded with third world trash, companies disappear more and more people are depended on the goverment to survive, the jew as planned this al along and one day he stops printing money…

        The Hasidic rabbis and the Zionist Jews want a planet of their own without the white race.The only whites to rule over a world of colored slaves.

        Happy Easter to all,gilbert

    2. SPQR, one of the things I dislike about you is your use of the N word, I don`t have a problem with your use of the K word, funny that.. I`d say that if anyone had earned the right to use the castles and cathedrals of Europe as toilets, it`s the “Muslims, Hindus, and niggers.”

      1. Ingrid,

        You do know the origin of the word? You do realise that niger is latin for black? However, I don’t call black people black as they aren’t. It is their own stupidity, their drive to be classed as a colour that has led to the ridiculous situation of the use black, in another language. Italians, for example, through political correctness, can’t call them black, but instead call them ‘coloured’. And yet it’s ok for black people to call one another black? Stupid black people don’t realise that by taking the word black to define themselves, they also take every negative connotation that goes with it.

        The way I deal with it is a simple one – our land, our language, our rules and if you don’t like it or agree with it then get lost. I’m quite frankly sick and tired of other people telling me what I can or cannot say to another human being. On one side, government creates ‘hate speech’ and on the other, armed forces who go around the world and murder the locals, yet we’re arrested for calling someone a nigger? Seriously?

        If the truth offends, it’s high time everyone started offending.

      2. @ Harbinger
        @ Ingrid

        On the use of the word “nigger” on this site

        Harbinger says: “Italians, for example, through political correctness, can’t call them black, but instead call them ‘coloured’.”

        I am surprised the Italians are allowed to call them “coloured”. An English broadcaster (I can’t remember his name) recently got into big trouble on American TV by referring to blacks as “coloured.” He was forced to grovel and apologize. The politically correct way to refer to blacks in America is “people of color.” (American spelling)

        No one in America is allowed to use the word “nigger” except black people themselves as a term of affectionate camaraderie. As in.“Hey nigger, long time no see! How you doin’, bro?”

        Admin have advised against the use of the word “nigger” on this site, a word which gives Lasha the creeps, and I think out of respect for Admin we ought to avoid this offensive term.

        I suggest the word “blacks” or “negroes”, both of which are neutral terms of reference.

      3. Sardonicus,

        “I am surprised the Italians are allowed to call them “coloured”.”

        My mother is fluent in Italian, however, she likes to go to Italian classes for the company. Her Italian teacher, far younger than she corrected her when she described African origin people as ‘black’ which in Italian is nero. He stated that it’s offensive to African origins in Italy to be called nero. He told her that the accepted term is ‘coloured’ or in Italian colorato.
        You would think it odd because coloured is offensive to blacks in the UK and yet in this case to African origins living in Italy black is offensive.

        I find African origins pathetic. I’ve lived amongst them for most of my life and quite frankly I’m sick of their constant whining and moaning. They seem to be fighting for the trophy of who’s the most persecuted along with the Jews. Everything we say is offensive to them, so much to the point that they’ve hijacked OUR language, telling us what we can or can’t say. That’s why I’m disgusted by them, because when people start telling me what I can and can’t say, I say that which is most likely to offend to piss off the authoritarians, who have no right to impose their authority over me, nor anyone for that matter.

      4. Harbinger,
        You could always use the term used in Southern Africa, Bantu. Of course they also have more pejorative terms; Kaffir, Houtkop( wooden head). The Rhodesians used Floppy to describe their enemy, because people when they are shot flop about. I had an English friend who served in the Met, who told that they addressed every negro as Kunte Kinte, just after the release of the mini-series Roots in the 70’s! I can’t imagine them using that term now!

      5. Felix,

        I’m just sick of other people telling me how I should address them. My life, my choice, my hot air passing my lips and my sound – not theirs. As I said above, the more the state tells me how to be, the more I move in the opposite direction, simply out of disgust at their authoritarianism over me, they have no consent whatsoever to impose upon me. If people don’t like what I call them, that’s their problem, not mine.

      6. By the way Felix,

        I had a friend who went into a newsagent here in Scotland and she was on her mobile phone talking to a friend. Her friend asked her where she was and she said “I’m in the Paki’s” meaning Pakistani’s. The man behind the counter said “What the fuck did you call me?” even though she wasn’t and he said “Did you call me a fucking Paki?” She of course said she was on the phone and not addressing him and he called the police. She was arrested (unlawfully assaulted), kidnapped as they do and spent the night in the police cells. She later went to court and received 200 hours community service for saying what she did.

        We live in a society where immigrants get preferential treatment over the indigenous. No other country outside of the west, treats its indigenous as we do. No other country outside of the west treats immigrants as we do. Worse of all, even indigenous have now been brainwashed into being treated below immigrants. That’s the success of brainwashing or should I say, cultural Marxism taught in primary, secondary and tertiary education.

      7. More so Felix,

        Pakistan ironically means ‘land of the pure’. It is also an acronym meaning Punjab, Afghan, Kashmir, Iran. Stan is an ancient farsi word meaning ‘land of’ or ‘homeland’ so ironically all Pakistanis are Paki’s.

        In a court of law, firstly this case could be argued, but more importantly, there are no ‘hate/hate speech/racial hatred laws’ in the UK. There are ‘hate/hate speech/racial hatred’ legislation and in order for one to be tried under this, they have to accept being under its authority in order for it to become law. This is done by ‘understanding’ the police officer when he/she asks you and/or signing the police form with you name. The police in the UK ‘trick’ people into believing that contract law (civil law – black law) is common law through their giving their name and accepting to be under their jurisdiction as they enforce this legislation. They do so because not only does it generate revenue for the state unlawfully but it also helps them greatly with their own promotion.

        Ironically as well, if there is no injured party in common law (theft, assault, murder) then no crime has been committed. They have managed to intertwine civil law, or corporate law, which isn’t law, but contracting between two or more peoples, with common law. A judge who tries to enforce this is actually committing a crime in common law an should be held accountable, as they are technically trying to seize your money, either through a direct fine, or a period of work that you will not be paid for.

        99% of society hasn’t even heard of any of this, because they automatically go to get legal aid from a solicitor, who will not enforce law, but legality which is completely different. In the UK, the solicitor works for the crown. The crown is a corporation. The solicitor enforces contract law and will not tell you the truth because like the court, he is generating money by defending you. This is why people should NOT use solicitors and learn common law, NOT contract law. If you defend yourself in a court of law, which in this case is nothing more than a bank, you must bring the judge under his oath and take command of the court from the start. The instance you obey any of the orders given you, you immediately accept their jurisdiction and have signed the contract to be under their authority. This can easily be done by standing, when you are told to stand when the judge walks in. The judge upon being contested, will do everything in his power to trick you into contracting. He will threaten you, call the security in and even the police to have you arrested. You must hold your ground, because he/she knows that should you succeed in your taking charge of the court and proving that no crime has been committed, the judge and the court staff, could very well be taken to court for attempted fraud, disbarred and imprisoned.

        This CON is played hourly up and down the length and breadth of the UK daily. Courtrooms are corrupt and nothing more than generators of cash. The people are living under a legal lie being passed off, falsely, as common law. There are no ‘drug laws’. There are no ‘race laws’. There are no ‘Hate Speech laws’. There are no ‘terrorism laws’. What there is are Drug/Race/Hate Speech/Terrorism ACTS just out of the pages of a Shakespeare play. Solicitors are deceitful and care not for you. They care only for the money they receive in defending you. It’s a game. Regardless of the court outcome, they always get paid and always go home at the end of the day. You most certainly may not.

      8. Harbinger.
        Sooner or later there must be a backlash. How much longer are people going to put up with it? In Asia they have absolutely no political correctness. One is totally free to express one’s prejudices. And I prefer honesty even when it’s directed at myself. At least one knows where one stands. Unfortunately so many Europeans fall for Negroid and Jewish emotional blackmail. If I am accused of so called anti-semitism or racism I reply,
        “Yes, so what!”. They obviously expect one to go into grovel mode. Anyway please pass on my commiserations to your friend.,

    3. Gilbert –

      If Belgians ‘had to hand in their weapons’, they DESERVE whatever tyranny is imposed upon them. WTF are guns FOR, anyway, if not to resist enemies!!??? Are y’all CRAZY???!!!

      PCR is, also, a flagrant misleader. He harps on ‘doom’ and destruction. WE feel compelled to take our complaints to the Court of Mammon – when we should be taking them to a Higher Court. People will die – but we need to make sure they are the RIGHT people… (I do not give a rat’s eyeball about the tares – and neither should Lasha, PCR, or anyone here.)

  6. The pendulum is certainly swinging away from the West. Declining birth rates, obscene taxes supporting bums and stiffs from abroad and hoards of PC professional shysters that batten on to jobs in government and local councils. Look at the criminal parasites in Brussels living off the backs of taxpayers and issuing ukases regulating weights and measurements and straight bananas. Well bananas are like politicians, yellow and bent, and will always be so. Look at Washington; lobbyists, politicians and shyster lawyers. To hell with them all!
    The question remains does the west deserve to survive?

    1. Felix,

      I am not so sure about the West deserving anything, But I know the USA, in particular, has so much innocent
      blood on its unrepentant hands (since the Theodore Roosevelt’s reign?) that Justice has to come at some point for this godless behavior. If Abel’s blood cried out to God for justice, one can only imagine the tremendous chorus the Great Judge is hearing right now.

      1. Leo,
        I understand your points, but every time I go to Europe, and I am a European, I despise their snivelling and cowardly acceptance of the status quo. I am amazed at how many young Europeans are waking up and voting with their feet by moving to Asia. Many young Americans as well. Young college graduates with no job prospects in the west are moving here. Going to India, Hong Kong, Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Korea and Indo-China. I love Thailand and am settled here, but if I was a young man, I’d probably go to Laos or Cambodia. It’s the wild east, what Thailand was like 40 years ago! A real indication of a countries progress is innovation. Well China now leads the world in the issue of patents. The US and Europe has had more businesses closing down or going bankrupt than new businesses opening!

  7. Finally, re “the coming doom”!
    I have before me over one dozen quotes from high level Zionist-Jews, stating clearly that if Israel were to go down, they (the Israelis) will take the whole planet with them. Surely you have read some of the latest!
    These quotations are from an equal mix of senior Israeli political figures and Israeli religious rabbis/leaders.
    The West and its UN insist upon the most intricate perusals of every single part of Iran’s nuclear program, but turn a completely blind eye towards Israel’s arsenal of WMD’s (poisons, gases, etc) and nuclear weapons.
    And the USA is funding a squadron of super jets for the Israeli air force!
    The only word for this is INSANITY! …. PLAIN, UNDILUTED INSANITY!
    Or is it simply the fact that JEWS control your Congress and financial houses!

    1. Max Bil-o-ney –

      Get real. Stop believing the lies. There is NO nuclear doom coming. You promote only fear.

      Challenge: You cannot name me any of the exact size, type and delivery systems….and how many of each….of the supposed nuclear weapons in Israel. Give me your claims. Show the students the facts.

      I claim there are none.

    2. Mad Max,

      Our immediate response to the ashkenNAZI Misanthropes should be:

      “If that is what it takes to rid the Universe of you …go for it… It is worth the sacrifice!”

  8. It is hopeless. Western man is the most hopeless critter I have ever noted on the planet. I am part Seminole indian and ~Irish, thank you `jesus.

    Does it matter what weapon others have when you are an idiot?

    1. @Dublinmick

      It’s interesting that we share a commonality with ancestry that’s half European and half Native-American. That could at least partly explain our having a mutual sense about the Annunaki, which is what I’m more interested in at this point. I’ve said just about all I’m going to on Hitler (and btw, if I so chose, I could REASON with the best of them on the subject. I don’t because like I said, to the victors went the spoils, and the “spoils” include virtually ALL the non-controlled opposition sources we can REASONABLY expect to have access to… far)

      The Seminole people, like so many of my native cousins have my great respect. They were referred to as “a people untamed”:

      “During the 1700’s various bands of Muskogean-speaking people – many of them Creeks displaced by wars with white settlers in Georgia and Alabama – filtered south to take refuge in the deserted Florida territory. The refugees adapted to living in the tropical flatlands there, and gradually the separate bands coalesced into a new, larger tribal grouping – in effect repeating the process that had produced most of the major tribes and confederations of the Southeast. By about 1775 traditional Creek communities were using the term “seminole” – ‘runaways’, or ‘untamed people’ – for this new coalition.”

      “They could not capture me except under a white flag. They cannot hold me except with a chain.”

      “You have guns, and so have we. You have powder and lead, and so have we. You have men, and so have we. Your men will fight and so will ours, till the last drop of the Seminole’s blood has moistened the dust of his hunting ground.”

      Osceola, Seminole, 1836 & 1838

  9. Using a mirror, once again, then permits us, for the first time, to interpret Jewish eschatology in its correct sense: in the realization that the coming of the Messiah will occur only after the apostasy — the disappearance of the last Jew.

    ATTRB. to Ryssan

  10. “Iran is limited in its destructive ability. But Iran could destroy Saudi Arabia and Israel. Russia and China can destroy the US and all of Washington’s vassal states.”

    That’s very true. The only problem of course is that the parasite, responsible for the wars is untouched and goes elsewhere to continue its feeding. All bombing Israel would do is kill far more innocent Palestinians than Circles. Bombing Saudi Arabia would kill more innocent Arabs while those elite Saudis, in bed with the Circles would be long gone before the bombs started falling. And as for the US and her vassal states – Europe, the same story would be played over and over again.

    This is what then leads me to very much believe that as have all wars been instigated by the Jew, this one would be no different and yet again, the depopulation agenda marches onwards to increasing the Jewish ratio within overall world population.

  11. “moscow” has killed more gentiles than “washington”

    blaming “washington” is obfuscation … most likely an outright lie … paul roberts is not stupid

    international jewry controls moscow, rome, london, berlin, delhi, just as much as they control washington

    jews are tricky … they give partial truths … only to get you to accept that it is ok that gentiles die somewhere … russophobia americanophobia islamophobia christianphobia … the average american is as globalist as the average russian … they are psychologically preparing people to accept deaths blindly

    anyone selling a gentile v gentile conflict, or that some segment of gentiles deserve to die, is a mossad agent

    1. “international jewry controls moscow, rome, london, berlin, delhi, just as much as they control washington”

      And…Jewry did NOT start in America. It is STILL stronger in Eur-Asia than anywhere else.

    2. “……the average american is as globalist as the average russian….”

      That’s a very true statement. Sadly it can really be said that the majority of westerners are willing globalists. They all want to be the same, no different to one another, courtesy of the mantra ‘we should be celebrating our similarities instead of our differences’ which is continually promoted in every msm outlet and by ignorant youth within today’s society. The state wants a people who have group mentality as they’re far easier to control than those who don’t. Globalism is the nemesis of individuality, liberty and above all freedom. I’m just saddened to see so many people choose slavery.

  12. Great article, no question, very politically correct as the Jews are not mentioned. I am sure, as is Craig Roberts, that Jews play no role in the coming doom. As always, they are just a prosecuted minority and have no influence over the current geo-political events. It must be either the neocons, or the nazis, or the arabs… Just blame the puppets who do the dirty work for the Jews and make the goyim getting busy thinking that justice has been served.

  13. Eh Mates:
    PCR is correct but he does NOT go far enough. He only indirectly says who the problem people/groups are. If he were to be more specific and even name names, the controllers (puppet masters) would destroy him more than he is already. That destruction would even included murder (suicided/accident). Ron Paul and his son Rand Paul, is another one in the same category. Since people like PCR and Ron Paul serve a purpose under the Hegelian dialectic and the tennants of The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, to achieve the Puppet Masters goals, they are still alive. Some of you sound like readers of Veterans Today since you use the same terms and abreviations. The whole point is that the Controllers/ Global Elite whether they be Rothschild and their agents, Zionists, Nazi Fascist Communists, Banksters, Illuminati/Jesuits or Aliens/Demons (Satanists), they all hate their own common man humanity because they themselves feel superior to them/us. Thus Zionists hate common jews/Israelis and use them for their purpose against us. Hitler and WW2 and his initial cooperation with Zionists demonstrates this. The Zionists used Hitler to get their Zionist state; it matters not whether jews live there or not, but helps if there are. Afterall, WW3 is supposed to be Jews vs. Muslims, as Albert Pike wrote and predicted. Thus all these Puppetmaster groups want to fulfill their Satanic goal of One World Government, One World Economic System and One World Religion but are all waiting for the One Being/AntiChrist to arise and unite them. However, G-d/Jesus Christ is allowing this because it must be done to show the World and Jews in particular who really is in Control. Overall though, its is the Talmudic Kabbalistic Phariseists (loosely Synagogue of Satan/Khazarian Banksters) whether real jew or crypto-jew, that have infiltrated all the different Puppetmaster groups to confuse us and use us under the Hegelian dialectic and Protocols of Zion tools (24 points). This all started from the time if Nimrod, Babylon and the Hebrew Babylonian captivity. The wisemen/scribes were the ones that lead to the Scribe/Saduccees/Pharisees/High Priest class that incorporated the Babylonian mysticism into their practises. Of course Daniel and his 3 friends were not involved in it. But when Jesus Christ came Jesus knew who the evil bunch were and called them out on it. G-d punished them and the jews with the destruction of the temple in 70 AD and the diaspora that resulted. So now because of this that is why the evil Synagogue of Satan is everywhere. G-d meant the diaspora as a purification of the Israelites, Satan used it to spread his Control mechanism throughout the world. Thus this lead to the expression of the “Hidden Hand” since they are everywhere. Thanks, Norbert.

    1. “PCR is correct but he does NOT go far enough. He only indirectly says who the problem people/groups are.”

      But this is PCR in a nutshell. He tells us of the obvious coming scenario, but names no names, always leaves out the Jews and offers no solution. He’s a doombringer and nothing more.

  14. Anyway, it is all a storm in a teacup! …… PAT-sy says PCR’s article is about NOTHING!
    He infers, “‘Tis all in our our surrealistic, doom-laced imaginations”!
    Same status a “blood moons”, “cosmic convergences”, etc.
    According to the lervly poster, PAT-sy, there are NO such things as nuclear weapons. He told us that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were not nuked, but “fire-bombed”, just like Dresden. ….. Are we to believe him? He could be correct!
    The United States has NO nuclear weapons, and neither do the others!
    He also says there are no nuclear weapons in Israel. …. How can there be as there are no such things? And Israel isn’t really worried about a supposed Iranian nuclear program. There is none.
    He is so intelligent to question me such: “You cannot name me any of the exact size, type and delivery systems….and how many of each….of the supposed nuclear weapons in Israel. Give me your claims. Show the students the facts. I claim there are none.”
    There you have it: His intuition, high intelligence, high-level logic and guesswork (he continually states we are all “only guessing”) means he MUST be telling us the TRUTH! …. He cannot be a foot-note toting troll!
    (I guess we are “only guessing” when we say “America is under Jewish rule” and that “the Jews control the Fed.”)
    My dearest, loving Pat-sy, I rang the Mossad agency in Sydney and they gave me the following specifications on those “things” that the USA gave them for gratis:
    “The 65 nuclear-charged, high fusion warheads are in wooden packing cases measuring 876 mm by 392 mm’s. The type are listed as “Made in the USA”, generic serial no’s 45678R45iou8975VV, quick fusion, 897908765 megawat, 7685674 kilowat, 5467890cmm amps. The delivery systems are varied, but generally from land infrastructures carried on Ford trucks, with 56789 hp American made ejectors, combined with Rolls Royce de-infibrilators and turbo-charged nano bits. The new supersonic fighters being delivered by the Americans will come with the latest airborne delivery, easy-fix systems. At this stage, specs unknown on the latter.”
    So there you all have it! There are really only fire-bombs in those packing cases! ….True dinx!

    1. LOL!!!
      Nice try… Your students expected as much.
      “The delivery systems are varied, but generally from land infrastructures carried on Ford trucks, with 56789 hp American made ejectors, combined with Rolls Royce de-infibrilators and turbo-charged nano bits.”

      Would that be….Aborigine-U-Haul-em or Roo-Hertz-em???

    2. Hey Maximum Roo –

      You must be ‘Maximum long’ in military industrial stocks… along with PCR…
      Nuke fears sells war and defense stocks.

      1. Max is nothing but a poor old bum trying to figure prominence among even poorer, old bums. He can muster virtue only in those things which standingly prohibit manly enterprise.

    1. @ Truth

      Hmmm. Easy to say, hard to prove.

      I could just as easily dismiss your comment with the one-liner: “This is just Truth porn.”

  15. Here we go again,

    Nuke, fear, nuke, fear. I quit on trying to figure out if the threat is actually real. Ambiguity they call it. Here we are people trying to find the perfect truth while a vast, vast majority of our fellow countrymen still think Obama has killed Ben Laden. And this is what’s wrong.

    You know I dig your fictions and your books, the two creating a deadly combination; if you start with the books of course. So what about this scenario?

    Netanyahu has hypnotized 95% of the bunker and will commit massive suicide of brain dead Israelis who we will serve as sacrificial lambs for the greater good, or bad i don’t know, as the conflict will escalate in WWIII and to the advent of NOW/Satan. No more money, shortage of food/gas/electricity in big cities, massive riot, martial law… All those who call this bullshit and who had been previously spot thanks to LD/Tavistock will be thrown in jail or just wiped out. I will take the second option please mister jailor.
    Because we still outsmart American, It will be Orwell 1984 for us (Books will be forbidden, history daily rewritten…). America will auto nuke itself “under the distracted look of incredulous spectators” and will become a USSR 2.0 with Robocoped brain dead force of law enforcement. Do you remember the witch hunt? Ironic, isn’t it? The remaining useful American will become Wall E Disney Tavistock obese tittytained slaves. For the pre-spotted dissidents it will be gulag. You know like the coco Alexander told you.
    Poutine in his Siberian bunker with newly Russian citizen Gerard Depardieu will host a great party as the czar will be celebrated as the only reasonable people on earth by both his people and the rest of the world who will slowly go back to his original state before the white men and his Jewfish string puller thought they were God raising in the air their child molester KJB. Can you hear your Christian Zionist oxy’morons? Ah Ah Rum is good.
    By the way, I’ve watched your tv show House of Cards. Watch the rise of Franck Underwood a redneck parvenu who rises to the higher office helped by a WASP industrial and an Indian casino owner without ever crossing a jew banker, a media mogul or any of the lobbies you are so fond of. Sorry to wake you up guys but there is one thing that I am absolutely sure of is that the American Dream is the second largest hoax in modern history. By the way, I almost felt bad for Zucky, being unfairly harassed by a couple of Aryan twins and their Muslim associate, in the Facebook. Come on Aaron your ptsd maniac you should be more cautious. Even the likes of W. could grasp the insinuations.
    Why don’t you read Mullins instead? You know the little Jekyll Island drama with Woodrow, Max, Bernard and Theodore and this funny Christmas vote in 1913. And I am not talking about Chris this tall white man with the military haircut who played in the Barcelona’s Dream Team. Yeah, I know you like sport references. And dream of course.
    Do you know that Casa Pound the neo-fascist Italian party is named in honor of Ezra Pound? Young Italians from low origins, or not, who knows about Pound and who tries to create a decent society. What does that say about you? You are just a bunch of Frankfurter hypnotized sausages. American doesn’t read but their leaders surely do. The EU Sun Tzu chain strategy. Very nice indeed.
    For the Aussies, aside from Mel Gibson, the Mayan genocide’s revisionist, I am not an expert unfortunately. Being an Intellectual is an uncomfortable social standing down under, or so I hear. But who cares about this people except for Super Rugby? An Iranian Shiite from Al Qaida? I wonder what that creepy Tilda Swinton’s lookalike prime minister said about that.
    And you British. Once decent people who went to roofless library during the bombings? Orwell made it simple yet. Let me translate this for you. Hegelian dialectic/controlled opposition= pigs fight. The others subjugated animals=you.
    And what does 1984 tell you? George Orwell thought you would be smarter than that, that you would get it sooner. And Catalonia. Do you see what happened to the anarchists who saw clearly the manipulation? And Shakespeare, Dickens, William Morris, young Adam Smith….What they would have thought about you? I’ve learned more from your historians than in a hundred years old of useless french sub-Marxism academics. Just the truth, plain and simple, no bullshit added. This is your national treasury, dedication to the God honest truth, not your useless derivatives, CDS, benchmarking, securitization, shadow banking bullshits, your bloody parasite. Give us back Jersey and Guernesey. Give us back Louisiana. Poor indians left alone with those OT lovers.
    This is THE problem. The collective truth has become irrelevant, like in an Adorno’s wet dream. There is no collective truth, except the KJB of course, so let us kill each other. Here is your nuclear bomb, Pat. Something has happened in the force today, like in the next Star Abrams War. JM Lepen, the old menhir playing a mind game with the msm, has created a mathematical impossibility, a black hole that might just destroy the world. He said for the second time in 20 years that gas chambers were a detail of history. The msm accused him of playing down the Shoah and of drifting anti-Semitism. Where can you find the truth in that? In a jail cell according to Manuel Valss.
    I hope you won’t take bad my derisively commentary. It is not addressed to the caring posters of this site. But I embrace the truth and acknowledge that my country is at your mercy and that we are impotent like SPQR said. Will you stop pretending that you cherish freedom for christ sake? Can you collectively take a week off? It’s largely enough to read Orwell at least?
    By the way SPQR, as much as i respect your opinion and stone realism you said that we should have shot the first métis. I beg to disagree even if we are flooded with Schengen/EU new immigrants every day. Do you know that Alexandre Dumas and his general father were black men? He wrote a great tale on how brotherly love can overcome everything. This was in 1800 when the puritains were wondering whether or not their mulatto bastards should be freemen. It’s ironic that american are now field and house n+++++s like Malcolm X used to say.
    Long comment. I’m bloody tired. and drunk. I won’t reread so scusi for the typoos. By the way LD, I was kidding about tavistock. I am sure you are not purposedly involved in the spotting. Otherwise we are truly doomed.
    I leave you with this quote of the catholic mystic Simone Veil.
    The destruction of the past is perhaps the greatest of all crimes.
    And for the US audience ,who is so fond of picture and virtual reality, my late night hollywood candy.
    Library card. Priceless.


    1. great post Phil. I remember PAT from SNL.. so ambiguous. I am losing her him jewish white dude

      1. Thank you Raphael.
        I just reread my post. Sober. So many typoos is indecent.

        By the way, when i was referring to ambiguity i was not talking about Pat, who has a respectable position, but of the J-Bunk nuclear “deliberated” ambiguity policy. I don’t remember the hebrew name, or Yiddish name of it, whatever language they speak. They might have a straight flush for all i know. Yes, i know you like texas holdem you simple minded Brits. I consider cashing in my grandmother at the main event, If dealt decently you bet she could win! Why don’t you play chess like Bobby in Iceland or like those rich kids in Switzerland boarding school?
        I’m still a little euphoric from my carribean night. Nice goal from Arsenal. “Cygan is bold, is shit, he plays when no one fits, but we love him.” You see common decency, right here. I miss Highbury. The Emirates stadium, You have lost your mind my friends. Nice second free-kicked goal from German/Turkish Ozil.
        The masters at Augusta next week. Watch out for Victor Dubuisson and Alexander from the tribe of Levy. I m trying to communicate with you here.
        Third goal from Chilean magician Alexis Sanchez. What a run this comment.

        I wish you all a good day or night or both.

    2. @Phil
      You are, indeed as pissed as a parrot, if you think Simone Veil is a Catholic mystic. Unless I am mistaken she is a professional Shoah businesswoman, who served as a minister in several French cabinets! Is there another Simone Veil?
      Regarding your comment about Australia’s lack of intellectuals, that’s not quite true. It just that they dislike the pretensions of intellectual superiority evinced by Europeans. Which is in fact intellectual snobbery. May I suggest you read Alan Morehead, Patrick White or even Morris West. They are a trio of excellent Aussie writers. While I am at it, please allow me to suggest some non-European authors for your edification and they may help you to expand your intellectual horizons. Valmiki and R.K Narayan India. Yasunoru Kawabata and Eiji Yoshikawa Japan.
      Luo Guozhong of China. They should keeping you going for awhile!

      1. Felix,

        The woman i was referring to is Simone Weil, with a W. You are referring to Simone Veil, with a V who is an ex- health minister shoah survivor. she is famous for the Veil IVG law (Voluntary interruption of pregnancy).
        But a vast majority of French people has never heard of her,or both by the way, One hiding the other mostly. Jewish people and their name, you know. I’m sure LD knows this person as she seems inhabited by the same true oriented spirit. She died in London you know and like Oscar Wilde she is burried ont the wrong side of the channel. But the Kent seems a peaceful place to rest. You should read “gravity and grace” and “the rootedness” as i have taken good notice of your recommendation. Books are so cheap on amazon USA!
        Regarding Australia i was just having a laugh like Mad Max from down under when he refers to American or others by bullying the readers to make them wake up from their slumber. He is indeed an intellectual even if i don’t like the label.
        I just turned 30 Felix and as an ethno-differencialist, if that means anything in English spoken countries, i am well aware of the cultural wealth of other countries. I just don’t have the time yet to dive in. But this country doesn’t have the key to the bank or the big red button to push, you know like in Dr Folamour. Australian must be practical people with a literature that is talking about life. It might be a useful read -fourth Goal of Giroud- indeed.
        Thank you for the advice.


      2. both parents were heavy kikes but it seems that she was born with a genetic variation, ie, compassion gene, which made her unfit for judaism due to fundamental malfunction.

        so she went over to catholicism where such debilities are tolerated.

      3. @Phil
        Yes, my friend, I understand what you mean. It’s our differences that make use unique. I revel in the ethnic differences in humanity. They must be celebrated, not condemned. Look at China, people see the Chinese as an ethno-linguistic monolith. Nothing could be further from the truth. In the North you have Shantung Province, where people are as tall as the Dutch, and consume a wheat based diet. In the South the Cantonese with a rice based diet. In between you have many different regions and distinct languages. It’s a statistical lie to say Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world. The written language is the same, but the spoken languages are very different. So which Chinese are we talking about? In Cantonese they say, “Due nei lo mo.” In Hakka, “Ngamy gee bek.” In Chiu Chow, “Poon ya mu.” All mean the same thing, go and make love with your mother. That’s the polite way of saying it! The Cantonese are, in my limited experience, the earthiest and most foulmouthed people on the planet, but have a terrific sense of humour and for giving people appropriate nicknames. And when they pick western names for themselves are very creative. I’ve met a Hitler Wong, a Genius Hung and a Dracula Wu.

  16. ban Pat for a couple of post and see how it goes, or is this just contrived am I done here smart but not smart. where are we going. I am caught by the intellect … I just left the through 9th grade the patterns just don’t make sense.

  17. The FINANCIAL Gloom and Doom is already here, especially in Europe…… thanks in a very large part to Ireland’s Peter Sutherland. He is ‘the man’ behind the WTO and GAAT.
    Sutherland is credited with being the father of globalization and it is said that without him there would have been no WTO.

    Peter Denis Sutherland (born 25 April 1946) is an Irish international businessman and former Attorney General of Ireland, associated with the Fine Gael party (part of the European People’s Party bloc). He is a barrister by profession, and is also Senior Counsel at the Irish Bar and chairman of the London School of Economics.

    He is on the steering committee of the Bilderberg Group, he is an Honorary Chairman of the Trilateral Commission (2010 -), he was Chairman of the Trilateral Commission (Europe) (2001–2010) and was vice chairman of the European Round Table of Industrialists (2006–2009)
    He is chairman of Goldman Sachs International.

    On 5 December 2006, he was appointed as Consultor of the Extraordinary Section of the Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See (a financial adviser to the Vatican)

    1. @Pat
      You forgot to add Peter Sutherland is the father and mother of shysterdom on earth!

    2. Felix –
      I did forget that. Thanks. (GAAT should be GATT above)
      He was Chairman of BP plc and Goldman-Sachs Int’l in 2010, when the Gulf of Mexico BP Horizon rig debacle was pulled off. GS rallied the derivative troops of 7 major banks and set up bonds sales and the resultant derivatives for many billions of profits. BP made money on their spill and the resultant derivatives, maybe even in the $$100 billion+ ranges.
      Peter Sutherland was chairman of BP plc (1997 – 2010). He was also chairman of Goldman Sachs International (1995 – 2010).
      He was appointed chairman of the London School of Economics in 2008.
      He is currently UN special representative for migration and development. Before these appointments, he was the founding director-general of the World Trade Organisation. He had previously served as director general of GATT since July 1993 and was instrumental in concluding the Uruguay GATT Round Negotiations.
      Prior to this position, he was chairman of Allied Irish Banks from 1989-1993 and chairman of the Board of Governors of the European Institute of Public Administration (Maastricht) 1991-1996. Educated at Gonzaga College, University College Dublin and at the Honorable Society of the King’s Inns, from 1969 to 1971 Mr. Sutherland was a tutor in law at University College Dublin.
      From 1981 until early 1982, he was attorney general of Ireland and was a member of the Council of State. He was reappointed in 1982 until 1984 when he was nominated by the Government of Ireland as a member of the Commission of the European Communities in charge of competition policy. During his first year at the Commission he was also responsible for social Affairs, health and education and thereafter for relations with the European Parliament.
      He served on the Board of Directors of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group plc and is associated with the following organisations: World Economic Forum, Foundation Board member; The Federal Trust, president; European Policy Centre Advisory Council, president; European Round Table of Industrialists, vice-chairman; the Royal Irish Academy, member; goodwill ambassador to the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation; and consultor for the Administration of the Patrimony of the Holy See.
      He has published numerous articles and the book “Premier Janvier 1993, ce qui va changer en Europe” (Paris).
      He was presented with the Robert Schuman Medal for his work on European Integration and the David Rockefeller Award of the Trilateral Commission. Mr. Sutherland was a Trilateral Commission author of 21st Century Strategies of the Trilateral Countries: In Concert or Conflict? (1999, with Robert B. Zoellick and Hisashi Owada) and was re-elected in 2006 for a third term as European Chairman.

      He made both companies even more wealth….
      ….as BP eyes billions of dollars in bank loans and bonds:
      The Guardian2010-06-15
      * BP hired Goldman, Blackstone, CS to advise -source * BP had no comment on advisers or their role (Adds background, details from bankers and lawyers) By Michael Erman NEW YORK, June 14 (Reuters) – BP Plc has hired investment banks Blackstone Group LP, Goldman Sachs Group Inc and Credit Suisse Group AG as advisers in the wake of its massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, according to a source familiar with the matter. BP spokesman Tony Odone said the company had “no comment on who our advisers are and what their role is.”

      The Guardian 2010-06-19: * BP to raise bilateral loans * Seven banks providing $1 billion each; no U.S. banks yet * Loans to be priced inside CDS rates * Loans come day after news possible bond sales (Updates with bond sale background) By Tessa Walsh LONDON, June 18 (Reuters) – BP Plc, battling to plug a gushing oil well under the Gulf of Mexico, is seeking to raise up to $7 billion in loans from seven banks, banking sources told Thomson Reuters LPC on Friday. The news comes a day after sources told Reuters the British energy company may sell up to $10 billion of debt as early as next week.
      Read full article:

      Some have said that Sutherland has more control and power than any president of any country in the world.
      He advises the Vatican on where the money goes.

      1. He probably has a finger in what is taking place in Yemen. It is, apparently, all about oil, as in the transport of..

      2. Ingrid –

        More than likely so.
        He helped bankrupt the Royal Bank of Scotland so it could be bought by Bank of England.
        Worldwide pillaging is his nature. That is what he does.
        He is extremely intelligent, educated, experienced and good at it.
        That’s why the Vatican uses him.

    1. Gilbert –
      Thanks. I see nothing to change the Pharisees’ hierarchy of global monetary(debt) affairs in this century or even the next century. They are ALL members of the same clubhouse at the top.

      “The International Monetary Fund, the Asian Development Bank and other international financial institutions have expressed their willingness to cooperate with AIIB.”

  18. Although I commend Mr. Roberts for his candor, in every article he writes on this topic, he places the blame for war crimes on the puppets – Bush, Cheney, Blair, etc… Yes, these creatures are guilty, but they are mere vassals to the international Jewish banking cabal headed by the Rothschilds. And yes, he has lived long and claims to have “experienced more than most”. However, he appears to be as green behind the ears as a 2-year-old when it comes to understanding who is TRULY in power and TRULY to blame for the world’s woes. He’s either totally naive (which makes his “experience” worthless) or he is a coward. I hate to say I believe it’s the latter. Like Pat Buchanan, he hasn’t much longer to live, so why doesn’t he use his pulpit and just come out and SAY IT for God’s sake? If the world is going to end – what has he got to lose?! We NEED voices who are well-known to speak the truth about the gorilla in the room. The beast is about to destroy the house

  19. PCR may name no names as in blame, but whether he does or does not; does it matter? Others name names, and no results. The solution, by deduction, must be something else.

    The solution is Supernatural, but unfortunately the Satanists understand the supernatural far better than the average person (many people) and are intent upon keeping it that way.

    Matthew 5:13 Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men.


    Admin. at Darkmoon might consider having a profile for their contributors (commenters) where a person’s comments are available in ‘bulk’ on a page, or more, for easier viewing. I realize that it may require a type of registration process, but it could be something simple.

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