The Decline and Fall of the American Empire

How The US Attempt To Gain World Domination Is Doomed To Failure

By Alfred McCoy

LD: This magisterial 5000-word article is essential reading. It presents a historical survey of how the America Empire ( Pax Americana) supplanted the British Empire (Pax Britannica) after WWII and how the US is now desperately striving for full-spectrum world domination against an emerging Russo-Chinese power bloc. 

Unfortunately, no mention is made here of the hidden influence of international Jewry in the manipulation and control of both the British and American empires. The geopolitical puppet show is perfectly presented, but the author has forgotten to draw attention to the scheming puppet masters pulling the strings in the background. 

The big unanswered question remains: for how long will the US and its vassal states remain the dominant power if the Jews decide to ditch the West and transfer their allegiance to Russia and China?    

military bases

For even the greatest of empires, geography is often destiny. You wouldn’t know it in Washington, though. America’s political, national security, and foreign policy elites continue to ignore the basics of geopolitics that have shaped the fate of world empires for the past 500 years. Consequently, they have missed the significance of the rapid global changes in Eurasia that are in the process of undermining the grand strategy for world dominion that Washington has pursued these past seven decades.

A glance at what passes for insider “wisdom” in Washington these days reveals a worldview of stunning insularity. Take Harvard political scientist Joseph Nye, Jr., known for his concept of “soft power,” as an example. Offering a simple list of ways in which he believes U.S. military, economic, and cultural power remains singular and superior, he recently argued that there was no force, internal or global, capable of eclipsing America’s future as the world’s premier power.

For those pointing to Beijing’s surging economy and proclaiming this “the Chinese century,” Nye offered up a roster of negatives: China’s per capita income “will take decades to catch up (if ever)” with America’s; it has myopically “focused its policies primarily on its region”; and it has “not developed any significant capabilities for global force projection.” Above all, Nye claimed, China suffers “geopolitical disadvantages in the internal Asian balance of power, compared to America.”

Or put it this way (and in this Nye is typical of a whole world of Washington thinking): with more allies, ships, fighters, missiles, money, patents, and blockbuster movies than any other power, Washington wins hands down.

If Professor Nye paints power by the numbers, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger’s latest tome, modestly titled World Order and hailed in reviews as nothing less than a revelation, adopts a Nietzschean perspective. The ageless Kissinger portrays global politics as plastic and so highly susceptible to shaping by great leaders with a will to power. By this measure, in the tradition of master European diplomats Charles de Talleyrand and Prince Metternich, President Theodore Roosevelt was a bold visionary who launched “an American role in managing the Asia-Pacific equilibrium.” On the other hand, Woodrow Wilson’s idealistic dream of national self-determination rendered him geopolitically inept and Franklin Roosevelt was blind to Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin’s steely “global strategy.” Harry Truman, in contrast, overcame national ambivalence to commit “America to the shaping of a new international order,” a policy wisely followed by the next 12 presidents.

Among the most “courageous” of them, Kissinger insists, was that leader of “courage, dignity, and conviction,” George W. Bush, whose resolute bid for the “transformation of Iraq from among the Middle East’s most repressive states to a multiparty democracy” would have succeeded, had it not been for the “ruthless” subversion of his work by Syria and Iran. In such a view, geopolitics has no place; only the bold vision of “statesmen” and kings really matters.

And perhaps that’s a comforting perspective in Washington at a moment when America’s hegemony is visibly crumbling amid a tectonic shift in global power.

With Washington’s anointed seers strikingly obtuse on the subject of geopolitical power, perhaps it’s time to get back to basics. That means returning to the foundational text of modern geopolitics, which remains an indispensible guide even though it was published in an obscure British geography journal well over a century ago.

Sir Halford Invents Geopolitics

On a cold London evening in January 1904, Sir Halford Mackinder, the director of the London School of Economics, “entranced” an audience at the Royal Geographical Society on Savile Row with a paper boldly titled “The Geographical Pivot of History.” This presentation evinced, said the society’s president, “a brilliancy of description… we have seldom had equaled in this room.”

Mackinder argued that the future of global power lay not, as most British then imagined, in controlling the global sea lanes, but in controlling a vast land mass he called “Euro-Asia.”  By turning the globe away from America to place central Asia at the planet’s epicenter, and then tilting the Earth’s axis northward just a bit beyond Mercator’s equatorial projection, Mackinder redrew and thus reconceptualized the world map.

His new map showed Africa, Asia, and Europe not as three separate continents, but as a unitary land mass, a veritable “world island.”  Its broad, deep “heartland” — 4,000 miles from the Persian Gulf to the Siberian Sea — was so enormous that it could only be controlled from its “rimlands” in Eastern Europe or what he called its maritime “marginal” in the surrounding seas.

mackinder_natural_largeMackinder’s Concept of the World Island, From The Geographical Journal (1904)

The “discovery of the Cape road to the Indies” in the sixteenth century, Mackinder wrote, “endowed Christendom with the widest possible mobility of power… wrapping her influence round the Euro-Asiatic land-power which had hitherto threatened her very existence.” This greater mobility, he later explained, gave Europe’s seamen “superiority for some four centuries over the landsmen of Africa and Asia.”

Yet the “heartland” of this vast landmass, a “pivot area” stretching from the Persian Gulf to China’s Yangtze River, remained nothing less than the Archimedean fulcrum for future world power. “Who rules the Heartland commands the World-Island,” went Mackinder’s later summary of the situation. “Who rules the World-Island commands the world.”

Beyond the vast mass of that world island, which made up nearly 60% of the Earth’s land area, lay a less consequential hemisphere covered with broad oceans and a few outlying “smaller islands.”  He meant, of course, Australia and the Americas.

For an earlier generation, the opening of the Suez Canal and the advent of steam shipping had “increased the mobility of sea-power [relative] to land power.” But future railways could “work the greater wonder in the steppe,” Mackinder claimed, undercutting the cost of sea transport and shifting the locus of geopolitical power inland. In the fullness of time, the “pivot state” of Russia might, in alliance with another power like Germany, expand “over the marginal lands of Euro-Asia,” allowing “the use of vast continental resources for fleet-building, and the empire of the world would be in sight.”

For the next two hours, as he read through a text thick with the convoluted syntax and classical references expected of a former Oxford don, his audience knew that they were privy to something extraordinary. Several stayed after to offer extended commentaries. For instance, the renowned military analyst Spenser Wilkinson, the first to hold a chair in military history at Oxford, pronounced himself unconvinced about “the modern expansion of Russia,” insisting that British and Japanese naval power would continue the historic function of holding “the balance between the divided forces… on the continental area.”

Pressed by his learned listeners to consider other facts or factors, including “air as a means of locomotion,” Mackinder responded: “My aim is not to predict a great future for this or that country, but to make a geographical formula into which you could fit any political balance.” Instead of specific events, Mackinder was reaching for a general theory about the causal connection between geography and global power.

“The future of the world,” he insisted, “depends on the maintenance of [a] balance of power” between sea powers such as Britain or Japan operating from the maritime marginal and “the expansive internal forces” within the Euro-Asian heartland they were intent on containing.

Not only did Mackinder give voice to a worldview that would influence Britain’s foreign policy for several decades, but he had, in that moment, createdthe modern science of “geopolitics” — the study of how geography can, under certain circumstances, shape the destiny of whole peoples, nations, and empires.

That night in London was, of course, more than a long time ago.  It was another age. England was still mourning the death of Queen Victoria.  Teddy Roosevelt was president.  Henry Ford had just opened a small auto plant in Detroit to make his Model-A, an automobile with a top speed of 28 miles per hour.  Only a month earlier, the Wright brothers’ “Flyer” had taken to the air for the first time — 120 feet of air, to be exact.

Yet, for the next 110 years, Sir Halford Mackinder’s words would offer a prism of exceptional precision when it came to understanding the often obscure geopolitics driving the world’s major conflicts — two world wars, a Cold War, America’s Asian wars (Korea and Vietnam), two Persian Gulf wars, and even the endless pacification of Afghanistan.  The question today is: How can Sir Halford help us understand not only centuries past, but the half-century still to come?

Britannia Rules the Waves

In the age of sea power that lasted just over 400 years — from 1602 to the Washington Disarmament Conference of 1922 — the great powers competed to control the Eurasian world island via the surrounding sea lanes that stretched for 15,000 miles from London to Tokyo.  The instrument of power was, of course, the ship — first men-o’-war, then battleships, submarines, and aircraft carriers. While land armies slogged through the mud of Manchuria or France in battles with mind-numbing casualties, imperial navies skimmed over the seas, maneuvering for the control of whole coasts and continents.

At the peak of its imperial power circa 1900, Great Britain ruled the waves with a fleet of 300 capital ships and 30 naval bastions, bases that ringed the world island from the North Atlantic at Scapa Flow through the Mediterranean at Malta and Suez to Bombay, Singapore, and Hong Kong.  Just as the Roman Empire enclosed the Mediterranean, making it Mare Nostrum (“Our Sea”), British power would make the Indian Ocean its own “closed sea,” securing its flanks with army forces on India’s Northwest Frontier and barring both Persians and Ottomans from building naval bases on the Persian Gulf.

By that maneuver, Britain also secured control over Arabia and Mesopotamia, strategic terrain that Mackinder had termed “the passage-land from Europe to the Indies” and the gateway to the world island’s “heartland.”

From this geopolitical perspective, the nineteenth century was, at heart, a strategic rivalry, often called “the Great Game,” between Russia “in command of nearly the whole of the Heartland… knocking at the landward gates of the Indies,” and Britain “advancing inland from the sea gates of India to meet the menace from the northwest.”

In other words, Mackinder concluded, “the final Geographical Realities” of the modern age were sea power versus land power or “the World-Island and the Heartland.”

Intense rivalries, first between England and France, then England and Germany, helped drive a relentless European naval arms race that raised the price of sea power to unsustainable levels. In 1805, Admiral Nelson’s flagship, the HMS Victory, with its oaken hull weighing just 3,500 tons, sailed into the battle of Trafalgar against Napoleon’s navy at nine knots, its 100 smooth-bore cannon firing 42-pound balls at a range of no more than 400 yards.

In 1906, just a century later, Britain launched the world’s first modern battleship, the HMS Dreadnought, its foot-thick steel hull weighing 20,000 tons, its steam turbines allowing speeds of 21 knots, and its mechanized 12-inch guns rapid-firing 850-pound shells up to 12 miles. The cost for this leviathan was £1.8 million, equivalent to nearly $300 million today. Within a decade, half-a-dozen powers had emptied their treasuries to build whole fleets of these lethal, lavishly expensive battleships.

Thanks to a combination of technological superiority, global reach, and naval alliances with the U.S. and Japan, a Pax Britannica would last a full century, 1815 to 1914. In the end, however, this global system was marked by an accelerating naval arms race, volatile great-power diplomacy, and a bitter competition for overseas empire that imploded into the mindless slaughter of World War I, leaving 16 million dead by 1918.

Mackinder’s Century

As the eminent imperial historian Paul Kennedy once observed, “the rest of the twentieth century bore witness to Mackinder’s thesis,” with two world wars fought over his “rimlands” running from Eastern Europe through the Middle East to East Asia.  Indeed, World War I was, as Mackinder himself later observed, “a straight duel between land-power and sea-power.” At war’s end in 1918, the sea powers — Britain, America, and Japan — sent naval expeditions to Archangel, the Black Sea, and Siberia to contain Russia’s revolution inside its “heartland.”

Reflecting Mackinder’s influence on geopolitical thinking in Germany, Adolf Hitler would risk his Reich in a misbegotten effort to capture the Russian heartland as Lebensraum, or living space, for his “master race.” Sir Halford’s work helped shape the ideas of German geographer Karl Haushofer, founder of the journal Zeitschrift für Geopolitik, proponent of the concept of Lebensraum, and adviser to Adolf Hitler and his deputy führer, Rudolf HessIn 1942, the Führer dispatched a million men, 10,000 artillery pieces, and 500 tanks to breach the Volga River at Stalingrad.  In the end, his forces suffered 850,000 wounded, killed, and captured in a vain attempt to break through the East European rimland into the world island’s pivotal region.

A century after Mackinder’s seminal treatise, another British scholar, imperial historian John Darwin, argued in his magisterial survey After Tamerlanethat the United States had achieved its “colossal Imperium… on an unprecedented scale” in the wake of World War II by becoming the first power in history to control the strategic axial points “at both ends of Eurasia” (his rendering of Mackinder’s “Euro-Asia”).

With fears of Chinese and Russian expansion serving as the “catalyst for collaboration,” the U.S. won imperial bastions in both Western Europe and Japan. With these axial points as anchors, Washington then built an arc of military bases that followed Britain’s maritime template and were visibly meant to encircle the world island.

America’s Axial Geopolitics

Having seized the axial ends of the world island from Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan in 1945, for the next 70 years the United States relied on ever-thickening layers of military power to contain China and Russia inside that Eurasian heartland. Stripped of its ideological foliage, Washington’s grand strategy of Cold War-era anticommunist “containment” was little more than a process of imperial succession.  A hollowed-out Britain was replaced astride the maritime “marginal,” but the strategic realities remained essentially the same.

Indeed, in 1943, two years before World War II ended, an aging Mackinder published his last article, “The Round World and the Winning of the Peace,” in the influential U.S. journal Foreign Affairs.  In it, he reminded Americans aspiring to a “grand strategy” for an unprecedented version of planetary hegemony that even their “dream of a global air power” would not change geopolitical basics.

“If the Soviet Union emerges from this war as conqueror of Germany,” he warned, “she must rank as the greatest land power on the globe,” controlling the “greatest natural fortress on earth.”

When it came to the establishment of a new post-war Pax Americana, first and foundational for the containment of Soviet land power would be the U.S. Navy. Its fleets would come to surround the Eurasian continent, supplementing and then supplanting the British navy: the Sixth Fleet was based at Naples in 1946 for control of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea; the Seventh Fleet at Subic Bay, Philippines, in 1947, for the Western Pacific; and the Fifth Fleet at Bahrain in the Persian Gulf since 1995.

Next, American diplomats added layers of encircling military alliances — the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (1949), the Middle East Treaty Organization (1955), the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization (1954), and the U.S.-Japan Security Treaty (1951).

By 1955, the U.S. also had a global network of 450 military bases in 36 countries aimed, in large part, at containing the Sino-Soviet bloc behind an Iron Curtain that coincided to a surprising degree with Mackinder’s “rimlands” around the Eurasian landmass.

By the Cold War’s end in 1990, the encirclement of communist China and Russia required 700 overseas bases, an air force of 1,763 jet fighters, a vast nuclear arsenal, more than 1,000 ballistic missiles, and a navy of 600 ships, including 15 nuclear carrier battle groups — all linked by the world’s only global system of communications satellites.

As the fulcrum for Washington’s strategic perimeter around the world island, the Persian Gulf region has for nearly 40 years been the site of constant American intervention, overt and covert. The 1979 revolution in Iran meant the loss of a keystone country in the arch of U.S. power around the Gulf and left Washington struggling to rebuild its presence in the region. To that end, it would simultaneously back Saddam Hussein’s Iraq in its war against revolutionary Iran and arm the most extreme of the Afghan mujahedeen against the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan.

It was in this context that Zbigniew Brzezinski, national security adviser to President Jimmy Carter, unleashed his strategy for the defeat of the Soviet Union with a sheer geopolitical agility still little understood even today. In 1979, Brzezinski, a déclassé Polish aristocrat uniquely attuned to his native continent’s geopolitical realities, persuaded Carter to launch Operation Cyclone with massive funding that reached $500 million annually by the late 1980s. Its goal: to mobilize Muslim militants to attack the Soviet Union’s soft Central Asian underbelly and drive a wedge of radical Islam deep into the Soviet heartland. It was to simultaneously inflict a demoralizing defeat on the Red Army in Afghanistan and cut Eastern Europe’s “rimland” free from Moscow’s orbit. “We didn’t push the Russians to intervene [in Afghanistan],” Brzezinski said in 1998, explaining his geopolitical masterstroke in this Cold War edition of the Great Game, “but we knowingly increased the probability that they would… That secret operation was an excellent idea. Its effect was to draw the Russians into the Afghan trap.”

Asked about this operation’s legacy when it came to creating a militant Islam hostile to the U.S., Brzezinski, who studied and frequently cited Mackinder, was coolly unapologetic. “What is most important to the history of the world?” he asked. “The Taliban or the collapse of the Soviet empire? Some stirred-up Moslems or the liberation of Central Europe and the end of the Cold War?”

Yet even America’s stunning victory in the Cold War with the implosion of the Soviet Union would not transform the geopolitical fundamentals of the world island. As a result, after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, Washington’s first foreign foray in the new era would involve an attempt to reestablish its dominant position in the Persian Gulf, using Saddam Hussein’s occupation of Kuwait as a pretext.

In 2003, when the U.S. invaded Iraq, imperial historian Paul Kennedy returned to Mackinder’s century-old treatise to explain this seemingly inexplicable misadventure. “Right now, with hundreds of thousands of U.S. troops in the Eurasian rimlands,” Kennedy wrote in the Guardian, “it looks as if Washington is taking seriously Mackinder’s injunction to ensure control of ‘the geographical pivot of history.’” If we interpret these remarks expansively, the sudden proliferation of U.S. bases across Afghanistan and Iraq should be seen as yet another imperial bid for a pivotal position at the edge of the Eurasian heartland, akin to those old British colonial forts along India’s Northwest Frontier.

In the ensuing years, Washington attempted to replace some of its ineffective boots on the ground with drones in the air. By 2011, the Air Force and the CIA had ringed the Eurasian landmass with 60 bases for its armada of drones. By then, its workhorse Reaper, armed with Hellfire missiles and GBU-30 bombs, had a range of 1,150 miles, which meant that from those bases it could strike targets almost anywhere in Africa and Asia.

Significantly, drone bases now dot the maritime margins around the world island — from Sigonella, Sicily, to Icerlik, Turkey; Djibouti on the Red Sea; Qatar and Abu Dhabi on the Persian Gulf; the Seychelles Islands in the Indian Ocean; Jalalabad, Khost, Kandahar, and Shindand in Afghanistan; and in the Pacific, Zamboanga in the Philippines and Andersen Air Base on the island of Guam, among other places. To patrol this sweeping periphery, the Pentagon is spending $10 billion to build an armada of 99 Global Hawk drones equipped with high-resolution cameras capable of surveilling all terrain within a hundred-mile radius, electronic sensors that can sweep up communications, and efficient engines capable of 35 hours of continuous flight and a range of 8,700 miles.

China’s Strategy

Washington’s moves, in other words, represent something old, even if on a previously unimaginable scale.  But the rise of China as the world’s largest economy, inconceivable a century ago, represents something new and so threatens to overturn the maritime geopolitics that have shaped world power for the past 400 years. Instead of focusing purely on building a blue-water navy like the British or a global aerospace armada akin to America’s, China is reaching deep within the world island in an attempt to thoroughly reshape the geopolitical fundamentals of global power. It is using a subtle strategy that has so far eluded Washington’s power elites.

After decades of quiet preparation, Beijing has recently begun revealing its grand strategy for global power, move by careful move. Its two-step plan is designed to build a transcontinental infrastructure for the economic integration of the world island from within, while mobilizing military forces to surgically slice through Washington’s encircling containment.

The initial step has involved a breathtaking project to put in place an infrastructure for the continent’s economic integration.  By laying down an elaborate and enormously expensive network of high-speed, high-volume railroads as well as oil and natural gas pipelines across the vast breadth of Eurasia, China may realize Mackinder’s vision in a new way.  For the first time in history, the rapid transcontinental movement of critical cargo — oil, minerals, and manufactured goods — will be possible on a massive scale, thereby potentially unifying that vast landmass into a single economic zone stretching 6,500 miles from Shanghai to Madrid. In this way, the leadership in Beijing hopes to shift the locus of geopolitical power away from the maritime periphery and deep into the continent’s heartland.

“Trans-continental railways are now transmuting the conditions of land power,” wrote Mackinder back in 1904 as the “precarious” single track of the Trans-Siberian Railway, the world’s longest, reached across the continent for 5,700 miles from Moscow toward Vladivostok. “But the century will not be old before all Asia is covered with railways,” he added. “The spaces within the Russian Empire and Mongolia are so vast, and their potentialities in… fuel and metals so incalculably great that a vast economic world, more or less apart, will there develop inaccessible to oceanic commerce.”

Mackinder was a bit premature in his prediction. The Russian revolution of 1917, the Chinese revolution of 1949, and the subsequent 40 years of the Cold War slowed any real development for decades.  In this way, the Euro-Asian “heartland” was denied economic growth and integration, thanks in part to artificial ideological barriers — the Iron Curtain and then the Sino-Soviet split — that stalled any infrastructure construction across the vast Eurasian land mass. No longer.

Only a few years after the Cold War ended, former National Security Adviser Brzezinski, by then a contrarian sharply critical of the global views of both Republican and Democratic policy elites, began raising warning flags about Washington’s inept style of geopolitics.  “Ever since the continents started interacting politically, some five hundred years ago,” he wrote in 1998, essentially paraphrasing Mackinder, “Eurasia has been the center of world power. A power that dominates ‘Eurasia’ would control two of the world’s three most advanced and economically productive regions… rendering the Western Hemisphere and Oceania geopolitically peripheral to the world’s central continent.”

While such a geopolitical logic has eluded Washington, it’s been well understood in Beijing.  Indeed, in the last decade China has launched the world’s largest burst of infrastructure investment, already a trillion dollars and counting, since Washington started the U.S. Interstate Highway System back in the 1950s.

The numbers for the rails and pipelines it’s been building are mind numbing. Between 2007 and 2014, China criss-crossed its countryside with 9,000 miles of new high-speed rail, more than the rest of the world combined. The system now carries 2.5 million passengers daily at top speeds of 240 miles per hour. By the time the system is complete in 2030, it will have added up to 16,000 miles of high-speed track at a cost of $300 billion, linking all of China’s major cities.


China-Central Asia Infrastructure Integrates the World Island (Source: Stratfor)

Simultaneously, China’s leadership began collaborating with surrounding states on a massive project to integrate the country’s national rail network into a transcontinental grid. Starting in 2008, the Germans and Russians joined with the Chinese in launching the “Eurasian Land Bridge.” Two east-west routes, the old Trans-Siberian in the north and a new southern route along the ancient Silk Road through Kazakhstan are meant to bind all of Eurasia together. On the quicker southern route, containers of high-value manufactured goods, computers, and auto parts started travelling 6,700 miles from Leipzig, Germany, to Chongqing, China, in just 20 days, about half the 35 days such goods now take via ship.

In 2013, Deutsche Bahn AG (German Rail) began preparing a third route between Hamburg and Zhengzhou that has now cut travel time to just 15 days, while Kazakh Rail opened a Chongqing-Duisburg link with similar times. In October 2014, China announced plans for the construction of the world’s longest high-speed rail line at a cost of $230 billion. According to plans, trains will traverse the 4,300 miles between Beijing and Moscow in just two days.

In addition, China is building two spur lines running southwest and due south toward the world island’s maritime “marginal.” In April, President Xi Jinping signed an agreement with Pakistan to spend $46 billion on a China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.  Highway, rail links, and pipelines will stretch nearly 2,000 miles from Kashgar in Xinjiang, China’s westernmost province, to a joint port facility at Gwadar, Pakistan, opened back in 2007.  China has invested more than $200 billion in the building of this strategic port at Gwadar on the Arabian Sea, just 370 miles from the Persian Gulf. Starting in 2011, China also began extending its rail lines through Laos into Southeast Asia at an initial cost of $6.2 billion. In the end, a high-speed line is expected to take passengers and goods on a trip of just 10 hours from Kunming to Singapore.

In this same dynamic decade, China has constructed a comprehensive network of trans-continental gas and oil pipelines to import fuels from the whole of Eurasia for its population centers — in the north, center, and southeast. In 2009, after a decade of construction, the state-owned China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) opened the final stage of the Kazakhstan-China Oil Pipeline. It stretches 1,400 miles from the Caspian Sea to Xinjiang.

Simultaneously, CNPC collaborated with Turkmenistan to inaugurate the Central Asia-China gas pipeline. Running for 1,200 miles largely parallel to the Kazakhstan-China Oil Pipeline, it is the first to bring the region’s natural gas to China. To bypass the Straits of Malacca controlled by the U.S Navy, CNPC opened a Sino-Myanmar pipeline in 2013 to carry both Middle Eastern oil and Burmese natural gas 1,500 miles from the Bay of Bengal to China’s remote southwestern region. In May 2014, the company signed a $400 billion, 30-year deal with the privatized Russian energy giant Gazprom to deliver 38 billion cubic meters of natural gas annually by 2018 via a still-to-be-completed northern network of pipelines across Siberia and into Manchuria.


Sino-Myanmar Oil Pipeline Evades the U.S. Navy in the Straits of Malacca (Source: Stratfor)

Though massive, these projects are just part of an ongoing construction boom that, over the past five years, has woven a cat’s cradle of oil and gas lines across Central Asia and south into Iran and Pakistan. The result will soon be an integrated inland energy infrastructure, including Russia’s own vast network of pipelines, extending across the whole of Eurasia, from the Atlantic to the South China Sea.

To capitalize such staggering regional growth plans, in October 2014 Beijing announced the establishment of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. China’s leadership sees this institution as a future regional and, in the end, Eurasian alternative to the U.S.-dominated World Bank. So far, despite pressure from Washington not to join, 14 key countries, including close U.S. allies like Germany, Great Britain, Australia, and South Korea, have signedon. Simultaneously, China has begun building long-term trade relations with resource-rich areas of Africa, as well as with Australia and Southeast Asia, as part of its plan to economically integrate the world island.

Finally, Beijing has only recently revealed a deftly designed strategy for neutralizing the military forces Washington has arrayed around the continent’s perimeter. In April, President Xi Jinping announced construction of that massive road-rail-pipeline corridor direct from western China to its new port at Gwadar, Pakistan, creating the logistics for future naval deployments in the energy-rich Arabian Sea.

In May, Beijing escalated its claim to exclusive control over the South China Sea, expanding Longpo Naval Base on Hainan Island for the region’s first nuclear submarine facility, accelerating its dredging to create three new atolls that could become military airfields in the disputed Spratley Islands, and formally warning off U.S. Navy overflights. By building the infrastructure for military bases in the South China and Arabian seas, Beijing is forging the future capacity to surgically and strategically impair U.S. military containment.

At the same time, Beijing is developing plans to challenge Washington’s dominion over space and cyberspace.  It expects, for instance, to complete its own global satellite system by 2020, offering the first challenge to Washington’s dominion over space since the U.S. launched its system of 26 defense communication satellites back in 1967. Simultaneously, Beijing is building a formidable capacity for cyber warfare.

In a decade or two, should the need arise, China will be ready to surgically slice through Washington’s continental encirclement at a few strategic points without having to confront the full global might of the U.S. military, potentially rendering the vast American armada of carriers, cruisers, drones, fighters, and submarines redundant.

Lacking the geopolitical vision of Mackinder and his generation of British imperialists, America’s current leadership has failed to grasp the significance of a radical global change underway inside the Eurasian land mass. If China succeeds in linking its rising industries to the vast natural resources of the Eurasian heartland, then quite possibly, as Sir Halford Mackinder predicted on that cold London night in 1904, “the empire of the world would be in sight.”


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        They are not Pharisees, and certainly not elite (except in their own minds and those they have programmed to glorify them). They are BABYLONIAN SATAN WORSHIPPERS. Most of humanity will not call them by their name, nor will most of the “Darkmooners”. Preferring misleading labels or titles, to be called what THEY are is what THEY FEAR.

  2. The crux of all of this, as always, is the controversy of Zion.

    Right now the “Jews” rule the world. They control Russia and China as well as the West. Their ultimate goal is world government out of “Israel”. In order to achieve this they concocted a 100 plus year long plan involving 3 World Wars.

    Phase 1, WW1- League of Nations

    Since the “Jews” already controlled Britain and her colonies and secretly controlled the United States via 1913 “Fed Reserve” act, this first phase was a multifaceted scheme to extend that control, dividing Christendom, pummel Germany and taking over Russia. Also, a claim to Zion (Israel) was necessary, all of which was accomplished.

    Phase 2, WW2- United Nations

    Germany is targeted for final take down, China is infested with Jewish Communist control with the rise of America being the dominate power on the planet. At the end of the War, the “Jews” claim to Zion would be made manifest and with these developments, a fictional counter force was created so that in the ensuing decades, Communism vs Capitalism (both Jew controlled) Hegelian dialectic narratives could be trotted out so that all other nation/states fought over would come under the control of either power (East/West) that won, resulting in elite “Jewish” control from the 3 City States.

    Phase 3- WW3- World Government

    This phase started on September 11, 2001. A final showdown between Jew controlled East and West must be fomented. This is necessary to exterminate the “Jews” number 1 enemy (Christendom-whites/Europeans-believers–authentic Israel/Judah). The war will be controlled in such a way as to bring America, the UK, Colonies to their knees accepting death or eternal slave status under all races/nations with the “Jews” ruling at the top and Asiatics under them as number 2. The end result of this WW3 is being designed so that mutual destruction is assured with only ONE power remaining in the world. That power being the “Jews” “Israel” as the power of the 3 city states is transferred to it with their anti Christ King sitting where he ought not sit inside a finished 3rd temple in Jerusalem.

    The “Jews” have a right to return under the FIRST law.

    Malakiah 1: 4 Because one will say, Idumea has been overthrown, but let us return and rebuild the desolate places; thus saith the Lord Almighty, They shall build,

    But what does the SECOND law of return say? Who has that right?

    but I will throw down; and they shall be called The borders o wickedness, and, The people against whom the Lord has set himself for ever. 5 And your eyes shall see, and ye shall say, The Lord has been magnified upon the borders of Israel.

    Here is the second law of return laid out in detail in Obediah where it shows how America, the UK/Colonies etc, will be invaded. How disaster will come to us but we withstand against our invading foes and win in our home nations as the “Jews” are then harshly judged.

    Obediah 1:7 They sent thee to thy coasts: all the men of thy covenant have withstood thee; thine allies have prevailed against thee, they have set snares under thee: they have no understanding…. 11 From the day that thou stoodest in opposition [to him], in the days when foreigners were taking captive his forces, and strangers entered into his gates, and cast lots on Jerusalem, thou also wast as one of them. 12 And thou shouldest not have looked on the day of thy brother in the day of strangers; nor shouldest thou have rejoiced against the children of Juda in the day of their destruction; neither shouldest thou have boasted in the day of [their] affliction. 13 Neither shouldest thou have gone into the gates of the people in the day of their troubles; nor yet shouldest thou have looked upon their gathering in the day of their destruction, nor shouldest thou have attacked their host in the day of their perishing. 14 Neither shouldest thou have stood at the opening of their passages, to destroy utterly those of them that were escaping; neither shouldest thou have shut up his fugitives in the day of affliction.

    This culminates in I AM/Jesus gathering us AUTHENTIC ISRAELITES/JUDAITES from our nations from the four corners of the earth to take over the “Jews” fake JWO, establishing I AM/Jesus Kingdom with his elect 144, 000 of whites/Europeans- believers of Jacob-Israel/Judah on top of the fake “Jews” Satanic global government system.

    17 But on mount Sion there shall be deliverance, and there shall be a sanctuary; and the house of Jacob shall take for an inheritance those that took them for an inheritance. 18 And the house of Jacob shall be fire, and the house of Joseph a flame, and the house of Esau [shall be] for stubble; and [Israel] shall flame forth against them, and shall devour them, and there shall not be a corn-field [left] to the house of Esau; because the Lord has spoken…21 And they that escape shall come up from mount Sion, to take vengeance on the mount of Esau; and the kingdom shall be the Lord’s.

    WW1 lasted 3 years
    WW2 lasted 9 years
    WW3 will last, 3 x 9= 27 years
    2001 plus 27 is 2028

    To read in full

      1. @ ingrid

        honey, you ain’t going to miss anything. A hebe vampire jew snake like you will be around as long as Kissinger, if not longer. jew female hebe vampire snakes have an even longer lifespan than hebe male jew vampire snakes. You’ll be slithering around for the next 200 years, at least.

      2. TheRealOriginalJoe

        I may be wrong in my estimation concerning all of these events coming to a fruition around 2028 but I don’t think I’m far off. Even the great Pyramid’s timeline ends in 2028. Christ, by some, is said to have been born in reality around 4-5 “BC”. If so, his death and resurrection at age 33 would perfectly line up with both my estimate, the present 2000 year long earth age as well as the Pyramid’s time line.

        For those who don’t know, the great Pyramid is ALL ABOUT Jesus’ comings. It is an external sign to the ages in physical form as to the dimensions of the earth (inside and out) the solar system, the universe as well as how all creation matches perfectly the true narrative of the scriptures.

        The “Kings Chamber” (box) is a perfect match to have held the dimensions of the Ark of the Covenant that is I AM/Jesus earthly throne. The “cap stone” (corner stone) rejected by the “builders” (spoken of by Jesus) who were fallen angel hybrid infiltrators of Egypt’s architect class (priests etc) had rejected the cap stone (just like the lizard “Jews” did later) that was already cast to give praise to I AM/Jesus. This is why there is no cap stone on it as Satan, in a metaphorical sense desires to not only sit on I AM/Jesus’ throne, but be given praise of the ruler of all creation as the cap stone would have done.

        The white limestone casing blocks (notice the color) that once lined the exterior number exactly 144,000 (just like the 12,000 from each of the 12 tribes will when gathered by Jesus). Under where the cap stone would have been laid, 3 massive blocks on each of the 4 sides are positioned which correspond to each tribe led by one of the 12 Apostles that will surround I AM/Jesus when he actually returns to administer his Kingdom come to earth.

        Understanding the present can only be done by understanding the truth of the past.

        If i’m right, no lizard “Jews” will be around to enjoy the next earth age (presumably starting in 2028) for all (whom reject Christ) will have their part in the lake of fire (as I understand).

    1. Tyron Parsons
      “WW1 lasted 3 years”
      “WW2 lasted 9 years”
      Actually WW1 started in August, 1914 and ended on 11th November, 1918. A total of 4 years and 3 months.
      WW2 officially started on the 3rd September, 1939, when Britain and France declared war on Germany, and ended on 15th August, 1945 with unconditional surrender of Japan, almost 6 years.

    2. @Tyron Parsons
      “WW1 lasted 3 years” No it didn’t. WW1 started in August, 1914 and ended on November 11th, 1918. That’s 4 years and 3 months.
      “WW2 lasted 9 years” No it started on the 3rd September, 1939 and ended on 15th September, 1945. That’s 6 years.

      1. Felix

        The victors write the BS history books and call it “official”.

        If we mark WW1 by your “official” dates then WW1 was 4 years long.

        In 1936 Hitler retook the Rhineland. If we mark WW2’s start here it’s a 9 year war and my initial figures work.

        However, if we stick with your 4 year WW1 scenario then my formula could only work if WW2 started in 1933. In 1933 Hitler came to power and Jewry declared their war against NS Germany. If we mark WW2 here we have a 12 year war which again holds my narrative as true if we stick to your WW1 figure.

        But the 4 year WW1, 12 year long WW2 formula could only be correct (4×12= 48) if WW3’s beginning was not in 2001 but rather in 1980 when the “Jews” in “Israel” and US/DC fomented the Iraq/Iran war. (1980 plus 48=2028).

        Here is the point.

        Matthew 24:3 And as he sat upon the mount of Olives, the disciples came unto him privately, saying, Tell us, when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world? 4 And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you. 5 For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many. 6 And ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. 7 For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. 8 All these are the beginning of sorrows (birthing pains).

        How do birthing pains operate? They come more frequently and when they do, they multiply in their intensity until the child (in this case the true World Government of Jesus and his authentic kinfolk) is born.

  3. Straight from the horse’s arse: “In brief, for the [JOO-United] States, Eurasian geo-strategy involves the purposeful management of geo-strategically dynamic states…To put it in a terminology that harkens back to the more brutal age of ancient empires, the three grand imperatives of imperial geo-strategy are to prevent collusion and to maintain security dependence among the vassals, to keep tributaries pliant and protected, and to keep the barbarians [China and Russia and all in between] from coming together.” — Zbigniew Brzezinski, The Grand Chessboard, 1997, Basic Books, p. 40.

    1. That’s quite ironic.

      Polish Mongol Batu Brzezinski Khan calling the Russians and Chinese “barbarians”.

  4. the Jews decide to … transfer their allegiance to Russia and China?

    Jew allegiance? What’s that, must reread kol nidre, must have missed something … maybe Sino-Rus can explain what Jew allegiance means, hope they were paying attention from the opium wars onward, surely the period is riddled with examples of Jew allegiance.

    Advice to Jews: pull another Holohoax scam on China and Russia, like in Birobidjan.
    Guaranteed results.

    1. That sentence also stuck out like a sore thumb for me, too, but I did not wish to give offense to our gracious hostess, lest she take away my privileges on this most essential forum.

      As for SPQR’s post below, the article he cites is from 2004, when the Chinese were still kinda naïve about America and Free Trade…but not anymore. The honeymoon with the joos ended in 2008, when China bashing was the rage and the joos did everything they could to wreck the Beijing Summer Olympics, just like they did with the Sochi Winter Olympics last year. We’re in the bitter divorce (Battle of the Roses) stage these days.

      On a personal note, I’m doing what little I can to wake up my distant cousins in the middle kingdom. Judging by their recent attacks on me (shutting down my Facebook 2 weeks ago, and vandalizing my car 2 days ago), I guess they’re not too pleased with my efforts. Better to die for something than live for nothing.

      1. When Jews have a target in their sights they do not abandon it for any reason. They may back off for a while, but they’ll be back. They have a long time horizon, and they are able to plan things over the course of decades, even centuries.

        When Europe and the US collapse, the diaspora Jews will have nowhere to go but Northeast Asia, which is ripe for plundering. They will not move to Israel, as Israel is dependent on outside support. Not to mention that there’s no room in the country for another six million yids.

  5. Russia is dying under Putin’s heel. In a couple decades the country will be no more.

    China on the other hand is slated to be the next host for the Jew parasite.

    A decade ago The Jewish Peoples Policy Institute came out with a 120-page document entitled China and the Jewish People: Old Civilizations In A New Era, which basically outlines their strategy for infiltrating and subverting the country.

    Video summary:

    Full document:

    “We have to get our feet on the ground in China and shape public opinion, and teach the future elites, the future leaders of China today.”
    – Pablo Tittel, The Jerusalem Center of Public Affairs

    1. SPQR
      Mandarin—Yiddish, the new Ashkenazim language will be used when marketing among the chink—goyim, in the Synagogue pure Yiddish will be whispered. Fancy yarmulkes must be worn on the floor of the chink stock exchange to identify Yid traders.

    2. SPQR –

      China is just about ready for its Federal Reserve experiment there. With 10 times the population of US, it should be 10 times better, and sustainable 10 times longer. And India is next.

      C’mon BRICS. Get in line. Russia already there with Putin’s oligarch bankers prevalent dictates of who gets oil profits.

  6. Is the anti-Christ revealing himself? News » VIDEO: Prince William’s speech at Jewish Care. June 14, 2015

    “Prince William delivered an historic address to more than 1,400 people at Jewish Care’s 25th anniversary dinner at Alexandra Palace. Paying a glowing tribute to the organisation, it was the second-in-line to the throne’s first speech to a Jewish community function. He was introduced to the stage by (my words, the bastard) Lord Levy.”

  7. Couple of points.
    First, something that I’ve been sensing in the air for at least couple of years, namely a secret footsie between Merkel and Putin, two old and very professionally trained spooks from the Communist era, while window dressing it with endless kowtowing to Jew, as cheap as it is demeaning but also harmless to their putative long range goal of breaking the Kabbalist spell.

    In the fullness of time, the “pivot state” of Russia might, in alliance with another power like Germany, expand “over the marginal lands of Euro-Asia,” allowing “the use of vast continental resources for fleet-building, and the empire of the world would be in sight.”

    Secondly, it is important to look behind this curtain.

    Mackinder was a bit premature in his prediction. The Russian revolution of 1917, the Chinese revolution of 1949, and the subsequent 40 years of the Cold War slowed any real development for decades.

    What happened was that the Kabbalist warlocks understood Makinder’s analysis only too well and took steps to forestall it with twin giant revolutions in this massive heartland and the 100 million plus dead are just icing on the cake as far as they are concerned.

    But it could be that their days are finally numbered.

    Waiting for some deep counter-analysis involving sacks of potatoes and bottles of vodka moved across the chessboard. 😉

      1. Charlie Tuna just died 🙁 from Fukushima radiation poisoning, Pat. You’re all going to have to find someone else to bait. I trust you all will adjust smoothly to the new circumstances, 😉 .

    1. Wise observation about kol nidre, above, Lobro. It makes me wonder (as the title of this article points to America), whether TPTB/Pharisees/Jews are endeavoring to fixate everyone’s attentions to the WRONG assumptions while they accomplish their simple plan of taking over North America (the whole continent!) as their exclusive domicile – STILL ruled out of the British Isle – STILL protected by the Atlantic and Pacific oceans on both sides. Of course, strategically-speaking and logistically necessary, they’ll
      require that a certain number of us whites and Latinos remain
      here to make their life easier – but, well, it seems it may be easier
      in the long run to subjugate the TWO fine ‘countries’ of USA and
      Canada than to tackle the unification and subjugation of the MANY in Eurasia and India. They’re for more ‘industrial’ designations,
      with China supplying vast amounts of manpower. Remember: At
      the TOP, there are only the ‘faceless’ men who control the
      temporal world. They do not think in terms of nationalities or
      cultures or plebeian wants. They’re very pragmatic, and their aim
      is WORLD DOMINATION – not American, not Russian, not Chinese, etc.

      1. well yes, gilbert (tho i still like “gilby”, dammit)

        but this needs further analysis

        They’re for more ‘industrial’ designations, with China supplying vast amounts of manpower.

        As you see, China seems to have made the decision to kiss its trillion$ good-bye because they are more trouble than they are worth and focus on internal combustion engine of this eurasian heartland, ie, develop own customer base.
        One reason is that it’s got so much dollar designated holdings that the only thing they can do with it is buy US treasury bonds and thereby fuel US military expansionism that is focused on encirclement of China and Russia, so these dollars are not just counterproductive but downright dangerous.
        So what do they do?
        They go on a buying spree globally, resources, building up infrastructure, this massive high speed railroad (Japan got this new maglev train that hits 700 kph, close to what passenger jets fly at, so imagine the giant advantage the trains will have) that will do this long banana stretch from shanghai across moscow to lisbon, the backbone of the “new world order”.
        And the final and the biggest clincher is this:

        With dollar devaluation once it is no longer of global relevance as the (sole) medium of international settlements, ie, no longer petrodollar, it might plummet to peso levels if based only on America’s industrial and agricultural production (remember, they will have to pay for water imports from Canuckistan with hugely devalued currency), the entire Jew-contrived, intimidating military house of cards will come crashing down ignominiously, no longer having the R+D pull, its vaunted university networks run to seed because the best and te brightest world over will be inevitably drawn to this bustling heartland … what does a poor Jewie do, oy vey? where does he go for the drink of fresh blood, a new host into which to lay its diseased eggs.

        Because you must realize that the Jew has worked his black magic on Europe over 2,000 years, infiltrating its structures and eroding them from within.
        A termite colony cannot infest a house and bring it down in a day.

        Jews were corrupting officialdom, church, feudal system from the monarch down (always from the highest ranks down, as per Kissinger’s arrogant statement in the article, because among other things, of their notion of choseness/exceptionalism, grass roots don’t matter – but what if in the long run they do, exactly as per Christ’s contention – he says that it is the only thing that matters, the only true democratic process there is is a God-mandated one of individual conscience).

        So, where is Jew’s leverage in those two countries, immunized through past genocides to the Jew?
        Believe me, when it hits close to home, people pick up on history rather quickly.
        There is no Hollywood brain tumor beaming its malignant message, customized to Russian or a Chinese, if anything, they just need to look at almost any Hollywood product to see themselves calumniated by endless libel, either as evil perverts or objects of ridicule.

        No, Jew is out of that market, all his money and gold emasculated to the point of worthlessness, Holocaust fables elicit guffaws, even the notions of Christian morality on which they preyed so successfully, useless, these trains run on different gauge tracks baby, too late to re-engineer.

        In summary, the grand idea they entertained when decimating American industry and exporting its technology to Asia, that they would keep idiot customer base separate from ant-like cheap sweatshops that supply endless stream of shoddy goods backfired on the Jew spectacularly.

        So, sit back and enjoy the comeuppance.
        This is what I intend to do with what time is left to me and nary a tear shed when the evil-evil-Jew™ faces the long overdue settling of accounts.
        On this Earth and beyond.

        And maybe those populations, long drained in every conceivable way by Jew can finally settle down to a rehab process, rebuild their culture without rapacious drive that made them think they were destined for a special status.
        This is why I like these little Balkanese statelets and clans, they never entertained such idea, just wanted to be left alone and were quite happy that way.
        It can be done, I am sure Harbinger will agree.

      2. Certainly a colorful (plausible, too!) description of generalities, Lobro – though we need to remember that once the Dollar becomes of relatively little substance it doesn’t necessarily follow that Jew will anoint ANOTHER SUBSTITUTE. As long as he controls the measures of international exchange – as well as armies – why should he bother playing games with dollars, euros, yuans, etc.??

        Too, I do not believe Canada and USA are destined to any FURTHER separation (as that to which you alluded as water-trading). The goal BLENDING. The goal is the CONTINENT. Even now, in light of understanding our ‘Agenda 21’, a substantiation of REGIONAL government has manifested in both countries – each and all kowtowing to the same money masters. Eventually, the WORLD is the aim of the context. Consider this: All joking aside, there is more desirable and scenic land in North America than anywhere else in the world – and the CLIMATE is more temperate (generally, more agreeable) than any you could pick. Rich elites would much rather reside in Banff or America’s northwest – then fly back to London or Washington when it gets too cold…or the islands. It is so as I write this. Places like Paraguay are just ‘bug-out’ destinations for those who are able to maintain their own mercenary forces. 🙂

      3. once the Dollar becomes of relatively little substance it doesn’t necessarily follow that Jew will anoint ANOTHER SUBSTITUTE.

        This is close to my main point, namely that Jew CANNOT anoint another substitute.

        A priest cannot anoint anything among non-believers and this is precisely the root of his unholy power that he wields among the BELIEVERS, ie, euro-goys.

        Take his all-powerful banks, what would happen if people simply bypassed them as if they did not exist, say, based their existence on strict barter that shuns the Jew.
        What’s he gonna do?

        I don’t know how many times I used this simile, namely, a vampire’s victim must invite him into her bedroom.
        Faust must invoke Mephistopheles in order to be seduced into his own perdition.

        So, if you insist on having a house for which you cannot pay in own funds, you must apply for a mortgage with Rothschild and shake hands with Devil.
        Or take the story of Shylock’s deal in the Merchant of Venice, the nobleman dude brought it on himself and had to pay the price of self-betrayal.
        And if you miss the what, 3 consecutive payments, you get turfed out, freediving in Fecal Ocean from which there is no rescue, exactly as per the grand plan.

        But the point is that (I think, I truly hope) that Jew has no leverage over Russians and the Chinese.

        Over in Eurasia, Jew has no media monopoly (Putin made damn sure of that), no Frankfurt school messing with people’s brains, no guilt chokepoint, cannot scream persecution, discrimination, military option waning fast, maybe already gone, no blackmail over the leadership, no academic stranglehold … it’s a brand new ballpark and he is not the owner.

        The Protocols are silent on this development and this alone should be the big story, the greatest story never told.

      4. Lobro –

        “Protocols are silent” there because there was no Wall Street Stock Market ‘game’ and Federal Reserve ‘trick’ refined to perfection for their leaching back then.(c.1860s)

        Pharisee London Bankers have already set up a debt system for Russia and China.
        China’s stock market has a $358 BILLION debt on margins right now. They are being leached as I write this. I am wonder what the collateral is!! All their gold they have purchased recently???

      5. I`m afraid I`m probably not a fan of high speed railroad, I like to travel at a leisurely pace, and enjoy the scenery, but would forego that, if it meant power to the anti nwo/zionism..

      6. Your observations are very correct! Babylonians empire of demons, they aren’t neither Hebrews of Europeans’ only God know who they are’ Indeed, they can’t mix in Asian lands’ Asians have very different facial characters’ Euro-America, in this case US MEXICO CANADA is the wealthiest largest countries with the best logistic one can wish’ To the Pacific Asia, Central and South America! U R CORRECT!! CLEVER OBSERVATIONS!!

        These empire of hermaphrodites can’t go nowhere anymore! they have run out of places and they want to impose THE TTP! Why! to stop the truth by purchasing the internet with their fiat worthless money as if the truth had a value or it can be purchased! Useless con cheaters lazy bums demonic diabolic liars! THEY CAN NO LONGER COVER THE SUN WITH ONE FINGER AS THEY DID IN THE PAST AND THIS KNOWLEDGE IS GOING TO BE THEIR DESTRUCTION! Their destruction will come sooner or later ‘ humanity will be happy sooner or later! Because no great wall China can stop the tsunami of truth! The truth is like a giant wave, impossible to contend with highest stone wall’

        Humanity are infinite beings, way, more , more far superior to Babylonian useless bums and this is why they deeply hate humanity! FOR BEING CONCIOUSS BEINGS NOT SOULLESS BEINGS!

      7. “because among other things, of their notion of choseness/exceptionalism, grass roots don’t matter – but what if in the long run they do,” : Syria, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, and now Yemen, are prime examples..

  8. Dear Alfred McCoy:
    Great article about the shift of power from West to East under the Sea-based powers vs. Land-based powers, or Anglo-American-Israeli Alliance vs. the Russia/China/Germany partnership. Many other writers have made the same analysis and conclusion. These writers are Joachim Hagopian, Finian Cunningham, Eric Zuesse and Pepe Escobar. And of course, just like this article and as Lasha correctly points out, the jewish connection to this history and current events is not mentioned. Also again, Banksters are involved as well, but their jewish (Rothschild) connection is not mentioned. Israel (Rothschild Zionists) will be involved in this new land-based power of Eurasia, but must destroy the Anglo-American
    power first. This would be because just as in war, they support/fund both sides, but are made to look as if not involved. After all sheeple are led to believe that jewish money power is not involved because other patsies are made the obvious scapegoat. But what the article does not say is that even this shift of power from West to East is a ruse, for under the Hegeian dialectic someone else will come to rule. To me that power is either a satanically led Israel from Jerusalem or its crypto-jew alternative of a reformed EU led by Germany supported by the Vatican/Pope False Prophet. Regardless of which one, the controlling power will eventually be based in Jerusalem under the jewish Antichrist. This century has been called China’s century, which in some ways this article verifies and supports, but as James Corbett and his Corbett Report website have shown, perhaps it should be called the Bankster/Rothschild century. World history and Bible history and Bible prophecy are returning to the the area around the Mediterranean Sea. So watch that area of the world and its Landmass from before America falls to the formation of this new Land-power and its consequences. And of course the sheeple will believe that the events are just happening (happenstance) when in all truth the events are being manipulated for the outcome to increase Bankster control of the whole planet for out of their chaos they will achieve order, their NWO. Now we need a counter article to show the jewish money power involvement in this development of the power shift from West to East, to balance out the untold story not written by Alfred McCoy. History is fine, but if you do not learn from it, it is useless. The other alternative to the generic history of Alfred McCoy and the Mackinder doctrine is to look at things from Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” thinking, but again including a jewish money power perspective would be helpful for a complete explanation/picture. It is just soo sad that the sheeple have not caught on yet, to their own demise. Thanks, Norbert.

    1. I agree, Norbert.

      Economics trumps politics, even though the two systems are inseparable totally. And inseparable from GLOBAL economics is Goldman Sachs, a handmaiden of Rothschild, who remains in the wings, unseen and guiding the lessers.

      Russia needs about $75 billion in foreign investment annually to meet the government’s goals of modernizing the economy, so Russia hires Goldman Sachs to help. Russia needs Europe and US investments to keep afloat.
      Russia hired Goldman Sachs Group Inc. to reach out to investors and attract new pools of capital.

      Gazprom believes it was “symbolic” to hold its first annual investor day in Asia this year(2015) after the company signed a $400-billion gas supply contract with China, Kruglov said.

      “Nevertheless, the European market will clearly remain the main export market both in terms of supply and revenue in the coming years,” Kruglov said. The “lion’s share of investors” in global depositary receipts are still from Western Europe and U.S., according to the executive.

      The total share of GDR holders, which are mostly foreign investors, increased in the past year, Kruglov said. “That indicates that common sense and economic logic PREVAIL over political motivation.”

  9. Not to be too much of a pain-in-the-a**, but we already knooooowwww the US Empire is on its last leg and is about the crash and burn. I mean, what?, this is what? ,the 666th Darkmoon article about the US Empire coming to an end? What can be said about this subject that hasn’t already been said like a million times already. Enough already.

    Do me a favor everybody : If you don’t have any new insights into this US-Empire-Coming-To-An-End subject matter, then pleassssse don’t send in any comments. Thank youuuuuuu.

  10. Every colonial power has faced its death at the hands of its victims, sooner or later. That’s the Divine Law. Some colonial powers, like Arabs and Ottoman were less ruthless than Roman, British, Russian and American – and are remembered fondly by even some Judeo-Christian historians.

    Take for example, American Jewish journalist and author, who despite his love for Israel – praises Lebanese Islamic resistance Hizbullah as the only possible organization that can bring peace and security for Israel.

    1. “Every colonial power has faced its death at the hands of its victims”

      Yep. However… that was before ‘hate-crime’ and ‘bullying’ laws… and now, cyber-bullying, aiding wimps.
      The ‘strong-willed’ are becoming extinct. All planned.


      Under Montana’s ridiculously broad defamation statute, “defamatory matter is anything that exposes a person or a group, class, or association to hatred, contempt, ridicule, degradation, or disgrace in society or injury to the person’s or its business or occupation.”

    2. Some colonial powers, like Arabs and Ottoman were less ruthless than Roman, British, Russian and American – and are remembered fondly by even some Judeo-Christian historians.

      Go to Romania or any Southeastern European county and tell them how nice the Turks were, and how the Turks kindly kidnapped their children and kindly brainwashed them into Islam during the time of the blood tax, and see how they react.

      Better yet, stay the fuck out of Europe. Vlad Tepes knew how to do deal with you child-raping Islamist pieces of shit.

      1. At least he now acknowledges that the Arabs and the Turks were colonial powers too. Now he still has to acknowledge that perhaps they were not so “fondly remembered” after all.

  11. As China moves onward with it’s high speed modern railways, the US rails are still in the 19th century.
    One can get seasick riding Amtrak at 60 MPR. The US has had it. Trillions spent on military while the internal
    infrastructure crumbles. But what do the Lords and Masters care. The USA has served it’s purpose and will soon past into history as the US government sets up Jade Helm to subdue the American people having failed to subdue the vast Eurasian peoples and lands. Oh well such is life.

    1. Toejam –

      The rail system in this country (USA) suffers from poor line maintenance – due in main from union spoiling. Being from a largely railroading family, myself, I worked summers during college on ‘line maintenance’ (because it was determined by some that I become a lawyer/executive for the corp.), and I thought it’d be a good idea to begin at the ‘bottom’ before I became a ‘manager’ (just good ‘ol dumb goy reasoning, don’t you think??). Anyhow, I know a LOT about rail lines and building railroad tracks.

      My point is that ‘maintenance-of-way’ employees have become so spoiled and useless THEY DEMAND A MACHINE even to drive spikes. (I learned how to – and did, many hot days – ‘roll’ a nine-pound hammer driving spikes. The new high-wage babies don’t even CARRY them, now! (I worked for the Road in the late seventies). They’ve never even handled ‘tie-tongs’ with which cross ties are lifted by hand. (Whenever a ‘rail gang’ happens to be ‘working’ (!) on the line going thru our land, I try to find time to tease them about their ‘softness’.) 🙂

      American railroads are suffering from poor track maintenance. I could enumerate the ways, but it wouldn’t mean much to those who’ve never been there…

      1. And I sure-as-hell wouldn’t want to ride a 200mph passenger car on one!

  12. Just read an article on The Truthseeker, and learned something I didn`t know. I always had doubts about the Dalai Lama, but hadn`t realized what a brutal dictator he was. Say what you like about China, but by all accounts, the “lot” of the Tibetans improved dramatically under Chinese rule..

    I hope that the “lot” of the global population will also improve if China breaks the iron grip of the US..

    1. always assume the diametric opposite of what you hear, read, see in media and you will get some bearing on the truth.
      Sipping Dom Perignon in the High Tower with the Dalai Lama.

      the matrix that imprisons goy has been built and fortified over many centuries and generations and the breakout requires complete dedication to the task, ie, focus, time and effort – doubt everything, verify everything before proceeding.

      1. Ingrid
        The Dalai Lama has been in the pay of the CIA for years.
        Regarding domination of the Eurasian landmass by the Judeo-masonic state, it’s not going to happen. These so-called geopolitical geniuses, Brzezinski and Kissinger are complete morons if they think China and Russia can be dominated by the USA. They are woefully ignorant of history and think only in decades. The Chinese think in centuries. The name the Chinese have for their country is Jung Gwok, in Cantonese, Middle Kingdom. I am astounded at the ignorant assumptions made by many Westerners, who have never been to China, are unable to speak any of the 22 Chinese languages, but continue to spout generalizations. Yes, the Chinese economy is in trouble, only 7% growth this year compared to the US which is believed to be -02%.
        China’s huge debt of 282% of GDP compared to the US 351%.
        The only warriors to have conquered the Eurasian landmass were the Mongols. Very fortuitously, they stopped at Poland. If they hadn’t Europe would now be forest and grazing land. All the great Western generals such as Erich Von Manstein, Douglas MacArthur et al based their most successful military campaigns on those of Genghis Khan, the greatest military genius that ever lived.

    2. Ingrid –

      A “grip” by US is NOT the source of China’s problems. Political oppression and debt are.

      China has a record $358 billion pile of margin debt.

      Richard Haas, President of CFR, says China is the “biggest economic experiment on the planet.”

      The Chinese government and businesses want the benefits of financial freedom., but do not want it at the expense of the NECESSARY political freedom for the people. They have not figured out how to pull that off.

      1. Bloomberg the Jew would, of course, report the Chinese $358 billion margin loans. A bagatelle compared to the derivatives bubble in the US of $710 TRILLION which, when it bursts, will bring down the global economy.
        This derivative scam was started by the Messrs. Greenspan, Rubin and Summers, all filthy jews, during the Clinton administration. The Government knows this is unsustainable because it’s unregulated. It’s a case of Jews being too clever and greedy for their own good. Hence the Feds are putting Fema camps, Jade Helm and other measures in place when the the bubble pops. This will be “the light unto all nations”, the Jews will be to the world: the funeral pyre of the stupid Anglo-Saxon countries for allowing themselves to be Jewified.

      2. Felix –
        Thanks for the reply.

        Yes, Bloomberg, the Pharisee-Jew outfit, would certainly know. That’s why I posted it.
        So would JP Morgan & Co’s Euroclear.

        In 2014 the group’s turnover was €633.6 trillion (USD 712 Trillion), while assets held for our clients were valued at €26 trillion(USD 29 Trillion).

  13. TROLL ALERT!!!!!!! ….. Oh Yeah, New Song, you say, “And the only Law that could possibly accomplish that task is God’s Law found in the first five Books of Moses: The Torah.” … God’s “LAW” is essentially the rules of the Ten Commandments! You know the bits about NOT killing, fornicating, usuring, watching porn, buggering, lying, cheating, screwing ya neighbour’s wife, etc, etc. Then there were all the sub-laws, such as not eating crustaceans, pigs, “creepy things”, and not sleeping in the same bed as “an issuing” female or getting it up/licking someone of the same gender, etc. …. Yeah, darling, this desert god of the Israelites was a really loving god who exterminated all the barbarian Semitic-Arab tribes the wandering Israelite-Hebrews (Arabs) came across! … It was alright for him to do the mass genocides on behalf of his CHOSEN ones, my dear! … Yeah you Jewish apologist, come-troll, we should all follow the advice of your evil, addled mind and base our lives on the teachings of the Torah! From today, Gilbert, New Song wants you to stop fornicating and telling small white lies! Away with the hill-billy doc chick! …. But isn’t that exactly what the Jews have been doing for over 2,000 years? Isn’t this why they have seen to the murder of half a billion Christians? They are “leaving none breathing” in Palestine on this very day, my dear! …. Oh yeah, but in your twisted, undefined mind all these Jews are “counterfeit”, and somewhere, hidden away, are the really nice “racial Jews” who love the Torah, like you, my dear! … Go back to the drawing board you nut-case! …. Are you a lervly RACIAL JEW, or one of your lervly RACIAL ISRAELITES? …. All sounds a bit racist to me! …. Go F**K yaself, ye of the chosen!

    1. That is correct Max. The Torah is based on the Ten Commandments. Add the other two Laws Jesus brought to a pathetic world and it is the formula to success against your kind.

      I realize my opening comment caused you much pain. That is because it is the Truth and you are with the devil. When you sold your soul to Satan is none of my concern, but that you have, is. Stop reading my comments and bug off. You have no more right here than I.

      As far as race, anyone can be spiritually grafted-in as Israelites regardless of the race. All that matters is the ability to learn the New Song; something you gave-up on and long ago.

      1. Your comments are very wise indeed’ it is hard work to be wise in this world full of stupidity and imbecility ran by the most inferior beings from darkest hollow earth whose God is= gold oil drugs diamonds, devils, demons dollars to do as they please on earth with impunity’

  14. Hello ESP,

    Pax Americana, certes, but it’s more Pax Bankanana to me. To go overseas and kill other people FOR THE SAME DAMNED BANKSTERS, like Gilbert said.

    It will be a very synthetic post about Central banking and monetary policy as it always comes to that, especially the Fed, the real legal US government since 1913. It might be long but I have to stay awake for game 5. All Americans, whose salaries are drawn on bank accounts, are working for the Fed, as we are in the French subsidiary debt slave since 1973 and the final privatization of Banque de France.

    Central banking is the frontier/borderline between the State and the financial world. Now the power balance between Finance and the public authority is clearly in favor of Banksters, like never before in history, as almost every country in the world has a privately owned CB linked to the SWIFT/IMF/BIS pyramid, the last member of this mandatory club being Libya.

    CB, in the modern fractional reserve usurious counterfeit version, not Sumerian limited gold mine or tally stick under the King’s bed, was created in England, the BOE, in 1694, “The bank hath benefit of interest on all moneys which it creates out of nothing”, William Paterson. The BOE was created in a specific particular way as it was imposed to the King and State by the Lords and the large landowners, after the enclosures and the brutal rural exodus for industrial revolution and colonial businesses. BOE was now able to capture the idle and too excessive savings of those fine gentlemen, who liked to rake in money while sleeping just like everybody now, by issuing treasury bills and bonds. This is the start of the Monopoly/Risk game empire of trade, as the Crown was able to build his Royal Navy fleet, that is about to blow in our faces and the main reason of the British/Israeli alliance. Does it sound familiar, Max? After that, all the countries in Europe would create their own version in order to compete with the Crown, except Russia who would resist until 1917.

    The Fed now, which was also imposed to the young and promising US state by the shareholders of the BOE but also by the military/transport industrial complex. The 15/08/1971, the US treasury declared a default of payment in gold ,after going bankrupted in Vietnam, calling it termination of Gold/Dollar convertibility and ending the “prosperous war reconstruction” Bretton Woods system, for the great pleasure of the dying goldless City. John Connally, Texas Fed, declared to his astonished counterparts in Rome “The dollar is our currency, but it’s your problem”. This guy was in the car with Kennedy, hit by two bullets. Since that time, the goal of the Fed, and various agencies/corporations it has funded with Ponzi, is to remove the financial monetary independency of every nation thus its sovereignty, to protect “its exorbitant privilege”, and to steal all the GOLD by military aggressions and terrorist/monetary/media manipulations. The very smart US Zionist oligarchy is very much aware that the Roman Empire fall was caused by the hyperinflation crisis of the third century, due to worthless impure silver coins. Now a Dollar is worth 4% of the 1913 value and the end is near. They need to get all the gold and to repatriate all the Dollars if they want to maintain US hegemony by keeping a strong Dollar as empire only holds with money.
    According to history, with no gold, there is no confidence which leads to hyperinflation, see Weimar. By the way, the first thing USA did in Libya and Ukraine was to steal the Gold, against debt, of course.

    Factual events country by country.
    First, in 1935 France, Switzerland and Belgium ,plus Lebanon and Francophone Africa hold 70% of the global Gold stock. That’s why the Brits created the Bretton Woods system, with indirect Gold standard under Dollar. I f you add Portugal, Italia, Greece and Spain (PIGS), that makes a lot of Catholic gold to steal.

    CHILE was the laboratory for the monetarist minting plate FED sponsored theory of the Chicago Boy with Pinochet and the CIA backed coup d’état. First thing they did was to rob the gold against debt, before they experienced their torture MK technic on the Chileans.

    FRANCE, in 1945, holds 4000 tons of Gold that Roosevelt tried to get against Dollars. It would be saved by Lamoureux and DeGaulle, who would provoke the end of Bretton Woods when he asked Gold against Dollars in the sixties. Sarkozy in 2004 would sell 600 tons of gold to USA, mister bad deal, to repay the fake debt. Everything is for sale since. Alstom has been bought by GE, great.

    SWITZERLAND is in lot of trouble since 2008. Us corp has decided to attack the banking secrecy to repatriate the Dollars of wealthy American in Wilmington Delaware, the US washing machine. Anglo Saxons don’t mind fiscal heavens as long as they own it, bloody hypocrites. The Shoah industry has been widely used to embarrass Switzerland and get the Gold. In ten years, they have liquidated 1550 tons of Gold.

    BELGIUM, the flat broke country, has been robbed of 1000 tons of Gold in the 90’s, before that, it was the largest owner of gold per citizen. Now, after 2008, all the banks in Belgium are junks, see Dexia, Fortis….
    ITALY, SPAIN, PORTUGAL,SERBIA….and the list goes on

    IRAN was excluded from SWIFT last year and no countries/corporations could trade with IRAN, BNP would receive a 9 Billion fine, hypocrite again. US reopened the payment terminals on the condition that Iran wouldn’t trade gold against oil, except they did with Turkey via the payments platform in gold of UAE. The Turkey/US relationship has degenerated since, especially with the rapprochement with Russia and this South Stream pipeline business. I hear more and more about Erdogan the tyrant and his outrageous palace on the MSM.

    This has been the plan since 1973. Countries are allowed to trade in Dollars or in Euros, mandatory in the case of oil, but you can’t trade in Gold as money holds the empire. Occupied Germany is not allowed to buy gold since 1949, the Rhinegold being stocked in USA, like Japan, and is used as a monetary Trojan horse for the Euro zone, with over evaluated unadapt Euro Deutschmark. The BCE is now violating its own regulation with Quantitative easing to artificially maintain the Banks alive.

    CHINA and RUSSIA are doing the opposite, with the smart Elvira Nabiullina, head of Russia Central Bank, who is buying Silver and Gold as much as she can, running the Russian CB for the people and protecting Russian assets from the debt trap and IMF structural adjustment, the new speech for looting Gold, lands, vineyard, airports, islands, corporations. But the Russian knows that. China has recently refused to announce its Gold Stock.

    Since 2008, all the banks are bankrupted, if it wasn’t for QE, the new speech for printing counterfeit money. We know that in France since John Law/Louis XV paper money, except now we have Friedman monetarism. Or the Goethe Jewel Song in Tintin “The Castafiore Emerald”. Or Wagner the Rhinegold.

    The only way for the global debt empire to survive is to withdraw all the cash in circulation, a cashless society, and to brand everybody from the mark of the beast, and that “no one could buy or sell anything without that mark”. Denmark and Israel have already proposed to withdraw all the cash money. The monetary apocalypse is near with the future Dollar collapse.

    But it’s all in St John apocalypse.
    “And I saw a beast rising out of the sea, with ten horns and seven heads, with ten diadems on its horns and blasphemous names on its heads.”
    The beast rising out of the sea that cannot be killed is the FED which prints money for healing, like in 2008 or many times before. The seven heads represent the 7 Presidents on the dollar bills, Jackson wouldn’t like that.
    “It was given power to wage war against God’s holy people and to conquer them. And it was given authority over every tribe, people, language and nation.”
    The US army and its NATO soubrettes.
    “The second beast was given power to give breath to the image of the first beast, so that the image could speak and cause all who refused to worship the image to be killed.”
    The second beast, in control of the first one, represents Hollywood and the mass media. St John and the Angels had a very long view, forget about Pike.
    “And he causes all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free men and the slaves, to be given a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, 17and he provides that no one will be able to buy or to sell, except the one who has the mark, either the name of the beast or the number of his name. 18Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for the number is that of a man; and his number is six hundred and sixty-six ”
    666 is Salomon gold talon financial system in the OT, you know the Queen of Sabath. The mark is electronic money. The masons and the Jews like their little Salomon’s temple.

    That’s all folks, for the monetary apocalypse made in USA. This is according to a French/Serbian financial journalist. He predicted the eviction of Benoit XVI. JP, VISA and MasterCard took care of it by cutting the payments terminal, after a global media campaign against Vatican on pedophilia and suspicious financial operations. A gold business no doubt, but it always comes to that.
    John was in Patmos, Greece, when he wrote the Apocalypse. Now Greece is on the verge of bankruptcy, after all its gold, lands…. were stolen by debt. The beast may die from this. But I don’t know I am just guessing.

    NBA final tonight, I hope the Warriors and Stephon Curry will prevail against the brainless beast Lebron James, otherwise USA is doomed.


    1. you said a lot of good stuff there, excluding the pro sports which mean zero minus zero times zero to me.

      one example:

      SWITZERLAND is in lot of trouble since 2008. Us corp has decided to attack the banking secrecy to repatriate the Dollars of wealthy American in Wilmington Delaware, the US washing machine. Anglo Saxons don’t mind fiscal heavens as long as they own it, bloody hypocrites. The Shoah industry has been widely used to embarrass Switzerland and get the Gold. In ten years, they have liquidated 1550 tons of Gold.

      precisely, and the added fillip is that the repat pressure excludes jew, ie, switzerland remains their private preserve for storing physical gold because israel is too unsafe, only good as extradition proof den of criminals when on the run from law elsewhere.

      also how the press has suddenly turned on erdogan, despite him being a willing war criminal at behest of the jew when funneling arms and logistical support to mossad mercenaries in syria.
      so now he seems to be doing something right, which is why the saddam rope and gaddafi’s stick are being greased for him.
      expect isis + azov brigades at work in kurdish areas.

      now let me read the religious stuff, i am slow …

    2. Thanks, Phil –
      Good lessons.

      Greece means nothing except in mythology.
      Just these two companies could buy and sell Greece 100 times over.

      Euroclear and Clearstream – post-trade services providers, have holdings between them of $45 Trillion USD. The combined yearly turnover would be in excess of one Quadrillion USD.

      I – Founded by JP Morgan & Co, the Euroclear group serves clients from more than 90 countries. Most are banks, broker-dealers, and other institutions professionally engaged in managing new issues of securities, market-making, trading or holding a wide variety of securities. Retail investors are able to have direct accounts in local CSDs, according to local laws, rules and procedures.

      In 2014 the group’s turnover was €633.6 trillion (USD 712 Trillion), while assets held for our clients were valued at €26 trillion(USD 29 Trillion).

      II – Clearstream operates its International Central Securities Depository (ICSD) from Luxembourg. It is also a joint partner in the Luxembourgish Central Securities Depository (CSD), LuxCSD, together with the Central Bank of Luxembourg. In Germany, Clearstream operates the German CSD, Clearstream Banking AG.

      Clearstream has links to over 50 domestic markets worldwide, and also issues and safekeeps Eurobonds.
      In May 2015, the overall value of assets under custody held on behalf of customers registered an increase of 10% to EUR 13.4 trillion ( USD 15 Trillion)compared to EUR 12.1 trillion in May 2014.


      Indeed Babylonian empire of demons are very, very, very desperate and they are running out of time and yes they are going to impose the mark of the beast which is the microchip’ We must resist this michochip because it is a micro bomb!! DO NOT LET THESE GARBAGES TO PUT THIS MICRO BOMB AT ALL!!

      This microchip will be placed on our foreheads and right arm because is cooler than the left hand!

      If we refuse this micro bomb indeed we will denied food bank transactions, everything! We will be seen like outcasts!

      Because Babylonian the whore empire of demons know, very , very well they r running out of time” This is why they are sinkholes and tunnels all over planets earth and have completely ruined the West!
      These soulless imperialists thugs think if they can hide in the bunkers or tunnels they will escape punishment for being pure, pure evil’

      No they will punished and they fear very , very much because their punishment will be frozen dead alive for an eternity for being absolute evil! These garbages have raped animals and human beings because animals are just like little children, can’t defend themselves! Dolphins are an example of beauty! dolphins have the highest frequencies on earth for being so loving and gracious’ they get raped by these losers out of their deep hatred!


      We must resist the micro chip which is a micro bomb ! because these soulless imperialists will be exterminated and wen that happens they will take millions of human being along with them and erase all the memory and then return and do the same thing over and over and over again!


  15. Stud fees for American Pharoah starts at 250 thousand dollars, but there are more expensive stud fees. One fertility bank holds the sperm of George Soros and is charging 50 million for a guaranteed result. Behind them is Greenspan and Kissinger, each gets 25 million. They are all Yids with brilliant track records. Governments are buying the precious sperm, hoping in the near future their leadership will be composed of brilliant Yids.

  16. I read all of the above and good stuff by Phil! …. But it is all so simple, involving he or she who holds the purse! …. In 1913, the USA handed over the public purse to the biggest 4 or 5 Jewish banks; then this lervly FEDERATION of Jewish financial masterminds, firmly under the control of Adam Weishaupt’s dreaded Illuminati (also involving the old-money aristocrats of Europe, of which I am one), controlled the planet’s money and gold via their “FED.” … They created the planet’s reserve currency and got rid of gold standards, which gold they seconded into their own vaults for a future rainy day when they would establish their Supreme Court of Mankind in lervly, downtown Jerusalem. Ever partied in Tel Aviv? …. The JEWS now control the purse of the planet and do and buy whatever they want and whoever they want. …. And as I keep saying, this MONEY HEGEMONY is really a POWER HEGEMONY. … These countless, unaudited $$$$$’s and gold (don’t forget the gold!) have allowed them to become highly advanced in their lervly implementation of the full Illuminata-Marxist political and social platforms. … Shock horror, and this program/s is pure, unadulterated SATANISM!!!! YEAH SATANISM!!!! …. Scares the hell out of Miss goody-two-shoes! I don’t go out with these type of chicks! …. These lovely Illuminati comrades nearly have all of us embracing satanism, which involves what I told New Song about in the above: You know: illicit fornication, buggery, cuningalitis, porn purveying, usuring, lying, cheating; and generally having unrestricted, values-neutral fun! Just like ya gangsta rappers and ya pop princesses, with no pants on! ….. Under Illuminati mandates you can eat what you like, as much as you like, fuck anyone you like and rob and cheat anyone you like. There is no rule book! ,,,, Sometimes when I’m pissed in the Northern Territory I become sort of an Illuminati prototype and root anything with a dress and lipstick on …. But the next morning I am always most repentant and promise not to do it again; until next week!

    1. Max,

      You are a man of wealth and taste, but what’s puzzling me is just the nature of your game.

      I am sure you know that Jagger wrote Sympathy for the Devil after having his head turned upside down from Mikhail Bulgakov “The master and Margarita”, and many more good things, of course. Putin knows this book and the money which is becoming worthless paper, just like John Law’s.
      Listen to Mick Jagger, ESP, it’s crystal clear, and after that, read Max posts.
      Are you deatf and blind? The Devil and its minions are looting the World from USA, even a drug addict could see that with a book.
      Forget “Living is easy with eyes closed”, the strawberry’s and the Tavistock’s Beatles for Christ sake.

      Hope you are real, Max, how disappointing it would be otherwise, but maybe Joe is right as I can’t get no Joelle hot doctor in the Versailles area.

      The Afro american version

      1. @Pat, who knows with Jagger. Best to not try to interpret his words, just go with the beat..

  17. Hi Melvin Polterdick, you are basically correct about the head-honcho Jews’ sperm banks! …. but Georgie Soros and Bibi Netanyahu, Kissinger, etc, are more interested in storing their sperm in special refrigerators so they can be resurrected in the future. And so have many of the super-rich of the planet, including yours truly. …. But us sperminators also charge money for our servicing, but not in the huge sums you mention. …. I will take a damsel down for US$564 and give a guarantee of successful impregnation. I have heard Georgie is charging 3 times as much as me, which is a rip-off considering his ugly, gnarled, tiny body shape and face, compared to my strapping Nordic looks and proven track records in fathering over 100 beautiful children. … PS: I’m off for a while at a Gold Coast musical festival. Going alone so I can pick up lots of chicks and take em back to my luxury Winnebago! I’m playing in 3 of thew bands – lead guitar. Back in 2.3 weeks.

    1. @ Ingrid

      Didn’t Jagger apologize to you and your friend last year when he did his concert tour in Israel? I thought Jagger apologized to you and your friend last year.

  18. “Among the most “courageous” of them, Kissinger insists, was that leader of “courage, dignity, and conviction,” George W. Bush, whose resolute bid for the “transformation of Iraq from among the Middle East’s most repressive states to a multiparty democracy” would have succeeded, had it not been for the “ruthless” subversion of his work by Syria and Iran. In such a view, geopolitics has no place; only the bold vision of “statesmen” and kings really matters.”

    Kissinger is telling many lies here in one sentence :

    1) George W. Bush was not a “courageous leader”, he was a puppet of the Jews.

    2) The plan was not to transform Iraq into a democracy, that was the excuse. The real purpose was to destroy Iraq (“mission accomplished!”) in order to remove a threat to Israel.

    3) Iraq may have been a “repressive state” under Saddam Hussein, but its secular regime kept its different ethnic and religious groups at peace with each other, while it developed Iraq into a modern nation. Now all that has been destroyed, as was planned by the Jewish neocons.

    4) There is no “ruthless subversion” by Syria or Iran in Iraq. ISIS is a CIA/Mossad creation and is the enemy of both Syria and Iran.

    Kissinger, the old fox, is still lying.

    1. “Kissinger, the old fox, is still lying.”

      Yep. Lying Pharisee.
      ‘Old Fox’ too nice for him.

      I like to call him by his CIA code name… ‘Boar.’ Even better is ‘Wart Hog.’

      Water Boar – 1923, 1983
      This more diplomatic boar is resourceful and believes strongly in miracles, which can work against him. A great party-goer this boar loves to be among people and has tremendous goodwill. Be careful water boar because when you are negative you have a tendency to overindulge and can’t seem to get enough of anything.
      Famous Persons Born in the Year of the Water Boar – Prince Rainier III of Monaco – Henry Kissinger – Maria Callas – Lee Kuan Yew.

    2. during a cab ride, the driver told me of his years spent working in libya when it was ruled by gaddafi.

      he said that switzerland was nothing compared to libyan prosperity and overall satisfaction.
      there were big bazaars dealing in gold and jewelry, all wares out in the open stalls, and when the prayer time came and everyone headed off to the mosque, all the stuff was just left out in the open, it was an honor-bound society where numerous previously hostile and warring tribes and clans lived peacefully side by side.
      everyone was guaranteed a living income regardless of whether they worked, free housing, interest-free loans for businesses, paid university education overseas for those willing and qualified, universal healthcare, the most modern hospitals and well paid, decently treated foreign workforce as opposed to brutally persecuted slave labor in the emirates and saudi arabia, where construction workers are dying like roaches in 50C degree heat during ramadan without access to water.
      and libya was the only country in the entire middle east that had potable, drinking tap water.

      and look at them now, prodded on by jew to emigrate over into france, italy and eurozone, where they are hated by locals, insulted by charlie hebdo, homeless and unemployed and recruited by mossad into isis, while jew oil corp is sucking his mineral wealth dry, noble bhl parading back and forth sermonizing on human rights while counting shekels by the truckload.

      it is one thing to read it in alt-media and quite another to hear it from someone who lived there and is intimately versed.

      1. Libya, Iraq, Syria, Palestine, and now Yemen. Destroyed by madmen, never to be returned to their former state. It is a disgrace for which the perps may never be held accountable. Whatever became of poetic justice, like Clinton being buggered with a sharp object, until “she died”…..

    3. Of course Kissinger is lying. He’s a jew and that’s part of their cult religion.

      What you say about Iraq is true. Saddam’s “repressive regime” provided free electricity, free food (Iraq was a food exporting country before the first invasion), gasoline was 13 cents/gallon with no lines for purchasing, and there was almost no arms control of the public. About the only thing that would get a person imprisoned or eliminated by the government was to challenging Saddam’s authority or regime, otherwise, the people were basically free to conduct their business without being bothered. The reason that Iraq was a threat to Israel/West was because Iraq owned it’s central bank and the people were prosperous. Jews can’t stand anyone being prosperous except themselves. The first US official act after “winning” the war with Iraq was to establish a new central bank owned by J.P. Morgan/Chase followed by the 100 Protocols, corporate invasion/raping.

      1. are you enjoying what you are writing sorry I just want to know if it comes to your brain you are speaking about the complete destruction of a sovereign state as it a simple fact???! the destruction of Iraq caused the death of millions and millions of innocents peoples the big percentage was children, US murdered and raped and looted that is not a movie it is question of humankind, Iraqi are humans they are suffering and the US has destroyed their life and their future
        No you are wrong US must pay for its crimes and soon the blood of innocents peoples will NEVER NEVER NEVER GO DUST still I do not speak about palestine and the atrocities commited by israel sure you are complice and sure you are involved
        If you are thinking for just one second US will not pay for its crimes you are completely wrong

  19. America need not decline, global supremacy is dictated by a low cost workforce. Mulatto`s can save the nation by supplying low cost labor. Shanty towns must replace expensive urban development. Mulatto workers can bicycle into modern assembly plants reducing transportation costs. Useless or elderly Mulatto`s will be gassed. Yid expertise will supply plant management. Chink nations will go bankrupt and be taken over by Yiddish entrepreneurs.

    1. Melvin –

      Your guesses are probably more accurate than even you realize; and I would not doubt that it is/has been seriously contemplated.

    2. Mel –

      “Chink nations will go bankrupt and be taken over by Yiddish entrepreneurs.”

      London’s Pharisee bankers, NM Rothschild and Sons, have it well in hand already. They run the familiar ‘stock market game’ there….. which, like always, shifts wealth and production of the country to the Pharisee debt holders.

      China has a record $358 billion pile of margin debt.

      They need a Federal Reserve experiment there also. That should come with the BRICS currency in a few decades.

      1. Thanks, Felix-

        I knew that. I was pointing out that China is not free of Pharisee Banker debt.

        The economies of all countries are anxious to trade GDRs to keep afloat.

        GDRs are a world currency already:

        Global Depository Receipts (GDRs)

        Global Depository Receipts (GDRs) have come into prominence recently as being the favoured instrument by which companies from emerging markets such as Russia, India and China raise capital on western stock exchanges.
        These include to mention a few:
        South African

        Add China to the list:

      2. Felix –

        They’re ALL impossible numbers, anyway – don’t you think??! Which is the reason The Fed QUIT posting M3 (money supply) back in around March, 2003. (Same reason the NYSE quit posting the Libor a couple of years ago – waaay too revealing.)

        Ultimately, the same center-of-power shifts the numbers around to create more confusion and scampering. A friend made a GREAT illustration of it not too long ago: He said “Consider a chicken pen. The farmer tosses a handful of grain into one side, and the chickens FLOCK AND SCAMPER toward it in a panic. Then, a little while later (before the frenzied pecking of Handful 1 ends), he tosses a handful into the OTHER side of the pen… Chickens SCAMPER and flock toward it – in a frenzied rush.” Envision it. Envision the simultaneous existence of MANY handsful/markets. Many markets/many chickens/many manipulations… No WONDER Mssrs. Rothschild., regard them/us as CATTLE. 🙂

      3. Pat,

        RE: Your earlier thread about social security about a week ago, too.

        The “debt” of a nation rather than the “social security” payments is the fool-proof way to determine whether or not a country is owned by Pharisee joos. The greater the debt, the greater is their control. China’s debt (5.25 Trillion) is a fraction of that of the U.S. (officially 18 Trillion, but some say unofficially over 100 Trillion!)

        Removing the kikes from banking is like removing cancer from the brain. It is a highly complex and complicated operation that requires a team of skilled surgeons with unwavering concentration and hands. Of course, and in the alternative, some have suggested a good ol’ fashioned lynching party of all the kike bankers. High ’em high!

        Bottom line: unless all our banks are nationalized and our currencies interest-free, we will never be Pharisee-free and truly FREE! When all our banks have been NATIONALIZED, then, and only then, can we all stop guessing. (sad face here)

      4. Thanks for those links, Pat.
        Yes, when all these bubbles burst, the world is in for one massive financial tsunami and typhoon all rolled into one!

  20. “Rhett” polratdick : I’m running weapons to both the Yankees and the Confederates, making a mint selling to both sides. Both sides are scoundrels so it doesn’t make any difference who you sell to. Sell to both I say, they’re both scoundrels. . I’m running cotton ships past the Yankees embargo lines and selling the cotton in London. I’m making a killing! I just bought up half the state of Georgia — bought up the best land in Georgia! The future is bright!

    Gilby “Wilkes” : I lost a glove. I lost one of my dear silk leather gloves my precious grandmother bought me when she took me on the Grand Tour. She had the glove maker in Florence make the gloves especially suited and tailored for me, my initials were sown on the gloves. I lost a glove, Oh will I ever find the dear glove. Will I ever know again the joy of knowing my gloves match. I suspect the lost glove is lost forever. My dear glove has gone the way of my beloved Twelve Oaks. A gentleman never goes out in public without his hand-sown and initialed silk gloves from his Grand Tour.

  21. Later today or tomorrow morning, lobro will tell us that the waiter at his local Chinese restaurant gave lobro the inside scoop — every detail mind you! — on what’s happening in the Halls of Power in Peking.

    1. Joe, the shit-zu to whom your absentee caretakers entrusted you offered me a scoop but as much as I like and respect you, I graciously declined.
      So, I remain ignorant of the contents of the scoop the faithful shit-zu tried to serve me.
      MSM will undoubtedly heat+serve it with relish.

      Be well, Joe. Be very well.

  22. After the bubble bursts there will riots and looting. Recovery can only be possible by the creation of a low cost labor force. Spoiled white workers must be replaced by Mulatto`s. Shanty towns will cover the American landscape along with modern assembly plants. Roads will be filled with chirping Mulatto`s peddling to their jobs.

  23. Later today, or tomorrow, lobro will come on and tell us the Brazilian who does his dry cleaning in the city in Brazil where lobro now resides — Sao Paulo — his Brazilian dry cleaner filled lobro in with every detail about what’s going on in the Halls of Power in Brasilia, when lobro went to pick up his dry cleaning. Now lobro knows everything there is to know about bricks.

    1. moving target or mooing target?

      we all make our choices, joe.

      but as punishment for cheekiness, i won’t tell you what i paid to get the curly tasseled tip of my penny loafer glued back on by nubian shoe repairer.
      i did get a free cardboard fez for being a repeat customer.

      1. @ lobro :

        As your tarbooshe is made of cardboard , I would suggest, lobro, you move from the Balkans where it rains a lot and the rain will totally ruin your tarbooshe. No sufi wants to be seen in a soggy cardboard tarbooshe [ it could even be a blasphemy of some sort ] ; Pack your bags and your cardboard tarbooshe and move from the Balkans to the deserts of North Africa where it hardly ever rains, if ever, and you won’t have to worry about getting your cardboard tarbooshe zoggy, Ooops, I mean soggy. Plus, even in North Africa, like where you live now in the rainy Balkans, you’ll be surrounded my muezzin in the minarets of the mosques all around.

        Congratulations on receiving your tarbooshe, gawd knows, you worked so hard for it all these years.

  24. Escort services are swamped with requests for Jewess sluts that accept pain. Some of the requests come from Palestinian refugees. The gals return bruised or bleeding but all carry a handbag full of 100 dollar bills. Many requests for a Jewess come from clients wearing a yarmulke or cross, most like to be used as toilet bowls. Yid sluts accommodate them with matzo filled poop.

  25. were nigrahs cooked up in kike labs?

    well, jews are such humanitarians, i believe the word is philanthropists, so first they came up with NAACP, to advance the lot of slaves they caught in africa and imported them over to the new world, with 80% spoilage rate in transit, tossed overboard for shark bait.

    ok, back to AC Hitchcock’s eye opening book (Synagogue of Satan).
    History of NAACP (national Association for Advancement of Colored People):

    1909: Jacob Schiff founds the National Advancement for the Association of the Colored People (NAACP). This is done to incite black people into rioting, looting and other forms of disorder, in order to cause a rift between the black and white communities.

    [Aww, isn’t that so sweet, nobody cares about poor, downtrodden nigrahs except the kind Uncle Baruch]

    Jewish historian, Howard Sachar, states the following in his book, “A History of the Jews in America,” “In 1914, Professor Emeritus Joel Spingarn of Columbia University became chairman of the NAACP and recruited for its board such Jewish leaders as Jacob Schiff, Jacob Billikopf, and Rabbi Stephen Wise.” Other Ashkenazi Jew co-founders included Julius Rosenthal, Lillian Wald and Rabbi Emil G. Hirsch.
    It would not be until over 60 years later in the 1970’s that the NAACP would appoint its first black president, Benjamin Hooks.

    [It helped that he had such a noble sounding name, stems from ancestral roots in Gambia or maybe Zambia]

    [Hmm, getting interesting, eager to learn more about the age old propensity for kindness and compassion by philanthropist race, let’s see what else Uncle Baruch has to say on the subject]

    Interestingly the Jewish Talmud is the proponent of the racist Hamitic Myth, a subject on which former employee of The Simon Wiesenthal Center, Harold Brackman, wrote the following in his doctoral dissertation entitled, “The Ebb and Flow of Conflict: The History of Black-Jewish Relations Through 1900,” “There is no denying that the Babylonian Talmud was the first source to read a Negrophobic content into the episode by stressing Canaan’s fraternal connection with Cush….The more important version of the myth, however, ingeniously ties in the origins of blackness – and of other, real and imagined Negroid traits – with Noah’s Curse itself. According to it, Ham is told by his outraged father that, because you have abused me in the darkness of the night, your children shall be born black and ugly; because you have twisted your head to cause me embarrassment, they shall have kinky hair and red eyes; because your lips jested at my exposure, theirs shall swell; and because you neglected my nakedness, they shall go naked with their shamefully elongated male members exposed for all to see…”

    [Gaaah! can’t be! Age old anti-semitic canard by the usual blood libelers who misinterpreted our precious Talmud! We love our nigrahs, I tell you.]

      1. A jewess tanning herself brown to better disguise herself as a mudshark. Mazel tov.

        In case you didn’t know:


        Definition: A white woman that dates black men, usually because of low self-esteem.

        Usage: “After being beaten up and turned-out again by Rufus, Cindy realized there is a down side to being a mudshark.” Oy Vey.

        Disclaimer: I am not a “Racist” …but I have been visiting Andrew Anglin’s site of late and so may have been tainted by the “racist” content and commentary on that site. Maybe that’s the idea, if AA is controlled opposition, as is claimed by VERBATIM in the below post.

        ON A SERIOUS NOTE: There is an interesting and in-depth analysis of both the Bruce Jenner trans-genderism and the Rachel Dolezal mudshark trans-racism (both jooish constructs) @ Age of Treason.

    1. Before I was banned from devious, misleading, megalomaniac, Andrew Anglin’s website – this is what I really got banned for
      (Anglin is a brainwashed Mason/possibly Jewish too!
      A.A. (=11) is Scottish rite symbolism, is the giveaway,
      – plus anglin’ means “Hunting Fish” = Christians. Masons call themselves “Hunters” after egyptian book of dead characters/star formations)

      He rants on about blacks being Muds yet race-mixes (against Bible teaching) with a Brown Asian who he’s married to, while him and the other Masons continue to mislead 1,000’s with false ‘threads’ and posts whilst promoting jew-Masonic non-violence. Devious fecker!)

      Blacks (& brainwashed liberals) with Hands up posture, palms facing forward stems from Old Hebrew/jewish signs for letters.

      Two palms up stands for old hebrew Letter ‘K’ jewish “Kaph” (Kap-ner)
      K is 11th letter of alphabet, so 2 palms up = KK=22 (KKK=klu Klan = mason’s 33)
      In jew gematria, 22= number of letters in jew Alef Bet

      Divisable by 11, (the ‘outline’ of Twin Towers = 11) when satanic Jews are up to mega-evil!

      1. [It would not be until over 60 years later in the 1970’s that the NAACP would appoint its first black president, Ben-ja-min “Hooks”.]

        For those still sleeping, think Captain Hook (peter pan dreams)

        Spot the hebrew ‘Hook’ character for alphabet letter ‘F’ in my previous post link?

        In UK, remember occult-symbolic scot Alisdair Darling
        – right at forefront of those j-ews/satanic Masons involved with the Banking crash?
        UK slumbers on as they dis_’mantle’ it! (snuff the light out)

      2. Come on, give us a break.

        If AA is controlled opposition why is it that the “Jews” at the SPLC and Paypal have cut him off from obtaining any electric funding what-so-ever? He runs his site by private donations from readers via the US mail service. His site has been attacked relentlessly by “Jews” out of Israel, almost succeeding in completely pushing it off line.

        Where is the proof that he is married to a dark Asian? He admitted he used to date those not of his race but when he became racially aware he stopped the practice.

        Anglin is a normal white name of English origins. Andrew is a normal white name of Christian origins. Hey look, my initials are TP and TP put together is a Vatican order symbol so it’s obvious I must be a Vatican Agent.

        For f-ck sakes, you have to come up with something better than that mindless drivel.

        Now look, I’m not a fan of DS’ use of some of their derogatory language either but as he has explained, it’s done to combat Marxist minorities who use the EXACT same type of rhetoric against whites with impunity to boot. It’s also done as part of a strategy to gain notice, to awaken whites. The more outrageous and funny you are the more effective you become. When you finally hit the mainstream, when you become a mass threat to the prevailing powers, it’s then you tone down your inflammatory racial rhetoric.

        AA has managed to operate a pro white/Christian site taking in all political spectrums on the left and right. This is EXACTLY what needs to happen and DS’ strategy is working, no doubt, because his troll army is kicking the snot out of the enemy in America, the UK/Colonies has he is exposing obvious false opposition people/sites like Alex Jones- Info Wars. Nothing speaks more than success.

        As for me, until AA and DS prove themselves to be controlled opposition, I will continue to support them and if you got booted, you must have been one major as-hole because they don’t boot anyone (“Jews” included) unless that is EXACTLY what they are.

      3. “Verbatim”

        Concerning the use of inflammatory rhetoric in defense against those who use it as a matter of policy, you and others here might remember when I used the EXACT same tactics VERBATIM here against the alliance of Butterfly and the Arab Avatar when they were attacking whites/Europeans- males on this site with the apparent FULL APPROVAL of this sites administrators. You know, when I made mention of her goat cheese smelling vagina, Avatars goat fantasies and the sexual liaisons between the two?

        Funny stuff and I also slammed a fake representative of Christ who was foolish enough to try and protect the enemies of Christ. What did it gain me here? NOTHING, as most won’t even speak to me anymore. Pathetic wussies!

        Furthermore, what did this site do but SHUT MY SPEECH DOWN while claiming the opposite! What does Andrew Anglin’s Daily Stormer site do when one defends whites/Europeans- Christians- males- the number one enemy of the “Jews” when even using extreme speech, mimicking VERBATIM the tactics of the enemy? He gives them a VOICE, a platform to express themselves which is a HELL of a lot more than I can say for this place.

        So if you want to claim someone’s false opposition, maybe you ought to correctly analyze the enemies talking points and take a good long look at who’s speech they and other supposed ” anti Jew” sites suppress as a matter of policy before you open your foolish mouth.

        Nuff Said…..

      4. More over and I want you guys to think about this good, hard and long.

        Daily Stormer has been kicking the shot out of the “Jews” and their Marxist, minority SJW’s as of late.

        The two major stories pushing the INSANITY that race is a social construct (but only when it comes to white people) and gender is a social construct (when it comes to anyone) have BACKFIRED in the minds of the people (Jenner and the white NAACP women). Btw, this is why I called this place a jew front because whether you know it or not when you support these Jewish Marxist positions in your posting policies YOU’RE AIDING THE ENEMY!

        Because most whites and many blacks (regular folks) were saying “WHAT THE F IS GOING ON, THIS IS INSANE!!” and because sites like AA, DS site and Storm Front were having a field day, growing exponentially, suddenly, the “Jews” get the “gift” of a lifetime in the form of the white kid who murders innocent blacks in a church. (I think it’s a MK Ultra mind control shooter as part of a psy op).

        Suddenly, this is the NUMBER 1 STORY with headlines ALL OVER THE WORLD saying “White man kills 9 blacks in a historic black church”

        Now I’m not going to bore you all with the endless black on white race hate murders that happen every day and are suppressed, but I will remind you of the belt way sniper and his black son who murdered 16 white people because they hated whitey as the Jews media DIDN’T HAVE HEADLINES ALL OVER THE WORLD SAYING “BLACK MAN AND SON SNIPER SHOOTS AND KILL 16 WHITE PEOPLE”. They ran the story about the shootings but then didn’t mention is race hatred and when it was mentioned, it was buried and the story was forgotted. NO CHANCE AT ALL THIS WILL HAPPEN WITH THIS STORY BECAUSE THEY ARE TARGETING ALL WHITES TO BLAME, WHITE RACIALLY AWARE PEOPLE, TO TAKE AWAY OUR GUNS AND SPEECH- PERIOD!

        If this fact doesn’t wake up you fence sitters then I have little to no hope for you.

        What we know so far

        22 of 89 Facebook Friends are black.
        From Jewish family.
        On some Psych meds.
        Arrested earlier for Trespassing.
        He is a registered Democrat.
        Voted for Obama in 2012.

        This above is the typical profile of a MK Ultra mind control false flag shooter.

        Looks like Church shooter has Jewish Roots and also has loads of black friends on FB. Most patsy mind control shooters end up being at least part Jewish even though they are some 2% of the population in America.

        Why did Media call shooter a “white blond man” when the pics showed his hair was light brown? Take a wild guess. How did the “Jews” media know the shooter was 21 years old and wearing “timberland” boots while he was still unidentified? The pics don’t show what brand of footwear he was wearing and one cannot tell a person’s exact age by way of a picture. This shows pre-knowledge of the event, just like 911 and many other staged events.

        How convenient that the shooters middle name (you always know the fix is in when they use a person’s full name) is STORM (like Storm Front, Daily Stormer, Storm Troopers)? How convenient that both Hillary and Jeb Bush are in town campaigning (Clinton and Bush families are totally despised by traditional Americans; thought of as traitors). How convenient it is that the Clinton family are the “Jews” number 1 supporters on the left as the Bush family are on the “right” and one of the allegedly slain people was a black politician who was stumping for Hillary.How convenient that the shooter’s pic shows him wearing a jacket with white resistance patches out of Africa where white people are being genocided wholesale (pic looks like it was Photoshopped).

        The timing on this was WAY TOO PERFECT to be an actual, spontaneously authentic event.(in wake of Jenner gender illusion and white women NAACP leader outed destroying Marxist social construct memes).

        On to Jade Helm

        FYI, America is number one in the world for gun ownership and don’t even make the top 100 nations as far as violent criminality goes. Take way minority populations in America and it would show that white/Americans are the most heavily armed, peaceful peoples on the planet!

        Isn’t it interesting that the areas where Vets have the largest groupings in America are also the target areas for the Jade Helm “exorcise”. Boy, what a coincidence that whites with guns are being blamed for the church shooters actions as the Military is being deployed to surround the largest concentration of white veterans in America.

        So much for the “conspiracy theory” slanders by some at the “pro Vet” site Veterans Today.

        Tell me that’s just a “coincidence” too LOL

        BREAKING: Texas Just SLAMMED Obama By Passing Toughest Border Security Bill In America… This Is EPIC! (Video)

        Watch the video and see where the largest concentration of Vets in America are (meaning almost all white Vets, their number one threat)

      5. One LAST THING

        For those of you who doubt my charge that this site has taken away my free speech NOTICE that my posts don’t ALLOW ANYONE to have a conversation with me. THERE IS NO REPLY OPTION. NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO TALK WITH ME, so with that I apologize to those I called pathetic wussies.

        TOBY: YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW COMPUTERS WORK! ANYONE WHO WISHED TO ENTER INTO DIALOGUE WITH YOU COULD DO SO QUITE EASILY BY writing @ Tyron Parsons! Not everyone has a REPLY option after their names. We are not singling you out for persecution!

        This is EXACTLY what I was arguing we ought to do toward the fake Jews and “Israel” in light of their Marxist BS stories about race and gender being social constructs. A man putting on womens cloths or a white women thinking she is black doesn’t make a man a women or a white women a black women.

        THIS IS F-CKING authentic REALITY people so you best MAN UP and start sticking it to the usual suspects like this guy does in this video

        1. @ Tyron Parsons

          “For those of you who doubt my charge that this site has taken away my free speech NOTICE that my posts don’t ALLOW ANYONE to have a conversation with me. THERE IS NO REPLY OPTION. NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO TALK WITH ME, so with that I apologize to those I called pathetic wussies.”

          As Toby says, you don’t understand how computers work. If you did, you wouldn’t make such a stupid charge. No one is censoring your stupid comments or preventing others from entering into conversation with you.The fact is, you paranoid psychopath, no one here is interested in responding to your tedious inanities!

          Why don’t you FUCK OFF? That is my advice to you, you ill-bred and boring sonofabitch with more than a few screws loose! FUCK OFF ALREADY!!!

      6. HOLY SHIT Ellie was right all along

        TOBY: YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW COMPUTERS WORK! ANYONE WHO WISHED TO ENTER INTO DIALOGUE WITH YOU COULD DO SO QUITE EASILY BY writing @ Tyron Parsons! Not everyone has a REPLY option after their names. We are not singling you out for persecution!

        This was NEVER part of my post. This is made up shit,.

        OK, “you win”
        Let me put it plainly. I never said any of this shit they posted as mine. Now they are literally mixing my worlds with others, but if you stay here (cause these are the biggest pussies ever I would even challenge ALL OF THEM to a physical fight* you are totally brainwashed and if you dont get it now, you will later

        OH MY GOD,



      7. HEY TOBY

        i have bunch of little requirements, hoops to jump through for people to respond to you but others, well, they are my favorites so people can simply do so in total ease.

        YOU ARE A SICK FUCKER WHO CANT ADMIT A god damn fault, you little pussy. I wish to high heaven i mete you in a back alley some day and you get your pussy deserts. I am so STUPID to even entertain coming back here.


    2. NAACP Leader in Northwest Resigns: Wow! As a white child growing up I felt sympathy for the blacks and experienced the black experience. I loved it so much that I became a leader in the NAACP organization. Then my white Caucasian parents ratted me out and had to resign. I have black identity issues and am confused. Eventhough I didn’t have a sex change operation, I can identify with what Caitlynn (Bruce ) Jenner was/is going through. What am I? A whitey that thinks like a black person and has a bulge in the groin and with mammories on my pectoral muscles and have male/female sexual anatomy parts envy. Wow talk about a manipulated goyim at the mercy of the Zionist Int’l Jewry puppetmasters. They really do want to confuse us to death so that we give up and kill us (fast or slow). America really is doomed! At least Nazi Germany fought, learned and with people like Ursula Haversback survives to this day. I pray for another German revival against Int’l jewry and may it be soon. Adolf Hitler where are you? Is there someone coming along to replace you soon? I hope and pray for a New Hitler and Putin is not it. Thanks, Norbert.

  26. “The decline and fall of the American empire” will not come about very soon since…

    …… American and London Financial Institutions and Law Firms are – HELPING – Putin and Russia – TRADE – with CHINA. Their commissions are brutal = ‘all youse guys got.’

    Gazprom’s financial helpers really took off in America and London since Putin became the ‘front’ man.

    America’s financiers and banks, formed from NM Rothschild in London, will be around as long as countries like Russia need them to for guidance and as brokers and holders of their largest oil and gas producers’ stocks, bonds, securities and GDRs.

    From Gazprom’s site:
    Gazprom’s joint corporate brokers Horizon Corporate Finance, JP Morgan, and Gazprombank acted as the financial advisers to the transaction, and Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom(New York) together with Allen & Gledhill(Singapore) provided legal advice on the listing(on SGX).

    BNY Mellon(New York) is the depositary bank for Gazprom’s GDR Program.

    1-Horizon Corporate Finance:
    Horizon CF is respected as a reliable partner, and has extensive experience of relationships with the leading Russian and international financial institutions such as BNY Mellon, PwC, Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, J.P.Morgan, Bank of America – Merrill Lynch, KPMG, Ernst & Young (EY), Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, UBS, Goldman Sachs, BNP Paribas, Societe Generale, Gazprombank, Rosbank, Renaissance Capital among others.

    The Group’s experts took part in the launch of JSC Gazprom shares trading on national stock exchanges, in the issue of – AMERICAN Depositary Receipts (ADRs) – and ADR listing on the – LONDON Stock Exchange (LSE). Global depository receipts (GRRs) of JSC Gazprom are included in the quotation list of Singapore Exchange (SGX).
    Gazprom’s depository receipts became the first Russian securities listed on London Stock Exchange in 1996 as well as on SGX in 2014.

    Horizon promotes ‘sustainable development’ on their site. (UN Agenda 21 lingo)

    2-JP Morgan: New York.

    3-BNY Mellon: New York.

    4-Gazprombank operates seven subsidiary and affiliated banks in Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Switzerland and Luxemburg, representative offices in China, Mongolia and India.

    Even Gazprombank still needs American help.
    Financing for import contracts is also provided by attracting the largest national export insurance agencies such as EximBank (USA).

    America won’t go nowhere til ‘red-sign’ says so.

    1. Not to worry about America or London…. not all that much, anyway.

      While ALL of Greece was being purchased by individuals in New York and London… Russia hired America’s Goldman Sachs Group Inc. to reach out to investors and attract new pools of capital.

      Gazprom believes it was “symbolic” to hold its first annual investor day in Asia this year(2015) after the company signed a $400-billion gas supply contract with China, Kruglov said. (Commissions and ownership of debt going to New York/London)

      “Nevertheless, the European market will clearly remain the main export market both in terms of supply and revenue in the coming years,” Kruglov said. The “lion’s share of investors” in global depositary receipts are still from Western Europe and U.S., according to the executive.

      The total share of GDR holders, which are mostly foreign investors, increased in the past year, Kruglov said. “That indicates that common sense and economic logic prevail over political motivation.”

  27. * The decline and fall is going to take place tomorrow!!!! The decline and fall is not going to happen any time soon. The decline and fall is going to happen tomorrow!! The decline and fall is not going to happen any time soon. The decline and fall is Nigh High, see the signs in the sky, and is going to take place tomorrow!!!! The decline and fall is not going to happen for a real long time, good chance there won’t be any decline and fall at all. The decline and fall is going to happen this afternoon at 3:00 o’clock, BE PREPARED!!!!The decline and fall is not going to happen for a long time, maybe never ….. Hey!!! Look at those signs in the sky, it’s Nigh High ….. ad nauseam ad nauseam ad infinitum…..

    * Darkmooners LERV to hear themselves talk , don’t they.

  28. Hello ESP,

    Interesting commenting section as usual.

    Come on, I don’t give lessons. it was just a synthetic post , for the eventual reader, about Central Banking and how the BOE/Fed is manipulating gold, silver and oil prices, but mostly gold, since 1971, to preserve their hegemony by keeping the Dollar artificially strong. Oops, I did it again.
    “Greece means nothing except in mythology. » I strongly disagree to this provocation about modern Greece, but you are right about Greek mythology, as the eventual enemy is not always depicted as evil or bad, unlike Jewish or America mythology.
    About the clearing houses you are also right, but it’s according to Pharisees quadrillion books, mark to market FED sponsored accounting standard and debt against assets scam. Those are not really corporations, according to me, but just the sorting center of financial capitalism, the Black Holes, where the wealth is hidden from public and taxes, and where all the shameful transactions happened and magically disappeared electronically, like retrocommissions on weapon sales, drug money laundering, terrorism funding (mostly via London), political bribery, murder contracts, Greek assets sale…..The increase of turnover is just the counterbalance of Greece going bankrupt. I know my Clearstream since the fake CIA Sarkozy listing to evict De Villepin was fully documented by Denis Robert in “The Black Box.”

    But it’s not just Greece, every country of the Euro Zone is going broke at different level of decomposition, depending on how Euros is adapted to the local economy. In 2001, Euro countries were against the adherence of Greece to the euro zone for obvious reasons of economic mismatches and for the Greeks tendency to consider fiscal fraud as a national sport. But with the influence of USA, Goldman Sachs cooking the books to reach the financial criteria and corrupted political Greek leaders, it finally happened. USA has always pushed the adhesion in Euro Zone of every country, even Turkey, but the more the merrier for them, not you, since they control Germany, which is controlling the whole Zone via Euros, which is only good for selling Mercedes/Porsche and annuitants. It’s all in Sun Tzu chain stratagems, however, in this manner if any one strategy fails, then the chain breaks and the whole scheme fails, that’s why Greece is important, very important, according to me. If the countries still enchained were to see Greece frolicking freely with a very much needed devaluation of Drachma linked to the orthodox Rouble, for example, all would follow, Biajg, newspeech, ptdr (the French lol)

    After 2001, Greece used the cheap, at that time, euros to buy weapons from France and submarines from Germany, organize useless Olympic Games, create useless building complex for housing speculation…But in 2007, when Greenspan the Rat raised interest rates, the Greek Grasshopper having sung all the summer long, found herself poor by the winter’s first roar, unlike the German ant who saw that coming from far abroad the Kosher Reich. But just like the Celtic Tiger and its uncatholic fiscal Google box letter fiscal dumping and the Spanish Bull with its empty useless airports/Cities. After that , it’s part two of the plan, let’s call it American Dream or Jewish Revenge, when it’s time to repay the skyrocketing interests, after saving the communist banks with public money, thanks to Sarkozy, who Save the World, as he liked to say. (At that time in the City, Melvin King the head of BOE told Geithner that Banks must be bailed out with liquidity, otherwise he would close the cash dispensers, they didn’t see it coming). Then, it’s the vicious circle of structural adjustment, as Greece borrowed at 5 7 12% from the Banks, depending on the grade of the RATing agency owned by the Banks, while the Banks borrows at 0.02% from the BCE. Yesterday, for the thirtieh times in 7 years, the pensions of retired Greeks were cut, from 1000 in 2007 to 500 euros. But it’s the plan for all Europe. Greeks are talking about an audit of the public debt, like they did in Ecuador, where Rafael Correa declared the debt illegitimate and threw out the IMF and the World Bank. The creditors were afraid and started to sell the debt on the secondary market, where Ecuador bought it back 20 cents on the Dollar, how shrewd is that. BTW, Correa said that the best way to stop terrorism is an audit of Clearstream. I fear for his life, he might up end like Jaime Roldos or Torrijos.
    That’s the Fourth Reich, the European plantation and only Germany could free the Debt Slaves, maybe when Angela will grow tired of NSA listening to her or ObamaCameronSarko trying to steal German Gold. The problem with Germany is the commercial relation with USA, you know, who is gonna buy the mercedes and the Porsche? Otherwise Germany becomes Greece. I don’t blame Americans for that, or Germans, I blame all the corrupted politicians in Europe who have let this happen, like Sarkozy or Papandreou, whose mother owns a 550 million Euros bank account in Switzerland. At the end, all the money extracted from the scam ends up in Clearstream. The Wealth of Nations is inversely proportional to the Turnover of Clearstream. That’s a nice economical theorem better than Friedman’s “printing money out of thin air is good” (for the Pharisees), the sloth of the American economist about paper money, which is just “the loan of a wealth that doesn’t exist, guaranteed by a shotgun pointed toward those who are supposed to produce it.”
    About Central banks , I agree with you, China and Russia are still connected to the BIS matrix, except they are buying massive amount of Gold Silver, protecting their assets and imposing a strict supervision/control of capitals movement, unlike the rest of the World, which is doing the exact opposite, following Friedman. We have QE in Europe and Germany clearly doesn’t like that, as it brings back bad memories. The City/Fed cashless society global money plan, the only way to save the BankruptedBanks, can’t tolerate an alternative or resistance. Maybe they are preparing a nest for the Pharisees to do it again, but ATM, USA is their final destination 8, they have nowhere to hide, except in Ukraine where they cohabit nicely with the Nazis. BTW China is getting rid of their Dollar by buying French airports, vineyards, buildings…But i don’t blame them either, just like Norway who owns 3% of the CAC 40. The Qatari and the Saudis who are buying vast amount of Gold in Monaca and all the palce in Paris can go fudge themselves.
    JFC, do you know about this Lam Kok helicopter crash?

    Have you seen this video of Putin? 85% Bolshevik Revolution were Jews.
    I know it’s not the full package and he went easy on them, but that’s a start. it’s easier to connect the dots with this simple mathematical truth.
    Erdogan is all over the News, again, that’s a bad sign. I think Putin has just attracted USA in a bad trap, just like USSR in Afghanistan but I won’t regret this one. A long insightful article on the topic, (just read the beginning under the first picture.)
    I didn’t notice the Swatizka during Croatia Italy. FIFA is under attack by the US Department of Justice for bribery, ahah, but the real target is either Russia 2018 or Qatar 2022 as US is growing tired of Middle East and the Gold trade behind its back.

    Otherwise on the News it’s
    Jeb Bush in campaign, a different Bush, a smart Bush, a tolerant Bush married with a Latina.
    Hillary, who declared that her mother, who was a cleaning lady, always believed in her.
    And Donald Trump who declared he’s the only one who can make America great again. Will he end the Fed?
    Hillary will definitely win as Donald will split the vote, the triangular way.
    “LSD got your boy feelin acidic, so hazardous, elevated mafia flatBush Zombie familia”. That’s afro American, it makes sense, although a bit sloppy. (LSD being an image for Warburg Sandoz Fed Tavistock)

    “Putin displays nuclear power” ohoh, although i don’t know about this one.

    We might have a war over this Gold Rush but the Parker brother told us in the Monopoly. The most expensive street in the French monopoly is Rue de la Paix, or Peace Street. How much does it cost? The Clearstream Turnover.
    Or maybe we could just shut off power in the Square Mile for a week to see what happened. I propose Monday September 1st to lock down all the vultures.
    1300 words and 2 hours, blame it on Pat.

    1. Glad to help, Phil – Please blame me. 😉

      Don’t forget that ICAP is an integral part of the global financial system. They help establish central banks.

      ICAP plc is the largest in the world for financial institutions.
      It is UK-based voice and electronic dealer broker and provider of post trade risk services.

      ICAP plc is a UK-based voice and electronic dealer broker and provider of post trade risk services, the largest in the world carrying out transactions for financial institutions rather than private individuals. ICAP is an abbreviation for Intercapital, a name by which the business was previously known. The company is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index.

      The company changed its name from Garban-Intercapital plc to ICAP plc in 2001.

      In 2006 it bought EBS, a major trading platform for foreign exchange.

      On 5 December 2007, ICAP acquired Traiana, Inc. for $247 million (£121 million). Traiana is a provider of post-trade processing, client servicing, and trading partner integration solutions for financial institutions.

      The company is headquartered in London and has a development centre in Tel Aviv, Israel.***

      In June 2012 ICAP acquired Plus Stock Exchange plc and relaunched it as the ICAP Securities and Derivatives Exchange (ISDX), one of only six Regulated Investment Exchanges (RIE) in the United Kingdom, the others being:
      the London Stock Exchange (LSE),
      the London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange (LIFFE),
      the London Metal Exchange (LME),
      the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE)
      and BATS Chi-X Europe.

      1. Pat –

        I come in, look forward to sitting down at table having supper with this I-pad, and you are, STILL, the most informative of these posters contingent to the worn-out subjects about Russia vs. America. Thank you for understanding and explaining so well the Players of the Game! 🙂

        Something I noticed this morning about the habits of ‘trends’ is that gold, silver, and copper are being depressed along with the decline in ‘stocks’ predicated upon the anticipation of Yellen’s announcement of an increase in Fed’s interest rate… Sort of reminds me of the chickens and the grain… In effect, ALL the movement of the WHOLE WORLD is predicated on the Mammon System. I wonder: HOW-THE-HELL CAN ANYONE SERIOUSLY GIVE-A-SHIT ???!!! 🙂 🙂

      2. And oil (both WTI and Brent) is going UP…

        Market habits are changing. It’s kind of like TIME accelerating….

        Everything is back asswards. Good is Evil. Black is White. Yes is No. Men are women – and women are men. WTF is going ON???!

      3. Pat,

        You know i don’t really blame you, quite the opposite as you provide great insight.

        “ICAP plc is the largest in the world for financial institutions.
        It is UK-based voice and electronic dealer broker and provider of post trade risk services.”
        Haha, “just when i thought i was out, they pull me back in”. I know my Clearstream but I didn’t know this thing, the devil is in the details, thanks. The Brits have it all covered, but the financial service industry is all they have left since they do not saw.

        Since I talked about the monopoly, let’s see the risk game with Churchill.
        “During four hundred years the foreign policy of England has consisted in opposing the strongest, most aggressive continental power, and in avoiding that Netherlands fell under its power (…) It should be noted that English policy doesn’t pay attention regarding the identity of the nation which aspires to dominate Europe, it is not concerned to know if it’s Spain, France monarchy, France empire, German empire or Hitler’s Germany. This course of action is not related with the nations governing body, but only directed against the strongest tyrant or the more capable of violence”. Pffffff, what a bloody hypocrite.
        After the war, Churchill said to De Gaulle: “Between you and Roosevelt, I will always choose Roosevelt.”
        Now, I wonder what the plan is, since USA is bullying Europe and Middle East.

        Breaking News in France.
        Primary colors in USA, Donald Trump wants Oprah Winfrey as his running mate, “we’d win easily”, he declared, oh putain, la société du spectacle dans toute sa splendeur.
        “The Cold War is back”, except the 80% Bolshies are in Washington, twisted inverted world.

        Billion Dollar Babies, 1973. The second picture Ingrid, with the rabbits. Maybe Alice Cooper is more to your taste than Jagger. “a screenshot is worth a thousand words” as they say, in this particular case, i would say 5 thousand.

        have a nice day or night.

    2. @ Phil

      To add to your post, China bought just over 334 tons of physical gold in May. Several months ago, a fellow (I forget his name) that took the time to analyze the details of what China has been up to with gold over the past 25 years estimated that China had about 25,000 tons of gold accumulated at that point. There has been lots of speculation about when China will declare its gold holdings, but I would suspect that no one will really know until China and Russia are ready to destroy the jewish banking ponzi scheme as payback for their past crimes against their countries.

      Concerning Helliary as President, she may be a little too much like the banksters to be a good stooge like the past Presidents. She has proven to be extremely ambitious and power hungry along with being quite vicious. She is not interested in golf and has had all the sexual perversions she wants in the past so the perks of the position might not be enough for her. She could give them big problems if she decided to be queen of the world by turning on the bankers with some of the military. After all, the banksters have already deprived her of the Presidency in the past. She is not one that forgets. Anyone of the Republican candidates would make a much more desirable obedient stooge than Helliary. Time will certainly reveal their choice for the spot.

      1. interesting about hillary.

        what clues about devil’s power over the world exist paint the following dynamics:

        there are always people to whom power is worth more than clear conscience.

        they apply for job with devil – this is important first step, ie, they must doom themselves thru a non-voidable contract, all the old tales and myths are quite insistent on it, so that devil can say, it is not my fault, they came to me, just as jew, the devil’s emissary says, it is not my fault they wanted to borrow money to buy a house they could not afford.

        once under contract, when the devil orders them to kill, kill they must, it is all specified in the contract.

        it has been a hugely successful formula that ensnared the world into its final demise that we are seeing today.

        the only question in my mind is the following: how is the winner of the grand game determined as per the game rules.
        when every last inhabitant of earth is turned into a slave of hell or just 51% of them.
        could it be that because god took the non-interventionist position, if just one human is left standing and defiant, devil loses because he took the interventionist role … where is today’s rasputin that evades bloomsberg’s clutches long enough to score one for the perennial losers?

        funny that about hillary … like julius rothschild getting a machete stuck up his kidney by the long abused mexican cleaning lady, something that no doubt crosses circles his cadaverous mind as regular as clockwork.
        because it is going to happen, i go out on the limb and say that even though bloomberg would be the first to vehemently deny it.

      2. It took the likes of the ‘Obamanation’ and the threat of a ‘Hildabeast’ to pave the way for another Bush…
        …….who is a full grown tree for producing tons of UN fruit….

      3. @ Lobro

        Concerning working with the devil and the end game, it all hinges on the first two Commandments according to Jesus in Mark 12:30-31; “And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment.” And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these.”

        The Second Commandment is the key as Jesus described later on in the Gospels in that the only way to show God that you love him, the First Commandment, is by loving your fellowman, the Second Commandment. Whatever a person does or does not do to their fellowman is the same as doing it to God.

        As soon as someone views themselves as superior in any way to their fellowman, they are incapable of loving them which makes them in violation of the Second and the First Commandment. A contract with the devil is not required since the person has made the choice to act against God. They have become an agent of the devil. According to Jesus, you can’t really have a valid contract with the devil any more so than you can have a valid contract with a jew because the devil is a liar and the jews are liars as well since they do the lust of the devil. The old myths about a contract with the devil is just the jewish view point, not the Christian view point as previously presented.

        Once a person has decided to violate the Second Commandment with individual superiority over their fellowman, their God given power to heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out devils, and control the natural world is neutralized. They will not even think about doing what they are suppose to do until they respond to that inherent Godly tug from within to come back to God’s fold that they knew as a child. Some concentrate so much on being self serving that it becomes a habit and they can successfully ignore the Godly tug from within. They have reached the near bottom of the evil pit and are prone to do almost anything to stay self serving. The total bottom of the pit can be acquired by actually worshiping the devil where a person is capable of doing anything, especially murdering others, to maintain their completely selfish position among men.

        As for the end game, obviously the creator, God, wins since he has all the true power and gets to call all of the shots at the end. The way I look at it is simple. It doesn’t matter. The real game is what each person does each day by their fellowman that counts which is what Jesus taught.

        God is an interventionist. He sent his Son, Jesus, to tell us what to do, but his teachings can be ignored. He put his Kingdom inside of us which is where the Godly tug comes from. That tug is intervention, but it can be ignored also.

        God gave each of us the power to conquer evil, but most of us choose to ignore the power given and opt for material benefit. Been there, done that, and I do not want another T-shirt.

        BTW, nothing I have said above is original. It was derived by research of the teachings of Jesus in the Gospels and applied rational/common sense. Hopefully, this is clearer than mud.

  29. China is cracking down on all religions. Patriotism comes before superstitious crap. Cutting off government benefits to those that believe gods come before love of country will end the rebellion.

  30. Starvation and disease were killing 100 million Russians, thanks to the brilliance of Yiddish Atheists they were saved. The Nazi`s were then defeated because of a strong Bolshevik modernized economy. Economic brilliance was no match for trillions of US dollars which defeated the Yiddish-Russian miracle.

  31. It’s quite amazing really how the Bush family morphed from New England Blue-Blood types to Texas Southern “down home” cowboy types, and now morphing into Mexicans. Really amazing. It’s sometimes very difficult to find an argument to refute David Icke. I’m still on the fence when it comes to figuring out if Icke is incorrect or correct about his assertions about “shape-shifting reptilians”.

  32. scanned thru bloomberg digest and as always, it is either dismissive or downright hostile to china, russia and putin in particular.
    history repeats (or should it say “re-pats”) itself as long as bloomberg-reuters-abc-cbs-nyt-haaretz global media serpent wants and who am i to question any of it, so if bloomberg digest says it is so, then it is more or less exactly so.
    Truth means nothing except in mythology is the first thing a student learns in bloomberg school of journalism, as per leon bronshtein trotsky’s dictum in 1984 (doesn’t even need translating since trotsky was an american, born deep in the heartland of new york city).

    so, just pack it in and smell monsanto roses, the great game was over before it started because rothschild owns all the pro sports, including the geopolitics, lock, stock and nigrahs.
    no wonder lasha and the crew went silent, they realized that pat never guesses, he is always right (because of the choice of sources).

    1. Actually, Lobro, it IS, still, a spiritual dual, as you alluded in your prior post – ‘lock, stock, and nigrah’. It takes a swarm of details to understand the subterfuge. A man can, still, separate himself from it, but it takes a certain ‘meditative’ quality to do it, which takes more discipline than the masses of asses can muster. We must ‘tune out the noise’ to find it…

  33. [*POEM*] ;

    ” You Better Pray Good ” :

    pat is smart,
    he’s smart alright,
    he knows so much,
    about everything,
    he’s so smart,
    he outsmarts himself,
    and is left bereft,
    like a hick,
    holding his dick,
    in the woods,
    longing for,
    that’s how smart Pat is.

  34. been thinking about economy and finance and because i know next to nothing about them (they lack those pheromone attractors for me, the scent of money is not like the scent of woman), i stick to the most basic, introductory level accessible to a fiscal peasant.

    looked up “margin debt” and it is about the dumbest yardstick this side of who won the super bowel or does kermit the trained seal prefer cod or haddock in his lunch pail.
    all it means that if lobro buys $20k of grand-chinaman stock but only has $10k, so that the rest is on the margin, the empire of heaven totters because what happens if lobro is left holding the bag after the stock drop.
    end days, for sure.

    but let’s go a bit further, i want to think like a rothschild, not like his bloomberg minion.
    so, putin is somehow outed as agent (“player”) because gazprom is listed on the stock market and foreigners are buying up stock.
    well, the alternative is to kill the stock market and play the fiddle, like nero torched downtown rome.
    that, plus getting shot by a black-hand assassin is the sole proof of true opposition.

    but consider what would happen if for some reason the us armed and dangerous forces are busy attending the gay parade in tel aviv and not inclined or unable to fight, hiding behind each other’s tutu because hezbollah might be just beyond horizon, ie, no war is happening despite rothschild’s frantic commands.
    you see, like thrice honorable gutle schnapper said: “if my sons don’t want war, there won’t be war and if they do want a war and own BOTH combatants, there will be war because no matter who wins, gutle’s sons win big”.

    and putin-xi axis turns truly evil and says something like, anyone who cannot prove true goy affiliation over the past 3 generations will have all their gazprom holdings confiscated.
    and if putin happens to hate rothschilds and what they did to the christian world and they have no inside military-police leverage against him, what are they going to do?
    just asking.

    because, if i was rothschild, i would understand with perfect clarity that what is kabbalah smoke and mirrors can only be sold as real estate so long as everyone buys into the scam, especially big and powerful armed forces and political enslavement through potent, suicide inducing blackmail.
    this is what rothschilds have achieved in the so-called west, primarily the anglo-world, the most debilitated by far.
    everyone is consumed by fear, in iron grip of mutual mistrust and suspicion, night porter has been recording everyone’s coming and going into the whorehouse called the “west”.
    and so long as the “west” has that big stick with which to clobber everyone at will, everything works fine, the rothschild world government of 1 followed by13 followed by 300 followed by b’nai brith followed by illuminati or whatever pedophile ring is the next rung in the hierarchy ladder is filthy/happy.
    but take away the big stick or have a fundamentally hostile (non-luciferian) power with a stick just as big and the vitality of the righteous and …
    sorry, lord baron de rothschild basement jew is away and not answering calls, he is underneath the lot.

    like i was saying, just saying.

    1. you see, adolph didn’t do his homework and mistakenly thought that even after they got rid of neville chamberlain, churchill was essentially a good aryan guy, on his side, we will win the war and joe kennedy was supportive, americans were against the war, so jawohl, either we win or there will be a nicely balanced truce.

      except that churchill was the jew fly in the ointment, anglos were too cowardly, retarded or anti-european and anti-papist to be counted on as true jew haters.

      fast forward to today’s analogy and how far can you push the analogy.

      if the chinese are just as jellyminded and hearted as the anglos were back in ’39, yeah, rothschild ends up laughing all the way to the galactic bank and nwo.
      but if the chinks are itching to repay the favors done by the sassoons and rothschilds and the jews behind mao?
      what then.

      gentlemen, lay your bets, the odds published in bloomberg are gamed because adelson is running the book.

  35. Putin & Co. uses ‘currency(s)’. All currencies are ultimately manipulated/controlled by Rotheschild & Co. THAT should be Lesson One in your search for financial particulars in the context of geopolitical reasoning.

    Big Sticks do not have force without armies to swing them. Armies need be fed, mobilized, and unified. All require ‘money’. (Maybe I’m being too ‘simple’, though, Lobro; and you may need someone with more sophistication than I to relate those facts. 🙂 )

    1. the fact that a financial nexus parallel to SWIFT/Moody’s/S&P stranglehold on illusion-making is forming between Beijing and moscow tells me that rothschild currencies are losing their grip.

      as soon as Saddam tried that on a small scale, he was taken down and hung.
      As soon as Gaddafi tried trading oil for gold, he was barbarically impaled and all the gold stolen – that was hillary’s very 1st move.

      now it is happening on a gigantic scale and what is being done about it?
      threats and posturing but no one is sticking hand into the bear’s cage.

      recall what Lincoln did to feed his army after refusing Rothschild’s usurious rates?
      He printed his own, look up Greenback history if you don’t already know it a lot better than i.
      and this is exactly what putin + Xi are doing right now and accumulating a big gold mountain, not to mention platinum and rare earths, almost 100% of them mined in China.
      How about that?
      No sophistication needed, just horse sense.
      Sometimes too much sophistication can blind you to the plain truth.

      incidentally, saw some article today on some scientific/engineering progress achieved at Argonne Nat laboratory, something about hyperlubrication material that is almost 100% frictionless.
      Great USA progress?
      Except that of the 6 inventors, 5 were from either India or Iran, ie, despised BRICS.
      The Answer Is Blowing in the Wind, like Zvi Sabbatai Zimmerman said.

      1. And recall that Lincoln was assassinated shortly thereafter… Also, recall that Lincoln had pushed for GENTLE reconciliation of the country – WITHOUT the raping (‘reconstruction’) of what was left of the South. London couldn’t have THAT- nosirreee! AND, to appease the misguided meatheads and bleeding hearts, he conceived the ‘Iberian Project’. (The rats couldn’t have THAT, either – nosirree.) (I concede, it WAS sort of a cruelty because, by that time, so many blacks had become very much a part of families – but that was provided for, too, if one could afford it.)

        Lincoln has been maligned and misunderstood by both ‘North’ and ‘South’. The hot war was about over when Lincoln refused the Rotheschilds. IMO, Lincoln was a very decent American who was elected into a situation that almost no man would have been able to handle. His own cabinet was full of opportunists, too.

      2. well, they’ve been trying to off putin too but whereas they got american potuses delivered to them on a plate, putin is a much harder kill what with his secret cop buddies and all.
        monica lewinsky penetrates white house with a wet cigar like it was a boy scouts tent, kremlin is mission impossible.
        how many times did they try to kill jackson?
        even with mighty mossad it’s hit+miss and jfk was murdered by his own vp and security detail.
        9-11 couldn’t have been pulled off without heavy involvement of just about everyone else, white house, cia, judiciary, darpa, nsa, pentagon, fbi, state and municipal gov’ts of ny/nyc.
        it just shows you the depth of jew ownership.
        they control usa only about 2% less than israel.

        this is the point i keep making in just about every post nowadays.
        the maggots have been a-layin the larvae inside the american host for at least 180 or so years, practically without pause and when a president stood in their way, they just killed him like a stray dog.

        well, i speculate (according to the visible signs and consequences seen in rear view mirror of history) that jews were routed from kremlin, turfed out first by stalin who started the job, continued by brezhnev and they only had a short window under gorbachev and partly yeltsin to mount a comeback, during which time they focused on just ripping off the wealth instead of laying groundwork for securing the power of the military and secret police and intel services.
        they figured, it will come easy.
        and it didn’t, they miscalculated or was it the “fickle finger of fate” that denied them this much more important goal for the long term success.

        when the protocols were developed, they had fewer bases to cover, namely europe and united states which were in most ways extension of europe in terms of behavior, subdue them and the world is low hanging fruit, never mind the backward eurasian mass, so they just focused on grinding down germany, the toughest nut of all.
        well, it’s a whole different game now, lots of wonks, experts, talking heads and not too many shrewd (nod to melvin potluck) head honchos anymore, too much focus on wine tasting and snuff parties in chateau d’pedophile.
        i think they lost the black belt in kabbalah that brung them to the dance, i see many mistakes nowadays, desperate plays that react to reality rather than shape it like amschel+sons did.

      3. @ Lobro

        “Sometimes too much sophistication can blind you to the plain truth.”

        Perfectly said!

        Using our gray matter for rational thinking (common sense) rather than hair fertilizer and information storage is the way it is designed by God to be used. People can have tremendous amounts of information (knowledge) stored in their brain, but without knowing how to properly use it, the knowledge is worthless and the person is no different than a computer memory chip or a semi-functioning dumb ass disguised an intelligent/sophisticated human. Rational thinking/common sense is a survival trait.

  36. If America fails… Russia China fail. The template of the American business models and games designed by Pharisees are being impressed on them.

    AND it is not just Bloomberg reporting facts. 😉

    China’s stock market and economy is feeling the effects of the London Pharisee implemented games of chance. The crash and scoop routine like Bernard Baruch used in America is coming to China. Newly constructed cities with no inhabitants abound….. and will be in the ‘rummage sale.’ China may even pay someone a fee to get rid of the debt burdens.

    And aiding the failures, China’s move toward UN Agenda 21 standards is forcing the global business models to change. That also helps consolidate power into fewer controlling hands at the top of the financial hill…. London’s “City.”

    Dry shipping is being replaced by liquids, specially toward LNG facilities and the Floating Storage and Regasification Unit (FSRU) systems being built at feverish paces. The products are owned and controlled by the likes of BP, Royal Dutch Shell and Exxon-Mobil. The contracts are presented and financed by the same familiar names such as Goldman-Sachs, JP Morgan & Co… and their mega-lawyers. They still control the ‘energy-petro-currencies’ of all names.


    “Anaemic demand growth is here to stay, especially as the trade development in coal and iron ore into China is expected to decline further,” said Rahul Sharan, Drewry’s dry bulk shipping lead analyst.

    “Iron ore and coal form almost two-thirds of the global dry bulk market and China has been the largest influencer. One of the main concerns in China has been deteriorating – AIR QUALITY, hence the Chinese government shifting its focus from polluting, coal-fired power plants to renewables and cleaner sources of energy. This is casting a shadow over the thermal coal market which will have a detrimental effect on bulk shipping demand.”

    LNG shipping and FRSU example in Jordan:

    1. Pat –

      If these ‘intellectuals’ haven’t figured it out by now, they’re just pushing some kind of agenda. In fact, it would be rather STUPID to continue arguing their false pretense (and they are NOT stupid).

  37. Let’s talk serious finance and economy for Lobro, with the French socialist neoliberal libertarian expert Jacques Attali, economist, writer, high-ranking official, ex director of the bankrupted EBRD, astronaut, ……(Bnai Brith) explaining the financial crisis of 2008.

    It is Shlomo who calls David:

    Listen I have a big deal for you, I have a truck full of trousers and each of them is worth 1 dollar! You want them?! Great!

    David takes the trousers and calls Jonathan:

    Listen I have a big deal for you, I have a truck full of trousers and each of them is worth 2 dollars! You want them?! Great!

    Jonathan calls shaoule and offers 3 dollars and the story goes on…

    Until Moses calls Christian and says: “Listen I have a big deal for you, some trousers worth 49 dollars each.

    Oh great, says Christian…

    The day after Christian calls Moses saying: Listen, you sold me trousers, you really are a swindler

    Moses: What do you mean a swindler?

    Christian: Of course you are, you sold me some trousers, for 49 dollars each, which are unwearable!

    Moses: What do you mean by unwearable?

    Christian: You know what I mean, I opened the truck, and there were the trousers… with only one leg! What do you want me to do with one-legged trousers? No one wears one-legged trousers!

    Moses: you don’t understand, they are not meant to be worn, they are meant to be bought, sold, bought, sold etc…

    The CDO ABS “hot potato subprime”, another great Yid joke from USA/City, from cashless americans to “stupid germans in dusseldorf”.
    Who pay the tab for the useless 49$ trousers? everybody by taxes, inflations, electric bills up, oil prices up, salaries down………
    Privatization of profits and socialization of losses, that’s private central banking capitalism or Talmudic Socialism. “Heads i win, tails you lose” like they say in Cambridge or at the BOE, until there is nothing left to win, war, game over, insert gold coin.

    Economy is fun with Brother Jacques.

  38. Breaking news on Sputnik, the FIFA was definitively a wrong move.

    Russia counter attack after US authorities had crossed a line by launching a large-scale corruption probe targeting nine FIFA officials sparking a heated debate about Russia’s role as host of the 2018 World Cup.
    Vladimir Markin said “U.S. prosecutors having declared themselves the supreme arbiters of international football affairs,”
    So, he suggested the opening of an international investigation that could help solve the mystery of the disappearance of film footage from the original moon landing in 1969, or could explain where the nearly 400 kilograms of lunar rock reportedly obtained during several such missions between 1969 and 1972 have been spirited away to.
    “We are not contending that they did not fly [to the moon], and simply made a film about it. But all of these scientific — or perhaps cultural — artifacts are part of the legacy of humanity, and their disappearance without a trace is our common loss. An investigation will reveal what happened,” Markin declared.

    I like this approach, it has great potential as it moves in large wave trends and bears further applications.

    1. I like that approach, myself. What’s the big hold-up if they hate America..?? Expose the phony space programs driven by Pharisee Bankers..!!

      More points to investigate:
      The plans and design of the Lunar Roving Vehicle (LRV) – ‘moon buggy’ – were destroyed by Boeing. The opposite should have been the case. The designers and manufacturers should have gotten the Nobel Prize. Collier asks why, below.

      The measurements of the opening of the LEM’s hatch taken at NASA and Smithsonian, by Collier, showed that the opening and surroundings inside the LEM were not large enough to allow men in spacesuits and backpacks to bend over or to – CRAWL – through.
      AND… the doors open – INWARD – compounding the problems.

      There were no compressed air tanks onboard to re-pressurize the LEM once back inside and hatch to outside was shut.

      See the live actual measurements taken here by Collier, using a ‘cherry-picker’ with the astronaut director present at NASA, and Curator ‘bug-eyed’ and speechless at Smithsonian:

      C’mon, Russies… Help with the exposure..!!

    2. An Iraqi friend, professor of geology, doing field work in California in 1970, was given specimens, supposedly of moon dust/rocks. He told that his father didn`t believe the moon landing happened, said that it was probably filmed in a desert somewhere..

      1. Well now that we know what the father of your Iraqi geologist Professor friend doing field work in California thought of the moon dust/rocks specimens, Ingrid, do you mind telling us what his son, your Iraqi geologist professor friend doing field work in California thought of the moon dust/rocks specimens?

        It would also be nice if you were to include who exactly gave your Iraqi geologist Professor friend the “moon dust/rocks specimens”? An official from NASA maybe? A Mexican wet back illegal perhaps? Who, Ingrid, who?

      2. Come on folks, use your heads.

        We have had anti gravity tech in the US since at least the 50s. NS Germany had it before us. The space program is for public consumption to slowly bring people up to speed about certain realities concerning our high technology and the “aliens” we have got most of it from.

        Did the US go to the Moon? I believe we went to the Moon way before 1969 and that the Germans went there in a Hannubu anti gravity vehicle just before the end of WW2. What else can account for the NASA pics of a Moon base in the shape of a Swastika on the dark side? What else can account for the Swastika being found in NASA orbiter photos on Mars?

        It is fully possible the US went to the Moon with low tech in 69 and made fake films for public consumption so that they could perform their real missions and also just in case some disaster befell the Apollo crews. Having the world watch the Apollo Crews fail would have spelled total disaster for America back then.

        Fake films don’t prove a Moon landing Hoax. The only real evidence for a fake Moon landing is the fact of the Van Allen belt but that isn’t exactly solid proof either since I’m sure we have had the top secret tech nessesary to protect against this type of mass radiation exposure.

      3. @ Ingrid

        Northern Arizona was the location of filming the fake moon landings. I forget exactly where in northern Arizona.

      4. Joe, I don`t know anymore if my friend is alive, or dead, last christmas eve was the first time in years, that he didn`t call me, so, sorry to dissapoint you, I can`t ask him anything at present.. He was given the specimens as part of his university field work..

        @Ungenius, nothing surprises me anymore, and I find it very hard to believe what comes out of the mouths of most politicians, it is pretty sad really..

      5. Exactly HOW it was faked at Langley Research Center and a few pics in a desert:

        How, and where NASA faked the lunar orbit, landing and lift off.

        This web page will show how, and where NASA faked the lunar approach, lunar orbit, lunar landing, and lunar take off, for all the Apollo Moon landing videos. Contrary to what many believe, the sequences were not shot in a desert, Hollywood studio, or Area 51. There may have been the odd picture taken at Area 51, and a few Apollo pictures that were taken in some remote desert, but the majority of stills and video were performed at Langley Research Center, Hampton, Virginia. Scientists at NASA knew in the early 60s that a manned mission to the Moon was impossible within 8 years, and a plan to fake the Moon landings was put into operation. NASA’s fake Moon pictures were taken at various locations such as KSC, JSC, LRC, and of course the odd one or two desert locations.

      6. JFC –

        Thanks for the video. I always wondered where NASA got the idea to have the capsules be placed in the water…. and retrieved by another ship….. waiting out of sight….. after the balloons were removed.

        Very revealing….. 🙂

      7. @Justice For Chinese, thanks for the lovely, imaginative video. There has always been a fascination with la luna, but I am happy to admire her from a distance, I feel the same way about mountains, have no desire to climb them..

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  41. Sir Halford Mackinder’s theory used to be correct. It is no longer. Now there is

    “Sam’s theory of Global Dominance. Whoever controls space controls the Earth.”

    Any simple analysis of the situation shows this to be true. All those expensive high speed rail lines can be turned to dust at low cost. All those pipelines blasted to ruin with simple guided rocks. Not one ship can traverse the Ocean if the powers that control space say they can not.

    The amount of energy to get to space is the same as it takes an airliner to get materials from Los Angeles to Australia. After we build reusable spacecraft the cost to get to space will plummet.

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