The Desperate Plight of a Declining Superpower

By Michael T. Klare


Take a look around the world and it’s hard not to conclude that the United States is a superpower in decline. Whether in Europe, Asia, or the Middle East, aspiring powers are flexing their muscles, ignoring Washington’s dictates, or actively combating them. Russia refuses to curtail its support for armed separatists in Ukraine; China refuses to abandon its base-building endeavors in the South China Sea; Saudi Arabia refuses to endorse the U.S.-brokered nuclear deal with Iran; the Islamic State movement (ISIS) refuses to capitulate in the face of U.S. airpower. What is a declining superpower supposed to do in the face of such defiance?

This is no small matter. For decades, being a superpower has been the defining characteristic of American identity. The embrace of global supremacy began after World War II when the United States assumed responsibility for resisting Soviet expansionism around the world; it persisted through the Cold War era and only grew after the implosion of the Soviet Union, when the U.S. assumed sole responsibility for combating a whole new array of international threats. As General Colin Powell famously exclaimed in the final days of the Soviet era, “We have to put a shingle outside our door saying, ‘Superpower Lives Here,’ no matter what the Soviets do, even if they evacuate from Eastern Europe.”

Imperial Overstretch Hits Washington

Strategically, in the Cold War years, Washington’s power brokers assumed that there would always be two superpowers perpetually battling for world dominance.  In the wake of the utterly unexpected Soviet collapse, American strategists began to envision a world of just one, of a “sole superpower” (aka Rome on the Potomac). In line with this new outlook, the administration of George H.W. Bush soon adopted a long-range plan intended to preserve that status indefinitely. Known as the Defense Planning Guidance for Fiscal Years 1994-99, it declared: “Our first objective is to prevent the re-emergence of a new rival, either on the territory of the former Soviet Union or elsewhere, that poses a threat on the order of that posed formerly by the Soviet Union.”

H.W.’s son, then the governor of Texas, articulated a similar vision of a globally encompassing Pax Americanawhen campaigning for president in 1999. If elected, he told military cadets at the Citadel in Charleston, his top goal would be “to take advantage of a tremendous opportunity — given few nations in history — to extend the current peace into the far realm of the future. A chance to project America’s peaceful influence not just across the world, but across the years.”

For Bush, of course, “extending the peace” would turn out to mean invading Iraq and igniting a devastating regional conflagration that only continues to grow and spread to this day. Even after it began, he did not doubt — nor (despite the reputed wisdom offered by hindsight) does he today — that this was the price that had to be paid for the U.S. to retain its vaunted status as the world’s sole superpower.

The problem, as many mainstream observers now acknowledge, is that such a strategy aimed at perpetuating U.S. global supremacy at all costs was always destined to result in what Yale historian Paul Kennedy, in his classic book The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers, unforgettably termed “imperial overstretch.” As he presciently wrote in that 1987 study, it would arise from a situation in which “the sum total of the United States’ global interests and obligations is… far larger than the country’s power to defend all of them simultaneously.”

Indeed, Washington finds itself in exactly that dilemma today. What’s curious, however, is just how quickly such overstretch engulfed a country that, barely a decade ago, was being hailed as the planet’s first “hyperpower,” a status even more exalted than superpower. But that was before George W.’s miscalculation in Iraq and other missteps left the U.S. to face a war-ravaged Middle East with an exhausted military and a depleted treasury. At the same time, major and regional powers like China, India, Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey have been building up their economic and military capabilities and, recognizing the weakness that accompanies imperial overstretch, are beginning to challenge U.S. dominance in many areas of the globe. The Obama administration has been trying, in one fashion or another, to respond in all of those areas — among them Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and the South China Sea — but without, it turns out, the capacity to prevail in any of them.

Nonetheless, despite a range of setbacks, no one in Washington’s power elite — Senators Rand Paul and Bernie Sanders being the exceptions that prove the rule — seems to have the slightest urge to abandon the role of sole superpower or even to back off it in any significant way. President Obama, who is clearly all too aware of the country’s strategic limitations, has been typical in his unwillingness to retreat from such a supremacist vision. “The United States is and remains the one indispensable nation,” he told graduating cadets at West Point in May 2014. “That has been true for the century past and it will be true for the century to come.”

How, then, to reconcile the reality of superpower overreach and decline with an unbending commitment to global supremacy?

The first of two approaches to this conundrum in Washington might be thought of as a high-wire circus act.  It involves the constant juggling of America’s capabilities and commitments, with its limited resources (largely of a military nature) being rushed relatively fruitlessly from one place to another in response to unfolding crises, even as attempts are made to avoid yet more and deeper entanglements. This, in practice, has been the strategy pursued by the current administration.  Call it the Obama Doctrine.

After concluding, for instance, that China had taken advantage of U.S. entanglement in Iraq and Afghanistan to advance its own strategic interests in Southeast Asia, Obama and his top advisers decided to downgrade the U.S. presence in the Middle East and free up resources for a more robust one in the western Pacific.  Announcing this shift in 2011 — it would first be called a “pivot to Asia” and then a “rebalancing” there — the president made no secret of the juggling act involved.

“After a decade in which we fought two wars that cost us dearly, in blood and treasure, the United States is turning our attention to the vast potential of the Asia Pacific region,” he told members of the Australian Parliament that November.  “As we end today’s wars, I have directed my national security team to make our presence and mission in the Asia Pacific a top priority.  As a result, reductions in U.S. defense spending will not — I repeat, will not — come at the expense of the Asia Pacific.”

Then, of course, the new Islamic State launched its offensive in Iraq in June 2014 and the American-trained army there collapsed with the loss of four northern cities. Videoed beheadings of American hostages followed, along with a looming threat to the U.S.-backed regime in Baghdad. Once again, President Obama found himself pivoting — this time sending thousands of U.S. military advisers back to that country, putting American air power into its skies, and laying the groundwork for another major conflict there.

Meanwhile, Republican critics of the president, who claim he’s doing too little in a losing effort in Iraq (and Syria), have also taken him to task for not doing enough to implement the pivot to Asia. In reality, as his juggling act that satisfies no one continues in Iraq and the Pacific, he’s had a hard time finding the wherewithal to effectively confront Vladimir Putin in Ukraine, Bashar al-Assad in Syria, the Houthi rebels in Yemen, the various militias fighting for power in fragmenting Libya, and so on.

The Party of Utter Denialism

Clearly, in the face of multiplying threats, juggling has not proven to be a viable strategy.  Sooner or later, the “balls” will simply go flying and the whole system will threaten to fall apart. But however risky juggling may prove, it is not nearly as dangerous as the other strategic response to superpower decline in Washington: utter denial.

For those who adhere to this outlook, it’s not America’s global stature that’s eroding, but its will — that is, its willingness to talk and act tough. If Washington were simply to speak more loudly, so this argument goes, and brandish bigger sticks, all these challenges would simply melt away. Of course, such an approach can only work if you’re prepared to back up your threats with actual force, or “hard power,” as some like to call it.

Among the most vocal of those touting this line is Senator John McCain, the chair of the Senate Armed Services Committee and a persistent critic of President Obama. “For five years, Americans have been told that ‘the tide of war is receding,’ that we can pull back from the world at little cost to our interests and values,” he typically wrote in March 2014 in a New York Times op-ed. “This has fed a perception that the United States is weak, and to people like Mr. Putin, weakness is provocative.” The only way to prevent aggressive behavior by Russia and other adversaries, he stated, is “to restore the credibility of the United States as a world leader.” This means, among other things, arming the Ukrainians and anti-Assad Syrians, bolstering the NATO presence in Eastern Europe, combating “the larger strategic challenge that Iran poses,” and playing a “more robust” role (think: more “boots” on more ground) in the war against ISIS.

Above all, of course, it means a willingness to employ military force. “When aggressive rulers or violent fanatics threaten our ideals, our interests, our allies, and us,” he declared last November, “what ultimately makes the difference… is the capability, credibility, and global reach of American hard power.”

A similar approach — in some cases even more bellicose — is being articulated by the bevy of Republican candidates now in the race for president, Rand Paul again excepted. At a recent “Freedom Summit” in the early primary state of South Carolina, the various contenders sought to out-hard-power each other. Florida Senator Marco Rubio was loudly cheered for promising to make the U.S. “the strongest military power in the world.” Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker received a standing ovation for pledging to further escalate the war on international terrorists: “I want a leader who is willing to take the fight to them before they take the fight to us.”

In this overheated environment, the 2016 presidential campaign is certain to be dominated by calls for increased military spending, a tougher stance toward Moscow and Beijing, and an expanded military presence in the Middle East. Whatever her personal views, Hillary Clinton, the presumed Democratic candidate, will be forced to demonstrate her backbone by embracing similar positions. In other words, whoever enters the Oval Office in January 2017 will be expected to wield a far bigger stick on a significantly less stable planet. As a result, despite the last decade and a half of interventionary disasters, we’re likely to see an even more interventionist foreign policy with an even greater impulse to use military force.

However initially gratifying such a stance is likely to prove for John McCain and the growing body of war hawks in Congress, it will undoubtedly prove disastrous in practice. Anyone who believes that the clock can now be turned back to 2002, when U.S. strength was at its zenith and the Iraq invasion had not yet depleted American wealth and vigor, is undoubtedly suffering from delusional thinking. China is far more powerful than it was 13 years ago, Russia has largely recovered from its post-Cold War slump, Iran has replaced the U.S. as the dominant foreign actor in Iraq, and other powers have acquired significantly greater freedom of action in an unsettled world. Under these circumstances, aggressive muscle-flexing in Washington is likely to result only in calamity or humiliation.

Time to Stop Pretending

Back, then, to our original question: What is a declining superpower supposed to do in the face of this predicament?

Anywhere but in Washington, the obvious answer would for it to stop pretending to be what it’s not. The first step in any 12-step imperial-overstretch recovery program would involve accepting the fact that American power is limited and global rule an impossible fantasy. Accepted as well would have to be this obvious reality: like it or not, the U.S. shares the planet with a coterie of other major powers — none as strong as we are, but none so weak as to be intimidated by the threat of U.S. military intervention. Having absorbed a more realistic assessment of American power, Washington would then have to focus on how exactly to cohabit with such powers — Russia, China, and Iran among them — and manage its differences with them without igniting yet more disastrous regional firestorms.

If strategic juggling and massive denial were not so embedded in the political life of this country’s “war capital,” this would not be an impossibly difficult strategy to pursue, as others have suggested. In 2010, for example, Christopher Layne of the George H.W. Bush School at Texas A&M argued in the American Conservative that the U.S. could no longer sustain its global superpower status and, “rather than having this adjustment forced upon it suddenly by a major crisis… should get ahead of the curve by shifting its position in a gradual, orderly fashion.” Layne and others have spelled out what this might entail: fewer military entanglements abroad, a diminishing urge to garrison the planet, reduced military spending, greater reliance on allies, more funds to use at home in rebuilding the crumbling infrastructure of a divided society, and a diminished military footprint in the Middle East.

But for any of this to happen, American policymakers would first have to abandon the pretense that the United States remains the sole global superpower — and that may be too bitter a pill for the present American psyche (and for the political aspirations of certain Republican candidates) to swallow. From such denialism, it’s already clear, will only come further ill-conceived military adventures abroad and, sooner or later, under far grimmer circumstances, an American reckoning with reality.



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  1. Sorry to be the first commenter on this article, seeing that my post isn’t in direct response to it. But a holistic perspective of things DOES see how it all ties in

    The parasite has certainly had it’s way with humans, but who among us will resist being the ‘gracious host’? Will those who DO resist, and physically survive the coming tempest be the ones whose “flesh is saved” to start a new Earthly garden after the storm has passed?

    Rothschild and the Pharisees (sounds like a band from the 60’s) won’t be satisfied until the host* is devoured. And so long as human beings enable them by perpetuating the spiritual vacuity of materialism, they will keep the pig trough filled, as the gravy train rolls along, rakin in the filthy lucre doin business as business is done. Until it is done for good, that is, when they will be destroyed, with a big chunk of humanity going down with them.

    *host: one who receives a guest
    guest: a person to whom hospitality is expected, making the host hospitable, and “gracious” (i.e.; duped)
    hospitable: readily receptive, as in receptive to taking the Radio Frequency ID (chip)….

    What would you do for a Klondike bar? Rush in and be a slave to the gold?

    “(False) pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.” – Proverbs 16:18

    But who or what has been the 800 lb. gorilla in the room all along?

    “Therefore her (Babylon) plagues will come in one day – death and mourning and famine. And she will be utterly burned with fire, for strong is the Lord God who judges her” – Revelation 18:8

  2. Please don’t-um apologize Brownhawk. It is right and proper and just for THE CHIEF of THE TRIBE to speakum first.

  3. The author of this piece Michael T Klare, must be talking “tongue in cheek” when he states: “the Islamic State movement (ISIS) refuses to capitulate in the face of U.S. airpower. What is a declining superpower supposed to do in the face of such defiance?” Or is he?

    He must know that ISIS was created by the ZionistS/Jews in Washington and Tel Aviv, with the help of the banking cabal. He must know that the Israelis have been treating ISIS fighters in Israeli hospitals. He must know that John McCain was pictured with the ISIS leader in 2013. He may have heard that the ISIS leader is allegedly an Israeli Jew. “Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, so-called ”Caliph,” the head of ISIL (Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant is, according to sources reputed to originate from Edward Snowden, an Israeli named Elliot Shimon, a Mossad
    trained operative.” Pictures of John MCain with ISIS.

  4. “The embrace of global supremacy began after World War II when the United States assumed responsibility for resisting Soviet expansionism around the world”

    “Expansionism??” I have been alive all that time. I saw USSR build a wall to prevent it. All they got was the mega-power in cigars and sugar…. Cuba.

    1. There’s more to “expansionism” than military and financial hegemony, Pat. There is also what I’m going to call “cultural expansionism”. And in “cultural expansionism”, the Communists won the Cold War — as Communist Existentialism is now the predominant culture of the erstwhile USA. Even Reagan, the “great” and “mighty” “Anti-Communist” president signed the jew’s “Education Day/Noahide Law” Proclamation — setting the precedent for Bush to actually sign the jew commie Noahide Laws into the body of American law.

      Search Term :

      “Reagan + Education Day + Noahide Law Proclamation”

      1. Joe –
        “…the Communists won the Cold War” Yes… There was no other option available. They controlled both sides. That was what McCarthy was exposing…. so they bumped him off at Bethesda.

        It was NOT Reagan on Noahide….. it was GHW Bush Mar 20, 1991. Bush was nearing end of term.

        H.J.RES.104 — To designate March 26, 1991, as `Education Day, U.S.A.’. Enrolled Bill [Final as Passed Both House and Senate]

        Begun and held at the City of Washington on Thursday, the third day of January, one thousand nine hundred and ninety-one

        Joint Resolution

        To designate March 26, 1991, as `Education Day, U.S.A.’.

  5. All the “defying” entities listed by the author, were either created or armed by the United States to counter the rise of political Islam especially after the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran. Let’s not forget, it was Soviet Russia under Jewish command which destroyed Germany for latter’s so-called “genocide of Jews” – and not the American Army.

    The so-called “Islamic terrorist” groups like al-Qaeda, ISIS/ISIL, al-Shabaab, Taliban, Boko Haram, etc. are all creation of US-Israel to save the Jewish occupation of Palestine from Muslims.

    1. Yes, Rehmat, but let us not forget the Allied carpet bombing of the German civilian population — the carpet bombing of ALL of Germany’s cities, the epitome of the carpet bombing raids being Dresden. The USA, England, and the Soviet Union were all in cahoots to destroy Germany.

  6. My attorney has just duly informed me that there aren’t any disclaimers attached to this Darkmoon article, very uncharacteristic , so I’m now in a quandary as to what to say and what not to say and who is to blame and who is not to blame and what’s up and what’s down.

    1. Go ‘in propria persona pro per’… or just ‘pro se.’

      But, you do not want to ‘represent yourself’… since you ‘ARE yourself.’

  7. Dear Michael T. Klare:
    Great article and a great historical perspective in the decline of any empire, but the American Empire in particular. However, he is teaching/preaching to the converted that learned their erroneous revisionist history from secondary (High School) and post-secondary (University/College) instituitions, which are all part of a Controlling Matrix. This erroneous history never mentions Controlling factions or that in todays world there are more controlling mechanisms than ever. These Controlling mechanisms go beyond control of food, shelter, water and money, but involve all of humanities needs: physical, social, mental, religious and spiritual. The Controllers want to control all these needs, so they can control our lives. So today the Satanic forces as the Controllers, manipulate all these needs to turn us into serfs without a SOUL. This is what the ONE world government, One world economic system and One world religious system under the Antichrist (probably a jew in secret) wants to achieve. To get there a live movie must be presented to the masses, and that movie now involves the Controlled Demolition of America, while at the same time presenting the other side as either good or bad (Russia/China/BRICS), to move forward in a tighter control mechanism, that is shown to be providing more and/or a better choice. That is the trap, just like Obama was the cheese for we mice under his Hope and Change.
    The “War on Terror” is the same thing. It is not war, but guerrilla fighting that continues endlessly. And it is terrror, but against humanity to take our individual nations laws or UN declarations of laws, away from us and restrict our rights and freedoms for our protection or national security. The laws provided that already, but now they use the law to turn everyone into a terrorist. You can NOT speak up, protest, disagree or riot, for if you do you either go to jail or are killed. This brings us to the next point which the article only hints at. That point is that all great empires, with or without expansion, destroy themselves from within first. America’s hubris (inflamed and supported by Elite jews) is causing exactly that. America is now so full of itself, that American politicians (Ron and Rand Paul exempted) can not see the forest through the trees or the trees through the forest. America is blinded by her pride and pride cometh before the fall. But of course, since time immemorial, especially since the Rothschilds/Illuminati/Jesuits, world events are being played out like a movie with a script. The next act is America’s fall and something unknown to us will replace it. Is it a resurrected America under the North American Union (NAU), is it an Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) of Russia/China/BRICS), is it a new European Union (EU) supported by the Vatican/Pope or is it an International Jewry Cartel HQ’d in Jerusalem by some descendant of the Rothschild tree. My bet is on the last 2 as the favorites. So thanks for the history lesson, which we should learn from, in order to better ourselves, but the Controllers have other ideas. Those ideas and future events will be most important around the Mediterranean Sea, since that is where Bible history is centered on from the past and in the future. As for America’s role in that future, June 2015 could well show us under Jade Helm 15 to see if the Controllers have moved up or moved back their plans. Most signs and an awakening populace point to plans being moved up. See you in June and see what happens! Has the parasite killed its host (America) yet? And thanks to Lucy Perle (admin) for the inspiration she provided. Thanks, Norbert.

    1. Norbert –

      “Has the parasite killed its host (America) yet?”

      My answer is no. The world is the host. Not just America. They have been sucking on Europe for over 1000 years.
      The Pharisee parasites were around LONG BEFORE America became their greatest military tool.
      You have mentioned their lengthy presence in the past.

      They are just now getting really started. There is a long ride ahead…. many decades, to world-wide ‘chip’ time.

      1. It might just be a tad faster than that, Pat, given accelerated changes/PERCEPTIONS…
        About fifteen years ago, when I was in the midst of court battles over taxes and property, Col. Don de Grandpre (remember he of THE SPOTLIGHT fame?) called me and invited me to his house. He wanted to meet me, because he had heard of some things which very much piqued his interest. I accepted, and we later met for lunch, during which time he revealed to me his new book ‘Barbarians in The Gates’ – which was not yet published at that time. He explained to me the futility of my ‘Don Quixote’ tilting against the windmills/TPTB, and because I was loudly articulating faults of The Fed, IRS, and their ilk, I would NEVER prevail. (He, of course, was correct – but I was still naive enough to believe that if I brought it to federal courtroom forum – with as many present as I could invite – something gainful would transpire.)

        There IS no peaceful way out of this mess insofar as ‘salvaging’ America. If anything, the AMERICA CORPORATION has to go into Chapter 7 bankruptcy in an obvious and open way. THEN, though, we will have no friends among the vengeful and covetous. (Just the foul-mouthed America-haters on this site, alone, attest to that circumstance, if they are any reflection of the rest of the world.) You and I didn’t start this shit, didn’t intend it to happen – but it has happened. We’re almost already THERE – and the rest of the world will follow suit, UNTIL…

        … There’s many-a-slip ‘twixt the cup and the lip.

      2. My guess wouldn’t be many decades, Pat.

        I say this mindful of how fast ‘time’ seems to be moving. As if say, one year’s passage now is the equivalent of ten at some point in the not-so-distant past.

        “…a universal sense of time speeding up. A last, mad dash that lifted off towards a finish line and flew by its crossing. In spite of one’s getting older, the incessant machine of technology, or the insane pursuit of money all accounting for this feeling, the real giveaway came from the indigenous peoples, whose way of life remains virtually the same since “time immemorial”. Even for them there was a ‘quickening’ of this time’s natural rhythms.”

      3. I think you just about nailed-it, Brownhawk. Time DOES seem to be accelerating. I listened to a sermon by Pastor Pete Peters on that very subject – about ten years ago. He made a good argument for it.

        There are MANY things now pertinent which were not so – just a couple of decades ago. ‘Time’ is relative to perception, anyway. In the Book of Daniel (I think around Chapter 11, but won’t bother to get up and consult the Bible just now), the prophet is told ‘Men will travel to and fro, and knowledge will increase…’, concerning the end of [these?] times. We most certainly are ‘traveling to and fro’; and ‘knowledge’ is, certainly, increasing… But there is a DEFICIENCY of Wisdom.

      4. B-Hawk –
        Gil –

        I recently asked my grandsons and granddaughters if time was going by faster now… they thought I was trying to trick them. When they saw I was serious, they all stated, emphatically, “NO..!!” All of them are unmarried, and not in a totally familiar routine. Their days are full of new things, especially in school.

        Time ‘seems to’ go by faster for the older folks, because the things they do are not new anymore.

        Driving back from a trip ‘seems’ shorter than going, because it is a familiar path.

        Familiarity makes time ‘seem to’ go by faster. The people living thousands of years ago experienced it also.

      5. “Driving back from a trip ‘seems’ shorter than going, because it is a familiar path. Familiarity makes time ‘seem to’ go by faster.

        You have explained in two sentences a phenomenon that has baffled me all my life: why did Time go so slowly when I was a child and why do the days pass so quickly now? Familiarity is the operative word. I always notice that Time slows down when I am on holiday in a strange country. Two weeks seem to stretch out and seem like 4-6 weeks. On my return to the familiar surroundings of home, and the daily routines, Time begins to speed up again — and two weeks will flit by like two days.

      6. However, I am wondering if the perception of time in later life has got something to do with a slow-down in metabolism? The faster you burn off your calories, as when young, the slower life may seem to pass.

      7. Toby –
        Thanks for the reply.
        The same is/was true for me.
        It took me over 50 years and living at 105 different addresses where I received mail, and over a million miles traveled, to figure that out on my own. It just ‘came to me’…. the thought ‘occurred’ to me.

        Young people cannot relate at all to our experiences about time. They have to ‘be there.’

        Time on earth matters for more than just the mere existence. Experience counts.

        It is mostly a mental function rather than that of metabolic physics and chemistry.

        The ‘seemed’ difference in going and returning on a one day trip proves that.

  8. There is new hope for America “College educated goys are bedding 80% of Ashkenazim students producing one million half breeds in the last ten years. That is good news for the Ashkenazim tribe, the children will be the shrewdest and most brilliant crop entering the American workforce. Many of them will become millionaires before reaching 45 years of age.” Call them kikes or Jews but they are leaders of the nation and the world. The Ashkenazim has proven to be the best handlers of money and will double investments quicker than any other racial group.

    1. You are boasting all the time about the exceptional “shrewdness” of the Ashkenazim, but at the same time you indicate that they acquired that through miscegenation with Whites. Now you are saying American Ashkenazim will become even more “shrewd” by miscegenating even more with Whites. Obviously you yourself are not “shrewd” enough to understand that there is no basis for ethnic pride for Ashkenazim in this respect, since the source of their “shrewdness” is no other than the despised Goyim.

    2. Yeah well, time seems to have come to a halt for Lasha. Lasha is still stuck in 1973. That’s the year Sybil came out. Sybil with about, Oh, 666 million characters/names/personas. You all remember Sybil the schizophrenic from 1973. Time stopped for Lasha back in 1973. Some chicks never get older, they just grow more hydra heads, I guess. What’s the average life span for hydra headed snakes anyhow?

  9. Time Perception:
    Yes progress is increasing at a quickening pace. And as the Bible also says; Satan (the satanic tribe) knows his time is short to do his bidding and there is only about 7 to 20 years left for all Bible prophecies to be fulfilled. That time includes war in the Midddle East, WW3, destruction of Damascus as a ruinous heap as Damascus is the oldest continous city from prehistoric civilizations, Jerusalem’s third temple, earthquake in Jerusalem, the mark of the beast (RFID chips), pestilence, famine and 1/3 of the planet will die. Boy the New World under any Order (jewish or otherwise) is very scary indeed. Jesus help us get rid of this parasite. Yes deficiency in Wisdom and Discernment: rare qualities indeed. Darkmooners have a larger share than most. Must be something about the site and the type of people it attracts.Thanks, Norbert.

    1. It’s at Daniel 12:4, Norbert. Read in CONTEXT with the rest, it just about describes our times. Rather than ‘scary’, I find it a bit exciting to be around, now. Consider the warrior’s Psalm 91, and try your best to stay focused on it.

      Good morning.

    2. People in the Southern states in America in early 1860s thought Armageddon came. Prophesy fulfilled.
      I guess… Many died believing just that.

    3. Looks like Lasha’s Uncle Toby is a young Uncle. I know that’s true because time goes slow for Uncle. I mean, it takes Uncle a real long time to hit the few icons to release posts outta Spam. How slow Uncle is about it. The young feel as if they have all the time in the world.

  10. One thing that has always fascinated me about Mme Lasha Darkmoon, is the fact that she simply cannot bring herself to hate that demonic nation whom it is actually not only a shame but also dangerous not to hate, the evil Jews, as I have it from none other than herself, and that in an email which she wrote to me recently, in which she said, ”I haven’t space for hatred in my heart!” Now, not only the content of this honest sentence, but the whole tenor of it actually bespeaks of an extremely kind and loving person, whom every good and rational person would wish to make friend, and who does NOT hate the Jews. Mme Lasha Darkmoon is no Jew hater! She cannot hate!

    The only problem with such an admirable mindset, however, is that the authoress, though lovable in all respects, with or without her Hijab, actually betrays an almost complete and utter lack of knowledge and understanding of that demonic entity known as the Jews, the hatred of whom is so universal, and the distastefulness which they engender in others so permanent, that not to vomit at the mere mention of their evil name, is to veritably pronounce oneself immune to everything that is disgusting and horrible in this world, like the Jews themselves.

    The first, the very, very first, things which every man, woman, and child must be taught in life, are the following spine-chilling and yet indubitable facts. Remember: THEY ARE FACTS!

    The First Fact. The human species has been infected with an off-planet virus.
    The Second Fact. This infection occurred approximately four-thousand years ago.
    The Third Fact. The virus which has infected man is difficult to detect.
    The Fourth Fact. The form which this virus takes is human.
    The Fifth Fact. The virus itself is non-human.
    The Sixth Fact. The name of the virus is Jews.
    The Seventh Fact. JEWS ARE NOT HUMAN.

    Now, if these FACTS are thoroughly digested, and if, after that, they are universally disseminated – digested and disseminated, that is, with the same thoroughness and zeal as I do – then, man will no longer suffer under the constant fog of war, as he has been for the better part of the last four millennia, but would, on the contrary, and happily so, pause for a moments’ reflection, undergo a vast change of sentiment and mind, learn to identify his extra-terrestrial enemy immediately, inform his loved ones of the identification, jointly and inflexibly pursue them wheresoever they may hide, and so thoroughly and utterly destroy them, as to make certain that not only not a single Jew remains in this world, but – wait for it! – that JEWNESS itself, that is, the black name JEW, the memory of JEW, the noun JEW, and the adjective JEWISH are so thoroughly and utterly extirpated from all existence and from all memory, that should one day an inquiring son ask his father, ”Father, I today heard someone at school say Jew. That, Father, Jew, what means it?” at which point the happy father would say to his happier son, ”Why, my son, I haven’t a clue!” That’s how thorough the erasure of Jewry from our planet earth ought to be. The very name Jew must disappear.

    Now, happily, the attention deficit of some of the readers here, as well as space, limits me from displaying the inadequate powers of my literary skill, as well as the unexampled Jew-cutting imprecations which I am capable of ejaculating, which is just as well, as I’ve always admitted to being untalented! But, despite the lack of talent, the space restriction, and the open and unashamed discrimination which here has so very unfairly been pronounced against me only and none of you, I shall, none the less, tell the reason why such a glorious deed ought to be effected, and such a marvellous spectacle be witnessed, and will, in the end, conclude with a stark warning.

    But, before I do this, and since my credibility here now, owing to the glaring but cunning untruths which have been uttered about me is as low as is high the credibility of the evil Jews when reciting their demonic Kol Nidres, I shall intend to seek your approbation of my thoughts by aligning them strictly in concordance to truth, and in straight agreement with unbiased reason, and if this does not succeed in moving your minds in my intended safe direction, and you are happy to allow yourselves to be carried away by the Jews’ lies as sheep are carried away by the ravenous wolves, then, sadly, my friends, you shall give me no alternative but to wish that you, too, quickly join those countless men and women and children of the world in those very same cold graves in which the evil Jews sent them by the millions, a wish most fitting, I should say, and with all due respect, too, since it is precisely your very own suffering and terrestrial termination which I here so earnestly and passionately seek to avoid.

    Listen to the following, then, as it is simply too extraordinary to be ignored, and too tragic to brush aside, since this savage wildness actually happened, and Jews alone brought it to fruition. Why, Parvus himself told us, in his Parvus/Gonetsky correspondence! It’s all there for everyone to read!

    In the year of 1900, the evil Jews began to publish their own newspaper, which they called Iskra, in Russian meaning, The Spark, and which this time the lying Jews tell us last saw the print in the year of 1905 but actually did not, as clandestinely it continued to be printed and be read for another decade and a half. Now, Alexander Parvus, who otherwise was an evil Jew who had changed his name from Israel Lazarevich Gelfand – Jews always change their names to more gentile-sounding ones – was one day, in 1919, sitting unhappily under the rostral columns of the St Petersburg Bourse, when a Jewish lawyer, unhappily named Felix Mandelbaum, who otherwise was a good friend of Yakov Sverdlov, yet another Jewish murderer, approached him, and inquired with him as to the nature of the thoughts which seemed to have engulfed his delicate and special Jewish mind. Parvus, who was not entirely lacking in talent for futurity, and who possessed all the dark mental arts which his wicked demonic seed possesses, looked Mandelbaum straight in the eye, scratched his head thoughtfully, and said, ”… But…, I mean…, Lixy, don’t you think that one day the Russians will learn what we have done to them?”

    The Jewish lawyer, Felix Mandelbaum, in turn, being thoroughly cognizant of the fact that the eloquent testimonies of History, written, as they always are, by the evil Jews, are as malleable as is putty in the playful hands of young boys, inquired with Parvus if he happened to have a pencil and paper in his pocket, a simple enough question which the melancholy Parvus answered affirmatively, though not without a certain mystery in his eyes, since he was also a part-time Journalist-cum-spy, and Journalists, like Thinkers and Spies, seldom leave home without paper and pencil tucked inside their breast or back pocket.

    ”Take them out, then,” said Mandelbaum coolly, ”and let us see if you yourself can supply the answer to your own question, whether, that is, the Russians can actually find out what we did to them.” (Please, friends, I beg of you, do pay attention now, as this is what I meant above when I spoke of the extirpating thoroughness of the Jews and the same method required when dealing with them.)

    ”Now,” said Mandelbaum, ”do tell me, Parvus: before we, Jews, took over Russia, how many Police Investigators did Russia have?”
    ”Why, one-thousand,” answered Parvus, somewhat surprised.”
    ”Close,” said Mandelbaum, ”one-and-a-half-thousand.”
    ”And how many Doctors?”
    ”Two-thousand-seven-hundred-and-one,” returned Parvus, still surprised.
    ”Very good,” concurred the Jewish fiend.
    ”And Poets, Parvus, do you know how many Poets lived in the Russian Empire before 1917?”
    ”I would say about one-hundred.”
    ”Correct. And Dentists? Can you number them?”
    ”Yes, I can. One-thousand-six-hundred-and-forty-four.”
    ”Excellent! Excellent! And what about Nurses, and Writers, and Sculptors, and Critics – were they numerous or not so numerous, Alex?” inquired Mandelbaum, each syllable he pronounced sounding more and more ominous than the ones preceding them.
    ”In all,” said Parvus, ”they numbered about four-thousand.”
    ”Lovely! And how many Priests and Churches and Cathedrals once peopled and adorned the so-called Holy Russia, eh, do you know that?”
    ”Yes, about seventy-thousand, give or take a few hundred.”
    ”Correct. And peasants and those who could actually put pen to paper and thought to mind, was their number high or low?”
    ”Neither high nor low, but I would say more low than high,” answered Parvus, now less and less in doubt as to the grim conclusion at which Felix Mandelbaum was evilly hinting.
    ”And lastly,” said the Jewish demon, ”lastly, how many peasants and Whites who took up arms against us were there in Russia before our time, Herr Alexander Parvus?”
    ”Upwards of seven-million.”
    ”Upwards of seven-million!” confirmed Mandelbaum, murderously happy with Parvus’ last dark answer. ”Upwards of seven-million! Precisely! Well, as you can see, my dear Alexander,” concluded Mandelbaum, ”having rid Russia of literally every person who could so much as think and fight, how likely do you think it is that the Russians will ever learn what we have done to them, eh?”
    ”What?!” said Parvus, utterly astonished at what he was hearing. ”You mean all of them?!”
    ”Yes, my friend,” ended Mandelbaum triumphantly, ”all of them, to the last, shot! All that is left now in Russia are cattle and their masters, that is to say, the illiterate mass of Russian peasants and us, Jews, and peasants are not known for writing History. Good day to you, friend, and do give my regards to Goncha,” (Gonetsky), said Mandelbaum, and left Parvus in a state of mind more thoroughly confused and distorted than in that in which he had found him.

    So, my friends, as you can see, it is a matter of incontestable truth, and this from the Jews’ own statements, that the evil Jews have not only an aim, but that they have always had only one aim, and that one aim is nothing other than the utter and complete extermination not only of this race or of that nation, but of every race and of every nation, since for them, the extirpation of man is not a matter of choice, as some mistakenly think with only the Talmudists or the Zionists electing to do the killing, or, for that matter, an act of self-defence, but rather it is a religious duty of the whole Jewry, of the religious as well as of the non-religious; it is a deep extra-terrestrial need and obligation to appease their demon god, Yahweh, that demented Cosmico/Satanic psychopath, whose Curriculum Vitae, stretching from as far back as the Sumerian antiquity, down to our melancholy days, contains nothing other than the destruction, the despoliation, the rape, the murder, the theft, the pillage, the burning, and countless other unspeakable horrors and depravities against nature and man, against man and woman, against father and son, against mother and child, death and destruction which were and are so great, so horrific, and so unspeakably evil, that no reasonable person, provided he can assemble two neurons together and jointly form a thought, can escape the conclusion that, what we actually have in the Jews is not at all a race, nor a people, nor a nation, but truly and with every meaning of the words, EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL DEMONIC ENTITIES, who have merely ASSUMED human form, and who have merely learned to MIMIC human speech and human emotion, so as to better deceive, and defraud, and rape, and torture, and maim, and kill all those who are not acquainted with their true diabolic nature and mission here on earth, a point which I think is well worth remembering, my dear friends, since the number of the Russian dead alone by the demonic hands of the evil Jews is now known to have actually exceeded the seventy-one million mark and not sixty-million as previously thought, and seventy-one million dead, even if their wanton and deliberate murder is contrasted against the false supposition, and the glaring absurdity, which, for some strange reason, does not seem to apply to the dead of Auschwitz, that they perished from cold and hunger and lack of medicaments, is still seventy-one-million too many, since Jews were not at all existentially threatened in the Imperial Russia – justly-deserved and local pogroms affording no possibility of being mistaken for universal persecution – but, on the contrary, that Jews fell savagely upon the Russian people the moment that that good people had granted them access to learning and social privileges, something which the Jews always exploit not only to the full, but, most importantly, do so as to better and easier dispossess precisely those people who had granted them those very privileges in the first place, a fact most glaringly seen in the United Sates of America today, where Jews are over-represented in the Universities and Academia in general by a ratio of fifteen- or even twenty-to-one!

    No! I will not buy it! I refuse to buy it! I understand full well that in ejaculating these remarkable words I have uncovered myself as more barbarous and cruel than those whose very extirpation I dream to one day witness and most willingly partake of, but the fact of the matter is that, no matter how hard I try to abstract the perfect from the imperfect, the good from the bad, and appeal to the nobler and aristocratic parts of my humanity when considering the Jewish problem, one stubborn fact alone, repeated as it has been throughout the millennia, and that with the same regularity as that which our hot sun warms our earth, forces me to unmistakably and unashamedly conclude and declare that, the treatment which the Jews have been met with in the lands of every race who so much as came in contact with them is wholly deserved and entirely justified; that, as a matter of fact, not to wish to liquidate them en masse is to render oneself veritably cowardly and suicidal, or, as I like to say, unGermanic; and that, if the human race wishes to see its numbers multiply and its happiness increase, no indulgence whatsoever must ever be shown the Jews – not in Religion, not in Politics, not in Schools, not anywhere, but, quite the contrary, they must be hunted down as the inter-planetary demons that they are; they must be cornered wheresoever and whensoever they are found; and, together with their faecal Talmud and cheap candelabras, turn into those very same cinders and ashes as they once turned the Babylonians, and the Akkadians, and the Greeks, and the Egyptians, and the Cypriots, and the Indians, and the Assyrians, and the Armenians, and the Spanish, and the Russians, and the Germans, and the Palestinians – in other words, anyone and everyone to whom these utterly, utterly inhuman demons, so much as got near!

    Remember this, if, that is, you don’t remember anything else which the elegant Ellka always tells you. There are three ways to gain knowledge of the evil Jews. The first and most undesirable way, is to know them after you have felt them on your skin, by which I mean, when they cut you, since by then it will be too late. The second way, is to read everything and anything there is to read about them, and immediately afterwards to IMAGINE DEEPLY, and put yourselves in the shoes of those very unhappy victims whom the Jews are currently flaying alive in the blood-stained pages which you are holding before your delicate eyes. And the third way, if, that is, reading is not an option, if mass interment has not taken place, and if the bestial, faeces-ingesting Hollywood has not succeeded in sufficiently purging your brain of its independent power, is TO LISTEN TO THOSE LIKE ME WHO HAVE HAD INTIMATE EXPERIENCE WITH THEM, AND WHO HAVE READ DEEPLY AND IMAGINED EVEN DEEPER ABOUT THEM, as in this way I offer you the opportunity to purchase life-saving experience at little or no cost to you. A rather fair deal, wouldn’t you say?

    But, do I really think that any of you will listen to my prescient words? Sadly, no! Instead, all men and women, and that of all rank, fashion, and persuasion who congregate here, cannot so much as bear the sight of me anymore, as if I were a black spiritual wart to them, each one of them promulgating a craftily-conceived conspiracy after conspiracy, a dark lie after a dark lie, and a stark untruth after a stark untruth, diabolic machinations which, if truth be told, fall nowhere near the range of an independent intellect to so much as causing it to hear them, let alone to believe them, for a true man refuses to believe another’s specious charges without proof, since his sharp mind is more than sufficiently able to detect and disprove the counterfeit words, and to uncover the falsities and lies uttered against a good person, like me.

    And yet, sadly, and for all the untruths which those venomous lies contain, gone indeed are those felicitous days when you used to address me fondly as your ”Princess!” Gone, too, are those sweet early hours of the morning in which singular, exclusive, and rare shouts of, ”Great!,” ”Wunderbar!,” ”Merveilleuse!,” ”Brava!,” ”Here she is again!,” followed my thoughts by you, and which, oh, so happily, once adorned my mental universe! And down the dark memory hole also is that former thirst, seemingly unquenchable, which you collectively exhibited for my next appearance here, my next Jew-destroying thoughts, through which I uttered words and syllables too comprehensively erudite, too astonishingly shocking, and too truthfully profound to be ignored, since the Censor Maximus now deems such thoughts of mine too profane to be heard by others, too blasphemous and impious to be seen by a different sets of eyes, but which, in fact, and quite the contrary, are too portentous to be ignored, too important to be suppressed, and too candid to be prohibited!

    Why, for example, should the completely unknown Ungenious, who in his productions has spared no pains in letting us know that in his entire life he has used a dictionary but once, enjoy Mme Darkmoon’s explicit favour and not me? I mean, whose compositions are more excellent? whose thoughts more deep? and whose opinions more honest: his or mine? And is it not incomprehensible that a little known Franklin Ryckaert, who, in real truth, since he has dared to correct none other than Cicero, speaks as much Latin as Jews speak the truth, and who neither in style, nor in eloquence, nor in brilliance, comes close to me, would prove himself infinitely more successful than I in winning Madame’s favour? Arch Stanton I can accept, as from very early on I noticed his competence, though I can never quite treat him as my equal, but the others, non!

    I have always knows that there is something absurd about Mme Darkmoon in her selection of her favourite darling pets, a truth I have been wanting for a long time to declare but have concealed until now, though why her affection is explicitly denied me but not them, I still cannot say, for if only she could but once obtain my acquaintance, she would know that I am simply special, and that in no time would she absorb and be absorbed by my sweetness!

    ”Thou shalt, in every hour and at all times, and in keeping with the grace and truths shown thee by our Lord, be an honest and true and impartial friend to another, and judge each and every man in such a manner as none is treated unjustly, and that no remedy is prescribed other than that which issues from the truthfulness of your heart.”

    An injunction seemingly lost to Mme Lasha Darkmoon! Perhaps she should become a true Christian instead, and consign her Old Testament to the flames, together with the evil Jews!

    No, friends! Those unmistakably happy times, when I was younger by one year and you were richer by a heart, are gone now! Instead, you now openly and brazenly neglect to bestow upon me those happy smiles and cheeky words of approval! You now think that calling Ellie K., names is actually fashionable, you know, trendy, something to be followed and encouraged and emulated, and not to be studiously avoided as befits all men and women of high culture and aristocratic bent! I have noticed that even the ambitious writers among you, including those young authors mentioned above, who, evidently in Mme Darkmoon’s and your imagination also, have eclipsed me by a ratio of 1000:1, these days utter loud hisses and even louder boos at me, as well as ejaculate countless other indecent foulnesses and vile indignities, indignities and foulnesses which I know I have not deserved, neither partly nor fully, and which I think are all the more hurtful and wrong, since really, if truth be told, all of you put together, and that multiplied by six-million, with or without compound interest, cannot possibly neither hate, nor know, the Jews better than I do; and that your former good trust in me has been decayed and eroded on account of someone else’s totally false and unfounded defamation, defamation and falsity which even a junior district lawyer could unpick with the equal ease and swiftness as that with which a thief unpicks a tumbler lock, just proves to show that the evil Jews’ formula of division and destruction is as effective today as it was four-thousand years ago when this utterly demonic, extra-terrestrial scum first invaded our planet earth: ”SOW DOUBT IN THEM, AND SIMPLY LET THEIR IMAGINATION DO THE REST.” Oh, how I miss the good you – immensely! Where good you now? Nowhere, it seems.

    Anyway, I must go now, but listen to this. In his last Poem, but a day before he died, my good friend, Vergilius, the Poet, impressed these ominous words on his Cataran hemp-quartos, TRANSLATED IN FRENCH, AND GERMAN, AND RUSSIAN, AND ENGLISH BY ME, ELLKA! He said,

    ”If our strong men, who are fond of power, soon do not learn,
    That Rome, and all she stands for, will be the source of evil news,
    Let them do nothing, let happily each and every one of them burn,
    And let our toil and sweat fall in the black clutches of those wicked Jews.”

    Vergilius spoke. The strong men ignored. Rome burned. Jews stole.

    Will the same fate fall upon those whom the treacherous and false Ellie K., genuinely wishes well? Or, will the better part of their character and the wiser part of their minds intercede on their good souls’ behalf and avert that which, in truth, ought never to have come to pass? Time will tell. Time always tells, my friends, always.

    Evil Jews.

    Ellie K..

    Mme S. de F.. ”E___, why do you give so much to the gross public, in money and words?”
    E. K.. ”Because, though for the most part they are ungrateful and mean, still, I wish to spoil the evil Jews’ pleasure in killing them.”
    My little Parisian Table Talk.

    1. This was lengthy, but not written in the same ORIGINAL ‘EK entity’ style.

      Seemed like a group-effort writing. Varying styles.

      There were no ‘cherries’ for me to pick.

      1. “This was lengthy, but not written in the same ORIGINAL ‘EK entity’ style.”

        I’m not so sure about that, Pat. You will notice that the sentences are still pretty long and one sentence will fill an entire chunky paragraph. Also, loads of commas.

      2. Sard –

        You can place numerous commas. I can too.

        If it is the ‘O-EK-E’ he/she is having an ‘off’ day.

        Three two word sentences in ONE paragraph, only exceeded by one sentence of four words, have never appeared before to make an important point:
        “Vergilius spoke. The strong men ignored. Rome burned. Jews stole.”

        I still say…guess… group effort. No ‘keepers.’

      3. @ Pat

        Three two word sentences in ONE paragraph, only exceeded by one sentence of four words, have never appeared before to make an important point: “Vergilius spoke. The strong men ignored. Rome burned. Jews stole.”

        Good point, Pat. Brilliant insight! Such pithiness has never before been displayed by our Ellie.

        Hmm . . . which makes me think . . . who exactly IS the master of the pithy sentence on this website? Who is the one and only person on this website who is capable of producing pithy sentences like: “Vergilius spoke. The strong men ignored. Rome burned. Jews stole.”

        I can only think of one person, Pat: YOU!!! 🙂

        Come, you old codger, why don’t you confess, you are the fiendishly clever mastermind behind the whole Ellie K saga! You have outed yourself! No need to be modest!

        Whew! you had us all fooled, Pat! Excellent job! Keep up the good work! 🙂

      4. @ Sardonicus

        I always knew it was Pat. He is the only guy here who writes 2-word sentences. He has given himself away! What a slyboots! Still, credit where credit is due. It was a brilliant performance while it lasted. 🙂

      5. Sard –
        MB –

        Outed!! Damn..!! LOL..!!

        I couldn’t write a 300+ word sentence with 50+ commas….. with my life on the line…
        …In fact… I’d rather be shot…!! 🙂 🙂

    2. @ Madame Ellie K

      We have already dealt with the demonic character and possible extra-terrestrial origin of the Jews in the article Jews are demonic souls from a different world. So what you are saying comes as no surprize.

      You seem to have an attitude problem in not being able to accept that the whole world doesn’t immediately obey you. Your arrogance is so great that it seems to be inconceivable to you that someone with your wealth and status and with your literary talent should not be welcome on this website. Can you imagine that the world can live without you?

      As for you typical style, its labyrinth-like verbosity may be amusing in small doses, but not more.


  11. What does Daniel have to say about USrael/ Saudi Arabia dropping Nuclear Neutron Bombs on Yemen, Gilbert? Does anyone know why exactly USrael/Saudi Arabia have a hard-on for Yemen? I don’t. I really don’t. [Please don’t hassle me because I don’t know. At least I know there’s a war going on in Yemen, so I know more than about, Oh, more than about 95 to 98% of my fellow kwans. I can even locate Yemen on a map, so I’m doing better than about 99% of my fellow kwans. ]

  12. The mark of the beast is IN the right hand and IN the forehead. It means a person thinks it and does the work of it. Melvin Polatnick up there promotes it as success. It’s not any electronic chip in your skin. If you’re looking for titillation in the scriptures, you’re going to miss the boat and a lot of you already have.

    “… Will not buy or sell without the mark … “. So, what happened to the mom and pop shops? These days, you go to their business indoctrination centers for 4 years, ending with their certificate of indoctrination and loyal obedience to their system. Then, it’s off to the banker to get your business loan. The banker then sends you to the approved suppliers, the approved insurers, the advertisers, the EOE and affirmative action. Afterwards, your success in the system is all but guaranteed provided you loyally pay all the parasites for protection and support. They will all help to drive any competitive threats out of business. These days, every street in every town looks like every street in every other town. Gotcher Home Depot, gotcher Walmart. gotcher Taco Bell, McDonald’s, Burger King, gotcher Lowes, gotcher BP, gotcher Conoco, gotcher 7 11, gotcher motel 6, gotcher motel 8, gotcher Holiday Inn, gotcher megachurches all mortgaged to the banker too.

    The explosion of knowledge in these last days? If bloggers are any indicator of this, and they are, it can also be called ‘the smoke from the bottomless pit’ and ‘the flood from the mouth of the dragon’. They’re superlatively confident of their dumbing down of the masses. It only needs minor corrections and “””leadership””” of Judas goats to stay on course to nowhere.

  13. I think we all could use an uplifting [*POEM*] right about now, things are getting so heavy around here in the dark dark darkness of a moonless night steeped in darkness.

    Brighten up everyone on this beautiful morning with the marvelous awe inspiring wide canopy of Blue Skies over our heads!

  14. Shirley Yewgeste
    A very astute post. Particularly when you mention the dumbing down of the masses. Yes, we are now seeing the mark coming into being by the war on cash being waged in developed countries. However read Revelations carefully. There are those who will be protected and they will be those like yourself, I think, that “dwell in the secret place of the most high”.
    Today, there is, as you say, too much speculation on prophecy. The time to wake up is now.

    1. @Felix

      You are correct about too much speculation on prophecy. Emphasis on the prophecy of the “end times” distracts people from living properly. Far too many people overlook what Jesus said in Matthew 24:33-46 about what a person does or does not do to their fellowman is the same as doing or not doing to Jesus which determines the disposition of the soul. Now, everyday, it the time to practice the Second Commandment of “Love thy neighbor as thy self.” It is the only way that a person can show God that they love him.

  15. If one studies the history of Republics, one will find that NONE have lasted more than 200 years without becoming irredeemably corrupt. This is particularly so in the case of the US. They have a corrupt banking system, a corrupt judiciary, a corrupt military, a corrupt political system and so on. The situation is exacerbated by the fact that politicians in order to get elected have to sign loyalty pledges to Israel. Americans, it’s no good blaming so called America haters for criticising your country. You yourselves have to take your country back. Foreigners can’t do it for you!

    1. Good point, Felix.

      I would like for the Brits to set the example. Show a template for America to see what works, since they should know better than Americans… having been herded over, as subjects, for 1000+ years.
      The Brits should have a really good clue by now.
      Show us, with all that experience, how to get their guns back. Show the folks in Canada and Australia how to do it also.

  16. @Shirley Jew Gets U
    Despite our quirks here at Darkmoon, stay with us and teach us some more. We can all learn about this int’l jewry Matrix we are in. As for the mark of the Beast on the forehead and righthand, yes it can be a conceptual form of control through Church on Sunday and not Saturday, the real Sabbath, or working in the normal week plus on Saturday with Sunday off. Again wrong since Saturday is the real Sabbath and the real day to rest. Sunday as a day of rest and worship was made a human convention due to Emperor Constantine, not God. Sunday actually worships the helio-disk in the daylight sky. God’s day is Saturday, just as the jewish Sabbath (Friday sunset to Saturday sunset). Then for the Mark of the Beast to be able to prevent you from buying or selling, in todays world means some computer/RFID technology that can be turned on to allow transactions or turned off/not implanted to prevent transactions. This description fits with the Bible. So if the RFID chip is not in your person you can not participate in the Beast’s Matrix/System, which guarantees human death, but life according to God. Then what about the drive for universal vaccination, is it Agenda 21 and human depopulation or is it also to hide RFID chip implantation. My guess is that it is both – RFID chips are cheap to the Controllers. As for Jews and us , God loves all of us despite/inspite of our faults, yes even the jews, but God is not finished with them yet. Jews have betrayed/rejected God at every turn, but God /Jesus keeps giving them a chance. We, goyim are also included in that category of being given chances. But soon the day will come when the door of chances will close as the period of the gentiles will come to an end.. That day is fast approaching. Where do you stand? Your immortal destiny of Heaven or Hell depends on it? So ask for repentance/forgivenness and Choose Jesus. Thanks, Norbert.

  17. Yeah, well Norbert, Christ Arose on a Sunday Morning, not a jew or mohammedan saturday. Deal with it. You’re welcome.

  18. Agreed with Shirley that the mark of the Beast is what one thinks (mind) and then does.

    Not sure why Norbert is calling the Israelites goyim, except that he accepts the mistakes.

    To Norbert – The last thing any of us needs is more false teachings. Get it right or shut-up.

    Matthew 23:8 But be not ye called priest (etc.): for One is your Teacher, [even] Christ; and all ye are brethren.

    23:9 And call no [man] your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven.

    23:10 Neither be ye called masters: for one is your Master, [even] Christ.

  19. money quote and another reason dollar is history

    And as Michael Hudson has noted, China’s new economic push is all about its thriving internal market;

    “China doesn’t need more dollars.
    Indeed, the more dollars it gets, the only thing it can safely do with them is lend them to the US Treasury, funding the military’s “Asia Pivot” to encircle China

    makes sense.

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