The horror in men’s eyes

Were we forced to kill them,
or did we do it willingly?

[LD]   This is Kaminski at his eloquent best. I hope he will therefore forgive me for adding an endnote — “The Role of Religion in our Struggle against the Jews” — in which I am forced to take issue with his sweeping condemnation of religion as the source of all evil. On the contrary, I think it is godlessness — or a soul-sapping nihilism — that is the source of our collective malaise. If we are sick with “the sickness unto death”,  it is, I strongly believe,  because we live in a world in which GOD IS DEAD. 


Do you like to kill? Did you get off on Shock & Awe? Do you think killing 600,000 people in Libya was just about the right amount for a typical deployment of a No Fly Zone? Are you glad you practice a religion that urges you to murder folks who don’t think like you do? If you were a refugee, would you desire to kill those who tried to help you because their lives were so much easier than yours?

Have you taken the time to reflect on soldiers who come back home and kill themselves? Have you known any of them? And have you observed that wistful vacancy in their eyes reflecting regret beyond redemption, or noticed their unwillingness to talk about what happened to them, as their raw emotions fester and curdle inside them just before they explode?

How do you feel about a country in which men who are called “our best and brightest” kill themselves because of the crimes they are forced to commit? What kind of country is this? Is this a country at all?


Unlike those soldiers who commit suicide, most Americans are revolted by the thought that they are responsible for the untold millions of people who have been killed by their government for reasons that have never been fully or honestly explained. These forlorn souls simply sing the songs the politicians teach them and solemnly salute the flag that even today signifies death in just about every country in the world.

You might actually be one of these feckless drecks — untrustworthy in all situations —  who don’t give a damn about what your government is doing. Consequently you believe your indifference makes you immune from the guilt. After all, these terrible things are not your fault, you reason. There’s nothing I can do about it, you say, so I don’t worry about it.

People like this are not the type to notice their freedoms disappearing one by one, and surely haven’t figured out that their indifference has made all these erosions possible. I have no desire to meet the God they pray to.

Those who understand the visceral horror of war have a rattling recollection of the cries of the dying, and the hand, directly or not, they have had in those deaths, even if they never toted a gun or fired a shot in anger. And after many frustrating years watching the body counts go higher with each passing war, they know one other thing, too.

It is most unlikely that there will be a successful coalition to save the world from the predators. All the various plans to eradicate evil in the world and improve the morality of mankind are destined to blow away, just like the acrid smoke of a 16 millimeter gun firing at targets so far away you can’t see the bodies as they explode when the shell hits. You only know they’re dead for sure when you photograph the blood splattered terrain days later.

Everyone is too sure of themselves to listen to the reasons of anyone else. We’ve devised our own political perspectives, and no one can tell us that we’re wrong. Certain of the way we see the world, certain of the facts we have learned, and certain that the justifications of others simply don’t measure up to our own divinely inspired analyses, there can be no placing of trust in others when our own lives and the fate of the world depends on the decisions that must be made.

The reason that opposition to centuries-old Jewish co-optation of the world is futile is that all Jews, liberal or not, are all on the same page, whereas those who have actually perceived the danger that the Jews present to the continued existence of the human species, definitely do not have identical mindsets. They all have different ideas about what to do, and what’s going to happen to them when they die.

The Jewish psychopaths who are strangling all nations that are not their servants have no such dissension in their ranks. They are all on the same page, now and forever. They may betray each other, but they will never betray their goal. Greed needs no elaborate rationale. Co-conspirators in corruption don’t quibble over the minor points of swindling techniques.

In this conscienceless kosher solidarity lies the great advantage of the predators. They care only about the bottom line, and care nothing about the blood that needs to be spilled to attain it. Everyone and everything may be sacrificed to its attainment. Only a supreme effort by the targets of this project — us — can prevent it from happening, and judging by our feeble efforts thus far — handicapped by hypocritical religions and fickle demagogues — this will not happen.

The Jewish disease that has corrupted all aspects of human existence is way too far advanced to be neutralized and corrected without a complete revision of human society. Restoration of the public’s control of currency is central to liberating humanity from the tyrannical abuse of Jewish bankers and their bought-and-paid for governments.

Free people thus far are only a dream, and not an actual reality in the real world.

Everyone in the world will succumb and become robotized, synchronized to the behavioral lunacy of those who believe they can create a better human than God has fashioned. Eventually there will be no room for either God or actual humans.

Those who oppose the evil forces of predation and profit possess no solidarity of purpose compared to the Jews. Futile talk of honor and honesty, of spirit and sanity, gain no advantage over the generations trained in swindling, torture and graft. People with consciences have always been poor. The unprincipled rich have run the world since the dawn of time, and each day, more and more people see and practice the advantages of tricking others out of their life’s savings.

There are few Davy Crocketts left in the world.

It takes a creed to thwart that rapine impulse, or at least the memory of good parents frowning at your unacceptable behavior.

The greatest obstacle to constructing a coalition to fight the Jews and reform the craven laws they have created to fleece everyone but themselves is of course religion, as the practitioner of one creed always disparages the believer of another, and coalitions become impossible when divine specificities are invoked, and collide violently. That’s why religion is an obstacle rather than a facilitator.

Religion is, in fact, the greatest obstacle to overturning the tyranny that grips the world and threatens to end all life on this planet. People would rather die practicing their arcane rituals rather than live adopting creative, matter-of-fact strategies to delegitimize and neutralize the tyrants, many of whom are cloaked in priestly garb and uttering pious platitudes that in times of real crisis mean absolutely nothing, and often are the paid agents of the tyrants, who reduce their taxes if they cater to the government’s whims.

I always thought that goal would be to unite everyone in fear and loathing of the Jews, once everyone realized the inestimable damage devious Jews have caused across the centuries.

The Jews have turned America into a poisoned and pornographic pigpen, have stolen virtually all the money Americans have ever earned, have stolen all the property Americans have ever owned because Jewish banks own all the banks and hence all the mortgages (by which they make homeowners pay 10 times the selling price), have turned the American medical profession into a murder for hire operation with its toxic drugs that don’t cure anything and unnecessary medical procedures that diminish people’s health, have created all these onerous taxes on the poor while dodging taxes themselves with their nonprofit think tank scams, and have surrounded every politician in America — especially including presidents — for the past hundred years (actually it started with Alexander Hamilton, a Jew, sucking up to George Washington, and ruining the republic from the very start), and worst of all, have sabotaged and polluted American education and entertainment down to the worst, most retarded level so that practically no dumbed down American nowadays can perceive what these disingenuous kosher psychopaths have done to our fellow citizens and are doing to everyone in the whole world.

And that is just the very short list of how the Jews have impacted the USA and the world. Fact is, Jews have turned America into a savage nation utterly without honor whose word cannot be trusted and whose citizens are at grave risk from the pathological criminals who run their so-called government. In all fairness, perhaps the word of America never could be trusted, if its sordid dealings with the native Americans are any indication.

Our Jewish controlled government murders doctors who try to make people healthy and journalists who try to reveal criminality of the perverts who control the pinnacles of power. Some famous people believe that the highest level of power in the world is one which thrives on the sexual abuse and torture murder of children. Those who try to expose these Satanic practices wind up suicided.

Bribery, blackmail and murder are the legacy of the Jews. They are happy to see families destroyed by homosexuals and drug dealers because it will increase the likelihood that destitute alienated individuals whose family networks have all been shattered have nowhere to turn, except to the government dole, where the Jews will ultimately control your body, mind and soul.

But then, that’s just my humble opinion. Most of the rest of the world, whose minds are filled to the brim with Jewish propaganda force fed by politics, media, entertainment, schools, and style trends, believe that Jews are merely another insignificant ethnic group, humorous and generous, who are trying to overcome their artificial phobia about German work camps.

Eventually, everybody who searches for the truth arrives at the realization that a vast network of powerful Jews controls everything that goes on in the world, and to insist otherwise means you haven’t done the requisite homework. It means you don’t know what you’re talking about, no matter how sophisticated, urbane and educated you consider yourself to be.


In any case, most people are too afraid to confront the Jewish monster head on. The penalties are too real, the risks too great. Jewish weaponry, both physical and psychological, is simply too daunting. A worldwide network of spies and informers guarantees no threat to Jewish hegemony can ever form in secret. And people generally are cowards, with prudence taken to embarrassing extremes as tolerance of evil inexorably eats away at the psychological foundation of America.

But there is another way. It is something you have always known, something you have concluded based upon what you have seen happening in the world.

The Declaration of Independence declares we have a right to abolish a government that no longer serves our needs. It also says we shall follow Earth’s laws and Nature’s ways. with no room for kings, churches or monarchs. We thanked the natives who taught us these lessons by killing 20 million of them.

Only through thoroughly understanding how our legal system has been manipulated by the wealthy elite can we understand how we have been kept in chains. And more importantly, how we can break those chains.

There have been a number of changes made to our original Constitution during the past two centuries that have resulted in a criminal conspiracy against the American people. The only way to save ourselves from the predators who have taken control of the world is to understand what they have done, and through unanimous outrage, reverse these crimes and punish the perpetrators.

The government is involved in criminal conspiracies that prevent free elections, keep us from examining public documents, and conducts foreign wars that are of no benefit to the United States without the approval of either Congress or the people. These are all crimes against the people, and only three of the thousands of crimes illegally inflicted on the American people by corrupt public officials.

The president and the government are allowed to break laws while the American people are often convicted or intimidated into accepting prison sentences for crimes they did not commit.

But to listen to Judge Anna von Reitz in Alaska or Arnie Rosner:

it is the elected officials in America who are the real criminals because of the past actions creating the United States corporation, which abrogate Constitutional requirements about public officials that should lead to charges of treason for every elected official in America. Rosner writes:

There is no legitimate government of the people of the Continental United States of America.

What most people have been identifying as their representatives of “government,” is really comprised of impostors. Impostors, impersonating the lawful government agencies, agents and officers—of the people’s lawful government.

Since about the early 1860’s most if not all legislative activity has been conducted in fraud and is therefore null and void.

Everything since about the 1860’s is null and void. It does not lawfully exist.

The American people have not had any lawful government operating on the lawful delegated authority of the governed since that time.


Of course, in all of our strivings toward creating some kind of sane justice in a world gone mad, we must remember one very frightening thing about the new, twisted reality that confronts us today.

And that is the people we are trying to fight for, the ones who say they want freedom in a country that espouses liberty and justice for all but won’t lift a finger to help achieve it, are a real danger to all of us who seek the truth about the forces of evil that rule our world today.

Because they are immersed and brainwashed by the false reality put forth by the Jewish media poisoners, they are very likely to turn us in to the insane authorities when we go around saying 9/11 was an inside job, no one was killed at Sandy Hook, or the Holocaust that Jews go around weeping crocodile tears about and putting people in jail for never really happened they way Jews say it did.

So realize you can really damage yourself by seeking out the truth, and then also realize that if you don’t try to shine a light on these true facts of history that have been perpetrated against all sincere peoples, then you are part of the problem as a participant in the campaign against freedom and for the totalitarian Jewish crackdown on liberty against all the free peoples of the world.

As the clock strikes midnight on a new day, and soon a new year, we must resolve to work toward the day when we no longer will be afraid to speak the truths we believe, a day when honest men will rule the world, having successfully avoided those who tried all these years to silence them, and kill them.

Will you become one of those silent corpses who was always afraid to speak of what all of us will soon know? In that case you will have been responsible for the failure of freedom and the death of liberty.

And then you will know what those soldiers who came home and killed themselves knew, and experience the horror in men’s eyes when they beheld an innocent child they killed who never needed to die.

Then of course, you will know that it is the United States of America that has finally died, and you helped it happen.

There is an alternative. And now you know what it is.

See also:


The Role of Religion in Our Struggle Against the Jews

John Kaminski writes:

“The greatest obstacle to constructing a coalition to fight the Jews and reform the craven laws they have created to fleece everyone but themselves is of course religion, as the practitioner of one creed always disparages the believer of another, and coalitions become impossible when divine specificities are invoked, and collide violently. That’s why religion is an obstacle rather than a facilitator.

Religion is, in fact, the greatest obstacle to overturning the tyranny that grips the world and threatens to end all life on this planet. People would rather die practicing their arcane rituals rather than live adopting creative, matter-of-fact strategies to delegitimize and neutralize the tyrants, many of whom are cloaked in priestly garb and uttering pious platitudes…”

With all due respect to Kaminski, a frequent and extremely popular contributor to this website, I must disagree with these anti-religious sentiments for several reasons.

Christianity, especially the Catholic Church, has been the greatest counteracting force against organized Jewry for centuries, keeping the Jews firmly in their place at all times. Historians of Christianity, especially Dr E. Michael Jones in his monumental 1200-page masterpiece “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and Its Impact on World History” , have proved beyond all shadow of doubt that the Catholic Church was the last bastion against Jewish encroachments, fighting malign Jewish influences and Judaic heresies tooth and nail for well over a thousand years.

The early Church Fathers were all, without exception, virulently antisemitic and had no bones about accusing the Jews collectively for the crime of deicide. Most notable among these antisemites, all of them canonized by the Church, were  St Augustine, St Ambrose of Milan, St Cyprian, St John Chrysostom and St Jerome. The Jews, they insisted, had killed Christ and could on no account be accepted into the community until they had confessed their crime and apologized for it. The Jews adamantly refused to do so and went one step further: they gloatingly rejoiced at the idea, which they set forth in the Talmud, that Christ was burning in hell forever under mounds of excrement.

Unfortunately, the Protestant Reformation, cunningly engineered by the Jews, was the first nail in the coffin of Christianity. It was a near fatal wound. For this we have to give thanks, ironically, to the greatest antisemite of the time, the Catholic monk Martin Luther. Jewish infiltration of the Catholic Church continued. The results were soon felt: an increasingly corrupt and decadent Church led by crypto-Jews — including Jewish popes pretending to be Christians. ‘Reforms’ introduced under Vatican II (1962-1965) were the final nail in the coffin.

The Catholic Church, effectively taken over by the Synagogue, was now a mere shadow of what it had once been. If Christ were to be born today, he would be poisoned in the Vatican or have his brains blown out by an Israeli sniper.


The world would be an infinitely worse place today if all of us were to give up our religious beliefs and become atheists instead, given that more millions (100 million-plus) have died under atheistical Communism in the 20th century than at any other time in history.

If all the shabbos goyim who aid and abet the Jews in their malignant agenda today had been true Christians (or Buddhists or whatever), they would not be able to join forces with the Jews and become their loyal lackeys in rapacity. Good men with high principles don’t become bandits. To become arch-villains like Bush and Blair, both of them nominally good Christians, you first need to be thoroughly marinated in the vat of corruption. To be a willing agent for the Jews, you first need to be Jewified.

It is precisely because most Western nations are now morally bankrupt, devoid of every vestige of true  religious piety, that they have fallen under the yoke of organized Jewry. If the Jews have triumphed over us, it’s because they have succeeded so spectacularly in “Jewifying” us. This they have managed to do by the mind contamination of the masses through almost total media control.

This is not to say that Kaminski is in any way wrong to knock “religion”, so long as it is understood that it is organized religion in its most corrupt manifestations that is to blame, not religion in its purest essence. How can the God man who said, “Be ye therefore perfect” be preaching an erroneous or dangerous doctrine? If men were to follow this simple injunction of Christ and achieve moral perfection, how could they possibly become the slaves of evil and the minions of the Jews? It wouldn’t be possible.

John Kaminski

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Most of his articles are featured here. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA. _____________________________________________________________________________

39 thoughts to “The horror in men’s eyes”

  1. First of all JK is a very good writer. His emphasis on the non availability of the jewish Talmud in the bookshops of the ‘free’ Western world was a jewel of an eyeopener to many of his readers years ago.

    The eye of the bilderberg pyramid is the navel. It is the belly. It is – in Dutch- g.e.l.d. geboorte even leven dood. birth some living and death. It is in fact very superficial. But most of our lives have been indeed that way. But there is much more to it. Many of us will have gone through (periods of) peak experiences in which the Broomstick (the middlechannel in everyone’s spine opens up and rises higher than the navel even to the third eye and the crown. Inward and upward. The staff of Moses, Hermes with the 2 serpents beside….The essence of all true re-ligion.

    When the eye of wis-dom opens up an ever-wide-ning sense of ‘we’ gets experienced. In the JC I NT there is the dictum: new wine in new bags. Very important since the wide-angle lens does not necessarily automatically means that all the old mental programming is immediately released. Opening up of the ‘EYE’ makes one in the beginning phases even more aware of the ‘old wine’ which than after viewing is thrown out.

    Making optimum use thus of the Temple of the Whole-I-Spirit, the Mosque of Allah’s Kosmos, the Arc of the Convenant or plainly said your own Human Body is the key to conquer the lower magic of the ritual child abusers and killers down.

    Filthy money changers gtf out of the temple is spoken with more power.

    The tender- more powerful- forces will win, Good Year.

  2. Kaminski is correct.

    Here is an example:
    The religious hypocrites say gold is a store of wealth. That follows the Pharisee-Jews’ values of the Torah.
    Then, the same hypocrites say to follow the Sermon On The Mount. Do not store wealth. Rely on the Father.
    Those are mutually exclusive ideals….. Meeting a compromise between them nullifies both.

    There are thousands of example is all religions.

    1. @Pat, check out “A Crisis Worse Than ISIS? Bail-Inns Begin” by Ellen Brown, on The Truthseeker..

    2. Interesting comments, Pat. What would you say if I were to point out to you that it was a 1,000 year Store of Wealth that Henry VIII and Luther stole with a bunch of English and German nobleman that was the start of modern day capitalism?

      Picture, if you will, the great monastic estates, the jeweled prayerbooks, the magnificent Cathedrals built of stone. Grapes, grain, and property. This was the fruits of the works of St. Benedict. At one point in time the Church owned 1/3 of all the property in Great Britain.

      You could find work, healthcare, or just a place to stay at any of the monasteries in Europe. Christendom was based on the value of labor.

      Now the problem is the Pharisees in the Bank of England and the Whig Empire that was funded and started with Church Seed Money. Also known as Alienation of Church Property.

      1. Rich –
        Good to read ya..

        Not surprised. I would not invite them over to my house.

        Henry VIII and Luther were men, motivated by fear… just like today.

        You could find work… picking up road apples for heat….
        ….healthcare…. leeching….,
        or just a place to stay….. under straw roofs. (rain cats and dogs)

        ALL systems are ‘capitalistic’…. difference is only in who owns the ‘capital.’

  3. For me it’s the underlying need to move targets to satisfy personal urges and angst. The motivation to ‘have to’ write it up. Most of us, those not in some giddy in-fight, watch it backfire on the proposer and position. Particularly when policing other co-collaboraters or belligerents.

    The argument ‘against religion’ might be informative over ‘self’-damaging, if the writer/broadcaster were specific, sufficiently detailed and demonstrated the value – assuming correct – for their attack.

    ‘Religion is, in fact, the greatest obstacle to overturning the tyranny’. If this is the case John, please get on the keyboard and let’s hear more? One to face on this would be John Gray. Not that he’s bang-on the tyranny but he’s good on religion.

    I tell you what I am going to speculate on, in the next day or so (and write up), is this: The internal dynamics and therefore constraints of the the unseen tyrannical forces are determined to see their opposition destroy itself. It seems fairly evident our compliance is sought but I think they might have some on-going force against, or built in system, that ensures this has to be the way.

    Who would have more problem with, as an example, Christianity? Someone who doesn’t believe, or someone who does and loves the one they believe in?


  4. The Apostle James backs-up JK’s contention:

    “For if anyone is a hearer of the word and not a doer, he is like a man who looks at his natural face in a mirror; for once he has looked at himself and gone away, he has immediately forgotten what kind of person he was. But one who looks intently at the perfect law, the law of liberty, and abides by it, not having become a forgetful hearer but an effectual doer, this man will be blessed in what he does.
    “If anyone thinks himself to be religious, and yet does not bridle his tongue but deceives his own heart, this man’s religion is worthless.”

    – James 1:23-26 (NAS)

  5. Early this morning I dreamt that we were being pushed out of an aircraft.. I was holding my little grandson, and was telling him to hold on to Mormor, and to close his eyes, and hoping that my daughter, to my right, was saying something similar to my little granddaughter..

    Let us hope it doesn`t come to that..

    I was listening to podcasts in the night, which suggest that people are becoming aware..

  6. “Religion is the opium of the people,” said Karl Marx in the 19th Century… whilst his coreligionists pushed the real opium in China and destroyed it, along with the people.

    Did you know that one of the earliest “free trade” demands made by the “British” in the late 1700s was that China be open to the “Christian missionaries,” which coincidentally or rather conspiratorially led to her being opened up to the JEWISH opium trade a decade or so later in the early 1800s?

    I can’t blame the jews for not being inventive when the same damn scheme works every bloody time:

    “China will likely become the largest Christian nation in the world by the year 2030. Fenggang Yang, a professor of sociology at Purdue University, notes that in the year 2010 there were more than 58 million Protestants in China, and he believes that number will swell to around 160 million by 2025 based on current growth trends. (The United States had 159 million Protestants in 2010.) By 2030, Yang predicts, China’s total Christian population, including Catholics, would exceed 247 million, placing it above Mexico, Brazil and the United States as the largest Christian population in the world.”

    1. Re: The referenced article in my above comment, “You Can’t Ignore the Miracle of Christianity in China” by J. Lee Grady, we are told:

      “The growth of Chinese Christianity is linked to its economic growth. Economists announced that China overtook the United States as the world’s largest economy in late 2014. China, with its population of 1.3 billion, now accounts for 16.5 percent of the global economy, compared with 16.3 percent for the U.S. A recent study by Qunyong Wang of Nankai University and Xinyu Lin of Renmin University of China discovered there was robust economic growth in areas of China where Christian congregations are growing.”

      How curious? Or rather it gets curiouser and curiouser, because this was also the esoteric, if not heretical argument made by the Macartney Mission in 1793, when England was an insignificant nation or at best a parvenu suitor wooing China as if she were the richest Queen and nation on earth, which she was at that time.

      I mean, what the dickens does Christianity have to do with free trade and economic growth? What kind of Orwellian doublespeak and Jewish perversion of Christianity are we dealing with here?

      More importantly, did Emperor Qianlong know beforehand that the barbarians’ “Christianity” would destroy China? Apparently, and emphatically, Yes!

      He forbade the barbarians to proselytize their religion in China. That the barbarians did so against his Edict was a crime — period! And it was a typical crime of the chosenites: it was a massive manipulation of both religion and diplomacy, which jews have always used as smokescreens to hide their true ulterior motives and the indisputable fact that they are the eternal parasites and destroyers of nations and peoples.

      From Emperor Qianlong’s 2nd Edict of September 1793:

 There has
” (page 6 of 7 from

    2. “China will likely become the largest Christian nation in the world by the year 2030.”

      They never learned… Must like Pharisee-Jew style Christianity.

  7. “War is the greatest injustice. We are not fighting the culprits. Those who pay, who incite, who use the media to make people turn against each other – this is who we should fight against.” – Alexey Mozgovoy, commander of the “Ghost” brigade, killed by the USA Inc. May 23, 2015


    This is a good article and makes many good points. I want to add one point:

    1. If somebody is in the military and they are given orders to kill innocent people, or any other order they do not feel like obeying, THEY DON’T HAVE TO OBEY THOSE ORDERS, legally or morally. Why?

    Morally, of course they do not have to obey the orders they do not agree with. If a solider knows that the Judaists control our govt. and have bribed our politicians and the wars are for Israel, he/she has a moral right an duty to disobey such orders.

    What about legally?

    Well, he does not have to obey these orders legally either, if he/she follows legal steps. It is called DIS ABILITY. Dis ability means not able to. If somebody asks me to kill innocent people, and I think it is wrong and immoral, what will I feel? Negative emotions, such as anger and depression and stress. I will freeze, because I hate to kill innocents. These are medical conditions. So a patriotic soldier can go to his medical doctor and say he is sick, so sick that he is UN ABLE, i.e DIS ABLE to drop bombs on innocent people and describe his symptoms, such as he is getting nightmares. Maybe he hears voices saying “mother will they drop the bomb?” or children crying and feels depressed so much, he feels like killing himself or his commander, etc.

    If he/she is suicidal/homicidal, it means he/she has SEVERE CLINICAL DEPRESSION.

    And if you have severe clinical depression and the army doctor does not take you off duty, he will be liable if you act on your suicidal/homicidal tendencies, so he will not take that chance and will probably take you off duty.

    The patriotic soldier can thus get a medical excuse and get out of the military on grounds of mental DIS ABILITY and collect his salary sitting at home instead of dying for Israel, if he follows the legal avenues.

  9. The greatest obstacle to constructing a coalition to fight the Jews and reform the craven laws they have created to fleece everyone but themselves is of course religion

    Here we are stuck again in that logical loop.
    Religion imposes, maintains and enforces moral strictures that afford the Jew his best protection from retribution for his satanic project.
    But, while ditching those moral strictures may enable us to once and for all eliminate the Jew’s threat, questions arise.
    Without moral standards based on justice, what is our ideological difference with Jew?
    What’s the point of eliminating him?
    Don’t we, in fact, end up being Jews with Satan the ultimate winner?
    Is it possible at that point to reestablish the moral tenets conveniently dumped for the period necessary to deal with plague? (any heroin addict can answer this easily)

    Religion, in its macroscopic form is just a deal.
    If you accept the desirability or necessity or inevitability of consciousness surviving the organic corruption, then adherence to a moral code ensures a smooth and favourable progression and justice is the foundation of every moral system.
    Jew knows this and it is the basis for his materialism, why under no circumstances can his belief system be called a religion.
    Circle complete.

    To sum both the Kaminski argument and its natural extension,
    eliminate religion in order to eliminate the Jew,
    eliminate the Jew in order to become Jew.

    Maybe that’s the most accurate characterization of Jew, a non-religious, i.e., amoral entity in human shape.
    In fact, since he insists that he is human and we are not, morality is proof of inferiority.

    Jesus proposed a solution whereby every man must be his own sovereign, subject to his own yet universal moral code which by its very nature rejects the Jew and by extension, his master Devil.
    Belonging to an organization that enforces the deal implies loss of sovereignty, requiring violence and injustice as the only alternative way to get rid of Jew and ultimately, entrapment within the above loop.
    Truly moral men require no formal organizations to direct them, since they follow the identical code.

    But we are stuck again, aren’t we.
    A gang, directed by a skilled field tactician will overpower any disorganized group of men, so unless everyone simultaneously becomes an ideal Christian refusing any dealings with the parasitical species, Jew wins or at least kills off all the righteous men in the world, as per mosaic prophecy.

    It’s a tough one, but let’s not give up the search for solution.
    Blaming religion gets us nowhere.

  10. Christianity is not an Aryan religion; like Judaism and Islam it is Semitic in origin.
    Jesus was a typical Jewish supremacist, and Christianity is nothing more than self-inflicted Jewish supremacy.

    Jesus, being a devout Jew, viewed and treated Gentiles as strangers, avoided them, never entered their homes, never ate with them, and certainly had a very low opinion of their behavior: …every time Jesus is reported to have mentioned Gentiles, he expresses negative judgment about their ways. They strive for material things (Mt 6:22); they are a closed group, greeting only one another (Mt 5:47); their prayers are heaps of empty phrases because they think that effectiveness requires many words (Mt 6; 7). Gentiles are cited as an example of authoritarian leadership to be avoided (Mt: 10:42-43) …. According to Jesus’ instructions for community discipline, the banned person is to be treated like a Gentile or (despised Jewish) toll collector (Mt 18:7). …When rebuffing the Syro-Phoenician woman he implied that she was a dog.

    Mat 15:21 Leaving there, Jesus now withdrew into the parts of Tyre and Si’don.

    Mat 15:22 And, look! A Phoenician woman [a Gentile] from those regions came out and cried aloud, saying: “Have mercy on me, Lord, Son of David. My daughter is severely demonized.”

    Mat 15:23 But he did not say a word in answer to her. [Jesus completely ignores her, because she is a Gentile] So his disciples came up and began to request him: “Send her away; because she keeps crying out after us.”

    Mat 15:24 In answer he said: “I was not sent forth to any but to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.” [I was sent here just for the Jews, and not to deal with Gentiles]

    Mat 15:25 When the woman came she began doing obeisance to him, saying: “Lord, help me!”

    Mat 15:26 In answer he said: “It is not right to take the bread of the children [Jews] and throw it to little dogs [Gentiles].” [Here Jesus is saying that the Jews are the children of God, and the Gentiles are nothing more than little animals]

    Mat 15:27 She said: “Yes, Lord; but really the little dogs [the Gentiles] do eat of the crumbs falling from the table of their masters [the Jews].” [Here the woman shames her race by implying that the Jews are her masters]

    Mat 15:28 Then Jesus said in reply to her: “O woman, great is your faith; let it happen to you as you wish.” And her daughter was healed from that hour on. [Jesus only decides to help her after she acknowledges to him that the Jews are the masters over the Gentlies]

    John 4:22 YOU? worship what ?YOU? do not know; we worship what we know, because salvation originates with the Jews.
    Mat 10:5 These twelve [apostles] Jesus sent forth, giving them these orders: “Do not go off into the the way of the Gentiles, and do not enter into a Samaritan city;
    Mat 10:6 but, instead, go continually to the lost sheep of the house of Israel [the Jews].
    Mat 15:24 In answer he said: “I was not sent forth to any but to the lost sheep of the house of Israel [the Jews].”

    The Christian belief that the Jews are God’s chosen people, and that Israel is God’s chosen land for his chosen people, and the ongoing propagandist lie known as the Holocaust are the three biggest hindrances in overcoming the Jewish problem. Oh, and the Christian Identity crowd are a bunch of idiots.

    1. @ AIJAHLON

      Well, you ought to be pleased that this avowedly Christian website is quite happy to publish your obviously anti-Christian comment in which you portray Jesus Christ as a Supremacist Jew with a disdain for the gentiles. I’m glad they allow such free discussion here, even when it would appear to go against their own interests. The fact is, my friend, this is an undeniably good comment, well-researched, and the last thing LD would wish is to suppress such a fine comment backed up by such an impressive array of quotations.

      As a Christian myself, I am admittedly disturbed by these quotations but they are familiar to me and LD herself must have pondered them deeply. And neither of us has allowed these negative quotations to destroy our faith. This is because our faith is more than just a bunch of quotations, more than intellectualism, more than looking for truth in a thicket of words.

      Moreover, if you scour the New Testament a bit more, you will find other quotations that tell a different story and show that Christ is far more than the petty Jewish supremacist you portray him to be. There are the “anti-Semitic” quotations of St Paul which you pass over in silence. You make no mention of the “Synagogue of Satan.” There are the beautiful Epistles of St John and the Book of Revelation. Quotations enough here, sublime and mystical utterances which you might have quoted had you possessed more objectivity and balance.

      But no, you have an axe to grind. And you have come to this website to grind it. You lack faith, and so you have come here to spread your faithlessness.

      1. Remember the story of the Gadarene swine? Instead of casting out the demons in the swine, Christ allowed the demon-possessed swine to hurtle over the cliff top and be dashed to pieces on the rocks below.

        This prompted that atheistical idiot Bertrand Russell to accuse Christ of “cruelty of animals.”

        It’s a wonder PETA hasn’t sued the Vatican 100 trillion dollars in posthumous damages on behalf of the ill-treated Gadarene swine.

      2. Occidental religion provide a good start, but it must be transcended if one is to tread the path of enlightenment. What this means is that religion begins with “God”, but invariably moves on to promoting self.

        Jesus’ teachings have little to do with modern Christianity. At best, Christians pay lip service to Jesus while promoting their religion. Mormons are perhaps the most obvious example of this condition.

        Jesus came for the Jews oppressed by the Temple’s sacrificial system. Essentially, he was a Buddha for Jews. This is why some believe he traveled extensively and died in India. Jesus was very provincial, but his teachings were universal. These teachers came to deliver their people from their self-absorbed, condition of greed, anger, hatred, envy, etc that leads to war, thievery/extortion and murder. Yet, how many actually listened and followed?

        Like all great mystical teachers of the esoteric knowledge and principals, e.g. Love thy neighbor, Do unto others etc., Jesus tailored his message for the time, the place and the people for which it was intended. That is why so much of his teachings have been misconstrued. While the underlying ideas can be recognized as truth, the context in which they are being presented is grossly misunderstood and misinterpreted.

        As Idries Shah said of the practice of whirling, an esoteric exercise created by the great teacher Rumi, “Whirling will result in the perfection of the thirteenth century man, but what use is a thirteenth century man in the twentieth century?”

        Perhaps one of the most difficult things for humans to recognize are the great teachers presently in their own midst. I experienced this very thing yesterday with a “Buddhist.” I was telling her about Sadhguru, the Indian teacher. She immediately dismissed the information and launched into the four noble truths and the eight-fold path as if these sacrosanct principals were all that would ever be required for her to live a “good” life. This “Buddhist” has the same problem as the Christian, or Jew, or any of those following religion to its bitter conclusion.

        As Jesus said, “Verily I say unto you, No prophet is accepted in his own country” What he didn’t add was that many of these same prophets would not only be accepted, but doggedly deified thereafter by a multitude of misguided followers.
        Since the day Constantine recognized Christianity and ratified it with his august Nicean council, Christian leaders have done with Jesus exactly what earlier Temple Jews did with YHVH, they created a personal god that serves THEIR needs instead of the needs of their followers.

        The time has come for religionists to pull their head out of their pile of dogma and move on. It’s time to look beyond one’s external religion and look deeply into oneself to find the answers they seek, for as all the great teachers have taught, this is where ALL the answers are to be found.

        This process is a lifestyle and cannot be achieved on a part time basis as religionists maintain. How many times has it been thought, “Hey! Maybe I do kill and steal all week long, but I still go to church and worship God.” With Jews it’s even worse, “Hey! My holy book commands me to kill and steal all week long and God loves me for it.”

        One begins the process with critical self-examination accompanied by an intensive search for truth. The self-examination process is best begun with meditation. Meditation is a state of awareness that allows one to examine the false creations of the mind, e.g. the ego that constantly lies to inflate the importance of self.

        At the same time, one needs to begin studying ALL the available teachings from ALL the great teachers. Of course, one must first recognize what constitutes a great teacher. As one studies the teachings, one finds these teachers all allude to the same ideas and principals. Of course there are many false teachers that begin with these essential truths.

        The difference between these teachers is, false teachers turn their examination outward towards the external, while the true teacher turns the examination increasingly inward. A classic example of the false teacher was Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh who later took the name “Osho”. Like other religionists, Osho perverted truth to serve his own desires. Thus, his followers supplied him with luxury cars and the sex he desired, while doggedly supporting his teachings along with his personal pursuits. Yet, while he was a false teacher, there is much to be learned from his teachings.

        It is imperative that during this pursuit for truth, one ignores their preconceived notions of right and wrong, good or bad. Developing a critical, realistic view of one’s self along with the study of these teachings will eventually lead to the next step. However, this step is beyond the control of the supplicant, which will present itself of its own accord in its own time.

        While Christians have restructured this complex process into the simplest form, i.e. accept Jesus, his forgiveness for one’s sins will provide permanent salvation; the fact is the path to spiritual perfection, often termed “enlightenment”, is both long and difficult. It is by far the most difficult process ever undertaken. It has been described as an alchemical process, whereby the mundane, unrefined, leaden human condition is processed into the spiritually pure, golden soul. This is how the process is described in the “Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus” (

        This is the most difficult and demanding process one will ever attempt, one that invariably takes many lifetimes to complete. The spiritual path is difficult and fraught with danger. It begins broad, level, smooth – easy to tread. However, this easy path, comfortable to tread, gradually becomes steeper, more difficult and restrained, until a point is reached where one can no longer return. The teacher cautions if one is not properly prepared, it is far easier and best that one simply ignore the process and continue on with the mundane pursuits for material gain. This is the path taken by the vast majority of humanity.

        The choice can only be made by each individual therefore, it’s up to you. Only you can decide which path is to be taken; no one can lead you there. Sure, Jesus’ words sound great, but try walking a few miles in his sandals for an idea of the difficult path he tread.

      3. “Remember the story of the Gadarene swine?” Boy Howdy! Do I ever remember that story. So let us examine the story. First it must be understood that Gadara was a small “gentile” village on the southern shore of “Galilee”. This is the reason the inhabitants were swine herders, an idea readily apparent to first century Jews.

        “And when he was come out of the ship, immediately there met him out of the tombs a man with an UNCLEAN SPIRIT.” The big questions here are what is meant by the term “unclean spirit” and by whose standards?

        The insane, or demon possessed, man living there was clearly a Jew or Jesus would not have bothered addressing his issues. So we have an insane Jew, a Temple follower, living in a gentile village. (I know what you’re thinking, but don’t go there.) The reality here is the man was of unclean spirit according to TEMPLE LAW.

        How do we know the insane man is a Jew deemed unclean according to Temple Law? As Jesus said, “By their works ye shall know them”. First, we find the man is living in a tomb, according to Temple tradition a most unclean place.

        “During the Feast of Tabernacles at night, four enormous oil lamps burned in the Temple courtyard. Each lamp had four large bowls of oil on tall stands, with wicks made from worn-out garments of the priests. It is written that “there was not a courtyard in Jerusalem that did not reflect the light” (Mishnah, Sukkoth 5:3). The lights could be seen throughout Jerusalem; however due to the depth and angle, the Kidron Valley remained in shadow. The Kidron Valley has many burial sites, since many believe that the resurrection will begin there. For these reasons, it is said that the Kidron Valley was called the “Valley of the Shadow of Death,”'s_Arch#/media/File:Reconstruction_model_of_Ancient_Jerusalem_in_Museum_of_David_Castle.jpg

        “Robinson’s Arch” allowed the Jewish kohanim (priests) to cross over the Kidron valley without defiling themselves by close proximity to the graves in the Kidron Valley. That is how “unclean” graves were to first century Jews.

        But once again, the devil is truly in the details of this story. The tomb and swine tell the full story, which is why such details are carefully included. As if living in a tomb wasn’t enough to show the insane man’s disdainful rejection of Temple law, he also lived among the Gadarene swine herds. According to Temple law, swine were the most unclean of animals, and thus prohibited by temple law from any contact with Jews. A Jew living in a tomb among swine? Outside Andres Serrano’s “Piss Christ,” it just doesn’t get any more sacrilegious than this.

        “But when he saw Jesus afar off, he ran and worshipped him, And cried with a loud voice, and said, What have I to do with thee, Jesus, thou Son of the most high God? I adjure thee by God, that thou torment me not.”

        Here we find the insane man worshiping a Temple priest he believes has come to torment him? It makes sense that as a former Temple follower, he would revere a temple priest and yet think he is in for further castigation from the Temple’s authority that drove him to live in Gadara in the first place.

        Now the story lapses into what most people believe is narration of the supernatural. “For he said unto him, Come out of the man, thou unclean spirit. And he asked him, What is thy name? And he answered, saying, My name is Legion: for we are many.”

        This is not about legions of demons, but a metaphor for “the lost sheep of Israel”. According to Temple law the legions of Jews were unclean in spirit, a condition that only be allayed by continual sacrificial tribute to the Temple.

        Although the story fails to record what event led to the insane man’s rejection of Temple law, whatever it was led to his separation from the Temple and therefore its god. This was enough to drive any god-fearing Jew to self-mortifying insanity. “And always, night and day, he was in the mountains, and in the tombs, crying, and cutting himself with stones.”

        So Jesus comes upon this insane Jew whom, upon recognizing one claiming the ultimate authority of the Temple, begins raving about how Jesus has come to torment him beyond what was already an unbearably miserable condition. Worse, he believes Jesus has come to drive him completely out of the country.

        The insane or “demon possessed” character’s legions are representative of the legions of loyal Temple followers of which the man was but a singular, noteworthy example. So once again there is a metaphorical reference: “And he (the man) besought him much that he (Jesus) would not send them (the legions of unclean Temple followers) away out of the country.” Note the singular reference to the legions. The implication here is that the man, representing these demonic legions, plead with Jesus not to drive him/them the unclean Temple followers from the country.

        Here we find yet another trick to circumvent Temple law.

        “And forthwith Jesus gave them leave. And the unclean spirits went out, and entered into the swine: and the herd ran violently down a steep place into the sea, (they were about two thousand;) and were choked in the sea.”

        Jesus addresses the man’s sinful, unclean nature by giving the demons “leave” of the man. The demons then willingly move into the unclean swine. The swine, overcome with the hateful nature of Temple law, willingly commit suicide. Take a look at the exaggerated number of swine. Anyone who has been around these animals, realize that a two-thousand strong herd of swine is a most unlikely number of these critters. But followers of Jesus, while finding this an obvious exaggeration for swine, would undoubtedly hear a likely number for “unclean” Temple followers who have come to doubt their religion.

        “And they that fed the swine fled, and told it in the city, and in the country. And they went out to see what it was that was done.” Imagine a loving Jesus killing a large heard of animals, unclean or otherwise, critical to the survival of a community? What kind of savior would this Jesus represent to the Gadarenes?

        Now the “gentile” swine herders run back to the city to tell their brethren what has transpired. However, for the story to make sense, one must know the gentiles of Gadara were actually Jews who had rejected Temple law.

        “And they come to Jesus, and see him that was possessed with the devil, and had the legion, sitting, and clothed, and in his right mind: and they were afraid. And they that saw it told them how it befell to him that was possessed with the devil, and also concerning the swine. And they began to pray him to depart out of their coasts.”

        The Gadarenes, rejecting the Temple and its laws from the very beginning, want the now cleansed and sane man to leave their village along with his savior, lest more calamity befall them from further Temple machinations. They wanted nothing more to do with the man, Jesus, the Temple, or any other unclean follower. “Praying” for this makes the clear statement: “Please, don’t go away mad – just go away.”

        “And when he was come into the ship, he that had been possessed with the devil prayed him that he might be with him. Howbeit Jesus suffered him not, but saith unto him, Go home to thy friends, and tell them how great things the Lord hath done for thee, and hath had compassion on thee. And he departed, and began to publish in Decapolis how great things Jesus had done for him: and all men did marvel.”

        The man now pleads with Jesus that he might become a follower of his savior, but Jesus tells the man to go home (to the place of his origin) and tell his people they no longer have to cower in fear of Temple law. And so the man began to write about how Jesus had rebuked Temple law. In this there is one last clue.

        The man could write, meaning he was a learned man, most likely a scholar of Temple law, who had discovered the truth about the sacrificial system. The Decapolis of his origin was a ten-city Greco-Roman federation, or league, occupying all of Bashan and Gilead in northeastern Palestine of which Gadara was a part.

        And dat’s da name of dat tune.

      4. @ SARDONICUS

        If I have an axe to grind as you say, then it would be this: Why would any white person worship a Jewish god (YHWH), and a Jewish carpenter (Yeshua) who lived 2,000 years ago? Maybe you should rip off that cross around your neck, and put on Thor’s mighty Mjolnir in defiance of the Christianization of our people like your white pagan ancestors did. Maybe it’s you who lacks faith, in your own race.

        “Christianity is the most basic Zionist Jewish mind control program of all time, their greatest crime against us.” –

    2. Religious historians have for hundreds of years struggled to find out how and why the stories about Jesus and Krishna, who were born 2,000 years apart, are so nearly identical.

      Eusebius of Caesarea (circa 283-371 AD) said: “The religion of Jesus Christ is neither new nor strange.”

      St. Augustine of Hippo (354-430 AD) wrote: “This, in our day, is the Christian religion, not as having been unknown in former times, but as having recently received that name.”

      The existence of the Christians both in Europe and India, (existed) long anterior to the Christian era… (Vol 2, p. 202.) I think the most blind and credulous of devotees must allow that we have the existence of the Cristna of the Brahmins in Thrace, many hundred years before the Christian era-the birth of Jesus Christ.

      In Anacalypsis, The 17th century British orientalist and iconoclast, Godfrey Higgins, insisted that Christianity was already firmly in place in both the West and the East, many centuries before Jesus Christ was born. He said, The Crestians or Christians of the West probably descended directly from the Buddhists, rather than from the Brahmins. (Vol. 2, pp 438, 439.)

      “Melito (a Christian bishop of Sardis) in the year 170, claims the patronage of the emperor, for the now so-called Christian religion, which he calls “our philosophy,” on account of its high antiquity, has having been imported from countries lying beyond the limits of the Roman empire, in the region of his ancestor Augustus, who found the importation ominous of good fortune to his government.” This is an absolute demonstration that Christianity did not originate in Judea, which was a Roman province, but really was an exotic oriental fable, imported from India, and that Paul was doing as he claimed, viz: preaching a God manifest in the flesh who had been “believed in the world” centuries before his time, and a doctrine which had already been preached “unto every creature under heaven.”

    3. Interesting take, but let’s examine all things. I encourage you to check out James Lloyds book The Collective in which he describes an inversion of Israel. True the Bible says JESUS said, I came for the lost sheep of Israel. HE came for them but they rejected HIM! Who was it that was saved (is being saved)? Those who are humble enough to admit they are dogs (wretched sinners in need of salvation). Yes, she knew she was ‘considered a dog’ by those “woeful” Pharisees and Sadducee. Because JESUS stated the obvious religio-political standing, does that make HIM a Jew lover only? John 3:16 For GOD so loved the WORLD, HE gave HIS SON…. 2 Peter 3:9 The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that ANY should perish, but that ALL should come to repentance.

      Romans 9:25 As he saith also in Osee, (Hosea)I will call them my people, which were not my people; and her beloved, which was not beloved.

      Just for the record: I do not go to church, do not like the title of Christian, do not celebrate the holidays, have no denomination and absolutely do not support the physical state of Israel or any of its political garbage. I totally agree that the Christian Institutional church has lost its ever living mind! Be Berean and keep searching out things. Try not to dismiss JESUS all together, because of a few verses!


      1. Who me? I was trying to reply to AIJAHLON
        January 1, 2016 at 10:35 am, earlier this morning…not sure what you mean…

    1. The flaw in your argument is that nobody does what they are told. People find it impossible to do even the good things they desire or avoid the evil things they hate.

  11. I can’t read Kaminski when he gets on his hate God campaign. Mostly I tolerate belief systems of every ilk because what is a belief system but a collection of images and narratives in the dreamscape of our minds. We live in our own symbolic universes. I agree with Darkmoon that it is nihilism that has destroyed us. Who are the nihilist: Well, Aleister Crowley and his heirs like the Scientologists. Remember EST? EST was one of those mind bending seminars in the 70s where people were locked up hotel suites in hopes of deciphering or “getting” what “it” was? You either got “it” or you didn’t. I didn’t ever get “it”, so I recently researched what “it” was only to discover that “it” was “nihil” or “nothing”. Evil is nothing. It doesn’t create or give birth, it is parasitic. So when someone chooses nihilism over life, it leaves me cold and bored. That’s why atheistic societies like the Communist regimes of Eastern Europe were so drab. When I was young I took the train from West Berlin to East Berlin and walked through the communist world to still see a living museum of a city destroyed by War– bullet holes in the walls of the buildings, a soup kitchen that reminded me of a basement hospital cafeteria. It was like the life had been sucked out leaving a carcass. That’s it.. a carcass of what was once alive and vibrant but now is dead. That is the world of atheism. That is why they can’t just live like happy atheist but have to constantly suck on religion with unrelenting criticism…notice how atheists always want to talk about religion? It’s like plants stuck in a dark corner seek the sun, it’s instinctual to seek being as the life ebbs away. But I don’t talk religion with atheists and I don’t read their deadening points of view.

  12. Unless you understand the simple truth that the tail does not and cannot wag the dog, you all will keep babbling endlessly about nothing. I have told you already that you will be going round and round with your heads down and arses up – going nuts – lost in the logical forest grown out of a single fallacy.

    The Anglo-American “elites” are the dog and the Jews are the tail, butt-heads, not vice versa. It is that simple. The Anglo-Americans are the foremost motor of the f*cked-up world we all live in today, not the Jews. The Jews are no more than a fan in the motor that helps the rot of the Anglo-American empire to spread all over the world. In the final analysis, the real power is behind the Anglo-Americans, not the Jews. The Anglo-Americans employ the Jews, not vice versa.

    The relationship between the Anglo-American empire and the Jews is that between the pimp and the whores. Who should be blamed for the moral corruption rampant in the world today: The pimp or the whores? Both, of course, but first and foremost – the pimp.

    “Critical thinker” Franklin Ryckaert does not understand this.
    ” Hitlerjugend” Lobro does not understand this.
    “London Pharisee bank teller” Pat does not understand this.
    Our “pig-shit smelling” Ausee brother Max does not understand this.

    The rest of you do not understand this either – with the possible exception of LD and few others running this show.

    But no worries, brothers and sisters, I am here to hammer the simple truth until the cows come home.

    1. @Circassian

      Since you don’t understand that the “communist revolution” in Russia which led to your beloved Stalinist Utopia was essentially a Jewish conspiracy, you are unable to understand that the “Anglo-American Empire” which you loathe so much is a Jewish conspiracy too. The world is ruled by elites (never by “the people”) and the Jews control the elites, hence they control the world.

      The main sources of Jewish power are : 1) the power to create money out of nothing and then lending it at interest, 2) control of the media of news and entertainment, by which the mind of the masses is controlled, 3) control of the elites by bribery and blackmail. In this way a tiny minority of only 0,2% of the world’s population controls the whole planet.
      And BTW, “Islamic terrorism” too is mainly a Jewish construct.
      This is no “paranoia”, you can research the extent of Jewish power yourself.

    2. I like ‘simple truths’ from ‘simple’ Circassians.

      Here is one even the ‘simple’ Circassian can grasp and spread to the ‘simple’ Russians…..

      BRICS countries’ gold reserves TOTAL is less than half of US. 🙂

      …… THEY need more gold:

      US – 8133.46 tonnes

      BRICS – TOTAL – 3845.73 tonnes





      South Africa

  13. I like the good writings and analyses of JK , especially when he uncovers the hand of the Jews behind the major troubles – I was about to say tribulation- experienced by mankind worldwide. But when it comes to religion, he quite misses the point: He doesn’t seem to be aware that the religions he’s blaming have been soiled by the Jews just as everything else, for, religion is moral and Jews can be anything but moral. Therefore, religion is the prime test the Jews fail at, that’s why they tempered with and altered the Scriptures of Judaism and Christianity. They couldn’t do it with the Quran because it had been written and saved by close companions of the Prophet, and it has always been learned by heart, in its entirety, simultaneously by millions of Muslims. However, they managed to infiltrate this religion through the tribe of Al-Saud who are said to be Jews originating from Iraq .They promoted the Wahhabism/Salafism – supposedly a creed that refers back to the source- not by adopting the morals of the Prophet and his companions but by recreating and re-living their environment and conditions. Now, what is called Islamic Terrorism is a mix of manipulated ignorant “Muslims”, a lot of mercenaries knowing just these two Arabic words: Allahu Akbar, and a bunch of Mossad agents and other crypto Jews agencies.
    True, unaltered religion is the prime enemy of the Jews just as they are its prime enemy. Ponder this authenticated saying of the Prophet Muhammad speaking about The End of the World (before the rapture and before the Second Coming of Jesus):
    It was narrated by Abu Hurairah that the Prophet said: “The End of Times would not occur until the Muslims wage war against the Jews and kill them. Then, the Jews would hide behind the rocks and the trees that will [talk and] say: O Muslim, O servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him. Except for the tree of gharqad (nitraria retusa ) for it is the tree of the Jews.” ( Sahih Muslim )
    No wonder, even the rocks and the trees would come to loathe them and help getting rid of them by giving them up to their hunters!

  14. It’s amazing, isn’t it, my me-hating human friends? I mean, here we are, with the absolutely wonderful Mister John Kaminski speaking of facts as they are, and there we are, with the far, far-too-delicate-for-life and still young-in-the-head Lady Darkmoon – for that is her new title, and not Madame any more – taking umbrage and finding fault with what every thinking head knows to be true, namely, that it is Religion and not Irreligion that is the main cause of all the mayhem and suffering experienced by man on this earth. That our young English Lady’s what passes for thought has gone entirely unnoticed and wholly unchallenged surprises me no longer, as there are two reasons why men often do not object to that which ought to vehemently be objected:
    1. The fear of appearing offending (the glaring absence of which is my specialty), and,
    2. Comatosis Universalis (that hideous disease of the mind which has destroyed infinitely more numbers of men than even Religion and God put together).

    Well, our Lady from England may fare well in Canada, where snow tends to make men a little heavy in the head, and where she may find numberless co-religionists wherewith to share her happy Jewish Christian hope of salvation, on the condition, of course, that they must first die, but here, in the evil Ellie land, a German will first grow to love the Jew, before our Lady’s thoughts pass unchallenged; and it is with the most felicitous and now seemingly regular demolition of her unhappy Christian mind that we shall now busily engage ourselves for a few colourful and unique moments.

    Lady Darkmoon ‘’informs’’ us dumb dog/dog/human cattle that, without Christianity, the world would be a far darker place to live in, presumably darker than the place of abode which her unilluminated moniker suggests, and that to a considerably larger number of our fellow terrestrial creatures graver and more hideous injuries would have been inflicted had not the loving Christian Church been openly against the heartless and cruel perpetration of them, since, according to our youthful but learned Lady, who loves the Jews, and hates the Jew-killers like me, what very properly constitutes the Religion of Christianity is not Hate but Love and Learning, the attachment to which, if assiduous and genuine, would cause one to grow eminently distinguished in all the branches of Learning, and grow to love even the unlovable and most hideous of all: the evil, toilet Jew. Jew is toilet!

    Now, Mister Kaminski, who is good both in parts and on the whole, and who naturally elicits that strange though frequent species of curiosity in one, such as we feel when we are hungry and smell a dish but cannot quite make out what it is, probably finds it too displeasing and uncharacteristic to correct the erring mind of our delicate, English, female specimen, as he no doubt fears that the readership which he here has so very slowly and painfully acquired, may, in the most treacherous manner, like with me, suddenly turn, like rabid dogs, and sublimate their hideous coma of mind, and angry vehemence of will, into a weapon most destructive, and render him in the future as disagreeable and unwanted as I am in the perpetual present. Well, luckily for me, I have no such fear, since I find the most intensest pleasure in life in breaking apart the souls of those whom I had formerly loved: Lady Darkmoon. So lovely to hurt from a distance!

    Our little, virgin girl from England, whose wan lips clearly have never been made to bleed by a man’s jealous teeth, and whose unhandled body has never once sported a forceful impression of an aggressive human hand of a lover, defends Christianity, but I ask her this: of the thirty-eight million pairs of lungs in Peru and Mexico, how many of them continued to draw in the salubrious Amazonian breath after the Religion of Love had landed there with its loving Jewish boots? And the manner of the most eminently Christian loving Cortes, when dealing with the natives, was it more or less disagreeable? And Pizzaro’s heavy train, when landed in those parts of the terrestrial globe, was it loaded more with food and sauces, or with blades and faggots? And the fellow loving Christian, Diego de Almagro, is he known more for hacking jungles, or for hacking bodies? And Francisco Toledo, who so loved Jesus that he forcefully convinced the Indians to burn themselves in the fire if they aspired to everlasting life, was it his love of Christianity that distinguished his memorable eminency, or the particular relish which he displayed at the sight of the young and inoffensive bodies of the babes and mothers being burned to black, Jewish cinders?

    Coming more nearer to our Age, and revisiting those parts of the globe where every species of beauty has its origin, and every gorgeous melody is composed, what human man can remain unmoved at the sick and depraved butchery of the inoffensive little Cathars by the hands of the loving Catholics? Who was it – do remind us now, my learned Lady – who was it that said, ‘’Kill them all, man, woman and child, for Christ will recognize his own?,’’ and who afterwards said, ‘’Punishment by fire and sword is the first and best step into turning unbelievers into Catholics?’’ Was it Love, or the pretence of Love, that had confederated every demented Christian in Europe then to descend like a massive pack of Jew-monster wolves upon a people whose only offense in life was their believing in a Cosmic rather than in a Christian Jewish God? And what about this Atheistic Communism which our perennially depressed and unmistakably solitary Lady of England makes so much noise about, eh? What about it? About it, this: Atheism was not a war of the godfull against the godless, my unloved Lady, but rather a war of the inhuman sick little Jew against every other human, as is the fact that the butchers of the shitty little Israel, who shoot six-year-old Palestinians for sport and immediately afterwards complain about the Holocaust, are every bit as religious as those who formerly in Russia ostensibly were not, and those in Peru and Mexico who unmistakably were.

    She then goes on to quote Michael Hoffman, so as to better support her now-demolished thoughts, not knowing that the man is a Jesuist, who would rather advise a man what Christian lies to invent and to polish, than what truths to speak out and to make known. And this is the thing about those who write thick books and envelop themselves in the hideous mantle of Religion in general, and Jewish Christianity in particular: they cover themselves with a thick air of Religious and academic authority, and thus deprive their readers of those true and hard species of knowledge which afterwards their burning experience on the skin forces them to wish they had beforehand acquired it themselves, like me, whom here no one listens and everyone hates. Hate, hate, but I tell you this: in a world peopled with evil Jews, if you don’t listen to those who know them, one regret may turn out to be one too many!

    And so, I will end now – it’s so painful not being able to write a ten-thousand word thought! – with two other little things, one a fact, the other a factual objection, the first of which is that, what the good Mister John Kaminski says is very perfectly true; and the second, that our good Lady, Lasha Darkmoon, thinks long and hard the next time before she calls another eloquent and elegant, like she did in this article, as these two eminent qualities are very distinctly mine only, and that no other person than me, even if his mouth so much as deserves it, ought to be made cognizant of possessing them, let alone consciously be made recognizable to others by them, as I am an intensely jealous person, and I find Jews and others’ lofty approbation and extensive recommendation wholly displeasing and entirely undeserving. Sadly, here me first, everyone else after. (Lobro, Gilby, and the beautiful Stan de Carlo excepted.)


    ‘’And you should lay it as a principle never to help a Jew, however touching and lachrymose his weeping appeal to you may be, but hourly refine in your gentle mind the ways and the means through which to cause him harm and prolong his suffering. For the Jew is a mass of energy that is thoroughly schooled in the arts of casuistry and sophistry, who intrudes in our company with that crude and unpolished Hebrew forwardness, and whose lying to any and all is as easy and convenient as speaking the truth is to you and me. Ignorant people embrace him, and the stupid Christians love him; and if you observe them with as keen an eye as Madame de Sevigne observed her daughter, Madame de Grignan, you shall have no trouble at all in discerning in them all the falsities and the frauds which even the best criminal German mind would be incapable of so much as imagining. Accustom, therefore, your fine sparkling eyes to look upon the Jews as dirty little street curs, ejected from all courts, and spat upon by all peoples, bestial creatures who have as little capability for mercy and self-reflection as has a corner street whore a notion of morality. What I am telling you is not insignificant, and I dare say that you will find one moment spent in the company of me more useful and pleasant than a thousand years spent in the company of the ‘’humanest,’’ ‘’the kindest,’’ ‘’and the most understanding of Jews,’’ particularly with you, as Jews love to strike delicate women inwardly, and hurt them not so much in the pocket as in those parts of which in us constitute our very being: German blood and German race. After all, my good Mother, Jews hate their own blood; I don’t quite see what true religious injunction or philosophical precept prevents us from helping them hate themselves but a little more?!

    E – not for Ellie, this time, but unashamedly and most immodestly for Eloquence. Do you now understand me when I insist that our Lady from England ought to be less liberal with her effusive but undeserved praise for others? Me! Here, just me! This, understand!

    Evil Jews!

  15. OK AFTER DOING ENOUGH TO SATISFY MY OBSERVATION FINAL PROOF WAS CRIMES OF THER BOLSHEVICKS , THAT THE JEWS WHEN THERY WAIL OF ATROCOITRIES IS THEM THATS DOIN IT, MAYBE A OLD OBSERVATION BUT IT IS ONE WAY OF RESEARCHING TO SPEED UP YOUR KNOWLEWDGE OF THEIRT WAYS, YOU CAN EASIER PROVE ITG TO YOURSELF AS WELL. IT GETS TO BE ABYSMALLY REPETITIV E THJE WAY TYHEY DOI THIWS , AND N O ONE EVER SEZ SHUT UP BIEATCH, I DO RIGHT NOW SAHIT UP BIEATCH.sdorry cap lock dont look at screen when typing io find that the cap lock thing is not like yerlling who invented that idiocy it isnt even an issuer it is a mistake is all. So why is nietchkerr almost allways villified and in a way that proves that they have no idea what he was talking aboutg, allways with the supewrman and hitler which he had notjhing to do with supermnan was a jew comic book character and nietscke was not.he was the only philosopher i actually undeerstood, he spoke in palin languagew as compared to say ( no not sartre the ignoble snot nose) shcopednhoer or hegel or goollerweldhgfsk, or phinedads jew there it is my thought for tgoday on display, who cares im not trying for an academic position ort a seeks admiration for my shumkbvility oh i am getting into non sense good day.

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