The Jews: A Declaration of Truth to the Goyim! — by David Chu

David Chu is a Chinese writer living in Patagonia. He has asked us to publish his article on the Jews today, his 50th birthday. It is a beautifully written article packed with useful information about the Holocaust, the Talmud, 9/11, and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.  To read the article, click on the link below:

84 thoughts to “The Jews: A Declaration of Truth to the Goyim! — by David Chu”

  1. Happy Birthday David.

    This is a stirring essay that had me in tears towards the end of it. You’re a good man and I believe there are many more like you in China who ‘get it’ once they’ve been told about the Jews. In fact, it is my fellow Canadians who resist my message and don’t want to ‘get it’. The Chinese in China, on the other hand, are very receptive to the truth. For this, we should both be thankful.

    1. A brilliant article that had me in tears also, especially the eloquent concluding paragraphs in which the author addresses the Chinese people. David, you write like an angel! I am going to send this to my family and friends in Hong Kong and ask them to spread it around.

      1. Great article…but a bit on the long side. The bit I thought the strongest was the section on the Holocaust.

        You make one factual error though which stands out like a sore thumb. You advance the silly internet conspiracy theory, for which there in no sound basis whatever, that Stalin was a Jew. Stalin was definitely NOT a Jew, he was a Georgian. There is not a single responsible biography that argues or even suggests that Stalin was a Jew. In fact, he was accused of anti-Semitism in later life and there’s good reason to suppose that he was bumped off by a bunch of Jewish doctors. (The famous “Doctors’ Plot”.)

        Another huge factual error, again promoted on the internet by irresponsible conspiracy theorists but never mentioned in any reliable source, is your statement that all Stalin’s “three” wives were Jewesses. Wrong! His first two wives were definitely non-Jewish. As for his his so-called “third” wife, Rosa Kaganovitch, there are doubts if any such woman even existed! Check it out. You will find that to be the case. I’m afraid you are relying on ill-informed internet sources for these comments of yours about Stalin.

        Having said this, however, the rest of your essay is brilliant and I find no fault with it! It’s just the short paragraph in which you mention Stalin. Your essay would benefit substantially if that defective paragraph were deleted.

      2. thanks for correction, sard.

        not only did you save me the trouble of doing it but also from the wrath of ruth.
        last time she ended up deported to some pondicherry ashram and i to doghouse, all because i urged caution on historical interpretation of stalin’s life and work, namely that in my view, his legacy may well be due for a major revision, something little known outside russia.

        dux polonius seems to share the hesitancy in the jew-led rush to judgment, at any rate.

        the way they ditched stalin reminds me of seagoing cocaine smugglers cutting the bales loose when chased by coast guard.

      3. Being an Englishman living in a China for the past 7 years I do not miss it there at all. Jews have controlled England for centuries now and the only way for us to change this is a revolution with the ending being a The a Republic of England. Out with the paedophile government and royals.

        China, as a so called communist country is the safest place anyone could live. It has capitalism, it has places to live, food to eat. What happened to the west. I for one will show my support for China if a war breaks out. Call me a traitor by all means but the UK parliament has been a traitorous new breeding ground for years now.

        Tony Blair and his wife should be housed in the Tower of London and tried for war crimes then summarily executed in public to show that the people have had enough of being duped, lied to, shat on and expected to take it.

      4. Englishman Living in China says: “Out with the paedophile government and royals.”, I couldn`t agree more. and add Cameron and his merry band of zionists, to those who should be incarcerated in the tower of London. Throw them a crust now and then, as their zionist buddies do to the people of Gaza..

  2. Superb, David! I lived and worked in Hong Kong for 10 years and have many Chinese friends who are fully aware of the evil nature of the Jews. One advantage most Chinese have over Westerners is the fact that Jews cannot use Old Testament sentimentality to subvert their thinking. Most Chinese are either Taoist or Buddhist. Also many of my Chinese friends, from the mainland, carry memories of the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution where tens of millions died to be emotionally blackmailed by narcissistic “holocaust” propaganda. May I suggest a Chinese movie for your edification. Zhang Yimou’s “To Live”, starring Gong Li. It tells the story of A Chinese family’s struggle to live from the late 40’s through to the end of the cultural revolution. It’s one of my favourites.

    1. I concur. The movie “To Live” / (Huo Zhe – mandarin title) is in my “top 3 of all-time” movies. I just watched it last week for the fourth time. It never gets old! 5 Stars *****

      1. @Truth
        Yes, China and Japan make excellent films. Zhang Yimou’s “House of Flying Daggers,” is terrific, especially the “Drum Dance”. HP, my favourite Kurosawa film is “Ran”!

    2. i only had to read the following paragraph before i knew that david chu is the real deal

      Zionist Jew, non-Zionist Jew, Khazarian Jew, Ashkenazi Jew, Sephardic Jew, non-practicing Jew, kosher Jew, non-kosher Jew, orthodox Jew, liberal Jew, Israeli Jew, non-Israeli Jew ~
      What is the real difference and significance among all these various names of the Jews?
      Nothing. Absolutely nada.

      only a certifiable cretin or a shill would insist that most of jews are just “regular, normal folks”, especially knowing that fully 96% (+) jews worldwide, regardless of location, give the rousing 3 hoorays for giving gaza a white phosphorus, fleshette, cluster bomb, depleted uranium, thermobaric bath at regular intervals to coincide with their vampiric holidays.
      israeli jews can be divided into 3 groups, those that volunteer for sniper potshots at palestinian children, those that like piloting drones with cruise missiles and the ones that just like to relax with a cocktail, watching the shock+awe (shekinah) show.
      (when every second goy i know says: “but all the jews i know are not into zionism, just regular, normal citizens“, it gives me insight into the mass iq status)

      at any rate,
      feliz cumpleaños, david.

      tommyswan’s facebook link is quite good and informative.

  3. Just because the jews poisoned Stalin doesn’t necessarily follow Stalin wasn’t a jew. The jews bumped-off a Prime Minister of Israel, Yitzhak Rabin — doesn’t necessarily follow Rabin wasn’t a Jew because some jews assassinated Rabin. That the jews poisoned Stalin is no proof Stalin wasn’t a jew, nor is it proof Stalin was a jew. That the jews poisoned Stalin can’t be used as proof of Stalin’s blood/DNA ancestry — it really has no bearing in discerning Stalin’s blood/DNA. The jews got rid of Senator Wellstone [ and his whole jew family]. Doesn’t mean Wellstone wasn’t a jew because the jews got rid of him [ and his whole jew family ].

  4. Congratulations with your 50th orbit on planet Earth around the Sun, David.

    Two things:

    Communism in China is Jew Made. ….Jews were behind Mao Tse-Tung’s rule as the commie tyrant of China, tens of millions of Chinese tortured, killed.

    And as birthday surprise: Patagonia, Argentina?

    1. Hitler being alive after WWII is extremely doubtful.

      We can’t have one hand saying Jews are all powerful, controlling the world (and the US and its spook programs) and the other hand saying they couldn’t locate Hitler later on. If he had been alive, the Jews would have been blathering non-stop about it, just like every other Nazi (which continues to this day).

  5. “cho” means “butterfly” in Japanese. What does “chu” mean in Chinese?

    Why does the Chinese author, Chu, have an Old Testament Hebrew first name? Why would the Chinese who don’t like Jews give their Chinese son an Old Testament Hebrew first name?

  6. The Chinese and the Japanese, historically, never saw eye-to-eye. I’m wondering what our very own Japanese “cho”, Cio-Cio San, thinks about this David Chu and all this talk about how wonderful the Chinese are? Or, is our Darkmoon kabuki girl fluttering over the fjords of Norway at the present moment and can’t be bothered ?

  7. A very edifying and comprehensive article, Mr. Chu! (Happy Birthday, btw – and many happy returns!) Thank you, and Darkmoon.

    One old phrase I often consider when pondering the entire Bible is ‘What is good for the Jew is good for the gentile.’. Remembering that gives us potent ammunition – if we know how to use it.


    Adolf was in the ZioNazi camp too, despite his opposition to the J-Banksters. He can be seen as founding father of the present day Israel.

    One of the more minor leads that made me come to this conclusion: 30th of April Adolf supposedly killed himself. Juliana – the mother of Beatricks- got adopted. So her birthday 30th of april must have been faked too. Remember Dirty Tricks’ Nazifather Bernhard was one of the founders of Bilderberg. There is much more shame and scandal in this fake Orange so called royal family but that’s a too long thread for now.


    30th of April – 1st May is the major night of Satanists: Walpurgisnight.

    Satanists, jewish or non-jewish shake hands in Bilderberg.
    Time to blow up this mountain (berg) of satanic images (bilder).

    1. @Zen

      For all we know AH could have planned his entry into Valhalla sometime in early May AFTER Walpurgisnight, but was thwarted and sacrificially murdered on April 30th by the same Satanists who killed Diana Spencer in Paris during another one of their Satanic high (un)holy days

  9. Yep…

    “The Semitic peoples are those who speak the Semitic languages…”

    But… Language DNA..???

    Being a Semite requires speaking a Semitic language. There can be NO such thing as “Semitic DNA”… therefore, no living creature has any “Semitic DNA.” If someone is raised to speak Arabic in Britain, rather than English, the DNA would not reveal that.

    Quote from Chu’s essay:
    “Today’s Jews are NOT the Semitic peoples of Palestine and the surrounding areas, as
    portrayed in their epic Hollywood movies about the Bible. The Semitic peoples are those
    who speak the Semitic languages, especially Hebrew and Arabic. Other Semitic languages
    include “Aramaic and certain ancient languages such as Phoenician and Akkadian.”

    “But, more importantly, the crux of the matter lies in their DNA. The Jews of today, more
    than 95% of them, have the same amount of Semitic DNA in them as I do in me: ZERO, I
    am 100% Chinese with absolutely no strain of Semitic DNA in me! On the other hand, the
    Palestinians are a Semitic people with Semitic DNA in them.”


    “ZERO” is correct.

    1. My point in what I wrote is not to detract from Chu’s basic message. My point is simple:

      Pharisees [the Orthodox Jews] are a Talmudic CULT… regardless of their tongues.

      And they can be seen in many shapes and physical body types and speak many different languages, living in every country. Moles chanting kol nidre, living according to the Talmud.

      1. PAT – Wrong again!

        During Jesus time, Pharisees didn’t have TALMUD, which was written by rabbis 100 years after the “hanging Jesus by a tree”. The current TALMUD was “perfected” during the Babylonian occupation of Palestine. Only 5% of current Jewish population follows Torah (OT), the rest follows TALMUD which is the LAW in Israel.

      2. Rehmat – You are WRONG…. AGAIN… STILL…!!

        Put your glasses back on… so you can read, and get it correct.

        I used the word “ARE”….. not “WERE”…..

        I’ll bring you up to date. Here is the head Jew’s admission for TODAY’s Pharisees:

        “Pharisaism…. became Talmudism, Talmudism became Medieval Rabbinism, and Medieval Rabbinism became Modern Rabbinism. But, throughout these changes of name, inevitable adaption of custom, and adjustment of Law, the spirit of the ancient – Pharisee – survives unaltered.

        “When the Jew reads his prayer, he is reciting formulae prepared by pre-Maccabean scholars; when he dons the cloak prescribed for the Day of Atonement and Passover Eve, he is wearing the festival garment of ancient Jerusalem; when he studies the Talmud he is actually repeating the arguments used in the Palestinian academies.”

        Rabbi Louis Finklestein, President and Professor of Theology, Jewish Theological Seminary of America, The Pharisees, Vol. I, page xxi.

        Thanks for prompting my clarification. 🙂 🙂

  10. Patagonia, a great natural resource region spreads into both Chile and Argentina. How many Western brainwashed dudes know that the World Zionist Movement wanted a ‘Jewish state’ in Patagonia before they narrowed it down to Arab Palestine?

    In 2012, Abraham Foxman, the national director of powerful Israel lobby, Anti-Defamation League (ADL), called Chilean Senator Eugenio Tuma, chairman Foreign Affairs Committee of the Chilean Senate, an ‘antisemite’, for blaming Israel for financing and sending military personnel to set fire in the environmental preserve of Torres del Paine Park in the Chilean Patagonia.

  11. Browsing through Coopers book- that I took note of some years ago, sounded plausible, but never read, near the end HC writes: What do Others Think Of this Theory? (No longer a theory since the FBI declassified these former secret files concerning Adolf H.’s holidays in Argentina after 45)

    “I’d venture a guess that since AH had provided the vehicle for untold millions or billions to the Military-Industrial Complex, as well as the various banks and bankers who funded all of the war, he was rewarded with safety for the remaining years of his life. You have most likely read or heard of ‘Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler’.Look at all those tens of thousands of aircraft and ships, tanks etc. built in the USand Britain – how many are left, where did they end up and who paid for them…..and just who got the profits?”

    And then there is Operation Paperclip a turnkey operation that brought Nazi scientists like Werner von Braun to the US where they gave birth to NASA.

    Eustace Mullins brought up this AH as founder of the state of Israel thread in this talk.

    The Nurnberg trial Mullins says was to silence the high ranking German military who knew about the ZioNazi enterprise also during 4045. After they were done with, the Zionist secret was safe, and the Zionists were now in command of the world, their National Socialist allies were gone, they had a free reign and set up the state of Israel……6.57 > jewish writer George Steiner proposed why don’t they erect a statue of Adolf Hitler….well they are not likely to, the big job of the criminals is to keep the truth from the people, the jew owned msm is there to tsunami everyone with disinfo.

    @David Cho, your recalculating the holo number is nicht gut sondern sehr gut but the recent officially FBI declassification of H’s holidays in Argentina etc. is actually publically admitting that AH was working with the J-bankers beyond WW I+II.

    We should spread this news. Rothschild and their lackeys will not be amused with it.

    1. I think they have already held their hands up to your exposes. There is a hell of a lot out there and we have to bypass the material world to find it… way beyond my scope.

    2. Can we say AH as the INADVERTENT founder of Israel?

      Duped to a fair-thee-well

  12. The truth content of any fact is hardly ever easy to ascertain or measure, even less so, perhaps, is it of any intention. Any fact can be and always is challenged by someone, somewhere, sometime; and an intention by most, in most places, most of the time. The little irony here is that with regards to Mr. Chu’s “A Declaration of Truth to the Goyim!” some of his facts are consistently challenged while the content of the truth of his intention (exposing the iniquitous propagation of the Big Lie and its devastatingly evil affects upon mankind) is deafening with regards to it in the silence of those challengers of some of his facts. This is no accident, whereby a generally accepted and ubiquitous principle is inverted, when considering the present subject of its current application; namely, the Jew. The Truth Value of Mr. Chu’s intention in his “Declaration of Truth” propels a few facts into the stratosphere when scales of measure are employed to weigh the value of each (and yes, there is an irony here, too, should one have the keen eye of an eagle or the Jew to notice). The reality of the Big Lie persists now for millennia regardless of which facts are believed in, or not, by anyone, anywhere, anytime; and I’m reminded by Philip K. Dick that “Reality is whatever refuses to go away when I stop believing in it”.

  13. I myself am very Jew Wise, just like the Chinese are Jew Wise.

    When I lived in Sacramento and my Christian Zionist neighbor asked me if I wanted to join her Christian Zionist church and go to church with her and her husband every Sunday, I said, “No, I do NOT want to join your Christian Zionist church. I don’t like Zionism. Zionism is a joo thing, Zionism is the “religion” of the jews, Zionism is not true and real Christianity. It’s all about Empire and making war against peoples who have never done against us Americans.”

    Christian Zionist neighboress : “You know, Joe, I don’t like TV, I only watch my cable Christian channel and they have a Jewish minister on the Christian teevee show. You really should subscribe to the Christian channel I subscribe to and listen to the Jewish minister. He can explain Zionism much better than I can”.

    TROJ In Sac. : I don’t like Zionism and I’m never going to be a Zionist. I don’t like TV either. I only watch TCM occasionally when they play a fun old-time movie. Well, sometimes I watch HGTV and Animal Planet. If I come across a Cowboy/Western movie, I’ll usually watch it. Especially the older Western movies.

    Christian Zionist neighboress : I’ll keep praying for you, Joe.

    TROJ in Sac. : Okay, if you want to, pray all you want.

    Christian Zionist neighboress ; I’m going to pray a lot for you, Joe. Have a bless’d day, Joe.

    TROJ : Okay, you too. See ya later.

    A week later :

    Jew woman in neighborhood with dog, walking her dog for his morning walk. I run into her while taking my dog for my dog’s morning walk :

    Jew woman with dog ; Oh Joe! I haven’t seen in you a week.

    TROJ : Yes, I haven’t seen you either in a week. I guess we just keep missing one another.

    Jew woman with dog : I’m been meaning to ask you, Joe.

    TROJ : Yes?

    Jew woman with dog : Would you like to join the Communist Party here in Sacramento?

    TROJ : No thanks. I’m very Jew Wise like the Chinese are Jew Wise.

    Jew woman with dog : I understand that, Joe. I know you’re very Jew Wise from all the things you told me about Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union , but I thought you’d like to join the Communist Party here because our dogs are friends and they play so well together.

    TROJ : Gee, you’re right. They do play with each very well together, look at them frolicking. They’re very cute together. The TWO really like one another. Okay, I’ll join your joo Communist party. Now that you mention it, I think it would be a lot of fun to join your joo Communist party here. Plus, I know my dog would love it to spend more time with your dog. Yes, it would be fun to join your Joo Communist party here. Where do I sign up?

    Jew woman with dog : Come over later to my place around noon-ish and I’ll get you signed up in our Joo Communist Party here, Joe. Yes, Joe , you were right when you said you’re as Jew Wise as the Chinese.

    1. Joe has a natural gift for dialogue. I see him as a retired Hollywood scriptwriter. Obviously Jewish. Because off all the Yiddish and also because Jews are particularly good at doing dialogue.

  14. I guess Pope Julian is back in the Vatican after his fishing trip, our Shoes of The Fisherman Pope is back, surrounded by his loyal coterie of Cardinals of a certain faction and ilk. I know Pope Julian is back in action, that’s cause ALL of my posts questioning some of Chu’s premises are getting totally banned. Yes, the Mope Pope was always censorious, but not censorious to the Nth degree as this new one we got. I’m not exactly spamming your Darkmoon. I’m not a spammer, not really. I’m not into it. As the Pope censors one post, I think, “okay, the pope didn’t like the last one, he censored it, I’ll write another one, maybe he’ll like this one”. That’s all. That’s not spamming, that’s being considerate trying to please The Pope, that’s all. Geeesssh.

  15. You’ll soon reach a point where you simply won’t be able to trust any Jews, no matter how long you’ve known them, no matter how nice they seem. You simply can’t know who they are or who they know.

  16. It seems that the history of religion is played even out today and we have not reached the end of the day for some more thousands of years. We are in the midst of this unfoldment and it is midday – we will get burned by their wars of self-rightiousness. We think we overcame dogma but we are in the midst of it, perhaps we are ourselves even dogmatic in our attachment to be right.

    God, so “they” say in the Western myth, made man in his image. The image looked at God, God looked at the image and God liked what he saw and called these people “his specially chosen ones.” A good selling point label was created. Then these people lived that legacy year by year and added to it. They needed 2 holocausts before their messiah comes, which will be in Gods image, means all of them to be worshiped by the rest of us, religiously. So they manufactured history. It seems that they never wrote much about history til the last 200 years, but they lived their mystery, their stories, their unfolding of a prophecy which is yet to come, and which is based on the suffering of the rest of the bleeding humanity. Hence, their suffering is being worshipped as worse and more than others as they are the chosen ones and look just like God.

    In Europe they had many wars. After the wars people went on with life leaving grudges eventually behind. Near borders people married from different countries and almost had their own culture and never wanted any wars as they were to close to one another. The last wars, WW.1 and 2, the Anglo Saxon/US/Zionists introduced reparations introduced the Versaille Contracts – something unheard of before.. Reparations, like that was never a part of any end to a war, perhaps texations… Also, the introduction of collective guilt was not much there before. It got introduced by the US.

    This collective guilt will be there forever as the Jewish myth will be living on and on and on till they or humanity with them dies out. It is however up to us to ignore that and refuse that storyline and live in the moment free of these concerns. People however, will live the paradigm which they are told to, the matrix, the many historical lies, the half truths, the occasional truths and defend illusions with their blood over and over again.

    One must however remember that Jewish history is only written down a short time and that it is a myth and not fictional truth. Schlomo Sand, Gilad Atzmon wrote about themes such as the race, the myth, the storyline, and that no evidence nowhere was found about greater Israel, King David was a small place somewhere, insignificant and now is made into greater Israel, ingulfing eventually Egypt and Iran (perhaps).

    What do we learn from this? we do not have a living myth any longer. The history of the whites got erased with Christianity and through erasing and falsifying history by monks and nuns -re-writing parchments. The whites will die out if they do not cultivate themselves spiritually further… their keine will only live if their goodness shows at service and in their service mindedness (without letting yourself be exploited) they have a charm and a working spirit which yet has to be matched.

    We can re-create out own myth… not based on paganism because it is too long dead but based on how we overcame a myth which was based on a death cult and create a myth which re-creates life and a living planet earth.

    1. “their keine” – their kind

      Sorry, for my spelling errors… English is not easy for me.

    2. Re: “The whites will die out if they do not cultivate themselves spiritually further… their kind will only live if their goodness shows at service and in their service mindedness (without letting yourself be exploited) they have a charm and a working spirit which yet has to be matched.”

      YES! We like Whites not Kikes!

      1. In a way, thinking along the line of religious history ad mythology, all wars are religious wars with no exception till the cycle of self fulfilling prophecies are closed, till Adam and Eve, both Jews, have returned to their kind of garden of Eden (on the cost of the rest perhaps). It’s a long dreary journey, many people die of hunger because of mostly Jewish owned Wall-Street, unnoticed by the rest, many die in human trafficking offered at the altar of negativity, Then, humanity will be under the influence of the NEWS and written history, taught by young teachers, who mean well and the best, but are not old enough to look behind the screen. We still will be divided and fight each other and the story goes on and on, ever less human can be kept alive in this hell of war and earth. Not sure were humanity goes from here but it would be best to overcome dogmatic mythology and religion and create a life affirming societies in which all cultures are allowed to live freely and develop their kind of safety zones according to their wishes. Whites naturally must be allowed to live just as much as others and there must be places which are their own so they can decide freely whom to marry, as not all white people are good enough for a relation these days, with many I would never share even a meal, so degenerate they have become. I rather would marry an Indian person (from India – India, or a Persian than a white person on drugs, beer, gun addicted and a meat eater). A good society really depends in awareness and on compassion, not tolerance per se, as to tolerate means often to tolerate abuse, no healthy boundaries make a healthy world as a liver cell cannot be a kidney cell but all work together fine to create a garden full of flowers with different colors dancing their dance of life. Let them – just don’t sell yourself short through selling yourself to that concept which is termed “satan” = American Hollywood and music industry…. porn seems to be part of it too. It will lead to many lonely and chronically unfulfilled people, who are ever more unable to discover their true nature which is really sseet, pure and spiritual… (with some sexuality, sleep, eating and fear habits). With a little love and loyalty to one another we could create enough stability to safeguard society through and beyond all the brainwashing. The key is: never to give up loving. Never give up your love.

  17. Theodore Bikel (of Fiddler on the Roof fame) has allegedly passed away. Bikel was an outspoken champion of the Bedouin Arabs. It wasn’t long ago that Bikel called for Netanyahu’s resignation. It’s hard to know if Bikel was being sincere in his advocacy on behalf of the Bedouin Arabs, but I’m inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt. Even so …. it’s hard to place any confidence in anything that a jew says. Do you suppose that Bikel may have been assassinated for his apparent show of goodwill toward goyim ?? A “good jew” (if indeed there is such a thing) is perhaps the only kind that will ever end up getting assassinated. In the end, it could be the only way of knowing that a jew was actually a good jew.

  18. Yes, a balated happy 50th birthday Mr Chu.. This article should be shared, sent far, and wide..

  19. Happy Birthday David! I enjoyed reading your article very much. It was very informative. I have no criticism to make. Most of what I know today about history I’ve learned in the last ten years and most of what I’ve learned overturned what I learned the first forty plus years of my life, as almost everything I was told has been exposed as lies. After having such monumental lies exposed, nothing would surprise me anymore.

    The other thing someone pointed out to me is the importance of history, how it is used in politics today, over seventy years later, from the hundreds of billions of dollars Israel has received from Germany for a holocaust story that is ridden with lies from beginning to end, to the mass murder Jews get away with because of what they supposedly suffered over seventy years ago. History matters and it matters in particular because of how Jews use it, as a cudgel, beating the Germans and others over the head with guilt until the Jews are allowed to commit bloody murder without any criticism whatsoever. I have my doubts that history has ever been so important as now, because I doubt any other group has used it in such a way.

    In regards to your section on Germany, I would like to say thank you on behalf of my German parents. That your article is written by a Chinese is what least surprises me. Asians have not been beaten over the head with lies to the extent Europeans, Americans, Canadians and Australians have about the European war and the “evil” Germans. Although there are some very brave westerners that have and are speaking out for the truth, the west was completely indoctrinated with lies and only now is a slight glimmer of hope for the truth appearing. But often the best work is done by someone with a clear head and without preconceptions. Most westerners think they know everything about Hitler, Germany and the “NAZIS” although in reality they know nothing. But that too is changing thanks to articles like yours.

    It is very hard to see the future, but I know there are Germans that see peace, friendship and commerce as a great thing for Germany, Europe and Russia. That such a thing would bring great economic benefits for all. And some people think that is exactly what the USA does not want. And with a Chinese superpower developing at the other end it could bring even greater benefits if handled properly.

    First there will have to be a big change in thinking, by everyone, including the USA. Right now the USA is the biggest threat to peace in the world. It threatens everyone and may reap the harvest it has sown. Hopefully the USA will change its ways.

    1. Apparently the US may be under threat, israelis testing dirty bombs in the Negev, suspicion is a false flag being planned to farther demonize Iran..

  20. Call me naïve if you want to, but I’m still waiting and I actually do expect David Chu, or someone, to answer my question about Chu’s first name. Why exactly would Chu’s “Jew-wise” “ANTI-Jew” Chinese parents give Chu a first name from the Old Testament Jew Hebrew bible? Especially when there are many many traditional, ancient, honorable, Chinese first names Chu’s “Jew-wise” “ANTI-Jew” Chinese parents could have chosen from. But no, Chu’s “Jew-wise” “ANTI-Jew” proud Chinese parents give Chu a first name very much associated with the very group in the world they dislike the most, the Jews. Remarkable! [ to say the least ].

    1. I’ve heard time’s one prerequisite for the acquisition of wisdom. Maybe they became “Jew-wise” after his Christening. Surely this is so, so much that Christening tells us so. He was Christened, was he not? Hush. Hush. Assuredly. Assuredly he was.

    2. The Chinese don’t have names like Joe, Peter, Sam, etc. They don’t use the Roman alphabet A,B,C,D so when they come to the west they take a western name. I believe they select one that often sounds like their Chinese name. Christianity is not so big in China so David does not have the same ring as it does in the west.

      1. @ Peter

        Don’t let Joe bother you. His comment is worthless. He is actually suggesting that anyone called “David” is a crypto-Jew.

      2. Sard –

        Davy Crockett…??

        David “Davy” Crockett (August 17, 1786 – March 6, 1836)

        ‘Alamo-crypto.’ 🙂

      3. @Pat, did you know that Davy Crockett had three ears? a left ear, a right ear, and a wild front ear..

      4. Ingrid –

        I like that rumor….

        That helps explain why he could hear from his constituents when other congressmen could not:

        “Not yours to give..!!”

        [The following story about the famed American icon Davy Crockett was published in Harper’s Magazine in 1867, as written by James J. Bethune, a pseudonym used by Edward S. Ellis. The events that are recounted here are true, including Crockett’s opposition to the bill in question, though the precise rendering and some of the detail are fictional.]

        One day in the House of Representatives, a bill was taken up appropriating money for the benefit of a widow of a distinguished naval officer. Several beautiful speeches had been made in its support. The Speaker was just about to put the question when Davy Crockett arose:

        “Mr. Speaker–I have as much respect for the memory of the deceased, and as much sympathy for the sufferings of the living, if suffering there be, as any man in this House, but we must not permit our respect for the dead or our sympathy for a part of the living to lead us into an act of injustice to the balance of the living. I will not go into an argument to prove that Congress has no power to appropriate this money as an act of charity. Every member upon this floor knows it.

        We have the right, as individuals, to give away as much of our own money as we please in charity; but as members of Congress we have no right so to appropriate a dollar of the public money. Some eloquent appeals have been made to us upon the ground that it is a debt due the deceased.

        Mr. Speaker, the deceased lived long after the close of the war; he was in office to the day of his death, and I have never heard that the government was in arrears to him.

        Read the rest of the great story(fairy tale):

    3. How about “Salvatore,” Joe? You like that name, don’t you? You post using the name Salvatore don’t you? Or how about “The Avatar” or “Informant X”? Say, Joe, are you eyetie? like lobro says you are. Salvatore is eyetie name, no? Are you LD, too? LOL.

      1. @ jujuice 4 chinks :

        Yes, j4c, I do happen to like the name “Salvatore”. Yes, j4c, I sometimes use the name “Salvatore” as a handle —> it’s my middle name. Though that needn’t concern you, as I don’t use my middle name here at DM. So that’s a moot issue right off the bat. No, j4c, I do not like the name “The Avatar. No, j4c, I do not like the name, “Informant X”. Yes, j4c, I am Italian ; More correctly, an American of Italian descent. Yes, j4c, lobro is correct [ lobro is a genius to figure out “Salvatore” is an Italian name, lol ]. Yes, j4c, “Salvatore” is an Italian name. Does it sound like an Eskimo name to you or what? Of course “Salvatore” is an Italian name.

        No, I’m not Xanadu [LD], I have better things to do.

        Anyway, the only names I’m interested in these days are “David Duke” and “Michael Hoffman”. If you care to know why, j4c, as you’re so curious and so full of questions — quite the nosy parker — go to the following two websites owned by the only two names I’m interested in and find out why I’m interested in them. If you go to the two, it should be patently obvious to you why they’re my favorite two :

  21. David Chu nails it by identifying jews as being of Mongolian/Turkic/Khazarian descent, and I’ve taken it a step farther, in theory at least, by pondering how far back the DNA can be traced.

    I have asserted that the jews are progeny stemming from an unholy union of human females and non-human males which created the hybrids known as the Nephilim. What I also assert is that “goy” = ALL human beings, with a definition of having NO hybrid DNA.

    This could help explain a certain kind of dependency conveyed by this genomic reality which would define its parasitic character, and illustrated by the inability to make an “adequate return”, ie, to reciprocate in the natural give and take dynamics of Life.

    The particular genetic make-up of “jew” exemplifies this condition.

    1. B-Hawk –

      There is evidence that those non-human males might have been CHIMPS…

      The NHM reports that genes of organisms that look very different are surprisingly similar.

      “For example, human DNA sequences are over 95% identical to chimpanzee sequences and around 50% identical to banana sequences.”

      AND… it appears that ALL of us humans are HALF-BANANAS..!! 🙂

      DNA is a Pharisee tool.

      1. Yes, Pat, but our Sacred “priest” monkey jew is entirely 100% bananas, but then again,


  22. Re: “There is evidence that those non-human males might have been CHIMPS…”

    LOL, LOL, LOL! Pat, that should have been an one-liner. I’m still laughing as I type.

  23. Chairman of the Holohoax Education Trust, the jew Lord Greville Janner will be in court on 7 August 2015 to face charges of pederasty.

    “In September 2014, we wrote a post about child-raping filth Greville Janner. Quite unbelievably , despite witness statements from many boys, the CPS are still fucking dithering about whether or not to arrest him. Hoping he’ll ‘die‘ like his pal Leon Brittan are they? Or catch a plane back to his homeland in Israel?”

    1. There is a growing awareness in the UK of the pederasts in Parliament and the British Intelligence services, (under the control of Israel) and the elite in general. The mainstream media are talking about it now BIG TIME, after years of silence. Royalty are implicated because of the cover up at Kincora Boys Home in Ireland and Lord Mountbatten. It’s HUGE here in the UK, and people are beginning to see that Jews are disproportionately involved in all this filth. I say to the Americans and other Nationalities on this forum, please blog about it in your own country.

      1. red onions, wasn`t there an incident when Lizzie first took the throne, that, on a visit to Canada, something like ten orphans dissappeared when Lizzie, and old Phil, took them on a picnic?

      2. On July 20, the Labour Friends of Israel, held a meeting at the Jewish occupied town of Hastings to scan the candidates hoping to fit in the shoes of party’s former Zionist Jew leader Ed Miliband. The meeting was chaired by Jonathan Freedland, executive editor The Guardian and columnist at the Jewish Chronicle.

        Andy Burnham (Jewish), Yvette Cooper (Jewish), Jeremy Corbyn (Christian) and Liz Kendall (Jewish) attended the meeting to show their pro-Israel credentials.

        According to the Jewish Chronicle (July 20, 2015) three-quarter of the session was focused on Israel. The representatives from UK’s largest Israel lobby group, Community Security Trust, Board of Deputies of British Jews, once headed by paedophile Lord Janner, and local Jewish leaders grilled the candidates to find out how much they’re willing to serve Israel’s interests over British interests.

        All candidates agreed that the Zionist entity has the ‘rights’ to exist over 54% of Palestinian land gifted to European Jews by the ‘victors of WW II’. They, except Corbyn, promised that as new leader of Labour Party, their first foreign trip would be to Israel.

        The candidates were asked about their position on BDS movement, new Jewish settlements in the west Bank and East Jerusalem, Hamas and Hizbullah.

        Most of these questions were focused on Corbyn, who is the front-runner according to a recent poll. But he is accused of antisemitism by the Jewish Lobby for calling Hamas and Hizbullah “Friends”. Listen below Corbyn’s clarification of his statement.

        MP Corbyn, like former MP George Gallowy, have the bad habit of keep making political wrong statements. For example, in 2012, he demanded a probe into the evil influence of pro-Israel lobby groups over UK’s foreign policy particularly in the Muslim world.

        Last year, American Jewish Congress’ mouthpiece, The Commentary, called MP Corbyn and former UK’s foreign secretary Jack Straw, who hangs from a Jewish tree, of being part of UK’s pro-Iran lobby. The two antisemites had criticized both Israel and Saudi Arabia for the bloodshed in the region to counter Iranian influence.

        The UK’s Telegraph newspaper accused Corbyn receiving election funds from Iranians living in Britain. He is also accused of making a ‘free trip’ to Tehran, but refused to travel to Israel on an all-expense-paid trip offered by a Jewish lobbying group.

        Paul Eisen, British writer, blogger and Holocaust denier, called Jeremy Corbyn: The Finest Man in British Politics.

        James Forsyth wrote at Jewish The Spectator (July 15, 2015) that though Jeremy Corbyn has all the qualifications to bring a coup against ruling Tories – “he is unelectable”.

        UK’s young writer, Rabbil Sikdar, says Jeremy Corbyn could be the leader British Muslims (2.8 million) have been waiting for.

        In the 1990s, MP Jeremy Corbyn along with Jack Straw, Harriet Harman, Peter Hain, MP Diane Abbott and late MP Bernie Grant were spied on by London Police.

      3. @Rehmat, yes, I did hear on Press TV the other day, that Corbyn came out of nowhere, and took the lead in the polls. He sounds too good to be true, and if he is good, then he faces an uphill struggle, or possibly a Kennedyesque bullet. When will UK politicians get fed up with the jewish “grilling”, grow some backbone, and tell them to stuff their free trips to israel? I remember reading an account years ago, by the wife of one of the “free trip” crew. She said that the pressure, in israel, was so intense, that they wanted to roll on the floor in agony..

        In similar vein. I talked to a taxi driver here a few years ago, and he told me he`d talked to a military guy who had been to israel for some sort of military alliance training. The military guy had said that, at first, the parasitic thugs in uniform seemed OK, but that after a couple of weeks, the Norwegians just wanted to “throw them into the sea”..

      4. Ingrid B. “wasn`t there an incident when Lizzie first took the throne, that, on a visit to Canada, something like ten orphans dissappeared when Lizzie, and old Phil, took them on a picnic?”. Yes there was Ingrid, but I have my doubts. I welcome your feedback or anyone else. I’m not sure. The Rev Kevin Annett of the ITCCS (International Tribunal of Crimes against Church (not synagogues) and State) had a bust up with his colleague Alfred Lambremount WEBRE – he must be a jew. Is it all a distraction?

    2. Rehmat. Today John Mann MP has come out to say the Labour leadership contest must be stopped because of “infiltrators”. What is people’s opinion of John Mann MP? He is vocal for exposure regarding the Institutional Sexual Abuse of Children by politicians (portraying himself to care)……. but wants “hate” speech against jews banned on the internet. Quite a contradictory role to take on as jews are disproportionately the men (and perhaps women) raping young boys. “John Mann chairs the All-Party Parliamentary Group against Antisemitism. The panel’s recommendations included improved reporting and recording of antisemitic attacks; a crackdown on anti-Jewish activity on university campuses; and improved international co-operation to prevent the spread of racist material online. In May 2009 John Mann received the American Jewish Committee’s Jan Karski Award in recognition of his commitment to fighting antisemitism in all of its forms”

      Could it be that Corbyn was at first the “outsider” in the race, and it has taken the “Friends of Israel” aka the jewish mafia by surprise. Or is it just another deception and Corbyn will front a new crypto jew socialist/communist ideal?

  24. Thanks Rehmat for the Labour Friends of Israel meeting and other information. But don’t trust George Galloway. He thinks the official version of 9/11 is true. He hates Holohoax deniers. He may have jewish ancestry.

    1. I will rephrase it George Galloway hates Holocaust deniers. My original comment “he hates Holohoax deniers” is not correct as IMO he is pro jew. Get my drift … it gets confusing all these semantics.

      1. Galloway has jewish friends, including the father of the Millibands, and you are correct, he will not allow criticism of jews..

  25. @ Mr. Chu

    The only real solution to the jewish problem is contained in the verse from Luke that you quoted concerning the truth being shouted from the roof tops. The only real way to defeat the jewish lies is with the truth. Once enough people realize that the jews are only about lies from being chosen to you name it, the jewish illusion of control evaporates. Your article is doing its part.

    As for using ethanol as fuel, there is no need to turn food producing land into fuel production. The Japanese were about to release a car that would go 50KM on 1 liter of water, but the production plant was wiped out by the 3/11 tsunami. Additionally, magnetic motors are capable of producing free electricity as well as powering electric cars. Jewish patent law is the control point that the jews use to stifle technology development that would really benefit mankind.

    BTW, I assume that you know that Argentina has the highest concentration of jews in South America. A few years ago, the Israeli Mossad was all over your neck of the woods and no one seemed to know why. Stay alert.

    Keep up the good work.

    1. thanks mike, this is valuable stuff, straight from horse’s mouth.

      just considering the lisping, legalistic language provides direct insight into their miserable, soulless miter box minds, dessicated corpse’s speech by rubbing parched skin against ribcage.

      is it wonder that jew utterly lacks possibility of creation, only ghoulish mimicry, since from day one they are nursed on this malice-by-numbers code of maggots.

      they are not even capable of hate properly fueled by rage, it is just coldly metastasizing wickedness, perdition a promised land rather than dreadful end.

      hate has some rationale behind it, however twisted but this talmudic malice is institutionalized and sanctified, it is THE LAW, and all a jew has to do is obey THE LAW and everything will be just fine, never straying an iota from THE LAW, if in doubt, consult the rabbi and maximum sadistic ecstasy is guaranteed.

      i actually think that jews are more evil than satan, because the latter is after all playing some grand game against Creator and he can claim that the end justifies the means, he can argue that the creation is faulty and moreover that he can do a better job after the ultimate victory, even that a random chaos is preferable to darwinian misery of rotweiler-eat-poodle.

      but what of jew, a lifetime free fall into the endless darkness for whom this darkness is joy and fulfillment in its own right.

  26. you would all move the ball forward much more, including LD, if you concentrated fire {words only, that is!} on NY Times comments. you have to be clever, and you have to provide links to alternative/truth sites that pass inspection {no ‘the ugly truth’ or Rehmat }.


    To promote alternative sites and views to the people who read the NYT comments section – before they do away with it entirely.

  27. Hi David.

    Happy birthday !!!

    You summed it up pretty well, what is in a nutshell, the predicament number 1 in this world.
    We are helpless like a doctor is, who is trying to heal a cancer cell. You cannot. Sorry friends….YOU CANNOT.

    You can only just start fresh from square on.
    Get rid of the cancer cells and start new with your own wholesome and healthy family.
    A family is the nucleus of a nation. Without the family, no nation can survive.
    Start it and create your own clan, your own tribe, you own nation. Cut yourself off from the cancerous bodies in this world. If your love your nation… fight for cessation. Thats what we have to do in Bavaria. If we cannot succeed we create a New Bavaria. Somewhere … sometime… Maybe in Patagonia.

    May God bless you all.


  28. @ fur- mit umlaut- BROWNHAWK and all other (fe)male birdz who read zis or not.

    Diana Spencer’s (born 1961) real father is the jewish banker and publisher James Goldsmith a cousin of the Rothschilds. Diana’s mother – was jewish. Diana’s mother Frances Shand Kydd was born Frances Ruth Burke Roche – had a longstanding affair with Goldsmith during her marriage with Spencer.

    The Goldsmith family (Goldschmitt) were direct neighbours to the Rothschilds in Frankfurt came to London in 1890.

    The Goldschmidts, like their neighbors and relatives the Rothschilds, had been prosperous merchant bankers in Frankfurt, Germany since the 16th century. In 1773, Mayer Rothschild invited Goldschmidt, (Goldsmith), Schiff, Oppenheimer, Warburg and eight other ambitious Jewish businessmen to his goldsmith shop. Together they formulated a long term plan to seize control of the world’s wealth over many generations. They made a pact to secretly pool their money and influence to bankrupt the nations of the world and create a New World Order……

    Interesting Monday family chats via helpfreetheearth on Diana Spencer?

    Hidden dress queen John Edgar Hoover FBI director in Elks Magazine august 1956:

    The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a reality with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced in our midst. It rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse a philosophy which must ultimately destroy all that is good and descent.

    These Elvis files of the FBI under Hoover on Hitler in Argentine are useful armement for every www warrior in overthrowing the Zionist agenda of the satanic Bilderberg cabal, the Mountain of Images of Satanism (MIS).

    Hitler is said to be gay too. Possibly they’ll hoover around in this weeks Gay Pride in the Amsterdam Grachtengordel, Belt of ©anals.

    Don’t want the fellow birdz to miss this one:

    Salvador Dali Hitler Masterbating Hitler Masterbandose

    Salvador Dali Avida Dollars.

  29. The Netherlands had last Saturday afternoon 25/7 the heaviest summer storm since 1901 when meteorological measuring started.

    One deadly victim only, a 59 year old male in his car hit by a fallen tree at a parking lot in front of the Bilderberg Hotel in Wolfheze. Stone’s throw of the Bilderberg Hotel in Oosterbeek Arnhem where in 1954 the first Bilderberg meeting was held.

    Opening Words at 1st ever Bilderberg meeting (audio) incl vid of prince Bernhard & David Rockefeller

    Even if this storm was HAARPed by the ‘all-under-control’ MIS, Mother Nature had Her last say in this kind of Dalian undaily weather event for Dutch standards.

    Good old-evil David R.:

  30. To those fixated on my first name of David, it was my given name by my grandfather. I had no choice. Hence, the strikeout on “David” in my article. Stalin was a JEW. Lenin was also a Jew. In fact, all the ALL-LIES leaders were JEWS, either on their mother or father side.

    Thank you to those whose comments complimented my article and my 50th birthday.

  31. David :
    That was so beautiful and so honest and things I have known now for many years.
    I am ready to fight and butcher these vile scumbags and do anything I can to purge this planet of their filth.
    I try to enlighten the youth of today, but they simply are too distracted with the Jew media machine to take an interest. They eat their Jew-poisoned food, give up all their money to Jew-induced debt, and watch their country get diluted with immigrants to the point where the white man will be no more, and do they care ? No. Why ? Because they don’t even KNOW what to care about. They simply don’t see any problem !!!!!!!!!!!
    The wolves are here, but so many of us are not sheep. We are Christians who KNOW what these ugly slobs did to our friend Jesus. May they never rest in peace.
    I could talk all night, but you’ve said it all, my friend, and how wonderful to see you waking up your Asian cadres !! Because we must be like the Jews ; like a beehive that swarms and spreads this truth to all. Your essay is something I will disseminate everywhere !!
    God Bless !!

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