The Little Boy on the Beach : Israeli-American Aggression Responsible for Invasion of Europe

The refugee crisis that threatens to inundate Europe with endless “swarms” of Third World immigrants must be blamed on the US, Israel, and the Nato countries fighting Israel’s wars. These are the refugee creators.

syrian-migrant-boy-turkeyBy John Kaminski

The image of the dead Syrian child lying inert on a Turkish beach choked up anyone who saw the image splayed over the front pages of every newspaper in Europe this week.

There, in stark, irrefutable relief, lay the indelible image of Jewish America’s cynical demolition of Syria.

This destruction of Syria, combined with the recent annihilation of the completely innocent and now destroyed country of Libya, has become the terrifying emblem of a U.S. foreign policy which conducts its murderous crimes at the behest of its Israeli masters and the oil companies who seek at all costs to run a pipeline through Syria.

Desperate Middle Eastern refugees have thrown all Mediterranean nations into chaos by their headlong rush to escape the continuing bombing in Syria and the depraved demolition of Libya into a failed state. Both nations have been destroyed by the false pretenses of Western powers claiming malfeasance by the leaders of those countries masking the brazen robberies and capital crimes by the United States, its NATO allies, and their Jewish banker masters.

The family of the toddler, Alan Kurdi, had come from Kobani, fleeing along with hundreds of thousands of others. A protracted siege by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and an intense US bombing campaign has left the northern Syrian city in ruins, its houses as well as water, electrical, sanitation and medical infrastructure destroyed. The boy was one of 12 who drowned in an attempt to reach Greece, including his mother and five-year-old brother. His distraught father, the family’s sole survivor, said he would return to Syria with their bodies, telling relatives that he hoped only to die and be buried alongside them. <

While countries across the European continent grapple with the influx of millions fleeing the constant bombings of Syrian and Iraqi cities, thousands of these refugees have drowned in the Mediterranean Sea after attempting escape from combat conditions in boats that are not seaworthy operated by profiteer smugglers who often abandon their passengers in desperate straits, as was the case with the death of this little boy and his family members.

Conspicuous by their absence as destinations for the refugees are the Arab countries who have stringent policies regarding the admission of immigrants. Simply stated, Arab countries do not take care of their own.

The statements by Germany and Britain that they were willing to accept certain numbers of people scrambling to save their lives has fueled a mass migration across southern Europe producing an effect on these countries resembling a plague of locusts, as rampaging Africans tear up southern Italy and massive crowds of Middle Eastern peoples force Hungary to build a giant fence to keep them out.

The current chaos in Syria is complicated by a confusion over who is actually causing  the carnage. The U.S. claims to be fighting — and bombing — the suspicious entity known as ISIS, but facts reveal that Americans and Israelis have both funded and trained the insurgents and U.S. air attacks have conspicuously failed to target ISIS training centers, leading to the unavoidable conclusion that America is really deceiving the world by claiming to fight criminals it is obviously supporting.

No candidate currently campaigning for the U.S. presidency dares to address this vomitous reality.

Not only does this policy reveal the utter insanity and criminality of U.S. maneuvering in the Middle East, but it perfectly augments the larger Jewish intent to destabilize all the countries of Europe by using the refugee tidal wave to overwhelm the social systems of countries receiving the refugees, creating situations of unsolvable mayhem resulting in the contrived necessity of imposing martial law on these formerly free countries, further solidifying Jewish control of these disintegrating nations.

The same situation obtains in the United States itself with the contrived immigrant invasion from Central America flooding cities all across America with desperate aliens who are overwhelming social service systems and law enforcement capabilities.

Throughout Europe Jewish-controlled politicians have engineered social policies accepting refugees from Africa and Asia that have radically changed the character of all these countries, resulting in odious practices such as rape epidemics in Sweden and England and “no-go zones” in France and other countries whose kosher politicians have clung to policies creating immigrant overload and the loss of rights and living conditions of the long-term residents of these nations.

The current tsunami of refugees caused by the deceitful invasion of Syria and the total destruction of Libya guarantees only a worsening of conditions in all these European countries which are already coming apart at the seams.

Because the vast majority of all the politicians in these beleaguered countries are totally controlled by campaign money provided by their Jewish puppetmasters, the Jewish plan to destabilize all the nations of the world along the lines of what Israel has done to Palestine, Iraq and other seriously injured nations of the Middle East, the Jewish plan to destabilize all the countries of the world has taken a giant step forward with the new invasion of Europe by desperate people trying to escape sudden death in their war-torn countries.

And the image of a dead 3-year-old boy lying unmoving in the surf on the coast of Turkey has become the new symbol of the sanctimonious, duplicitous and psychopathological U.S. foreign policy, which seeks to turn the whole world into a concentration camp of unmistakably Jewish design.

John Kaminski

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Most of his articles are featured here. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA. _____________________________________________________________________________

38 thoughts to “The Little Boy on the Beach : Israeli-American Aggression Responsible for Invasion of Europe”

  1. This picture is yet one more image that will be planted in the hearts and subconscious of millions of Muslims the world over who know that one day we will hunt the permissive conspirators of this and many other crimes against us. That day the images will come to life as the swords swing.
    The Arab dictators in Riyadh where all of their puppets run to when chased by the mobs whose picture would look a lot like the caricature on the front page at the “revolt of the mobs” will fall as they trip on their satin and silk Yilbayas, the swords will split cut them vertically in two halves. No 3d effects needed. Arab dictators not kings as the word “king” is forbidden in Islam. It only Applies to Him. SWA.
    The second class enemies, not traitors to us like the former but actual perpetrators, i.e. Israel, the US and England, France and Italy even, are partners not lackeys to Israel. They all want a piece of the pie. Calling them lackeys is charging them with a minor infraction. It is taking away of their guilt.
    But what good have all these wars done them?
    They are all broke anyway while Mother Nature is terribly damaged. Only Allah remains.
    No one fights “Israel” wars; they all have a partnership in looting countries. No one is gonna send their soldiers to die for the Jews who occupy Palestine. They are all hungry for more. The whites chase money, Muslims chase bread and Jews chase power and the materialization of the protocols. They are ahead.
    But as the Islamic state has proved once and again, no matter how many times those mentioned above bomb them, they miraculously continue to, not only survive, but actually grow.
    While Hezbollah in southern Lebanon, Assad in the Golan, al sisi in Egypt and Abdullah in Jordan all form a barrier protecting Israel, keeping IS from reaching the Jews who occupy Palestine we know that’s another war. A war for the near future.
    The child in the picture will never be erased from our hearts.
    Winter is good as it provides shelter and darkness.
    Winter is coming and so is Christmas.
    Many traitors will miss it. Assad included.

  2. “The Jewish plan to destabilize all the nations of the world along the lines of what Israel has done to Palestine, Iraq and other seriously injured nations of the Middle East, the Jewish plan to destabilize all the countries of the world has taken a giant step forward with the new invasion of Europe by desperate people trying to escape sudden death in their war-torn countries.” That’s right.

    “Barbara Lerner Spectre calls for destruction of Christian European ethnic societies.”

    Barbara Spectre was born in Madison, Wisconsin. She married Rabbi Philip Spectre, and the couple moved to Ashkelon, Israel in 1967. Spectre is a Zionist and head of Paideia – The European Institute for Jewish Studies in Sweden, an organisation funded by the Swedish government and the Wallenberg Foundation to promote Jewish ideology. Through an organisation called One Sweden, which she heads, she promotes multiculturalism.

      1. That needs to be drowned in a well of “Raped White Girl” tears….White girls raped by Brown imported Foreigners due to Jew Scam artists in Western Civilizations.

  3. “Conspicuous by their absence as destinations for the refugees are the Arab countries who have stringent policies regarding the admission of immigrants. Simply stated, Arab countries do not take care of their own.”

    Turkey is holding over a million. Tiny Lebanon is flooded with Syrians, and Jordan a population of less than 7million of which I believe a third are Palestinians have around 600,000. Let us not forget the Iraq war refugees before the Syrian crisis. How many millions these poor small countries can hold. These are countries that have water and food issues and a lovely neighbours such as Saudi and Israhell. And let us not forget all the American bases in the neighbourhood, with CIA/Mossad/MI6 etc.

    Not sure about Saudi but I doubt they take any and I doubt any would want to go there.

    All this did not start with Syria or Libya, and not even Iraq or Afghanistan. But the false flag of 911.

    “duplicitous and psychopathological U.S. foreign policy, which seeks to turn the whole world into a concentration camp of unmistakably Jewish design.”

    Watch this and tell me why they don’t deserve these psychopaths:

    Then you watch Trump and the rest of the GOP and you want to thank God for the crooked Tories/labour/libs we have. At least we do not have these clowns, and our public is not that moronic (YET). We are heading that way, but not there yet.

      1. They destroyed Libya, an important linchpin to Africa stability and economy.

        We cannot take in so much put their is little doubt we broke it.

      2. Adam –

        Correct. London Pharisee bankers gained control of Libya in 2007.

        The Libyan Exchange Stock Marker officially opened March 2007.

        The Libyan Stock Market (LSM) was established by Decision No. (134) of the General People’s Committee (GPCO), on June 3, 2006, to form a joint stock company with capital of 20 million Libyan dinars, divided into 2 million shares with a nominal value of 10 LD per share. The first phase focused on introducing financial definitions and rules, the addition of several workshop courses, and a series of agreements with the Amman Stock Exchange and Cairo & Alexandria Stock Exchange and the Egyptian Company for Clearance and deposit.

        Listed market securities include the National Mills and Fodder Company, the United Insurance Company, Bank of deserts, and the Libyan Insurance Company, Sahari Bank, and the Hay Alandalus Domestic Bank. The volume of subscription on July 2, 2007, totalled 49539 shares, with a total value amounting to 346.773 LD.

        “LIBYA 18 October 2007. A cooperation agreement was signed on Monday in London between the Libyan Stock Exchange Market and London Stock Exchange.”

        The agreement was signed by the Chairman of Administration and General Director of the Committee for Libyan Stock Exchange Market and the Director of the London Stock Exchange.

        The agreement provides for training teams from the Libyan Stock Exchange in Tripoli and in London to enable them to run the stock market operations. In addition there will be regular reviews of the Libyan regulations and systems, to modernize them from time to time, and for seminars and conferences organized by the London Stock Exchange.

  4. “Not sure about Saudi but I doubt they take any and I doubt any would want to go there. ” :
    my sentiments exactly..

    Yes, Adam, it makes me cringe every time I hear the clowns speak, and their performing seals applaud..

  5. I was hoping this site would publish something about the refugee story, because here I can read mostly well reasoned posts. I have just trawled through a thread on Icke’s forum; the main argument used for letting thousands of people into europe is an appeal to emotion (plus lot’s of name calling).

    These people (refugees) are desperate – many Icke posters are also desperate , parroting cultural marxist talking points while deludely believing they are fighting the NWO.

    The refugees will suffer w/o aid. They are in this position due to conflict in their country engineered by the puppet masters Israel, with minions usa and uk and possible others. However they are from a culture very different from their target countries.

    Barbara Spectre has already been mentioned and there is an agenda to destroy Europe’s national identities. This crisis is yet another ingredient to spice up the mix. And so, as someone torn between the altruism i grew up with and the belief that belief that preserving distinct cultures/groups is important, I hope I will be able to read studied, non-emotional ideas about how the “world” (not just europe) should deal with this.

    ps – obviously hanging all the perpetrators of the insane wars in the ME – so other ideas please

    1. @Taras Bulba. I don’t know how the World should deal with the refugee/economic migrant crisis, but I do know that the MSM will be play a large role.

      To my knowledge none of the British press have mentioned the UK Parliament petition against Netanyahu’s visit to London on 9 September. This petition now has over 100,000 signatures. The Israeli press have covered it.

      Back to the little boy. A UK Parliament petition was started by a lady, calling on Government to accept more refugees a few days ago. MSM have promoted this petition and it now stands at over 400,000. The power of the disproportionately Jewish media nearly always wins any debate.

      1. @ Red Onions

        Well said, Red Onions. You speak wisely. May I ask you what you think of Jeremy Corbyn? In the unlikely event of Corbyn becoming the next British prime minister, would he take any remedial steps to solve the immigrant crisis? I am informed that he would take no such steps and would let Britain be flooded with endless new streams of Third World immigrants against the will of Britain’s majority white population.

        Which is sad. Because Corbyn seems like a breath of fresh air. I read in the papers today that Corbyn’s Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper has called for the UK to take in least 10,000 Syrian refugees. It is obviously Labour Party policy to turn Britain into a dumping ground for all the races of the world.

        Morally, of course, Britain is responsible for the Syrian crisis. So is the US, Israel and the other NATO countries. These are the refugee makers. They create the refugees by bombing their countries and making life impossible for them, forcing them to flee to our prosperous and relatively stable European countries for sanctuary. Our elite rulers obviously intend the complete takeover of Europe by Third World immigrants and the near-total extinction of the indigenous White population. All according to a Jewish agenda, of course. Indeed, an openly stated one. (Barbara Spectre)

        The Jews are behind the migrant crisis. They are systematically destroying European culture and the traditional homelands of white people. I am not a racist, but I am against the slogan: “India for the Indians, China for the Chinese, Europe for EVERYONE!”

        So what do we do against these endless swarms, eh? Any ideas? We can hardly shoot them all down, can we? That wouldn’t be very nice, would it? That wouldn’t be “humanitarian”.

        But bombing the hell out of their countries and forcing them to flee like rats from a sinking ship, that fine! That’s OK! And that’s what the US and Britain and NATO are doing, all under Jewish supervision.

        Take a look at this. This is where it all starts:

        It’s a crazy world and I wish I was out of it. One day I’ll get my wish. Not long now, Darlington! 🙂

      2. @Darlington

        “India for the Indians, China for the Chinese, Europe for EVERYONE!”

        This statement is one of the stupidest statement I’ve read. That and the other one about “White Genocide”. You make light of a genocide. It is self made, lack of reproduction. They are following liberal ways, and this includes the so called conservatives.

        “Europe is same for Everyone” is same sense like Africa is and Asia and South America and Australia and all the other continents and countries that we’ve colonized. Africa did not belong to Europeans, nor did the Americas no all the areas of Oceania yet we have taken over those areas and claimed them as ours and by true Genocide not the fake one. No other race has been as successful at taking other peoples land and becoming rules of it as the “Whites”. NONE!!

        As to Corbyn, I do not know. There are some good ideas. Number one is re-nationalising our assets that WE paid for (no more socialism for the rich). Taking us out of NATO and criminal charges on Tony Blair, are other good points. This should stop the war mongers. Also infrastructure projects by the BOE is a good idea. I think under him, Palestine would be recognized, and anything that annoys the tribe is a good a thing. Also, the others are without a doubt OWNED, him I am not so sure. But there is a lot that I don’t like about him.

        I think Iceland got it right. They kicked out the bankers and took control of printing their money. This is the right way. Get hold of the money press, stop fractional banking and the rest will fall into place. Well ideally I would like to stop speculative market also but I believe WW3 would have to stop that.

      3. @Adam ” Also infrastructure projects by the BOE is a good idea”, re the Corbyn plan. The Bank of England are a criminal entity. The Bank of England is part of The Corporation of the City of London (a State within a State) which has NO LEGAL STATUS. Maybe these are baby steps by Corbyn, but he should go full out and abolish the Bank of England, like he proposed in 2013, re the Bradbury Pound. For the Government to issue the currency DEBT FREE.

        “That this House notes that the hundredth anniversary of the Bradbury Pound on 7 August 2014 is a welcome reminder of the historic precedent for public credit as the sound basis for debt-and interest-free Treasury money and therefore the sound alternative to the national debt and interest-bearing bank money; congratulates the Forum for Stable Currencies for having promoted the public credit since 2002; and urges HM Treasury to follow John Bradbury’s model and address social, economic and political issues across party lines in one fell swoop and avoid wholly unnecessary austerity cuts.”

      4. @Darlington. “Which is sad. Because Corbyn seems like a breath of fresh air.”
        I agree.

        IMO he will never become Prime Minister because of his immigration policies. I really don’t know if Jeremy Corbyn is genuine or is “controlled opposition”. I read on AM that he and/or his wife are Jewish. A little family history research show his mother’s maiden name is/was Josling … any ideas? If he is controlled, I don’t understand it. He says he wants MONETARY REFORM, as per my comment to Adam, he signed a motion in 2013 to take control of sterling from the Bank of England. i.e. abolish the Central Bank. He is pro-Palestinian, he is anti-austerity, he is anti-fracking and he is anti-war. I don’t vote, but I like his appearance because people are discussing monetary reform. Most people don’t know about the Jewish Scam of usury and fractional reserve banking.

      5. @Darlington,
        “prosperous and relatively stable European countries” : you`ve got to be joking, maybe for some, but not the majority. Obviously you must be one of the lucky citizens, who do not have to work as slave labour in order to obtain the benefits you are entitled to..

        “endless swarms” : straight from the Cameron book on “proper” speech, you are now showing your true colours, just another tory/Cameron stooge..

      6. @Adam and Red Onions, I`m not too sure about Corbyn either, hope he is that elusive “breath of fresh air”, but am not holding my breath..

      7. Red Onions

        You speak my language! Keep posting here because we need people like you around! All you say about Corbyn makes good sense to me. Except I cannot comment on whether he and his wife are Jewish or “controlled opposition”. This is the first time I’ve come across this rumour and I hope there isn’t a word of truth in it. Or otherwise it’s going to be a total let-down if ever he becomes Prime Minister.

        I agree with you that Corbyn doesn’t seem to stand much chance of getting into Downing Street. Anyone who takes such a radical position on Palestine and backs Hamas and Hezbollah is going to have the Jewish lobby baying for his blood. Not only in the UK but in the US. If he gets elected as Labour leader, I expect him to be in permanent opposition. And he certainly isn’t going to do anything about uncontrolled immigration, given his hard Marxist background and his belief in “open borders.”

        Also, since he’s playing to the Islamic gallery — his most vocal supporters — he can’t afford to alienate them by being tough on immigration.

        If he nationalizes the railways, that’s great! I’ll be able to afford rail travel again! Pity someone doesn’t line up all the fat cats who have plundered the nation after rail privatization and put them all in front of a firing squad! 🙂

        (OK, I’m only joking, but I would certainly take back the railways into public ownership and make sure these rapacious bastards are sent packing without any financial compensation).

        As for the rest, your guess is as good as mind. I don’t presume to lecture you. You obviously live in evil Albion and know the score. Lasha is right. The whole damn country has gone down the drain since the 1960s and 1970s. No job security for the young. No chance of buying a house unless their parents pop it prematurely or hand them the dosh.

        Enough said. Things look bad on both sides of the Atlantic. The migrant crisis is the most serious crisis Europe has ever faced since the Black Death of 1348. It’s not going to be solved by opening the floodgates and letting in the entire population of Africa and Eurasia.

      8. @ Ingrid B

        You make good points as usual and I am absolutely sure your heart is in the right place. But you have misunderstood my position. Yes, I called the endless stream of immigrants into Europe a “swarm”, as Cameron did, but this does not mean I am a “Cameron stooge” — since I would never dream of voting for Cameron unless I was put to the torture! In fact, I don’t vote at all.

        I use the word “swarm” but not in a derogatory sense. I use it factually as a collective noun. I may use the word “swarm” to describe a large number of bees, but this doesn’t mean I hate bees. In fact, I love them! Because they are a source of the most nutritious honey. I have no idea why your should regard the word “swarm” as an evil word, unfit for human consumption, when I use the word in a purely factual way to describe a large collection of creatures.

        In regard to immigrants, let me make my position clear. I do not hate them. I am not a racist. I believe these people are innocent victims of Western aggression. If their countries had not been bombed to smithereens by the US, Britain and Nato countries on behalf of Israel and the Jews, there wouldn’t be any refugee crisis in the first place, would there? The warmongering West is to blame for the refugee crisis.

        In a just world, these warmongers would owe massive financial compensation to Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya and the other countries they have smashed to bits. They are to blame, the Western aggressors, not the innocent refugees.

        Having said that however, how can the solution to the refugee problem be to open the floodgates and let the entire population of Africa and Eurasia into Europe? Is that a sensible solution to the problem? No ma’am, it ain’t! Something has to be done. I am not sure what the solution is. That’s why I’m here on this site, hoping to be enlightened by wiser heads than mine.

      9. @Red Onions

        I don’t vote either anymore. I woke up with the decade long sanctions of Iraq, and gave up voting after 9/11. At that point I realised the whole thing is just a facade. We just choose the party that we would like to get screwed by.

        “Having said that however, how can the solution to the refugee problem be to open the floodgates and let the entire population of Africa and Eurasia into Europe? Is that a sensible solution to the problem? No ma’am, it ain’t! Something has to be done. I am not sure what the solution is. That’s why I’m here on this site, hoping to be enlightened by wiser heads than mine.”

        That’s the issue. Stop bombing them and bring criminal charges to the criminals that let this happen.

        Also the strange thing most of these people have been in Turkey for over a year and suddenly they are all moving to Europe at once. Something does not add up. Is this being instigated so to give us an excuse to start a war with Syria. There is little doubt that the media is shaping our collective thoughts.

    2. @ Taras Bulba

      I am reposting a comment by “East Asian Nationalist Front” (a refreshing new voice I discovered only today) in response to your query as to what we can do to solve so-called “refugee crisis” in Europe:

      Westerners have forgotten what nationalism means. Let me give you a few shortcuts. You must:

      1. Remove compassion for the foreign invader. Their moral standing or citizenship status is irrelevant.

      2. Persecute the traitor. These are whites who must be gotten rid of first, or they will cripple your every move.

      3. Practice open bigotry. Never apologize for racism or xenophobia, because they are positive traits for race survival.

      4. Denounce western liberal thought. It’s degenerate weakness that’s spawned out of wealthy living.

      5. Embrace militant ethno-nationalism. The same thing all humans do in non-Western countries.

      Good luck and nationalist solidarity worldwide. [end of quotation]

      About 2 weeks ago, I was politely asked not to use the word “kike” in future posts at DM, which I have respectfully obeyed. But in light of the instructive comments above, and because today, about 2 hours ago, my Justice For Chinese site was sabotaged, I say damn your political correctness and to hell with the dirty rotten KIKES! Embrace antisemitism; it will save your country. And YOU!

  6. He will never experience his upcoming birthdays, his teenage years, his juggling a soccer ball with his brother and father. His mother’s kisses goodnight. Him meeting a special girl. His laughter will not be heard any longer. His smile gone forever. His father will not hold him tight and hear how much he loves him. Aylan exists only in my mind and thoughts as a beautiful child whom drowned as a victim thanks to (my so called ‘country’) the USA and it’s foreign policy. With that I am deeply ashamed, disgusted and disappointed in the land I was born. It seems my government has been taken over by a certain ‘ruling class’ that dictates the terms of our military as well as our politics and living standards. These entities have been nothing but unethical parasites upon our existence for at least 70 years. It’s completely clear in the observance of our decaying society. Certain parasites always seem to return even after intense scrutiny and examination. The heavy burden that follows is that of returning to our ‘good’ roots and forgiving our prior alliances. I love Aylan, yet I do not know him, have never met him, have never seen him, don’t care what religion, country, mother, father, he comes from. He was a little three year old boy and he died too young.

      1. @INGRID B

        Thank you for that. That actually is very touching and defines our world well.

        The media is a hypocritical demonic farce. How many Alyn have we killed since the first Gulf war with the decade sanctions and DU, till now. How many in Vietnam, Korea, Nicaragua and on and on. Forget them, how many do we kill with our weekly drone strikes and how many nations do we destabilize with them.

        A very sick world.

    1. @ Mor ality

      Just so it is clearly understood what the root cause of Aylan’s death is, consider this scripture below.

      Jesus said in Matthew 18:14 – “Even so it is not the will of your Father which is in heaven, that one of these little ones should perish.”

      Since Aylan and so many other children have and are perishing, it is not the Heavenly Father’s will, but the will of the devil and his agents, jews and their stooges. Evil is the root cause.

      It is not your government that is causing death and destruction. The government of the JewSA has never been anyone’s government except the financial elite jews all the way back to 1789. “Of, for, and by the people” was just the propaganda cover for the real owners and controllers to make the masses feel responsible for their plight and responsible for the actions of their masters, a very clever and obviously effective illusion/deception.

      We should all pray to the Heavenly Father that the killing of innocents stop. By keeping our prayers that simple and believing that our prayers are fulfilled, the Heavenly Father will arrange the perfect way to get it done. Jesus said that with God, all things are possible. It is time to pray.

      1. Ungenius,

        I have no idea why your two posts went for automatic monitoring. Apologies for the delay in posting.

  7. “We [Jews] intend to turn Europe into a mixed race of Asians and Negroes ruled over by Jews” – Jewish EU ‘founding father’ Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi in ‘Praktischer Idealismus’ 1925.

    Looks like the plan is well underway…


    1. @Flek. Thanks for the reminder that this has been planned for a long time.

      Coudenhove-Kalergi in his autobiography:

      “At the beginning of 1924, we received a call from Baron Louis de Rothschild; one of his friends, Max Warburg from Hamburg, had read my book and wanted to get to know us.

      To my great surprise, Warburg spontaneously offered us 60,000 gold marks, to tide the movement over for its first three years ….

      Max Warburg, who was one of the most distinguished and wisest men that I have ever come into contact with, had a principle of financing these movements.

      He remained sincerely interested in Pan-Europe for his entire life.

      Max Warburg arranged his 1925 trip to the United States to introduce me to Paul Warburg and financier Bernard Baruch.”

  8. The ‘free’ ZioNato countries of the European Soviet Union get flooded by refugees created by their own invasions for Eretz Israel.

    The boy on the beach is back in Heaven now.

    O.’s Iran nuke deal and Brits signing to bring 911 brain B. Milikovsky behind bars hopeful signs?

    1. Good to see people know bib’s real name and origin.
      Reminds me of a quote I once heard.
      “The only thing worse than a ukrainian ‘jew’
      is a sneaky pole.” And bib is a sneaky polish ‘jew’ as is
      Szymon Perski…


  9. A little boy lying face down in the sand. The media jumps on the bandwagon and the public answers. Bob Geldof is the first celebrity to open up his doors to Syrian refugees flooding into the West. And yet the mainstream media remain silent as more and more dead infants litter the streets in Gaza. Netanyahu states “Israel remains indifferent” but refuses to accept refugees as Israel’s infrastructure can’t support them. The West seeks to destroy Assad’s regime in Syria and all to install a Rothschild private bank, while Putin correctly blames the West for the creation of Isis/Isil/IS and not Assad’s regime for the growing humanitarian crisis. The world is now effectively entertaining World War 3. The new world order’s plan for a global state, a one world government and banking system is incredibly nearing fruition. And yet David Icke will tell us that the elites are running scared….

    As much as I respect Putin it’s the West, according to him that’s causing all the trouble in Syria instead of the international bankers. I’m “the west” yet I’ve been vehemently against any western imperialism and the ‘war on terror’.
    And the migrants will continue to flood into the West……..
    I’ll be called a racist and a heartless bastard should I refuse to accept the migrants into Europe, yet accepting them will have the Barbara Specters, rubbing their hands with glee, knowing that their plan of white genocide and dissolving of the indigenous majority is coming along nicely. Not only will the Jews be happy but so too will the business leaders at the prospect of knowing that they can keep wages low while profits increase. The unemployment queues will continue to grow, forcing yet more and more vulnerable citizens into government schemes of volunteer work, which are nothing more than below minimum wage jobs, refusing to do so results in an instant cancellation of all benefits.

    People aren’t falling onto their knees they are being forced down onto them.

    I hate to burst your bubble about Jeremy Corbyn but he’s yet another puppet of the globalists. The Jewish Chronicle have already interviewed Corbyn asking him a series of questions on his stance about Jews and Zionism? They’ve already dug up his past finding ‘relations’ (Paul Eisen’s blog is now invite only) with holocaust deniers and people who question Israel and Zionism. He may join Palestine liberation marches, offering hope for the growing anti Zionists, But like the rest of them it won’t take long before this Pavlovian puppy dog sings have a Hava Negila with the rest of sycophants in Westminster.

    Don’t look to politics to find your saviour.

    So the Syrian exodus leaves us with only one choice. We have to decide whether to be heartless, racialist, compassionless bastards, close the gates and protect our borders or Continue to follow the mainstream media piper as he plays his merry, old tune. One leads to the protection of European and Caucasian culture the other its demolition.

    It’s a no brainer really. You either believe in the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or you don’t. There are lots of people in Syria but there are far more Europeans. This is merely the beginning of many exoduses into the west. The new world order has created this very situation in order to pull on your heart strings. The new world order globalists are psychopaths who have no compassion. They’re expecting the West to behave just as it is when it comes to the Syrian refugees. And they know that in accommodating the Syrian refugees it will continue to push forward their one world government and banking system.

    1. Thank God you’re back. You informed me a long time ago about Michael Hoffman’s “Judaism Discovered” and “Judaism’s Strange Gods”. The Talmud is TABOO, even for Alternative Media. Why?

    2. Good to see you back, harb.
      I see the big push by head euroshabbos for absorbing the refugees flow they are creating for talmudic fun and profit, so that all the premier league games are preceded by the “welcome refugees” song and dance.
      Only a retard cannot see barbara lerner slut spectre looming malevolently behind.

      1. No-one is denying that the problem is engineered, but it is not the fault of the refugees that they are being used, and abused, as pawns. I`m sure every single Syrian, Iraqi, Libyan, and Somali refugee, would rather have stayed where they were, had they been allowed to do so..
        Someone mentioned that many of them spent some time in Turkey, I believe the Turks refused to allow the refugees permission to cross Turkey by land, leaving them no choice but to travel by sea, which puts the deaths of little Aylan, his brother, and mother, plus many more, right at the doorstep of the entity which caused them to flee in the first place, the Turks, amoungst others..
        It was also said that many of the refugees will probably want to return to their lands, and homes, once the conditions improve, so let`s condemn, to the fullest, the sick MF`s who have created this heartbreaking situation, and do what we can to try to put things right..

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