The Looting of Greece

Starvation Is The Price Greeks Will Pay For Remaining In The EU

mgreeceSyriza, the new Greek government that intended to rescue Greece from austerity, has come a cropper. The government relied on the good will of its EU “partners,” only to find that its “partners” had no good will.

The Greek government did not understand that the only concern was the bottom line, or profits, of those who held the Greek debt.

The Greek people are as out to lunch as their government. The majority of Greeks want to remain in the EU even though it means that their pensions, their wages, their social services, and their employment opportunities will be reduced. Apparently for Greeks, being a part of Europe is worth being driven into the ground.

The alleged “Greek crisis” makes no sense whatsoever. It is obvious that Greece cannot with its devastated economy repay the debts that Goldman Sachs hid and then capitalized on the inside information, helping to cause the crisis. If the solvency of the holders of the Greek debt, apparently the NY hedge funds and German and Dutch banks, depends on being repaid, the European Central Bank could just follow the example of the Federal Reserve and print the money to secure the Greek debt. The ECB is already printing 60 billion euros a month to save the European financial system, so why not include Greece?

A conservative might say that such a course of action would cause inflation, but it hasn’t. The Fed has been creating money hands over fists for seven years, and according to the government there is no inflation. We even have negative interest rates attesting to the absence of inflation. Why will creating money for Greece create inflation but not for Goldman Sachs, Citibank, and JPMorganChase?

Obviously, the Western world doesn’t want to help Greece. The West wants to loot Greece. The deal is that Greece gets new loans with which to repay existing loans in exchange for selling municipal water companies to private investors (water rates will go up on the Greek people), for selling the state lottery to private investors (Greek government revenues drop, thus making debt repayment more difficult), and for other such “privatizations” such as selling the protected Greek islands to real estate developers.


Greece is said to contain as many as 6000 islands. Most of them—roughly 5800—are small and uninhabited. Rich private investors, mostly Jewish, would love to buy up these islands and keep them as their private domains. If Palestine ever get too hot for the Jews, a nice little Greek island would certainly come in handy.  (LD

If the Greek government had any sense, it would simply default. That would make Greece debt free. With just a few words, Greece can go from a heavily indebted country to a debt-free country.

Greece could then finance its own bond issues, and if it needed external credit, Greece could accept the Russian offer.

Indeed, if the Russian and Chinese governments had any sense, they would pay Greece to default and to leave the EU and NATO. The unravelling of Washington’s empire would begin, and the threat of war that Russia and China face would go away. The Russians and Chinese would save far more on unnecessary war preparation that saving Greece would cost them.

Paul Craig Roberts

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His internet columns have attracted a worldwide following. Roberts’ latest books are The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism and Economic Dissolution of the West and How America Was Lost.

20 thoughts to “The Looting of Greece”

  1. ‘Indeed, if the Russian and Chinese governments had any sense…’

    As fun as that would be to watch, it is seriously doubtful it would happen, PCR. You know the truth. TELL IT.

    1. The truth is that both Russian and Chinese governments are in the same zionistic heil story as Greek looters, right?
      The ultimte goal of this Greek tragycomedy is, in my opinion, to squeeze cash, to rob EU citizens (including Greeks as 1st, of course, but then the others too), and then to rob Russia, because zionist Putin will give financial help to Greece, which will mean more cash tunneling from Russia to the West…

  2. Yes, Greece should leave the EU. And I agree Russia and China could help Greece. Maybe, as a quid pro quo, Greece should also quit NATO. TO HELL WITH THE JEWISH BANKERS,

  3. PCR suggests Russia and China borrow more debt from Goldman-Morgan-Chase-UBS-Deutche cabals to pay Greece to get out of EU and NATO. Whew..!! He needs the brain chemicals…. or maybe took too much already. Where dat ‘trickle-down’ at now??

    Putin’s Russia and Xi’s China are – ALREADY – overburdened with borrowing to build soccer playgrounds and empty mega-cities.
    Oligarch Pharisee bankers want more of it. They will get it.
    Moscow Times:
    Many of the Russian cities hosting the 2018 World Cup will have trouble finding the money to build soccer stadiums and improve transit links and other infrastructure, the Standard & Poor’s ratings agency has warned.

    The Russian government estimates the total 2018 World Cup budget at $22 billion, which already is much higher than Brazil’s budget of $13.6 billion for the 2014 World Cup. The Russian government has also said it would restrict its World Cup support to sports-related construction.

    Russia’s local governments, however, have put the total cost for the 2018 World Cup at up to – $43 BILLION – which includes new metro lines, roads, airports and utility upgrades.

    Seven of the 11 Russian host cities will have to borrow money or receive much more support from the federal government than is now planned….

  4. Soros can Buy a few of the Greek islands and create an Atheist paradise for Yiddish settlers. Yiddishia would be the name of the Yids homeland. The settlers would leave behind all orthodox Yids who believe Israel is their promised land.

    1. If zionist pharisees are stupid enough (and obviously they ARE stupid) to buy little Greek islands, the better! They will buy their getting closer to non-existence 🙂

  5. Here is the path of Greece’s petroleum going private, and it is guided at the top by a man with ties to ISRAEL, Russia and East Europe. European Financial Group International.

    EFG International appoints new Head of Private Banking, Geneva:
    Zurich, 1 June 2015 – EFG International has recruited Philippe Bruyère to be Head of Private Banking, Geneva

    EFG International has recruited Philippe Bruyère to be Head of Private Banking Geneva. Starting today, he will report to Adrian Kyriazi, CEO, Continental Europe and Head of Private Banking, Switzerland. Philippe Bruyère will replace Jean-Louis Platteau, who will focus on the development of his own portfolio of clients as well as overseeing the Independent Asset Managers segment.

    Philippe Bruyère was formerly at Credit Suisse, where since 2010 he was Market Group Head – Russia, Central Asia, Eastern Europe, Israel and Greece, based in Geneva. An experienced senior executive, he has held finance and business management roles across a number of service sectors, including travel as well as financial services.

    EFG Group is an international – PRIVATE – banking group owned by John Latsis.

    From 1989, Latsis became a director of some companies within the EFG Group, the family banking Holding Group, including Private Financial Holdings Limited which became EFG Private Bank Limited in London, and EFG Consolidated Holding SA in Luxembourg. The following year, he also assumed the role of director of Eurofinanciere d’Investissements SAM in Monaco and became a non-Executive Director of Eurobank Ergasias SA in Athens. Dr Latsis officially assumed the role of Chairman of the EFG Group in 1997.

    Dr. Latsis is the largest owner of Greece’s Hellenic Petroleum S.A., the largest oil company in Greece dating to 1958 with the establishment of the first oil refinery in Greece (Aspropyrgos).

    The company is transitioning from a government-owned enterprise to a privately held enterprise. 28.3% of its shares are available to the public through a float on the Athens Stock Exchange, with the Greek government retaining 35.5% and Paneuropean Oil and Industrial Holdings S.A. (a Latsis family holding company) owning the remaining 36.3% of outstanding shares.

    1. John Latsis died in 2003. His son, Spiro J. Latsis took his place.

      Latsis is the wealthiest Greek alive, he made Forbes list of the world’s richest people. However, the tycoon took a big hit amid the country’s recession, with stocks of his EFG Eurobank, Lamda Development and Hellenic Petroleum all falling significantly in 2011,but recovered in 2013.

      Latsis invited the President of the European Commission, José Manuel Durão Barroso, who had been a student friend at the London School of Economics, to be a guest on his yacht. Subsequently, allegations were made in the press that this somehow influenced Commission decisions but these have been disproved.

  6. An interesting article about the Greek debt problem. It may not be the major reason , major dynamic, for the crisis, but it most likely is a big contributing factor in the Greek financial problem the country is facing. A compelling article ;

    “Did Feminism Cause The Greek Debt Crisis”

    from : Judgy Bitch [ gotta Lerv the name ] :

    [ To ALL trolls and various pain-in-the-necks : I am NOT, NOT, trying to deflect away from the role of the Jews in the Greek debt crisis. I just want to present another dynamic intertwined in this Greek Debt Crisis issue. It’s one of the dynamics of the financial debt crisis, so I share the info about the dynamic, that’s all. It does NOT necessarily follow I’m a jew troll because the article doesn’t mention the jew role in the Greek debt crisis. Thank you. ]

  7. Dear Paul Craig Roberts:
    This whole article is old-school thinking concerning economics and finance/banking. The whole point is whatever happened in Cyprus is now being done in and to Greece. If Greece really wanted to cause change they would do what Hungary and especially Iceland did and jail the banksters or kick them out. Iceland now has the strongest economy in Europe and of course the MSM never talk about that because it would encourage Rothschild Banking System revolts. You can’t have that to gain your freedom from Rothschild usury. I get the sense that Greece will be looted just like Ukraine for the benefit of Int’l Jewish money power. I also sense that Greece will get financing from Russia/China/BRICS to be able to stay in the EU while at the same time causing problems for NATO. Secretly, the removal of America’s NATO influence is probably just as important if not more important, because the EU and Russia want to remove NATO as a threat. Perhaps in the end NATO armaments will stay in Europe as European control of NATO emerges but American influence and personnel will be removed because America is becoming more unpopular and retreating due to Obama’s feigned stupidity. Both Ukraine and Greece are being used to cause changes in Europe that favor the EU/Germany and Russia. If you think not then remember the New Silk Road talk for a Eurasian landmass power. Most of Europe wants this but especially Germany, Russia and China. America does not want this at all and is doing everything on the Eurasian landmass to prevent this from happening including WW3. But for WW3 Russia must be seen as the one starting it, just like the revised history of WW2 that blames Germany for the start of WW2. True non-brainwashed historians know the truth just like Darkmooners do. Overall, nation-states are going the way of the dodo and the global corporatist technocracy oligarchy is taking over. The only question is where is this corporate oligarchy headquartered: Rothschild’s Swiss BIS or Rothschild’s Jerusalem? Only the Rothschilds really know the answer. And this is where the Greek tragedy fits in with America next. And the circumstances will be set up that everyone and everything will be blamed for Greece/America collapse but the true perpetrators – Int’l Jewish money power. So come on PCR stop tiptoeing through the tulips. He probably knows but his livelihood depends on shooting blanks in the Jewish money power direction. So now, just to confuse the plots/issues even more, more crap comes out about Hitler being alive or his Nazis regrouping for the formation of a 4th Reich. At this time the real 4th Reich is the EU controlled by Germany. As the propaganda goes Germany lost WW2 militarily, so now Germany is using the stealth of politics and economics to conquer Europe under the EU today. But again I suspect it is more a Bolshevic/Communist plot of the Int’l Jewish money power that is really behind it all. So again if Germany could free itself just like Hitler did before WW2 we stand a chance. PCR for all his Ph.D (piled higher and deeper) talk truthers can see better than he can. Thanks, Norbert.

  8. Headline on Press TV: Russia and Greece have made a deal, for Russia to install a pipeline through Greece.. Pretty neat solution..

    1. @ Ingrid :

      It’s good to know the Russians are saving the Greek economy. Just in time! Now the Greek liberated selfish b*tches won’t have to pay any kind of price for being selfish muni poutana twats.

      It’s too bad, isn’t it, 🙁 your Iraqi geologist friend doing field research studying moon dust/rocks in California disappeared at such an inconvenient time just when you were trying to finish your story about moon rocks and moon dust. My condolences for your traumatic loss, I’m sure.

      1. Tell you what Joe, maybe you could go to some of those websites you frequent, and ask your takfiri buddies if it is possible to find out the fates of those trapped in the areas they control..

  9. Speaking as a Greek Australian woman here, I am horrified at what is happening to the land of my ancestors and the treachery and betryal of the so called Greeks in Greece. They have morally corrputed the country with filth, flooded it with Pakistanis, Asians, Negros and God knows what else – and the Greeks have been stupid enough to vote for a communist piece of crap called Tsipras. Greeks have swalled the lie of cultural marxism and all that it entails – internationalism, multiculturalism, miscgenation, moral relativism, atheism, sexual depravity etc etc, and it is an absolute betrayal of the Greeks who suffered four hundred years of Ottoman occupation to ensure their race and their culture survive. Most Greeks are as good as dead in my eyes. There is only one hope for Greece and that is the party that is the most vilified by the Jew controlled media.

    1. With all due respect Vicki, Tsipras was not the goverment which got Greece into the mess it`s in, they are the ones trying to undo the harm done to Greece by the previous government..

      1. The Baltic countries, such as Poland, and Latvia, are pinning the blame on Putin for past mistakes, in much the same way..

  10. A few years back, Putin said that he would defend Orthodox Christians anywhere around the world. Greece is primarily Orthodox Christian so he is standing true to his statement.

    Russia and China will not let Greece go bankrupt and then be completely looted by the jewish bankster West. They will bail them out enough to ensure a dissenting vote inside NATO, foe to Russia and China, and the EU.

    It should be kept in mind that the struggle is a religious struggle. Jewish banksterism is the tool, not the end game. World Jewish religious tyranny is the end game. The church that the jews wants to destroy per the Protocols is the Orthodox Christian Church. They have already castrated the other Christian faiths, hooked them on the lust for power and mammon, and have conned them into believing that jews are God’s chosen people.

    The Ottoman Turks’, crypto jews, primary target was the Byzantine (Orthodox Christian) Empire.

    The Russian Communist Revolution was a direct attack on the Orthodox Christian Church. 70-million dead Christians is the proof. The jews thought that they had successfully killed the Russian Orthodox Christian Church until it resurfaced with strength in the Yeltsin years.

    The Catholic Church, Rothschild controlled since 1823, teamed up with the Nazi’s, NA=National Socialists and ZI=Zionists per Eustace Mullins, in WWII to do severe damage to the Orthodox Christian people of Greece, Serbia, and adjacent areas. The USA and the Catholic Church are the ones who teamed up in Project Paper Clip to ferry high ranking Nazi’s out of Germany.

    The Pope during the past couple of weeks has come out endorsing global financial planning and global warming, both JewWO primary desires.

    The Bosnia/Serbian War in the late 1990’s was more punishment and killing/destabilization against Orthodox Christians using Muslims as the excuse.

    The corruption of Greece as Vicki describes above is just another attack on Orthodox Christians. The planned final looting of Greece are the spoils for the jewish banksters which they plan to terminally crush an Orthodox Christian country. Russia and China will not let it happen.

    1. as theories go, that’s a pretty coherent one.
      maybe some small caveats, possibly irrelevant.
      having seen this new pope in action these past couple of weeks, he strikes me as humble and quite likable, ie, a good face.
      maybe he is clueless, maybe not.
      war against jew cannot yet enter a frontal phase, much as we all, me foremost, would like to see.
      pope franjo, as they call him here struck a resonant chord with local muslims, hit it off well with the reis (i guess the top muslim authority in the region) and even with the serb orthodox priests and followers, so he kind of cleaned up in the charm sweepstakes.

      croats in croatia openly hated him for not being hard core enough, those guys are as stubborn and contrarian as they come (pat would fit right in), witness their soccer expressionism, even though he came specifically to visit bosnian croats who are the only catholics here (the numbers of far east asians, koreans, chinese, filipinos, etc, was unbelievable).

      but couple of straws in the wind, regarding this particular pope.

      he had a good and sympathetic meeting with vlad putin.
      he had a cold, 1 minute meeting with stephen harper.
      no rabbis met him in sarajevo, as became part of the recent protocol as the polish traitor wojtila had rabbis in tow everywhere he went and ratzinger suffered them until he could no longer put up with disembowelment of church and quit in disgust, what, the first in history ever since st peter set it up?

      not much, but like i said, straws in the wind, don’t write him off.

    2. What Putin said a few years back – spit and forget. The Orthodox Church in Russia has been dead horse ( as well as other Christian Churches in other countries) and the best strategy is to dismount it. You step in contradiction with Immanuel Kant (and with numerous facts of history), who considered preservation of judaism to be the most important job for christianity.

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