The meaning of the Paris Attacks

By Syed A. R. Zaidi

This beautifully written article, remarkable for its fact-filled compression and lucidity of style, was sent to me in an email by my Muslim friend Syed who lives in New Delhi. It is to be published either today or tomorrow on the The Wisdom Fund website. (LD)

Screen-Shot-2015-11-14-at-5.39.55-PMSo what are the recent events in Paris all about? Cui bono?
Who profits from the carnage?  Let’s consider the facts.

The Anglo-Zionist empire that runs the world out of the United States has a cluster of agendas and constituencies, not all of them in congruence. Some of the agendas have come up against recalcitrant reality and call for adjustment. Such is the doctrine of full-spectrum dominance, put forward by Paul Wolfowitz over a decade ago — that the United States shall not allow any other nation to rise to the level of regional hegemony.

The countries of Europe (with the notable exception of Iceland) have surrendered their sovereignties to the United States. But Russia and China refuse to follow that lead. So, first, Russia has to be tamed — eventually to be broken up and the parts digested. Its main source of income is gas and petroleum. The American takeover of Ukraine was designed to stop the sale of Russian gas to Europe. And the war to destroy Syria is part of the same game, to enable pipelines from Qatar (and Israel) to supply Europe instead.

The destruction of Syria was within reach when Putin turned the tables with his bombers, claiming, disarmingly, to be just helping the West do its professed job. ISIS is clearly a creature of the empire, with top people of ISIS the direct hirelings of the CIA. (Just look up the photos of Senator John McCain with Baghdadi, the ‘caliph’ of the Islamic State.) The horror — some of it fake, such as the chopping of white heads — is part of the design. So America was caught flat-footed when Russia set out  — with great effect so far, in just weeks — to do what the Americans had been pretending to do for over a year. (One Russian source pointed out that a place near the border of Jordan where there is nothing of any consequence was a major dropping place of American bombs.)

The empire was flummoxed, not knowing how to get back into the game of destroying Syria by pretending to fight Daesh. Paris was designed, at least in part, as an answer to that problem.

That is why reports (there are no videos, oddly, for an event that would have had hundreds of recordings on cellphones), reports from Paris say one of the ‘killers’ shouted “Syria, Syria” and not just “Allahu akbar”. And one miraculous passport that survived the blow-up of its ‘suicide bomber’ owner was Syrian — but a fake one, as it turns out. Like 9/11 there were two miraculous passports. Odd how these characters carry passports which they tend to leave behind in strategic places to be “found”.

Like so many false flag terror events, some of the ever-recurring cast of ‘crisis actors’ apparently managed to show up in Paris — from America. There are already videos on YouTube identifying some of them.

And like 9/11 and, best of all, the London 7/7 bombings, there was a ‘drill’, a crisis exercise, covering exactly the events that transpired. For example, in the morning of the event all the hospitals in Paris had been told to drill the arrival of injured from all over Paris.


LD:  Mass drills, or “pretend attacks” staged by the government, have occurred on several occasions to coincide with an actual  terrorist attack. This uncanny coincidence, seldom if ever reported in the mainstream media, occurred on 9/11 as well as on 7/7 in London. The fact that two attacks, one a genuine attack and the other a bogus one, are occurring simultaneously, allows maximum confusion to reign. It also gives the authorities a perfect excuse for pleading it wasn’t their fault for not intervening sooner, i.e., it allows the genuine terrorist attack to proceed unimpeded. (LD)

Here and here are links by the great American dissident, Paul Craig Roberts, that bear this out. The first is to a video by someone else, and the second his ruminations on the meaning of the Paris attacks. (See some of the other videos listed on the same YouTube page as well.) And here is a link to a blogger who sees some oddities in the scene at the Bataclan theatre — this has a disturbing picture of the all-too-real bodies.

If we can put together so much of the story in just a couple of days, with a little help from our friends, imagine what the professional spies that work for Russia must have already got wind of.

That is why Britain’s Daily Mail reported with horror a few days ago that Russia has deployed the S-400 missile system over Syria and beyond. This is the most advanced anti-aircraft and anti-missile system in the world, capable of seeing and shooting down even stealth aircraft going almost at ground level at the speed of road traffic, and also capable of knocking down aircraft at 100,000 feet from a range of 400 kilometres —which, in this case, means over half of Israel. The deployment was confirmed by Col Cassad, a Russian military insider in good standing with the government, but it was officially denied, no doubt on a technicality, by Russia.

We can see now why Russia needed that system in place. Here is a report from the time of the Paris atrocity by the blogger who writes at Sherrie Questioning All:

John Kerry is on TV right now on France24 declaring war on Syria and the terrorist[s] inside.  Saying everyone needs to join the fight inside Syria and get Assad ([whom] he calls dictator) out at same time.

He is saying due to the Paris Attack the U.S. now needs to go to war inside Syria and giving it 6 months to get Assad out.

We now know why the Paris Attack happened.  Saying there needs to be a cease fire immediately.
In other words Russia has to stop bombing the terrorist[s], that is who they are calling [upon] for a cease fire.

Saying UN needs to take over Syria right away and monitor all going on.

Says UN is going to accelerate the cease fire.

Seems to me he was threatening Russia at the same time.

Here now is a statement by the respected anonymous military analyst and Russia expert who blogs under the name of The Vineyard Saker:

While it is way too early to come to any conclusions about what really happened in Paris, I want to share the following thought with you: President Hollande has just declared that what took place in Paris was an act of war.  This, in turn, means that the entire NATO alliance could be called in to respond to this (under Article 5).  As for the attackers, already one Syrian passport was found, and witnesses say that one of them screamed “for Syria” before opening fire.

In other words, this attack has just given NATO
a pretext to intervene in Syria.


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  1. ISIS treachery
    cloaking tyranny
    behind feigned veil
    a sordid tale
    of evil vile
    neath wretched piles
    Hells murky soul
    hates protocol
    to round the herd
    dull cattle lured
    as Bear stands firm
    strikes harming worm
    repels its blight
    from victims plight
    in full retreat
    their turning feet
    at Gaulic lands
    with soiled hands
    terrors stewards
    Judas cowards

  2. The author stated:

    “The US wants the UN, which it controls, to be in charge.”

    Very few know that… between 1945 and 1991, the Soviet Union had – THREE – votes in the United Nations Security Council. The US had just one. The Soviet Union used its veto powers well over 100 times.

    The veto power is the paramount principle which constitutes the cornerstone of the United Nations.

    The UN is controlled by London’s Pharisee Bankers….. To suggest otherwise is folly or intentional diversion for enabling them.

    1. @ Pat

      I am personally responsible for that comment which I added as a gloss. Syed is not responsible for the actual phrasing. The entire passage in Syed’s original copy reads as follows:

      John Kerry is on TV right now on France24 declaring war on Syria and the terrorist[s] inside. Saying everyone needs to join the fight inside Syria and get Assad ([whom] he calls dictator) out at same time.

      He is saying due to the Paris Attack the U.S. now needs to go to war inside Syria and giving it 6 months to get Assad out.

      We now know why the Paris Attack happened. Saying there needs to be a cease fire immediately.
      In other words Russia has to stop bombing the terrorist[s], that is who they are calling [upon] for a cease fire.

      Saying UN needs to take over Syria right away and monitor all going on.

      Says UN is going to accelerate the cease fire.

      Seems to me he was threatening Russia at the same time.

      If I misinterpreted Syed or rephrased this passage incorrectly in the interests of extra clarity, I apologize to Syed.

      P.S. Actually, on rereading the passage, I see that even these are not Syed’s actual words. He is block-quoting from another website called “Sherrie Questioning All” where the English is pretty sloppy and in bad need of revision.

      As to the UN, please try and remember that the US has vetoed a tremendous number of UN resolutions condemning Israel, using the UN as its tool. When the US can’t get its way by strong-arming the UN into doing what it wants, it simply flouts international law by invading countries without a UN resolution — as in the case of the illegal Iraq war.

      1. @ Pat

        OK, the article has now been altered to make it clear that Syed was quoting another website called Sherrie Questioning All. This is now in block quotes. I was under the impression that Syed had himself written these words because the copy I printed out didn’t make it clear that this was a quote. (It didn’t use quotation marks or give any indentation).

      2. LD –

        Thanks for clarifying.

        It is still little-known – FORGOTTEN – that the London Jew-Pharisee Banker controlled Soviet Union had a 3:1 more control as a member in UN than the US for almost 50 years.

        It does not matter today. The debt-usury systems of London and agents controls Russia, now that the ‘wall’ is gone. Jew-Pharisee capitalism rules… Usury rates 15% in Russia… HSBC and Sberbank… and GazpromBank. And 29% Pharisee MasterCard. Just fine now.

        Putin’s Russia has ‘out-Jewed’ the US. Go figger…. 🙂

      3. “Putin’s Russia has ‘out-Jewed’ the US. Go figger…. :)”

        And he has done it under the mantle of Russian Orthodoxy. LOL. There are still a lot of “orthodox” Catholics who think that Russia is going to lead the charge to obey our Lady of Fatima. And that we are witnessing the conversion of Russia.

        Well we are. We are witnessing the conversion of Russia to the level of junior partner in the US Empire.

      4. UPDATE: (Posted by ADMIN on behalf of SD)

        A lot of diligent and intelligent people all over the world have put in their little bit, and the picture is firming up: Paris was more a hoax than a real false flag atrocity. Some links at the bottom to sites that cover the topic.

        The hoax was designed to fool us ordinary people, and to throw Russia off balance with an overwhelming Western force raised at a moment’s notice putatively to make war on ISIS in Iraq and Syria — as a cover for attacking the Syrian state and breaking up Iraq. The response was to start with the dispatch of the French aircraft carrier, the launch date for which was fixed well before the attacks.

        But Putin is not only a chess-player, he also happens to be a black-belt judoka. His thoroughly professional intelligence services are well entrenched all over the West and the Middle-East. He could not but have known that the Paris attack was coming, and what was planned as the follow-up to that. So he took the precaution of deploying Russia’s peerless S-400 anti-aircraft system to cover almost the whole of Syria and beyond, including half of Israel, a few days in advance of the impending attacks.

        Putin knows far better than we do that it was a hoax. That matters not at all. Now he is playing the anti-ISIS game in spades, using against the West all the energy that the West has invested in creating and sustaining its bogeyman.

        Just in time it has been discovered, so we are told, that the Russian plane that came down over Sinai was not, as the eminent 9/11 investigator Christopher Bollyn and the aeronautical expert Valentin Vasilescu have argued, brought down by presumably either Israel or the United States taking remote control of the plane. It was done by a crude TNT bomb planted by ISIS, which has now ‘confessed’, over the internet. So Russia now has declared war on ISIS. It is now not helping Syria, it is defending itself. All kinds of fancy weaponry has now been brought into play.

        Putin has offered Russia’s profound sympathies to France. And he has gone out of his way to very nicely invite the French to use their aircraft carrier to help him crush ISIS, publicly ordering the Russian defence forces to cooperate with them in every way.

        And what do you know — China has just suffered the tragic death of one of its sons at the hands of evil ISIS. He was done to death so to speak on the internet, after a ransom demand that was kept hanging for him and for some Norwegian for two months. It would be cynical to suggest these were only digital deaths, kept at the ready. Anyway, now China has its causus belli and it will be joining the fun — I mean the war, against ISIS.

        While none of the involved countries has an interest in calling the Paris attack a hoax, it is important that we know it was, and that it has had several precedents. It’s good to keep up with our rulers. And truth is truth.

        Here is a site with many videos dedicated to the Paris hoax;

      5. from an article on the truthseeker:

      6. Ingrid— your post is by Jim Stone. He strongly believes that the same people behind 911 and 1113 were behind Fukushima. His investigations into Fukushima are as in depth as any.

      7. @JPOWER, the one thing I might take issue with is his narrow view of Putins intentions, putting it down to “turning a blind eye” or “being complicit”, I prefer Syed Zaidi`s explanation above..

    2. Pat,
      “…between 1945 and 1991, the Soviet Union had – THREE – votes in the United Nations Security Council.” Not true I’m afraid, only the USSR was a permanent member of the 15 member Security Council. The Ukraine and Belorussia were members of the UN. This was allowed by the other members in recognition of their heroism and suffering during World War Two. There are only 5 members with veto power: China, France, Russia (originally USSR), the UK and USA. As the UK and France are to all intents and purposes lickspittle, arse-crawling, puppet states of the US, it would be more correct to say, nowadays, that the US has three vetoes in the Security Council. As a non-American I find it difficult to understand how Americans can have any respect for countries that fawn and lick their boots. I have utter contempt for governments and countries that do so!

      1. Yes, Felix – Thanks.

        I mis-wrote.

        USSR had three votes in the General Assembly, not the Security Council. The US had just one.

        At Yalta in 1945, Roosevelt and Churchill allayed Stalin’s suspicions that the West would dominate the UN and allowed Ukraine and Belarussia membership into the UN and a vote.

        It is mainly for show anyway.

        Still, as then, London’s Pharisee Bankers control the member countries and the UN.

      2. RO –

        Very good…. Have some fun….

        I immediately thought.. substitute the word ‘bankin’ for ‘dancin’ here. Nobody knows this tune:

        This was a group of high school honor grads in Memphis in 1963. They later attended Memphis State, now Memphis Univ.

        I found them and paid them $25 a night to play for my fraternity on Saturdays nights. That was for the first time. I was the treasurer.(ha)
        In a few months it was $50. Then $100. Then $200. That was the last time, Christmas 1964. Next quote was $500. Hit the ‘big-time’… along with Charlie Rich’s Mohair Sam. (My buddies and I used to buy Charlie gin, his choice, until he fell off the piano stool at local clubs. He even forgot the words to songs. A riot. Good tune: )

  3. Why is the Wimp now acting like John Wayne? Yes I mean Adolphe Hollande. What does he mean by this is an
    act of War? By who? Putin?, or Iceland? Does he just mean THE War on Terror by the West? which by the way is an abstract noun (or will he go after dictionaries and nouns next in his pitiless War?) .
    What do we learn from the fact that most of the terrorists are second-generation French (or Belgian, yeah, let’s blame it on the Belgians!) who are already stooped in our Western ways. So what made them turn into jihadists?
    Why is that already the second attack against France this year? Maybe something about the lies that come out of the French government that aren’t acceptable?
    And what will anti-terror end up being, just terror being reversed, now visited on other innocent people (men, women and children) in Syria? Or is it a war on potential refugees after all? But then Adolphe is hardly better than Marine Le Pen and cold old Merkel with her CSU bark dogs. As for Monsieur Hollande, he looks to me more like a sick joke (a Charlie Brown=Clown). No more Hebdo please! .


    This is an interesting article, and makes some very good points, but I think the writer is mistaken that all this American intervention in Syria is just for a gas pipeline. Nonsense. He does not know that it is for Israel to expand to a bigger region, to establish Greater Israel, by toppling Assad, weakening Syria and stealing land for a Greater Israel.

    ISIS is basically Syrian rebels which the US and Israeli criminals armed to steal land.

    Israel is treating ISIS soldiers in its hospitals, according to ISRAELI media:

    The Jewish lobby controls politicians in USA, and Europe, Canada and Australia.

  5. no mention from anybody about the beast hollande raping a little girl on a canal boat, who ended up dying due to a sexually transmitted disease .how very very odd

  6. Putin and France now working together? in War against ISIS.
    Well Lasha explain that. Also Jimstone is not very nicely writing about Putin.
    Perhaps they are so to say, playing on the same soccer team?.

    Russia and Putin seemed to forget their planes being brought down etc .

    Now we hear because of the Paris Crime Black Opp Friday, US Turkey and Israel will invade Northern Syria
    and control it.

    Now Russia works with them?

    1. @ Peter Gar

      Putin and France now working together? in War against ISIS. Well Lasha explain that.

      Can’t say I follow your logic. Lasha didn’t write the article, so why should she have to explain anything? Why don’t you ask the author of the article?

    2. Peter Gar, you have a poor understanding of the elementary game here.
      Russia is already in and tight with Assad forces.
      When France comes along, by publicly tying them into the Russian effort, he’s got a tight leash on them, not allowing them to bomb Syrian assets “by mistake, poor intel, so sorry”.
      We’ve been hearing such lame excuses for over a year where Americans made uninterrupted weapon + supply airdrops on ISIS (that qualifies for their definition of “bombing ISIS”) while looking for every opportunity to destroy Syrian forces and infrastructure.
      Putin put a stop to all that and now is making sure that French don’t stray into ad lib script as per Hollande-Rothschild orders.
      They will fly joint missions … got that?
      Meaning, the best the French can do is miss the targets a little bit or dump ordnance on cow pastures.
      Like trying to make a nighttime coke haul along Yucatan coast toward the Keys with a DEA agent on board.

      And Putin just upped the ante to make sure they play it by the book.

      Russia has deployed its fleet of strategic bombers to double the volume of airstrikes on Islamist targets in Syria, Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu has announced. Vladimir Putin has ordered a cruiser to coordinate operations with French naval forces in the Mediterranean.
      Russian anti-terror op in Syria

      UPDATE: Russia’s long-range bombers start hitting ISIS targets in Syria (FIRST VIDEO)

      “We are conducting a mass airstrike campaign against Islamic State targets in Syria. We have now doubled the number of sorties, which is allowing us to conduct operations throughout the length and breadth of the country,” Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said during a Security Council meeting in Moscow chaired by the Russian president.

      Shoigu said that Russia’s Tu-95, Tu-22 and Tu-160 strategic bombers have been brought into the operation, while the Air Force command added that the strike group has been bolstered with 37 new planes, including Su-34 bombers and Su-27 fighter jets.

      “operations throughout the length and breadth of the country”, know what that means, Peter Gar?
      A Russian administered No-Fly zone, nobody moves an inch without Russian prior clearance, you can make faces outside the bear cage but don’t come too close.
      Putin rules, Rothschild steams.

      1. most of the takfiri`s stooges/cannon fodder, have returned to their own countries, the expendable entities have been airlifted out by the US. The US flew into Iraq weeks ago, purportedly to rescue peshmerga being held captive. The Iraqis established that no peshmerga had been held captive, and concluded that some persons of interest had been airlifted out..

    3. Russia and Putin seemed to forget their planes being brought down etc .
      Now we hear because of the Paris Crime Black Opp Friday, US Turkey and Israel will invade Northern Syria and control it.

      Putin has a long memory, ask Chechen taqfiris (“If we catch them taking a crap, we’ll waste them right there in the shithouse.”)

      And just how will Israel and colonies invade Northern Syria?
      Look at the map, spot Aleppo and the recently liberated Kwereis airbase just outside.
      It is just 30 km (<20 miles) from Turkish border.
      Are you saying Israel (and what they gonna do, float their landing craft all the way up Mediterranean past Lebanon, Syria into Turkey?) will attack the Syrian army under full Russian air-cover?

      Get real.
      They talk the talk but they won't walk the walk.

    4. More on

      Russia and Putin seemed to forget their planes being brought down

      How about this one, Putin to Unleash Hell on ISIS Throughout the World

      But that will not prevent us from finding and punishing the perpetrators. We should not apply any time limits. We need to know all the perpetrators by name. We will search for them everywhere – wherever they are hiding. We will find them in any spot on the planet and we will punish them’, said a very serious-looking Putin.

      And as if this dire warning wasn’t enough, the enraged president vowed to ratchet up the strikes in Syria so that ‘the criminals understand that revenge is unavoidable.’

      And as of today, those long range strategic bombers are flexing their wings, which is only a start, ISIS about to get rhinoplasty without anesthetic.

      1. It strikes me that since the Russian defense establishment is not Jew cottage industry like in the West, they can manufacture their smart bombs, cruise missiles and so on much more cheaply, quickly and effectively without obese parasites sucking their life fluids.
        And China can pitch in as well, it is their fight too.

      2. Lobro –

        “And China can pitch in as well, it is their fight too.”

        Yes. Rothschild wants them to help with the accurately targeted controlled demolition of Syria’s infrastructure to be rebuilt and modernized for 21st century tech.

        China would do everything in its power to help Russia aid the London Pharisee Bankers to set up shop in Syria.

        RIGHT NOW….
        China is setting up the exact same investment banking framework of Britain… just as the US did in 1999 to consolidate investment “regulations” controls. That’s the one which vertically controls ALL investments, and allows London Pharisee Bankers to totally control booms and busts nationally, through banks, insurance companies and securities brokers.

        It is coming to Syria soon.

        The Hegelian Model is always used.
        Problem(crash)-Reaction(panic)-Solution(control merged).

        Rothschild’s Reuters bragged yesterday:

        After market crash, China mulls single ‘super-regulator’

        China is considering bringing together its banking, insurance and securities regulators into a single super-commission, sources told Reuters, following the summer’s stock market – CRASH – that was blamed in part on poor inter-agency coordination.

        China’s stock markets .CSI300 dropped by more than 40 percent between mid-June and August, forcing Beijing to take unprecedented measures to prevent a wider – PANIC -, embarrassing the government and delaying planned improvements to nascent derivatives and futures markets.
        The three regulatory agencies that may be – MERGED – are the CSRC, the China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC) and the China Insurance Regulatory Commission (CIRC).

        POWER SHIFT:
        Beijing is looking at Britain’s regulatory set-up as a model, among other options, the senior regulator source said. Britain reformed its regulation after the global financial crisis, handing the Bank of England more CONTROL over the financial system, partly in the hope of avoiding future bank failures.

        Currently, China’s three regulators operate independently, each reporting to the State Council, or cabinet.

        Zhou Hao, an economist at Commerzbank in Singapore said, “This is something that follows the more sophisticated and more straightforward regulatory framework, which I think has done quite well in the British system.

        China is anxious to follow Britain and US and Russia and Libya down Rothschild Road.. 😉

  7. There are many point of views about the strange events that are taking place in the world. Fullford optimistic as usual write of the imminent take down of “the cabal”, jimstone is 100% sure of Putin being a stooge of the jews, Roberts sees the long hand of washington behind everything . Too me , a simple paterfamilias, it all look like a luna park, with noise ,lights and BS cried loud out. La drole guerre , that everybody want to win but nobody want to fight. Something is clear: everything that come from MSM is a brainwashing melassa of rethoric and falsity.
    Alternative sources are sometimes too eager to jump in conclusions , but at least they give us the opportunity to have real informations , so we can connect few dots. My opinion is that Putin is trying to steer the bandwagon right. At the moment his popularity is so high worldwide that he can call the bet . Jump in and drive .
    Jimstone is great, the mastiff of the web, nothing is unnoticed to him, I can’t wait to read his daily posts.
    This time , I have the impression he has not been serene in his judgement. Putin is in the corner since he took Crimea, in Italy we would say he is walking on broken glass. The enemy have a problem of legitimacy, and this is a
    great advantage for him; they use Paris to refresh the narrative of the “war on terror’, fine , let’s do it , I am with you, we fix the problem ,set things in a acceptable way for both the empire and Russia, you safe the face and I gain acceptance of my interests in the area. For the moment it would be a victory for Russia, and it could open up a completely new scenario in Europe as well. We will see what Washington will do . I think the real front is in Donbass, if things go hot there ,than will be more complicated for Putin and Russia will have to go for the hard line. I really hope the americans love their children too.

    1. RO –

      “They’ll be more internet spies. Spying on all of us.”

      The internet belongs to DARPA and NSA…. with MIT/UCLA and Rand and GE expertise.

      They have known you from your first login. And me.

      1. @ DARPA and NSA

        Hey mister Rothschild… let’s make a deal. You know how to contact me.

        I just want, say, 10 million bucks and I’ll stop my campaign to bring you to justice for fucking up China with your vile opium 200 years ago, and I might add, with your wicked usury today, not just in China but all over the world. Deal or no deal?

        What’s 10 million bucks to a guy who has the exclusive license to print the world’s money out of thin air?

  8. I hope these new 2,000 internet spies won’t be required to wear blue plastic shower curtains from Kabul WalMart on their heads. It’s not exotic anymore, it’s getting real mundane. It’s like okay, we know you Luv your blue bathroom, we get it, so what else is new in the world of espionage?

  9. Another false flag carried out by mossad to blame the muslims and get public support for the cause of the zews
    Expand Israel and not to mention thr juicy security contracts that Francois Jewlland will assign to Israeli companies, hmm, there is a certain wiff of quelque chose comme le bulshit after 9/11

  10. If this is about Greater Israel then why would Israel use depleted uranium on these lands? Roberts says they’re insane in some way and that they want to destroy the environment even where they live or intend to live. Who here can offer more insight?

    1. The reason that Jews (Khazars) destroy the environment is that they lie so much that they lie to themselves. They take after their father. The father of lies. They have convinced themselves that radiation, genetically altered foods, vaccines, and other tampering will not affect them whatsoever. The Jews I know in America can’t wait to vaccinate their designer babies. They don’t care. They also eat terribly and barely exercise. And they have tons of divorces and abortions. These are the people of chaos and confusion. Ever lived near Jews? Many of my neighbors and coworkers are Jewish. They hate THEMSELVES as much as they hate Christ.

      I’ve seen hardcore deicide orthodox rabbis getting drunk in public and chain-smoking cigarettes. Their entire religion is about destruction. They killed God, so why would they care about trees and rivers? They even kill their own souls.

      They think that even if they nuke the entire world that their messiah will come down from heaven and save them and start to enslave the goyim. Of course their messiah is the antichrist and won’t be able to save any of them from the Hell that awaits. But they are driven to fulfill their man-made destiny of the Talmud. Of course they don’t realize that the author of the Talmud was also the author of the Book of Mormon and the Kabbalah and the Koran. It was the devil. The author of confusion. And that they will never defeat their true father like they pretended to in the Talmud claiming that god said “my sons have defeated me”.

      Ever seen the Jews and Khazars leading the transgender movement? Or famous Jews in Hollywood? They butcher their bodies and faces with surgery. These aren’t healthy people. They are all obsessed with pornography and death. “All they that hate me love death”. They throw their own children into Hollywood for fun. Many of their children see their parents’ life of crime and end up killing themselves. But Jewish suicides are NEVER reported as it is forbidden in the Talmud to disclose that a Jew would ever be weak enough to kill himself.

      You think you’d get real answers from the morons that run this site? With their great woman leader with her Illuminati eye image? This site is basically another version of Infowars as all of the writers hate God and Jesus Christ and are chasing their own versions of the Talmud or ‘atheism’ to replace the real God of this world.

      1. I’m not a Christian, but having spent a lot of time among jews I have to agree with everything you said.

    1. Ingrid, this is excellent, first appeared in Bosniapress

      In the 23:06 version is this comment:

      “In a televised statement at approximately 23:58, French President François Hollande declared a state of emergency and closing of borders for the whole of France.[7]”

      How could the writer report what President Hollande did at 23:58, as if it’s a fait accompli, when he’s writing at 23:06, before it happened? Does this not remind us of the BBC reporting the fall of Building 7 with Building 7 still in the background?

      Not only that but it proves beyond the shadow of doubt that Hollande has Israeli passport and Mossad pension sewn up.

      Further on

      “One report stated that there might be six gunmen.[10] French radio network Europe 1 reported that as many as threesuicide bombers were also involved in the attacks.”

      Suicide bombers are usually associated in the public mind with Muslims and Arabs.

      “Someone who escaped the attack told a journalist that the attackers mentioned Syria and that there were five or six attackers.”

      How did this writer gain access in less than two hours to “someone who escaped the attack” while listening to radio broadcasts, reading as many articles as he says he did, and writing such a detailed piece? This statement is for me not probable.

      The work that this comment does is that it introduces a second element to the storyline: association with Syria.

      One element that was dropped from the 23:18 version, that is present in the 23:06 version, (2) is the statement: “The terrorists shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ and ‘This is for Syria.’” I’m not sure why they dropped this item. Surely it was a clincher, but they did.

      The fact that this comment was dropped from accounts after 00:00 may explain why the earlier accounts were deleted from the change record. I think they feared being seen as stage-directing if the picture of terrorists shouting “Allahu Akbar” was left in.

      I also remember reading about the Allahu Akbar at some point but the story wavers and I haven’t been hearing much about it, nor “This is for Syria” exclamation, why should they since they “found a Syrian passport”, intact – it belonged to Assad I assume and stamped “issued by Putin’s KGB”.

      But the old judoka will be ready for them as he has been every step of the way thus far, watch how he flips them next.

      I say (instance #71), they really aren’t as smart as they think they are and as worshiping Noahides firmly believe, it is only in contrast to the complete imbeciles who fall for their cheap tricks.

      The score is now, Juden (1) : Putin (6)
      0:1 Oligarchs/rebuilding the economy
      0:2 Georgia
      1:2 Libya (Putin on bench)
      1:3 early support for Syria when Jew press gave Assad days to live
      1:4 Ukraine/Crimea
      1:5 Sanctions/parallel banking
      1:6 bombing of ISIS/liberation of Syria from taqfiris

      … Juden getting desperate for score, their ploys increasingly more ad hoc and transparent, swinging for fences, pushing for all out, no holds barred war on BRICS.

      But don’t forget that the US army is a pretty exhausted, spent force, thin on the ground, economy based on that Fed printing press, so they must bring in fresh NATO troops to do killin-n-bleedin for the poor, threatened jewie.

      1. @ Lobro

        A good score card. There is nothing quite like seeing it in black and white.

        Although I could be wrong, this is my take on what has been going on concerning Paris, ISIS, and Syria.

        Putin got the upper hand in Syria by seriously bombing ISIS at the request of the Syrian government. Russia appeared just before the Turks were set to invade Syria, big troop buildup at the border coordinated with a western (US/NATO Israel) Syrian no-fly zone planned implementation which would give the Turks and ISIS air protection while they totally destroyed Syria. This was cast from the same mold as Libya. The western plan fell apart as Russia did tremendous damage to ISIS.

        As repayment for Russian upsetting the western plan in Syria, western ISIS was put up to placing a bomb on the Russian passenger plane. It was not hard to encourage ISIS to plant the bomb because Russia was the one causing all of the carnage against them.

        Before Russia determined that the passenger plane was bombed, Russia made proposals for the west to coordinate attacks on ISIS with the Russia operation. The west said no since they would be fighting against themselves. Russia knew they would decline since they knew ISIS was a proxy operation of the west. The end result was that Russia could continue their effective bombardment of ISIS without intervention from the west.

        In an attempt to reestablish the operation to destroy Syria, the west pulls off the Paris ISIS attack and uses it as an excuse to get actively involved in the air over Syria. In order to do so, they had to agree to cooperate with the Russian air operation so Putin had the west fighting against their own proxy fighters, ISIS, but without the same intensity that Russia was doing. Russia was hitting 250 to 300 targets a day while the west is just doing 30 to 50 “targets” a day. After Russia determined that ISIS bombed their passenger plane, Russia brings in their heavy bombers which dramatically increases the number of targets hit per day. The end result is that western ISIS is now being bombed intensely by Russia and by their own western bosses.

        Just like Libya, the west most likely guaranteed western ISIS “rebels” safety from the skies with a no-fly zone over Syria that did not happen. Instead, just the opposite happened. The western ISIS is now faced with being attacked by Russia and being betrayed by their western bosses. Since revenge for betrayal is much sweeter than revenge from a straight forward enemy, ISIS will now perform real terrorists attacks against their old western bosses. ISIS goes rogue, out of western control.

        End result, Russia continues uninterrupted bombing of ISIS to save Syria while the west (US/NATO and Israel) contends with real terrorists on revenge suicide missions. Russia doesn’t have to worry as much about terrorist attacks. Syria survives. The “Greater Israel”plan gets delayed for a long time. Iran gets breathing room from being attacked. Russia looks good to the rest of the world and buys some time before being egged into another potential conflict with the west.

        Putin outsmarts the west again.

        Meanwhile, the Chinese get some relief from the west’s pivot to Asia since they will have to contend with real terrorists and a very sly Russia. China continues its steady efforts to undermine the jewish money power.

        The jews in all their “brilliance” still won’t learn that wanting the whole enchilada is a bad, unattainable goal even if the devil said they could have it all. The prince of evil cannot give away that which belongs to the king, God. Just like salesmen are the easiest sell, liars are the easiest to lie to.

      2. Did you see the comment at the bottom of the page, which was made two days before the event, date circled in red? Saw an interview with Geraldo Rivera, who`se daughter just happened to be at the football match, and was eyewitness to the whole thing.

        Then there was the coloured guy who`se cell phone was hit by shrapnell, who said to those interviewing him, “remember I showed it to you when it happened”, so, there were media in place prior to the event..

  11. Three hundred channels of shit (Pink Floyd) talking about the Paris attacks but not a single one of these “analysts” sees that all these troubles the world is going through could be easily fixed if Palestine is freed even in a two state solution mode but …. they dont mention this.. And here is the 6 million dollar question, Is it because they dont really know that this is the solution -which makes me a phucking genious that should be hired by Nasa- or maybe they know but they are told not to antagonize the owners who choke every time they hear the magic name?… lol they use up all this air time over … How many dead in these last three isis attacks? (Lebanon included, event though lebanon is never mentioned as a false flag attack, which is another unsolved piece in the puzzle) how many? well, there were 240 in sinai, 50 in lebanon and 150 in Paris, for a total of 440 dead people… Thats not even close to the number of dead children who die (from malnutrition, disease and hunger) in a couple of days in New Delhi for example; so why all the fuzz? I am calling Nasa, or better not 🙂

    1. Avatar, if your takfiri friends succeed in overthrowing Assad, you can forget about Palestine. Your takfiri buddies have been working hard, at the murder, and displacement of Syrians, and Iraqis, whilst your other buddies, the jews occupying Palestine, have been working just as hard, at murdering and displacing Palestinians, in order to fulfill the jewish dream of greater israel, and all the while, gullible Muslims like you, thought they were creating a caliphate. The only ones standing between the death dealers/destroyers, and a stable ME, are those you despise, namely Assad, Putin, Iran, and Hezbollah..

  12. Interesting article… while I was reading it I thought, maybe this Paris attack is an Israeli hissy fit. Israel wants so badly to get the Golan Heights for her very self that she’ll just about do anything? Isn’t it strange how every solution ends in bombing Syria? Of course John Kerry wants to get rid of ISIS and Assad in the same sentence. This is the task assigned to him by the shadow neo-con cabal, I assume. At first we were just going to have a simple bloody war of regime change, announced by the New York Times front page big black headline. Then the American people called the White House en masse in protest. So the second step was inventing ISIS as a new boogie man and now that has backfired. Well, ISIS was very bad but basically it was another excuse to get rid of Assad for Israel. Now they still want to get rid of Assad. That is why when all else fails they bomb Syria.

    I’m relieved that someone in Pakistan seems to understand that Americans are just as baffled as people on the international scene about what our government is doing and why?? Clueless!! Although I have noticed two camps based on two sources of information. If a person reads the alternative press then the Paris attack always might have been a false flag. If you read the mainstream press then the Paris attacks are committed by incomprehensible Muslim radicals who love death and hate Westerners. If you read the alternative press then you have known for quite some time that ISIS was supported by the U.S. and its allies. If you read the mainstream press that is a shocking statement and very suspect as well. You might get the shifty eyed look… hmm so you are an unpatriotic conspiracy theorist? By the way who are you voting for in the Presidential election is usually the next question?

    I can’t figure out given the mass confusion whether we are guilty or not, but since we aren’t being bombed, bombed, and bombed some more I’ll say we are guilty and have it coming.

  13. Mike King of TomatoBubble has a few questions for our kind-hearted, suffering, faithful Avatar now hard at work to convince TROJ of his best intentions.

    I will just list a few, best to click on the link and read it through

    ♦Why doesn’t ISIS ever stick-up for the oppressed Palestinians?
    ♦Why is it that the main enemies of ISIS just happen to be the main enemies of Israel (Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Hezbollah, Hamas)?!
    ♦Why does ISIS kill or threaten Christians, Buddhists and even other Muslims — but not the Jews of Israel or Europe?
    ♦Why can’t Western Intelligence Agencies infiltrate ISIS?
    ♦Where is ISIS headquarters? Webpage? 1-800 telephone number? Facebook account?
    ♦Who pays for their expensive military hardware and fleets of shiny Toyota trucks?
    ♦Why hasn’t ISIS launched suicide attacks against Israeli targets?
    ♦How is that SITE (an Israeli operation) is able to so easily obtain the photos and ‘beheading’ videos of ISIS?
    ♦With so many “suicide bombers” at its disposal, why hasn’t ISIS ever attempted to kill a single political leader? When one is suicidal, he can get to anyone– as the Red Anarchist assassins of the 19th and early 20th Century so ably demonstrated.
    ♦Why are all of the “beheading” victims wearing U.S. standard-issue orange jumpsuits?
    ♦How do members of the massive ISIS organization communicate amongst themselves when the NSA can easily track phone calls and E-mails? — Carrier Pigeons perhaps?
    ♦Whatever happened to ‘Al Qaeda’? Did they go out of business?

    And of course, the Ha’aretz headline, July 15, 2014:

    Why the Islamic State Isn’t in Any Rush to Attack Israel

    The organization formerly known as ISIS has made clear that fighting Shi’ite Muslims is its top priority

    At least Ha’aretz and Avatar are on the same page, we wouldn’t want you to feel lonely and isolated, Avatar.
    I have no doubt that you will answer all those questions to our satisfaction.

    Oh yeah, and about 3 yeshiva yarmulkeists “strangled by ISIS” in order to provide pretext for yet another assault on Gaza, Operation Protective Edge.
    (That didn’t seem to have thrown brave little David Israel into a frenzy of existential angst, the Jew national sport)
    Who is protecting whom, huh?
    I guess your beloved ISIS protecting your beloved Palestine, no?

  14. Larry Silverstein, Jewish owner of the World Trade Center, routinely spent every morning at an 8AM breakfast meeting atop the WTC, until the morning of 9/11/01, when he stayed home from a doctor’s appointment his wife had arranged. His son and daughter had also happened to miss their work at the WTC that morning. Another lucky coincidence was the 4.6 billion dollar insurance policy he took out prior to the 9/11 terror attacks, which gave him a full return and more on his 3.2 billion dollar investment.

    Paris’s Bataclan Theater, a target of the 11/13/15 ISIS terror attacks, had been Jewish owned for 40 years, until the owners, Jean and Pascal Leloux, sold it on 9/11/15.

    Jonathan-Simon Sellem, French-Israeli journalist and politician, had intended to be at the soccer match at the Stade de France on the night of the ISIS terror attacks, but went to a movie theater instead.

    So many lucky coincidences when it comes to successful Zionists avoiding major radical-Islamist terror attacks, huh?

    1. @ JPOWER

      “Paris’s Bataclan Theater, a target of the 11/13/15 ISIS terror attacks, had been Jewish owned for 40 years, until the owners, Jean and Pascal Leloux, sold it on 9/11/15.”

      They did that probably to avoid being sued for not providing enough security to their clients.

      As for all those lucky “coincidences”, as a rule of thumb : if there is a combination of too many coincidences, then it is no coincidence.

  15. @lOBRO
    Thank you it is now much clearer. Your post gives me hope for Russia.
    Very good explanation. Now let us not take the trolls too seriously with their pro Israeli CIA IS, PROPAGANDA .

  16. Will China now help Russia/France with boots on the ground? .
    What will the welcome then be from ISIS if that happens?.
    Kiss of the Fire Dragon?, or just a small candle sparkler? .

  17. As brilliant as Putin is, it is not a one man act.
    More sharp knives in that drawer, Zinovyev, Glazyev, Lavrov, Ivanov, Shoigu, to name a few and I don’t follow the internal politics too closely.

    Meanwhile look at poor Obama’s circle of deadbeats: Kerry, Biden, Nuland, Carter, Clintons, McCain on standby with taser, heavy duty Zionists, whether Jews or wannabes.

    Defense industry, supposedly America’s last major manufacturing stand, saddled with innumerable Jews hanging off it, sucking trillions in return for inoperable junk – now hoping to make that bloated, mindless dinosaur perform feats of agility, equestrian dressage tricks, nimbly jumping hurdles and water traps and beat Russia, China and Iran, with their own NATO allies just waiting for the chance to run and hide.

    Shylock of Venice got his pound of flesh but it was from off his own steed – bon apetit, now choke on it.
    If the US military had any brains left, they would do their best to lose any war, on purpose, like they should have lost to Germany, everyone’s lives, including their own would be so much better off today.
    Crunch the snake’s head and the tail rattle shuts up too.

  18. Look, you guys are bit wacko. Whoever told you mass drills took place, is a fucking liar. Nothing took place here, nothing. Stop shilling for the fucking Muslims. Their religion is a bag of shit now, and all you can do is blame it on the Jews. Whether or not someone higher up was pulling the strings doesn’t make a fucking difference to normal people, becuase those who carried out these attacks were raghead muslims, and what is the purpose of a fucking anti-jewish website, if it sides with Muslims? Where is your credibility. You dont have to like Jews, but if you are a Muslim lover, then shed your anonimity and come out like the scumbag you are, and own up to your community’s violence extremism, and the stupidity adn ease with which islam allows for the manipulation of illeterates. You can’t fucking pull strings if people dont put themselves into puppet mode.

    1. @Frenchie, I`ll tell you something retard, I`d rather support the muslims, than your jewish faggots any day..

    2. Ingrid, Franklin, 1138,

      Don’t be to hard with my compatriot. He is obviously a victim of semitic triangulation. Hard to be referred as a racist/antisemite the monday and an islamophobic/colonial scum the tuesday.
      And those crews, there is a group effect, of arabs “gangbangers”, pale copy of their US cousins, give such a poor image of Islam. I hope the silent majority of French Muslims will speak up, they are so poorly represented by caricatures.

      Or maybe he is one of those ‘juifs de France’ as the president of CRIF cukierman labeled french jews, hope you’ll see the nuance,

      As to why we care so much about jews, the question you should ask yourself, irrespective of your identity is :
      Why the jews care so much about the World? Are you constantly hearing about Basque except for chistera, rugby and ETA?
      Yet, there’s just as much and they are pretty much everywhere.
      Is there a Basque Einstein, Marx, Zamenhof, Freud and all the others who have tried so hard to unite humanity or foist its tribal neurosis?

      As for the typos, i am sure you understood his coherent message.
      Franklin, as you may have probably noticed since you have an interest in linguistics, everytime a writer dabbles in French there is systematically typos or nonsenses, like Lobro just above with two typos in the same word, bon appétit mon ami, or Ellie’s quotes in French, who quotes like a 10 years old while her english is pristine, Intesting contrast, or JFC who is always a good laugh.
      But aristocrats don’t speak French anymore, it’s a great shame that the world has to suffer this cold corporate English language.

      Les frères karamazov est un des meilleurs romans jamais écrits en langue française. That’s good traditional diplomacy.

      En vous souhaitant une bonne soirée.

      1. Those French….
        ….it’s like…. they have a different word for everything.. 🙂

        I know… Bad Steve Martin line…

      2. Pat,

        he is right or at least we used to.

        After wwII the first mission of the director of INSEE, the newly created national institute for statistics, was to “Replace a France of words by a France of figures” les mots par les chiffres, hard to translate this simple sentence in English. He meant to substitute reason, objectivity of facts duly measured to passions and subjectivities. Hell is paved with good intentions as Dr Johnson said.
        Parlementarism was bad for France, good for the Brits, obvious when you read some of the debate after the revolution, an anthology in term of demagoguery, enculage de mouche.

        Now we have 24/7 rolling news with disconnected financial statistics running at the bootom of the screen….!
        I’m tired of wasting letters when punctuation will do, period.


      3. Phil, gimme the credit for doing my best, many years since my grade school joual lessons, The fish, she is small.
        If I could, I would have crammed more than two typos into one word but that would require a deeper understanding of the language.

        On a parallel note but with opposite orientation, Frenchie writes pure American, Jewmerican to be exact, whether New York or New Jersey, Old Testament, dancing shlomo in Newark.

        Ingrid smoked him.

        Bon Ape Tit, as Burt Reynolds would say on SNL Jeopardy spoof.

    3. I don’t know what you are on about as I am not reading the article or all the comments. But I see your point in a general sense about the entire “alternative” news stream. The problem is there are plenty of people who can identify with what is wrong, but they don’t do much of what is right. This is further complicated by the fact that they have lost their actual religious and ethnic identity and see themselves as something known as “white”.

      Just because Muslims are also victims of Jews doesn’t mean I have to worship them like Mark Glenn. They are basically useless as an ally.


        The meaning of the Paris attacks to me,
        means no one should vote for Trump you see,
        Trump is opposed to Muslim immigration into the USA,
        especially seeing how the Muslim immigrants
        won’t be vetted,
        and we don’t know which ones are honest
        and which ones are terrorists.

        Trump wants the Keystone pipeline,
        to help make us less dependent,
        on oil from the Saudis,
        the more oil-independent we are,
        the less excuse for the NWO warmongers,
        to foment and start even more wars,
        to takeover and build their Middle East Empire.

        Trump thinks we should leave Putin alone,
        and let the Russians defeat “our” ISIS,
        Trump wants to reduce taxes,
        and wants to rebuild American industry,
        Trump will, most likely,
        there’s a chance,
        would place Christian conservatives,
        on the Court Supreme,
        and “We” just can not chance this.

        Trump is just simply NOT an option,
        I know that’s true,
        ’cause Scarlett O’Hunter,
        and her Jackie,
        Well, sniffle sniffle,
        Trump just doesn’t fit in
        with us Occidental Dissenters,
        He’s not qualified to be a leader,
        of “our” Golden Circle.

        He might, if given a chance,
        place White Christian Conservatives,
        on the Court Supreme,
        and us White Conservative Christians of Mayberry,
        are horrified with that prospect.

        Oh no no no no,
        Trump won’t do,
        even though he’s the only candidate,
        to ever come along,
        who supports the very same things,
        we feigned for years and years to yearn for.

        — The Real Original Joe
        (Copyright, 2015)

      2. guess you are right about trump joe.
        even if i have zero sympathy for marine lepen i will go vote for her, for all the ad hominen attacks, the “if Marine wins i’ll leave France” , controlled opposition or not. Who knows? Maybe muslims will not vote in mass for the socialist this time.

  19. This site is great thank’s to Darkmoon. You are a Hero, and we live in times where Cowards shout and dance
    the loudest.Christ said,”let he that is without Sin cast the first stone” .
    One load of people think it is good to murder and kill innocent Women and Children, and also Murder an
    injured person in Hospital.
    Well the most people in the World 100 percent think otherwise!
    Anti Semitic if you check in the proper Dictionary means…”against Arab or Jew!” .
    These people forget Karma! . Do Evil and it always comes back on you .Always .

  20. Two comments from a random forum–

    “We saw it in Europe during WWII … when ordinary people became willing partners in genocide. We see the same lack of empathy taught, today, among certain groups and individuals who teach even children to kill … and surely 9/11, Paris, and other recent instances demonstrate the point.”

    “For example, watching the news today about the terror attacks in Paris, reporters kept suggesting that the fault was really not so much with the terrorists, but with the victims. They were pushed to it by the French themselves.”

    The point– the average Joe regurgitates the narrative delivered by his Zio press. Regurgitation of authoritative viewpoints is the main thrust of public schooling.

  21. Daily score card: 3 ISIS field commanders in Aleppo province killed in Russian airstrikes – General Staff

    “The militants have admitted the death of ‘Abu Nurlbagasi’, ‘Muhammad ibn Khayrat’ and ‘Al-Okab’ as a result of Russian airstrikes in the area of Aleppo,” Colonel General Andrey Kartapolov, General Staff spokesman, told journalists Thursday.

    Militant commander “Ahmad Zia” was eliminated in an airstrike near the Jubb al Ahmar mountain, while another high-ranking terrorist, “Abu Bakr”, was buried on Wednesday after being killed by Russian bombs, he added.

    And this is just part of the body count, they are shipping them out to Turkey under the cover of night in order to comply with Muslim requirement for quick burial.

    The Russian Air Force conducted a second massive air strike against Islamic State and other terror groups in Syria on Wednesday, hitting 206 targets, Kartapolov said.

    “During the day, Russian aircraft carried out 126 sorties by Tu-160, Tu-22M3 planes from Russian territory and operational-tactical aviation from Hmeymim airfield [in Syria].”

    The Su-34, Su-25, and Su-24M warplanes have conducted 100 sorties from Khmeimim airfield, in which 190 terrorist targets were destroyed, including 58 command centers, 41 arms depots and 17 fortified strong points.

    Russia also fired 16 air-launched long-range cruise missiles, which wiped out seven critical terrorist facilities in the provinces of Aleppo and Idlib.

    The country’s long-range bombers hit 12 targets belonging to Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) in the cities of Raqqa and Dier ez-Zor, Kartapolov said.

    Russian air forces have 98 sorties scheduled for Thursday, when they plan to destroy 190 terrorist targets, the spokesman stressed.

    Daily TO-DO list, nice and simple.
    Compare this clean, direct talk with the bullshit “interests of the national security” that we get in the “free, open” society back home.

    1. I read a piece earlier on The Truthseeker, which told of Hollande`s vow for vengeance, followed by sending three aircraft into Syria, where the only damage done was to an already deserted IS command centre..

  22. Another reason for Metrojet downing theory: Ouster of Al-Sisi, a big friend of Russia who is feeling increasingly isolated in face of ZOG hostility and the moves to turn him into another Bashar Al-Assad.
    Hm, the game scope is widening rapidly … I couldn’t figure out the Egyptian angle for the longest time due to confused MSM sludge but with this, the picture gains a bit of clarity.

    It also explains another puzzle: how did Egypt gain access to the black box and promptly turned it over to Russians, because without doubt, the area was quickly infested by Israeli teams scouring it for precisely this reason – they planned to remove the black box and leave another magical passport instead.

    Old and busted and predictable: a color revolution oozing from the US embassy in Cairo, except that aided by FBS, Al-Sisi will be ready for the tired, old Maidan script.

    Possible pathway for future:
    Resurgent, strong Syria, Lebanon once again under its sway, Egypt, rebuilding after decades of vassal status under ZOG, linking up with currently threatened Sudan to the south, all friends with Russia, China, BRICS … poor, little David Izzy shivering alone, friendless, Woe is us, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For we devour widows homes or bulldoze them as the case may be and for pretense make long prayers at the Wailing Wall …

    1. Lobro, I, too, wondered about Al-Sisi, who seemed to be assisting the chosenites in their lock-down of Gaza. You could be right, that he has opened his eyes to the tribal back-stabbing, and realizes, he too, was on the menu..

  23. We know what they think of Parris. “Israel says they have nuclear missiles aimed at cities all over Europe.”
    I’m convinced the so-called goyim deserve what’s coming to them for behaving exactly like goyim. They’re going to get what they deserve.

  24. One contingency that the carefully laid down long range plans like The Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion cannot deal with is the seemingly random and thus totally unexpected range of a nationalistic, honest, unselfish, strong, intelligent leader and when this happens in the world’s second or third most powerful country, they are caught completely flatfooted.

    It happened in Germany and it happened in Russia and whereas Hitler had lots of moral fiber and qualities of character, the disciplined, calculated approach mixing stealth, bluffing and organized growth of resistance was not one of them, he was too much victim of his nobility and emotions.
    As for all the yammering about Rothschild banking vice like grip, it only works as far as the intended victim is beholden to trade with West, something that the BRICS block seems to be rapidly weaning itself from in an organized, gradual way.
    Maybe borrowing a script from prewar Nat Soc Germany would help solidify that independence.
    I hear the head of Sberbank is crying the blues and issuing dire warnings but as a Bilderberger he would, wouldn’t he.

    As for the professional Putin doubters, it doesn’t matter what his accomplishments are, they can always claim that the latest success is only window dressing in some darkly brilliant plan, too convoluted for ordinary goyim to comprehend – as if the top Yids primary goal is to fool 280 sworn Talmud-haters, they got nothing better to do.
    All these trillions poured into bloc struggles, wars whose outcomes are far from certain, just for our front row enjoyment and diversion, because the ordinary goys have been long bought and deceived into non-resistance, so even though we have absolute control of the planet, those 280 are unconvinced, so let’s waste a few more trillion and put on a show – just for Darkmoon crew, we are very scared of their rising Alexa numbers.

    A very convincing argument.

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