The Migrant Crisis : Who Is Responsible And Why

By Brandon Turbeville


As the migrant crisis in Europe grows ever more precarious, violence between security personnel and immigrants reaches a new level and tension between citizens and non-citizens inches higher and higher, any informed observer should be asking themselves the question – “What is the ultimate goal here?”

The immigration crisis has not formed organically nor has it formed in a vacuum. The people attempting to enter Europe over the last few weeks are a diverse lot, but the overwhelming majority of them are fleeing countries where the West, the United States, and NATO have brought “peace” and “democracy” in the last few years via bombs, troops, or proxy terrorists. In other words, the migrant crisis was created entirely by the West.

But, while the West has been so absolutely uncaring regarding the people whose lives they destroy with their “exceptional” militaries, photos of a dead Syrian boy have been paraded across Western media outlets to pull on the heartstrings of a public who, when it comes to most Syrians, generally has no heart at all.

The little boy who drowned in his family’s attempt to escape the “democracy” of beheadings, rapes, and chants of “Allahu Akbar” funded by NATO is a tragedy. This cannot be argued otherwise.

However, the boy’s photo is also a prime example of Western hypocrisy and duplicity. While the world has focused on one dead child washing up on the shores of Turkey, nothing at all was said about the little girl – about the same age as the boy in the photo – who was killed by a car bomb in Latakia at around the same time. She was a victim of America’s “moderate rebels” who have beheaded and raped their way across Syria. She died a violent death. Yet Western media remained silent regarding her case and the case of the thousands of children killed by the Western-backed terrorists operating in Syria. Only in the case of the boy on the beach was the media indignant.

Of course, the media attempted to blame the death of the little boy and his family – indeed, all of the Syrian refugees – on Bashar al-Assad and his “cruelty,” “barrel bombs,” and other methods of “terrorism.” If one were to listen to the Western media, it would appear that not one single civilian has died at the hands of the “rebels.” According to the mainstream press, all deaths in Syria are the fault of Assad.

It should be noted that the Syrian destabilization was initiated by the West and that Assad has done nothing but defend his people and his country in the face of an Anglo-American assault. Assad is widely popular in Syria, unlike the terrorists eating Syrian soldiers and buying Syrian girls as sex slaves.

At this point, it is important to ask yourself, “If the Syrian refugees were escaping Syria because of Assad’s cruelty, why did we not witness an immigration crisis in 2008? 2009? 2010? In fact, why have we not seen such a mass exodus until now?”

The answer is simple – It is because the Syrian refugees are fleeing savages, terrorists, and Western bombs, not Assad. With ISIS forces closing in on the government strongholds to which many refugees inside Syria had already fled, the refugees are now being pushed out into Europe.

An interview conducted by Turkish television with a number of Syrian refugees revealed the fact that the overwhelming majority of Syrians do not fear Assad, they fear the savages funded by the West parading under the guise of “freedom fighters.” The Eretz Channel interview also revealed that these Syrians are not trying to escape Syria for the golden streets of Europe but merely awaiting the time until they are able to return home.

Interviewer: “In Turkey, they say that Assad’s army is oppressing you and destroying your homes. Is this true?”

Refugee: “No, No. No! This is completely WRONG! The Syrian Army rescued me!”

Refugee 2: “We used to live in extreme security, thank God!”

Refugee 3: “The world must see what is happening in Syria. If it gets destroyed it will get rebuilt . . . Whether it’s at the level of the leadership or the people. Anyone that says there’s a Free [Syrian] Army, I tell them ‘No, there is terrorism.’ The terrorism is done via external conspiracy with external financing. But, we are alive, we are returning, we are returning, we are returning!”

The Syrian refugee situation was entirely created by the West from the beginning of the crisis right up until the present. It is precisely the United States, NATO, and Israel that have the blood of these children on their hands. If it were not for the meddling and aggression of these countries both the drowned Syrian boy and the dead Syrian girl would still be alive today.

Turkey Pushing Syrian Refugees Into Europe?

It should be noted that the influx of Syrian refugees into Europe, beginning now in such massive numbers and simultaneously taken place with immigrants coming from other locations in the Middle East and North Africa is not only the result of a pressure valve resulting from a greater ISIS push west, but also from apparent deliberate action by Turkey.

Such a coordinated plan is alluded to in an article entitled “Refugee Flow Linked To Turkish Policy Shift,” published in Greece’s Kathimerini paper. The article states,

A sharp increase in the influx of migrants and refugees, mostly from Syria, into Greece is due in part to a shift in Turkey’s geopolitical tactics, according to diplomatic sources.

These officials link the wave of migrants into the eastern Aegean to political pressures in neighboring Turkey, which is bracing for snap elections in November, and to a recent decision by Ankara to join the US in bombing Islamic State targets in Syria. The analyses of several officials indicate that the influx from neighboring Turkey is taking place as Turkish officials look the other way or actively promote the exodus. [emphasis added]

Goal Of Immigration Push

So why has the Western media focused on the drowned Syrian boy? Why have we seen this image floating around all forms of media over the last few weeks? Obviously, it is not because of the concern held by the West for Syrians or Syrian children.

An even bigger question, however, is “Why the sudden influx of immigrants and refugees into Europe now?” The answer, of course, is at least twofold.

First, with the ability of Assad to hold out for as long as he has in the face of the Anglo-American onslaught, the need for greater use of Western military power in addition to terrorist proxies has become apparent. The creation of a “safe zone” in Syria by the United States and Turkey was one major step toward greater direct military involvement in Syria and the re-creation of the destruction of Libya, this time in version 2.0.

The Russian announcement of an “expeditionary” force in Syria and the upcoming vote on the Iranian nuclear deal in the US Congress, however, has created the need to accelerate the attack on Syria before the Russians become too entrenched and before Iranian money and supplies can flow even freer to the SAA.

Hoarding these items is better than having money in the bank (Ad)

Hence, the new “debate” as to whether or not certain European countries should engage in greater bombing in Syria, this time openly stating that Assad and Syrian forces will be the target in addition to the phony claim that ISIS will be the main target.

For instance, the Western media is now awash with reports that the British are seriously considering bombing “ISIS” in Syria. However, while the discussion in England revolves around the bombing of ISIS, the true nature of the discussion revolves around the question of whether or not to engage in the creation of “safe havens” and the bombing of the Assad government forces.

As the Huffington Post reported in its article, “David Cameron Facing Pressure To Bomb Islamic State In Syria After Lord Carey Calls To Group To Be ‘Crushed’”.

David Cameron is facing growing pressure to extend RAF air strikes into Syria as the worsening conflict threatened to drive increasing numbers of desperate refugees to seek sanctuary in Europe.

Former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey became the latest senior figure to call for a renewed military effort to “crush” Islamic State (IS) in its Syrian heartlands.

He also backed calls for British military intervention to help create “safe enclaves” within the country where civilians would be protected from attack by the warring parties in Syria’s bloody civil war. [emphasis added] […]

His intervention came after Chancellor George Osborne acknowledged that a comprehensive plan was needed to tackle the refugee crisis “at source”.

Speaking to reporters at a meeting of G20 finance ministers in Turkey on Saturday, he said that meant dealing with the “evil” regime of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad as well as the militant jihadists of IS. [emphasis added]

Thus, we see that the influx of “refugees” into Europe is being used to frighten the European public with images of Muslim fanatics, hordes of people chanting “Allahu Akbar!” and “Fuck you!” into supporting a bombing campaign against the Syrian government. The European public, already witnessing their countries and cultures being destroyed under waves of immigration and now being confronted with the physical violence of dislocation of themselves as well as the immigrants, are likely to simply throw up their hands in frustration and accept the bombing campaign as a solution. They will simply say “Do whatever you have to do stop ISIS and/or Assad. Just get these people out of here!”

The waves of immigrants arriving from a war-torn country, fresh with images of drowned children, thirsty adults, and general misery will be used by the Responsibility To Protect (R2P)/Humanitarian Bomber crowds of the left liberal variety in order to bring the second half of the false political dichotomy on board with a bombing campaign right conservatives were already vociferously supporting.

The second aspect of this latest wave of immigration is the destruction of European culture with diverse and often “opposing” cultures and the creation of an easy “divide and conquer” strategy in order to break the European people using the already broken immigrant population. Already, Europe has been overwhelmed with massive waves of immigration from Middle Eastern and African nations as well as other “third world” countries, even before the Syrian crisis.

Under a number of guises – economic, ethical, etc. – the ruling class has opened the floodgates to immigration from countries whose culture is vastly different from that of the host country and where the majority of citizens of European countries are themselves struggling to make ends meet. The influx of immigrants has only worsened the economic situation of the European countries who have taken them in, creating another underclass of low-wage low skill workers who are then played off against the indigenous Europeans. Anger at second class status is directed at Europeans from immigrants while anger at the lowering of wages and living standards are directed at immigrants from Europeans. Neither group ever understands that it is the oligarchical elements of their societies that have created such conditions at home and abroad and thus turn their pent up anger on one another.

In addition, there seems to be a concerted effort to recruit more fundamentalist elements of foreign societies for relocation in Europe. Sources inside Syria, for instance, have told this writer that the more fundamentalist Muslims in Syria seem to be given preferential treatment for “refugee” status. Of course, this is not to say that the Syrian refugees are fundamentalist or even that the majority of them are of this variety. We must be careful not to paint with broad brushes. Still, it is difficult to avoid seeing that the more fundamentalist “refugees” seem to be given greater attention and assistance in making their way to European countries.

That there has been a concerted effort to open the floodgates for immigration in Europe, particularly in Britain, for social engineering purposes can scarcely be denied. After all, Andrew Neather, a former adviser to Tony Blair, Jack Straw, and David Blunkett, admitted that there had been a plan by government ministers, Straw, Blair, and the Labour party to allow so much immigration into Britain that it would change the face of the country forever.

It is also important to point out that the immigrants finding their way to European shores are not all Syrian. Indeed, many of the immigrants are coming from all across the Middle East and North Africa. Some reports have shown how many of the immigrants are declared as Syrian but are, in reality, from other locations. Because of the nature of the conflict, it is easier to claim oneself as a Syrian refugee in order to receive some of the privileges given to Syrians by a number of European countries as a result of the crisis.


The immigration crisis being experienced in Europe today is entirely one of Europe’s own making. By engaging in war after war in the Middle East and North Africa, it is Europe that bears the responsibility (along with Israel and the United States) for killing millions of innocent people and displacing millions more. It is thus the responsibility of Europe and other guilty parties to engage in policies that will eliminate the source of displacement.

Of course, the European oligarchs know well that they are responsible for the mass displacement and are working to exploit that displacement to their own ends. Regardless, it is important to mention a number of rational solutions that would solve an ensuing tragedy in the hopes that activists and the general public may force their implementation.

It is clear that Europe cannot continue to accept such unfettered immigration. Immigration policies such as the ones discussed above have already wrought economic and cultural havoc upon a number of European nations. The average European, of course, is as entitled to his own country, culture, and opportunities as any other human being. However, while Europe should refuse to allow such waves of immigration, immigrants themselves should never be blamed for seeking a better life or for seeking to escape the hell that the West has visited upon them.

Thus, the first step that must be taken, aside from preventing the mass influx of immigrants, is an immediate cessation of any and all bombing of Syria and other related nations. There must be an immediate cessation of support for ISIS, FSA, Nusra, or any other “moderate” cannibal operating in the Middle East. The Syrian government must be allowed to wipe these terrorists off its territory, preferably with assistance and intelligence provided by Europe and the United States. If the United States refuses to change its position on Syria, then the U.S. must go it alone.

Remember, Syrian immigrants in particular are not going to Europe because they dream of debating gender politics, sipping coffee in French cafes, or kneeling at the feet of the queen. They are going to Europe because their homes have been destroyed, their families have been killed, and their country is overrun with savages. Thus, Europe may also be well served to assist in the rebuilding of Syria with a comprehensive plan of foreign investment and credit extended from various European central banks (nationalized banks) for the purpose of rebuilding civilian infrastructure, hospitals, schools, sanitation, roads, and industry. Europe should extend civilized cooperation with Syria in this regard.

While in staunch opposition to the will of the world oligarchy, the above solutions are the only hope of the Syrian and the European peoples. If unheeded, both Syrian and European culture and national identities will be erased and the living standards of all continue to be eviscerated.

Clearly, European oligarchs do not want to see a peaceful end to the crisis in Syria nor do they desire to see a peaceful and humanitarian end to the immigration crisis. It is for that reason that the European people must begin to build coalitions amongst themselves and, indeed, amongst immigrant communities, in order to force them to do so.


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  1. This is essentially a good article, however it doesn’t mention the real culprits in this human drama. It is not America, NATO, Europe or even “European oligarchs” (sic) who are behind this all, but it is the Jews who use these entities for their own nefarious agenda, which is :

    1) The destruction of Syria according to the Oded Yinon plan*).

    2) The racial destruction of Europe by causing mass third world immigration.

    3) The ultimate aim is the creation of a strong Israel in a weak Middle East, controlling and exploiting the rest of the world which consists of a mass of dumbed down, deracinated “workers” for the Jewish Herrenvolk.

    *) For the Oded Yinon Plan, go to : Global Research, “Greater Israel”: The Zionist Plan for the Middle East.

    1. Franklin –

      I agree 100%…. and more..!!

      The planners and enablers are hiding in plain sight.

      AND the main manager and PLANNER of ALL migrations in the world, as appointed by the UN, the body that authorized Israel, is Peter Sutherland. He heads the Royal Bank of Scotland, Goldman Sachs Int’l… and directs the Vatican Bank. He can “git ‘er dunn..!!”

      That’s why the UN calls him “THE PRIMARY LINK”..!!

      Peter Sutherland was appointed Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations on International MIGRATION and Development on 23 January 2006:

      “Peter Sutherland is the United Nations Special Representative of the Secretary-General (SRSG) for International Migration. Appointed in January 2006, he supported the Secretary-General in promoting the United Nations agenda on INTERNATIONAL MIGRATION prior to and during the 2006 High-level Dialogue on International Migration and Development .

      “With the Secretary-General, he proposed and advocated for the creation of the State-led Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD), which now attracts over 150 countries annually to advance international cooperation on migration.

      “In addition to serving as THE PRIMARY LINKbetween the United Nations and the Global Forum process, Mr. Sutherland advises the Secretary-General on issues related to international migration and development; leads initiatives to foster cooperation on critical issues such as protecting migrants affected by crises and ensuring that migration is considered in the post-2015 United Nations development agenda; and writes and speaks frequently on migration-related issues.”

      1. I know about this fellow Peter Sutherland. Some time ago he called for the EU to “undermine national homogeneity”*) (we all know what that means). Though nothing in his bio can be found that indicates Jewish ancestry, he looks suspiciously Jewish (almost like a caricature from Der Stürmer, I should add). Anyway, he is diabolically anti-White.

        *) Link :

    2. Not only a strong israel, but larger, which is probably why Syrians, Iraqis, and Palestinians, are being driven from their lands..

    3. You forgot the fourth and most important goal the destruction of Christians whoever and wherever they are!

  2. The Migrant Crisis : Who Is Responsible And Why

    September 11, 2015 By Brandon Turbeville
    In regards to the question above there is no other answer but … the white man who sells his soul to Lucifer for less than 30 silver coins.
    The white man specifically that of the White Anglo Saxon Protestant kind is the worse scummy invention that idiot who some call “God” could come up with. He really messed up there. Big time.
    The only way to control him is by doing what the Jews did : Make him love money. And that he does.
    Others, like me would rather just come up with a big ass bomb similar to the one they threw on Nagasaki, only bigger, and just get rid of them.
    No one will miss them.
    But the Jews are very smart. They got into the judicial, the entertainment, Banking and just made them slaves of money.
    They are very easy to bend. Watch them how they start stuttering as soon as they see a Jew. They love /hate the Jew.
    Because they know that the Jew is simply better.
    We Palestinians should unite with the Jews because the Jews are better than Arabs and Iranians and way better than the Wasp.
    White supremacists –like the ones you find here at darkmoon- hate Arabs as much as they hate the Jews.
    So don’t expect sympathy.
    White man=garbage/scum/ big time

    i am going out to celebrate because its friday, september eleven today

    1. “i am going out to celebrate because its friday, september eleven today”

      Be sure to celebrate it as the day that Pharisees made Islamists EVERYWHERE…. guilty of the Pharisee deeds… outsmarting Islam’s fanatic worshipers…. as usual.
      And celebrate that Gen Gul played his part.

    2. “We Palestinians should unite with the Jews because the Jews are better than Arabs and Iranians and way better than the Wasp”.

      And you still try to convince us that you are a genuine Palestinian?

    3. Plague rat oozes sleaze, orc ancestry links direct to Judas Iscariot.

      Posting while sitting on a trunk full of human organs at some Bolivian airport, waiting on El Al flight home, part of his triangle route: dope out of Tel Aviv into NY, arms into La Paz … some side action procuring teenage slaves from East Europe.
      Life is good, hey maggot?

      But justice is nearer than you think.

      1. Wow! plague rat oozing sleaze … orc with ancestry links to Judas Iscariot!… maggot sitting on trunk full of human organs!… and Tel Aviv pimp running teenage slaves from Easter Europe!…

        You excelled yourself with this one, lobro. Avatar must be trembling in his jackboots.

        Good think I ain’t your enemy. 🙂

      2. Like Hitler, Judas Iscariot has been much maligned by history. Had it not been for Judas, the name of Jesus might have never been known beyond the first century.

        Next to Jesus, Judas was the most learned man of the disciples. He was well educated and understood the laws and customs of the Temple. This is why Jesus picked Judas as his most trusted confidant. Jesus brought Judas into the Essene conspiracy to undermine the Temple. Because of his knowledge, ability and unshakable resolve, Judas was chosen to turn Jesus over the to the Temple authorities.

        Jesus needed a learned man of letters, not a coarse fishermen to betray him. He needed someone who could act the part while not exposing the true intent. A man was needed who could talk the Temple’s legal language while finessing the kohein gadol into action. There was only one candidate among the disciples that fit the description – Judas Iscariot. This is made evident in the following dialogue.

        “Truly, truly, I tell you that one of you will betray me, someone who is eating with me right now.”?

        Clearly, Jesus had a plan. He knew what was about to happen, because it was part of the larger plan to make him the Temple’s final blood sacrifice, the Paschal Lamb of the Passover – the lamb of god.

        “It is one of the twelve, He who dips his hand with me in the dish, the same is the one who will betray me. I am going to do what the Father has sent me to do, as it is written in scripture, but woe to the man who betrays the Son of man. It would be better if he had not been born.

        What exactly had the “father” sent Jesus to do? Become the final sacrifice, thus ending the Temple’s domination over the Jewish people. Jesus knew the repercussions facing his coconspirator. If the Temple discovered the ruse, they would kill him, if not Jesus’ followers probably would. Either way, Judas’ death would be a painful one. Note also the words “son of man” not “son of god”.

        “It is the one I will give this bread to when I have dipped it. So Jesus dipped the bread and gave it to Judas Iscariot.”

        Jesus identifies the betrayer to the group, while informing Judas of his forthcoming role.

        “Judas answered the Lord and said: It is I, Teacher?” (You mean I got the job?!)

        “Jesus said to him: It is as you say.” (Yup, you got the job)

        Although Jesus had brought Judas into the Essene conspiracy, he had yet to identify the man picked for the onerous job of betrayer. Judas must have been quite surprised to have the message delivered to him in this manner.

        But why a betrayer? Why didn’t Jesus simply hand himself over to the authorities? Because that might have alerted the kohein gadol to the plot. The Temple authorities had think Jesus was captured against his will for the plan to work as intended.

        “And Satan immediately entered into Judas.”

        “Satan” is literally defined as “opposition.” Who is the opposition? Matthew 23 clearly points out the kohanim as Jesus’ opposition. This literally meant Judas had now become a critical part of the opposition’s forces. Likewise, “Satan” in the “temptation” narrative was a Temple priest trying to buy out or cajole Jesus into joining the Temple. This is why one of the temptations involved a location at the top of the Temple, while another refers to the top of a mountain. The Temple was in fact built on the top of a mountain that had been purposely leveled for its construction. The top of that mountain, with the “whole world laid out below”, would indicate the same location, because for the first century Jew and its priesthood, the “world” consisted of Jerusalem.

        “And Jesus said to Judas: Go quickly and do what you are going to do.”

        Essentially Jesus says “go now before I change my mind”, as Jesus knew full well the horrors awaiting him at the hands of the kohanim. No doubt Jesus also wanted Judas out of the way before the other disciples, unaware of the conspiracy plan, decided to act to prevent his departure.

        Judas was paid thirty pieces of silver because according to the law, the Temple was required to pay this sum to an informant. This law assured the Temple an ample supply of spies among the people or “eyes all over the body.” In his distress, Judas threw the money back at them, almost exposing Judas’ true role. Even so, the law had been fulfilled the moment he took possession of it.

        According to apocrypha, Judas hung himself afterwards. Obviously the part Judas played left him distraught, for although his part in conspiracy went against his will, like Jesus, Judas knew there was no other way if the plan was to be successful. Apparently, the emotional burden after the fact led to his suicide.

        An equally or worse horrible fate awaited Hitler should he have been turned over to the Jewish victors and their moneyed priesthood. The difference is that Jesus had to be sacrificed by the Jews, whereas Hitler did not.

        And that dear reader, is the story behind Judas Iscariot. Next time you hear the name think of him try thinking of him as a hero instead of a traitor.

        The events of history are seldom what is officially recorded.

      3. Arch –

        Just so I have the same definitions as you….
        Which “TEMPLE” do you reference in your position?

        Back in those times, many still worshiped Zeus and other gods…. in their TEMPLES.

        See….. Acts 14: 12

        The Visit to Lystra and Derbe
        …12And they began calling Barnabas, Zeus, and Paul, Hermes, because he was the chief speaker.
        13The priest of Zeus, whose TEMPLE was just outside the city, brought oxen and garlands to the gates, and wanted to offer sacrifice with the crowds.
        14But when the apostles Barnabas and Paul heard of it, they tore their robes and rushed out into the crowd, crying out…
        15and saying, “Men, why are you doing these things? We are also men of the same nature as you, and preach the gospel to you that you should turn from these vain things to a living God, WHO MADE THE HEAVEN AND THE EARTH AND THE SEA AND ALL THAT IS IN THEM.…

  3. Overall it’s a well written article. His solution to the crisis, namely western governments helping Assad regime to remove the trouble from Syria, is of course the most obvious, but why would they do so when they created the problem in the first place in order to destroy the Assad regime?

    What the author fails to see is that the west created that terror in Syria in order to destroy the Assad regime, so that they could move in and create a Rothschild private bank, as well as plunder natural resources destroy the culture and create a safer area around Israel.
    In other words there’s no way on this earth that the west is going to intervene and destroy the terrorists before it destroys Assad.

    Syria will sadly fall. Then they will move into Iran which of course will bring Russia and China into the conflict, that is of course unless Russia is already drawn in through the Ukraine front.

    The push for world government is already speeding up dramatically. It won’t be long before the Rothschilds have complete control of the worlds banking system. The chaos is being currently created with a massive push of refugees into the west. And yet ironically, As more and more Muslims join Islamic state they fail to see that they’re playing right into the hands of their enemy, as they rip apart Islamic nations.

    The only way that I can ever see an end to this crisis is simply through the people educating themselves and understanding what the real problem is, here in the west. It would mean completely plugging out of the mainstream media and into the truth of the alternative media. It would mean simply doing their best to completely crush the system. It would mean nothing short of complete civil disobedience, Such as removing all money from the bank. No longer going in to work. No longer doing anything the authorities tells them to do. No joining and instant leaving of the armed forces and police. It would mean completely starving the beast we know is the system.

    It would simply mean a mass awakening of the public. And of course the problem is that’s simply never going to happen.

    1. Syria will sadly fall

      I’ve been hearing this since march, 2011 and 4 years onward, the refrain goes on, despite the massive effort poured into regime change.
      I remember when Assad was given days to survive, various governments chickening out of offering him refuge.

      And then, people say that Putin is a Rothschild agent working hand in hand with others like Soros, the Saudis and Pussy-USsy-Riot, BHL enthusiastically promoting goy-slaughter from across the Turkey border, Israel jumping up and down, threatening to attack both Syria and Iran … but for some reason, the “world’s deadliest army” having uncharacteristically cold feet, after proving their might against a string of Gaza nurseries and community centers.

      How come Assad is still hanging in there, whence his track record?

      Avatar can explain, I am sure, because he hates Assad as much as his heart flutters at the sight of Netanyahu.

      (couple of years ago, he posted here how ISIS will liberate Palestine and Al-Quds (Yerushalaim, in his native Hebrew) within 6 months from nasty Jews, had a bit of reorientation since – hey, admin, can we dig up that one and repost for everyone to see?)

      1. Lobro,

        Assad will fall because before the refugee crisis and the ‘boy in the sand’ the public didn’t really know much about Syria and Assad. The Syrian exodus is just what they need to bring the public around to military intervention in Syria, just as the 7/7 ‘wet job’ was for keeping the public behind them in their war on terror.
        Assad will fall regardless whether Russia and China become involved, either by an assassin’s bullet, from I.S. Public execution or allied bombing.
        Nothing will stop the creation of a Rothschild private bank in Syria. Look what they did to Gadaffi and Hussein?
        The next news will be confirmation of western bombing, followed by ground invasion to slow I.S, remove Assad and install a puppet government. I think Assad gas done remarkably well and I’m gunning for him, but there’s no way he’ll survive a full western attack.

      2. Lobro –

        I share the question… “How come Assad is still hanging in there, whence his track record?”

        Something is amiss. He just might be ‘in’ on the prolonged infrastructure destruction by NATO to garner ‘kicked-back’ profits from the rebuilding contractors like Halliburton(KBR), AT&T, Cisco and Fluor…. etc.

        Harb is correct about the private bank motives. If Assad will ‘ante-up’ a stock market for the pot, Rothschild might let him stay.

        We shall see.

      3. Harb, what you describe is the standard script.

        I don’t think it is going to work this time – why?
        If Putin is just another shabbo goy as so many aver, then there is no explanation at all for why Assad persisted for so long, they already pinned many a crime on him, torture, ethnic cleansing, use of sarin and other war gases on civilians, the list goes on.
        And yet, they are pulling punches.

        The reason i see is Putin, Putin, Putin – Iran by itself could not have stopped it.

        And Putin sees Syria as the Stalingrad of WW3, a decisive battleground that he cannot afford to lose, because it is the lynchpin of the resistance in the Middle East and tremendously important piece in the grand game due to its location, the pipelines, forward bases for roasting Jewland vs. Eretz Yisroel and so forth.

        And I think that Putin has made it plenty clear that he will stand and fight and
        all options are on the table
        meaning, Israel gets the big one up its Kabbalah anus, whether via Hezbollah, Syria or by other means, he has a range of choices.
        And whoever has the Jew by the neck also has the Western appeasers covered.

        So now, the Rothschild serpent must think well and deep, whether to fish or cut bait.
        Because Russia does not have a historical habit of losing the final stands.

      4. I, for one, would like to believe you are right, Lobro; but Pat showed us (via list of American corporations in Russia Chamber of Commerce) how truly entwined the Rotheschild ( tentacles are throughout. It is or it isn’t true. Same with China. In that respect, Iran is as alone as can be. To me, the obvious goal is to ultimately dissolve the EU, let the nations purge, then gather the pieces into a more central and open government – which is no more than a ‘regional division’ of the global plantation. America and Canada ALREADY have designated ‘regions’ – as well as ‘international biospheres’ established by debt. Already, huge contentions are brewing HERE concerning exodus of foreigners into our OWN lands (especially America). One-at-a-time, they will all fall under obvious global government. That is the plan. (I don’t like it, but there it is. 🙁 )

      5. Gilbert, it is like that famous/infamous black box experiment where we the high schoolers had to give our best shot to figuring out what’s in the black box, by shaking, rattling, sniffing, magnetism, weighing, etc and were never told what is actually inside it.
        (If I was in grade 12 today, I’d say it is Jew soap and would challenge them as antisemites if they objected)

        Maybe you are right or Pat or I or none of us, maybe Avatar is the Keeper of the Truth (providence help us if so).

        I do the best I can by shaking the shit out of that box.
        And can ask why would Jew want to dissolve EU when it was specifically created for 2 reasons:
        to destroy last vestiges of individual, regional cultures that defined Old Europe, and
        to provide a centralized control mechanism not subject to national referendums, ie, a supra-national/globalist authority in Jew control.

        If there wasn’t any meaningful opposition from outside (BRICS), why bother with charade?
        Consider some serial sex predator sitting at a bar, sweettalking the woman, waiting for the opportune moment to slip a powder into her drink.
        He must play the game of being a gallant gent, until there is no one that can swing a punch at him, when he has the befuddled victim totally in his grasp.
        When that happens, no more Mr Nice, right?

        So, it is the same now, Jew vs EU or USA, WASPistan (Can, Aus, UK …), Jew has no need for ambiguity but the fact is that he feels watched and threatened by the stubborn leftovers of once mighty Europe and Roman Empire/Byzantium and it sits in Kremlin and Beijing and Delhi and Tehran.
        It is a real opponent, otherwise the full bore violation would be on right now, just like when the commissar led rape squads were marauding through post war Germany.

        People come up with all kinds of lopsided reasoning to explain this paradox, all straining credulity, because they refuse to accept the most obvious, straightforward one, that the real opposition is gearing up for real war.

        Watch what happens next, I said and continue to maintain that beside the bedrock defense of Syria, the even greater game is to swing Germany back into the fold of judenfrei civilization and if and when that happens, kiss Die Juden goodbye.
        If I am wrong, I am wrong but i don’t see a more plausible scenario that causes less friction among the jigsaw puzzle chunks.

      6. Lobro,

        How can it be the ‘standard’ script when I mention everything the msm won’t?

        I do very much believe that Putin is aiding Assad and for that Im glad, but, the media campaign, against Assad, is speeding up rapidly. As I’ve continually stated; Rothschild will have their private bank in Syria if it means waging a war against Assad resulting in WW3 and the near obliteration of the west.

        We already know that Cameron, although he specifically stated that the government must reflect the will of the people and not intervene in Syria, has been launching airstrikes there (and most certainly employing the SAS). This shows just how much the cabinet is under the employ of Rothschild, who no doubt promised them they will all be exempt from prosecution as well as lucrative jobs when they leave government.
        Syria, Iran and N.Korea are the only lands left without a central bank. Do you seriously believe that the Rothschilds will give up their 250 year plan for fear of bringing Russia, China, N.Korea and Iran into WW3? Not one of the Rothschild banking cabal has ever been on the front line of any war they’ve been directly responsible for in creating. Regardless of the outcomes, they have not only profited greatly from the mass bloodshed and suffering, but also been exempt from any prosecution.

        Syria is merely a slight stumbling block, that will be erased, before moving onto Iran. Like I said Lobro, even if it meant Russia nuking Paris, Berlin, Rome, Geneva and London, the Rothschilds will have Syria and the msm’s continuing brainwashing of the public and ongoing deceit spinning will help them achieve it.

        I can see no light at the end of the tunnel for Assad and the freedom of Syria from being part of the world bank. Its just a matter of time. There’s nothing Putin can do to stop it, nor China, Iran and N.Korea. They’re next, in the establishment of a one world bank, government and a greater Israel.

        The only thing I can see that will stop this all from happening is their plan for all out chaos going horribly wrong, most notably, the people leaving the armed forces and police and not playing their game anymore. However that would take a massive, collective, instant waking up of society and that’s simply not going to happen.

        can see no

      7. I`m with Lobro on this one, I refuse to believe in the fall of Assad, or the defeat of the resistance, but none of us can see the outcome, just have to wait and see..

        As for the image of the little Syrian boy, face down in the sand, if the pic was photo shopped, and the boy didn`t drown, where is he? I`ve seen pics of the father, after he buried his family, and his grief, and that of those around him, was genuine..

      8. Harb, what I meant by standard script was the takedown of Saddam, Gaddafi and Yanukovich, which they tried to apply to Assad and failed, so now the question is whether to ramp it up to full strength and come up against Russia and Iran in open confrontation or try another tack elsewhere, hoping to sap Russian and Chinese strength through sabotage and economic sanctions – another standard script.

        Next, this

        Like I said Lobro, even if it meant Russia nuking Paris, Berlin, Rome, Geneva and London, the Rothschilds will have Syria

        Except Russia does not have to nor wishes to attack Paris, Berlin, Rome, Geneva and London.
        You omitted the one target that counts: Israel, very conveniently within the range of Syria and Iran and of course, Russia.
        Will the Rothschilds sacrifice that which occult plan strove for for all these centuries?
        They bought it, they built it, it is the temple to their master, I am sure that at least half of their gold is stored there and that means more gold than all of the remaining gold on Earth.
        Will they sacrifice it?

        Moreover, what would a true, dedicated enemy do – I wrote about this half a dozen times.
        Have specialized assassination squads silently in place, thousands of drones and cruise missiles parked and dynamically pointed at the heads of the Hydra, the 5,000 or so top demons – or just the top 200.
        Wipe them out and the juggernaut crashes, its power of intimidation and control dissipated into the thin air, galley rowers no longer chained to the oars and jumping ship en masse.

        And that is no standard script.
        If Putin is for real, and they surely know it, unlike the rest of us guessers, what would they do?
        Stick to the standard script of weaselly accommodation and slow attrition rather than risk the open confrontation which they are likely to lose.

      9. Ingrid,

        I`ve seen pics of the father, after he buried his family

        Really? It was him, wasn’t it. And his family.
        How many pics of how many grieving fathers do they have on file, from the invasion of Iraq until now?

        The kid’s shoes were on, how many corpses have you seen where the first bit of clothing that comes off are the shoes?
        You are a mother, do you remember how easy it is for a baby or toddler to drop his shoes with just a small flick of the foot, because those shoes are never quite fitting (parents buy them couple of sizes to big because the kid is growing fast) and their feet are small and chubby.

        Just try to reconstruct the scene according to their description, ac op and a photographer innocently strolling down the beach and then a theatrical double take, “OMG, look, a drowned boy, let’s walk over and take a look”.

        And the kid, straight out of Montessori school, well dressed and groomed, never seen the harrowing boat journey over open seas, short on food and water, under blazing sun, then the child just kind of drops overboard and drowns, nicely washed up like Poseidon himself laid him out like a mythological hero with grieving Nereids weeping softly for the benefit of cameras, like that canoe bearing the slain knight in The Lord of the Rings.

        And the grieving father, just where was he in the meantime, if the kid died so quickly and cleanly, beached immediately without surf violence, why didn’t he jump after the child to save him?

        Not that it matters to me either way, but I can spot a propaganda material as obvious as this one, good enough for those conditioned to believe in weeping Auschwitz barbers and Ukrainian geysers spurting anguished jew blood.

      10. Lobro,

        As you will know, James Warburg, Rothschild schill and one of the so called ‘founders’ of the American Federal Reserve stated the following back in 1950:

        “We shall have world government, whether or not we like it. The question is only whether world government will be achieved by consent or by conquest.”

        Every single possible outcome has been analysed by those in the employ of the Rothschilds and others who are bringing about world government. Russia, China, N.Korea’s and Iran’s involvement whether peaceful or violent will also have been considered. Like W.O.P.R. in the 1983 film War Games every conceivable outcome has been deduced.

        You and I can both speculate, whether negative or positive the outcome, but as regards to Putin and where he stands the fact that he’s not getting involved in Syria directly, when Britain is launching ‘so called’ strikes against I.S. when it clearly stated it would not get involved and no doubt also employing the S.A.S. there as well, is something to be of concern.
        The west are on his doorstep in Ukraine having created the problem there, just as they have in the Middle east.
        Syria is surrounded; sandwiched between western controlled Turkey and Iraq (through their I.S. proxy). So when European and American bombers start launching strikes on Syria what will Putin do? This will really be the time when we will see whether Putin is saviour and anti NWO leader, or another paid employee of the Rothschilds.

        Your ‘Rothschild in the bunker’ scenario would only be applicable if the armed forces rebelled. considering that the top brass are hand picked to be where they are and thus part of the problem, along with the grunts, who are turned into desensitized, trigger pulling, gung ho, killing machines, where would the rebellion come from, especially when the msm and the academia are controlling the populous daily, as well as indoctrinating the youth to be ever more part of the all seeing, all controlling state?

        I think you put far too much faith in Putin and Russia Lobro. Like I said, we will see where Putin’s heart really lies with Syria. All I’ve heard from Putin is warn the west with “don’t do this and don’t do that” and yet he’s remained static while they’ve done it.
        There will certainly be a time when western ground troops arrive on Syrian soil. Putin’s decision then will give us our answer.

        And finally going back to the start of my reply and Warburg’s statement on world government, this will either come about through the people begging them for it, after constant conflict or a case of complete totalitarianism through constant anti terror legislation. Either way, the shit will hit the proverbial fan and that means massive death and all out war some time in the near future.

      11. @Lobro, you could be right, however, the way I heard it was that the family, together with 20+ others, were not allowed to travel through Turkey, which is why they chose the sea route, the boat capsized in rough seas, the father desperately tried to save his kids, but couldn`t..
        There has been a lot of speculation surrounding this story, conflicting reports, even about the childs name. As you say, who knows what is “truth” and what isn`t..
        I looked at it through my daughters eyes, she is the mother of two, one of them a three year old boy..

      12. There is always hope, certainly for the UK, after an amazing win for Corbyn, who is anti trident, anti NATO, and anti-austerity. If Corbyn were to become PM, and sticks to his ideals, with him in the driving seat in England, and Nicola Sturgeon in Scotland, there is a slight chance for improvement in UK politics. Unfortunately for white nationalists, he is pro immigration..

      13. @ Lobro
        @ Harbinger
        @ Ingrid

        Lobro, I consider your viewpoint about Syria most valid.

        Some very basic questions require a reasonable answer.

        If the jews already control everything, why all the fuss with Russia, China, Iran, and Syria? Shouldn’t the jews be partying instead of creating useless drama?

        If war is what the jews want and they control Putin, why is there not a war already? Putin could have obliged them by now in Ukraine, but that is not what has happened. Is more useless drama a valid answer?

        If the jews already control everything, why have they not commenced in earnest their depopulation agenda? It takes a while to eliminate about 6.5 billion people.

        I could go on, but these three questions make my point. The jews do not control everything or things would be drastically different than what is going on now.

        The reason that we will not see a WWIII similar to WWI and WWII is because nuclear weapons do exist. Isolated small wars, proxy wars, and engineered revolutions are the only alternatives available for those that want to rule the world while breathing.

        A few night ago while doing my web surfing, I came across a couple of pictures of the kid on the “beach” that probably were not supposed to be released. According to the pictures, the kid initially washed up on some rocks in not a good picture perfect position. They moved the kid to the sandy beach for more effect. One pictured showed a photographer apparently setting up the shoot on the beach. You might ask why those pictures exist. Apparently there was more than one photographer at the scene. Photographers always take more pictures than they need.

        I am not saying that the kid is not dead, just that the situation was manipulated as normal.

      14. lobro
        September 12, 2015 at 12:15 am

        “couple of years ago, he posted here how ISIS will liberate Palestine and Al-Quds (Yerushalaim, in his native Hebrew) within 6 months from nasty Jews …”

        The group came into being seemingly out of nowhere on jewish-owned television. I’m pretty sure that “isis” didn’t even come into existence until the early-to-middle part of last year (i.e. 2014). Prior to that, nobody had ever heard of them. It would be nice if somebody would dig into the archive and find out when the first reference to the group “isis” was made. btw, it’s been alleged that the song “yerushalaim shel zahav” or “Jerusalem of gold” was actually plagiarized by jews who took the original “goyim” version and added Hebrew words to it.

    2. @ Everyone. I don’t believe Putin is free of control from the cesspit of jewish oligarchs.

      Barbara Lerner Spectre’s Organisation is funded by the Swedish Government and the EUROPEAN JEWISH FUND.

      “The European Jewish Fund was founded in February 2006 on the initiative of Viatcheslav Moshe Kantor. The Fund was established with the very specific goal of strengthening Jewish life in Europe.To achieve this goal, the Fund focuses on young people and their connection to Judaism and their communities by supporting programmes aimed at building Jewish identity and Jewish pride, especially by re-connecting young people with their rich and vital Jewish heritage.” BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH

      The founder of the Euorpean Jewish Fund is Viatcheslav Moshe Kantor, a Russian and a close ally of Putin. Check it out.

  4. Not one mention in this otherwise excellent article or in the comment section about Sweden and raping of Swedish girls and women at the hands of those magnificent “savages” from the Middle East. This raping of the flower of the Nordic and Teutonic of Europe is not just confined to Sweden.
    Also no mention of ISIS embedded in the mass of refugees. But not to fear, ISIS is also embedded in the influx of invaders streaming across the USA Southern border.
    It’s the same old story. A prime example when the self chosen helped the Moors conquer Spain.

  5. Concerning germany.
    Many germans are waking from their ww1-2 slumber
    and taking stock of what really happened and who perpetrated it.

    I believe, because of this awakening, the main beach-head
    of this immigration wave is germany.

    This ‘mixing of paint’ will result in another color.
    And through this chaos, rothschild, the head of the snake, will bite hard.
    The germans will be decimated for good.

    If the german people were wise they’d join with the immigrants to destroy
    their common enemy: rothschild and israel.

    Only with that family laid to waste, and their power gone, will israel fall.

    This beast must be kicked into the abyss at all cost.


    1. Only with that family laid to waste, and their power gone, will israel fall.

      This beast must be kicked into the abyss at all cost.

      I and no doubt everyone here believes the same Flek. The only problem is that they’re all incredibly well protected. It would be a suicide mission unless you were a ninja. And from what I’ve learned they’ve sold quite a lot of ‘wild oats’ so to speak. I should imagine that the Rothschilds are by far the wealthiest family on the planet. Money = power.

    2. Totally with you on this, flek.

      harb, wear the rothschild shoes for a moment to see things from reptilian perspective.

      You got 80% of the world’s gold, where is it stored and how safe, for how long, because this is your rod of iron with which you kicked the world to the curb – so far.
      There are very few places in the world safe from high powered bunker busters Russians have on tap and they are not pleasant places over a long haul.
      You need tight control over your minions and agents who control lower ranked agents and so on down the hierarchical pile of Kabbalah pyramid, thus excellent communications, easily knocked out with EMP blasts.
      And even in the best case, when the slaves know that the master is soiling himself in fear in the center of the Earth, will they remain as instantly obedient and loyal, knowing that there is nothing he can do to assert his authority, while the cruise missiles are mowing down the lesser whip hands all over the world, starting with Israel, what about psy-ops announcing that the BRICS forces have secured the vast wealth hidden in various bolt holes and thieves dens – what does that do for the fighting spirit of the mercenaries?
      And insurrections by various army units across the swath of formerly cowed West, USA, UK, Australia, France … we may discover that the invincible pyramid of power with the all-seeing
      lustreless protrusive eye (that)
      Stares from the protozoic slime

      is constructed from the basest human emotions, greed, cruelty and fear and crumbles like dry dog shit in the sun.

      Realistic (ie, plausible) optimism preserves mental health and fighting spirit.

      1. Lobro,

        The scenario that you’re painting is one of an awake armed force and society. It is one that knows whom the trouble makers and controllers are. As I said in my previous reply, the top brass are hand picked and the grunts are drones. What I failed to mention above is that other than the constant programming of society via the msm and academia, which is turning child against parent, most people will tow the line if the truth did come out because of debt. Most people will stay in the armed forces and do what they’re told to keep their families in food and accommodation. And I hardly think that the Rothschilds et all will be in a Saddam/Gaddafi/Hitler style situation, when they sit atop the pyramid.

      2. Harb – Lobro –

        “Most people will stay in the armed forces and do what they’re told to keep their families in food and accommodation.”


        Those in the military, particularly in authority, will do what they are told to keep their benefits, especially retirement. Officers are afflicted with that condition more than enlisted.

        And jobs are hard to get these days.

        ALL potential ‘turners’ are monitored and booted out. They do not get confidential or secret or top secret or crypto-clearances either.

      3. Pat,

        I greatly respect Lobro’s tenacity and eternal optimism in defeating the new world order, but what I’ve noticed with the control mechanism is that debt has allowed the controllers to control. As you said, “jobs are short these days.”
        I really think that your average Joe in the armed forces doesn’t really think past the barrel of their gun. And I also believe that those who are not officers and start to think and question are reprimanded and ‘rehabilitated’ or dishonorably discharged.

        If we look at the Rothschild plan, that’s over 200 years old and no doubt the plan goes far farther back if one believes in bloodlines, monarchy and of course ‘God’s chosen’. I can’t ever really see any Rothschild in a bunker, simply because for it to get that far there would need to have been a serious awakening of the majority of the public to be willing to sacrifice each other on masse to stop the inevitable from happening. People also forget the interim period as well between waking up and being mentally capable of doing something about it. I remember how I was nearly destroyed when I woke up no longer looking at Kansas, realising I was nothing but a rat in a cage.

      4. Harb –

        “…realising I was nothing but a rat in a cage.”

        Those who have figured that out and are young enough, like Felix, have moved. And I don’t blame them at all for doing so.

        Even dictatorships like Thailand offer security for a while, if one remains low profile.

        Real freedom is a dream placed in our minds, and unattainable, just to keep us in line. “Don’t do that. You’ll lose your freedom.”

  6. @Lobro

    Lobro, I think the EU has served Mr. Money Jew well. (Remember, his aim is not money – he has waaay more than enough of that – it is power and control.) There are no sentimental ties to EU for anybody. It has been nothing but trouble for everyone from the start. Depression of nations will initiate a loud cry for ‘order’, and the lords of money and ‘order’ will be happy to oblige. Like America, it must be destroyed before it is rebuilt to their desired specifications.

    1. Valid points, Gil.

      The question is whether EU was conceived as a vehicle for bringing about that terminal depression whereby the beasts clamor for order and protection from the Mighty Jew.
      I certainly think so and dissolving it too early may yet see the rise of stubborn nation-states like Hungary, Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Croatia, Slovakia and so on, something that the protocolists cannot afford, because such resurgent states will be immunized from jew by past experience – precisely what happened in Russia.
      Germany is the pivot, if it bolts the captivity, the globalists game is up, center can’t hold, Rothschilds will be busy getting plastic surgery in order to slip underground because they’ll be hunted Eichmann-style.

      And I sure want to be around when the fun starts.

      1. I`m really enjoying the panicked squawking of the tories in the UK, over the victory of Corbyn..
        and speaking of underground, isn`t there a massive underground complex somewhere near Washington, where tptb intend to hole up, in the event of a nuke attack? Might be an idea to panic the sob`s, force them to run for cover, then seal the exits..

  7. WHO and WHY????

    One major ‘WHY’ has been overlooked.

    The fiat and phony debt-currency systems all over the globe…
    ……………NEED MORE PEOPLE …. in debt, to stay ‘afloat.’

    Western nations are not producing warm bodies fast enough to keep the debt at the required levels. So the London Pharisee bankers, NM Rothschild & Sons, cause the people to move from Africa and ME to Europe and N America.

    Thy use the same model – WAR – as was used to run Jews from lush farms and forests to the desert….. to Palestine.


    1. ALSO Needing MORE DEBT… and USURY,
      Russia just got the OK from MasterCard…
      …. to INCREASE private DEBT.

      Russia’s new National Payment System is up and running.

      The first five Russian banks processed their initial payments via MasterCard on January 30, according to Russia’s Central Bank.

      “On 30 January 2015, the first five banks, including regional ones, started processing some Russian domestic MasterCard card transactions via the National Payment System (NPS) processing center implementing settlements on these transactions via the Bank of Russia,” the bank said in a press statement.
      Gazprombank, Rosbank, Alfa Bank, Bank Rossiya, SMP Bank, and Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development were contenders to pioneer the flagship program.

      1. An interesting point you made, Pat, in noting the West’s (whites) slow-down of reproduction. However, ‘replacements’ are only good enough for PEACEFUL tyranny. They still require white soldiers to administer them on a large-scale dominion. What happens to Mr. Jew/Whomever when some strongmen control their armies?? Coup d’état. It has happened before; it will happen, again. POWER is why a population culling is important – not fiat currency which can be remade anytime the Lords of Currency desire. It only takes so many slaves to do the work and feed the masses. Megalomaniacs think about more than ‘money’ or debt-ridden nation-states.

      2. Gilbert –

        Ahhhh… you failed to mention the USURY. 🙂

        The slight fallacy in your position is that the fictitious currency which they place when they want is placed via interest. It is ‘loaned’ into existence. That creates the need for an ‘ever-increasing’ expansion of debt makers… people.

        Remove interest from the debt-currency, and your point strikes closer to the mark.

      3. @Pat, I signed on to an easy payment system, with no interest, at my opticians. I was sent a MasterCard in the mail, but have no intention of using it. However, there are probably many who do, not realizing the implications..

  8. “After the monarchies have lost their prestige, we will elect Presidents among persons that can be obedient servants. The elected ones must have some black spot in their
    past in order to be able to keep them silenced because of fear of being discovered by us. At the same time tied by the acquired position of power, enjoying the honors and privileges of a President, make them feel anxious to co-operate, not to lose it”.
    – Council of the Elite [1776] –

  9. There seems to be a slight but telling omission in the money power theory, that purports to explain the dance between money masters and Putin, so that according to the theory, the judaic elites have it all sewn up and are just toying with financial theatrics for the benefit of keeping the goy spellbound.

    Does a dog need credit in order to keep him obedient?
    Are the Palestinians charmed with offers of Visa, Amex and Master cards?
    Were the slaves paid for their labor in the past?

    So why the charade now, if their power is absolute as claimed?
    Jew is in love with money only as means to an end, which is that absolute power that Talmud, Kabbalah, Torah and Tikkun Olam ceaselessly repeat and promise.
    Read their messianic tracts and it is spelled out quite clearly, the original Rothschield said it directly, without mincing words, so did Baruch Levy in his letter to Marx.

    When all is said and done, Jew will have ownership over absolutely everything, goy will be dispossessed of absolutely everything and will be a slave to Jew, no rights of any kind.
    And you say we are there already?
    In Jew world, there will be no money, only his command reinforced by whip.
    Understand this.

    And understand that it is not over yet and Jew’s behavior is the proof that there is still meaningful resistance and that Syria is part of it.

    Money and related scams are irrelevant, don’t focus too much on them.

    1. “Money and related scams are irrelevant, don’t focus too much on them.”

      Old man ‘Red-Sign’ would disagree. “Give me the power to coin a nation’s money….”

      Today he might quip, “Give me the control of credit cards and debt instruments…”

      Rather than irrelevant, those items are actually THE MOST relevant. Decision makers at every level, including military, succumb to them. Lower folks have to have them if for nothing more than to pay property taxes…. rent on deeded land.

      BTW: Governments do not use money anymore.

  10. @Harbinger
    So when European and American bombers start launching strikes on Syria what will Putin do? This will really be the time when we will see whether Putin is saviour and anti NWO leader, or another paid employee of the Rothschilds.
    All I’ve heard from Putin is warn the west with “don’t do this and don’t do that” and yet he’s remained static while they’ve done it.”

    Hmmm, Putin is no ‘saviour’ but he certainly is struggling for a multipolar world, there is no doubt about it.
    Russia HAS ALREADY prevented US led airstrikes on Syria several times. If it weren’t for Russia they would have happened already.
    Russia has also helped prevent the neocon Kiev junta to take over the Donbass.
    It did that by providing a few cadres of professional russian soldiers around whom the locals could better organize effective militias and also by providing them with some weaponry.
    So far the separatists have been able to defeat the juntas forces.
    There are different ways to act and Russia is taking a careful and measured approach, one that is as much as possible within the realms of international law.
    Also, Russia is not the Soviet Union and does not(nor seems to desire) have the strength to project power as the Soviets did.
    Russia remembers the Afghan quagmire all too well to get itselft bogged down in Syria, a campaign for which there is no support amongst most Russian citizens.
    Russia seems to be increasing weapons transfers as well as advisers, etc to Syria.
    This in itself is a deterrent to Zusas nefarious plans of direct intervention.

  11. Lobro writes: “So why the charade now, if their power is absolute as claimed?”

    Exactly, it makes no sense. We are supposed to believe in the weird notion that all the very real attempts to unseat Putin from power in Russia is theater for the masses.
    Now, that is pure NONSENSE!

    Judea claims Israel not enough; wants Greater Israel now.
    Floods Germany with Millions of Blacks and Muslims to Complete the Extermination of Whites.

    Thanks for the interesting article. I like you website very much–good job.

    However, all the evidence indicates that the Judaists are behind this alien invasion of Europe by hordes of black and Muslim men who will attack and kill white women and men and exterminate the white race, carrying out the Jewish wish of establishing a “Greater Israel” from the Nile to the Euphrates, by clearing this land by transporting the Syrians to Europe and finishing the white race, who they consider a “cancer” (Jewish Susan Santog), wish white hearts would stop beating (-Jewish Tim Wise) and as retaliation for the holohoax, etc. so it never happens again—thus killing 2 birds with one stone. Eg.

    “Jewish Groups Lead Push to Crack Open Doors to Syrian Refugees” at:

    Jerusalem Post runs a scam:
    “Holocaust refugee: We owe it to mankind to allow Syrian refugees into Europe”

    Even though the Syrians, Britain and “mankind” have no connection with the holohoax! But for the Judaists, any lies or hoax or scam will do to exterminate whites.

    Rabbi David Touitou, says the recent Muslim invasion of Europe is excellent news, here:

    The Jew York Times has been calling these alien invaders “refugees” and “migrants” to fool the public. They have been jumping with joy with Angela Merkel announced she will destroy her own country by unleashing the alien flood on her own people, pouring adulation for her in their Jewish media.

    Transporting these 100,000’s of people from one continent to the other requires massive transportation and logistics, and these people are not walking across the continents, they are being transported in trucks and buses, and ships, and I will not be surprised if these transportations are secretly financed and organized by the Judaists too. These invaders have to cross other countries, like Turkey, so the Turks are working hand in glove with the Judaists to allow the aliens to pass through, etc.

    The whole thing is not a spontaneous “happening”—it is a planned and well executed destruction of Europe by the Judaists. Immigration is the third world’s war on Europe/USA, incited and aided and abetted by the Judaists.

    The headlines should be: “Judea declares War on Germany–Again!”

    NOT Judas who betrayed Immanuel (a.k.a. Jesus Christ)
    “This is so that the people will say: “Behold these confused people are divided among themselves and therefore one betrays the other. So, how can the teaching of Jmmanuel be truth? SINCE JUDA IHARIOTH, THE SON OF THE PHARISEE, AND MY DISCIPLE, JUDAS ISCHARIOTH, ARE OF ALMOST IDENTICAL NAMES, THE LIE OF THE HIGH PRIESTS WILL BE ACCEPTED FROM THE BEGINNING. –Phoenix Journals

    1. Jim –

      I could not find those names with that spelling in the KJV bible.

      George Green wrote the Phoenix Journals. He makes things up. He copies from others and says Hatonn told him what to write.

      I spoke with him numerous times in 1990 thru 1992.
      He said Cdr Hatonn was circling the globe in his spacecraft and was calling him with info on the ‘red phone’ to put in his Journals.

      Here is a clip of him and his wife making things up in 1992:

      “George and Desiree Green introduce the Phoenix Journals by Commander Hatonn at the 1992 Preparedness Expo in Salt Lake City, Utah.”

      1. PAT
        don’t you know that KJV has been AT TIMES perverted and twisted? So I can say it is corrupt. Sorry, I am still standing by the Phoenix journals. I feel that you have been misled or misinformed by other sources about the Journals. Are you afraid to search for truth? How about or read The Urantia paper 99 thru paper 102? “Fear is a poison produced by the mind, and courage is the antidote stored always ready in the soul” — Dean Koontz

      2. Jim –

        Yes, I know all bibles are corrupted. Mistranslated. I have made that point before.

        As for the Phoenix Journals….
        I used no other sources in 1990. There was no internet then. If I have been led by anyone.. it is by Green’s own words…. to me, personally.

        I talked with George ‘Hatonn’ Green on the phone and at Preparedness Expos. He would tell me on the phone that he had to ‘get’ the red phone from the space ship.. Hatonn and Sanandra… in the middle of my inquiries.

        His ‘Rape of Constitution’ is almost word for word ‘Rape of Justice’ by Mullins. That was my first clue.

        He is a plagiarist and charlatan.

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