The True Nature of the Jewish Scam

by John Kaminski

When minorities rule, societies are destroyed

anti-capitalism_color“It is necessary to reduce, if not destroy, the tendency of Jewish people to practice a very great number of activities that are harmful to civilization and to public order in society in all the countries of the world.” — Napoleon Bonaparte, 1808, quoted by Stephen Mitford Goodson in A History of Central Banking and the Enslavement of Mankind, p. 54

“If usury remains intact, then the world must brace itself for a depression, similar to the Dark Ages, which will last for many centuries.” — Stephen Goodson, 2013

We live in the dark, convinced by our public media and our insincere leaders that we are heroes and freedom fighters. In reality the opposite is true: we are the plunderers, the ravagers, deceiving ourselves to do the dirty work of the manipulators who have twisted our minds with trinkets and false accounts of the people we kill and the countries we ruin in order to steal their treasures.

And the saddest part — the punchline that proves how stupid we are — is that we never profit from the invasions we are cynically ordered to conduct. The bounty always goes to the swindlers pulling the strings, and we, as the agents of banditry, time and again, are always left to suffer the same fate of the people we have robbed when we are robbed ourselves, of not only our treasures, but of our dignity, shortly before we are robbed of our lives.

It is the way history has always gone. The ignorant masses are persuaded to commit the crimes of the rich and as the unwitting perpetrators, we ultimately suffer the same fate as the victims, while the rich snicker in their palaces and plot their next swindle.

The reason that you can’t see what is going on in the world is because of the brainwashing of Jewish media, which are owned by the masterminds committing the crimes who have brazenly and cleverly inverted good with bad, and liberty with tyranny. And the ignorant public nods approvingly, like bobblehead dolls unable to perceive that this deception makes a few people rich and a lot of people dead.

When you analyze the pattern of wars during the past two millennia, the modus operandi becomes clear: countries with their own national bank, working for the benefit of their own citizens, are swallowed up, bludgeoned into submission by the international financial behemoth that sinks its fangs into healthy nations that are suddenly declared evil by those with the power to poison millions of minds with a single surprising and false bulletin.

Think Iraqi weapons of mass destruction or Germans gassing 6 million Jews, two deliberate lies that sealed the fate of millions of innocent people.

This is the political pattern ascendant in the world today, as it has been dominant for at least the past 400 years, or since the Jews wormed their way back into Britain using their trademark techniques of bribery, blackmail and murder.

When you realize that the serial obliterations of Libya, Syria, and Iran — and earlier, that of Germany, Japan and Italy in World War II — were all because these countries had their own honest banking systems, and refused to be swallowed up by the criminal Rothschild central bank scam which robs countries of their hard earned money — you will begin to understand how you have been swindled throughout your lifetime by lying newspapers and fatheaded commentators in the pay of the criminal bankers themselves who have convinced you that you have been experiencing freedom when in reality you are locked in the prison of usury and giving away more than half the earnings of your labor to goons who create money out of nothing and then steal even more from everybody on the planet.

Stephen Goodson’s A History of Central Banking and the Enslavement of Mankind (2014) is a clear exposition of how Jewish bankers have swallowed up the world with their diabolical lending scheme. When you realize the evil and destructive nature of this scam that has fooled absolutely everyone, you will realize that the United States of America is not only on the wrong side of history, but principally responsible for the destruction of the human race.

You will realize that all the wars America has fought have served to impose tyranny on luckless countries where freedom had previously existed, especially in Russia and in Germany. And all that disingenuous rhetoric about democracy and liberty has merely facilitated a tidal wave of lies engulfing everyone in the suffocating debt prison of fractional reserve lending.

This becomes obvious when you realize that all the wars of both today and yesterday, for as far back as you care to calculate, have always been engineered by the most powerful central bank in the world against countries attempting to avoid its malignant control.

Jews have always targeted all countries without a central bank for robbery and destruction, just as they are doing at this very moment.

Goodson, a former director of South African Reserve Bank and an acknowledged expert in the history of finance, takes his historical analysis all the way back to the early days of the Roman Empire.

Major factors in the decline of the Roman Empire were the concentration of wealth, the absence of mining deposits for industrial production, and the vast importation of non-White slaves with the resultant degradation of the genetic value of the nation.

A footnote in the text describes in one paragraph the entire history of how empires meet their untimely ends.

When the Government of Old Egypt fell, 4 percent of all the people owned all the wealth. When Old Persia went down to destruction, 2 per cent of the people owned all the wealth. When ancient Greece fell in ruins, one half of 1 per cent of the people owned all the wealth. When the Roman Empire fell, two thousand people owned the wealth of the civilized world. Then followed the Dark Ages, from which the world did not recover until wealth was no longer concentrated. Today (quote written in 1958) less than 1 per cent of the people control 90 percent of the wealth of these United States.

Goodson concludes:

No society can survive a false economic system. For any society to function and prosper it is absolutely fundamental that the means of exchange be issued free of debt and interest by the legal authority as representatives of the people in perpetuity.

Needless to say, this advice has not been followed throughout history and the results have been disastrous.

Western civilization really begins in England, and according to Goodson, it was King Offa of Mercia in the eighth century A.D. who first invented coinage on the island, a pound of silver divided into 240 pennies. In 787 he banned usury, a tradition that was upheld by his successors King Alfred the Great and Edward the Confessor, who commanded that usurers forfeit their property and be banished for life (a rule we could sorely use today).

The Jews arrived with William the Conqueror in 1066 and all hell broke loose, interest rates soared, and the populace suffered from Jewish predation until 1215 when the nobles forced the evil King John to sign the Magna Carta. In 1290 the English had had enough and the entire Jewish population, some 16,000, was forced to leave England forever.

Some 400 years later, Portuguese Jews pretending to be Christians wormed their way back into England and thanks to the machinations of a traitor named Oliver Cromwell, who managed, after a mock trial, to murder the king and eventually create the money sucking monster known as the Bank of England, which rules the entire world today from its fortified enclave known as the City of London.

Henceforth a pattern would emerge where unnecessary wars would be embarked upon which simultaneously increased the national debt and the profits of the usurers. Significantly, most of these wars were started against countries that had implemented interest-free state banking systems, as was the case in the North American colonies and France under Napoleon. This pattern of attacking and enforcing the bankers’ system of usury has been deployed widely in the modern era and includes the defeats of Imperial Russia in World War I, Germany, Italy and Japan in World War II, and most recently Libya in 2011. These were all countries which had state banking systems, which distributed the wealth of their respective nations on an equitable basis and provided their populations with a standard of living far superior to that of their rivals and contemporaries.

In the 18th century, the money mad British conducted three major wars, against Spain, the fledging U.S., and France. The principal objective of the war against France to was to destroy Napoleon’s debt- and interest-free system of finance. So too was the purpose of England’s second war against the American colonies. And so too the purpose of the Jewish bank is stunningly revealed by the sad misfortunes of the English people.

In order to destroy Napoleon’s state bank, it cost the deluded British public a staggering £831 million, of which over £2.5 billion were still outstanding in 1914. The principal of £504 million had over the intervening period increased fivefold as a result of the compounding effect of interest. [. . .]

England is still paying Jewish bankers for the cost of the loans it took to wage their wars.

At the start of World I in 1914 the national debt stood at £650 million. On March 31, 1919 it has increased to £7.434 billion, of which £3 billion is still outstanding after 95 years at an interest rate of 3.5 percent per annum. [. . .] In World War II the national debt rose by almost 300 per cent from £7.1 billion in 1939 to £20.1 billion in 1945. As of June 2014 it stands at almost £1.3 trillion. However, if one includes all liabilities, including state and public pensions, it exceeds £5 trillion.

So this was the early history of the destructive practices of the Jewish money scheme. We come into modern times with the same evil antics practiced against very happy and self-sustaining countries, France, Russia, Germany, Japan, and in more modern times, Iraq, Libya and so many other innocent victims, all tortured and destroyed by the Jewish predators and the traitors they bought with their ill-gotten gain.

All of these beautiful countries turned into lobotomized vassal states of the greatest and longest lasting evil the world has ever known — the Jews.

Benjamin Franklin’s celebrated trip to England where he told the story of Colonial script began a siege of America by the Jewish bankers that remains in force to this day. Asked by parliament to explain the source of prosperity in the American colonies, Franklin replied:

In the colonies we issue our own money. It is called Colonial script. We issue it in proportion to the demands of trade and industry to make the products pass easily from the producers to the consumers. In this manner, creating for ourselves our own money, we control its purchasing power, and we have no interest to pay anyone.

The following year the Bank of England began its financial assault on American freedom, first with a Currency Bill that was to trigger the original Revolution, then by flooding the colonies with counterfeit money, then by establishing central banks that presidents fought to disband, and a century later, with the establishment of the Federal Reserve scam that plagues America to this day.

England played the same game in precipitating the French Revolution.

Goodson chronicles chapter and verse of the continuing battle of the English bankers against the fledgling American republic — bank panics and artificially induced recessions — right down to the Panic of 1907, which set the stage for the creation of the Federal Reserve.

“. . . since the inception of the U.S. Federal Reserve,” Goodson writes, “the U.S. dollar has lost 97 per cent of its purchasing power, and there have been 19 recessions, the great depression of the 1930s and the current great depression which started in 2008, and notwithstanding mainstream media propaganda, appears to have all the symptoms of a depression. Since 1910, the National Debt has increased from $2.65 billion to $17.5 trillion in 2014, while unfunded liabilities exceed $240 trillion.”

Most of us know the trials and tribulations in the U.S. throughout the 20th century caused by the tyrannical bankers, but what most of us don’t realize was the admirable condition of Russia throughout the 19th century that has been totally misrepresented by totally untrustworthy Jewish media throughout our lifetimes.

Thanks to the sound fiscal policies of the czars, by 1914 Russia had become one of the leading lending institutions in Europe. It had the smallest national debt in the world, by far,  it had abolished slavery before the U.S. ever did, it enabled a majority of its peasants to own their own land, and its agricultural production was the highest in the world.

It had amassed more money than any other country in the world, education was free up through college level, and its labor laws were praised by U.S President William Howard Taft.

Goodson summarizes the picture of Russia that has been so debased by Jewish propagandists advocating Communist “liberty” for the whole world:

The people of all races in the Russian Empire has an equality of status and opportunity which was unparalleled in the modern world. His Imperial Majesty Tsar Nicholas II (1868-1918) and his state bank had created a workers’ paradise that was unrivaled in the history of mankind.

The Rothschilds and their central bank destroyed this wonderful country, and according to Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, murdered 66 million non Jewish people in the process. Their unending spree of mass murder and robbery continues today, championed by the killer puppets of the United States doing the bidding of their Israeli masters.

Long before the British hero Winston Churchill had turned into the mad bomber of World War II, he was a credible social critic, and in 1920, he blamed the Bolshevik Revolution on “a world conspiracy for the overthrow of civilization and for the reconstitution of society on the basis of arrested development, of envious malevolence and impossible equality . . .”

The American Hebrew magazine that same year boasted . . .

The Bolshevik Revolution in Russia was the work of Jewish planning and Jewish dissatisfaction. Our Plan is to have a New World Order. What worked so wonderfully in Russia is going to become reality for the whole world.

The U.S. Senate agreed with this conclusion in 1921 when it was recorded that “Full responsibility for the first World War lies on the shoulders of the International Jewish bankers. They are responsible for millions of dead and dying.”

Yet the real lasting legacy of that disastrous second decade of the 20th century was the Federal Reserve. Goodson writes:

. . . it took a mere six years for the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank to destroy the value of the dollar. Between 1914 and 1920 prices rose by 125 per cent reducing its value by 56.1 per cent.

After that, things only got worse, when bankers engineered the Great Depression. “It was  carefully contrived occurrence,” said Congressman Louis T. McFadden, who was later to be assassinated for his forthrightness. In his 1932 speech to the House of Representatives, he summarized: ” . . . The international bankers sought to bring about a condition of despair so that they might emerge as the rulers of us all.”

Those bankers took money out of this country to finance Japan in a war against Russia. [. . .] They financed Trotsky’s mass meetings of discontent and rebellion in New York. They paid Trotsky’s passage from New York to Russia, so that he might assist in the destruction of the Russian Empire.

Clifford Hugh Douglas has been virtually forgotten by history, but he was an engineer who proposed that instead of the income tax everyone should be given a national dividend to bridge the gap between earnings and prices. Douglas’s economic theory, known as Social Credit, advocated the transfer of the money creation process from private banks, which create money out of nothing, to a state bank. Only Japan adopted Douglas’s methods, but by then, World War II was under way, and the initial success of the system was never allowed to develop.

But the one place where the state bank idea did develop — and flower — was in National Socialist Germany, where it created what everyone agrees was an economic miracle at a time when the rest of the world was in the throes of the Jewish created Great Depression.

Gottfried Feder’s plan to abolish interest servitude was enthusiastically adopted by Adolf Hitler, who wrote:

The sham state of today, oppressing the working classes and protecting the pirated gains of bankers and stock exchange speculators, is the area for reckless private enrichment and for the lowest political profiteering it gives no thought to people, and provides no high moral bond of union. The power of money, most ruthless of all powers, holds absolute control, and exercises corrupting, destroying influence on state, nation, society, morals, drama, literature and on all matters of morality  . . .

Hitler’s conclusion:

Our financial principle: Finance shall exist for the benefit of the state; the financial magnates shall not form a state with the state. Hence our aim to break the thralldom of interest.

“From being a ruined and bankrupt nation in 1933 with 7.5 million unemployed persons,” Goodson writes, “Hitler had transformed Germany into a modern socialist paradise.

After 1939, “Hitler was now his own banker, but having departed from the fold of international swindlers and usurers, he would, like Napoleon Bonaparte, who in 1800 had established the Banque de France as a state bank, suffer the same fate — an unnecessary war followed by the ruination of his people and his country.

“It was this event which triggered World War II — the realization by the Rothschilds that universal replication of Germany’s usury-free state banking system would permanently destroy their evil financial empire. In Europe this enslavement was finally achieved with the establishment of the Rothschild controlled European central bank on June 1, 1998 and the introduction of the euro on January 1, 1999.”

At its brief high point, Hitler had succeeded in making Germany exactly what he wanted it to be.

The Germans were now the happiest and most prosperous people in the world, fully employed and enjoying one of the highest standards of living. This success was achieved by the hard work of the German people and with the support of an honest money system not based on usury or the gold standard.

Goodson further notes “The state of German armament in 1939 gives the decisive proof that Hitler was not contemplating general war, and probably not intending war at all,” which is a fact most of the people in the world simply refuse to know, thanks to the constant bombardment of Jewish lies.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, when Japan adopted C. H. Douglas’s method of social credit, its economy skyrocketed and it made itself a target of the Jewish financiers who had captured the Western world with their debilitating central bank scheme.

“His system of social credit was enthusiastically received by both the government and industry,” Goodson writes. “The Bank of Japan reoriented itself to the needs of the nation, rather than to the parasites in New York. Unemployment declined, industrial disputes decreased, manufacturing output and national income increased markedly, exceeding by a wide margin the economic growth of the rest of the industrialized world.

“By the late 1930s Japan had become the leading economic power of East Asia and he exports were steadily replacing those of American and England. The Jews at the Federal Reserve concluded war was the only answer to this economic threat . . .”

A continuous series of provocative measures by the Jewish controlled United States forced Japan into World War II. Roosevelt closed the Panama Canal to all Japanese shipping, and a rubber and oil embargo was enforced, causing the loss to 88 percent of all its supplies. Without oil Japan could not survive.

General Tojo explains in his diary how the U.S. continually thwarted Japanese efforts at maintaining peace. The economic blockade put a noose around Japan’s neck. Japan had to retaliate in order to survive.

Following Japan’s defeat, the U.S. restructured the Japanese banking system to resemble the Rothschild Western models, which emphasized robbing the populace and stealing the nation’s profits.

The only positive chapter of Goodson’s opus concerns the state bank of North Dakota, the only state in the U.S. that is not technically insolvent, precisely because it has a thriving state bank founded by a coalition of farmers that is only concerned with the affairs of its own state and doesn’t deal with international bankers.

In our own time, the major tragedy caused by the Jewish central bankers (other than the slow roasting of the United States) was Barack Obama’s demolition of the extremely functional nation of Libya, which had a bank very much like North Dakota’s, totally devoted to its own citizens.

Qaddafi was described by mainstream media as a “blood sucking monster” and by Obama as someone who was abusing his own people, but in reality, Goodson notes, he had the support of 90 percent of his own people.

Why was that, and why was Qaddafi not the monster Obama made him out to be?

All Libyans received free education, students were paid to study; free electricity; free health care; free housing (no mortgages); newlyweds got $50,000; autos and loans were provided free of interest; bread was 15 cents per loaf; gas was 12 cents per litre; portions of oil profits were shared with citizens; farmers received free land, seeds and animals; the unemployed were paid as if they had jobs. Beggars and homeless people did not exist.

That Obama said Qaddafi was abusing his people perfectly reflected the lies that have been told about all enemies of the Jewish central bank throughout history. Yet all those countries have been destroyed because the vast majority of duped people believed the vicious lies that were told about them by Jewish media.

This same syndrome played into the destruction of Iraq and threatens to accomplish the destruction of Iran.

Whether in Russia, or Japan, or Germany, or Libya, those nations whose reliable leaders created just societies to the advantage of all their inhabitants, these nations fell victim to the Jewish international bankers, whose aim is to turn the whole world into a ghetto in which they may ride roughshod over everyone, kill whomever they wish, and turn the world into a godless prison where, as Adolf Hitler once predicted, humanity will meet its ultimate fate in an endless wasteland of doom and depression.

And as Winston Churchill once accurately assessed, it will all be because of the Jews and their particular and inexplicable brand of insane sadism.

The only possible way for humanity to survive is to do away with every trace of this destructive Jewish legacy. Understanding the malicious nature of their debilitating financial system and doing away with it in all its aspects in the first essential step in attempting to create a sane, understanding and compassionate world.

It can be done, but not without understanding and neutralizing the criminally insane activities of the Jews, as Napoleon so rightly said before he was deposed and exiled by the Jewish money power that is the enemy of everyone on Earth.

John Kaminski

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Most of his articles are featured here. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA. _____________________________________________________________________________

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  1. Jewish elites in Usury, like other anti-public fields, couldn’t have succeeded without the help of Christian sheep in in the West. Even after expelling Jewish communities from Europe for 108 times – the Christian kings, nobles and bankers depended on Jewish money.

    British-born Jewish science journalist, author and former columnist at the Jew York Times, Nicholas Wade in book, A Troublesome Inheritance, has claimed that Jews possess a genetic “adaptation to capitalism”. Wade also argues that humans can be divided into discrete races, and that between those races, there are differences in behavior, temperament, intelligence, and even political and economic structures. Although the specifics of the arguments change, what remains constant is the idea that white people of European descent are inherently smarter, better, more “civilized” than members of other races, especially black Africans and their descendants.

    In December 2010, Isaac Stone Fish claimed at the Newsweek magazine that Chinese business community uses Jewish Talmud as a guide.

    1. 100% CORRECT, Rehmat – – – It started in London in the 12th century….
      A ‘boasting braggart, as usual’…. Jacob J, Rabinowitz spelled it out in 1943:

      The Common Law Mortgage and the Conditional Bond – Penn Law …

      “The conditional conveyance by way of security had been in use by the Jews for a long time prior to their settlement in England, and was used by them in England in their transactions with Christians. The technical device by which the conditional conveyance was effected was, in every detail, identical with the classical English mortgage in its original form, namely, two separate instruments were used and a third party was employed as a depositary. A device similar in conception and design to the conditional conveyance was used by the Jews during the middle ages in England and elsewhere for the purpose of effecting conditional obligations. This device was in every respect identical with the common law conditional bond in the earlier stage of its development. Both of these devices were developed by the Jews for the purpose of evading a certain rule of Hebrew law which is similar to the rule against penalties in English law.

      “The Jews introduced the business of money-lending on a large scale in England, and with it the means by which this business was carried on. When Englishmen learned the business of money-lending from the Jew they adopted his methods and devices, outstanding examples of which are the conditional conveyance by way of security and the conditional bond which have survived to our own day.” (TODAY..!!)

  2. John Kaminski gets more incisive with each article! While reading it, I was thinking how much I’d like to be able to distribute it to every high school American History class – and make an entire semester of it! 🙂

    Men have a duty to work on their OWN countries – because if we fall into the trap of constantly defending others’ countries, we eventually defeat ourselves. Yes, Mr. Jew has placed America in that trap – along with the rest of the NATO counties – because we have inadvertently created a strong boat for him to continue his wandering. (‘and God said ”Behold, Satan! Whence comest thou?” ”I come from walking to and fro upon the earth, and up and down in it.” (said Satan @Job1:8)

    I think it was Benjamin Franklin who quipped, after the constitutional convention, ”We have created the near perfect republic – but will the people, in their resultant plenty, forget the price we paid for it, and will they lose it?”. Yes, sir, we lost it. HOWEVER, in our quest to retain some of it, we have been led to punish the whole world. Men, (like Vladimer Putin – who by token of his position MUST see this in his own patriotism) understand that, now, they must ‘play along to get along’. Therein lies our mutually-assured destruction. It all must be destroyed before it can be rebuilt. Starting with Mr. Jew is good ‘on paper’, but where do we begin?

  3. @ Gilbert Huntly

    RE: “It all must be destroyed before it can be rebuilt. Starting with Mr. Jew is good ‘on paper’, but where do we begin?”

    Let’s NUKE ‘EM! lol

  4. there was once a Napoleon Bonaparte, there was once a Jesuschrist, there was once a Yasser Arafat… And there was once an Usama bin laden and
    there was even an Adolf Hitler,
    but who is there now … today…
    to help us all..clear the world from the Neo con-Jew-Neo Nazi axil of evil folks who just travel this world hurting people with the only purpose of gaining control and power over others?
    No one! and if one comes, they will use poison.
    The white man truly would do anything for Money.
    They even once said that the mass exodus towards Europe -happening as we type –
    is a Jew conspiracy.—-
    Yep it is all planned.

    1. Avatar –

      By now, it should be obvious there are only TWO ‘generations’ of mankind – Good and Evil. Three passages in the Psalms allude to that (but I am not at my Bible, and I can’t recite the addresses just now)(maybe later I will look and tell you). Striving for discernment and understanding is a luxury of prayer and peaceful
      contemplation, which in context of most of our daily routines and chores must be consciously and deliberately pursued. At my mid-
      fifties, I am helping start a new enterprise ‘just because’, which
      means I haven’t really ‘learned’ contentment, myself, and am
      restless. It seems to take a whole lifetime to learn – then we die and forget it all. There is ONLY One Who is eternal. The rest of us are just pissing in the wind. Look UP. Don’t look among men for your redemption. 🙂

      1. @ Gilbert

        You wrote: “At my mid-fifties, I am helping start a new enterprise ‘just because’, which means I haven’t really ‘learned’ contentment, myself, and am restless.”

        Contentment does not mean that you are not supposed to work or be productive. Contentment, and residuals or welfare checks have nothing in common.

        Tip: Concentrate on the four Gospels. Jesus said that he was the way, the truth, and the life. Those things are contentment. There is no better place to seek contentment than the teaching of Jesus in the Gospels. The rest of the book just distracts from the simplicity of Jesus’ teachings. I was told this by two people, one a friend followed not long after by a unknown messenger, and I took heed. I’m sure glad that I did.

      2. I agree UNGENIUS… I am currently re-reading: “The Second Coming of Christ” (The Resurrection of the Christ Within You) by Paramahansa Yogananda. He explains the true meanings of the Gospels for simple folk like me. 😉

  5. @HEH
    What horrible medusa like creatures to gaze upon over breakfast. A very powerful emetic indeed! Their visages reek of evil.

  6. If Americans Knew.

    Ms. Weir posted a blog on her personal website noting that Jews as a race have been “an object of hatred to all the peoples among whom it has established itself,” effectively blaming Jews for anti-Semitism.

    Gilad Atzmon Comment:

    >there may be something within Jewish culture, politics, religion or ideology that makes Jews unpopular in so many different palaces including the Middle East.

    >Jewish Academic Ariel Toaff did admit that murdering Christian children was a Jewish medieval ritual and there is NO wrong in Alison Weir or anyone else quoting or referring to his academic research, even if it makes solidarity Jews feel uncomfortable.

    >Maybe the ‘anti’ Zionists at EOIO should spend some time learning Jewish history. They should search for the ‘1933 Judea Declaration of a war against Germany’.

    >Not many people are aware that the name Jews call Jesus (Yeshu), is actually an abbreviation for Yamach Shemo Ve-zichro (May his Name be eradicated) – a unique Jewish vile epitaph reserved for the biggest evil enemies of the Jewish people such as Hitler and Ahmadinejad. When you think about it carefully, Jesus did indeed commit the ultimate anti Semitic crime – he preached to his Jewish brothers to love their neighbours as themselves, something even our Liberal Jews at JVP and EOIO should be able to cope with. However, for Muslims, Jesus is actually a prophet. Alison Weir was obviously correct that the Muslims are closer to Christians in their theology.

    >The connection between Jewish Bolsheviks and the Soviet Gulags is an accepted scholarly fact. Prominent American Jewish academic Yuri Slezkine explores this in his invaluable book The Jewish Century. He came to the conclusion that Jews were Stalin’s willing executioners. Weir is denounced for stating the truth.

    >Maybe EOIO and liberal Jews can enlighten us so we can finally understand why Jewish racial exclusivity is kosher while white people who follow the same exclusive doctrine are vile?

    >The Jewish campaign against Alison Weir is further proof that we cannot anymore trust any group that operates politically under a Jewish banner. In The Wandering Who, I explained that the Jewish left is not the solution, it is at the heart of the problem: while Jews identifying with the Torah can form a totally innocent category, and Jews who merely identify with their Jewish ancestry also represent an innocent mind set; Jews who identify politically as Jews, whether Zionist or ‘anti’ are uniquely problematic. We are dealing with a category of people who are primarily attached to their tribal interests. These people should be encouraged to form their political groups and cherish their cultural heritage but cannot anymore be dominating any universal call or campaign. For the simple reason that tribalism and universalism are like oil and water! They don’t mix at all.

    1. I never knew what “Yeshu” meant. I’ve watched American on TV mentioning it but here in England Jesus is Jesus, though I am sure there are some odd churches that are adopting the “Yeshu” name.

      In wiki it translates it as “May his name and memory be stricken out”.

      > “However, for Muslims, Jesus is actually a prophet. Alison Weir was obviously correct that the Muslims are closer to Christians in their theology. ”

      They certainly love him and do not curse him. It is more accurate to say “Christians” are no longer to close to Christ. As Ghandi said “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

      A huge chunk of the Americans are full of hubris, arrogance, self-righteousness and let us not forget callousness. “If America knew” should be changed if “America cared to know”.

      The success of that garbage movie “American Sniper” proves the lack of a moral compass.

  7. Isn’t that precious, one guy (Pat) going on about usury in England “It started in London in the 12th century…” and the other (Gilbert) “…because if we fall into the trap of constantly defending others’ countries we eventually defeat ourselves.” Let me repeat: … constantly defending others’ countries. Why does that have a faulty ring to it? Maybe, because we are looking at two exemplary cases of American exceptionalism which has been brought about by Jewish exceptionalism, believing America can’t do no wrong.

    Didn’t Kaminski just line up a few cases of American conduct, putting paid to the notion of ‘defending’ others’ countries? Must be nice to be able to hold onto that American/Israel centric world view and blaming it all on the Europeans. After all, the perpetual war on terror was not conceived in Europe. If I remember correctly it was the Bush clan’s brainchild to wage war against an unseen and elusive enemy to strip the gullible American public of rights and freedoms. What gives?

    1. Machtnichts –

      I certainly have no contentions with your reasoning, understanding that ALL of us were born into some element of patriotic sensitivity to our native land – except, maybe, the classic ‘Jew’… Hence, his veracity at staking a claim in America. (He’s wise enough to see it as his last chance!)

      Prior to this, the poster ‘Vik’ outlined for us some significant intermarriages. Since we have no way of absolute discernment of the motives behind those unions (couldn’t it be, simply, ‘love’??), we have strong opinions. Dr. Duke’s might be correct – or might not. Who knows? I hate to be long-winded, but I can only be definitive with my OWN experiences:

      It was not until I was in college that I had ever had any close experiences with any real Jews who attended synagogue. They were in the salvage/scrap business. My freshman summer, I worked for them dismantling and salvaging diesel/electric railroad locomotives. The boss, Mr. B, brought his young son, ‘J’, out to the yard one morning to work with me and learn. He was twelve years of age (before bar mitzvah), and a very nice and well-mannered boy. Years later, my brother-in-law told me that his pretty secretary (at the railroad) was engaged to be married to ‘J’ – but J’s mother was ‘having a FIT’ about her son marrying outside Jewry.
      (J’s father, a very fine, rich and philanthric Jewish gentleman, had no problems with it.) You see, THEY have their inner conflicts, too, and are NOT necessarily all included in the scam. Yes, they are different – but I will hold MYSELF responsible for my ignorance. (Just visiting this site has helped dispell my ignorance – and isn’t that our best advantage??)

      Good will always prevail against Evil. It may not happen in this, our mortal lifetime, but it will happen. Try to find some peace in the ride. 🙂

      1. Gilbert,
        trying to use literary licence is one thing. Trying to misstate knowable facts is another. No excuses.
        May the force be with you too.

    2. MachtNichts –

      That was NOT me ‘going on’ at all…. That was a quote from a Jew…..
      ………………… Jacob J, Rabinowitz

      I was pointing to the Jew ‘bragging’ in 1943 that Jews FIRST led Christians into usury in London.

      I merely gleaned more facts for buttressing any possible resistance.

      Read the ‘summary’…word for word on last page… The source of my quote:

      BTW.. if Christian usury had started in New London, Connecticut in the 12th century I would have made the same quote.
      No need to blame the messengers.

      1. To be or not to be, interest or penalty, that is the question. Quit being so sensitive, Pat. I only shoot from the mouth, so no worries, mate. My beef was with American exceptionalism. It still stands.

        But to continue from your source:
        “… had the royal sense of justice been equally outraged at the oppression of the debtor class by the creditor class when the latter were Christians as when they were Jews, it might not have taken English courts several centuries before they evolved the doctrine of the equity of redemption.”
        Which of course means the Christians would have been nailed a lot earlier. The Jews got away with it.

        Hebrew doctrine of asmakhta – I say yes and you say no. Isn’t that peachy, and makes a lot of money for the lawyers?

      2. MachtNichts –

        No sensitivity here. I have not been blamed for owning that quality for decades.
        My reply was for clarification purposes, in case you missed the source… A bragging Jew Rabinowitz.
        That piece states a lot..!!

        My beef is with London Pharisee Bankers’ exceptionalism… shown there. IT still stands.

        (It has absolutely nothing to do with the subject-serfs in London.)

  8. We all know what the diseases is , we all know the cure. Europe is rotten to the core and has been emasculated by 70 years of antifascism and braibwashing, it doesn’t have the force to oppose jewish domination, even though many people is awakening ; only the U.S. with its powerful army can lead the Euro.American renassaince. We all need a leader.a man with a glorious past, perhaps a soldier who incarnate the mith amd the spirit of our best values and tradition. The Party of the Americans for the indipendence of the USA, backed by hundred of thousands of VETERANS, and millions of Chtistian American of european descent, this is what we all need to regain our freedom. A all new party that close the doors to internationalists and moneytraffickers of all sorts, starting with the expulsion of dual citizens. Where is a real American Hero ? Is there still someone who dare to brake the chains and fight ? Only America can save us all . The GOLEM must turn backward. The spirit of America has to live again.

    1. The Roman,
      You have the right idea, but unfortunately most of the senior military officers in the Pentagon are already compromised by the prospect of earning filthy lucre, when they retire, to be of any use in a coup d’etat against the Judeo-Masonic system. It would have to be a junta of colonels and to lead it one would need someone as ruthless and resolute as Cornelius Sulla. When he took over Rome a second time and made himself dictator, he didn’t hesitate to proscribe his enemies, by either executing or exiling them and confiscating their wealth. So remember before you launch your coup study up on Sulla. Be ready to proscribe your enemies. Proscribe has a much nicer, almost innocuous ring to it, than execute or kill. You are going to be a very busy man when your people’s coup succeeds; New York, the Jew Bankers, Washington D.C. , the politicians and lobbyists, Los Angeles, the nauseating Jewish schmaltzifiers of history and culture. You are going to have a lot of fun.

    2. I have been waiting for gung-ho US military to get the message, that they are being used big-time, as mere cannon fodder, and to train their weapons on those who profit from their service, for some time, in vain. These “heroes” think they are the answer, they are not..

      Not sure I like the context of the Ayatollah clip..

  9. Felix,
    you have undoubtly a good aknowledge of the Roman history,
    but Silla, who was a good warrior and clever strategist, committed atrocious crime towards the best of his own people, just for greed and lust. He was a murderer and a reationarian oligarch.
    We do not need to look that far in the past, to find a real leader. A good one, coming from the low ranks of the army, who refounded an existing party with new vigor and meanings, a man loved by his people, and devoted to his race and to his mission. The great man lost his war, but his spirit is in the heart of every man who love truth and justice. Our time are perfectly described by his prophetic view, now is time for a new leader to rise the sword.

    1. The Roman,
      There are many different views regarding Sulla. Some say he killed as many as 9,000, some say the figure wasn’t that high. One point in his favour, after relinquishing his dictatorship, he walked unaccompanied by his lictors into the Senate offering to be judged. Nothing happened and he was elected consul a second time. And some of his reforms stood the test of time.
      Your point about NCO’s rising to the very top is a good one. Hitler, of course, is a prime example. Many of Napoleon’s marshals were former NCO’s. Lannes and Murat come to mind. Major-General Ramcke of the 2nd German Para division in WW2 was an NCO in WW1.

  10. @ admin

    I was at the library using their computer with a one-hour limit and pressed “post comment” right under the wire, only to see next one of those confounded security checks where you have to show you’re not a complete moron and type in those stupid squiggly letters. This I did, but it appears that it didn’t register in time.

    Did you get the comment that took me a full hour to type or is it unfortunately lost in cyberspace forever?

    1. @ Brownhawk

      Sorry, but your post (the long one you wrote in the library) didn’t arrive here. This was because you were timed out. Too bad.

  11. Peace and love and bless all of your hearts ! To you felix and the roman ! We are all here to be free spirits not slaves ! Why would you want a misleader to control your minds ? Are you both mentally insane ? The millitary always protect the main swindlers , the pharisees as in swindlers list ! Again , we do not need misrulers as each one of us spiritual beings can control our own minds individually ! All spiritual beings who seek domination of the material , physical realm are only afraid of love and truth PERIOD , which will cause them to shed tears and repent and they are guilty of lies , deception , war , torture and spiritual death PERIOD ! Why give up your freedom so the spiritually poor and powerless do not have to take the tribulation , which leads to the figurative sea of tears of repentance ! We are all here to be free not slaves ! Bless your hearts and peace and love

    1. @Mystical Hippy,
      “Are you both mentally insane?” I can’t speak for the Roman. But I know that I am totally insane. My entire life has been spent one step ahead of the men in white coats. “They’re coming to take me away! Ha ha, hee hee, ho, ho! Those funny men in their white coats! …….” I’ve been pretending to be sane all my life.
      Seriously, though, I’ve actually felt freer in dictatorships than so-called democracies. Spain under Franco, was a wonderful place. Portugal under Salazar and Caetano was the same. People had work, food was cheap, one could walk the streets any hour of the day or night. In fact I live in a military dictatorship at the moment and I feel freer than I would in Europe or the US. “Democracy” as practised in the so-called democratic West is a sham. The only freedom you have is the freedom to be swindled by your government and banks. So yes, if I was in charge I would proscribe the entire banking industry of the US and Europe. I would proscribe every politician that is a “friend of Israel.” I would proscribe every Jew working in the entertainment business. They are shysters of the first order. I would proscribe any corporation that commits a criminal offence, i.e. they would be disincorporated.

      1. Bless your hearts and peace and love ! That was an honest answer from you felix and bless your heart ! Maybe one of these days you will realize the truth , that we are all here to be free and not enslaved ! Peace and love

      2. Bless you too, Mystical Hippy. Freedom is in the mind. The Buddha states that when one loses all craving and realizes the impermanence of material existence one will be free. Did you ever see the film Doctor Zhivago? There is a scene where a man in chains is berating the people around him and saying “I’m the only one here that is free. All of you are slaves.” When the mind is free, then you are free. Solzhenytsin mentions this in “The Gulag Archipelago,” The feeling of something growing inside of him during his imprisonment. Nien Chen in her book recounting her experiences during her imprisonment by Red Guards in the Cultural Revolution relates a feeling of exaltation and soaring on wings of eagles when reciting the psalms alone in her cell at night. St. John of the Cross was the same, he was imprisoned by an opposing faction in the church and although he didn’t call it such, he obviously experienced what the vedantists call Samadhi. So yes, freedom is subjective. Is the average Joe or Jane in the democracies free? No, they are on the whole, brainwashed, pavlovised creatures who have surrendered their thought processes to the government or the mass media. The outcome of this will be terrible war, which is the ultimate crime against humanity. So, yes if it means a military dictatorship by men who have experienced the horror of war. Remember in the USA, 22 Iraqi or Afghan war veterans kill themselves everyday, then surely that would be preferable to rule by inhuman, soulless bankers and corporations. Believe me, if the US and it’s client states don’t turn away from the course they are pursuing then you will have a catastrophic war. Which is something our Jewish “friends” would love. The world destroying itself and Israel then ruling the survivors with a rod of iron. Is this what you want?

      3. The scam is .. what else? Same as it ever was. The old ‘never give a sucker and even break (or smarten up a chump) trick’
        My first guess ..
        Not real complicated to cipher, if a person is even moderately honest.
        It should come with a free “kick me” sign, nonetheless..

        Felix, for this missing link, ‘vedantist’ is easy, Vaishnava not so easy.
        So far.. I can’t do it..

        He is Nonsectarian

  12. Brownhawk,
    You have my deepest sympathy. I hate those bloody captchas, or whatever they call them. A sickener!

    1. You got that right Felix

      I was literally a few seconds away from getting the post in, now I have to start over. Talk about yer labors of love!

      Oh what I do for darkmoon 🙂

      ADMIN: Your current post (above) went for automatic monitoring because you wrote your name “rownhawk.” Remember to put the “B” in next time!

  13. Considering it took Big Chief a full hour to type his post, then it’s a good thing his post got lost in the Black Hole of Cyber Universe. Uncle doesn’t care for long posts and none of us can be bothered with ’em either, especially from a half-ass jew injun mulengeon. Maybe even some mormo there too, who knows? Doesn’t matter Brownhawk, your hour-long post is now recorded in the Akashic Records of The Cosmos. From your local library’s computer keyboard to the ears of The Angels on Kolob! And in the end, that’s what really counts! Unless of course the Bafaths intercepted your hour-long post. That would be a tragedy and you have my deepest sympathies also, if it turns out the Bafath’s got hold of your tome-length post. But what I want to know mostly, what are the food choices on today’s capthcha menu du jour?

    you are mystical I will be concrete and realistic: freedom is an abused concept, discipline and responsability are the highest choice a man can make. Every man has the right to choose, and one can avoid problems simoply choosing a sterile idle ” FREEDOM”.
    i am not going to judge you silly or superficial ,but probably you did not understand my thought . Sacrifice must come from someone who has the charisma of leading the people, and this one must have capability and proven leadership. A HOMOGENOUS MASS OF PEOPLE has to be the core of any rebellion with a hope to succeed, and given the particular momentum .it has to be the military. Like the Freikorps of Munich they rescued Bavaria from the bolsheviks in the 1920, the best of the Us. veterans could save America today. There is not a mystical creed beyond this , just sound logic. Simul stabant ,simul cadent. Dictatorship is always an involution in the human progress, but when the disease is to deep, you need an extreme intervention. The real enemy of freedom are the one who subvert humanity in its name. Truth is freedom, nothing else.

    1. Bless all of your hearts and peace and love ! To you roman , yes i am mystical in my mind ! Again , the millitary works for the rothschilds and their associates and not the public ! World war 1 never ended , it just expanded and changed locations ! The rothschilds and their associates are the pharisees and they are not illuminated , just spiritually blind and deaf ! Holocaust means a burnt offering to the sun in the sky ! Babylon means confusion and talmud means teachings , so add ian to babylon and the , of and then you have the teachings of confusion ! Government means to control the mind and politics means blood sucking creatures and the pope represents the sun in the sky ! The spiritually blind and deaf are the black sun worshipping , blood letting spiritual death cults of the all seeing eye from the sadistic minds of animal men ! Again , the roman , when you finally realize the truth , that you do not need a dictator ! Then you will know that we are all here to be free ! Bless all of your hearts and peace and love

      1. Bless your hearts and peace and love ! I have to correct what i typed so please forgive me ! Pat you are correct except leaders are not chosen , only misleaders are chosen to misdirect the spiritual beings living in divided minds away from love ! Bless all of your hearts and peace and love

  15. Great article John. I think we could use more balance with regards to 19th century Russia. If you have knowledge about the Jews and the “30 Years war” I ‘d love to hear it!

  16. No one does a better job than Kaminski at illustrating the truth of what goes on in this world. But he IS characterized by those who run this site as being a “virulent anti-Christian”, reflected by a basic perception which says in effect, “If Christ were to have any bearing whatsoever, then why does evil persist to the point where this world is on the verge of totally succumbing to it?”

    My sense is that when Christ referred to abominations he was speaking of hybrid Beings produced by the sexual union of reptilian males and human females. He KNEW this. And thereupon would become a lineage comprised of varying proportions of human and reptilian genetic make-up in their respective persons, whose diverse mutations have brought about the jew and generated throughout the centuries. A preponderance of reptilian genes, kept in proper proportion to cloak its countenance in order to appear human, would explain some of the more egregious behavior of those populating the planet.

    It could be that on the mundane level this occurrence is primarily responsible for a definition of “materialism”:

    “A preoccupation with material rather than intellectual or spiritual things”

    There is nothing more self-evident than how absorbed the world has become with money, and actions that either neglect, or show behavior of outright contempt for non-material pursuits. This is a clue hinting at the presence of a parasite, an organismic condition whose worldly result stems from the loathsome miscegenation of humans and non-humans, the effect of which has supplanted spirituality and brought a tainted and beguiled mankind to its knees.

    Pandora’s box opened

    Yet, in imagining how potential evolutionary changes may come to be defined, I wonder if their reality will show that much of history amounts to little more than what in essence are inconsequential acts of ‘jousting at windmills’. We may come to view this particular experience as being the symptom of a systemic depredation incorporated by a very dark and cunning power

    Something that possibly shows
    how deep the rabbit hole goes

    Let’s say the rebel of Creation is defined as such through the making of a power grab, accomplished by using a method of genetic sabotage whose operation represents a separation from the “Divine Congregation”. A scheme which resulted in a host/parasite system.

    How parasitic?

    The premise is that the rebellion against the Divine Order is an action that circumvented an ethereal setting which resulted in “matter”. Its inhabitants became ‘materialized’, and thrust into an altered state partially disconnected from Divinity – a virtual reality reflecting an insufficiency which prohibits the making of “adequate returns”, meaning the reciprocal dynamic of a balanced interdependent existence is negated in defining a parasitic condition. Because of this there occurs an inexorable movement into the general body of Mankind which annihilates everything in it’s path, with the ultimate annihilation being what is called “death”.

    What we know of Life is really a death culture, experienced in a world just (re)made for those of this hybrid descent such as “jew”. Right up their dark alley as by-products of the genomic tampering. The rotten apple in a vulnerable human barrel. The poster child for a perishable state of Existence.

    What is Divinely sanctioned has been violated, and my understanding of Christ’s conveyance of a spiritual reality suggests a contrast that sees this world in its present state making a parasitic insinuation inevitable. Ultimately, the ground for moral turpitude is intrinsic to a physical mode of existence. This is key. The vampiric presence and its subsequent influence will eventuate with the destruction of the host if this constitution does not alter, and the time of ‘forestalling’ seems to be nearing an end.

    Is the world approaching a ‘tipping point’? One that would demolish the theory of materialism stating that everything can be explained as being or coming from matter. Elaborating on a new theory shows the aforementioned definition of “a preoccupation with material things” to be the symptom of a cosmological subterfuge. Call it the ultimate cognitive dissonance. Biting into a concealing onion thinking it’s a truthful apple.

    In offering what a corrective transformation MAY come to entail for the world suggests an apocalyptic event of transition marking an alteration of “time”, where it no longer “elapses” in reflecting a reality of material erosion inculcated by a parasitism, but is re-defined in a changed setting upon the occurrence of a metamorphosis (made “timeless”). A steady changeover to a state no longer characterized by “a separation of constituent parts” in defining decomposition, or dis-integration (death). Instead will occur an integration where matter in its presently false position is properly restored to its truth as an orientation of spirit. A return to Creation’s inherent ethereal ambience.

    While this relentless scourge keeps ‘winning’, its victories will prove to be pyrrhic. Those who continue running with the devil will sink in a downward spiral of spiritual atrophy, and the rest will move in the evolutionary direction of an awakening, with no more windmills to joust at.

    Being spiritually awakened can only mean living free: “not affected by a given condition or circumstance”

    In a liberated field
    flown beyond the crooked pale

    An interpretation of this must consider what it means to be truly free. Given the premise, Life in Truth would have to be absent those conditions and circumstances prohibiting it’s reality, whose states would therefore have to constitute a falsehood. The implications of this are far-reaching, and seriously call into question many principles of religious thought, which tend to ‘carry a knife into fog’, in that most of its tenets are saying, “that explains it”. But the only thing explaining “it”, is “that”, which is…….what?*

    As I see it, living in true freedom means there are no restrictions of the “Divine Expression” for there to occur aspects of Itself in its infinite forms of Imagination. “Man” IS that expression, its actions connoting a verb, “to man(ifest)”.

    I am therefore I-magine

    Unfettered, and morally grounded in an imperishable state. Seamlessly, with no spurious junctions of cosmic deception to interrupt the immortal flow of Life.

    Where Eternity supersedes time

    *e.g.; A cause and effect action of karma when considered as a worldly component says in effect, “what you do will come back to you”. But WHY is Existence experienced within a framework where this would have any existential bearing at ALL? How can free-will be free if where you “will” is done in a karmic setting induced by affecting conditions and circumstances? What is the TRUE nature of what you do “coming back” to you? What IS this sullying influence which has interfered with the Divine Aegis and corrupted Man to BEGIN with?

    1. Speaking of karma, check out the article on Press TV where one of the uniformed parasites in Palestine is beaten up by a bunch of women, and girls, with pics..

    2. @ Brownhaek

      I would like to say that I understand all you have written, but I would be lying. My personal preference is the simplify of the teachings of Jesus based on many years of research on those teaching and experiences related to those teachings. I get the impression that you are aware of some aspects of the teachings of Jesus, but they seem to be confused with lizards and karma.

      I do not know, nor do I really care to know, where the idea came from that there are human lizard hybrids. This concept appears to be just another made up excuse for someone being an evil dumb ass that has intentionally decided to act against God and his fellowman which is what I consider an abomination to be. The devil and his followers/agents are abominations. I could be wrong and will change my mind as soon as I stumble on the tail of one of these hybrids. Until then, I just can’t buy it as reasonable.

      I can agree somewhat, I think, with your statements about materialism versus spirituality except the part about non-humans. Materialism, mammon, is the temptation that was offered to Jesus by the devil just before Jesus started his ministry. The bare essence of that temptation was the lust for power over your fellowman with all the related trinkets which is a direct violation of the Second Commandment of “love thy neighbor as thy self.” In a conversation I had with Brother Nathanael a few years ago, he summed up the jewish problem quite well by saying that the jews accepted the temptation of the devil that Jesus rejected. In my opinion, Brother Nathanael is correct and the jews have simply spread their disease of the worship of mammon to gullible gentiles which results in a separation of man from God. Obviously, the scheme worked on many people. I spent too much time in that rabbit hole.

      The elevation of mammon is parasitic in nature because it requires taking from others, thievery. Mammon goes against God because God is the plentiful provider of all necessary things and does not require thievery. All we have to do is command/pray to God properly and it is given and nobody has to be perfect to do it. The spiritual world dictates the physical world. God, the spirit, created the physical world and in his love for us, God gave us access to the power of the spiritual world over the physical world. The problem is that we have been lied to about not being worthy to accept that power and use it properly so very few even try.

      The relentless scourge does not keep winning except with those people who refuse to accept and practice the simplicity of the teaching of Jesus. Once the truth and power contained in Jesus’ teaching becomes apparent, solutions appear and everything changes.

      Freedom is knowing, beyond doubt, that you are an extension of God which comes with amazing powers to do good by your fellowman. When Jesus said that the Kingdom of God is within us, he was telling the truth. What we do with that Kingdom drives out life here and later.

      Eternity has no end so time is irrelevant in the spiritual world. Time is a manmade invention. Time is just part of deceptive mammon that constrains mankind. All we ever get is NOW. That is why Jesus said I AM as he spoke of the time before Abraham.

      The problem with karma is that it has no room for the impact of forgiveness. Karma is basically the jewish idea of reap what you sow. Jesus never said that. Jesus said that one man sows and another man reaps which is completely compatible with the Second Commandment of “love they neighbor as thy self.”

      Just some comments on your post to think about.

      Glad to see that you had access to a computer long enough to write what you did.

      1. Ungenius,
        “The problem with Karma is that there is no room for forgiveness.” I disagree. Remember the line from the Lord’s Prayer? “And forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors,” (original KJV from Matthew) most people recite it as, “forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us” It’s very clear that this is karma at work. You forgive, you earn forgiveness, you show mercy, you will be granted mercy. If you don’t forgive, you will not be forgiven, but must pay the Karmic debt in full. You mentioned earlier that you don’t believe in rebirth, well FYI, until the 6th century it was Christian doctrine until Emperor Justinian banned it and imprisoned the Pope for disagreeing with him. I posted a link in an earlier thread, but if you do a search on the internet you will find a plethora of websites attesting to this fact. While you are at it, may I suggest you do some research into Ethiopian Christianity, which is the oldest in the world. They were converted in the 1st century by Frumentius. They also believe they have the ark of the covenant, but it’s difficult to confirm this as only the guardian of the ark has access.

      2. What you say here makes a lot of sense, Ungenius. There is much beauty in simplicity. I strive for it, myself. 🙂

        I accept the fact that there are things not given us to know. We must put faith in The Word if we are ever able to come to terms with this life in any semblance of tranquility. (btw, I am NOT a ‘retiring’ man – just sometimes I lament there aren’t enough hours in the day – TIME! Lol – to do all the things I’d like to do, and get done those things my situation requires! 🙂 )

        Sometimes we just have to break loose and get verbally reckless – especially myself, who finds his best conversant and enlightening company on this site. Right now, it is about 5:30AM, here – late rising for me – and I’m having morning coffee. Often, I check-in at dinner and evening, if I’m home or in the house. All of you are pretty good sports – especially the brilliant Lobro, when he decides to write seriously…

      3. Ungenius –

        “The elevation of mammon is parasitic in nature because it requires taking from others, thievery.”

        I say that – “at the most basic level” – ALL plant and animal lifeforms, including man, are “parasitic in nature…” and take from the soil and water of the Creator’s planet.

      4. @Ungenius

        People with “seeing” ability are well acquainted with the alien component to things. Call it the truth as we see it, whose import ties in with our one area of disagreement which has to do with the true nature of matter.

        One more thing I’ll say about this centers around the mistaken notion that Creator is responsible for all manner of Existence. This is where most go off the track of true understanding. It’s what I mean when I speak of our tendency to rationalize everything based on a limited view of the ‘cosmological skein’, so to speak.

        We take a ‘knife into the fog’ thinking the fog can be cut away which would then allow us to see.

        But between where things stand in this physical realm and the true Divine state lies pure treachery blocking the way Home

      5. @ Felix

        The Lord’s prayer is a most interesting prayer for a few reasons.

        You mentioned that people substitute trespasses for debts and this is true. However, it appears to me that the translators would have translated the same words the same way so the words debts and trespasses would have been the same especially considering that they are only a separated by one verse. I actually believe that Jesus said debts in the sample prayer, not trespasses. In either situation, the sample prayer that Jesus said is about God responding, not your fellowman. It is not uncommon to forgive someone without that person forgiving you which appears to violate karma. If God is the one unleashing the negative karma as he supposedly did in the Old Testament, why did he stop? Where is all the fire and brimstone around the globe today for those locations most deserving? Answer; because he never started.

        The Lord’s prayer was altered in a small, but important way concerning evil in verse Matthew 6:13 (KJV). Currently it says – “And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil:…” – indicating that God will protect you from all evil. Originally, it said – “And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one:…” – indicating that God will protect you from the devil, but not his followers/agents. This slight change has cost many followers of Jesus’ teachings their lives because they did not believe that they needed the sword that Jesus told his disciples to acquire for protection from their fellowmen doing evil, killing them. The sword (AK-47, etc) is important to have for defense.

        Speaking of prayer, I did a paper a few months ago for myself and some of my friends about how not to pray according to the instructions of Jesus. Almost everything we have been told and currently do appears to be incorrect. It is no wonder that most prayers do not work. I’d post it, but it would exceed the word limit on Darkmoon.

        I did not say that I did not believe in rebirth. I do, just not reincarnation into another life form on this planet. Rebirth as spoken about by Jesus occurs when a person comes to God as a child, accepting and loving, in the current world. If reincarnation existed, Elijah and Moses missed the boat or they would not have been able to meet with Jesus in the garden since they would have been tied up in another body, either human or not. As an astute commenter a while back pointed out at Makow’s site, reincarnation always leads to maximum control by the elite because everyone is stuck in hopelessness since God did it to them and they can’t change it. Freedom of real choice is not an option. Emperor Justinian wasn’t necessarily a dummy, his laws kept the jews in check, properly oppressed, for 900 years.

        You mentioned the Ark of the Covenant. On this topic I am certainly considered a heretic for sure by most. If the Ark of the Covenant existed and it contained the commandments of God, is it not most likely that Jesus would have at least mentioned it? He did not. Jesus never used the term covenant. Consequently, my conclusion is that the Ark of the Covenant was a jewish invention that reenforced their being chosen by God allowing them to conquer/kill their enemies when they took it into battle. The jews had God in a box, how convenient, plus it was covered in gold which everyone knows is very special to God and the jews. Of course, no one can verify if the Ark of the Covenant really existed because only the priest of the temple were allowed to even see it just like in Ethiopia today. The big clincher is that the Ten Commandments contained in the Ark of the Covenant did not include the Second Commandment, love thy neighbor as thy self, even though the Pharisee lawyers agreed with Jesus that it was a Commandment. The only way to demonstrate your love for God was not included. End of heretic portion.

        One thing I like about Darkmoon is that thinking people are free to disagree without losing their cool. Some do lose it, but not that often. Personally, I think that is in line with God since he will let anyone believe anything they like while here on earth, but we are held accountable for what we believe. In the individual end time, we will all know if we got it right or not.

        Since you are apparently a King James Version person like me, I have come up with the real meaning of NIV, New Infested Version. 🙂

      6. Felix –
        Ungenius –

        Trespasses and debts are not synonymous. Debts are obligations. Trespasses are wrong doing.

        At the time of KJV, ‘trespass’ was, and still is today, “any UNLAWFUL interference with one’s person or property or rights.”

        It is little known today that striking someone is a trespass. Stealing is as well.
        It includes acts from which ‘torts’ may arise.

  17. As a matter of fact I had put S.Goodson’s book on my wish list for future books to read.
    Although not at all the crux of his book, for sure, I was a bit disappointed by the following quote re the Roman Empire:

    Major factors in the decline of the Roman Empire were the concentration of wealth, the absence of mining deposits for industrial production, and the vast importation of non-White slaves with the resultant degradation of the genetic value of the nation.

    The latter part is nonsense. The fall of the Western Roman empire had NOTHING to do with any importation of non-white slaves and the implied notion of admixture.
    First of all bc the vast majority of slaves in Italy(and of course slaves ended up elsewhere as well) were MOSTLY Europeans. Also, the Eastern Roman empire was much less european yet it did not fall.
    Secondly, modern genetics have shown that slaves left almost no trace in the present italian population, which woulda been impossible in the case of admixture in roman times.
    For example;

    “However, one piece of negative evidence…provides an intriguing hint that conventional estimates of slaves making up as much as 40 percent of Italy’s population by the late first century B.C. may be far too high. An analysis of the genetic makeup of Italy’s modern population argues that the various distinctive genetic combinations currently found in different regions within the peninsula by and large track the linguistic distribution that resulted from the migrations of the Iron Age. No data indicate the subsequent large-scale infusion of new genetic material into the populations of these regions except in the case of southern Italy and eastern Sicily, which is explained by the well-documented Greek migrations there.[Magna Graecia] … But if a population of 3 million slaves, representing as much as 40 percent of Italy’s inhabitants in the first century B.C., was successfully reproducing itself, it would surely have left its mark on the genetic makeup of contemporary Italians. That it did not argues strongly for a very low rate of natural reproduction among Italy’s slaves, which in turn is difficult to reconcile with the hypothesis that the number of slaves ever grew large enough to comprise 40 percent of the Italian population.”
    (Rosenstein, 2004)

    The fall of the Western Roman Empire was multicausal, and the causes interelated;
    Poor economic policies, waves of ‘plague'(epidemics of different diseases) which decimated the population beginning in the 2nd century, environmental degradation, rising of Germanic tribes and Sassanid Iranians, huge pressures caused by migrating peoples and, as Goldsworthy -a military historian specialized in the roman military) notes, in a combination of endless civil wars between factions of the Roman Army fighting for control of the Empire which inevitably weakened the army and the society upon which it depended, making it less able to defend itself against the growing numbers of Rome’s enemies.

    The notion of racial admixture with non whites(did not happen) causing the fall of rome can safely be relegated to the trash bin of nordicist claptrap.

  18. G+d vs. G-d
    (or why is Jew in such mortal terror of Jesus)
    ((The true nature of the Jewish scam and how to beat it))

    It can’t be the fright of Christianity, widely subverted and bent to Jew’s bidding as it stands now.

    It is in the very simple fact, that taking the authentic word of the Teacher directly and putting it to practice spells the end of Jew, and he will do anything to obfuscate this truth, I think that the behind the scenes work is even more manic than promoting its mirror opposite, the lie-of-holocaust.

    All Jesus said is to follow the simple morality he preached, but quite literally, listen to your own plain counsel of what is right.
    And then, the first thing out the window is corruptibility and betrayal.
    Don’t sell soul for Jew fiat money, it should not be a commodity on the futures market.
    There is no other formula that guarantees elimination of Jew.

    And where does that leave the poor, crying Jew?
    Where he belongs, in the waste disposal of history.

    1. lobro

      I concur that keeping Christ’s message simple is the most important thing. Call it a “first things first” way of looking at it in the name of being rid of the scourge – “good riddance”

      The theorist in me enjoys having a field day with “wild-eyed” ideas that may pertain to an aftermath of this “jewish conspiracy”, so long as the wild eye doesn’t drown in the swamps of jewish mysticism. For that matter, you could say that any “aftermath” would be a RETURN to the simplicity of “beauty is Truth”.

      It’s like, eg, what Beethoven was tapping into with many of his compositions. Pure imagination was freely availing itself to him to the point where he sometimes worried about losing its fleeting nature if he didn’t transcribe what he was hearing to notes on paper. He was a kind of messenger

    2. @ Lobro

      You said, “It is in the very simple fact, that taking the authentic word of the Teacher directly and putting it to practice spells the end of Jew, and he will do anything to obfuscate this truth, I think that the behind the scenes work is even more manic than promoting its mirror opposite, the lie-of-holocaust.”

      Excellent! You have clearly stated motive and the ONLY solution to the jewish problem. Just like salvation, it is an individual decision which can develop into a grouping of like minded people which is backward to the indoctrination that only groups/majorities can effect change. Real change occurs bottoms up, not top down, and it normally only takes from 5 to 10% to get the job done. The herd follows the lead of those out of step with the herd. Taking advantage of this reality with lies is how the jews managed to assume control over the masses.

      I speak for myself only when I say that the illusion must be exposed as a lie before the truth of the solution is actually sought. The truth of the solution cannot be seen as long as a person holds on to the illusion. I inherently knew something was wrong, but I could not put my finger on what it was. I made a commitment to myself to find out who was really in control and I started digging. It was only after I discovered everything I thought was true was really just a jewish lie that the truth of the solution, the teachings of Jesus, became evident to me even though I considered myself a “Christian” for 20 years previous.

      Darkmoon, with their selection of topics and many of the comment posters, is having a tremendous impact on the control of the jews by exposing the lies of the jewish illusion. Sincere truth seekers keep questioning until they find answers/solutions to replace the illusions. Although they make decisions that lead to dead end alleys, eventually, they will arrive at the point where they have found a real solution and it will be spiritual because the spiritual world dictates the physical world.

      Every illusion that is exposed will lead someone to seek the truth of solution. Every truth seeking individual counts more than most people think. Each one is like a stone throne into a still body of water. The waves of truth keep on going affecting the whole pond even as they reverberate off the shore.

      Darkmoon, keep up the good effort. There is an awakening in progress and Darkmoon is definitely a significant contributor to that awakening. You are blessed, be thankful.

      1. Correct, Ungenius….

        “Every illusion that is exposed will lead someone to seek the truth of solution.”

        Those who ‘expose the illusion’ as perceived by the masses must be strong, hard-headed, stubborn and practice “imperturbability.” Those who go against the minds of the masses will not be treated well. They will be called stupid, idiots, kooks, crazy…. etc.

        Everyone has their own versions of their truths… so seek facts.

  19. Another BIG Jew-Pharisee SCAM narrative…!!

    Even before they were born, this 1829 article exposes the fact that William E Blackstone (born in 1841) or Theodore Herzl (born in 1860) were not in any way, shape or form – the originators to “gather a large nation” and/or “re-building of the temple“, as the “narrative” goes.

    Just the 1829 wording of connecting “Rothschild“, “Jerusalem“,”gather a large nation“, and “re-building of the temple” throws any and all previous held ideas of some sort of “miraculous thing” out the window. Obviously this has been percolating for quite some time.

    1. Wow, Pat! This old newspaper article puts a whole new perspective on events, all Biblically prophesied and financial and military, since that time! It all fits. The debt incurred by UK and USA for WW1 made it possible. That debt ensured the allegiance of those same powers to help perpetrate WW2… Much food for thought, here!

    2. Yes, Pat, you are correct : “The more illusions exposed….”. So I know you will appreciate the following video about 9/11. “Believe Your Own Eyes, 911, No Planes”. About the illusion that is the official government of what happened on 911. About ALL the Predictive programming about 911 that went on BEFORE 911. For years before 9-11-2001, there was a lot of predictive programming from Hollywood about what was to happen on 9-11-2001.

      You’ll especially like the video at 2:34 to 2:42, Pat. The predictive programming about 911 being NUCLEAR.

      A video that exposes illusions, “Believe Your Own Eyes” :

  20. I was led to this disreputable site by an article full of filthy black-hearted LIES about the Middle East situation. I read the premise of the author that the Holocaust is a myth and scrolled through all the other anti-Jew ant-semitic TRIPE that has been the sickness of the ages from very sick people like you. Hitler and Himmler in Hell applaud your sick efforts and when you die you will SURELY join them.

    1. Thanks, Randolph. We have taken note of your undoubtedly sincere comment and will bear it in mind for the rest of the day. Three quick questions:

      1. If the Truth were “bad for Jews”, would you accept it?

      2. If the Holocaust turned out to be a proven hoax, would you still believe in it?

      3. Are the goyim under moral obligation to learn their history from Jews?

    2. Jews have been turfed out of like, 140 countries or something?

      This leads to inescapable double conclusion:
      1. All the world’s nations are sick and they will all go to hell, (just like Jesus, whom rabbis are boiling in semen),
      2. The only healthy, morally and otherwise people in the world are Jews and they will all go to Heaven.

      If Hell is the price of not having any Jews near me, it’s a deal.
      Mind telling us also how much you hate Jesus and why, I am most curious (remember, he said that your father is Devil and yours is the Synagogue of Satan,

      I was just easing off on Jews, antisemitism fading, when you came along to save the day.

      1. Yes, count me in, if it`s a choice between jewish “heaven”, and hell for the rest of us, I would choose the latter..


    If that object is in AXUM, Ethiopia or not:

    In essence the Arc of Convenant is the human body, each human body


    A=Waking U=Dreaming M=Sleeping

    In the fourth (Turiya means litt. 4th ) AUM the Ground Sound of these 3 relative states of consciousness Is Heard On Its Own Level.

    See this illustration with the most ancient language on the planet :

    In A the movie of the uni-verse of objects is apparently happening.
    In U a surreal movie.
    In M no movie and no consciousness.

    In Turiya consciousness turns ‘within’ and is purely conscious of Itself.


    Beyond is Absolute no-thing-ness about which no-thing can be said

    1. “At night when you dream, the duration is just half an hour. But this daydream lasts for twelve hours or more. That is the difference. This is a twelve-hour dream, and that is a half-hour dream—but actually both of them are dreams. Because one is a twelve-hour dream, you are accepting it as real. That is called illusion.”

      The Night-and-day Dream

  22. @ Gomberg :

    I’m curious as to what you, qua jew you are, think about the ALL the Christians that were killed in the Jew Soviet Union? Do you think all your fellow jews from the Jew COMMUNIST Soviet Union who KILLED tens of millions of Christians are in hell? Or, are they in jew “heaven”? And what exactly is the jew vision of “heaven”? Is your jew vision of “heaven” also filled with rivers of blood? Like your jew Soviet Union was filled with rivers of blood? Why is it that wherever jews go in substantial numbers, very soon afterwards there’s nothing but violence, war, blood shed? Why did so many jews from Israel and other countries go to the Ukraine to start a war? What do you think about your fellow jews Menachem Begin and George Soros? As you know, they were Nazis during WW2. If you and your jew tribe don’t like Nazis, why do you and your jew tribe make Nazis leaders of your jew tribe? Please answer qua jew you are.

  23. @HP

    We talk about the true nature of the jew-ality scam here. AM-ego (ego, which we have but which we are not)

    Jews and the like (wil) have a hell lot of trouble to sacrifice that thing called ‘ego’ since they build so many special (selfchosen) walls around it.

    The Soul Trumpets in Silence: I AM here to blow your ego (and its) walls.

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